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by discoinferno84

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FAQ/Move List by discoinferno84

Updated: 01/25/2015


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©2015 Justin Boot (AKA discoinferno84)


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Hey, folks. Don't know about you, but I love fighting games. It's kinda scary. I've played and reviewed every fighter I could get my hands on, and Guilty Gear is no exception. It has some of the most interesting, crazy, and stylish gameplay ever crafted. As someone who's followed the series for years, I was ecstatic when Xrd was announced and released stateside. Judging from what I've played in the last month, Daisuke Ishiwatari and the crew at Arc System Works haven't lost their touch. Shockingly, no one else has stepped up to cover this amazing game. After reviewing it last month (Seriously, you should go check that out), I decided to do my own combo and follow it up with a FAQ! This document will serve as a General FAQ and Movelist. There's a ton of stuff to learn, and hopefully you'll find it useful. You ready? Heaven or Hell, Duel 1, Let's Rock!

Basic Controls

SquarePunch (P)
Kick (K)
Slash (S)
Heavy Slash (HS)
Dust Attack (D)
Taunt/Use Skill*
Punch + Kick + Slash
Dust + Heavy Slash
Display Pause Menu
Return To Default

*This is available only in M.O.M. Mode.

Note: These are the default controls, assuming that you're using a Dualshock 3 controller instead of a fight stick. The game will let you reconfigure the button mapping accordingly.

Keypad And Directional Terminology

As a reference, the movelist will use the number pad shorthand to represent moves:










For example, 214 + Punch can be written as Down, Down-Back, Back + Punch, or Quarter-Circle Back + Punch.

Combat Mechanics


  • The Tension Gauge is the foundation upon which all strategy is built. In battle, the Gauge is located on the lower left or righthand corners of the screen. You can use the Tension you've built up to perform Overdrives, Roman Cancels, Psych Bursts, and other advanced tactics. Yeah, it's that important. Each manuever consumes a certain percantage of the Gauge, so keep an eye on how much you're using.

Dashes, Backsteps, and Jumps

  • DashTap Forward + Forward. Hold down Forward to keep Dashing.
    Air DashSame input as a Dash, but done in midair.
    BackstepTap Back + Back. Unlike the Dash, there is no continuous movement.
    Air BackstepSame command as a Backstep, but done in midair.
    Double JumpTap Up during a regular Jump.
    High JumpPress Down and quickly press Up. It goes faster than a regular Jump, but doesn't let you follow it with a Double Jump.
    As you can see, it's all pretty straightforward. Keep in mind that Dashing or Jumping nearer to your enemy is a fast way to build your Tension Gauge.


  • Every character is capable of performing a couple of super-powered attacks called Overdrives. The inputs and effects of these attacks vary by character, but they all require 50% of their Tension Gauge.

Hellfire State

  • When you take enough damage, your health bar will start flashing. This indicates your character is in the Hellfire State, which boosts the power or duration of Overdrives.

Aerial Recoveries

  • If you get hit by an attack and are set flying throug the air, tap one of the four attack buttons (excluding D). Your character will recover and be ready to attack again by the time they land. You can also press Forward or Back to select the direction in which they recover.

Taunts and Respect

  • Press R2 to perform a Taunt, and press Forward + R2 to perform Respect. Taunting an opponent will increase their Tension Gauge, and using it at the end of the round will let your opponent start the next round with 50% Tension.


  • Ground ThrowsWhen you're close to an opponent, press either Forward + HS or Back + HS.
    Aerial ThrowsWhen you're close to an opponent in midair, press either Forward + HS or Back + HS.

Roman Cancels

  • As an already iconic aspect of the Guilty Gear series, the Roman Canceling System has been expanded in Xrd. It allows you to cancel almost any attack into another, provided the right situation. They can be activated by pressing P + K + S, but the timing and Tension usage differs. There are now three options:
  • Yellow Roman Cancel (YRC)Input the command while moving or an attack hasn't hit an opponent. Has the shortest time-slowing effect of the three Roman Cancels. Requires 25% Tension.
    Red Roman Cancel (RRC)Input the command immediately after hitting your opponent. Has the longest time-slowing effect of the three Roman Cancels. Requires 50% Tension.
    Purple Roman Cancel (PRC)Input the command after you've completely missing your opponent and you're near the end of the attack animation. The delayed start-up makes it impractical in some situations, and not all moves work with it. Has the second-longest time-slowing effect of the three Roman Cancels. Requires 50% Tension.

Dust Attacks

  • Dust Attacks (D) are useful for a variety of reasons. They can be used as unblockable overhead attacks against crouching opponents, making it great for mix-ups and breaking through defenses. Down + D results in a Low Sweep, which cannot be blocked by standing opponents. Jump + D generally has a stronger knockback than other aerial moves. More importantly, standing Dust Attacks can also be followed up in two specific ways:
  • Homing JumpPress Up immediately after the Dust Attack connects. You will follow your opponent into the air and be able to execute extra aerial combos until you land.
    Homing DashPress Forward immediately after the Dust Attack connects. If done near a wall, the opponent will slam back into the wall and be briefly stunned, allowing you to rack up more hits and set up cornering combos.

Psych Burst

  • Keep an eye on your character's avatar at the upper left or right hand of the screen. Right underneath is something called the Burst Gauge. If it's full and flashing, you can perform a Burst and get a brief moment of invincibility from everything except throws. There are two types, each of which have unique effects:
  • Gold Psych BurstWhen the Burst Gauge is full, hit D + any attack button. If it connects, it will knock the opponent back and fill your Tension Gauge to 100%.
    Blue Psych BurstWhen the Burst Gauge is full, hit D + any attack button. However, this only works when you're taking damage. If it connects, it will interrupt an opponent's combo. However, it does not give you any additional Tension. It also doesn't work during Throws or Overdrives.

Dead Angle Attack

  • Counter an opponent while blocking their attack. While blocking, Press Forward + any two attack buttons EXCEPT D. Consumes 50% Tension.

R.I.S.C. Level

  • Look below your character's health bar at the center of the screen. There's a small, half-circular gauge called your R.I.S.C. Level. It increases by blocking attacks. If it starts flashing, there's a higher chance you'll get a counter hit. The higher the level, the more damage that character will take from combos.

Instant Block

  • Block an oncoming attack at the exact moment it connects. If done correctly, your character will flash white. Instant Blocking also lets you recover faster than you would from blocking normally.

Faultless Defense

  • Press Back + two attack buttons simultaneously. It creates a barrier, resulting in more space between opponents, prevents chip damage, and will let you block certain attacks that couldn't be blocked normally. It doesn't raise your R.I.S.C. Level and can help slow your momentum while dashing. It consumes Tension as long as it is active.

Blitz Shield

  • Repels oncoming attacks. Press S + HS just before the incoming attack is supposed to land. If done correctly, the attack will be repelled, leaving your opponent vulnerable to a counter attack. It uses Tension, can't be used for throws, and it'll leave you wide open if it doesn't connect. Note: Repelling projectiles doesn't knock the opponent back; it just leaves you immune to attacks while it's active. It also can't stop Overdrives or throws. There are three types:
  • Standing Blitz ShieldPress S + HS just before the incoming attack is supposed to land. Repels attacks that can normally be blocked while standing. Consumes 25% Tension.
    Crouching Blitz ShieldPress Down + S + HS just before the incoming attack is supposed to land. Repels attacks that can normally be blocked while crouching. Consumes 25% Tension.
    Aerial Blitz ShieldIn midair, press S + HS just before the incoming attack is supposed to land. Repels all attacks that can normally be blocked. Consumes 25% Tension.
  • Blitz Shield Return: If you're on the receiving end of a Blitz Shield, you can counter it by inputting the usual command while you're being repelled. If timed correctly, you will counter your opponent's counter.

Negative Penalty

  • Notice how there are so many blocking options? There's a very good reason for that: If you constantly backdash in an attempt to maintain distance from your opponent, the game will punish you by instantly draining your entire Tension Gauge. Yes, even a full gauge from a Gold Burst. Turtling tactics in Xrd will bring you nothing but suffering. When the word "Danger" appears above your Tension Gauge, it's your cue to get back into the fight ASAP.

Stagger Recovery

  • When you get hit by certain attacks, your character will stagger backward and a small button icon will appear over them. That's your cue to mash all the buttons as quickly as possible to recover. If performed quickly enough, you can prevent the opponent from doing a combo. Hold back and press two attack buttons at the right time, and you'll come out stagger just in time to perform a Faultless Defense.

Stun And Stun Recovery

  • If you get hit by enough attacks, your character will become temporarily stunned. They'll go reeling and have stars circling their heads. To snap them out of it, press Back and Forward repeatedly and mash the attack buttons as quickly as possible.


  • If you and your opponent hit each other at exactly the same time, you'll initiate a Clash. You can follow it up with an attack or a dash/air dash forward.

Danger Time and Mortal Counters

  • Danger Time is randomly activated when a Clash occurs. During this time, both characters' damage output will be boosted. If you can land a physical hit during Danger Time, it'll become a Mortal Counter. You can dash, air dash, or attack after a Mortal Counter. Due to the changed speed, moves that are Mortal Counters gain improved combo potential akin to Red Roman Cancels, but without consuming Tension.

Instant Kills

  • Press all four attack buttons (excluding D) to activate your character's Instant Kill Stance. In this stance, your character can't use any moves that would consume Tension, but it lets you execute your Instant Kill. The command is the same for all characters: 236236 + HS. Or: Quarter-Circle Forward, Quarter-Circle Forward + Heavy Slash. Also, the Tension Gauge will change into the Instant Kill Gauge and quickly deplete. Once it runs out, it'll start depleting your character's health directly. To deactivate Instant Kill Stance, simply press all four attack buttons again.
  • There is also a secondary type of Instant Kill with special properties. This is called a Gold Instant Kill. To activate it, the following conditions must be met:
    • It must be the match's determining round.
    • The opponent must have less than 20% HP.
    • Your Tension Gauge must be 50% or more.
  • You'll be able to tell when your Tension Gauge starts glowing gold. Your opponent will briefly stop, making it easier to connect your Instant Kill.


Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy is the Ryu of the Guilty Gear universe...If Ryu could punch fire, live centuries, and turn into a dragon-like creature capable of rending the world asunder. But seriously, he's got a well-rounded moveset that can be useful in just about any situation. He also has some ridiculous damage output; the Dragon Install version of his Volcanic Viper is not something you want to take head-on. If he has any weakness, it's his somewhat lacking ranged game; if you're skilled at keeping opponents at a distance, you can pick him apart pretty easily. Also, his combo mix-ups are relatively simple compared to Chipp or Ramlethal; if you know what's coming, it's pretty easy to defend against. Also, don't just throw out Dragon Install without a plan; it makes Sol much more powerful for a few seconds, but he'll burn out his Tension and leave himself completely wide open for full second afterwards. But when your moves hit like a truck without using Tension, the fight might be over before it matters. If you're new to the game, give Sol a try to get used to the combat mechanics, but keep exploring the other characters.

Move NameKeypad Motion
Gunflame236 + P
Gunflame (Feint)214 + P
Volcanic Viper6236 + S Or HS (Mid-air OK.)
Knockdown214 + K during Volcanic Viper
Bandit Revolver236 + K (Mid-air OK.)
Bandit Bringer236 + K (Hold)
Break214 + K in mid-air
Wild Throw6236 + K near opponent
Riot Stamp214 + K
Ground Viper214 + S (Repeatedly press Forward, Back, and various attack buttons to increase number of hits.)
Fafnir41236 + HS
P.B.B.6236 + K in midair. (Can only be performed during Dragon Install.)
Overdrive: Tyrant Rave ver.Beta632146 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension)
Overdrive: Dragon Install214214 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension. Mid-air OK.)
Instant Kill: Branding Breach236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.

Ky Kiske

Ky's longstanding rivalry with Sol is reflected in his moveset. He's also a versatile character with moves for just about any situation, but his attacks aren't quite as powerful and are a bit more ranged. While his sword has a surprisingly long reach, much of his strategy uses it in tandem with projectiles. In Xrd, he now has the ability to summon Grinders, which enhance his normal projectiles and allow him to set up more damaging combos. Try comparing his regular Stun Edge to one powered up via Durandal Call, and you'll see the effects immediately. Oh, and notice his new hair style? You can see those beautiful locks come loose by knocking Ky down enough times or hitting him with an Instant Kill during a match.

Move NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal 16 + K
Command Normal 23 + HS
Stun Edge236 + S
Stun Edge Charge Attack236 + HS
Aerial Stun Edge236 + S or HS in mid-air
Stun Dipper236 + K
Greed Sever214 + K
Vapor Thrust6236 + S or HS (Air OK.)
Split Ciel236 + D Generates a Grinder.
Durandal CallGenerate a Grinder using Standing D or Aerial D. Projectiles fired through the Grinders will be enhanced.
Overdrive: Ride the Lightning632146 + HS (Air OK) (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Sacred Edge236236 + P (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Instant Kill: Rising Force236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.


May's back and more adorable than ever. She's also deadly in the right hands; her moveset focuses on having complete control over the area between herself and the opponent. If executed well, her summoned dolphins and beach balls can ravage mid-range attackers and keep the pressure going. If you can get past her army of sea animals, however, you'll find her defensive options are somewhat lacking.

Move NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal 16 + K
Command Normal 23 + K
Command Normal 32 + HS in mid-air.
Mr. Dolphin Horizontal4 (Hold) 6 + S or HS
Mr. Dolphin Vertical2 (Hold) 8 + S or HS
Overhead Kiss632146 + K close to opponent.
Applause For The Victim41236 + P or K or S or HS (If May touches the dolphin in mid-air, she will ride it. Adjust the timing of the dolphin's appearance by holding the attack button down.)
Don't Miss It214 P or K (While in mid-air and close to the ball, jump off the ball by pressing 2)
Ensenga?41236 + HS in mid-air.
Overdrive: Great Yamada Attack236236 + S (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Ultimate Whiner63214 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind63214 + S (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Deluxe Goshogawara BomberP during Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind
Instant Kill: And Then She Said...Farewell!236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.

Millia Rage

Millia is also back, and she's deadlier than ever. She has some of the best mobility in the game - her running and airdashing speed are superb - and her offensive options give her some impressive rushdown combos. Her Forward Roll is great for faking out and punishing unwary opponents. However, her defense is abysmal, and her overall damage output is pretty low. Millia players need to keep the pace of the match fast, lest a savvy opponent take them out just as quickly.

Move NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal6 + K
Bad Moon236 + P in mid-air
Turbo Fall236 + K in mid-air
Tandem Top236 + S or HS
Lust Shaker214 + S (Or press S repeatedly.)
Iron Savior214 + P
Forward Roll214 + K
Forward Roll AgainK during Forward Roll
Lust Shaker (Follow-up)S during Forward Roll
DigitalisHS during Forward Roll
Silent Force214 + S in mid-air (Press 2 over where the knife is stuck in the ground to recover it and perform the attack again.)
Secret Garden214 + HS (Can input any direction + HS to specify up to 4 trajectories.)
Overdrive: Winger21441236 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Emerald Rain236236 + S (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Chroming Rose214214 + S (While surrounded by light, flowers will bloom in Millia's wake after she moves.) (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Instant Kill: Iron Maiden236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.


Venom has one of the most unorthodox designs in any fighting game. He has the ability to summon billiard balls and set them up onscreen in complex formations. He can launch them at different angles and velocities, allowing him utter dominance over a mid to long-range match. His close-range game is surprisingly strong, too; if you can keep the pressure up with his projectiles and pool cue combos, you can crush unwary opponents easily. That being said, you need to know how his billiard balls setups work; if you don't spend some time learning the formations, you won't hit anything. Also, keep an eye on his health. Unlike his versatile offensive game, his defenses leave much to be desired.

Move NameKeypad Motion
Generate Ball214 + P or K or S or HS (Air OK.)
TeleportHold attack button during Generate Ball.
Teleport6236 + K (When the newest ball is in place, you will teleport to that location.)
Stinger Aim4 (Hold) 6 + S or HS (Can be held.)
Carcass Raid2 (Hold) 8 + S or HS
Double Head Morbid6236 S or HS
QV41236 + P or K or S or HS (Can be held.)
Mad Struggle236 + S or HS in mid-air
Overdrive: Dark Angel23663214 + S (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Red Hail236236 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Bishop Runout23663214 + HS (The attack's properties change depending on how many balls are absorbed.) (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Instant Kill: Giga Machina System236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.

Chipp Zanuff

Much like his previous iteratons, Chipp is all about speed. His combos are fast, varied, and can utterly overwhelm opponents who aren't well-versed in defensive strategies. Thanks to his ability to climb on walls and link his attacks quickly, it's easy to keep opponents off-balance and guessing. He can even triple jump, something no other character can do. However, he's also retained his infamously weak defenses; it doesn't take many hits to KO him. Since nearly all of his attacks are short-ranged, it's possible to keep at a distance and pick away at his health bar. Side note: Chipp is canonically the president of his own country now! Got to give him points for tenacity.

Move NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal 1 6 + KRekusai236 + S during ResshouGenrou Zan (Wall Version) S during Wall Climb. (Performs a throw attack that picks opponents up from the ground.)
Command Normal 2 2 + K in mid-airSenshuu236 + K during Rekusai (Can also be perfomed directly after Resshou.)Genyou Zan (Wall Version) HS during Wall Climb. (Performs a throw attack that grabs opponents in mid-air.)
Alpha Blade 236 + P (Air OK.)Shuriken 214 + P in mid-airOverdrive: Zansei Rouga 2146 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Alpha Plus HS during Alpha BladeShinkirou 6236 + HS (Can also be perfomed directly after Resshou and after Rekusai. )Overdrive: Ryuu Yanagi 214214 + K in mid-air (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Beta Blade 6236 + S (Air OK.)Wall Climb 64 at the edge of the screen.Overdrive: Banki Messai236236 + K (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Gamma Blade 41236 + HSMove Up/Down 2 or 8 during Wall Climb.Instant Kill: Raisetsudan 236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.
Genrou Zan 63214 + SMove Horizontally 3 or 6 or 9 during Wall Climb.
Tsuyoshi-shiki Meisei 214 + KJump Down 4 during Wall Climb.
Tsuyoshi-shiki Ten'l 22 + P or K or S or HSAlpha Blade (Wall Version) P during Wall Climb.
Resshou 236 + SKunai (Wall Version) K during Wall Climb.


Potemkin is back as Arc System Works' quintessential grappler. His signature Potemkin Buster command throw is still quite impressive; any close-ranged fighter needs to think twice before running in blindly. Playing as him requires at least a working understanding of how the blocking and other defensive mechanics work. If an opponent makes a mistake, Potemkin can punish it severely. Especially against aerial opponents. However, he can't dash or air dash; you're going to be relying on his Hammer Fall to get around. He may be slow, but a little patience - and a lot of power - goes a long way.

Move NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal6 + KF.D.B.63214 + S
Heat Knuckle6236 + HSPotemkin Buster632146 + P near opponent
Heat Extend63214 + HS during Heat KnuckleTrishula63214 + K
Mega Fist (Forward)236 + PI.C.P.M.41236 + HS in mid-air
Mega Fist (Backward)214 + POverdrive: Heavenly Potemkin Buster236236 + S (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Slide Head236 + SOverdrive: Giganter Kai632146 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Hammer Fall4 (Hold) 6 + HSOverdrive: Gigantic Bullet Kai4123641236 + P during Giganter Kai (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Hammer FallP during Hammer FallInstant Kill: Infernal Tour236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.

Axl Low

Meanwhile, Axl is on the opposite end of the strategy spectrum. He relies on the ridiculously long reach of his sickles, which can wreck anyone who relies solely on close-ranged combat. The Sparrowhawk Stance is particularly dangerous in the right hands. Getting in close with someone like Slayer or Chipp requires an understanding of how Axl's attacks work in terms of angle and speed. His close-range game isn't nearly as impressive; unless you're good at reading opponents and using his countermoves, you're going to be scrambling for distance.

Move NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal 13 + PHeaven Can Wait (Low)214 + K (Counters opponent's low attack.)
Command Normal 26 + KAxl Bomber6236 + HS in mid-air
Command Normal 36 + P in mid-airSparrowhawk Stance63214 + HS (Can perform up to 6 attacks before stance ends.)
Sickle Flash4 (Hold) 6 + SHighP during Sparrowhawk Stance
Melody Chain8 or 9 during Sickle FlashMiddleK during Sparrowhawk Stance
Spinning Chain Strike2 or 3 during Sickle FlashLowS during Sparrowhawk Stance
Artemis Hunter6236 + SCancelHS during Sparrowhawk Stance
Thunder Shadow Chain63214 + SSickle Storm23663214 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Spindle Spinner4 (Hold) 6 + HSShark Strike214214 + S (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Heaven Can Wait (High)214 + P (Counters opponent's non-low attack.)Instant Kill: Amphora Conflagration236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.


...Oh, boy. Faust may look and act crazy, but there's a method to his madness. He has some ridiculously good ranged attacks (the Thrust can reach almost across the entire screen), and can keep opponents guessing via spacing, stance changes, and random items. Of course, that randomness can keep you guessing, too. His From the Front/Behind/Above moves are easy to block, so be sure to follow it up with something more useful. His air game is pretty impressive as well. If you want a good laugh, try landing his Kancho. You won't be disappointed.

Move NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad Motion
Command Movement1 or 3From the Front214 + PBackward Movement4 + 4 during Spear Point Centripetal Dance
Command Normal2 + K in mid-airFrom Behind214 + KShort Hop9 during Spear Point Centripetal Dance
Re-re-re Thrust41236 + KFrom Above214 + SDoctor-Copter8 during Spear Point Centripetal Dance
Pull Back4 during Re-re-re ThrustSpear Point Centripetal Dance236 + SCancel2 during Spear Point Centripetal Dance
Hello!236 + P during Pull BackJust A Taste!P during Spear Point Centripetal DanceLove236 + P in mid-air.
Can't Hear You!236 + P during Hello!Growing FlowerK during Spear Point Centripetal Dance (Can be held.)Overdrive: Stimulating Fists of Annihilation (AKA The Kancho)236236 + S (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Hello Again!236 + P during Can't Hear You!See? I'm a Flower!S during Spear Point Centripetal Dance (Can be held.)Overdrive: Shuffle TimePress P or K or S or HS to switch cups during Stimulating Fists of Annihilation. Opponent chooses cup with 4 or 6. If they guess correctly, the Overdrive will backfire and damage you instead.
Hack 'n Slash214 + HSGoing My WayHS during Spear Point Centripetal DanceOverdrive: W-W-What Could This Be?236236 + P Tosses up random items with varying effects. (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Going My Way236 + HS in mid-air.What Could This Be?D during Spear Point Centripetal Dance (Tosses up a random item, with varying effects.)Instant Kill: This is...Me?236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.
What Could This Be?236 + P (Can be held.)Forward Movement6 + 6 during Spear Point Centripetal Dance


Yes, the boss character from XX is back! She's got some excellent combos and thrives on midair and cornering strategies. Stroke the Big Tree is an impressive staggering move in te corner. Chemical Love is pretty good at mid-range as well. However, her combos require much more effort and timing to execute properly; you're going to need to spend a lot of time practicing to get a handle on them. Also, be aware that her dash actually lifts her off the ground at a diagonal trajectory; if you make it far enough, you'll end up at the upper corner of the other screen. If you want to pick up I-No, be ready to put some serious work in.

Move NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal 13 during Dash
Antidepressant Scale214 + P (Change trajectory with 82.) (Air OK.)
Stroke the Big Tree41236 + S or HS
Sultry Performance236 + P or K or S or HS (Can be held.)
Chemical Love214 + K (Air OK.)
Chemical Love (Follow-Up)214 + S during Chemical Love (Air OK.)
Chemical Love (Vertical)214 + S (Air OK.)
Sterilization Method214 + HS near opponent (Air OK.)
Overdrive: Longing Desperation632146 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Ultimate Fortissimo23663214 + S in mid-air (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Instant Kill: Megalomania236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.


Want your close-range combat in style? Give Slayer a try. He thrives on the momentum of his Dandy Step, which lets him slide across the screen quickly and fluidly. It can be followed up by a decent assortment of specials, thus keeping opponents reeling and slow to recover. His new Helter Skelter hop is great against opponents expecting more conventional attacks. Be careful with that Pilebunker, though; it sends the target flying across the screen, so you better be ready to make up the distance quickly. However, be wary of defensive and long-ranged fighters; Slayer's strength comes from linking his attacks (they're pretty weak individually), so he's going to have trouble against anyone with decent blocking or countering strategies.

Move NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad Motion
Command Movement (Teleport)66 (Hold)It's LateS or HS during Under Pressure
Command Normal 16 + K (Can be held.)Helter SkelterHS during Dandy Step
Command Normal 22 + K in mid-airFootloose Journey214 + K in mid-air
Mappa Hunch236 + P or KUndertow632146 + P
Bloodsucking Universe63214 + HSOverdrive: Dead on Time632146 + S (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Dandy Step214 + P or KOverdrive: Eternal Wings236236 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
PilebunkerP during Dandy StepOverdrive: Straight-Down Dandy214214 + S in mid-air (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Crosswise HeelK during Dandy StepInstant Kill: All Dead236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.
Under PressureS during Dandy Step


Hey, look who's literally back from the dead! Zato retains his control over Eddie, which allows him to project shadow-like constructs across the screen. He's great for controlling space and overwhelming opponents with raw offensive power and options. Between the drill setups, shark summons, and superior mid-range combos, he's an absolute monster in the right hands...as long as he has Eddie. Once the meter runs out, Zato is left to his own, meager devices. His defense is particularly bad, making him the game's closest thing to a glass cannon. If you can endure his attacks long enough, you can destroy him pretty easily.

Move NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal6 + KShadow Puddle Eddie Summon214 + HS during Invite Hell. Cannot be used when the Eddie Gauge is at 0%.
Flight8 while jumpingBreak the Law214 + K (Slips underground; will move back or forward by continually holding K.)
Summon Eddie (Recall)236 + P or K or S or HS. Re-input to cancel. Cannot be used when the Eddie Gauge is at 0%.Damned Fang6236 + S near opponent
Small AttackRelease P while Eddie is active. Cannot be used when the Eddie Gauge is at 0%. Drunkard Shade214 + S (Generates shield that can reflect projectiles.)
Traversing AttackRelease K while Eddie is active. Cannot be used when the Eddie Gauge is at 0%. Shadow Gallery41236 + S in mid-air
Anti-air AttackRelease S while Eddie is active. Cannot be used when the Eddie Gauge is at 0%. Overdrive: Amorphous632146 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Shadow DiveRelease HS while Eddie is active. Cannot be used when the Eddie Gauge is at 0%. Overdrive: Executor236236 + S in mid-air (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Drill SpecialRelease D while Eddie is active. Cannot be used when the Eddie Gauge is at 0%. Overdrive: Great White632146 + HS while Eddie is active. Cannot be used when the Eddie Gauge is at 0%. (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Deadman's Hand63214 + D near opponent while Eddie is active. Cannot be used when the Eddie Gauge is at 0%. Instant Kill: Guzmania Magnifica236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.
Invite Hell66 + S or HS. A puddle is left behind in the spot where the drill appeared.

Ramlethal Valentine

Ramlethal is another character that relies on controlling space. She does this by equipping and deploying a pair of floating swords to attack at mid-range. The trick is keeping the opponents guessing and blocking long enough to follow it up with one of her many, many combos. Her Trance Overdrive is particularly devastating, even against blocking opponents. However, it takes some work to get the swords set up properly, and their attacks can seem a little slow and clunky compared to some of the fighters. Practice for a little while and see what you can come up with.

Move NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal 16 + KCombination FK P KFlama Cargo236 + K near opponent
Command Normal 23 + KCombination GK K KSildo Detruo214 + K (Air OK.)
Command Normal 33 or 6 or 9 + D in mid-airCombination HK K 4 + KCassius214 + P
Launch Greatsword6 + S or HS (Air OK.)Combination IK 4 + KOverdrive: Calvados632146 + HS with both Greatswords equipped (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Recover Greatsword4 + S or HS (Air OK.)Combination J2 + P P KOverdrive: Trance632146 + HS with both Greatswords deployed (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Combination AP P PCombination K2 + P KOverdrive: Explode23663214 + K (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Combination BP P KCombination L2 + K P PInstant Kill: Animo Estingi236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.
Combination CP KCombination M2 + K P K
Combination DP 4 + KCombination N2 + K K
Combination EK P PDaura6236 + P (Properties change if 3 and P are pressed simulatenously.)


Well, it just wouldn't be Guilty Gear without some insane character designs. Bedman uses his Deja Vu ability to duplicate special moves, thus making him lethal in terms of controlling space and overwhelming opponents. He can dash and backstep surprisingly fast, and his Task C is a force to be reckoned with. He's no slouch in the health department, either; it takes a lot of hits to bring him down. Without his Deja Vu to keep the pressure on, however, Bedman isn't quite so dangerous. If you can get through his offensive, you can turn the tables on him quickly.

Move NameKeypad Motion
Command Movement 11 or 3
Command Movement 28, then any direction in mid-air.
Command Normal1 or 2 or 3 + HS
Task A236 + P (Air OK.)
Deja Vu (Task A)214 + P during Task A
Task A'236 + K (Air OK.)
Deja Vu (Task A')214 + K during Task A'
Task B236 + S (Air OK.)
Deja Vu (Task B)214 + S during Task B
Task C236 + HS (Air OK.)
Deja Vu (Task C)214 + HS during Task C
Overdrive: Sinusoidal Helios632146 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Hemi Jack632146 + S (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Instant Kill: Theater Of Pain236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.

Sin Kiske

Much like his father, Sin uses lightning to boost his attacks. Unlike his father, Sin isn't quite a jack of all trades. He's best at mid-range, with solid, high-damage combos. Just try connecting a charged Beak Diver and you'll see for yourself. In order to use that raw power (and to stay anywhere near balanced), however, he needs calories. No, seriously. He has a calorie meter that depletes in along with his attacks. If you don't stop to feed him with Still Growing, he'll eventually get so hungry that he'll briefly stop fighting and leave himself wide open. The trick is learning how to manage the calories in tandem with his actions. Kind of like real life, but without the lightning.

Move NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal 13 + K
Command Normal 26 + HS in mid-air
Hawk Baker6236 + S (Consumes Calorie Gauge. When Calorie Gauge reaches 0%, recovery will take longer.)
Beak Diver236 + HS (Consumes Calorie Gauge. When Calorie Gauge reaches 0%, recovery will take longer.) (Can be held.)
I'm Sure I'll Hit SomethingPress HS repeatedly during Beak Diver (Consumes Calorie Gauge. When Calorie Gauge reaches 0%, recovery will take longer.)
Bull Bash214 + S (Consumes Calorie Gauge. When Calorie Gauge reaches 0%, recovery will take longer.)
Elk Hunt236 + K (Consumes Calorie Gauge. When Calorie Gauge reaches 0%, recovery will take longer.)
Leap214 + P or K
Still Growing214 + HS
Vulture Seize214 + S in mid-air (Consumes Calorie Gauge. When Calorie Gauge reaches 0%, recovery will take longer.)
Aerial Beak Diver236 + HS in mid-air (Consumes Calorie Gauge. When Calorie Gauge reaches 0%, recovery will take longer.)
Overdrive: R-T-L632146 + HS (Change trajectory up to two times with the designated direction + HS.) (Air OK.) (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Overdrive: Voltic Deign236236 + P (Air OK.) (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Instant Kill: Raiden236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.

Elphelt Valentine

The first of two DLC characters. Elphelt plays completely different than any of the other fighters. She takes the phrase "shotgun wedding" literally; she's looking for love, and can gun down anyone trying to get away from her. You have to manually aim and fire her gun, but the high damage payoff and mixups are worth it. Keep in mind that her grenade has an active hit box for the entirety of its throwing arc. Also be aware that she can't move in Ms. Confille stance, and can't jump in Ms. Travailler stance. As such, a lot her combos are dependent on which opponent you're facing and how well they fare against projectiles.

Move NameKeypad MotionMove NameKeypad Motion
Berry Pine236 + P (Air OK.)Roll (Ms. Travailler)K during Ms. Travailler
High Toss4 + P during Berry Pine (Air OK.)Launch (Ms. Travailler)S during Ms. Travailler
Low Toss2 + P during Berry PineFire (Ms. Travailler)HS during Ms. Travailler
Bridal Express(Air OK.)Reload (Ms. Travailler)46 + HS after firing Ms. Travailler
Aim Ms. Confille236 + S (Aim with onscreen cursor)CQC (Ms. Travailler)D during Ms. Travailler
Fire (Ms. Confille)P or K or S or HS during Ms. ConfilleCancel (Ms. Travailler)236 + HS during Ms. Travailler
Reload (Ms. Confille)46 + S after firing Ms. ConfilleOverdrive: Judge Better Half236236 + D (Damage increases when closer to opponent.) (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Cancel (Ms. Confille)D during Ms. ConfilleOverdrive: Genoverse632146 + HS (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Aim Ms. Travailler236 + HS (Unable to jump while aiming)Instant Kill: Magnum Wedding236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.
Poke (Ms. Travailler)P during Ms. Travailler

Leo Whitefang

The second DLC character. Leo's play style revolves around the Brynhildr Stance. It allows him to turn his back on his opponents, but still attack with more power and combos. It also lets him run past his opponents, resulting in some devastating guessing games. He can dish out tons of damage per hit, and can endure just as much as he gives. His Kahn Schild is one of the most impressive countermoves around. However, the Brynhildr Stance is the only thing he really has; he lacks any long range attacks, and his speed is pretty slow. If you're playing Leo, you'd better be ready to work to keep the momentum going.

Move Name

Keypad MotionMove NameKeypad Motion
Command Normal 16 + KBrynhildr StanceHS (Hold) or 6 + HS (Hold).
Command Normal 2Long-range S, then P (Blocks attacks that can normally be blocked while standing.)Kahn SchildD during Brynhildr Stance. (Reflects all attacks except throws. Will counter-attack at close range.)
Command Normal 3Standing HS, then P (Blocks attacks that can normally be blocked while standing.)Kaltes Gestober Dritt214 + S during Brynhildr Stance
Graviert Wurde4 (Hold) 6 + S or HSBlitzschlag214 + HS during Brynhildr Stance
Eisen Sturm2 (Hold) 8 + S or HSCancel66 during Brynhildr Stance
Kaltes Gestober Erst236 + SSiegesparade236 + HS in mid-air (If the attack connects, Leo will shift into Brynhildr Stance.)
Zweit (Follow-up)236 + HS after Kaltes Gestober Erst. (Slipping behind opponent will shift Leo into Brynhildr Stance.)Overdrive: Stahl Wirbel632146 + S during Brynhildr Stance (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Dritt (Follow-Up)214 + S after Zweit Overdrive: Leidenschaft Dirigent632146 + HS (Hold HS to shift into Brynhildr Stance.) (Consumes 50% Tension.)
Kaltes Gestober Zweit236 + HS (Slipping behind opponent will shift Leo into Brynhildr Stance.)Instant Kill: Windrad des Weltraum

236236 + HS in Instant Kill Stance.

Gameplay Modes



This is the most straightforward mode in the game. Choose a character, watch a brief animated intro, and fight through 8 computer opponents. The last fight is usually against a boss version of Ramlethal with a constantly-filling Tension Gauge. The AI is pretty easy to handle, as long as you remember to block and avoid her Overdrives; she likes spamming a certain Overdrive, but it has a pretty long start-up. If you can get behind her before the attack activates it, you'll avoid a ton of damage. She's also quite susceptible to Instant Kills. Using a character in Arcade Mode will unlock their respective intros in the gallery, and beating Arcade Mode will unlock their endings. Complete it with every character to earn a ton of bonus in-game cash.


Again, a straightfoward Versus Mode. Fighter either another player or the AI. If you don't want to go back to the character select screen after a fight, there's an option for an immediate rematch.


Okay, this is where things get complicated. M.O.M. (aka Medal of Millionaire) is a single-player gameplay mode than blends a traditional Survival Mode with RPG elements. Pretty much every Arc System Works fighting game has something akin to this, but Xrd is easily the most complex. After choosing your character, you're put on a massive grid made up of 210 hexagonal panels. Each panel represents a fight with an AI-controlled character. Also, each fight has certain criteria or effects in play, like enemies having low resistance to specific attacks, can't move in some ways, etc. The goal is to reach the panel marked with a star; completing that fight will go towards leveling up your character's class, unlocking more panels, and resetting the grid. When you win a fight, a treasure chest will appear onscreen. If you attack and break it open, you can take all the medals inside and spend them on items to boost your character's offensive capabilities. Any stat increases carry over the next fight. Careful, though; your opponents get drastically stronger the longer you go, and there are no Instant Kills available. However, you can use items by pressing the Taunt button. While the location of the starred panels are randomized every time, the order in which they are unlocked is not:

Character Class012345678910111213



Hey, did your eyes glaze over when you tried looking at all those gauges and technical terms for the first time? There's a lot of stuff to learn. The game's Tutorial has you covered, though. Framed - and narrated - as a training session between Sol and Sin, this mode explains every basic mechanic of the game one at a time. While you can tackle any tutorial you want, the game won't register as completed until you actually perform the mechanic in question. Completing the entire Tutorial will earn you a trophy, as well as some extra in-game cash for the Gallery.