Which aircraft to main?

  1. So right now I'm in the middle of the T-50 and Su-47 routes and I'm having trouble to choose which one to main?

    I'm trying to main 2 aircraft, 1 fighter and 1 attacker, I main level 5 Mig-21 and Level 5 Su-25, I'll advance in research soon so which planes do I get..

    Su-25 Frogfoot vs Su-24 Fencer D
    Su 34 Fullback vs Su 47 Berkut

    and the most hardest choice for me

    Su-33 vs Su-35 vs Su-37

    I'm generally aiming for a decent cheap to level plane.

    User Info: Rozelecon

    Rozelecon - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hello,

    This is just my opinion, okay? Since you're still starting, through your tree I suggest that you stick to one branch at a time. Because when you progress along the tree, you unlock planes and in turn, unlock new special weapons that will also eat your research.

    Between su-25 and su-24, I'd pick the multirole Fencer because of speed and of course the UGB, which are both essential to rack up some scores, level it until 4 and be on your way to unlock the next planes: Su-34 and su-47.

    The choice between su-34 and su-47 is quite tricky, although you'll see on the board that it's one of the most hated planes because of it has one of the easiest to use and strongest anti-ground weapon, plus it's got a lot of slots so you can do many parts combo with it. I have one but I only use it during Stonehenge. And of course, use Su-47 responsibly.

    Back to the su-34 and su-47, I say it's tricky because su-34 is like the high end of the attackers, its got good speed and maneuverability for an attacker and nice sp. weapons. Also remember, attackers get boost against ground/sea targets. I suggest this attacker 101% unless you want to grind f-2 or su-24mp to lv15 hahaha.

    Moving on to fighters now. While I don't dislike su-37 and su-33 (actually I love 'em canards) , I suggest the su-35 because of it's *ehem* 6aam which is really good in co-op (you'll be the envy of f-22s and t-50s if mastered). While some say QAAMs are just standard missiles, for me it's a good pvp weapon too(it's really how you know your stuff, yeah?).

    I was about to recommend the typhoon, but since you're pretty far in those branches, those are the best choice in my opinion.

    User Info: Prinniev

    Prinniev - 4 years ago 0   0

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