Is it possible to play alone?

  1. I know that sounds stupid, but i want to experience the online story, while keeping away from potential trollers. im a visually impaired gamer, and im not interested in competition, pvp/racing. i mainly enjoy riding around doing my own thing since i cant drive irl. i thought perhaps, saw a video showing sessions so im really hoping... cant join crews or anything, dont want to be bothered by predators.

    thanks very much in advance!

    User Info: desedent

    desedent - 5 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Yes you can play alone. I play that way most of the time, or with my son.

    Start the story. Press the start button. Select online. Scroll down and select play GTA online. Then select invite only session. Have fun.

    User Info: GasmanOAV

    GasmanOAV - 5 years ago 6   3

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