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FAQ/Walkthrough by damieus

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 07/21/04

Walkthrough - English Version, Spoiler-Free

by Damieus damieus@microarts.us




I made the last version of this walkthrough from my actual play, but I missed
many things, including several critical ones. So to make up for my mistakes,
I bought the guide and used it to check my progress. This guide takes 
information both from my own play experiences and from the guide itself.


I'll finish all the appendicies as time permits.

Version 1.00
Finally done with the walkthrough.

Version 1.01
Minor changes due to my error. 1.00 will probably never show up on Gamefaqs.

Version 1.02
A few things had to be altered, again, due to my error. Added my email 


Table of Contents                           


Basic Hints                                 bschints

Walkthrough- Disc 1                         wlkthds1

Iselia                                      iselstrt
Martel Temple                               marttemp
Return to Iselia                            rtrnisel
Iselia Forest                               iselfrst
Dirk's House                                dirkhous
Back to Iselia Again                        bcktoisl
Iselia to Triet                             isltotrt
Triet                                       dsrttret
Sylvarant Base                              sylvbase
Back to Triet                               bcktotrt
Triet Ruins                                 trtruins
Ossa Trail                                  ossatral
Izoold                                      fishizld
Palmacosta                                  plmacsta
Thoda Geyser                                thdagysr
Hakonesia Peak                              hknsiapk
Palmacosta Ranch                            plmarnch
Back to Palmacosta                          bcktoplm
Passing through the Pass                    passpass
Northern Continent Exploration              nrthncnt
Asgard                                      asgrdrun
Balacrut Mausoleum                          balcrutm
Luin                                        luinsrun
Asgard Ranch                                asgrrnch
Tower of Mana                               towrmana
Saving Private Pietro                       svinpiet
Tower of Salvation                          towrsave
Aftermath                                   aftermth

Past here, I will use placenames that might be considered spoilers.
You were warned. If you want to avoid em, use the Find feature of your 
browser to skip to the section you need.

Exploring Tethe'alla                        explrtet
Meltokio                                    mltkcity
Sybak                                       rsrchsyb
Return to Fooji Mountains                   retfooji
Massive Ickiness                            massicky
Gaoracchia Forest                           grcchfst
Mizuho                                      hidmizct
Ozette                                      hmtoozzt
Toize Valley Mine                           tzevlymn
Temple of Lightning                         tmplltng
Tethe'alla Base                             tethbase
Dragon's Nest                               drgnnest
Temple of Earth                             tmplurth
Flanoir                                     icyflanr
Temple of Ice                               tmplfice
Altamira                                    altabech
The Gate                                    othergat
Remote Island Ranch                         remotrnc
Temple of Darkness                          tmpldark
Linkite Tree                                linktree
Iselia Ranch                                islranch

Disc 2

Exploring the New World                     explrnew
Ymir Forest                                 ymirfrst
Heimdall                                    elfsland
Latheon Gorge                               lathgrge
The Abbey                                   theabbey
Tower of Salvation                          bakagain
Welgaia                                     angwelga
Tower of Salvation - Going Down             towerdwn
Flanoir                                     iceytown
Tower Ruins                                 ruintowr
Torent Forest                               sacrdtrn
Cool Comet                                  coolcmet
Vinheim                                     finalyhr

The following sections have minor spoilers. Sorry, its pretty unavoidable.

Title List                                  titllist
Unison Attacks                              uatkslst
Items List                                  itemshop
Shops and What They Got                     shopsgot
Recipies                                    reciplst
Beastiary (SPOILERS)                        bestiary
Figurines                                   figrnstf
Minigames                                   thmingms
Sidequests                                  sidquest


Basic Hints                                 bschints


-In combat, the better tactics you use, the faster you defeat the enemies and
such, the more Grade you get for winning. I will try to point out the good
Grade places.

-Keep track of your stats and what title you have equipped. Rotating out the
good titles is a good way to get good stats. Any title is better than the 
default one.

-The options that you get affect the relationships with your friends, but 
rarely the actual game's progression. There is one example of when it matters,
but I will note it.

SPOILER!!!! But if I don't tell you, you may not get what you want at the end
of the game....

-Your relationship with Zelos and Kratos will matter late in the game. Which-
ever character you personally like better, keep their relationship high,
the lower one, low.



Walkthrough- Disc 1                         wlkthds1


First off, there are several hidden titles that you can mess up long before
you ever get them. Specifically:

-Lloyd: "Brave Soul"- Never run from any battles until you fight a boss battle
against a guy named Yuan. 

-Lloyd: "Gung Ho"- Very very much later, you can get this title if you have
a low level with your party. The boss is Rodyle, and he is close to the end
of disc 1, approximatly 30-40 hours into the game. You must have a combined 
level of no higher than 145 between the four characters you use. This means
you must pretty much rush through, avoiding fights and fighting people at a
very low level. I've never gotten the title, so I can't tell you if its worth
it. Honestly, the EXP 1/2 option in New Game + is probably the only way
to do it.

-Lloyd: "Eternal Apprentice" - Don't take off your wooden sword until you beat
the Back to Palmacosta section of this walkthrough. Don't unequip it at all,
even if you don't fight with the other weapon.

-Colette: "Friendship First" - Again, I've never gotten it, but no one in your
party can die until the fight with Iubaris in the Tower of Mana.

-Genis: "I Hate Gels!" - Another I've never gotten. Don't use gels until after
the battle with Pronyma in Back to Fooji Mountains.

Iselia                                      iselstrt

-Head for the exit.

-Get your friends in your party.

-Talk to the blue-haired kid to get (Magic Lens)

-Examine the hole in the wall to get a new title for Colette, "Klutz".

-Skit: "It'll be fine."

-Go outside.

-After story, save and try to leave the town. An event will occur.

-After the event, but before exiting, explore a bit.

-Go to the west part of town. In the first house you come to, you can be 
healed fully. 

-In the southern part of town is a shop. Buy Magic Lenses first, 20 of em.
This is to scan new enemies as you run into them. Keep yourself stocked on
Lenses at all times so you can always scan enemies. Scan every enemy at least
once, including all the bosses.

-You can equip up to two boots on each character. And you will be getting a 
fourth character soon. You won't have enough money for everything you want now
but you'll be getting more very soon, by building up.

-Head out of the north exit of town.

Martel Temple                               marttemp
My Level: 1 (5 when I went in the temple)

New Enemies: Wolf, Rabbit, Hawk, Foot Soldier, Vidarr, Ghost, Golem, Slime,
  Spider, Zombie

-First thing to do is get a new title for Genis. Set him to manual for a 
battle, but don't touch the controller that you have him set up for. If he
doesn't do anything for the whole battle, he'll get a new title: "Dependant"
Switch him to this title immediately.

-You should get a title for Lloyd now too. The way to do this is to do three
different attacks (like Forward-A, A, Down-A) and then finish it with
(B-Demon Fang). If you successfully connect all the strikes, he will get the 
title: "Tetra Slash". 

-You may also be able to get "Combo Newbie" by linking 10 hits
together. This can be done by timing it so that you hit the enemy with a five
hit combo (forward-A, A, A, B) then, hopefully, another person will hit them.
While the other person is hitting them, hit the enemy with another 5-hit combo
to get the title. Basically, the trick is to time it so your ally hits the 
enemy in between your two combos. If you can't do it here, it will be easy to
do later.

-The temple is just to the north, but take a few minutes to build up. I'd 
recommend only fighting the flat enemies, since you will have an easier time
surviving and you will get more grade. If you win without doing too bad, you
should be able to rack up 1.5 to 3 points per battle! Which is really good.

-I got up to level 5 before continuing, but 4 is more than enough to beat the
temple. The money you get here can buy more boots if you want em.

-Go up the stairs of the temple for your first boss fight.

-Boss Battle: Vidarr
If you built up, this is easy. I didn't even get hit in the first part of the
battle. However, even if you die horribly, you'll be saved after a moment.
You get a new character with which to finish the fight, and he will heal you
throughout the battle. If you get low on HP, back off for a moment to be 
healed. You can hit Y and go the Strategy screen to set your new friend to
Heal priority. He also guards a lot, which can be broken, or you can wait for
him to attack and counter. Or you can try to get behind the boss, where a 
single strike to the back will break his guard.

-You can head back to Iselia to heal for free.

-Go inside the temple.

-You get the (Training Manual) from Kratos.

-Go to the right from the lobby of the Temple.

-Go downstairs and you will see the Golems. Fight one. Then there is an event.

-Push Golem blocks through the holes until you have made a path to the left,
right, and center. On the right and left are (Panacea Bottle) and 
(Life Bottle). Center is the Sorcerer's Ring. 

-Go back up to the Golem level and take the left staircase. Upstairs are
(Apple Gel) (Life Bottle) and (250 Gald)

-Go back to the Golem level and take the right staircase. This is the way you
came in. Circle back to the lobby. Take the center path and shoot the barrier
with the ring (X button).

-Yay, we're done. Exit the temple, head back to Iselia.

Return to Iselia                            rtrnisel

-When you come into the city, go into the classroom and talk to Raine to get
a new title for Genis, "Brotherly Love".

-Behind the store, in the tunnel, is a man with "Grapes". You have to navigate
through obstacles to get to him.

-Go to Colette's House to get (Collector's Book)

-Go to Genis' house to get Sandwich recipe and read a book on Desians.

-Leave through the south exit.

-Before you leave, buy an extra Chakrum at the shop. It will help you later.

Iselia Forest                               iselfrst

New Enemies: Giant Bee, Minicoid, Spider, Whip Master
Items: Apple Gel x3, Life Bottle, Orange Gel x2, Leather Glove, 500 Gald

-From now on I will list the chests there are in an area. I will detail any
weird ones, but basically, check every pathway possible.

-Once you head north out of the first screen of the Forest, you will see a
save point and the entrance to the ranch. After talking to Genis, save. Head
west to enter the ranch.

-After the story section, go to the west. There should be a scene with an
old lady. 

-After that, go east and jump up the cliff. There is a chest here. 
(Orange Gel)

-Scan these enemies to get Whip Master.

-Genis leaves. Head north to continue.

-On the west side of the river, to the north, is the (Leather Glove)

-On the east side of the bridge is a bag on a tree branch, run up and around
onto the branch to get the bag. (Orange Gel)

-Exit to the north, then head to Dirks House.

Dirk's House                                dirkhous

-Go inside, talk to Dirk. There will be story, then you sleep. You can improve
your relationships by chatting with your other friends before going off with

-The next day, go outside to the grave to talk to Dirk again. This will net
you 2 Apple Gels, Life Bottle, 500 Gald, and the Sylvarant Map. Yay.

Back to Iselia Again                        bcktoisl
My Level: 7

New Enemies: Bowman, Whip Master, Exbelua

-Talk to Frank.

-Go south of here to clear this area. Then exit out to the north part of town.

-Clear this area, then go to the south.

-Boss Battle: Exbelua
This boss was easy for me, just guard the swing attacks and hit X in the air 
if you are knocked back.

Iselia to Triet                             isltotrt
My Level: 8

New Enemies: Tenticle Plant (only in the woods), Scorpion, Sidewinder, Theif
  (all in the desert)

-Go South to Nova's Caravan. You can heal here for free. South of that is a
Temple of Salvation. 

-Outside the temple, there is a traveller who will give you the guidepost for
this region.

-Almost exactly due west of here, in the trees, is a chest containing an 
(EX Gem 1)

-Keep going south to find Triet, in the desert. If you head east from Triet
then cut north, you will find the guidepost for Triet.

-The desert is a fantastic place to get Grade Points. The flat dudes give you
1.5 to 2 Grade per fight, if you do well. A trick I use is to change to manual
mode and run towards the enemies, angling up at the last second. You should
be able to jump over them. Then turn around and kill them from behind.

Triet                                       dsrttret

New Enemies: Bowman

-Talk to the guy who calls you over to him as you go north from the entrance.

-Inside the inn, on the upper level, all the way to the right is the Wonder
Chef. He teaches you Cabbage Roll. Which I use throughout the game.

-Go to the northern part of town to find the food shop and the fortune teller.
Talk to the fortune teller and pay 100 Gald to get information. You can then
talk to her a second time (and any time throughout the game) to find out what
the other characters you've met think of you.

-After you've done all you need to do, exit through the south. Here is the
bowman to scan.

Sylvarant Base                              sylvbase
My Level: 9

New Enemies: Foot Soldier (these may be the same guys from the temple), Raybit
Items: Beast Hide, Memory Gem, Beast Fang, Magical Cloth, 1500 Gald.

-Shoot the guard with X to open the cell.

-Open the cell to the west to get (Beast Hide)

-Go east, open a chest near the entrance to get your stuff back. Then continue
east then north.

-To open this door, use the machine to change your ring, then stun the raybits
on top of the blue platforms, both at the same time, to energize the door.

-Fight the soldier in the next area to get the (Memory Gem). Go north to find
a shop. From where the soldier was, continue west. Use the Gem in the next 

-Shoot the top column then the middle column. The red gem should be south.
Go south to get a (Magical Cloth).

-Shoot the bottom column then head east. The east passage should have a chest 
containing (1500 Gald).

-Shoot the top column and the middle column. Green should be north. Go north.

-Boss Battle: Botta
This guy is actually pretty tough, though Kratos will heal you. Make sure your
friends are all set to Attack Same, so that you can wipe out one enemy at a 
time. Kill his cronies, then take him out.

Back to Triet                               bcktotrt

-Go to the north of Triet, to the House of Salvation and talk to the dog with
Colette at the head of the party.

-Southeast from the base, on a piece of grassland sticking into the ocean is
your first skit point.

-Back inside Triet, you get a lot of story. Then you get the Monster List.
It is already filled with all the info you have accumulated so far.

-Talk to the guy on the shore of the oasis in the north part of town (not the
kid on the bridge) to find out more story.

-Talk to the dog with Colette at the head of the party. You will be doing this
a lot.

-Now that you have Raine, at the southwestern point of the continent, there is
another skit point. Southwest of Triet is the ruins.

Triet Ruins                                 trtruins
My Level: 11

New Enemies: Brown Pot (ugh), Fake, Fire Bird, Fire Element, Fire Warrior,
  Ktugach, Ktugachling
Items: Lemon Gel, Memory Gem, Mumei, 1000 Gald, Stiletto, Savory, Bracelet,
  Circlet, Spirit Bottle, Life Bottle, All-Divide

-Go up to the entrance to get a new title for Raine: "Archeological Mania"

-Take the south door first, lighting the torch that is upstairs to the left,
then the torch on the right. Don't miss the chest with the rocks on top of it.
(Use sorcerer's ring to clear the rocks) 

-Go in the center door and push the blocks off the west edge, towards the 
torch. Go up the stairs to get three chests. Just south when you first come
through the door is another chest, and up to the north, around behind the 
column are two more.

-Go through the top door, ignoring the chest. (It's a fake). Go around to the
west, pushing the block in next to the chest and torch. Light the torch, then
run up the stairs to open the save point. Save, then go back to the fake and
fight it. This is a good time to get a title for Lloyd. Set the best spell
for Genis to C-up, and the best spell for Kratos to C-down. Then set Raine to
heal. Use Lloyd to draw the Fake's attacks, but you can't hurt him with 
physical attacks. Use the C commands. As soon as they are done casting, use
them again. If you can pull off 10 commands in the battle, you will get 
"Boorish General".

-Now go through the warp next to the save point to fight the boss.

-Boss Battle: Ktugach
This guy is easy as pie. Kill his cronies, but save Lloyd's TP. Then use 
Tempest over and over again. Since he is so long, the tempest hits him many
times. Don't forget to scan.

Ossa Trail                                  ossatral
My Level: 13

New Enemies: Archer, Axe Beak, Bear, Clumsy Assassin, Guardian-Wind, 
  Mandragora, Sword Dancer (Much Later), Theif, Witch
Items: Battle Staff, Melange Gel, Apple Gel, Orange Gel, Fine Guard, Black
  Silver, Beast Fang, Ex Gem 1

-First go back to Triet to get a new title for Raine: "Sisterly Love"

-Then go to the east and north to the Ossa Trail.

-The path is straight, the chests are off to the sides. 

-At the top is a save point.

-This is another good building up place, since the battles give you about
100 XP. 

-Boss Battle: Clumsy Assassin
Scan boss and crony. Kill the assassin first, then kill the crony. Shouldn't
be too hard.

-Try to leave the area after the fight to get U Attacks. Then go back into the
tunnel. Get the chests, one to the right and all the way south, then one to
the left and all the way north. Then go north to the next screen. Here there
are two chests and an optional boss. I would wait to fight him and I will tell
you in the walkthrough when I think you should go back. If you think you can
take him, try it. You won't game over, he'll just tell you to get lost if you 

-Head out of Ossa Trail.

Izoold                                      fishizld

-Far to the south is a skit point.

-Just north and a little west of Izoold is a Lemon Gel.

-Farther north, around the mountains, a bit west, is the guidepost. From there
you can see a skit point across on the northern continent. Don't linger on the
north continent, and I'd avoid enemies, but go ahead and grad the skit point.

-Then go south to Izoold.

-First, talk to the guy with the blue beard at the entrance to town.

-In the Inn is a skit, when you rest. In the next house to the right is Lyla.
Talk to her.

-Then in the next house is the Wonder Chef. He always looks like some out of
place object. You'll learn "Rice Ball"

-Go to the dock area and talk to Lyla to get her letter. You can play EB
with the cat to win some prizes (Easy, Normal, and Hard give you prizes)

-There is a dog to talk to in this town as well.

-When you're ready to leave, talk to Max.

Palmacosta                                  plmacsta

-All sorts of stuff to do here. Shops and stuff. Save at least 1000 Gald.

-Talk to the dog behind the food shop with Colette at the head of the party.

-When your equipped, head to the southern part of town.

-After the scene, go east to the second building. Buy the potion.

-If you don't have the Gald, skip ahead to the waitress section.

-Once you've paid your debt, go east to the other part of town.

-There is another dog here for Colette to name.

-Look at the ship on the dock to meet your travelling companion.

-Go to the chapel (middle building) and talk to March.

-Go to the school, just east of the chapel and accept the challenge.

-There in the lobby is a giant rack of balls. Weird, huh? Chef gives you

-Go east to the second door and be a waitress. The trick is to jot down the
people's orders shorthand, along with an identifying mark, like hair color
and gender. If you do decently, you will get a new title for Colette,
"Turbo Waitress"

-Go upstairs into the first door. The answers are Guardian, Acceleration, and
I don't know.

-Then go to the second door to get a new title: "Honor Roll" for Genis.

-Outside, head to the large building on the left of this area. Talk to a guard
and train with Kratos. 

-Then, go in that building and talk to Dorr.

-Once you've done that, stock up and head outside of the town.

Thoda Geyser                                thdagysr
My Level: 16

New Enemies: Giant Beetle, Grasshopper, Soldier, Wyvern (rare), Fish, Sea 
  Jelly (only on the beach), then Woods Worm in the forest. Once at geyser,
  Adulocia, Ampitra, Gloat Dragon, Green Roper, Octoslime, Starfish, Water
Items: Ex Gem 2, Magic Mist

-Just east is Nova's Caravan. Talk to the girl to get the Linkite Nut.

-Then south, on the most southern part of the continent, behind a mountain,
is an Ex Gem 2. Go east along the shore, then go north when you can't go east
anymore. There is the guidepost. Head east from there, then north along the 
mountains. Then turn south. There is Thoda Geyser. I like to do this first,
though you can actually do it later.

-There's a dog on the docks.

-Take the... ferry... to the geyser.

-There are two dogs here at the geyser.

-Check out the platform on the eastern side of the area to go inside.

-According to the guide, there is a hidden chest to the right of the entrance
but I don't know if it's inside or outside.

-Go inside, run past the device that changes your ring, down the right path.

-Keep heading down the stairs and around until you get to a doorway.

-Go into the next section, push the block onto the weird looking tile.

-Go back into the device room and head south through the left path.

-Light the torches.

-Change your ring, then go back down the left path. Shoot water into the urn.

-Head down past the block you moved and fight the monster guarding the second
urn. Shoot water into this urn.

-Go back up to where you shot water into the first urn and head east from the
save point, into what looks like the right wall of the room. 

-Then save and head west and warp to the boss.

-Boss Battle: Adulocia
As always, kill the cronies first. Then use Lighting against the boss.

Hakonesia Peak                              hknsiapk
My Level: 20

New Enemies: None

-Go north to Hakonesia. Talk to the old geezer. 

-Along the mountain range, to the east, is a Magic Mist. Also, up on the large
jut of land that pokes out to the northeast is a guidepost.

-Stop at the Palmacosta House of Salvation and go inside. Talk to your buddy.

-There is another dog here to talk to.

-Return to Palmacosta. Go to the part of town with the School.

-Go back to the House of Salvation, talk to the Palmacosta soldier that should

-Now go to Palmacosta Ranch, which is north of the Thoda Docks.

Palmacosta Ranch                            plmarnch
My Level: 21

New Enemies: Magnius, Evil Sorcerer

-Talk to Neil. You get to choose which way you want to go. There are minor 
differences, but just for simplicities sake, we'll do the ranch first.

-Change the function of the ring. Use it often to reveal the treasures in
this area. If there is anything particularly important, I'll point it out.

-Take the door on the left. There is an enemy here with a memory gem. There
are also several treasures in this section of the dungeon.

-Go back to the sorcerer's ring device room and go east. There are items here.
Touch the floating orb that appears with your ring. Criss the bridge and kill 
the soldier to get the Purple Card. If you take the bridge north, there is a
Life Bottle.

-Turn off the bridges when you leave these rooms. 

-In the center room, use the radar ring to go through the warp.

-Go west, get the Blue Card.

-Go east and use the ring to reveal boxes. Push boxes into the holes to reach
an Ex Gem 2. Hit the orb in this room to make another bridge east. Colette 
will grab you the Red Card. Turn off the bridge when you leave

-Now you can go north from the save point. Use the warp.

-Follow this series of warps to get through the warp puzzle. Some of the items
will trigger alarms and you'll have to fight for your prize.

-There is a Melange Gel in the first room. Take the left warp.

-In the second room, take north warp. On the next area is an Apple Gel. Take
the Green Warp at the top of this area.

-If you turned off the bridges, you can get a Panacea Bottle. 

-Warp back to the labyrinth. Take the bottom warp. Then take the red warp on
the left.

-Take the south warp to get a Life Bottle. Take the north warp to go back.

-Now go north and head left. There is an Orange Gel here. Take the left warp
out of this room.

-Go north again, then west. This will take you to an event. Once the event is
over, take the north blue warp point.

-If you screw up, take the middle warp in any room to go back to the 

-Boss Battle: Magnius
I'm not gonna bother with strategies anymore unless there's some specific easy
way to deal with the boss. Just fight him. Cronies first, as always.

Back to Palmacosta                          bcktoplm
My Level: 22

New Enemies: The Boss of the Area

-Go to the shop where you bought the potion and talk to the shopkeeper.

-Go to the Government Building and head downstairs.

-Talk to Dorr, go through the event. Fight.

Passing through the Pass                    passpass

-Now go back to the House of Salvation.

-Go to the Geyser and follow Genis' instructions.

-Go back to the Pass and go on through.

Northern Continent Exploration              nrthncnt

New Enemies: Harpy, Marcroid (in forest), Velocidragon, Warrior, Sorcerer

-Hit the House of Salvation, along the path. Talk to the guy inside.

-There is a dog here.

-Go north from the House and you'll run into Lake Umacy. Almost directly north
of the Lake is a skit point. Run west and north along the mountain range until
there is a gap that goes east. When you hit the shoreline, go south for 
another skit point. 

-Go west from here. You will see a piece of land north of a city that a thin
strip of water on both sides. Go north onto this land and you will see a 
Tower. Just northeast of the tower is a treasure. (Ex Gem 2)

-Go southwest along the mountains to find the guidepost.

-Then head back to the east and south, around the city. There will be skit 
point southwest of the city.

-Now go into the city of Luin. In the item shop is a pig. Talk to the pig.
Wonder Chef time.

-I wouldn't buy anything here. There is another shop we're about to go to
with better stuff. 

-From the west exit of Luin, go north onto the pennisula. There is a treasure
about 2/3rd of the way up (Technical Ring) and a skit point at the top.

-Almost straight south of there, a little west, against the mountains is 
another skit point.

-Keep going south and west along the mountains, then east when you can. There
is a city, Hima. Get some new stuff at this shop. There are two dogs here.

-Then, from Hima, go south and around that mountain range to the east. There 
is a guidepost and a skit point.

-Now I recommend leveling up and fighting the Sword Dancer. I like to be level
25 before I take him on. To get to him, go south from here and across the 
bridge. He's in the tunnel in Ossa Trail. 

-The Dancer is still tough, but you can take him. Use Eruption on him and
guard when he attacks. My trick is to use Eruption, then while he's being
hit, hit with Lloyd and use a tetra slash.

-Once you are done, go to Asgard. It is just north of the Hakonesia pass.

Asgard                                      asgrdrun
My Level: 25

New Enemies: Windmaster

-Two dogs in this city, one in the west area and one in the east.

-Go through the crumbling archway. Go up to the platform. Go behind the 

-Go to the east side of town, in a building up one flight of stairs. 

-Speak with the mayor at the platform.

-Boss: Windmaster

-Stay an extra night in the inn to train with Kratos.

-Once you beat Asgard, the Wonder Chef is upstairs in Linar's House.

Balacrut Mausoleum                          balcrutm
My Level: 27

New Enemies: Arachnid, Gargoyle, Guardian-Lightning, Harpy, Iapyx, Melting Pot
  Skeleton, Wind Element

-There is a dog here, but I think it already has a name, try anyway.

-Outside the temple is a chest with 1800 Gald. It is to the left.

-Go east, hit the chest.

-The Memory Gem is all the way west of here, on an enemy on a stairwell.

-Go north, past the spikey traps. Light the torches next to the door to open
it. Then change your ring's function (if you want to use the walkthrough for
the puzzle). Go west from here and then north and south to get the treasures.

-All the rest of blocks and torches in this room only help you get clues to
complete the puzzle. When you are ready, go north, through the door.

-If you happen to be color-blind, this puzzle will be hard, so here are the
locations of the fans.

-Red:Upper-Left, Green:Lower-right, Blue:Center, Yellow:Bottom-right, White:
Bottom-Left (im doing this from memory, so yellow and green might be mixed up)

-To get Ex Gem 2, use the ring on the fans in this order, Red, Green, Yellow,
White, Blue.

-To get Blue Ribbon, use the ring on Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Green

-To get to the boss, Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue

-If you want the clues and figure out the puzzle yourself, follow the next

-Go up the stairs near the entrance and cross this floor spike (walk slowly to
avoid the spikes) Use the ring to ignite the braziers.

-Boss: Iapyx, then another boss before you leave.

Luin                                        luinsrun

-Go to the west side of town to get a new character in your party.

Asgard Ranch                                asgrrnch
My Level: 28

New Enemies: Spearman

-Grab the Beast Hide in the courtyard.

-There's really only one way to go, through the northwest door in the lobby.

-Next to the wrecked weapon shop in Luin you can talk to a guy and 
train with Kratos again.

-Go to Hima. In the inn, there is a Wonder Chef. Talk to the lady on the 

-Go up to the gravesites, on the second level of the town.

-Get the Desian Orb.

-Go to the top of the mountain to talk to a guy about dragons.

-Now go back to the ranch. Examine the boulder at the entrance to get inside.

-Take a healer with your group cause you'll be fighting the boss. The other
group has to fight a little, but it can be done even with your weakest 

-With Lloyd's group, go through the northwest door and get the chests. Then
shut down the device in the far west of the room.

-Go back to the lobby and through the southwest door. Change the ring's 
function and fire it at the six glowing generators in the center of the room.

-Go up the conveyer on the left. Step on the warp point to go to the other 

-With the other group, go through the southeast door and go through the lobby
to the courtyard. Push the crates to get to another entrance on the east side
of the building.

-Go inside and head northeast. Go through the open doorway to the blue tile.
Check out the tile, then go west. 

-From this room, take the west door on the lower level. Examine this tile
too. Go back to the prison and head south.

-Now you can fight the raybits on the switches to turn them on. This activates
the warp Lloyd is standing on. 

-Boss Fight, then leave.

-At Asgard, go up onto the pedestal to encounter the imposters.

-Before you continue, go back to the Balacrut Mausoleum and talk to your 
imposters again.

-Go to Hima. You will see an event near the inn and get the Tower Key. Now
you can go to the Tower of Mana, at the far north of Sylvarant.

Tower of Mana                               towrmana
My Level: 30

New Enemies: Grim Reaper, Living Doll, Living Sword, Specter, Iubaris

-After this boss battle, you will get a new title for Colette if no one has
died up til now. 

-Choose your party. You'll rejoin before the boss, but both parties must 
fight enemies on the way. 

-When you are in the rooms with the mirrors, burn the curtains and place the 
mirrors in the center to open the way. 

-When Lloyd can't go any furthur, examine the machine to the south of the 
memory spot to change parties.

-With the other party head through until you find a room with four mirror
blocks. Push the block that points the light north over until it reaches the
orb that is farthest north. Then put the block that points the light west
just to the north of that orb. Put the block that shoots the light south
to the west of the block you just moved, two spaces. Then put the last block 
south of that one, between the last two orbs.

-Continue through until you get to the two blue spots. Stand on one with this
party. Then it will switch to Lloyd. Go across the new bridge and hit the 
other spot. 

-Boss Fight.

-On the way out, look at the books.

Lake Umacy                                  svinpiet
My Level: 32

New Enemies: Five Boss Creatures

-Look at the unicorn. Ooo... pretty....

-Go to the water temple, head to the seal room.

-Boss Battle.

-You can now get the other bosses. There is one at the wind temple and one
at the fire temple. You don't have to do it now, but if you don't it will
be about 15 hours until you can do it again. And it will be much harder.

Tower of Salvation                          towrsave
My Level: 33

-If there are any subquests or anything you need to wrap up, do it now.
If you've been following the walkthrough you will have gotten everything.

-Go to Hima and go to the top of the city, where the dragon guy was.

-When the party splits, talk to each member. Talk to Kratos twice.

-Save and restock on everything.

-Go to the top of Hima to take the dragons south.

-There are two difficult boss battles here right in a row, set up your cooking
beforehand so you can cook at the end of the boss battle to prepare for the
next one.

-If you lose the second battle, your game won't end. 

-Then there is another battle that you can't win, so don't even try. 
Just scan him while you are fighting. You might win on a replay.

Aftermath                                   aftermth
My Level: 33

New Enemies: Evil Warrior

-Just after the save point is a room with a mini puzzle. Push the brown blocks
next to the platform with the grey block on it. Walk across the brown blocks
and push the grey block off. Push the grey block all the way to the east, but
don't put it on the blue plate yet.

-Use the brown blocks and grey block to connect the platform in the bottom
center of the room to a platform on the east side of the room. Use the other
block to connect that platform to the one with the chests on it. After 
collecting the chests, push the grey block onto the blue plate to open a 
staircase down. 

-Once you open the stairs, put the brown blocks on the lift (its the square
that looks different from the rest of the floor on the west side of the room)
Put the blocks next to each other, vertically. Then go downstairs.

-Power the lift on the west by shocking the pillar to the north of the control

-Use the lift, then use the boxes to cross to the south. Then use the ring to
power the column on the platform. Look at the console.

-Cross to the other side and push the grey block into the previously 
flooded part of the room. Go down there and push the block onto the blue tile.

-There is a chest behind the flood control box.

-Go on to the next part of the game.

Exploring Tethe'alla                        explrtet
My Level: 34

New Enemies: Black Bat, Egg Bear, Hare, Night Raid, Rogue, Seaspin, Superstar

-Go on down the path, get all the chests. Exit to the world map.

-TO the south, at the bottom of the mountain range that runs up the west 
coast, there is a chest. 

-Just behind the fooji mountain entrance, on the east side of that mountain
cluster is a guidepost. Southeast of that is a skit point.

-If you follow the little path in the southwest part of this continent, north
to its end, there should be a treasure.

-Just west of Meltokio is another chest.

-Go into Meltokio

Meltokio                                    mltkcity

-Go to the weapon shop, in the western part of town, up the first stairs, to
find the first Wonder Chef in this city.

-The second Wonder Chef place is in the biggest mansion in the northeast 
section of the city. Hes upstairs on the balcony, to the left.

-Talk to the guards at the palace.

-Go to the cathedral. 

-Head inside the castle.

-After events, go to the cathedral and talk to your new buddy to continue.

-Go to the Bridge, north of the city, and cross it. You can play Red Light/
Green Light here if you want.

-On the north continent, go into the town of Sybak, north of the bridge.

Sybak                                       rsrchsyb
My Level: 35

New Enemies: Cardinal Knight

-Wonder Chef is in the magazine rack in the library.

-Go to the Research Academy. West side of town

-Talk to the junk merchant guy next to the weapon shop in the first part of 

-Go back to the Academy and talk to the researcher standing in front of it.

-Go to the ground floor corridor, second room.

-Return to the Lobby. After events, talk to Kate.

-Cross the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge. Fight the Knights.

Return to Fooji Mountains                   retfooji
My Level: 36

New Enemies: Chimaera, Demon, Ghost, Slime, Zombie, Pronyma

-Go back to the summit, save at the save point.

-If you beat this boss without having used gels up to this point, you get a 
new title for Genis.

-Go back to Meltokio

Massive Ickiness                            massicky
My Level: 37

New Enemies: Giant Leech, Jellyfish, Sewer Rat, Violent Viper, Convict

-Head west of the entrance to Meltokio and enter the sewers.

-Change the function of the ring. Change to small and go along the ledge to
the west of the device to get an Ex Gem 2

-Go across the web and north until there is an event about a door. 
There is a Ex Gem 3 under the stairs.

-Go up to the high platform with the machine. There is another mousehole in
the north wall. Use the machine and make a block. Push it off the middle 
opening on the west side of the platform.

-Push two more blocks off of both gaps to the south.

-Go to the bottom level and use the ring to cross the ledge to the east of the
stairs. There is a wheel here. Turn it to open the door above.

-Go through the door and go down the stairs to the west. Get in the box and 
go back to the other screen. Open the valve here too.

-Now go back up to the top of this screen and go through the newly opened
door. There is another compactor. Push the block south on the catwalk to the 
corner. Then go around it on the spiderweb, pull it a bit, then go back to the
other side of it and push it off the east side of the catwalk.

-Go back and around to the second screen. Go down the first flight of stairs
and get the chest behind the stairs. Use the ledge to get to the cage.

-Turn small and walk through the bars. Open the door to the cage. 

-Head back up to the second machine. Make another block and push it south, 
then east, then north, then east off the edge to get it next to the cage.

-Go back to the cage and push it onto the indention inside the cage.

-Go back upstairs to the machine, push the block along the catwalk to the end.

-Go east and around and push this block off the only gap on the platform.

-Then cross the bridge, turn small, go along the ledge and turn the wheel.

-Go through the new door.

-Get the mouse holes on either side of this room, on the bottom level, then go
around to the west to fight the boss.

-In Meltokio, go east of the entrance, then north along the path to find the
lab. Sleep at Zelos' house, (the biggest house in the noble section) to sleep.
Talk to your people then talk to the butler. Go back to the Lab.

-There are two dogs in Meltokio, one in the slums, to the east of the entrance
and one in the noble district, near Zelos' house. Use Colette to name them.

-When you get the boat, just follow the bridge to the north.

-Get off the boat at the dock. Head into Sybak. There are two dogs here as

-Talk to Kate then go to the Gaoracchia Forest.

Gaoracchia Forest                           grcchfst
My Level: 38

New Enemies: Boxer Iris, Convict (a different one, boss) Ghoul, Phantom, 
  Pumpkin Tree, Tropical Worm, Undertaker

-Head northwest from the gadget to exit the forest

-Go north and east along the coast to find the guidepost. Just northwest of 
there is a skit point.

-Go back into the forest. Head east and charge your ring in the bright area.
Your ring burns away vines on the path or on chests.

-In the second area, (where you charged your ring) go north and east. Grab
the chest (Phoenix Rod). 

-In the third area, go south and burn away the vines. Get the chest on the
east side of the path. 

-Run west into the second area and grab the chest south of the glowing spot.

-Go back and change your ring to fire. Go back to the second area.

-Keep heading south and go back east to the third area.

-To the south and east is a chest. You can get this chest by burning the vines
with your fireball. Then go change the ring to light. (I can only guess this
is a glitch, should be light that kills the vines)

-Go east, then north again in the second area. Run past the phoenix box and 
keep going east into the third area. Then go south a little and keep going
east into the fourth area.

-There is a chest here. Go south and then east along the second path that 
leads this way. There is a dark box here that you can't open until much

-Past the dark chest and southeast is the Sword Dancer again.
Wait to fight him. He's still very hard. 

-Go southwest to find the memory circle. Then head south to fight the boss.

-Go out the bottom exit to reach Mizuho.

Mizuho                                      hidmizct

-There is a dog next to the shop for Colette to name. 

-Talk to the guy next to the chief's house then enter the chief's hut.

-The Wonder Chef is in the entryway.

-Talk to the Vice-Chief to have an event. Talk to him more to rest for free.

-Stay in Mizuho a while to get a few more skits. You will also get a new
title for Zelos during these skits. 

-There is a skit point to the south of Mizuho.

-Go back to the forest, and head out the exit on the east side of this screen.

-South and across the bridge is Ozette.

Ozette                                      hmtoozzt

-In the inn, there is the Wonder Chef. 

-Talk to the guy next to the item shop several times until he insults you
and dips out.

-There are two dogs in this town too.

-Go south to Presea's House to continue. Then leave Ozette from the south

-Go to Altessa's House, and talk to him.

-Go back to Mizuho and talk to the shopkeeper. Check the well to find the
Account Book and give it to him. You get the Secret Notebook. While you
are here, buy some Mizuho Potion.

-Now go to the dock northeast of Ozette and launch your boat. Go north,
until it wraps around to the south (physics anyone? Geography even?) and get
off at the dock on the southernmost continent. 

-There is a skit point as you get off, just to the east.

-Northeast of the skit point, on a pennisula, is a chest.

-Then go back west along the coast until you see the mine. Pass the mine and
keep going southwest for another skit point.

-Then go into the mine.

Toize Valley Mine                           tzevlymn
My Level: 41

-Boss Fight. Kill the Auto-Repair first, then wait for the guard arms to scan
them. Scan each individual guy, then destroy the main wall.

-There are two chests in the room with the defense system. One is behind
a cart to the south and one is to the east. 

-In the second room, activate the machine. Then get on the platform and shoot
the switch on the way to change the direction of the platform. Go north.

-Take the elevator down. Go all the way east to change the ring's function.

-Then go west and up the wooden ramp to get the chests on this level.

-Go back up the elevator and set the bomb next to the giant rock.

-Change the switch so the platform goes east and west again.

-Go through the door in the west. In this room there are five chests and a 
gnomelette. Talk to the gnomelette and give it potion. (Potion is the 
America-friendly wine) Make sure you hit the switch here.

-Go east from the memory circle. There is a floating block along the path
after the boulder. Get close to it to get it to follow you, then get it close
enough to hit the button to make the boulder appear. Avoid the boulder but
let the block get hit by it to kill the block. You should be able to fight
the block, because there is an entry for it in the beastiary, but I never did.

-Go down the elevator in this room to check the remains of the block and get
a Demon Arm. Keep going east. In the last room, blow up the boxes to get the

-Return to Ozette. Go back to Mizuho.

-Talk to the Vice-Chief.

-Talk to your friends after the events, then talk to Sheena to continue.

-Now go north from the dock near Ozette to get to the temple of Lightning,
which is the island directly north of Ozette. There is a skit point on this
island. There is a friggin MOSQUITO IN MY HOUSE!!!! sorry.

Temple of Lightning                         tmplltng
My Level: 43

-Go inside, then north up the east path. Click this lightning rod. 

-Go north up the middle path and lower this lightning rod. Go back east and
lower that lightning rod.

-Go north up the west path and raise that rod. :) Then click the button to
shoot the barrier. Go to the end and change the ring's function. 

-In the east, blow up the blue boxes and get the chest. Go north past the
middle lightning rod to continue. Go up the staircase and blow up the block
on top of the seal.

-Go back to the lower level and destroy the blue box there. Go to the next

-Destroy the blue box on the left to get a fight. 

-Go around to the west and take the stairs up. After the dark room, go south
through the doorway onto the balcony.

-Head to the right and destroy the blue box floating off the edge. Activate
the lightning rod and fall down. Get the chest. Head left and destroy that
box. Then use the lightning rod to fall. 

-Go left again and destroy that blue box. You'll get it later. East there is
yet another blue box. Destroy it and fall again. Get that chest. 

-Hit the lightning rod on this level to stop electrifying the water.

-Go east through the door into the dark room. Fall off the edge and reenter
the water pool room. Deactivate the lightning rod and hit the device to shoot
yellow lightning.

-Head back to the first room and blow up the yellow boxes there and get a 

-In the room with the seal is a yellow block at the seal and on the west
side of the room. Destroy both of these.

-Go through the east doorway in the seal room. After the dark room, you will
come out on a balcony. Destroy the yellow block here. 

-Go to the water room and raise the lightning rod on the east side of the 

-Go northwest through the dark room. 

-Cross the bridge and descend the eastern dark room. There is a chest obscured
by the path about midway through this room. When you exit on the balcony, 
deactivate this lightning rod.

-Return through the dark room to the room with the bridge. Destroy the 
yellow blocks on the second level connecting the 2nd and 3rd circuits,
then the blocks on the third level connecting the 1st and 2nd. 
Also destroy the blocks on the fourth level connecting the 2nd and 3rd.

-Use the machine next to the bridge. It should drop a chest.

-Now destroy the blocks on the third level connecting the 3rd and 4th conduits
and the blocks on the fourth level connecting 2 and 3. The energy should
go up the 3rd conduit and push the boulder off.

-Now go down the new ramp and get the chest, as well as fight the enemy for
the memory gem. 

-Finally. Go south to get the red lightning. Fall off the dark room ledge and
head back to the entrance room. There is a third chest here blocked by red
blocks. In the seal room, go west, then through this dark room. There is a
chest up here blocked by red blocks as well. 

-Unlock the memory circle, save, then destroy the last red block at the top
of the seal room to fight the boss. Leave the dungeon

-Go to the snowy islands to the far east of the map on your boat. You can get
to the base by going around to the south, then cutting north about midway
past the island group and going to the dock there.

Tethe'alla Base                             tethbase
My Level: 44

-Change the sorcerer's ring. You can restock here and heal at Orochi. 

-Go east in the circular room. Pull the box south then east to block the beam.

-Continue east and enter the room at the end. Beat the baddie down to get a

-Go back to the hallway and pull the block to block the lasers north.

-Go north to get a chest then push the block west and north to get to a new
exit on the western wall.

-Defeat the purple guy to get another code. Use the ring to charge the column 
then push the panel on the right side of the room to raise the lift.

-Go back to the main room and talk to Orochi for healing. Now go west from the
circular room.

-Search the rooms to the left of the security beams to get two chests.

-Go north. Go left in the corridor and into the first room to get the last
piece of the code. Get the chest and go north in the hallway.

-Defeat the Raybit to get the Gem. Pull the box off of the lift and push it
left off the platform and destroy the security device below. 

-Go back to the east side of the base and through the west door to reach the
newly available chests. Then go back east one room and north into the cargo
room, where the main puzzle of this base takes place.

-Use the Gem to unlock the save point. 

-Go up the stairs across from the entrance and open the chest. 

-Push the blue boxes west into the niches to form a bridge to another chest. 
Shoot the column from an angle to charge the lift.

-Push two blocks next to the stairs on the southwest edge of the room. Climb
the stairs halfway and walk onto the blocks. Go west to get a chest.

-Move one box onto the upper-right corner of the lift. Whie standing on the 
lift, raise it to mid-level. Push the box 1 space north onto the ledge.
This is the lift in the center of the room.

-Go back down and cross the balcony to the east side of the room. Push the
block east and down into the niche against the east wlal. Stand on the box
and shoot the column to charge it.

-Use the lift to return to the lowest level. Push the last box onto the south-
east lift and ride to the upper level of the room.

-Push the box north next to the chest. Walk across and get the chest.

-Go west and north to get another chest. Then return and use the ring to power
the other lift.

-Descend to the lower level and pull the block off the lift. Push it off
next to the chest and grab it.

-Exit the room and reenter to reset the boxes.

-Put a box on the east lift and rise to the upper level. Push this box north
to connect to the north side of the gap.

-Ride the lift and click the door to give the passcode.

-Boss Battle. If you haven't run away from any battles up until now, you will 
get a new title for Lloyd.

Dragon's Nest                               drgnnest
My Level: 44

New Enemies: Winged Dragon, Baby Dragon

-Once you get the Rheairds you can fly. We're gonna go get some stuff.

-You may want to go to the seaside town of Altamira and get some new weapons,
if you can afford them. Its on a small island between Ozette and the mine's 

-Skit Points and Treasure:

-There is one on the northwestern-most island. On the island south of that one
with the mountain is a treasure, just south of the mountain. On an island east
of that one, the third one west from the easternmost island on this 
archipeligo, there is another treasure.

-Head east to the island with the temple of lightning. There is a skit point 
on the north side of the mountains. On an island to the southeast of this
skit point is a guidepost.

-Go south of the guidepost to the island directly south. There is a skit point
on this island.

-Southeast of Ozette, on the southeastern-most point on this continent there 
is another skit point.

-Go east to the icy continent. There is a skit point for Zelos south of the 
eastern mountain-range. There is also one with Kratos on this island! 
Western part of the island.

-Now go to the island in between the continent with Ozette and the continent
with the mine. There is a city on this island, as well as a skit point.

-Just southeast of this skit point is another skit point, on the continent
with the mine. 

-West of this skit point, on a little island, is a treasure

-Southeast of that treasure is another skit point, north of the mountain 
range. East of this skit point is a treasure.

-At the very southeastern tip of this continent is a skit point. 

-Go along the southern coast to a part of land that is right about where the
continent's shoreline turns north. There is a skit point here.

-Just past the mountain range that is north of you, south of the entrance to
Latheon Gorge, is a treasure. West of that is a skit point, across a small bit
of water.

-Along the coast, about midway up where it kinda sticks out west is a
skit point. 

-North of there, on the continent with Ozette is a skit point and a guidepost.
It is on the southern shore of this continent, south of the tower of salvation

-That's it! Whew! Ok, now go directly southeast of the Tethe'alla base to get
to the Dragon Nest. Prepare to fight. Make sure you heal and save before you
take them on.

-Fight the boss, watch the events. 

-Go back to Meltokio and talk to a girl in a piano teacher's house in the 
noble's part of town to get an event with Presea. 

-Go to Sybak and talk to the guy next to the dog to continue this story.

-Now talk to the chick in Meltokio one more time to conclude this subevent.

-This next subevent, I couldn't get to work, perhaps I waited too long, so
I'm putting it here, which is supposedly the earliest you can do it.

-In Sybak, talk to the guy next to the junk shop. He should give Sheena 
something, a Pink Pearl Ring. Continue this quest MUCH later.

-Go to Altessa's house and talk to Tabatha to learn Curry. Then talk to her
again to get several items.

-In Ozette there is another Wonder Chef in Presea's House.

Temple of Earth                             tmplurth
My Level: 45

New Enemies: Cave Worm (Apparently you can get him when you use the sorcerer's
  ring in just a random place), Clay Golem, Dragon, Earth Element, Giant Snail
  Neviros, Gnome

-The Temple is at the northwest corner of the continent with Meltokio on it.

-Change the ring. Talk to the gnome creature to get through. If he won't let
you through, you didn't give the potion to the gnome in the Mine.

-Take the south fork of the path and go into a room with a bridge and a chest
Get the chest.

-Go back to the main room and head north. You can head south from a point 
near the door (you may have to topple rocks to make the bridge, but I don't
think so) and topple the stack of rocks on the eastern part of the room to
get a chest.

-Go out the east door and down the path to get another chest. Then go to 
the main room and exit out the north door.

-Here you will have to cook curry for a gnomelette. I used Sheena, but I don't
think it matters. 

-After you pass the spicy gnomelette, you have to get some chests by breaking 
bridges with the ring. You have to do it three times to get all the chests.

-1st time: Break the closest piece of bridge and fall a short ways. Cross the
bridge piece to reach a chest. Then break that piece to fall. Break the 
pieces on the next two platforms to fall to one where there are three bridge
pieces to break. Break either of the two left ones. Grab this chest. Then 
break the left most piece on this level to get a final chest. Break the piece
on this level to fall to a long platform with a bridge at the left end.

-Fight the dragon. He gives you lots of XP, easy grade, and 10000 gald. 
Talk to the gnome at the far left to go through the secret passage.
You can take this passage back and forth to respawn the dragon as much
as you want. This is a great place to build up and get Gald. Use the Sephira
to multiply the gold you get to 15000. Hints below.

-If you have trouble with him, get up under him with the melees, hitting X
whenever he knocks you backwards. Use a fruit cocktail to refill your TP
after each battle and nurse with Raine to heal. Then go to Ozette and stock
up on fruits whenever you run low. Flanoir, on the ice continent sells White
Satay, which Genis will eventually add to the recipe.

-Go back to the top of the bridge room for your second chest run.

-2nd time: Break the middle piece at the top. Then break the only piece on 
this level. Go west to grab the chest and break the piece right next to it.
Grab this chest as well and break the only piece on this level. Break any
pieces you want to reach the bottom. Go back around to the top. (FUN!) ...

-3rd time: Just one chest to get. Break the far left piece and fall a short
ways. Break the only piece on this level. Get the chest. Then break whatever 
to get to the bottom. Finally.

-Fight the dragon over and over until you can't stand it. I got like 6 levels
and about 400000 Gald. 

-Now talk to the gnome in the first room. He'll tell you to clear out the 
monsters ahead of him. Do so, but don't get too far ahead of him. When you 
get to the bottom, let him go through the door first.

-In the next room, use your ring right as he jumps to break this bridge.

-Now you can reach the boss. Save and fight him. He's easy.

-Go to Altessa's house and talk to the gnomelette that is at the left side
of the house. He'll go back home. This is for a later quest.

Flanoir                                     icyflanr

New Enemies: Penguinist, a few others.. can't remember exactly and the book
  doesn't tell me. Just fight random battles and you'll get em

-On the icy continent, fight random battles against the penguins until you get
three penguin quills.

-Go to Flanoir, on the north part of this continent. 

-Talk to the dog in the first area. There is another one in the area with
the doctor's office. 

-In the first area, at the guy in red leaning on the stairs, talk to him about
the Demon Arms.

-Talk to the guy just east of the entrance, down the stairs, in the backpack
to find out about Celsius' Tear.

-Go to the accessory shop to get the old guy to make penguinist gloves for you

-The Wonder Chef is in the Church. It looks like a nutshell on a pillow.

-Equip the gloves on someone and head south to the Temple of Ice.

Temple of Ice                               tmplfice
My Level: 51

New Enemies: (If you didn't fight them outside) Bigfoot, Feather Magic, Ice
  Spider, Ice Warrior, Lobo, Celsius, Fenrir.

-There are three items in the entry zone. Get them and head inside. Change
the ring.

-Collect the items in the cave and exit out the top opening. If you see chests
that you can't reach yet, such as across the lake, don't worry about them yet.

-Use your ring to make a block at the drips of water to the southeast. 
Go to the lower cave and get the Tear. Go back into the upper cave and cross 
the bridge of ice. 

-If you use a block to get up on the lookout there is a clue to the puzzle,
for a completionist only.

-Go south from here, making another block to cross.

-Go over and use the Celsius Tear to freeze the lake. Follow these directions
to get across the lake and get the treasures.

-From the westernmost entry point, where ice crosses the main path, go 


-Grab the chest with Rosemary in it.

From the bottom exit south of the chest go


-Get that chest and go north. Push the totem poles so the top one is facing 
left, the left one is facing right, the right one is facing down, and the
bottom one is facing right.

-Go fight the bosses. This battle is a little tough, though not for my level.
Kill Fenrir first, according to the guide.

Altamira                                    altabech
My Level: 54

-Go to Gaoracchia Forest. On the third screen from the east side of the 
forest is a black chest, open it to recieve a darkness weapon.

-Go to Altessa's House, talk to him and Tabitha.

-Go to Altamira, on the little island between the continent of Mizuho and
the continent with the mine.

-There is a monument to the north of the inn. An old guy will trigger an

-There is a dog here.

-Inside the hotel, on the various floors, are shops and stuff. 

-During the day, ride the boat thing to the Lezareno Company HQ. Ride the
elevator up to the top. Look at the monument.

-Talk to the people in the HQ to find out where Raine is.

-Exit Altamira.

The Gate                                    othergat
My Level: 54

New Enemy: Commander Knight

-Get about 450000 Gald before you continue. The dragon is about the only way
to do this. It's in the Earth Temple.

-Go to the gate, which is on a little island at the northeast tip of the south

Remote Island Ranch                         remotrnc
My Level: 55

New Enemies: Evil Jelly, Giant Slug, Rodyle

-Enter Palmacosta and speak with Neal. 

-If you have at least 443500 Gald, go to Luin. Talk to Pietro, near the
ruined inn. 

-If he's not there, go to Hima and go upstairs in the inn. Talk to him, then
return to Luin. He'll beat you there, even though you are on Rheairds.

-Give him 5000 Gald and then leave and reenter the village.
Then proceed to give him the following amounts, leaving and reentering each


-If you have 15000 Gald left, give it to him in three 5000 Gald increments to
get statues made of your characters.

-Once you've paid 75000 Gald, there is a new weapon shop with some of the best
weapons in the game for all the characters.

-There will be a dog at some point during the reconstuction. He's there after
you are done.

-Now we have even more skit points and treasure to go collect. Fun.

-On the northwest continent is a skit point at the south tip, a guidepost
at the north tip and a treasure at the western end of the northeastern 
mountain range. 

-On the northeast continent, the one with Luin on it, there is a skit point
and a treasure north of the mountains on the little island with the wind 
temple on it, on the eastern side of the continent mainland.

-On Thoda Geyser's island, there is a skit point just south of the geyser.

-On the northeast continent, again, there is a skit point at the southern-
most point, south of the tower of salvation, and a skit point on the 
other southward pointing jut of land, just to the northeast of this one.

-Just west of the tower itself is a treasure.

-On an island to the northeast of Palmacosta, between its continent and the
north one, is a skit point and a treasure. 

-On an island between Izoold and Palmacosta, there is a skit point south of
the mountains.

-On the first contiennt there is a skit point southeast of iselia. It is on
the mainland, just east of a little island. 

-On the west side of this same continent, west of the house of salvation, and
on the other side of the mountains is a last skit point. 

-Yay, no more skit points or hidden treasures. Go to Triet and talk to the 
fortune teller if you want to know how your relationships stand.

-Go to the ruins of the Palmacosta Ranch. Talk to Botta to continue.

-Go into the Ranch. 

-When you reach the lighted floor tiles, follow this path.

East 3 tiles
North 2 tiles
West 2 tiles
South 5 tiles
East 2 tiles
North 1 tile

-Then on the second group of tiles the solution is:

Step onto the first tile, then turn south.
South 2 tiles
East 2 tiles
South 2 tiles
East 2 tiles
North 2 tiles
West 2 tiles
North 4 tiles
East 2 tiles
South 4 tiles
East 2 tiles
North 2 tiles
West 5 tiles

-Change the ring and go on the elevator. On the jail level are a bunch of 
chests. Release the prisoners to make the elevator go up.

-Make a floating platform on the railway with the sorcerer's ring. 

-Just navigate to the top, without hitting the sparks. I will put an exact
path when I get here in the replay.

-Once you get to the warp ring room, follow these instuctions.

-Change first warp to pink and use it. Grab the chest.

-Go back to the first room and change the ring to green. Go through it and 
grab this chest. Head back

-Change the ring to blue and warp.

-In the next room, find the white ring and change it pink. Once you warp
through there will be a lock to unlock. 

-Go back one room from the lock and change the white ring to blue. Change the
next ring to pink and warp again. There is a chest.

-Warp back and change the ring to green. Head left to grab a chest, then 
change the white ring at the top of this room to blue.

-Grab the chest and go back

-Change the ring to green and grab the chest. Use the stairs to get to the
lock, then warp back. 

-Change the ring to pink and warp up a level. Grab 2 chests and go up to 
change the ring to blue.

-Warp up through and grab the chest. Go way upstairs and unlock the last lock.

-Return to the white ring. Change it to pink, and get the chest.

-Warp back and change it to blue. Grab the chests at the bottom, then go up.

-At the top, change the white ring to pink. Tada!

-Boss. If you are less than level 145 combined with all four of your fighting
party, you will get a title for Lloyd. I think it sucks, but check the title 
section.After you beat the first boss there is an easy miniboss. But be 
prepared to fight a second time. 

-Yay, now you can go back and forth between Tethe'alla and Sylvarant.

-First, revisit Hima and enter the town. You should see a scene with Yuan.

-Go to the summit of the Fooji Mountains and you'll see him again.

-The Yuan subplot will be finished later.

-Go to Izoold and hit the beach. This event finally wraps up a subplot.

-In Triet there is an irritating minigame if you talk to the guy in front
of the inn. But it gets you a title for Lloyd after 100 IDs.

-Drop off Mithos at Altessa's House.

-Now return to Altamira.

-Go to the Lezareno Company's HQ. You get a new title for Regal.

-Stay a night and agree to go out for the night. There is a different dog
around at night, I think near the casino, which you ride the little boat thing
to get to.

-While you are in the casino, talk to the guy at the bridge to buy a Demon Arm

-On the 4th floor of the inn is the Wonder Chef.

-During the day, Wells should be hanging out near the gravestone on the first
screen of the city.

Temple of Darkness                          tmpldark
My Level: 57

New Enemies: Coffinmaster, Druid, Manticore, Pharaoh Knight, Shadow

-The Temple of Darkness is just south of the Fooji Mountains on a plateau.

-When you first enter, the group finds out it needs a light.

-Go to the Research Lab in Meltokio.

-Fight at the Colosseum. 

-Once you win, go east into the prison.

-After an event, go back to the research lab.

-Blue Candle.

-Head on back to the temple. There is a chest in the first area before you
cross the bridge to the southwest. 

-You see a little goopy shadow thing. You gotta collect all five of these and
lead them to the seal. If you pass a light or get too far ahead or fight a 
monster, the creature won't follow you again until you touch it.

-Go east and out the door. Run downstairs, and crawl through the space.

-Examine the device to change the ring. Grab the block and pull it out two 

-Go back up to the entrance of the multi-leveled room, next to the shadow 

-Push the block with red eyes farther into the wall to make a bridge down

-Go all the way down the east staircase, grabbing the chest. Go through the
door at the bottom.

-Follow the stairs up then take the ramp up. Follow the path around west, 
south and east, to the newly available shadow creature. 

-Get it to follow you back around to the ramp you just came up. Kill the 
light with your ring and go down to the save point, killing the other light at
the bottom. The shadow will wait next to the save point. 

-Head back up the ramp again. This time, activate the light blue eyed block
and push it all the way in.

-Now go up the east staircase, to the top of the room. Cross over the new 
bridge to grab a chest. Grab the shadow thing. Cross over the bridge and 
go through the east door, down the stairs again.

-Go through the crawlspace midway down the stairs. Reactivate the red eyed
block (too much brown pots) and pull it out.

-Go up to the very top, and grab the two shadows. Lead them over, deactivating
the lights, and past the red block. Lead them to the bottom of the double
staircase. Pull out the green block.

-Grab the shadow at the bottom of this area, so that you have three of em
following you. Go past the green blocks to the area where the ramp is.

-Go down the ramp to the memory circle and drop off the shadows.

-Head back up the ramp and past the green block to the double stairs.

-Push the turquoise block into the wall. A shadow is pushed off a ledge.

-Pull the green block back out again then run down to where your last shadow
buddy awaits.

-Grab the block and push it into the niche to the right of the ramp.

-Grab the shadow dude and lead him to the memory circle. Then circle around 
to the north, with all the shadow guys in tow, to the ramp that leads down
into the temple.

-This next section is linear, but there are treasures to grab on the way.

-Make sure you don't get too far ahead of the shadow things, you don't want
to get to the bottom with only four in tow and have to backtrack. If you get
in a fight, you have to go touch them again to get them to follow you.

-At the very bottom is the boss.

-If you are missing the memory gem, its on an enemy at the top of the ramp
that leads up from the first memory spot.

Linkite Tree                                linktree
My Level: 57

New Enemies: Aska, Luna

-First, wrap up any subquests that are available right now. New ones are 
coming and old ones will close. Particularly, go to the Gaoracchia forest and
fight the Sword Dancer, near the Mizuho exit.

-Go to the Linkite Tree, north of Triet Desert

-Then hit the caravan, to the east of Hakonesia on the south side.

-Then go back to the Linkite Tree and talk to Aska.

-Return to the top of the Tower of Mana and get ready to fight.

Iselia Ranch                                islranch
My Level: 59

New Enemy: The Boss

-Change the function of the ring. You get Mana light that takes your TP.

-Choose the reactor team. The other characters don't do anything, so take
your best. Make sure to include some healing.

-There is a chest to the right of the control panel in the room where you 
split up.

-There are also revitalizers and vending machines in this room.

-Head north from the control room and get the five chests. Return to the 
control room and shoot the pillars on the sides of the doors. Go west.

-Defeat the baddies, save the day. I saved the day, Betty!

-Use the ring to open the doors on the lower level and get the items. 

-Go to the east side of the lower level. Get the items from the south rooms,
including a memory gem from a monster inside the room with the Warhammer, 
far to the south.

-Then save and go northeast to fight the boss. Once you are done, get out
of this place.


Disc 2


Exploring the New World                     explrnew
My Level: 59

-Lots of events to watch. Cool cutscenes.

-When you regain control, go west to see an event and get vengeance.

-Then meet Raine on the west side of town. Colette is waiting at the south
exit to the town.

-Go to Dirk's House. Go inside and talk to Dirk. 

-After your party reforms, talk to everyone then talk to the person on the
balcony to continue. It was Colette for me.

-In Dirk's House, there is a Wonder Chef in Lloyd's room. 

-Go to Tethe'alla. Visit the floating city of Exire, which moves around the
map, and talk to the elder. Then visit the house of the southwestern edge of
the city that the old lady out front asks you not to go in.

-Then revisit the elder's house to finish this sub-event. 

-In the multi-leveled house is a Wonder Chef. 

-There are two dogs in Exire.

-Go to Altamira

-Go to Altessa's House and talk to him.

-Go to Sybak and go in the Library.

-Go to Meltokio and after an event in the sewers, go to the Cathedral next
to the palace.

-New title for Colette during these events.

-Go to the east wing of the castle and enter the archives. Go to the throne
room and talk to the Princess.

-Go to Altamira and talk to George in the president's office. 

-Take the elevator to the second floor.

-Go to Sybak and hit the Research Academy.

-There is a chest in the first door of the first corridor with the Zircon.

-Return to Mizuho. Talk to the Vice-Chief guy. Then talk to Orochi when you
are ready for a fight. 

-Boss: Guard until he jumps into the air, then attack with a combo and Pyre
Seal to finish it. If you knock him down, combo him while he's getting up, 
then immediately guard again. Use the Black Onyx to improve your HP. I 
wouldn't want to lose this fight, I think you miss a title for Sheena.

-Go to Altamira and look at the monument north of the hotel. Rosa should 
appear and ask you about the ring.

-Go to Sybak and talk to Joshua.

-Go to Meltokio near Zelos' house to talk to Rosa again.

-Head back to Sybak and talk to Joshua once more.

-On the southeast continent is a sunken grove we call Ymir forest. It is
on the northwest tip of this continent.

Ymir Forest                                 ymirfrst
My Level: 60

New Enemies: Baby Boar, Boar, Dodo, Killer Bee, Orcrot, Storm Claw

-Go north and change the ring. Use it on the stump. As you can see, using
it on a pink flower causes a boar to appear. Get the chest behind the tree.

-Head east and south to see a chest on an island. Use the ring on the stump
to jar it open.

-In the northeast corner of this area is a chest behind a tree.

-Move west from the sorcerer's ring device and walk up the tree root. 

-Follow the catwalk north into the next area. Continue north and descend at 
the first root you come to.

-Head to the right, then north under the branch to another tree root. Follow
the upper path to the south and head west to get to a Memory Circle and a 
chest. Then go north to meet a kid who won't let you through yet.

-Backtrack to the first area and take the east path north. 

-Take the first left to find a boulder. Climb on the stump and use the ring
to weaken the boulder.

-Return to the main path and go a little more north. Take the second left
and look at the fishie.

-Go back to the previous area. Follow the path east until Lloyd notices a 
"Blue Thing" in a tree. Jump on the stump to knock it into the water. Grab it.
There is a chest behind the tree.

-Go back to the device. Plant the seed in the little garden. Blue flowers now
grow on Lily Pads. Use the west paths to go north to the area where the child

-Descend the tree root and go to the left. There is a lily pad here. Use the
ring to get the chest over to the memory circle area. Go get it.

-Return to the forest entrance and plant the White Seed. Now you can call
birds from the branches.

-Go east and ascend the root. Jump from the path to the nearby branch.

-Use the ring. Push the crate into the water and go back. Follow the east path
to the north section. Go to the northeast corner of the area.

-Cross the crate and use the stump to get the Ymir Fruit to fall in the 
water. Follow the instructions below to get it to where you can reach it.

-Go to the island just southwest of the one you are standing on. Climb on the
stump and use the ring to knock a worm out of the tree.

-Navigate southeast to the island where the blue seed was and move north to 
the end of the walkway, jump on the lily pad and use the ring.

-Move to the island near where the fish left the fruit and use the ring to
knock more worms into the water.

-Head to the center of this area and jump onto the lily pad partially 
obscured by the trunk. Use the Sorcerer's Ring to push the fruit into the 
next area. 

-Before going back, go to the top of the area and jump to the branch where
the white flower is. Use the bird, then jump on the stump to call
the boar. Now there is a new passage. Call a bird to take you back.

-Head west to where Lloyd first looked at the big fish. Hit the flower on
the lily pad to push the fruit through this area.

-Go back to the entrance and jump on the lily pad next to the ring changer.
Grab the fruit and hand it to the kid.

Heimdall                                    elfsland
My Level: 60

-There is a dog in the enclosed yard to the left of the inn. To name it, 
go through the spce under the porch and navigate under the building to the

-Get weapons and armor.

-Go northwest and talk to the elder in the far north house.

-He gives you an item.

-There is a Wonder Chef in his back bedroom.

-You can cross under the Elder's house and across a short bridge to reach 
another dog.

-Leave the town.

-Reenter and talk to the kids to the right of the entrance to finally 
figure out what Noishe is.

-Also, stock up on Panacea Bottles for the next area.

Latheon Gorge                               lathgrge
My Level: 61

New Enemies: Crush Tortoise, Deathseeker, Fake, Poison Lily, Sea Dragon,
  Sheldra, Spiked Snail, Boss Creature

-Change the function of the ring to float briefly. You float in front of
flowers in this stage to be blown around.

-Head northwest and up the trail to a tree that has Kirima Fruit. Stock up.

-Examine the dead plant on the ledge to the south and feed it a fruit to 
revive it.

-Float south and go east and cross the bridge to the next area.

-Go east up the trail to get more Kirima if you need it.

-Feed the plant on the ledge near the tree. Since it is too close, you can't
use it directly.

-Instead, go south. There is a Devil Arm in a chest on the southwest corner of
the map. After retrieving it, use the plant on the south ledge that is blowing

-The newly revived plant you couldn't stand in front of makes a change in the
way you float to get to the north ledge. Stock up on Anmangos here.

-On the west ledge are two huge flowers that push you very far. Take the
northern one to the waterfall. Use the top flower and drift behind the 
waterfall to get a chest.

-Go back to the little islet and use the south flower to reach another chest.

-Allow the large flower to blow you back to the second area.

-Return to the third area (I think by the second large flower to the south)

-Revive both dead plants.

-Stand in front of the northeast plant and go up. You should land on the upper

-Revive the plant at the top of the path.

-Go to the plant near the lower ledge and drift to the southwest hill.

-Before you do anything else, go onto the southwest slope and revive the 
flower facing south. Use the ring and the plant blows you over the edge into
the first area. Get the chest here.

-Return to the fourth area. Go onto the southeast hill and drift to the 
northwest ledge. Feed Amango to the plant that is blowing southeast. 
Drift south and kill the plant on the southeast rise.

-Revive the last plant on the southwest hill and drift onto the northeast 
ledge. Ascend the slope and revive the plant that blows upward. Stand in
front of the top plant and raise yourself to the ledge high above.

-Drift west to the next ledge and stand in front of the large plant to blow
past the waterfall. Revive the dead flower on this ledge.

-Drift to the next cliff on the left, revive the flower and enter the cave.

-Inside the cave is a Fake, a Draupnir and an enemy just in front of that
has the memory gem.

-Leave the cave through the southwest exit. 

-Revive the flower on this ledge and drift to the next ledge. The large
flower should blow you to the ledge above the cave to the right. 

-Drift to the right and the plants below should carry you to the highest 

-Follow the path to the top of the hill and revive both plants on either side
of the bridge. Use the ring in front of the east plant.

-A rock will fall into the stream. Go southeast of the shack to find a chest.

-Use the memory circle and go inside. Check out the toy bunny to get The
Wonder Chef!!

-Talk to the dude for an event.

-He opens the gate for you. Descend the slope and use the flower to reach
the waterfall. 

-Boss fight. 

-After you get the Leaf, you will return to the storyteller's hut.

-Go right back inside when you leave for an important event.

-Hit Iselia real quick to grab a dog. This is the last one. You should get a
title for Colette.

-Go to Palmacosta Human Ranch to finish the Yuan subplot.

The Abbey                                   theabbey
My Level: 62

New Enemy: Bacura (random on world map)

-Now go to the island southeast of the southeast continent and speak to the 
chick upstairs.

-Go to Altessa's house to see an event with Raine. Follow Genis.

-As you approach Zelos' house, you should get a title for him.

-Go to Meltokio and talk to Sebastion at Zelos' House.

-Go to the castle and talk to the King.

-Go to the bridge.

-Go to Gaorachhia Forest, talk to the guy near the Mizuho exit. 

-Speak to George in the president's office of the Lezareno Cmpy HQ in
Altamira to get a new title for Presea.

-Now you can do the Colosseum in Meltokio. Beat Advanced mode with each 
character to win a title. If you want until the very end of the game, you 
will win a powerful weapon for each as well. Fight with Zelos twice to see
an interesting match-up. Beat Party Advanced mode to get a treasure, a
title for Lloyd and to fight some hidden bosses and win some more cool stuff.
You can do this anytime up til the end of the game.

-Go to Sybak and talk to the kid next to the inn. Talk to several people, 
looking for his mom. Soon his mom will appear. This is all there is to this

Tower of Salvation                          bakagain
My Level: 62

-Prepare for another hard boss battle.

-Go inside and use the warp to fight the boss. Scan him! You have to scan him
now to get a complete monster list.

Welgaia                                     angwelga
My Level: 62

-Push the crates off of the warp ring. Go back to the prison to rejoin the 
rest of the group.

-Speak to everyone in this city to learn valuable story info. 

-Go into the door to the right of the moving walkway. In the corridor, hang
a left and enter the door. Unlock the chest to get the Apocalypse.

-Go to the east door in the patio area and talk to the angel to get a mana

-Follow the moving walkway to the teleporter. The angel won't let you on.

-Keep going east. There are two refreshers and a vending machine here.

-On the ground floor, behind the third lift is a computer that will activate
the emergency exit.

-The computer behind the fourth lift tells you a lot about what is really 
going on.

-Use the floating platform to reach the emergency exit.

Tower of Salvation - Going Down             towerdwn
My Level: 63

New Enemies: Cybit, Hammer Knuckle, Murder, Perfect Murder, Boss Battle

-Use the save point and go down the stairs.

-Go down the hall and enter the first door on the character's left.

-Lloyd steps into a room with no gravity.

-Float in these directions


-Then grab the chest and open the red gates.

-Return to the antigravity room and float to the entrance in the west. 

-Go south in the corridor to get a chest. 

-Head up the stairs to the central corridor. 

-Go north and downstairs to find two more chests. 

-Continue upward in this same hallway to find the control panel to release the
blue doors.

-Go back to the stairs and straight through the next room.

-Continue down the corridor until you reach a chest.

-Continue downward to the nearby doorway.

-Move to the left side of your screen, then head north through the open blue
door to get a chest. Exit that room and go left to another chest, then head

-Go back to the antigravity room. 



-Take this lift up. 



-Go east in the hallway to get a chest. Then go south in the corridor. Return
to the anti-gravity chamber and go:


-Take that lift down.

-Go west from there and down the other lift. Go:


-Grab the chest in this room and examine the glowing blue light to get the 

-Go all the way back to the first anti-gravity room, then go out the west
door. Head upstairs and go northeast to the room where the elevator is.

-Examine the panel with the blue light to use the elevator key and activate
the lift.

-There is a chest downstairs. Grab it, but be ready for a boss fight.

-Boss. Not as tough as you might think.

Flanoir                                     iceytown
My Level: 63

-When you land in Altessa's House, there is a memory circle. Use it.

-Many events at night to watch.

-Talk to everyone to continue.

-In the morning, go northeast to Flanoir.

-Go to the doctor's office in the northeast part of town.

-Go with Colette to get an item, but go with other characters to see good 
story events. I chose Sheena. If you reject the first three people that come
to see you, you will change things later in the game. Umm....


-If you reject the first three people, you will meet Kratos, who will later
replace Zelos in your party.


-So anyway. Now the shop has much better stuff, as does the customizer.

-Go the slums of Meltokio and follow the Katz to the rooftops and talk to the 
kid. Then enter the item shop and talk to the Katz there. Then go to the Katz 
town in Sylvarant (northwest continent) and talk to the elder. Then go back 
to the slums and talk to the researcher guy to get a title for Genis.

-Go to Meltokio slums to encounter Josh and Rosa again.

-In Meltokio, go to Zelos' House and talk to Sebastian. Enter the castle and 
you get a new title for Lloyd. Choose one more person to get a new title, then
you may get three more new titles by talking to three of your friends during
this event.

-Go to Mizuho and talk to Orochi. Then talk to the Vice-Chief.

-Go to the Lightning Temple and go up to the seal. 

-Return to Mizuho to get a title for Sheena.

-Now go to Altamira.

-Talk to the woman in front of the inn in Altamira. Find her kids.

-One is at the far end of the beach. 

-One is at the concession stand but will only go back last.

-One is at the docking point in the amusement park

-After talking to these three, go back to the mom. Then you talk to the one 
at the amusement park again.

-Finally, you go to the signboard on the 2F of the hotel, but talk to her 
with Zelos at the head of the party. 

-Once you got all these girls, get the last one at the concession stand.

-Then talk to the mother again, enter the hotel and talk to the manager at 
the back of the lobby. You get new costumes for Lloyd and you choose another 
character. Then you get two more for your best relationship characters. Or so 
I hear. Never done it.

-Go to the Hot Spring with Zelos. The Hot Spring is on the western island 
north of the Earth Temple on Tethe'alla.

-Try out the baths.

-Talk to the guy again and let the girls go in.

-Just do it. It's funny.

-Go to Asgard and return to the stone platform.

-Go to Luin, if you have had it reconstructed.

-Talk to the pirate guy.

-Agree to both of his contracts.

-Go to the priests in the Houses of Salvation at Asgard, then Triet, then 
Palmacosta, then Thoda Docks. 

-Go to Hima and go up to the graveyard to talk to the pirate again and finish
this subquest.

-Now we can finish the Demon Arms quest, if you are up to a really hard fight.

-Go to the Earth Temple, walk through the secret passage, then go all the way
east and talk to the gnomes. Then grab this chest.

-Go to Triet and talk to a guy hanging around near the shops.

-Talk to the guy on the shore of the oasis. This will trigger a skit point to 
the west of the mountain north of Triet. Go here and kill this guy.

-Go to Flanoir and talk to the guy who gave you the key.

-Go to Hakonesia Peak and talk to the guy who sells the road passes.

-Go to the Temple of Darkness and down to the seal to finish this event.
Prepare for a hard boss battle.

Tower Ruins                                 ruintowr
My Level: 64

New Enemies: Angel Commander, Angel Spearman, Angel Swordian, Bomb Plant, 
  Bomb Seedling, Evil Orchid, Mocking Plant, three bosses.

-Reenter the tower of salvation. Boss Fight.

-There is an optional boss here that occurs based on choices you made.

-Use the save point and head through the intersection. Use the Sorcerer's ring
to blast the debris. Jump to the middle platform.

-Use the stairs near the back of the area to return to the top. Jump on the 
bridge again. Walk to the east, getting off on the lower level.

-Head southeast in the next hallway. When you reach a wide passage, burn the 
tree roots with the ring. The open three chests. Continue southwest to the 
next hallway. Ascend the stairs and burn away another tree root. 

-In the next room, head south to find a treasure chest.

-Head northeast in this same area and burn a root to reach another chest.

-Continue southeast and turn north to burn yet another root and get to two 
more chests.

-Go southwest to the end of the hall.

-Stand at the edge of the balcony near the boulder and shoot it with the ring.
You have to shoot it three times.

-Head back through the long corridor to the stairs. Move to the bottom o
of the room below and use the switch to open the door.

-Descend the stairs at the back of the room with the giant tree and jump onto
the bridge. Go east and get up on the middle level of the east side of the 

-Head upstairs and use the warp ring on the top level to continue. 

-Use the circle. Grab the items to the northeast and southwest. There is a 
vending machine to the south. Then use the warp to continue.

-In the areas where you have a bunch of diamond shaped platforms and the 
debris forms the maze, check behind the debris to find chests. 

-There is one chest in the first maze area.

-There is one chest in the second maze area.

-There is a memory circle at the end of this one. Then return to the outer
path and go back around to a warp ring.

-The next one has three items and a memory circle.

-In the cross shaped room, be sure and go left and right before heading 

-In the last maze, there is one chest in the southeast. The memory circle is
to the north. Then go southwest and inward to find another chest.

-The warp ring is at the east corner of the area.

-You cross a long bridge to a save point. Examine the sword stuck in the
wall to continue.

-Boss fights coming, but you will get the chance to use items and change your
techs before you fight them.

-Three boss fights all in a row.

Torent Forest                               sacrdtrn
My Level: 69

New Enemies: Alraune, Bellpepper Head, Carnivorous Plant, Cutlass, Gold
  Dragon, Man-Eater, Torent, Two Bosses

-Go to Heimdall

-Talk to Raine to exit town.

-Head to Meltokio and talk to the chefs to the left of the castle entrance.
Make sure Regal is at the head of your party. You get a recipe. The rest you
get later. (if it won't let you go do this, wait until you are done with the

-Return to Heimdall and talk to your friends before sleeping for the night.

-Head north and talk to the elder.

-Talk to the watchman at the northeast of the elder section of town to
go into the forest.

-The way this maze works is like so: The little furry critter hides in the 
stump. To continue to a new area, shoot the stump with your ring and follow
him. The path he takes you down leads to the new area. Each part of the forest
has items to grab, and if you try to head down any path other than the one he
shows you or the one you came from, it will just put you right back in the 
same area. So explore all the areas for items, then shoot the stump to 
continue. If you want to go back, you have to remember which path you emerge
from each time.

-In the third area, the Gold Dragon floats around. Go through any wrong exit 
to reappear in this area and fight him again. He gives massive XP. You won't
be able to fight him after this, I don't think.


-Boss Fights. They are both pretty tough, but the first is the hardest.

-Talk to all three elves hanging out in Heimdall, then to the elder before 
you leave the city.

-Go to Dirk's House.

-Return to the Tower of Salvation.

Cool Comet                                  coolcmet
My Level: 70

New Enemies: Dark Archer, Dark Spear, Dark Sword, Death, Doom Guard, Samael,
  Phantasm, Phantom Knight

-When you first enter, you get a new title for Lloyd.

-This area is huge, and there are two items in the first area.

-In the second area there are five chests to grab before you continue.
The exit to the second area is north.

-Head to the teleport pad. You can't reach it yet. Go south to the detention
area. You save two people.

-Go down to the prison area, save two more.

-Go past the moving walkway, then east of the transport and down one of the 
elevators to save the last two people. 

-Now there are three subbosses to fight. One is accessed by clicking the 
shimmering glass shards on the floor of the glass prison where the last two
people were.

-One is at the blood stain in the prison.

-One is at the glowing circle where you saved the first two people.

-Approach the teleporter to get the Derris Emblem.

-Use the teleporter.

Vinheim                                     finalyhr
My Level: 71

New Enemies: Dark Dragon, Dark Commander, The Boss of the Game

-Ok, don't worry if you haven't tied everything up, we're still going back
to the surface before we finish the game.

-Go upstairs and fight the dragon. He will give you the Vinheim key. Use it
on the double doors to continue. Head through and watch the scene, but don't
step on the last warp. Head back into the main room.

-We need to unlock the warp back to the surface. As you run through this 
castle, there are lots of items to find, but they are all just in rooms right
off of the main path. Just run around and get em as you do the following.

-Go east from the main room. There is a stationary baddie. Kill him.

-Ascend the stairs and cross the catwalk high above the central room. In the
west stairs, go to the top. Cross back to the east.

-Open the black chest.

-Return to the Dark Dragon's room. Go through the upper doorway on the west
side of the room. Enter the fourth door on the spiral stairs.

-Beat down the stationary bad guy.

-Open the new black chest.

-Return to the Dark Dragon's room. Push the black, dark blue, red, and purple
boxes onto the left warp. They have to be done in that order. As you get them
into the next room, push them off the ledge to make a bridge and push the last
one into the floor niche.

-For the right warp, do the same but with the boxes: Yellow, Green, Light Blue
and White.

-Grab the newly available chest. Now you can use the warp in the center of the
dark dragon's room to go back to Tethe'alla. 

-Go to Heimdall and talk to the guys arguing in the park to learn a new tech
for Genis and get a title.

-Go to Exire. Be ready for a boss fight. A hard one.

-There is a secret passage behind the elder's house, if you maneuver around 
the porch. Follow the secret passage to a graveyard.

-Equip the Opal, Garnet, Aquamarine, and Ruby on each of your four combatants.
Then examine the lone gravestone to get a new spell and title for Sheena.

-Go to Iselia village and view the skit.

-Go to the seal room in Martel Temple, north of Iselia.

-Once Regal is level 80 or has gotten all his techs, go to the prison of 
Meltokio castle. Talk to the guy in the left row of cells.

-Go to the Hot Spring. Talk to Levin to get a weapon for Regal.

-Once Presea hits level 80 or has gotten all her techs, talk to Ralph in
Ozette, next to her father's grave.

-Make Regal the onscreen guy and talk to the cooks at all the Houses of 
Guidance in Tethe'alla. There is one near Meltokio and one near Heimdall.

-Go to Asgard and talk to the cook near the windmill with Regal still as the
onscreen character to get your last recipies.

-Fight the last Sword Dancer in Iselia Forest.

-The last subquest is a toughie. It is the underworld.

-Go to Sybak and look in the library for a book with a jewel in it. Talk to 
the researcher, then exit Sybak and go to Heimdall. Then talk to a 
green-haired elf near the destroyed windmill to learn more. Go back to Sybak 
but save before you look at the book again.

-You then enter the underworld. You must clear level 15 and the Living Armor 

-There are many unique monsters here.

-When Soulfire reaches 0 you die. You can recharge it by killing enemies or 
using the ring to light a brazier. But firing the ring costs 10 points, so 
don't miss. Examine the braziers to get various benefits, but keep in mind 
that Soulfire diminishes more rapidly when you do so. 
On red levels, you must defeat all baddies to go into the warp. 

-Beat the final boss to destroy the book.

-Sorry I can't give better info, but the dungeon levels are random.

-Go to Asgard and talk to the half-elf from wayyyyy earlier. He's in the
workshop on the east side of town. He'll give you a book. Go talk to Dirk,
then process your pellets to get figurines to carry into your next game.

-Rack up on Grade. 

-Now go back to the tower and kill the final boss. Yay. Congrats. Play replay

Title List                                  titllist

This section is straight from the guide. 

                     HP  TP  STR DEF INT EVA ACC   Where?
-Swordsman                                         Default

-Drifting Swordsman  1       2   2                 Get during main game

-Gentle Idealist         1       4   4             Get during main game

-Eternal Swordsman   7       7   6           6     Get during main game

-Gourmet King                    5   4   5         Talk to Wonder Chef at
                                                   Altamira after getting
                                                   all recipies
-Nobleman                                          New Costume; Dinner Party

-Arrgh, Me Hearties                                New Costume; Aifred Quest

-Beach Boy                                         New Costume; Swimsuit Event

-Peeping Tom                         5   5         Hot Springs subquest

-Midlife Crisis          1           6             Uncle Minigame

-Sword of Swords     4   3   4   4   4   4   4     Beat Advanced Single mode
                                                   at Colosseum

-Tactical Leader         3           5   5   5     Complete Party Mode at
-Grand Swordsman     4       4   3                 Get when you hit Lvl 20

-Master Swordsman    5       5   4                 Get when you hit Lvl 40

-Holy Sword                      10      10        Get when you hit Lvl 100

-Combo Newbie                3               2     Get a 10 hit combo

-Comboist                1   4               4     30 hit combo

-Combo Expert        6   2   6               2     60 hit combo

-Combo Master            5                   10    100 hit combo

-Tetra Slash         2       2                     Hook three different A
                                                   attacks together then use
                                                   a B attack to finish it.

-Brave Soul          5       5   4       5         Beat through Yuan, at the
                                                   base on Tethe'alla without
                                                   running from a battle.

-Lone General                    2       3         Says to get the title while
                                                   fighting alone with at 
                                                   least two other characters
                                                   in the party. Don't know
                                                   exactly what they mean by

-Boorish General         1           3             Use 10 C-up, C-down 
                                                   shortcuts in one battle. 

-Gung Ho             6   2       5                 Get all the way to Rodyle
                                                   (almost Disc 2) and fight
                                                   him with a party that has
                                                   a total level < 145.

-Eternal Apprentice  3       2   2       4   3     Go all the way until you
                                                   fight the boss in 
                                                   Palmacosta without 
                                                   equipping anything but the
                                                   Wooden Sword.

-Berserker           10      10              6     Fight enemies 256 times in 
                                                   Hard or Mania difficulty.

The rest are coming soon!

All of the below is coming soon!

Unison Attacks                              uatkslst
Items List                                  itemshop
Shops and What They Got                     shopsgot
Recipies                                    reciplst
Beastiary (SPOILERS)                        bestiary
Figurines                                   figrnstf
Minigames                                   thmingms
Sidequests                                  sidquest

Colette: Dog Lover

Talk to every dog in the world with Colette at the head of the party. 
Iselia House of Salvation: 1
Triet: 1
Izoold: 1
Palmacosta: 1
Thoda Island Dock: 1
Thoda Geyser: 1
Asgard: 2
House of Salvation - Asgard: 1
Hima: 2
Meltokio: 2
Sybak: 2
Mizuho: 1
Ozette (only when you are first there): 2
Flanoir: 2
Altamira (daytime): 1
Altamira (nighttime): 1
Exire: 2
Heimdall: 2
Iselia (end of game): 1
Luin, Rebuilt: 1

Sword Dancer

-Fight him once in Ossa Trail before you go to the tower of salvation. Fight 
him again in Gaorachhia forest before you go to the Tower of Mana to unlock 
Luna. Fight him a last time in Iselia forest before you end the game.

Practice with Kratos

-Speak to a guard at Palmacosta, outside the govt. building when you are first
-After the Windmaster fight, stay an extra night at the inn in Asgard
-After the first quick trip to Asgard Ranch, talk to the guy next to the 
weapon shop in Luin's Ruins
-Before you fly away to the Tower of Salvation, when the party is split in 
Hima, talk to him several times to get him to train you.
-If you don't do them in order, when it says to, you can't do the rest of em, 
as far as I know.


-See them by returning to the platform in Asgard.
-See them at the Balacrut Mausoleum
-See them at Luin after weapon shop has been restored. 
-See them at Asgard after clearing the Iselia Human Ranch.
-Again, you have to do these in order, but at no specific time.

Rebuilding Luin

-Pay pietro money to get him to rebuild Luin. The total amount needed is like 
460000 Gald. Get it by fighting the dragon in the Earth Temple over and over.

Pay him the following amounts, leaving and reentering between each payment.


Scavenger Hunt

-You can only do this before unlocking the temple of light.
-There is a game to play in Palmacosta. I never played it. Sorry for no 
details. There is no reward for winning.


-If you talk to every woman you come across, Zelos will get the title Gigolo. 
I don't know if he has to be at the head of the party.

Mature Child

-During your first visit to Ozette, talk to the guy next to the weapon shop 
until he insults your party and runs away.
-After defeating Rodyle, go to Altamira and look at the monument north of the 

Devil's Arms

-One in the wreckage of the floating block, in the Mine,
-One in the Gaoroccia forest
-One after returning the last gnome from Altessa's house to the Temple of 
Earth. Go past the dragon to the west and get it. You can only do this after 
you beat the temple.
-A guy sells one on the bridge at the casino during Altamira's nightlife.
-Talk to the guy standing next to oasis in Triet (not the kid on the dock) to 
open a special skit point on the west side of the mountain north of triet. 
Enter it and kill the dude to win the weapon.
-In Letheon Gorge there is a weapon.
-In Welgaia there is a weapon inside the tower
-Then talk to Abyssion. Go to Hakonesia Peak to get the last weapon. Then go 
fight at the temple of darkness.

Presea's Childhood Friends

-After you rescue colette from the dragon nest, go to Meltokio, to the piano 
teacher's house and talk to the girl at the east end. Presea will have a brief
event. Then go to Sybak and talk to the guy in the west part of town, next to 
the dog. Then go back to the girl to finish this up.

Joshua and Rosa

-This I never got, I think because I waited too long. 
-Go to Sybak after rescuing Colette. Talk to the guy next to the junk 
merchant. On disc 2, go to Altamira, Rosa should stop you. Go to Sybak and 
give Joshua the money. Go to Meltokio near Zelos' house and you should 
encounter Rosa again. Then go back to Sybak and talk to Joshua again. Then go 
back to Meltokio and visit the slums to finish it up.

Yuan's Ring

-Apparently, after defeating Rodyle at the Remote Island, you go to 
Palmacosta, then Sylvarant Base. Then you go to Hima. Yuan is looking for 
something. Go to the summit of the Fooji Mountains to find out what he lost. 
Then go to the Palmacosta Human Ranch after talking to the storyteller in 
Latheon Gorge. 

Raine's Mother

-Go to Exire on disc 2. Talk to the elder then go into the house that the old 
woman outside tells you not to enter. Then go talk to the elder again.

Raine Collapses

-While Mithos is hanging out at Altessa's, but after he goes to Sybak with 
you, visit Altessa and she should collapse. You'll get a new title for Genis.

Rescue the Princess

-After you beat Latheon Gorge, go talk to the butler at Zelos' house. 
Go to the Bridge. Then go to the G. Forest and talk to the pope. Then after 
the night in Flanoir, go back to Meltokio and talk to sebastian again. Enter 
the castle. Speak to three characters in the ball and they will all get new 
costumes. Don't know which ones. Haven't done this quest.

Klonoa Costume

-After you beat the Gorge, go to Lezareno Company HQ, President's Office and 
talk to George to get a cute outfit for Presea ^_^.

These next two are after you talk to Zelos' sister.

Meltokio Coliseum

-Just beat advanced with each party member to get awesome titles for each of 
them. Then beat it with party mode to get another title for Lloyd. 
-After you open the final door, you can return and fight with each character 
again to get an awesome weapon for each of them. Fight with Zelos twice to 
fight someone surprising. 
-After beating party advanced, you should have a boss battle against three 
old tales characters to get some more cool stuff.

Lost Child in Sybak

-Go to Sybak, talk to the kid next to the inn, talk to people to find his 

These next ones are after the Night at Flanoir.

Colette: Maid Costume

-Go into the castle, on the east side and chat with the maids to get a new 
title for Colette. 

Katz Costume

-Go the slums of Meltokio and follow the Katz to the rooftops and talk to the 
kid. Then enter the item shop and talk to the Katz there. Then go to the Katz 
town in Sylvarant (northwest continent) and talk to the elder. Then go back 
to the slums and talk to the researcher guy to get the title.

Chief Igaguri

-Go back to Mizuho, talk to Orochi.
-Talk to Tiga.
-Go to the Lightning Temple and up to the seal.
-Go back to Mizuho and watch the events. New title for Sheena.

Beach Time

-Talk to the woman in front of the inn in Altamira. Find her kids.
-One is at the far end of the beach. 
-One is at the concession stand but will only go back last.
-One is at the docking point in the amusement park
-After talking to these three, go back to the mom. Then you talk to the one 
at the amusement park again.
-Finally, you go to the signboard on the 2F of the hotel, but talk to her 
with Zelos at the head of the party. 
-Once you got all these girls, get the last one at the concession stand.
-Then talk to the mother again, enter the hotel and talk to the manager at 
the back of the lobby. You get new costumes for Lloyd and you choose another 
character. Then you get two more for your best relationship characters. Or so 
I hear. Never done it.

Hot Spring

-Go to the Hot Spring with Zelos. 
-Try em out
-Talk to the guy again and let the girls go in.
-Just do it. It's funny.

Shrine Maiden's Return

-Go back to Asgard with Raine. Go back to the platform. 


-Bet you didn't think you'd ever deliever Lyla's letter? Wrong! Go to Luin 
and agree to buy the boat from the pirate dude. Then agree to be his crew. 
Then talk to all the priests in all the Houses of Salvation around Sylvarant, 
in this order: Asgard, Triet, Palmacosta, Thoda. Then go to Hima and talk to 
Aifread again.

Secret of Noishe

-When you get the elf elder's staff, you can go back to Heimdall and find out 
what Noishe really is.

Regal Bryant, Ultra Chef

-After you followed Kratos to Heimdall. After beating Pronyma and Yggsdrasil
-Go to Meltokio and talk to the chefs to the left of the castle entrance. 
Regal learns the Beef Stew recipie and gets a new title. Then after Heimdall 
is changed, make Regal the head character and talk to the cooks at the Houses 
of Guidance in Tethe'alla and the cook near the windmill in Asgard to learn 
additional recipies.

Meteor Storm Technique

-After you get the Derris Emblem (late, late, late in the game)
-Go to Heimdall and approach the men in the park arguing. You get a title and 
new technique for Genis.


-Again, after the Derris Emblem, Go to the city of Exire. Go behind the 
elder's house, to a secret passage around the back of the house to the left.
-Descend the stairs, follow a long path to a graveyard. Equip your characters 
with the Opal, Garnet, Aquamarine, and Ruby (one on each) and examine the 
lone grave marker to fight Maxwell and get the last summon and a new title 
for Sheena

Corrine Returns

-After the Derris Emblem
-Go to Iselia Village and view the skit "Corrine is Calling Me" Continue to 
Martel Temple and revisit the chamber of the seal. Corrine reappears.

Regal's Master

-After the Derris Emblem
-Go to the castle at Meltokio and go tot he prison. Go down the left row of 
cells until Regal encounters an old convict. Regal is directed to the Hot 
Spring. Go to the gate and speak to the old man Levin. Speak with him again 
when Regal masters all his techs or is level 80. You get his best weapon.

Friend of Presea's Father

-Derris Emblem
-Enter Ozette and speak to Ralph.
-Speak to him again when Presea has mastered all techs or is level 80 to 
receive her best weapon.

Niflheim the Underworld

-After you get the Sacred Stone from Vinheim.
-Go to Sybak and look in the library for a book with a jewel in it. Talk to 
the researcher, then exit Sybak and go to Heimdall. Then talk to a 
green-haired elf near the destroyed windmill to learn more. Go back to Sybak 
but save before you look at the book again.
-You then enter the underworld. You must clear level 15 and the Living Armor 
-There are many unique monsters here.
-When Soulfire reaches 0 you die. You can recharge it by killing enemies or 
using the ring to light a brazier. But firing the ring costs 10 points, so 
don't miss. Examine the braziers to get various benefits, but keep in mind 
that Soulfire diminishes more rapidly when you do so. 
On red levels, you must defeat all baddies to go into the warp. 
-Beat the final boss to destroy the book.

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