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by Kratos15354

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kratos15354

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 08/07/15

Table of Contents

  1. Version History
  2. Introduction/Why Should I and How Do I Use This FAQ?
  3. PS3 Version Additions/Changes
  4. Glossary of Terms
  5. FAQs
  6. Walkthrough
    1. Iselia, the Village of Oracles
    2. Martel Temple
    3. Iselia Forest
    4. Dirk's House
    5. Triet, the Desert Oasis
    6. Sylvarant Base
    7. Triet Ruins, the Seal of Fire
    8. Ossa Trail
    9. The Road Not Taken
    10. Izoold, the Small Fishing Port
    11. Palmacosta, the Port City
    12. Thoda Geyser, the Seal of Water
    13. Palmacosta Ranch
    14. Asgard, the City of Ruins
    15. Luin, the City of Hope
    16. Balacruf Mausoleum, the Seal of Wind
    17. Luin Revisited
    18. Asgard Human Ranch
    19. Hima, the Village of Adventurers
    20. Asgard Human Ranch, part II
    21. Tower of Mana, the Seal of Light
    22. Lake Umacy
    23. Tower of Salvation
    24. Sylvarant Base Part II
    25. Fooji Mountains
    26. Meltokio, the Imperial City
    27. Sybak, the University Town
    28. Meltokio Sewers
    29. Odds and ends in Meltokio and Sybak
    30. Gaoracchia Forest
    31. Mizuho, the Mystical Village
    32. Ozette, the Quiescent Village
    33. Altessa's House
    34. Toize Valley Mine
    35. Ozette yet again
    36. Temple of Lightning
    37. Tethe'alla Base
    38. Temple of Earth
    39. Flanoir, the Snowy City
    40. Temple of Ice
    41. Altamira, the Seaside Paradise
    42. Return to Sylvarant
    43. Remote Island Human Ranch
    44. More Spirits than You Can Shake a Stick At
    45. Temple of Darkness
    46. The hunt for Aska
    47. Iselia Human Ranch
    48. The return to Iselia
    49. The return to Meltokio
    50. The quest for Zircon
    51. The infernal forest, Ymir Forest
    52. The hidden elven village, Heimdall
    53. Latheon Gorge
    54. Southeast Abbey
    55. Tower of Salvation Again
    56. Welgaia, the Holy City
    57. Escaping Welgaia
    58. Altessa's house and what happened there
    59. Tower of Salvation one last time
    60. Torent Forest
    61. Daddy's Gift
    62. Derris Kharlan
    63. Return to Welgaia
    64. Vinheim
    65. The Grade Shop and starting a new game
  7. General Hints and Tips
  8. Sidequests
    1. Colette the dog lover
    2. The Sword Dancer
    3. Emo Bubble
    4. Colette, the turbo waitress
    5. Genis the genius
    6. The Spiritua Statue
    7. Orienteering
    8. The restoration of Luin
    9. Indiana Sheena and the Temples of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla
    10. Red Light, Green Light
    11. Presea's childhood friends
    12. Zelos the Gigolo
    13. The Secret Notebook
    14. The Pink Pearl Ring
    15. The Devil's Arms
    16. Katz Village skit theatre
    17. The Assassin's Ring
    18. Clara's final appearance
    19. Uncle
    20. The Casino
    21. Genis's new friend
    22. Raine and Genis's mother
    23. Princess in distress
    24. The Coliseum
    25. Beach blanket blowout
    26. The dinner party
    27. A long delayed delivery
    28. A job for Colette
    29. Genis the furry
    30. Professor Raine's fanclub
    31. Sheena's Duel
    32. Return of the chief
    33. Corrine's comeback
    34. Zorro, eat your heart out
    35. Behold the Klonoa!
    36. Regal to the rescue
    37. New PS3 Costumes
    38. Cooking titles and the last of the recipes
    39. The Hotspring
    40. Little boy lost
    41. Genis's last spell
    42. The truth about Noishe
    43. Maxwell
    44. The Gaia Cleaver
    45. Master Levin's lesson
    46. Niflheim, the Underworld
  9. Titles - Stat Boosts
    1. Lloyd's Title Stats
    2. Colette's Title Stats
    3. Genis's Title Stats
    4. Kratos's Title Stats
    5. Raine's Title Stats
    6. Sheena's Title Stats
    7. Zelos's Title Stats
    8. Presea's Title Stats
    9. Regal's Title Stats
  10. Acquisition of Titles
    1. Getting Lloyd's Titles
    2. Getting Colette's Titles
    3. Getting Genis's Titles
    4. Getting Kratos's Titles
    5. Getting Raine's Titles
    6. Getting Sheena's Titles
    7. Getting Zelos's Titles
    8. Getting Presea's Titles
    9. Getting Regal's Titles
  11. Cooking and Recipes
  12. Techs
    1. Lloyd's Techs
    2. Colette's Techs
    3. Genis's Techs
    4. Raine's Techs
    5. Sheena's Techs
    6. Kratos/Zelos's Techs
    7. Presea's Techs
    8. Regal's Techs
  13. EX Skills and Compound EX Skills
    1. Lloyd
    2. Colette
    3. Genis
    4. Kratos/Zelos
    5. Raine
    6. Sheena
    7. Presea
    8. Regal
  14. Completion stuffs
    1. Collector's Book
    2. Monster List
    3. Figurine Book
  15. Beneficial Glitches
    1. The tech glitch
    2. Easy Gigolo glitch
    3. Infinite Combo
    4. Infinite Guardian
    5. Easy Red Light, Green Light
  16. Credits
|                                      |
|           Tales of Symphonia         |
|      FAQ/Walkthrough version 3.1     |
|       By Kratos15354(Brian Carr)     |
|   Email: Kratos15354 @ hotmail.com   |
|    (Include "[TOS]" in the subject   |
|        to avoid the junk filter)     |
|             AIM: Kratos15354         |
|                                      |

Version History

0.5: Roughly half done with the walkthrough and sidequest sections - 5/1/06

1.0: Done with the walkthrough - 9/27/06

1.25: Glossary, FAQ, hints and tips, beneficial glitches, and completion stuffs sections were added - 10/2/06

1.26: Cleaned up lots of errors, added a few things I forgot - 6/11/07

2.0: Added EX Skills, cooking, titles, and techs sections - 11/28/07

3.0: At long last, the next update. Unfortunately, due to my computer crashing a few months ago, I have lost the cumulative updates I've been making. On the bright side, I am now using the markup feature recently introduced to Gamefaqs, allowing much easier navigation. - 12/4/09

3.1: Probably the final update. After over a year, I finally finished enough playthroughs of the PS3 release to get most, if not all, of the new content covered. - 8/2/15

Introduction/Why Should I and How Do I Use This FAQ?

When looking for one specific piece of information and the table of contents doesn't look like it will bring you right to it, use Ctrl + F to search for the term you're after. So that you don't have to repeatedly search all of the pages this will likely be broken into, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the print link. This will display the entire guide on one page (which is actually how I'd prefer it to be by default).

My main reason for writing this FAQ is that Tales of Symphonia is a non-linear game, meaning that there are several different orders events can take at various points in the game. Most of the FAQs here (at GameFAQs) only cover one of the possible orders of events, which is fine if you follow the walkthrough from the beginning, but can cause confusion if you don't. In order to solve this dilemma, I will list each possible order when the split occurs and again once all the events have been completed.

When sidequests become available as you play through the game, I will let you know that it is available. Refer to the sidequest section of the FAQ for more info on them. In the sidequest sections are complete lists of dogs and women for Colette's Dog Lover title and Zelos's Gigolo tile. The walkthrough also lists all the treasure chests needed to get Sheena's Treasure Hunter title.

One thing I will not do in this FAQ is recommend levels for bosses/dungeons. Nobody can tell you what level YOU need to be to beat whoever better than you yourself. In general, if you find yourself relying heavily on healing items, taking some time to level up is often in your best interest.

Finally, I will assume you know what's going on in the story, so I will avoid retelling it and will avoid spoiling the story for you. Some spoilers are unavoidable, though, but are nothing major. If you need a story recap, read the handy Synopsis feature in the menu.

PS3 Version Additions/Changes

The PS3 version of this game (and the upcoming Steam version) have extra content that was added in for the Japanese only PS2 release. Many of these changes are just minor additions that have little or no impact on the overall story or completing the game. Below is a list of changes in general:

  • Techs - Many new and secret techs were added.
  • Titles - Each character gets two new costume titles, one unlocked as part of a new sidequest, and one a borrowed outfit from Tales of the Abyss/Graces f/Vesperia/Xillia. The new costumes will typically require you to have chosen a specific person at a late game event and are covered here. The cameo costumes are unlocked either by starting a New Game+ (load a clear game save) or having a save file from Tales of Graces f or Xillia on your PS3 when you start a new game.
  • Items - Three new items were added, all of them related to Altamira. They are covered in the item list.
  • The Casino - The casino in Altamira is now more than just a place for Zelos to hit on women.
  • Niflheim - The forbidden book now has an extra five floors and two more boss battles, three new enemies each.
  • Added Difficulty - Many bosses will have new attacks on Hard and Mania difficulties.

Glossary of Terms

Accuracy: Accuracy is a stat that supposedly deals more damage to enemies with lower evade, but it's complete effect is unknown.

Affection: Affection is how much a character likes Lloyd. This is determined largely by various dialogue choices you make during the course of the story, but there are also overworld skit points, represented by rings of light, that can change affection. Some sidequests also affect affection.

Attack: The attack stat is what determines physical damage done. Damage done is approximately half of the attack stat. The attack stat equals a character's strength stat plus the attack points of any weapons and armor equipped.

Attack Attribute: Attack attribute is when your physical attacks have an element associated with them. An attack attribute can be given by using a quartz item during battle, equipping a weapon that has an attack attribute, using one of Sheena's Sylva or Tethe seals, or equipping a gem received from a summon spirit(Aquamarine for example). To see what attack attribute a character has, go to the status screen from the menu and press down on the C stick.

Combo: A combo is a string of hits that keeps an enemy staggered. Each successive hit in a combo does less and less damage. Bonus experience is based on the highest combo achieved during that battle. Enemies tend to fall over after 50 hits, but you can pick them back up with Demon Fang or Photon as they fall.

Cooking: Once after each battle, you may have the character of your choice cook the meal of your choice. Cooking can recover HP, TP, cure status ailments and/or boost stats for the next battle. In nearly every town, you'll find the Wonder Chef disguised as some object. Examine it to learn a new recipe. Each character has his/her own skill level for each recipe. The more stars you have, the more effective the healing will be, and you'll have a lower chance of failing to cook the dish. Every recipe has required ingredients and usually some additional ingredients. Using extra ingredients will increase the effectiveness of cooking. In order to increase a character's cooking ability, simply have him/her cook the dish a couple of times. Even failures help to raise your ability. You can choose who cooks what on the Cooking menu.

Defense: Defense is the stat that reduces physical damage taken. It is the sum of the character's natural defense plus the defense of any equipment.

Elemental Defense: Elemental defense determines what elements a character or enemy is resistant to. There are five categories of elemental defense; weak, none, resist, immune, and absorb. When you are weak to an element, that element will cause double damage. None does not affect anything. Resist will halve damage, immune will negate damage, and absorb will heal you the amount it would hurt. How many pieces of equipment you have on with a given resistance will determine what your elemental defense is. You can check elemental defense by going to the status screen from the menu and pressing down on the C stick.

Evade: Evade supposedly makes you take less damage from enemies with less accuracy, but it's complete effect is unknown.

EX Skills: EX Skills give your characters new abilities, improved abilities, or improved stats. Combine certain EX Skills to discover Compound EX Skills. See the EX Skills section for a list and description of EX Skills.

Grade: Grade is a quantity used to assess your battle style. Grade can be used to purchase customization materials and EX Gems in some places. It is only a waste to buy EX Gems since you find plenty in chests. It's alright to buy the occasional material needed for that one item you need to finish the Collector's Book, but try not to make a regular habit of it. Save your grade for the Grade Shop at the end of a game.

Things such as using a tech to finish an enemy, killing two enemies with consecutive attacks, and finishing the battle with full HP/TP will earn you more grade. Using items, finishing while afflicted with a status ailment, and dieing will decrease the amount of grade you earn.

Guard Tech: A guard tech is one that reduces damage taken by 80%. Every character has a guard tech. Kratos will teach you how to use them before you enter the fire seal and characters that join later already know them. Use one by holding the guard button and moving the control stick down or put it in a tech slot. The TP cost for a guard tech is not constant. Rather, it is 10% of the character's max TP. Guard techs are the only way to defend against attack magic. If a spell is coming that you know you can't dodge (Photon, Dark Sphere, etc.), use a guard tech to block it. The bad thing about them is that they only last maybe a second and leave you open to attack afterward.

HP: Hit Points, your character's amount of life. When it is depleted, the character dies. Use gels, healing spells, cooking, and inns to restore HP. Some accessories also slowly restore HP during battle.

Intelligence: Intelligence determines both magic attack and magic defense. Very few pieces of equipment raise intelligence, but most kendamas and rods raise intelligence.

Luck: The luck stat determines how often some effects take place, such as critical hits, most non-constant EX Skills, when you learn a tech after meeting the requirements, and what kind of items Zelos can get when he uses his Personal EX Skill. It is not a constant stat and will randomise from 0 to 100 every time you stay at an inn.

Overlimit: Overlimit occurs when a character or various enemies tension value reaches a set number. Visually, a black aura appears around the character or enemy. While in overlimit, damage taken is cut in half, you do not stagger after being hit, and casting time is slightly reduced. Tension increases as you take hits, when party members die, and when you cook. Tension is reset back to zero if a character dies. When someone is close to entering overlimit, they start flashing red around the edges. Do not confuse this flashing with what happens after getting up from the ground, though, which is similar in appearance but unrelated. When you go into overlimit, you should go on the offensive since you take reduced damage and don't stagger. When an enemy goes into overlimit, halt your attacks and tough it out until it ends.

Techs: Techs are special attacks that characters use and are either a physical attack or a spell. Some cause more damage, some recover HP, some boost your status, and all of them consume Technical Points, TP. If you don't have enough TP to use a tech, you're out of luck unless you can recover some TP somehow (see below). Most physical techs can also be linked to each other for higher combos.

Titles: Titles are awarded for doing certain actions in battle, finishing some sidequests, or just part of the story. To change titles, go to the Status screen and press A on the current title. As you look through the list of titles that you have, stats listed in red give you a lower chance of an extra boost to that stat at the next level up, green gives you a higher chance, and grey does not change. Some titles change the clothes a character wears, called costume titles. Although you won't get any extra boosts to your stats, it can be a refreshing change to see Lloyd all dressed up instead of the usual red. For a complete list of titles, see the Titles section.

TP: Technical Points are consumed to use techs. Replenish them with gels, by cooking, or resting at an inn. You also regain one TP when you hit an enemy with a normal attack, but only if the enemy is not guarding. Some TP is automatically restored at the end of battle. The amount is determined by the character's max TP.


Q. I hear that this game has multiplayer, how do I set it up?

A. Control type is what determines whether a human controls a character or the AI does, and which of the first four slots a character is in determines which controler slot controls the character. For example, the character in the first slot is controlled by either the AI or the controller in slot one.

Let's say player two wants to play as Presea. Move Presea to the second slot, then go to her tech menu. Highlight her name and press Start (select) to cycle through the control types (Auto, Manual, Semi-Auto). Auto is complete AI control, Manual is complete player control, and Semi-Auto is AI assisted player control. Choose either Manual or Semi-Auto and you're good to go.

Q. Can I change my character in battle?

A. Sure, just open the menu with Y (triangle), then press Z (start) to cycle through the available characters. The character on the far left is controlled by player one.

Q. Where are the anime scenes that are supposed to be in here?

A. There are four; the intro before the title screen, one near the end of disc one, and the other two are part of the ending. The PS3 version has an additional two; one after releasing the first seal, and the second shortly after releasing the final seal.

Q. How do I link techs?

A. You can link techs in ascending order by level. There is a restriction that you cannot link two techs of the same tree and consecutive level. For example, you can't link Demon Fang and Fierce Demon Fang because they are from the same tree and are level one and level two techs respectively. You can, however, link Demon Fang and Demonic Circle. Even though they are from the same tech tree, they are level one and level three respectively. Some techs like Item Thief do not link to others.

Q. What do titles do?

A. Titles give you a slightly larger stat boost when you level up. What stats get an extra boost and how much depends on the title. To change your title, go to the status screen and press A. Choose the title you want and stat names will be listed at the bottom. Stats listed in grey give the same chance of a stat boost as the currently equipped title, green stats get a bigger chance of a boost, and red stats get a smaller chance of a boost. Some titles also change the clothes a character wears.

Q. What do the Yata Mirror and Yasakani Jewel do?

A. The Yata Mirror gives you small HP/TP regeneration and the Yasakani Jewel prevents physical ailments. To see what additional effects a piece of equipment has, equip it and go to the character's status screen, then press C-down (down on the right stick). Extra effects of equipment are listed here, along with elemental weakness/resistance and attack attribute. Small HP or TP regen means the character gains 1% of his/her max HP or TP every seven seconds in battle. Large HP or TP regen is the same as small, but 3% of the max HP or TP.

Q. What does the EX Skill Spell Charge do and how do I use it?

A. To use Spell Charge, you must control the character that has it. Start casting a spell and hold the tech button to delay the spell. When your character starts flashing, the spell is being delayed. Press the attack button while delaying a spell to charge it. A charged spell is released at the end of the next attack combo. A charged spell does not cost any TP, but it does less damage.

Q. How do I change types?

A. Your type is largely determined by your EX Skills. Each EX Skill is either T type or S type, as stated in its description window. When you have a majority of one type of EX Skills, the T-S bar will move toward the majority type side after each battle that character participates in. The higher the number of majority EX Skills, the more the T-S bar will move after each battle. Using the T and S Rings in addition to this will speed up the process.

Q. How do I use techs that are blue?

A. You don't. Yet. When a tech appears in blue, it means that you are at or above the required level to learn it, are the correct type (S or T [if applicable]), but have not yet activated it. Some techs will require 50 uses of a lower level tech before you can learn the new one, others simply need you to know another tech, and some are just learned when you get to the right level. New techs can activate with a regular attack, a previous tech, or any spell. Luck also influences when you will learn a new tech. If it's pretty low, sleep at an inn to randomize it (hopefully so it's higher), and try to learn the new tech.

Iselia, the Village of Oracles

As the game begins, the main character, Lloyd is in school. Once you gain control, head to the door on the left wall. Once Colette and Genis join you, go examine the hole in the upper wall to get Colette's Klutz title. Go outside and head east and north towards the exit. Defeat the enemies that enter the village. If you like, you can go east one screen and enter the house. Colette's father, Frank, will heal you for free. Go out past the schoolhouse and onto the world map. Follow the coast to the temple.

Martel Temple

Treasure to get:

  1. Panacea Bottle
  2. Life Bottle (2)
  3. Apple Gel
  4. 250 gald

Upon reaching the temple, head up the stairs and prepare for a fight against two foot soldiers. Immediately following the first battle, you fight your first boss.

BOSS: Vidarr

  • HP: 4000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: none

Vidarr is just a big bully, so don't be too afraid of him. His attacks are slow and easily dodged by backstepping (blocking and pressing the control stick in the direction opposite the enemy). Wait for him to attack so you can block or dodge it, then move in and attack. Partway through the battle, a mysterious man will jump in and join you against Vidarr. Vidarr will not change his strategy at all, so keep hammering away at him. The man who jumps in has a healing tech, so press Y to open the menu and go to his tech menu and order him to use First Aid on you if you need it.

Once Vidarr goes down, you will more than likely be in need of some healing, so head back to Iselia and get Frank to heal you. Return to the temple and proceed inside. Go down the hallway to the right and down the stairs. Defeat the Golem, which will turn into a block that Colette knocks down below. Kill the next Golem that appears and push him down the middle hole in the right column. Kill the next one and push him down the same hole. Go down the steps on the bottom of the platform and push the block you just pushed down to the right. Walk across the blocks and up the stairs to get a Panacea Bottle from the chest. Go back up to the top platform and kill the next Golem, push him down the middle hole in the left column, then push him to the left. Go up these stairs and open the chest to get a Life Bottle. Go back up to the top platform and kill the next Golem, push him down the hole in the middle of the top row, kill the next, and push him down that same hole. Go down below and push him up, then go up the stairs to get the Sorcerer's Ring.

Go back up to the platform with holes and then up the stairs on the left. Go down this hallway and open the chests containing Apple Gel, Life Bottle, and 250 Gald. Go back down to the Golem room and up the stairs on the right. Follow the path back down to the central area, then north. Use the Sorcerer's Ring on the sealed door to open it, then take the teleporter to the top floor. After the scene, return to Iselia.

Go to Colette's house and receive the Collector's Book. Now go to the schoolhouse and speak to Raine to get Genis's Brotherly Love title. Follow the path outside to the south and west and go into Genis's house for a lesson in cooking. Go to the southern gate of Iselia and go to the world map. Head northwest into Iselia Forest.

Iselia Forest

Treasure to get:

  1. Apple Gel (3)
  2. Life Bottle
  3. Orange Gel (2)
  4. Leather Glove
  5. 500 Gald

As soon as you get in the forest, turn east and head up the hill and go west at the fork. Open the chest for an Apple Gel. Continue up the hill and open the chest for a Life Bottle. On up the hill, Genis will lead you west to the human ranch. Walk over to the southern edge of the fence to meet his friend. After the conversation, head northeast along the edge of the cliff and jump up the cliffs. On the top right cliff is a chest with an Orange Gel. Jump up to the top left cliff to trigger another scene, after which you fight two desians. After defeating them and watching the following scene, continue north through the forest. On the next screen, go north, then west up a little slope and open the chest for an Apple Gel. Head east of here for a Leather Glove. Go back south and then east and open the chest for yet another Apple Gel. Cross the bridge and open the chest for 500 Gald. Go north up the path and examine the sack on the branch to get an Orange Gel. Exit to the north onto the world map. Head northwest to get to Dirk's House.

Dirk's House

Go inside and see a scene with Dirk. After coming outside, you have the option of talking to your friends or going to talk with Colette right away. If you talk to the others, talk to Colette on the bench when you're done. In the morning, go down the stairs from Lloyd's room and talk to Dirk at the grave. Genis shows up and you go back to Iselia.

Back in Iselia, take this chance to stock up on supplies, especially Panacea Bottles, which will be very helpful in the next area. When Genis left in Iselia Forest, he left his equipment with you, so equip him again. When you're done, go to Colette's house. When you hear a noise outside, you can talk to Frank to get healed for free again. Head south of Colette's house and defeat the desians. Go up north to the schoolhouse and defeat the desians there and the man will give you an Apple and Orange Gel as thanks. Go see Frank to get healed again and go to the south gate to fight another boss.

BOSS: Exbelua

  • HP: 5000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: none

This boss can be a pain, but it's really not any harder than Vidarr. Walk in close and either block or dodge when it swings it's arm at you, then attack. Watch out when it starts swinging twice in a row and wait for both attacks before moving in. When Exbelua loses about half of its HP, it uses a close range attack called Insane Cell. Be sure to block this attack or be far enough away that it won't hit you, since it hits several times.

After Exbelua is defeated, it's time to head south. Go back to the world map and follow the dirt road south for the most part to a House of Salvation. Continue south to the desert and the city, Triet.

Triet, the Desert Oasis

Once you reach Triet, you can buy some new weapons and armor on the west side of town. Examine the wanted poster on the corner of the inn. Go into the inn and up the stairs. Examine the object in the corner to find the Wonder Chef, who will teach you how to cook Cabbage Rolls. Go to the northern screen and enter the tent and speak with the fortune teller. Pay her the 100 Gald, then leave town, but be ready for a fight on your way out. When you wake up, you find yourself in jail.

Sylvarant Base

Treasure to get:

  1. Beast Hide
  2. Beast Fang
  3. Magical Cloth
  4. 1500 Gald

When you regain control, walk up to the cell door and shoot the guard with the Sorcerer's Ring as he walks by. Exit your cell and open the one next door to get a Beast Hide. Open the cell beyond that to find a memory circle. Go east and open the chest behind the desk to recover your equipment, then proceed east and through the door. In this room, examine the weird machine near the door to make the Sorcerer's Ring shoot electricity instead of fire balls. Shoot the robots that patrol the room when they are on top of the blue panels to make the door open. This part can be tricky, but a good tip is to walk behind them and shoot them from behind. When they both get zapped on the blue panels, go through the western door. Defeat the soldier patrolling the hall to get a Memory Gem, which will unseal a sealed memory circle. Go down the north hallway into the hangar to get a Beast Fang. Head back south, then west. In this room you can use the Memory Gem you just got to unlock the memory circle.

Shoot the top column on the left side of the room, then the middle column. Go south through the door and get the Magical Cloth. Go back north and shoot the bottom column, then go through the east door to get 1500 Gald. Go back west and shoot the top and middle columns one more time each, then head north through the door. You will now face yet another boss.

BOSS: Botta

  • HP:4200
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: none

You fight Botta with two Foot Soldiers as well. Eliminate the minions first and work on Botta last. Lucky for you, Colette, Genis, and Kratos show up for this fight. Botta can knock you back with his sword swings unless you guard against them, and he uses a tech called Rock Breaker that shoots rocks at you. Attack him between his attacks and try to have the others join you beating him up. When he loses about half his HP, he will cast Stalagmite on you, which will hurt quite a bit. When you see him casting, back off and wait. Once he finishes casting, move out of the way to avoid the spell, then renew your onslaught.

Once Botta decides it's time to leave, head back to Triet. Go to the inn and watch the scene. Now you can go upstairs and talk with Colette, Raine, and Genis. Give Raine her fixed key crest and you have the option of following Kratos outside. In the morning, head outside to join the rest of the group. Gear up and get everybody some new equipment, then head west by southwest on the world map to the Triet ruins.

Triet Ruins, the Seal of Fire

Treasure to get:

  1. Lemon Gel
  2. Stiletto
  3. Apple Gel
  4. Life Bottle
  5. Bracelet
  6. Circlet
  7. Savory
  8. Mumei
  9. 1000 Gald

When you first arrive at the ruins, you encounter two Fire Elements that will only cast Fireball on you. Interrupt their spells and kill them to have Kratos teach everyone self-defense techs that greatly reduce all damage when used. Walk up the steps to open the door to the seal. Once inside, follow the hall to the west, then south. Shoot the chest with rocks on top of it and open it to get a Lemon Gel. Go through the nearby door and kill the bird enemy for a Memory Gem. Walk up the steps and towards the grey torch on the left wall. Shoot it with the Sorcerer's Ring to make a platform rise up. Do not shoot the other torch in this room yet. Go back to the hallway and all the way to the north. DO NOT open this chest yet, it contains a powerful enemy called a Fake. If you decide to fight him now, be aware that only magic can harm him; physical attacks will not even make him stagger. If you have a Red, Black, or Yellow Quartz, you can use it on one of your melee fighters so you will do elemental damage to him, but it's still a tough battle. I suggest saving him for later. Go through the door to the left. Go north and west, then push the block in front of the torch so you can get the treasure chest, which contains Stiletto. Light the torch nearby to raise another platform. Light the second torch in this area, too. Go back to the corridor and enter the door by the entrance hall. Go south and open the chest for an Apple Gel. Go up and around the wall and open the chests for a Life Bottle and Bracelet. Push the blocks to the left so you can get on the stairs and platform that you just raised. Light the torch. Go back to the main hall and into the door on the southern end. Now you can light that torch on the right side. Go back to the hall and into either the middle or northern door. Go along the top and open the four chests containing a Circlet, Savory, Mumei, and 1000 Gald. Use the Memory Gem on the sealed circle next to the teleporter and save, then warp to the boss.

BOSS: Ktugach

  • HP: 5000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: water, ice
  • Resistance: fire

BOSS: Ktugachling x 2

  • HP: 1500
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: water, ice
  • Resistance: fire

This is the first boss with an exploitable weakness, so take full advantage of it by having Genis cast Aqua Edge or Icicle on these guys. Focus on the Ktugachlings first, since all they do is cast Fireball, which gets very annoying. Aqua Edge will not work so well on them, though, since they float in the air. Either knock them down first or have Genis focus on the Ktugach while everyone else takes out the Ktugachlings. The Ktugach can be a real pain in the butt with it's needle shooting attack, but it's not too bad if you block it. If he sits down and starts casting, back off and wait for him to cast Eruption. You can try to avoid it or block it with a self defense tech. With everyone attacking the Ktugach, he shouldn't last too long.

After the bosses are defeated, Colette will release the seal and learn Angel Feathers. I recommend that you turn this tech off in Colette's tech menu since it takes a while to cast it and she could do more damage using other techs. On your way out, take the time to train some and leave when your health starts to get low. As soon as you leave, a scene will occur and you will camp out for the night, fully healing everyone. Return to Triet to get Raine's Sisterly Love title, then head east towards the mountains. Look for a grassy patch next to the mountains with a trail in it. This is the Ossa Trail, your next stop.

Ossa Trail

Treasure to get:

  1. Battle Staff
  2. Melange Gel
  3. Apple Gel
  4. Orange Gel
  5. Fine Guard
  6. Black Silver
  7. Beast Fang
  8. EX Gem Lv 1

Pretty soon after you start up the mountain, there is a cutscene. Continue on after that. On the second screen, open the chest for a Battle Staff. Keep going to the next screen, where there is a save point on the peak, and a Melange Gel and Apple Gel south of the save point. Continue down the eastern side of the mountain. On the next screen, grab the Orange Gel from the chest and prepare for a boss fight at the base of the mountain.

BOSS: Clumsy Assassin

  • HP: 1800
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: none

BOSS: Guardian: Wind

  • HP: 2000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: none

I always find it's best to split up for this fight and take both of them on at once instead of focusing on one first. Use Lloyd and/or Kratos to attack the assassin while the others keep the guardian busy. A good trick to use on the assassin is to jump over her, causing her attack to miss, then attack her from behind. Watch out for her Pyre Seal; it does decent damage and knocks you down. The guardian has a pretty simple attack pattern, but is strong. Since he hovers off the ground, techs like Demon Fang don't hit him, so don't waste your TP using attacks that hug the ground. The best way to defeat the guardian is to just block his attacks, then counter with your own.

After the assassin makes her escape, you can explore the cave she came out of. Explore the left side of it to find a Fine Guard. Get some Black Silver from the right side. In the very back you can find a Beast Fang and EX Gem Lv 1, as well as a very strong optional boss called the Sword Dancer. See the sidequest section for more about the Sword Dancer. Although you can fight him now, I highly suggest you wait until later. Exit the cave the same way you entered and head to the southern exit. Kratos will teach you about attacking as a group and unlock Unison Attacks. Be sure to read up on this powerful new technique, it really helps against bosses. After learning about Unison Attacks, exit to the south to the world map. There is a village a little to the south on the coast, and I suggest you head for this village, but you don't have to yet.

The Road Not Taken

This is where things can get a bit screwy if you don't know what's going on. There are two different paths you can take here: you can go to the fishing village, Izoold, and take a ship to Palmacosta now, or you can go north to Hima. Going to Hima first is generally harder since you have to fight tougher enemies earlier, but some people say the story makes more sense doing it this way. I personally see no difference, though. Either way you decide to go, you should go to Izoold first to rest and stock up on items. You could also play with fire and go all the way to Asgard to buy new weapons and armor at this point, then return to Izoold, but the enemies around Hima are tough and unforgiving. The following is the altarnate route you can take at this point. How to get through each dungeon will be explained later, this list is just for reference purposes:

If you go to Hima BEFORE Palmacosta-

  1. Agree to help Sofia heal Pietro in Hima. Here you can do either the Balacruf Mausoleum or Tower of Mana events first. It's up to you, but the order I list it in saves on travel time.
  2. Go to the Tower of Mana to learn that it is locked.
  3. Go to Luin and ask the priest in the church about the key to the Tower of Mana. You will be redirected to Asgard.
  4. Go to Asgard and ask the priest in front of the weapons and armor shop about the key to the Tower of Mana. You will be redirected to the Balacruf Mausoleum. While you are in Asgard, you might as well start the Mausoleum events as described in the Asgard, the City of Ruins.
  5. Go to the Balacruf Mausoleum and talk to the priest outside to get the key to the Tower of Mana. While you're here, complete Balacruf Mausoleum, the Seal of Wind.
  6. Go to Tower of Mana, the Seal of Light and release the seal. Get Boltzman's Book from the book shelf in the first room on your way out.
  7. After releasing both seals, complete the Luin Revisited and Asgard Human Ranch story arc.
  8. Go to Lake Umacy to learn that you need Undine. Now go to Izoold and take the ship to Palmacosta.

Izoold, the Small Fishing Port

When you enter Izoold, talk to the fat man wandering around on the first screen; he mentions something about Aifreed. Go into the second building and talk to the young woman, Lyla, who runs off to the docks when you tell her Aifreed has gone back to Luin. Go into the third house and examine the object in the northeast corner to find the Wonder Chef again, who teaches you how to make Rice Balls. Go back outside to the second screen. You can talk to the pink Katz to play the Emo Bubble mini game with Genis. See the sidequest section for more. Go onto the docks to see Lyla asking Max to deliver a letter to Aifreed. When she asks you to deliver the letter, you can accept or decline, but if you decline, you can't do a sidequest later on. Talk to Max when you're ready to go to Palmacosta.


Palmacosta, the Port City

Upon arriving in Palmacosta, head south one screen. Watch the encounter with the other group where Colette demonstrates her klutziness again. This other group will not let you leave town until you replace the potion that Colette broke. Go east over the bridge and into the second building and watch another scene. Once it's over, speak to the woman behind the counter and buy a Palma Potion if you can afford it. If you don't have 1000 gald to spend on it, Cacao, the shopkeeper, will suggest you look for work in the acadamy's cafeteria. Go back outside and head east one screen where you see yet another scene. The acadamy is the building on the far right. When you enter, some students will challenge Genis to a quiz. See the sidequest section for more. Examine the stand with red and white balls on top of it to find the Wonder Chef again. He will teach you how to make Omelets this time. The cafeteria is on the first floor on the east end of the hallway. Talk to the man behind the counter and Colette will work as a waitress. Do your best to remember who orders what and how much of it. No matter how good or bad at this you are, you will get a free Palma Potion if Cacao told you to work in the cafeteria and Colette will also get the Turbo Waitress title. Go back outside and enter the government building, the one with two guards standing outside it. Walk up the steps to talk with Governor General Dorr and Neil. After talking with them, go to the church next door and talk with the pastor up front to learn more about the Book of Regeneration. You can also go north onto the pier to see the steam ship, as well as meet the assassin again. This is the time to view the first of four training scenes with Kratos. Speak to the guard on the right side of the government building's door and choose to train. You must see this scene if you want to see the others later. Now leave Palmacosta and head north along the road.

On your way north, you will come across a House of Salvation. Check it out if you like, but you'll have to come back here later. Continue north to Hakonesia Peak. Enter the building and speak with the old man, Koton. Colette will notice that he has the Book of Regeneration and ask to read it. Koton refuses to let her read it unless you bring him a Spiritua Statue. You do not have to do this, but it is recommended since you won't be able to get some very good armor later if you don't get him the statue soon. Go back to Palmacosta and head east to the plaza. Fight off the desians and rescue Cacao. The skit "To Fight the Strong" will start to show up about now. Watch it to get another entry in your training manual. Head back out to the House of Guidance between Palmacosta and Hakonesia Peak. When you get there, a soldier will ask you to go to the Palmacosta Ranch and assist with a raid. While you are still at the House of Salvation, go inside to see the assassin again. Leave and re-enter, then speak with the priests about getting the Spiritua Statue. They will tell you it's at Thoda Geyser.

You now have the choice of starting the Palmacosta Ranch story arc or doing the seal of water at Thoda Geyser.


I always do the seal of water first, so I'll list it this way here. From the House of Salvation, head southeast through a gap in the mountains. Turn to the east to find the coast. Head south along the coast to find a boat dock. Go into the building and speak with the receptionist and pay 200 gald to rent the boats.

Thoda Geyser, the Seal of Water

Treasure to get:

  1. Mermaid's Tear
  2. EX Gem Lv 1
  3. Orange Gel
  4. White Silver
  5. Life Bottle
  6. Circlet (2)
  7. Stun Bracelet

When you arrive at the geyser, make use of the save point on the dock. The man with a backpack standing next to a rock will sell you items if you wish. Go up the stairs on the east side of the geyser. If you told the priests in the House of Guidance that you would get the Spiritua Statue, you will go get it now. Examine the oracle stone behind the board to open a cave and extend a bridge. If you aren't far enough in the Spiritua Statue quest, don't worry about the bridge being there, it won't affect anything. Go up the bridge and enter the seal.

Walk north along the path, then east down a flight of stairs. Continue east to get a Mermaid's Tear from a chest. Continue down the stairs and go through the western door along the south edge of the screen. Behind the large pillar on the east wall is a chest with an EX Gem Lv 1. Go between the pillars to end up in another room on a balcony. Open the chests for an Orange Gel and White Silver. Go back through the pillars and use the Sorcerer's Ring to light the two torches on either side of the balance. Your character will notice something change about the balance. Go back through the north door and change the function of the Sorcerer's Ring at the device next to the stairs. Open the chests to the right for a Life Bottle and a Circlet. Go through the eastern door along the southern edge now. Kill the fish monster that is by the chests for a Memory Gem. Open the two chests under the arches for a Stun Bracelet and yet another Circlet. Go down the southern stairs and west along the path and through the door. Get on the left side of the block and push it to the right until it clicks into place beneath the door. Go back to the room with the ring changer in it and go through the western door again. Use the ring's function to shoot water into the right side of the balance. This should cause a door to close on the level below, but it will be blocked by the block you just moved. If you did not put the block in the correct place and the door completely closed, shoot one of the torches with the ring to extinguish it and start over again with lighting the torches. Go back down to the block and through the door. Walk up to the second balance and shoot some water from the ring into the right side of it. Now a large platform will rise out of the water to the west, on which is the warp to the boss. Go back up to the room with the torches and other scale. There is a sealed memory circle on the southern end of this room. Unseal it and save, heal up, then step onto the teleporter to face the boss.

BOSS: Adulocia

  • HP: 10,000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: lightning
  • Resistance: water, ice

BOSS: Amphitra x 2

  • HP: 2300
  • AA: water
  • Weakness: fire, lightning
  • Resistance: water, ice

Taking advantage of elements is a huge benefit in this battle, if you can do it. Genis's fire and lightning skills will work great against these guys, but I don't like to take a mage into a boss battle against three opponents. It's really up to you to decide if you want Genis to fight or not, but it can be a pain trying to keep everyone away from him so he can cast magic. Another great way to shred these bosses is to have Colette use Para Ball if she has it. If she isn't at a high enough level to learn it, taking the time to learn it is a good idea. To learn it, Colette must be S type, at or above level 18, have used Pow Hammer at least 50 times, and don't know Pow Pow Hammer (forget it if you already know it). As for taking advantage of elements, nearly all the attacks used against you have a water element. You should have at least one Poison Charm. Equip it to your main fighter to cut water damage in half. The more you have for the other characters, the better. As always, focus on killing the two small fries before going for the big fish. The Amphitra will either slap you with their tales, head butt you, or sing, causing music notes to attack you. Just block their singing attack and start an attack of your own once they finish.

Adulocia can be a menace as she jabs at you with her fish-hands. Sometimes she will follow up with a bubble spraying attack that can cause heavy damage if you don't block it. She will also cast Spread on you, so when you see starting to cast, back off a few paces and wait for her to finish. Spread is easily dodged by simply running forward at the right time, which is right after she finishes casting. With three or four people attacking her at once, Adulocia won't survive too long.

After the battle, Colette will release the seal, you will be fully healed, and ready to continue on. On your way out, take the time to fight a lot and gain a few levels: as soon as you exit the seal, another camp scene will take place, fully healing you yet again.



If you're headed to the ranch, take the boats back to the docks. On the world map, head north. Just north of the gap in the mountains is a forest. The Palmacosta Ranch is in this forest.

Palmacosta Ranch

Treasure to get:

  1. Apple Gel (2)
  2. Life Bottle (3)
  3. Orange Gel (4)
  4. EX Gem Lv 2
  5. Mage Cloak
  6. White Silver
  7. Omega Shield
  8. Melange Gel
  9. Panacea Bottle

Upon arriving at the ranch the first time, Neil will take you into the bushes and discuss some important matters with you. You are given the choice of going back to Palmacosta to investigate Neil's theory or continue at the ranch. It does not matter what you pick, you will have to do both options anyway. If you do choose to go back to Palmacosta, you will get an extra key item. How you enter the ranch will also depend on which choice you make. If you choose to go ahead and attack, then you will go down the path to the right. Examine the gate to open it and continue north and into the building. You will start in a room with a ring changer. If you go back to Palmacosta, take the left path and enter the code on the card key you received (3341) into the machine. The door will open, allowing you access. You can't really do anything in this room yet, so follow the corridor west, then northeast and through the door to the east. You will end up in the ring changing room.

Examine the ring changer to change the function of the Sorcerer's Ring to that of a radar type thingie. When you use it, the screen will get a green tint, enemies will not show up, hidden items will appear as little glowing things, and teleporters will become active. Go into the room to the west and defeat the desian for a Memory Gem. Activate the ring to find an Apple Gel in the first area. Continue south and activate the ring to find an Orange Gel in this area. Go down the corridor to the east and activate the ring again to find an Orange Gel. Go part way up the northern corridor and use the ring to find a Life Bottle. Go back to the main room with the ring changer. Activate the ring and use the teleporter on the north end of the room. Go through the western door to free the captives and receive the Blue Card. Go back east through the room you were just in, past the save point, and into the next room.

Here there are four blocks that can only be seen when the ring is activated, but you don't have to have the ring on to move them. Push one of the blocks straight down into the hole and walk across it. Activate the ring on the center little island to find an EX Gem Lv 2. Bring another block over and push it across the middle to fill the gap on the other side. The block that starts to the north east the most is covering up a Mage Cloak; pull the block away to get it. Head east from the blocks, activate the ring, and examine the orb coming out of the pedestal. A bridge will appear. Cross over it and walk down the stairs to find a Red Card. Go back across the green bridge, activate the ring again, and examine the orb again to make the bridge disappear. It is not critical that you disable the bridges behind you, but you have to if you want an item a little later on. Go south across the area you spanned by dropping the blocks into holes. Activate the ring to find White Silver and an Omega Shield. On the east side of this area, activate the ring and examine another orb on a pedestal. Cross to find a machine called a refresher. Examine it to restore your health or purchase items. Just north of the second bridge is a third; activate it and cross it and use the ring to find a Life Bottle. Go back and disable the third bridge. Go further east and defeat the desian walking around to find a Purple Card. Use the ring in this area to find an Orange Gel. Go back across the second bridge, disable it, and go up the stairs, across the blocks you dropped in the holes, and through the western door. Use the save point and activate the ring, then use the teleporter on the north end of the screen, which requires the three cards you found.

Next is a large and confusing warp maze which is easy to get lost in. There are three ways of solving this puzzle on your own, but they won't get you all the items. One method is to always use the warp on the path a guard is not patrolling. Another is to use the warp next to the hidden "item." Some of the "items" are actually alarms that are set off when you examine them, forcing you to fight. The last is to activate the ring and stand on a teleporter. If you hear a machine noise, this is the correct teleporter. The center ring in every room of the maze will warp you back to the begining if you wish. Following the steps below, you will get all the items hidden in the maze.

  1. Use the ring on the west end, examine the item for a Melange Gel, and use the nearby teleporter.
  2. Go to the north end and use the warp. In the next room, use the northern warp to arrive on an island in the room with the three bridges. If all three of the bridges are disabled, a stairway will lead up to another plat form with a Panacea Bottle on it. Go back to the bottom platform and use the warp. Go back up to the bottom warp, take the item, an Apple Gel, and use the warp.
  3. Use the western warp, then use the southern one. Activate the ring to find a Life Bottle, then warp back.
  4. Use the northern warp.
  5. Get the Orange Gel next to the western warp, then take that warp.
  6. Use the northern warp point.
  7. Use the western warp point.

Now you fight a required battle to rescue Chocolat. After this, there is a sealed memory circle on the east end of the room. You can unseal it and save, or you could save the gem for later. You can use the center warp here, use the save point on the eastern end of the room, go and use the refresher to heal yourself, then use one of the three methods described earlier to get back to Chocolat. Use the northern warp that Chocolat is next to to warp to the boss, but there is another fight, same as before, before you fight the boss.

BOSS: Magnius

  • HP: 8500
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: none
  • Resistance: fire

Magnius brings two henchmen along with him. You should know the drill by now; kill them first, then go for Magnius. Magnius is fairly short, so jumping over him and attacking from behind is a good strategy here. His Beast attack is annoying since it knocks you down, taking you out of the action for a few seconds. He will also use Hell Hound and Hell Axe, both of which cannot be blocked conventionally. Either use a guard tech or dodge them. He will occasionally cast Fireball, which shouldn't worry you too much, but when he casts Eruption and Flame Lance, it can hurt and is hard to dodge, so use a guard tech. As with most other bosses, they go down quickly once their minions are gone, as does Magnius.


Now return to Palmacosta if you did not investigate Neil's theory. If you did, complete Thoda Geyser, the Seal of Water if you did not yet. If you've done both of those things, it's time to head to Hakonesia Peak and pass through to Asgard.


Go to the government building and go downstairs to see a disturbing scene, and then fight another boss.

BOSS: Kilia

  • HP: 10,000
  • AA: none
  • Weakness: light
  • Resistance: dark

Kilia will always start the battle off by casting Acid Rain, which lowers your party's defense. Take this opportunity to run in and start attacking her. Taking advantage of Kilia's weakness to light is a huge help in this battle. Have Colette repeatedly cast Angel Feathers on her and have Raine use Photon(if she knows it) when she is not healing you. Kilia will attack you by thrusting a ball of electricity at you, hitting several times. You can usually see this attack coming and block it in time, but it's not such a big threat as what she does later. When she loses half her health, she sprouts spikes out of her back that she will use to either whip you or stab you. The stabbing attack can really hurt, so allow her to attack you, letting you block the hit, then counter attack. You could also sit there and guard her attacks until Colette or Raine casts a spell on her, causing her to stagger, and taking advantage of this by continuing the combo.

After Kilia bites the dust another scene occurs. Before you leave town, you should know that there is now a quick jump option that will take you to the House of Salvation or Hakonesia Peak. Talk to the priestess next to the exit to the world map and make your choice.




Now that you have the pass, a new mini game is available now called Orienteering. See the sidequest section for more.

Now it's time to pass over Hakonesia Peak. If you have the Spiritua Statue for Koton, now is a great chance to give it to him and look at the Book of Regeneration. On the other side, head north until you find a House of Salvation, then west into the little canyon. Look for a city, which is Asgard.