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Boss FAQ by Themagicgoalie20

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/28/04

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Boss Guide Version 1.00
Author: Al Lewis (themagicgoalie20)
Version Date: August 5, 2004

   A. Introduction
   B. Version history
   C. Format
   D. Bosses
1. Vidaar
2. Exbelua
3. Botta
4. Ktugach
5. Clumsy Assassin/ Guardian Wind
6. Magnius
7. Kilia
8. Adulocia
9. Windmaster
10. Iapyx
11. Resolute Assassin/Guardian Lightning
12. Kvar
13. Iubaris
14. Undine
15. Fairess/Yutis/Sephie  (The Sylphs)
16. Efreet
17. Remiel
18. Kratos
19. Pronyma
20. Convict (3x)
21. Convict
22. Defense System
23. Volt
24. Yuan/Botta
25. Winged Dragon/Baby Dragon (2x)
26. Gnome
27. Celsius/Fenrir
28. Rodyle
29. Shadow
30. Aska/Luna
31. Forcystus
32. Plantix
33. Kratos
34. Yggdrasill
35. Gatekeeper
36. Pronyma
37. Yggdrasill
38. Kratos
39. Origin
40. The Fugitive
41. The Judged
42. The Neglected
43. Mithos
44. Mithos
   E. Tech and Equipment Set Ups
   F. Secret/Coliseum Bosses
   G. Legal stuff
   H. Special thanks

"Once upon a time there existed a giant tree that
was the source of all mana.  A war, however, caused
this tree to wither away, and a hero's life was
sacrificed in order to take its place.  Grieving
over the loss, the goddess disappeared unto the
heavens. The goddess left the angels with the
edict: "You must wake me, for if I should sleep,
the world shall be destroyed."  The angels bore
the Chosen One, who headed towards the tower that
reached up unto the heavens.  And that marked the
beginning of the regeneration of the world."


The following is a boss guide for the game "Tales of Symphonia." This 
guide was written as as a supplement for the pre-existing 
walkthroughs, located at www.GameFaqs.com.  It describes the better 
strategies and weaknesses of the games many bosses. So, without 
further delay, the bosses of "Tales of Symphonia."

Version History
1.00-First Version. Added Everything.
Things to look forward to- More thorough boss strategies, using 
shared information from other sources. Secret and additional bosses 
Boss name:
Hit Points:
Tech Points:
Items dropped:


***General Boss Strategy***
For every boss battle, make sure that everyone is close to near HP 
and TP. Always look at what weaknesses a boss has, and set your 
party's techs to exploit that weakness. To get an edge in physical 
attacking, use tempest or another aerial attack to spin behind the 
boss. Then attack it from behind. This prevents you from getting 
hurt, and does damage to the boss.

Boss name: Vidarr
Location: Martel Temple
Hit Points: 4000
Tech Points: 30
Experience: 115
Gald: 25
Items dropped: Life Bottle
Avoid directly attacking Vidarr. Use long range attacks, such as 
Lloyd's demon fang. Attack from a distance using demon fang, then 
when your Tp runs out, run in close.  Attack him using the tetra 
slash combo. After, Kratos joins the battle, use his healing ability 
to aid in a more direct assault of Vidarr.

Boss name: Exbelua
Location: Iselia
Hit Points: 5000
Tech Points: 38
Experience: 280
Gald: 320
Items dropped: Panacea Bottle
Attack Exbelua from afar with demon fang until your tp runs low. Then
charge the mutant and attack it directly with normal attacks.  Have 
Genis remain in the background, while continually using tech attacks 
and spells.

Boss name: Botta
Location: Sylvarant Base
Hit Points: 4200
Tech Points: 224
Experience: 475
Gald: 1500
Items dropped: Poison Charm
Attack Botta's accompanying henchmen, and eliminate them quickly. 
This will allow the party members to freely attack from afar with 
tech attacks. As Lloyd, directly confront Botta, whittling away at 
his HP. Whenever Botta begins to use magic, back away and spread out. 
His spells are capable of knocking out a party member in one hit.

Boss name: Ktugach
Location: Triet Ruins
Hit Points: 5000
Tech Points: 50
Experience: 628
Gald: 85
Items dropped: Red Quartz
Set Genis to only use his aqua edge and icicle spells. Have him 
concentrate on using these spells from afar, and periodically restore 
his TP with Orange gels. As always with accompanying monsters, 
eliminate the two Ktugachling first. Then, concentrate all attacks on 
the boss.

Boss name: Clumsy Assassin/ Guardian Wind
Location: Ossa Trail
Hit Points: 1800/2000
Tech Points: 131/400
Experience: 200/250
Gald: 128/250
Items dropped: Holy Bottle/Magic Lens
The assassin is the weaker of the two foes, so eliminate her first. 
She and her guardian have no real weakness, so use your strongest 
attacks. Make sure that either Raine or Kratos frequently heals the 
party while both foes are alive. The battle becomes much easier once 
the assassin is defeated.

Boss name: Magnius
Location: Palmacosta Human Ranch
Hit Points: 8500
Tech Points: 120
Experience: 675
Gald: 1700
Items dropped: Warrior Symbol, EX Gem Lv1
Dispatch Magnius' minions within the first moments of combat. With 
all the enemies on screen, you won't last long. Magnius often goes 
for the counterstrike. So launch a barrage of attacks at him, then 
quickly back off and block his oncoming retaliation. Be patient, and 
keep everyone's HP up, and he will fall.

Boss name: Kilia
Location: Palmacosta
Hit Points: 10000
Tech Points: 400
Experience: 500
Gald: 500
Items dropped: Heal Bracelet
Kilia is a simple battle, unlike the last few. She has no help in 
battle, making attacking her and healing an easy task. Simply keep 
everyone's HP up and smash at her with your best attacks. Angel 
feathers does the best damage, so set Colette to only use that spell.

Boss name: Adulocia
Location: Temple of Water
Hit Points: 10000
Tech Points: 248
Experience: 825
Gald: 765
Items dropped: Mermaid's Tear
Adulocia is helped by two Amphitras, both with 2300 HP Quickly use 
Genis' fire and lightning techs to kill them. Then use his techs, and 
everyone else's attacks, to take down Adulocia. Beware of Adulocia's 
bubble attacks, which can be devastating. Use Raine or Kratos to keep 
everyone near 75% HP.

Boss name: Windmaster
Location: Asgard
Hit Points: 10000
Tech Points: 220
Experience: 1325
Gald: 800
Items dropped: Map of Balacruf, Talisman
Windmaster, while only a single enemy, is capable of knocking 500 HP 
off any character. Make sure that Kratos, Raine, or both are healing 
almost every turn. Command the remaining party members to use only 
their strongest techs. Use life bottles as necessary, and Windmaster 
will eventually fall.

Boss name: Iapyx
Location: Balacruf Mausoleum
Hit Points: 14000
Tech Points: 88
Experience: 1324
Gald: 2000
Items dropped: Paralysis Charm, Spirit Bangle
Wind based and lightning based techs or attacks are useless in this 
battle. Iapyx is deadly at close range, so try and attack from afar. 
Use techs other than wind/lightning techs, and try and keep your 
distance. Keep everyone's HP high or they will fall quickly to Iapyx. 
Try and use long range techs until its HP drops below 2000, then 
quickly assault him with strong normal attacks to finish him off.

Boss name: Resolute Assassin/Guardian Lightning
Location: Balacruf Mausoleum
Hit Points: 4500/5500
Tech Points: 164/400
Experience: 300/250
Gald: 450/250
Items dropped: Dark Bottle/ Fine Pellets, Magic Lens
Once again, the assassin should be your first target. Use the same 
strategy that you used on her before, but don't use lightning or wind 
techs on her guardian.

Boss name: Kvar
Location: Asgard Human Ranch
Hit Points: 10000
Tech Points: 340
Experience: 1680
Gald: 1500
Items dropped: Holy Ring. EX Gem Lv1
Kvar comes with three energy stones, each with 5500 HP. Eliminate 
them first, the go after Kvar. He is strong against lightning, so use 
other techs. Heal often to survive his relentless assault.

Boss name: Iubaris
Location: Tower of Mana
Hit Points: 16800
Tech Points: 1500
Experience: 2650
Gald: 2500
Items dropped: Brass
Protect all the fighters from Iubaris' attacks by casting defensive 
techs during the first moments of combat. Use Lloyd and another 
fighter to preoccupy the monster while Genis and Raine use techs from 
the backline.

Boss name: Undine
Location: Lake Umacy
Hit Points: 13000
Tech Points: 320
Experience: 2110
Gald: 765
Items dropped: Guardian Symbol
You MUST use Sheena to succeed in this battle. Have Sheena and Lloyd 
attack Undine from the front line. With Genis and Raine supporting 
from the backline. Every time that Undine begins to cast magic, drop 
back and cast defensive techs. Attack her in between spells and she 
will go down easy.

Boss name: Fairess/Yutis/Sephie  (The Sylphs)
Location: Balacruf Mausoleum
Hit Points: 6190/6480/7320
Tech Points: 250/80/220
Experience: 690/770/880
Gald: 285/290/320
Items dropped: Saffron/Sage/Savory
Set everyone to attack the same character. That way you efficiently
eliminate the sylphs one at a time. Attack Sephie first,as she is
the most deadly. Then move on to Yutis, who uses long range arrows.
Finally, kill off the defensive Fairess.

Boss name: Efreet
Location: Triet Ruins
Hit Points: 18000
Tech Points: 850
Experience: 2430
Gald: 945
Items dropped: Attack Symbol
Use Raine to heal the party often, but don't use resurrection spell.
Instead, use life bottles, which take less time to use. keep 
everyone's TP high with Orange gels.  Attack using your strongest 
techs and attacks.

Boss name: Remiel
Location: Tower of Mana
Hit Points: 16000
Tech Points: 258
Experience: 2795
Gald: 1840
Items dropped: EX Gem Lv1, Rune Bottle
Disable Raine's photon attack for this battle, as the angel is 
impervious to light techs. Use fighters to knock away his HP, while 
Genis casts techs. Use unison attacks and try to knock Remiel off his 
guard, so that he will be forced to stop attacking.

Boss name: Kratos
Location: Tower of Mana
Hit Points: 22500
Tech Points: 1500
Experience: 3280
Gald: 2900
Items dropped: EX Gem Lv3, Life Bottle
Use Raine to cast defensive and restorative magic throughout the 
battle. Use your strongest attacks and combos, but be leery of 
Kratos' retaliation. Use the defense skills that Kratos taught you to 
defend from his vicious attacks.

Boss name: Pronyma
Location: Fooji Mountains
Hit Points: 18000
Tech Points: 750
Experience: 3000
Gald: 1500
Items dropped: Rosemary, EX Gem Lv2
Use light based attacks, from Colette and Raine to take down this 
boss. Also, have Raine cast defensive magic to counteract Pronyma's 
acid rain attack.

Boss name: Convict (3x)
Location: Meltokio Sewers
Hit Points: 6300
Tech Points: 300
Experience: 300
Gald: 150
Items dropped: None
One the easiest battles in the game. Simply concentrate on each 
convict and attack them using your best attacks and techs.

Boss name: Convict
Location: Gaoracchia Forest
Hit Points: 12000
Tech Points: 320
Experience: 2250
Items dropped: Elixir
Use tetra slash, and combo attacks to substantially damage the 
convict. Keep him away from your magic users, and he will go down 

Boss name: Defense System
Location: Toize Valley Mine
Hit Points: 12000
Tech Points: 100
Experience: 2350
Gald: 0
Items dropped: Metal Sphere
The Defense system has a few components, such as the auto repair unit
and the orbits. Take the auto repair unit out firs, then the orbits. 
After dismantling its components, attack the system until it falls.

Boss name: Volt
Location: Temple of Lightning
Hit Points: 24000
Tech Points: 240
Experience: 3580
Gald: 2800
Items dropped: Emerald Ring
The creatively named Lightning boss is a hard hitting boss. Volt uses 
a lightning attack that strikes multiple times. Use Raine to 
constantly heal and cast support magic.  Summon the Sylphs with 
Sheena, and attack using your strongest attacks.

Boss name: Yuan/Botta
Location: Teth'Alla Base
Hit Points: 16000/12000
Tech Points: 652/580
Experience: 4890/1680
Gald: 3150/2800
Items dropped: EX Gem Lv4
Have Genis use water and fire magic. Make sure everyone is set to 
attack the same character.  Attack Botta first, using the same 
strategy that we used on him before.  Ignore Yuan's attempts to draw 
the combat out over the entire battle grounds.  Eliminate Botta, 
healing as necessary, then turn towards Yuan. Use defensive techs 
before dealing with Yuan. Attack Yuan just like Botta, by directly 
assaulting him, and backing off afterwards.

Boss name: Winged Dragon/Baby Dragon (2x)
Location: Dragon's Nest
Hit Points: 18000/12000
Tech Points: 400/800
Experience: 2450/1250
Gald: 1200/500
Items dropped: Venom, Flare Cape
Focus on the baby dragon first, and it's a good idea to set your
characters to "Attack Same" Just use your unison attacks on the Baby 
Dragons because it's most likely your initial attack for U Attack 
will miss. Any combination of characters will do. Just be sure to 
keep blocking. Every once in a while the winged dragon will cast an 
attack (It might be Dreaded Wave)That goes right beneath your 
characters, and jumping isn't much of a defensive move, so just run 
out of the way. Your Tempest moves for Lloyd are highly
recommended for this fight, against both th baby dragons and the 
Dragon. If you're thinking about using something like Beast or Sword 
Rain on the Baby Dragons, try to get behind them, or they'll just 
swipe at you and you'll stagger. Once the baby Dragons are out of the 
picture, the winged dragon is only a small problem. If you try to 
attack it up close, it will most likely slam it's head right on you, 
so the item "hourglass" will freeze it for a short amount of
time leaving a good opportunity to strike without fear of taking 
damage. You still have to watch out for it's attack with Dreaded 
Wave. Regal is great for aerial attacks against the Winged
Dragon. Lloyd's Tempest moves and Tiger Blade moves are great. Genis 
can use pretty much anything (except for Dreaded Wave because it'll 
go right under)Colette's Angel Feathers are good aerial as well, but 
not much else. Presea should be used primarily for the baby dragons, 
but isn't too good against the Winged Dragon. Zelos can use light 
Spear for a good aerial, and Hurricane Thrust against the baby 
dragons. Raine should stay far from the battle and heal 
your party, and occasionally use Photon. Sheena and just use normal
attacks and summon when she can. Magic Lens are a good item, cause 
once you use them, when you target with R you can see their Health. 
It's just frustrating when you got 3 dragons all out on you, but once 
one is gone, the others don't seem all too hard.

Boss name: Gnome
Location: Temple of Earth
Hit Points: 28000
Tech Points: 682
Experience: 5890
Gald: 4280
Items dropped: Holy Symbol
Summon the Sylphs to start the battle off. Have Genis use wind techs, 
while you build towards getting a unison attack.  Gnome's attacks are 
rare and extremely powerful. Try and get a hard counterattack in, to 
knock him off balance. Only use your best attacks, and heal often.

Boss name: Celsius/Fenrir
Location: Temple of Ice
Hit Points: 18000/12000
Tech Points: 600/300
Experience: 5120/2600
Gald: 5800/1380
Items dropped: Spirit Symbol/ Blue Quartz
Use Genis' tech attacks to heavily damage the two bosses. Keep him 
safe, as both will try to knock him out quickly. Have Sheena use S. 
Seal: Fire on the weapons of Lloyd, Regal, Presea, and Zelos. Summon 
Efreet after the weapons are full of fire.  Unless Genis is in 
trouble, attack Fenrir first, then go after Celsius.

Boss name: Rodyle
Location: Otherworldly Gate
Hit Points: 35000
Tech Points: 500
Gald: 5800
Items dropped:None
This bosses attacks can inflict damage ranging from 400 to 1000 HP. 
Use defensive magic early to soften the damage. Use tetra combos and 
strong tech attacks like Colette's judgment. Try and build towards 2 
or 3 unison attacks by using the Taunt command too.

Boss name: Shadow
Location: Temple of Darkness
Hit Points: 30000
Tech Points: 800
Experience: 6320
Gald: 4500
Items dropped: Dark Seal
Prepare for this battle by casting defensive magic on everyone. 
Shadow uses a number of strong group effect spells.  Keep everyone's 
HP up by using Raine to cast restorative magic. Use Colette's light 
based techs to attack Shadow, while fighters try to attack him from 

Boss name: Aska/Luna
Location: Linkite Tree
Hit Points: 19650/18000
Tech Points: 600/720
Experience: 3480/3250
Gald: 2800/4800
Items dropped: Rare Pellets/Moonstone
Command the party to attack Luna, while a fighter attacks Aska. Try 
and use items to keep yourself alive while you tackle Aska alone.
Fend off Aska log enough for the rest of the group to kill Luna.
Then heal everyone back up and finish off Aska.

Boss name: Forcystus
Location: Iselia Human Ranch
Hit Points: 20000
Tech Points: 400
Experience: 7100
Gald: 5800
Items dropped: Faerie Ring
Forcystus is accompanied by two Exbones. Have everyone but Lloyd 
attack from afar, while you take out the Exbones. Have Raine cast 
defensive magic, and attack using light based techs. The fight with 
only Forcystus is truly a epic duel, due to his high defense.

Boss name: Plantix
Location: Latheon Gorge
Hit Points: 36000
Tech Points: 250
Experience: 7500
Gald: 1250
Items dropped: Blue Sephira
Attack Plantix with strong normal and tech attacks until its HP are 
cut in half. Then,and only then, will unison attacks damage the boss.  
Its skull head is exposed once its HP drops below half. At that point 
start using unison attacks. It is bes during the first half of the 
battle, to stay close to Plantix and attach it directly, to avoid its 
swarms of insects.

Boss name: Kratos
Location: Tower Of Salvation
Hit Points: 25000
Tech Points: 980
Experience: 7600
Gald: 4800
Items dropped: EX Gem Lv4, Energy Tablets
Kratos is gaining immense power. Now he is able to use strong light 
techs, like Judgment. Use defensive techs to protect everyone, then 
hit him with everything you got.

Boss name:Yggdrasill
Location: Tower of Salvation
Hit Points: 40000
Tech Points: 3000
Experience: 3000
Items dropped: None
Merely causing 10000 HP of damage to this boss will cause him to 

Boss name: Gatekeeper
Location: Tower of Salvation (Ruins)
Hit Points: 18000
Tech Points: 800
Experience: 8880
Gald: 8970
Items dropped: Mystic Symbol
Quickly defeat the two Angel Swordians that accompany the Gatekeeper.
Normal attacks only cause half damage to this boss, so use techs.
Have Genis around half TP at least for the entire duration of the 

Boss name: Pronyma
Location: Tower of Salvation (Ruins)
Hit Points: 32000
Tech Points: 850
Experience: 7000
Gald: 4800
Items dropped: Red Savory, Black Quartz
Knock off the minions that Pronyma has brought along.  Have Raine 
cast her most powerful light techs, while you occupy Pronyma with 
physical attacks.  Have Sheena summon Luna, this is the best attack 
to use against her.

Boss name: Yggdrasill
Location: Tower of Salvation (Ruins)
Hit Points: 40000
Tech Points: 3000
Experience: 8320
Gald: 4800
Items dropped: EX Gem Lv4, Energy Tablets
Use Sheena to summon Shadow at the onset of this battle.  Have Sheen
summon darkness for everyone's weapons.  Then begin a relentless 
assault on Yggdrasill.  Use energy tablets if you need to keep the 
assault going at full speed. The lord of Cruxis should fall as long 
as you keep up the relentless attack.

Boss name: Kratos
Location: Torent Forest
Hit Points: 12000
Tech Points: 1400
Experience: 9990
Gald: 5520
Items dropped: None
This is one of the hardest battles in the entire game.  You must
duel Kratos one on one with Lloyd.  Attack conservatively, like
with Botta. Attack and try and land a combo to knock Kratos off
balance, then drawback and use defensive techs to lessen damage
received. Keep at it, and use items to stay alive.

Boss name: Origin
Location: Torent Forest
Hit Points: 40000
Tech Points: 800
Experience: 10240
Gald: 9870
Items dropped: Reflect Ring
Use a lot of defensive techs and magic to defend against Origin's
powerful attacks. If it beings to cast Thunder Arrow, run as far
away as possible.  Use summons and S: Seals to weaken the monster
with tech, magic, and physical attacks.  Use a Unison attack to help
finish it off.

Boss name: The Fugitive
Location: Welgaia
Hit Points: 20000
Tech Points: 500
Experience: 2800
Gald: 3200
Items dropped: Magic Ring
The next three boss fights are fairly similar. Use your most
powerful attacks to knock these bosses out, while trying to
conserve your health and items. Use fire, ice, wind,or earth
techs to aid in the physical assault.

Boss name: The Judged
Location: Welgaia
Hit Points: 20000
Tech Points: 500
Experience: 2800
Gald: 3200
Items dropped: Attack Ring
Use ice, water, or fire techs to aid in the defeat of this boss.
As always, use your best physical attacks too.

Boss name: The Neglected
Location: Welgaia
Hit Points: 20000
Tech Points: 500
Experience: 2800
Gald: 3200
Items dropped: Defense Ring
Use water, wind, or earth techs to kill this boss. Use your
strongest physical attacks and combos too. If you get a unison
attack during this battle, consider saving it for the next

Boss name: Mithos
Location: Vinheim
Hit Points: 55000
Tech Points: 5000
Experience: 8280
Gald: 1690
Items dropped: None
Leave Colette out of this battle. Use Raine, but set her only
heal the party. Genis and/or Sheena is a good bet.  Periodically
use defensive techs to lessen the damage received in this long
and arduous fight.  Summon every summon but Luna on Mithos.
Have Sheena use T or S Seal techs to aid in physical attacking.
Use life bottles and items as necessary, and keep your HP high.


Boss name: Mithos
Location: Vinheim
Hit Points: 60000
Tech Points: 1500
Experience: 0
Gald: 0
Items dropped: EX Gem Max
Mithos gains 5000 HP, but becomes somewhat weaker. Kicky restore
the party's status, using whatever items you have. This is the
final battle so pull no stops. Use unison attacks, and cast all
the defensive magic you have.  Make sure everyone is near full
HP during the battle. Protect Genis and Raine, and occupy the
beast with physical attacks. Good Luck!

Optional Bosses and Recommended Character Set-ups

This section is designed to concentrate on Great Character setups for 
a party of Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Kratos/ Zelos. This is the party 
that I played most with, so I'll stick to them. Some of these setups 
should make the optional bosses at the end of the section much more 
manageable. Note that this is all opinion, and if you think you've 
got something better, use it!

I.	Lloyd:

Techs- I find Lloyd to be much better suited as a T-type; his purpose 
is to string combos in most situations. There are a few S type moves 
that he should have, too, however. Start with him as all t, and then 
forget the following: Double Demon Fang, Tiger Rage, and Hurricane 
Thrust. Now switch him over to an S-type and have him learn the 
corresponding moves: Fierce Demon Fang, Heavy Tiger Blade, and 
Supersonic Thrust. These moves deal more damage and give him some 
balance. As a bonus, these can become Adv. Techs by equipping: Ruby 
(Grave blade),Sardonyx (Lightning Thrust), and Lightning Tiger. You 
must use Fierce Demon Fang 200 times for the first, Sonic thrust 200 
for the second, and Tiger Blade 200 times for the third.

Ex-gem setups:
I find these two setups very useful-

1) Lvl. 1 Tough, Lvl. 2 Vitality, Lvl. 3 Eternal, and lvl. 4 
Immunity. This setup is great for the beginning/intermediate parts of 
the game.  This gives you life up, unison force, Phys. Status, and 
Self Cure. Self Cure and Phys. Status keep you healthy and unison 
force is useful against tough bosses. Life up will occasionally give 
you more max hp, which in time will add up quicker than you think. 
This setup has no real problems with it- the only thing better is:

2) Lvl. 1 Sharp eyed, Lvl. 3 Add Combo, Lvl. 4 Follow up, and Lvl. 4 
Sky Combo. This setup will let you melee like mad. Have fun.

Equips: For Lloyd's Accessories, a Tp enhancer is a must- he eats 
through tp like no one's business. The Faerie Ring is ideal, but 
Moonstone will work as well. In the other spot I like to put a Krona 
Symbol to keep Phys. Status because I use the latter ex-gem setup.

II.	Genis:
Techs: Ahh, the bread and butter of Genis. The best setup for him 
hands down requires a little work, but is well worth it. Start him as 
an all T- type, and then when he reaches lvl. 60, switch him over to 
s- type. Have him forget the Ice Tornado series, Tidal Wave Series, 
Cyclone series, and Dreaded Wave series. Now, those might be some 
great techs, but trust me, you're about to get better. Once over to 
the S-side, learn Freeze Lancer (Icicle 50x), and Grave (Stone Blast 
50x). Use both of these and you should learn Absolute, a great tech 
alone, but half of what you need (you'll see). Now, you need to learn 
Atlas: Use Air Blade and Aqua Laser. Now then, 
use Atlas and Absolute, and Genis will learn... Prism Sword! Prism 
Sword is Genis's best tech aside from Meteor Storm. It is like a 
concentrated version of Judgment and is Genis!|s only light tech. It 
is said there are quicker ways to get Indignation and Prism Sword, 
but I know this works. Also, throughout the course of the game, the t 
techs are far better. The only good s techs are Atlas, Absolute, and 
Prism Sword, so if you do it as mentioned above, you!|ll get the best 
of both.

Ex- Gem setup: Lvl. 4 Spell Charge, Spell Save, Speed Cast. Lvl. 3 
Rhythm. This makes it so Genis will never be interrupted during an 
incantation. Very useful!

Equips: Early on, you'll want Genis to have enough tp, so equip tp 
saving items. Later in the game, a Faerie Ring and Black Onyx are 
ideal- you need to bolster his hp a bit for some of the later bosses. 
I also like the Rune Cape- it raises his Int.

III.	Kratos/ Zelos:
Techs: Either way is fine- I slightly prefer t- type, but that!|s 
just me.

Ex- gems: Lvl. 3 Eternal, Slasher, Super Chain. Lvl. 4 Speed Cast. 
The 3 lvl. 3's give Kratos/Zelos a six hit linkable combo. Kinda hard 
to be displeased with that. The last one is optional, but I feel that 
the only time this character will need to cast a spell would be in a 
dire situation, so I'd prefer it sooner rather than later :P

Equips: Extreme Symbol, Faerie ring, and Black Onyx are all good 

Techs: T-type all the way. No question. These healing techniques are 
a must in any of the upcoming battles.

Ex-gems: Lvl. 4 Happiness, Spell Save, Item Pro. Lvl. 3 Speed cast. 
You do not want Revitalize interrupted. Period. Set her up like this 
and don't worry about it :P

Equips: Black Onyx all the way- she needs lots of hp, because if she 
dies, who's going to heal you? After maxing out hp, a def. booster 
would be nice. (Note: For a weapon, she should use her Devil's Arm- 
it has the highest Int. Rating.)

Alright, that'll do for now. These setups should make the next few 
fights easier.

Boss Name: Sword Dancer 3
Location: Iselia Forest (Dirk!|s side)
Hit Points: 99999
Tech Points:
Items Dropped: Kusinagi Blade
Well, for our first optional fight, we face the SD3. This guy can be 
tough if you aren't leveled enough, so here!|s what you should do. 
First setup your party as above. Next, have Genis on "Don't pursue" 
and use skills freely. Turn off everything except Explosion, 
Indignation, Absolute, and Prism Sword (and Meteor Storm if you have 
it). Have Kratos and Raine on "Hold Position" and shortcut healing 
techs (Revitalize and Healing Stream) to the c-stick. Press them non-
stop.  Now, as Lloyd, you'll want to attack with a high hit combo (I 
like SR Beta) and then move away. Two things to watch out for 1) 
Blade Spiral: I think that's what it's called, but you'll know it 
when you see it, for SD3 loves this move. He uses his four arms and 
twirls around with swords extended- annihilating you if you 
get stuck in it. AVOID THIS! 2) Indignation: When you see the little 
circle appear under you, RUN! This move does massive damage and to 
possibly multiple targets. Ouch. Be sure that you have plenty of 
lemon and pineapple gels for this fight as well- my first time I used 
15 of the latter. An all-divide is recommended if you still have 
problems with this boss.

Coliseum extras:
1)	Seles:
2)	Exhibition Match

Boss name: Seles
Location: Coliseum
Hit Points: 12000
Tech Points: 800
Gald: 12000
Items Dropped: Last Fencer Elemental Circlet.
(Note: Do this immediately after the doctor in Flanoir events if you 
chose Kratos over Zelos.)If your using Zelos for this fight, it can 
be really tough. The ex- setup from above is absolutely vital. Now, 
the best strategy is to try to exhaust her 800 tp quickly. 
Thankfully, this is quite simple. Just runaway from her and use your 
force field when she casts Freeze Lancer, and run if she 
casts absolute. Once drained, it should be a fair fight. If you can't 
win with Zelos, just waste her with Lloyd :P

Boss Name: Garr
Location: Coliseum
Hit Points:200000
Tech Points: 150
Gald: 4800
Items Dropped: Mumbane 

Boss Name: Farah Oersted
Location: Coliseum
Hit Points:200000
Tech Points: 150
Gald: 2800
Items Dropped: Star Cloak 

Boss Name: Meredy
Location: Coliseum
Hit Points:160000
Tech Points: 1450
Gald: 2800
Items Dropped: Krona Symbol
(Note: You only have 3 chars for this battle- I chose Lloyd Kratos, 
and Raine.)The first thing you probably noticed about this fight is 
all the great armor you'll win. But you have to win it first, and 
that's easier said than done. An all divide is recommended here as 
well as having the charged Nebilim. Speed is everything in the first 
part. First go after Meredy and wipe her out quickly. You should have 
Kratos and Raine healing non-stop during this time. Meredy will 
revive once on Normal and twice on hard , so be prepared. Next, go 
after the other two in any order- w/o Meredy around it should be 
quite a bit easier. Now enjoy your glorious armor!(Note: These guys 
have been know to use an hourglass very occasionally; if this happens 
to you just laugh it off- you're not going to win.)

Boss name: Abyssion
Location: Temple of Darkness
Hit Points:120000
Tech Points: 8200
Gald: 6800
Items Dropped: Hyper Gauntlet, Jet Boots.
Well folks, this is the ultimate boss. He moves quickly, is a small 
target, and will block nearly all your attacks. First, you'll want 
Raine and Zelos/Kratos on nonstop heal, and on don't pursue or hold 
position. Shortcut Revitalize and Healing Stream. Press them 
constantly- even if you don't think you need it.Now then, for his 
attacks: His melee attacks are a combination of many styles, so he 
can combo you unexpectedly and repetitively. It's hard to block 
because he is unpredictable. His techs consist of a myriad of 
advanced magic, including Meteor Storm, which if unlucky, can wipe 
out low leveled parties in one go. He seems to cast more and more as 
he loses hp. Now, you're probably wondering how to fight this thing 
about now. Well, if you are a decent level (70 or so) it is very 
possible. First thing you'll want to do is use an all-divide. Now, 
have Genis attack with Indignation, Explosion, and Prism Sword (see 
tech setups). As Lloyd, your main goal is 1) preoccupy him, and 2) 
build up the unison gauge. Back-stepping is a must here, so master 
the art of attacking with Sword Rain (beta) for a few hits and then 
hitting guard plus back to get away. A couple Prism Stars and 
a lot of patience will have you emerge a winner. 

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