PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From EmoneyWains (07/30/2019; 199KB) 100% Complete, lvl 99 on each character. All keyblades and everything unlocked
  2. From EmoneyWains (08/19/2019; 145KB) Birth By Sleep lvl 99, all items, Ventus maxed out, all keyblades including ultima weapon
  3. From JerichoDarkstar (01/08/2015; 131KB) KH2FM only: LV99. All Keyblades obtained. All secret bosses are defeated. All gummi ship blueprints obtained. 100% of Jiminy's Journal. Instructions for placing on PS3 included. No hacks/ mods used.
  4. From mattBkkk4843 (08/08/2015; 131KB) Max Items+All Abilities-Worlds/Unlocked"100%completed'

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