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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vivi29

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    Copyright 2015 David Bishop (Vivi29)

    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.


    This guide was created with the intent to create a full walkthrough for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World covering everything needed to 100% and platinum the game. The guide does not describe scenes or discuss story events but there are spoilers in the form of boss and location names. If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections you can contact me, Vivi29, at: yuffieriku[at]hotmail[dot]com.

    A couple of notes on the style of the guide. This guide is for the PS3 version of the game however it is much the same as the Wii version, the only significant difference is that earlier releases do not have the various appearance changing headgears. I have attempted to guide you to everything of interest in the dungeons, including clues to dungeon puzzles that aren't necessary to progress through those dungeons for a fuller experience. Boss battles and scripted fights are listed but I have not included extra details on enemies in these fights that otherwise appear as normal enemies. The statistics and strategies given are for enemies fought on the Normal difficulty level, fighting on the harder modes, Hard, Mania and Unknown, increases the level and statistics of enemies and often gives them access to more moves but doesn't tend to change the battle tactics. Regular monsters listed per area do not include every possible encounter but the most common ones, higher tier monsters occur as rare encounters in various monster groups and may not have been listed.


    In order to acquire all trophies and 100% the game it will take a minimum of three playthroughs. Two of these playthroughs are needed to get the Normal Ending, with a skit and title exclusive to this route, and the True Ending, with two titles connected to it. At the same time you'll need three playthroughs to get the trophies for defeating the final boss on the different difficulty levels. Whilst you can get the trophies by changing the difficulty only for the final boss you'll still need to play the game once, defeating the final boss on Hard for the trophy, to unlock Mania. Then a second time, playing the whole game on Mania in order to unlock Unknown and then a third and final time in order to beat the final boss on Unknown. The walkthrough will highlight whenever you need to make a choice regarding which ending you are working towards.

    Unlike the Wii version the PS3 port of the game does not provide any item bonuses for carrying over Tales of Symphonia save data.

    Chapter 1: World in Discord

    After the opening cutscenes you will be in Luin.


    Save Point, Inn, Item Shop, Weapon Shop.

    Note: If you are on a New Game+ and you want to unlock Unknown Mode make sure you change the difficulty to Mania now, before you fight any battles. Unknown is unlocked by completing the entire game on Mania, Mania is unlocked by beating the game once.

    Note: Emil begins the game with the Timid Boy title, in order to unlock and view a skit at the beginning of Chapter 4 you need to keep this title and don't change it until then.

    Emil has the title Timid Boy, comes equipped with a Bronze Sword and Leather Plate, your inventory has Apple Gel x5, Orange Gel x5 and Life Bottle x3 and you begin the game with 100 Gald. Exit the room to the right for a scene. Exit to the south and down the stairs for the next scene. Take the path to the northwest to exit to the next screen and approach the fountain for a cutscene. During the scene you will be presented with a choice:

    Swear (5 Conditional points)
    Don't swear (0 points)

    Normal/True Ending: The decision here affects how many points you accumulate towards 'failing' in a dungeon in Chapter 3 later in the game. Success leads to the True Ending and failure to the Normal Ending. You can easily still succeed even if you do choose to swear and gain the points. The points themselves are an invisible statistic that you aren't made aware of.

    Aside from the conditional points the choice has only a minor effect on the cutscene. Next cross the wooden bridge to the south and exit southeast. Talk to the man you just met for the next cutscene.

    Skits: A staple of Tales games skits will occur as you play through the game appearing in the bottom left corner, press Select to watch them. Most are unlocked through the story though some through other conditions such as fighting 500 battles. They are optional, however there is a trophy unlocked for watching all of them. Skits often have a very short time frame in which they are available, the golden rule is to wait a few seconds after any scene or skit to see if another will appear. The guide will list when story skits appear, check the Skits section for a full list of story and miscellaneous skits.

    Skit: Angry?

    Try to leave the screen at either exit to trigger another scene.

    Skits: Howl in the Distance, Lake Sinoa

    Head to either the east or west exit of Luin to trigger a scene. Exit Luin to the field and travel to Lake Sinoa Cave, which appears on the location list of the world map. Hold X to speed world map travel or press O to skip straight to your destination.

    Lake Sinoa Cave
    Area Element: Wind

    A cutscene plays on arrival followed by a battle.

    Lucrezia (Dark) Lv1
    Hp: 827

    You cannot win this battle as Lucrezia cannot be damaged. Once you are defeated or a certain amount of time has passed the battle will end and the game will continue.

    After another cutscene is another battle.

    Lucrezia (Dark) Lv1
    Hp: 827
    Drops: Apple

    It is impossible to lose this battle because Emil and the girl can't be damaged below 1Hp. Simply hit Lucrezia until you win. The girl joins you for this battle and though not necessary will use her First Aid arte to top up your health.

    A cutscene plays after the battle.

    Skit: Strange Girl

    Head south to trigger a scene.

    Skit: Lloyd's Fault

    There is a chest here but we'll collect it a moment. Exit Lake Sinoa Cave to the south and return to Luin.

    Head to the mayor's house, with the item shop. Go upstairs and approach the mayor and the man for a scene. Exit the building for another scene. Richter joins at level 15.

    Skit: Falling Behind

    Exit Luin and travel back to Lake Sinoa Cave.

    Lake Sinoa Cave

    Area Element: Water
    Enemies: Polwigle, Black Bat, Spider, Gremlin, Wolf.
    Treasures: Life Bottle, 300 Gald, Sorcerer's Ring, Mittens, Cape, Apple Gel, Lloyd's Mask 1, Bandanna, Bronze Spinner, Cloak.

    On the left of the area, hiding behind the ruined boat, is a chest containing a Life Bottle. Head to the northeast of the area triggering a scene near the cave mouth.

    Skit: Richter's a Nice Guy?

    Head north through the door for another scene and a tutorial battle.

    Battle: Polwigle

    The tutorial will talk you through the battle basics. You are invincible as is the polwigle until the tutorial is over so use it for practice then beat it up when you can.

    A scene plays after the battle. Select yes to continue, choosing no will repeat the tutorial battle. Continue north for another scene and further north for yet another scene. Take the first right you come across to a dead end with a chest containing 300 Gald. Return and continue north to a Healing Save Point. Approach the door for a scene. Richter leaves the party. Head north through the door to trigger another scene. The choice here has only a minor effect on the scene. Approach the door again for another scene. Choose to form the pact straightaway or speak to the creature again to repeat the choice. This is followed by another scene and tutorial battle.

    Vortex (Water) Lv1
    Hp: 556
    Drops: Elemental Fragment

    Emil's appearance and combat style have changed and he has learned the arte Demon Fang. The Vortex is invincible while the tutorial plays so again use it for practice and when it's over keep hitting it until you win.

    After the battle Emil will get the title Knight of Ratatosk, remember not to change his Timid Boy title to get a skit later. A scene plays, choosing 'no' repeats the skills explanation.

    Skit: Seeing is Believing

    Head north through the door and approach the next one for a scene. You will acquire the Sorcerer's Ring.

    Skit: Only the Darkness Knows

    With the Sorcerer's Ring in hand exit south, back a screen, to the Healing Save Point and follow the path to the right. Use the ring, by holding R1 and moving the cursor to the correct position then pressing the Square button, on the flashing red light. Press the now revealed switch to open a door to the right. Head through and follow the path to a chest with Mittens. Return back the way you came to the closed door.

    Head right from here until you trigger a scene and a tutorial battle.

    Battle: Imp

    The Imp is invincible during the tutorial and the field elements will reset to all water if you try to change or remove them. Defeat the Imp to spellbind it when the tutorial is over. You will always succeed at making a pact with it.

    Note: The Imp you just received is the only one you can acquire per playthrough, each subsequent playthrough will give you a new Imp, the similar looking enemies here are actually Gremlins. The Imp is different to most monsters in that it does not evolve further and can only 'evolve' back into itself. It has a max level of 200.

    The scene continues followed by another tutorial battle.

    Battle: Wolf

    The Wolf is invincible during the tutorial and the field elements will reset to all water if you try to change or remove them. Simply defeat the it and make a pact using a monster to automatically catch the Wolf.

    Guest Characters: Throughout the game you will be assisted by various guest characters. Like Richter these guest characters come at fixed levels dependant on where in the main story you are. They do not gain experience or level up and their equipment cannot be changed. You also cannot put them into the top slot of your party, however you can control them directly in battle by bringing up the menu and pressing START to switch direct control between available characters. A guest character cannot initiate a unison attack but can join in one, except Richter who can do neither. A guest character does not deprive others of experience as all party members, whether in battle or not, will receive the same amount of experience.

    Monsters: They cannot be directly controlled or use items, though you can assign them strategies and order them to use artes. If the main and guest characters in your active battle party are knocked out you will receive a game over, even if there are monsters still alive. You can now capture monsters for use, four can be kept in the party at a time though only three in battle at most as you must always have one of the two main characters present. Monsters tend to level up faster but have maximum levels and can be evolved into new forms. See the Monsters section for more details.

    The scene continues after the fight. Head north and follow the path. Use the Sorcerer's Ring on the flashing red light to reveal a switch and press it. This triggers a scene and opens a door to the south.

    Skit: Well Done (Now or earlier after attempting another pact.)

    Head through to a split and take the east path first, use the ring on a red sparkle then hit the switch to open a door leading to a dead end with a chest holding a Cape. Back to the split head south and then east, follow the path to another chest with an Apple Gel. Head back and take the southern route to find yourself on the other side of the closed door, which can now be opened. Head north to trigger a scene.

    Skit: Never Forgive Him

    You can't head through the north door. Standing still will trigger a clue as to where to go. Head straight south until you trigger a scene. Return north and talk to Richter for the next scene. Open the north door and go through to a Healing Save Point. Enter the next door north for a cutscene and a boss battle.

    Lloyd (Fire) Lv50
    Hp: 15375

    You are supposed to lose this battle and whether you win or lose the game will continue unchanged. Marta joins you for this fight but Lloyd is far too powerful and will decimate Emil and Marta quickly. On a New Game+ however, you may have some suitably powerful monsters with you. In this case stay away from Lloyd, because if Emil and Marta are knocked out you will lose, and leave the fighting to your monsters. The only reward for winning the fight is the large amount of experience and gald suitable to a level 50 boss so remember to revive anyone who is K.O.'d before the battle is over to reap the full benefit of the experience reward.

    A cutscene plays after the battle.

    Skits: Various (If you are on a New Game+ with the Battle Data carried over, you will start to receive the various, miscellaneous skits you qualify for.)

    Marta comes with the title Mysterious Girl and is equipped with a Bronze Spinner and Cloak. To the left of the altar you can examine an object on the ground to receive Lloyd's Mask 1. Examine the southern door for a scene.

    Skit: Masked Man

    Now examine the poster on the northeast wall for a scene. Use the Sorcerer's Ring on the poster revealing a switch. Examine it for another scene and to open the north door.

    Skits: Eh-mule, Lardaceous?

    Head north through the door, collect the chest to the right for a Bandanna, and exit up the stairs.

    Tower of Mana

    Area Element: Wind
    Enemies: Bear, Chirpee, Peepit, Filifolia, Wild Rabbit.
    Treasures: Tenemil, Red Ribbon.

    A scene plays as you arrive. You're by a Save Point, head south and collect a chest n the west side for Tenemil. Continue along the path as it turns east and at the end head north for a chest with Red Ribbon, then exit to the field south and travel back to Luin.

    A scene plays before you get there, the choice has a minor effect on the following dialogue and there will be another scene as you arrive.

    Skits: Where Are You?, Wishful Thinking

    Approach the mayor's house for a scene and a battle.

    Battle: Vanguard (Ice) x2

    Marta will gain the title Former Vanguard. Attempting to return via the southwest or to exit to the east will trigger another battle with the Vanguard soldiers, this can be repeated if you wish. Take the northwest route to the fountain plaza and approach to trigger a scene, a cutscene and then a battle.

    Martel Knights x2 (Lightning) Lv5
    Hp: 1758

    You don't have Marta for this battle but it is otherwise unremarkable.

    A cutscene follows and then a boss battle.

    Magnar (Earth) Lv10
    Hp: 1751
    Drops: Heal Mark

    Marta returns for this battle. Magnar uses only physical attacks and his physical arte Dragon Fang. Since he's outnumbered he can be easily ganged up on, remember Marta has First Aid if needed.

    A cutscene follows and Marta leaves the party. Head to the first screen with the inn for a scene then talk to the twins for another scene. Marta rejoins.

    Skit: Promise

    Outside the mayor's house another scene plays. Head inside and speak to the mayor upstairs for the next scene. Marta leaves the party. Try to leave via the east town exit to trigger another scene. Marta rejoins. Travel to Asgard next.

    Chapter 2: Troubled Heart

    You will receive the trophy World in Discord.


    Save Point, Inn, Food Shop, Weapon Shop, General Store, Katz Guild, Katz Information.
    Area Element: Wind

    A scene plays on arrival.

    Skit: Strange Weather Patterns

    Asgard has a Katz Guild as will all subsequent towns, found up the stairs and across the stone bridge to the left. The katz to the right will talk you through the basics. Talk to the katz behind the counter to use the Katz Guild to swap monsters from your party and storage, cook for monsters and to accept quests. There are a certain number of quests available which will reset in each chapter, they may be too tough for you straightaway so come back later in Chapter 2 if you want to complete them. See the Katz Quests section for more details.

    Follow the lower path to the northeast to trigger a scene.

    Skit: Strange Guy

    Wonder Chef Location #1: Head into the cave left of the locked iron gate. Inside examine the object, a giant mug, to learn the recipe Grill. The Wonder Chef hides throughout the game world as various out of place objects like this, each find teaches you a new recipe.

    Head right and exit to the next screen. Head up the stairs to the top of the area and examine the door of the building, the mayor's house, to trigger a cutscene.

    Skit: Killing the Moment

    Return to the first screen and enter the cave between the food and equipment shops for a scene. Emil gets the title Prince of My Dreams. Exit and walk forward for another cutscene.

    Skits: Saddest VS Sadist, Hawkie, The Chosen

    Head east to the second screen of Asgard. Up one flight of stairs enter the house to the right, Aisha's house, for a cutscene. Marta leaves the party. Exit for another scene and head downstairs to trigger the next one. Marta rejoins.

    Skit: Fool of Myself

    Head west towards the first screen to trigger another scene. Exit west and head towards the town entrance for the next scene and a boss battle.

    Hawk (Wind) Lv9
    Hp: 1613
    Drops: Poison Charm, Tiara of Tears

    Athos (Dark) Lv8
    Hp: 1558
    Drops: Mane, Wolf Fur.

    Porthos (Light) Lv7
    Hp: 993
    Drops: Carrot, Rabbit Tail.

    This battle can be difficult as you are against several opponents. Hawk is the strongest and most aggressive opponent so start with him, then focus on Athos and finish Porthos, as the most docile, last. If you are struggling for health consider taking manual control of Marta and spamming First Aid as her A.I. is not keen on using her as a dedicated healer.

    A scene follows the battle.

    Skit: Don't Get It

    Enter the mayor's house on the second screen and talk to Colette for a scene. Colette joins the party, at level 10. She also has the Happiness 1 skill which increases the amount of Gald gained from battles if she is in the active battle party. Don't be afraid to use her as whilst she doesn't gain experience she also doesn't take it away from your non-active party members either, they gain just as much as if they had been in the battle.

    Skit: All Aflutter

    Return to the first screen and head north through the now unlocked gate. Ascend the stairs and approach the stone dais for a scene and a boss battle.

    Garuda (Wind) Lv15
    Hp: 8391
    Steal: Basil

    You cannot win this battle, no attacks can damage the Garuda's health. Instead the battle will end after a certain time has passed, you can use that time to try and steal the Basil from it using Colette's Item Thief or other stealing arte you may have.

    A scene follows.

    Skits: I'm Not Giving Up, Tenebie, Collapsing Colette

    Leave Asgard and travel to Hima.


    Save Point, Inn, General Store, Katz Guild.
    Area Element: Fire
    Enemies: Axe Beak, Gamat, Slime, Serpent, Ghost, Skeleton, Bear, Filifolia, Chirpee, Wolf, Black Bat.
    Treasure: Baby Winged Dragon.

    A scene plays on arrival.

    Skit: Aura of the Demonic Realm

    Wonder Chef Location #2: Inside the building, the room to the right, in the bottom left corner, you can examine the large white rock to learn Stew.

    Climb up the mountain behind the inn and exit to the next screen north. Approach the summit for a scene and a battle.

    Skirophorion (Dark) Lv6
    Hp: 9998
    Steal: Philosopher's Stone
    Drops: Peach Manuscript, Seal Charm.

    Despite its large hit point total Skirophorion poses little threat and will likely be combo'd to death by your party before it can get a hit in.

    A scene follows the battle and you will obtain the key item Baby Winged Dragon.

    Skits: Childhood, Like Best of All

    Leave Hima and return to Asgard.

    A scene plays on arrival. Return to the stone dais for a scene and a minigame followed by a boss battle.

    Minigame: Avoid the Garuda's Wind

    The game explains what you have to do here. The wind will constantly push you backwards and if you reach the edge of the dais you will fall off. There are also individual gusts that will knock you off the dais completely. Along the bottom of the screen is a gauge with the Garuda's symbol on it, once it reaches the green area you can signal. To do this press X repeatedly, still avoiding the wind, until the gauge on the top of the screen fills up which will complete the minigame. Running out of time or falling off the dais fails the minigame. There are no consequences to failing. To retry the minigame return to the stone dais.

    Treasure chests will appear and disappear quickly during the minigame, run over the chests to collect them and you will receive the items at the end of the minigame, these tend to be herbs, materials and possibly an Opal Ring but none are unique.

    On a Newgame+ the will be more wind gusts and more treasures chests.

    After you succeed a scene plays and you fight the boss battle.

    Garuda (Wind) Lv15
    Hp: 8391
    Steal: Basil
    Drops: Roc's Feather

    The Garuda can be annoying to attack because it is airborne and very mobile. It's most dangerous attack is Fire Bolt where it will zoom across the screen and hit hard but aside from this the Garuda just takes some time to beat down.

    A scene plays after the battle.

    Skit: Return to the Stone Dais

    Head to Aisha's house on the second screen for a scene. Marta leaves the party.

    Skit: Ruin Mode

    Head to the inn for the next scene. Marta rejoins.

    Skit: Preparations

    Approach the stone dais for a scene and another battle.

    Garuda (Wind) Lv15
    Hp: 8391
    Steal: Basil
    Drops: Roc's Feather

    This battle is exactly the same as before.

    A scene follows.

    Skits: Fishing for Compliments, Memory

    Use the warp.

    Underground Ruins

    Area Element: Wind
    Enemies: Gamat, Axe Beak, Slime, Serpent, Lizard, Ghost, Skeleton, Poltergeist, Clay Golem. (There is also a Golem monster group)
    Treasures: Poison Charm, Sage, Slough, Silk Cloak, Opal, Ink, Seal Charm, Ventus.

    Note: Once you complete this dungeon you will be temporarily unable to return. A sidequest in Chapter 4 reopens the dungeon for you, however if you do not undertake it you will be locked out of returning to the Underground Ruins and an optional dungeon.

    Head down the stairs for a scene at the bottom.

    Skits: Tenebie Part 2, Target of Affection

    Walking near the bells on the wall cause them to ring, the order in which they ring is a clue. If you head straight north you will discover a closed door, this door will remain inaccessible during this visit to the dungeon. Head east and north in either order to reach a room to the far northeast. In here you will find a Save Point, a Wind Element Ring Changer and walls to the north and west that can be examined for clues. Examine the ring changer for a scene and again to change the power of the Sorcerer's Ring to the wind element. Now use the wind power of the ring on the western wall to lower it. Behind the wall are four bells. Using the ring activate the bells in the order that you saw bells playing near the entrance.

    From left to right play the bells in this order: First, Third, Second, Fourth.

    This opens up the north wall. Take the revealed stairs to the next area. You will automatically read the clue from the tablet here. Head east to trigger a scene.

    Skits: Balacruf Mausoleum, Stick in the Mud

    The stationary Clay Golem monsters are the puzzle here. In this area there are three pairs of doors each guarded by a Clay Golem encounter. To progress you need to defeat them in the right order: Right, Left, Right. Defeating one Clay Golem will remove his twin until you fail the puzzle or exit and re-enter the screen. If you defeat them in the wrong order then a pink warp at the north exit will automatically teleport you back to the beginning of the area. If you succeed the warp will be replaced with a Golem encounter.

    Continue east ignoring the first Clay Golem and defeat the second one on the far right opening the door. Head through and take the second left to a chest with a Poison Charm. Head back and take the first left. Go north up this corridor, take the second left to a chest with Sage, then defeat the Clay Golem to open this leftmost door. Head through and take the first left then a south at the split to a chest with Slough. Return to the second opened door and head east then north. Defeat this Clay Golem to open the rightmost door. Head through the door and to the left. To the far left is a hole which cannot be used at this time. If you defeated the golems in the right order there should be a Golem encounter blocking your way north defeat him and exit north.

    Follow the path further in and examine the tablet on the wall to receive a clue and an arrow. Finding the clues is not a required step to this puzzle so feel free to skip them if you want. Just north the path splits in three. Take the east route first and at the end examine the tablet for a clue. Return to the split and take the west route. Examine the tablet on the left side as you pass for another clue. Continue following the path to join up with the north route and trigger a scene.

    Skits: Come on You're a Man, Fruit Everything

    Continue north and then head left to a tablet with another clue. Go back to the east and examine the statue to insert the arrow. Southwest of the statue are controls on the wall. Setting a direction will shoot the arrow. A correct direction will hit a gem on the mural ahead of the statue and raise a platform. Only one platform is raised at a time. Directions are found in the clues from examining the tablets in the area.

    Set the device to: North North-West.

    This raises a platform. Head south and east back to where you found the first clue and cross the platform to a chest with a Silk Cloak. Return to the statue controls.

    Set the device to: West South-West or South South-East

    Both settings will raise a platform to the west where you can open the chest for an Opal. Return to the controls.

    Set the device to: South South-West

    Cross the platform raised slightly west of you and follow the path all the way around to a clue. Return to the controls.

    Set the device to: North North-East

    Cross the platform to the north and examine the mural for the last clue. Return to the controls.

    Set the device to: East South-East.

    This raises a platform to the east. Cross over to find a Healing Save Point as well as the Peddler-Man and Helper Katz. The Peddler-Man sells items whilst the katz allows you to cook and change monsters, but not go on quests, and both provide clues when you talk to them. Exit North.

    The tablet on the wall offers a clue. Stepping forward over the line will open the north door of this room but also activate the wind. The wind will only blow down the central corridor pushing you back and slowing your progress, the gusts that accompany it will damage the party if you are hit by it. The door is only open for a set time, the glowing runes count down to it closing, so you need to pick a quick route to reach it in time. If you run out of time then run over the line at the entrance of the area to reopen the door. There are several possible routes through this room and most suspicious walls can be destroyed with the wind power of the Sorcerer's Ring.

    Ignore the central corridor, the floor falls away further up blocking the route. Head to the far right hand side and follow the corner to the north. Take the third left to a chest with Ink then follow the path all the way north to another chest with a Seal Charm. From this chest return south taking the second path to the west. Step into the central corridor and head north, avoiding the gusts, through the open door if you are in time. A scene plays when you enter the altar room along with a boss battle.

    Wind Master Prime (Wind) Lv20
    Hp: 11772
    Drops: Sylph's Mischief, Elemental Fragment.

    Axe Beak x2 (Wind) Lv15
    Hp: 3743

    Take out the two Axe Beaks first. Wind Master Prime attacks using a variety of physical and wind elemental attacks and a few wind based spells too. Equip wind resistant items, Seal Charms and Ice Capes, and interrupt his attempts at casting. Wind Master Prime can use a move called Orage which boosts his movement speed but also more dangerously makes him immune to stagger. This is a temporary buff so you might want to back off while he has it active.

    A scene plays after the battle. You will acquire Ventus and Emil will learn the skill Ventus. The hole on the left side of this room cannot be activated at this time. Exit the Underground Ruins, you can now destroy the suspicious walls northwest of the entrance to wind trap area revealing a warp panel that will take you back to the first screen with the Wind Element Ring Changer.

    Back at the stone dais a scene plays.

    Skit: Centurions

    Head to the mayor's house and speak to him for the next scene and exit for another. Colette leaves the party.

    Skit: Colette, Motion Sickness, Emil's Cooking

    Travel to Hakonesia Peak.

    Hakonesia Peak

    Save Point, General Store.

    A scene plays on arrival. Head south to trigger a cutscene.

    Wonder Chef Location #3: Examine the object, a pedestal, by the sign to learn Rice Bowl.

    Skit: Return to Palmacosta

    Richter's Sidequest Part 1

    This is a multi-part sidequest that takes place throughout the game. To complete the first part simply enter the building on the right and speak to Koton inside to trigger a scene.

    Exit Hakonesia and travel to Palmacosta.


    Equipment Shop, Food Shop x2, General Store, Inn, Save Point, Katz Guild.

    A scene plays on arrival and Marta leaves the party.

    Skit: Spiteful Tenebrae

    Approach the church, on the northeast side of the central plaza, to trigger a scene.

    Skits: Vanguard, Where is Marta?

    Wonder Chef Location #4: Head east to the next screen and enter the building. Upstairs examine the black suitcase to learn Sandwich.

    From the plaza head west to the next screen and enter the second building, just past the food store. Speak to Marta inside, Marta rejoins.

    Skit: Governor-General's Widow

    Enter the large building on the northeast side of the plaza and speak to the Governor-General for a scene. Exit the building for a cutscene.

    Skits: Kamisra Mountains, Chosen of Tethe'alla, Father's Love

    Leave Palmacosta.

    Alice's Sidequest Part 1

    Travel to Luin for a scene on arrival.

    Travel to the Dynasty Ruins.

    Note: Once you reach the end of the Dynasty Ruins you will be temporarily unable to return here and to the previous areas you've been to. Now is also the time to undertake any katz quests you wish to and make sure you saw Richter's Sidequest Part 1 at Hakonesia Peak.

    Dynasty Ruins

    Area Element: Water
    Enemies: Killer Fish, Sea Bishop, Leech, Sea Monk, Merrow, Zombie, Sea Hog, Bullfrog, Sea Wyvern.
    Treasure: Thunder Cape, Lizard Skin, White Mittens, Long Sword, Leather Cape, Gothic Spinner, Sturdy Bandanna. Life Bottle and 2,500 Gald OR Fish Face and 1,000 Gald.

    Note: A part of this dungeon's puzzle has you choose between two sets of two chests. You cannot get all of them and only one set has a unique item: Fish Face.

    A scene plays as you arrive.

    Skit: Reunited World

    Head further into the ruins. Take the first right to a Light Element Ring Changer and use it to change the power of the Sorcerer's Ring. Take the first left around to a chest containing a Thunder Cape. Take the second right along until the path splits. Head right for a chest with Lizard Skin then take the north route up the stairs and all the way left to a dead end with White Mittens in a chest. Return to the entrance and head straight north up the stairs. At the top a cutscene will trigger followed by a boss battle.

    Alice (Ice) Lv17
    Hp: 3171
    Steal: Undine's Affection
    Drops: Spirit Mark, Electrum Ring.

    Athos (Dark) Lv16
    Hp: 4246
    Drops: Mane, Wolf Fur.

    Porthos (Light) Lv15
    Hp: 2729
    Drops: Carrot, Rabbit Tail.

    Alice has a few physical attacks but isn't much of a threat. She needs to be taken down first however as she will spam First Aid when anyone gets low on health. Porthos and Athos are largely the same as before but with a few new artes to use.

    A cutscene plays after the battle.

    Skit: Alice

    Head east and use the light power of the ring on the objects either side of the closed door to open it. Head on through. Walk further in to trigger a scene. Marta gains the title Too Much?.

    Skit: Love, the Tender Trap

    In this area there are water flows that block the way forward but can be swapped over. The goal is to push certain moveable blocks into the water to create a path forward. From the split in the path where you start take the middle route to the east. Climb up the second ladder at the end and continue east. Use the light power of the ring on the pillar here, changing the flow of the water. Continue east, past the currently unusable block, and change the sorcerer's ring back to fire at the Light Element Ring Changer here. Use the fire power of the ring on the block and push it south off the edge. Change the ring back to the light power and activate the pillar switch to change the flow of water again, the block should move in the water to create a path forward. Activate the pillar switch again and head west until water blocks your path. Climb down the ladder and continue west until you return to the split.

    Take the lowest path down a flight of stairs. Push the block here east off the edge and it should float into position further south, if not you need to switch over the water flow again. Continue down the stairs and head east at the bottom crossing over the block you just moved. At the next split in the path head north to a dead end with a chest containing a Long Sword. Head back to the split. The moveable block here will allow you access to two treasure chests depending on how you choose to push it into the water, you cannot get all four chests. If you push the block down one square then off the edge to the west you will create a path to a pair of chests to the far west containing a Life Bottle and 2,500 Gald. If you push the chest west one square then straight south of the edge you will create a path to two chests on the next screen, this choice gets you a piece of headgear unobtainable anywhere else. If you do push the block to the south and exit the screen before it has floated fully east it will reset and you will need to push it again. Whatever you choose continue east, over the first block you had positioned, and around to a doorway. Grab the chest to the left for a Leather Cape then enter.

    Walk forward to trigger a scene.

    Skit: Love and Hate

    Head to the far left to find a chest with a Gothic Spinner. Head north down one flight of stairs to the next walkway. If you chose to push that block on the last screen straight south you will find it has created a pathway here. Head all the way to the right, across a collapsed section and the block, then south up some stairs to find two chests containing 1,000 Gald and Fish Face. Return to the far west. Head north down another set of stairs and all the way to the east for a chest with a Sturdy Bandanna. Just left of here head north to the final walkway with a Healing Save Point then head further north onto the circular platform for a scene and a boss battle.

    Manitou (Water) Lv20
    Hp: 12648
    Steal: Savory
    Drops: Elastic Leather, Tuna.

    Manitou's awkward shape can make it difficult to pull off effective combos on him. He mainly uses physical attacks with a few water element ones thrown in. His most dangerous attack is called Tidal Bore and affects most of the battlefield. Equip water resistant accessories, Fire Cape and Poison Charm, and keep your health up.

    A scene follows the battle. The previous areas are temporarily inaccessible. Travel to Iselia.

    Chapter 3 Footfalls of Tomorrow

    You will obtain the trophy Troubled Heart. New katz quests are available.


    Healing Save Point, Item Shop, Katz Guild.

    A scene plays on arriving in Iselia.

    Skit: Village of Oracles

    Head to the mayor's house, in the top screen on the far left, a scene will occur outside.

    Skit: Non-Aggression Treaty

    Go inside the house and speak to the mayor for another scene.

    Skits: Lloyd's Father, Flowers in Her Hair

    The next destination is the Martel Temple.

    Martel Temple
    When you arrive at the temple speak to the creature just in front of you for a scene. Then head up the stairs and enter the temple. Approach the man to trigger a scene.

    Skit: Tenebrae and Noishe

    You can't head any further into the temple for now. Head back outside for another scene.

    Skits: Awkward, Awkward Part 2

    Then return to Iselia.

    There will be a scene on arrival.

    Skit: Human Ranches

    The Martel Temple is temporarily inaccessible. Travel to the Iselia Human Ranch. A scene plays before you get there and you fight a battle.

    Battle: Raven, Bumblebee, Etheliana x2

    Iselia Human Ranch

    Area Element: Water (Outside) Dark (Inside)
    Enemies: Etheliana, Gracilis, Bumblebee, Harpy, Raven, Ogre, Mandragora, Chimera, Treant, Phantom. (There is also a Poison Leech monster group)
    Treasures: 3,000 Gald, Melange Gel, Card Key 1, Wind Cape, Elevator Key, Scale Gauntlets, Flower Petals, Noishe Head, Lizard Skin, Chamomile, Card Key 3, White Mittens, Silver Cloak, Card Key 2, Silver Spinner, White Ribbon, Silver Plate.

    A scene plays on arrival. Walk forward and approach the broken gates for another scene and a battle.

    Hirsuta x2 (Earth) Lv13
    Hp: 2124
    Steal: Lavender
    Drops: Plant Vine

    There is no particular difficulty here the Hirsuta are just a bit stronger than normal monsters.

    Afterwards the fog clears.

    Skit: Spiteful Old Nag

    Before passing through the gates head to the right where you can jump up some cliffs. The top right of the cliffs has a chest with 3,000 Gald and the top left a chest with a Melange Gel. Return to the bottom. Head in through the broken gates and examine a sparkle on the ground ahead for Card Key 1. Then head to the right and descend the ladder to the next area. Go up the short corridor and enter the room for a scene.

    Skit: Where is Paul?

    Use the Blue Lightning Element Ring Changer in this room and head north to find a Save Point. Use the newly acquired blue lightning power of the Sorcerer's Ring to charge two nodes in front of the west door opening it. Go through the door. With Card Key 1 you can, by examining the blue control panels, open the rightmost and leftmost doors on the northern side of this corridor. Beyond the right door is a room with a Wind Cape in a chest. In the room behind the left door is a Breaker Switch, on the north wall, which you should turn on. Doing so powers up the ranch. This includes the lasers in the corridors which when touched deal damage to you. The blue machines near the Save Point also turn on, one heals you the other acts as a shop. Exit the corridor to the west to enter the prison room.

    On the far left, in a cell, is a sparkling object, examine it to get the Elevator Key. Head back to the Save Point then go north and right at the split. Follow the path around until you reach the elevator and a node. If you have activated the breaker switch you can use the Sorcerer's Ring on the node to power up the elevator. Take the elevator to B3, which requires the Elevator Key, B2 is a dead end.

    Head down the stairs for a scene. In the top right of this room is the Peddler-man and Helper Katz offering items and clues. Examine the button behind them to open a door at the top of the room. Then ride on the Green Platform to the left. Activate Green Switch No.1 to change the platform's direction and ride it again. Activate Blue Switch No.2, under the stairs, and head up and across to ride the Blue Platform. Activate the Blue Switch No.3 and ride again. Activate Blue Switch No.4 and ride the platform again. Examine the object on the left wall, #1 Valve, and drain it.

    Backtrack to the central area with the katz and climb down the ladder to the southeast. Examine the floating block to push it across the water, creating a traversable path there, then examine #2 Valve and drain it. Return to all the way to the #1 Valve and activate Purple Switch No. 6. Ride the Purple Platform and walk along the metal pipeline to the south until you reach another block. Push it across the water. Backtrack along the metal pipeline and descend the ladder to reach the newly accessible white platform. Ride it across to reach #3 Valve and drain it. Down the ladder and in the southern corner is a chest with Scale Gauntlets. Return to #3 Valve and flood it allowing you to head back to the Purple Platform. Activate White Switch No.7 to the right then return to the White Platform to go up.

    Head to the left, past the stairs, and examine the button to open a door to the top left of the room. Further left open the chest for Flower Petals. Up the stairs take the Dark Blue Platform then the Blue Platform to the left to reach a chest with Noishe Head. The door above here is a shortcut back to the elevator. Instead activate Dark Blue Switch No.8 then ride the Dark Blue Platform. Activate Orange Switch No.10 and ride the Orange Platform. Ride the Purple Platform and examine a button to open a third door at the top of the area then return on the Purple Platform. Activate Purple Switch No.11 and ride the Purple Platform again. Activate Purple Switch No.12 and get back on the platform to reach a chest with Lizard Skin. Activate Purple Switch No.13 and ride the platform up. Head left and through the opened door.

    The corridors in this room are blocked off by variously coloured electricity that hurts you if you touch it. Head to the right to be told that you can hit monsters with the Sorcerer's Ring and make them charge at you, monsters eliminate electricity they pass through and all other same coloured electricity in the area. Hit the monster with your ring and let it eliminate the purple electricity. Head north, use the ring on the node to open the door and enter it.

    In this room is a chest with Chamomile and to the left you can examine a sparkling object for Card Key 3. Return to the previous area.

    At the first left use the ring on another monster to eliminate the red electricity. To the north of this monster is a now accessible chest with White Mittens. Head to the left and use the ring on a monster somewhat difficult to see round the corner to the north in order to eliminate the green electricity. Feel free to also eliminate the yellow electricity however it is not blocking access to anything. Use the ring on the node to the north and enter the door.

    This room has a chest with a Silver Cloak. Examine the button to the right of the gate at the back to open it and reveal a sparkling object, Card Key 2, and a monster. Beware of the Poison Leech monster group as it contains high level monsters between lv20-60. Remember you can escape from battles, you can also shoot the leech with the Sorcerer's Ring to freeze it in place briefly. Return to the previous area.

    Use the ring on the node situated on the far side of the left door to open it and head through. The exit all the way south leads back to the coloured platform room, but without a platform to ride. Instead use the ring on the node of the north door and head through.

    A scene plays. Use the Healing Save Point. When you are ready approach the boy for a cutscene and a boss battle.

    Gerichtslinde (Earth) Lv18
    Hp: 11388
    Steal: Saffron
    Drops: Fragrant Wood

    Hirsuta x2 (Earth) Lv18
    Hp: 3879
    Steal: Lavender
    Drops: Plant Vine

    Come prepared with earth resistant equipment like Wind Capes and the Opal. Focus on the two Hirsuta first then gang up on Gerichtslinde. Back away if Gerichtslinde uses Dumping Field which hits everyone around it. Setting up a wind element unison attack using the Ventus skill and Phoenix Rush with wind monsters is a great way to deal a lot of damage.

    Another cutscene plays and Raine joins your party. Raine comes at Lv17, is of the water element and has healing and buffing artes. Her unison attack is particularly useful as it heals the entire party.

    Skit: Googly-Eyed

    Now it's time to leave so retrace your steps back to the Elevator on the first floor. In the coloured platform room you can use Blue Switch No.9 on the west side to shortcut back to the elevator, should you wish to return the orange elevator can go straight to the electricity room now.

    Card Key 2 allows you to open the door to the northeast of the Elevator. Inside this room is a button to press that drains the prison room of water. Leave this room and continue west, at the split go west again for a door that can be opened with Card Key 3. Inside this room is a chest with a Silver Spinner. Return to the split and go south to the Save Point then head straight west to enter the prison room again.

    In here you can now access the lower level. The chest at the back contains a White Ribbon, and a chest at the bottom left of the room has Silver Plate.

    Exit the ranch and travel back to Iselia.

    There's a scene as soon as you arrive. Raine leaves the party.

    Skits: Murderer's Teacher, School Days

    Enter the classroom in the school at the north end of Iselia to trigger another scene and cutscene. Marta leaves the party. Exit the school, triggering a scene, then find Marta on the western side of Iselia by the pond. Marta rejoins.

    Skit: What Is Love?

    Return to the school and speak to Raine. Raine rejoins. Head to the east side of Iselia, outside Colette's house, for another scene.

    Skit: Teacher Voice

    Approach either exit of Iselia for one last scene.

    Skits: Half-Elves, Revolutionary Menu

    The next destination is the Triet Ruins and you are now able to return to Luin, The Tower of Mana and Lake Sinoa Cave.

    Triet Ruins
    There will be a scene as soon as you arrive.

    Skits: Fascinating, Maniac

    Enter the door at the back of the area, behind the dais. Walk forward to trigger a scene and have Genis join the party. Genis is also level 17 and has the ice elemental attribute.

    Skits: Half-Elves Part 2, Brother and Sister

    You cannot progress further so leave the Triet Ruins and head for Triet.


    Save Point, Inn, Item Shop, Armour Shop, Weapon Shop, Food Shop, Katz Guild, Fishing Minigame.
    Area Element: Ice

    A scene plays on arrival.

    Skits: Kendama, I'm Not a Kid, Snow in the Desert

    Head up north to the second screen for a scene.

    Skit: Frozen Banana

    Descend from the end of the pier for a scene and select 'Yes' to begin the Fishing Minigame.

    Fishing Minigame: Select any hole in the ice to begin fishing. A gauge appears to the right of the screen with blue, green and red areas. A small fish icon will move up and down the gauge, all you have to do is press X when it is in the green area. Take too long or press X in the blue or red area will result in a failure but you can keep trying until you succeed.

    Success leads to another scene and a battle.

    Battle: Archelon

    The Archelon is entrusted to Tenebrae, meaning it is not currently useable.

    Skits: Centurion of a Thousand Faces, First Time Fishing

    You can now play the Fishing Minigame whenever you like by speaking to the woman with a dog by the pier. You can play the minigame for various items, it also triggers certain skits and rewards a title. See the Fishing Minigame section for more information and be aware that it won't always be available.

    When you are ready return to the Triet Ruins.

    Triet Ruins

    Area Element: Ice(Outside), Fire (Inside)
    Enemies: Jabber, Tarantula, Light Wing, Red Ogre, Automaton, Fire Drake, Scorpion, Manticore, Golem, Antares, Rock Eater.
    Treasures: Pineapple Gel, Water Cape, Broadsword, Half Gauntlets, Black Ribbon, Stone Block, Lloyd's Mask 2. Ignis (Only if you kept the core).

    Normal/True Ending: To get the True Ending, and its titles, you need to beat Lloyd to the centurion's core here and at another location in Chapter 6. To get the Normal Ending, a different title and a skit, Lloyd needs to beat you to the core. Lloyd will reach the core first if you have collected more than 9 conditional points. 5 conditional points can be acquired by choosing to swear to Lloyd's statue at the beginning of the game. Another point is earned every time you enter the ruins from the snowy field outside. The conditional points are a hidden value, the game gives you no indication that you have earned them. To get the core first simply stay inside the dungeon until you have completed it.

    Head inside the ruins and approach the monster for a scene. Then speak to Tenebrae to trigger the next scene and open the way into the ruins. After the scene you will get the Archelon monster, it'll be sent straight to the Katz Guild or be discarded if your guild is full. After the scene you will be in the central chamber of the ruins, head up and around to a dead end with a Pineapple Gel in a chest. There's nothing else to do here just yet so exit to the right.

    Back in the room where the monster previously blocked the path, head north, following the path until you reach a door on the left. Enter it to return to the central chamber. Head up and to the left until you reach a moveable block. Pull the block right and south then push it east into a hole beside a similar block allowing you to approach a switch. Activate the switch to lower a platform to the south then return to the outer room.

    Follow the path to the south, past the crossroads, until you find a chest with a Water Cape inside and head through the nearby doorway. On the south side of the central chamber walk onto the now lowered platform and activate the switch there to lower a platform on the north side of the room. Head out to the outer room, around and back in to reach the north side again.

    Walk over the lowered platform to reach a switch just south of it and activate it, raising the platform to the south again. Head up the stairs to the right to find a moveable block and push it off the edge. Then head back out of the room and return to the east side by entering the left doorway at the crossroads.

    You can now walk over the block you dropped and activate a switch raising yourself and another platform up and triggering a scene. Walk over the raised, blue platform to the south and open the chest for a Broadsword then head west for two more chests with Half Gauntlets and Black Ribbon. Then use the warp panel.

    Walk over the seal and examine the back wall to move to the next area. Head either right or left and go up both flights of stairs, in the middle of the walkway up the top is a chest with a Stone Block. Go to the Healing Save Point just below.

    Normal/True Ending: This is your last chance to leave and re-enter the ruins, repeatedly, to acquire more than 9 conditional points and be locked on track for the Normal Ending or not to for the True Ending. The following cutscene is composed of three parts, the first and last parts will be unchanged either way, the middle part will depict whether Lloyd does or doesn't steal the core.

    Approach the altar in the back to trigger a cutscene and a boss battle.

    Bartek (Fire) Lv25
    Hp: 18447
    Steal: Verbena
    Drops: Charcoal x1

    Jabber x3 (Fire) Lv22
    Hp: 4274

    This is a fire themed boss fight so equip Water Capes and Virus Charms to build your resistance and use water element attacks. Bartek hits hard with a wide range and is surprisingly mobile so keep your health up. Making use of Raine's unison attack by adding the water element to the field through First Aid is a very good idea as it heals the whole party.

    After the fight there is another cutscene and Emil will obtain the title Ratatosk Mode. If Lloyd did NOT steal the core then Emil will also gain the skill Ignis, and the key item, Ignis. (If he did steal the core these will be available later in the game.)

    Skits: Ratatosk Mode, Real Ruin Mode, Believe in Him, Odd Poster (Only if the core was stolen.)

    If you kept the core then on the floor just above you is Lloyd's Mask 2.
    Or if Lloyd stole the core then Lloyd's Mask 2 is further up to the left of the altar.

    Exit the ruins, as you approach the entrance there will be a scene and another one in the snowy area outside.

    Skits: Sighs Four, Izoold, Being Popular

    Exit the Triet Ruins.

    Wonder Chef Location #5: Head to the mayor's house in Iselia where you can now find a boat to examine and learn Soup.

    This is your last chance to finish up katz guild quests before the new chapter. When ready travel to Izoold.

    Before you arrive there will be a scene and a battle.

    Battle: Jabber

    Emil is alone for this fight.

    And another scene and battle.

    Schizos (Wind) Lv25
    Hp: 14385
    Drops: Dragon's Horn

    Richter joins you for this fight. Schizos doesn't stagger easily but tends to stick to basic attacks. It might use a few wind elemental attacks, but only rarely. Richter has a few healing artes if you need them.

    The scene continues after the fight.