Facebook Features Not Available leads to 'logged out of PSN' error message - anybody faced the same problem? Solutions?

  1. Hi guys, new to GameFAQs so hope you see this and are able to offer some advice!
    I've had GTAV for a long time now and it's functioned with few, if any, problems. However, since the update which saw Facebook features removed from the PS3 my game has almost become useless. During online games (but also in story mode) I am often faced with the message regarding Facebook features not being available on the system, but when this happens I am also kicked from the session and told that I've been logged out of PSN - I haven't. It drives me crazy, I can be midway through a job and the Facebook features notification pops up and I'm suddenly put back on story mode. I've tried uninstalling the Game Utility Data and reinstalling all the updates which helped last night as I played with no problems, but today it's done it at least three times in the last twenty minutes. Please help!

    User Info: courtlandadams

    courtlandadams - 3 years ago


  1. Doesnt log me out, but if im not thwre to hit Circle on my ps3 remote when the msg pops up, story mode wont finish loadong

    So i do understand that frustration. Also, i used to not sign it, cause i found atory qould load faster, but now the fb thing causes my game to freeze if im not signed in before the game loads.

    User Info: Mykey2011

    Mykey2011 (Expert) - 3 years ago 1   0
  2. when i played on ps3 i had the same issue, just reset the console and try again. after a few tries it should work, but if it doesnt load story then go into online through that

    User Info: dexxstarr

    dexxstarr - 1 year ago 1   0

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