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Regal by Dagoldenclip2

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/14/13

Tales of Symphonia: Regal Character Guide

TABLE OF CONTENTS              [ToC]

1: Table of Contents................[ToC]
2: Introduction.....................[Intro]
   2.1: Contact Information.........[Contact]
3: Version History..................[Version]
4: Regal FAQ........................[Regal00]
   4.1: Regal Character Information.[Regal01]
   4.2: Regal basic breakdown.......[Regal02]
   4.3: Regal's Pros................[Regal03]
   4.4: Regal's Cons................[Regal04]
   4.5: Regal's Arte breakdown......[Regal05]
   4.6: Advanced techniques.........[Regal06]
   4.7: Recommended Set Up..........[Regal07]
   4.8: Do's and Don'ts.............[Regal08]
5: Legal Mumbo Jumbo................[Legal]
6: Conclusion.......................[Conc]

INTRODUCTION                   [Intro]

Hello, my user-name is dagoldenclip2 but everyone simply calls me Clip.
I started playing Tales in 2003 with Tales of Symphonia, but 
I didn't gain higher technical insight until I started getting
into solo and challenge runs. With many runs and character 
understanding under my belt over the years I've managed to gain
a good grasp in terms of how to effectively master the vast amount
of characters in the series.

Many fans are average players who simply enjoy the experience and move on.
However, there is a small fraction of the fan-base who engage in higher level
Tales game-play. The wide-spread misinformation amongst the fan-base has
slightly motivated me to correct this with character and mechanic guides
to explain everything I learned over my development as a Tales player.

This FAQ is here to specifically detail Regal and all of his capabilities. 
This FAQ is not here to debate between characters in this game or other 
characters in the series. It's here to guide new players or old who
may want to get some understanding of how Regal plays.


Considering I'm a human being (I think) there will most likely be mistakes.
This is all of the information I feel is worthy to note so any
additions you feel are necessary can be voiced in a PM sent on Youtube.


If you decide to PM me be clear in what you feel needs to be added
or questioned. If you take the time to ask irrelevant questions you will be 
ignored. I ask that you title the PM "Regal Information" or something to
that effect so I know what you're talking about.

Any negativity will be ignored so don't bother venting any personal
frustrations you may have with how I operate. 

VERSION HISTORY             [Version]

Version 1.00: Finished but subject for future updates

REGAL FAQ                   [Regal00]

Let's get cracking then. So you decided you wanted to step up your Regal
or simply wanted to see more in-depth information on Regal. You're 
at the right place. If you want to see Regal in action I recommend you 
check out my solo of Regal. It includes Clip Insight so you can 
get a slightly deeper understanding from yours truly on why I do some
things and how I approach each specific boss.



Origin: Altamira
Age: 33
Weight: 187 lbs
Height: 6'2
Weapon: Greaves
Role: President of Lezareno Company
JPN VA: Akio Ohtsuka 
ENG VA: Crispin Freeman

If you want to know more about Regal and his role in the plot...play 
the game.


Alright, now that the introduction is out of the way we can get to
the main course.
Regal is a front-line unit with the sole purpose of bringing a physical
confrontation to the enemy.

Like Farah before him, he relies on a different tier-chain versus the standard
base -> arcane chain used by other characters. Regal utilizes 
ground -> anti-air -> mid-air chains for combo potential. However, Regal isn't
limited by just that tier chain.

Tier Chains

Ground -> Anti-air -> Mid-Air
Anti-Air -> Mid-Air - Ground
Mid-Air -> Ground -> Anti-Air

The most common tier chain used is his default ground -> anti-air -> Mid-air.
Most of his artes kind of push in that direction, but with proper understanding
of his artes you can play around a bit and change your possibilities. 

Regal's basic attacks consist of simple kicks. However, a few of his basics
are good for positioning purposes.

Neutral - A simple kick. You can add a 3rd kick by equipping the "Add Combo" 
ex skill.

Down - A sweep kick. Great for setting up anti-air artes since it has a small
juggle. It also serves as great hit confirm due to the speed and higher
guard breaking tendencies.

Up - A jump-kick that sets up for quick mid-air artes if your inputs
are fast enough. You can follow up with two aerial kicks instead of a mid-air
arte if you so choose.
Many times the second kick will reliably break enemy guard

Jump - If you jump and attack Regal does up to 3 aerial round-house kicks.
The hortizonal movement is great for dodging some spells or making escapes
after baiting an opponent to attack.

REGAL'S PROS                [Regal03]

+ High Damage Output

+ High DPS [Damage per Second]

+ Slightly more options [Arte Tiers]

+ Great guard pressure abilities

+ Self-sufficient Healing Spells

+ Can double jump

+ 1 of 2 characters with access to glory 

Overall, Regal is a solid character. His high damage output works well
with his guard pressure abilities. Many of his artes can shatter guard even
when facing the enemy. With double jump or glory he finds easier opportunities
to either get behind and enemy or negate stagger to consistently punish the
With healer and grand healer he can provide emergency healing and support
himself in a solo situation. His arte tiers give him a tad bit more freedom;
not much, but enough to make it a positive characteristic of his usefulness.
He shines best when controlled by the human player since they can capitalize 
more on his positive aspects. He plays best as the main front-line unit with
a support character who can more or less stay efficient longer.

REGAL's CONS                [Regal04]

- Higher TP Cost

- Out-shined by other cast members depending on need

- Healing spells are distant dependant unless healing self

- Larger learning curve?

Apparently, many players consider Regal to be difficult to pick up. Personally,
I consider something like that a positive, but in this scenario it hurts Regal

His high TP cost hurts his performance as a secondary front-line unit. His AI
will do chains fine, but many gels will be spent attempting to keep Regal
in fighting condition; Or resources like rings and symbols have to be plugged
to Regal to keep him efficient. Thus overall hurting the cohesion of the party

His healing spells get incredibly weaker if the target is far away. 
This is a negative simply because characters like Zelos/Kratos can throw
quicker first-aids and actually heal.Regal's AI doesn't try much to take
account to the distance of his target. 
In a party scenario Regal is on the lower-end in terms of secondary units.
He is out-shined by Zelos in terms of healing or Presea in terms of damage and
support due to TP cost. This can be slightly overridden if you dedicate
accessories to him, but with other characters in more need for TP Regal 
will most likely sit in the inactive section.


If you would like to get a visual of Regal's artes I suggest you check out

I will use abbreviations of his artes here during the insight portion. They
shouldn't be hard to figure out. My insight is based on solo usefulness.
Just about every arte is useful in a party scenario as there are little risk.

Spin Kick

Clip's Insight: Only useful if you want to end a combo with a ground arte ->
hi ougi.
It's simply not an reliable arte to follow-up or start a combo.
At best I believe you can use it after Eagle Rage/Fall. I don't recommend this

Triple Kick

Clip's Insight: Much more reliable than S.K. It has more use as a combo-ender
after a mid-air arte since the recovery frames are short. It works fine as a
beginning combo arte as well.


Clip's Insight: Unless you want to style on an enemy the only use for this
is after a mid-air arte to finish a combo. Unfortunately,
Regal can't follow up after the flip, rendering this arte virtually useless for
anything else.

Heaven's Charge

Clip's Insight: The invincibility during the initial frames is nice,
but it falls short in reliability when it comes to knock-down
and the small distance travelled. I feel they should of increased the range 
just a small bit, but the arte isn't completely useless.
Not worth any of the arte slots in the end.


Clip's Insight: Not bad, but not too good. I would of preferred if Mirage was
simply a side + X input instead of an arte here. If you're quick you can
follow-up with crescent moon for a higher chance to break enemy guard;
or any anti-air arte.

Souryuu Rengadan

Clip's Insight: Fantastic arte. It's great in any combo slot and the immense
guard breaking properties slides S.R into one of Regal's best artes.
It severely punishes any enemy that attempts to guard as the 3rd or so kick
is guaranteed to break guard from what I notice. A must have arte if you're
using Regal.


Clip's Insight: Why are you still using spin kick.
Only useful for trolling around with Plantix.

Crescent Moon

Clip's Insight: Another must have anti-air arte for Regal.
It has great guard breaking properties if used behind and its positioning
gives Regal better options even if an enemy is guarding.
I always have this arte equipped.

Swallow Kick

Clip's Insight: Not too bad of an arte. It finds most use around the time
Regal joins for its low TP cost. I find this arte most useful after
a sweep kick. It gets out-shined rather quickly though.

Swallow Dance

Clip's Insight: Another good arte. I typically use this when Regal
joins the party since it provides an alternate to C.M. The TP cost isn't too
bad either, and the horizontal distance does well for positioning purposes.
A good alternate to equip alongside C.M

Dragon Dance

Clip's Insight: Eh, I never stray to Regal's strike side because
of artes like this.
The knock-back ruins any combo potential outside of corner abuse. Pass it up.

Rising Dragon

Clip's Insight: A pretty good alternate to S.D or C.M if you want.
It does the job well for an anti-air. Used alongside Eagle Rage/Fall 
can bring Regal to the ground faster than the enemy since the kick pushes
them up a bit.

Dragon Fury

Clip's Insight: Same deal as R.D except the push is a bit greater.
A useful alternative for an anti-air if you feel the need.

Dragon Rage
å‡￾E¾￾è¡￾ç ´æ˜￾E

Clip's Insight: Hm it's virtually the same as D.F except its on the strike
Unless you're tech-glitching on the GC version its an arte that got
unfortunate. Pass it up.

Crescent Dark Moon

Clip's Insight: Not too bad. It makes an interesting use for a ground arte, 
but following up after the end can be a tad awkward. I don't use it too much,
but in a party scenario go for it.

Super Swallow Dance

Clip's Insight: It has knock-back on the end that completely
ruins its usefulness. Again, you have to dedicate an accessory to
access this arte as Regal does not have wind element greaves.

Hishou Tenshuubu

Clip's Insight: Another great arte. Once you have a good accessory set-up this
move should take the place of your alternate anti-air arte.
It has the same great guard breaking properties as C.M and includes S.D in the
same animation. Two for one deal.


Clip's Insight:If you're willing to sacrifice an accessory slot then this arte
isn't too bad. Mainly for visual appeal if you want to use it.

Eagle Dive

Clip's Insight: Like S.K I recommend you pass it up as soon as you get 50+
hits. The hit-stun is rather bad and leaves Regal vulnerable upon landing.

Eagle Rage

Clip's Insight: The superior arte of the eagle family. 
It hits multiple times on the way down and absolutely shreds enemy guard.
Use alongside C.M to give the enemy little chance of blocking.

Eagle Fall

Clip's Insight: If you went strike then this option isn't too bad. The last 
hit knocks the enemy up which provides some use. After a spell cancel you 
can follow up with D.R or something.

Triple Rage Kick

Clip's Insight: A great mid-air arte. It has great use after basic jump attacks
or after most anti-air artes. However, it has a chance to whiff certain sized
enemies. A great option to end a combo on if you choose to do so with a
mid-air arte.


Clip's Insight: Only needed when attempting to use a hi-ougi. Otherwise
if you just want to style and explode on an enemy for a finisher then go
for it.


Clip's Insight: Its ok. Out-shined by Grand/Chi healer.

Chi Healer

Clip's Insight: Gives the best options for spell cancelling
and heals a nice bit to boot at 35%. If you find time
to use it of course. In a party scenario it does fine since I believe
distance doesn't matter for it.


Clip's Insight: If you find yourself in a situation where you
can't avoid a magic spell then go for it. Otherwise, save the TP and
double jump.


In retrospect I shouldn't of dedicated an entire section to this, but it 
is what it is. The main advanced technique you want to master for 
Regal is spell cancelling.

In order to spell cancel all you have to do is cast -> guard immediately ->

In the PS2 version you have to max a spell for the most effective SC'ing
and in the GC you can SC from the get-go even without max usage.

With Chi/Grand Healer you can only SC after a mid-air arte. You cannot
SC after a full chain if you include ground artes. You can also SC after
basic attacks for quick guarding in a pinch or quick back-steps.

Triple Rage Kick isn't great to SC after since you can't follow up with 
anything. The best arte for SC'ing is Eagle Rage.

If you want more advanced combos for Regal then SC'ing is the way to go
since his moves are quick enough to infinite enemies until technical downs
kick in.

These next few combos are based on the technical-side. If you went strike 
then..go technical.

For example


Anti-Air -> Mid-air -> SC - Anti-Air - Mid-air -> SC -> Rinse.


Anti-air -> Mid-air -> SC -> Basic Attack (hit confirm) -> Rinse.


Basics/Anti-Air -> Mid-air -> SC -> Anti-Air -> Mid-air -> Ground 

Fill those in with different arte combinations and you can get very nice 
looking Regal combos.

Swallow Dance -> Eagle Rage -> SC -> Swallow Dance -> Triple Rage Kick
Crescent Swallow Dance -> Eagle Rage -> SC -> Crescent Moon -> Eagle Rage ->
Rising Dragon -> Eagle Rage -> SC -> Sweep Kick -> Jump Kick ->
 Triple Rage Kick -> Heaven's Charge

Some stuff off the top of my head. Never did the last one, but I'm sure it
would work. Hey, this is your chance to test it!

On the strike side there are too many artes that knock-back so your options are

RECOMMENDED SET-UP           [Regal07]

My usual EX skill set-up revolves around Aerial Jump.

-Add combo
-Sky Combo

That gives you 

-Aerial Jump
-Combo Force 

This set-up allows you to jump over everything and counter hits if you find
yourself boxed in. Combo force also takes care of damage mitigation early
so you can the most damage out of your combos.

In a solo scenario at times I add glory to the mix if I'm fighting multiple
opponents. It depends on the situation, but remember you still take full damage
with glory. Don't neglect to block.

In a party scenario you can equip "Guilt" for boosted stats with Presea in
the party. I don't feel the boost is worth mentioning but the option is there.

For accessories I typically equip Regal with emerald ring as soon as I get it
and the spirit symbol after Celsius. If you're going to commit him to a
secondary unit at least give him the TP ring for some TP benefit.
After you get the Faerie Ring feel free to promote him to the emerald ring.
Or you can give him the Faerie Ring since everyone else in the party lacks TP
issues around that point in the game anyway.

You can always mitigate that issue by grinding TP herbs in the Temple of
Darkness. With a Colette set-up it doesn't take long at all to max TP 
reserves for everyone.

DO'S AND DON'T              [Regal08]

+ Do use Regal if you find time. He is a great character overall.

+ Always go Technical with Regal. Strike side is far too useless

+ If you use Regal then you have to master SC to get the best and then some.

- Don't get impatient and abuse artes so early. You'll find yourself with no 

- Don't get too comfortable and abuse glory. You still take full damage if you
don't guard.

- Don't use Triple Rage Kick on small enemies. Unless you follow up after 
Crescent Moon. It whiffs a bit if you follow after swallow dance. 
It does fine most of the time after Crescent Swallow Dance

- Don't use Wolverine in the beginning of a combo

- Don't hesitate after using Mirage. Delay defeats the purpose of using 
said arte.

+ Do play around with his artes to see what you can do with spell cancelling. 

- Don't give up if you find Regal difficult to master. It's really not hard
so keep trying.

LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO           [Legal]

All characters and Tales material belong to Namco.
The links provided in this guide belong to myself or Vercsase.
Arte names and Character Information was taken from Aseliawiki.
As long as credit is given this guide can be hosted just about anywhere.
I ask that you PM me if you intend to host this guide anywhere.
Use of this guide for profit is plain crazy and just don't do it.

CONCLUSION                  [Conc]

Special thanks to...

Vercsase for uploading a Regal arte exhibition. Helps
with the visual aspect for anyone reading this guide.

Thanks to those who contributed at aseliawiki. A shout-out to Tickingdeath
for motivating me to do a guide even if he wasn't aware.

Gamefaqs for hosting said guide
Kouli since his guides over the years kept me interested in the series.
Namco for making said series
You for reading it.



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