How Do I Start The Humane Labs Heist?

  1. I already finished the Prison Break Heist with a crew full of random people (However I will admit that I recall failing the objective to not restart the heist if somebody dies but I still think I should be able to move on the next heist regardless of the situation) so I'm curious as to how I start the next heist because I remember Lester calling me to say that he didn't wanna do the Prison Break Heist due to some reason but that he also had another heist coming up. Now mind you I waited to see if he would call to tell me what that next heist but due to some bugs that Rockstar hasn't fixed yet I'm still not getting anything from Lester. Please tell me what am I supposed to do to keep moving forward? (By the way I'm very serious when it comes to the Criminal Mastermind Challenge cuz even though $10,000,000 is still not enough for me I still wanna get that money so if I have to replay any heists please let me know) Jake12221000 - 6 years ago - report

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  1. You must complete all heist setups and heist finals in ORDER, W1THOUT ANYONE D1E1NG, and Complete ALL EL1TE Challenges as well. Then and only then will u get The Ten Mil.. U might also have to do them all in one Single Day, in a Straight Play through.

    After u finish the one heist u must wait for Lester to call, which takes longer and Longer between Heists. But u might be able to skip the wait, by simply going to your heist room and pressing right on the Dpad, to immidiatly start the next heist.

    Hope this helps.
    Mykey2011 - 6 years ago - report 5   3


  1. You must successfully complete each heist in the series before you can move on to the next heist. So, if you did not complete the Prison Break heist and get a "Passed" at the end of the break out heist, you must complete it to continue doing the next heist in the series. Once you have completed all the heists, you will be able to choose which one you wish to replay. smartergaming - 6 years ago - report 3   7
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