• Mecha-Naruto

    Complete the Mecha-Naruto World Ninja Tournament story after completing the D rank World Ninja Tournament.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mecha-NarutoComplete the Mecha-Naruto Ninja World Tournament
    Mecha-Naruto Ninja World TournamentComplete the D-ranked Ninja World Tournament

    Contributed By: Ntanel.

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  • Unlockable Characters in Free Play

    You can unlock characters by completing certain tasks or earning a certain amount of ryo in Free Play mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    2nd Mizukage (Edo-Tensei)1330000 ryo
    2nd Tsuchikage (Edo-Tensei)1320000 ryo
    Asuma (Edo-Tensei)1050000 ryo
    Ay (w/Hat)1430000 ryo
    Danzo (w/Hat)1440000 ryo
    Deidara (Edo-Tensei)1080000 ryo
    Deidara (Pre-Akatsuki)Defeat him with Itachi in the "Creation of the Akatsuki"
    Fuu1250000 ryo
    Fuu (Edo-Tensei)1260000 ryo
    Gaara (w/Hat)1400000 ryo
    Haku (Edo-Tensei)1070000 ryo
    Han1210000 ryo
    Han (Edo-Tensei)1220000 ryo
    Hanzo (Edo-Tensei)1100000 ryo
    Hidan (Pre-Akatsuki)Defeat him with Kakuzu in the Ninja Escapade "Creation of the Akatsuki"
    Hinata (School)1490000 ryo
    Ino (School)1500000 ryo
    Iruka1020000 ryo
    Itachi (Edo-Tensei)1090000 ryo
    Itachi Uchiha (Anbu)Complete the Ninja Escapade "The Two Uchiha"
    Jiraya (Sanin Era)1540000 ryo
    Kakashi (Anbu)1570000 ryo
    Kakashi (School)1480000 ryo
    Kakashi (Young)Complete the Ninja Escapade "The Far Reaches of Hope"
    Kakuzu (Pre-Akatsuki)Defeat him with Pain in the "Creation of the Akatuski"
    Konohamaru1010000 ryo
    Kushina1280000 ryo
    Madara (Before Death)1600000 ryo
    Madara (Edo-Tensei Resolved)1390000 ryo
    Mecha-Naruto1660000 ryo
    Mei (w/Hat)1420000 ryo
    Minato (Edo-Tensei)1290000 ryo
    Nagato (Edo-Tensei)1110000 ryo
    Naruto (Armor)1530000 ryo
    Naruto (Kimono)1510000 ryo
    Naruto (School)1450000 ryo
    Obito1380000 ryo
    Obito (Young)Complete the Ninja Escapade "The Far Reaches of Hope"
    Ohnoki (w/Hat)1410000 ryo
    Orochimaru (Akatsuki)Defeat him with Sasori in the Ninja Escapade "Creation of the Akatsuki"
    Orochimaru (Sanin Era)1560000 ryo
    Roshi1190000 ryo
    Roshi (Edo-Tensei)1200000 ryo
    Sakura (School)1460000 ryo
    Sasori (Pre-Akatsuki)Defeat him with Konan in the "Creation of the Akatsuki"
    Sasuke (First Outfit)1040000 ryo
    Sasuke (Kimono)1520000 ryo
    Sasuke (School)1470000 ryo
    Shisui UchihaComplete the Ninja Escapade "The Two Uchiha"
    The First Hokage/Hashirama (Edo-Tensei)1370000 ryo
    The Second Hokage/Tobirama (Edo-Tensei)1310000 ryo
    The Third Hokage/Sarutobi (Edo-Tensei)1300000 ryo
    Tobi (Great Ninja War)1270000 ryo
    Tsunade (Sanin Era)1550000 ryo
    Ukataka1230000 ryo
    Ukataka (Edo-Tensei)1240000 ryo
    Yagura1170000 ryo
    Yagura (Edo-Tensei)1180000 ryo
    Yamato (Anbu)1580000 ryo
    Yugito1150000 ryo
    Yugito (Edo-Tensei)1160000 ryo
    Zabuza (Edo-Tensei)1060000 ryo

    Contributed By: xGH05T408x.

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  • Unlock Characters easy in Free Play!

    For this method to work, you must have two controllers before starting. Select Free Play mode and select Single Play mode. Now, press the Start button to bring up a small options menu and set the handicap all the way to the right (The red fireball should be greater than the blue one). Have 1P choose Naruto (Sage Mode) with Ultimate Jutsu mode, while 2P chooses any character with any type of character mode. When the battle starts, press down on the d-pad to use one of the boosts, then press left on the d-pad to throw a tag at 2P. This should take him down to one health bar. Now very quickly, use Sage Naruto's Ultimate Jutsu to end the game. Keep repeating this process until you have a desired character or all of the characters. You need roughly 1780000 ryo to unlock all of the characters.

    Contributed By: xGH05T408x.

    12    15

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