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Synopsis Guide by Saiyan Legion

Version: .1 | Updated: 08/05/04

Tales of Symphonia - Synposis Guide

Copyright 2004 Brian Meyerhoff

Gamefaqs Message Board Name- Saiyan Legion

Table of Contents
1. Legal Stuff

2. Note

3. Updates

4. Start of Synopsis Guide

5. Sylvarant Synopsis Guide

6. Tethe'alla Synopsis Guide
7. Start of Mixed Sylvarant/Tethe'alla Guide

8. Other

1. Legal Stuff

====Legal Notice====

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their respective trademark and copyright holders. 
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It may only be used for personal or private use. 
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I am copying the Synopsis' down in the order they are in the game. 
If I am missing any please contact me and I will put it 
in my guide and have a mention of you in another section. 
I have also copied them so that the FAQ will be shorter 
and not with a new line every 5 or 6 words. Also warn me of 
any spelling errors that I missed. 

3. Updates

The Guide is finally up! (After I Re-did it...) 
I hope you all enjoy all of the synopsis' I copied 
from the game. 
I would also like to mention that I missed a few synopsis' 
through out the game and there are some alternate ones that
you can only get one of them a game. 
I will be updating with the rest of the Synopsis' 
when my hands stop hurting -_- Until then have fun.


This guide contains spoilers for the entire game and 
tells mostly all of the storyline for it. 
Read at your own risk.

4. Start of Synopsis Guide

5. Sylvarant Synopsis Guide
Light of the Oracle
Location: Iselia, the Village of Oracles
Iselia, the Village of Oracles and home
to the Mana Clan.

On the morning of the Day of Prophecy, Lloyd and his childhood friends, 
Colette and Genis, 
were in class with Raine, their teacher.

Suddenly, the class was interrupted by a blinding flash 
from the Martel Temple to the northwest of the village. 
This was a sign that the Prophecy would soon be given.

Raine ordered her students to remain inside and 
left the classroom to investigate. 
As they were waiting for Raine's return, an injured priest staggered 
into the room and said that 
the sacred ground had been attacked by Desians before 
breathing his last.

Lloyd decided to take Genis and Colette to the Martel Temple 
and see what was going on.
The Temple
Location: Martel Temple
At the Martel Temple, the Desians that had broken through the village's 
defenses came to kill Colette, 
the Chosen One of the Mana Clan. 
Lloyd and Genis fought desperately to protect her, but they were no 
match for the enemy's fearsome power.

Just then, a traveling mercenary named Kratos appeared with a 
shining Exsphere on his wrist and 
drove away the enemy.

Colette and Genis were awed by Kratos' swordsmanship, 
but Lloyd was jealous, 
considering he had his own Exsphere and still lacked Kratos' power.

According to Phaidra, Colette's grandmother, 
the Desians appeared to be after Colette to prevent her 
from receiving the Oracle. 

With the Martel Temple filled with monsters sent 
by the Goddess as a test for those who 
would seek the prophecy, 
and no priests left to protect Colette, she was unable 
to visit the Oracle.

After a short discussing, Lloyd and the others 
were elected to serve as Colette's bodyguards in the temple.
The Angel
Location: Martel Temple
When they finally made their way to the altar at 
the highest level of the temple, 
the Cruxis Crystal began to shine, and an angel descended from above. 
The angel named Remial, Colette's true father, asked her to embark on 
a journey to regenerate the world.

To do this, Remiel said, Colette must travel the world and break the 
seals that prevented the 
Summon Spirits from awakening.

After hearing the oracle, Colette returned to Iselia with Kratos, 
leaving Lloyd and Genis. 
Afterwards, Lloyd and Genis decided to head back to Colette's house.
Iselia Forest
Location: Iselia Forest
It was decided that Colette would set off on her quest the next day. 
Raine and Kratos were chosen to accompany her. 
Lloyd asked for permission to tag along, 
but it was summarily denied.

Disgusted at the unfairness of it all, Lloyd was about to 
head home when 
Genis asked to follow him, mentioning some place he wanted to visit. 
The two headed west of the village to cut through the Iselia Forest, 
which was on the way home for Lloyd.

It turned out that Genis was going to the Human Ranch. 
a place taboo to the people of Iselia. 
There, humans captured by Desians were herded 
like cattle and abused. 
Iselia has agreed to a peace treaty with the Desians that guaranteed 
the village's safety as long as the villagers did not get 
involved with the ranch.

Genis knew about this, but there was one person 
he had to tell about the oracle. 
Afraid to let Genis go alone, Lloyd decided 
to accompany him to the Human Ranch.
The Human Ranch
Location: Iselia Human Ranch
Carefully avoiding the watchful eyes of the Desian guards, 
an old woman approached Lloyd and Genis. 
It was Marble, a woman Genis was quite fond of.

Lloyd had never actually met a captive of the Human Ranch before. 
His attention was drawn to the woman's Exsphere, 
which was not unlike his own but lacked the Key Crest necessary 
to control the Exsphere's power. 
Without a Key Crest, an Exsphere would bring harm to its wearer, 
so Lloyd decided he would ask Dirk, his dwarven adoptive father, 
to make a Key Crest for Marble.

Just then, Desian guards began to approach the scene. 
Marble urged Lloyd and Genis to flee, so they hid nearby, 
only to see her be taken away by the Desians and beaten. 
Fearing for Marble's life, Lloyd and Genis rescued 
her from the beating. 
Unbeknownst to them, though, the entire event had 
been captured by a Desian recording device....

Genis went back to the village, and Lloyd took the 
road into the forest 
to return to his house.
The Exsphere
Location: Dirk's House
When Lloyd got back home, Dirk scolded him for 
going to the Human Ranch. 
He explained that the Exsphere Lloyd wore was 
a special one--so special, in fact, 
that the Desians had killed his mother 
Anna in an attempt to gain possession of it.

By entering the ranch, Lloyd may have brought his 
Exsphere to the attention of the 
Desians, putting his life in danger. 
Dirk warned Lloyd never to visit the ranch again, 
lest he fact death at the hands of the Desians.

But Lloyd refused to listen to Dirk. 
He couldn't just abandon Marble like that....
Under the Moon
Location: Dirk's House
That night, Colette came to Lloyd's house under the 
protection of her traveling companions, 
Raine, and Kratos. Genis, having 
been unable to let his sister go without him, 
also came along.

Lloyd confessed to Colette that he hadn't had time to 
finish making her birthday present. 
He once again asked to join her quest, revealing to her 
that the Desians kill his mother. 
He wanted to help restore the world--and he also wanted 
to wipe out his mother's killers. 

With that Colette agreed to let Lloyd join the quest.

Lloyd promised to meet up with them the next day with 
Colette's present. 
Thus he set off to finish making the present in time.
The Departure
Location: Dirk's House
The next morning, Dirk gave Lloyd, who had 
finished Colette's birthday present, 
a new Key Crest, Knowing Lloyd's mind was made up, 
Dirk gave his permission for the journey, 
and the two made up for their previous argument. 
Just when Lloyd was ready to set off, 
Genis arrived in a fluster.

According to Genis, Colette and the 
others left earlier that morning. 
Stunned that he was left behind, 
Lloyd rushed off to the village.

When Lloyd reached Iselia, one of the villagers 
said that Colette's grandmother, Phaidra, 
was waiting for him. Lloyd hurried to Colette's house.

Upon reaching Colette's house, Lloyd was met 
by Colette's father, Frank, 
who passed on a letter left by Colette. In the message, 
Colette wrote that she had lied about their departure 
on purpose in order to keep Lloyd out of danger, 
knowing that their journey would be a perilous one.

Lloyd was just about to rush off after Colette,
but then something happened within the village.
The Massacre
Location: Iselia, the Village of the Oracles
Iselia was under attack. The Desians had 
come to teach the village a lesson after Lloyd and 
Genis broke the agreement.

Forcystus, one of the Five Desian Grand Cardinals, 
had transformed Marble into a monster and 
brought her to the village to kill Lloyd.

However, just when things looked grim for Lloyd, 
the monster gave up her own life to protect him. 
Marble's sacrifice injured Forcystus, and the 
Desians called off the attack and fled.

The village had taken major damage in the attack. 
The villagers held Lloyd and Genis 
responsible for the carnage and drove them out of Iselia. 
Lloyd was both enraged at the Desian's 
barbarity and disgusted at his own ineffectuality.

With nowhere else to go, Lloyd and Genis 
set off southward after Colette.
To the Desert
Location: Triet, the Desert Oasis
Tracing Colette's footsteps, Lloyd and Genis 
came to Triet, the Desert Oasis.

The Desians, beginning their hunt for Lloyd,
had already plastered the town with wanted posters. 
Taking care to keep out of their way, 
Lloyd and Genis started gathering 
information to find out where Colette had gone.

The two discovered that Colette 
went to an oasis that was said to have been 
destroyed by Efreet's rampage. 
Before they could leave town, 
they were attacked by the Desians. 

Lloyd was kidnapped and imprisoned by the Desians.
The Escape
Location: Sylvarant Base
Hearing that he might be sentenced to public execution, 
Lloyd used the Sorcerer's ring he had been left 
with to escape from his prison cell. 
Keeping out of enemy sight, 
Lloyd explored the base, searching for a way out.

As he searched the base, Lloyd suddenly 
found himself trapped in a corner by the enemy.

Just then, however, Genis burst in with Colette 
and the others, rescuing Lloyd from his attackers. 
After finding their way out of the Desian base, 
the group decided to return to Triet.
The Quest
Location: Triet, the Desert Oasis
After hearing their story, Colette allowed 
Lloyd and Genis to join her group.

And so began Lloyd's true Journey--a quest to break 
the divine seals and regenerate the world.
The Seal of Fire
Location: The Triet Ruins
Lloyd's group began by heading for the Triet Ruins, 
which lay southwest of Triet. 
There lay the Seal of Fire, which the angel 
Remiel had told Colette about.

After arriving at the old ruins, 
the party headed for the lowest level. 
Where they hoped to find and break 
the Seal of Fire.
The Wings
Location: The Triet Ruins
Lloyd and the others reached the Seal of Fire 
in Triet Ruins, 
where they defeated Ktugach, 
the seal's guardian and broke the seal.

As Efreet, the Spirit of Fire, reawakened, 
a pair of angelic wings sprouted on Colette's back. 
The party was amazed by her transformation.

Remiel told them that another seal awaited them 
across the sea on the Eastern Continent, 
so the party decided to take an eastern route 
over the Ossa Mountains.
The Metamorphosis
Location: The Triet Ruins
After breaking the seal, Lloyd and the others 
prepared to leave the Triet Ruins. 
However, as they were approaching the exit, 
Colette suddenly fell ill. 
Her transformation into an angel caused sudden 
changes within her body that were too much 
for her to bear. 
Concerned for her health, the group decided 
to setup camp for the night.

Although her health was quick to return, 
Colette remained out of sorts all night, 
for reasons she kept to herself.
The Assassin
Location: Ossa Trail
While traversing the Ossa Trail, the only 
route through the Ossa Mountains, 
the group was attacked by a mysterious 
assassin trying to take Colette's life. 
Luckily, the assassin fell down a hidden 
maintenance tunnel accidentally opened by Colette, 
ending the battle before it began. 
Although disturbed by the assassin's existence, 
Lloyd and the others pressed on through the mountains.

It wasn't until the party approached the 
end of the pass that the assassin caught up with them 
and attacked again. 
Although they were able to fend her off, 
Lloyd and the others were stunned to find that 
there were people who opposed 
their quest to regenerate the world.

Shaken by the unexpected attacked, 
the party decided to continue down the Ossa Trail 
to reach the eastern coastline.
Eastern Continent
Location: None Given
After making it through the Ossa Mountains, 
Lloyd and the others set about looking 
for a ship to the Eastern Continent.

The crew eventually arrived at Izoold, 
a small fishing port on the eastern coastline. 
However, the villagers were reluctant to 
set sail--monsters had apparently been 
spotted in the nearby waters.

After some aggressive negotiations, Lloyd and the others 
finally managed to convince Max, 
one of the villagers, to give them passage across the seas. 
The group set sail for the port city of Palmacosta.
Location: Palmacosta, The port City
The ship Lloyd found in Izoold took 
the group to the port city of Palmacosta 
located on the next continent. The town's residents, 
though terrified by the Desian's oppression, 
had banded together into a militia to fight against them.
The Book
Location: Palmacosta, The port City
The Book of Regeneration, which contained clues 
regarding the locations of the seals, 
had been given to an imposter posing as Colette, 
and the book's current whereabouts were unknown.

Recalling that the imposters were planning to sell the book, 
Lloyd and the others decided to head 
for Hakonesia Peak in the northeast. 
Which led to the Asgard area.
To see the Book....
Location: Hakonesia Peak

At Hakonesia Peak, Lloyd and the others met Koton, 
an old antiques connoisseur who lives with the sentries. 
He had bought the Book of Regeneration from the 
Colette imposter. If Lloyd could bring him a 
statue depicting Spiritua, the first Chosen, 
he would let them read the book. 
Lloyd had no choice but to visit the 
House of Salvation to the south, where he hoped to 
find the Spiritua Statue.

----There is probably another entry about this 
but I never got the statue for 
the man at the beginning of the game. 
So until I make another game or someone tells me it. 
It will not be here. ---

Bad Omen
Location: Hakonesia Peak

Lloyd heard that the Desians had set off for 
Palmacosta--and as if that wasn't bad enough, 
Magnius, the chief of the nearby 
Human Ranch had been spotted among them.

The party feared the worst.
Desians' Retaliation
Location: Palmacosta, the Port City
Lloyd and the others returned to Palmacosta, 
only to find it under attack by the Desians. 
The cause; Chocolat's defiance in 
the face of the town's oppressors.

Lloyd and the others rescued Chocolat's mother, 
who was about to be executed as an example 
to the town. Realizing that time was of the 
essence, the group once again devoted 
their attention to their quest to save the world.
Chocolat in Danger
Location: None Given
After leaving Palmacosta, Lloyd and the others 
were stopped by a messenger from Dorr. 
The messenger told them that Chocolat had been kidnapped.

The party decided to go to the 
Palmacosta Human Ranch, southeast of Hakonesia Peak, 
to rescue her.
Governor's Truth
Location: Palmacosta Human Ranch
Lloyd and the others were just about to sneak into 
the Human Ranch when Neil, Dorr's aide-de-camp, 
came running up to them. 
He had a shocking story to tell.

Dorr was only pretending to oppose the Desians; 
He had actually been in collusion with them all along. 
Kidnapping Chocolat was simply a ruse to 
bring Lloyd and the others to the ranch. 
Upon learning this, they decided to return 
to Palmacosta to find out what they could from Dorr.

(This might also be different since you can decide 
to go into the human ranch first OR to see Dorr first)
Dorr, The Leader
Location: Palmacosta, the Port City
The party got the truth out of Dorr; The Desians 
had transformed his wife, Clara, into a monster, 
just as they had done with Marble. They had duped 
him into believing there was a way to make 
her human again, so he was forced to 
go along with their plans.

Colette's words moved Dorr, and he seemed as 
if he was ready to reform his ways. 
However, before he could act, 
he was fatally wounded by a Desian who had taken the 
place of his daughter Kilia.

Lloyd and the others managed to defeat the Desian, 
but Clara, still in monster form, fled outside.

Taking the card key entrusted to them by Dorr. 
Lloyd and the others set off for the 
Palmacosta Human Ranch.
Chocolat's Refusal
Location: Palmacosta Human Ranch
Lloyd and the others infiltrated the 
Human Ranch, and discovered Chocolat, 
along with the imprisoned Exsphere host bodies, 
safe and sound. 

However Chocolat refused to be rescued--Magnius 
told her that Lloyd was responsible for 
the death of Marble, her grandmother. 
The party succeeded in defeating Magnius 
and destroying the Human Ranch but Chocolat 
was once again taken away by the Desians.

Lloyd and the others continue their quest, 
hoping to someday find Chocolat and rescue her.
The Sacrificial Altar
Location: Asgard, City of Ruins
Continuing on their quest, Lloyd and the others arrived 
at Asgard, City of Ruins.

They came to a stone platform in the middle of the town, 
where they ran into two 
people attempting to destroy it. The platform was 
undamaged, but they decided 
to track the pair down to find out what 
they were up to.

After speaking with Linar and Harley the pair 
they had met at the stone platform, 
they learned that the Wind Spirit had come 
back to life ands was demanding a sacrifice.

To get to the bottom of this, Raine volunteered to 
come to the platform in place of the 
next sacrifice. Her aim was to find out if this was 
really a Summon Spirit they were dealing with.

As Raine stood by the altar, she was confronted by a 
monster--not a Summon Spirit, 
but an entirely different creature. Lloyd and the 
others destroyed this monster, revealing a 
map which led to where the real 
Summon Spirit was sleeping.

According to the map, the Summon Spirit was not in Asgard, 
but deep inside the 
Balacruf Mausoleum, on an island 
over the bridge to the east.
The Perished Town
Location: Luin, the City of Hope
Lloyd and the others arrived at Luin, the City of Hope, 
which cared for the Tower of Mana. 
However, the town had been devastated.

The female assassin that attacked them before was there--and 
she was hurt. According to the girl, 
the Desians had destroyed the town because it had sheltered an 
escapee from the nearby Human Ranch. 
She was injured while trying to help the townspeople 
escape the attack.

Just then Pastor Piccaring came running their war, 
pursued by a monster--Clara, 
Dorr's transformed wife. The assassin attempted to protect 
the Pastor but was overwhelmed by the monster. 
Colette tried to calm down Clara but was also attacked, and the 
monster then fled. Luin was in 
a terrible state of affairs and Lloyd wanted to help rescue the 
kidnapped townspeople. 
So he called a truce with Sheena, the assassin, and the group 
headed northeast for the Asgard Human Ranch.
The Encounter
Location: Asgard Human Ranch
Lloyd and the others decided to disguise themselves as 
Desians to sneak into the ranch. 
After defeating a Desian patrol and stealing their 
uniforms, they infiltrated the 
compound and made their way deeper inside.

Unfortunately, the party soon bumped into Botta, 
the Desian who had captured Lloyd in Triet. 
Lloyd steeled himself for a fight, but Kvar, the head 
of the Human Ranch and one of the 
Five Grand Cardinals, suddenly appeared. Botta took the 
opportunity to make himself scarce. 
Lloyd and the others decided to do the same, and the 
group pressed further on into the Human Ranch.
Feeding on Life
Location: Asgard Human Ranch
As they dove deeper into the Human Ranch, the group was 
struck by a horrifying site; Exspheres, 
the same ones they had been relying on, were being grown 
in human bodies for later extraction. 
The Exspheres mature only if they could feed on human life.

Not only that, but Lloyd learned that his mother had been a 
host body in this very ranch before 
being murdered by Lloyd's father. The party was suddenly 
surrounded by Kvar and his minions, 
but thanks to Sheena's quick thinking, Lloyd and the 
others barley escaped with their lives. 
They decided to return to Luin for the time being.
The Exspheres
Location: Luin, City of Devastation
Upon learning the terrible secret behind the Exspheres, 
Lloyd and the others were afraid to 
continue using them in combat. However, with some 
persuasion from Kratos, they once again 
steeled themselves for battle.

With Sheena joining their group, they decided to 
search for the escapee from the Human Ranch 
they had learned about. They hoped he might know 
another way to get into the ranch.
Into the Ranch
Location: Hima, Village of Adventurers
The Asgard Ranch escapee had traveled to Hima, 
the Village of Adventurers. Lloyd and the others 
headed for the mountain range to the west of Luin,
where Hima awaited them.

In Hima, they found Pietro, a former Exsphere host 
who had lost his mind, Pietro was being 
looked after by Sophia, a girl who agreed to tell 
Lloyd how to get into the ranch in exchange 
for the formula needed to heal Pietro's illness. 
With Sophia's Desian Orb in hand, 
the party set out once again for the Asgard Human Ranch.
To Become an Angel
Location: Asgard Human Ranch
For the second time, Lloyd and the others made 
their way into the ranch, splitting up 
into two groups before delving deeper.

The group Lloyd left behind managed to rescue 
the Exsphere host bodies.

After disabling the ranch's guard system, 
Lloyd and the others finally came 
face to face with Kvar.

Upon defeating the ranch master, the other 
group caught up with Lloyd. 
But due to a moment's carelessness, 
Lloyd found his life in danger. 
Colette saved Lloyd by throwing herself in front 
of him, sustaining a blow that would've killed 
a normal person. Amazingly, Colette shrugged off 
the strike like it was nothing--her body, 
which had lost its senses completely, 
was no longer human.

After finishing off Kvar, Lloyd told the party 
about the changes that have been occurring within 
Colette. The group then succeeded in destroying 
the Asgard Human Ranch. However, 
Lloyd was having second thoughts on whether 
Colette's journey was really the best thing for her.
Boltzman's Book
Location: Hima, Village of Adventurers
Pietro, the escapee from Asgard Ranch, 
had lost his mind to a curse that struck everyone 
who managed to flee the ranch. Apparently, a 
healing formula from Boltzman’s book, 
located in the Tower of Mana, could set him 
free from the dark curse.

Lloyd and the others promised to search for 
Boltzman's Book and restore Pietro's mind.

The part eventually found Boltzman's Book on a 
bookshelf in the Tower of Mana, 
according to the book; either a Unicorn Horn 
or a Mana Leaf could be used to break the spell.
Clara and the Key
Location: Hima, Village of Adventurers
When they arrived at Hima, Lloyd and the others 
found Clara surrounded by a group of adventurers. 
They pleaded for the group to spare the twisted 
monster's life, and the situation was defused. 
Clara ran away to part unknown, but in the 
confusion, the party managed to recover the key to the 
Tower of Mana. The key in hand, Lloyd decided 
to set off for the tower, located in the northern 
part of Luin.
The Seal of Water
Location: Thoda Geyser
During a stop at Thoda Geyser, Lloyd and the 
others accidentally discovered an Oracle Stone.

The Seal of Water was houses inside the 
geyser itself.

Seeking to break the seal, the party 
headed deep inside the cavern.

Adulocia, the Water Guardian, 
awaited Lloyd at the lowest level. 
However, the party managed to fend 
off the guardian and break the seal.

The breaking of the seal brought Remiel 
once again, and the angel 
bestowed his blessing upon Colette.

Slowly but surely, Colette was 
transforming into an angel.
The Seal of Wind
Location: Balacruf Mausoleum
According to the map Lloyd discovered 
in Asgard, there was a seal to be found in 
Balacruf Mausoleum. Armed with this 
information, Lloyd and the others ventured 
east of Asgard towards the tomb, hoping
to find the Seal of Wing.

Arriving at Balacruf Mausoleum, 
Lloyd ventured inside to break the seal.

When they reached the top of the tomb, Lloyd and 
the others found Lapyx, 
the Wing Guardian, waiting for them. Luckily, 
the guardian proved to be 
no match for the party, and Colette 
broke the Seal of Wing. 
With the seal removed, Remiel appeared and 
bestowed his blessing upon Colette, 
accelerating her transformation into an angel.
A Mysterious Seal
Location: The Tower of Mana
Arriving at the Tower of Mana, Lloyd and the 
others discovered an Oracle Stone, 
which meant that there was a seal nearby.

They tried to explore the tower in the hope of 
finding and breaking the seal, 
the trials laid in front of them forced the 
party to split up into two groups. 
Lloyd and the others continued on separately.

After defeating Lubaris, the Guardian of Light, 
the party broke the Seal of Light 
at the top of the tower. Remiel once again 
gave his blessing to Colette, 
increasing her angelic powers even further.
Mysterious Assassin
Location: None Given
A female assassin, the same one who 
attacked the party at Ossa Trail, 
suddenly reappeared and attempted
to kill Colette.

Lloyd and the others managed to 
fend off her attack, but as she fled, 
the assassin said there were people 
who would suffer from Colette's quest. 
Raine began to get an inkling of the 
assassin's true identity.
Sleeping Unicorn
Location: Lake Umacy
Lloyd and the others made it to Lake Umacy, only to 
discover a unicorn asleep at 
the bottom of the lake. The party wracked their brains 
for a way to reach the unicorn, 
but couldn't come up with anything.

Just as they were about to concede defeat, Sheena fearfully 
made a suggestion; couldn't 
they ask Undine, a spirit who lived in this world, for help? 
If they could find a way 
to reach the unicorn, they might be able to save Colette, 
as well as anyone else that 
required healing. Following Sheena's suggestion, 
Lloyd and the others set off in search 
of the Seal of Water, where Undine was waiting for them.
The Spirit of Water
Location: Thoda Geyser
After exploring deep into the geyser, Lloyd and the 
others came face-to-face with Undine. However, 
the Spirit of Water had already made a pact with 
someone else--and what's more, Sheena, 
the one who proposed making a pact with Undine in 
the first place, still seemed hesitant for 
some reason.

Undine informed Sheena that she was still bound to 
Mithos. Lloyd and the others were 
taken aback Mithos' name--he was a hero of the 
Kharlan War in times long past. 
Sheena then asked Undine to break the pact with 
Mithos in order to make a new pact with her.

Breaking the pact with Mithos, as Undine stated, 
would free her to enter a pact with Sheena. 
Sheena urged her to do this, since she wanted 
Undine's support to help those who were 
suffering at that very moment. To break the existing 
pact however, Lloyd and the others 
were forced to fight Undine. After the party emerged 
victorious, Sheena and Undine 
forged a new pact between themselves.
The Spirit of Fire
Location: The Triet Ruins
They encountered Efreet at the deepest part of 
the ruins. After demonstrating their 
strength, they succeeded in forging a pact 
with the spirit.
The Spirit of Wing
Location: Balacruf Mausoleum
They encountered Sylph at the highest part of the tomb. 
After demonstrating their 
power, they succeeded in forging a pact with the spirit.
The Unicorn Horn
Location: Lake Umacy
Sheena had succeeded in forging a pact with 
Undine, a contract that 
could allow the party to make contact with the 
unicorn in the underwater prison. 
Lloyd and the others decided to head back 
to Lake Umacy, where the unicorn slumbered.

Once at the lake, Colette and Sheena used 
Undine's power to reach the unicorn's resting 
place. The unicorn was very old, and its memory 
was just as long. It answered Colette's 
wish and, at the cost of its life, gave her 
its horn, which had the power to restore living 

The party was overjoyed--with the horn in hand, 
they could heal Colette and anyone 
else that required treatment. However, 
Colette would not allow them to use the 
Unicorn Horn on her--the world had yet 
to be regenerated, she asserted.
Promised Healing
Location: Hima, Village of Adventurers
Lloyd now had both the Boltzman's Book and 
the Unicorn Horn in his hands. 
Raine had also learned the necessary healing 
skills, giving them everything 
they needed to heal Pietro. To fulfill their 
promise to Sophia, 
Lloyd and the others headed back to where 
she and Pietro were waiting.

Just as they promised, the party successfully 
restored Pietro's mind.
Sleepless Night
Location: None Given
Having broken another seal, Colette continued 
her transformation into an angel. 
That night, the party had to camp because 
Colette was suffering from Angel Toxicosis again. 
For some reason, Colette didn't even try to sleep. 
It was almost as if she had lost the 
ability to do so.
Fate of the Chosen
Location: None Given
Colette was stricken by Angel Toxicosis when she went outside.

It was then that Lloyd realized that as 
Colette came closer and closer to becoming an angel, 
she was losing her human senses. 
Lloyd wanted to tell the others what was happening, 
but Colette forbade him from doing so.
To the Final Seal
Location: Not Given
Lloyd and the others had broken the fourth seal. 
Remiel appeared before the party 
and told them that the next seal would be the last. 
The final seal was in the Tower of Salvation.

After emerging from the seal, Colette was 
once again stricken by Angel Toxicosis. 
She finally lost her voice and was unable 
to tell the others what she was thinking. 
Shocked by Colette's current condition, the group 
decided to setup camp for the night. 
Later that evening, Sheena shared with the party 
her reasons for attempting to 
kill the Chosen and spoke of her world, Tethe'alla.
Tower of Salvation
Location: Hima, Village of Adventurers
The Tower of Salvation was located at the 
center of the world, and was 
not an easy place to reach. The party decided 
to go to the top of the 
mountain located behind Hima, which offered a 
clear view of the tower, 
to plan their next move.

Lloyd and the others secured a means of getting 
to the tower, after speaking 
with a merchant who was offering dragon 
rides as a tourist attraction. 
The next day, they would set out for 
the Tower of Salvation, where the 
final seal of their quest awaited.

The group prepared for the coming day, 
resting in Hima and spending their time 
in their own ways. Lloyd decided to 
speak to Colette. He found himself 
unable to accept the regeneration of the 
world if it means so much suffering 
for her. Tracing her words onto his hand, 
Colette reassured Lloyd that 
she was determined to become an angel and 
restore the world, no matter what.

The next morning, Lloyd came across 
Kratos as he was being attacked by someone. 
Lloyd helped him and in doing so, 
gained a ring that Kratos' assailant 
had dropped during the attack.
The Chosen
Location: The Tower of Salvation
The day to save the world was finally at hand. 
The only way to reach the Tower of Salvation 
was to ride a dragon from Hima.

Lloyd and the others mounted their dragons 
and headed for the final 
seal in the Tower of Salvation. Remiel was 
waiting for them at the 
final seal. Colette, paying no heed to Lloyd's 
protests, started to 
break the seal, but just as she was on the verge 
of finally becoming 
an angel, Remiel told them that it had 
all been in deception. 
Yes, the world would be regenerated--but Remiel 
was not Colette's father, 
and Colette's body would be taken by Martel, 
causing her spirit to die. 
Moreover, Colette herself had known that 
she was going to die, 
but she still chose to continue 
on with her quest.

Remiel tried to take Colette' but Lloyd and 
the others defeated him, 
preventing his escape. Kratos chose the 
moment to appear in front 
of them and revealed his true identity 
as well; like Remiel, Kratos was 
an enemy. He was been ordered by Cruxis 
to protect and monitor Colette. 
Lloyd, wounded by Kratos' betrayal 
fought him to protect Colette, but their 
fight was halted by the arrival of 
Yggdrsill, the leader of Cruxis. 
Taking up the sword that rested in the 
final seal, Yggdrasill struck 
down Lloyd and the others. Just as the 
situation looked most desperate, 
Botta and his men burst in and rescued the party.
A New Quest
Location: Sylvarant Base
After fleeing to the Sylvarant Base, 
Lloyd and the others finally 
learned that Botta and his men were not 
actually Desians, 
but members of a separate group called 
the Renegades. 
They also learned that the Desians were 
part of the same organization as Cruxis.

Lloyd's group asked for the truth behind 
the Renegades. 
Yuan, the leader of the Renegades, gave them 
an unexpected reply. 
The Renegades wanted to prevent the 
revival of Martel and to do that 
they needed to secure Lloyd.

After the Renegades had suddenly shown their true colors, 
Lloyd and the others fled. 
Then they asked Sheena about the other 
world of Tethe'alla.

Tethe'alla was a world with an advanced civilization. 
If Sylvarant was to be restored. 
Tethe'alla would decline. To prevent this, 
Tethe'alla had allied with the Renegades 
and sent Sheena to kill Colette. 

After hearing the story, Raine made a suggestion. 
Perhaps if they went to Tethe'alla, 
they could use that world's advanced 
technology to save Colette.

Sheena told them that she had come to 
Sylvarant by using something called a Rheaird.

Lloyd and the others managed to steal the 
Rheairds from the Renegades and 
heading towards Tethe'alla.

6. Tethe'alla Synopsis Guide

Location: The Fooji Mountains
As soon as the party arrived in Tethe'alla 
the Rheairds lost power and crashed. 
Colette had reversed the two worlds, sending 
the spirits of Tethe'alla into slumber.

Volt, of course, had also fallen asleep, meaning that 
the Rheairds had no source of power.

After making an emergency landing at the 
Fooji Mountains, Lloyd and the others abandoned 
the Rheairds and continue on their 
journey to heal Colette at the 
Imperial Research Academy.
Location: Meltokio, the Imperial City
The party arrived at the Imperial City. However, 
Sheena told the others that 
she had to report back to her hometown of Mizuho 
and parted ways with the group. 
Before leaving Sheena recommended that 
they ask the King 
for help and gave them a letter of introduction.

The Sylvarant folks like Lloyd and his companions, 
the Imperial City of Meltokio
seemed a place of beauty and wonder. 
Like a group of hicks lost in the big city,
Lloyd's group wandered about, eventually 
encountering a mysterious man called Zelos,
who wore an Exsphere. Although this made an 
impression on the party, they pressed
 on to the castle to meet the King of Tethe'alla.

When they arrived at Tethe'alla castle, Lloyd 
and the others learned that the 
King was currently ill and was not taking any visitors. 
Though Lloyd insisted 
on seeing the King, the party was turned away.
A Young Girl
Location: Meltokio, the Imperial City
A guard at the castle entrance told the group 
that a special ceremony would 
be held at the Martel Cathedral to pray 
for the King's health. 
The group decided 
to visit the Martel Cathedral which was 
located right next to the castle.

The group went to the Martel Cathedral. As they were 
about to start asking questions, 
a young girl named Presea appeared, carrying the 
sacred wood using the ceremony.

Noticing that the girl had been told to take the
sacred wood into the castle. 
Lloyd and the others decided to try to get 
into the castle by asking her to 
pretend that they were he assistants.

The group stopped Presea outside the castle and 
tried to bargain with her, she displayed no 
emotion. They might as well have been talking 
to a brick wall. They kept on trying, 
however, and eventually won her over.

Finally the group headed into the castle with 
Presea at their side.
The Other Chosen
Location: Meltokio, the Imperial City
With Presea's help, Lloyd and the others 
managed to sneak into the castle. 
They decided to head towards the King's chambers, 
hoping to give Sheena's letter of 
introduction to the King and thus gain his help.

The group snuck into the King's chambers, 
where the Church of Martel's ceremony 
was about to begin. They were astonished to find 
Zelos in the room. Apparently, 
he was the Chosen of the world of Tethe'alla. 
The party presented the King and the 
Pope with Sheena's letter of introduction and a
sked for their help. Lloyd and 
company were then taken to another room, 
where they were asked to wait for the 
King's response.

At last, Zelos and the Pope came to see the group. 
The two of them took some 
persuading, but they eventually 
came around and promised to help.

The Pope gave permission to the party, 
allowing them to travel Tethe'alla. 
Zelos, as well, was to accompany the party 
in order to keep an eye on them. 
Lloyd and the others decided to set off for
Martel Cathedral to meet with Zelos.

The party met up with Zelos at the Cathedral. 
Zelos suggested that since 
Ozette was on the same continent as the 
Imperial Research Academy, 
Presea should accompany the party since 
they could drop her off at 
her home town later. With Presea in tow, 
the party decided to set off for Sybak.
Crossing the Bridge
Location: Grand Tethe'alla Bridge
Following Zelos' lead, the party decided to 
head for the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge, 
to the north of Meltokio.

The Grand Tethe’alla Bridge turned out to 
be controlled by Exspheres. 
Though Lloyd and the others were troubled 
by the amount of Exspheres 
used to control the bridge, 
they hurried onward to Sybak.
Location: Sybak, the University Town
Upon their arrival in Sybak, Lloyd and the 
others headed straight for the 
Imperial Research Academy.
Promised Necklace
Location: Sybak, the University Town
At the Imperial Research Academy, the party learned 
that Colette's transformation 
into an angel was being caused by the 
Cruxis Crystal she wore. 
The Cruxis Crystals were the most powerful type of
 Exsphere, and, like Exspheres, 
were made of Lifeless Beings. The Exspheres that 
Lloyd and the others wore had 
a Key Crest, but the Cruxis Crystal that 
Colette wore did not. 
This was why her body had been taken over 
by a Lifeless Being. 
When Lloyd and the others learned this, 
they wondered where they could 
find a Key Crest for Colette.

Lloyd managed to find a damaged Key Crest at the bazaar. 
He then returned to the Academy to begin fixing it.

Lloyd placed the Key Crest in the necklace 
that he had made as a birthday present for Colette. 
He placed the necklace around her neck 
but there was no immediate, visible change in her condition. 
Raine then thought of asking Dirk to study the Key Crest. 
Zelos protested, saying that 
he could now allow the party to return to Sylvarant. 
However, after some persuasion, Zelos decided to 
accompany the part back to Sylvarant.
Location: Sybak, The university Town
As the party was beginning to make 
preparations to return to Sylvarant, they 
were detained by the Papal Knights 
under orders from the Pope. 
The party was shocked at this sudden turn of events. 
They were framed as insurgents against the 
King and arrested. Even Zelos, 
The Chosen of Tethe'alla was tarred with 
the same brush and suffered the same fate.

It was discovered during the arrest 
that both Raine and Genis were half-elves. 
Zelos was shocked by this. 
He explained that in Tethe'alla, half-elves accused of 
a crime are punished by death, without exception. 
However, there was northing 
anyone could do, and the two 
were separated from the others.

Raine and Genis were taken away while Lloyd and rest 
were detained in an 
underground laboratory, where Kate, a half-elf girl 
studied the Cruxis Crystal. 
Even in Tethe'alla, half-elves were despised. 
Although she was a valued researched, 
Kate had been forced to stay locked up in a 
laboratory to continue here work.

Kate was amazed to see Presea. Kate and 
her team had studied how to manufacture 
Cruxis Crystals under the orders of the Pope, 
and Presea had been the test 
subject for their Cruxis Crystal experiments.

Kate's words infuriated Lloyd, and he 
asked her how she could treat people that way.

Kate argued back, asking Lloyd how humans 
can treat half-elves the way they do.

Then Sheena appeared. As soon as she 
had learned that something was going on in Sybak, 
Sheena had infiltrated the underground 
lab to help Lloyd and the others.

If they didn't do something quickly, 
Genis and Raine would be executed. 
Kate was moved by Lloyd's 
determination to save his friends, 
despite them being half-elves.
 She allowed Lloyd and the others to sneak away, 
making them promise to return once
 they've saved their friends. Kate said that if what they 
say if true, upon their return, 
she will release Presea from her experiment. 
Lloyd swore to return without fail, 
and the party hurried off to the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge, 
towards Meltokio, where Genis and Raine had been taken.
The Rescue
Location: Grand Tethe'alla Bridge
The party caught up with the group that 
had taken Genis and Raine as they were 
crossing the bridge connecting the two continents. 
However, just as they 
were about to reach Genis and Raine, 
the drawbridge started to rise as if to 
stop them. Lloyd and the others would have 
fallen into the sea if not for Sheena, 
who called upon Undine to save and carry 
them to the other side of the bridge.

Lloyd and company caught up with 
Genis and Raine and successfully rescued them.

Now that the party was finally reunited, 
they took some time to plan their next course of action. 
With the bridge blockades, they were unable to take 
Presea back to Ozette. 
Furthermore, with the Pope after them, 
returning to Meltokio would be dangerous. 
Nevertheless weather they tried to take 
Presea to Ozette, to return to Sybak, 
or to obtain Dirk's help, they would need the Rheairds.

The Rheairds, however, were out of energy and unable to fly. 
Raine thought they might enlist the aid of Volt, the 
Spirit of Lightning, 
but first they would need to recover the Rheairds. 
Zelos claimed he knew how they could get the 
Rheairds back, and urged them to do so right away. 
Regardless of Sheena's dismay, 
the party set off for the Fooji Mountains, 
where they had left the Rheairds after they crashed.
Reversing Worlds
Location: None Given
Monsters, much like the ones in Sylvarant, 
suddenly started appearing in Tethe’alla. 
Tethe’alla had been a peaceful place thus far, and this was the 
first time such monsters had appeared. The party was worried that 
this meant the worlds had started to reverse, 
but they were still able to see the Tower of Salvation, 
the symbol of the land’s prosperity, from Tethe’alla
Welcome Home
Location: Fooji Mountains
When the party finally arrived at the Fooji Mountains, 
they fell right into a trap laid for them by the 
waiting Renegades.

Even worse, Pronyma, one of the 
five Grand Cardinals, appeared. She had been 
searching for Colette under orders from Yggdrasill. 
Pronyma and Yuan seemed to know each other, 
and the two struck a bargain; Pronyma would get Colette, 
and Yuan would get Lloyd. 
Pronyma took Colette, and when she spotted the Key Crest 
controlling the Cruxis Crystal on Colette’s chest, 
she tried to remove it. At that moment, 
Colette regained consciousness. 
Her unwillingness to part with the present that 
Lloyd made for her gave power to the 
still-incomplete Key Crest. 
When Colette had fully regained her senses, she pulled away 
from Pronyma and accidentally destroyed the 
trap with her customary clumsiness. 
Lloyd and the others, now freed, 
squared off with Pronyma and defeated her. 
Next, they turned to face Yuan, 
but Kratos appeared and stopped the fight. 
Kratos told Yuan that Yggdrasill 
was calling for his group, and they ran off, 
taking the injured Pronyma with them. Confused, 
Lloyd and the others began to suspect that the 
Renegades and Cruxis were allies.

It turned out that the Renegades had stolen the Rheairds. 
Colette’s Key Crest seemed to be in good working order, 
but Lloyd and company were now stuck 
without a means of transportation. 
In order to find a way to get across the 
bridge to see Kate in Sybak, 
and to take Presea home, the party decided to take 
Sheena’s suggestion and seek help at the 
Meltokio Elemental Research Laboratory. 
Their minds made up, the group set off for Meltokio.
An Attacker
Location: The Sewers of Meltokio
Meltokio was closed up tight. 
A warrant had been issued for the group’s arrest, 
and all of them, even Zelos, were now outlaws. 
Zelos, however, had an idea; 
they could enter Meltokio via the city’s sewer system.

However, the exit to the sewer had been 
closed off by the prisoners sent by the Pope. 
One of the prisoners seemed to be 
surprised at the sight of Presea and retreated.

After getting inside Meltokio, 
Lloyd and the others headed for the 
Elemental Research Laboratory per Sheena’s suggestion.
Elemental Cargo
Location: Meltokio, the Imperial City
At the Elemental Research Laboratory, the party met Kuchinawa, 
an undercover spy and Sheena’s friend 
from her hometown of Mizuho.

The Elemental Research Laboratory 
scientist proposed to modify a strange vehicle 
called an Elemental Cargo to run under Undine’s power. 
The party agreed and 
decided to cross the ocean with this Elemental Cargo. 
It seemed that the 
modifications would take some time, 
so Lloyd and the others decided to 
spend the night at Zelos’ mansion.

The next day, the party received a 
Wing Pack from a researcher and headed 
for the Grand Tethe’alla Bridge, where Kuchinawa 
was waiting with the Elemental Cargo.
Setting Sail
Location: Grand Tethe’alla Bridge
Lloyd and company arrived at the bridge. 
Colette had returned to her senses, 
and her expression clouded as she looked 
at the bridge for what was effectively 
the first time. Using Undine’s power to 
make the Elemental Cargo seaworthy, 
the group set off for Sybak to meet Kate once again.
Kratos’ Warning
Location: Sybak, the University Town
When Lloyd and the others arrived in Sybak, they ran into Kratos. 
Kratos brushed off the furious Lloyd. Instead of fighting them, 
he warned Colette to remove her Key Crest and left. 
Though they were wary of Kratos, the group continued 
their journey to meet Kate.
Test Subject
Location: Sybak, the University Town
The group went to visit Kate at the basement of 
the research laboratory in Sybak. 
Kate was overjoyed to see them safe and told them about Presea. 
Presea was being used as a test subject in the 
research of evolving Exspheres into Cruxis Crystals. 
She said that the special 
Key Crest Presea wore would delay the Exsphere’s 
parasitic process, which would cause the 
Exsphere to mutate into a Cruxis Crystal. 
Once the process was complete, Presea would die. 
The only way to cure her would 
be to enlist the aid of Altessa, 
the dwarf in Tethe’alla who had created her Key Crest. 
Altessa lived on the otherside 
of the labyrinth of Gaoracchia Forest. 
The group decided to meet Altessa by going through 
Gaoracchia Forest that lay northeast of Sybak.
Gaoracchia Forest
Location: Gaoracchia Forest
The Papal Knights sent by the 
Pope awaited Lloyd and the others when they 
arrived at Gaoracchia Forest. 
They managed to defeat the Papal Knights and 
went deeper into the forest.

The group had almost made it 
through the forest when Colette heard another 
group of pursuers approaching them from 
the direction of Altessa’s home. 
The mysterious prisoner they encountered in 
the sewers of Meltokio appeared as well. 
He told them that he wanted to speak to Presea, 
but she was consumed by the 
Exsphere and said nothing. The man noticed 
Presea’s Exsphere and extended his hand, 
but Presea struggled against him and the 
group had to fight him.

Lloyd and the others were able to defeat the man, 
but realized that they would soon be trapped 
by the pursuers from Sybak 
and those from the direction of Altessa’s home. 
Sheena suggested fleeing to her hometown of Mizuho, 
the Mystical Village. 
Mizuho lay south through the 
Gaoracchia Forest and then west. 
The group was forced to go to Mizuho, 
taking the mysterious man with them for 
further questioning.
Location: Mizuho, the Mystical Village
Lloyd and the others arrived at Mizuho, the Mystical Village. 
Sheena went in ahead to report to the village’s second-in-command. 
Lloyd and the others headed for the home of the Chief as well.

Mizuho’s Chief Igaguri had been in a 
coma for a long time. Tiga, 
his second-in-command, questioned Lloyd instead. 
He asked them what 
they planned to do next. Lloyd thought 
about the current situation 
and answered that he wanted to change the 
relationship between the 
two worlds that fought for mana. 
He said there had to be a way in which 
both worlds could co-exist and flourish together.

Tiga laughed and said that Lloyd was like the 
hero Mithos from the Ancient Kharlan Wars. 
Mithos believed that there was a way for the 
warring worlds to co-exist in peace, 
and ended the war. Tiga asked Lloyd if 
he was going to become the next Mithos. 
Lloyd said that he was not Mithos, and 
that he wanted to save the two worlds his way, 
with his friends. Tiga seemed to be satisfied with 
that answer and promised to help Lloyd. 
Tiga proclaimed that he would rather 
work with Lloyd, who wanted to save both 
Sylvarant and Tethe’alla, than with 
the royal family or the Church, 
who wanted to sacrifice Sylvarant.

The villagers of Mizuho offered to find the Rheairds. 
Sheena had placed a 
guardian on the Rheairds, so 
it would be relatively easy to locate them.

The mysterious man they had captured in Gaoracchia Forest introduced 
himself as Regal. Zelos felt that Regal would not attempt to harm the 
group until Presea was in a condition to talk, and suggested that 
he accompany them on their journey. Lloyd agreed with Zelos and 
the group continued on their journey to Altessa’s home with Regal. 
What Was Lost
Location: Ozette, the Quiescent Village
As soon as the group arrived at Ozette, Presea ran off into the village. 
Lloyd and the others followed after her.

There was a visitor with a job for Presea waiting in front of her house. 
He told them that the sacred wood in the Ozette region was accessible 
only by Presea. The visitor quickly left after making his request, and 
Presea went inside her house, ignoring the group.

When Lloyd and the others followed Presea into her house, they were 
shocked at what they found. Although a corpse laid on the bed, 
she lived without noticing it. Regal asked Presea if she was 
going with them, but she just told them that she had a job to do. 
The group was forced to leave Presea at her home.
Altessa and Tabatha
Location: Altessa’s House
Lloyd and the others set off for Altessa’s home, south of Ozette.

The group arrived at Altessa’s home. When they asked Altessa about Presea, 
the dwarf grew surly, refused to talk to them, 
and kicked them out of his home. 
Lloyd was furious and demanded to know why he did such an awful 
thing to Presea. 
Tabatha answered him instead. She said that Presea’s Key Crest was made from 
an ore that worked in the exact opposite way of the normal Inhibitor Ore. 
If they remade Presea’s Key Crest with Inhibitor Ore, there was a chance 
she would be saved.

According to Regal, Inhibitor Ore was mined in the mining region on the 
southern continent. Lloyd and the others set off for the Toize Valley Mine, 
located in the center of the southern continent.
Inhibitor Ore
Location: Toize Valley Mine
Lloyd and the others arrived at the Toize Valley Mine. 
The mine had been shut down, 
but it looked like someone had tried to break in. The party destroyed the 
mine’s malfunctioning defense system and went inside the mine.

The group was able to get a hold of a small amount of Inhibitor Ore at the 
deepest part of the mine. Lloyd knew that he could not forge a fully 
functional Key Crest himself, so he created a makeshift crest and 
headed back to Ozette for Presea.
Location: Toize Valley Mine
Near the exit, the group ran into a man called Vharley. 
Vharley seemed to have entered the mine looking for 
stray Exspheres. After a brief discussion 
Vharley left and Regal confessed to the party that he 
was a prisoner serving time for murder. When Lloyd asked what 
had happened, Regal simple said that he would tell them 
when the time was right. The group continued on their 
journey back to Ozette.
Colette Kidnapped
Location: Ozette, the Quiescent Village
The Papal Knights awaited Lloyd and the others at Ozette. 
The knights attacked and the group was able to fight them off, 
but Colette collapsed in pain. Then Rodyle appeared with Presea, 
who had lost most of her sanity, and used her in an attempt 
to take Colette. Sheena and Corrine were able to 
take Presea away from Rodyle, 
but he escaped with Colette on a flying monster.
Lost Time
Location: Ozette, the Quiescent Village
Lloyd replaced Presea’s Key Crest, restoring her sanity. 
Presea realized that her father was dead and was stricken with grief. 
She calmed down after burying her father, 
and explained how she had come to wear the Exsphere.

After her father had become sick and unable to work. 
Presea decided to work in his stead and 
Vharley placed an Exsphere on her. 
Regal quietly burned with rage as Presea described 
what happened. 
Vharley had introduced Presea to Rodyle, who then 
took Presea to the 
Research Academy in Sybak where she became a test subject.

Regal then asked Presea if she had an older sister. It was a question 
he had longed to ask her for quite some time, 
but Presea simply shook her head. 
Raine then asked if she had any other family members. 
Presea said that she had a younger sister but had not seen her 
ever since she left to go into service for a noble.

With no family to turn to, Presea asked if she could continue traveling 
with the group. 
She hoped to rescue Colette, who had been taken away because of her. 
Regal also asked if he could join the group 
since his fate was linked to their enemy. 
Lloyd told both of them that he would gladly travel with them. 
Just as the group was about to set off after Rodyle and Colette, 
Kratos appeared. 
Kratos told them that Colette was useless to Rodyle in her current state. 
Kratos also told them that the villagers of Mizuho had discovered 
the whereabouts of the Rheairds. 
Then he left without fighting them. 
Lloyd was bewildered by Kratos’ behavior, 
but nevertheless decided to return to Mizuho to 
learn the status of the Rheairds.
Past Failure 
Location: Mizuho, the Mystical Village
In order to pursue Rodyle, who disappeared 
into the sky, the group needed the Rheairds 
taken by the Renegades. They returned to Mizuho, 
hoping for information. Tiga told them that they’ve 
located the Rheairds and that Sheena should 
enlist the aid of Volt, the Summon Spirit of Lightning. 
Sheena, however, opposed the idea and ran outside.

When Sheena was young, she failed in her attempt to forge a pact with 
Volt in a Summon Spirit pact experiment, 
causing the death of many villagers. 
The experience severely 
traumatized Sheena and she became terrified of 
Summon Spirits, especially Volt. 
But with support and encouragement of 
Lloyd and Corrine, Sheena agreed to 
attempt to forge a pact with Volt 
in order to help rescue Colette.

In their search for Volt, 
the summon Spirit of Lightning, the group set off 
for the Temple of Lightning, located 
on a lone island north of Ozette.
Location: Temple of Lightning
Lloyd and the others arrived at the Temple of Lightning. They headed inside, 
hoping to awaken Volt and forge a pact with him.

After reaching the deepest region of the temple, Sheena tried to forge a pact 
with Volt. However, the Summon Spirit also had a pre-existing pact with Mithos. 
Sheena attempted to persuade Volt to annul the pact with Mithos and forge a 
new pact with her, but Volt did not desire to make a pact. Sheena lost control 
of the situation once again, but Corrine, Sheena’s first Summon Spirit, 
appeared and saved her from Volt’s attack. The shock of Corrine’s sacrifice 
helped Sheena conquer her inner fears, and she succeeded in forging the pact.

Soon afterward, Undine appeared and the two Summon Spirits told the group of 
the changes that were happening in the two worlds. It was unprecedented to 
have a spirit from each world awake at the same time. Because of this, the 
mana flow that connected the two worlds was weakened. If all the 
Summon Spirits were awakened, then that mana flow between the two 
worlds would be stopped.

The group’s goal finally became clear. Lloyd and the others must awaken 
the Summon Spirits on both worlds and forge pacts with them.

Just as they reached the exit of the temple, Orochi, one of the villagers 
from Mizuho, told them that they had determined the location of the Rheairds. 
The vehicles were held In the Renegade base, somewhere in the freezing fjords 
of the northeast continent. 
Lloyd and the others set off to the Renegade base.
Location: Tethe’alla Base
Lloyd and the others finally found the Renegades’ 
base in Tethe’alla. They made 
their way inside, hoping to get the Rheairds.

The group made it to the hangar but just as 
they were about to take the Rheairds, 
they were surrounded by Yuan and Botta of the Renegades.
The group fought them, while looking for a chance 
to make off with the Rheairds.

A massive earthquake struck as they were fighting, 
and the group took advantage 
of the situation and fled with the Rheairds.
Sinful Chosen
Location: The Nest of Flying Dragons
Using the Rheairds, Lloyd and the others could now search the eastern skies of 
Tethe’alla for Rodyle and Colette.

The group found Colette at the nest of the flying dragons, but as they 
attempted to save her, they fell right into Rodyle’s trap. 
Upon defeating the flying dragons, Presea paced herself in danger and 
rescued Colette. With the nest collapsing, 
the group escaped on their Rheairds.

With Colette safe, Lloyd and the others set off to release the mana 
link between the two worlds which Undine and Volt had spoken of. 
To separate Sylvarant and Tethe’alla, the group journeyed to forge 
pacts with the Summon Spirits of both lands.
Location: The Temple of Earth
Lloyd and the others traveled to the 
Temple of Earth in the northern region of Meltokio. 
However, they found their way blocked by a Gnomelette. 
The mysterious creature 
refused to let them pass until his big brother, 
who had gone out in search of tasty stones, 
returned. His brother went searching for the stones in the 
mineral-rich area of the Toize Valley Mine.

The Gnomelette the group found in the Toize Valley Mine turned out to be 
looking for potions, not stones. Lloyd figured that he would return home 
once they handed him a potion; the Palma Potion, 
Mizuho Potion, or the Flanoir Potion.

Now that the Gnomelette in the Toize Valley Mine 
had returned to his home in 
the Temple of Earth, Lloyd and the others were 
able to proceed deeper inside the Temple of Earth.
Something Spicy
Location: The Temple of Earth
The Gnomelette allowed Lloyd and the others to continue deeper inside the 
Temple of Earth. They pressed on hoping to meet Gnome.

Delving deeper inside the temple, the group found their way closed off 
once again by another Gnomelette. The Gnomelette wanted to eat something 
spicy, so the party set off to prepare the appropriate dish.
After the party gave the Gnomelette a spicy batch of curry, he allowed 
the party to continue deeper into the temple.

Further inside the temple, the group created a new path with the 
aid of another Gnomelette.

When the group finally reached Gnome, they demonstrated their power 
and succeeded in forging a pact with him.
Location: The Temple of Ice
Lloyd and the others discovered the 
Temple of ice located south of Flanoir. 
Hoping to forge a pact with Celsius, 
the Summon Spirit of Ice, they headed inside the temple.

To reach Celsius, they needed to freeze the lake within the temple. 
The group decided to find a way to freeze this lake which 
could not be frozen by the power of the Sorcerer’s Ring.

With the aid of the Penguinist Gloves, Lloyd was able to 
get a hold of the ice flower, Celsius’ Tear that was able to 
freeze anything. After successfully freezing the lake, 
the group demonstrated their power to Celsius and forged a 
pact with the summon spirit.
Location: The Temple of Darkness 
In the highlands south of the Fooji Mountains, 
Lloyd and the others found the 
Temple of Darkness where Shadow, the Summon Spirit of Darkness lay. 
However, the inside of the temple was too dark from Shadow’s presence, 
and they were unable to proceed. 
Sheena suggested that they get help from 
the Elemental Research Laboratory, 
so the group headed towards Meltokio.

Using the power of the Blue Candle, Lloyd and the 
others proceeded into the temple, 
hoping to forge a pact with Shadow.

The group met shadow on the lowest floor of the temple, and after 
demonstrating their power, forged a pact with the Summon Spirit.
Light of Judgment
Location: Ozette, the Quiescent Village
Lloyd and the others noticed dark clouds of Ozette, 
and the village was suddenly struck by a pillar of lightning. 
The group hurried to Ozette, to find out what happened.
Young Mithos
Location: Ozette, the Quiescent Village
When the group finally reached Ozette, they found the village destroyed. 
Most of the villagers had been killed and the rest were wounded.

Lloyd saved one of the surviving children. His name was Mithos, 
same as the legendary hero of the Kharlan War. He was a half-elf with no 
relatives who quietly lived on the outskirts of the village. 
Mithos told Lloyd that lightning fell from the sky and that the angels 
attacked the village.

Altessa arrived at the scene and despaired at the sight of the village. 
He seemed to know why the village was destroyed, but quickly left 
when Sheena tried to ask him about it.

Wanting hear Altessa’s story, Lloyd and the others set off for 
his house with Mithos.
Unforgiving Crime
Location: Altessa’s House
Upon arriving at Altessa’s house, Lloyd and the others 
asked him what happened to Ozette. Altessa, regaining his composure, 
slowly revealed to them the fully story.

Altessa was once a member of Cruxis. 
He was an artisan who manufactured 
Cruxis Crystals and Exspheres for use as weapons. He fled and took refuge 
in Ozette after seeing the suffering caused by his work. However, 
he was found by Rodyle and was ordered to work on experiments. 
If he had not performed the experiment on Presea, 
he would have been killed.

Altessa went on to say that Ozette was destroyed by Yggdrasill as 
retribution for Altessa aiding Rodyle, who was plotting against Cruxis. 
He then apologized and went inside his house. Hoping to get more 
information from him, Lloyd and the others followed him.

The group was able to obtain much information from Altessa. 
They learned that Cruxis was an organization made 
up almost entirely of half-elves 
and was trying to use the Chosen as a vessel in order to revive Martel. 
The reason the Desians were after the chosen was 
to awaken the Cruxis Crystal by stimulating 
it with the Chosen’s fear, suffering, and combat instincts. 
The Desians never intended to take the Chosen’s life.

The group also learned that Rodyle w
as constructing a weapon called the Mana Cannon 
at his ranch in Sylvarant. 
They also learned that the two worlds were joined, 
and that the Great Seed was protected in the center.

Confused by all the information Lloyd and the others 
gratefully accepted Altessa’s 
offer to stay at his house for the night. It was the first time Genis had a 
half-elf as a friend, so Genis and Mithos quickly grew fond of each other.

The next day, the group awoke to find that Raine had left during the night, 
leaving behind a simple note. According to Tabatha, Raine had taken a Rheaird 
and flown off towards Altamira before dawn. Lloyd and the others decided to 
follow Raine to Altamira. The city known as the Seaside Paradise lay southeast 
of Altessa’s house, and they took along Mithos who was worried about Raine.
Location: Altamira, the Seaside Paradise
When the group arrived at the city gate of Altamira, the Seaside Paradise, 
Regal refused to go in. Lloyd and the others left him behind at the gate and 
entered the city.
Alicia’s Grave
Location: Altamira, the Seaside Paradise
Lloyd found a small memorial near the hotel in Altamira. 
An old man laying flowers 
at the monument was visibly startled by Presea. 
He said that he knew a young girl 
named Alicia who closely resembled her. Presea asked the old man more about 
the girl, saying that she was her sister. He told her that Alicia passed away 
some time ago and that her grave was located at the Lezareno Company. 
The old man urged her to visit the grave and gave the group a Lezareno Company 
ID badge. They decided to visit the company 
and pay their respects at Alicia’s grave.

When they arrived at the grave, a voice called out to them from the Exsphere 
embedded in the gravestone. The voice called to Presea and asked that she 
find Alicia’s master, Bryant, who killed her.

Lloyd and the others promised Presea that they would find Alicia’s killer. 
Meanwhile, Mithos stared at the Exsphere embedded in the gravestone 
with a troubled expression.

7. Start of Mixed Sylvarant/Tethe’alla Guide

Otherworldly Gate
Location: The Otherworldly Gate
Upon leaving Alicia’s grave, the party bumped into a 
pair of Lezareno Company employees who told them where 
the location of the Otherworldly Gate was.

Raine was apparently looking for the Otherworldly Gate. 
There was a legend around this region that on an island to the 
east of Altamira, on the night of a full moon, 
a gate would open to Sylvarant.

After reuniting with Regal, the group headed to the lone island 
to the east where the gate was said to be located. The party found 
Raine near the gate. When Colette asked her what she was doing, 
she replied that this was where she and Genis were abandoned when 
they were younger. Genis was stunned. The two of them were born in 
Tethe’alla. They were abandoned here 
and taken to Sylvarant through the gate.

Raine had sought this place all her life. 
She was unable to find it in Sylvarant, 
but she caught a glimpse of it from the 
sky while they were searching for Colette and Rodyle. 
And relying on her memories she arrived here.

Suddenly, Kuchinawa appeared. He had been trailing them. 
With the Pope’s assassins, Kuchinawa attempted 
to kill Lloyd and the others. 
Sheena was astonished the turn of events. Kuchinawa had held a 
grudge against Sheena ever since his parents were killed when Sheena 
failed to forge a pact with Volt. They fought against the assassins, 
but there were too many of them. Sheena tried to save the party by 
begging Kuchinawa to only take her life, but Zelos stopped her and 
led the group to the Otherworldly Gate, which had opened. 
The group found themselves in Sylvarant and safe for the time being.

Now that they were back in Sylvarant, Lloyd and the others 
decided to head to Palmacosta to ask the Palmacosta government 
to look after Mithos.
Back Again
Location: Palmacosta, the Port City
Lloyd and the others stopped in Palmacosta to leave Mithos 
in the care of Neil. 
There, the group was told that the Desians were gathering at the 
Palmacosta Human Ranch, which Lloyd and the others had destroyed. 
The group decided to head to the ranch to investigate. 
As they were leaving, Mithos gave Genis a flute that belonged to his 
sister and told him to use it if they found themselves in danger.

When they arrived at the ranch, it was the Renegades 
that awaited them, and not the Desians. 
There, Yuan proposed to them that they fight together. 
He explained to them that the two worlds used to be one and at the center 
of the world was the Giant Kharlan Tree that emitted mana. However, 
the tree withered, leaving only its seed. The Great Seed was now fused with 
Martel, and in order to bring Martel back to life, Yggdrasill was sending 
the mana from Derris-Kharlan to her. 
But if Martel was brought back to life, 
the seed would be absorbed by Martel, and disappear.

The Renegades were trying to stop Martel from coming back to life, 
and revive the Giant Kharlan Tree. 
The Summon Spirits had been protecting 
the Great Seed, so the Renegades were unable to send mana to it. 
However, now that the mana links had begun to unravel, 
the Great Seed’s protection was weakened.

The renegades wanted to have Lloyd and the others unlock the 
rest of the Summon Spirits and send mana to the great seed.

After much thought, Lloyd decided to join forces with the Renegades. 
Only they would free the Summon Spirits, and the Renegades were the 
only ones who would control the flow of mana. Their goal was the same; 
to revive the Giant Kharlan Tree.

The Renegades offered to guide Lloyd and the others to the ranch entrance. 
Since Lloyd’s group was heading there anyway, 
they decided to head there 
together with Botta.
Location: Remote Island Human Ranch
Botta led Lloyd and the others to the Remote Island Human Ranch 
controlled by Rodyle. Botta reminded Lloyd that the destruction 
of the ranch was forbidden since the Mana Reactor was needed to 
awaken the Great Seed. He then headed for the reactor.

After Botta had left, the group headed inside the ranch, 
hoping to overthrow Rodyle and render the Mana Cannon useless.

When Lloyd and the others found Rodyle, he flooded the corridor 
leading to the Mana Cannon, killing the host bodies and 
preventing the group from reaching the cannon. Lloyd and the 
others were appalled. Rodyle laughed, saying that the Mana Cannon was 
complete and that lives of the host bodies were of no concern to him. 
He went on to say that with the Mana Cannon, he did not need to 
rely on the Cruxis Crystal, nor fear Yggdrasill or Cruxis any longer, 
and that the Tower of Salvation would come crashing down with a 
blow from the cannon.

Rodyle was betraying Cruxis and leading the Desians, 
so he could become the ruler of the world. Lloyd and the 
others were able to defeat Rodyle, but not willing to die alone,
Rodyle set off the ranch’s self-destruct system. 
Raine was unable to half the sequence by herself, but just then, 
Botta and the Renegades appeared. 

They told Lloyd to flee to the Inner Garden, 
a self-enclosed dome inside the ranch, and headed for the 
Control Room, where they began to stop the self-destruct program. 
However, sea water started to enter the Control Room as well. 
Fearing for the Renegades’ lives, Lloyd tried to open the lock 
of the control room, but it was sealed shut, by Botta and 
the other Renegades. If the door opened, Lloyd and the others
would drown, eliminating any chance of reviving the Giant Tree. 
To prevent that from happening, Botta and the other renegades chose 
to give up their own lives.

Although the Renegades’ sacrifice had saved Lloyd and the others 
from the self-destruct sequence and the sea water, they were still 
surrounded by Rodyle’s monsters. There was nowhere to hide inside the 
dome and they were forced to fight the horde, but there were too many 
monsters and the group was soon overwhelmed. Genis played Mithos’ 
flute as a last resort, and when it looked like their end had come, 
the dome’s roof blew open. An awesome force attacked the monsters. 
Up in the air was Mithos, who had come to their aid on a Rheaird.

Mithos told them that a golden bird helped him and destroyed the dome. 
That bird had to be Aska, the Summon Spirit of Light. 
However, Lloyd and the others had no idea why a Summon Spirit with 
whom they had yet to forge a pact with would have helped them. 
Genis was overjoyed that Mithos came to help them, but Mithos 
had a perplexed expression on his face.
Botta’s Words
Location: Palmacosta, the Port City
In order to return to Tethe’alla and leave Mithos with Altessa, 
the group first needed the Renegades to restore the Rheairds’ 
ability to fly between the two worlds.

The group headed to the Sylvarant Base. They also wanted to 
relate Botta’s last words to Yuan.
Separating Worlds
Location: Sylvarant Base
Lloyd and the others related Botta’s last words to Yuan. 
The group also had the Rheairds’ ability to 
fly between the two worlds restored. 

They headed to Tethe’alla to visit Altessa’s house, and to 
forge pacts with the remaining Summon Spirits.
Alicia’s Killer
Location: Altessa’s House
The group left Mithos in Altessa’s care. 
Regal was surprised to hear that Presea’s sister was dead 
when Mithos wished her luck in finding her sister’s killer. 
Upon learning that the killer was named Bryant, and also Alicia’s 
former master, Regal said that he had an idea who this man was and 
asked the group to take him to Altamira.

Lloyd and the others headed for Altamira as Regal requested.
Crime & Punishment
Location: Altamira, the Seaside Paradise 
Lloyd and the others arrived in Altamira. They set off for Alicia’s 
grave, located in the Lezareno Company’s Sky Terrace.

They arrived at the Lezareno Company and found out that the Exsphere 
broker, Vharley, had stormed the company. Lloyd and the others hurried 
after Vharley to the Sky Terrace on the roof.

When they arrived at the Sky Terrace, Vharley was assaulting the old man
who had told them about Alicia. 
The group rescued the old man from his attacker.

Suddenly, Kuchinawa appeared and escaped with Vharley. 
The old man then cried out to Regal as his master. 
Lloyd and the others were stunned. The old man, George, 
was the butler of the Bryant household. Regal confessed to 
being the head of the Bryant Family.

When Regal stood in front of Alicia’s grave, the Exsphere that 
houses her consciousness began to speak in a trembling voice. 
Alicia said that she was glad that she could meet Bryant again 
before her consciousness dissipated entirely.

Alicia worked as a servant in Regal’s house. The two fell in love, 
but George had disapproved of their relationship. He gave Alicia
her leave and sent her off to work for Vharley, the broker 
who had wanted to take her in for some time. Regal went to take 
Alicia back, but like Presea, Alicia was judges to have a high 
compatibility with Exspheres and Vharley had made Alicia into a 
Cruxis Crystal experiment test subject. However, the experiment 
failed and Alicia became a monster just like Marble. 
Alicia begged regal to killer her, and though reluctant, 
he complied with her wish and ender her life.

Alicia now nothing more than a disembodied consciousness, 
thanked Regal one last time and asked that the Exsphere be destroyed. 
As long as it existed, she would never find true rest. 
They granted her wish and destroyed the Exsphere.

Afterward, Regal asked the party if they could postpone his 
final judgment until they defeated Cruxis and stopped them 
form using Exspheres to toy with people’s lives. 
Following Alicia’s request, Presea agreed. 

Accepting Alicia’s final words, 
Regal promised to continue on with Lloyd and the others, 
free from the guilt of being a criminal.
Kratos Again
Location: Meltokio, the Imperial City
Lloyd and the others ran into Kratos in Meltokio. 
He was searching for the sacred wood that Presea had given to the Church.
Lloyd tried to question Kratos about his mysterious activities, 
but he did not answer and only told him to stop forging pacts with the 
Summon Spirits.
The Blue Candle
Location: Meltokio, the Imperial City
Lloyd visited the Elemental Research Laboratory and found out that 
they needed the Blue Candle to find their way through the 
Temple of Darkness. (Did that a LONG time ago...). 
However, one of the staff was furious that Kate had been 
captured for letting Lloyd escape and now awaited execution. 
He was reluctant to help Lloyd. Lloyd told him that it was their 
fault that Kate was now captured and vowed to save her. 
The staff member promised to help them if Lloyd saved Kate. 

After hearing that Lloyd had saved Kate and parted ways with her 
once reaching Ozette. Kate’s hometown, the staff member 
thanked Lloyd for his effort and gave him the Blue Candle. 
Then the group set off for the Temple of Darkness.
Kate’s Rescue
Location: Meltokio, the Imperial City
Regal suggested entering the fights held at the Battle Coliseum 
to rescue the imprisoned Kate. Meltokio’s jail is directly connected 
to the Coliseum. It was originally 
built for combat between prisoners and beasts. 
Regal knew of this fact since he had 
been imprisoned there as a criminal. 
In order to rescue Kate, Lloyd and the others 
decided to enter the Coliseum fight.

After a battle at the Coliseum, they succeeded in freeing Kate. 
She wanted to go back to Ozette, her birthplace. 
The group granted her wish and took her there.

In the ruins of Ozette, Kate confessed that she was the Pope’s daughter. 
She had been unable to deny her father’s request and participated in the 
experiments on Presea. Lloyd and the others were furious at the Pope, 
a man who would send his own daughter to the execution block. 
Kate thanked them for saving her, and went off on her own.
The Shining Bird
Location: None Given
Lloyd and the others ran into a zoologist who was traveling the world 
with his family. They were traveling the world to see 
the shining bird they had caught a glimpse of. 
Lloyd and the others realized immediately that they were talking about Aska, 
the Summon Spirit of Light. Hoping to discover how they might meet Aska, 
they asked the family to talk about their experience.

With the Rheairds, Lloyd’s group could travel places where they 
could not go before and now would be able to seek out the Linkite Tree. 
Even if the tree was withered, they could revive it with the help of Gnome, 
the Summon Spirit of Earth, and Raine’s healing power strengthened by 
an Exsphere shard and the Unicorn Horn. Then they would only have 
to let the melody played by the tree’s nuts travel across the world 
with the aid of Sylph, the Summon Spirit of Wind.

It was unclear whether the Linkite Nut would play the melody, 
but at least now they had some hope of meeting Aska. 
They decided to ask either Dirk or Altessa about an Exsphere shard, 
and Lloyd set off to fulfill the conditions needed to revive the 
Linkite Tree.

In order to play the melody, the group decided to make a 
flute from the nut of the Linkite Tree. 
Now all of the conditions to meet Aska were fulfilled.
The Linkite Flute
Location: The Linkite Tree
The group found the Linkite Tree in a remote highland reachable 
only with the Rheairds. The tree, however, 
had already withered and died. 

After a long journey, Lloyd had finally fulfilled 
all the conditions for reviving the Linkite Tree and meeting Aska.

The group manages to revive the Linkite Tree and summon Aska. 
However, the spirit refused to forge a pact unless Luna did as well. 
That meant the group would have to demonstrate their power to 
Luna and Aska at the same time. Lloyd agreed to Aska’s conditions. 
The group decided to forge pacts with the other Summon Spirits first, 
before they would have to fight both 
Summon Spirits at the Tower of Mana.
Mana Links
Location: None Given
In order to save the tower worlds, Sheena had to forge pacts 
with the Summon Spirits and release the bonds of mana. 
The group set off on a journey around the worlds, searching 
for all the Summon Spirits with whom they had not yet forged pacts.

Lloyd and the others made their way across 
Sylvarant and Tethe’alla, 
forging pacts with the Summon Spirits of each region. 
Earthquakes shook the land every time they forged a pact with a 
Summon Spirit with an already awakened counterpart, 
proving that the Mana Link had been removed. 
Believing there was still a chance for 
them to save the two worlds, the group 
continues on their quest to awaken 
all of the Summon Spirits.

The group’s quest had so far been a success and only one 
link remained that need to be broken. Although Lloyd felt 
uncomfortable about the world after all the Mana Links were broken, 
the group forged pacts with all the Summon Spirits except 
for the Spirit of Light. It was time to set off for the 
Tower of Mana in Sylvarant.
Hour of Salvation
Location: The Tower of Mana
To break the final bond, the group set off for the Tower of Mana, 
where Luna awaited them.

The time had finally come for Lloyd to 
awaken the final Summon Spirit. 
Kratos attempted to stop the group in front of the final seal, 
but Yuan took him on, and the group succeeded in forging a 
pact. However, when the pact was forged, a terrible earthquake 
shook the land.

At the same time, a similar earthquake shook Tethe’alla. 
Mithos and Tabatha, who were in Altessa’s house, were caught 
in the middle of the quake. The earthquake caused a rock slide, 
and while Mithos saved Tabatha from being killed, he was severely 

Back at the Tower of Mana, Lloyd and the others started to panic. 
A gigantic tree root had broken through where the seal had been, 
rapidly twisting its way through the earth. 
Then, an enormous tree appeared, almost as if it had detached 
from the Tower of Salvation. 
Within the tree trunk was a beautiful, 
familiar-looking girl with a tortured expression. 
As soon as the tree appeared, the Tower of Salvation vanished.

Yuan called out for Martel and the rest simple started in 
astonishment at the giant tree. 
The tree’s roots kept digging deeper, 
splitting Sylvarant’s earth in its path. Kratos 
looked at the tree with an agonized expression. 
Neither Lloyd nor the Renegades expected this and even 
Cruxis had not anticipated this result.

Kratos exclaimed that the Great Seed lost stability 
and was out of control. 
The seed was in a permanent state of flux between 
the two worlds. 
Aside from the Mana Link, the Summon Spirits also 
worked to stabilize the seed. Now, the Great Seed had lost 
its protection because Lloyd and the others forged
 a pact with the 
Summon Spirits. If the two worlds were reunited, the 
Great Seed would have awoken properly by 
the powers of the awakened 
Summon Spirits and the mana from the Mana Reactor. 
But because the worlds were still separated, 
the Summon Spirits of only one 
world could affect the seed. 
Yuan did not know about this, 
and though this was a great opportunity to revive the Giant Tree 
which had lost the protection of 
the Summon Spirits. 
The exposure of the Great Seed to mana resulted in the 
Great Seed losing control.

Kratos went on to say that because Colette had broken the 
seals of Sylvarant, the seed was receiving power only 
from the Summon Spirits of Sylvarant, thereby 
tipping the balance to 
Sylvarant and losing control. As it stood, 
Sylvarant would be destroyed by the Great Seed, 
and Tethe’alla, which was 
once the same world, would be destroyed as well.

Then a though struck Lloyd. If the power of 
Sylvarant’s Summon Spirits had destabilized the Giant Tree, 
perhaps the Summon Spirits of Tethe’alla would have a claming 
effect on the Great Seed. 
There as no time to verify the theory, so they called a 
temporary truce with Kratos and decided to 
use the Mana Cannon.

The Renegades had manipulated Rodyle into 
designing the Mana Cannon 
to assault the Tower of Salvation, but now they planned to 
use it to merge and amplify the power of the 
Tethe’alla Summon Spirits, and fire it at the Great Seed. 
If they could cut off the amplified stream of mana 
from the Sylvarant Summon Spirits 
at the same time, the balance of power between 
the worlds would be restored, 
and the Great Seed would subside once again.

Lloyd decided to stop the Mana Reactor in the ranches 
which fed the Great Seed. 
The reactors in the ranches that had been destroyed were easy to stop, 
but the Renegade operative in the one ranch 
that was still operational was found and killed. 
There was no time to lose. Leaving Sheena behind 
to fire the Mana Cannon, 
Lloyd and the others rushed back to the Iselia 
Ranch to stop the Mana Reactor.
Last Human Ranch
Location: Iselia Human Ranch
Lloyd and the others infiltrated the Iselia Human Ranch with Kratos. 
Lloyd remembered that Chocolat of Palmacosta was held 
at this ranch. To save time, the group decided to split into two; 
one to rescue the host bodies and another to stop the Man Reactor.

The infiltration of the facility started a riot in the 
host-body holding cells. 
Lloyd spotted Chocolat among the prisoners trying to flee, 
but again, Chocolat refused to be saved by Lloyd. 
Lloyd told her that she was being saved by the Chosen and 
not him, and handed her to the group saving the host bodies. 
Lloyd then headed deeper within the ranch to stop the 
Mana Reactor with the rest of the group.

Unfortunately, Forcystus had been them to the Mana Reactor. 
He told them that under Yggdrasill’s order, 
the Great Seed would be left as is.
Lloyd countered that if it is not brought down by force, 
Martel may disappear and the world may be destroyed 
as will. However, Forcystus laughed because the 
destruction of the world would not matter since 
Cruxis had their stronghold, Derris-Kharlan. 

Lloyd fought and defeated Forcystus. 
He then shut down the Mana Reactor and 
ran back to the entrance to meet up 
with the rest of the group.
Back Home
Location: Iselia, The Village of Oracles
Lloyd and the others returned to Iselia to tend the wounded Colette. 
The villagers did not care about Lloyd’s exile any longer, 
as they had more important things to worry about. 
The few survivors owed their lives to Lloyd and Colette.

The group took Colette back home to let her rest. 
Phaidra held a grim view of Colette’s future; now that 
the Tower of Salvation was gone, the entire world knew 
that the Chosen had failed. Leaving Kratos and Colette, 
Lloyd went outside to see how the village was holding up.

The mayor of the town denounced the Chosen as a failure, 
pinning the blame squarely on Lloyd and the others. 
He continues with hard words for Chocolat and the other 
Iselia host bodies, chastising them for fleeing toward the village. 
This was too much for Chocolat, who loudly upbraided the Mayor, 
bringing the villagers to her side. Raine’s students joined the 
gathering, defending Genis and his sister despite their half-elf 
heritage. Raine, overcome with emotion, left the scene.

Lloyd and the others were finally able to make peace with Chocolat 
and the villagers of Iselia. They went to Raine’s house to meet her. 

After finding Raine in front of her house, Lloyd asked Raine to 
go around the village with him and headed for the entrance.
Leave it to Dirk
Location: Iselia, The Village of Oracles
Kratos was waiting for the group at the village entrance with Colette. 
He was asked by Phaidra to consult Dirk about the cause of 
Colette’s illness, since he knew more about Exspheres. Lloyd was puzzled 
why Kratos did not show any hostility towards them, even though 
he was their enemy. Nonetheless, they went to Dirk’s house together.

Dirk explained that he believe Colette’s body was slowly being 
taken over by the crystal. However, the dwarf did not know much 
about Cruxis Crystals, so he did not know why this was happening. 
With that, Kratos went back to Cruxis, leaving Lloyd with a suggestion; 
if Lloyd wanted to cure Colette, he should research the 
Ancient Kharlan War and recall what the unicorn 
had told him at lake Umacy.
What Now?
Location: Dirk’s House
Lloyd had a long discussion with his friends, sharing his honest 
feeling with the rest of the group. They were fully aware of 
the enormity in what they were involved in and the pain 
Colette was experiencing. They vowed to change the current situation.
Searching for Clues
Location: Dirk’s House
After spending the night at Dirk’s house, Lloyd and the others 
came to the conclusion that they should talk to Altessa, 
since he knew more about Cruxis Crystals. Even if they were 
to follow Kratos’ advice, Tethe’alla had better records of the
Ancient Kharlan Wars. They headed for Tethe’alla to see Altessa.
The Archives
Location: Altessa’s House
According to Altessa, Colette was suffering from 
Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium. 
The cure had been lost to obscurity, but more information might be 
available in old Ancient Kharlan War records. Mithos knew where the 
records would be found in the university archives, so the group headed 
to Sybak.
Hero’s Tracks
Location: Sybak, the University Town
Lloyd and the others were amazed at 
what was writing on the documents. 
A companion of the hero Mithos had contracted the same disease as 
Colette and was cured. Unfortunately for Colette, 
none of the references mentioned exactly 
how Mithos cured his companion.

The group decided to find out 
what they could about the ancient hero. 
According to the young Mithos, 
regards of the Ancient Kharlan War 
were managed by the Tethe’alla royal family. 
They separated with Mithos who was heading home, 
and the group headed for Meltokio.
End of Vharley
Location: Meltokio Sewers
On the way to Meltokio, Lloyd and the others witnessed a 
meeting between Vharley and one of the Pope’s servants. 
The servant received poison from the Exsphere broker. 
The king was ill because of the poison 
given to him by the Pope. 
If Lloyd and the others saved the King and 
brought down the Pope, 
they would be able to access the documents they needed.

The group defeated Vharley and decided to denounce 
the Pope in the Martel Cathedral.
The Pope’s Downfall
Location: Meltokio, the Imperial City
Finally, the group came face to face with the Pope. 
When they demanded to know about his actions toward 
his daughter, Kate, and the treatment of half-elves, 
the Pope confessed that the longevity of the half-elves was 
That was why his own daughter was repulsive to him.

When the group dropped their guard upon hearing this, 
the Pope called out for the Papal Knights and fled. 
Lloyd was then force into a battle with the soldiers.

After the battle was over, the soldiers noticed 
Colette’s wings 
and began to panic. They had mistaken 
her as the second coming 
of Spiritua, the Angel of Death. Rumors had spread though 
the city that Spiritua would appear because they had 
condemned the current chosen, Zelos.

Zelos used the situation and proclaimed that Colette 
was indeed the second coming of Spiritua, and regained 
his position within the Church of Martel. 
Taking advantage of the face that the soldiers were 
petrified of Colette, Lloyd and the others 
revealed that the Pope had been poisoning the King, 
and ordered them to arrest the Pope.

Now that they were free from danger, 
the group headed for the King’s chambers to save the King.

They convinced Princess Hilda, who was skeptical of them, 
to let them give the antidote to the king. The King 
regained consciousness, but because 
he was wary of the throne from the Pope’s 
antics, he shunned the Chosen, Zelos, 
who possessed power second to the royal family. 
Lloyd was shocked, but Zelos seemed unfazed by the 
King’s comment and received permission to search the 
castle’s archive for documents relating to the ancient war.

Now that the group was finally free to explore the castle, 
they began their search for the records of the ancient war.
A Ray of Hope
Tethe’alla Castle
Now that they were cleared of treason, Lloyd and the 
others were free to search the castle for documents 
relating to the Kharlan War. 
They headed for the castle’s archives, 
where they hoped to find the necessary information.

Within the archives, they discovered a cure for 
Colette’s disease. 
The remedy involved fusing the Unicorn Horn with Zircon, 
a Mana Leaf Herb and a Mana Fragment. 
These were to be embedded into the Key Crest.

According to the Church of Martel, the Mana Fragment 
could only be found in Derris-Kharlan, 
the Cruxis stronghold. 
So Lloyd and the others decided to 
first look for Zircon and the Mana Leaf Herb.

Regal revealed that the 
Lezareno Company traded Zircon and they 
also learned that the elves, located in Heimdall, 
used the Mana Leaf Herb in several 
of their medications. 
However, Heimdall was closed to outsiders, 
especially half-elves, and only allowed humans 
with a permit from the King to enter. 
The group decided to head to Altamira to 
obtain Zircon and to meet Princess Hilda 
to receive a permit from the King.
Location: Meltokio, the Imperial City
When they realized they would need 
Zircon to heal Colette, 
they found out that Regal’s 
company dealt with it before. 
The group headed for the headquarters of 
Regal’s company 
located in Altamira.
Zircon’s Location
Location: Altamira, the Seaside Paradise
The group arrived at the Lezareno Company 
and was able to get George, 
the company’s manager, to open the records room. 
The group was able to examine 
the records pertaining to Zircon shipments.

The specific document they were searching 
for was snatched by Kuchinawa, 
who challenged Sheena to a duel. 
When Sheena agreed, Kuchinawa handed back 
the document in exchange.

According to the document, 
Zircon had recently been sent to the 
Sybak Imperial Research Academy. 
The group decided to travel to Sybak.
Zircon Found
Location: Sybak, the University Town
The group succeeded in obtaining the 
Zircon in a storeroom in the 
Sybak Imperial Research Academy.
Road to Heimdall
Location: Tethe’alla Castle
The information about the Mana Leaf Herb 
could only be obtained in Heimdall, 
and to enter Heimdall required permission of the king. 
Since Zelos had fallen from the King’s favor, 
the group decided to ask Princess Hilda for the permit.

The princess heard their request and 
succeeded in obtaining 
the permit from the King. 
The group set off toward Heimdall, 
which was said to be located in a forest 
south of the Tower of Salvation.
Ymir Fruit
Location: Ymir Forest
Lloyd and the others arrived at the Ymir Forest, 
the way into Heimdall. 
They made their way through the forest.

At the entrance into Heimdall, 
the group encountered a lone elf child. 
The child had been searching for the Ymir Fruit, 
located somewhere within the forest, to cure his sick mother. 
The group decided to head back into the forest 
to find the Ymir Fruit.

After finding the fruit, Lloyd gave it to the child and 
headed into Heimdall.
Location: Heimdall, Hidden Elven Village
Upon arriving at Heimdall, the group met Kratos once again, 
but Lloyd was unable to draw his sword. Kratos looked at 
Colette and told Lloyd that there was not much time, and left.

Heimdall forbade half-elves from entering because a half-elf
had brought ruin upon the village once before. 
Although this was where Raine and Genis were born, 
they were forced to wait outside of the village.

Lloyd asked to meet with the Village Elder. 
The villagers agreed, but with one condition; 
any mention of the hero Mithos was 
strictly taboo in Heimdall.

The group tried to bargain with the Elder 
to receive the Mana Leaf Herb. 
The Elder told them of a certain valley 
where the herb could be found. 
The group then headed southeast for Latheon Gorge. 
Mana Leaf Herb
Location: Latheon Gorge
After arriving at Latheon Gorge, the group headed 
for the home of the Elven Storyteller, 
deep in the heart of the Gorge. 
They hoped the elf would give them the Mana Leaf Herb.

Lloyd found the Storyteller deep within Latheon Gorge. 
When they inquired about the Mana Leaf Herb, 
the Storyteller opened up a path to its location, 
but warned them that it was in a dangerous place. 
The group pressed on further into 
the Gorge in their quest for the herb.

When they entered the cave deep 
within the heart of the Gorge, 
the group encountered a monster that 
seemed to be guarding the herb. 
They managed to defeat it, and were able 
to get a hold of the Mana Leaf Herb.
The Kharlan War
Location: Latheon Gorge
After getting the Mana Leaf Herb they needed, 
Lloyd and the others headed back to the 
Storyteller’s house.

The elf told them of the hero Mithos, 
whose name was taboo among the elves of Heimdall. 
Mithos was born in Heimdall and was cast out of 
the village when the Kharlan War began.
Saddened, Mithos fought alongside his sister and 
two friends to bring an end to the war. 
They were named Martel, Yuan, and Kratos.

Lloyd and the others 
were surprised to hear those names. 
They were names of the angels of Cruxis, 
their enemies. The Storyteller continued; 
Mithos was a half-elf born, 
as well as the one responsible for 
bringing about this twisted world.

The hero Mithos became Yggdrasill of Cruxis. 
Lloyd could not understand how his 
heroic actions led to Cruxis.
To Derris-Kharlan
Location: None Given
The final piece for the cure, a Mana Fragment, 
could only be found in Derris-Kharlan. 
The only way to get there was via the Tower of Salvation, 
so Lloyd asked Zelos to 
open the way for them. Zelos’ Cruxis Crystal was held at 
the monastery where Seles, his younger sister, lived. 
The group headed for a lone island 
near the southern continent of Tethe’alla, 
Southeast of the Toize Valley Mine.

Zelos received the Cruxis Crystal back from Seles. 
The group headed for the Tower of Salvation 
located at the very center of Tethe’alla.
Bipolar Worlds
Location: The Tower of Salvation
Inside the Tower of Salvation, the group found a 
Seal Chamber identical to the one in Sylvarant. 
Lloyd was astonished to see the same damaged he 
had caused in Sylvarant visible here. 
Suddenly, Kratos descended on the group and told 
them that the two worlds were joined at this precise spot. 
He then tried to take Colette with him. 

Lloyd fought Kratos in order to stop him, 
but they were captured and taken away to Derris-Kharlan.
Location: Welgaia, the Holy City
Captured and thrown into prison, the group was saved 
by none other than Regal, who used a normally 
forbidden technique to free them. The group 
fled the prison to look for a 
Mana Fragment in Welgaia, the Holy City of Cruxis.
Location: Welgaia, the Holy City
Lloyd and the others finally managed to get a 
mana Fragment. They searched the city of 
Welgaia for a way out before they were found.

The group discovered an escape route, 
and hurried towards it.

Shaking off the pursuing Angels, 
the group escaped to the Tower of Salvation.
The Sword and Angel
Location: The Seal Chamber (Tower of Salvation)
The group made it to the Tower of Salvation and 
fled towards the surface.

Lloyd returned to the Seal Chamber reaching out for 
the Eternal Sword that rested there. 
But just as he did, a voice denied him 
possession of the sword and an unseen force 
threw him backwards. Lloyd tried again but then 
Yggdrasill appeared, and told him that 
he was wasting his time. 
The Eternal Sword could only be held 
by those who meet 
a certain criteria and it could not 
be even touched unless he forged a pact with 
Origin who was sealed by Kratos.

Lloyd encountered that all he had 
to do was then defeat Kratos 
and forge a pact with Origin. 
Yggdrasill laughed at his remark and 
told him that there was a more important condition 
that had to be met. 

Yggdrasill sneered at Lloyd’s attempt to reunite 
the worlds, 
calling it foolish. The reunification of the two 
worlds meant that the two opposing forces would 
once again wage war with one another, 
leading to the development of magitechnology. 
Mana would dry up once again and the seed would die. 
He started that this was why the worlds 
need to be separated.

Yggdrasill then revealed his true goal; 
a dawn of the Age of Half-Elves and the 
transformation of all life into Lifeless Beings. 
If all life became Lifeless Beings, then the world would 
be free of discrimination. 
This was the world that he was striving for.

Lloyd denied Yggdrasill’s vision. Countless lives would be 
sacrificed in order to manufacture the 
Exspheres needed to create the Age of Half-Elves.
He started that a day would come when those who were 
in conflict with one another would reconcile their 
differences. He reminded Yggdrasill that like himself, 
Yggdrasill had once believed that this was possible 
and ended the Ancient Kharlan War. 
But the two were unable to come to an 
agreement, and a battle ensued. During the battle, 
Colette fell from Angel Toxicosis. 
Yggdrasill hesitated for a moment and Genis unleashed 
a spell and struck Yggdrasill on the arm. 
Pronyma attacked Genis in rage, 
but Yggdrasill intervened, 
shielding Genis with his own body, an action that 
surprised Lloyd.

After he received a message from Pronyma, 
Yggdrasill left the group alone. 
Lloyd and the others went to 
Altessa’s house with the Mana Fragment to 
create a cure for Colette.
Cure for Colette
Location: Altessa’s House
The group had finally collected 
all the ingredients necessary to 
cure the Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium. 
Altessa prepared the cure for Colette, 
and she was finally released from the disease. 
The group decided to stay the night at Altessa’s house.
The Truth
Location: Altessa’s House 
Late that night, Yuan paid a visit. 
He offered to take Lloyd to his father, but it was Kratos 
waiting for him outside. Surprised, 
Lloyd glared at Kratos, but the two of them 
were quickly surrounded by the Renegades. 
Yuan placed a sword at Lloyd’s neck and told 
Kratos to obey if he valued his son’s life.

Kratos was Lloyd’s real father and Yuan was using that 
as leverage to get Kratos to release Origin’s seal. 
Yuan’s goal was to sprout the Great Kharlan Tree. 
To do this, he needed the Eternal Sword, 
but the sword was inaccessible without a pact with 
Origin, and the Summon Spirit was sealed by Kratos. 
This was the only method left for the Renegades, 
but Kratos refused Yuan’s demand. Yuan then mocked 
Lloyd’s mother and Kratos. 
Angered by his words, Lloyd flung his sword at Yuan, 
but Yuan dodged the attack and counterattacked. 
Kratos, much to Lloyd’s disbelief, 
shielded him from the blow.

Confusion engulfed Lloyd. Those who he believed 
were his enemies, 
those who he believed were his allied, all of Lloyd’s 
beliefs were shattered. But then, Colette’s voice pulled 
Lloyd back to reality. She told him that he only needed 
to believe in himself. 
Lloyd muttered that he did not want to see 
anyone get hurt or be sacrificed. 
Those were his true feelings. 
However, laughter rang out and a voice scoffed at Lloyd, 
calling his desires selfish.

It was Mithos. He quickly defeated Yuan who was surprised 
by his sudden appearance. The commotion outside 
awoke the rest of the group. Along with Altessa and Tabatha, 
they ran out of the house. 
Genis was aghast at the sudden change in Mithos. 
He had finally realized that the bow was in fact 
Yggdrasill himself. Mithos declared that he had never 
truly though of Genis as a friend.

Mithos rejected his fellow companions. 
Altessa, and even Tabatha, who he had 
shielded from peril before. He called her a 
failure who was unable to accept 
Martel’s heart and destroyed her. 
Furious, Lloyd attacked Mithos. Mithos could not avoid 
the blow due to the injuries inflicted by Genis, 
and because he had 
opened his heart to the group when he approached them 
in order to keep a close eye on Colette’s condition. 
But to throw away those sympathetic feeling, he lashed out at 
the group, reminding them of the reality behind the Exspheres. 
He then left, taking Kratos with him.

Wounded and defeated, Yuan confessed the truth to Lloyd. 
The only way to wield the Eternal Sword was to release 
the mana held within Kratos’ body and break the seal 
imprisoning Origin. 
In other words, Kratos must die. This fact disturbed Lloyd, 
but worse, Yuan told him that the Eternal Sword was forged
by Origin for Mithos, a half-elf, and that only a 
half-elf could wield it. Yuan then left in order to evacuate 
the Renegades before Mithos exacted his revenge upon them.

Tabatha had been completely destroyed, and Altessa was in 
critical condition. Raine attempted to heal him, but Altessa, 
who did not posses an Exsphere, had a weak life force. 
If they did not do something fast, he would die. 
At Sheena’s suggestion, the group decided to call a 
doctor from Flanoir to help him.

Lloyd and the others arrived at Flanoir but as soon as 
they entered the city, Zelos vanished from the group. 
The group had no time to waste, so they set off 
without Zelos in search for a doctor.

They reunited with Zelos at the doctor’s house. 
Lloyd lent the doctor a Rheaird and send 
time straight to Altessa’s 
home along with some of his companions as bodyguards. 
Those who were left behind spent the night in 
Flanoir and awaited their friends to come back.
Night in Flanoir
Location: Flanoir, the Snowy City (This MIGHT 
be different for other 
people depending on what you did)
During the night in Flanoir, Lloyd walked outside and 
found Kratos with Noishe. Lloyd listened to Kratos about 
his mother and his journey. Then the two talked as 
father and son about the upcoming battle with Cruxis, 
and the breaking of the seal on Origin 
which would cost Kratos’ life.

The next morning, Noishe gave a pendant to Lloyd. 
It was a present from Kratos and had a picture of him and his 
father, and his mother.

Thankfully, the doctor was able to save Altessa’s life. 
Now only one path was left for Lloyd. They would have to 
defeat Mithos, have Kratos break the seal, and then 
reunite the two worlds together again. 
But one problem stood in their way. 
The Eternal Sword could only be wielded by 
one with elven blood. 
This meant that only Genis or Raine could wield it, 
but could they even lift the mighty blade? 
Zelos laughed at Lloyd’s concern. 
He told them he knew of a way for a normal human 
to wield the sword and that they had nothing to worry about. 
Trusting Zelos, Lloyd and the others set off for the 
Holy Ground of Kharlan in Tethe’alla, 
where the Tower of Salvation loomed.
Location:  The Tower of Salvation
Lloyd and the others arrived at the Tower of Salvation, 
but Derris-Kharlan was no longer an easy place to enter. 
As the group pondered their course of action, 
Yuan approached them and told them of the 
secret passage used by the Renegades. 
Now that Mithos knew Yuan’s true identity, 
helping Lloyd was his only hope in reuniting the 
two worlds. 
Lloyd and the others entered the tower through 
the secret passage.

They eventually reached the Seal Chamber. Then Zelos, 
their trusted friend, betrayed them and Colette 
was carried off by Pronyma. Lloyd did not want to 
believe that Zelos betrayed them, but he had no choice, 
and fought him. 
The group eventually defeated Zelos, killing 
their former friend and ally.

With his last breath, Zelos told Lloyd where Colette had been taken. 
The group headed for the Tower’s basement, 
where the Great Seed was held. 
Farewell Genis
Location: The Tower of Salvation
(I’d like to say now that all these Farewell things are in the 
order the game gives them to you 
and NOT the order they happen in the game)
As the two continued down the passage, they found themselves 
trapped by walls closing in from all four sides. 
The two tried to break out with their skills, but Genis was 
left hopelessly trapped inside the advancing walls. 
He forced Lloyd to go on ahead, telling him that he 
knew this was going to happen.
Farewell Raine
Location: The Tower of Salvation
The group found their way blocked by a set of doors. 
Raine tried to open them, but each time she disengaged a lock, 
a part of the floor around the control panel fell. 
Caring little for her own safety, 
Raine opened the way for the rest, 
sacrificing herself and allowing Lloyd to press onward.
Farewell Sheena
Location: The Tower of Salvation
As they continued down the passage, a root of the Giant Tree 
had broken off during its violent growth and blocked their way. 
Sheena managed to shift the root away with her summoning magic, 
but was seized by a root and dragged towards the abyss. 
Sheena urged Lloyd to go on without her, 
and then plunged into the abyss.
Farewell Presea
Location: The Tower of Salvation
The door that led to lower ground was shut tight, 
and refused to open. The group noticed a small vent leading to 
the next room, and Presea volunteered to crawl through and open 
the door from the other side. When she did, it set off a trap, 
and the ceiling began to fall. Presea wedged her ax against the 
ceiling and urged Lloyd to go on without her. 
As Lloyd reached the next room, her ax fell 
from the strain and shattered...
Farewell Regal
Location: The Tower of Salvation
The group was assailed by a horde of Angels in a hall 
heading towards the underground passage. The fight seemed like it 
would never end, so Lloyd ran into the next room to escape. 
Regal stayed behind in the hall to let Lloyd and the others 
proceed on ahead, and doomed himself to a certain death.
Location: The Tower of Salvation
Thanks to his friends’ sacrifices, Lloyd alone managed to 
make it through the treacherous passage. Unfortunately, 
one final trap had been prepared for Lloyd; 
an arrow slammed into his chest. 
It should have killed him instantly, but he survived, 
saved by the pendant given to him by Kratos, his true father.
Lloyd put the pendant away and proceeded 
down the path to find Colette.
Location: Chamber of the Great Seed
Lloyd finally arrived at the Chamber of the Great Seed. 
Someone had already defeated the Angels on guard and 
a single sword was thrust into the door, keeping it 
open and allowing Lloyd to enter the room.

Lloyd found Colette lying in front of the Great Seed. 
She was about to be fused with Martel. 
Mithos was taken aback by Lloyd’s entrance, 
for the door to the outside was locked. 
He proceeded to attack Lloyd, but his opening spell 
was deflected by Genis’ magic. Lloyd looked up and saw 
that his friends were alive!

As the group rejoiced at their reunion, Mithos called for Pronyma, 
the last of the Five Grand Cardinals, to deal with them. 
She was no match for the reunited group,
and they had no trouble defeated her. 
But they were too late, for the fusion of Martel 
into Colette was completed.

Overjoyed with the resurrection of his sister, 
Mithos ignored Pronyma’s pleas for help and killed her. 
There was nothing Lloyd could go except watch.

To the dismay of Mithos, the revived Martel rejected all 
of Mithos’ acts, saying that the world that they had strived
for was a world where everyone could live as equals. 
Mithos was devastated. He had worked for this moment 
for the past 4,000 years; Martel was to embrace him when 
she had awoken. Mithos believed that he would feel safe once again, 
just as he did when he was with Lloyd and the others.

Denied of his vision, Mithos flung out his magic like a 
child lashing out in frustration. When Lloyd was about to 
get hit by Mithos’ magic, Kratos appeared and shielded him 
from the magical onslaught. Kratos then turned to Colette, 
who was now Martel, and placed a Key Crest on her, thereby 
saving her. In Kratos’ hand was Aionis, a substance that 
could enable a normal human being to wield the Eternal Sword 
once it was forged. Kratos had come here to obtain this and 
save the others’ lives. He was also the one who had opened 
the doorway to the Chamber of the Great Seed. Kratos asked 
Lloyd to let him fight with them, so he could settle the score 
with Mithos, his former disciple and friend. 
Lloyd gratefully accepted. 

As soon as the Key Crest came into contact with Colette, 
Martel began to vanish back into the Great Seed. As she 
disappeared, she lamented that the elves should not have 
left Derris-Kharlan. At her words, Mithos stopped his 
destruction. He muttered that they should indeed leave the 
filthy world behind and return home together to Derris-Kharlan. 
He then attempted to carry out the Great Seed, 
but Colette rose to stop him.

When Martel took over Colette’s body, much of Martel’s memory 
had passed into Colette. 
Martel wanted Mithos to stop what he was doing.

The group fought Mithos and defeated him. Genis picked up Mithos’ 
Cruxis Crystal and took it as a keepsake from his first half-elf friend.

Once the fight was over, Lloyd turned to Kratos. The swordsman 
started that Lloyd would have to release origin to reunify the worlds.
To accomplish this, and for Kratos to atone for his past, 
he urged Lloyd to fight him. He would wait for him at Origin’s Seal, 
located in the middle of Heimdall.

After exiting the Tower of Salvation, the group’s hearts were heavy, 
and they were hesitant about fighting Kratos. Lloyd and the others 
decided to visit Heimdall to find Origin’s seal.
The Seal of Origin
Location: Heimdall, Hidden Elven Village
When Lloyd and the others arrived at Heimdall, 
they learned that Kratos was already in Torent Forest, 
where the Seal of Origin was located. Genis and Raine were barred from 
entering the village once again, but Lloyd asked the 
Elder to intervene on their behalf. Lloyd was still uneasy about 
fighting Kratos, so the group decided to spend a night in the village. 
They needed time to determine whether fighting was really 
their best course of action.
Where Origin Sleeps
Location: Torent Forest
Lloyd and the others learned from the Elder that 
Kratos had long asked aid form the elves 
in order to make the Eternal Ring. 
Unbeknownst to Lloyd, Kratos had been 
trying to help him the entire time.

Lloyd headed for Torent Forest, located within the village, 
to face Kratos, the ninth member of the group.

The group continued on into the forest, hoping to find the 
seal where Origin slumbered.
Father and Son
Location: Torent Forest
As his companions watched, Lloyd began the fight with Kratos. 
For Kratos, the fight was partly a rite of separation, 
a means of breaking away from his mistakes in the past. After a terrible 
struggle, Lloyd defeated Kratos, But, as he had feared. 
Lloyd found himself unable to say what needed to be said.

Calling Lloyd a sentimental fool, Kratos unleashed the 
mana stored within his wounded body to break the seal. 
This act would have killed him, but Yuan arrived 
to share some of his own body’s mana and sacred Kratos’ life.

Kratos grieved that he had failed to die once again, 
but Lloyd admonished him, telling him that he could die 
anytime he wanted, but it would serve no purpose. 
Lloyd may have been a sentimental fool, 
but Kratos’ life was still important 
to him, even when weighed against the fate of the world.
Location: Torent Forest
Breaking the seal had awoken Origin. Lloyd forged a pact 
with the Summon Spirit and received a glittering 
diamond in exchange. 
Lloyd breathed a sigh of relief. 
They could now put the world back to the way it once was. 
But origin informed them that they were mistaken. 
Just then Lloyd’s body suddenly began to quiver. 
Mithos’ Cruxis Crystal appeared in front of him, 
and his voice rang in Lloyd’s ears.

Mithos was tying to possess Lloyd. 
He wanted to use the man who 
defeated him as his new body. 
Mithos’ memories began to pour into Lloyd’s mind; 
memories of the day he was cast out of 
Heimdall because of the war; of being 
discriminated against for being a half-elf; 
of never having enough food 
and surviving by drinking muddy water. 
Lloyd saw endless hatred towards elves and humans, 
and an internal struggle to hold his 
emotions inside in the hope of 
one day being understood by those who despised him.

There were times when Mithos was helpless to do anything but 
watch his fellow half-elves be slaughtered and executed. 
During these hard times, his source of 
strength was Martel, his sister. 
She had protected him; throwing herself between him and 
the cruel world around him. Lloyd also witnessed Mithos’ fleeting moment 
of glory that he claimed with his first true friends. 
And finally, Lloyd saw Martel’s death at the hands 
of her human betrayer. He felt firsthand 
the desire to destroy all that surrounded him.

The emotions assailing Lloyd were so violent that 
Mithos almost succeeded in possessing him. But Lloyd’s friend, 
the companion he trusted more than any other, 
stepped in to take his place. Mithos possessed the body of 
his friend and vanished. Then, the 
Tower of Salvation collapsed with a terrible roar. 
The falling rubble plummeted towards 
the world, causing much devastation. 
One by one, the Angel’s fell from 
the heavens and down to earth.
Location: Heimdall, Hidden Elven Village
Fragments of the Tower assailed the forest of the elves. 
Lloyd desperately tried 
to lead the elves to safety, 
witnessing his bravery, the elves’ age-old distrust 
in humans slightly softened.

With the Tower of Salvation destroyed, Derris-Kharlan, 
which was concealed 
by the Tower’s force field, suddenly revealed itself. 
As the group gaped in amazement, 
a fully-repaired Tabatha appeared.

She told them that Mithos had stolen the Great Seed 
which held the spirit of his sister 
and that he was planning to leave with Derris-Kharlan itself. 
If either of the two were to leave this world, then the 
world would eventually be destroyed. 
Hoping to recover both the Great Seed and his lost friend, 
Lloyd decided to make his way to Derris-Kharlan. To do this, 
he would need to wield the Eternal Sword, 
so the group decided to pay a visit to 
Lloyd’s foster father, Dirk.
Eternal Ring
Location: Dirk’s House (This WILL be different since you can 
get either Zelos or Kratos)
With the help of Dirk, Lloyd and the others were 
able to create the Eternal Ring. 
Kratos had obtained the raw materials for the ring, 
and Lloyd already had the 
Proof of the Pact he needed. All Dirk had to do was 
put the ingredients together 
and forge the ring. Now everything was ready for 
the fusion of the two worlds.

Kratos asked Lloyd to take him along so that he could be there 
for the final battle with Mithos, Lloyd agreed. 
Kratos then entrusted Lloyd with his sword, Flamberge. 
Dirk also had a blade of his own for Lloyd; the Vorpal Sword. 
It was a sword he forged long ago and promised to give 
to Lloyd as a present. 
Armed with the two swords form his two fathers, 
Lloyd prepared for the 
final battle and left for the 
ruins of the Tower of Salvation, 
where the final seal once rested and the 
Eternal Sword was waiting for him. 
The Eternal Sword 
Location: The Ruins of the Final Seal
Lloyd headed for the ruins of the Holy Ground of Kharlan. 
His goal; the resting place of the Eternal Sword, 
where the final seal had once been. Having finally 
satisfied the conditions for wielding the Eternal Sword, 
Lloyd drew it from its sleep. The Eternal Sword’s power 
filled the two swords that had been given to Lloyd by his 
two fathers. Using this power, Lloyd made his 
way into Derris-Kharlan, where he would face his 
final battle.
Location: Derris-Kharlan
The group ascended into Derris-Kharlan. 
They journeyed on inside, 
hoping to find their lost friend and 
to reunite the two worlds.
Internal Battle
Location: Derris-Kharlan
At Derris-Kharlan, 
Lloyd’s friend was fighting an internal battle, 
fending off Mithos’ attempts at possession. 
Just as Lloyd approached, Mithos’ 
past appeared in front of Lloyd. 
Though Lloyd was confused by the scene before him, 
his friend’s voice helped him regain composure, 
and he drove Mithos away.

They were unable to remove Mithos’ Cruxis Crystal. 
Lloyd’s friend told him to forget about the crystal for now. 
They had taken care of Mithos himself.
The Derris Emblem
Location: Derris-Kharlan
The group fell right into a trap set by Mithos. 
Lloyd, protected by the Eternal Sword, 
was unharmed, but he was separated from his companions. 
Lloyd wondered through Derris-Kharlan, searching for his friends.

With his missing companions back together, 
Lloyd headed for Mithos’ Castle, 
deep in the heart of Derris-Kharlan. 
The Derris Emblem which was created 
after Lloyd’s companions conquered their inner demons, 
protected them from the traps they encountered along the way.
The Despised
Location: Welgaia, the Holy City
Lloyd found Genis and Raine in an area of 
Welgaia abandoned by Mithos. 
Mithos had shown them a mirror reflecting the Despised Ones, 
the embodiment of their internal weaknesses. 
They castigated the pair for being half-elves, 
but Lloyd countered that it was not their fault, 
but the fault of the weak-hearted individuals who were unable 
to accept those that were different from themselves.

The pair came to their senses at these words. 
Raine realized that her weakness came from her inability to 
accept her lineage, the very thing that 
made her parents cast her away. 
Genis realized that he had shut humans 
out of his life, just as they 
had hated and scorned him.

The pair left their weaknesses behind and returned to Lloyd.
The Cowards
Location: Welgaia, the Holy City ( This can also be different since 
I got Kratos and not Zelos during the game)
Lloyd found Sheena and Kratos in an area of Welgaia abandoned by Mithos. 
The two were fleeing from an illusionary demon. Their inner weaknesses, 
the Cowards, had made them believe that Lloyd was a hideous monster. 
The illusions whispered that they would be kept safe if they betrayed 
Lloyd and swore allegiance to Mithos. Lloyd, however, trusted them, 
believing they would not try to escape their fears anymore.

Hearing his words of trust, the pair snapped back into reality. 
They admitted their weaknesses; 
Kratos had stood by as the world fell apart, 
unable to bear the pain of losing a loved one. 
Sheena realized that she had done little with her life except 
run away from her own sins. 

The pair left their weaknesses behind and returned to Lloyd.
The Judged
Location: Welgaia, the Holy City
Lloyd found Regal and Presea in an area of Welgaia abandoned by Mithos. 
The two were being manipulated by an illusion that set them upon each other. 
Their weaknesses manifested themselves in the form of the Judge, 
an illusion of Alicia. It accused them of their crimes; Regal thought 
he had been forgiven for murdering Alicia because he had been thrown in jail. 
Presea had been seduced by the easy gratification of rage and vengeance, 
and was unable to forgive others. She hated Regal for 
killing her sister, and Altessa for effectively 
ending her life.

Lloyd broke into the fray, 
preventing the pair from hurting one another. 
After the injured Lloyd admonished them, 
the pair put their demons to rest.
The Final Battle
Location: Mithos’ Castle
The group finally made it to the end. 
They braced themselves for the trial that lay ahead of them, 
and Lloyd reaffirmed his ultimate goal; to make a world 
where everyone could live free of oppression and fear. 
The group went forward to their final challenge; 
the battle with Mithos.

8. Thanks to Namco for making this game and 
Nintendo FINALLY putting a good RPG on this system.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I 
didn’t enjoy typing it. Have a nice day :D

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