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by arkena

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Walkthrough by arkena

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/01/2014

     ___   _____       ___       ___  ___   _     _____
    /   | |  _  \     /   |     /   |/   | |_|   /  ___/
   / /| | | | | |    / /| |    / /|   /| |      | |___
  / / | | | | | |   / / | |   / / |__/ | |       \___  \
 / /  | | | |_| |  / /  | |  / /       | |        ___| |
/_/   |_| |_____/ /_/   |_| /_/        |_|       /_____/

 _     _   _____   __   _   _____   _   _   _____    _____
| |   / / | ____| |  \ | | |_   _| | | | | |  _  \  | ____|
| |  / /  | |__   |   \| |   | |   | | | | | |_| |  | |__
| | / /   |  __|  | |\   |   | |   | | | | |  _  /  |  __|
| |/ /    | |___  | | \  |   | |   | |_| | | | \ \  | |___
|___/     |_____| |_|  \_|   |_|   \_____/ |_|  \_\ |_____|

Adam's Venture Episode 2: Solomon's Secret 2011 - Vertigo Games - Iceberg Interactive - PC


This is a translation of the walkthrough I wrote in French. The Steam version (and on other sites) contains screenshots, for better understanding.

Adam's Venture is an adventure game that tells the story of Adam Venture after the events in The Search for the Lost Garden of Eden. After being rescued, Adam and Evelyn find themselves the prisonner of their employer, the Clairvaux Corporation... How will they escape? And will they find Solomon's treasure?

I'm letting free of your choice to inspect or not some areas. The following walkthrough will include the secrets.

Escape from the Airport

You begin in a cell. Try to open the white door then speak to Evelyn.

Use the hairpin on the door. All the locks have to be in the upper part. While I'm pretty sure that there is a better solution than mine, I'm still giving it because it works.


Then follow the arrow. You're above the void, grabbing a red pipe. Go to the left and climb up. Enter the building, go down the stairs in order to find the key to deliver Evelyn.

Once on the first floor, if you open the door, you will see that the pilot is discussing with a guard. So, go to left.

Take the key on the ground then come back. Don't take the stairs now, go to the right and inspect the piano for an achievement.

Go back to the jail and open it to free Evelyn.

Follow her, open the door then go on the balcony and climb up the ladder. Go to the stairs near the crates, go down until you touch the ground.

Go to the left and crouch. Follow the path without standing (else you'll be spotted by the guard at the window). Go near the crates.

Take the apple (if you don't see it, just look for green sparkles).

Crouch if you're standing and take place behind the crates behind the guard. Throw the apple to divert its attention. Then keep going until you're reaching the car.

The vehicle will not work because of the lack of fuel, so, take the walkie and keep going. Open the door with


Enter the building and go behind the left shelves to find your first gallon. Crouch and pass the opening.

Climb up the crates thanks to the right pipe. Then, grab the one above you and go to the left. Once on the other side, pass through the opening in the background.

Climb down and move the crate. Crouch and enter in the left opening.

Take the fuel then climb the pipe and the crates. Go down and take the gallon. Open the door in front of the pipe. Go outside and enter the next building. Go to the left, pass through the left narrow opening and keep going.

Move the crate next to the barrels, jump on it and keep going. Go to the right room to find a gallon. Then grab the pipe and go left. Once at the end of it, climb down. Just back up a little to have a better view of the room. The second crate in the background from the left can be moved. Just grab it and move it. You'll find the fifth gallon.

Open the door to find tents. Search through the middle one to find a chest with a code:


You'll find the Alpha code: messiah.

Get out of the tent and go to left. Now, you can investigate the last tent. You'll find the last gallon.

And it's that moment that was chosen by the guards to notice your escape. So run back to Evelyn.

At the Temple Mount

Follow Evelyn until she stop in frond of a guard. Talk to him. Then go left and notice the wooden beam. Enter the street in front of it and walk across the house ruins. Once on the second floor, keep following the path. Climb up the little ramp then climb down on the planks.

Adam will down in a cellar. Ignite your torch, go to the right and climb down the ladder.

You'll have to open four doors. Each one of them can be easily recognized thanks to the sculpture on it. And guess what? The sculptures are also the same on the levers.

I've used the following sequence to open them (and to check the sculptures).

  • Lever 1
  • Lever 2
  • Lever 1
  • Lever 3
  • Lever 2
  • Lever 1

Go forward then go to the left. Keep going until you're stopped by wood. Burn it and keep going. Take the rope on the beam on the right. Go back to the cellar.

Follow then what the game is showing. Climb up the little wall and go on the other side to find yourself in a street you already followed at the beginning of the chapter.

Go back to the wooden beam and use the rope on it.

Once in the village, go to the right... to find that Evelyn convinced the guard to let her through.

Follow her through the streets and roofs. But before making your first jump, go to the right to find a ladder. Climb it down to find a chest. Open it


You'll find the Beta code: choice.

Come back on the roofs and now, you can make your series of jumps. Grab the wall and go to the left. Keep following Evelyn until you can climb down. You can see that the villagers are indeed lacking water. To make it flow again will be great.

Once you're trapped, wait until Evelyn pushes a crate and make it fall down for you. Push it to the hole in the left wall. Jump on it and pass through that hole to reunite with your friend.

Go to the entry porch but you can't open the door unless you solve the puzzle. If you want to try it, start from the second equation because there are only two possible answers and one of them can be eliminated by looking the others equations. But here is the solution:

  • Lion = 2
  • Lamb = 4
  • Rooster = 3
  • Snake = 1

Check by yourself

  • Snake + Rooster = Lamb || 1+3 = 4
  • Lamb - Lion = Lion || 4-2 = 2
  • Lion + Snake = Rooster || 2+1 = 3

Grab the crate and move it near the device in the background. Jump on it and push the Clairvaux crate in the bucket.

Go back to the floor and crouch. Take the opening until you find a ladder. Climb it up to the roof. And guess what? The gate is closed by a system using the village's water. Release the water and the gate will open!

Climb down in the street and pass through the left arch. Use the machine to notice the lack of a gear. Evelyn will come. Go back to the gate. A new opening under the planks will be revealed. Evelyn was just in front of it earlier, that's why you couldn't see it. Anyway, crouch and take the missing gear.

Go back to the machine and press the following buttons:

  • - 10
  • - 10
  • +5
  • - 10
  • +7

Pass through the gate you just opened to reach the guards's camp.

Exploring the Excavation Site

Go into the first tent and inspect the board on the pillar. This is the solution to who did what (and I'll spare you the explanation).

  • William (didn't respect the security protocol)
  • Catherine (is in town to solve some problems)
  • Brian (drives Thomas to the airport before taking Alan from the hospital)
  • Alan (brings flowers to Rose)
  • Rose (was hurt when William let his hammer drop)
  • Thomas (goes to London)

Once you're disguised, go near the tower to inspect the open box. This is the solution.

  • Red and blue button in the second column
  • Green button in the third

Climb up the ladder then grab the cord and slide to enter the main campement. Go to the right to reach a big tent with a guard.

Enter the tent and repair the radio.

It's hard to design it but here is the solution:

 1 - 2 - 3 - 4: Extremities of wires
 B = Beginning of the wires
 E = End the wires
Wire 1Wire 2
Column 1B1 - E2B4 - E3
Column 2B2 - E1B3 - E2
Column 3B1 - E3B2 - E4
Column 4B3 - E2B4 - E3

Don't follow the guard now but go to the upper left. Find the last tent and enter to take the missing gear. You don't know it but it will be help for the next puzzle. Go back to the radio then and go to the bottom left to find the guard. Repair the machine to see that two buttons are missing. Their values are +7 and +11.

This is how you solve the puzzle:

  • -17
  • +7
  • -17
  • +23
  • -9

Once it's done, go forward to reach a ladder. Use it to find a chest with:


The Gamma code is moriah.

Come back to the guard and talk to him. He'll give you his security pass. Search for Evelyn then follow her to the checkpoint. Talk to the guard and show him your badge. Go to the left, climb down the ladder and examine the machine at the end of your path.

The values for the buttons are the following: -24, +7, -11, +17, -7.

Solve the puzzle by pressing -7 and -11. That's it!

Climb up the ladder and keep going. You'll hear an interesting discussion between the pilot and the Clairvaux chief.

Down the Well

After your fall, you'll need to open the door with Solomon's family tree. In each alcove, you'll find a tree drawning at each stade of its life. And each stade is in reality a member of the family. Go to the door to unlock the puzzle. Investigate each alcove.

  • Hand planting a tree: David
  • Full tree: Nathan
  • Growing tree: Shobab
  • Tree freshly out of the ground: Shimea

Lights should appear on the door. They have a different color. You will have to direct a purple beam on Solomon's name thanks to the middle device.

Ignite your torch then ignite the middle device.

To make a purple beam, you'll need the blue and the red glasses. The inner ring has only a red glass, so put it in front of the door. The blue glass will be on the middle ring. Finally, the outer ring will lead your light to Solomon's name which is the highest one.

Once it's done, keep going. Burn the spiderweb then follow the path until you meet a closed door. Climb up the wall in front of you, look the sort of shrine and solve the puzzle.

  • First button: first column
  • Second button: second column
  • Third button: fourth column

Once the door is open, pass it. Go to the levers to notice that one is missing. In reality, it is hidden on the moving platforms. To reach it, use the levers in the following order (lever being the far left one)

  • lever 2
  • lever 1
  • lever 3

Then, take the missing lever and place it in its socle. Do the following sequence:

  • lever 5 (missing lever)
  • lever 4
  • lever 3
  • lever 3
  • lever 2

Cross the moving platforms to reach the door. Follow the path then inspect the wheel. Solve the puzzle:

  • First and second buttons: fourth column
  • Third button: third column

Take the lift and use the lever to go down. Keep going and once you're in front of the disc (a puzzle for later), go left to enter a room with several columns on which symbols are hanging.

Before considering the puzzle, go to the right to find a chest. Open it:


The Delta code is judgement.

Go to the closed door and press on symbols on each side of it. You have to make sure that the praying hands and the open chest on the columns are down and activated. To do it, you'll have to use the levers.

Use the first and second levers (counting from the left) and activate the symbols.

Go to the left and crouch to find another lever. Then, go back to the disks device. Use your new tool on it.

The goal is to align the disks to create a path for the water. Each disk is going into a direction and will do a turn without stopping. Follow this sequence:

  • Activate the "gold" disk
  • Activate the "purple" disk when the parts of the water path are aligned.

The door will open. Go through it.

Solomon's Throne Room

Adam, being Adam, manage to upset Evelyn. She leaves you alone (no worry, you'll find her later).

Keep going and turn left. Go to the puzzle.

As you can see, the VI is stuck in front of the clover. And if you looks at the equations on the wall, you can see a clover. It means that it represents the number 6.

To find the other values, start by the last equation (rectangle x triangle).

  • 1 = sun
  • 2 = rectangle
  • 3 = triangle
  • 4 = diamond
  • 5 = circle
  • 6 = clover

Check by yourself

  • circle x sun + sun = clover || (5x1)+1 = 6
  • rectangle x rectangle = diamond || 2 x 2 = 4
  • rectangle x triangle = clover || 2 x 3 = 6

Then, move the wheels to put in front of each symbol its value.

Go through the door you just opened and ignite your torch. Climb up the wall and before passing the arch, go through the left opening. You'll find the last chest. Open it:


The Epsilon code is wisdom.

Go through the arch and keep following the path.

You'll arrive in a room where you'll have to guess a missing word and reproduce the associated code (made with owls and crowns) on the floor.

For the first panel, choose KING.

 O = Owl
 C = Crown

 O O O C
 O O C C
 C O O O
 C C O O

The second correct word is SOLOMON.

 C O O O
 O C C O
 O O C O
 C O O O

And finally, choose GIVE HER THE LIVING BABY.

 O O O O
 C O C C
 C O C O
 O O O C

Then, climb down the ladder and go to a second disks puzzle. Here's the sequence:

  • Activate the "purple" disk
  • Activate the "gold" disk when the "purple" is aligned with the "red".
  • Activate the "red" disk when it's aligned with the "gold".

Go to the lift and activate the lever.

You'll find Evelyn and a new disks puzzles. Inspect them and let Evelyn talk. The following sequence is hard in timing.

  • Activate the "purple" disk.
  • After its first move, activate the "green" disk.
  • After the first move of the "green" (and the second for the "purple"), activate the "red" disk first and immediately after, the "gold" disk.
  • After the first move of the "red" and "gold" (the second for the "green" and the third for the "purple"), activate the "blue" disk.

Enter the throne's room. Ignite your torch and look on the ground to find the order in which you have to proceed.

 3    4

 2    1

Use the devices in this order and ignite them.

Pass behind the throne to find a pool. You take a swim in it for an achievement.

The piece of wood in the water will be called 1.

Anyway, push the wood (2) in the water. Then go on it and go to the left. Push another piece of wood (3). Come back to the start and empty the pool by using a lever.

Push the (2) to the right.

Use the lever to put water in the pool then go to the right to push the last piece of wood (4). Come back and empty the pool again.

Push the pieces of wood in that order: (4) - (2) - (3) - (1) (if you can't reach it, pass between the columns behind it) - (2) - (1)

A bridge should have been formed. Activate the lever to put water in the pool then cross the bridge. Cross also the moving platforms and enter the cave.

Take the stairs and solve the puzzle. You have to make a red flower on the top, a green one on the right, a blue one on the bottom and a yellow on the left. Each mechanism turns. The middle one is the only that can carry the gems around.

When you're finished with the last puzzle, you can continue to climb up until you find Solomon's treasure.

Then, follow Evelyn. Crouch to pass under the column, keep going in front of you and help your friend to climb.

That's it, folks, it's the end of the game. Yes, it's a cliffhanger. But the third opus, Revelations, is out, so...

                           To be continued in Revelations


  • Alpha : messiah
  • Beta : choice
  • Gamma: moriah
  • Delta : judgment
  • Epsilon : wisdom


Don't publish this guide anywhere else under your name. Credit me at least. Anyway, I prefer to share it under CC-BY-ND-NC.

You may find it on Steam and on blogs I own. It will be also published on Neoseeker and Gamefaqs.

Written in April 2014 by Vinciane AMORINI (vamorini(@)gmail.com)