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Reviewed: 03/31/14

Fun to play but way too short and leaves us wanting more


This game is very short. The main game is only one mission long but at least it got 4 side missions. After completing Ground Zeroes mission it says to be continued in The Phantom Pain. In other words 30 bucks down the drain. Why didn’t they combine the two into one game? Like they did in Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. Both those games have two chapters. In MGS 2 the first part is called Tanker which is short and the Main game is called Plant. Also in MGS 3 the first part is called the Virtuous Mission and it is also short. The main game is called Snake Eater. Can you imagine if they released the Tanker chapter and Virtuous Mission as separate games? Many fans would be mad like they are now and they know that you can’t skip the game unless you want to be confused when the next one comes out. So you have to buy the game or rent it or borrow it. The only reason they split it into 2 games is for more money and that is BS.

GAMEPLAY 8/10 The new features are pretty good like when you get spotted there is a short slow motion deal where you can take out the guard before he alerts the others. Also there are trucks, jeeps, and armored vehicles you can jump in to get away from the guards or you can put a prisoner in the passenger side of a truck and slip pass the guards but make if they get a good look at you then it will trigger an alert. Also there is no life bar when you are low on life the screen will turn red. And your life recovers quickly.

CONTROLS 7/10 The controls take some time to get use to because they change how you select a weapon and item. Since Metal Gear Solid 1 you hold R2 to chose a weapon and you hold L2 to chose an item. In Ground Zeros you have to use the D-pad to select stuff. To select a weapon you hit up or down and for an item you hit left and right. Sometimes I accidently hit R2 to select a weapon or L2 to select an item because since 1998 that was the way you do it. In this game R2 is your binoculars and L2 is your codec call.

STORY 5/10 The game takes place in 1975 about a year or less after Peace Walker. Your mission is to rescue Chico and Paz and that about it. The story is way too short and it leaves us with more questions ask than answered.

GRAPHICS 10/10 The game has very great graphics the people look realistic and everything else looks well polished.

NAKED SNAKE/BIG BOSS’S NEW VOICE – To me it doesn’t make any sense why they replaced David Hayter because this game takes place about a year or less after peace walker and all of the sudden Snake’s voice is entirely different. It would have made more sense to keep David Hayter for Ground Zeroes and get Kiefer Sutherland for The Phantom Pain because it takes place in 1984 and Big Boss would be older and they could explain why his voice is different. They could say that the explosion affected his vocal cords. When they replaced Kevin Conroy in Batman Arkham Origins it made sense because Batman was younger. But in Ground Zeroes it makes no sense at all.

SOUND 10/10 Ground Zeroes has some really good sound effects like when you fire your gun or blow something up it sound very realistic.

LENGTH 3/10 you can beat the main game in about an hour if you don’t goof off or die a lot and as for the side missions about another hour or so. This game is about as long as an old NES game. Come to think of it some NES games are probably longer than this and that’s sad. An old 8-bit NES is longer than this cutting edge PS3 game.

REPLAY VAULE 7/10 The only reason to you would replay it is to collect the XOF badges and the cassette tapes or try to get a high Rank on the missions. You have to repeat the same 5 stages over and over to get every thing. In other words they got lazy.

FINAL THOUGHTS If you’re looking for something to play for many hours than this is not for you. But if you are big fan of the Metal Gear series than if might be worth it.

OVERALL 7/10 Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes is fun to play with all the new features but its way too short. We just got an appetizer and us hungry gamers are waiting for the main course to come out.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (US, 03/18/14)

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