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by discoinferno84

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FAQ/Move List by discoinferno84

Updated: 01/25/2015

Gameplay Modes (Continued)


Got the basics down? Good. Challenge Mode is all about complex character-specific combos. Each fighter has 33-41 Challenges that require specific combos to complete. Including the DLC for Elphelt and Leo, the total comes to 622 Challenges. Complete 50, 150, and 300 Challenges to earn their respective trophies.


Ready for some high-end stuff? Mission Mode explores the finer points of the gameplay mechanics by focusing on situational tactics. This includes things like Zoning, Hit Confirms, blocking attacks during Dashes, dflecting projecticles, and character-specific match-ups. Including the DLC for Elphelt and Leo, there are 60 missions total. Complete 5 and 30 Missions with an S Rank to earn their respective trophies.


All this technical stuff is great, but nothing beats the good old Practice Mode. It comes with all the usual options, like damage and input displays, gauge replenishment, and dummy recording settings. There's also an Input Delay option - essentially a lag simulator - that can be taken all the way up to 20 frames. Spend more than an hour messing around here to earn a trophy.


Oh no, another ridiculously long and horribly convoluted Arc System Works story...is what you would be saying if this were BlazBlue. This time, the designers decided to take the easy - and arguably better - route by giving a very focused, streamlined narrative. It takes place a year after Guilty Gear 2: Overture and focuses on Sol, Ky, and Sin dealing with the Valentine invasion and the threat of a weapon capable of wiping out human civilization. Every character gets at least one cameo, and the story lays the groundwork for an inevitable sequel. Unlike the other games, there are no playable fights in this game; just sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch the show. The scenes are drawn and voiced, but not fully animated. Expect an occasionally action-packed story with some standing and talking on the side. Burn through it in a single afternoon, and you'll get a trophy, unlock the Console Version Credits, and enough in-game cash to unlock Sin in the Gallery.



This is where you edit your R-Code, basically the little placard other players online see. You can purchase avatars, plate designs, and customizable phrases using in-game cash. You can also display the dates and times you're most active on the online multiplayer. Editing your profile nets you another trophy.


The Replay Theater does exactly what it sounds like: It provides a replay list of your most recent matches. You can set filters to search for fights in certain gameplay modes, show wins/losses, view button inputs, etc. It also lets you see specific stats, such as your use of moves, progress in other modes, performances against certain characters, etc. It also shows your Badges, which serve as secondary trophies earned cumulatively within the game and can be viewed on your R-Code. Unlike trophies, however, you won't be notified you've earned them. Here is a list of Badges and how to get them:

MonumentalFought a total of 5,000 ranked matches.Sol KillerDefeat Sol 100 times.Slayer KillerDefeat Slayer 100 times.Blazing SpeedsFell victim to a total of 100 Dust Attacks.Used To ItLet opponents Blitz Shield you 1,000 times.
UnbreakableWon a total of 2,000 ranked matches.Ky KillerDefeat Ky 100 times.I-No KillerDefeat I-No 100 times.In-FighterLanded a total of 1,000 ground throws.No TouchSuccessfully execute 1,000 Dead Angle Attacks.
PouringPlayed for a total of 100 hours.May KillerDefeat May 100 times.Bedman KillerDefeat Bedman 100 times.Close CompetitorFell victim to 1,000 ground throws.He Who Strikes FirstSuccessfully execute 1,000 Overdrive Attacks.
PaladinWon 50 consecutive ranked matches.Millia KillerDefeat Millia 100 times.Ramelethal KillerDefeat Ramlethal 100 times.Ranged KingLanded a total of 1,000 air throws.FlashyWon a total of 100 rounds with Overdrive Attacks.
Combo BreakerDefeated an opponent with 30 consecutive wins.Zato KillerDefeat Zato 100 times.Sin KillerDefeat Sin 100 times.Get Me Off This ThingFell victim to 1,000 air throws.Walking DeathSuccessfully landed 100 Instant Kills.
DebutFought your first ranked match.Potemkin KillerDefeat Potemkin 100 times.Elphelt KillerDefeat Elphelt 100 times.SweptLet opponents break through your guard 1,000 times with low attacks.Cry Of 1,000 LivesFell victim to 100 Instant Kills.
RookieWon your first ranked match.Chipp KillerDefeat Chipp 100 times.Leo KillerDefeat Leo 100 times.CrushedLet opponents break through your guard 1,000 times with overhead attacks.Master Of TimePerform a Roman Cancel 1,000 times.
Black BeltReach Level 11.Faust KillerDefeat Faust 100 times.Thoroughly SeasonedWon a total of 100 ranked matches.Iron CurtainSuccessfully block 1,000 overhead attacks.Lightning StrikeCause a clash to occur 100 times.
HardcoreReach 1,000,000 XP.Axl KillerDefeat Axl 100 times.Honored KnightCollected a total of 100 badges.Shining KnightSuccessfully execute 1,000 Instant Blocks.PerserveranceLand a total of 1,000 Counter Hits.
Historic HeroFought a total of 500 ranked matches.Venom KillerDefeat Venom 100 times.Dust StrikerLanded a total of 100 Dust Attacks.Flash Of LightningSuccessfully execute 1,000 Blitz Shields.MisfortuneFell victim to 1,000 Counter Hits.
Ace Up The SleeveActivate Psych Burst 1,000 times.PatienceLet a match end with Time Up 100 times.VeteranFought 100 ranked matches.FighterWin 5 consecutive ranked matches.FoundationFinish Arcade Mode in one sitting.
Light The FlareActivate Psych Burst 1,000 times while in a normal state.Combo StopperLet a match end with Time Up 100 times.SeasonedWon 10 ranked matches.WarriorWin 10 consecutive ranked matches.CautiousBlock a Dust Attack.
Read Like A BookRead an opponent's Psych Burst a total of 100 times.UntouchablePull off 100 perfect victories.LeakingPlay a total of 10 hours.PerfectionistPull off a perfect victory.TesterHit an opponent with a Dust Attack.
BlacksmithLet opponents read your Psych Burst 100 times.Fierce WinnerWin in an extra round.HonoredCollect 50 badges.FirepowerLand a massive amount of damage on an opponent.GrapplerWin with a normal throw.
Read Too MuchLost 100 matches with a full Psych Burst Gauge.Body And MindUse the same character 1,000 times.The WallSuccessfully Instant Block 20 attacks.AvengerWon after your opponent had a HP lead.Air MasterWin with an aerial throw.
AbundanceWin 100 matches with maximum Tension.RecklessFought a player 3 or more ranks above you 100 times, when you've reached rank 11 or higher.SecurityBlock a Dead Angle Attack.CheckmateDefeat an opponent with chip damage when they have zero Tension.SweeperBreak through an opponent's defense with a low attack, and win.
ReactionaryLose 100 matches with maximum Tension.Treasure HunterUnlock Class 14 in M.O.M. Mode.MortalLand a Mortal Counter hit.IndestructibleUse Faultless Defense to block an opponent's attack with virtually no HP remaining.Mixer-upperBreak through an opponent's defense with an overhead attack, and win.
Volatile SituationEnter Danger Time a total of 100 times.WisemanCollect over 1,000,000 Medals.EnforcerCounter during a Psych Burst.With Dying BreathCause a Double K.O.ImpregnableSuccessfully Instant Block 5 consecutive attacks.
ExecutionerLand a total of 1,000 Mortal counter hits.H-Help-!Your own R.I.S.C. Level flashed a total of 100 times.IgnitionLand an attack on an opponent while their R.I.S.C. Level is flashing.Nine LivesRecover from a Stun.SeerSuccessfully use Blitz Shield 3 times.
IllogicalFall victim to a total of 1,000 Mortal counter hits.RelentlessYour opponent's R.I.S.C. Level flashed a total of 100 times.ResurrectionLand an attack on an opponent while your own R.I.S.C. Level is flashing.Overcoming WeaknessDefeat an opponent against whom you are weak.Mind's EyeSuccessfully use Blitz Shield while being pushed back.
SpecialWin with a special attack.Incomplete CombustionLose a match with maximum Tension.First BloodDraw first blood in all the rounds.LifelineActivate Psych Burst with virtually no HP left.WastedLost a round while getting ready for an Instant Kill.
AwakenedWin with an Overdrive Attack.TechnicianPerform a combo with 20 hits or more.StalemateEnd a game in a draw.High SpiritsKeep you Tension Gauge high for the perfect moment.PunishedCrush an opponent's Blitz Shield with an Overdrive Attack.
LavishUse an Overdrive Attack 3 times.BurnedTake massive damage.StunningStun an opponent.ClimaxConsume a massive amount of tension.RemorseLost a round without using a recovery to escape an opponent's attacks.
HellLanded an Overdrive Attack from a disadvantage.StraightWin a match without losing any rounds.Choosing BattlesDefeat an opponent against whom you are strong.BursterLand a Counter Hit with a Psych Burst.Continue?Lost to the computer.
RageLand a counter hit with an Overdrive Attack.OverkillWin a round by dealing significantly more damage than an opponent's remaining HP.ChallengerFight a player 3 or more ranks above you, when you are rank 11 or higher.The WalkerTake a very long walk during a match.Correct!Draw an angel.
RomanticPerform a Roman Cancel times.Close VictoryWin a match with virtually no HP remaining.GamblerDefeat a player 3 or more ranks above you, when you are rank 11 or higher.Brute ForceForce an opponent to block for an extremely long time.Pity!The angel has turned into the devil.
PerseveredWin a round using a counter hit.Pure LuckWin as the timer hits zero.SIGNDefeat a player 3 or more ranks above you, when you are rank 11 or higher.Cornered MouseForce an opponent to block at the edge of the screen for an extremely long time.Balanced FighterActivate Roman Cancels of all colors.
Best DefenderCounter Hit an opponent 5 times.JackhammerWin by chipping away an opponent's HP.ValianceBe defeated in a close match.PrudentUse Faultless Defense incessantly.AttackerActivate Red Roman Cancels several times.
Lost OpportunityLost a match with a full Psych Burst Gauge.Table TurnerUse a special attack upon waking up several times.GroundedNever jumped in a match.Quick TurnoverActivate Psych Burst two times in a round.DeploymentActivate Yellow Roman Cancels several times.
ConservativeWin a match with maximum Tension.While DownRush down and defeat an opponent who is knocked down.SoarerJumped around...a lot.Blood With BloodWin a round during Danger Time.FollowerActivate Purple Roman Cancels several times.


This features all of the game's bonus content, including character avatars, arcade intros and endings, credits, Japanese voice tests, and BGM tracks from previous games. Everything in the Gallery is unlocked by paying WS, the in-game currency earned by play the other modess. It's also how you unlock Sin Kiske as a playable character; you need to drop 200,000 WS to get him. Rather than paying DLC for him, simply play through either Story Mode or complete Arcade Mode with every character. You'll not only get enough WS to get him, but you'll save a little cash as well. Unlocking just one thing in the Gallery will net you another trophy.


Want to get even deeper into the Guilty Gear universe? How about an entire in-game wiki? With the Library Mode, Arc System Works tries to make a detailed explanation of a series infamous for its bizarre storyline. Though you can't edit the wiki, you can look up at least 300 entries that cover every fighter, secondary characters, organizations, locations, and even a series timeline. Side note: This is the only place you'll find Baiken in Xrd. That counts for something, right? Right?



After you've gotten into a regional lobby, there are several online multiplayer options available:

  • Search for a Ranked Match. Criteria include Rank, Hardware, Connections, and Complete Matches.
  • Stand in for a Ranked Match. You will appear in other players' Ranked Match searches.
  • Create a room for a Player Match. Room types include Normal, M.O.M., and Training. Can set room password, type, level, capacity, private slots, after match rule options.
  • Search for a room for a Player Match. Room menu includes text, record display, friend invites, disband/leave (owner/member), M.O.M. settings, quick message (R1) options.
  • View Ranking
  • View/Change status. Displays that you're looking for Casual, Serious, or Practice Matches.
  • View other player's status
  • Create a Lobby Room
  • Enter a Lobby Room. You can either pair off with other lobby members or spectacte matches.
  • Text Chat
  • View members in the Lobby

Note: To quickly toggle between the Lobby and Main Menu, press L2 or R2. Also, staying inactive for too long will get you automatically kicked from the Lobby.


The usual assortment of color palettes and system voices. Also, both Elphelt and Leo are DLC-exclusive characters.


  • System
    • Controller Vibration
    • Replay Autosave (Both Versus and Network)
    • Upload/Download System Save Data
  • Game
    • COM Level (Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, MANIAC)
    • Number of Rounds (Both Arcade and Versus. 1-5 Rounds)
    • Time Limit (Both Arcade and Versus. 30, 45, 60, 75, 99, Infinite)
    • System Voice
    • M.O.M. and R-Code Data Reset
  • Display
    • Image Quality and Scaling
    • Calibration, Adjustment, Color Settings
    • Upper and Lower HUD
  • Button
    • Customize button settings.
  • Language
    • Regular BGM and Network BGM VolumeSound Effects Volume
    • Voice Volume and Language


Trophy - RankDescription
:D (Secret) - Bronze[Player Match] Used the in-game comment functionality for the first time.
A Man of Wealth and Taste (Secret) - Gold[M.O.M.] Collected all items.
Aegis (Secret) - BronzeSuccessfully executed a Blitz Shield Reversal in a proper match.
Aeplusgis (Secret) - BronzeSuccessfully executed a total of 100 Blitz Shields during proper matches.
Album - Bronze[Ranked Match] Fought a total of 100 matches.
Basically - Bronze[TUTORIAL] Finished all the basic training.
But This One Goes To 14 - Gold[M.O.M.] Unlocked class 14.
Cash On The Table - SilverCollected 1,000,000 World Dollars.
Communication Breakdown (Secret) - BronzeListened to Ramlethal and Lucifero's conversation.
Cradle Will Rock (Secret) - Silver[STORY] Finished the entire story.
Everyone's A Critic (Secret) - Bronze[Player Match] Made 50 comments while spectating Player Matches.
Game Install - BronzeFired up the game.
Gear Up - Bronze[ARCADE] Finished any one of the characters' stories. (Any difficulty).
Gimmie a Head with Hair - BronzeWitnessed Ky let his hair down during a proper match.
Gold - Bronze[MISSION] Completed 5 missions with Rank S.
Groupie - Bronze[CHALLENGE] Cleared 50 challenges.
Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind (Secret) - BronzeLanded a 100% combo. (Excludes Instant Kills).
Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Silver[ARCADE] Finished all 14 characters' stories. (Any difficulty).
Handy With The Steel (Secret) - BronzeLanded an Overdrive Special from a disadvantageous situation in a proper match.
I Been Here For Years (Secret) - BronzeGot a come-back victory in a proper match.
I Got It On Tape (Secret) - Bronze[DATABASE] Watched at least 10 replays.
I'll Be Watching You (Secret) - Bronze[Player Match] Observed 10 matches.
I'm Mortal (Secret) - BronzeLanded 10 Mortal Counters during a proper match.
Illyria Calling (Secret) - BronzeTriggered Danger Time during a proper match.
In A Different Key (Secret) - Bronze[Player Match] Used the alternate character voice greetings.
Killing, For Instants (Secret) - BronzeLanded an Instant Kill in a proper match.
Matchless Skill - Bronze[Player Match] Fought a total of 100 matches.
Ourcade - Bronze[Player Match] Hosted a room.
Pitch-Perfect (Secret) - BronzeScored a perfect victory in a proper match.
Platinum - Silver[MISSION] Completed 30 missions with Rank S.
Profligate Profiling (Secret) - Bronze[DATABASE] Edited your profile.
Radio Edit (Secret) - Silver[TUTORIAL] Finished the second round of basic training within the designated time.
Record Deal - Bronze[Ranked Match] Your first victory.
Roadie - Silver[CHALLENGE] Cleared 150 challenges.
Shoulder to Shoulder - Bronze[VERSUS] Fought a match in local versus mode.
Single - Bronze[Ranked Match] Promoted to Rank 11.
Sins of the Father (Secret) - SilverUsed Sin for the first time in a proper match.
Soloist - Gold[CHALLENGE] Cleared 300 challenges.
Take Me Out To The Ballgame (Secret) - BronzeHit a home run with Faust.
That's How It Starts (Secret) - Bronze[DATABASE] Purchased your first piece of content in Gallery Mode.
Tie Your M.O.M. Down[Player Match] Fought in a room set to M.O.M. mode.
Training Kept A Rolling (Secret) - Bronze[TRAINING] Trained for more than 1 hour.
Turn of the Century (Secret) - BronzeUsed 100 Roman Cancels during proper matches.
We're Getting The Band Back Together (Secret) - Bronze[Player Match] Played the online training.
When In Rome (Secret) - BronzeUsed all the colors of Roman Cancels during a proper match.
World Tour - Silver[Ranked Match] Defeated a higher ranked opponent.
Xrd Times The Charm - PlatinumUnlocked all trophies.
You've Got A Peel (Secret) - Bronze[M.O.M.] Slipped on a banana.


-Innumerable thanks to Daisuki Ishiwatari and the rest of the Arc System Works crew for bringing Guilty Gear back into the center stage of the fighting genre.
-GameFAQs, for hosting this review and providing a vital resource for all gamers.
-Guard Master for the list of Trophies.
-The creator of the Japanese M.O.M. grid reference.
-Maximillian, he of YouTube gaming fame. Thanks for reminding me that there are others who love fighting games as much as I do.
-My readership. I know you're out there, folks, and I always appreciate you spending the time to read my writing. Thanks for stopping by!