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  1. I really enjoy the game "Ace Combat Infinity" , but I really don't know, if the game is available for PS4 , because I would not lose my accound ... all my planes and so on. I mean, if there is a possibility to use the same server from ps3 to PS4 . so you can play on PS4 with players on ps3 . You know? namely because all people will switch from the PS3 to PS4 in the near future and this would "Ace Combat Infinity" shut down ,
    I have read some of "Ace Combat 7" (just the name and that you can play it on PS4) is this similar to "Ace Combat infinity"? means the parts and the aircrafts and the research tree ? or rather the data from my accound on the PS3 ? means that if you transfer the data from ps3 to PS4? so that you dont lose the data u have on PS3. Is that possible?
    (my english may be bad)

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    DestiNyINDaHooD - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ace Combat Infinity is for PS3 only and you cannot transfer any Ace Combat Infinity data from the PS3 to the PS4. There is always the possibility that there will be a port available in the PS4 store someday but that has not been indicated or rumored and is very unlikely to happen. If it does happen one day, the possibility that game data from the PS3 can be ported to the PS4 is also very unlikely.

    Ace Combat 7 is entirely different form Ace Combat Infinity and is still in development for the PS4 only. Very little is known about the game, gameplay features or style but it is known that it will not be released before 2017. There is hope for an announcement sometime before the end of the year. There is a trailer but it does not contain game footage. It is officially rumored to support VR but that has not officially been confirmed. It is extremely unlikely, bordering on absolutely certain, that PS3 Ace Combat Infinity data will not transfer to Ace Combat 7 at all or in any way.

    User Info: TheGozerian

    TheGozerian - 2 years ago 0   0

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