Anyone good with identifying the pros. and cons. of specific cars?

  1. What's the pros. and cons. of the cars you can pick from before you race Lamar at the start? I'm just curious not it's a focal part of the game.

    User Info: Aiden760

    Aiden760 - 7 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok, I just saw your comment. I won't do a full analysis again, as there are quite a few different vehicles now, but I will try a summary.

    Firstly, all the vehicles are in the Sedans class and all have an equal engine power value (0.2) apart from the Cheval Surge, at (0.1). It also has the highest drag constant at (8.3), with a theoretical top speed of 140mph. Due to this, it appears to be the worst choice for speed. The best vehicle choice for speed appears to be the Cheval Fugitive, which has the lowest drag constant at (7) and a theoretical top speed of 145mph.

    The Cheval Surge appears to be the worst vehicle again for acceleration, having only 1 gear, compared to 5 for all of the other vehicles. The Cheval Fugitive and Obey Tailgater are equal in acceleration, both having an upshift and downshift rate of (2.3), and being rear-wheel drive vehicles.

    The Cheval Surge is also on the lower end for braking, having a brake force of (0.6) compared to most of the other vehicles having a brake force of (0.9) and a 65% front brake bias. The Tailgater and Fugitive are once again in the higher end, both having a 42.5% front brake bias and a brake force of (0.9).

    The Tailgater has a cornering grip constant of (2.55), which is equal to the Benefactor Schafter, and all vehicles can traverse different terrain with equal repercussions.

    After this, the top three vehicles appear to be the: Tailgater, Schafter and Fugitive.
    And the worst two vehicles appear to be the: Surge and Declasse Asea.

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Other Answers

  1. The two vehicles in question are the Dewbauchee Rapid GT and Obey 9F Cabrio, both of which are in the Sports vehicle class.


    Note: I did not create the spreadsheets listed below.


    The Rapid GT has a greater engine power (0.36), compared to the 9F Cabrio's (0.33) but, it also has a higher drag constant (10), while the 9F Cabrio has a drag constant of (9.5), meaning their speeds are most likely going to be equal in any real scenario. The theoretical max speed of the 9F Cabrio is 155mph, in contrast to 152mph for the Rapid GT. Both of these speeds are, however, unachievable under normal circumstances due to the drag, engine power and other factors that affect a vehicle's performance.


    20% of the engine's power is delivered to the front wheels of the 9F Cabrio, compared to 0% for the Rapid GT, making the Rapid GT a pure rear-wheel drive vehicle, with the 9F Cabrio being classed an all-wheel drive vehicle. Both vehicles have 6 gears and an upshift and downshift rate of (3), meaning that gears are switched at the same rate for both vehicles.


    The 9F Cabrio has a higher cornering grip (2.55) compared to (2.45) for the Rapid GT, making it more likely to travel at a high speed whilst maintaining grip to the road around a curve. Both vehicles have an equal straight line grip constant (2.25), meaning they are are able to accelerate at the same rate whilst generating an equal amount of wheelspin, and decelerate at the same rate without locking their brakes. They are also both able to traverse different types of terrain (road, grass, dirt etc) with equal repercussions.


    In a series of laps around a route in Los Santos, the fastest lap time of the 9F Cabrio was 1:04.157, with the fastest lap time of the Rapid GT being 1:08.419. The top speeds recorded were 119.75mph for the 9F Cabrio and 119.5mph for the Rapid GT.


    With most vehicle statistics in consideration, The Rapid GT appears to have a greater acceleration (9.0) compared to (8.3) for the 9F Cabrio. However, the 9F Cabrio has a slightly higher speed (8.3), with the Rapid GT having (8.2). Both vehicles have equal braking stats, with the front brakes of both vehicles doing 45% of the work while the rear brakes do the remaining 55% respectively. The 9F Cabrio is better at traveling around curves, but is more likely to be affected by a collision due to its lower mass of 1300kg. The mass of the Rapid GT is higher at 1600kg, making it more stable in a collision with a lighter entity.


    Both vehicles have certain factors in their favour, to the point where they would most likely balance themselves out in any real situation. The vehicles are, in my opinion, practically equal in performance for any given situation.

    User Info: StrictNebula

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  2. Funnily enough I was wondering about that too, but I meant the race when you start in GTA Online lol.

    User Info: Aiden760

    Aiden760 - 7 months ago

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