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Walkthrough by shockinblue

Version: 1 | Updated: 03/19/15

Game: Tales of Zestiria (Japanese Version)
Creator: Namco Bandai
Release Date: January 22, 2015
Platform: PS3

Version: 1.0
Last update: May 25, 2015 
Author: Lillian Yeung (shockinblue)

Standard disclaimer: I own no rights to the game, but the game is the basis
of this walkthrough, a guide to help others play, enjoy, and beat the game.
I only own what I've written.

May 25, 2015 - Thank you to ssufurjin for noticing a minor error in the
Fake Shepherd sidequest. The location is Godojin, not Pendragon.



I.   Introduction                                                     [INT]
II.  Characters                                                       [CHR]
III. Walkthrough                                                      [WLK]

        Mabinogio Ruins                                         [001]
        Seraphim's Forest, Izuchi                               [002]
        Arodite Forest                                          [003]
        Lake Pillow Plateau                                     [003A]
        Hyland Capital, Lady Lake                               [004]

        Hyland Capital, Lady Lake                               [004A]
        Vivia Waterway Ruins                                    [005]
        Hyland Capital, Lady Lake                               [005A]
        Grahad Ruins                                            [006]

        Hyland Capital, Lady Lake                               [007]
        Folken Hill                                             [007A]
        Round Table Royal Palace                                [007B]
        Vivia Water Ruins                                       [008]
        Sacred Mountain Leifork                                 [009]
        Folken Hill                                             [009A]
        Marindo                                                 [010]
        Damunonia Art Museum                                    [011]
        Marindo                                                 [011A]
        Borus Historic Ruins                                    [012]
        Grave Gantt Basin                                       [013]

        Vargran Woods                                           [014]
        Tintagel Ruins                                          [015]
        Vargran Woods                                           [016]
        Laston Bell                                             [017]
        Triumph Grasslands                                      [018]
        Parbley Pasture                                         [019]
        Imperial Capital, Pendragon                             [020]
        Pendragon Church Sanctuary                              [020A]
        Imperial Capital, Pendragon                             [020B]
        Verdigris Grove, Mallory                                [021]
        Ganbria Underground Cave                                [022]
        Bairob Cliff                                            [023]
        The Forgotten Village, Godojin                          [024]
        Fire Temple Trial, Igraine                              [025]
        The Forgotten Village, Godojin                          [026]
        Imperial Capital, Pendragon                             [026A]
        Pendragon Church Sanctuary                              [027]
        Imperial Capital, Pendragon                             [028]
        Side Quest Break                                        [029]
        Gafris Ruins                                            [029A]
        Idel Cave                                               [029B]
        Lamrock Cave                                            [030]
        Borus Historic Ruins                                    [030A]
        Hyland Capital, Lady Lake                               [030B]
        Water Temple Trial, Le Fay                              [031]
        Seraphim's Forest, Izuchi                               [032]
        Aifread's Hunting Ground                                [033]
        Earth Temple Trial, Morgause                            [034]
        Westron Hold Rift                                       [035]
        Wind Temple Trial, Guinevere                            [036]
        Grave Gantt Basin                                       [037]
        Imperial Capital, Pendragon                             [038]

        Grave Gantt Basin                                       [039]
        Camelot Overpass                                        [040]
        Zafgot Plains                                           [041]
        The Tower Town, Lowgrin                                 [042]
        Side Quest Break                                        [043]
        Trisoizol Cave (optional)                               [044]
        Gangren Ruins (optional)                                [045]
        Versh Ruins (optional)                                  [046]
        Prisonerback Wetlands                                   [047]
        Lichtwag Dry Ash Forest                                 [048]
        The Tower Town, Lowgrin                                 [049]

        Meet Sergei                                             [050]
        Find Alisha                                             [051]
        Help Rose                                               [052]
        Laston Bell                                             [053]

        Seraphim's Forest, Izuchi                               [054]
        Mabinogio Ruins                                         [055]
        Altus Ruins                                             [056]
        Sidequest Insanity                                      [057]
        Katz Village                                            [057A]
        Mercio Ruins                                            [058]
        The Origin Village, Camran                              [059]
IV.  Copyright                                                        [CPY]


INTRODUCTION                                                          [INT]

So I'm back with another walkthrough for the next Tales of game. You may
have stumbled upon some of my other walkthroughs for Tales of Xillia 1 & 2,
as well as The Last Story. My walkthrough isn't the best; there's always
something better out there but I aim to bring an enjoyable experience for
anyone who wants to play the game.

What I'm aiming to provide is a guide from start to finish, translations
that are hopefully close to accurate, and if there are like major spoilers
I will hopefully remember to put it in a specifically marked section.

Updates for the walkthrough might be slow. At the time of this game's
release, I will be going through my last semester of college. 

Regarding the game, Tales of Zestiria is the next mothership title to be
released as the 20th Anniversary of the Tales of series. If you've followed 
the updates since the announcement then you'll already have a good idea
what the game is about.

Basically there are two kingdoms in the world. One on the ground, and one in
the sky (from my understanding). In this world there are humans, beasts, and
the Seraphs. The Seraphs are described as powerful spirits that people
cannot see. Between the Seraphs and regular humans exist a type of people
called Priests. These Priests can see the Seraphs and can call upon their
powers. I believe in the Western version, Priests are called Shepherds. 

Sorey, the main character of the game is well, a Priest. He grows up in a
village hidden away from society and lives among the Seraphs. One day he 
ventures into the Seraph's ruins, and bumps into the other main character
Alisha. And this is how the story starts. Along the way they collect more
characters to the party, most of them are Seraphs. There are also a type of
monster called Hyoma (official: Hellion), born from impurities of man, etc.

Of course, if you've seen the commercials you will also notice that Darkness
with a capital D is returning and it's time for the Priest to save humanity
once again. There's also a dragon that fits into the plot somehow. And some
baddies. If you want the full synopsis you can use the search bar at the
top right of your internet window and look it up. 


CHARACTERS                                                            [CHR]

SOREY: main character of the game, grows up in a remote village among the
Divine. His weapon is a sword.

ALISHA: the other main character. She is a princess of the Hyland empire
but her ranking order is pretty low so she decided to become a knight. Her
choice of weapon is a long spear. She cannot see the Seraphs.

MIKLEO: a water Seraph that grew up with Sorey and is his best friend. He
uses a long staff.

EDNA: an earth Seraph who seems to distrust humankind. She has a brother. 
Her weapon is a parasol.

LAILAH: a fire Divine, she is Sorey's tutor and seems to be the senior
among the Seraph. Her weapon is paper (which she sets on fire).

DEZEL: a wind Seraph, for one reason or another he seeks revenge against
the Hyoma. His weapon is a pendulum. 

ZAVIED: another wind Seraph. It's unsure where his loyalties lie. His
weapons are guns.

ROSE: a human, with strong spiritual powers. She's a merchant that ends up
joining Sorey's journey, eventually being able to see the Seraph as well.


WALKTHROUGH                                                           [WLK]

  *----------------------------  PLEASE NOTE  ---------------------------*
  I'm in my last semester of college, so naturally my focus will be on my
  studies. I will try my best to update frequently. 

Just as a heads up, I usually never get around to doing the EX dungeons.
Maybe when the game comes out in English for a cheap price, then I might
consider it. But by then another user should have a walkthrough detailing
the dungeon posted up. I also do not care much for trophies. 

Also, I will be romanizing the area names that pop up in the game. When the
game releases in North American around Summer 2015, I might buy it to 
update the actual names of these places.

Pop in that disc and let's get started. The game will install some data and
download trophy information. And then you can PRESS ANY BUTTON to START A
NEW GAME and go through the configurations. I just accepted all the default.

The game starts with a narration of the Priest's (Shepherd's) Legend and how
the darkness is affecting the world again. 

The game opens with an explanation of controls. 

L2: Area Map
L1: Reset Camera
D-Pad: N/A
Left Stick: Move character
START: Pause
R2: Menu Shortcut
Square: Sorey Map Action
Triangle: Menu
Circle: Cancel, Walk
Square: Confirm
Right stick: Camera rotation
R3: N/A

WALKTHROUGH                                                           [WLK]

        ~ Mabinogio Ruins ~                                           [001]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Sage              o  Ancient Earrings          o  Apple Gel x2
   o  Ancient Circlet   o  Life Bottle

   o  Rescue the stranger 

   o  Map Action                          o  Battle Basics (Attack)
   o  Encount                             o  Treasure Chests
   o  Stone Monument                      o  Battle Basics (Guard)
   o  Stone Monument (Protection)         o  Battle Basics (Around Step)
   o  SC Spirit Chain                     o  Discovery

When in control, move forward towards the gold star on the map. That's where
you need to be. Sorey will compare the mural to the picture in his book and
slip in his excitement. You will then meet Mikleo. If anyone's watched the
OVA Shepherd's Advent, this is essentially the same thing. Move forward.

NOTE: if you order the game before it was released, there is a good chance
that the OVA Shepherd's Advent is included in the same disc as your game.
The cover of the game should have a PS3 video icon at the bottom, and if you
insert the disc and check VIDEO in the PS3 menu, the 'BDMV' is the OVA.

You will notice that Mikleo, or whatever any character in your party says to
you will show up in the bottom left corner. When in control, you can talk
to Mikleo. He says to save the competition for next time, it's best to look
for the exit. When you talk to characters in your party, they will often
tell you the next objective in the game, in case you ever lose track.

Check the flower next to the pathway (between where you start and the
there) for a SAGE. Use the save point. Head down and out the door for
another scene. Sorey will see Alisha. He decides to help her out, despite
Mikleo's warning. In the end he helps too. 

Head forward to learn how to do map actions. Press square for Sorey to slash
the spider web. Sorey will comment that his sword is all gross now. Mikleo
says to keep an eye out for any spiders. At the third web there will be a

Fight the spider, it will flee. The boys will remember Jiji's story about
the Hellions. 

Head forward and open a chest for ANCIENT EARRINGS. Then across fro that,
examine the stone monument. You will find these all over the world. They
have something to do with raising AP I think. The next chest contains
APPLE GEL. Continue forward, save. 

If you head towards the chest you can fight another spider for the Guard
tutorial. In the chest is another APPLE GEL. Touch another stone monument
across the room.

Down the path, the next spider you fight will give a tutorial for Around
Step (Square + Left stick). Behind the spider web is a chest for ANCIENT
CIRCLET. In the next room up on the pedestal open the chest for quick scene.
What I believe you find is a the glove with the Shepherd's symbol on it.
Mikleo will hold on to it for your so you don't really get to see what it
is. He will give it back later. 

Up the stairs for another stone monument. The chest holds LIFE BOTTLE. Make
sure you change the equipments you've been getting. In the Equipment Menu
there's a whole tutorial on learning skills from equipping different

End of the road, press X to check out the ledge. Turn back around and head
back to the last room with the save sphere. Save if you want, and then move
towards the gold star. Mikleo will notice the invisible bridge. 

Doesn't matter which option you choose I think. The first says, something
like 'To think there were stairs leading down' and the second says, 'As if
we can walk on air.' Mikleo reveals the bridge. You can perform a Discovery
on the bridge. Discoveries will probably also increase AP. 

Wake up the girl for a scene. She can't see Mikleo. She asks for Sorey's
name, and asks if there's a place she can rest while she prepares for her
return back to the capital. He invites her to his home. He just can't leave
people behind when they need help. 

Sorey will point the way out. There's a door behind the statue. You can go
down the stairs if you want, but it's just another save sphere and a locked
door. Do a Discovery of the statue. Exit at the top.

The girl will says the area is like the home of the Seraphim. Sorey and the
girl will find common ground in the Seraphim's Legend book they both have
read. Sorey will lead her to his village.

        ~ Seraphim's Forest, Izuchi ~                                 [002]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Ice Candy         o  Saffron                   o  Life Bottle x2
   o  Mango Sorbet      o  Natural Vest              o  Verbena
   o  Apple Gel

   o  Talk to Jiji

   o  Around Step                         o  Target

Head to the southwest corner, down the stairs for a stone monument. In the
northwest corner there is a chest with Ice Candy. In the middle-north area,
north of the entrance to the ruins, you will find a shiny flower with
SAFFRON behind the rock formation. Just on the other side of that is a
chest with LIFE BOTTLE.

Behind the entrance to the ruins is another stone monument. Walk up to the
goats. The girl's never seen them before. You can perform a Discovery on
them, "Hyland Goat."

And I'm not sure why but Mikleo just made Mango Sorbet. If you ignore the
star and continue south you will find another save point and stone monument.

Head to the gold star for the next part of the story. Mikleo will leave to
inform Jiji. Sorey will introduce his family to the girl but she can't see

She will wander off to explore. Sorey wonders if Jiji will listen to his
story. When in control, there's not much to do. There's a save point outside
Sorey's house. And a chest with NATURAL VEST. To the east of his house, in a
flower patch in front of some pond water is VERBENA.

At the very end of the village is Jiji's home. Before going inside, go
around the side and up the stairs to the left there is a Discovery, "Izuchi
Skylark's Nest." There's also an accompanying skit. 

Go inside the house for a scene. Sorey gets a royal scolding from Jiji. If
you have no other business, return home and choose to wait for the girl 
there. In the next scene, Mikleo comes to give Sorey what they found in the
ruins. The glove with the Shepherd's Symbol.

Head outside to talk to the girl. Return to Sorey's house for another scene.
He asks about the girl's home, the capital Lady Lake. He says that he's
read about the legend where the sacred sword at Lady Lake, if drawn, claims
the wielder as the next Shepherd. 

Sorey's never left his village. He says he'll help her with her preparations
with her trip in the morning. In the morning, head outside the village to
the star to hunt some boar.  

After the initial fight, go around and fight 3 or so more battles with boar
on the field until Sorey says you've hunted enough to create all the stuff.
In the eastern part next the the ruins, down the stairs but behind the wall
is another chest containing LIFE BOTTLE. 

Return to the village. On the way the girl will make an Apple Gel. Head
inside Sorey's house to continue the scene. The girl will say the world's
been experiencing a lot of disasters lately. And she's trying to find a way
to cure it, by finding the next Shepherd, even if it is a legend.

She's worried the most about the possibility of a war between the two
kingdoms. When in control, you might want to save before talking to the
girl for the next scene. Go talk to Jiji.

In the next scene when the girl is leaving, she will introduce herself as
Alisha. She truly believes that Seraphim exist, and that they're not just
fairytales. She says he is really a good person. The festival of the sacred
of the sword is about the begin in Lady Lake and asks if he's will to
participate. Before she leaves, she wants him to think about it, because she
thinks the Shepherd in the legend would be like him. 

Mikleo hands Sorey a knife that is Alisha's, a symbol of the royal family.
Jiji will sense an enemy and orders the Seraphim to find the intruder who
dares to hide his presence. It is most likely a Hellion. The boys also
decide to set out. 

Head towards northeast where the star is to hear a scream. Approach to see
Maisen being eaten. Yikes. This bad guy's a Hellion, or at least possessed
by one. 

You will be forced into a fight. 

BOSS: ???
HP: 1113
LVL: 6

Access the Artes menu and equip the arte 'Ten Rou Ha' and then execute it
with X. It's not too hard to beat on him. When his HP is depleted, he will
swallow Maisen and the other villagers will appear. He will slip away.

Back in the village, Sorey will connect the creepy guy's goal to Alisha,
and choose to go after her. Head for the village exit and Sorey will
apologize for leaving without saying anything. Head to the southern exit and
Mikleo will surprise Sorey and join him. He also gives you Jiji's pipe to
sell if you ever need money in the human world.

Watch the animated cutscene. And enjoy the opening movie!

        ~ Arodite Forest ~                                            [003]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle       o  Battle Boots              o  Chamomille

This music is so whimsical. Anyways. You're going to have to pull up the map
frequently. At the third (kind of) fork, cut the grass to access a chest
with LIFE BOTTLE. The next (kind of) fork, cut the grass there to get BATTLE

At the next fork there is nothing that can be done because you do not have
the map action to do anything with boulders yet. Keep going straight. Check
the plant for Chamomille. You can cut the grass to the north here and go
around east to the exit.

        ~ Lake Pillow Plateau ~                                       [003A]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle       o  Ice Candy                 o  Vanilla Ice Cream
   o  Verbena                                        

   o  Find Alisha

Access the save sphere. In the south east of the first section, there is a
chest in front of a rock with LIFE BOTTLE. There is a sign post nearby.

EAST - Hyland Capital Lady Lake
WEST - Arodite Forest

You can climb the rock next to this sign and get a 'Discovery' of Lady
Lake in the background. Cross the water, check the stone monument. Mikleo
just made another Ice Candy. 

At the next star you will obtain the World Map feature (R3 - which is 
pressing down on the right analog stick). Obviously it isn't very good,
despite how proud Sorey might be of it, because it's old and from the book.

Head forward and the boys will notice a carriage has stopped in front of
the bridge. Ignore it and you can head south across another bridge. In
this area, just close to the exit is a chest with VANILLA ICE CREAM. And
across from that a plant with VERBENA.

You will be draw towards the star which is just a closer look at the
carriages. You can ignore the next star and use the save point first. Going
north is pointless because the bridge is blocked by soldiers. 

If you walk up the carriages, Mikleo will point out the dog. If you talk to
the dog, it will turn and bark and Mikleo. He's not good with animals
because they can sense Seraphim. 

Talk to the girl Rose and you'll be introduced the merchant guild Sparrow-
feathers. Walk away and you will overhear two guys talking about Alisha
having returned safely to Lady Lake. The boys will realize that she's 
actually a princess. 

Talk to the knight and the carriages will move. Welcome to Lady Lake. 

        ~ Hyland Capital, Lady Lake ~                                 [004]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Apple Gel         o  Amber Staff               o  Chamomile
   o  Amber Vest        o  Void Ring                 o  Life Bottle
   o  Rosemary          o  Saffron                   o  Road of Difda

   o  Gather information
   o  Explore Town
   o  Find Alisha, or the Fox Guy

Head back towards the entrance, to the side is a chest with APPLE GEL. Head
south at the first chance for a Discover, "Lady Lake's Giant Water Wheel."

Continue south into the next section. In the chest next to the girls is
AMBER STAFF. There's also a white chest on the other side of the which you
cannot open yet. 

Up the stairs is another chest you cannot open and a stone monument. There
is also a shiny flower in one corner with CHAMOMILE.

Head back to the first area. Back track and go north for a short scene with
a merchant. Mikleo advises Sorey to leave the unseen things be to avoid
cause a ruckus. It would only get them into trouble with the soldiers
because it looks different to humans who cannot see Hellions. Anyways. Open
the chest beside the merchant for AMBER VEST.

Mikleo just made Chocolate Gelato. I'm beginning to think the guy likes
snacks and will make them randomly as you play the game. 

Head up the stairs to the east for another scene between and old man and a 
boy. The old man tells the boy he shouldn't pickpocket. Of course, kid
doesn't listen and tells the old man to shut up. You can follow up this by
backtracking to the new star on the northern point. 

Instead of a boy, Sorey sees another goblin, who finds his smell delicious.
Run for it! Even if you backtrack you cannot go near the kid anymore. Go
back up the stairs and find the other star. The boys decide not to get
close to that either. Good choice.

What you can do is go around them, down the stairs and around for a chest
with VOID RING. Continue down the path and up the stairs and around the
corner for a LIFE BOTTLE. 

Head back to the main area. Walk up to the building with all the people in
front of it to do a Discovery. You can also get Rosemary in the corner here.
There's a stone monument on the other side.

Head down the other southern path, up the stairs into the final area. Head
towards the star for dog growling. The fox guy will make an appearance and
dash off. Chase after him! If you keep up with the dog, it will live. If you
are too slow, I think the dog dies.  

BOSS: ???
HP: 1717
LVL: 7

Pound away at him and watch the next scene. Suddenly a random bunch of
people will appear and catch the guy, named Lunarre. 

Apparently they are saved by an Assassin's Guild. The guild says the order
to kill Alisha was given in error but there's another danger after her. 
Sorey says to hurry and get to her. 

You can return to the front of this building where all the people were
gathered, but you won't be able to get in this way. You can use the inn at
this point and save the game. The next part might be a little tricky. Read
it carefully!

Return to the dead end and get rejected. Do not talk to the guard (with the 
star just yet. Head down and talk to the merchant and rose and pay 1000
Gald. Your three choices with them are:

1. Hand over 1000 Gald.
2. Hand over 1000 Gald worth of money and items.
3. Think about it. 

Yikes. I have 0 gald, so I won't be choosing this option. Head back up the
stairs and talk to the guard. YOU ONLY GET TO DO THIS ONCE. He will ask you
to show him an item. Show him Alisha's Royal Family Knife.

He will give you the go ahead but you have to hand over Sorey's sword for
safety reasons. Sure why not. Once you're through, head inside. Move forward
for a scene. Alisha will introduce you to Maltran, her instructor. He tells
Alisha about what's been going on. But she's accepted that there are plenty
of people who would be after her. She thanks him and tells him to enjoy the
rest of the festival.

Sorey wants to take a closer look at the sword. The boys will spot a
Seraphim lying beneath the sword and Sorey wants Mikleo to go speak to her.
Alisha and Maltran will interrupt with a speech. A fire is lit and the 
Serpahim lady wakes up. 

Watch the scene as everything continues to go out of control. The lady says
the only way to stop this is to pull the sword. Sorey wants to pull it but 
the lady wants to make sure Sorey understands the Shepherd's responsibility.

Sorey tells Lailah he wants to travel the world and visit the ruins, finding
a way for humans and Seraphim to live in peace. That is his dream. Sorey
says he'll shoulder the burden and become a Shepherd. 

Lailah forms a contract with him so he can pull the sword. Another animated

Fight the Hellions and save the guy. People can't believe Sorey just became
the Shepherd. The Prime Minister appears. He doesn't seem happy about Sorey.

Lailah returns into Sorey's body and his body shuts down like a power
outage. Falling asleep on Alisha's lap, he says to give him three days to
get better. 

At this point you can save your game. I'm going to say this is the end of
part one.

        ~ Hyland Capital, Lady Lake ~                                 [004A]

Sorey wakes up in Lady Lake's Inn with Mikleo and Lailah. He really did
sleep for three days. As you exit, everyone will clap for the Shepherd.

Head outside and follow Lailah. The world just looks a little bit dirtier,
because of the impurities. Lailah will retell the Shepherd's responsibility.
Lailah mentions the Wise Master of Calamity. Sorey says his duty as the
Shepherd is to hunt down the Master of Calamity and purge it. She says, for
now, understanding the duty is enough. She wants him to find his own answer.

But all Sorey can think about right now is food. Head back to the inn.

On the way back, Sorey asks Lailah what previous Shepherds were like but she
clearly wants to avoid that subject. There are things that she cannot say.
But she's not very good at changing the topic either way. Talk to the inn
keeper to continue. 

Alisha will have left him some provisions, and new clothes. So that's where
the cloak comes from. She'd be happy if he likes it. But really, I'd rather
he didn't wear it. Oh well.

NOTE: If you dislike the cloak as much as I do, you can actually go back to
his everyday clothes, literally. Under the Visual menu change his clothes to
"everyday clothes."

Head to the southeast exit and go back to the manor that had the growling
dog. Continue inside to the next star. Up on the side patio is Alisha.

I find it extremely funny how Lailah tries to talk to Alisha, make Sorey
hold hands, close his eyes, AND stop breathing. Yikes. 

When in control, head back to the main area. You may want to save at the inn
again. Go down the other southern path past the water wheel. You will be
introduced to Turtlez (Turtle People, remember them from Graces?). They will
sell you maps. 

Buy the Capital's map for 100 gald. 

Talk to the guy behind the Turtlez, with the star. Someone from the under-
ground waterway hasn't returned. Head around the corner to that different
coloured door. Enter.  

        ~ Vivia Waterway Ruins ~                                      [005]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Copper Key        o  Life Bottle               o  Amber Leaf
   o  Amber Tiara       o  Apple Gel x 2             o  Vanilla Ice Cream
   o  Void Ring         o  Sage                       

   o  Find the missing person
   o  Explore the ruins

Save at the entrance. Head forward to fight the slime and save the guy. The
boys get into a fight about.. well, being able to fight. Mikleo wants to
be able to fight with Sorey, but can't exterminate Hyouma because he does
not have the proper powers.

Of course Mikleo storms off saying he'll wait in the inn. Sorey doesn't
want to chase after him. Lailah turns it on his head and says, it must be
youth. At the end of this spiel you will receive a COPPER KEY.

Head to the next star and examine the door until you get to input an item.
Choose the Royal Knife again. Check the stone monument on the other side.

Slide down and talk to the Dark Turtlez to purchase things. But the only
thing you can buy right now is Apple Gels. You can fuse items together, but
it's not worth it right now.  Open the chest behind her for LIFE BOTTLE.

Through the next door, one end holds a chest for AMBER LEAF. Ignore the
door that leads to the rest of the waterway, instead head south to the star
for a scene. 

Lailah will hand him the glowing orb, the "World's Memory" but Sorey cannot
see a thing. She cannot understand this as Shepherds should be able to see
it. Lailah figures he wants to see it with Mikleo. 

Check the next star for another scene. Learn another map action. Use the
up button on the D-Pad and press square. 

Through the door, pick up the chests containing AMBER TIARA and APPLE GEL x2
and then before the star, go around the bend for VANILLA ICE CREAM.

Continue to the star, fight until a scene interrupts. Lailah will introduce
a new Shepherd's power. Kamui form! Or Armatization. I like Kamui. It's a
cool word. 

Of course Sorey doesn't know how to release the Kamui form. He can't read
the World's Memory, but he can already master Kamui form. A true mystery.

Up the stairs for a stone monument. And another one. In the other corner is
a chest with VOID RING. Light both pedestals and continue. Before decending
the ladder pick up the SAGE.

Get outta here.

        ~ Hyland Capital, Lady Lake ~                                 [005A]

Sorey says Mikleo probably found another entrance into the ruins instead of
returning to the inn. Anyways, for now, let's return the knife to Alisha.
Head towards the star. Before you leave this area, go up the stairs and open
the chest for AMBER BOOTS. Oh and hey there's a stone monument on the path
leading north east in the main area, it wasn't accessible the first time
because Sorey and Mikleo could see Hellions but it can be accessed now.

Head to Alisha's Manor and walk in on her talking to Maltran. Time for 
another lesson from Lailah. This time it's about a Seraph's Protection. Head
into the shrine to continue. 

So the next destination is Grahad Ruins. Exit Lady Lake and go northeast.
Use the save point if you want and continue around to the west picking up
the AMBER BOOTS as you go. Use the next save point and cross the water for a
stone monument. Go around the bend for an APPLE GEL. 

Keep going west. Unless you're Level 18-20, I would suggest avoiding that 
colourful Hellion on the field. 

        ~ Grahad Ruins ~                                              [006]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Mango Sorbet      o  Life Bottle               o  Rosemary
   o  Amber Garment     o  Earth Ring                o  Apple Gel 
   o  Saffron           o  Amber Circlet             o  Devil Wings

Use the fire map action to burn the miasma. Stone monument straight ahead.
Go down the right path first. In the first room, stone monument. Burn the
miasma, get MANGO SORBET. Head back. Take the left path. The first dead end
leads to a LIFE BOTTLE. Continue to the star.

You'll find a bow meant for water element. Since Sorey doesn't want 
Mikleo to be contracted to Lailah, he has no use for the bow. Of course, 
somebody else doesn't seem to think that way. 

Check out the stone monument in the corner. Head straight and turn right
at the fork for ROSEMARY. Continue the other way and head downstairs. Burn
the miasma and collect AMBER GARMENT and EARTH RING. There's also another
chest but we don't have the key for it yet. Return to the upper level and 
take the right path this time and head downstairs.

Head south, open the door. Chest in the corner for APPLE GEL. Follow the
path, burn the miasma, save. Ignore the star, there's a saffron at the dead

BOSS: Oomugade x4
HP: 1030
LVL: 10
WEAK: Water
STRONG: Fire, Earth

So fight 4 with Kamui (Fire) and then get interrupted with some Sorey/Mikleo
bromance. Transform to Kamui (Water) and beat their butts. 

More Sorey/Mikleo bromance. And now Alisha can see and hear Seraphim.

Save again if you want. Note about the party. Only two humans and two
Seraphim can fight in a battle. If you have three seraphim in the party,
only two will participate in battle. 

Head up and take the right path. Stone monument and AMBER CIRCLET. To the
left side. Miasma, DEVIL WINGS. Star. The World Memory reacts, and Sorey
falls over after burning out from Mikleo's power. You can save the game at
this point.

        ~ Hyland Capital, Lady Lake ~                                 [007]

Sorey will get up a day after his fever, whereas it took him three days with
Lailah's power. Anyways. Free trip back to town, cool. Check out the star
north of the inn. Next stop, Folken Hill. But first, you will notice that 
there is a red icon on the map next to the inn. This is an item shop and it
sells more weapons, including new weaponry. Exit the capital and head south.

        ~ Folken Hill ~                                               [007A]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Chocolate Gelato        o  Amber Spear               o  Sage

Open the chest containing CHOCOLATE GELATO. Use the save point. Go up the
hill to the south for a chest with AMBER SPEAR and a SAGE right behind it.
Talk to the knight. Sorey suggests everyone find shelter.

BOSS: Ouroboros
HP: 3387
LVL: 12
STRONG: Earth, Water
WEAK: None

He might be hard to defeat in the last bits because he can heal himself, but
Kamui with Lailah in the last moments to pound him in. If you never changed
the party and you start off with Mikleo as Sorey's partner, you can actually
switch the partner using the D-Pad. 

When the Hellion returns into a Seraph, everyone is surprised. Lailah says 
that when Seraph turn into Hellions, they are known as Dragons.

There's actually a stone monument close to the exit. Back track to Lady Lake
now. On the way back, you might notice another stone monument.

Talk to Bruno at the shrine to continue. So now that the Seraph's Protection
is up and running, you can talk to the Seraph in charge to warp from save
point to save point. Except it costs grade. This will come in handier later.

Head south and keep going south. The guards here seem to make fun of Alisha
before letting her through as well. 

        ~ Round Table Royal Palace ~                                  [007B]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Vanilla Ice Cream       o  Chocolate Gelato          o  Life Bottle
   o  Rosemary                

Head through the door in the west. Enter the room and wait. Use the save

Walk up to Mikleo and perform a Discovery for "Round Table Royal Palace

Talk to the guard to continue. Alisha will not be allowed to go with Sorey.

Follow the guard back to the main hall. You won't be able to do any map
actions until the guard reaches his post and stops. Once he does and you can
do things again, ignore the star and go down the other hall that you could
not before. 

In the first room is VANILLA ICE CREAM in a chest. In the third room is a
LIFE BOTTLE and a bronze chest with CHOCOLATE GELATO.

Head back and go through the door towards the star.

Watch the scene. Mikleo thinks the fight might be laced with poison. In the
room, Baltrow introduces Sorey to a bunch of high-position people. Lailah
translates what the old men are saying so that Sorey can better understand;
they believe Sorey and Alisha are using each other. Of course, Baltrow 
also wants Sorey to prove that he's actually a Shepherd, etc. Either way
this is a pretty unpleasant meeting. 

Long story short, Baltrow wants Sorey to side with Hyland Kingdom against
Lowlance, and throws him a bag of coins as payment, to call on him when the
time comes. 

They also plan to send Alisha somewhere dangerous. Of course, Sorey turns
them down and Alisha interrupts. He says they can make their dreams come
true on their own. Of course, Baltrow won't let you leave without a fight.

Soldiers (continuous) 
HP: 779
LVL: 12

A bunch will come at you but it ends pretty quick because they are pretty
weak. Watch the following scene. The assassin's guild will appear. They
reveal that Baltrow ordered the assassination on Alisha. 

He will then ring a bell (an alarm I guess?) and claim intruders. Follow the
assassins. But save first. Keep following them, ignore all the rooms unless
you want to save again (the second room). At the end is a wine cellar.
They tell you to take care of the rest on your own. Collect the ROSEMARY and
check the barrel to the left to open the door. 

        ~ Vivia Water Ruins ~                                         [008]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle          o  Anthem Ribbon             o  Lavender
   o  Verbena              o  Apple Gel                 o  Elven Crown
   o  Chocolate Rusk

Save. You can buy items from the Dark Turtlez. This one sells apple gels, 
life bottles, and a couple of equipment. 

Check the chest next to the Dark Turtlez for a LIFE BOTTLE. You can perform
a Discovery outside the cell for "Old Dungeon." Check the dead end to the
left for a stone monument. 

Head east to the other dead end for ANTHEM RIBBON and LAVENDER. Head north.
First cell has a stone monument and VERBENA. Second cell has APPLE GEL. Last
cell has ELVEN CROWN. 

Head across and continue north to the star for a battle with a Hellion.

BOSS: Egidona (1) + Ramia (3)
HP: 3393
LVL: 13
WEAK: None
STRONG: Earth, Wind

The battle isn't too hard. The usual recipe. 

Watch the scene that follows. Mikleo claims that Sorey is a weird guy, so
Alisha should be wary. Lailah says that the people who hang around with
weird guys are also weird. Mikleo tells her to check a mirror. Of course,
Lailah being who she is says her reflection shows a beautiful maiden. Ha.

Continue on. Light the pedestal that's next to Sorey and head north. Ignore
the left fork because it is a silver chest that you cannot open (CHOCOLATE
RUSK). At the end of the other fork, light the pedestal and head through. Go
straight, at the end you can even push the left stick forward, press X, and
jump down instead of climbing down the ladder. Exit.

In the following scene, Sorey's vision will waver a little. Head to the inn.
Alisha says she will head to Marindo, the place the old guys were originally
going to send her. Mikleo is startled because Marindo is in the middle of
an epidemic (something about an infectious disease). Even if it was with ill
intent, it is still technically an order, so she wants to go. Plus she wants
to help out anyway she can.

Sorey and the others decide to go with her. 

Head back to Folken Hill. At the first star, Alisha will leave the party.
Head towards the bridge and the old man will talk to you. He is a
representative from Marindo, Neifto. He really wants Sorey to deliver the
medicine, but Lailah warns him to turn down the request. 

Sorey really wants to help and deliver the medicine. But Lailah says others
will continue to pressure him with other requests. Either way, there are
other ways to help, such as heading to the Sacred Mountain and asking the
Earth Seraph for help. 

The next goal is to head to the Sacred Mountain to the west. Talk to Alisha.
She will choose to remain here. The old man will warn them to be careful
because the Sacred Mountain is said to be home to a dragon of legend.

Continue to the exit in the southwest. From this point on, only Sorey and
one other Seraph will be in battle. You can do a Seraph change with the
D-Pad to swap out one seraph for another. 

        ~ Sacred Mountain, Leifork ~                                  [009]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Sage                 o  Chamomile                 o  Saffron

When you come back to fight Aizen later in the game:
   o  Ahoge               o  Chocolate Rusk             o  Red Sage 
   o  Red Verbena         o  Red Lavender               o  Topaz Boots
   o  Arcana Bottle       o  All Divide                 o  Peach Gel

Pick up the SAGE, use the save sphere, beyond it is a stone monument. At the
star is a battle.

BOSS: Mountain Troll
HP: 7823
LVL: 56

Stay alive long enough and someone will appear. Here comes Big Bro Zaveid.
He kills the Mountain Troll despite Lailah shouting for him not to. The
Hellion turns into a human. Mikleo cannot believe this guy.

Zaveid laughs and says all Shepherds are good little honour students. He
warns them that they are too inexperienced for the Sacred Mountain. The
dragon only has to yawn, and they would be asleep forever. 

But the dragon isn't their goal. How boring, according to Zaveid. He then
decides to leave the dragon alone and instead, attack Sorey.

BOSS: Zaveid
HP: 4509
LVL: 14

Beat him up and he'll hold up his hands and says he gets it already. He
apologizes and says he's not an enemy, besides their goal is the same. He
won't form a contract though and leaves. 

You can head back and save if you want. Pick up the CHAMOMILE and continue 
on. Check the human and Sorey will bury him. At the next star, fight someone
from the assassin's guild. He wants you to prove that Sorey really is the

BOSS: Male Assassin
HP: 1408
LVL: 14

A female assassin will appear afterward and carry her buddy away. There is a
stone monument nearby. Head east and take the southern fork for a SAFFRON.
Check out the first star. Sorey chooses not to explore the historic ruins
because the bridge is more important. But you can still do a Discovery on

Continue up and around. The other path north is blocked up a boulder anyway.
Check the stone monument and keep going. Save.

Watch the scene. Lailah thinks this dragon might be someone she knows by the
name of Edna. But of course not, according to the actual Seraph.

The dragon is actually her brother though, but it probably cannot hear her
words anymore. She tells them to run.

BOSS: Aizen
LVL: 80
HP: 56122

You will forced into a battle but just escape. 

Edna calls Sorey an idiot for wanting to be a Dragon Buster. Lailah hugs her
out of the blue and Edna calls her too my pace. She calls Mikleo an idiot

Sorey asks her to make a bridge, but she says no because she hates humans
because they only come to her when they need help. Besides she cannot leave
because her brother is still here.

They want to save her brother, but it looks like the only way to save him is
to kill him. Sorey wants Edna to leave with them anyways even if not to help
it is still dangerous. She says to leave her alone and rockets away. Chase
after her. Find her at the next star.

She still has no intention to leave but Sorey says even if she will not help
maybe she could go with them to find a way to calm Aizen (the dragon). He
says that if this world has humans, Shepherds, Seraphs and Dragons then
there must be more things that they have yet to discover. Like a way to
calm dragons. Mikleo says 'There he goes again.'

Edna chooses to go with them. Edna is straight forward and says what Sorey
just said had zero persuasive power, he should have just dragged her kicking
and screaming off the mountain. Mikleo says it's impossible for Sorey. Edna
makes the contract. If she doesn't her existence would fade eventually when
she left the mountain. Although she hates humans, she doesn't hate Sorey.
They promise to find a way to calm Aizen.

Edna can pull stuff out of her parasol like a magic hat apparently. She 
immediately gives Sorey the item to Kamui with her. Sorey says women are
hard to understand.

Head towards the exit for a chat. Edna calls Mikleo, Mikleo-boy or Mi-bo and
Mikleo objects to that. The Seraph chat and Sorey turns around (in his mind)
to tell them not to have a party in his head. 

Head back to Folken Hill and get attacked by another assassin.

BOSS: Female Assassin
HP: 2626
LVL: 14

You start of with Lailah, but switch to Edna, Kamui and beat her up. A guy
will come to pick her up and Lailah will recognize him as Dezel. Apparently
the assassin is like Sorey, able to see Seraph. Like she said, it doesn't
matter if he is really the Shepherd or not. 

At the next star, Edna says he can do with her what he pleases. But Sorey
says he won't force her. Edna jokingly, and stoically, says he really wants
her to be the one to say it and he blushes. Haha. Edna is so sadistic. Edna
had planned to help from the beginning anyways. She asks for the gratitude
and in reply Sorey thanks her in such a dead voice. 

Talk to the old man to continue. Sorey wants to build the bridge as soon as
possible before the old man calls Alisha over. The Seraphs tell him that
this might not be a good idea because the humans in the area will look at
Sorey like he is a monster. Mikleo wants him to think hard about why he is
doing what he is about to do.

The game will ask if you want to build the bridge right now. Choose Yes or

Choose No and Sorey will wait till later at night when everyone has gone to
bed. He says he might have been rushing it. Alisha will return with the old
man. Mikleo tells Alisha the plan, so she helps them out. 

Watch the animated cutscene that follows. Except the old man saw it all. But
he is very grateful for what Sorey's done and thanks him. Neifto tells
Alisha to go with them. Sorey takes the medicine with them. 

        ~ Folken Hill ~                                               [009A]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Chamomile               o  Backpack               o  Lavender
   o  Amber Ribbon            o  Verbena                o  Apple Gel

Use the save point, watch the skit if you want. Going around from the south
there is a boulder with squirrels on it. Do a Discover for "Folken Squirrel"
and a chat between Alisha and Edna. Pick up the CHAMOMILE. There is nothing
at the very south, so just follow the bend for a BACKPACK attachment.

North of that is LAVENDER. East of it is a save point. Continue north for a
stone monument. West of it, in the corner is AMBER RIBBON. North of that is

If you keep going north, try to go around the Hellion and check another
stone monument in the north east. Continue north and there is another
Discovery point. North of that is an APPLE GEL.

Head to Marindo.

        ~ Marindo ~                                                   [010]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Strawberry Waffle      o  Backpack               o  Lavender
   o  Karsite Sword          o  Life Bottle x2         o  Rosemary
   o  Lavender               o  Seasoned Long Spear    o  Verbena
   o  Karsite Circlet        o  Marindo Archives Key   o  Cerian Ring

You will battle upon arrival. 

BOSS: Hound Dog x2
HP: 2303
LVL: 17
WEAK: Earth
STRONG: Fire, Water

This place is overflowing with impurities. The Hellion hound dogs are being
absorbed into the people, and that seems to be the disease itself. Hurry and
delivery the medicine. 

Behind you is a floating dark purple miasma head. Burn it with the Lailah's
map action.

Save at the inn. At the room in the back there is a STRAWBERRY WAFFLE. Check
out the stone monument outside the item shop. The shop here has some new 
weaponry for the girls, but most of their stock is limited. 

Access the next save point. At the fork go west for KARSITE SWORD. Burn the
miasma head here.

Have you noticed that Edna picks up gald? Pretty cool. Head east and then
take the southern path to talk to the Turtlez and buy a map for 200 gald. 
Head east and burn the miasma head. Go north and east at the fork. Burn the
next miasma head.

Check out the stone monument. South of this area is a chest with two LIFE
BOTTLES and another stone monument. Turn around and you'll see a ROSEMARY.

Head further east, burn another miasma head. Collect LAVENDER. Use the save
point. Behind the tree is a chest you cannot open (CERIAN RING) yet. Return
to the fork and head north. 

NOTE: Gold chests require a Gold Key which can be acquired in [056] later on
in the game.

In this last area, go right for a VERBENA. At the back of the cemetery is
a chest containing SEASONED LONG SPEAR. Before entering the building, pick

Head inside for a scene. Although the medicine has been handed over, and the
hound dogs are dealt with, Lailah and Edna says the cause of the disease
itself is the work of a Hellion. 

Outside, Sorey will notice a dragon that the humans do not see. But Edna
says it is a Hellion. Go after it. Lailah says this is a Hellion Dragon
Puppy. It gathers strength by taking absorbing the impurities in town. 

They run away when it notices them (because Sorey and Mikleo were being
loud). First you need to clear the impurity to weaken the dragon. Then they
need to figure a way to keep it on the ground so they can attack it. 

Return to the save point for a scene. The lady will turn down the help and
walk away because the books need to be hidden in a secret place. Must be
pretty important books. 

Head to the cemetery to continue the scene. Talk to the lady and she says
her daughter rests here, and that she liked books too. Leave to continue.
She will be caught red-handed trying to sell the book. Alisha takes the book
and hands her over to the authority. The impurity will disappear. She will
hand over a MARINDO ARCHIVES KEY, which she wants you to hand to Neifto.

Head all the way east to the next star. Save and enter that haunted

        ~ Damunonia Art Museum ~                                      [011]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Apple Gel x2           o  Seasoned Long Spear    o  Life Bottle
   o  Saffron                o  Karsite Boots          o  Karsite Hairband
   o  Vanilla Ice Cream

Immediately to the left is a stone monument. Go through the door to the 

Going around the rooms counter-clockwise, the southern room has APPLE GEL.
The room has a SEASONED LONG SPEAR. Check the door and the painting will
fall off. Check the red scribbles behind the wall (supposed to be blood I
think) and some voices will laugh and the door will open by itself.

This place isn't as creepy as I thought it would be. Vesperia's haunted ship
was a lot creepier! 

Anyways, continue east and head north. Pick up LIFE BOTTLE and another APPLE
GEL. Head south and pick up SAFFRON in the corner. Head up the stairs. Check
out the stone monument. 

In the next area, pick up KARSITE BOOTS. You can check out the statue and
get Boos from unknown voices. Keep going around. In the northern dead end
room there is a Discovery point and KARSITE HAIRBAND. Leave and head west.

Not sure why the voices are laughing in this room, but head out and go down
the stairs. Under the stairs you'll find VANILLA ICE CREAM and a stone

Head back up the stairs and continue, cutting the web, and enter the room.
Save and enter. Check the painting at the end. 

BOSS: Knight Arthur
HP: 7621
LVL: 17
WEAK: Light, Earth
Strong: Water

You can end this fight pretty quick with an Earth Kamui.

Defeat the Hellion and something will fall off the hat speaking in Kansai
dialect. This thing is called Attack. He is a Normin Seraph. Alisha points
out that it looks like the thing on Edna's parasol. 

Lailah explains the Normin Seraph as a helpful race of Seraph. They're like
maids, according to her. 

Talk to Attack to continue. He will run away when he learns he was the one
to destroy all the precious artwork. Follow him out. Talk to him outside
by the save point, and then find him again in the main hall (where you first
entered this place). 

Leave the building now. Up ahead is another scene, Edna will tell you to
wait here while she goes somewhere. She'll come back in surprise and bring
Attack with her. 

        ~ Marindo ~                                                  [011A]

Save if you want to, you cannot stock up on items at this time because the
shop is closed. Go to the next star for a scene. 

BOSS: Dragon Puppy
HP: 7075
LVL: 19
WEAK: Wind
STRONG: Water, Fire, Earth

Damn it, it's resistant against all the elements you do own, and weak
against the one you do not have at the moment. For some reason all hits with
Earth Kamui land as "WEAK" against the dragon, so maybe use that.

Defeating the dragon reveals the Marindo's Seraph Protector Rohan. Or at
least the previous one. Alisha will kneel and claim responsibility for his
change on Hyland Kingdom and asks him to become the Protector again. 

Rohan is surprised that Alisha is contact to the Shepherd, there seems to be
a serious reason why, and Lailah and Mikleo won't say anything but Sorey
seems to accept it just fine.

Even combining their powers, there is another Hellion's power in the way.
They need to defeat it, but Sorey's vision wavers and he staggers again. 
Edna suggests going to the inn for now. 

Turn back around and talk to Attack. There are 49 Normin in their clan and
they went on a sentimental journey. Normin are usually positive, locking
away their unhappy thoughts, living optimistically. Go find his friends,
they can be useful.

That's basically the introduction to another part of the game. According to
the skits at the save point, each Normin can teach a skill and secret skill.

Head to the inn and choose a meal to go with your stay. A scene will follow.
The Sparrow Feather's guild will show up and hand over something from

Head to the next star in the morning. The man will introduce himself as
Lucas, the head of a mercenary guild. Sorey wants him and his guild to 
protect the town while they finish off the other Hellion. However, Lucas
needs payment. Fork over 5000 gald and he will do the job. You can choose to
pay, or think about it first. 

At this point, if you have not been buying items too heavily, you should 
have 15,000 gald or more.

But first, go past him to the northern building. Outside where that chest
you opened earlier is, you will find the Normin, Resist. He wants you to
show him an equipment with open skill slots. It must also be the same colour
as him, which is blue (I think he means the equipment with a blue Resist
skill). If you do not have the appropriate item, do not talk to him because
he will disappear into the earth and you will receive no skill.

Right, pay Lucas 5000 gald and watch the scene. He will order his men around
and return 2500 gald to you. Leave from the south west exit. 

There is another Normin on the bridge, Defense. Show him an equipment with
and open skill slot, but it must match his colour. 

Exit the town and head to the south RED marker. The Normin Mind is between
two bushes to the west of the red marker. 

        ~ Borus Historic Ruins ~                                      [012]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Bangs (Hair) Left      o  Sage                   o  Elixir
   o  Bamboo Wadge           o  Apple Gel              o  Bad Thorns

Right off the bat your party feels something is off. Stone monument up ahead
and then go to the northeast dead end for a chest with BANGS (HAIR) LEFT. It
is an attachment for, well, bangs (hair), but the left side. Weird. Okay.

Backtrack and head down the other northeast path, at the open area there is
a SAGE next to a boulder (that would connect the two northeast paths). Head
southeast and do a Discovery Point on the old ruins. And also, ELIXIR.

Follow the path south but before heading to the next area, go north for a
BAMBOO WADGE. If you go a little bit more north you can find another Normin.

In the next area, pick up the APPLE GEL. Stone monument. At the fork, head
north for another stone monument. Around the bend is BAD THORNS. Follow the
path around to the south. Use the save point. At the star, battle.

BOSS: Evil Plant
HP: 4775
LVL: 19
WEAK: Light
STRONG: Fire, Water

Defeat it with a Kamui transformation.

After the fight, Mikleo and Alisha will get knocked back by a surprise hit.
Sorey will defeat it but Edna has realized that Sorey is starting to lose
his sight as a reaction to his contract with Alisha. 

Return to Marindo by foot, or use the warp from the save point and pay with
985 gald. 

Speak to Lucas for a scene. Rest at the inn. Dezel will appear and ask why
you chose to help Marindo instead of doing something else. Sorey just says 
he did what he could do.

Sorey's next stop is Lowlance Kingdom. Alisha seems trouble though. Go talk
to Rohan. Alisha chooses to stay behind. She makes up a bunch of excuses and
leaves the party. 

Head toward the next star, a knight will come in telling Sorey that the
kingdom is under attack by Lowlance Empire. The scene continues.

When in control, do a Discovery of the tree behind Lucas before speaking to
him. Talk to Lucas. After that, head to the purple star to the south to hand
over the Archives Key to Neifto. 

You will learn a bit about Maltran; she is from this village, and she was
born with a weak body. But she has clearly overcome that with lots of
training. Either way, as thanks for all that you have done, you are free to
take the orb. Head to the northern building and check the orb for a bit more
of a memory/flashback.

The following skit states that this memory is from the Lowlance Empire,
based on the clothes. And it is the King handing the General a sword. Maybe
we want to pay some attention to that General. Anyways, there is probably
a continuation to this flashback, so the party will have to look for it. 

The item shop has restocked some weapons, again, limited inventory. Ugh.

Talk to Lucas when you are ready to continue. The following scene is a
captain from Hyland stopping Sorey and his group. The soldier states a
declaration that Alisha used the Shepherd to conspire with the Lowlance
Empire, and is essentially to be executed for treason. But if Sorey uses his
power to win the war, all will be forgiven. 

Lailah and Edna suggest that he accept, because at least they can save 
Alisha's life, and it won't hurt Sorey because they are still bonded by the

Alisha will live only if Sorey wins. Luckily the Seraphs are with him. Use
the save point if you want and talk to Rose. Take the southeast exit and
watch the cutscene. 

        ~ Grave Gantt Basin ~                                         [013]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Apple Gel              o  Holy Bottle            o  Saffron
   o  Azure Blue             o  Verbena                o  Chocolate Rusk
   o  Apple Gel

Access the save point. Rampage is west of the save point. Head forward for a
scene. Take the northern path after and find a stone monument before the
item shop. Restock from the Dark Turtlez if you have to. She doesn't sell
anything new.

Ignore the star and go around to the east. Pick up APPLE GEL, HOLY BOTTLE,
and SAFFRON. Go to the star. The mercenary team has failed and the soldiers
need to report to the base. The soldiers are giving up on Lucas and his
guild. Sorey will jump into the fray.

BATTLE: Lowlance Soldiers
HP: 798
LVL: 18

Just Kamui with Edna or Lailah and beat them up. They die in about two 
punches each. 

Sorey scares the Lowlance soldiers away, but also scares Lucas away (in 
another sense too). Poor Sorey. He's glad Lucas and his guild are safe, and
then he walks away. Mikleo says one day they will understand.

Watch the following cutscene.

When in control, pick up the AZURE BLUE south of the Dark Turtlez. The Dark
Turtlez is carrying new (not really) weapons, and one is on sale. Restock if
you must, and carry on. You won't be allowed to go very far south. 

Pick up a VERBENA to the east of the Dark Turtlez. At the northeast tip of
this area is CHOCOLATE RUSK. Go to the star to continue the scene. After,
check the stone monument to the south before heading to the next star.

Suddenly the place will flood with impurity. Knights will fight with each
other, their own allies. Sorey wants to help out, if it gets really bad they
will run for it. Surprise, surprise, Landon has become a Hellion.

BOSS: Landon
HP: 9901
LVL: 22
WEAK: Light
STRONG: Fire, Earth, Water

Partway through the fight, the game will ask you to perform a hi-ougi. Your
Blast Gauge must be at least 3. Perform an arte and then hold circle and R2.

Head into enemy camp and use the save point. Open a chest to the northeast
for APPLE GEL. Head to the star for a scene. Bad guy! He introduces himself
as Heldarf, and lets Sorey live so he can grow.

Watch the following cutscene. Yeah, that's her. If you didn't guess that

        ~ Vargran Woods ~                                             [014]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Verbena                o  Panacea Bottle x2      o  Mango Sorbet
   o  Vanilla Ice Cream      

When in control, save the game. Around the bend to the left is a stone
monument. Pick up a VERBENA in the west section, it is southwest of the
star. Ignore the star and head to the northeast dead end for PANACEA BOTTLE. 

At the star, Rose will wake up. She will sense someone watching them. She
tells you to head north. Sorey wants to let her down, but Rose says it will
be easier this way.

But at the next scene she jumps off. Apparently, all the other members in
the merchant guild are also part of the assassins guild. Talk about

Advance to the next star and watch the scene. They cannot understand what
Lowlance is thinking, because even Hyland has Alisha to calm them. Why would
Lowlance suddenly start a war. Anyways, the members of this guild won't 
randomly kill people, there needs to be just cause. So for now, Sorey is
safe at least. But if the Shepherd's existence brings misfortune on humans,
she won't hesitate to kill him.

Rose will run off. Just wait until you can do map actions again, and then
check out the stone monument to the right. In this section of the map, in
the south east corner is a MANGO SORBET. In the northeast corner is SAGE.
You cannot progress to the other areas, so just follow Rose. 

At the end you will find Mayvin, the author of the Shepherd's Legend. He is
also the narrator voice from the beginning of the game. He warns that times
will begin to change drastically from now on. He wants Sorey to solve the
puzzle of the ruins while he is here.

The ruins here haven't been solved, or included in the book. He teaches a
Sorey a lesson and says they will meet again. In the following cutscene,
Rose suggests that you rest. She doesn't want you to wander too far off.

        ~ Tintagel Ruins ~                                            [015]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Sage                     o  Burning Dash           o  Apple Gel
   o  Yellow Douseki Dover     o  Saffron                o  Life Bottle x2
   o  Chamomile                o  Silver Key             o  Horn
   o  Rose Vice                o  Dagger of Raid         o  Donut

When in control, check out the item shop. The only thing I would recommend 
buying there is the Aqua Ring. Across the hall in a room is the save point.
Check out the star. Nothing much you can do but sleep now at the next star. 

Sorey will wake up to the Seraph's voices, apparently they were inside him
all along, he just couldn't hear them. His power lost out to Heldarf's and 
thus he was unable to hear them. Expected, seeing as Heldarf is stronger
than a Dragon.

Lailah will suddenly point out their audience. Rose doesn't understand why
Sorey is talking to himself. Sorey say he's talking to his friends, but they
are Seraphs. Rose doesn't find this funny. He tries to do the same 
communication technique that they did with Alisha. 

The following scene where in Rose freaks out and Edna pretends to be a
ghost. Oh gosh, poor Sorey. Rose will run off. The boy will say Sorey
pressed on a taboo subject. They tell you to keep at ease. 

Talk to Dezel at the next star. He wants to know about the power Sorey uses,
the Kamui form. Although he wants to use it, he finds it troublesome. But he
thinks it might be connected to his goal. He also wants to know if Rose can
use Kamui form. Lailah says it is a possibility.

Edna says right now it is impossible because Rose seems to have trauma with
Seraphs, probably because of somebody (Dezel). 

Head to the exit and Sorey will suggest return to the battlefield. The
Seraph disagree. They remind him that if the Shepherd is injured, the world
will fall into further disaster. Mikleo suggests exploring the ruins Meyvin 
mentioned earlier.

Head towards the door in the middle for the next scene. Rose will observe
Sorey. Talk to each of the Seraphs and then Rose. Mikleo and Sorey will 
compete against each other like old times, Edna wants to blow open the door,
Lailah is watching Rose, Sorey says he'll get punched by Rose again if he
keeps talking to the Seraphs. Rose isn't interested in ruins, right now, she
is interested in Sorey. 

Check out the stone monument by the exit (not sure if that was there
earlier) and then step on the tile to the right of locked door. In the room
to the northeast that you could not enter before, pick up the SAGE and then
step on the tile by the rock. 

In the room you can rest in, step on the tile to the left of the bed. Step
on another tile to the south of the locked door, and then check on the door
to open it. 

Rose will follow but not join the party. And so will Dezel. Despite neither
being able to deal with Hellions. Use the save point. At the next scene,
Rose will pull a lever and lock Sorey in the first room. You can speak to
the others and then check the exits and the walls. Check the door again for
a scene. 

Lailah suggests inviting Rose to the party. The Seraphs think it will be
good for him. When in control, talk to all the Seraphs agains. 

Mikleo recall their earlier adventures. Talk to Edna and smoke will start 
coming out of the walls. Start by stepping on the lower right tile on the
outer square. The one by the save point room. It should make a clear bell
sound. Then step on the one on the upper left, then lower left, then upper
right. This should clear the smoke. If you stepped on the wrong tile and it
makes a different (lower) sound then you have to start all over again.

If the room fills completely with smoke before you get the puzzle right, you
will just restart the puzzle.

Talk to Lailah and snakes will drop from the ceiling. 

BATTLE: Serpent x plenty
HP: 1385
LVL: 20
WEAK: Wind

The door will open, but the air will shift and Rose will scream. Turn around
and use the save point first and then head further in. 

BOSS: Dragon Newt
HP: 11718
LVL: 24
WEAK: Wind
STRONG: Light, Fire, Earth, Water

Just buy time for Rose to escape. Rose will come back in screaming and 
swinging. Mikleo will have a chat with her and she will be able to hear him.

He says that among the humans, Sorey has no friends because he is the 
Shepherd. Mikleo wants her to be Sorey's friend. And then she looks closer
and can see him. Then pushes him to the floor. Harsh.

Dezel appears, and Rose says she will fight too. Sorey will buy time for
Lailah to form a contract with Rose to become a sub-Priest.  

The fight continues, pound him until Sorey notices that Dezel has also
formed a contract with Lailah. Dezel will throw the Kamui weapon at Sorey
and the fight will continue.

Kamui with Dezel and beat up the dragon. It will turn into a canine Seraph.
Rose will collapse and Dezel will catch her. Hm. 

Dezel will claim that his goal is revenge. Lailah formed a contract with him
because despite all that hate, he hasn't changed into a Hellion himself. 
He doesn't care if he dies in the process, he will seek his revenge. For now
he'll join with the party. He just doesn't want Rose to know that about him

Edna will fool around with Rose's body again and tell Dezel she probably 
won't remember much besides him hugging her. Heh. 

When in control, you can now use Dezel's map action, which is teleporting
short paces away, like over a large hole in the ground. 

Talk to everyone. Edna warns that Rose is unable to control her power. Or 
rather, her body will keep absorbing Seraph's power despite being
unconscious as a result of Dezel constantly being near her. She warns Sorey
that Dezel can take over Rose's body at anytime with Kamui for his revenge. 

Lailah says when the time comes, she can use her powers as the head Seraph
to control Dezel's actions. But not abusing her powers is also a main point. 

Talk to everyone and the canine Seraph will awaken. Apparently he can speak,
in the voice of an old man. Rose will also wake up. 

In front of Oishi, you can do a Discovery point, "Dragon's Corridor."

Save and then head south. Take the east path and use Dezel's map action to 
cross the gap. In this area, head right and pick up a BURNING DASH. There
should also be a CHAMOMILE in this area. Press the tile in the room, and on
the other side is a APPLE GEL. Continue towards the star and pick up another

Watch the scene that follows. Heldarf turns everyone in a Hellion. In the
corner is SAFFRON. To the north is VANILLA ICE CREAM. Step on the tile in 
this room. Go to the west and head south for a PANACEA BOTTLE. Head north
for a stone monument. Head down into the hall. At the fork take the east
path, teleport across and step on the tile. At the end of the hall, follow
the bend north for LIFE BOTTLE x2. Go back upstairs.

In the room with Oishi there should be pillars that you can teleport to with
the map action to reach the other side. Open the bronze chest for Silver Key.

You can now backtrack to the lower level and exit out the northeast and open
that previous chest for HORN (attachment). 

Head towards the star for a scene. According to the mural on the map, there
are four locations you need to hit in the Shepherd's quest. The party thinks
that hitting these locations will increase the Shepherd's power. Do a 
Discovery point of the mural wall. 

There's a stone monument, save point and a chest containing ROSE VICE. Or
Weisse. Head back for a scene, Rose suggests going to Pendragon first to
deal with Lowlance Empire. In the southwest dead end, teleport across and

Keep heading out for another scene.  

        ~ Vargran Woods ~                                             [016]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Midi Blouse           o  Rune Crest            o  Black Talisman
   o  Lavender 

When in control, there is a new save point to the west of this immediate 
area. If you check the map, you will see the next destination. 

But first, head east past that stone monument and immediately south is a 
chest with MIDI BLOUSE. In the northeast end is RUNE CREST. In the southwest
dead end is BLACK TALISMAN. Going south and then west, you will end up in
the first spot where you met the other assassins. Keep going west and take
the first turn south for LAVENDER.

Further west you will find the next town. Outside on the boulder is the 
Normin, Rune. Head towards the gate. According to the old man, there is a 
Shepherd in Lowlance Empire too. Or rather, there are rumours that there is
a Shepherd in Lowlance. 

        ~ Laston Bell ~                                               [017]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Bloom Noisy           o  Chamomile          o  Madeleine
   o  Saffron               o  3000 gald          o  Rosemary
   o  Shark Bottle

Sergei will introduce himself when you enter. Watch the scene where the 
Seraphs feed Sorey lines to tell Sergei. All because Sorey was carrying a
ceremonial sword. Mikleo surprised Sergei can tell the difference. 

They make Sorey into some kind of rich young master, that is also Rose's
guard and husband. Yikes. Poor Sorey. Sergei actually believes this farce, 
claiming that love overcomes all. Haha. Moving on.

Rose apologizes for telling the Seraphs not to talk, so Lailah thinks they
can go back to talking in her head. But Rose refuses because it is scary,
and creepy. Poor Lailah. 

When in control, walk east a little and then move the camera view up so you
can see the bells on the arch. This is a Discovery point.

Starting from the entrance of town, access the save point. There is a stone
monument right north of it. 

Take the northern path, in the cemetery, there is another stone monument.
The Normin, Bloody, is also here behind the bush. Continue west and overhear
a conversation. But first, head north to open a chest with BLOOM NOISY, a 
weapon for Dezel. 

There is another stone monument to the southwest. In the northwest is a
chest (SHARK BOTTLE) that cannot be opened yet. Continue the scene by
approaching the building. Rose will receive a missive from Lowlance Church.

Sergei will arrive mid-scene. Sorey will fight with him outside, one on one.

BOSS: Sergei
HP: 2966
LVL: 25

He's not too hard to defeat. 

Sorey will apologize for lying, but Sergei can figure out that Sorey is the
Shepherd. He asks for the Shepherd's help for Lowlance's sake. 

It seems like the Church holds the second highest power in Lowlance. Hm.

Anyways, there is another save point outside the church, where the three
eastern paths merge. Continue west for CHAMOMILE and MADELEINE.
Talk to the guy learning against the retaining wall to hear something about
a murder in the town. Continue west and when you can go north, go around the
crates and talk to the guy, he will mention the name Margaret. You cannot
open this chest yet. 

Access the save point at the end. Talk to the guard with the green bubble to
learn that three people have already been killed, all soldiers. 

Head back to the centre of town and south for a scene. Somebody is selling
Elixirs, it is popular among nobility in both kingdoms. Supposedly the 
Church is supposedly to keep a tight leash on supply. But the price is so
high, only nobility can afford it. (Earlier in this game when you found an
Elixir in a chest, the party mentions that Elixirs are very hard to come
by). But the fact that the Church is controlling the sale of Elixirs is
something the party pays attention to. Head east down this path and north to

Keep going east and at the item shop, they carry some newer weapons. Head
south and around the bend. In the southern tip you will see Meyvin. You can
perform Discovery point here, "Radish Bell." Open the chest for 3000 GALD.
Talk to the lady across from Meyvin. Something about forty higher-ups.

Go all the way west and buy a map from the Turtlez for 300 gald. Go up the
stairs and head to the other end for a ROSEMARY. In front of Sergei is the
Normin, Pressure. 

He apologizes for earlier. He says things were not always like this between
the knights and the Church. He says their leader has been missing for over a
year. And since then 18 others have disappeared. 

Sergei wants Sorey's help. It turns out Sergei believes that Rose and Sorey
are actually married though. Haha. 

Next stop, Pendragon. Find Rose's guild members at the west exit. Save and
exit town. 

        ~ Triumph Grasslands ~                                        [018]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Froll Sword           o  Saffron            o  Holy bottle x2
   o  Apple Gel             o  Madeleine          o  Rosemary
   o  Chamomile             o  Sideburns          o  Apple Gel
   o  2250 Gald

Save point. Check out the stone monument. Check out the post beyond that.
Your goal is to go west. Head south, southeast corner for FROLL SWORD. Head
southwest and between three trees is SAFFRON and Normin Gain. Head back 
south, east of the entrance under a tree is HOLY BOTTLE x2. Head north and
around this structure for APPLE GEL. To the west of the north exit is

Head to the marker in the middle of the map. Use the save point. Pick up the
MADELEINE. If you enter through the door, you'll end up in the 'arena'. To
the east of this by the big rock formation is an APPLE GEL.

Fight the Hellion if you wish. 

BOSS: Behemoth
HP: 15620
LVL: 34
RESIST: Light, Earth, Water, Wind

Go south, pick up ROSEMARY. Head to the west exit. Save point. 

        ~ Parbley Pasture ~                                           [019]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Dog Ears              o  Verbena            o  Life Bottle
   o  Saffron               o  Sage               o  Wind Ring
   o  Cheesecake            o  Peach Gel          o  Sharp Spine

Head northwest through the wheat (?) fields, there is a silver chest with
DOG EARS. Head west past the dungeon entrance for VERBENA. Go around this
bend and grab LIFE BOTTLE. Stone monument to the south. Head further west
where the next field exit is, in the northern path there is SAFFRON. Ignore
the exit and go around south for SAGE.

South of that is the WIND RING. Head east, there is a chest with CHEESECAKE.
Head southwest, taking the left path. There is a chest with PEACH GEL. There
is nothing to see at the end, so head back east now towards the town.

On the way in the fields, there is a chest with SHARP SPINE. Save and enter.

        ~ Imperial Capital, Pendragon ~                               [020]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Peach Gel             o  Rosemary           o  Holy Bottle
   o  Strawberry Shortcake  o  Chamomile          o  Panacea Bottle
   o  18,000 Gald

Find Justice on the other side of the fountain. Head up to the star. Edna's
so mean, poor Sergei. Continue this conversation out of the rain. A 
Discovery can be done on the fountain (not sure if the weather needs to be
clear though). 

Open the chest behind you for PEACH GEL. Check out the item shop, there are
new weapons.

Head to the east section of town. Pick up the ROSEMARY. Go around the block
for HOLY BOTTLE. Follow the path and go east and the fork to buy a map from
the Turtlez for 400 gald. Head south.

In this area, head to the south corner to get STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. Head 
west, ignoring the north area because it is just a chest that cannot be 
opened (18,000 GALD). Head to the next north section.

In this section, head west and find Normin Gaizer on the bench. Under a lamp
by the stairs is CHAMOMILE. Go north and in the lower east dead end (alley)
is a PANACEA BOTTLE. Follow the north bend all the way to a stone monument. 

Backtrack and go up the other north path and you will end up back at the
inn. Now, head to the location where you found that strawberry shortcake.
The door immediately north of that chest is where you want to be.

In the following scene, the knights have been trying to find the Pope.
Sergei has sent his only younger brother, Boris, to infiltrate the church.
Of course, the soldiers are worried about him, but Sergei still wants Sorey
and the others to rest before heading in as well. 

Head to the inn for a scene. The girls can really eat. Rose will reveal that
her assassin guild used to be a mercenary guild, and it was pretty darn
strong. According to Dezel, they were betrayed by Lowlance Empire, because
Lowlance allied with Hellions. Dezel will suddenly sense that Rose has left
out the back door. 

Head up to where the stone monument is. They chase after her thinking that 
she's going to kill someone, but she was just out for a walk because she ate
too much. But she will be killing someone, for a job. Her target is the 
higher-up that caused the war. Of course, she won't blindly kill someone, 
she will take a good look at her target first. She's just as strange as 
Sorey, if not in a different category of strange.

When in control, head to the Church Sanctuary.  It is to the southwest of
the knight's quarters.

        ~ Pendragon Church Sanctuary~                                 [020A]

Head inside towards the star for a scene. Maoteras is the name of a Seraph
that provides the Protection for the entire Greenwood continent, according
to the priest.

The priest seems to know who you are. He welcomes you to Lowlance Church's
main headquarters. When in control, follow him to the next point. 

He will show you the stone with the Shepherd's History, apparently it is the
original. Lailah will also start acting weird again, so it must be real.

Apparently the priest does not know what is written on it because it is
written in code. Suddenly the atmosphere changes, the Seraph disappear and
the priest turns to stone. Even the kids.

Sorey will mention that this is just like what Heldarf did.

Head to the exit and meet the Cardinal, Photon. She wants Sorey to hand
over his power. Of course, this shift in air is also her influence. She
thanks him for putting her in the same boat as Baltrow from Hyland. Yikes.

Rose says those are words of a snob. Photon says she isn't as commandeering
though. She just wants one thing; for the Empire to overcome the Age of

She believes that the Church is the pivot of Lowlance Empire. She does not
mind if the foolish knights becomes her pawns. If it's to achieve her goals.

The lady basically decides to fight you because Sorey turned down her offer,
because he really wants to know what is written on that stone. Mikleo will
save the party just in time.

        ~ Imperial Capital, Pendragon ~                               [020B]

You will be able to escape, run to the knight's quarters. You will also be
able to use Mikleo's map action now. It forms a bubble around the main 
character, but you cannot run in it.

At the next star, Rose will leave the part for a bit. She will return with
new information. Information that the knight's have been trying to find for
the past year. Man, that assassin/merchant guild works fast!

Next stop, Godojin. Sergei apologizes for making you do all the work. Sorey
does ask for a pass of some sort though, so he does not get mistaken for
Hyland's ally. Head out to talk to Sergei.

He will teach you how to use Shishi Senkou. Up until now only he and his
brother knew how to use it, but he is passing on to Sorey. 

When the battle begins, open the menu to set the skill. It is the last 'New'
arte. Just use the arte to end the battle. 

Sorey will thank Sergei for teaching him and then they drop formalities from
their names. When the scene continues, Mikleo asks Rose if she got 
information on the Pope from her guild. Rose said, essentially, they pushed
some money around (probably into the pockets of someone with tips). 

Sergei will hand Sorey the pass so he can travel with ease. Rose also likes
to steal the punch lines from Lailah. 

Anyways, the next destination is the south exit of the Triumph Grasslands.
But if you talk to Rose, you will notice there are four topics to discuss.
The first is the about the powers of her guild. The second is about Godojin.
The third is about the Inspection of Agito that she is supposed to attend.
This is related to that last scene with her guild when leaving Laston Bell.

We can probably follow up on that one right now.

Head towards the exit of town for a scene. A Hellion is on watch, probably
for that creepy lady. You will have to exit without being noticed. Use the
water map action and exit out of there. 

Back on the field, head back to Triumph Grasslands. If you stick close to
the eastern wall, you should see a CHAMOMILE, if you have not picked it up

On Triumph Grasslands, take the north exit and pick up the SIDEBURNS if you
have not already. NOTE: this is a sidequest, completely option. You can skip
to the next section (where you take the south west exit instead) at [022].

        ~ Verdigris Grove, Mallory ~                                  [021]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Sage                  o  Bunny Ears            o  3500 Gald
   o  Chamomile             o  Peach Gel x2          o  Life Bottle
   o  Spike Shoes           o  Panacea Bottle x2     o  Very Pink Shirt
   o  Veram                 o  Resist Sole           o  Cheesecake
   o  Karsite Staff         o  Strawberry Tart

This is a sidequest, "Secret Hideout." I believe the guild is essentially
making or looking for a new hideout because the old one cannot be used any-
more. You can always come back to this after Godojin [024] because you will
need Edna's map action to explore some areas. If you do not mind coming back
again, feel free to continue.

Pick up the SAGE in the right. Head up for a scene. Rose will leave the
party for a bit. Talk to everyone. The An siblings will come in and hand
Sorey a new food item that Rose thought up. Rose will return as well. 

They decide that this is not the place to hide. The assassins will all erase
their presence after giving Rose their report. In the skit that follows, 
Lailah will ask if a person named Brad is Rose's father. She reveals that
the previous leader picked her up, she is an orphan of the last northern
war. So is Sorey. 

Walk a paces away and another skit will start where Rose and Sorey enjoy the
newly invented bun. Ha.

The paths east and west and blocked, but head up the northeast path and use
the wind map action. In this area you can find BUNNY EARS, 3500 GALD, and
CHAMOMILE. Around the silver chest if you turn the camera around to face
the hill, you can do a Discovery for "Greenwood Bunnies."

If you have Edna's map action, break the boulders heading south for a VERAM

Head back and go northwest for a stone monument, and if you take the south
turn and fight the enemy here, you will receive another skit about Lailah's
love for round things.

To the north across from the exit is PEACH GEL and LIFE BOTTLE. Take the
exit and go all the way east across the water. Find another PEACH GEL and 

Go back and head south for PANACEA BOTTLE. At the southern tip is a VERY

Head back and take the east fork after breaking the boulder. Pick up the
CHEESECAKE and access the save point. To the east of it is KARSITE STAFF. In
the next area is an optional battle.

BOSS: Peafowl King
HP: 13127
LVL: 34
RESIST: Earth, Wind, Light

He is not too hard if attempted at the right level. What is really important
is the item that he drops, it is needed for a later side quest.

NOTE: this battle is an later edit added to this section. I am unsure if the
side quest needs to be activated first before the monster appears in this 

Continue west and find a stone monument. Beyond that is PANACEA BOTTLE and a
gold chest (STRAWBERRY TART). The exit returns to the first area after
breaking a boulder and crossing the water.

Back on the Triumph Grasslands, head to the southwest exit (it's the red
marker not the green one). You will notice two knights standing beside the
exit. If you go north of them, there is a Discover point, "Goats of Triumph

At the northern tup is 2250 GALD if you have not already picked it up. Take
the exit.

        ~ Ganbria Underground Cave ~                                  [022]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Red Verbena           o  Panacea Bottle        o  2430 Gald
   o  Anfie Tiara           o  Peach Gel x2          o  Anfie Dagger
   o  Aqua Ring             o  Cast Heel             o  Pound Cake
   o  Butter Cookie         o  Red Lavender          o  Red Sage
   o  Red Rosemary

Access the save point and then head east at the fork. And the next fork go
north and pick up the RED VERBENA. Take the south fork and the ground will
break and you will fall to a lower level. 

Don't bother taking the vine back up. Advance and use the wind map action to
reach the west end for a PANACEA BOTTLE. Return to the fork and head south.

At the next fork head east to the dead end. Pick up 2430 GALD and in that
tiny crevice you can get ANFIE TIARA. Backtrack and head south this time.
Cross over with the wind action and pick up PEACH GEL. Continue across and
jump down the ledge.

In the next area, jump down. On this level head to the very south through a
gap in the wall to get ANFIE DAGGER.

Climb the vines to the southwest and pick up AQUA RING. If you try to flash
across to the other boulder, it will break. Head back up the vines in the
north and walk along the edge facing the big pillar until you can do the
map action across. 

From here, move across the the north and pick up the CAST HEEL. Back at the
fork, go west for POUND CAKE. Now go east. I went over the two pillars to
reach the east, instead of the one pillar -just- in case that one pillar
was a trap. 

At the fork go right and then slip through the crack in the wall for BUTTER
COOKIE. Head north and along the east wall is a Discovery for a fossil. Go
up the vine. Head south for a stone monument.

Head northeast up the vine. The Hellion's specs:

BOSS: Nine-Headed Dragon
HP: 19732
LVL: 44
STRONG: Earth, Water, Light

Fight it or avoid it. Access the save point in the south of this area. To
the east is a chest that you cannot open right now (PEACH GEL). Go north to
the dead end for a RED LAVENDER and RED SAGE. Aim the camera at the ceiling
for another Discovery point. Take the west path and jump down, return to the
start of the dungeon.

Save if you would like to do so, and head down the east fork this time. Pick
up the RED ROSEMARY along the way. Close to the exit there should be a tiny
north area, you can find the Normin Tempest. 

Use the save point and exit, you will be attacked!

BOSS: Griffon
HP: 14737
LVL: 36
WEAK: Fire, Earth
STRONG: Water, Wind

What you will want to do is have Lailah and Edna on the field, I prefer to
be connected to Edna because you can perform Fairy Circle with her in Kamui
by pressing R2 and then CIRCLE. 

In it's dying move it will knock Edna over with some wind. Ha. 

        ~ Bairob Cliff ~                                              [023]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Anfie Pendant           o  Red Saffron          o  Earth Ring
   o  Anfie Vest              o  4000 Gald            o  Accomplice Mask
   o  Red Sage

Pick up the ANFIE PENDANT, RED SAFFRON and EARTH RING. Cut the thorns using
SQUARE and then teleport across. Pick up the ANFIE VEST. Ignore the north
path because it is blocked. Go west and access the save point. Pick up 4000
GALD right behind it.

If you go up the ramp, ignore the scorpion Hellion and go around to pick up
POUND CAKE and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. There's also a gate into the arena.

The Hellion's specs:

BOSS: Million Dollar
HP: 18641
LVL: 40
WEAK: Wind
RESIST: Light, Fire, Water

Head back down and go south. Part way up the path you can activate a skit.
At the fork head east. Pick up the ACCOMPLICE MASK. Behind it is a Discovery
point "Grifikite."

Head back and go west. Access the save point and check the stone monument. 
Enter the village.

        ~ The Forgotten Village, Godojin ~                            [024]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle             o  Red Rosemary          o  Roll Cake
   o  Panacea Bottle

Walk in for a scene, the party will be surprised by the new building, a
school for the town's future. Rose will say they are hear to learn about the

This place will remind the boys of Izuchi. Meanwhile, Rose will whisper to
look for clues about the Pope. Talk to everyone. You can do a Discovery of
the school, standing next to Edna.

Edna will mention ruins behind the village. Of course, it is probably a lot
older than the ones she has seen so far. Sorey is stupid enough to ask her
how old she is. But he retracts that pretty quick.

Turn around and pick up the LIFE BOTTLE by Mikleo. You can find the Normin
near the exit of town. On a crate in the south, is Tension. In the north on
a crate is Feather. 

If you head further into town, a scene will start. They overhear the men 
thinking your party is here to capture the village elder and take him away.
The elder will tell them not to worry, and then he will walk further west.
Sorey will notice the impurity coming off the elder. 

Pick up the RED ROSEMARY. Then in the north dead end, pick up ROLL CAKE.
Go to the other north area where the marker is and purchase a map for 500
gald. If you head around south back to the school, you can view another skit
where they think about Rose's guild members and Jiji, and the boy's past.
You even get to see a picture of them when they were young. Cute. 

Continue south and watch the scene. Edna is so sadistic and teases Mikleo to
call her Miss Edna like he did when she got knocked over earlier. Instead
Sorey will bow his head and ask her to move the rock. Mikleo will tell her
that Sorey doesn't understand jokes like hers. He really doesn't. 

You will finally get the last map action. Go forward for a scene. What the
party finds is, well, storage books of the recently popular (among nobles)
Elixirs. Except they are fake, Mikleo tries it and says it heats up his

The party figures out that the elder is the Pope. A man's voice will call 
out, interrupting you, but when you turn around it is actually...

BATTLE: War Tiger
HP: 3980
LVL: 30
WEAK: None

Oh hey, it's Hellions you first saw back at Lady Lake, remember those? Beat
him up. 

It turns back into a village. The Pope/Elder will show up. Apparently, the
Elder does not even want to be the Pope but he has no choice. He only wanted
to protect his family. He tried to do all that he could for decades, but
when he realized it, he became a man he hated and lost his family.

He chose to run away from it all, from the war, from his family. He ended up
in Godojin and formed a new family and now lives for them, despite selling
fake Elixirs. 

If they drag the elder back to Pendragon, then Godojin loses its protection,
but the reason why Pendragon lost its protection is because the elder left
in the first place. Before they can discuss it further, he collapses. 

When in control, talk to the villages surrounding the elder to continue.
Sorey says he just wanted to know the situation. Now that he knows, he is
going to return. 

Rose trusts Sorey's judgement and asks Lailah if there's a place that isn't
just black and white. When in control, follow the elder to the end. He will
translate what was on that slab in Pendragon's church. 

Basically they need to go to all four temples of the four elements to
advance in the Shepherd's journey. The one in front of you is the Fire
Temple, Igrain. 

Access the save point. Backtrack and pick up the PANACEA BOTTLE at the fork.
To the north of it is a Discovery point, "Red Crystals." Turns out this
stuff is the ingredient for elixirs. Hm. The inn is also open now. 

        ~ Fire Trial Temple, Igraine ~                                [025]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Fire Ring               o  Peach Gel x2          o  Red Chamomile 
   o  Appel Gel               o  3600 Gald             o  Oltrinde
   o  Roll Cake               o  Red Saffron           o  Burning Dash
   o  Burning Charm           o  Dragon Tail           o  Veram
   o  Scarlet Vail            o  Chocolate Gelato      o  Madeleine

Fun fact: Igraine is the name of King Arthur's mother. And if anyone has not
noticed yet, this game is heavily inspired by Arthurian legend.

Anyways, head down the hall and through the door for a stone monument. This
dungeon looks pretty symmetrical, so I will start by going north. In this
large room, light the two pedestals to continue. In this area, ignore the
stairs and go west to the next large room.

In the north find FIRE RING and PEACH GEL. Around the corner in the west is
RED CHAMOMILE. Light the three pedestals to the south to access the door.
On the other side, light the pedestal here to have lava flow from the

Head back and go down the stairs. To the south you can light four pedestals,
do so according to the numbered markings on the floor. If you do it in the
wrong order, the flames will go out. If you do it successfully, the door
will open. Do not go through yet though. Head east instead, and go to the
north corner for APPLE GEL and 3600 GALD.

Go south, ignore the stairs and go west again. Light the pedestals for the
north room and pick up BURNING DASH. Pick up the OLTRINDE for Lailah. At the

Go east and up the stairs and go around to the northeast of this room to get
BURNING CHARM. You can light the north two pedestals to return to the
beginning of the dungeon. Instead, take the south west path to the next
area. If you head to the north you will find Normin, Paralyze. 

Head west, in this room there are three pedestals on the north wall, and one
pedestal on the north east well beside two chests. Again, light them 
according to the numbered marking. Pick up the PEACH GEL and SCARLET VAIL.

Head through the door and light the pedestal here to let lava out from the
statue. Turn the camera to the southeast to find some red crystal jutting
out of the wall. You can perform a Discovery on it. 

Head back downstairs and go through the north door leading into the centre
path, go across two slabs to the east and pick up DRAGON TAIL and VERAM for
Mikleo and Lailah.

Now go to the southern door that leads to the centre area. Teleport across
using the wind map action. Before you do anything in the middle, teleport
across to the west to pick up CHOCOLATE GELATO and MADELEINE. 

In the centre area, light the four pedestals based on the number on the
floor. You might have to light it from the side that has the markings. A
symbol should appear in the middle of the floor. 

Head forward and save. In the next room is a scene. Apparently this is the
temple of Musuhi, the first fire patron from when the world began, of course
that is an opponent none of the party would ever want to meet. They will
read a tablet (that can be read normally, hey!) and then the Seraphs will
disappear again and you will be attacked!

BOSS: Salamander
HP: 11041
LVL: 38
WEAK: Water
STRONG: Earth, Wind
You will be inflicted with the burn status from the beginning. You might be
spared if you equipped that burning charm from earlier. 

What you need to do is go around the field and touch the stone faces in all
four directions, this will cancel the domain and bring back your Seraphs.
You will then return to battle. For some reason this salamander can talk.
Beat him up. 

Be prepared for a long battle because of all that HP. You will want to Kamui
with Mikleo and do your best to attack from faraway. The Salamander seems to
be more interested in going after the others instead of you, which is good.
Do not bother to heal or revive the Seraphs because they will be replaced
with another Seraph, and the one that was KO'd in battle will revive for
come back again through this cycling system. You may want to occasionally
through a life bottle at Rose though incase the other Seraph doesn't fuse
with her to bring her back to life. 

When you are almost close to beating him, the fight stops and Lailah will
say that the Salamander isn't a Hellion. She reveals him to be on Exceo, one
of the five great Seraphs that serve under Musuhi. He was testing you guys.
Don't think too bad of him. You pass the test and he grants you the power of
the flames. He tells you to form a contract with the flames by burning the
face of someone (don't worry that person won't die).

When Sorey begins to struggle, Lailah will grab the sword (to prevent Sorey
from burning himself I think) and she will tell him not to shoulder the
burden by himself. Sorey apologize for not being himself, and then he will

The battle resumes, the Salamander has 111 HP left, the game wants you to
perform an arte while in this form and hold R2 + Circle while performing it.
So basically, the hi-ougi for Kamui. Do it.

The real Salamander will appear. He seems to be an easygoing fellow. 
Apparently Sorey passed not one test, but two. The test of power, and the
test of the heart. Tricky bugger. Turns out Salamander was also a human

Edna will explain that there are two types of Seraphs. Those born Seraphs,
and humans that become Seraphs. While the boys try to reason that puzzle out,
Excel will talk to Lailah. Sorey won't hear what they say about him.

The game will make you manually exit. Which is just fine because you need to
check out the stone monument by the exit to this room. You can probably pay
at the save point to warp back to Godojin if you do not want to walk.

        ~ The Forgotten Village, Godojin ~                            [026]

Head back to the main part of the village and speak to the elder. Sorey
thinks he can probably take on Photon now. The elder mentions that Photon 
used to be very dedicated and hardworking but does not understand how she
came to be like she is now. But it isn't his place to say.

Sorey wants to find a way to save hearts one day. The scene will pan out
to two figures watching from far above. Heldarf and some girl.

The item shop has some new equipment. Your next objective is to meet up with
Sergei. Use the warp system if you don't want to backtrack. 

        ~ Imperial Capital, Pendragon ~                               [026A]

Walk up to the soldiers, they will mention that they have captured the fake
Shepherd. Apparently, Photon has already heard the news of Godojin. Head to
the knight's quarters to continue. The item shop has some new weapons for

At the knight's quarters Sergei will show the party a leader he just
received. It is a letter from Sergei's brother which writes that the Photon
is the cause of this rain. Boris's letter will state that he is already
trapped by the Cardinal's curse and leaves the rest to Sergei and his

Seems like Sergei has no choice but to fight the Cardinal. Sorey then relays
information about the Pope. When the knights begin to label the Pope's
desertion as betrayal, Sergei will give the knights a heroic, inspiring
speech. Sergei says Sorey has done enough and that they will take care of
the Cardinal from here.

But wait, normal humans cannot defeat the Cardinal. So Rose makes a 
compromise. Your party will check out if Cardinal Photon really is causing
this rain, and Sergei will spend that time gaining the Emperor's ear and

Sergei apologizes for making you face such dangers, believing they will 
fight the Cardinal. But Sorey really does want to know if the Cardinal has
the power to call rain. 

Next stop, the Church Sanctuary. On a side note, some characters have new
outfits. Rose can actually wear four, two being knight costumers similar to

        ~ Pendragon Church Sanctuary ~                                [027]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Red Douseki - Dover              o  Small Red Lithograph
   o  Small Yellow Lithograph          o  Small Blue Lithograph   
   o  Angel Light                      o  Lavender
   o  Panacea Bottle                   o  Bangs (Right)
   o  Peach Gel x2                     o  Koucha Chiffon Cake
   o  Resist Sole                      o  King's Vest

Head to the back for a scene. Immediately he cancels out the impure domain.
They will also notice the impurity immediately. Laila will try to change the
topic again by imitating the sound of a cat, which upsets Dezel for some
reason. While Edna and Rose try to comfort him, Sorey will say that the
source of this domain is different. It isn't caused by Maoteras (one of the
five original Seraphs). 

Head to the next room and access the save point. Do a Discovery on that
stone glyph and the door behind it will open. Follow it to the exit. Head
to the back and pick up the RED DOUSEKI - DOVER.

In the memory, you will see Lailah with presumably, the last Shepherd. She
will shake her head sadly and he will walk away.

Sorey chooses not to ask any further questions. The boys understand she is
mum about it for a reason. In the same spot you can also pick up a SMALL RED
LITHOGRAPH. You can use this to access the door with the red symbol on it.

Head all the way north for a stone monument. Head southwest to the next red
symbol and pass through. (There is no point in exploring the other side
because you do not have the correct lithographs to open the other doors).

Access the first red door around the corner to go to the next area. Head
south and open the next door. At the first fork, access the save point. 
Ignore the door, you do not have all the lithographs to pass through yet. 
But remember this place.

Head back and take the last southern fork, accessing the red door. Pick up
the SMALL YELLOW LITHOGRAPH. Head through the door to the east. At the fork
head north and open the door. At this four-way fork, take the right most
fork. Open the yellow symbol door and pick up SMALL BLUE LITHOGRAPH.

(At this point you can choose to backtrack to the southwest room for the
Norman, Burning. Otherwise:)

Take to blue door and you will be back in the first section of the map, but
on the other side. Head to the end and go north east, access this blue door.
Make your way to that big room in the middle of this map. Open the blue

On this same map, if you head to the room in the west and open the yellow
door, you can get KOUCHA CHIFFON CAKE and RESIST SOLE. South of that, you
can use the blue door, and in this room you can get the SMALL GREEN

South of this room, in the next room you can pick up BANGS (RIGHT) and PEACH
GEL. Head back to the first map through the last room. 

You can now access the room all the way on the other side of the first map
because it required the green lithograph. This is the room in the northeast
on this map. In this room you can get KING'S VEST and PEACH GEL.

Now, head back to that save point on the second map, the one in front of 
that rainbow door. Use the save point and access the door.

Inside is a scene. Rose will ask if this is some kind of museum. It looks
more like Medusa's lair. The party will find Sergei's brother. These statues
are all humans, turned to stone by a Hellion. 

Ugh, see, MEDUSA! Dezel will push past Rose and take on Medusa, the party
will discover that he is blind. Huh. 

BOSS: Medusa
HP: 20195
LVL: 39
WEAK: Wind
STRONG: Earth, Water

Beat her to a pulp. Just watch out for her petrification. Use panacea bottle
right away. 

Afterwards, you will be unable to purify her because her impurity is too
much. Rose asks Sorey how he would handle someone whose justice has turned
them into a Hellion. Because Medusa (who is Photon I believe) has made the
world's justice her justice. Dezel says there is no choice but to kill her.

Medusa basically goes mad and her heart breaks, she cannot go back to being
human. Sorey apologizes because this is the only answer he could find and
then stabs her, but Rose stops his dagger and stabs Medusa instead. 

She understands his resolve, but thinks he shouldn't have to kill. After all
his job is to save, her job is to kill. Then she walks away saying that the
rest is up to Sergei. Dezel will walk away as well. The Seraphs thought Rose
was strong, but she is actually kind. Edna tells Sorey not to waste Rose's

When in control, head to the end of this room behind Photon and do a 
Discovery of the wall, "Maoteras's Crest."

Leave this room. For now, exit the church. You cannot use the warp. Outside
the church will be a scene.

        ~ Imperial Capital, Pendragon ~                               [028]

When in control, head back to the inn area for a scene. Sorey is still sad
that he could not save Photon or Boris. Rose will tell him to cheer up and
work harder next time. 

Sergei mentions that there are people out there who still want a war, but he
will not let it happen. The girls will worry about Sorey after the boys walk

When in control, head to the inn for a scene with Meyvin. He will mention
that there are many mysteries surrounding Maoteras. The boys arrive at the
conclusion that the Age of Calamity began when Maoteras's Protection 
disappeared, because he (or she) provides the barrier for all of Greenwood.
So if they bring him (or her) back, then the Protection also returns and the
Age of Calamity will end. Next goal: find Maoteras. 

Melvin mentions that besides Pendragon's Church, Maoteras is most likely to
be at the ruins of the five great Seraphs, which is coincidentally all the
Trial Temples that Sorey has to visit anyways!

Eat at the inn if you want. Then exit and talk to Eguie at the purple star.
He will deliver information from the underground. There is talks of the main
church looking into the case of the fake elixirs. They tell him about what
happened in Godojin. To continue this side quest, you can head to Godojin.

Actually, if you talk to Rose, she has four pages worth of topics, a good
bunch of them are side quests. I will try to cover most of them in this next

        ~ Side Quest Break ~                                          [029]

   o  Talk to the man in the inn at Pendragon, he is sitting in the corner.
   o  He says that it is dangerous to walk around at night, you might lose
      your life. 
   o  Talk to Rose about this topic and she will suggest resting at the inn.
   o  In the middle of a skit there will be a howl, head outside. 
   o  Go to the southern map and head towards the large area in the middle,
      where the ! marker is. 
   o  BOSS: Tiger Warrior
      HP: 19217
      LVL: 40
      WEAK: None
      STRONG: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind
      He can be defeated at your current level, you just have to be patient.
   o  The Hellion will revert back to a feline Seraph. Rose calls it fat but
      she wants you to at least call her chubby.
   o  This Seraph holds a lot of power for Protection, and becomes the
      Seraph for Pendragon's Protection. 
   o  Note Dezel's disappointment like he was hoping for something other
      than the cat.
   o  REWARDS: Dezel's Hat and Outfit Colour Variations

   o  Head to the east section of Pendragon, advance to the purple star for
      a scene. Rose will ask the merchants for information on the Douseki
      that your party is look for. She will return and say it is north of
      here in some ruins.
   o  On your way out of town, Rose will say every time Mikleo gets mad, it
      is usually over Sorey. Ha.
   o  On Parbley Pasture, the destination is the red marker in the north.

        ~ Gafris Ruins ~                                              [029A]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Jet Black               o  Dog Tail              o  Donut
   o  Froll Boots             o  Life Bottle           o  Void Slash
   o  Dark Bottle             o  Very Pink Shirt       o  4250 Gald
   o  Holy Bottle             o  Lavender              o  Cold Drop x2
   o  Cheesecake              o  4800 Gald             o  Sharp Spine
   o  Elixir                  o  Direct Appeal

Another symmetrical dungeon, yay. Okay, start by taking the north stairs
down. In this area follow the path until you see, on the map, a room on the
right that you cannot access through the room you are currently in. You will
see a symbol on the wall connecting these two areas. Use the fire map action
to light the symbol and raise the wall. Pick up JET BLACK and DOG TAIL and
a gold chest (ELIXIR) that cannot be opened right now. 

Head back and follow the path. In front of the cell with the chest inside,
use the wind map action to teleport inside and get DONUT. Go west at the
fork and head up the stairs.

At the fork, use the wind map action to advance west and pick up FROLL BOOTS
and LIFE BOTTLE. Head back and at the south end is VOID SLASH and DARK
BOTTLE. Nothing in the southwest, so head back downstairs. Go south. 

In this room, check out the stone monument and continue south. At the fork
that you can see on the map, face the wall and use the earth map action to
raise the wall. Do not go through yet though, continue south and then west
on this map until you reach the south west room. There is a COLD DROP. 

Now go back and head through and up the stairs. In this area head to the
north point first for VERY PINK SHIRT.

Then go west, using the wind map action to get across the gap. Once across,
open the door to the south and get 4250 GALD and HOLY BOTTLE. Go north and
get Lavender, use the earth map action on the wall with the glyph and head
downstairs. You will find the Normin, Mirage. Go down again.

In this area, the room in the south holds another COLD DROP and CHEESECAKE.
The room in the north has SHARP SPINE and 4800 GALD. Plus another chest you
cannot open (DIRECT APPEAL).

Head west and use the save point. Use the earth map action on the wall
behind it and advance. In this room pick up RED DOUSEKI - FYURA. The
flashback you see here seems to be a continuation of the last one, it has
the same gate arches and all. In the flashback a village is being created,
and it pans in on this woman holding a baby.

Sorey says that the author of this book is the village elder (from the
memory), what if that person was also the Shepherd. It would certainly 
explain a lot if he also wrote the book.

Afterward a scene. The boys figure that just like with the Vivia Waterway 
Ruins and Lady Lake, they might be able to figure out Pendragon's history in
the same way. Or something like that. Get out of here.

And yes, you can totally avoid that scary looking Hellion scorpion, or 
fight it.

BOSS: Serket
HP: 12969
LVL: 36
WEAK: Light, Earth
RESIST: Fire, Water, Wind

Serket is, coincidentally, the Egyptian goddess of scorpions. Return to

   o  Head to the southern map of Godojin and into that middle area where
      the purple star is for a scene. You will meet the fake Shepherd Marfo.
   o  They believe Marfo is the real Shepherd because Sergei is also there
      but not saying anything.
   o  Sergei will then walk away. Head south to the next purple star and the
      knights will stop and explain things to your party.
   o  Apparently the General wants the knights to use Marfo for some reason.
      Something about connections, etc. Propaganda maybe? He used to be a
   o  REWARD: Eyepatch (not sure if you get this from this side quest or the
      Douseki one)

   o  Head to the Church and you will see Meyvin exiting.
   o  The priest will hand you something to give to Meyvin. He will tell you
      that Meyvin was headed to Gafris Ruins to meet someone.
   o  Head inside Gafris Ruins and talk to the mercenary, he will tell you
      Meyvin has already moved on to Camelot Overpass. Man that old guy
      moves fast.
   o  We have not been to Camelot Overpass yet, so we can continue this when
      we do arrive there.

   o  Head to Godojin and go to the purple star. You will find Marfo again.
   o  The elder is apparently ill. You will not be able to see him
   o  The party decides to set up Godojin's Seraph Protection.
   o  Talk to the little boy to the north and he will have claimed to have 
      seen the Tsuchinoko, a Hellion. He saw it at Idel Cave.
   o  Exit the town, and on the Bairob Cliff map, your goal is the red ???
      dungeon marker to the east of town. You can pick up a RED SAGE and
      DARK BOTTLE outside the entrance. Access the save point. 
   o  After defeating the Tsuchinoko, return to Godojin, see the elder. 
      The Seraph you rescued will say Marfo is bullying the Elder. Of course
      she wants to know all the details.
   o  According to the Seraph, to overlook the Pope's crimes, Marfo says the
      Church will take over the sale of the fake elixirs.
   o  For now there is a Seraph for Godojin.
   o  REWARD: Lailah's Outfit (Colour Variation)

        ~ Idel Cave ~                                                 [029B]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Panacea Bottle          o  Pound Cake            o  2200 Gald
   o  Hat                     o  Red Verbena           o  Dragon Tail
   o  Feather Step            o  Peach Gel             o  Dark Bottle
   o  Green Douseki - Zwai  

There is a warning from the Village Elder that the cave is very big. And he
was not kidding. Let's start by heading west. In the first fork, just head
forward, behind the wall on the east side you will find PANACEA BOTTLE.

At the next fork, break the wall to the north and pick up POUND CAKE and 
2200 GALD. You can break the wall to the north and teleport across to
continue. Head south and in the next area is the Normin, Forest.

Go east of the Normin and follow this path south east until you find a
boulder, break it and teleport across to another large room. Here against
the northern wall is DARK BOTTLE. 

Take the west exit. In this map, head south take the southwest path. Follow
the path around to the southeast and break the wall to the north for 3400 
GALD. Follow the path south and around, break open the wall here for HAT. Do
not bothering breaking the other wall.

Head south (not the one that forks from the gap) in the second area on the
eastern wall is Discovery point, "Helectite." Head west and then in this
area, head north and then at the fork go east. Pick up the RED VERBENA and
DRAGON TAIL chest in the bigger space.

Head back and then go north, feel free to break the boulder along the way.
In the north dead end is FEATHER STEP and PEACH GEL. Now go west and at the
fork go north. Going south is pointless because you do not have the keys to
open the chests in that room at this time. 

Going north, use the save point. When you walk into the next room:

BOSS: Tsuchinoko
HP: 10376
LVL: 36
WEAK: Fire
STRONG: Light, Earth, Water, Wind

Dang it's a small little thing. It will revert to a Seraph with, oh hey, is
that another Douseki?! She will happily give it to you. She will happily
become to Seraph for the Protection, if you can find the vessel. For now she
will head there.

Pick up the GREEN DOUSEKI - ZWAI. It's the king from the second memory.
Warp or manual run out. Head back to Godojin. 

   o  Head to Laston Bell, talk to the man in the southern area with the !
   o  He will mention Valkryie Maltran. Listen to his story.
   o  In the past when he was soldier, he met Maltran on the battlefield,
      she alone won the battle. When he ran, she was overtaken by Hellions.
      But she is still alive now. Hm.
   o  REWARD: Rose Corsage

   o  In Laston Bell, second street a lady will mention that the Lowlance
      knights have been going on a spree of arrests lately. Rose is worried
      about those kids in Vagran woods. She wants to go check on them. 
   o  Head to the purple star by the hideout in Vagran woods for a scene.
      One kid will go berserk and turn into a Hellion saying they followed
      orders so why did his friends have to be killed!
   o  BOSS: Driud 
      HP: 18275
      LVL: 40
      WEAK: Light
      STRONG: Earth, Water, Wind
   o  Oishi will appear after and save the two kids. Turns out the kids were
      working for someone. They believed that they had found normal work.
      The kid wants you to help get revenge for them. Rose says her guild
      will take the job. The kid offers you all that he has, which is
      coincidentally, another Douseki.
   o  Pick up YELLOW DOUSEKI - AJIN. This flashback seems to be of the
      Church fighting amongst themselves with some girl looking upon them.
      She is also leading the knights to war and bowing down to Heldarf.
   o  REWARD: The Wind's Bone Mask

   o  Head to the intersection of Laston Bell and speak to the orange-clad
      man with the purple star. Apparently the Seraph that provides the
      protection has skipped town. He wants you to go find her in Ganbria
      Underground Cave. She has not turned into a Hellion!
   o  To make life easier, pay 2696 gald and use the warp system. Choose
      'Ganbria Underground Cave' and then the last save point option. Check
      the purple star for a YELLOW DOUSEKI TREE. Heldarf is fighting a 
      dragon in this memory. There will be a scene after where the Seraph
   o  Saind used to be the Seraph for Protection for Laston Bell in the past
      but the vessel no longer has meaning and she no longer understands
      humans. She will not return with you. 
   o  In Laston Bell, talk to the kid southwest of the church. They mention
      something about a kid names Margaret being able to talk to Seraphs,
      and that it is a lie. The party suggest to stay at the inn.
   o  At the inn, talk to the girl at the bar. Then purchase a meal and stay
      the night. Watch the skit. The party connects Margaret and Saind.
   o  Head outside after hearing the scream. 
   o  BOSS: Lugarl
      HP: 5201
      LVL: 27
   o  The party finds out that Lugarl has probably been responsible for all
      the murders in town. But this one is kind of weak. When it runs, chase
      it past the west exit. 
   o  BOSS: Breed Wolf
      HP: 12763
      LVL: 32
      STRONG: Light, Fire, Water, Wind
   o  The Hellions revert to Margaret and a dog. Market knows what she and
      her dog do. Saind will also show up. The girl will unfortunately die.
      Saind said this would not have happened if she never left. She will
      then ask to become Laston Bell's Seraph of Protection.
   o  REWARD: Rose's Outfit Colour Variation

Right, most of the other side quests that you can talk with Rose about occur
back in Hyland Kingdom. Because of the war, you are unable to use the warp
system to enter Hyland Kingdom, you also cannot go through the battlefield.
The only option is the south red ??? dungeon marker in Vargran Woods. 

        ~ Lamrock Cave ~                                              [030]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Rosemary                o  Froll Boots           o  Panacea Bottle 
   o  Verbena                 o  Fake Snack            o  Apple Gel
   o  3200 Gald               o  Chonmage              o  4500 Gald
   o  Froll Headband          o  Froll Pendant         o  

Just outside the entrance, pick up ROSEMARY. Head inside, on the other side
of the first fork is a stone monument and FROLL BOOTS. Head north and ignore
the exit, going east. Pick up the PANACEA BOTTLE and head south. Take the
first fork east. Pick up the LAVENDER. Take the north exit.

In this area, head south for VERBENA and FAKE SNACK. Head north and take the
east fork. Teleport across at the east end. Get APPLE GEL, 3200 GALD, and 
CHONMAGE (a Japanese Edo-period hair style) attachment. 

Return and head south, in the next space do a Discovery, "Orpiment." In the
skit, Rose will mention this crystal is used to make poisons. Continue south
and feel free to break the boulder, but continue east. Continue south until
in the rectangular open space. There is a stone monument by the north fork.
But head south and around to the west.

In the second space, by the east wall is the Normin Goodwill. In the next
area break the boulder to make the return easier. In the final area before
the southwest exit there is 4500 GALD and FROLL HEADBAND. Head through the
exit. Check the stone monument and break the boulder at the fork. 

Return to the last map and then take the east exit. Before you exit, pick up
the FROLL PENDANT and access the save point.

In the next area, ignore the bat Hellion and break the boulder to continue
to the exit.

The bat Hellion's specs:

BOSS: Bat Baron
HP: 9425
LVL: 40
RESIST: Light, Earth, Water  

        ~ Borus Historic Ruins ~                                      [030A]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Lavender         o  Purple Douseki Ekk      o  Final Battle Long Spear

This place looks awfully familiar. Follow the path and break the boulder. 
From the save point, head north to another boulder. Break it to get LAVENDER
but you cannot open the gold chest yet (FINAL BATTLE LONG SPEAR).

Follow the path to the upper west exit. In this area head west towards the
purple star for PURPLE DOUSEKI - EKK. The memory shows the Lowlance Church
and the Shepherd among them. And again, Maoteras's Crest is mentioned.

Head to the upper west exit to return to Folken Hill. The destination is the
bridge. Take on that hawk Hellion if you want.

BOSS: Horus
HP: 9093
LVL: 24
STRONG: Fire, Water, Wind

There is a good chance it can still KO your characters at close range. But
Samui with Edna is recommended because of Fairy Circle.

Meet Alisha at the bridge. She is back to being unable to see the Seraphs.
The girls officially meet. Alisha says Rose is a lot like Sorey. After some
explanation, she mentions that Lake Pillow Plateau has some activity going
on. She mentions that Maltran was investigating the situation.

Alisha is still in the middle of work, so she tells you to visit her at Lady
Lake and wishes you good fortune on Sorey's quest. Talk to her again on the
other side of the bridge. 

The girls really do get along, using Mikleo as a punchline haha.

Take the north exit to Lake Pillow Plateau. Then go to Lady Lake.

        ~ Hyland Capital, Lady Lake ~                                 [030B]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Rosemary                o  Saffron         o  Fake Nose Glasses
   o  Purple Douseki - Do     o  6000 Gald       o  Red Douseki - Ett

Just a couple of side quests to do here. Some of the herbs have respawned in
the same locations. The silver chest in the map past the water wheel can
also be opened now for 6000 GALD. 

   o  Talk to the guard standing at the corner outside of the inn, he will
      mention a ghost town northeast of here and that a ghost has been
      recently sighted. The party thinks it might be a Seraph.
   o  Exit Lady Lake and take the north path to the northeast section. The
      ghost town is behind the save point. 
   o  BATTLE: Phantom x3
      HP: 3191
      LVL: 25
      WEAK: Wind
      STRONG: Fire, Light
      Despite their low level and HP they can cast a lot of annoying status
      effects and constant magic. But they can be defeated. It helps to eat
      a butter cookie before battle to protect against paralysis.
   o  Lailah explains that Phantoms are the souls that have become impure
      and turned into Hellions. They cannot be saved. 

   o  Head towards the mansion area, when you enter the map a scene will
      start featuring that Hellion disguised as a little boy from the
      beginning of the game.
   o  Rose will insist that the sentinel let them have a talk with the
      child first before he is to face punishment for his crimes, but the
      sentinel continuously refuses.
   o  The child will run off and Rose, Dezel and Lailah will chase after
   o  All the townspeople will gang up on the sentinel accusing him of the
      one being strange and out of place. 
   o  When in control, head back to the main map and go to the purple star.
   o  Follow him back to where all the mansions are and watch the next
      scene. When in control, follow the kids back to the purple star. My
      goodness these kids are rotten! They plan to steal jewels and money,
      and the girls will fake cry to get away with it if they get caught.
   o  At the back entrance of the shrine, you can choose to call the 
      sentinels seeing as they are not Hellions.
   o  Choose NO and Sorey and Rose will not let the kids go. Man this child
      is a true brat. Then they go and call the sentinels.
   o  The children steal because they've been thrown away by the city.
   o  After the scene with Bruno, next to the Seraph is PURPLE DOUSEKI DO
   o  The scene shows a lot of Shepherds on the Triumph Grasslands entering
      battle. The party wonders how all those Shepherds became extinct.
   o  REWARD: Fake Nose Glasses (attachment)

   o  Head to Alisha's mansion and talk to the maid outside her home. She 
      says that the princess is currently chancing after a spy that is
      leaking information to Lowland. She is doing this work on her own will
      though instead of an order.
   o  Talk to the merchant at the exit of the mansion area. He will mention
      someone by the name of Logas who came from Marindo. He wonders if this
      guy has the goods (including a pipe) he brought or made. 
   o  Talk to another merchant in the north end of the main map, he will
      also mention Logas.
   o  Talk to another merchant in the inn. He will also mention the doused
      (Douseki) that the party seeks, and Logas again.
   o  In Marindo, the merchant next to the save point will mention that
      Logas is searching and collecting Douseki, and that he is also in
      cahoots with Baltrow. Hm.
   o  In Marindo there is a man by the art museum. If you want information
      on the spy that has been leaking information to Lowlance, he wants you
      to first go to Verdigris Grove Mallory and get 'Peafowl Feather.' 
      Refer to [021] if you need help.
   o  Give him the item, he will direct you to Vivia Waterway Ruins where
      the party 'will see something interesting'
   o  Head there and watch the scene by the purple star. 
   o  Turns out Logas is not actually a spy, but a communication medium
      between the two warring countries. Without this communication channel,
      the war could go on forever. Alisha did not know this. Logas seems to
      be offended and tells her to prepare herself for the repercussions.
   o  Pick up the RED DOUSEKI - ETT after. In the memory, Lailah is seen
      with a former Shepherd travelling the world on a journey.
   o  Talk to Alisha at her mansion to continue. She tells her maid that she
      was forgiven because she did not understand politics. But her actions
      have further sullied the Tifda name.
   o  REWARD: Blush (attachment)

   o  Exit the Vivia Waterway Ruins and talk to the merchant on the crates
      with the ! marker. The little boy from earlier is now working hard. 

Right. The destination is the red ??? marker in the northwest. Feel free to
take on the wolf Hellion by the waterfall.

BOSS: Managram
HP: 9916
LVL: 19
WEAK: Earth
STRONG: Fire, Water, Wind

Walk up to the waterfall and use the wind map action to teleport to the
other side of the water. Head inside. 

        ~ Water Temple Trial, Le Fay ~                                [031]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Red Chamomile           o  6000 Gald             o  Waste Charm
   o  Red saffron             o  Peach Gel             o  Franboise Cream

There will be a scene, the party will meet the Seraph. The party also hears
the Hellion Asura. The trial is to find out why Asura became a Hellion.

By the way, this dungeon is named after Morgan Le Fay. And as a heads up,
this dungeon is going to be really, really annoying.

Pick up the RED CHAMOMILE and head inside. In the first room the goal is to
use the water map action to become invisible to the blue eyes on the wall.
If it catches Sorey, you get sent back to the beginning of the dungeon. Ugh.

Take the north split and follow it to the end. Check the COMMON CALENDAR
YEAR 22 - GREEN SUN MONTH. It says, "The Water Seraph appears and recommends
I become a Shepherd. He says I have the disposition to be one. Can I mere
blacksmith such as myself be one?" This is a Shepherd's diary. Go up the

Head south, touch the purple warp, and then go down the stairs. As soon as
you enter the room (that connects back to the beginning) use the water map
action before you move. One step forward and there is an eye on the wall 
that will send you back to the beginning. Head across to get 6000 GALD. Use
the water map action again to head the south wall to pick up WASTE CHARM.
Retreat out of here safely with the water map action.

Head back up the stairs and go west this time. In the next room open the 
chest for another diary; COMMON CALENDAR YEAR 25, it reads, "I have been a
Shepherd for three years. This was necessary to bet on humanity. But, the 
impurity is unlimited, it is born. I must do something. I want to save more

Go up the stairs to the next level. Head east. In the southeast corner is
another piece of the diary, COMM CALENDAR YEAR 28; "It's no good... day by
day the impurity is covering the world. I cannot stop the calamity or the
war. Even though I am a Shepherd, I do not have enough power. To purify the
the impurity, a strong power is needed." 

Head north and up and ramp. Touch the warp. Head through the door. Go around
to the west room and open the chest for COMMON CALENDAR YEAR 31; "I obtained
the Bright Silver (Kikouzan). With this I can forge a sword. To compensate
for the power I lack. Power. Power. Power. I desire nothing but this."

Head south and use the map action to avoid the eyes. On the other side, keep
heading south. In the next room, head to the left, but stop at the pillar's
right side. Use the map action to advance to the door (there is an eye on
this pillar facing the door).

In the last room, head out the other door and down the ramp. Pick up the RED

In this room in the northeast corner is another diary. COMMON CALENDAR YEAR
42, "It is finally complete. Twenty years of my dearest wish in this sword.
With this sword, it can be cut down. The Hellions. The impurity. All the

Head west and then south. In this room, the goal is to step on the eye up
the stairs in the centre. But if you manage to go out the door to the east
(you may have to enter this room from the south), there is Normin Beast, 
PEACH GEL and FRANBOISE CREAM.Head back, head up the stairs into the centre
and step on the eye. You will be transported to the upper level. Use the map
action to reach the door. 

On the other side of the door advance to the save point, use it, and then
give yourself a pat on the back for putting up with this place. Up ahead:

BOSS: Ashura
HP: 20940
LVL: 43
WEAK: Earth
STRONG: Fire, Wind

Ashura is the Shepherd in the diary entries, and he has also turned into a
Hellion. He wants his sword back. Fight him, he is not too hard, per say.
As long as your are Kamui'd with Edna and using everything in your bag of
tricks, his HP will go down pretty quickly. It is important to note that the
BC should be saved for Fairy Circle because he can cause lots of damage at
once. As his HP depletes, around the last 1/4 he will begin to cast ice (or
light?) magic, that will really hurt - it is a white circle. It is hard to
cancel, so be prepared to defend against it. 

In the last moment a scene will occur with Ashura saying he wants to cut it
all, including the humans that are the tie to the impurity. That is why he
became a Hellion. A voice will speak out and a water glyph will appear on
Sorey's hand. Defeat him, the last 2250 HP. Before he disappears he will say
"Give it back, Aotel."

Remember to save on the way out so you don't have to go through this again.
Let the eye catch you and send you back to the beginning for a scene with
Hotel. As the party has guessed, he is the one who formed a contract with 
Ashura and made a Shepherd. He also stole the sword. It is a Mythril sword,
with the power to cut just about anything. The thing Ashura wanted to cut
the most was Aotel. 

Aotel tries to give Sorey to sword but he turns it down, thus passing the
trial of the heart as well. But then...! Damn, knew something was off about

She plans to cut the world, as her master of calamity desires. She used 
Alisha, and eventually the kingdoms will fall on their own.

Leave this place. Head back to Alisha's mansion in Lady Lake to follow up on
this latest revelation. They become unable to tell her the truth. Talk to
Maltran down the street. There is a skit as you walk away, and another 
continuation of the skit at a save point.

Next stop, Izuchi!

        ~ Izuchi, Arodite Forest ~                                    [032]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Elixir                  o  Red Saffron           o  Red Rosemary
   o  Shark Bottle            o  Arcana Bottle x2      o  Souffle

Head to Jiji's house for a scene. Sorey hands back the pipe and gets an
elixir in exchange. Cool. Leave the house for another scene.

Head to the ! marker by the ruins. Laila and Jiji will have a conversation.
She apologizes to him, but it is unnecessary. However she will still take
responsibility and look after him (Sorey). 

This time Lailah wants to walk with them, with no regrets. Speak to her
after to continue. 

Enter Arodite forest, now that you can break boulders, new areas can be
accessed. Pick up RED SAFFRON in the north dead end. And ELIXIR in the east
dead end from this point. As well as a Discovery point for a beetle. 

There is RED ROSEMARY in the southern dead end at the first four-way fork
from the Izuchi entrance. 

In the east most northern dead end is a silver chest with SHARK BOTTLE. At
the second four-way split, break the boulder to the south. Go west and cut
the thorns for ARCANA BOTTLE x2. Do a Discovery on the mushrooms, "Edible
Mushrooms and Poisonous Mushrooms"

Head east and then turn at the south for Normin Penetrate. Head up and cut
the thorns. To the east dead end is a chest you cannot open at this point 

Next stop: Parbley Pastures, south west exit!

        ~ Aifread's Hunting Ground ~                                  [033]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Peach Gel            o  Koucha Chiffon Cake      o  Heavy Curling
   o  Red Lavender         o  Feather Step             o  Resist Sole
   o  Dizzy Glasses        o  Red Rosemary             o  Madeleine
   o  Holy Bottle          o  Red Verbena              o  Red Saffron

Access the save point. The merchant is selling new equipment. Break the 
rocks to the south of him. Go the west tip for KOUCHA CHIFFON CAKE. In the
southwest point is the Normin, Slow. Behind him is a chest with HEAVY 
CURLING. At the fork, go west, At the hill examine the flower bed with the
butterfly for a Discovery. Pick up the PEACH GEL.

Return to the fork and at the south dip is RED LAVENDER. Do a Discovery on
the red flowers under a fall tree trunk. Pick up the FEATHER STEP. Head east
and check the stone monument. By the northern exit is a RESIST SOLE and save

At the southern dead end is an arena date. Go past the stone monument and go
northwest. Ignore the spider Hellion and the dungeon entrance and go all the
way northwest. Pick up the DIZZY GLASSES, RED ROSEMARY, MADELEINE, and HOLY
BOTTLE along the way to another stone monument. Behind it is RED VERBENA.

Backtrack to the dungeon entrance next to the Hellion spider. Access the
save point and pick up the RED SAFFRON. Do not enter. Use the north exit to
reach the next destination.

The Hellion spider's specs:

BOSS: Spider Elizabeth
HP: 16416
LVL: 45
RESIS: Light, Water, Earth

I think this is a reference to Elizabeth "Betty" Banks from Spiderman.

        ~ Earth Temple Trial, Morgause ~                              [034]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Pound Cake           o  Dark Bottle              o  Feld Boots 
   o  Peach Gel            o  Feld Umbrella            o  Earth Ring
   o  Red Lavender         o  Apple Gel                o  Red Verbena
   o  Vanilla Ice Cream    o  Red Rosemary             o  Arcana Bottle
   o  Life Bottle          o  King's Vest              o  Feld Garment

Morgause is the mother of Gawain and Mordred in Arthurian legend! And Edna
thinks this is completely troublesome because now it is her turn. 

Walk in for a scene. You will see a Minotaurus and meet the Seraph of this
temple, Pawant. He is a human that transcended into Seraph-dom after death.
Clearly, he is a bit of a lecher, considering how his point of view is on 
the girls' chests. He also seems to know Lailah. He also used to be a 

Apparently even amongst Shepherds he is famous for destroying over ten
thousand Hellions. 

Edna is hilarious, she throws on this cute loli act to entice the pervert to
just give her the upgraded power. But when it proves fruitless, she goes 
back to being cold and shuns him. Haha.

She surmises that Pawant basically wants them to get rid of the Minotaur, so
she walks up to it (despite Lailah's warning) and tells it to scram. And it
hightails it out of there. Weak!

But according to Pawant, they actually have to purify/calm it. Edna turns 
and says, "Why didn't you say so properly? Are you stupid?" Pawant 
pathetically apologizes. She tells him to just wait at the end because he
will just be in the way otherwise. Then she returns to Sorey and say tells
him, briskly, to head out, mobilize and start exploring.

Lailah comments that Edna actually feels snubbed, but Edna just repeats 
herself. Cute. This dungeon music is awesome by the way. 

All right. When you can control, head through the room, around the bend to
the first fork. Ignore the minotaurus for now (it will not chase you), take
the west path for POUND CAKE and DARK BOTTLE. Head back and go north, go
downstairs and all the way to the end to get FELD BOOTS.

Break the dark portions of all four pillars to lower them. Head back up. 

Back where the Minotaur is, open the chests for PEACH GEL and FELD UMBRELLA.
Take the east exit and turn south immediately for EARTH RING. Head north and
around the corner for RED LAVENDER. Head west under the arch for APPLE GEL
and do a Discovery "Broken Wooden Horse Toy".

Head to the south corner from here for COWBOY HAT for Dezel. Head through
the door to the east. Out the door to the south. Feel free to break the
boulder blocking the western door (that leads back to the entrance). Then,
head to the north east corner of this room for RED VERBENA. 

Go through the southeast room, down the stairs. At the end, pick up RED
ROSEMARY and VANILLA ICE CREAM. Smash the brown parts of all four pillars.
Go back upstairs. 

In the room (that is above the one in the basement) pick up ARCANA BOTTLE.
The Normin Cloudy is also there. You should also be able to access the north
path too. Go north and then east for LIFE BOTTLE and KING'S VEST.

Backtrack and go west. In this large room, take the northeast path, going
down the stairs to break part of a pillar. Go back up and notice the door to
the north is halfway down. 

Head west and down the stairs. Grab the FELD GARMENT and break the pillar.
Back on the upper level, the save point to the north can now be accessed. 
Take the south path (up the stairs) and at the end (the upper part of the
beginning of the dungeon) there is a stone monument. 

All right, head back to the Minotaurus now. Go near it and it will run away
into the east room. Approach it in the other room and it will just run away
again to the room. The characters will note that they have to find a way
to approach the Minotaurus without it begin aware.

The answer is to use Mikleo's water bubble map action to sneak up on it. 
Edna doesn't like being one-upped in her own Trial dungeon. Ha. 

BOSS: Minotaurus
HP: 21020
LVL: 42
WEAK: Wind
STRONG: Water, Fire

During the start of the fight you will hear little kids crying. He is not
too hard to defeat. Maybe have Dezel and Edna in the party and have Edna as
your partner so that you can use Fairy Circle because the Minotaurus does
have some heavy hits.

Edna will apologize for scaring the souls of the children (that became the
Miniatures). She says farewell, and to rest in peace. 

The location is all the way to the north, past the save point. Sorey will
say he was sad for the Hellion. And Edna will coldly say she has reflected.
Then, they will pray to the statue. They will Kamui briefly and Edna will
feel the change in her power.

Pretty quick and painless, this place. Next stop, Westron Hold Rift. This is
the west green exit on Parbley Pasture. You should be able to enter this
place with out the impurity taking over the map.

        ~ Westron Hold Rift ~                                         [035]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Peach Gel            o  6250 Gald                o  Red Rosemary
   o  Sharp Strength       o  Koucha Chiffon Cake      o  Life Bottle
   o  Soundproof Headphone o  Red Lavender x2          o  Madeleine
   o  Pastel Parasol 

Access the save point. The merchant does not have any new equipment, but you
can still stock up on healing items if you want. South of him is a PEACH
GEL. Follow the path south, turn east for 6250 GALD. Head back to the fork,
behind a large boulder at the south is RED ROSEMARY.

Break the boulder to the west. Up ahead is a sign. To the south, Guinevere
Ruins, in the north Gangaren Ruins. Following the Arthurian Legend, let's
head south. But first, check out the rock statue things to the north east of
this post for a Discovery. Break the boulder at the southern tip (beside the
post) for SHARP STRENGTH. 

Take the north path for a stone monument. Access the save point at the end
and pick up a LIFE BOTTLE behind the rock. Ignore the dungeon. Go back south
past the Discovery point and at the fork, take the upper path (southwest).

Head up the room and turn west for a KOUCHA CHIFFON CAKE. (NOTE: I had
previously been listing this as a MATCHA Chiffon Cake, which is green tea.
Koucha is black tea and I was reading the kanji wrong.)

Continue up the path until there is a breakable boulder in the east point.
Break it for a SOUNDPROOF HEADPHONES in the back. Follow the path north for
the Normin Crust. North on the ledge is RED LAVENDER. South of that is a

Go around for another RED LAVENDER. Access the save outside the arena gate.
Head back to the fork and go southeast this time, accessing the save point.
Head through the red marker for the last Trial Temple!

        ~ Wind Temple Trial, Guinevere ~                              [036]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Red Lavender         o  Wind Ring                o  Red Sage
   o  Panacea Bottle       o  Strawberry Waffle        o  Peach Gel x2
   o  White Peach Jelly    o  Protect Hopper           o  Framboise Mousse
   o  Holy Bottle          o  Silent Sonic             o  8500 Gald
   o  Labrad Light         o  All Divide               o  Apple Gel
   o  Red Verbena

Access the save point and watch the scene. Three things will fall from the
tower, a person, a Hellion, and Zaveid. Meet this Trial's Hellion, Dullahan,
the headless horse rider. I love Zaveid's theme music. Sorey will get in the
way and not let Zaveid kill him. Denzel will also stop him, demanding to
know how to kill Hellions.

Zaveid says their party's gotten pretty lively with all the new ladies. He
also knows Edna. Rose says Zaveid's very choroi, which is Japanese for easy
or simple. He also refers to himself as Ore-sama, which is a very full-of-
himself thing.

Zaveid with fight you to settle the score (of having lost his hunt).

BOSS: Zaveid
HP: 7394
LVL: 40
STRONG: Earth, Wind

He may use his hi-ougi close towards the end. If in Kamui, it will KO the
Seraph and leave the human with 1 HP.

Dezel still demands how to kill Hellions without the use of Kamui. Zaveid
tells him that since he is contracted with Lailah, just purifying (or
exorcising) them should be more than enough for Dezel. Hypocrite.

Zaveid leaves saying they will talk later. Talking now will just result in
another fight.

When Dezel refuses to tell Rose why he got so upset, she will headlock him,
ha. Lailah suggests continuing on. 

Check on the guy with the star. Rose realizes that this guy jumped off on
his own. When she explains that he was saved by the Shepherd's power and he
is does not believe if, you are given three choices.

Explain and Persuade
Show him the Shepherd's Power
Leave him alone and continue on

If you choose leave him alone, Rose will reconfirm if that is what you
really want to do. Choose explain and persuade, and Sorey will tell him not
to do dangerous things anymore. Rose will tell him that there is a Lowlance
knight group up the slope, ask them to take him to safety.

Pick up a RED SAGE in the southeast corner.

Head towards the southern star for a scene. The building is damaged, and
Rose fears it might break on them while they are really high up. When in
control get RED LAVENDER and WIND RING.

Enter through the door in the middle. Chances are, a Holy Bottle is useless
in here. The Wyverns are annoying because they breath fire, and the Gargoyle 
will not attack until go near them. It might help to have Lailah as your
partner in battles.

Make your way across the gap and touch the green glowing floor panel to head
up. Teleport across. Most points where you can teleport across is where the
ledge is rounded. 

On this section, head southwest for PANACEA BOTTLE. Teleport north. Continue
north and use the green panel to head up.

On this level, head south, and at this fork, take the south east path and
pick up STRAWBERRY WAFFLE. Head back and take the west path. Ignore the 
green mark and head north. Pick up PEACH GEL and head back to the green mark
to go up.

On this floor, head east and across. Follow the path across to the west. At
the very west platform, use the wind map action on the little statue to turn
the wings. A door will open behind you. Head back and use this new green

On this floor, head around to the west and go north and use the wind on the
statue here. Head back and go east, do not teleport across, turn to the west
and use wind on the statue here. Now teleport across and follow the path
south and use the mark here.

On this level, use the wind of the statue to the west and then teleport
across. You can use the wind of this statue but it just opens a door that 
leads to no where. Teleport across to the north. Follow this platform to the
end for a Discovery, "Broken Pinwheel."

Ignore the north platform because the door is not open yet. Head back and go
west. Activate both statues here to lift the doors. To the north is WHITE

Head back to the northeast platform for FRAMBOISE MOUSSE and then take the
green warp on the other end.

On this floor, activate the statue before heading across. Activate the next
statue and go around to pick up VOID SOPHIA for Sorey. Go around south to
activate another statue. Head back, and at the fork go north for PEACH GEL
and HOLY BOTTLE. Use the statue to the east to lower the door to these two
chests and then go west and take the south green platform.

On this level, the door should not be in your way (this door is connected to
the one below that blocks the two chests). Go across to the east. Head to
the end of this platform to get SILENT SONIC. Ignore the green platform for
now. Head back and take the south path across. 

On this platform, take the east path across to a platform with 8500 GALD.
Head back and activate the statue here. Head back to the north platform for
LABRAD LIGHT. Head back south, and go to the east and activate this statue.
Use the mark on the west side. 

On this level head north and activate both statues, on that the north and
one at the east. Teleport across. Head south for APPLE GEL. Activate the
statue to the east. Use the green panel to return to the lower level. Head
to the north platform and use the green panel to go up.

On this level go west for an ALL DIVIDE. Access the save point and head
through the door. Meet the Shepherd Wadel. Apparently Lailah also knows this
person. He is also a couple hundred years old. Hence why he calls everyone

Head south for Normin, Apad. Go north and follow the path, at the northwest
point, grab the RED VERBENA. Head all the way to the next star for a scene.

The girl will complain about how the only choice left for her is to die and
all she wanted to do was protect her family's happiness. All this after 
having rocks thrown at her family because she welcomes a man eater
(literally) into the family.

Dezel get mad (despite saying that he isn't) and tells Sorey to leave the
girl alone because she just wants to be recognized.

The Dullahan will then appear. Dezel will then save the girl. Sorey will
give a heartwarming speech to the girl, who will choose to live. 

BOSS: Dullahan
HP: 16247
LVL: 47
WEAK: Light, Fire
STRONG: Earth, Water

He is not too hard, push him against the boundary and beat him up. He can
summon other monsters though, mostly Gargoyles and the Harpies. Not sure if
he can summon Wyverns, but try to beat him before you can find that out.

The girl thanks Dezel for saving her and that she will work harder in life
from now on. Rose notices that Dezel is totally flustered by the attention.

Head south and Wadel will pass you on both tests. And after a prayer, and
speech from Wadel, power will be bestowed upon thee. Sorey then thanks Rose.

Manually return to the save point. The next storyline objective is to head
back to Grave Gantt Basin where you first met Heldarf. 

        ~ Grave Gantt Basin ~                                         [037]

It is impossible to teleport straight on to this map. Instead, enter from
Virgoan Woods east exit. Head forward to the star for a scene with two of
Rose's merchant friends, they have new information to share.

Lowlance's military is on the move, or rather they have managed to make 
contract with someone in the military. Either way, they (assassins) are 
getting jobs.

There is also news of the royal family. Something along the lines of the
princess and her brother vying for the throne. And now the princess is
questering her own children. Apparently the minister's secretary has not
forgotten this. 

Rose says she will handle it. Rose says if it is something that absolutely
has to be done, it does not matter who the commissioner is, that is their
job. She says they need to infiltrate Pendragon's castle. 

Sorey will also go because there is information that Hellions have infested
the royal palace. They siblings will ask you to take care of Rose. She will
headlock Dezel again when he starts to keep secrets.

        ~ Imperial Capital, Pendragon ~                               [038]

The save points inside and directly outside of the capital are not
accessible because there is a scene outside the capital that you need to 
view. So if warping, enter from Parbley Pasture's east entrance and run 
south to the town. 

Zaveid will be leaning against a tree. Rose says it must not be a
coincidence. He wants you to leave the upcoming target to him, and not to 
make a fuss about it this time, but Dezel won't let him.

Zaveid says he has a score to settle with two more people. But when he gets
to those last two, he will do something big. He says something along the
lines of, a man's resolve is something to be taken seriously.

BOSS: Zaveid
HP: 11325
LVL: 42
STRONG: Earth, Wind

He might be a bit hard but he is defeatable. Kamui with Mikleo and use Arrow
Rain, that works pretty well. Zaveid will use his hi-ougi a couple of times.

After the battle he will give you the last bullet and his gun, tell Sorey to
shoot Dezel well you cannot stop him from killing the Hellion. He tells you
to pay him back for giving Sorey the last bullet. Go on ahead, Zaveid will
just sleep on the side of the road. Okay.

His gun is strange. If he shoots himself, he gains strength. If he shoots
something else, it cuts the tie that bonds the person with the impurity.

Head inside Pendragon. Stay at the inn. 

At night, head outside and head to the entrance of town to run into Lunarre.
Rose will realize that Lunarre is a Hellion.

BOSS: Lunarre
HP: 7706
LVL: 40

He is not hard at all, compared to Zaveid. Pound on him and he will barely
even be able to attack. 

After the background will turn monochrome and a girl's voice will be heard
reprimanding Lunarre. He will run away not wanting to incur 'his' wrath.
Then three Lunarre copies will appear.

BOSS: Lunarre x3
HP: 2568
LVL: 40

Did you notice that none of the artes have colour? 

Chase after Lunarre, all the way to the Church. Along the way the short
chat reveals that Dezel remembers the female's voice very well, it is the
person he has been searching for (to kill). Lailah and Edna agree that this
pressure is created by someone who is not a Hellion. Hm.

The pressure will disappear along with Lunarre. A girl will appear. This
strange girl will be delighted that Dezel has not told Rose the whole story.
Dezel still wants to kill the girl, even if she is not a Hellion, simply
because she is comrades with one and because she caused some serious damage
to his last guild (or something like that). 

The girls tells Rose that Dezel used to be in a guild called Mercenaries of
the Wind. His friend(s) in that guild were killed. And so, he used Rose, who
had strong spiritual powers, occasionally possessing her and guiding her
(influencing her) to join Bone of the Wind Assassin Guild. 

Then, for the purpose of killing Hellions, he sought the Kamui power, all to
avenge his friend. He continued to interfere with Rose so that he could use
her as a vessel. She then suddenly turns into a Hellion saying she will 
force Rose to remember.

BOSS: Fused Face
HP: 10705
LVL: 50

It cannot seem to move, so get behind it and pound away until a short chat
happens between Dezel and the girl. Eventually a scene will take place. 
Dezel will overtake Rose's body with Kamui and go for the Hellion. Lailah
will try to stop it, but the contract has been annulled!

Sorey will pull the gun and the girl will make copies of herself to get in
your way. 

BOSS: ??? x plenty
HP: 2473
LVL: 42

Survive long enough for another scene to take place, right before the final
strike, the eye closes and reopens to show a face and Dezel has a flashback.

In the scene, Dezel and his friend are watching over Mercenaries of the
Wind. Rose in the flashback will mention that it is like a dream to marry
Prince Conan. Uh... okay. Dezel's friend is grateful, but sad that the
adventure is safely over. Dezel doesn't want it to end.

In the next scene, Rose will say she cannot find the guild leader. Dezel
will tell the creepy Prince not to go near Rose, apparently the prince heard
it and says the Seraphs smell pretty delicious. 

The girl will appear, followed by another guild member claiming the prince
is making a bad joke by ordering them to kill the emperor's first child. It
was a trap, and they will escort Brad away. 

The creepy prince when then declare that Mercenaries of the Wind have killed
the first child of the emperor and therefore, committing treason and the
entire guild is to be apprehended. 

Then the prince turns to Rose and says he will keep her as a mistress of the
next emperor (himself). She decides to fight against him. When he strikes
with the power of a Hellion, Dezel's friend protects her and dies for it.

The crazy girl will say this is all Dezel's fault. 

Back in reality the Hellion will stab Rose/Dezel. Yikes. You will be thrown
back into battle but to do not bother attacking, Lailah will not let you
because it will hurt Rose. Wait until Dezel tells Sorey to fall back because
he has a plan. 

He will place his remaining power (and consciousness) into the last bullet,
which Sorey will use to separate the bond between Rose and Fused Face. Of
course, this will kill Dezel. He knows that neither of them have time left.
He shoots himself with the gun and tells Sorey not to fail.

Back in battle, press L1 to fuse and then press L1 again to shoot the gun.
Dezel will apologize to Rose for using her to seek revenge for their guild.
Rose asks if that was all, because she does not regret any of it all. Reborn
as Wagtail Feathers Guild, she was able to travel again and so on.

He says that he is grateful, and thanks her (apparently his blindness has
also been cured because he looks pretty handsome, damn). He also tells her
to give his thanks and a message to Sorey and the others. He will say
farewell to her and disappear.

Oh my, I just might save on another file so I can revisit this scene.

But seriously, this chick is crazy. She calls herself Saimon, she too is a
Seraph. Zaveid will suddenly appear and she will leave. 

When in control, talk to everyone. Mikleo will say that they cannot choose
to give up anymore. They must find the answer, for Dezel's sake too. 

Edna will say that sometimes death is the only option. Sorey does not want
to hear her say that about Dezel or her brother. As he walks away, she tells
him that she really wanted to say that Dezel was saved. So she apologizes
for earlier.

Lailah will fold origami to calm down, entering her own world. She tells him
not to take on the burden by himself. She tells him that it is okay to
reflect, but not to regret. She tells him to send off the crane and it
flies away in the wind.

Zaveid will ask how Dezel was in the end. He wonders if Dezel got his wish.
He also knew about Dezel, from when Dezel was a little kid. Hence why their
fighting styles are similar because Dezel copied Zaveid. He puts on Dezel's
hat and Sorey wonders if this is Zaveid's way of comforting him. And of 
course it is because Sorey is now Zaveid's vessel. 

Eh? Zaveid's going to make a contract with Lailah because he cannot destroy
Hellions on his own now. Besides, being with the Shepherd has its perks. Wow
how 'as I please' does that get.

Finally Rose is by the church. She remembers that she met Dezel a long time
ago when she was child, and that she has been protected by him since then.
From now on though, she wants Sorey to tell her things instead of holding
them in and keeping it from her. 

Rest at the inn. In the morning, Lailah will ask for Zaveid's reason for 
forming a contract. His goal is connected to the Shepherd's journey. His
two remaining people he has scores to settle with is 1) Edna's brother and
2) Maoterasu.

Mikleo arrives at the conclusion that Maoterasu has become a Hellion and is
tied to Heldarf. A conclusion Zaveid already reached. That is something they
will need to confirm. 

Rose will deliver Dezel's words to the party. and then she will cry, but 
cannot understand why she is crying. Inspired by the speech Sorey will tell
the party to head out! But wait! What about Zaveid's contract? Ahaha.

Now that Zaveid is in the party, there are a bunch of skits for him. Some
are really funny. Want to know some of Zaveid's weakness? Here goes: when he
doesn't wear a shirt, his chest gets cold. He is also weak against women's
tears, and all this other unnecessary info (according to the others). 

Also note that Zaveid can also wear Dezel's costumes and essentially 
replaces him as the Wind Seraph of your 4 elemental Seraphim party. 

        ~ Grave Gantt Basin ~                                         [039]

The next goal is back here. Again, enter from Vargran Woods east exit. Head
to the star. Of course he is not here. 

Zaveid will mention having felt intense impurity on his way from the Wind
Temple. Rose tell the party to head to the southwest of Parbley Pasture. The
destination is the entrance to the Earth Temple from Aifread's Hunting 

This is going to get nasty.

BOSS: Heldarf
HP: 52340
LVL: 80
WEAK: Earth

Fight until a scene takes over. Right now what they're supposed to be doing
is not fighting with this lion guy. He will summon Saimon and she will 
separate everyone else except Lailah from Sorey. When you are thrown back
into battle, do not even both hitting him, just run around in circles until
the next scene. 

Sorey will realize that is better to save their friends and fight him at a
later date when they have both reached an answer. But Heldarf won't let you
run away that easily.

When you are thrown back into battle, just run around again until he uses
his hi-ouji for the next scene. Heldarf tells Sorey to surrender to him and
joint the dark side. But he will not, obviously. Heldarf says Sorey will
regret his decision when Sorey learns the true selves of the Seraphs (I 

Afterward the party figures out that Heldarf is connected to Maoterasu. But
he is using the earth, the whole greenwood continent, as a vessel. Lailah 
suggests looking for Meyvin. She says he is most likely at Lowgrin (city?).
Which is past the Zafgot Plains.

To get there, first go to Camelot Overpass, which is the northwest exit of
Parbley Pasture. 

        ~ Camelot Overpass ~                                          [040]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Framboise Mousse     o  Chocolate Pudding        o  Red Rosemary

Head forward and access the save point. Take the first north fork available.
Head west, burning the impure web and picking up FRAMBOISE MOUSSE. Return to
the main path. Ignore the second fork and take the third fork south, head
east and burn the impure web. Pick up RED ROSEMARY and CHOCOLATE PUDDING.

Head back and take the north fork this time heading west. Go up the stairs
to the main bridge and continue west to the next screen. Here are two side
quests that can be done here:

   o  Talk to the merchant with the purple star, he will tell you that a
      little while ago some merchant in Horsa was trying to sell Douseki.
   o  This information sparks Rose's interest, because she has not heard of
      Horsa in a long time.

   o  This is a continuation of the earlier side quest where you are trying
      to catch up to Meyvin. You will have to find Meyvin again for the main
      storyline, after this event. 
   o  Talk to the merchant with the green ! marker
   o  You just missed Meyvin AGAIN. The merchant says Meyvin was headed for
      Gangaren Ruins (Westron Hold Rift's north dungon marker. The south was
      Earth Temple Guinevere)
   o  Head inside and talk to Meyvin, he will ask if you were stupidly
      serious enough to follow him all the way from Pendragon to deliver a
      simple thank you gift.
   o  He tells you to keep the gift. What the hell. Whatever.
   o  REWARD: Fluffy Rapede (attachment)

Head west to the next map. Take the first south fork and head a little ways
west. On the ledge are some crabs that you can do a Discovery on.  

Nothing exciting left, exit to Zafgot Plains. 

        ~ Zafgot Plains ~                                             [041]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Grape Gel            o  Red Sage                 o  Mango Sorbet
   o  Quartz Sword         o  Red Chamomile            o  Dark Bottle
   o  Red Rosemary         o  Red Verbena              o  All Divide
   o  Beast Ring           o  Quartz Vest              o  Feld Boots

I really want to call this place a desert, but the translation gives me
plains. Oh well. 

Southwest on the north side of this giant rock is RED ROSEMARY. Head west
and hug the wall going south for stone monument under a tree. All the way
south at the bottom of the map from here are two chests with BEAST RING and
QUARTZ VEST. Return north. Continue hugging the wall heading a little north

Keep hugging the wall until you reach a save point. Beyond the wall is Horsa
Village. Doesn't look much different from that ghost town in Hyland. Ignore
the Hellion inside for now. Unless you really want to then:

BOSS: Stheno
HP: 23269
LVL: 56
STRONG: Earth, Water

Stheno, in Greek mythology is the oldest of the Gorgons, which means she is
exactly like Medusa, capable of petrifying the parties and KOing with that
evil eye stare. I recommend coming back when your levels match.

Southwest of the save point is an Elephant Hellion, it needs to be defeated
for a side quest listed below in [043]. Check the Oasis for Discovery.

Head to the northwest section, at the end is a save point, arena door and
ALL DIVIDE behind the flowers. Head back to the east and hug the western
wall across from the Camelot Overpass exit. On the east side of the biggest
rock formation is a gold chest (FELD BOOTS) that cannot be opened yet.

Head north past the sign post. In this space, go to the northwest tip for
GRAPE GEL and RED SAGE. Continue going east. Take the first fork south. 
In the southern area, go west for a Discovery, "Cactus Flowers."

At the western tup is MANGO SORBET. Now head east, follow the southern wall
for QUARTZ SWORD. Follow the northern wall east for RED SAFFRON. At the end
is a stone monument. Head back north to the fork.

Northwest leads to the town, northeast leads to the dungeon. Head northeast,
and then north. Along the eastern wall is DARK BOTTLE. At the north wall, in
the east corner is the Normin, Cerian. Head back to the fork, ignoring the
dungeon because the only thing there is a save point. Feel free to access it
if you'd like. 

Now head northwest towards the town. Anyone else notice that partnering Rose
with Zaveid in battle, he will say "-I- will protect Rose" at the beginning
of battle?

Outside the city entrance, head south for a RED CHAMOMILE. Head inside the

        ~ The Tower Town, Lowgrin ~                                  [042]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Aqua Glass           o  Palmier             

Inside is a scene with Meyvin, Sorey will ask the old man if he has any new
information on Maoterasu. The Seraphs will tell Sorey and Rose that Meyvin
is a professional storyteller. He can also hear and see the Seraphs. Okay.

Meyvin asks you to find more of the World Memory for him. He will not be
leaving anytime soon, so look for it in this area. When in control, access
the save point. 

In a skit, according to the Seraphs, even their race knows about the 
Professional Storyteller, but it is a taboo subject. Hm. Head to the item
shop. On a crate, do a Discovery for what looks to be a Tipo and Yuri 
themed Matryoshka doll.

In the accompanying chat, Zaveid will tell Edna he understands why she likes
to tease Mikleo so much. Edna says in a way, Mikleo is more pure than Sorey.

The item shop has new equipment and grape gels, but it will cost an arm and
a leg. Ignore the door that leads to the west side of the town because it
is a gold chest (AQUA GLASS) that you cannot open right now and a locked

Go north of Meyvin instead. Head through the door in the northwest for 
Normin Fire and Turtlez. Buy the map for 600 gald. Around the dead end is
another gold chest (PALMIER). 

Here are some side quests that can be done in town. 

   o  Head towards the purple star in the north for a scene. The prices are
      sky high because there is an elephant on Zafgot Plains blocking travel
      roads and making it difficult for merchants.

   o  Head south of Meyvin and talk to a merchant with a purple star against
      the southern wall. He will also mention Horsa and the sale of Douseki
   o  Head to Horsa and defeat Stheno.
   o  BOSS: Stheno
      HP: 23269
      LVL: 56
      STRONG: Earth, Water
   o  Stheno will disappear before she can be purified. She leaves behind a
      Douseki. Get GREEN DOUSEKI - ZEKS. In this flashback, the king of 
      Lowlance is eaten by Hellions and becomes Heldarf (if you did not
      suspect that already).
   o  Exit this place for a skit.

   o  Talk to the Seraph west of the inn. He will say that in his 2000 years
      of living he has never met someone so round that it is all seeing the
      other person makes him think, 'so round!'
   o  This sparks Lailah and Rose's interest. Head to Trisoizol Cave to 
      find this guy. (Northeast dungeon marker on Zafgot Plains.) The cave
      is covered in [044]

At this point, the goal is to collect Memory Orbs (Douseki) for
Meyvin. There are also some other things that need to be taken care of. 

For now, talk to Rose and there is actually some side quests to be taken
care of in Pendragon. 

        ~ Side Quest Break ~                                          [043]

   o  In Pendragon, talk to the merchant beside the inn, he will mention a
      Jeweller named Zodd who is said to be handling Douseki. Zodd was 
      headed for Westron Hold Rift, but they lost touch with him at that
   o  Head east and talk to a merchant with a purple star who mentions Zodd
      again, who has not returned from Westron Hold Rift, and says Zodd
      should stick to selling something else.
   o  Find Zodd in Westron Hold Rift near the south and he will say that
      he was suddenly attacked by a guy who then ate the douseki. Lailah
      will comment that it was most likely the work of a Hellion.
   o  The Hellion you need to beat is the Goblin King, he is just before the
      arena gate. He is not too hard to defeat.
      BOSS: Goblin Lord
      HP: 10633
      LVL: 43
      STRONG: Light, Fire, Water
   o  Pick up the GREEN DOUSEKI - FIA afterward. A continuation of the 
      SERIAL MURDERER douseki.

   o  Head to Pendragon's Knights' Quarters for a scene where the villagers
      are demanding that the knights to something about a murderer that has
      already killed ten people. The priest will interfere and tell them to
      calm down.
   o  Head north and talk to another townsperson. The murders are happening
      at night. Go and rest at the inn. At night head to the church, Sergei
      will say the suspect is inside. I knew it was that damn priest!
   o  The priest is not a Hellion. He was 'saving' these people.
   o  Pick up the GREEN DOUSEKI - DRAI afterward. Watch as the Emperor of
      Lowlance (from the previous flashback) is surrounded by family, and
      watch as he slowly loses his mind as they die. One after another, 
      almost everyone. Sorey and the partner cannot imagine it was a mere
      coincidence, they were most likely killed.
   o  Head outside the church to continue for a skit. The party reasons that
      the Seraph the priest saw in his dream was most likely Saimon.

   o  The Hellion can be found southwest of the Horsa Village, or north of
      the southwest green ??? marker on Zafgot Plains. It is the reason for
      why item shop prices are so high. Defeat it.
   o  BOSS: High Elephant
      HP: 37796
      LVL: 53
      STRONG: Fire, Earth, Water
   o  The Elephant returns into a Seraph, Arkan, and becomes the Seraph
      Protector of Lowgrin. They just need to find a vessel for him. 
   o  REWARD: Mikleo Costume Colour Variation

With the Elephant defeated, the items at Lowgrin are a lot more affordable,
so pick up all that Topaz equipment if you want. 

   o  Talk to Eguie in Lowgrin for Douseki information. It seems there is
      someone else out there who is collecting Douseki. He will tell you
      that this researcher is in a place passed the Prisonerback Wetlands.
   o  Covered in [047] and [048]

The next three dungeons are also optional, because they were skipped earlier
in favour of the Temple Trials.

        ~ Trisoizol Cave ~                                            [044]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Arcana Bottle        o  8500 Gald                o  Quartz Boots
   o  Earth Ring           o  Crust Ring               o  2000 Gald
   o  Red Chamomile        o  Pudding                  o  Quartz Umbrella
   o  Palmier              o  Frameless Glasses        o  15,000 Gald
   o  Grape Gel 

Head north. At the first fork, ignore the right path and continue north. In
this next room ignore the northeast tip. Break the boulder and head down the
other path. At the next fork, head west. 

Break the boulder to the north for ARCANA BOTTLE and a gold chest (GRAPE
GEL). Return and take the northeast fork. Head to the next area.

In this area, it is full of forks, but there is only one exit. So starting
from the entry point, ignore the north fork and go west. At the next fork,
head east for 8500 GALD. Return and head west.

In this next room, break the boulder in the northwest fork for QUARTZ BOOTS
and EARTH RING. Head back and go northeast. At this four way fork, break the
boulder going south for CRUST RING and 2000 GALD. Head back and go east for
RED CHAMOMILE and do a Discovery for "Glowing Mushroom."

Head back and break the boulder to continue north. Follow the path as it
heads south. Just before the exit, there is a small west dead end, break the
boulder here. Teleporting across will just bring you back to the beginning
of this map. Head out the east exit.

In this map head forward until there is a fork. Take the upper fork breaking
the boulder to reach PUDDING. Return and take the lower east path. When you
reach the next fork, break the boulder and head south. At the end is QUARTZ

Return and head southwest. Follow this path and grab a PALMIER. Break the
boulder and use the save point beyond it. Continue until the next fork, and
head south for RED SAGE, a gold chest (15,000 GALD), and Normin Undead. 

At the north before the exit is a Hellion for side quest.

BOSS: Dango Bug
HP: 21565
LVL: 54
WEAK: Wind
STRONG: Fire, Earth, Water

In continuation of the SO ROUND side quest, this is not the round thing or
someone she was looking for unfortunately. Head out the exit and pick up
FRAMELESS GLASSES. Continue on this path and there will be a boulder that
can be smashed. Teleport across to return to the first map and exit out. 

        ~ Gangaren Ruins ~                                            [045]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Apple Gel            o  Peach Gel x2             o  10,000 Gald
   o  Sword Breaker        o  Beast Ring               o  Protect Hopper
   o  Silent Sonic         o  Runner's High            o  All Divide x2
   o  Pure White           o  Pipe                     o  Gold Circlet
   o  White Peach Jelly    o  Knife Paper              o  Hestia Life
   o  Holy Bottle          o  5700 Gald                o  9800 Gald 
   o  Aquamarine Blue      o  Elder Garden

This place is located in Westron Hold Rift, it is the north dungeon marker.
We ignored this place earlier because the Wind Temple, Guinevere was to the

Head all the way to the north end for an APPLE GEL. Head all the way back
south. At the first 'fork' on the map (where the horizontal path is
separated from the vertical path) there is a blue symbol on the west wall,
use the water map action to lower the wall. 

On the west end of this room, the water map action used on the wall with the
blue symbol will lower the wall. Continue west, ignoring the exit, and at
the southwest end, teleport using the wind map action to pick up PEACH GEL.

Take the exit to the next area. 

Head south until the first 'fork' and use the earth map action on the west
wall to open up a room with 10,000 GALD. Go back. Ignore the south path and
continue east. In this next room, teleport across in the southeast for SWORD

Head back and go south and take the exit to the next level. Here go all the
way east, ignoring the first north fork. Pick up BEAST RING. Take the north
path and head east, teleporting across the gap for PROTECT HOPPER. 

Head west and at the southwest, use the fire map action to open the wall for
SILENT SONIC. Take the north exit to the next level. 

Here head forward and open the west wall with the earth map action, and 
continue into a room with RUNNER'S HIGH and ALL DIVIDE. The wall to the west
can be opened with the earth map action to lead to the exit for the next
level. Head back east to the beginning and head east. At the first fork,
turn east for PURE WHITE. 

Now head west to the exit for the next level. Head west and take the first
south fork for PIPE. Return and continue west. In the second room, there is
a wall in the southwest that can be opened with the wind map action. Pick up

Return and continue south, at the next fork teleport across to the east for 
GOLD CIRCLET and WHITE PEACH JELLY. Head back and teleport across west.

Follow the path until you reach a save point, use it, and then open the door
to the north. In the next room is a Hellion.

BOSS: Boss Troll + Trolls
HP: 27492
LVL: 49
STRONG: Light, Fire, Wind, Earth

This guy can actually run pretty fast, or rather, he takes really big steps.
The first point is to eliminate the trolls. The next is to take down the
Troll King. The only element that does not land reduced hits is Water, so
you will want to Kamui with Mikleo. He also hits hard, so let him beat up
Rose and the other Seraph, do not bother reviving them because the Seraphs
will rotate and fuse with Rose if they have enough BP. Meanwhile my strategy
was to hit with Arrow Rain while there were other members to fight, and run
around until members revived or switched on their own.

Use the water map action on the west wall. On the other side is Normin
Infini KNIFE PAPER, 5700 GALD, HESTIA LIFE, 9800 GALD, and two gold chests
(AQUAMARINE BLUE and ELDER GARDEN) that cannot be opened right now. Continue
west to the exit. 

On this level, feel free to use the fire map action on the north end to open
the way back to the rest of this level, but take the exit to the southeast. 

On this level (third floor) feel free to open the east wall with water, but
take the west exit. On the second floor, you can open the southwest wall
with earth but take the southeast exit. 

Back on the first floor, head north for HOLY BOTTLE. At the southwest fork,
open the wall using wind to return to the beginning of the dungeon. Exit.

        ~ Versh Ruins ~                                               [046]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Peach Gel            o  Arcana Bottle            o  Demeter Wreath
   o  Waste Charm          o  Void Ring                o  Feld Sword
   o  Panacea Bottle       o  Red Sage                 o  Red Chamomile
   o  Framboise Mousse     o  7200 Gald                o  Loose Snack
   o  10,500 Gald          o  Rare Butterfly Hair Ornmanet
   o  Exile Hat

This place is to the west of the Earth Temple Morgause, on Aifread's Hunting

Enter and take the east door. Head east at the first fork and teleport
across for PEACH GEL. Return and head all the way west to the next exit. On
this level, head all the way east ignoring the fork and return to the upper
level. Head west until there is a southwest fork, teleport across the gate
to pick up ARCANA BOTTLE. Return east to the lower floor.

Return to the fork and head north, using the water action at the east fork
to open up a room with LIFE BOTTLE and DEMETER WREATH (the romanji is more
like Demeter Reward, but Demeter is a greek god and this is a headband for
Edna, so I am going to call it a wreath).

Take the exit to the west. Down here, head to the northwest end, use the 
fire action to access WASTE CHARM and VOID RING. Follow the path south for
FELD SWORD and PANACEA BOTTLE. In the northwest corner of this room is
RED SAGE and Normin Poison. 

Head back to the upper level and return to the first fork. Open the wall to
the south using earth action and head down to the lower level.

In the northwest dead end of this room is RED CHAMOMILE. Head north and in
the southwest dead end (the other side of the rubble from the red chamomile)

Head north and follow the path to a boulder in the middle of a room. Perform
a Discovery on it. Take the east fork for 7200 GALD and a door that cannot
be opened at this time (gold key). Behind it is a gold chest (EXILE HAT).

Return and take the southeast path, using water to remove the wall. Use the
save point and continue forward. Pick up LOOSE SNACK (the term dero-dero
means hardly conscious, or hardly there so I used loose instead for lack of
a better word) and 10,500 GALD. The gold chest (RARE BUTTERFLY HAIR
ORNAMENT) cannot be opened yet.

HP: 19401
LVL: 45
STRONG: Light, Earth, Fire

This guy has a close range attack that could probably kill a character.
Again the strategy here is to have Zaveid and Mikleo on the field,
preferably doing Kamui with Mikleo and using Arrow Rain from a distance. He
does have one thunder-type attack that is long range. And he can also 
teleport short distances so be careful. He is a lot quicker than the Troll

        ~ Prisonerback Wetlands ~                                     [047]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Jet Hovers           o  All Divide               o  Red Verbena
   o  Mystic Feather       o  Red Saffron              o  Craft Decoa
   o  Red Lavender         o  Grape Gel x2             o  Strawberry Tart
   o  Infini Ring          o  Red Rosemary             o  Quartz Boots
   o  Koucha Chiffon Cake  o  Peach Gel                o  Grass Belt
   o  Arcana Bottle

Prisonerback Wetlands is accessed from the southwest green marker on Zafgot 
Ruins, it is southwest of the Oasis with a save point. If warping, choose
Zafgot Ruins > Oasis South. 

It is recommended to visit this place after defeating the Elephant Hellion
and the events that follow, including talking to Eguie about the Douseki.

Head inside and follow the path, south of the merchants in the east corner
is a stone monument. Continue into the open field. Head east for JET HOVERS.
Head west accessing the save point. Continue south to pick up an ALL DIVIDE.

At the fork, the southwest leads to a gold chest (GRASS BELT) that cannot be
opened yet. In the northeast is also a gold chest (ARCANA BOTTLE). Take the
north path and pick up a RED VERBENA. Climb the vines to the east and head
to the end for MYSTIC FEATHER. Jump down the vines on the other side of this
rock for KOUCHA CHIFFON CAKE. Then do a Discovery on the flowers beside the

Cross the bridge for a stone monument and a PEACH GEL at the end behind a

Return and head south ignoring the vines and pick up RED SAFFRON. At the 
fork, head south and take the first vine to the east, continue up and across
for a save point and arena gate down below. There is also CRAFT DECOA beside
the gate.

Head back and continue south for DARK BOTTLE. There is also a Discovery on
the three-clawed footprint on the ground. Around on the other side is HOLY
BOTTLE. Head up the vines in the northeast for GRAPE GEL. Return and beside
it on a lily pad to the southwest is RED LAVENDER. Teleport across to the
other lily pad to reach a save point. 

At the north end before the dungeon marker is a STRAWBERRY TART. Climb the
vines next to the dungeon for GRAPE GEL. The dungeon is Altus Ruins. Ignore
it. Go explore it at [056] for the Gold Key. 

Head all the way back to the last fork and go east this time. After the
bridge, pick up INFINI RING to the west end. Then RED ROSEMARY north of it. 
To the northeast, teleport across the lily pad to find Normin Demon. Head to
the dungeon marker and climb the vines near it for QUARTZ BOOTS. Return and
access the save, head through to the next area. 

        ~ Lichtwag Dry Ash Forest  ~                                  [048]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Red Chamomile        o  5500 Gald                o  Loose Snack
   o  7200 Gald            o  Military Hike            o  Arcana Bottle
   o  All Divide           o  Red Sage                 o  Dark Spoiler
   o  Chocolate Pudding    o  Grape Gel                o  Armour Ring
   o  Afro Hair

Follow the path south until there is a fork. Take the north path to get RED
CHAMOMILE. Continue west and around the corner for 5500 GALD and LOOSE SNACK
(derider thing). Break the boulder but return to the fork. Head south to get

Take the southwest exit. Follow the path south to get RED SAGE. At the fork
head west. At the dead end, break the upper boulder to get ARCANA BOTTLE and
ALL DIVIDE. Break the south boulder and teleport across. Ignore the exit and
go north grabbing the DARK SPOILER. Now take the exit.

Take the north path across to a Discovery on the fallen tree. Return and go
east. Break the boulder, ignore the north path. Head to the dead end for

Now take the north path. All the way north past a boulder is GRAPE GEL and a
gold chest (ARMOUR RING). Take the west fork and use the save point. Across
on the other side is a Hellion.

BOSS: Titan
HP: 15456
LVL: 55
STRONG: Fire, Earth, Wind

He moves pretty slow. Try to get him to focus on Rose. Again I had Kamui 
with Mikleo and used Arrow Rain from a distance, occasionally healing Rose
to keep her from KOing.

The priest will show up after, even though you saved him, he will run away
calling Sorey a monster. Hey, he left behind a douseki. Awesome. Get GREEN
DOUSEKI - FYUNFU. In the memory, the king of Lowlance will be seen trying
to kill himself in various methods but never succeeding. 

Head south and break the boulder for another gold chest (AFRO HAIR).
Continue west. Break the boulder here and leave this place. Back on
Prisonerback Wetlands there will be a scene. 

Return to Lowgrin. It should be possible to speak to Meyvin to continue the
storyline after defeating Stheno. You will know it's possible to progress
when there is a skit at a save point telling the party to speak to Meyvin.

        ~ The Tower Town, Lowgrin ~                                  [049]

Talk to Meyvin. Sorey will want to know how Heldarf became like that. Follow
Meyvin to the next star. 

When in control, head back and access the save point. Pick up the RED 
ROSEMARY and perform a discovery on the cenotaph. The gold chests are not
accessible right now (SHARK BOTTLE and MILITARY HIKE) so talk to Meyvin.

He will hand you another douseki that has the beginning of Calamity recorded
on it. It was something he did not want to show anyone, but he will let the
party view it.

When in control, you will be in the village of beginnings Camran. Walk west
off screen to continue. Afterward, walk around the people and head south.
Keep going east.

There are talks even among the people that Maoterasu is becoming a Hellion.
Head north. Here Heldarf will withdraw when Hyland forces arrive upon the
village. He has no intentions of wasting soldiers' on a small village. After
the village will be burned and destroyed by Hyland forces.

The Shepherd, Mikel will rush off to save his sister Musee (hey, Xillia) at
the Trial Temple. Head north to follow. In this next scene, the rest of the
party cannot seem to shake off this feeling. And they realize that Mikleo
looks a lot like the Shepherd siblings. 

In the next scene, the brother Mikel will rush past the first to pick up the
baby but losses hope. He stabs the baby (presumably) on the alter. It was
the only answer he could reach.

In the next scene Heldarf will survive an attack and soldiers from both
sides will run away from him. Conclusion: the baby (Mikleo) was sacrificed
by Shepherd Mikel to curse Heldarf into a Hellion. 

When in control, head south. Jiji will arrive and pick up a baby (Sorey). 
Musee will arrive and beg Jiji to save her child, too. He will pass on their 
wills on to the children.

When in control, find Meyvin at the next star. Sorey has arrived at the 
answer, he wants to save Heldarf. Meyvin will want to test the party's 
resolve. Something along the lines of "living a long time can be a curse

BOSS: Meyvin
HP: 24357
LVL: 56

He moves slow and he has no weakness or strengths because he is a human. But
he does have some heavy-hitting moves and a hi-ougi that could KO a 

He makes Sorey and Rose realize that the only method to end Meyvin is the 
same method that they used with Dezel. He wants them to realize that if they
cannot face Heldarf with absolute resolve, then they are doomed to fail.

Lailah will convince the party to firm their resolve. Meyvin will tell them
to show him that it is not all just words. He will defeat everyone with a
hi-ougi though. But Lailah says it is not over for them, they have gotten
this far together. And it they will continue from here. Edna and Zaveid add
their opinions. 

Back in battle, use L1 to transform and then press L1 to press the gun. But
before he can press the trigger, Meyvin will fall. His life was already 
coming to an end. Before he can fully thank the party, he will pass.

Next stop Izuchi. But all the warps are down! Head to Camelot Overpass. 
Feel free to ignore the giant Squid Hellion and continue around it to access
a save point. Head to the middle area for a scene.

If you're to it, here is the Hellion's specs:

BOSS: Kraken
HP: 13684
LVL: 48
WEAK: Fire, Earth
RESIST: Light, Water, Wind

Lowlance and Hyland are back at war, but this time they are serious about 
it. The merchants will have a laugh that their wares will sell because of
this. Sorey is worried about more impurity spreading. 

Talk to the Turtlez north of the save point for a scene. She says she needs
to hurry to the Nekonin Village. (Nekonin = Katz, maybe those guys from
Symphonia). Edna says it is a village from fables, finding it will be next
to impossible. Michael suggests talk to certain knowledgable Seraphs.

The warp is now accessible again. Head back to Grave Gantt Basin through
Vagran Woods. After the scene, head to Laston Bell to meet with Sergei. Back
in Vagran Woods, one of the twins will say that everyone was captured in 
Pendragon, charged with helping Hyland with assassinations.

Sorey will tell Rose to go help her family. After all their jobs are 
different. She will leave the party. 

There are now three objectives:
1. Go to Laston Bell and meet Sergei
2. Go through Lamrock Cave back to Hyland territory and run into Alisha
3. Go to Pendragon to help Rose. 

Guess Izuchi will have to be put on hold for now. Let's start with Sergei.

        ~ Meet Sergei ~                                               [050]

Head to the star by the Church. Sergei will apologize for being unable to 
stop the war. He wants the evacuate the civilians but they blame him for
running away. The people want Sergei and the soldiers to just bring an end
to the Hyland forces. As you may have figured, the impurity is spreading.

Follow Sergei to the town exit as the people shout insults at him, calling
Sergei a coward, shouting at him to fight. 

Outside of town, check the stone monument behind Sergei if you have not 
already, and then talk to him. 

The Seraphs will note that the impurity in town is abnormally strong so the
party volunteers to help. Hellion soldiers will suddenly attack the boy from
earlier. Sergei will step in to protect him. Before Sorey can help, the
dimension changes. The old man from earlier transforms into Saimon, it was
all her doing. Chase after her to the next star.

BOSS: Sergei (?)
HP: 14131
LVL: 60

Sorcerer Dead
HP: 5309
LVL: 50
WEAK: Fire
STRONG: Earth, Wind

He is not too hard, but since it is just you and a Seraph, switch out Zaveid
for Lailah and Kamui it. With 8 BG (at least I had that much) gather the
Sorcerer Dead together and do a hi-ougi to get rid of them. Sergei is not a
hard hitter, the fake is actually really annoying.

Afterward, Saimon criticizes the party's ego in regards to impurity. She 
bets Sorey is also infected with impurity, just like the previous Shepherd.

Pick up the SAGE if it has respawned and return to the town entrance to 
continue the scene. The civilians will have calmed down and say they are
willing to hear Sergei's request on finding a way for everyone to live

Next stop, since it is close by, Hyland territory. Enter Grave Gantt Basin
from the Hyland side (warp to Folken Hill, Marindo entrance and go south).

        ~ Find Alisha ~                                               [051]

Head forward to hear Maltran giving orders to eradicate Lowlance forces. 
Ignore Maltran (the star) for now. Head north and pick up DEVIL TAIL. Talk
to Maltran.

She is, again, using Alisha. When in control, exit and head to Lady Lake. Go
to Alisha's mansion, she will be attacked by soldiers (Hellions in disguise)
and Sorey will fight them.

BATTLE: Armour Knight x3
HP: 6110
LVL: 52
WEAK: Earth, Wind
STRONG: Fire, Water

Land a couple of hits and Alisha and Lailah will join the fight (I assume 
they redid the contract). They are rather slow and weak, but they have this
magic attack, thunder-based that can KO characters. Either cancel their
casting or block it. 

Alisha did not deliver the letter of imperial command, and she cannot stop
the fighting. Zaveid will suggest forming a contract with Sorey again. Talk
to her on the patio, she realizes that is the only way to stop the fighting.

Edna breaks it to Alisha that Maltran is actually a Hellion and is encourag-
ing the battle. She will freak out a little but firms her resolve to talk
with Maltran. 

Return back to the main part of town for a scene. Alisha will worry if Sorey
is experiencing the same problems as last time. The warp system is down, 
return to Grave Gantt Basin by foot. At the entrance is a scene with the
Blue Valkyrie. 

She wants Alisha to hand over the imperial command (to start attacking, I 
believe) but she will not hand it over. Maltran then says she must steal it
from Alisha then. She walks away to Borus Ruins, follow after her. 

She will be on the second map, just beyond the save point. 

BOSS: Maltran
HP: 27261
LVL: 61
STRONG: Light, Earth, Water
She is not too difficult, but she does have a hi-ougi. So watch out. After
the battle, the purification will not work. She will kill herself using 
Alisha's spear, and in her dying words will say that she hated Alisha to the
core. She does not regret helping him (Heldarf). 

Run after Alisha. She has a breakdown. After some heartfelt words, she will
leave telling Sorey that she will handle the Hyland forces. Lailah will be
in tears because she was so moved by the speech.

Anyways, time to help Rose. Head to Pendragon.

        ~ Help Rose ~                                                 [052]

Enter from Parbley Pasture. Head towards the star for a scene. There is a
wanted poster on the walls of Lunarre, posted by Rose. Apparently Lunarre
has been breaking into homes of nobles and stealing things.

Rest at the inn. Head outside and towards the star to overhear a rather loud
conversation between Lunarre and some noble. They plan to drag Rose out and
deal with her. He will run off and your party will be stopped by some 
Hellion soldiers. 

BATTLE: Lizard Warrior x2
HP: 4436
LVL: 50
WEAK: Light
STRONG: Earth, Wind

After head south to the next star. 

BOSS: Lunarre
HP: 29790
LVL: 60
STRONG: Earth, Water, Wind

Put up with the battle until Rose has rescued her comrades. There will be a
scene midway. Again, not too difficult. He does have a hi-ougi. 

Rose will stab Lunarre but he will burn himself out. Head to the town exit
to continue. Run into Saimon again. Rose will rejoin the party. Return to
Grave Gantt Basin again.

        ~ Grave Gantt Basin ~                                         [052]

There is an anime cutscene upon arrival. Again, soldiers are turning into
Hellions. The Seraph of the area goes berserk with the impurity and becomes
a dragon. When in control, save and head towards the dragon. Take the north 
path, access the save point outside the abandoned village here. Feel free to
buy items at the Dark Turtlez before heading to the star. 

Inside the village behind a building in the southwest is STRAWBERRY WAFFLE. 
Back on the main path, pick up a ROSEMARY. 

At the next scene, hey it's Lucas. Sergei and Alisha will also show up. 

BOSS: Tiamat
HP: 75106
LVL: 62
WEAK: Light
STRONG: Fire, Earth, Water

The fight will reach a point where a scene will take over and it will absorb
impurities. The fight will restart after, and the dragon will be back to 
full HP. Beat him down again for another scene.

This time the soldiers from both countries, even the mercenaries join in.
This time when the dragon tries to cast this white magic, the other soldiers
will attack it. 

When the next anime scene takes over, Sorey will strengthen his resolve with
Rose to purify the dragon. The humans rejoice. When in control, return to
the old hideout for a scene. Lailah wants to be old Sister, not Mother. 
Although her age is pretty far apart from Sorey and Rose's. Head back to
Laston Bell. 

Meet Lucas and Alisha outside the gate. After she Sergei meet, head inside.

        ~ Laston Bell ~                                               [053]

Head inside the church to continue. She will invite Sorey to come with her
but he says that it is her dream to chase (and make come true). They wish
each other a good journey. 

When in control, head to the east exit for another scene. Seeing the 
atmosphere, Rose suggests staying for the night. Lailah will even fake
sleepiness and Zaveid will complain of back pain. Edna just wants to make
sure he gets a good room. 

I am really enjoying this background music.

Lailah and Rose will talk about Sorey, how this what he wanted to see
happen; peace. Edna will seek out Zaveid asking why he killed the Hellions.
And the boys will have a talk. This bromance. 

When in control, head to Izuchi. Enter through Arodite Forest for a scene.
They cannot feel Jiji's barrier. Hurry to Izuchi. At the star there will be
fallen Hyland soldiers.

The girls figure out that Heldarf wants Sorey to become infected by impurity
by hurting his home. Dirty trick. The girls decide that they must not let
it happen. 

        ~ Seraphim's Forest, Izuchi ~                                 [054]
Use the save point and then advance to the star for a battle.

BOSS: Cerberus
HP: 29587
LVL: 68
WEAK: Light
STRONG: Fire, Water, Wind

Mind you, Cerberus in Greek Mythology actually has three heads, not two. 
But anyways. The bugger is capable of healing itself when it is near death.
Pain in the butt.

After head to the village for another scene. Then go to Jiji's house. Then
outside Sorey's house is Saimon. Head inside his house for a quick scene. It
is totally trashed. 

Head back to Jiji's house, check his bookshelf for a letter. It is a letter
about Sorey and Mikleo. Nothing you have not already seen from the flashback
back in Lowgrin. Check the shelf again for JIJI'S PIPE. The destination is
Mabinogio Ruins, head to the lower level save point and head through the 
door that has been locked up until now.

        ~ Mabinogio Ruins  ~                                          [055]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Musee's Staff            o  Elixir               o  Red Sage
   o  Shadow Slave             o  Death Sheet          o  Red Chamomile
   o  Pear Compote             o  Pegasus Wings        o  Sunglasses (Round)

If you have not already, perform a Discovery on the statue. Apparently the
statue is supposed to be Jiji. Head downstairs and through the door. 

Through that previously locked door, find Baltrow and Musee. She wants to
use the rest of her life to protect the place. She sacrifices herself to
remove the impurity leaving behind her weapon. Mikleo never even properly
greeted his mother, but that is okay. Musee's staff can be equipped to

Head forward for another scene. Run around until you find copies of Sorey
and Rose.

BOSS: Rose
HP: 9450
LVL: 74

BOSS: Sorey
HP: 11852
LVL: 74

Deal with Doppleganger Rose first. Then beat down on Doppleganger Sorey. 

Afterward you will be back in the ruins. Head west and take the first fork
north. In the last room is ELIXIR and a gold chest (SUNGLASSES ROUND FRAME).
Also Normin Shield.

Head back and take the south fork. Pick up RED SAGE and SHADOW SLAVE. Return
and continue west. Take the next north fork for DEATH SHEET and RED 
CHAMOMILE. Return and take the next south fork. Pick up PEAR COMPOTE and 

Return and continue west and be sent back into the illusory realm. Run
around until you find Kamui Sorey and Rose already waiting for you.

BOSS: Sorey
HP: 10636 
LVL: 75
Strong: Water

BOSS: Rose
HP: 13582

Go after the fake Sorey first then Rose. After the scene access the save
point. Feel free to access the warp, it will return you to the beginning of
the dungeon.

Head forward for a scene. Saimon has cast an illusion to make this place
look like a dead end. Deal with Saimon.

BOSS: Saimon
HP: 28080
LVL: 76

The team assumes that she is most likely an illusion. When her HP is halfway
she will create copies of herself with less HP. Ignore them and focus on the
original. However, she will use them to perform a hi-ougi. So keep beating
on her and she will go down eventually.

Afterwards, the doorway is revealed and Saimon's true face is revealed. They
choose to just let her live. Exit to the next area. The next area has only
gold chests and at this point, I will take a break to take care of getting
the gold key and some side quests.

        ~ Altus Ruins ~                                               [056]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Red Lavender             o  Grape Gel            o  Sesame Bavarois
   o  Craft Decor              o  Red Verbena          o  Holy Bottle
   o  Minimum Haze             o  Brynhildr            o  Summer Vacate
   o  Gold Key                 o  20,000 Gald          o  Topaz Sword
   o  60,000 Gald              o  Elixir               o  Jasper Soul
   o  Dark Bottle              o  Little Frog          o  Aqua Glass
   o  Cheesecake               o  Symphonic Note       o  Palmier

This is the dungeon located in the Prisonerback Wetlands that we previously
ignored in favour of collecting the memory orbs. Let us go back to this 
place now to collect the gold key. To reach this place, warp to Prisonerback
Wetlands > Abandoned Village Iodine. Head forward and enter the dungeon.

In the right corner of this room is RED LAVENDER. The door to the north is
locked so start by heading east. On this level, follow the path and take the
west fork (through a gate) to get GRAPE GEL. Continue east and then head 
north, opening the door.

Head to the west dead end, use fire to open the wall. Pick up SESAME
BAVAROIS. Head back to the main path and continue east. At the fork, go east
and take the first south, use fire to open the wall and get CRAFT DECOR,
another dagger for Rose. 

Follow the path east and south, at the south dead end is RED VERBENA. Ignore
the west path. Head back to the last fork and go west, using the water 
action at the dead end to reveal the last room. Continue to the next level.

Check the map, oh the symmetry. Okay, follow the path and head west and
around south. At the south, use the wind action to open the room for a HOLY
BOTTLE. Head back and go east, in this room take the right path to a room 

Head back and go left. At the fork, use the water action at the north to
open a room with BRYNHILDR. Head south and follow the path to a save point.

Use the fire action at the north to open the next area. Take the east fork
for SUMMER VACATE. Return and head north for the GOLD KEY. Head back and 
take the west path now for 20,000 GALD.

Head back and go north again. Behind the chest, use the fire action to open
a wall revealing TOPAZ SWORD. Use the earth action at the east fork to open
the path. At the next fork (just before the northern room) find Normin Void.
In the north room is a Hellion.

BOSS: Mu (Nothing)
HP: 16405
LVL: 56

Not too hard. Beat on him, despite his health regenerating, it should end 

Head back to the save point. Go through the south doors to a room with six
chests each with 10,000 glad for a total of 60,000 GALD. Do a Discovery of
the wall in the middle. 

Head back and continue west until there is a fork. Use the earth action at 
the north to get ELIXIR. Head west and follow the path around to the north
west for JASPER SOUL. Go south and head east and the fork. Use the wind
action at the south point to open a room with DARK BOTTLE.

Ignore the western exit because it leads to a dead end. Return to the second
floor using the east exit. Then return to the first floor. From here, the
door to the north opens now for a LITTLE FROG attachment. Take the west path
down to the second floor.

At the fork, head east for a AQUA GLASS. Use the earth action at the north
for CHEESECAKE. Follow the path west, before the next room there is a south
nook with SYMPHONIC NOTE. Continue west. At the next fork, head south and
take the first east fork. Use the earth action to reveal PALMIER. Using the
water action on the upper fork that connects to the last room reveals the
exit to the third floor.

Otherwise, we are done here, feel free to leave.

        ~ Sidequest Insanity ~                                        [057]

Ready? Here we go!

   o  Borus Ruins - Final Battle Long Spear
   o  Zafgot Plains - Feld Boots
   o  Lowgrin - Aqua Glass, Palmier, Shark Bottle,  Military Hike
   o  Trisoizol Cave - 15,000 Gald, Grape Gel
   o  Gangaren Ruins - Elder Garden, Aquamarine Blue
   o  Versh Ruins - Rare Butterfly Hair Ornament, Exile Hat
   o  Lichtwag Forest - Afro Hair, Armour Ring
   o  Prisonerback Wetlands - Grass Belt, Arcana Bottle
   o  Pendragon - 18,000 Gald
   o  Lady Lake - Road of Difda
   o  Marindo - Cerian Ring
   o  Ganrbia Ruins - Peach Gel
   o  Laston Bell - Shark Bottle
   o  Gafris Ruins - Elixir, Direct Appeal
   o  Arodite Forest - Souffle

   o  If you talked to the Turtlez in the middle area of Camelot Overpass,
      you must search for the entrance to Katz Village.
   o  Start by talking to the all the Seraph protectors (Lord of the Lands)
      in the towns. They will provide hints.
   o  Head to Lady Lake and go to the mansion area. Check the ! marker that
      is not Alisha's house and the Katz will reveal itself. It invites you
      to the Katz Village, but cannot take you there. Ugh. 
   o  Talk to the Katz again when you have Jiji's pipe. It will let you into
      the village [057A]. Be sure to save first.

   o  Talk to the Seraph in Zafgot Plains (he is leaning on the caravan, by
      the knights. He mentions that a Legendary Wyvern is Prisonerback 
      Wetlands area is picking on the local Seraphim. 
   o  BOSS: Legend Wyvern
      HP: 29030
      LVL: 55
      STRONG: Fire, Water, Earth
   o  He can be really annoying towards the end. The characters believe the
      wyvern to be Dragon-level.
   o  Apparently the Wyvern, who must have been a Seraph at one point, used
      to be someone Zaveid knew, a friend. 

   o  Sleep at an inn (I stayed at the one in Godojin) and there will be a
      chat between Zaveid and Sorey about defeating the Dragon, and talk 
      about Aizen (Edna's brother).
   o  Head to Sacred Mountain Leifork, the enemies are now level 56. The
      north dead end can be accessed with the wind action to reach a 
   o  And the next northern dead end behind a boulder is AHOGE.
   o  Head to the ! marker for a scene. Edna realizes that there is no other
      choice but to kill Aizen, he cannot be saved. 
   o  Zaveid reveals her brother's true feelings, "If I become a dragon, 
      kill me. Edna will surely be in pain." At seeing her brother as a 
      dragon that is.
   o  Edna displays the most emotion at this point, "He left on a journey on
      his own! He became a dragon on his own! How lonely did you think I
      was?! Brother... I want to see you again.â€￾ Zaveid and Edna will leave
      the party.
   o  Pick up RED SAGE, ignore the first two north forks (cannot break 
      boulders without Edna in the party). Pick up RED VERBENA next to the
      Dark Turtlez.
   o  Find Zaveid at the next ! marker. Edna will also rejoin. 
   o  BOSS: Aizen
      HP: 61755
      LVL: 64
      STRONG: Light, Fire, Earth
   o  Be patient, and try to stay behind him. He just has a lot of HP. Spam
      Maelstrom (Water Kamui). (I will admit, I set this fight on Simple). 
   o  Pick up RED LAVENDER, and do a Discovery on the grave marker.
   o  Watch the chat and access the save (was this here before?). Take the
      south path for TOPAZ BOOTS (north) and Normin Wind (south).
   o  Head back to the main for and go east, first north fork has ARCANA
      BOTTLE. The second north fork has ALL DIVIDE and PEACH GEL. Get out of

   o  Must defeat Aizen first.
   o  Stay at an inn after for a chat between the Seraphs. Then go to Aizen’s
      grave for a scene. 
   o  REWARD: Edna's hi-ougi Shooting Star, and title class up. 

   o  In Lowgrin, talk to the elderly Seraph leaning agains the wall in the
      south. He asks if you know of the singing adventurer Meyvin. 
      Apparently, he can be found in Trisoizol Cave. (Talking to the elderly
      Seraph in Pendragon by the fountain also triggers the same event.)
   o  Head to Trisoizol Cave, 1F, to the ! marker. Talk to the Seraph Akasha
      and they will ask about a person named Meyvin.
   o  Meyvin is the person sleeping in the tomb behind the Seraph. For the
      last 300 years, the Seraph has been watching over her.
   o  Turns out that our Meyvin and this Meyvin are related. They come from
      a clan of professional storytellers, and all take on the name Meyvin.
   o  REWARD: Sorey's Shepherd Costume Colour Variation 

   o  If interested, in Lowgrin, that large stone monument in the centre can
      be accessed to watch previous memories already collected. Hence the
      purple star.

   o  Talk to the mercenary in the tunnel area of Prisonerback Wetlands, he
      says a Saint (female) opened a village in the middle of the wetlands.
   o  This seems to be a freaking pattern. In the abandoned village, Lodine,
      find the last of the Gorgon sisters.
   o  BOSS: Euryale
      HP: 27767
      LVL: 57
      STRONG: Fire, Water, Wind
      Not terribly strong, Stheno was worse. The precursor to the petrify
      arte is her giggling.
   o  Again she cannot be saved by purification. Rose suggests going to 
      Pendragon Church to figure out how to keep Saints from turning into
      Gorgon Hellions.
   o  Check the bookshelf in Pendragon Church where the ! marker is to read
      files on the Photon Sisters.
   o  Enter Grave Gantt Basin from the Lowlance side. Save and head north to
      the ! marker, the knights are doing a combined security patrol. Sorey
      says they will investigate the abandoned village up ahead.
   o  This time you get to face them both!
   o  BOSS: Stheno             BOSS: Euryale
      HP: 23269                HP: 27767
      LVL: 56                  LVL: 57
      STRONG: Earth, Water     Strong: Water, Fire, Wind
   o  This time both will be purified. The soldiers will mention that twenty
      years ago, people the this abandoned village Photon were put under a
      sleeping curse of sorts. 

   o  Talk to Sergei outside the knights' quarters in Pendragon. 

   o  Go to Alisha's manor and head to the patio for a scene. The Logas guy
      from earlier will teach her a little more about politics. 

   o  Talk to Rose's guild members at the bridge in Folken Hill, they will
      share new information about the guy using the kids (from earlier).
   o  Go to Marindo, a guy south of the church mentions that Romano is in
      the art museum. Find him there.
   o  BOSS: Orc Kong x2
      HP: 32531
      LVL: 65
      WEAK: Wind
      STRONG: Light, Fire, Earth
   o  These guys are pretty damn annoying. They hit hard, and when they puff
      their chests, a rain of arrows will fall on your characters. 
   o  They cannot be purified, so the assassins will kill them. 
   o  Go to the Tintagel Ruins (old hideout) entrance in Vagran Woods for a
   o  REWARD: Rose's Wagtail Feathers guild costume

        ~ Katz Village ~                                              [057A]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Cat Cap                  o  Red Chamomile        

Did you remember to save before entering? Do it, just in case.

The cat in front of the gold chest will return you to Lady Lake. The gold
chest holds CAT CAP.

In the northeast area, you can rewatch any movies (anime cut scenes) and 
chats. South of that is a Discovery point. Head back and check out the item
shop. To the west beside the bridge is RED CHAMOMILE. 

In the northern area, the Dark Turtlez will sing a -very- familiar song
(Xillia 2). It will also trigger a boss fight:

BOSS: Dark Turtlez
HP: 88888
LVL: 99

Ugh, is this supposed to be some kind of Xillia 2 rehash/promo? Same music,
same dual swords (fish). Similar talk about a curse. Uh.

        ~ Mercio Ruins ~                                              [058]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  6,800 Gald               o  Red Saffron          o  Topaz Boots
   o  Infini Ring              o  7,050 Gald           o  Hyper Velocity
   o  Grape Gel x2             o  All Divide           o  Melon Gel x2
   o  Shark Bottle             o  Aqua Glass           o  Red Chamomile
   o  Photonic Ray             o  Loose Snack          o  8,800 Gald
   o  8,500 Gald               o  Monocle

One last optional dungeon. This place is located in the south of Grave Gantt
Basin, now that the war is over. Head to the ??? marker in the south. There
is a dragon newt Hellion in the area before this dungeon. Also, before 
entering, do a Discovery on the horses and save.

The Hellion's specs:

BOSS: Dragon Wizard
HP: 36361
LVL: 62
RESIST: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind 

Inside, head east and pick up 6,800 GALD. Take the north path across the
gate and ignore the west path. Instead, continue north until you reach the
room with the exit to the next area. In the southwest corner is RED SAFFRON.

Use the earth action in the northwest corner to open a room with TOPAZ BOOTS
and INFINI RING. Use the earth action on the north east wall for 7,050 GALD
and HYPER VELOCITY. Take the exit to the next level. Directly across, use
the fire action to open a path. Head downstairs to get MELON GEL and SHARK 
BOTTLE then return to the second floor. 

Head west until you reach a room with different paths. Take the east path to
the lower level. Follow the path and head west into a room with GRAPE GEL
and ALL DIVIDE. Return to the second floor and take the northwest path.

Take the first west fork for a AQUA GLASS and GRAPE GEL. Return and head 
south, follow the path around and on the north tip (other side of the
rubble) is RED CHAMOMILE. Head west to the upper floor. Pick up MELON GEL
and PHOTONIC RAY. The Normin Aqua is at the dead end. Head back downstairs.

Head south to the last room with an exit, and access the save point. Head
downstairs. Ignore the Hellion for now. Use the water map action in the north 
to get LOOSE SNACK, 8,800 GALD, and 8,500 GALD. Return and take the
east path for MONOCLE.

Head back and fight the Hellion.

BOSS: Maneater
HP: 39053
LVL: 64
STRONG: Light, Fire, Earth, Wind

This guy can move pretty fast. Stay at a distance with Water Kamui and just
spam Maelstrom. Let Rose handle the rest. The Hellion is capable of eating a
character and KOing them. If you find Rose and the other Seraph KO'd just
run around until they revive and fuse with Rose again.

        ~ The Origin Village, Camran ~                                [059]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Red Verbena              o  Ancient Crown        o  Gaizer Road  
   o  Chrome Narage            o                       o  

The southwest fork leads to a warp, the north west fork leads to a save 
point. The middle leads to the village area. Go down the middle path and at
the fork is a Discovery point. 

Up ahead is a Dark Turtlez that carries some items for restock. The gold
chest holds ANCIENT CROWN. From this fork, going to the north dead end leads
to a Hellion. 

Take the south fork at at the southern point is a house to do a Discovery,
"Mikel's Burned House." Another Hellion is at the end. Head back to the main
path and continue, the gold chest holds GAIZER ROAD. To the west of this is
another chest with CHROME NARAGE. At the next fork, go to the east dead end
for a stone monument and RED VERBENA.

Take the stairs to the next area.

        ~ Altorius's Throne  ~                                       [060]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Aqua Interrupter        o  Hourglass x2          o  Arcana Bottle
   o  Survivor Life           o  Red Rosemary          o  Elixir
   o  Glade Scepter           o  Strawberry Shortcake  o  Shadow Slave
   o  Fairytale               o  Koucha Chiffon Cake   o  Death Sheet
   o  Caliburn                o  Red Chamomile         o  Melon Gel x2
   o  Helmwige                o  All Divide            o  Viking Hat
   o  Pound Cake              o  Chestnut Glace        o  Athena's Memory
   o  Shark Bottle            o  Roll Cake             o  

Head forward to access the warp and the save point. Continue inside. Go east
and burn the webs to continue outside. Enter the other door to get AQUA
INTERRUPTER and HOURGLASS. Return to the first area and ignore the west path
and go north. 

On the next level, go west for ARCANA BOTTLE. Go east in the northern room 
is a Discovery point. Return and take the east fork outside. Head north for
SURVIVOR LIFE. Burn the web to the east and teleport across. Pick up the RED
ROSEMARY beside the stairs and head inside. Light the pedestals according to
the number on the floor. The door to the north will open. Beyond it up the
stairs is a Hellion.

Ignore it and go west for STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. Take the east path down the
stairs. Enter the room to get ELIXIR and GLADE SCEPTER. Continue west and
head outside. Teleport across to the south and take the east fork to arrive

Return and continue south. At the next fork, go west. Burn the webs and the
doors lead back to the first area. So go south instead for HOURGLASS. Return
and take the southeast door. 

Enter the large room for FAIRYTALE. Continue up the stairs. Enter the north
west room for DEATH SHEET and KOUCHA CHIFFON CAKE. Use the wind actions on
the pedestals in the middle room to open the door. Up the stairs is another

Take the west exit outside and pick up RED CHAMOMILE. Follow the path to
another door. Follow the path and open the second door for MELON GEL. Then
open the first south door burning the flames. On the other side, enter the
room to the northeast for CALIBURN. Head south through another door and

In the next area, take the first south door burning the flames. On the other
side, enter the north door for HELMWIGE. Go south for ALL DIVIDE and then
exit. Follow the path to another door. 

Take the upper door, break the rocks for VIKING HAT. Break the rocks 
blocking the north door for presumably another Hellion. Take the lower door
down the stairs and into a room for POUND CAKE. Continue outside.

Head east for MELON GEL. Return and head north. Burning the flames will lead
to the door that returns to the first area. Instead, take the northern door.
Inside follow the path, go up the stairs and take the west door.

In this hall, take the north door for Normin Invalid. A Discovery can also
be made on the weapon rack on the east wall. It is a bunch of ceremonial
swords that belongs to Shepherds. 

Head back and continue west outside. Take the south fork and follow the path
to a CHESTNUT GLACE. Return and follow the other path to another door.

Inside, enter the room for ATHENA'S MEMORY and SHARK BOTTLE. Continue up the
stairs and enter the room on the other side. There is an eye on the wall so
use the water action to avoid getting sent back to the middle room. Get the
ROLL CAKE. The other door leads to another Hellion up the stairs, there is
also an eye on the stairs so be careful.

Head out the south door. Pick up the RED SAFFRON. Follow the path to the 
star for a scene. This is it!

Access the warp and save point. Just head north, and continue north till the
last room to face Heldarf.

BOSS: Heldarf
HP: 52340
LVL: 80

Fight until a scene occurs. Heldarf has absorbed Jiji. And the fight 
continues. He can also summon Hellions. Some that he might summon:

Black Panther
HP: 9959
LVL: 62

Ancient Armour
HP: 4839
LVL: 64
WEAK: Wind

He also has a hi-ougi so try to stay behind him. When his HP finally reaches
0 there is another scene. Sorey and Mikleo will make the final blow, 
remembering Jiji's words. Just when you thought it was over, Heldarf fuses
with Maoterasu.

BOSS: Kamui Heldarf
HP: 200,000
LVL: 80

He uses this right arm to sweep what is in front of him. He can rise up and
use his left arm to sweep further back. And he can slam both arms on the
floor to take up the whole area. When Heldarf starts talking he will cast a
huge spell that will kill all the characters, what you need to do is get
through his defence and knock him out to cancel the spell, then the game
will prompt you to press L1 to fire the gun. 

Repeat this each time using a different Seraph until you run out. I'm bad at
using long-range (Wind, Water) kamuis, so I used those first and saved
Earth and Fire for last.

It's not over yet!

BOSS: Heldarf
HP: 19741

This one is real quick, all you have to do is perform a hi-ougi. If you find
yourself low on the blast gauge, use Arcana Bottles if you have them. A
scene will take over.

Maoterasu will be freed. Walk towards Heldarf as he speaks. He says when
Sorey impales him with that sword, a new Age of Calamity will begin. 

Press the X button twice to raise the sword and kill Heldarf. This triggers
the animated cutscene. 

The Seraphs will also disperse along with the impurity. Sorey will meet 
Maoterasu and thank everyone. The light overtakes the world and many are
rejoicing. Alisha and Sergei are leading the peace talks and they feel the
change too. Rose breathes, smiles and walks away.

Congratulations on finishing the game!

Midway through the credits, there is another scene where two elderly people
(I presume the twins from the merchant guild), the Seraph from Lady Lake I
think, Lailah, Edna, Zaveid, and a new Seraph with the book of records
visiting a marked grave. Presumably, Rose's. 

After the rest of the credits, there is another scene where a grown-up 
Mike enters some ruins and seems to sense a presence. He falls through an
opening in the ground but is caught by a stranger with the Shepherd's glove,
with a hair outline that looks a lot like Sorey's. And Mikleo's smiling.

After that you will get Phantom Key to Heaven. You can also make a Clear
Data Save File now. 

        ~ Alisha After Episode  ~                                     [061]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Grape Gel x3        o  Final Battle Long Spear    o  Red Sage
   o  Orderly Ribbon x2   o  Red Saffron x2             o  Red Chamomile x2
   o  10,000 Gald         o  Panacea Bottle x3          o  Survive Alive
   o  Arcana Bottle x4    o  Elixir x2                  o  Baumkuchen
   o  Red Lavender x2     o  Hourglass                  o  Shark Bottle
   o  Melon Gel x2        o  Framboise Mousse           o  Cheesecake
   o  Life Bottle x2      o  Red Verbena                o  

You do not need to finish the game to play this DLC. Access it from the 
beginning menu (New Game/Continue/Download Shop/Alisha After Episode).

Select Alisha After Episode > New Game. It opens with a scene of peace in 
Marino. When in control, access the save point by the tree. Pick up GRAPE
GEL to the west. 

Alisha will mention it has been three months since she has seen Sorey. Head
west for a scene. She will be attacked by a...rebel?

FIGHT: Rebel
HP: 8431
LVL: 70

Remember to set her artes! He is pretty easy to take down. Rose will appear.
When in control head to the church and pick up a FINAL BATTLE LONG SPEAR 
outside. Head south for a RED SAGE. In the southeast house behind the 
soldiers is ORDERLY RIBBON. Access the next sage and pick up RED SAFFRON.

Pick up RED CHAMOMILE outside the inn and head west for 10,000 GALD. Go to
the inn for a chat with Rose. Alisha really wants to know what happened in
the final bottle. Head inside the inn to continue.

Go to the room in the back to continue. Rose will have escaped through the
window. Exit town and Alisha will be warped straight to Laston Bell for
another scene. 

Rose has no intention of telling Alisha anything. Rose says that they live 
in different worlds by walking different paths. Alisha says that before 
being a royal, she is Rose's friend. A petty cat fight ensues. 

When in control again, pick up the CHEESECAKE to the south of the inn and
access the save point. Take the south path and at the southwest tip is
PANACEA BOTTLE. Take the first north fork and make the first right turn.
Head up the short stairs to a raised area with SURVIVE ALIVE.

There is a gold chest at the cemetery but it cannot be opened. Head to the
star. Lailah will form a subcontract between Alisha and Rose. Hm. Fight the

Watch the scenes, the game if you would like to set Alisha's outfits. But 
that is kind of impossible. Accept it to continue. Alisha will not question
why the contract was formed with Rose and not Sorey.

Head west and pick up ARCANA BOTTLE. Further west is RED VERBENA. Head to
the east exit for a scene. 

In Vagran Woods, in clockwise order the following items can be picked up:

Head to Grave Gantt Basin. Head north to the Lowlance camp and access the
save point. Further north is a scene. Afterward pick up a PANACEA BOTTLE in
the abandoned village. Chase after the guy until he reaches the north 
dungeon marker. Pick up the SHARK BOTTLE along the way. To the south of that
is another ARCANA BOTTLE.

Ignore the marker and head east, following the bend south to get MELON GEL.
Access the save point and head inside. At the first fork, head left for
ORDERLY RIBBON. Return and go right. Pick up the RED CHAMOMILE. At the next
fork go west then take the south fork and get FRAMBOISE MOUSSE. 

Follow the north fork around to a ELIXIR. Take the north exit. At the first
fork, go east and get LIFE BOTTLE.  Go all the way east for RED SAGE. Go
north. At the next fork head east to the end for a ARCANA BOTTLE. Head west
and at the next fork continue west and take the southern branch for GRAPE

Return and take the other path. At the next fork go east for RED LAVENDER.
Go west to the exit. In this next area head north and take the fork east to
get MELON GEL. The north fork has LIFE BOTTLE. Go west for a scene n' fight.

BOSS: Maltran?
HP: 65350
LVL: 80
WEAK: Light, Wind
RESIS: Fire, Water

Duplicate she may be, but she can still use hi-ougi. But otherwise it is 
just a case of too much HP.

When in control, backtrack and go north for RED VERBENA. Continue west to 
the next fork. Go east and get RED ROSEMARY, then take the north path. In
this next area, access the save point. 


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