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Street Fighter Plot Guide by vasili10

Version: 5.u | Updated: 08/18/2014
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The Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide Ver. 5.u

Plot guide of all games that officially exist within the canon Street
Fighter storyline, and how they fit into what has been officially confirmed
as canon by Capcom of Japan.  This FAQ was maintained by Tiamat, and now by
vasili10.  Please do not post it on other sites without permission, or claim
credit for writing it, unless you're one of the people in the credits section
of course. Credit is given to many of the people listed in the Special Thanks
section, many of whom provided MUCH of the info that led this FAQ.

If you're having trouble getting the guide to fully load, I find that
clearing your temporary Internet files and then trying again sometimes

The latest version of this guide can always be found on gamefaqs.com, where
updates are submitted as progress continues.  Thus check Gamefaqs before
anywhere else as it's the only place guaranteed to have the newest version
of the guide, via the following URL: 

Disclaimer:  As of this writing, vasili10 is not an employee of Capcom nor
has he ever been one. Nor is he the one in charge of Street Fighter's
storyline at Capcom HQ.  The ramifications behind this and the guide should
be self-explanatory.

Slight language warning.  This guide contains exerpts from various
official statements, some of which have a little amount of profanity in
them.  I don't think even the Final Fight Streetwise statements get THAT
gratuitous, though.  About the worst that comes about is an older exerpt
for M. Bison, and that's marked away with asterisks.

This FAQ uses the original Japanese naming convention, with overseas
names being secondary.  Regarding the majority of information it takes
into consideration, it goes by the original pre-localized authentic history
as revealed by Capcom Japan.  "Authentic history" or "seishi" in Japanese
is what is considered the equivalent of the term "canon."

With the previous paragraph taken into account, the guide when using the term
"Capcom" (by itself, no "of" or region name attached to the end) is understood
to refer to Capcom Japan aka CJ aka the parent corporation responsible for
producing SF universe material prior to any localization actions.  Capcom's
American branch shall always be noted as such (Capcom of America, Capcom USA,
CUSA and so forth), and due to English being the primary text base for other
regions of the world, outside Japan, including Europe, Latin America, and the
rest of Asia, all non-Japanese nomenclature references are herein dubbed as
simply "overseas" references.

What you will not find within this guide is a comprehensive list of
differences from the overseas English-text based games and sources as
compared to the original Japanese (that would take a whole other FAQ which
would end up being around as big as this one).  The guide's priority isn't
doing that nor is it to badmouth localized results, but to provide what's
correct, first and foremost, in accordance with the seishi creators.  If
readers would like to know more of how the sources and games themselves differ
from English text to Japanese and vice versa, the maintainer welcomes
questions, concerns and comments through his contact info listed at the end
of this document, and will do his best to respond accordingly.


SFZ1 = Street Fighter Zero
SFZ2 = Street Fighter Zero 2.  SFZ2's storyline expands and overrides SFZ1.
Capcom has stated as such.
SFZ3 = Street Fighter Zero 3
SF1 = Street Fighter 1
SF2 = Street Fighter 2 and all its versions.  Note that the latest version
of SF2 (currently Super Street Fighter 2 X Revival) released by Capcom
overrides all previous ones.
2I = Street Fighter 3 Second Impact.  It expands and overrides Street
Fighter 3 New Generation.
3S = Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.
FF1 = Final Fight 1
FF2 = Final Fight 2
FFT = Final Fight Tough
FFSW = Final Fight Streetwise
MB = Muscle Bomber
SMB = Super Muscle Bomber
VSS = the commonly known "dolls" but more appropriately titled the Vega SS,
the Vega Bodyguard Troops or the VSS for short throughout this guide (See the
Shadaloo miscellaneous section for the reasoning why)

Etc. etc. Etc.  I'll probably use more acronyms but you should be able to
figure them out.


(use the Find feature Ctrl+F and plug in the page number then hit
enter a few times or whatever to instantly warp to the listed page)

    pgI.  Revision History

    pgII.  Introduction and Opening Statement

    pgIII.  Timeline and Canon Games

    pgIV. Quickie Game Summaries  (Ctrl+F the page number to find that game)
       pgIVMBSMB.  Muscle Bomber & Super Muscle Bomber
       pgIVSF1.  Street Fighter 1
       pgIVFF1.  Final Fight 1 (Final Fight One)
       pgIVSFZ1.  Street Fighter Zero 1
       pgIVSFZ2.  Street Fighter Zero 2
       pgIVFF2.  Final Fight 2
       pgIVSFZ3.  Street Fighter Zero 3 (latest version being Street Fighter
                  Zero 3 Double Upper)
       pgIVFFT.  Final Fight Tough
       pgIVSF2.  Street Fighter 2 (Super Street Fighter 2 X Revival)
       pgIVSF4.  Street Fighter 4
       pgIVSSF4. Super Street Fighter 4 (including AE and Ultra)
       pgIVSF3.  Street Fighter 3 New Generation/Second Impact
       pgIVSF3TS.  Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
       pgIVFFSW.  Final Fight Streetwise

    pgV.A-Z Major Characters List (Ctrl+F the page number to find that char)

    pgVI.  Antagonistic Organizations (plus Metro City for FFSW purposes)
       pgVIHMKS.  (placeholder for the Secret Society aka Himitsu Kessha)

    pgVII.  Miscellaneous Questions

    pgVIII.  Credits and Special Thanks and Author Contact Info


pgI.  Revision History

- Version 5.u additions:

Ultra info included and updated, plus more tidying and sprucing.

- Version 5.ae additions:

AE info included and updated, plus some more usual cleaning and bookkeeping.

- Version 5.0 additions:

SSF4 coverage completed with the exception of any additional AE info, more
bookkeeping as needed and noted.  Construction sign on top finally lifted.

- Version 4.9 additions:

SF3 coverage completed, plus a few more bits of SSF4, and still more of the
usual bookkeeping.

- Version 4.8 additions:

SFZ3 and entire Zero series plus SF2 coverage completed, a few more bits of
SSF4 included, and as always more bookkeeping.

- Version 4.7 additions:

SF4 coverage completed, started on touching up Z3 battle summaries, Z3 updates
to most of Z1's original 13-face cast, starting on preliminary SF4 rival battle
summaries, tiny peeks at upcoming SSF4, and MUCH more bookkeeping n' stuff as

- Version 4.6 additions:

New SF4 character sections, Zero 2 battle summaries touched up, at least a
little update for each SF2 and SFZ2 face as well as for Cody, Karin, and
R. Mika, more bookkeeping here and there, like stated below, just stuff.

- Version 4.5 additions:

Maki isn't in love with Guy (far as we know, anyways).  Misinterpreted the
translation on that.

Makoto's grandfather is still alive (you can see her brother and grandfather
in her ending.  Her grandpa's holding a photo of Masaru, Makoto's late father).
The old man has tears in his eyes that the dojo can go on.

....Just stuff.  Updating this guide takes long enough without listing
all the revisions.  On that note, Tiamat's removed previous revisions (but
has them archived on his computer) because they were taking up too much


pgII.  Introduction and Opening Statement

    The purpose of this FAQ is to give a coherent presentation of
the storyline of Capcom's Street Fighter series, and all the many games
that tie into it.  This FAQ relies on official statements and confirmations
from stuff that is canon, as well as using info from the games to determine
stuff that is PROBABLY part of the official canon storyline.  If I don't
have a complete 100% assurance, even if it's only a slight bit of doubt on
a bit of info, that bit of info shall be marked as such.

Canon, for the purpose of this guide, is what is known as authentic history.
Over the 20+ years of the saga's history, Capcom Japan has leaked piles upon
piles of information about the SF universe which serve as the threads that
bind the saga's chapters together, and unfortunately Capcom's overseas branches
have often compromised these threads in both amount and genuinity.  Contrary
to what many people might think, more often than not, Capcom does take into
account what's been previously written.  As a result, flat-out rewrites are
relatively few, and are pushed aside in favor of fleshing out or simply
filling in previous blanks.  Retcons or rewrites are usually placed on a
last-resort basis, when there's no possibility for two or more elements to
co-exist, in which the newer elements thoroughly replace the old.  Hence, even
accounts for a game like SFZ1 hold true as long as they don't conflict with
anything written or stated later on.  Finally, nothing is retconned out of
existence simply because it's been forgotten or ignored.  Ignorance fails to
equal denial.  Even though you don't read or hear about them much, minor
characters such as Ojou-san, Mr. Marik of Shadaloo and Honda's brother still
exist within the SF universe.

SF canon has come about in two ways: either Capcom directly produces it and
releases it publicly (usually through sourcebooks, magazines, guides, or
interviews), or Capcom's inspired by selected elements within various media
materials (most notably the SF2 Animated Movie and selected mangas produced
by Nakahira Masahiko-sensei) and incorporates them into their established
authentic history.  One point to note, is that for canon established by Capcom's
inspiration, the material as a whole is never established as canon, only bits
and pieces of it are.  Hence for example, Kanzuki Karin is a member of the SF
universe, but the manga she came from, Sakura Ganbaru!, still stands alone from
the SF saga's continuity.  A final note on this, Udon has yet to inspire
Capcom with any elements of its comics as opposed to Nakahira-sensei's manga
which continues to do so as recently as with SF4 and SSF4 alike.

Nonetheless, Capcom has been known to retroactively change their storylines and
established canon.  Due to this, if you see something in an older game and
there's a new version of it in a newer game that obviously conflicts, take the
new version and forget the old.  This FAQ goes by the latest, most up-to-date
version of the storyline which is the currently authentic one, and it shall
continue to try to keep up to date.  However, I shall try to mention times when
Capcom has retroactively changed already-established parts of the storyline.

Capcom's also not without a sense of humor as well, even within their own
publications.  Fortunately most cases such as these will have them stating
things like "this page is all a lie!", especially for their flyers illustrating
what seem to be genuine facts, but are written in tabloid formats, complete
with impossible street dates like June 66 or Feb. 31.

THAT OFFICIALLY ARE PART OF THE CANON.  Not anymore anyway.  One exception to
this was a short SF1 manga released by Capcom itself.  It's been null and void
since the Zero series was released.  With the most recent additions to the saga
from SF4 and SSF4 with its AE and Ultra exapansions, only the animated openings
and endings qualify for seishi status at this point.  Excluded are the four
promotion trailers featuring Ryu, Chun-Li, Sakura, and C. Viper respectively,
as well as the new anime Newly Become Bonds aka The Ties That Bind.  SSF4's
XBOX360-exclusive original animation featuring Juri is also currently excluded
from seishi status.

Of course, even then, you have to remember that a significant amount of
endings in the games don't happen.  This is usually true for all fighting
game series. There are many endings that are just filler because the company
couldn't think of anything else, while there are many that can probably be
assumed to be canon depending on what happens in them and many more which
the company has stated actually did officially happen, whether it was
certain bits and pieces or in their entirety.  The most significant example
of such cases was the multitudes of outcomes in Street Fighter Zero 3.

The SF Eternal translated version is influenced by Capcom of America
(Confirmed by Erik Ko of Studio Udon).  So expect Vega to be M. Bison,
M. Bison to be Balrog, and Balrog to be Vega, ansatsuken to be Shotokan
(since that's what Udon had to use for the comic), and more.  The recently
released Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia is a hodgepodge of seishi,
overseas bits, and Udon's own input (as if the overseas editions of the games
themselves weren't divergent enough), making it a SF reference book according
to Udon first and foremost, despite any and all claims that it's any kind of
authoritative source in accordance with Capcom Japan's seishi.


pgIII.  Timeline and Canon Games

    This is the order that the games within the Street Fighter plot's
universe takes place.  The majority of these dates are official statements.

    Muscle Bomber/Duo (1981, probably, going by Haggar's age)

    Super Muscle Bomber (1982, probably.  Ditto)

    Street Fighter & Final Fight 1 (1987.  FF1 stated to take place after SF1.)

Final Fight 2/Street Fighter Zero 1&2 (late 1987 thru early 1989: Guy wasn't
in FF2 because he was training, FF2 took place 1 year after FF1)

    Street Fighter Zero 3 (1989 thru early 1990.  Double Upper is the latest
version, Cammy ages from 15 to 16 by the time the psycho drive's destroyed)

    Final Fight Tough (1991 is most likely)

    Street Fighter 2 (1993.  X Revival is the latest version)

    Street Fighter 4 (1994, one year after SF2)

    Super Street Fighter 4 (late 1994 to early 1995, Ultra SF4 is the latest

    Street Fighter 3 New Generation and SF3 Second Impact (1998.  Second
Impact replaces and expands on New Generation)

    Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (1999.  This is SF3's epilogue)

    Final Fight Streetwise (2006 going by release date.  Lots of evidence
that it takes place waaaaaay after Final Fight 1, and the urban culture is
likely intended to be based around this date as well.)


    About Muscle Bomber's place in the timeline:  Annoyingly,
Haggar being 'ex-mayor' during those games was made up by Capcom
of USA, if even that much.  All About Capcom states that Haggar was in the
middle of elections during Muscle Bomber.  Heck, even Haggar's profile in the
Super Nintendo Final Fight 1 instruction book for the US states that he
left wrestling to become the mayor.  As for Hugo's Street Fighter 3 Second
Impact ending with the CWA, those are definitely just joke endings
that never happened (he doesn't have any tag team partners in Third Strike
nor does his Third Strike storyline indicate that his endings could have
happened in any way) and not meant to be taken seriously.  Haggar's
appearance as a wrestler in those endings is most likely just an Easter
egg.  If they aren't just Easter eggs, that's fine too and doesn't
contradict because it's wholly possible that Haggar has decided to go back
to wrestling since then because his tenure as mayor ended two years after
SFZ3 according to All About Capcom.  Capcom hasn't stated it either way
though (though I myself am pretty sure it's just Easter egg appearances).
Even with that, however, the Muscle Bomber games themselves definitely took
place before Final Fight 1 as stated by All About Capcom.

    Streetwise has an election poster in Haggar's gym that places Haggar's
elections (and thus SMB) at 1982.  Other sources say Haggar was
elected 5 years before Final Fight One, which, if you go by FF1's retconned
date of 1987, is 1982 as well.

    Oh, and Haggar being "newly elected mayor of Metro City" in Final Fight
was something Capcom of America added.  He's just "mayor of Metro City" in
the Japanese version.


About the Private Justice Academy/Rival Schools Series

    Due to Sakura having been redesigned for the series with a different
blood type than in the Zero series, not to mention the game's prologue listing
it taking place in 199X, the series has no place within the SF universe, if
it ever did at any point.  With respect to Sakura, since her ending has her
yet to meet with Ryu after her initial glimpse of "that person" with the
white headband, the series is treated as the following what-if: after seeing
Ryu initially, Sakura went on to Tamagawa High School and became friends with
Hinata and Natsu, rather than Kei and later Karin.


About when Capcom decided to have Final Fight take place within the SF

    Contrary to what some believe, it was NOT Street Fighter Zero that
made Final Fight part of the Street Fighter universe and canon.  Final
Fight has officially existed within the Street Fighter canon storyline
universe as early as when Street Fighter 2 was first released, and possibly
earlier than that, due to the game initially billed as Street Fighter '89.
Guile's and Bay Area's dogs were declared to be pals within the storyline
ever since Street Fighter 2 existed.  It was just that the Zero series had
the first Street Fighter games with Final Fight characters directly involved,
but the Final Fight series still officially existed within the Street Fighter
universe before Zero was made.


    Why does Final Fight 1's intro state it took place sometime during 1989?
Capcom went by the release date for Final Fight's date of occurrence.  They
would do this with Final Fight 2 later on.

    Before Zero 2 came out, the SF universe timeline went according to game
release dates for games prior to SFZ. SF1 happened in 1987, FF happened in
1989, SFZ events went clear into 1990 where Z3 is today, and SF2 in 1991.
Entering into SFZ, Guy is already proclaimed the 39th bushinryu master, so
he's already had his fight to the death with Zeku; aka the game's not about
his training to become the 39th, he already is, just like if you enter SFZ3
as him. The real-time year in the real world was 1995 at this time.

Next real-time year 1996, SFZ2 comes out. Now Capcom decided to have Guy still
training to become the 39th, and he meets Zeku at the end of the game, Guy's
ending, to then engage the fight to the death. Back to the SF universe
timeline: with Zero 2 events beginning in late 1987-early 1988, now FF is
backed up to 1987 because both FF and SF1 still occur prior to SFZ2 as
before with SFZ, and consequently FF2 backs up to where SFZ2 is as well, to
account for Guy's absence in FF2.

    Street Fighter's dates take priority over Final Fight's due to FF being
the subset of the larger SF universe.

    Final Fight Streetwise's election date of 1982 for Haggar places
Final Fight One at the year 1987, anyways (official statements are that
he became mayor 5 years before Final Fight One.  Also, his official
ages for Final Fight One and Super Muscle Bomber are 5 years apart, and he
was in elections during the Muscle Bomber series.)

Although Capcom of Japan had initially set as equally official birthdates
and ages for the Final Fight cast, they may have eventually veered towards
the latter. For Haggar in AAC, his FF1 profile is listed minus his birthdate
and age (same for Guy & Cody), but he's declared to be 41 years old in Super
Muscle Bomber.
Also, even though Guy's Z3 game intro doesn't mention Metro City's peaceful
due to Mad Gear's defeat, Haggar's AAC Z3 entry does; it calls him the one
who crushed Mad Gear one year previous, and as Zero 3 opens, due to Shadaloo's
doing, Metro City begins to experience unrest yet again.  The unrest may be
including Cody's jailbreak. Whether Shadoloo's operatives include the Skull
Cross Gang or some other unnamed group or individuals is not known for sure.

Haggar has a Z3 entry in AAC; it's where we learn that his term will end two
years later. It's assumed that because it doesn't mention Cody or Guy, it
refers to the final Mad Gear crush during FF2 and the scattered remnants in
Metro City during SFZ2, in which Cody and Guy didn't partake.


    Some bios are unlockable for Final Fight characters in Capcom
Classics Collection.  This is relevant to Poison being a guy (finally stated
in English). Here's what the translator David Sirlin said about their

"We did not touch any of the text for the character bios. It was written
(or maybe gotten from old archives) by Capcom. It took a long time for
Capcom to even give us text because they needed a bunch of approvals for
it, probably from Capcom Japan. So it's pretty accurate, but you never
know when a company is rewriting history with their story. Bottom line,
it's a pretty trustworthy source, but you never know. --Sirlin."


About Final Fight Revenge.

Final Fight Revenge was made by Capcom USA before it obtained the rights to
SF, and thus has no ties to the authentic SF universe.


About Final Fight Streetwise.

    Made by the same team as Final Fight Revenge. This time, the team had
"free reign", although Capcom of Japan still had final word, thus the new
material it introduced is authentic, not that it significantly matters since
it takes place considerably long after any other canonized game in the saga.
Capcom of America owned the Street Fighter License by this time, and
shortly after FF:SW was released, the American Studio that developed it
(and Maximo), Capcom Studio 8, was closed down.

    R.I.P., Final Fight.  Your end came much later than the Private Justice
Academy series and didn't have as blatantly open a plot left (ditto for
Darkstalkers, come to think about it), but it also ended on what many will see
as a much more sour note.

    For what it's worth, some press releases etc. began with "taking
place within the Final Fight universe" for Final Fight Streetwise.


About Captain Commando.

It's uncertain if CC ties into Final Fight and the SF universe through Sho a
distant successor to bushinryu ninpou, and the game's 2026 setting in Metro
City IF such evidence can be tracked down anywhere.


Any other games/series/movies/anime that are canon within the Street
Fighter universe?

    Not at this time.  This includes SF4 Newly Become Bonds/The Ties That Bind
and the four original anime trailers for SF4 featuring Ryu, Chun-Li, Sakura,
and C. Viper chronologically, as well as the XBOX360-exclusive Juri anime.


About VS crossover games (X-Men VS Street Fighter, for example).

    A not overly important but still notable side note: While the plots of
the VS games are all what-if, generally the characterizations (IE,
personalities) within them usually aren't for the most part.  Generally
speaking, Capcom apparently uses the VS games to show character traits that
are official, even if the storylines aren't. Sometimes they'll go back on
it, but it only happens VERY rarely (Cammy in X-Men vs Street Fighter is
the only big one that I can think of where a character in a VS game truly
acts OOC, and that's because that game came out before Capcom had fully
fleshed out where they wanted to go with Shadaloo Cammy, it seems).  Though
also bear in mind that these characterizations are generally meant to
REINFORCE character traits from the canon, not NEWLY ESTABLISH new ones
(again, the Cammy example failed to establish Cammy's personality).  This
doesn't seem to really apply to Pocket Fighter that much, but that's
because Pocket Fighter is a joke up-beat goof-off type of game, so of
course character personalities will be made to be a bit more light-hearted
and such than usual.

    Character endings in VS games may offer clues onto what endings
actually happened in the canon games, as well, and where characters may
be after their tenure in the canon has generally ended.  Ditto for
character quotes.  However, any material within crossover titles is subject
to question if it stands alone without any support from canonical titles
and the like.


    There has yet to be an officially endorsed manga or anime storyline for
Street Fighter, also, so you can't take any of those for canon (This
includes the SFZ animes, the SF2 animated movie even though that officially
was what inspired the SFZ series, Sakura Ganbaru! even though that
officially inspired quite a few things in SFZ3, the oh so wonderful
perfection piece of art known as the SF2 Live Action Movie, etc).  Please
officially endorsed storyline info for Street Fighter is from sources that
got their information directly from Capcom, or from Capcom itself.  All About
Capcom is the most well-known and biggest of these.  Note that overseas
official strategy guides generally don't get their storyline info directly
from the company (their purpose is game strategies, not game storylines) so
they don't really count either. There is evidence however, that the creator
of Sakura Ganbaru! worked very closely with Capcom during SFZ3's development
to the point where he used lots of stuff that's canon for the manga, and
Capcom decided to make lots (but definitely not all) of the stuff from that
manga to be canon.  Of course, since the creator of Sakura Ganbaru! is also
Karin's creator, much of what he created for her typically ends up being canon
for her in the canon storyline as well.  Ditto for certain bits of Ryu Final
as revealed in the accounts of SF4.

    These mangas and animes have their own alternate universes that they
follow. The alternate universality becomes quite apparent in many cases.

With SF4, the 25 animated opening and ending clips found in the console
versions of the game are the only SF anime which currently qualify for
seishi status.  The openings are more likely to be regarded as canon than
the endings of course.  More on these with each SF4 character's section.
Ditto for SSF4AE but with 39 pairs of clips, and Ultra with 44 pairs.


    The Street Fighter comic is not canon to the authentic history compiled
in this guide. Udon employees even said so. The storyline is checked over
by Capcom of Japan and approved, but that doesn't mean it's canon.  It just
means that Capcom of Japan wants to make sure Udon isn't butchering their
characters etc etc.  It's a good comic, though, I feel, and there are many
details in it where Udon (the comic's creators) ask for details from Capcom
regarding various things.

    The creators and writers are more interested in keeping close to the
spirit of Street Fighter than the canon of it, since the latter could be
hard to do and also inflexible in a comic, so the comic isn't exactly a
good source of canon.  They also stated that they had to go by overseas
names, including Shotokan instead of ansatsuken for Ryu's fighting style.
Finally, Nash is named Charlie Nash in the comic because they decided
that was basically the best way to please both people who preferred Charlie
and people who preferred Nash.  His name in the actual canon still isn't
Charlie Nash, though.  The comic I think is really good, a great
read, and I love the art, but just to stave off any possible feature
e-mails, I need to say that ANYTHING in the comic which seems off from the
canon probably means it really is indeed a liberty the writers took.  I
still recommend it, though, because it's pretty cool and has nice art.  All
the above applies to Udon's comic spin-offs to their main SF comic as well,
including SF Legends and the SFIV comic series.

SSF2T HD Remix being a joint product by Udon, Backbone Entertainment and
endorsed by Capcom USA does not override Revival endings and scripts.  It's
viewed as ultimately Udon's take on the SF2 outcomes, inspired by their
comic series.  Moreover, SF4 actually overrides HD Remix's displayed endings.


HEY!  Udoneko said that Capcom told them the games weren't connected and
are meant to be in their own separate universes!

    The operative word here is "games":  the sessions that you and I play,
the matches that we have together.  Those are the separate universes, the
multitude of what-if possibilities we can witness within the constraints
of the game's engine and programming.  The guide's not concerned with that.
Rather, it records authentic history, what has happened and is set in stone,
unless Capcom exercises its power to change it, which it has of course.

pgIIIReleaseDates.  Capcom's release schedule of certain selected games.
This helps explain some storyline changes that Capcom had to
retroactively make (like why Cammy acts so different in X-Men vs Street
Fighter compared to SFZ3).  Remember, this is the release date schedule,
and not the dates in which these games (where applicable) occurred in the
canon storyline.

    Street Fighter (1987)
    Final Fight (1989)
    Captain Commando (1990)
    Street Fighter 2 (1991)
    Street Fighter 2 Dash/CE (1992)
    Street Fighter 2 Dash Turbo/Hyper Fighting (1992)
    Final Fight 2 (1993)
    Super Street Fighter 2 (1993)
    Super Street Fighter 2 X/Turbo (1994.  The latest version of SF2 for
quite a while)
    Vampire/Darkstalkers (1994)
    Super Muscle Bomber (1994.  Alias Slammasters)
    Vampire Hunter/Nightwarriors Darkstalkers Revenge (1995)
    Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 1 (1995.  A rush job.  Street Fighter
Zero/Alpha 2 would replace it with what SFZ1 was meant to be)
    Final Fight Tough/3 (1995.  The beat-em up genre was dying by now)
    Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 2 (1996)
    Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash/Alpha 2 Gold (1996.  This adds in Shadaloo
Cammy but she doesn't have a storyline until the release of Fighter's
Generation/Alpha Anthology)
    X-Men vs Street Fighter (1996.  Shadaloo Cammy's noncanon debut where
she actually has a storyline.  She would change significantly by the time
of her canon one)
    Street Fighter EX (1996)
    Street Fighter 3 New Generation (1997.  like SFZ1, this was a rush job)
    Street Fighter EX + (1997)
    Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3 (1997)
    Pocket Fighter/Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (1997)
    Street Fighter 3 Second Impact (1997)
    Private Justice Academy/Rival Schools (1997)
    Street Fighter EX 2 (1997)
    Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3 (1998.  Capcom shocks Cammy fans with Cammy's
official Shadaloo story, to the point where most people can't believe it to
be true, though hints existed ever since 4 years prior in printed text)
    Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (1999)
    Street Fighter EX2 + (1999)
    Final Fight Revenge (1999)
    Capcom vs SNK (2000)
    Final Fight One (2001.  For Gameboy Advance.  Updates FF1's storyline)
    Private Justice Academy/Rival Schools 2 (2001)
    Super Street Fighter 2 X/Turbo Revival (2001.  Gameboy Advance.  FINALLY
updates Street Fighter 2's storyline to help reconcile it with the Zero series)
    Capcom vs SNK 2 (2001.  Which would prepare 3 new characters to add to
SFZ3 Upper)
    Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3 Upper/Advance (2002.  Gameboy Advance.)
    Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3 Double Upper/MAX (2006.  Playstation Portable)
    Final Fight: Streetwise (2006)
    Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (2008, PS3 & XBOX360 online)
    Street Fighter 4 (2008, console and PC release in 2009)
    Super Street Fighter 4 (2010 for consoles, Arcade Edition slated for
release by the end of the same year and console/PC versions made available
by the second half of 2011)
    Ultra Street Fighter 4 (2014 for consoles and PC alike, latest version of
SSF4 which adds 5 more characters to SSF4's playable roster) 

    The SFZ3 Upper port for the Gameboy Advance was ported to the GBA by
Crawfish. What little storyline there was expanded in the PSP's version
Zero 3 Double Upper.

    Street Fighter EX was made and developed by Arika.  Ditto for the SF EX
exclusive characters, whom are copyright to Arika and not to Capcom.


PGIV.  Quickie Game Summaries

********************************** pgIVMBSMB.


Canon date: 1981 to 1982?

Since Haggar was in the middle of elections, and 40 during
MB then 46 during Final Fight 1, which is during 1987.
SMB takes place a year after MB, by the way.
Of course, the way Final Fight's canon dates are botched with the
release dates or so in Capcom's mind sometimes, maybe MB took place
in 1983 instead.  Haggar is stated to be 50 during Final Fight 2,
which of course would put MB into the 70's, but that age
doesn't make that much sense since it sets FF2 too far into the future
which would conflict with SFZ2.  That age is likely the result
of FF2's release date as opposed to canon date considerations.  This
seems to be something Capcom often did for the Final Fight games despite
how much it didn't fit and contradicted other statements.  Or it could
be because those dates were set before the SF Zero series came along,
forcing a reconciliation.

...anyways, All About Capcom says that SMB was during elections, and
Final Fight Streetwise has a poster that shows that elections for
Haggar were during 1982, so 1982 for SMB (and thus 1981 for MB)
should be it.

Gameplay:  MB is a wrestling game. Its sequel is more like a 2D fighting
game, which is too bad, since there are plenty of other 2D fighting games
out there already.  The storyline explanation is that Astro proposed new
rules of win by KO instead of win by count.

Story:  The 1980’s. During the unprecedented professional wrestling boom,
many professional wrestling organizations were started all over the world.
A severe rivalry existed among the organizations.

In order to resolve this conflict, 8 organizations combined to form the CWA,
led by Victor Ortega, the CWA’s founder and first champion.

One day, Ortega suddenly vanished. Ortega was basically the glue that held
everything together and his unexpected disappearance caused the CWA to enter
an age of confusion and disorder. The BWA, an illegal underground wrestling
organization, chose to take advantage of this opportunity and began moving.
With "Fighters of Muscle Bomber = Destiny" as the theme, the CWA chief
executives decided to organize/hold a world tour called the “crash carnival,”
to decide the new king of the CWA.

The gong that determines the new “Master of Muscle Bomber” is sounded...

Super Muscle Bomber Story:

As the meeting of next fighting series "International Blowout" stepped into
a steady countdown one day, suddenly the BWA's leader Astro proposed a new
rule, furthermore the CWA's fight didn't go beyond having provoked a
circus show. The new rule, that is with the regulation of employing 3 normal
wins by knockout, not counted outside the premises, there are no so-called
rope escapes as a pro wrestling guideline was the unusual rule. Naturally,
every CWA wrestler fiercely opposed both the organization when the dangerous
atmosphere began to flow at that time, as unexpectedly now who had been
missing, that legendary Master of Muscle Bomber, Victor Ortega revealed his

From the fact that Ortega is likely at that spot Astro's indicated rule was
approved, moreover it was alright until it was declared to wager the Master
of Muscle Bomber's champion belt.

Really where are his true motives? Also why unexpectedly everyone from before
revealed their appearances?

Mystery calling out to mystery, anyone can come to realize the reason for his

While there are seemingly growing signs of grand commotion, the International
Blowout is finally held.

...And so now, the new challengers each with expectations concealed in their
chests, now, in the role of the secret belt to be earned.

    Muscle Bomber was about pro-wrestling for the Capcom Wrestling
Association championship (Heh.  Capcom Wrestling Association.  Can you
tell that Capcom wasn't really serious about storylines when they made
this game so long ago?) and the champion is the mysterious Astro.
Unlike Private Justice Academy though, at least it's confirmed that Capcom does
consider Muscle Bomber to be part of the Street Fighter universe canon, being
Final Fight's prequel and all.  At any rate, the game didn't really have any
character specific endings, and I don't think Capcom really cares who won the
first Muscle Bomber Championship, either.  At the end of the game (the ending
is pretty much the same for every character, with only slight alterations in
the text), the winner rambles about how he is the champion, then is approached
by three guys (Victor Ortega, Rip Saber, and I forget the third) who declare
that they don't think he's so tough, and the fight to defend the championship
continues. However, if you beat the game without continues, only Victor
Ortega comes out saying that he's coming out of retirement to challenge
you. Different characters say different things (most act disrespectful
except for Haggar and Titan the Great).  This is what leads to the sequel...

    Super Muscle Bomber is the sequel where all the wrestlers of the Capcom
Wrestling Association gather once again to wrestle for the championship,
but this time the Blood Wrestling Association has joined in to show
the CWA who's boss.  Victor Ortega, the previous Muscle Bomber champion as
well as owner of the CWA had left because he couldn't find anyone strong
enough to give him a decent challenge.  Now he's back, and is the guy to
beat to earn the championship.  Like Muscle Bomber, though, the game didn't
have any big deviations from character endings to character endings, so
again, it's unknown and probably nonexistant who finally won the
Muscle Bomber Championship.

Another SMB intro account, incorporating Aleksey's thoughts:

The last time which the "Heat Up Scramble" ruler was decided to be carried
out the statement released was "there is no need for two rulers," deep in
the wrestlers' breasts.
The ruler would through severe training finally grip the seat of glory, so
that he would be seen lying in the center stage supreme summit of constant
spotlight, while revolving offstage, no comparison to the uneasy shrouding
darkness, the defeating matter to crush was the pressure that had become even
though the ruler must bear the isolation together with the held dignity.
"Why Ortega disappeared before everyone, there's now become a hunch."
Zalazof was muttering.
"Since Ortega's disappearance there have been a lot of post-in-name-only's
for Master of Muscle Bomber. This lineage bears the throne's held dignity,
forging the body as well as, that which exceeds the forged thing drawn out
from the heart is likely not unnecessary right? It doesn't mean that I'm
satisfied with my self right now. Eh, but..."
Just at that moment, Astro was gasping a feeling of despair.
As the BWA's commander he would bring in treachery to restore under the
umbrella of the CWA but, with the hot souls of the CWA wrestlers he proceeded
to preach with a completely chilled heart.
"Kh, we'll have good bouts with those CWA small fries, and it'll influence my
diginity as proclaimed sovereign emperor of darkness. Already there are two
uses to untie the seals on sure killing moves, to obtain the Master of Muscle
Bomber belt, to leave the place in small pieces. The entire world won't leave
to gaze before it!"

********************************** pgIVSF1.


Canon Date: 1987

Gameplay:  Street Fighter 1 was Capcom's first one-on-one fighting game.
The only character you could play as was Ryu, though.  And the second
player could play as Ken in VS matches.

Street Fighter

Story from SF1 arcade pamphlet

Having studied various fighting techniques from the time they were young,
"Ryu" and "Ken" two youthful talented fighting stylists finally established
characteristic fighting styles.
Both of them being rivals, they participate in aiming for the peak of the realm
of fighting moves, beginning a trip for the fight of the world.
Boasting to street fighters of all countries as opponents with moves of
ultra-top-grade power, will the name of "strongest man in the world" go to the
hands of "Ryu"?, or to those of "Ken"!?
-both Ryu and Ken are noted to be talented fighters to be studying under their
master when they were introduced for the first time, as Sakura would be labeled
as a prodigy 9 years later in SFZ2.

The first Street Fighter tournament was held and hosted by Muay
Thai emperor Sagat.  Apparently not happy with being just the peak
of Muay Thai, Sagat wanted to prove that he was King of the Hill over
everyone, it seemed.  Contrary to popular fancanon, Shadaloo officially had
NOTHING to do with Street Fighter 1.  The main character of Street Fighter
1 is Ryu, a prospective student under ansatsuken master Gouken who's entire
life was the fight.  Hearing about the Street Fighter tournament, he
eagerly signs up to test his mettle.

Note from documentations:  Ryu's only confirmed to have fought Sagat and Adon
during SF1, no one else you go up against in the game.  This was carried
forward and expanded in the Zero series, such as Zero 3 when Ryu and Gen
speak as if they've never met before.  It's no doubt however, that all the
rest of the fighters entered to dethrone Sagat, as even the old SF1 arcade
pamphlet lists if the fighter fights for training, for pride, for sport, etc.
All we know is that Ryu won at the end.

    Ryu finally defeated Sagat with a cheap deus ex machina shot (no wonder
why Sagat's so pissed off at him for a while).  Ryu was down on
the ground after having been pummelled by Sagat, then Sagat reached out to
take his hand, knowing that he had won, but Ryu was so obsessed with
winning that satsui no hadou overtook him and he ripped through
Sagat's chest with his metsu shoryuken, becoming SnH Ryu for a split
moment there.  This is an official statement, and a retroactive
change by Capcom entering the Zero series, considering that it wasn't until
one of the later versions of Street Fighter 2 that satsui no hadou even
freaking EXISTED as a concept within Capcom's writers' minds, however a theme
of murderous intent did from various manga that inspired CJ for SF2.  At any
rate, you can also see this in SnH Ryu's ending in SFZ3.  While SnH Ryu in
SFZ3 is a what-if character, he temporarily flashbacks about his fight with
Sagat in SF1, which is NOT a what-if occurrence (obviously).  And you know
it's his fight with Sagat in SF1 and not his midboss fight with Sagat in SFZ3
because the post-fight dialogue didn't have Sagat acting like his chest just
got ripped through with SnH Ryu's metsu shoryuken.  You can also see this in
Ryu's SFZ2 plotline in general (he's seeking out Gouki to find out more about
the satsui no hadou because he doesn't know what exactly overtakes him in
defeating Sagat).  Again, though, it's official statement.

    When Ryu, now the first World Fighting Championship's "victor," finally
got back from the Street Fighter 1 tournament, he wanted to ask Gouken what
happened to him.  However, he found Gouken killed as well as his daughter
missing (Author note:  Gouken having a daughter is a fact that Capcom seems
to have forgotten about by now and thus may never resurface.  You
can only find out about his daughter in REALLY old Street Fighter official
sources).  Ken, however, had seen the end of the battle that happened.  It
was Gouki, Gouken's brother, that killed Gouken.  Sensing Gouki's ki, Ryu
then embarked on a journey to find Gouki (because Ryu still needs to find
out what happened to himself when he beat Sagat).

********************************** pgIVFF1.


Canon Date:  1987, likely during between 09/03/1987 and 12/31/1987, going
by officially stated ages and birthdates for Haggar, Guy, and Cody (and then
taking into account the 2-year retcon). Which, oddly enough, would be during
Winter.  Brrrrrr!

Final Fight being retconned to 1987 is sorta confirmed in Streetwise via
a poster in Haggar's gym that says "Vote Haggar for mayor in 1982!".  Official
statements are that Haggar became mayor 5 years before Final Fight 1, and also
using Haggar's stated ages during FF1 and Muscle Bomber to calculate Muscle
Bomber's (which was during elections) date places Final Fight 1 at 1987 as

There is unused dialogue in Streetwise (IE, doesn't appear in-game, but is on
the disc) where a NPC says "Remember when Guy and Haggar and Cody cleaned up
this neighborhood back in '89? That was awesome."   However, this dialogue
didn't make it into the final game.  Did they cut it because they realized
it was wrong or because they didn't want to address whether the date was
retconned or not?  Something we'll probably never know.

Gameplay:  Final Fight 1 is a brawling beat-em up game, and widely
considered to be the one that kicked off the genre (a genre which now seems
to have passed away).  Basically, you choose a character then go from stage
to stage beating up all bad guys who stand in your way until you get to the
last stage and beat the last boss.

Story:  Metro City is a crime filled cesspool, where the powerful Mad Gear
gang, ruled by  Belger, basically does whatever they want.  The previous
mayor was too scared to take them on and oppose them, but former
pro-wrestler and now mayor, Mike Haggar, has vowed to stop them.  In
retaliation to this, his daughter Jessica is kidnapped by Mad Gear and they
attempt to blackmail him into letting them do whatever they want just like
the previous mayor.  Haggar, unable to act as mayor, takes it personally to
the streets along with Jessica's boyfriend, Cody, and Guy, a bushinryu
modern day ninja.  The way of bushin decrees that he fight against evil
like Mad Gear, despite how he doesn't even know Jessica.

    Guy, Cody, and Haggar kick some ass and finally, Cody sends Belger
flying out of his skyscraper window and plumetting to his death.  After
hugging her father, Jessica sees that Guy and Cody have already left.  She
tries to catch up to them and calls out Cody's name, but Cody doesn't stop
for her.  Guy (realizing how rude Cody was being, most likely.  It couldn't
be because he liked Jessica because Guy never even knew Jessica prior)
forces him to stop though with a quick couple of punches followed by
kicking him to the ground, and then Guy leaves to let Cody be alone
with Jessica.

A note:  The latest version of Final Fight 1, Final Fight One, for the
Gameboy Advance, actually has dialogues for each boss for each character.
In addition, you can play as SFZ3 sprite versions of Cody and Guy, who
really ARE Guy and Cody from SFZ3 teleported back to the past in a fit of
Easter egg ridiculousness.  Zero Guy and Zero Cody are definitely just
Easter egg storylines, and probably never actually WERE teleported to the
past, and you can tell by the sillyness of their dialogues that Capcom was
goofing around and just having fun.  However, Zero Cody and Zero Guy DO
give good insights into what happened in the canon for regular Cody and
regular Guy.  For example, in Zero Cody's fight with Rolento, Zero Cody
reminisces about how in the past, he never went to the industrial section
and went to the bay area right after beating Edi. E.  This confirms that in
the actual canon, regular Cody beat Edi. E then skipped past the industrial
section to the bay area in the actual official story, because Zero Cody is
remembering that as what happened to him in his past back when he was just
his younger Cody self during the actual time FF1 occurred.  Of course the
real Cody going through Final Fight DID happen, so it's assumed that
Zero Cody wasn't lying when he talked about that past and that that past
is what actually happened in the canon storyline.  Anyway, I transcribed
the dialogue, which, like many other dialogue FAQs for various Street
Fighter games, should be available at gamefaqs.com (in this case, the
Gameboy Advance section), if you want to see it.  It is of note, however,
that Cody saying he skipped past the industrial section is a reference
to the Super Famicom port of Final Fight, where the Industrial Area
had to be cut out due to space restrictions.

Also of note is that production sketches depict entirely different
match-ups, with Guy vs the Andores (in the ring in the Westside stage,
it appears), Guy vs Damnd, Haggar vs Rolento, and Cody vs Sodom.  These
arts are likely more for concept and game-planning and marketing than
for any canon indication, though (Haggar vs Sodom can't be true since it's
Guy that beat him, although possibly Haggar was meant to beat him initially
since Sodom was "a promoter of pro-wrestling").

Oh, Final Fight was Street Fighter's sister series or so, originally planned
to be called Street Fighter '89.  Street Fighter covered the one-on-one aspect
of fighting, and Final Fight covered the brawling aspect of fighting.  Since
then though, it looks like the poor Final Fight series has died after Final
Fight Tough (along with the entire brawling genre).  Of course, it came back
with Streetwise.  Then the studio that made FFSW got closed down, probably in
part because of FFSW's poor sales.

Boss list (in order)
1.  Damnd
2.  Sodom
3.  Edi. E
4.  Rolento (cut out of the SFC/SNES version because they ran out of space)
5.  Abigail
6.  Belger

(Later on, Capcom would release a game called Mighty Final Fight for
the Famicom/NES, where Belger, now a cyborg, kidnaps Jessica again.  The game
is VERY comical and non-serious so it's pretty doubtful that it's canon, not
to mention like FFR Belger is never referenced to have taken Jessica hostage
more than once, normal, cyborg, zombie or otherwise)

The white dog in the background of the Bay Area is named Shiro, by the way,
whose name does mean "white" in Japanese.  It's pals with Guile's dog Sub.

Haggar being "newly elected mayor" is something added to the overseas
version.  Japanese versions just say "Mayor".  He was, after all, elected
around Muscle Bomber time, which is hardly new.

Random tidbit:  Final Fight was originally called Street Fighter ’89
and did so well that it was part of what prompted Capcom to make
SF2 (from The Making of Street Fighter within SF2 The Complete File).
Street Fighter '89 was its working title though so by the time it came out,
they changed it to Final Fight.

********************************** pgIVSFZ1.


Canon Date: No date, because Zero 2 overrides it.

Gameplay:  Street Fighter Zero 1 was a one-on-one fighting game.  Inspired
by the Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie (That does NOT make the Street Fighter
Animated Movie canon, though), Capcom decided to make a Street Fighter game
with anime-ish graphics that would also give more background to the
storyline of Street Fighter 2.

Story:  You see the endings and all those storyline bits that happen in Street
Fighter Zero 1?  FORGET EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM.  Capcom has officially stated
that Street Fighter Zero 2 and Zero 3 is the current bridge between SF1 and 2.
Even several of the non-conflicting endings in SFZ1 that don't conflict with
SFZ2 have official statements that contradict them, really (not for all,
though). Considering that Zero 1 was actually an incomplete version of Zero 2
and Zero 3, this makes sense too (another official statement, and also why
Zero 1 had such a freaking small playable character roster).  However, there
are some endings that look like they could eerily fit in and be merged with

Endings that COULD have happened (courtesy of Vasili10):

Chun-Li- SFZ1 ending shows her get beaten up by Vega before flashing to her
bedside. Place the slightly modified beating-up scene right before her
SFZ2 ending begins and Vega flies to his VTOL.  (CJ takes special note of this
sequence of events happening through AAC)

Ken- SFZ1 ending shows him meeting Eliza for the first time, SFZ2 ending
shows they've already met. Place the meeting scene between Ken giving
Ryu the headband and helping him up, and the scene with Eliza by his side.
(ditto via AAC concerning their first meeting)

Sagat- SFZ1 ending shows him being picked up by Vega and crew, SFZ2 ending
has him already on the aircraft. Place the picking up scenes right before
the dialogues while they're in flight.

Gouki- He reminisces about Gouken (specially noted in AAC) and Goutetsu; Vega
comes much later, if he'd care to remember him as well after SF2.

Endings that positively were rewritten (courtesy of Vasili10):

Ryu- If we assume (which we currently do) that Sagat doesn't see Ryu again
after SF1 until SFZ3 when Ryu's brainwashed, this ending cannot happen.
(Editor's note:  Given that Sagat says he is still waiting to fight Ryu
in AAC, it is likely that Sagat and Ryu have yet to have a real battle
since SF1, and that includes this.  Note that his battle with Ryu in
SFZ3 doesn't count as 'real' because that's a brainwashed Ryu).

Nash- Doesn't die until SFZ3, can't happen. (Vega taking him out from behind
cutting off his communication was along the lines of the original way Nash had
died prior to the Zero series, as recorded in Guile's Dash account)

Vega- Could possibly be his graphics look after the SFZ2 battle with Rose,
unless she was supposed to be dead after their SFZ1 battle, which can't happen.
Vega's pre-fight dialogue with Rose however, reveals that he wasn't aware of
there having been another soul power user alive.

Guy- transferred as his SFZ3 ending, which doesn't happen because he catches
up to Rose and Vega's gone, though via AAC his accepting the anguish of
bushinryu seen in his Z3 ending does happen.

Birdie- transferred as his ending pretty much in SFZ2.

Adon- transferred as his mid-battle in SFZ2, results are in the plot guide.

Sodom- He's still recruiting members and trying to get Rolento back to form the
new Mad Gear in SFZ3, and SFZ1 assumes he's finished, can't happen.

Rose- Transferred as her SFZ2 ending, unless she was supposed to be dead after
her SFZ1 battle with Vega, which can't happen.  Her pre-fight dialogue with
Vega has the demon being (as CJ often refers to him) acknowledging that soul
power and psycho power are the same power.

Dan- Ok, I suppose Vega could approach Dan, I'd be shocked as hell if he
actually did and still spared him after Dan refused, but I suppose that's
another iffy one.  Plus Vega expectedly dismisses Dan as trash by the end of
Dan's ending, the outlook which only intensifies in later games with Vega's
win quotes to Dan: "blasted garbage" in Z3 and "blasted buffoon" wishing he
had time to kill him in SF4.

SFZ1 was probably the most uncertain point for Capcom in terms of storyline,
thus you wouldn't always read quite the same thing for character backgrounds
if you looked at one SFZ book and then another.  The following summary was
released by Capcom once the Zero 1 kinks were ironed out:

Street Fighter Chronology

Ryu, Ken, began as students of fighting stylist Gouken.  In those days, it's
to believe that Dan was already studying under Gouken.

Ryu, Ken, through training acquire Gouken's fighting techniques.  At this time
it is unknown where fellow student Dan was at but, it's a supposition that this
wasn't the time he was excommunicated.

Chun Li, studied under Gen, a Chinese kenpo expert, acquiring fighting

Guy, goes to the States in order to train.  Guy's master is Zeku, whose figure
suddenly vanishes.

Gouki, having challenged to a battle his master Goutetsu, defeats him.  For
Gouki's older brother who is Gouken, sensing danger in Gouki's fist, expecting
to prevent it, was conversely defeated in losing his life.
After this event, Ryu, Ken also depart from beside their master, and wouldn't
you believe they set out on their training journeys.

Ryu, in a street fight, defeats Muay Thai emperor Sagat for the first time
(Street Fighter).

Police detective Chun Li's father, his whereabouts unknown during investigation
(for the sake of a top-secret investigation, specifying a date is an

In Metro City, a crime organization introduces itself as Mad Gear, kidnapping
Mayor Haggar's daughter Jessica.  Cody, together with Guy meet for her rescue
(Final Fight).
Guy, having splendidly annihilated Mad Gear in this struggle, begins to sense
the power lack in bushinryu ninjutsu.

Rose introduces herself as a mysterious woman, with a stage of sudden history
in place.  Said to be pursuing Vega.

Ryu, together with Sagat once again.  Sagat with a new sure killing technique
to counteract but, similarly a new sure killing technique devised for Ryu,
again ended with defeat.  However Ryu also, having sensed doubt in a
"hatred incurring fist", once again sets out on a journey of training aiming
at the true fighting style.
Ken, while street fighting in each place, desires to pursue Ryu's whereabouts.
From this time, the name of the mysterious organization known as "Shadoloo",
comes into being a rumor in the realm of street fights.
Nash, in order to make sure of the pursued narcotics organization's existence
being "Shadoloo", challenges Vega to a battle.  For a moment defeating him,
mired into Vega's trick, he's brought down.
Chun Li, pursuing her father's whereabouts, verifying the existence of
"Shadoloo", tracking down Vega, one step later challenges him to the best of
her ability.
Rose, having confined Vega's psycho power, somehow defeats him, she comes to
an end also by her own power.  His breath resuscitated, Vega chuckles.
Guy, having defeated Vega, acquires a newly become secret of bushinryu.
Sagat, joins as a "Shadoloo" member (Street Fighter Zero).

Ken accomplished his destined showdown with Ryu, comes across Eliza.

Having aimed for the true fighting style, Ryu continues his journey.
Hearing of Ken training in America, goes to fight him.  Having become a
"Shadoloo" leader Sagat, comes to fight again.  Searching for the cause of
comrade Nash's death himself, Guile collided with the name "Shadoloo".  With
street fights continuing in all nations of the world, finally Vega holds his
own against them.
Chun Li, once again pursues her father's foe Vega (Street Fighter II).

The street fighters' struggles, now still continue.......
-SFZ1 with this timeline was the last time Capcom kept SF1 and SF2 four years
apart.  After this the gap would grow to six years.  Also the last time the
Final Fight chapters would be taking place starting in 1989 as was depicted

********************************** pgIVSFZ2.


Canon Date:  late 1987 thru early 1989

Gameplay:  It's another fighting game.  Like it's prequel.  Of course.

Story:  Street Fighter Zero 2 takes place several months to a year after
Final Fight 1 and Street Fighter 1.  It is not a tournament.  It's mostly
just a whole bunch of various characters wandering around trying to fulfill
their own agendas.

    From Vasili10: English Eternal says that Rolento and R. Mika entered
the World Warrior tournament, SF2 I'm assuming is what they're referring
to (Tiamat Note:  Or SFAlpha is being referred to as a tournament).
Here's what Japanese Eternal says instead:

Rolento: in the paragraph above his story, it says he street fights, not
entered a tournament. Later on in the same text block, the using-weapons
clause goes from using weapons in the fight or the struggle in Japanese
to using weapons in the tournament in English.

R. Mika: English text says she entered the World Warrior tournament after
seeing posted ads for it. Hoboy. This was taken from her original story
text box which she's saying, "I'll tour the world in order to have my
name be in open field bouts," and she arranged for promotions to be set
up, which makes more sense with the scene in her Zero 3 stage. In any
case, the bouts of SFZ3 are open field and disorganized, rather than
matches orderly and regulated for a sanctioned tournament aka SF1, SF2,
SF4, SSF4.

Story from AAC

Several months from after he defeated Muay Thai's emperor Sagat, for Ryu,
rumors are being heard of a fighting stylist to manipulate a mysterious
power.  In order to make sure of the truth or error, Ryu once again
journeys out.  For that journey, having embraced fighters of various
intentions, he spurs on towards the place of struggle.......
-The "mysterious power" mentioned here was considered to be psycho power when
the story was first written for Z1, then got shifted in identity to satsui no
hadou for Z2.

    For exact SFA2 dialogue and endings, visit http://www.vgmuseum.com and
look them up, if you want.

SFZ2 overrides SFZ1's intro storyline.  Capcom has stated as such.  Ignoring
official statements, a quick glance at SFZ1 shows that the majority of the
characters' beginning situations for that game are pretty much the exact
same thing as the beginning situations they have in SFZ2.  Also note that
it seems like the majority of mid-boss (and even boss, sometimes) battles
in SFZ2 did NOT happen, though some did.

    SFZ2 happens before SFZ3.  This can easily be concluded by looking at
many character's beginning situations in SFZ3 and comparing them to their
ending situations in SFZ2.  For instance, Dan's introduction in SFZ3 states
that he got revenge on the man that killed his father (Sagat), while in
SFZ2, Dan's ending is... well, him getting revenge on Sagat.  Thus SFZ3 is
not a remake of SFZ2, unlike how SFZ2 is a remake of SFZ1 (with the
possible exception of selected fighters' storylines, which seem to blend
into Street Fighter Zero 3 a little).

    Street Fighter Zero 2 is basically characters wandering around doing
their own thing.  Due to this, to get the in-depth storyline details, see the
Major Characters sections.

Street Fighter Zero 2 Boss Battles

The first character is the one you play as when that battle takes place.

For example, if it says

"Ryu vs Sagat"

It's talking about the mid-boss battle with Sagat whom you fight while you
play as Ryu.

Also, for further details on the more storyline-significant battles to each
character, see the Major Characters sections for more details.

Adon vs Vega - Vega tries to make Adon join Shadaloo, but Adon refuses,
so Vega attacks.  This meeting actually did happen via AAC, since Vega
shows that he knows Adon and references about how much Adon has changed
since Adon's fight with Sagat in SFZ3.  I'd be rather surprised if the
meeting escalated into an actual battle just because Adon rejected the
offer to join Shadaloo.

Adon vs Sagat - Adon finally finds and challenges Sagat.  Official
statement is that this one did happen, and Adon won because Sagat was too
enraged at his loss to Ryu to fight well.  Adon still got whupped and only
barely won, though (again, official statement).

Birdie vs Dhalsim - Birdie and Dhalsim fight for... um... well, they just
fight.  *shrug*  Incredibly pointless battle that thus is probably just
filler and didn't happen, just a clash of morals versus a lack of scruples.

Birdie vs Vega - Birdie asks Vega if he can join Shadaloo and must prove
himself.  While Birdie did end up impressing Vega (who from his dialogue
shows that he knows who Birdie is in SFZ3, so...) enough to get in,
official statements by Capcom state that he never fought or had to fight
Vega to do it, so while his ending happened, this fight itself did not,
and was at most a meeting.

Cammy vs Rose - Dunno.  If it did happen, it was before Rose confronted Vega
the first time.  Cammy's brainwashing is already showing some holes at this
point, as are noted in some of her win quotes.

Cammy vs Vega - Again not sure on the battle.  Cammy's ending has her blacking
out and coming to her senses in the Shadaloo base.  Whether this was a result
of her confronting Vega with even more resistance than he expected, thus being
granted a "psycho limiter" implant, is unknown at this time.  Sidenote:  Vega
reveals here that her name was Cammy even before the nickname "Killer Bee" and
before Colonel Wolfman named her after extrapolating from the pendant found in
her hand:  CAMM 740106.  "Cammy" may have been "CAMM-1" ("y" is plausibly
shorthand for "ichi" in Japanese), aka the first of the "CAMM project".

Chun-Li vs Gen - Gen asks where Chun-Li's skills come from.  This battle
(well, probably more like a meeting) DID happen.  She eventually goads him
into fighting her as well, but it turns out to be a sparring match at most.
Capcom has officially stated that Gen gave Chun-Li a lead to Shadaloo in
Street Fighter Zero 2.

Chun-Li vs Vega - Chun-Li finally finds Vega.  Capcom officially stated this
battle happened, and even gave details (Vega beat up Chun-Li before flying off
laughing at her and saying her father amused him).

Dan vs Guy - Pointless filler battle and thus probably didn't happen.  Just
Guy overestimating Dan and Dan being over-inflated as usual.

Dan vs Sagat - Dan fights Sagat to avenge his father.  Official statements
and Dan's current situation when SFZ3 begins shows this battle happened,
and Capcom has stated that Dan won it because Sagat purposefully lost it
(SFZ3 hints at it too, but it's rather vague).  Basically replace the Z2
pre-fight dialogue they have with Z3's Sagat vs Dan and that would be how this
battle proceeded more or less.

Dhalsim vs Zangief - Pointless filler battle and thus probably didn't
happen.  At least they respect each other unlike Dhalsim and Birdie.

Dhalsim vs Vega - Dhalsim still seeks Vega in SFZ3, and his SFZ2
ending has nothing to do with killing Vega, really, and unlike Rose,
there's no official statement to back it up.  This battle almost positively
did not happen.

Gen vs Chun-Li - Chun-Li asks Gen if he can tell her anything about
Shadaloo, being a notorious assassin.  See Chun-Li vs Gen battle
above.  This battle (mostly a meeting) officially happened.

Gen vs Gouki - See Gouki vs Gen below.  Officially happened.

Gouki vs Ryu -  This fight happened, but more in the form of when you play
as Ryu, not Gouki, so see below for more details.

Gouki vs Gen - Gouki and Gen, both searching for worthy foes, try to have a
death match.  This fight officially happened and ended in a tie.

Guy vs Rose - Pointless filler battle and SFZ3 dialogue shows that Guy's
first meeting with Rose was SFZ3.  Thus this battle didn't happen.
Ironically enough, Guy and Rose do fight each other officially in SFZ3.

Guy vs Vega - Guy tracks down Vega to stop him in the name of justice.
Capcom has officially stated that, while Guy's SFZ2 ending happened, this
battle did not.  On a side note, in the US version, Guy tells Bison that
he's "already defeated a lot of his soldiers", but that was something in the
overseas version for some stupid reason.  He doesn't say that in the
Japanese version.

Ken vs Dan - Pointless filler battle.  However, it might have happened
though, since Ryu and Ken found out about Dan's existence and Dan found out
about theirs during SFZ2 (another official statement).

Ken vs Ryu - Ken sees something is bugging Ryu and fights Ryu, and wins,
then hands Ryu his headband.  Even though they were too lazy to change
Ryu's headband accordingly, Capcom has officially stated this battle
happened. Ryu's a bit too disturbed by his battle with Sagat (due to
learning about satsui no hadou) to concentrate well during this fight.
This battle occurs almost a year after SF1; Ken remarks that he'd almost
given up trying to find Ryu after he heard of Sagat's defeat.

Nash vs Rolento - Rolento decides to recruit Nash, but Nash refuses and
would rather escort Rolento on his way to Vega.  Capcom officially stated
this fight didn't happen by saying that Nash and Rolento never met, and
Rolento wasn't seen to be under anyone's custody during Z3 and beyond.

Nash vs Vega - Nash finally finds Vega, fights Vega, and falls down the
cliff.  This battle is referenced by Guile's Zero 3 battle with Nash, with
Nash saying he's concerned for Vega escaping again.  From the Gamest SFZ2
mook, Capcom states he DOES NOT die in his Zero 2 battle with Vega.
Additionally CJ states via AAC that Nash does pursue Vega, gets ambushed
by his own nation's air force and loses his dog tags after he's shot from

Rolento vs Sodom - Sodom and Rolento aren't getting along since Rolento
left Mad Gear.  This battle definitely did happen, because in SFZ3, Rolento
tells Sodom that it's his last chance to join Rolento.

Rolento vs Guy - Rolento and Guy exchange with each other about the
past.  Wouldn't be surprised at all if this meeting happened.  If it did,
then at most, they probably just briefly skirmished with each other.

Rose vs Gouki - Rose detects satsui no hadou within Gouki (well, 'shoryuken
power' according to overseas SFA2.  ...what the bleepgot?  Oo)  Doubt if this
meeting escalated into a battle, but Rose is shown to be more clear-headed
than Vega at least, noting that she distinguishes Gouki's power from psycho

Rose vs Vega - Rose finally tracks down Vega and tells him that he's on
the wrong path, and that she warned him.  She wins the fight, and thinks
she's confined his psycho power for good, but he manages to revive it.
Official statements by Capcom are that this battle and Rose's SFZ2 ending did

Ryu vs Sakura - Happened, as shown by beginning situations in SFZ3.  See
Sakura vs Ryu below for more details.

Ryu vs Gouki - Officially happened.  Official statement.  Ryu finds out
about satsui no hadou from Gouki, and Gouki notes that he was able to sense
when Ryu gave in to SnH to scar Sagat.

SnH Ryu's boss battles (Sakura and Gouki) - Didn't happen.  Satsui no Ryu
never awoke during the Zero series officially and his storylines when you play
as him are all what-if, so none of his boss battles could possibly have
actually happened.

Sagat vs Adon - See Adon vs Sagat above.  Happened.

Sagat vs Ryu - Did not happen.  Official statement is that neither Sagat
nor Ryu have a clean win over each other by the end of SFZ3.  ...well,
okay, this ending battle sorta happened, but the real way it happened is
during SFZ3's Sagat vs Ryu match, so...

Sakura vs Sagat - Sagat asks Sakura where her moves come from and if she
knows who "he" is.  She tells him they're from mimicking and presses for
the mystery man's name.  Z3 win quotes from Sagat to Sakura and to a lesser
extent from her to him indicate that they at least met prior to finding
Ryu brainwashed in Z3, but most likely no battle occurred as Sagat's quote
has him brushing off Sakura's request to fight, instead to just keep him
informed if she does see Ryu again as he's always waiting (foreshadow of
Ryu's Sagat flashback).  So Sakura did most likely learn Ryu's name from
Sagat at the very least, but after she finds and fights him as described

Sakura vs Ryu - Sakura finds Ryu and challenges him to a fun match.  Ryu
lets her win, and takes off leaving her with a photograph of himself.
Official statement, and the battle happening is implied by SFZ3 dialogues,

Sodom vs Ken - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.
Even if it did, needless to say, Ken's unimpressed.

Sodom vs Guy - Sodom and Guy exchange with each other about the past.
Like Rolento vs Guy, wouldn't be surprised at all if this meeting
happened.  If it did, then at most, they probably just briefly skirmished
with each other though, with Sodom trying to convince Guy that he's now
achieved enlightenment with the books he recently read, in vain of course.

Vega vs Nash - See Nash vs Vega above.

Vega vs Ryu - Vega takes Ryu to brainwash.  This battle happens,
but not until SFZ3 where Capcom decides on the real way to have it finally
happen...  CJ remarks via AAC that Vega does indeed succeed in pouring on
the psycho power pain on Ryu before he breaks out of the horrendous ability's

Zangief vs Birdie - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not
happen.  Bickering starts off with hairstyles then to the age-old "I'm the
strongest! No I am! No I..." argument, yeah.

Zangief vs Ken - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.
Zangief's ending (which did officially happen) doesn't require a battle
with Ken specifically, anyways.  On a side note, Ken reveals here that he has
won at least one Pan-American Fighting Championship, the one he clenches with
his first ever shoryureppa.

    A Note:  Street Fighter Zero 2 has an insane amount of 'Easter egg'
appearances in character backgrounds.  The majority of these don't have any
storyline significance and are just there for fun because quite a few of them
are characters from games which obviously did not take place at that time or
even have any existence within the SF canon at all...

********************************** pgIVFF2.


Canon Date:  1988 (apparently retconned from release date of 1993 to fit
in with Zero. Haggar stopped being mayor in 1992 (1 year before SF2) so it
HAD to have been retconned)

Gameplay:  Another beat-em up brawler like Final Fight 1.

Story:  Text on the backside of Jap. FF2's box cover:

After the last battle, it seemed as if peace had finally returned to
Metro City.
One day, Haggar suddenly got a call from the remnants of Mad Gear.
They announced their plan for world conquest and told Haggar that they're
on the move again.
The return of Mayor Haggar.
Maki, daughter of Genryusai.
The street fighter, Carlos Miyamoto.
The desperate struggle unfolds and explodes once again.

Text from Jap. FF2 instruction booklet:

Haggar, Cody, and Guy had defeated Belger, boss of Mad Gear.
Peace returned to Metro City.
Jessica and Cody went traveling, while Guy resumed training out of town.
However, Mad Gear hadn't been completely destroyed.
Mad Gear intends on getting revenge on Haggar, Cody, and Guy. They secretly
pursue Genryusai, Guy's teacher.
Genryusai and his daughter Rena were kidnapped by Mad Gear.
Rena is Guy's fiance.
Two days later, Haggar received a call from Maki, Rena's younger sister...

Final Fight 2 takes place at the same time as Street Fighter Zero
2.  Guy is not a playable character in the game because he's away training
(his Street Fighter Zero 2 storyline).  Cody, too, is not playable.
The story is that remnants of Mad Gear (led by Retu) strive an attempt to
make a comeback.  Which... is again similar to Mad Gear's storyline in SFZ2
anyways.  Mad Gear this time kidnaps Genryusai (the 56th bushinryu ninpou
master) who is the father of Guy's fiance, Rena, who is also kidnapped by Mad
Gear.  Haggar once again takes to the streets to defeat Mad Gear, this time
teamed up with Maki, who is Rena's sister, and Carlos, a boarder that Haggar
was letting stay with him for a while.  Final Fight 2 takes place around the
world and not just in Metro City, for some reason.  There isn't really much
more here... unlike the bosses of Final Fight 1, the bosses of Final Fight
2 and Tough have not been incorporated into other Street Fighter games at all,
though Rolento does make a reappearance as a boss (no clue how that works.
Maybe he stuck around with Mad Gear a little longer or something to pick up
recruits for his army).  The Andore family is back, too.  At any rate,
Haggar and co gives them all the beatdown, knock Retu out of a window
(AGAIN with the windows...) and save Genryusai and Rena, then Guy writes
them a letter stating his thanks and that's it.

A note about Mad Gear.  Official statements are that Mad Gear finally fell
apart for a good one year before Street Fighter Zero 3.  Which would be one
year after Final Fight 2 and Street Fighter Zero 2, which could also be
interpreted as right after those games, if you think of them as taking about
a year to happen or so.  At any rate, yea,  Mad Gear was completely crushed
by Final Fight 2 and all efforts to revive it during Street Fighter Zero 2
failed.  Rolento's army is a new thing that he started up that broke off,
and is not a part of Mad Gear (which would explain a large chunk of why he
and Sodom have a fall-out during Street Fighter Zero 3, though they make up
in their endings).

Stage List

1.  Hong Kong 12:00 PM
2.  France 5:00 PM
3.  Holland 4:00 PM
4.  England 8:00 PM
5.  Italy 12:00 PM
6.  Japan 11:30 PM

(storyline seems to take place over a span of 3 days)

Boss list of Final Fight 2 (in order)

1.  Won Won.  Some strange burly Chinese former-chef nutcase.
2.  Freddie.  Big army-clad shirtless brute fought in France.  Former Navy
3.  Bratken.  Big brute who looks like Frankenstein/Hulk fought in
Holland.  Has the mindset of a little child.
4.  Phillipe.  Psycho clown with a cane fought in England.
5.  Rolento.  Back yet again.  Called Rolent in the manner of Sagat being
written with a "t" at the end while in Japanese his name's written as
6.  Retu.  Some sorta-Kabuki guy and the new leader of Mad Gear.  Fought in

********************************** pgIVSFZ3.


Canon Date:  1989 through early 1990

Gameplay:  Another fighting game, of course.


The man who aims for the true fighting style, Ryu.  As for the become power
inside "satsui no hadou" what does it bring about within his chest?  Desiring
the answer, desiring formidable opponents, Ryu journeys out.  ......Such that
his figure, has shined in Vega's eye desiring a strong fighting stylist's
"body."  As for Vega's true intention?  And also for the "psycho drive"......?
-Ryu keeps his spot as the main character in the Zero series due to remaining
in Vega's next-host-body sights, which unfolds Shadaloo's largest offensive on
the world yet, drawing nearly everyone else into the fray. 

Overview:  Like Street Fighter Zero 2, for Street Fighter Zero 3, characters
are basically just going around fulfilling their own agendas.  Unlike Street
Fighter Zero 2, a really hefty portion of it centers around Shadaloo and
Vega this time.  LOTS (but not all). Unlike Street Fighter Zero
2, Capcom decided to make Vega EVERYONE'S (sans SnH Ryu) final boss, whether
they actually fought Vega or not in the official storyline.  This has led the
game's storylines to differ quite a bit from the official storyline (but you
can reconcile most of them and get the true storyline just by removing the
'kill Vega' aspect of most characters' story modes.  The intent in Z3 was to
try giving everyone a spotlight, not necessarily the hero/heroine role, but
a spotlight regardless if they'd officially have one or not.  You also
have to throw in forgetting about destroying the psycho drive or even
getting into Shadaloo's main headquarters even, unless the character is
one of those "officially stated to have fought Vega in SFZ3" ones).

Street Fighter Zero 3 also seems to have had quite a few more what-if
endings than fighting games usually have (All fighting games have filler
what-if endings for characters that never actually happen in the official
storyline, but SFZ3 had more than usual).  In addition, Street Fighter
Zero 3 is the most storyline-wise convoluted and complex game of all the
Street Fighter games, as many characters' paths criss-cross and in order to
get the true whole story, you pretty much have to beat the game with nearly
EVERYONE and pay good attention to their endings and boss dialogues (unlike
SFZ2, most of the midboss battles in SFZ3 probably happened in some way,
shape, or form).  Once again, to get the majority of what happened in this
game, see the Major Characters sections.  The major point for Street Fighter
Zero 3 was that the evil organization known as Shadaloo was thrashed quite
a lot (but not fully destroyed) thanks to the combined efforts of Guile,
Nash, and Chun-Li, as well as several various rebellions and problems
within it.  Vega, the leader of Shadaloo, was finally defeated when the
main headquarters of Shadaloo was blown up with him and Nash in it.

    For a plot analysis of how all the character endings fit into the
overseas plotline for Street Fighter Alpha 3, see Tiamat's SFA3
plot guide... though note that it's kinda going to fall out of date now
with this full Street Fighter plot guide, instead.  Here's a brief synopsis
of the 'core' plot of Street Fighter Zero 3 for here, though.  At least,
the closest thing you can call a core plot since SFZ3 is mostly comprised
of a lot of individual mini-storylines.

    Street Fighter Zero 3 first starts off with Vega tracking down Ryu
and confronting him, then trying to brainwash Ryu into accepting psycho
power.  Ryu has an inner conflict with himself on whether to give in,
similar to his conflict to give in to satsui no hadou.  At any rate, he does
give in, though it's important to note that brainwashed psycho power Ryu is
not the same as satsui no hadou Ryu.

Anyways, Ken and Sakura coincidentally arrive just at the same time as
Sagat arrives to see Ryu again.  Sagat, who has regained his honorable
warrior spirit since confronting Dan in SFZ2 is infuriated when he sees how
low Vega stooped (or maybe Sagat was in the process of regaining it thanks
to Dan and seeing Vega stoop so low as to brainwash Ryu clinched it.
Could be either).  Sagat fights psycho Ryu while Ken and Sakura fought
Vega (this is official statement, though you can sooorta see it in the
games if you study the dialogue really analytically, though that's kind of a
stretch there and still requires some guess-work as to what the dialogue
means).  Sagat beats psycho Ryu and then, judging by the game, Ryu managed
to break out of his brainwashing and knock Vega away, forcing Vega to
retreat.  That ends Ryu's main portion of the story.

    The next main character of SFZ3 could be considered to be Cammy, since
she has a huge plot around her in SFZ3.  This one most likely happened
after Ryu's part of the plot, and basically involves how for reasons she
can't figure out, Shadaloo decided to terminate her.  This probably happened
around the same time as Rose's portion of SFZ3's plot; even though the two
characters' plots don't interlap too much, Rose's fight with the girl(s) in
the game does indirectly indicate this, though of course I'm not sure and
it really doesn't make too much difference either way (Rose can be considered
a semi-main character of SFZ3.  Check out her bio for her story during SFZ3).
At any rate, Cammy encounters Balrog and probably Juli and Juni (judging from
her in-game storyline) during this period (Balrog and Juli were sent to
terminate her in some fashion).  However, along with Dhalsim weakening the 
bindings the psycho drive had on them, she managed to convince Juli and
Juni as well as all the rest of the girls how they were truly expendable to
Vega, and so all thirteen of the girls turned on Vega.  In the process,
they were all almost killed.  This is yet another official statement which
can also be realized through a really analytical look at the game's
storylines, though like Ken, Sakura, and Sagat's fight against Vega and
psycho Ryu, it's rather hard to realize it without the official statements
(though not as hard, thank goodness).  Anyway, Vega was finally forced to
retreat once again, and Cammy made her way to the psycho drive and use it
to save the rest of the girls.

    Finally, the last main character of SFZ3 is Guile.  His story had to
have happened last in SFZ3 since it's the one that finally ends Vega by
blowing him and the base housing the psycho drive up.  Basically, Guile
catches up to Nash and Chun-Li, then finally decides to join them and
together their combined efforts take down Vega for good in SFZ3 (though
he would come back for SF2).  Nash and Guile confront Vega in the psycho
drive room of Shadaloo headquarters and Nash sacrifices himself to hold
off Vega while the entire base explodes and many people including Guile

    As always, for the more complete details, check out the character bios.

The Ultimate SFZ Character Relations Chart
-main charts from Capcom Japan's webpages and Eternal, entries will be
presented in chronological order.  Notes in [] are added by me for clarity.
-reading will be in the following format: "A" points TO "B", not FROM "B",
to minimize info repetition; if no arrow head is seen, it's treated below
as a double-headed arrow


to Ken: friend being a rival; fellow student rival
to SnH Ryu: one and the same character
to Gouki: master's foe


to Ryu: friend being a rival; fellow student rival
to Eliza: sweetheart
to Guile: fellas' wives are sisters


to Nash: cooperates
to Gen: father's master
to Vega: father's foe


-Shadoloo shitennou [in Vega's eyes] with Bison and Balrog
to Adon: once a master-student connection; student
to Ryu: longstanding foe
to Vega: temporarily lends his capability


to Sagat: once a master-student connection; master
to Gouki: wants his power


to Vega: aims for the psycho drive


-Final Fight team with Cody
to Cody: former companion; former comrade-in-arms
to Zeku: master
to Rena: fiancee
to Vega: the corrupter of this human age to defeat


-Ex-Mad Gear with Rolento
to Rolento: originally Mad Gear companions; refuses
to Guy: resentment
to E. Honda: point of agreement as sumo's experienced person 


to Chun Li: cooperates
to Guile: friend
to Vega: pursues


to Vega: once a master-student connection; possessor of the same power


to Rose: once a master-student connection; possessor of the same power
to Cammy: subordinate (substitute body possessing the same DNA); his own copy
to M. Bison, Balrog & Birdie: subordinate
to Sagat: subordinate [in Vega's eyes only, not Sagat's]
to experimental bodies: the secret organization Shadoloo
to Ryu: has an eye on him as his next body 


to Shin Gouki: one and the same character
to Goutetsu: murderer
to Gouken: older brother
to Gen: death-meet connection
to Adon: intruding on the fighting tournament


to Sagat: father's foe
to Hibiki Gou: father
to Blanka: friendship connection; friend
to Sakura: master-student connection?; student (?)


to Sally: wife
to Vega: severs the evil source


to E. Honda: comrade
to Vega: fights for the sake of the fatherland


to Gouki: death-meet connection; wishes for a death-meet


-Ex-Mad Gear with Sodom
to Sodom: originally Mad Gear companions; invites to be companions once again
to Cody: scouts


to Ryu: admires
to Chitose Kei: friend
to Kasugano Tsukushi: younger brother
to Karin: a little bothered
to Dan: master-student connection?


to Dan: friendship connection; friend 


to Zangief: comrade
to Sodom: point of agreement as sumo's experienced person


-Shadoloo shitennou with Sagat and Bison
to Vega: companion


-experimental body with Juli and Juni [and the other girls]


-Final Fight team with Guy
to Guy: former companion; former comrade-in-arms
to Jessica: originally sweethearts


to Zangief: admires
to Harmageddon Youko: master


to Sakura: regards as a rival; complete defeat
to Ken: complete defeat


-Shadoloo shitennou with Balrog and Sagat
to Vega: becomes companion for the sake of money


-experimental body with Cammy and Juni [and the other girls]
to T. Hawk: Thunderfoot tribe; same village
to Vega: Vega Bodyguard Troops


-experimental body with Cammy and Juli [and the other girls]
to Vega: Vega Bodyguard Troops




to Juli: Thunderfoot tribe; same village
to Vega: to take back the sacred ground


to Nash: friend
to Vega: friend's foe
to Ken: fellas' wives are sisters


to Ryu: one and the same character


to Gouki: one and the same character


to Rena: older sister
to Guy: searches for


to Ken: sweetheart


to Guy: fiance

Enero, Fevrier, Marz, Satsuki, Santamu, Jiuyu, Yanyu, Noembelu, Decapre

to Vega: Vega Bodyguard Troops


to Maggio: younger brother
to Vega: Vega Bodyguard Troops


to Ryu & Ken: students
to Gouki: younger brother


to Gouken & Gouki: students


to Dhalsim: husband


to Karin: duty to look after


to Karin: steward

Street Fighter Zero 3 Boss Battles

The first character is the one you play as when that battle takes place

For example, if it says

"Ryu vs Sagat"

It's talking about the mid-boss battle with Sagat you fight while you play
as Ryu.

A note about the final boss battle with Vega:  As stated above, nearly all
of these probably didn't happen.  The only confirmed ones to fight Vega
are Ryu (sorta), Sakura with Ken, Rose, and all thirteen Vega SS (it's
possible that Cammy's battle with Vega took place right after all other
twelve VSS fought him, or that Cammy arrived in the middle of it to help
them out, too.  Juli's ending shows this a little, too, since Cammy arrives
as Juli is fighting Vega or right after Juli loses consciousness to him or
what have you), all of which Capcom has officially stated happened.

Also, for further details on the more storyline significant battles to each
character, see the Major Characters sections for more details.

Adon vs Ken - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.  Adon
unreasonably expects Ken to show him the SGS, while insisting he's no longer
Sagat's student.

Adon vs Rose - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.  Rose
tries to offer some words of advice about becoming enslaved to power, and Adon
arrogantly affirms his obsession regardless if it could destroy him or not.

Adon vs Vega - Vega challenges Adon for the hell of it.  Like all boss
battles with Vega in SFZ3 besides the confirmed ones, this did not
happen.  ...oi, even Adon's SFZ3 ending is pointless (he's searching for
Gouki at the end of SFZ2, he's still searching for Gouki by the end of SFZ3).
Yeesh.  Vega's death to Gouki in this ending is an accurate portrayal
of how Gouki offed him in SF2, though.

Balrog vs Zangief - Zangief attacks Balrog for being a supporter of Shadaloo,
though Balrog denies that, saying he doesn't care what that organization does.
Actually, I'm inclined to believe that this battle did happen, since Capcom
shows that Zangief knows about Balrog in Zangief's SSF2X ending, where he's
making fun of a picture of Balrog.

Balrog vs Cammy - Balrog finally finds Cammy, but also finds that he's
realizing she's more than just a mere experiment.  This battle did happen,
since it's important to Balrog's ending which officially happened, and this
is Balrog's point of view on it.  See Cammy vs Balrog above for more

Balrog vs Vega - Balrog argues with Vega about Cammy.  While the argument
might have happened (which would be another thing that leads Balrog to decide
to betray Vega indirectly by saving Cammy), Capcom has officially stated
that Balrog never actually betrayed Vega (besides saving Cammy) or fought
Vega, which is why Balrog's still a member of Shadaloo in SF2.

Birdie vs E. Honda - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not
happen.  Another hairstyle bicker leading to a show-me-whatcha-got scenario.
Honda being too kindhearted assumes that Birdie's not serious about trying
to usurp Shadaloo.

Birdie vs Blanka - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not
happen.  Birdie thinks that Blanka's fighting for Shadaloo.

Birdie vs Bison - Vega sicks Bison on Birdie.  Real way it happened is
probably Bison vs Birdie below.

Birdie vs Vega - Birdie challenges Vega and demands for the psycho
drive.  Like all boss battles with Vega in SFZ3 besides the confirmed
ones, this did not happen.  His own ending where Chun-Li and Nash arrest
him at the psycho drive gets in the way of Guile's ending which officially
happened, so Birdie's own ending definitely didn't happen.  The real way
his search for the psycho drive seems to have gone, if it occurred at all,
is probably Bison's ending (without having the psycho drive's destruction
due to Birdie and Bison, just like everyone else's ending that involves
destroying it besides Guile's), and thus I highly doubt he ever confronted
Vega in SFZ3.

Blanka vs Dan - A 'for-fun' battle that is a large basis of Blanka's SFZ3
storyline, which doesn't contradict with any other storylines once you get
rid of the destroy Vega and psycho drive aspects, etc, and thus probably
did happen.

Blanka vs Zangief - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not

Blanka vs Bison - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not

Blanka vs Vega - Vega challenges Blanka to make him into a guinea pig.  Like
all boss battles with Vega in SFZ3 besides the confirmed ones, this did
not happen.  Blanka does however stumble into the Shadaloo base together
with Dan and finds a fallen VSS.  Honda's win quote to Blanka shows that
they do meet and Honda takes custody of the girl Blanka comes across.  Also
specially noted in AASFZ3.

Cammy vs Dhalsim - Dhalsim notices that Cammy is consciously suppressing
within her heart.  This battle might have happened.  Not really too important
either way, except to verify that Cammy's gradually becoming a mental wreck.

Cammy vs Balrog - Balrog has been sent to investigate on Cammy.  This battle
definitely did happen, since it's important to Cammy's and Balrog's
storylines that have been officially stated to have happened in SFZ3.
Cammy won this battle (she had to in order to reach and fight Vega, which
also officially happened), but Balrog's dialogue indicates that he
may have purposefully thrown the match, as he's rather lax.

Cammy vs Juni and Juli - A seemingly pointless filler battle, but it most
definitely did happen, as shown by Juli's storyline.  Odds are this is when
Cammy met with the other VSS to rebel all together against Vega, which
officially did happen once the psycho drive was weakened thanks to Dhalsim.

Cammy vs Vega - Vega decides to finally exterminate Cammy, personally.
This battle officially happened, with some added bits from official
statements.  Capcom has stated that all thirteen Vega SS rebelled against
Vega together, so Cammy almost definitely picked up Juni and Juli from her
battle with them.  Or arrived in the aftermath to continue it, at least.

Chun-Li vs Birdie - Chun-Li gets information from Birdie about where
Shadaloo's base is.  Actually, this battle happened via AAC.  Birdie's
free to move on because all Chun-Li wanted the location of Shadaloo's
base from him, and most likely she doesn't realize how deep his position
under Vega's wing is.  Of course, there IS the fact that the entire rest
of Chun-Li's SFZ3 plot when you play as her did NOT happen...

Chun-Li vs Cammy - Cammy attacks Chun-Li while in a painful mental state.
Didn't happen.  Chun-Li's battles and ending from here on when you play as
her completely contradict Cammy's official storyline, that did officially
happen, in SFZ3.

Chun-Li vs Juli and Juni - Juni and Juli attack Chun-Li in the name of
Vega.  Didn't happen for the same reasons as Chun-Li vs Cammy.  Capcom
did use this opportunity to point out in-game that the VSS were quite
young, though.

Chun-Li vs Vega - Chun-Li finally finds Vega and fights to get him to
stop using poor underage girls like Cammy, Juli, and Juni.  Chun-Li's real
SFZ3 story is when you play as Guile.  This did not happen (it would make
no sense for Cammy's SF2 storyline, for one thing, and Balrog is the one
stated to have taken Cammy at the end of SFZ3)

Cody vs Birdie - May very well have happened.  Cody and Jessica did take
a trip together following FF1, and Jessica does leave him to study abroad
in Europe.  It's a stretch but assuming their vacation took them to
England, Birdie may very well had heard of Cody's hero schpiel as he was
no doubt getting into fights everywhere he and Jessica went.

Cody vs Guy - Guy tries to reform Cody.  Final Fight One dialogue shows
that this battle did happen.

Cody vs Vega - Cody attacks Vega for the hell of it >:} LOL, I personally
like how Cody just wants to get into tons of battles just for the hell of
it because he's addicted to fighting, but I digress.  At any rate, this is
generally a pointless filler battle that thus, like the majority of SFZ3
battles with Vega, did not happen.  Guy never got that close to Vega,
anyways, so the majority of Cody's ending up until the destruction of Vega
most definitely didn't happen (though Guy wanting to reform Cody definitely
did, as shown by Final Fight One dialogue).

Dan vs Chun-Li - Hilarious joke battle, but not really any story relevance,
and Blanka's storyline seems to be the true way Dan's storyline played out
in SFZ3, so I don't think this one happened (or any of Dan's SFZ3 boss
battles when you play as him, for that matter).

Dan vs Sagat - Sagat is annoyed that Dan's pestering him again and Dan
offers to teach Sagat Saikyo style.  I'd be surprised as heck if this
battle happened.  I don't see why Sagat would purposefully lose to Dan

Dan vs Bison - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.
References Chun-Li the cop chasing Dan from his earlier battle with her.

Dan vs Vega - Like all boss battles with Vega in SFZ3 besides the
confirmed ones, this did not happen.  His stumbling onto the psycho drive
base while searching for a new suitable dojo in Thailand did happen via
AAC.  SF4 even hints at this with his win quote to Cammy, so it's likely
he even met a VSS or two during his stumblings, possibly Decapre.

Dee Jay vs Adon - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.

Dee Jay vs Sagat - Ditto.  While the previous one led into this one,
neither are important to Dee Jay's overall SFZ3 plot at all.

Dee Jay vs Vega - Ditto once again.

Dhalsim vs Rose - Dhalsim tries to convince Rose not to rush into things.
Might have happened.  Dunno.

Dhalsim vs Birdie - Dhalsim reads Birdie's mind to find out the location of the
Shadaloo hideout.  Possibly did happen since Dhalsim would later on mentally
sabotage the psycho drive according to Eternal.

Dhalsim vs Juni and Juli - Again possibly, although highly unlikely that Vega
himself sets the girls loose on Dhalsim as the game shows.

Dhalsim vs Vega - Doesn't happen.  Dhalsim's more concerned with the psycho
drive's vibes than with Vega.  While his ending shows his mental tamperings
with the sinister device, he neither fights Vega head on nor destroys the
drive itself.  His yoga severing the psycho hold on the Vega Bodyguard Troops
allows for their reception to Cammy's words and their later rebellion.

E. Honda vs Ryu - E. Honda and Ryu fight for fun.  This battle happened.
It's referenced in Sakura vs E. Honda.

E. Honda vs Sodom - E. Honda and Sodom meet up again.  This battle might
have happened.  Probably did, but not important either way.  It's another
fun reunion or something.

E. Honda vs Vega - Like all boss battles with Vega in SFZ3 besides the
confirmed ones, this did not happen.  However Honda does manage to rescue
several if not all of the Vega Bodyguard Troops, at least one of them with
Blanka's help.

Eagle vs Guile - Doubting it happened due to Eagle presuming Guile to be
the air force's famed strongest.  Wasn't Nash if no one else more fit for that
description?  Moreover would Eagle know to find Guile in his elusive Z3
stage?  Seriously doubting it.

Eagle vs Sagat - Doesn't happen due to the highly unlikely possibility of
Eagle learning about Sagat from Guile, thereby going with him to Thailand to
help rescue Nash, which Guile was ordered to do on his own.

Eagle vs Bison - Ditto as above.

Eagle vs Vega - Ditto as above.  Eagle's Z3 goal of traveling the world to
polish up his baronet title doesn't require his path to cross anyone else's
really.  And seeing as how he has to beat Guile to learn about Sagat and
head for Thailand, his involvement with Shadaloo, if any, would be
coincidental at best.

Fei-Long vs Bison, Balrog, and Vega - Everyone tries to get Fei-Long to
join Shadaloo.  While Shadaloo might have been seeking Fei-Long, they
officially weren't trying THAT hard with that many marquee men going after
him, so those fights didn't happen, except in his upcoming movie perhaps.

Gen vs Ryu - Gen and Ryu fight for the heck of it.  Actually less pointless
filler than that description gives.  Here, Gen comments about how Ryu's using
a toned down version of an ansatsuken, and how he can sense the power within
him.  Dunno if it happened but wouldn't be surprised if it did.

Gen vs Gouki - Gen finally gets his deathmatch with Gouki.  ...well, not
sure if it was to the death, or if it happened in the form that is
portrayed here, really.  See Gen's section in the Major Characters List
for more info.

Gen vs Vega - Vega and Gen fight for the hell of it (it's really easy to
tell by now just how BS the what-if plotline gets just to make Vega
the last boss of everyone).  Pointless filler battle that, like many
battles with Vega in SFZ3, did not happen.  The important thing to Gen's
storyline was the battle with Gouki.

Gouki vs Adon - Adon finally finds Gouki.  Didn't happen since AAC states that
Adon never managed to find Gouki.

Gouki vs Guy - Guy wants to stop Gouki from seeing Vega, saying he has no
reason to, and that it's bushin's destiny.  I'd be surprised if this fight

Gouki vs Vega - Vega challenges Gouki for the hell of it.  Like all boss
battles with Vega in SFZ3 besides the confirmed ones, this did not happen.

Guile vs Chun-Li - Chun-Li tries to stop Guile from going after Nash.
Pretty important to Guile's storyline in SFZ3, which officially happened,
so this battle almost definitely did happen.

Guile vs Nash - Guile finally finds Nash.  Officially happened.

Guile vs Vega - While Guile's ending happened, I don't believe Capcom has
stated whether or not Guile had to fight Vega to get Vega to retreat to
the base, or if Guile and Nash just infiltrated Vega's base without
having to fight Vega first (but 'fight' him anyways in the psycho drive
room).  So... dunno.

Guy vs Karin - Karin tells Guy the corrupter's named Vega.  Rose vs Guy shows
that Guy has a better grasp of the corrupter's identity by the time he sees
Rose the first time, so this battle most likely did happen, with Guy winning.

Guy vs Gen - Guy's assessment of his master's words, believing he's destined
to meet Vega himself.  Didn't happen.

Guy vs Vega - Did not happen, though his ending did along with his involvement
in Rose's ending.

Ingrid vs SnH Ryu - Doesn't happen as Ryu never awakens to SnH during Z3.

Ingrid vs Rose - Doesn't happen as Rose never gets stopped from finding
Vega to potentially wipe him out once and for all.

Ingrid vs Vega - Doesn't happen like most other boss battles against Vega.
If Ingrid had intervened in any way against Vega in Z3, there would be no
SF2, which SF4 maintains still occurred.

Juli vs T. Hawk:  See T. Hawk vs Juli below.

Juli vs Cammy - Juli finally finds her target.  Almost positively happened,
as shown by Juni and Juli together going after Cammy when you play as her
(which also indicates that odds are very high that Juni was officially with
Juli the whole time.  Those two really don't split up very often, but the
game's arcade mode storyline doesn't let you dramatic-battle play as both
for obvious reasons).

Juli vs Vega - Vega decides to finally exterminate Juli, personally.  All
thirteen VSS did fight against Vega together, but dunno if it was like
the game portrayed here.

Juni vs E. Honda - Juni fights E. Honda.  Doesn't happen since Honda
doesn't meet with any of the girls prior to psycho drive weakening.

Juni vs Ryu - Definitely didn't happen.  As per official statements, Ryu
would fight Vega, himself, so Juni obviously didn't get to fight and beat

Juni vs Vega - Vega decides to kill Juni after she beats Ryu.  Definitely
did not happen in this format.  The real way Juni's fight with Vega
occurred is with all the other girls, as shown by Juli's and Cammy's
storylines.  The evidence highly points to Ryu's SFZ3 tenure taking
place at least a few days earlier than the Vega SS storyline.

Karin vs Blanka - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.

Karin vs Sakura - Might have happened, but dunno.  Karin admits after it
that Sakura's still better, so it's not like it shifts storyline tiers at
all or anything even though Karin wins this match.  I think it did happen

Karin vs Juni&Juli and Vega - Like all boss battles with Vega in SFZ3
besides the confirmed ones, this did not happen.  This includes the Juni
and Juli lead-up battle.

Ken vs Karin - Ken and Karin have a fun and happy conversation about
Sakura.  Actually probably did happen due to the two characters' connection
about knowing other, even if it's not too important to the overall story.

Ken vs Sakura - Before Vega shows up, Ken finds Sakura in Thailand ready
to meet Ryu.  Almost positive this happened, since it coincides with the
official statement that Ken and Sakura fought Vega together after finding
Ryu under his control.

Ken vs Vega - Vega challenges Ken for the hell of it.  It happened, but
not really like this format at all.  The real way it did is officially with
Sakura and had more to do with Ryu than this, and thus probably more like
Sakura vs Vega, below.  During this battle, AAC specially notes that Ken did
knock out Vega momentarily with a shoryuken.

M. Bison vs Gen - Bison lays the beatdown on Gen for scattering Shadaloo
smugglers.  This fight probably just exists because Capcom wanted to show
more in-game about how Gen knew about Shadaloo and beat up its members
while looking for worthy opponents, which is official statement.  This
particular battle with Bison, however, most likely did not happen.

M. Bison vs Birdie - Bison finds out about the psycho drive from Birdie,
assuming he beats the words out of Birdie enough.  This battle most likely
remained in a stalemate until the psycho drive and base go up in smoke
(their win quotes to each other don't reflect any resolution except for
bickering over how ugly Bison's face is and who's messing on whose turf). 

M. Bison vs Vega - Bison challenges Vega and demands for the psycho
drive.  Officially did not happen.  Capcom has officially stated that
Bison never got the chance to betray Vega in SFZ3, which is why he's
still a member of Shadaloo in SF2.  Even in SF2, though, he was trying
to find opportunities to betray and take over the organization.  In
Revival, he does succeed at the latter, but...

Maki vs Sakura - Might've happened, but not really important either way.
If Maki even won it, she wouldn't necessarily have gotten a concrete fix
on Guy's location since Sakura doesn't give her a definite answer, which
wouldn't help Maki anyway as she is indeed searching for Guy during Z3.
No clear confirmation anywhere that Sakura's actually even met Guy ever,
so more likely than not this battle is nothing more than an Easter egg
from the manga Sakura Ganbaru!.

Maki vs Guy - Doubtful that this battle happened, or that Maki even managed
to meet with Guy during Z3.  Assuming that they did fight, Guy wouldn't
treat it properly because he's in a hurry to find Rose and Vega.

Maki vs Vega - Maki faces Vega because Guy wouldn't be able to give her a
proper fight for the successor of bushinryu if Vega's around.  Doesn't
happen since Guy has to bail Maki out anyway in her ending (ala his final
strike at Vega copied from his ending which doesn't happen either), much to
her begrudging acceptance that Guy is still better than she is at that point. 

Nash vs Cammy - Nash apprehends Cammy.  Mere existence of it
contradicts Cammy's storyline, which did happen, and Nash's ending
generally didn't happen, so all evidence points to that this battle didn't

Nash vs Rolento - Capcom officially stated Nash never met Rolento.
...wow, this battle again?  Oo  Why does Capcom keep making Nash fight
Rolento if they never officially meet in the actual official storyline?
Well, guess there's no other "corrupt army soldier" character that Capcom
has, but bleh.  Anyways, this battle didn't happen.

Nash vs Vega - Didn't happen in the form that playing as Nash
portrays it in.  The true way it happened was Guile's storyline.  ...why
does Nash always get the what-if storylines when you play as him?
Strange.  His ending is hilarious in the context of how he's always
unfortunate, though.  Nash's revenge!

R. Mika vs Karin - Karin decides to sponsor R. Mika if she ever becomes a
reputable prowrestler.  Generally confirmed by Eternal that it did happen.

R. Mika vs Zangief - R. Mika finally gets to meet Zangief.  May or may not
have happened.  Actually probably did, but it's not a big deal either way.

R. Mika vs Bison and Vega - Like all boss battles with Vega in SFZ3
besides the confirmed ones, this did not happen.  This includes the Bison
lead-up battle, in which she needs Zangief's help anyway, although it
seems that she gets stuck with the tougher adversaries while Zangief more
or less urges her on like a cheerleader.

Rolento vs Sodom - Sodom tells Rolento that he's lost sight of his ideals.
This battle is important to Rolento's storyline (which I'm pretty sure
happened, since after removing the psycho drive destruction like you should
with all SFZ3 storylines besides Guile's, it doesn't contradict anything
and is definitely not just filler for Rolento), so this battle definitely
happened.  It's confirmed by Street Fighter Eternal, pretty much.

Rolento vs Cody - Rolento tries to recruit Cody, but then sees what Cody
has become and decides not to.  This battle is confirmed by Street Fighter

Rolento vs Bison and Vega - Like all boss battles with Vega in SFZ3
besides the confirmed ones, this did not happen.  This includes the Bison
lead-up battle.  His infiltration of Shadaloo is mentioned in Eternal,
but it only mentions him stealing armaments like he said he would,
not destroy the psycho drive, though he'd rather have it destroyed as it
would have no place in his ideal utopia, via AAC.

Rose vs Guy - Guy wants to follow Rose, but she won't let him.  Important
to Rose's ending, which did officially happen, thus this battle/meeting
definitely happened.

Rose vs Balrog - Balrog tells Rose that he doesn't understand why she's so
suicidal.  This battle probably happened, as Rose gets a better fix on where
Vega is from delving into Balrog's mind.

Rose vs Juli & Juni [Aprile?] - Rose fights some of the VSS that Vega
sicks on her while he has other matters to attend to. (most likely Cammy,
but it might have been Ryu.  I lean more towards Cammy since Rose in
general is more involved with the VSS than Ryu, and her meeting with Balrog
as well as this Juli & Juni boss battle implies that her storyline takes
place at the same time as Cammy's, which takes place after Ryu's does).
The actual battle was probably fought with Aprile, since J&J were most
likely pursuing Cammy at the time and Capcom officially stated that
Aprile's brother went to see Rose at the beginning of SFZ3, so Aprile would
be the one that's most storyline-significant to Rose.  Seeing later that
Rose is insulted by the choice of opponents Vega left for her, Aprile
might've been joined by other non-weapon/non-menacing-looking candidates
such as Enero and Mertz during this battle.

Rose vs Vega - Rose finally reaches Vega.  This battle officially
happened, and needless to say poor Rose loses it amidst one final
revelation learned before all goes black.

Ryu vs Rose - Rose warns Ryu about Vega.  This battle probably happened
since it's semi-storyline significant, and Ryu flashbacks to her words in
his ending as well.

Ryu vs [psycho] Ken - Ryu comes across psycho power brainwashed Ken.  This
battle officially did NOT happen and Capcom has directly stated as such,
and also stated that psycho Ken never existed.  The real one who got
brainwashed was ironically officially Ryu, himself, as portrayed in
Sagat's and Sakura's storylines.

Ryu vs Vega - Vega challenges Ryu to brainwash and control him.
Happened, pretty much, though you need to take into account Ken and
Sakura's battle with Vega and how it fits in, too.  Basically, Ryu fought
Vega, got brainwashed as per his ending, then... well, it continues into
Sagat's, Ken's, and Sakura's storylines there.  ...actually, Ryu's ending
contains Ken's role in that particular arc of the SFZ3 storyline, too,
which is odd since everything but Ken's ending when you play as Ken
seems to fit in as well.

SnH Ryu's boss battles (Sagat, Vega, Shin Gouki) - Like SFZ2 SnH Ryu,
SnH Ryu's tenure when you play as him is officially entirely what-if, and
these battles did not happen.

Sagat vs Dan - Sagat fights Dan and sees the rage in Dan's eyes.  It
reminds him of the rage he once felt.  This battle is the true showing of
Dan's SFZ2 battle with Sagat and Dan which Sagat let Dan win.  Happened
during Z2, so no repeat of it in Z3.

Sagat vs [psycho] Ryu - Sagat is mad at Vega for stooping so low as to
brainwash Ryu.  Happened.  Capcom officially stated that Sagat fought
psycho Ryu while Ken and Sakura fought Vega.

Sagat vs Vega - Didn't happen.  Officially, Ken and Sakura handled Vega
while Sagat handled psycho Ryu.  ...well, okay, Sagat did stand up against
Vega a little as Ryu began to break out of his own brainwashing, but
that's more Sagat's ending than this particular boss battle against Vega.

Sakura vs E. Honda - Sakura learns (generally speaking) from E. Honda where
Ryu is.  Probably happened.

Sakura vs [psycho] Ryu - Sakura finds Ryu brainwashed by Vega!  While she
did find out about that, she didn't officially fight psycho Ryu.  Sagat
did.  As per official statement by Capcom, Sakura, meanwhile, fought Vega
along with Ken.

Sakura vs Vega - Sakura fights to protect Ryu from Vega.  Happened,
though Ken was with her to help.  Too bad Capcom couldn't make this
dramatic battle to show it better.  It wasn't until the Dreamcast versions
of SFZ3 that there was a fully working Dramatic Battle mode, and Capcom
probably wouldn't let the player fight dramatic battle style in arcade mode
just for storyline reasons, anyways, since arcade mode is supposed to be
solo.  With the release of Street Fighter Artworks Ha though, fans finally
are able to see that Ken's last shot in Ryu's ending belonged in Sakura's
actually.  In other words, both Ken and Sakura simultaneously see Ryu off,
not just one or the other.

Sodom vs Rolento - Rolento demands that Sodom join him.  Happened, though
the more accurate version is probably Rolento vs Sodom above, since
Rolento's storyline isn't as much of a joke ending as Sodom's.

Sodom vs Chun-Li - Another thing that indicates that Rolento's version is
the real way things happened, instead of Sodom's, is the fact that Sodom's
storyline has boss battles like this, which definitely didn't happen.
(Battle was pointless filler with Chun-Li trying to stop Sodom because it
was her job to go after Shadaloo and she didn't want him to get in the way
or so)

Sodom vs Vega - Like all boss battles with Vega in SFZ3 besides the
confirmed ones, this did not happen.  Sodom's storyline when you play as
him on a whole apparently is what-if, with Rolento's being the true

T. Hawk vs Nash - Nash warns T. Hawk about Shadaloo.  Might have
happened, though I'd be pretty surprised if it did.  Doubtful that
Nash would go on to mention Vega though, as Capcom stated previously
that Hawk's father would do so just before he breathed his last.

T. Hawk vs Juli - Official allegations were that Noembelu was the VSS
T. Hawk was INTENDED to seek, not Juli.  However, Hawk's story ended up
focusing on Juli, with Noembelu as a possible secondary.  Might have
happened, but I don't think so since it doesn't seem to fit in with all
thirteen VSS betraying Vega together.  Or maybe he found her and fought
her, but she got away, like what might have happened when you play as Juli
later, and then T. Hawk finds her again unconscious later after the VSS
betrayed Vega and were teleported away by Cammy.

T. Hawk vs Vega - T. Hawk fights Vega to free Juli.  Like all boss
battles with Vega in SFZ3 besides the confirmed ones, this did not

Vega vs Gouki, Ryu, and Sagat - Vega gets a what-if storyline where he
destroys the world.  These fights obviously did not happen in this form.
His brainwashing of Ryu itself happened in a different way, as per official
statements.  Vega's real SFZ3 storyline basically involves him being all
the villain of the main characters of SFZ3 (Ryu, Cammy, Rose, and Guile).

Yun vs Dee Jay - Assuming that Yun and Yang are a part of Fei-Long's second
movie which was halted just before SF4, no indication is given either way
for this battle, nor is there any to support that Dee Jay and Fei-Long have
ever met on a sidenote.

Yun vs Fei-Long - Ditto.  If they do fight, Fei-Long's impressed needless
to say.

Yun vs Juni & Juli - Ditto again.  Yun insists that he can take on the girls
by himself.

Yun vs Vega - Ditto times 3.

Zangief vs Rolento - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not

Zangief vs Chun-Li - Ditto.

Zangief vs Vega - Like all boss battles with Vega in SFZ3 besides the
confirmed ones, this did not happen.  ...Zangief didn't really get to do
much during SFZ3, officially, except possibly some rescuing (R. Mika & a
little more subtley told, Abel), along with Honda (at least a few of the
VSS) as Zangief's ending and Eternal both show that he and Honda did team
up as comrades.

For further analysis on Street Fighter Zero 3 and how many of the endings
work out, you may check out my Street Fighter Alpha 3 Plot Canon Guide at
www.gamefaqs.com in the Street Fighter Alpha 3 sections.  Note, however,
that that guide is only really good for looking at the analysis of how all
the overseas endings fit in to each other with official statements, and
everything else there is out of date / replaced by the information in this
Plot Guide here (no way am I going to bother keeping TWO humongous FAQs up
to date when this plot guide does nearly everything else the Street Fighter
Alpha 3 plot guide does and more).

Street Fighter Zero 3 has officially been announced to be the final game
in the Zero series.  There really isn't much, storyline wise, that Capcom
could do with a new Zero game (assuming all Zero games have to take place
before SF2) since Vega blew up at the end of SFZ3.

********************************** pgIVFFT.


Canon Date:  1991?

Likely 1991, which is after Street Fighter Zero 3 so that Guy could be
back but also before Haggar's tenure as mayor ended.  Guy officially didn't
return to Metro City until SFZ3 was done.  Haggar officially is stated to
have finally stopped being mayor two years after SFZ3, which would be 1992.
Also, Guy was stated in FFT to come back after 'several years' of training,
so after Zero 3, whose last event took place only 2 years after Zero 2, which
is when Guy was training, seems most likely.  Pre-retcon, its release date
was 1995, so maybe that was the original intended release date, although SFZ2
would be released only a year later to force a retcon of FF1's and FF2's

Gameplay:  Capcom's last traditional Final Fight and beat-em up.  To Capcom's
credit, while FFT seems to be something that storyline-wise, they didn't put
much effort into in my opinion, they DID try to renovate the engine a lot more
than Final Fight 2.  Most of these renovations could be found in Sega's
Streets of Rage 2 anyway (Dash attacks, back holds, etc), but a couple
were new and still haven't been done again by any of those silly 3D beat-em
ups that would come later (motion command special moves like fighting games
have, super moves with super bar that fills up as you hit things, etc).

Story:  Taken from the Final Fight Tough (Jap) instruction booklet:

Metro City, several years after the annihilation of the Mad Gear gang.
The city had regained peace after the collapse of the evil organization.
However, the city is gradually losing its power over criminal activity
and is steadily becoming disorderly.
The citizens have grown nervous/scared ever since The Skull Cross Gang
(Mad Gear's former subsystem) appeared and rose to power.
Again, insecurity and fear were budding in the city...
It was during this time that Guy who had finished years of training visited
the office of Mike Haggar, who's continuing his job as mayor of Metro City.
The 2 old friends get reacquainted.
However, the moment of reopening joy was broken when Special Crimes Unit
officer Lucia entered the room with bad news.
She says that the city police department and the detention center have been
attacked by a mysterious group.
After receiving the notice, Haggar was sure that a complete of the Skull
Cross Gang invasion had commenced, and hastened to the scene with Guy and
It was then that a mysterious man stopped Haggar and the others, who were
in a hurry.
He says he wants to aid them in the fight against the Skull Cross Gang.
Is he a friend or foe?
That battle for the streets has begun!
The fate of Metro City was entrusted to the fists of 4 fighters!

(after stopping the riot at the detention center, Dean reveals to Haggar
that he's fighting the Skull Cross Gang because they killed his family).

Hmm.  Not too much, here, really.  Metro City is in danger once
again as a new gang, the Skull Cross Gang (led by Black), rises to power
above all the other gangs left after the fall of Mad Gear.  Mayor Mike
Haggar once again takes to the streets to bust some heads (just in Metro
City, this time, not the world).  Guy is back, and goes with him to help.
He is also joined by Lucia Morgan, who's head of the Metro City Special Crimes
Unit (S.C.U.), as well as Dean, whom the Skull Cross Gang brutally murdered
his family so Dean wants revenge.  Once again, Haggar and co. kick some
ass, though by the end of Final Fight Tough, Metro City is in shambles (wonder
if that's why Haggar is no longer mayor). Dean leaves because his 'fight is
not over, yet' (or in a different ending, he leaves to try to start a new
normal life) and that's about it.  This is the final traditional game in the
Final Fight series.  Guy has gone missing afterwards and Haggar is no longer
mayor after 1992.

Course, then 11 years later, Capcom released Streetwise, I suppose (Guy
going missing concluded in Maki's SFZ3 plotline assumedly and Haggar...
still isn't the mayor anymore)

    Boss Battle list in order (though you can skip some of them in the

1.  Dave: Another crooked cop.  Looks similar to Edi. E but dresses
differently and less potbelly:P
2.  Callman: Bald guy who looks like a bouncer or a waiter.
3.  Caine: You fight him in a scrap dump.  Mechanic who wears goggles and
fights with a wrench.
4.  Drake: Crazy sailor.  Sometimes uses a huge anchor.
5.  Wong: You fight him in a Chinese restaurant.  He looks pretty different
from Won Won so they aren't one and the same.  He's more like a monk,
complete with prayer beads.
6.  Stray: Has iron gloves and a trenchcoat.  And shades.
7.  Black: Army guy.  Skull Cross leader (doesn't fall out a window.
Instead he gets electrocuted and blown up.  Ouch.)

    As stated previously, Capcom doesn't seem to really care about visually
incorporating any Final Fight characters beyond Final Fight 1 into the rest
of Street Fighter (again, with the exception of Maki from FF2).  Final
Fight Tough seemed like Capcom's last ditch effort to get some money out of
the Final Fight name before the beat-em up genre died (one can argue that by
the time FFT came out, it was already dead, I think).  Of course, Capcom
of America seems to like Final Fight more, what with making Final Fight
Revenge and Final Fight Streetwise, and note that only overseas was the
game thought to be called "Final Fight 3."

********************************** pgIVSF2.


Canon Date:  1993

Gameplay:  Released long before the Zero series, SF2 really kicked off the
fighting game genre and was very successful.

Overview:  Shadaloo scientists have made Vega a new body, which his soul
transfers to from Rose (official statement.  And one of the hardest if not
the hardest for people to swallow as being official, next to Cammy being
Vega's DNA clone...).  Vega devises a plot to get revenge on and destroy his
enemies.  He hosts the next Street Fighter tournament and sends out
personal invitations to many of the contestants who used to be old enemies
of his.  The next Street Fighter tournament has begun. [Official? Saiki
told me this but now we're trying to track down the precise book it's
stated in where Vega sent out official invitations.  Supposedly, it was
stated as the storyline for SF2 in a magazine, which COULD mean this
was the case even before the Zero series was introduced and conceived,
possibly, if the Japanese magazine was getting its data correctly.
Vasili10 hasn't been able to find revenge specifically mentioned, but says
that sources thus far implicitly reveal that Vega holds the tournament
to extinguish any threat or obstacle to his total world domination (whether
it means recruiting the opposition to his side or obliterating it
altogether), and for his pride as a fighter to be the best of the
world warriors so to speak.  The closest thing is an old official SF2
artwork from a set of SF2 artwork of the SF2 characters where Vega's
art is just his hat with the caption, "After Ryu's magnificent battle,
news of Vega ceased. However the guy will surely return. Becoming a revenging
demon......."  This art may take place after SF2 (thus it was retconned) or
may have taken place before.  The only other art in the set that could hint
that is one of Guile in his military days, but even that could be Guile
flashbacking and not an indication of whether or not the set takes place
before or after SF2.  On an extra note, the personal invitations notion may
have come from extrapolating that an invitation was sent to Fei-Long and thus
everyone else.]

    Besides the personal invitation thing and Vega's new body, there is
very very little information given out by Capcom about what officially
happened during Street Fighter 2.  The main confirmed info is that Gouki,
who wasn't registered and signed into the tournament, jumped in and snuffed
Vega at the end using the shungokusatsu, and Ryu found Vega's smoldering
remains afterwards.  SF4 reveals that Gouki appeared on the scene after Cammy
received her startling revelation from Vega and after Guile held back from
taking Vega out himself.  Oh, and Blanka was rumored to have fought Guile, as
it's stated in HnN that Blanka's mother came to seek him out after hearing
rumours of him fighting "a man in a military uniform".  Of course, Vega is in
a military uniform, too, but that's a bit less plausible.

    The champion of the Street Fighter 2 tournament has also never been
stated, and there likely wasn't one due to Gouki's intervention, prior to
Guile, Cammy and most likely also T. Hawk roughing up Vega as well as being
roughed up.

    The final battle of SF2 doesn't take place on Shadaloo property, it
happens outside of the Ramayana Temple of Bangkok's Grand Palace.

    Side note.  Capcom mutated some of SF2's storyline when they made
Zero 2 and 3, which came out quite a bit after Street Fighter 2 did.  Saiki
stated that he's surprised that Capcom didn't make one last version of SF2
to reconcile the differences that Capcom retroactively changed, which leads
into below.

Latest Version Notes:  Super Street Fighter 2X Revival updates SF2 to
reconcile it with Zero.  Cammy's ending was updated to clarify things a lot
more.  Her original ending had Vega telling her that she was his spy (NOT
that they were lovers.  That found its way into the US version for some
stupid reason).  Her new ending in Revival has Vega telling her that she's a
guinea pig made from his own DNA, instead.  They also updated Bison's ending
to be a joke ending where he somehow screws things up for Shadaloo and bungles
his chance for greatness, which was faintly implied at the end of his SSF2
ending as well, that his hour of fame and fortune would be short-lived.

    Mike and Joe are rumored to be the fighters at the intros of SF2, SF2
Dash, and SF2 Dash Turbo, from Cap!#13 and the SF2 Gamest pre-mook.  Rumored
because CJ hasn't said that they are nor that they aren't.

    By the way, SSF2X stands for Super Street Fighter 2 X: Grandmaster
Challenge. It's the name for the original Japanese release of the game
known overseas as Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. It's also where X in
X-ism comes from in SFZ3/SFA3.

Street Fighter II


Several years ago the wandering fighting stylist Ryu had defeated Sagat-
Warriors from various nations, the goals of each one concealed in their
chests, they fight aiming for the top of the world.  Who is the true
street fighter, and also, the mysterious man Vega whose body is wrapped
up in an evil aura, really what kind of person is he......?
-World Warrior unveils for the first time that Ryu succeeds in winning SF1 by
toppling Sagat.  Vega's introduced with a sinister air about him, naturally.

The Ultimate SF2 Character Relations Chart
-main charts from Gamest #61, the Complete File, the Fanbook, the SSF2X
pre-mook's poster, and Gamest #255 courtesy of Sano, and entries from
these sources will be presented in chronological order (aka first ones
from #61, last ones from #255, and last entries may override previous
ones where applicable. Also first entries may never again appear due to
no further expansion on Capcom's part, but are still included for
comprehensive purposes); dozens of other books pretty much repeat the
info from the above
-reading will be in the following format: "A" points TO "B", not FROM "B",
to minimize info repetiton; if no arrow head is seen, it's treated below
as a double-headed arrow

-printed notes on connections from the charts themselves will be in
brackets[]; clarification notes added by me will be in parentheses()
simply because I'll have more, lol


-to Ken: rival & leaves out infatuation with girls and such; similar
rival & friend [Complete File note: Ken's slightly offended that Ryu
'leaves out infatuation with girls']
-to Sagat: rival; destined rival; worthy opponent (latest statement)
-to the Soviet president: wants him to return the Northern territories
(brought up in WW, never shown again after that)
-to Vega: both mutually feel that "this is the one that must be defeated
no matter what"; happened upon flaming powder to brush away (latest statement)
-to Gouken: master; studied under
-to Fei Long: feeling of being understood as a fellow truth seeker; fellowship
-to Gouki: opponent whom he must surmount in order for conquest over
satsui no hadou (latest statement)


-to Ryu: rival; similar rival & friend [Complete File note: Ken's slightly
offended that Ryu 'leaves out infatuation with girls']
-to Sagat: rival; destined rival (kept until the SF2AM and the Zero series)
-to Eliza: family head; fellow lover
-to Guile: sworn brother [Complete File note: of course the 2 of them fight
over knowing this fact]; future sworn brothers?
-to Vega: dislikes the gloomy one; dislikes the treacherous one
-to Gouken: master; studied under


-to Dhalsim: face paint rival
-to Guile: has a grudge for allowing whales for chanko (sumo stew) to
disappear (brought up in WW, never shown again after that)
-to Chun Li: talks of the hyakuretsu harite taken from him; hyakuretsu rival
-to Vega: is believed that he stole the super headbutt; stole his super
headbutt once
-his 4 students Hatonoyama, Yasuhanada, Marunoumi, and Nishinofuji want
to quit with the traditional red sumo crotch sashes [all 4 of them have
briefs as their favorite]; (Hatonoyama was originally named Ryuzan but
sometime between SSF2X and the Zero series his name changed for some reason)


-to Balrog: not in her eyes (brought up in WW, never shown again after that)
-to Vega: killed her father?; her father's foe?
-to E. Honda: hyakuretsu rival
-to Chun Li's father: father
-to Gen: ?
-to Cammy: ?? (an explosion between the two of them, don't know what that's
supposed to mean)

BLANKA [true name Jimmy]

-to Samantha: mother
-to Balrog: dislikes the wire-netting [because of getting into cages];
[Complete File note: -Blanka once got himself into a cage]


-labeled as a dark wrestler
-to Chun Li: wants to shave for her; wants to beard-brush her (brought up
in WW, never shown again after that)
-to Vega: enemy in beliefs [Complete File note: with Zangief as a cooperating
relation, the president's peace policy is hindered by Shadoloo]


-to Chun Li: likes her thighs (brought up in WW, never shown again after that)
-to Vega: killed his comrade; friend's foe
-to Julia: wife
-to Chris: daughter
-to Nash: friend
-to Ken: sworn brother [Complete File note: of course the 2 of them fight over
knowing this fact]; future sworn brothers?
-to Cammy: places her as military personnel at first glance


-likes curry rice
-to Datta: son
-to Kodal: friend [mode of transportation]
-to E. Honda: face paint rival
-to Vega: won't forgive the foul-playing one


-to Arroyo Hawk: father
-to Vega: tribe's foe & will take back the sacred grounds


-to Ryu: feeling of being understood as a fellow truth seeker; fellowship


-to M. Bison: unrefined one
-to Rick: friend [& manager]
-to all people: subject of inspiration
-to Beramacha [parrot]: buddy


-to Vega: obliteration directives
below the handpicked Delta Red including Cammy
-to Colonel Kieth Wolfman: commanding officer & her life benefactor
-to Operative Georges Ginzu [short one], Operative Matthew McCoy [big one],
First Lieutenant Lita Luwanda [woman]: (teammates)
-to Delta Red [British Intelligence Department: Special Building Unit
Members]: partner
-to Chun Li: ?? (an explosion between the two of them, don't know what that's
supposed to mean)


-to Kodal: defeated his parent with a sure-killing slaughter
-to Balrog: dislikes the suspecting one; doesn't agree to the other's tastes
-to Dee Jay: watered down one
-to Kodal's parent: murderer


-to Chun Li: jealous of her beauty; [Complete File note: will not designate
Chun Li as an opponent]; jealous of her beauty? [desires to disregard Chun Li]
-to M. Bison: dislikes the idiot; dislikes the wild one; doesn't agree to the
other's tastes
-to Geki [SF1]: claw (same claw? I don't know); claw rival


-resurrected as a robot for SF3? (noted during WW, never brought up again
after that)
-to Ryu: rival; destined rival; defeated once; worthy opponent (latest
-to Ken: rival; destined rival (kept until the SF2AM and the Zero series)
-to Adon: student


-shadow boss of the evil enormous organization Shadoloo? (naturally)
-rumored to be the so-called chairman of the association harrassing the
entire world
-to M. Bison: ? (blank at first); subordinate
-to Balrog: subordinate
-to Sagat: subordinate (in Vega's eyes only, not Sagat's) [Complete File note:
nowadays Sagat feels that he cannot keep following with Vega's methods of
foul play, the space between the 2 of them floats on dangerous air]
-to Blanka: let his airplane fall [in order to extinguish certain nations'
cabinet members]; [Complete File note: in order to extinguish certain
nations' cabinet members that were traveling together, Shadoloo's plot]
-to Soviet president: perestroika interference
-to E. Honda: is believed that he stole his (Honda's) super headbutt
-to Dhalsim: buys up the normal year spices so that curry can't be eaten
(noted during WW, never shown again after that)
-to Zangief: enemy in beliefs [Complete File note: with Zangief as a
cooperating relation, the president's peace policy is hindered by Shadoloo]
-to Ryu: mutually feel that the other must be defeated; interest as a
desperate situation fighting body (latest statement)
-to Nash: obliterated in order to seal his mouth; murderer
-to Arroyo Hawk & the Thunderfoot tribe: murdered with psycho power;
eradicated his tribe
-to Fei Long: invitation to the fighting championship
-to Chun Li's father: what's the connection behind his unaccounted-for
whereabouts?; murderer?
-to Cammy: educated as a necessary assassination personnel [mind control?];
mind control
-to Gouki: psycho power certainly doesn't prevail! (latest statement)


-to Goutetsu: master & obliterated for the sake of technique completion?;
murderer?; murderer
-to Gouken: older brother; murderer (latest statement)
-to Vega: annihilates (latest statement)
-to Ryu: "..." (latest statement)


-to Ken: her responsibility; fellow lover
-to Julia: actually sisters; sisters

(Chun Li's) father

-was with the Narcotics Investigations Division
-to Gen: ?
-to Chun Li: daughter
-to Vega: what's the connection behind his unaccounted-for whereabouts?

Gen [SF1]

-to Chun Li's father: ?
-to Goutetsu: development from the same school?


-to Blanka: son


-(called Gorbie in WW, and simply Daitouryo (President) from Dash ever
since, also noted as "great man" aka "erai hito" as early as WW)
-apparently never parts with his helicopter (brought up in WW, never
shown again after that)
-member of the Pagitnoff Science Academy
-to Zangief: wrestling division's junior
-3 KGB's under him as subordinates

KGB #3

-to Sub: actually a spy dog (brought up in WW, never shown again after that)


-to Guile: husband
-to Chris: daughter
-to Eliza: actually sisters; sisters


-to Sub: pet
-to Guile + Julia: (parents)
-to Datta: pen friend

Sub [dog]

-to Chris: (master)
-to Shiro [FF dog]: friend


-to Dhalsim: (father)
-to Chris: pen friend (at first only Datta wrote to Chris apparently, not

Kodal [elephant]

-to Dhalsim: friend & mode of transportation
-to M. Bison: parent's foe [Complete File note: in the old days, parent
was killed by a so-called sure-killing elephant slaughter move]

Geki [SF1]

-to Balrog: claw (same claw? I can't tell); claw rival

Adon [SF1]

-to Sagat: (master)
-to Vega: stole his kick from him (Adon) once


-to Guile: friend

Shiro [dog, FF]

-to Sub: friend

Arroyo Hawk

-to T. Hawk: son

(Fei Long's) director

-to Fei Long: performance trust


-to Dee Jay: friend
-to Beramacha [parrot]: pet

Colonel Keith Wolfman:

-to Cammy and the handpicked of Delta Red: subordinates


-to Gouken & Gouki: students
-to Gen: development from the same school?
-to Gouken (only): passed on ansatsuken (proof that Gouki's Z1 & Z2
accounts both happened, Goutetsu didn't necessarily die with a smile on
his face, Gouken acquired Goutetsu's beads, latest statement)


-to Ryu & Ken: students
-to Goutetsu: master
-to Gouki: younger brother

Kodal's parent (elephant)

-to Kodal: child

Beramacha [parrot]

-to Dee Jay: buddy

********************************** pgIVSF4.


Canon date: 1994 (approximately 1 year after SF2)

Gameplay:  Almost a decade after the release of Third Strike, Capcom
Japan brings out what was planned as Super Street Fighter II X II, or SF4 for
short, first at the arcades in limited numbers, then consoles and most
recently, the PC.  Boasting worldwide audience-capturing intentions like
never before, the Street Fighter saga is back, with follow-up Super SF4 hot
on its heels.

Overview:  SF2's over, but reoccurring
incidents of mysterious nature keep sprouting all over the world,
sparking the suspicions of Chun-Li and Guile.  Is Shadaloo rearing its
head again?  Or are the events of a more "mystic" nature?  Time will
tell, as old and new faces alike are pulled into the fray.

SF4 Story (from AOU 2008's Capcom pamphlet, the arcade version)

The following year after the so-called legendary World Fighting
Championship, they silently began___.
The questionable incidents following in succession, amidst a secretly
maneuvering mysterious organization.  Chasers and those followed, within
a blend of fellowship and treachery, now, the curtain rises on a new
-The tournament of SF2 has become a legend in the minds of fighters everywhere.

Street Fighter IV (from the console and PC manuals)


___Once more that tournament is being held___.

Having become partly legend the previous championship's excitement also not
subsiding that year, for information of a newly become World Fighting
Championship in a flash for the fighting stylists while spread out, at the
same time the murmuring of a strange rumor also was starting.

Disappearance events of celebrated fighting stylists following in succession.
To possess so-called menace's efficiency a new type of weapon.  This time's
sponsor being the military affairs enterprise S.I.N. and, the link with the
ought to have been destroyed Shadoloo.

Turbulent-like rumors and seeming to hail each other, newly become fighting
stylists one by one launch their self-introduction.

A youth who continues to search lost memories.  A female agent S.I.N.'s
management candidate and regarding to be one.  A man to burn with tenacity
about beating a rival.  A luchador to pursue the ultimate recipes.

And also to block the way before them even the previous tournament's
participants, each having determination and expectations they've been
starting to move.

Ones to fight for the sake of precious people.  Ones who pledge to vindicate
honor for this year.  Ones who shall make a roar of reputation in the world.

To become entangled in a complication of human relationships and, an enormous
conspiracy hidden behind the scenes of the championship.

Imperative to approach the separated from human habitation "true fighting
stylist", having continued training in earnest Ryu even again, is being
swallowed into that vortex__.

Chasers and those followed, to complicate within fellowship and treachery,
now, the curtain rises on a new struggle!
-No main character specified for SF4; special emphasis given to the new faces
plus Ryu still at a locus for protagonists and antagonists alike.

SF4 Rival Battles:  first name is who you fight as.

Abel vs Guile (and vice versa) - Happened as it's a two-sided battle (Guile vs
Abel and no other conflicts).  Suspicious of each other at first, after running
in circles trying to find out more about Nash and Shadaloo alike, they're both
somewhat more trusting of each other as shown in Guile's ending.

Balrog vs Chun-Li - Didn't happen.  Balrog remains out of Chun-Li's sights as
shown in his ending.  CJ's notorious for keeping these two apart, and it seems
to stay that way in SSF4 as well.  Maaaybe they meet in SSF4 per Balrog's last
words in his SSF4 ending, but even if they do then, whether or not the meeting
escalates into a battle is anyone's guess.

Blanka vs El Fuerte - Pointless but might've happened as it doesn't conflict
with anything else.

C. Viper vs Chun-Li - Happened as it's a two-sided battle as well as referenced
in Cammy's rival battle intro.  Most likely Viper cut this fight short and
left after she saw that she wouldn't be able to make Chun-Li retire so easily.

Cammy vs C. Viper - Doubt that they met prior to their encounter in the lab,
so most likely didn't happen.  Cammy would've interrogated Viper had she won,
and Viper probably wouldn't have pulled a gun to Cammy if she knew beforehand
that Cammy was from Delta Red, which Viper would realize during this battle.

Chun-Li vs C. Viper - same as C. Viper vs Chun-Li

Dan vs Sakura - Probably happens but not within the tournament since both Dan
and Sakura are shown to be in the lab for their endings.  Chances are Sakura
wins and gets to choose ramen for lunch, having whupped Dan 23 times in a row.
Could've possibly occurred just as likely in SSF4.

Dhalsim vs Rufus - Not too important either way, but most likely Dhalsim does
manage to baffle the stuffings out of Rufus as referenced in Rufus' SSF4

E. Honda vs El Fuerte - Probably happens since Honda's lucky enough to try
El Fuerte's newest culinary creation in Fuerte's ending.

El Fuerte vs Zangief - Same situation as above, Zangief's the other fortunate
dude to taste El Fuerte's newest dish with "rising" results.

Fei-Long vs Abel - Happens as referenced by Fei-Long in his SSF4 ending
remembering Abel.  Abel most likely won if it occurred inside the tournament
but could've gone either way if it was outside.  In any case, each leaves a
good impression on the other by the end.  The battle could've occurred during
SSF4's timeframe with the above scenarios as well.  

Gen vs Chun-Li -  Happened, but not during SF4.  This battle's a re-enaction
of one that occurred prior to SF2.  Gen reveals to a stressed Chun-Li that her
father was murdered, and that he feels he's partially responsible for the
tragedy: the flashback in Gen's opening prologue shows him unable to stop
Chun-Li's father from being taken away due to his disease.

Gouken vs Ryu - Like Gen vs Chun-Li, happened but in the even more distant
past: Ryu's final battle with his master before leaving the dojo and making
his way towards shaming Sagat in SF1.

Gouki vs Ryu - Doubtful that this battle happens in SF4 or SSF4.  Ryu would be
neither ready nor sufficient in Gouki's eyes judging by what Gouki says if
you win this rival battle with him, and from Gouki's ending only if Ryu became
SnH Ryu would Gouki be drawn to him.

Guile vs Abel - same as Abel vs Guile

Ken vs Rufus - Seemingly pointless, but happened as it is another two-sided
battle with no major conflicts and referenced in Rufus' SSF4 opening.  Ken
wins of course, since he mentions to Eliza in his ending that several other
guys got in the way of his ideal rematch with Ryu which he also had and thus
enjoyed the tournament, and because even Rufus admits that, though Ken won
then, he still insists that he's the best both before and after their fight.

M. Bison vs Chun-Li - See M. Bison vs Chun-Li in the SSF4 rival battle list.

Rose vs Ryu - See Rose vs Ryu in the SSF4 rival battle list.

Rufus vs Ken - same as Ken vs Rufus

Ryu vs Sagat - See Ryu vs Sagat in the SSF4 rival battle list.

Sagat vs Ryu - same as Ryu vs Sagat

Sakura vs Ryu - See Sakura vs Ryu in the SSF4 rival battle list.

Seth vs Abel - Most likely does not happen.  Though Abel takes Guile's place
against the "Seth" which is overriden by Vega, Seth's rival battle is shown
to be #15 versus Abel.  There's nothing to show that Abel's conversed with the
real Seth before he's outside the burning lab with Guile and Chun-Li.

Vega vs C. Viper - Most likely doesn't happen.  If either did meet, according
to their rival battle speeches one of them wouldn't be alive at the end; the
other would make sure of it.

Zangief vs Abel - Might've happened outside the tournament since both are at
the lab during their endings.  As with Guile, Abel has an opportunity to learn
more about Shadaloo from Zangief, plus he can't help but sense that Zangief's
somehow familiar to him.

********************************** pgIVSSF4.

SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 (latest edition being Ultra Street Fighter 4)

Canon date: late 1994 to early 1995

Gameplay: The newest chapters of the oldest head-to-head fighting game saga
continue with more faces, more features, and the return of bonus stages.

Overview: The excitement starts winding down from the previous tournament, but
is nonetheless not forgotten.  Though the media tried to assure the world that
the new organization S.I.N.-sha has fallen, they're ba~ack, and this time
appear to be out to leave everyone including recuperating Shadaloo POed.  

Intro from the SSF4 Character Art Collection


Having known the incidents for Chun Li and Guile immediately commenced an
investigation, for having observed through that process, by means of
Shadoloo's connected enterprise S.I.N.'s CEO Seth there was an enormous plot.

S.I.N. developed BLECE as a new era's powerful weapon.  Amplifying the power
of 'ki' that living creatures possess, for the sake of being able to manage
this weapon's research, for Seth having excelled in 'ki' manipulation dealings
through various areas kidnapping many fighting stylists, they have in fact
been forced into participating in experiments.
Having gotten swallowed into the incidents due to Ryu and Ken, Chun Li and
others' great efforts, for BLECE's last experiment barely prevented, for the
ringleader being Seth he himself being extricated due to someone, his figure

Seth's whereabouts and S.I.N.'s trends, and also appearing and disappearing in
that background, the ought-to-be perished Shadoloo's silhouette.  For Chun Li
and company to continue investigations in desperation, for the real situation
of the incidents are getting looked inside pretty well.

Such that within, from an incident having arisen with (South) Korea, for
Chun Li and company know the existence of the female called Juri.  For Juri
appending a horrible combat ability, having settled in one eye an apparatus
copied from Seth's tanden engine.  Not for her figure to make widely known
as Seth's right arm, tragedies at varous areas causes Juri.  Pleasure through
brutality but, where be the also highly calculating face peeking through what
it is for her true intention?

__And also, a newly World Fighting Championship's holding has been declared.


__In the tournament's shadow having been hidden yet another story is now,
opening the curtain__.

Due to the military affairs enterprise S.I.N. having opened a newly World
Fighting Championship, from that announcement in the beginning a dark rumor
has been following around.

Even after the announcement of destruction through the underworld of the
frightening secret society Shadoloo, a so-called new weapon to possess a
terrible ability, a connection to the series of fighting stylist disappearance

With various speculations spreading wildly for the fighting stylists who
participated in the tournament, there were even those having not been known
until this.

A seeking out a lost brethren highly prideful warrior.  A enjoying the
battle with relaxed open attitude born in the southern country musician.  A
transmitted from ancients ninjutsu's successor.  A turned his back on the
age within former hero.  A breasts spurring on toward the future young ninja.
For the sake of protecting a dojo a having run toward it karateist.  A having
indomitable fighting spirit English boxer.  A aiming at the strongest title
Muay Thai fighter.  A compatible industrialist and fighting stylist Turkish
man of valor.
-And also, a single female having appeared as S.I.N.'s CEO Seth's subordinate.

Individual intentions and organizational interests are intertwining in
complexity at the tournament's lining, at the end who is the one to prevail?

Even in earnest among the ramified trap, the true wire puller's loud laughter
is resounding throughout __.

The Ultimate SF4 Character Relations Chart
-main chart from Famitsu Online and SF4 & SSF4 Official Complete Works,
entries will be presented in chronological order.  Notes in [] are added
by me for clarity.
-following the chart will be entries originally introduced by CJ's Shiozawa
Natsuki-san from her personal character analyis.  These were discarded later
on by Capcom Japan, some valid, some erroneous, all non-seishi and presented
here only for historical reference.
-reading will be in the following format: "A" points TO "B", not FROM "B", to
minimize info repetition; if no arrow head is seen, it's treated below as a
double-headed arrow


-to Ken: friend and rival
-to Guile: had him eat natto
-to Gouken: studied under
-to Sagat: left a scar on his chest


-to Ryu: friend and rival
-to Guile: respective wives are sisters
-to Gouken: studied under 


-to Zangief: chanko is much tastier!
-to Hakan: friend


-to Guile: investigation cooperation
-to Gen: Chun Li's father's pretext
-to C. Viper: duties opposition
-to Vega: father's foe


-to Dan: friend


-to E. Honda: borscht is much tastier!
-to El Fuerte: prowrestler showdown


-to Ken: respective wives are sisters
-to Chun Li: investigation cooperation
-to Nash: friend
-to Dhalsim: children are mutual communicators

DHALSIM (says, "This is also fate......")

-to Guile: children are mutual communicators


-to Dudley: boxer showdown


-to Vega: utilizes

SAGAT (says, "This is that emperor.")

-to Ryu: dislikes the shoryuken
-to Vega: cooperated once


-to Ryu: body is wanted
-to Sagat: once cooperated
-to M. Bison: employs through money
-to Seth: substitute body 

C. VIPER (says, "In the middle of work!")

-to Chun Li: duties opposition
-to Nash: knows?
-to Seth: infiltration investigation


-to Fei Long: fan


-to Zangief: prowrestler showdown
-to T. Hawk: old friend


-to Ken: one-sided rival outlook


-to Gouken: older sibling; once defeated [because of the definition of defeat
in Goutetsu's ansatsuken and Gouki's clinging to it, Gouken did in fact die
by Gouki's hand]


-to Gouki: younger sibling


-to Vega: wants to usurp Shadoloo
-to Abel: an eyesore existence
-to Juri: a right-arm-type existence
-to Ryu: aims for his power


-to Ryu: admirable person
-to Cammy: friend
-to Ibuki: that uniform, isn't conspicuous?


-to Blanka: friend
-to Gouken: once studied under
-to Sakura: master surface [only pretends to be her instructor outwardly, not

FEI LONG (says, "Words and the like are unnecessary!")

CAMMY (thinks, "I so wanna raise a cat......")

-to Sakura: friend
-to Dee Jay: friend is a fan
-to Vega: I'm not a doll!
-to Juri: ex-bodyguard troop companions' foe


-to Chun Li: Chun Li's father's pretext

ROSE (thinks, "I want to get into a restful bath.")

-to Vega: wants to confine
-to Guy: old friend

T. HAWK (says, "Hao!")

-to Vega: I will get her back! [refers to Juli whom Hawk knows as Julia his
-to El Fuerte: old friend

DEE JAY (says, "Let's dance!")

-to Cammy: an angered face doesn't suit ya!


ADON (says, "I am a god!!")

-to Sagat: once studied under

GUY (thinks, "Horizontal writing that's a weak point.")

-to Cody: once battled together
-to Haggar: once cooperated
-to Rose: old friend

CODY (thinks, "So dull......")

-to Guy: once battled together
-to Jessica: former girlfriend

DUDLEY (says, "Let's go gentlemanly.")

-to M. Bison: boxer showdown

IBUKI (thinks, "I so wanna eat a sweet.")

-to Sakura: wants to wear a sailor uniform

MAKOTO (says, "Thoroughly come!!")

-to Fei Long: defeating him she raises the dojo's name!

HAKAN (says, "My cooking oil is the best in the world!")

-to E. Honda: friend

Nash (from the Zero series)

to Guile: friend
to Abel: extricates 5 years ago [he holds Vega at bay and allows Abel to
escape the psycho drive base]

Haggar (from the Final Fight series)

-to Jessica: child

Jessica (from the Final Fight series)

-to Haggar: parent

Original Shadoloo faces- consists of Vega, Balrog, Bison, Sagat [not because
he considers himself part of them but because Vega continues to]

S.I.N. (Shadoloo's subsidiary [technology supplementer to its weapons branch,
not its subordinate division])- consists of Seth, Juri, Viper

Metro City's residents- consists of Guy, Cody, Haggar, Jessica

Entries from Shiozawa-san's personal analysis (not canon overall, historical
reference only)


-to Ken: rival
-to Gouken: master


-to Ryu: rival
-to Gouken: master


-to Hakan: old friend


-to Gen: master *Udon flag* [he remains a shady elusive contact to her,
watching her from the darkness, nothing more]
-to Guile & Cammy: cooperates
-to Abel: acquaintance
-to C. Viper: opposes




-to Chun Li & Cammy: cooperates
-to Nash: friend
-to Abel: sense of distrust


-to S.I.N.: the water deficiency's source to search out




-to Ryu: worthy opponent


-to Bison & Balrog: subordinates
-to Rose: opposes
-to the Living Incubator Project: project for the sake of substitute bodies
-to Juri: snatches away her one eye and both parents


-to Seth: scouts
-to Chun Li & Cammy: opposes


-to Chun Li: acquaintance
-to Guile: sense of distrust
-to Seth & No. 21: identical genetic siblings
-to Shadoloo Group: pursues Shadoloo
-to Fei Long: fan


-to T. Hawk: amigo


-to Ken: one-sided rival outlook


-to Gouken: [older] sibling
-to Gen: death-meet opponent

SETH (No. 15)

-to Vega: plans to take over Shadoloo
-to Abel & No 21: identical genetic siblings
-to the World Fighting Tournament: holds it aiming for strong fighting
-to Ryu: aims for satsui no hadou
-to Juri: subordinate


-to Gouki: [younger] sibling
-to Ryu & Ken: students


-to Ryu: admires
to Ibuki: a mutual understanding of meeting by accident 



-to Seth: pursues for the staff raid incidents


-to Chun Li & Guile: cooperates
-to C. Viper: opposes


-to Chun Li: disciple of his disciple
-to Gouki: death-meet opponent


-to Vega: opposes
-to Guy: friend


-to El Fuerte: amigo
-to Shadoloo group: pursues for his missing-whereabouts lover




-to Sagat: hatred


-to Rose: friend
-to Cody: former companion


-to Guy: former companion



-to Sakura: a mutual understanding of meeting by accident 



-to E. Honda: old friend


-to Guile: friend
-to Abel: extricates 5 years ago [he holds Vega at bay and allows Abel to
escape the psycho drive base]
-to mercenary soldier: entrusts Abel to *Udon flag* [CJ's never revealed
that Nash got him to be with his mercenary commanding officer father. All
that's said is that his mercenary friends rescued and turned him over to the
commanding officer, who in turn said to his underlings to show him the ropes
until he established somewhat of an identity again]

No. 21

-to Abel & Seth: identical genetic siblings

mercenary soldier

-to Abel: raising parent

anti-Shadoloo group- In order to stand against Shadoloo, ICPO's Chun Li, the
British Special Building Unit Delta Red's Cammy, the US armed forces' posted
Guile and others are, cooperatively undertaking an investigation.  Also in
addition to opposing Shadoloo seems to be the organization but.......

-consists of Cammy, Viper, Chun Li, Guile, Nash
ansatsuken's successor- From time immemorial school that the successor
fighting stylist has feared as an ansatsuken.  As for having sublimated it
into fighting techniques was Gouken's master, Goutetsu. 

-consists of Gouken, Gouki, Ken, Ryu

Shadoloo group- The secret society with Vega as commander.  Acting in
narcotics circulating and military weapon smuggling, from the undersurface
of the world it has it under its thumb and secretly maneuvers.

-consists of S.I.N.(Shadaloo Intimidation Network *Udon flag* [CJ's never
revealed what S.I.N. stands for])/BLECE Project, the Living Incubator Project
*Udon flag* [CJ's never referred to Vega's substitute vessel project by name],
and Viper, Juri, Seth (No. 15), No. 21, Bison, Balrog, Vega

S.I.N. (Shadaloo Intimidation Network) / BLECE project- For S.I.N. being the
enterprise in charge of Shadoloo's weapons development branch, the BLECE
project is an experimental project constructing the ultimate weapon that's
utilized the power of "ki".

-consists of Viper, Juri, Seth (No. 15)

Living Incubator Project- A project for the sake of developing Vega's
substitute body.  For Seth and Abel, are experimental bodies produced for the
sake of this project.

-consists of Seth (No. 15), No. 21, Abel

mercenary soldier division- A mercenary group operating in the heart of
Europe.  With bravery for the grieved division chief, Abel is entrusted to him
from Nash.

-consists of the mercenary soldier, Abel

World Fighting Tournament- To become the subject matter of S.I.N.'s BLECE
project, it was held with the intention to gather the superior fighting

-consists of Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Dan, Blanka, Rufus, Zangief, El Fuerte, Honda,
Dee Jay, Dudley, Makoto, Adon

saikyo ryu (?)- Having been excommunicated by Gouken Dan's risen school.
Participating being Dan's friend is Blanka, Sakura also is forcibly enrolling.

-consists of Dan, Blanka, Sakura

SSF4 Rival Battles:  first name is who you fight as.  The AE-only rival
battles for Yun, Yang, Satsui Ryu and Oni do have intros scripted and voiced
but not animated, thus they don't show up in-game.  Same case with the Ultra-
only rival battles for Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, and Decapre.

Adon vs Sagat - Probably happens and Sagat most likely wins if it does.  With
Adon left in one piece this time he reaffirms in his mind that Sagat has truly
lost his once proud, ferocious tiger fangs as referenced in Adon's ending. 

C. Viper vs Hakan - Might've happened.  If it does, then Hakan backs off due
to Viper's fire and electric capacities definitely not in his favor, and she
loses interest in trying to recruit him as well.  They probably part with
Viper apologizing for calling Hakan short-legged and her deducing that his
Achilles' heel is his daughters moreso than even oil.

Cammy vs Juri - Probably doesn't happen as either Juri would get her neck
broken or Cammy would get possibly abducted and/or killed like other girls
of the Vega Bodyguard Troops.  They have fought prior to SSF4 and Cammy
lost back then.  With this rival battle she's fuming to return the favor
for herself and her Shadaloo siblings.  

Chun-Li vs Juri - Not sure if this one happens, but if so either Chun-Li lays
the beatdown and places Juri under arrest, or Juri keeps wailing on Chun-Li.
They'd met and fought prior to SSF4 when Juri had to quickly outwit Chun-Li
to get away, but for this battle she's in no hurry to stop the thrashing as
long as her Chinese opponent keeps getting back up for more. 

Cody vs Guy - Happens and probably ends with no clear winner as Cody backs
away refusing to partner with Guy against S.I.N.-sha.  Guy more likely had
the upper hand during this battle since he notes that Cody's gotten so sloppy
he's forgotten Guy's movements.

Decapre vs Cammy - Unknown if this happens, but not if the start of Decapre's
ending occurs, before Vega shows up.  Cammy would most likely take the upper
hand and subdue Decapre but still be unable to help her unlike say Juni as in
Cammy's SSF4 ending.

Dee Jay vs Rufus - Like all other rival battles involving Rufus which did
happen as referenced by Rufus' SSF4 opening prologue, this one would more
or less be in the same boat and give both Dee Jay and Rufus some involvement
in SSF4.  Rufus thinks Dee Jay wants to become his student and "tests" him
as the battle ensues, docking "match points" all along the way until Dee Jay's
left with a score of negative 66 (he got one point apparently for his first
attack).  Dee Jay of course just wants to have some rhythmic fun with the big
bouncy guy. 

Dudley vs M. Bison - Happens and it's not known who won, but Dudley looked
to have the upper hand as the fight progressed.

Elena vs Sakura - Happens and quietly referenced in the last scene of Elena's
Ultra ending.  Difficult to tell who wins as both part ways satisfied at
having a blast with each other, but probably Sakura won it.   

Guile vs Vega - Probably doesn't happen.  Even if it does, Vega escapes
presumably the same way he appeared or soul-jumps away.  Guile swears that
he'll be the one to escort Vega to hell this time, and Vega seeing Guile as
the "usual minnow," scoffs away Guile's threat.

Guy vs Rose - Happens and Guy manages to mentally learn that Rose is putting
her life on the line for Ryu's sake.  Most likely Rose wins it. 

Hakan vs E. Honda - Happens and apparently keeps carrying on to a stalemate
outside Hakan's residence as seen in his ending.  Both stubborn that their
style is tops even though the other comes super close, and both are still good

Hugo vs Poison - Most likely doesn't happen, especially if they meet up ala
Hugo's Ultra ending scenario.  If they did battle at all during the SF4 era,
Hugo would most likely win.  

Ibuki vs Sakura - Probably happened, and most likely Sakura won it because
Ibuki wants to stress it as a play fight because she doesn't do very well.
Sakura likely tells Ibuki about Ken regardless. 

Juri vs Vega - Dunno.  If it happened, most likely Vega would be the one
left standing above a bloody-eyed Juri.  Otherwise he soul-jumps away after
she manages to break his SF4 body or vanishes altogether the same way he
appears in front of Juri because he's got other priorities in mind.

M. Bison vs Chun-Li - Might've happened, and if it does, it veers towards
Bison getting arrested in the end.  However, even if he does land in the
slammer, it may not be a stretch for him to eventually break out.

Makoto vs Fei-Long - Happens and Makoto wins, possibly because Fei-Long got
distracted towards the end.  Either way she cherishes her victory and he
finds new respect for Rindoukan karate.

Oni vs Gouken - Doesn't happen.  Oni doesn't come into being during SSF4.

Poison vs Rolento - Doubtful if this escalated into a battle of any kind,
if a meeting happened at all.  Poison's ending definitely doesn't materialize
in any kind of shape or form, so Rolento probably wouldn't face any kind of
defeat or delay in his latest mission with his fellow troopers to capture
S.I.N.-sha's feng shui engine.

Rolento vs Cody -  Also a doubtful meeting and/or battle.  An apparent
rematch deja vu moment from Z3 which consists of the usual ideals clashing
and bickering, though this time Rolento doesn't appear to give up on trying
to rewire Cody from his carelessly criminal lifestyle.  If Cody fights
Rolento and wins, he probably moves on while the Red Beret utopia fanatic
likely recovers and continues with his newest mission, but again that's

Rose vs Ryu - Depends on whether they meet before or after Ryu's fought with
Ken, Sagat, and Sakura if no one else.  Rose is really insistent on not
letting Ryu proceed because she feels he's not yet ready to take on Vega
and prevail at this time, and she now acknowledges that Ryu, not she, is
currently the critical card for putting Vega away.  However, this entire
encounter might've also been avoided courtesy of Guy.  See Guy vs Rose
above for more on that.  So dunno for sure if this battle happens.

Ryu vs Ken - Happens.  Referenced in Ryu's SSF4 ending, and their last Z3
battle together before Ryu, Ken and Sakura all part ways, with Ryu's victory
pose in his Z3 ending while Ken continues his fighting stance, confirms that
Ryu indeed won that battle through their dialogue in this one.  Whichever way
their battle here goes, Ken invites Ryu to come meet him once the baby's born.  

Ryu vs Sagat - Happens.  Referenced in Ryu's and Sagat's SSF4 endings.  The
two rivals have finally gotten their desired match without any interference,
enjoy it, and part ways as friends. 

Sakura vs Ryu - Happens.  Referenced in Ryu's and Sakura's SSF4 endings, and
Sakura reveals that she has indeed aged and matured since their last battle

Satsui Ryu vs Gouken - Doesn't happen.  Satsui Ryu doesn't come into being
during SSF4.  

Seth vs Hakan - Most likely does not happen with Seth as #15, but otherwise
maybe.  Hakan notes that Seth is lighter than he looks to be as a side note.

T. Hawk vs El Fuerte - Most likely happens.  A battle between old friends and
neighbors with El Fuerte asking how the village elder and Julia are both
doing, while Hawk intends to reiterate how important it is to take care of
food and to not depend on just strength in battle.  Despite his lecturing
intentions he also enjoys their first fight in a long while.

Yang vs Ryu - Most likely does not happen.  Assumes that Yang meets Ryu while
having lost and searching for his big brother, they fight and Yang of course
gracefully takes his loss as a good lesson.  Nothing from the SF3 series
indicates that Yang and Ryu had ever met before, plus noting that their battle
journey according to Yun's ending came to a close after fighting somebody who
was tough to understand would steer towards this battle not happening.

Yun vs Chun-Li - Ditto.  Yun goes off on his own spying on Chun-Li's
whereabouts, she realizes he's around and calls him out, he's shocked, and she
makes him promise that if they fight and he loses he goes back home right
away.  He of course loses to her and consents, which again contradicts his
ending as described above in Yang vs Ryu.

********************************** pgIVSF3.



"Departing for the weekend!, Tom."
"Let's see...to calm down even my injuries, also the training gym's direction,
Luis will make a go of it..."
For Tom on a hospital's bed getting half-torsoed, from a considerable patch
having become a small foot's cast while it was relieving a thrashing.
"Well, come slowly!  Even if the rehabilitating is dextrous, to leave the
gym it still doesn't suffer..."
"That's right, for the departure's time, allow me to go bid farewell to Pat!
It's not about going like a silent coldheartedness, as you are generally..."
For Tom talks of various things at once and his body posed on the bed.
"I know!"
For Alex answers with a bitter smile and, if leaving to journey even this
preaching of Tom's a fishy expression, for a while he believed he wasn't being

To Alex having left the hospital, a roadside tree's timber oversight day is
to downpour and, and that glistening light is to him having remembered a
single man's figure.
That day for that man fluttering of long blond hair, had in fact appeared
before the two of them going on the street.
Glistening long blond hair taking in the street's illumination's light and,
for an upright figure of a large-build body filled with confidence, to
somehow come forth from a Scandinavian myth he associated with the ideas
like Yggdrasil.
For the hoodlum fighter always seeming to be imaging like a wild animal and
a fierce animal he was believed to be something different.

With having taken up a street fight before Tom, the man's long hair seeming
to dance flashed in the open air and, for Tom beyond his control to
counterattack he was being defeated inside.  To be saying the US military
prominence's veteran, even my challenging someday not to deprive an allowing
to fall is in fact that Tom.

For Tom being the strongest man as far as I know, that's the objective as a
fighting stylist.  That before Tom's eyes as it is not even able to
counterattack the blond-haired man much the fact is he was defeated.  What
in the world kind of matter is it likely to be.  There's no reason for Tom
to lose so easily.  There ought to be something.
Or else really, there's probably that much an extent of difference in
I'll pursue the blond-haired man.  One way or another if I'm allowed to
fight that man the fact is I will understand everything.

Let's go towards the world, beyond the scope of going out.  Desiring the
strongest evidence.
-The long unabridged version of the flashback in Alex's ending.  Gill's blond
hair is what stays in Alex's memory as his journey continues, and interesting
is that he likens his initial impression of Gill to Scandinavian myth rather
than anything Greek, suggesting that (thankfully) Gill hadn't approached Tom
and Alex in the streets in the nearly-buff prior to Tom going down that day.  

    Second Impact replaces The New Generation.  Again, this is official
statement, though really, this is a lot more obvious than SFZ2 overriding
SFZ1 considering that for almost all (if not completely all) of the old
characters, their storylines dialogue, and endings in New Generation and Second
Impact are EXACTLY the same.

Canon Date:  1998.

It taking place five years after Street Fighter 2 is official statement with
the release of 3S.

Gameplay:  Another fighting game.  See a pattern yet?

Story:  Oi.  Five years and with no games in between this and Street
Fighter 2.  What a jump, there  Oo   Street Fighter 3 pretty much threw
most of the old Street Fighter storyline to the winds in terms of how
connected it is to the other games.  The only returning characters are Ryu
and Ken, and they weren't even supposed to be in the game at first, but they
didn't get in due to fan outcries but by staff decision.  The rest of the
characters are all new, and the majority of them don't have any relations
to previous SF characters, whatsoever.  Due to this, lots of people
complained about the lack of unresolved plotlines in Street Fighter 2
(although truthfully, the majority of SF2 resolved itself within the
game's endings, anyways).  What's really scary though is that technically
there is nothing to show within the game that Street Fighter 2 happened or
existed AT ALL until Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and even then, it's
only vaguely referenced in passing with Urien telling Chun-Li that her
legendary legs cornered "a certain organization" into destruction.  That
combined with Hugo never EVER officially being referred to as Andore makes
me wonder if they ever wanted this game to be a Street Fighter game in the
first place.  The fact that some early marquees stressed the number 3 more
than the actual words "Street Fighter" didn't help.  Anyway, moving along...

    The story of the third Street Fighter storyline is that a mysterious
new organization has come to light, led by Gill.  Gill holds Street
Fighter 3 non-publicly so that he may find the "chosen ones" that are worthy
to become part of his plan to create an ideal world.

A little visual support for no sans-Ryu+Ken NG beta; Gamest showed its first
2 shots ever of NG previewed at a 1996 game show, almost half a year prior
to its arcade debut. One shot showed Alex from what looks like a closeup of
one of his ending screens sitting over Tom maybe, and the other had Ken's
victory quote pose screen with Ryu defeated. I didn't find anything more
in the mook's interview to point to such a beta, as I had expected.
Noritaka-san's words about Ryu & Ken not being originally in the lineup I
also found in AAC; still nothing about a beta.

    Very few details are known about the Street Fighter 3 "tournament,"
though more are known than Street Fighter 2, at least.  Here are the few
official statements that could be found about it, most from Capcom Japan's
web page itself.

    Sean lost to Ken. (referenced in 3S)
    Ryu lost to Oro. (referenced in 2I)
    Oro didn't show up for his fight against Alex. (implied in 2I)
    Alex won the "tourney." (intro to 3S)
    Oh, and Ryu -probably- beat Hugo, since Capcom stated how Ryu hit Hugo
with a shin shoryuken, and I can't figure out any other place that would
take place besides during 2I. (referenced in 3S that it was in 2I)

    There were mid-boss and boss battles in SF3 Second Impact, but the
majority of them are sadly pointless filler battles and thus probably
didn't happen.  And I doubt that Gouki's boss battles happened since all
indications are that he didn't even enter the tournament, just like SF2.

Ah well.   Here's the boss battle list for SF3 2I.  Remember, the character
name that comes first is the one you play as.

Alex vs Ken - Sparring match; might've happened, might've not.  A point to
note is that Alex starts off mistaking blond guys in general for Gill,
including Ken.  Alex is one probable candidate for the guy Ken tells Ryu
that Ken must face as SF3 opens, thus prompting their meeting after 3 years. 

Alex vs Gill - Alex fights Gill to avenge Tom getting beaten up.  This
battle happened, though Gill likely threw it as referenced by Gill's 3S
ending and pre-battle dialogue with Alex.

Dudley vs Hugo - Just a random duel.  Might've happened, but probably not.

Dudley vs Gill - Dudley challenges Gill for his car.  Gill comments that he
wants to see if Dudley is worthy of it.  Apparently, Gill decided he was
after the test, since Dudley has his car in Third Strike and thus this battle
did happen.

Elena vs Ryu - Yet another random fight.  A reference to them meeting prior
to SF3 which convinced Elena to go to study abroad in Japan.

Elena vs Gill - Elena tells Gill that fighting moves are not meant for
injuring others (because remember, kids!  Learning to kick others in the
face is a sign of FRIENDSHIP!).  Gill disagrees, saying that they're the
proof of the strongest kind, and that they signify death in her regard.
Didn't happen needless to say.

Gill vs Alex - It's the same dialogue as Alex vs Gill, for crying out loud.

Gill vs Urien - Urien challenges Gill for the leadership.  Gill's 3S win quote
to Urien shows that this battle did happen.  Urien lost it despite Gill
holding back.

Gouki vs Sean - Sean briefly mistakes Gouki for Ryu :P  Sean's trying to
challenge Ryu because Ken keeps sicking Sean on Ryu so that Ken can have
some free time with his wife and this is the result?  Hehe.  Doesn't
happen of course.

Gouki vs Ryu - Gouki says to Ryu that now he's ready for them to truly settle
their match (which started in Z2 when they first fought).  Ryu tells Gouki
that satsui no hadou is thoroughly surpassable, and he'll prove it.  Eternal
notes that by 3S Ryu's the one actually ready to approach Gouki, not the
other way around as this scenario from 2I suggested.  No real way to tell if
they ever met during 2I or 3S either, so the battle probably doesn't happen,
or at the most it's cut short since win quotes indicate that Ryu is neither
killed nor is Gouki leaving satisfied as he'd hoped, both in 2I and 3S.

Hugo vs Yun - Another match to test each other; that's pretty much it.
Might've happened, might've not, unimportant either way.

Hugo vs Ryu, Necro, Elena, or Gill - Hugo's match to find a tag team
partner.  Though these battles, with the exception of Hugo vs Ryu, probably
did not happen.  Or at least, none of them (including Hugo vs Ryu) happened
in this form I imagine.  Ryu got eliminated by Oro although it's confirmed
that he did fight Hugo and win prior to that.

Ibuki vs Elena - Really random battle, but might've happened.  If it did Ibuki
likely cut it short since Elena approaches her in the middle of her G File
mission however.

Ibuki vs Gill - Ibuki challenges Gill to take the G File.  This battle
happened and ended with Gill being somewhat entertained at Ibuki's efforts.

Ken vs Dudley - Ken offers to let Dudley fight him for his (Ken's) car.
Not that Dudley would care for Ken's car, though.  Might've or might've not
happened.  Dudley is another probable candidate for the guy Ken believes he
must face, and Ryu's actually met Dudley prior to SF3 as well.

Ken vs Ryu - Another fight between the long-time friends.  Likely happened
since they both note in Ryu's 3S battle before Gill that they both find it
hard to lose interest in fighting each other, meaning they had sparred not
too long ago, such as within a year's time.  This battle likely occurred in
Sean's presence before they part for Gill's planned encounters, and Ryu
likely went easy on Ken since he hadn't seriously fought in the three years
since he had a son; also probably to keep Sean's interest in his "master"
alive and vibrant, prompting Ken's slightly more cocky taunt when he and
Ryu meet in 3S.

Necro vs Ibuki - Ibuki asks Necro where Gill could be found.  Eh, may or may
not have happened.

Necro vs Gill - Necro challenges Gill for his freedom.  Even when Necro
wins this battle, Gill doesn't give it to him, but Effie rescues him.

Oro vs Necro - Really random battle.  Oro takes Necro for a joke needless to
say.  Probably doesn't happen.

Oro vs Gill - Oro wonders if Gill is as strong as Ryu.  Doesn't happen since
3S is when Oro first hears about the Secret Society, much less establishes any
contact with it.

Ryu vs Sean - Ryu meets Sean for the first time and realizes he's Ken's
student.  Sean has come to challenge him (most likely sent by Ken).  This
battle probably didn't happen here, though I imagine a battle just like it
happened right after the "tournament" considering Sean's ending.  Sean's
ending showed that he never beat Ryu and official statement are that Ken
beat Sean prior to 3S, after all.

Ryu vs Ken - Same as Ken vs Ryu.

Sean vs Yang - Random battle with Yang's initial impression of Sean steering
towards being not even worth fighting.  Might've happened with Sean getting
schooled of course, or might've not altogether and was at most a bickering

Sean vs Ken - Sean's going to show Ken how he's come up with a succession 
move at last, but Ken says Sean still has a lot to learn, and Ken is probably
right, since officially, Ken beat Sean and won this battle as referenced by

Urien vs Alex - Alex mistakes Urien for Gill, and Urien's all too obliged to
deliver Alex some punishment in return.  Most likely does not happen, and
even if they do meet, Alex would presumably back off after recalling that Gill
has blond hair, and that Urien isn't the man he's after.

Urien vs Gill - Same as Gill vs Urien.

Yang vs Oro - Oro asks if Yang would like to be his pupil, but Yang
politely refuses.  May or may not have happened.

Yang vs Yun - Yang and Yun challenge each other to see who's better.  May
or may not have happened.  If it did, Yun probably won since Yang still feels
like he's in his big brother's shadow come Third Strike.

Yun vs Urien - Urien says Yun should abandon his arts and follow Urien as the
servant he ought to be, to which Yun tells him to get lost with his ridiculous
words.  Probably didn't happen, but not too important either way. 

Yun vs Yang - Same as Yang vs Yun

    Like in SF2, you can have Gouki jump in and kill Gill with the
shungokusatsu just like he does to Vega in SF2 if you meet the requirements.
However, unlike SF2, this obviously didn't officially happen in the storyline
because Gill is still alive and well during Street Fighter 3:  Third Strike,
which takes place after Second Impact.  A Shin Gouki-beaten ending shows that
Gill uses resurrection on himself to restore his stamina.  However, since
Gill's never shown to have received the SGS prior to resurrecting himself
(unlike with Vega Gill didn't have a pose designed to show he bought the farm
via the SGS), his resurrection is due to having fought Alex, which did
officially happen.

    Lantis has a great FAQ at Gamefaqs for the Street Fighter 3 series

The "Etcetera" section of Capcom Japan's SF3 Q&A sessions with Gamest follows.
The rest of the sections can be found within individual characters'
miscellaneous sections, under the heading "SF3 Q&A from SF3 Fanbook."  These
sessions took place and were published between the releases of NG and 2I.


-Why, is it without midair defense *aka midair blocking overseas*?
A.  The midair defense is blocking *known as parrying overseas*.

-Why, is it without selecting super arts save 1 of them?
A.  A super art, was established as a projection of an "if (perhaps)" world
conception.  If, Ken had previously acquired the shinryuken would he likely
hit upon the shoryureppa??   Would Ryu probably not utilize the shinryuken??
From this of SF3's world, for Ryu to utilize the shin shoryuken is to say
he doesn't know the shinkuu hadouken.  For now to not master only 1 is
possibly the day to come of mastering all within those.

-For Chun Li to not appear, is it because as with her SF2 ending she became
an ordinary girl?
A.  Even in the place of Chun Li gone back to being an ordinary girl, those
thighs won't be hidden.  It's believed wherever there's rampaging.

-As for Sakura, aiming for Ryu even now, is she chasing him?
A.  For Sakura, it's believed that she's active as a member of society.  A
headband in suit, with the gloves-on-both-hands appearance if she's a woman
running around with a phone in one hand, it's perhaps agreed that she's not
a girlfriend.

-Since SF2 is it a world of how many years after?
A.  Since SF2's announcement please think of the time as abstaining from
real time.

-With SF3 how are Vega and Shadoloo doing?
A.  Even Vega also Shadoloo are in good health.

-About Gill's gang and relations to Shadoloo?
A.  Gill's organization is such that the world conjectures.  Shadoloo's
activities also, as long as Vega doesn't realize they've been utilized by
means of a large power, are being controlled.

-What kind of person is Gill?  What is he plotting?
A.  Gill is a human being chosen by the global world.  Gill's ambition is
by means of his own hands, the matter of establishing the ideal unified world.

-Is it agreed that, Dan is that way even now?
A.  That is what's believed.

-Gouki and Sagat, how are they doing?
A.  It's agreed that in time, Gouki will appear before Alex and company.  As
for Sagat, he's in Thailand.

-With having been active in SF2 Guile and Honda, Balrog and the others at the
present, how are they doing?
A.  Guile, Honda, Balrog and the others of the world are continuing their

-Is it agreed that Ryu is no longer going back to a major role?
A.  In regards to Ryu, it seems that he has nothing to do with whoever has a
major role.
-Many, including comments on the whereabouts of the SF2 cast, Dan, Sakura;
tidbits on Gill's true nature and influence on Shadaloo and the rest of the
SF universe, the idea behind one selectable super art, etc. (no pun intended).


**********************************  pgIVSF3TS.



1 year since the struggle to decide the world's summit.  Desiring the yet
unseen formidable opponents, for once again Alex has journeyed out.  At
the same time, the fighting stylists within the world also, unfold the
struggle aiming at Gill.  For the sake of discovering oneself, for the
sake of carrying out ambitions.......  The journey to desire the strongest,
is in fact not finished deciding.

Canon Date:  1999.

The aftermath of SF3

Gameplay:  The latest game in the Street Fighter 3 series and the Street
Fighter world, and the last game of the Street Fighter 3 series (official

Overview:  Once again, like Zero, characters are just wandering around
filling their own agendas now that the "tournament" is over.  Because this is
the latest game, Capcom hasn't made many official statements about it (they
probably don't want to confine and corner themselves too much so they can
have more freedom with the next game's storyline, for one thing).  However,
since most of the endings don't contradict, it's probably safe to assume a
majority of them happened (though there are some exceptions, probably,
mostly for really ridiculous ones).  Also note that while Gill is generally
the final boss, for most characters there's no dialogue with him because
in the canon storyline, they didn't fight him in Third Strike (he's just
there to be the filler final boss for a majority of the characters).  Heck,
a large majority of the boss battles in SF3 Third Strike don't have
dialogue or are simply incredibly filler.

    You can't have Gouki jump in and kill Gill this time, and Urien's
ending is highly doubtful.  Gill is most definitely still alive and well
after Street Fighter 3, continuing to keep a close eye on Alex.

The Ultimate SF3 Character Relations Chart
-main chart from Eternal.
-reading will be in the following format: "A" points TO "B", not FROM "B",
to minimize info repetition; if no arrow head is seen, it's treated below
as a double-headed arrow


to Gill: Tom's foe


to Ken: rival
to Gouki: wants a true settlement


-sibling with Yang
to Gill: to protect the streets


-sibling with Yun
to Gill: to protect the streets
to Yun: a being he wants to surpass


to Gill: wants to recover his father's car


-experimental body with Twelve
to Gill: resentment


to Gill: wants the G File
to Oro: target for training acquirement credit



to Ryu: being an expectation
to Gouki: fellow expert known through hearsay


to Ryu: rival
to Sean: student


to Ken: master


to Gill: older brother



to Oro: fellow expert known through hearsay


to Urien: criminal who has kidnapped the child



to Ryu: wants to challenge



-experimental body with Necro
to Necro: pursues
to Gill: master


to Urien: younger brother
to Twelve: servant

    Third Strike boss and mid-boss battles

As usual, the character who's name comes first is the character you're
playing as when the fight happens.  This list only includes boss battles
that had actual dialogue, as with SFZ2's list.

Alex vs Ryu - Officially happened.  Course, as you can see in Alex's
ending, Alex didn't exactly fare very well in it.

Chun-Li vs Urien - Urien promises to return the kid if Chun-Li entertains
him for a bit (of course he means by fighting!).  Street Fighter Eternal
Challenge confirms it.  The fact that Urien just promised to return the kid
in exchange for a little entertaining battle shows that he was most likely
more testing Chun-Li's might than actually fighting his hardest, though.

Dudley vs Ryu - Filler battle within the timeframe of 3S.  It actually
happened prior to SF3.  Both Ryu and Dudley develop a mutual respect for
each other as a result.

Elena vs Makoto - Elena fights to prove herself to Makoto, who thinks Elena
isn't serious enough about battle.  Might have happened.

Gill vs Alex - Doesn't happen, but it does reference their 2I battle and
its outcome which left Alex the victor of SF3: Alex fights hard to bring Gill
down for Tom's sake, but Gill recovers after Alex leaves the scene.

Hugo vs Ryu - Hugo seeks out Ryu per Poison's suggestion and challenges
him to make him join Hugo's wrestling squad.  Battle from 2I repeated here
more or less.  Doubtful that it happens again.

Ibuki vs Oro - Ibuki fights Oro as a test to pass her ninja school
graduation exam.  This battle is confirmed by Street Fighter Eternal.

Ken vs Urien - Another one which probably didn't happen, though it does give
Ken some impression of the Secret Society rumors he's been hearing about come
3S.  Even if their battle did happen, Urien doesn't take Ken seriously just
as with Chun-Li.

Makoto vs Ryu - Yet another battle that has nothing to do with the
character's ending.  Anyways, here Makoto, who has heard about Ryu wants to
challenge him to a match.  That's pretty much all Street Fighter Eternal's
chart states.

Necro vs Twelve - Necro's made up his mind to put up his dukes against the
creature relentlessly chasing after them.  May or may not have happened, but
it appears that the Twelve vs Necro scenario below occurred before this one. 

Oro vs Gouki - Oro has finally found the man who's ki he sensed, and he and
Gouki decide to rough each other up a little.  But again, it has nothing to
do with the character's ending.  Oro's ending could conceivably have
happened even if this battle did take place, though, since it doesn't seem
like either Oro or Gouki are in a serious fight-to-the-death move so much
as mostly curious.  Street Fighter Eternal confirms that the two did meet,

Remy vs Alex - A pissed-off Remy attacks Alex for being a warrior.  Remy
doesn't like fighters.  What this has to do with his ending happening is
beyond me, though, unless Remy's father was in some way responsible for
Remy's older sister getting encased under the sea.

Ryu vs Ken - Ken challenges Ryu.  For 'fun', of course.  This battle
officially happened and Ryu officially won it.

Sean vs Ken - Sean fights his master for testing purposes, to see if he really
has changed from the previous year.  Ken tells him to show everything he's got,
but doesn't expect much to come out anyway.  Eh... no big deal.

Twelve vs Necro - Twelve appears for the first time in front of a fleeing
Necro and Effie.  Telling them in a chopped manner of speech that Necro's
existence is no longer permissible, Twelve attacks.  Most likely happened
in the Necro vs Twelve format described above instead, and this scenario
was at most a meeting followed by a temporary retreat, leading to a scene
similar to that depicted in Necro's 3S ending.

Urien vs Gill - Doesn't happen.  Gill's intent on killing Urien during this
battle upon winning, and Urien ends up destroying everything the Secret
Society has built up for millenia if he wins, including his big brother.  Both
brothers are presumably alive by the end of 3S. 

Yang vs Yun - Yang wants to prove himself against Yun after weeks of battles
for leveling up.  Street Fighter Eternal Challenge confirms this battle, and
it accounts for the absence they've had from the vicinity of the Shoryuken
restaurant which Hoimei complains about in Yang's 3S ending.

Yun vs Gill - Judging by Yun's ending, most likely Yang was with him for
this fight.  Here, Yun decides that Gill's a dreaming bigmouth and a battle
breaks out.  This battle had to have happened for Yun's ending, where Gill
is impressed by his ability, to happen, of course.  Actually, Street
Fighter Eternal Challenge confirms this battle and that Yang was with Yun
for it.

    Street Fighter 3 Third Strike has been announced to officially be the
last game in the SF3 series.

********************************** pgIVFFSW.


Canon Date:  2006?  (game was released in 2006. Judging by Cammy's
apparent age, Streetwise taking place after SF3 isn't very
far-fetched)  It definitely happens quite a bit into the future
from SFZ3, though.  The culture is based on "modern" urban
culture (whether accurately or not is another story) too.  Also,
the events of Final Fight One are stated several times in the game
to have taken place "a long time ago" in tones of voices that
indicates it's in the distant past.  Other things like hints that
Kyle was only a kid during Final Fight One, lots of characters
likely being old from Cody having bad knees to Andore being told,
"You still got it, Andore!" indicates that Streetwise is many many
years after Final Fight One.

...wow, and I thought the time between SF3 and SF2 was a big jump.

Gameplay:  3D beat-em up.  You can earn money to buy weapons
and hire NPCs to help you supposedly. Also, 'tension' (experience
points?) to get new special moves, and built-up 'respect' which affects
how NPCs treat you.  Free roaming storyline-event based. Kinda like River
City Ransom with lots of cut-scenes.

Extremely gritty urban atmosphere with a mature rating meaning lots
of violence and gratuitous curse words etc.  Overly so in many cases.
Lots of people think it doesn't fit in.  I think a little cursing
might have (Haggar curses to Damnd in many versions of original Final
Fight's intro, although it's either censored or cut off) but Streetwise
kinda overdoes it.  Of course, none of that will be in this plot
guide because the plot guide isn't meant to have a mature rating,
but just use your imagination (or more accurately, take what
you can imagine and then multiply the cursing a hundred-fold).

Made by the same team that made Maximo.  Which is the same team that
made Final Fight Revenge.  ...no, the game doesn't look THAT bad,
fortunately. It does, however, have the completely random introduction
of Cody's brother that he never had before...  :O  And you'd think from
the reviews that the game was a completely unplayable piece of crap,
although I and many others felt that it wasn't THAT bad (not that it
was stellar in most peoples' eyes either.  Just not the unplayable
mess I usually think of when I see a game consistently getting 3's and 4's
in reviews).

Interesting note:  Tom Sekine (head producer?) stated in an interview
that originally the game was going to be a lot more like a normal beat-em
up, with cel-shaded graphics and Akiman on board as character designer,
but Inafune Keiji of CoJ told them they should do something more unique
instead of something that Capcom of Japan could do "just as well", so we
ended up with the River-City Ransom-esque free-roaming, Urban themes
with gritty cursing, and character 'designs' like Blades, Vitto,
and Weasel and.............. stuff.  ...I still think it could have been
worse.  But if you're one of those people who feels like strangling Capcom
of America for 'mutilating' your beloved Final Fight series, you might
also be able to redirect some of your unbridled fury towards Capcom of
Japan.  Not that they'll listen, what with you probably being
not-Japanese (Sodom is a very sympathetic character, is he not?).
I suppose in CoJ's defense to those seething with steaming anger
right now, they did say they were trying to appeal more to a Western
audience a while back (before Streetwise) so assumedly they rejected
the Akiman idea because they figured a Western company going from scratch
would make a Western appealing game better than Akiman and they themselves
could.  Although of course, we'll probably never know the exact details
so even the outcome of the what-if scenario of Akiman cel-shaded FF:SW will
forever be unknown. Still, I think they didn't realize that there's a
Sodom (The character!) deep down within all of us silly non-Japanese
westerners (or at least, there probably is. I'm assuming you guys aren't
reading this plot guide to pick up on the latest Grand Theft Auto
storyline.  ...besides Final Fight Streetwise's, of course).

Please don't e-mail me about whether or not you think Inafune "ruined"
Rockman/Megaman because I honestly know nothing about that.

Rough translation of the interview question thanks to Jigsaw:

How did the project begin?

After we completed Maximo vs Army of Zin, we started working on Final
Fight Streetwise. It was Inafune Keiji who thought the series should
be brought back. It started as a traditional beat 'em up in the classic
2D vein, but with three-dimensional graphics. We were going to use a
cel-shading style for the graphics, and the plan was to have Akiman on
board as character designer, as he was responsible for the original
game's graphical design. Inafune thought we should do something more
unique instead. What we were doing, he said, Capcom of Japan could do
just as well.

A videogame news site (Eurogamer, I believe) stated that Capcom didn't have
finding roast turkeys in trash cans because they thought it was unrealistic.
Finding hot dogs and such from the floor, corpses of enemies, and even from
crates that were supposed to be packing GLOW is all good and yummy though!

Story-mode is single player, but arcade mode is multiplayer.  Story-mode
was initially considered to be multiplayer (stated in an interview.  Also,
possibly along those lines, there are story-mode voice clips for a second
character who sounds like Cody on the CD, but this might just be Kyle's
proto-voice).  They decided that wouldn't work and made an arcade mode
instead.  Arcade-mode only has basic skeleton filler plot while
you go bust up heads.

Storyline:  Blarg, this plot guide was meant to analyze the plots of
games where there's like, only 10 lines of in-game storyline per character.
Streetwise, meanwhile, while being far from epic like an RPG, probably
has more in-game plot scenes and lines of text (and spoken lines. Whatever)
than all the other Street Fighter canon games combined.  I think
I'll post an abridged summary here and a fuller summary in Kyle's bio
in the character section (entire game takes place from his perspective).
So jump to Kyle's section if you want the entire thing.

Prologue from the official site:  "Your fists are the only things you can
rely on in this bullshit world."  These words from my brother, Cody, were
drilled into my head way back when we were kids.  My name is Kyle Travers. I'm
a streetwise underground pit-fighter, resigned to making my money in the back
alleys and dark basement fight clubs of Metro City.  And sure, that money
comes in handy from time to time, but respect is what it's really all about
when it comes to survivin' these streets.  I've been fightin' in this hood
for some time now, to the point where I've built up a bit of a "ghetto"
fabulous rep among the local gangs and punks.  And I must say, lately I've
been collecting fight money like an uptown call girl.  But this new
development has thrown things way out of whack!

So me and Cody are at our local watering hole, mindin' our own business,
when this guy they call "The Stiff" suddenly shows up with some of his goons
and takes Cody away right in front of me!  Needless to say, I've got a very,
very bad feeling.  What the hell is this all about?!  This much I know: we're
dealin' with well-trained pros here. No bullshit Metro City street gang has
the balls to mess with the Travers brothers.  Sure, Cody's gettin' older but
he's still the most bad-ass SOB I know!

Ya see, my brother has always been around for me, ever since we were kids.
Countless times, we've helped each other through nasty scrapes in order to
survive these mean streets.  There's not much we haven't done to reach the
level of respect we've got now. But then there's this shit.  Damn I'm the
only family Cody's got!  Looks like it's time for me to really step up, and
get my brother back safely!  But where do I start!?

The storyline at first is for the most part exactly what you'd expect
from the prologue.  Kyle hits the streets asking around tracking down
information about his brother while beating people up.  Along the way,
he learns about a drug called glycolauric octanol (GLOW), which
eventually overtakes the entire city as the game progresses along.
The city is supposed to descend more and more into anarchy as the game
progresses, and the storyline seems to indicate as such, as do previews
for the game.  Sadly, actual gameplay doesn't have the areas really changing
over time at all (except for the final railroaded parts of the game).
...Metro City descending farther into anarchy over the course of the story
via gameplay probably simply didn't make the cut, but storyline-wise, that's
what's supposed to happen.

...er, yea, anyways, Kyle is searching for Cody (who's not actually
always captive so much as always one step ahead of Kyle or whatever)
and eventually has to take out GLOW's source to finally get his brother
back.  And eventually, he does.  Happy high fives, the end!  ...a
better more in-depth synopsis is written in Kyle's section of this guide.

Following Kyle's journal reveals that Streetwise takes place over the
course of about four days (Thursday night to Sunday midnight).

    Canonity would normally be questionable, but eh, with Capcom of America
now owning the SF license, I figure I'll just throw this one in and pretend
it's connected to everything else just for fun.  Assumedly, it won't do
anything to really REALLY nuke everything else.  Kyle Travers is a new
character and Cody was DEFINITELY never stated to have had a brother before,
but it technically doesn't conflict either because Cody was never stated to
be an only child nor was he ever stated to not have a last name.  At least
for once I can rely on Capcom of America.  No mistranslation shenanigans here!

    Tom Sekine (head producer, I think) stated in an interview that
they pretty much had mostly free reign with what to do with Streetwise,
though COJ's final okay was required for each newly added part.

    Since so many people feel that Streetwise doesn't tie into the rest
of the SF storyline enough, I decided to put together a list of various
facts that it managed to follow.  Of note, however, are that several
of these may very well be completely coincidental (the Captain Commando
one is especially a stretch but hey, it works)

Storyline bits Streetwise possibly actually remembered:  Guy's SFZ3 ending,
Haggar not being mayor anymore, Cody being addicted to fighting, Cody
constantly having run-ins with the law, Mad Gear and Belger's downfall (Duh),
Guy having a bunch of bushin warriors (ties in with Sho's bio in Captain
Commando, although this maybe wasn't on purpose), Guy being married to Rena?
(allegedly the case according to sfdevotion at comicon where he said Guy would
be married to "Maki's sister", but I've yet to find reference to it in-game),
Cody being the one who did the final blow on Belger, Haggar's election for
mayor occuring in 1982 (which incidentally fits more with Final Fight One
taking place in 1987 than 1989 given Haggar's age in Muscle Bomber where he
was also stated to be in the middle of elections.  Swank.).

    Still wish Poison and Sodom made it. There are voice clips for
what appears to be them (Sodom is easily identified by his bad
Japanese) on the CD and art for them in the pre-order bonus comic,
but alas, no.  Bah.  Judging by how some employees left during the
development of the game, I get the jist that it was a rather... rocky
road, to say the least.

    Capcom Studio 8 (the American one) was closed down soon after FF:SW's
release.  Guess things were rockier than I thought (although it's implied
that it wasn't just Streetwise that caused it).  Of course, this does
mean that Capcom could one day say they don't care about Studio 8 at all
and override everything that ever happened in Streetwise, but I get the
feeling that instead Final Fight will simply never be revisited, given
that CoJ cared about it so little that they outsourced it to the American
branch in the first place, and the Final Fight series was always intended
more for the US than for Japan from the very beginning.


    (RIP, Capcom Studio 8.  For all the ripping you got from critics,
without you the wonder that was Edi. E running his opponents down with
his police car would never exist)

Random Bit:  The unlockable FF1 game in Streetwise is emulated horribly
using the Ultracade emulator.  Supposedly, this was because Capcom
of America couldn't get the code from the version used in Capcom
Classics in time for release.  ....yet another of many things that
show the final version of Streetwise was rather forced out the door.

Boss List (general order):

Handsome Bob (pit fight)
Locksmith (optional pitfight)
Weasel (fork lift)
Stiff (gun fight followed by fist fight)
Ghost (pit fight)
Andore (pit fight)
Lou (pit fighter)
Cammy (optional pit fight)
Weasel (sorta. Against his Blue Ballers as he throws grenades)
Stiff Death
Weasel War
Blades Famine
Cody Death
Father Belger & Cody Death

Most of the new characters die.  Oh well.


pgV.  Major Characters List

    The bios are set up like this.  First, there's the official bio with
all the numbers released by Capcom of Japan (height, special skill, likes,
dislikes, etc.  These are the official bios taken directly from Capcom of
Japan itself, and are the latest most up-to-date versions so far.  If you
see a different 'official bio' that contradicts one of these, that's an old
version and has been overridden by Capcom by now), what that character did
and/or most likely did during all Street Fighter games he/she participated
in and where he/she is now, then finally miscellaneous facts and notes about
the character.  Compiled collections of info from character charts and such
are found within the quickie game summaries for SF2, SFZ3, SSF4, and 3S.

This list is generally restricted to remotely major characters (any
playable or computer-controlled characters in any fighting game, Final
Fight bosses, and... characters that I didn't know what else to do with).
Minor storyline NPCs are mentioned within characters' sections that they
pertain to.

    The stuff that is conjecture based off in-game storyline is generally
very likely (INCREDIBLY so, for the most part).  Stuff that is not marked
with any disclaimers such as "it is probably that"  for the miscellaneous
facts and notes sections ARE confirmed to be official.  Stuff that is
marked with [Official] within the characters' descriptions of what they did
for each game is official statement straight from Capcom itself.

    If you come across a piece of information on the net or whatever that's
not mentioned in a character's section or at least in this FAQ somewhere,
it's probably NOT canon.  But there is also the possibility that I might
have just forgotten to put it in that character's bio or missed that piece
of info, though I generally try to be very thorough (course, judging by how
often I have to update this darn thing to include new information confirmed
to be canon, that possibility probably is higher than I'd like).

    Bios were furnished wherever they could be found from official sources.

Numerical values in character profiles (height, weight, 3 sizes, etc.) aren't
based on a realistic scale, but rather on Capcom's own custom-made scale.  It's
the relative rather than the absolute being the goal here, for instance if Ryu's
X kg and Sagat's Y kg, it's the proportions to keep in mind rather than the
values X and Y, which may or may not be realistic, more often not.

About geography and where characters are from:  The phrases "hails from",
"native place" (by far the most commonly used one), "represents" (a common
one in much older sources) and "represented nation" (what's more recently
used in SF4 and SSF4) do not automatically indicate a character's birthplace.
They can, but they don't have to.  An important note to consider when a
character's stage isn't necessarily the same location he was actually born in.

Fighting style captions listed within profiles are short or long descriptions
rather than official world-recognized titles.  They're summary statements if
anything else, because more often than not, fighters draw from not one but
several real and fictional applications to come up with the arsenal we as
players can use at our disposal.  For more accurate and detailed breakdowns
of what they use, please refer to character miscellaneous sections.

    A set of post-SF2 artworks (well, they seem to be post SF2) published in
various Capcom artbooks and mooks indicates what may have become of many SF2
characters.  It's old so some were likely retconned.  Captions for them come
from Gamest and the Complete File (often the two gave slightly differing
captions).  A complete set of captions from these artworks are available
towards the end of this guide as well: pgVIIIArtCaptions.

*** pgV2Ill.

2-ILL  (formerly TWO.P in FF1)

He's probably around Cody's age of 39-40 in FF:SW. Perhaps a bit younger.

Final Fight Streetwise:  2-Ill stuck his nose where it didn't belong,
prompting the Stiff's organization to send some thugs to take him out.
Fortunately, at Vanessa's suggestion, Kyle at that time had arrived
to help him fight them off. Throughout the game, 2-Ill helps Kyle out
by giving him info, selling him weapons, and fighting alongside Kyle
(for a fee).

Eventually, the city had become overtaken by the addictive drug GLOW,
and 2-Ill found himself heading over to the Barfly to try to save
Vanessa while the city was in anarchy from the GLOWhead riot. Kyle
was already there, trying to defend an unconscious Vanessa from GLOW
addicts.  More GLOWheads approached, ranting about crushing the sky and
their brains being inside out and other nonsensicals.  Angrily punching
them away, more and more kept coming until 2-Ill arrived in his car,
running several of the GLOWheads down and shooting the rest with his
pistol (but totalling his car in the process).  He tosses Kyle a gun
and tells him that they need to get out of there, but they couldn't
leave without Vanessa.  Fortunately, Vanessa had woken up by then, and
tells Kyle she's alright, knowing he'd come.  Anarchy is everywhere
and the three are swamped, but they continue to go forward and attempt
to make their way out of the Hood for the safety of 2-Ill's place.
Fighting through more and more GLOWheads with Kyle's fists, 2-Ill's
pistol, and Vanessa's... nothing, the three finally arrive at 2-Ill's
hideout. They can discuss their next move. Kyle states that he's going
back to the church to go after Bella, and Vanessa asks to go with him.
Not allowing his girlfriend to get into danger, Kyle refuses and tells
2-Ill that it's time to go, but hearing that he's about to be dragged
into things, 2-Ill quickly remarks that he isn't going, whereupon
Vanessa angrily tells him that he's not going to get away with that.
Vanessa calls him Two.P instead of 2-Ill while saying this, so 2-Ill
responds that first, it isn't his fight, and second, that Two.P stuff
was over long ago.  However, he decides to help Kyle out by telling
Kyle of a shortcut to the church through the sewers that he used to
use back during the Mad Gear days. [from the game]

Where he is now:  Dunno.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    The enemy character Two P appears in Lost/Forgotten Worlds as the
second player ("Two P" for 2P, "player 2" or perhaps more accurately,
"2nd Player"). Not that they're one and the same person in any sort of
storyline way, of course.  2-Ill using firearms in Streetwise might be a
throwback to Lost Worlds as well.

    Two.P in Final Fight standing for "2nd Player" was stated by Akiman.
Given that Two.P is likely the type that would not fight alone (what with
his penchant for sneaking up on you while you're distracted fighting other
Mad Gear thugs), '2nd Player' would fit rather well.

    Two.P is pronounced "Two P". Mad Gear loves its crazy misplaced periods.

    In Final Fight, Two.P was typically stronger than J.

    Kyle doesn't know what 2-Ill means. Perhaps no one does.  Maybe
it stands for how he's 'reformed' compared to other Metro City Thugs
who are named more ferocious names like "2 Mean" and "2 Time" ('Time'
assumedly referring to jail time).  'Reformed' being relative, of
course.  If he really wanted the name to be a badass version of sick,
I imagine he would have made it 2-Sick or something (not that I know
that much about urban lingo).

    2-Ill's been "kicking up these parts" since Kyle was a kid.  This
is reasonably good evidence that Kyle was just a kid while Final Fight
One was going on.

    When Kyle first saves him, he's shocked at how much Kyle's ability
has grown.  Likely this is in part because 2-Ill knew Kyle even when
Kyle was just a little kid, so now he's being saved by this guy who's so
much younger than him in a "those kids grow up fast!" sort of way.

    Kyle doesn't like 2-Ill very much.  He gives 2-Ill the brush-off
whenever 2-Ill says he'll be there to help.  He especially doesn't like
paying 2-Ill for help.

    He has his own 800 number.  1-800-UVV or something like that.

    It's not revealed to the player in Streetwise until late in the game
that he's Two.P when Vanessa refers to him as such to point out that
he's being selfish.  The lack of shock on anyones' faces indicate that
2-Ill being Two.P wasn't a secret to anyone nor does 2-Ill try to keep it
a secret so much as expresses with regret that he'd rather not be called
that anymore, and "that Two P shit is over".  2-Ill being revealed to be
Two.P was probably a lot cooler in the actual game than in this guide.

    He's probably semi-close friends with Vanessa Sims.  Vanessa is the one
who initially tells Kyle to go to 2-Ill for information and to trust him
despite Kyle's objections.  Also when Metro City was in complete GLOWhead
anarchy, 2-Ill would drive down to the Barfly to try to rescue her (he would
arrive nearly at the same time that Kyle did).  Vanessa also knows to call
him Two.P when she's mad at him for being selfish, so she obviously knows
him well enough to know how to push his buttons.

    In FF:SW, the letters on the front of his jacket spell "WOOT".  In FF1,
he has a green dragon artwork on the back of his orange jacket.

    He always wears a jacket and sunglasses.  It's a different jacket and
shape of sunglasses from what he wore in Final Fight One, but at least
he still likes wearing jackets and sunglasses.  He also still wears green
(albeit there's no orange in Streetwise, unlike Final Fight)

    His car (when he drives over to help out Kyle and Vanessa) is painted
green and orange and has 2's written on its doors. So although he doesn't
wear orange anymore like he used to, it's still one of his signature colors.

    2-Ill's weapon in Streetwise is the pistol.  The one time he fights
unarmed, his AI is set to stay away from the enemies (although he'll punch
if they get too close), which may both be a tribute to his fighting style
in Final Fight One, and also due to the simple fact that at that point in
the game you're trying to save him so it'd be counterintuitive for him to
suicidally participate in battle.  Later on when you can hire him temporarily
as well as when he teams up with Kyle late-game, he continues to fight using
"cowardly" methods by primarily using a pistol, although he'll gladly kick
an enemy on the ground if the enemy is right next to him.  For the one time
when he's unarmed, his fighting stance and his punch attack are the same
as Two.P in Final Fight (and just like back then, he usually only throws
one punch at a time).  But instead of hit and run, he simply holds still.
The pistol might also be another Lost Worlds reference (as that game's
gameplay is primarily shooting stuff)

    J isn't mentioned or anywhere in FF:SW far as I can tell.  Ironically,
they chose Two.P instead of J.  Course, this may have been because an autistic
person really wouldn't have suited the role 2-Ill has in the Streetwise

    Haggar probably buried the hatchet with Two.P.  You never see 2-Ill and
Haggar interact, but 2-Ill casually says "Oh, you mean Mike Haggar's place!"
to Kyle as if 2-Ill knows Haggar well and without a tone of "Haggar keeps
kicking my butt!  Eek!" in his voice.  Not that I know if there was a
hatchet in the first place but I imagine Haggar introduced Two.P's head
to the pavement a few times during Final Fight One (not that I can be
sure, what with Two.P just being a normal enemy).

    His real name has never been stated nor is it indicated either way
whether or not anyone knows what it is.

*** pgVAbel.


Fighting style: composite fighting based on judo
Birthday: November 5
Native place: France
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 85 kg
BWH sizes: B130, W85, H89
Blood type: A
Likes: dogs (unable to keep one when always with a living in the squad,
believes he wants to raise one with that being over)
Dislikes: edible oysters (would be a serious matter if it breaks open his
Special skill: sewing (in the mercenary soldier squad he did all the
mending himself, became his specialty)
SF4-era nickname: "Man Without a Past"

Street Fighter 4:
On the basis of merely a clue, a young man continuing to pursue the remnants
of Shadoloo.  He uses fighting techniques appearing to be from army training.
Non-courteous at first glance, not that he dislikes people, a highly serious
careful personality.  Has lost his past memories.

Abel learns about Seth's tournament from Chun-Li, after recounting for her his
story of how he escaped from Shadaloo's burning base (the psycho drive base
in Z3), collapsed and rescued by a mercenary team.  The team's leader who was
like a father to Abel, had warned him to stay away from anything concerning
Shadaloo.  Prior to Abel meeting Chun-Li, his mercenary father died, and
contrary to the officer's words of caution, Abel was drawn to the word
Shadaloo like a moth to a flame. [from Abel's animated opening and sidestory]
Abel encounters all kinds of fighters along the way to Seth's laboratory,
while keeping in touch with Guile and especially Chun-Li.  He tags in for
Guile to keep one of the extra Seth's at bay while Guile runs off to help
Chun-Li out of the pinch she's in.  While grappling with the extra Seth,
Abel's opponent is privileged to be overriden all of the sudden by Vega,
who remarks that both Abel and he have been in "disguise" up until now.  After
warning Abel that they'll meet again in time, Abel walks away and is seen
joining Guile holding a dazed Chun-Li in his arms while gazing at the burning
lab. [from Guile's and Abel's animated endings]

Super Street Fighter 4:

Abel's on a mission to investigate Shadaloo, but first he finds a stray dog
in the rain and leaves it to the care of one of his mercenary buddies.  Hoping
that he'll return safely from his journey, he'll buy the dog a collar and give
it a name.  Thus neither of them will be alone anymore. [Abel's opening]

Abel's journey has him encounter El Fuerte, Ibuki, and once again Chun-Li if
no one else.  He gives the crazed lucha libre cook a chocolate bar, and he
temporarily goes into an uncontrollably dark state while fighting Ibuki.
Chun-Li finds and and helps him out of that mode though.  Abel thanks her as
Chun-Li drives him home and asks what he plans to do next:  Journey out again
once he settles down a little in his new home. [El Fuerte's and Abel's
endings, Ibuki's win quote to Abel and his to her]  

Where he is now:  Most likely continues to scour the world for more info on
Nash, on his mercenary father and on Seth because they shared faces, and all
three of them because they each were involved with Shadaloo one or more ways.
Those he comes across like Fei-Long who want to know more about S.I.N.-sha
and/or Shadaloo he presumably passes on to them similar cautionary words as
his surrogate parent did, that the more one knows the more danger there can
be in store for one. 

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

His MMA style uses judo as its foundation.  He enjoys keeping up with the
latest goings-on within the fighting world, as shows his winning quote to
"You're, Zangief huh!  I've seen, your bouts!"

His default win quote to Guile: "That move...  Why do you use that move?"
He refers to the sonic boom.  Abel fleetingly recalls seeing this technique
five years ago as he was running away from fire and smoke.  During his rival
battle with Guile, Guile wants to believe that Abel knows something about
Nash.  Unfortunately it's all in vain, minus the fact that both men view each
other somewhat less suspiciously by the end of SF4.

He's labeled as humane among street fighters.  His homeland appears to be
France.  He's sewn the uniform he wears, and is likely good at cooking as
well.  Cannot stand to eat oysters; I wonder if he'd eat escargot though?
He's glad that he can be a pet (dog not cat) owner now that he's done with
the corps.  He was a mercenary but can't be sure if he's had a connection
with Shadaloo since birth. (he's had one)

Abel from SF4

Before Father's Grave

Memories for Abel, are beginning from 5 years ago.

First memory is flames and smoke.
From a crumbling down building, he had run through while someone's arm was
supporting.  And also, in brushing away to chase after someone, the locus of
a sharp technique....

The commanding officer of a mercenary unit took charge over Abel, rescued by
his own friends who instructed him.
"You help that guy out for a little while, he's been unaccounted for,"
regarding Abel the commanding officer was also his substitute father, was
usually a bright hearty man, with just occasions to talk to Abel wanting to
know about his own past, why the terribly serious expression, in conclusion
adding one thing to another endlessly.
"Understand, Abel.  Don't get close to Shadoloo.  Those guys are dangerous.
Don't have anything to do with them."
Although silently nodding, Abel to say wanting to know about his own past,
a near middle instinct of desire could not enable him to completely erase it.
Where was I born?  Who brought me up?  What kind of living was I doing?  From
where was I rescued?  No, in the first place, was that truly a "rescue"?...?
Thinking to collect the extent of considering, anxiety and frustration to an
unseen past.  For Abel, he patiently endured it.

One hot summer day, the commanding officer died.
Appropriately daring it rang for the mercenary unit's commanding officer,
everyone would say it was a fine way of death, carrying pride they patted
Abel's shoulder.  The end of the funeral, after all the attendants had left,
Abel was standing before the new commanding officer's gravesite.  Hanging
from the tombstone was a cute-like wreath, before that a just overflown
bouquet paying tribute, was indicating the commanding officer's deep
popularity more than eloquent words.
For Abel, a straight line ends his mouth, he was staring at the commanding
officer's name engraved on the tombstone.

...Not having memories and family, was not loneliness.  The commanding
officer and his mercenary comrades, were always beside him.  Eating together,
sleeping together, they fought together.  Laughing together, getting angry
together, sometimes they cried.  For those, were unmistakable bonds.  A brand
new bud sprouts in Abel's heart though his emotions are stiff, and so now,
he faces toward the future beginning to feel joy in living.  However, strong
the bonds are, bright as the future is, his strong to say prayer for wanting
to know about his own past doesn't vanish, rather it just becomes worse.

"...Hey, Father.  What, did you know?"
He couldn't even sense it himself, facing the tombstone Abel was asking it a
question.  Suddenly a wind blows, the flower petals flutter about.  He lifts
his face, already the day has entirely gone to nightfall.
"'Don't get close to Shadoloo', huh..."
Abel closed his eyes with a quiet shut.  Gosh, no choice with this clue onto
oneself's past.
"Sorry, Father."
Abel lightly moves his head away from the gravesite and, turning he began
to walk.

He'll positively return.
-Abel remembers dashing under someone's arm when fleeing from the flames 5
years ago.  This was most likely Zangief, as Abel says during Zangief's rival
battle along the lines of "for someone I don't know you're pretty strong" as
if he ought to be familiar with this guy but doesn't recall his face.
Moreover, Zangief brings up Shadaloo at one point during their fight, which
really gets Abel interested of course.
-Abel also remembers the sonic boom.  As he fights Guile in their rival
battles, he realizes that not only is Guile's move the same as what he's seen,
but the style and way it's thrown is the same as well, which rules out the
possibility of Abel having seen Nash throw it back then.  By the end of their
rival battle, Abel admits that he knows no more about Nash than Guile does,
if not less, and admits that he wants to know himself, since it's one more
person in connection to Shadaloo he could get clues for.

Abel's SF4 arcade ending comments:

In the midst of Abel's battle, as he was about to regain his memories a
suddenly appeared Vega defeats Seth.  Opposite Abel Vega leaving behind
words of profound meaning "the so-called form taken until here...", goes
away from that place.

Seth refers to Abel as "the escaped prime field" before their rival battle
begins.  He reveals that Abel was most likely #28 of Vega's spare bodies in
the planning stages during Z3 [Vega's Z3 Secret File entry].  "Prime field"
is a term that was also used for the 12 girls of the Vega Bodyguard Troops,
this time in relation to the psycho power vessels they could be as opposed
to the soul vessels the Seth's are seen to be in SF4.  BTW, the Seth seen
in Guile's and Abel's endings isn't #15.  As shown, this Seth doesn't mind
fighting Abel and even hopes to regain forgotten memories from doing so
(they're genetic brothers after all).  #15 on the other hand despises Abel
enough to puke. [Seth's SF4 default win quote to Abel]

Abel's knack for sewing may have been carried-over residue from the fact that
CJ's original design for a SF4 judo fighter was actually for a female, her
appearance deceptive of her skill, as can often be the case with judo
practitioners in general.

*** pgVAbigail.


Height: 238 cm
Weight: 265 kg
Favorite food: bananas

Final Fight One:  Abigail was the main guard for Mad Gear in the Bay Area
during Final Fight One (gameplay wise, he was the boss of that stage).
Cody ran into him as Cody was going through the bay in order to get to the
Uptown Area where Belger and Jessica were.  Abigail confronted him, then
made a crack about how Jessica was probably 'having a good time' with
Belger.  Abigail is a guy who relies on his anger to power him up, but his
anger was nothing compared to the anger Cody had after hearing Abigail say
that, so Cody whupped him [From Cody's and SFZ3 Cody's dialogue in Final
Fight One].

Where he is now:  Um... beats me.  He only appeared in Final Fight 1, and
Final Fight 1 isn't exactly the newest game in the world.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    FF1 Bio: Although Abigail is the strongest of all the Mad Gear gang,
he is definitely not the smartest.

    Abigail is your generic big dumb stupid wrestler. And he's basically a
beefed up version of the generic enemy Andore in Final Fight.  They even
have the same animation styles.  However, Abigail despises being put in the
same category as the Andores, despite how he basically IS just a beefed up

    Perhaps to go along with his feminine name, Abigail in Mighty Final
Fight has an attack where he picks you up and kisses you.

*** pgVAdon.


Height: 182 cm, 181.2 cm (old SF1 design)
Weight: 73 kg
SF1 action: vertical rolling combination
BWH sizes: B112, W80, H85
Blood type: B
Native place: Thailand
Special skill: Waiku (Muay Thai's dance)
Likes: Muay Thai
Dislikes: Sagat, just mere-word fellows (those who don't back up what they say)
Fighting style: Muay Thai
SF1-era nickname: "Muay Thai's Young Kick Attack King"
SFZ-era nickname: "Behold! This Kick Be Divine Skill"
SF4-era nickname: "Pared Fangs Wild Beast"

Street Fighter 1:  Adon participated in the Street Fighter 1 tournament to
prove to the world that he was more than just a lesser version of Sagat [A
guess.  He most likely participated because of Sagat, somehow, though].
However, when he fought Ryu, he got cocky and Ryu just took him out with a
single shoryuken. [Official]

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Adon is enraged.  The fighting style of Muay Thai
has been humiliated as Ryu won the Street Fighter 1 tournament.  However,
he's not mad at Ryu.  He's mad at Sagat for losing to Ryu and being unable
to hold up the name of Muay Thai.  He feels that Sagat no longer deserves
the title of Emperor, and goes out to defeat Sagat.  When he finds Sagat,
Sagat himself is filled with rage at how Ryu defeated him, much more than
Adon.  Adon challenges him, and Sagat was too enraged to fight well, so
Adon defeated him and became the new Emperor of Muay Thai.  It wasn't
without cost, though.  Adon had to go to the hospital and stay there for 4
months due to his injuries from the battle.  After that, he eventually gets
news however of a man named Gouki when Gouki trounced one of Adon's
challengers.  Gouki wielded the same moves that Ryu used to defeat
Sagat!!!  Adon becomes determined to find Gouki and personally triumph over
the power known as satsui no hadou. [Official]

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Adon spent SFZ3 searching for Gouki, but never
found him (specially noted in AAC).

SFZ3 File #05 Adon

He was once Sagat's best pupil, yet with Sagat seemingly defeated in
competition with Ryu, conversely it seems he's become scornful.  He's
fighting for the sake of taking back Muay Thai's prestige from the
nameless eastern foreigner who defeated him.  Recently he's showing an
interest for the so-called unknown power "satsui no hadou."
-Adon was also defeated by Ryu, but his anger comes from his master Sagat
having been defeated by this outsider nobody.

Super Street Fighter 4:
Was Sagat's best student, disappointed about his master defeated by Ryu,
thereafter is frankly opposing Sagat in hatred.  In order to prove the
matter that Muay Thai is of the strongest fighting techniques, he
continues the struggle.

Though content with his place in the world of Muay Thai, Adon continues his
wrath burning against Sagat.  His former master, reconciled with the foreign
nobody who dealt him a humiliating defeat, even as a friend of all things??
The new Muay Thai god won't stand for it, the man he looked up to has lost
his tiger fangs completely! Sagat must be killed by Adon personally for this
outrage!  [Adon's opening; as of SSF4 the short battle between him and Sagat
in Sagat's SF4 opening is rewritten out of existence by CJ's word]

Adon probably finds and battles Sagat during SSF4, with Sagat most likely
winning or walking away because he doesn't wish to send Adon to the hospital
once again.  Adon affirms in his ego that Sagat indeed has thrown away his
fangs and stops caring for the "monkey" of a man he once idolized, after
seeing that Sagat no longer intends to top the world of Muay Thai's spotlight
ever again. [Adon's rival battle exchanges and ending]   

Where he is now:  Still the self-proclaimed god of Muay Thai.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Adon from SFZ

Original account from SF2 Himitsu Hyakka

"Adon!, Muay Thai is the strongest martial art......and so might is
everything!"  For Sagat, to his student Adon, in accordance with those
words he displayed might, taking in reverence from Adon as "emperor".
One day, having departed for a foreign match underneath Adon, "Emperor"
Sagat, he came to say be notified was defeated by a nameless fighting
With feelings of disbelief, when Adon rushed before Sagat, already his
master, where had Sagat's appearance hidden to and the like.
Within Adon's heart, reverence for the "emperor", was slipping off in a
clattering sound.
"Sagat, your matters, I will not forgive......!  Muay Thai is the
strongest fist......I will defeat you for defiling Muay Thai's name,
I will rise to the top!"  Adon, swore with such heart and, later
journeyed out.
Even to this day, Adon's training continues to catch up to Sagat as he
continues to journey......!

Official Story from Gamest SFZ and AASFZ

Still here, in order to search for the man, is the form of a roaming
one.  For the purpose of meeting the emperor the man once his own master
Sagat, the journey continues for the figure of young Muay Thai warrior
Amidst the shining sunlight, his whole body covered from a cape with
eyes flashing like a hungry black panther's, the young Muay Thai warrior
was grumbling.  "Sagat!, where and what are you up to now......"

Adon also still, became a name for Muay Thai, from the very bottom of
living did he not crawl up alone as a young one.  Within the jostling of
numerous rivals, he suddenly took a chance.  Sagat's eye stood still at
the match he was watching.  Other than himself out in the distance  a
great competing opponent before him, struck blood flowing, indeed the
fighting spirit would not escape from that young one's eyes, Sagat was
seeing himself piled up from old times.
"If it be this man!"
Sagat placed Adon under his care, throwing him into that philosophy of
his own techniques.
"Adon!, Muay Thai is the strongest martial art......and so might is
everything!"  Sagat's watching as those words change into overwhelming
might.  As a master, also as the Muay Thai emperor, Adon was embracing
an incomparable respect.  And so with those lessons, Adon had a solid
position of rank next to Sagat.
Such that one day, a notice was received that Adon before did not
believe from the earlier expedition.  The "emperor" so to speak was
defeated by a nameless fighting stylist.  Why!......Muay Thai, the
emperor is not the strongest?!  When Adon hurried back, already Sagat's
figure was nowhere.  Within Adon, the myth of emperor began making the
sound as if it were starting to crumble.

On the journey's way to pursue Sagat Adon disappeared alone, on occasion
crossing fists with numerous fighting stylists, Adon was assuring that
Muay Thai is the strongest martial art after all.
"Sagat, your pride, I will not forgive......!  Muay Thai is the strongest
fist......once I have defeated you for defiling Muay Thai's name, I will
rise to the top!"
The young warrior having brought forth his own answer, sooner or later
he'll likely meet his master and the decided battle, as with his burning
fighting spirit.
-From the early Zero accounts, Adon was displayed his hatred for Sagat's words
to him crumbled like so much dust.  He was taken under Sagat's wing for
reminding the towering emperor of how he was at that age, raised from the life
of poverty that he was born into, taught that might is everything in Muay Thai,
and then one day those ideals shattered, by a foreign stranger to boot.
-Adon's incomparable respect for Sagat was no more, and he had to search for
him in order to vent out his rage.

Adon from SFZ2

Jaguar Varied Assault

Letting out a roar, countless fists rip through the air.
That young one's move challenging Muay Thai's legendary emperor Sagat,
was frankly the gushing of fighting spirit, with the howl of a wild beast.
"......Ho, not a bad technique."
The emperor even without withstanding all the young one's strikes and
kicks, was such that he was being pressed by vigor.  And so, extremely
savoring the long gap he wasn't satisfied with the chewing feeling.
For the bout, it was of course the emperor's total victory, even when the
young one bowed down to the ground still a sharp discernment was pointing
towards the emperor.
"Let me hear your name once more.  My thanks for having entertained me in
such a long time......."
"I am Adon.  Having challenged you, to win, furthermore to someday surpass
you is my dream......!"
The emperor smiled, as Adon spoke.
"Then that technique, will be good to polish up more and more.  To your
degree as a man, that dream isn't necessarily foolishly conceited..."
And so many years later......The emperor challenged, in order to surpass
the emperor with the thoroughly tempered move, with disappointment and rage
seemingly released, Adon himself didn't expect that.
"Sagat!, already you're not the emperor.  To atone for my dream trampled
underfoot, as was expected will be on the basis of this techniique!"
-After Adon had caught Sagat's eye for the first time (the flashback in his
Zero 1 account above), Sagat invited Adon to challenge him for a "recruiting"
battle.  Adon impressed the emperor still more with his jaguar varied assault
despite thoroughly losing to his superior.  Sagat had urged Adon to keep
touching up his move, and Adon recalls all this plus his anger after hearing
about Sagat's defeat.

Adon from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Contacts being a characteristic quality through slicing utilized of nimble
footwork, he specializes in attacks due to elbows and knees.  In the case
of being compared with his master having been Sagat, physique is small but,
he goes to the top with speed and number of moves.  Before coming out for a
progressive attack pose, even through Thailand's Runpini Stadium (the army
manages the great stadium) he's being highly appreciated.
-Adon's quick and light on his feet, with a varied arsenal and formidable
speed.  While Sagat was emperor of Muay Thai, Adon calls himself the god of
it, and manages to be praised that way, at least in Sagat's absence.

Fashion Style

With the matter of believing absolutely in Muay Thai's might, even from that
attire it is perceived.  On the head an affixed hair ornament (monkhon) being
a Muay Thai object of uniqueness, for carving the same as with Sagat a color
scheme's trunks, upon victory tenaciously he indicates a letter V.  For a
head of hair a pointed redhead, personally it's maybe expressing his rage
at the disappeared Sagat it seems.
-Adon's looks are all about glorifying his beloved sport.  It's suggested that
his hair's increased redness reflects the wrath for Sagat having apparently
flown the coop.

Khmer Ruins [THAILAND]

At the corner of the Khmer Ruins before the mirror of Muay Thai's training
spot, for Adon alone, was recalling matters of the olden days.
Adon handling having been born in a destitute home, for the town being on
the outskirts of those ruins, been holy ground merely for the chosen Muay
Thai warrior capable of the matter to fight, it was an envious target.
Having just become 5 years old for Adon pulling at Father's hand, the first
time he visited the ruins.  Decorated in splendor for the sake of Emperor
Nuah Kahn's pre-noble bout over there, already a crowd was growing.
One by one challenging the emperor, the men are beaten.  Atop his father's
shoulder he saw the pitiful figures of the defeated.
Having hidden his eyes from every person, for Adon without a feeling of
compassion towards the men, instead his eyes are captivated by seeing the
beauty of the emperor's movements.  For the sake of seeing the emperor's
battle calling out asking for and receiving much stronger guys were the
For having come the day for Nuah Kahn to bend his knee, from there were
the matters of several years later.
To have defeated the emperor Adon say just several years isn't different,
in a so-called warrior too young was the boy so-called Sagat.
For that was a crimson full moon evening.  With the Khmer's trikaya images
increased of holding dubious moonlight, only the limited permitting the
sessions at a so-called blood-battle's locale a strange atmosphere was
drifting about.  Already seeming to make an entry after his father Adon
peeked at the bout through a stone wall's opening.
Even with how much life-and-death struggle blood inhaled above the stone
flooring, the two men held their own against each other.  For one was
Emperor Nuah Kahn.  Through ceremonial uniform, long hair tied in the back
it was put altogether.  The other one was Sagat.  Not saying any
unnecessary things, just with glaring and seething glints of the eye he was
facing toward the emperor.
Nearby the emperor's uniform is stripped off.  More and more begins the
blood-battle.  The gold dragon's embroidery attached to the top of the man's
shoulder, signals an arm swinging downward.  For both warriors targeting
tension to their entire bodies, they sought mutual openings.
To the common man is the world that cannot be glimpsed at.  There would be
the strong ones, the issue of following the emperor's and Sagat's movements
in exactness having been difficult.
Nay...There's another, one able to follow both of their movements.  That's
Through within an extreme exalting sensation, for Adon could be feeling the
five senses honing in a twinkle.
Even a breath not rising at the tip of offense and defense, at the end above
the stone flooring to have stood up, was Sagat.  Even with the bone of his
left hand's fist fracturing, continues thrashing the wounded emperor's
stomach side, finally for the emperor has come to the point of surrendering
that throne to Sagat.
That splendidly violent encounter changed Adon's life.  Furthermore several
years later, for Adon strikes Sagat's arena's entrance.  Catching up someday,
and trusting the day they'll match fists.
And so, the present.  His master being Sagat defeated by a traveling fighting
stylist, making a fool of his figure.  For Adon his fist protruded through
the mirror in front as he spoke.
"Master......no Sagat!.  I will make you realize the matter of the true Muay
Thai god."
-Adon's Z3 stage is where he saw Sagat become the new emperor of Muay Thai,
and also where he decided to devote his life to the sport.  He saw the previous
emperor Nuah Kahn for the first time when he was 5 years old and with his dad.
-Sagat ended up breaking his left fist by the time he won his fight against
Nuah Kahn.
-Adon after leaving the flashback denounces Sagat as his master.

    Quickie note from Siegfried:  Sagat's style is either Mue Tai (Japanese
simple writing) or Muay Thai. I don't think you can write it Muy Thai.

    Adon and Sagat aren't too different in age.  Maybe 5~7 years apart.
Sagat took in Adon as a student at least 3 years after Sagat became the Muay
Thai emperor.

    Adon was Sagat's student, but because he despised being in Sagat's
shadow, he made sure that his style of Muay Thai was completely different
from Sagat's.  Even after that, though, people still paid more attention to
Sagat than him. (CJ interview recorded in AASFZ)

    Adon is very arrogant, and uses selective memory in his arguments
even.  He's mad at Sagat for losing to Ryu during SF1 but neglects to
mention how he lost to Ryu during the first Street Fighter tournament, too
^_~ (Adon's Z3 character file and his Z3 win quote to Ryu)

    Adon is still currently the god of Muay Thai after beating Sagat in
SFZ2... or at least Capcom hasn't stated that a new one took his place by

    He was invited to join Shadaloo once (SFZ1/SFZ2 takes this into
account by depicting Vega inviting him to join, as Vega references how he
knows that Adon managed to defeat an enraged Sagat despite going to the
hospital afterwards (Sagat's Z2 account and Adon's Z3 final battle intro
with Vega)).  Adon of course refuses and Vega doesn't try to insist too
strongly either. (specially noted by AAC)

    The Muay Thai stadium which appears in his SFZ2 ending is the Runpini
Stadium.  The nation's army manages it.

*** pgVAlekseyZalazof.


Age: 26 (25 during MB)
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Hails from, native place & stage: Moscow, Russia
Favorite/main attack: sunset splash, sonic fist
Favorite food: piroshkis (small Russian pastries filled with finely
chopped meat or vegetables, baked or fried)
MB specialty move: back drop
SMB specialty move: brain buster
Wrestling federation: RWA (Russia Wrestling Association?) (from V-Jump)
MB-era nickname: "Red Lion"

Muscle Bomber:  He um... wrestled?

Super Muscle Bomber:  He erm... wrestled some more?

Where he is now:  Dunno.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He's a friend/rival of Lucky Colt and they trained together
under Mike Haggar in Haggar's gym.

    He's the son of a high Russian bureaucrat/government official.

    He's been good at wrestling since he was a child and received
meritocracy/special ed.

    He has won many titles in sambo, karate, etc. and trains rigorously.

    He hates when people don't take wrestling seriously and regard it as a

    From a Muscle Bomber Flyer: Disliking showmanship, a genius strong
style wrestler.

*** pgVAlex.


Native place: America: New York (hails from Manhattan)
SF3-era nickname: "Power Age"

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact:  Alex begins his journey in SF3 to get
revenge on Gill, who injured his good friend, Tom.  Tom
told him that it was a fair match that Gill had beaten him in, and thus,
Alex did not need to avenge him, but Alex would have none of it.  Tom
decides to let Alex leave, telling Alex that it is Alex's decision, and
that Alex should see the world, for himself.  Alex defeats Gill to win the
championship, though he didn't manage to kill Gill.  However, when
he arrives back home, he is surprised when he sees that Tom has fully
recovered as Tom's daughter, Patricia, welcomes him back (specially noted
to have happened via AAC).  Alex is glad to see everything is all right, and
is now over his thoughts of revenge.  Tom notes that Alex now has matured,
and has a new face on things.  Alex declares his new journey.  To face the
greatest fighters in the world![Official]

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

Battling with the world's champions, the having realized fighting's dread and
profoundness Alex.  Within himself, not understanding the seething
wonderous-like sense of uplift not sharpened to a control.  He wants to fight
with the "strong ones".......  The thought spurring him on as he is, once
again for him desiring the still unseen champions he's rushed out away from
Tom's side.  [CJ's 3S profile for Alex]

  After battling opponents from all over the
world, Alex is in the process of learning/has learned the depth and
fearfulness of the fight. His fighting spirit burns strong and he cannot
suppress it.  He wants to fight and get stronger, so he leaves Tom in
search of a formidable/powerful opponent [Official].  Alex meets Ryu, and
they have a match.  Ryu wins this and encourages Alex to keep on fighting.
With the weight of vengeance off of Alex’s back, he is now excited about
fighting and searches the world for Ryu and other challengers.  He writes
to Tom, saying that he is determined to have a rematch and that he won't
be able to come home for a while, because he must find Ryu again. [Alex's
SF3TS ending]

Where he is now:  Searching for Ryu and other worthy combatants (see above).

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Alex from AASF3


From New York serving as a fighting technique instructor Tom and, that
daughter of his Patricia the 3 people having lived, from the day Tom was
defeated by a subduing mysterious fighting stylist, Alex's fate changed.
What kind of person is the blond-haired man??  As for the street fight......?
All kinds of inquiries in his chest, for he journeys out. 


In a lone alley of New York, a war cry resounds.
"Eat thiis!  Body slam, Christmas special!"
Christmas being soon, though until it's snowing a street fight at a cold alley
eh, not that he hadn't accepted that!
For Alex believed, for the time being this time's training journey would
proceed to locations not of a sweltering alley.  


Family-  Hails from the USA.  A young man fighting stylist living in Manhattan
of New York.  Lifelong separation from both parents since his young boy period.
For now with his father's friend Tom, he's spending his time training every
day at that developing fighting techniques gym.  As for Tom a war veteran but,
as a US armed forces prominence's fighting matches instructor the matter of
visiting bases is abundant.  Ordinarily it's with Tom and his 14-year-old
daughter Patricia the 3 of them living together.  

Personality-  A personality seeming like a split bamboo is above unnerving.
The number of times many without a reason, for the sake of clearly saying
things even trouble is abundant.  He is with a non-detesting personality.

Fighting style-  Not allowing to feel a grand physique with explosive power
and stiff-like physical strength diving into an opponent's bosom, the fighter
battles with weapons of powerful throw moves and punch power.

SF3 Q&A from Gamest SF3 Fanbook: Alex

-About having been separated for life from both parents, isn't Alex bothered
by it?
A.  Concerning both parents, it seems that he ponders about them occasionally.
However for now the family with Tom, it's agreed that there's no change from
his real family.  Living every day in the midst of companions and fighting
techniques, he's about polishing his own moves.

-Was Alex the only child?
A.  Somehow or other it's unknown if Alex is an only child.

-Was Alex aiming to be a fighting stylist from the beginning?
A.  From his young boy period, he was yearning after various sports.

-As for his numerous powerful moves, was he instructed by Tom?
A.  For Alex's moves, he mostly took coaching from Tom.  Provided that for
the spot of a rightly original is unsuccessful, it seems that he abundantly
allows power to arrange it.

-Which of Alex's own moves does he particularly consider his favorite?
A.  It's the back drop.

-How does Alex, feel about Tom's daughter Patricia?  Again, how does Patricia
feel about Alex?
A.  As a real sister it's believed.  Patricia also is adoring him like an
older brother.

-As Tom is a US armed forces war veteran, is it agreed that there are
acquaintances with the 2 people Guile, and Nash?
A.  Concerning Guile, it's believed that he's heard at least the name, it's
not understood if there's any acquaintance.  Concerning Nash's incidents, it
seems he's heard of them.

-In regards to Alex, what is the "street fight"?
A.  About getting stronger surpassing Tom without giving up, is Alex's

-Even if the journey to pursue the "blond-haired man who defeated Tom" ends,
is it agreed that for him the struggle every day will continue standing his
A.  The matter to defeat the blond-haired man is not just an indirect proof.
His heart techniques body and also until the day comes believing he's
surpassed Tom, it's agreed that for him the struggle continues.

-Has he been realizing the existence of the fighting stylist called Ryu?
A.  Through having fought with this time's journey, it's believed that he's
become an acquaintance.

-Is it agreed that he has interests outside of fighting techniques?
A.  Sunday carpenter painting.  After that bike meddling.

-Why, did Alex become the main character this time?
A.  Expressing the NEW GENERATION, from observing the body the fighting
stylist has as a character, it was decided.

    Tom is a good friend of Alex's late father, and like a father to Alex.
Tom is the one that trained Alex and taught Alex everything he knows, and
Alex attends his gym.  Patricia is Tom's daughter and Alex cares deeply
for both as a family to him.

    Gill challenged both Tom and Alex to a fight. Alex witnessed the
battle between Tom and Gill.

    Alex believed that nobody was stronger than Tom and was shocked when
he saw that Gill defeated Tom with ease.

    All About Capcom and some other sources say Patricia is 14 in NG, which
would make her around 15 in Third Strike.

    Patricia's nickname is Pat.  Patricia calls Alex "Alec" by 3S.

    There seems to be something special about Alex that concerns and later
intrigues Gill.  See Gill's bio for more info.

Tom has heard of Guile's name just in passing, and he's heard hearsay about
Nash in relation to some incidents. That's pretty much all the SF3 Fanbook

*** pgVAndore.


Height: 233cm (FF2)
Weight: 230kg (FF2)

Final Fight One:  The Andore family are members of Mad Gear.  Not much else
to say, though Uncle, Grandpa, and Father Andore were mid-bosses fought at
the West Side.

Final Fight 2:  Still trying to keep Mad Gear alive, the Andores are
generic enemies in Final Fight 2.

Final Fight Tough:  Still unable to stay out of trouble, the Andores are in
Final Fight Tough too, as members of the Skull Cross Gang.

Final Fight Streetwise: Growing old but still fighting and wrasslin',
Andore is one of Vitto's pit fighters (and likely the best one) in Little
Italy.  Kyle beats him when Kyle offered to fight in Vitto's pit fights
though, but he continues to be a pit fighter in Little Italy. [from game]

Where he is now: Probably still pit-fighting.  He's got a cameo in SSF4's
Metro City construction site stage.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    The Andore family in Final Fight 1 consisted of Andore and the rest as
generic enemy sprites, including Andore Jr., Uncle Andore, Father Andore and
Grandpa Andore (only in the steel cages of Edi. E's stage did Grandpa, Uncle
and Father appear, [and Uncle in 2-player mode only] as mid-bosses).  Andore
wore purple, Andore Jr. wore red, Father Andore wore yellow, Uncle Andore wore
grey, and Grandpa Andore wore blue.  Only Andore, Andore Jr., and Grandpa
Andore are in Final Fight 2 (blue for Jr., red for Andore, grey for Grandpa).
Only Andore is in Final Fight Tough (multiple possible colors).

    Andore must be a family name.  That's how his father, uncle, grandpa,
and brother are all Andore as well.

    The Andores are based after the late wrestler, Andre the Giant.

    Andore Jr's bio from Capcom Classics Collection (which is apparently
his FF1 bio as well, taken from Capcom of Japan's archives):

"Andore Jr. grew up acting as a sparring partner for his pro wrestler older
brother, giving him a good repertoire of wrestling moves. He's still in
training in hopes of one day surpassing his brother."

 Uncle Andore wears a black outfit with white dots on his tank top has a
moustache, Andore Jr. wears a red outfit w/ black dots on his tank top, Andore
wears a pink outfit w/ black dots on his tank top, and Grandfather Andore
wears a blue outfit w/ black dots on his tank top. He also wears eyeglasses.
All for later console version artwork anyway.

    Andore is pretty old by Final Fight Streetwise.  One of the comments
that Vitto yells when Andore slams you is "You still got it, Andore!"
That's nothing you say to someone who's still in their prime.

    From Kyle's journal during the Andore fight in Streetwise:

"Just my luck that I'm fighting Andore.  He's a bit of a legend, himself!
IMPORTANT:  Andore's a notorious grappler.  Gotta keep my distance."

    Andore is presumably the strongest pit fighter in Little Italy.
Vitto's men are surprised that Kyle beat him in some of their
comments after various pit fights with Andore, and Kyle commented
in his journal that Andore was a legend, himself. So even though he's
been relegated to just a pit fight boss in the game, storyline-wise
he's probably still very powerful.

    Andore's comic art for Streetwise has him wearing a shirt that says
"Tommy's Gym."  For the final game, they apparently changed it to his
classic outfit (the leopard skin).

*** pgVAstro.


Age: unknown
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Hails from, native place: unknown
Main/favorite attack: death spiral, pyramid crush
MB-era nickname: "Brown Flash"
Stage: "BWA Headquarters"
MB specialty move: front suplex
SMB specialty move: postponed kicking
Wrestling federation: BWA (Blood Wrestling Association)

Muscle Bomber:  He um... wrestled?

Super Muscle Bomber:  He erm... wrestled some more?

Where he is now:  Dunno.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Commander-in-chief of the illegal professional wrestling organization,
BWA.  His past is a mystery.

From a Super Muscle Bomber Flyer: Leader of the BWA, having power opposite
technique the fighting machine. Shows no mercy no matter which rival.

    The probable things that made him a BWA member and not a CWA member are
his electricity and maybe his teleport.  Though... besides his taunt, I
can't think of where else he uses his electrical powers.

*** pgVBalrog.

BALROG (VEGA overseas)

Birthdate: January 27, 1967
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 72 kg
BWH sizes: B121, W73, H83
Blood type: O
Native place: Spain
Special skill: affixing to fences, self-rapture
Likes: beautiful things, he himself
Dislikes: ugly things, opponents' blood returning to him
Fighting style: Spanish ninjutsu
SF2-era & SFZ-era nickname: “Masked Young Noble"
SF4-era nickname: "Blood-Smeared Claw"

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Balrog is a masked noble with blood red eyes of
insanity. By order of Vega, the leader of the Shadaloo organization, he
must find a girl named Cammy, and report her whereabouts.  Balrog ran into
Rose while searching for Cammy, and as he talked with her, he couldn't
understand why someone so beautiful would just go to Vega and thus go to
their death.  Balrog finally finds Cammy, and tells Cammy that Vega doesn't
need her anymore.  Cammy wins (Balrog most likely threw the match), then
Balrog warns her that she is to be terminated.

Cammy is shocked and runs off.  After she is gone, Balrog thinks to himself
about how he thought he only cared for worthy foes, but finds himself
curious and wondering what Vega will do to Cammy.  He confronts his leader,
and is shocked that Vega is disposing Cammy just because she's a copy of Vega
which is exceeding the original.  He concludes in mild disgust that Vega is
incapable of seeing strength within beauty.

Vega tells Balrog that Balrog is mistaken, and that Cammy has to die because
as a self-conscious clone of Vega, she could take control of the psycho drive
and cause it to go haywire. [Conjecture based off in-game
storyline].  In the end, though, there is no fight.  Just an argument, and
Balrog never directly betrays Shadaloo.  While Balrog didn't betray Shadaloo
directly, he did end up finding Cammy unconscious in the psycho drive
room.  Realizing the potential for a beautiful opponent like Cammy as well
as being alarmed at Vega for wanting to kill Cammy just because she had a mind
of her own, he rescues her from there, and his beautiful rival would live on.
[Official].  Balrog rescuing Cammy is confirmed, although it is unknown
whether he is the one that delivered her to Delta Red's 'doorstep' so to
speak or simply watched over her for a while and then left her on her own
(or even continued to monitor her as much as he could after she joined
Delta Red).  Saiki stated that he brought her to Delta Red, but still
trying to confirm that.  Most likely he delivered her to Delta Red's grounds,
subordinates of Balrog's left her, then the accident triggered her memory loss,
which at the time saved the British Intelligence Department and the rest of
the UK from her single-handedly annihilating them, as was Vega's conjecture on
her by the end of Z2 shown in Cammy's Z2 ending.

SFZ3 File #23 Balrog

The only one of Shadoloo's executives possessing the popular name "masked young
noble".  With anything esteemed as a beautiful thing, it's verified that he
supremely ecstacizes in the subject of conducting blood offerings from ugly
opponents.  Deluded by Vega's overwhelming might, he's undertaking a temporary
cooperation (disappeared Cammy's investigation).

Street Fighter 2:  Balrog participated in the SF2 tournament, most likely
officially because Vega ordered him to, but within his heart probably
because he wanted to see Cammy again.  He most likely did see her there and
realized that she's still doing just fine [Mostly conjecture that I thought
up].  He also probably participated because he wanted to prove that the
beautiful are the best, as always [Conjecture based off in-game
storyline].  He was still officially a member of Shadaloo during SF2.  AAC
specially notes that by the end Balrog does make sure of himself that his
beauty and strength are unsurpassed in the world, after Vega appears to bite
the dust I imagine.

Balrog- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

Born in Spain the masked ninja of madness Balrog.  Those numerous moves being
like his aesthetics, magnificent yet cruel.

Street Fighter 4:

Balrog believes he's the most beautiful narcissist.  For the sake of his
own aesthetics, he was cooperating with Vega.  Revealing many splendid
techniques of dreadful speed, onlookers don't cease to be fascinated.  Not
much more to say of his whereabouts from the time of Shadoloo's collapse...

Balrog's SF4 opening has him at a party which he leaves from.  He then gets a
message from a Shadaloo agent that the "gentleman" (Vega) has been stirring
once again, and that ever since Balrog's took up residence in his current
abode, there's been more and more fiasco from Interpol and other authorities.
Balrog just snickers those words away, admiring himself in the mirror upon
taking off his mask.

His ending has him hacking into and retrieving data from the lab's computers,
securing what he's got onto a zip drive just as Chun-Li runs into the same
room.  He stays out of sight and smashes through to the gas release button,
triggering the alarm.  While Chun-Li's taken aback by what's just happened,
Balrog mutters to himself that the data he's gotten for Shadaloo will work
towards eternal good looks and youth for him.

Super Street Fighter 4:

Balrog from his window gazes down at Seth outside a black car.  The MC of the
last tournament managed to escape from the blazes of the final stage lab along
with Balrog himself and others, and Balrog notes that "Vega's puppet" is ugly
as ever.  He doesn't care though.  Balrog's convinced in putting his faith on
the system which can create genuine flesh, thus making his fantasy for eternal
youth and beauty a pending reality. [Balrog's opening]

It's unknown for the most part what Balrog does in SSF4, except for
contemplating the possibilities for the data he stole that would satisfy his
narcissistic appetite.  His SSF4 ending is the immediate aftermath of his
SF4 ending, seeing while airborne that Chun-Li got out of the burning wreckage
with extra help, and noting that other data previously thought lost for good
was still in someone's hands.  He flies away in a helicopter with parting
words he'll meet again with Chun-Li someday.       

Where he is now:  Living the luxurious life while continuing to periodically
do Shadaloo's bidding unless his acquired knowledge from the lab dictates that
his time of lending a hand/claw of service to Vega is over.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Balrog from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

The alias of masked young noble just rightly earned, for the fight is it
brilliant through smart?  Utilizing triangle leaping and wire netting, from
midair he commences the surprise attacks.  For the waiting-to-be-sliced
techniques, applications of his own arrangement in ninjutsu.  The time of
his childhood, the matter of his ugly father having killed his beautiful
mother rightly becoming a trauma, with the matter of cutting to pieces the
thoroughly unsightly defeated ones, he's obtaining mental composure.      

Fashion Style

From the waist to wave a crimson waistband is, associating the idea of a
matador's held cloth (muleta).  For the tatoo carved in the shoulder top
expressing his vindictiveness, for a gold-colored claw symbolizes a polished
combat style.  As for the expressionless-like mask, it shelters his orderly
face and at the same time, it seems for the role to conceal even alongside
it a facial expression warped in agony and rage.

Requena Spiral Tower [SPAIN]

Over there isn't it huh, it's being called alias "Rose Cursed Tower."
For in the beginning the estate's feudal lord it appears sparing no expense
created it didn't he.
The encircling wild growth of roses blooming still more, the feudal lord's
honored employeed pharmacist through picking this a "moderate nourishment
medicine" was compounded.  For the medicine as a "miracle drug for growing
young again" becoming a sensation isn't it, purposely from as far as great
distances there were people to come buy it.
With you know, one year, for the sake of a nation-wide-like abnormal climate
the rose is sharply declining.
For the feudal lord fearing the medicine's deficiency, he had the pharmacist
pick all the roses.  Even with that the feudal lord's desire also at half the
measure seemingly not enough, for the reluctant pharmacist blending the dyes
he came up with a dilution didn't he.
This deception found out by the feudal lord, for the pharmacist was attached
the improperly said "for the sake of self-interest the medicine was concealed"
in the end he was killed.
From that next year ya know, the roses blooming as ever, for a compounded
medicine of another pharmacist let alone growing young again breaking out a
high fever of unknown cause it was changed to a deadly poison.
For the feudal lord having risked the illness, as if the entire body seeming
to be have been stuck with splinters innumerable wounds rising to the surface,
he bled to death.......
From that what is there!  For in that tower's roses the killed pharmacist and
the accidentally died feudal lord's curses are now "filled" as is circulated.
......If I try to say it as such you know.  Certainly I know that for that
rose is a dark(kura)-ish like blood red color!
With it not uncommon to definitely say a reliable lie is the matter so to
speak maybe huh.

If seen as keeping company with a gossipy bartender old man stretching even
20 minutes the ghost story even without altruism I got stuck with hearing it.
For me the hill's top appearing spotting it I started hiking.  For the clouds
being numerous the weather wasn't bad.  A strange breeze is lukewarm.
A moment ago the talk's tone that became the tower is rising on our path.
That's a surprisingly large tower.
For the appointed time is already approaching.  Being an unlicensed fighting
bout and from that stock of dealers hearing on the boat their purposely
mentioning it I finally came as far as this road.
Not boasting for me that was a little bit of skill.  As that former kickboxer
grade 20 in world rank is also the matter of having grasped it.  National
depression, destined evil, from various kinds of reasons for now I'm gasping
in destitution.  With here one shot, likely foul play probably whatever, I
want a large amount of money in my hands.
At the base of the tower I arrived.  I looked around the vicinity.  For the
talked-about rose to be there?
That moment, above the rose blooming in glory, an unexpected someone? fell
That entire body is stained of blood.  Not wounds of merely a rose's thorns.
Innumerable sharp gashes were carved.  For the blood smeared man rising with
one leg bent in front and the other extended behind extends an arm, he became
unable to move with sheer strength.  In petals and leaves, sporadically the
blood is dripping.
For the rose's hedge, from the tower's top looks down a line of vision.
"I've waited for you......Now then, come on up."
Back muscles are frozen.  White mask.  For in his hand something shines......A
claw-like object is attached.  For I was seeming to shine onto, that place
unable to move.
And also, a completely strange-like sensation but, that man and tower, the
rose and blood's to have said red all visibility the extent of seeing I felt
it even beautiful.
A source-like terror maybe.  A far-sighted view toward death perhaps.  For me
staggering and, I was approaching towards the tower.
-An elderly bartender's spooky story isn't enough to sway a destitute
kickboxer away from his impending bloodbath with Balrog.  The crimson
mesmerizing that follows only drives him in all the more.

    One of the Shi-Ten-Nou (the Grand Four) in some official sources.  Balrog
is likely the third one.

    Balrog from Gamest SF2

The shi-ten-nou's hailing from Spain Balrog.
From the carrying of that magnificent body people call out to the esteemed
masked young nobleman.
Genius agility at a mix of Japan's time-honored ninjutsu, having brought
forth superhuman speed and destructive power.
Facing an abnormal attachment to beauty, he believes that there's no value
in existing except for beautiful things.  Naturally that's the street fight
which is also no exception.  With back rolls to evade attacks in such a
manner etc. as would be expected from beauty and feeling, the wire netting
climbing being signs of loathsomely climbing and migrating and the like is
quite non-embraceable.  The gallery smiling especially with no feeling,
the ultimate narcissist accomplishing considerations of what to not draw off.
Sure killing techniques being the cases of the wire netting climbing flying
Barcelona attack, and the thundering deeply thrusting izuna drop.
His private associates are saying "the absolute seized masked man" but,
the supposition is that he's a warped handsome man.
Such is Balrog but recently he's sensing the love in E. Honda's calves.
That spoiled one is believed to want to rub-rub the plump seeming to be
good fortune's calves...(disgustiiing!).

(editor note:  That last part has to do with how rubbing someone's calves
brings you good luck according to some superstition of Balrog's.
But only if they're hairless, so no go for Zangief.  Balrog isn't gay.
...as far as we know.  It's like rubbing a Buddha for good luck, I guess)

Balrog from Gamest SF2D

Attachment Towards Beauty

As a boy there was a kind sweet ambience in his rewarded face.  Hanging down
from shoulder height, an eternally supple blond.  As a slender one wanting
a wealth of flexibility, that was tightened with a wasteless body.  In this
way, he seemed to be in the sight of men as well as women, now entering the
fight and changing into a different person who would have the supposition
of an advantage?
That man's name is Balrog.  Carrying his body as a ninja and possessing a
pointed claw the hot cyclone of Spain.  Appreciating only the superbly
beautiful things, the existence of ugly things never permitted masked
young noble.
His abnormality towards "beauty" to say of course embracing with utmost
persistence, a tragic lifetime sent from his mother originating in poured
favortism.  She being the daughter of a proud distinguished family, for the
sake of her ruined house of birth, the miserable woman was made to marry
a wealthy but unsightly man and reputable father.  From that recoil,
regarding what is beauty she would have what came to be an unusually
strong persistence.  That influence on the couple's distance resulted in
the first and last child, naturally it happened to be Balrog.
For him it would seem that having inherited Mother's pronounced looks
it was possibly unfortunate to have been born.  Why then consider his
mother's bearing on himself, that which was driven into him when young
is the insert of merited appearance.  The attachment towards beauty of course.

Prey Pursuing Fighting Young Noble

As for his attachment towards beauty, from the time of childhood interest
placed on hunting strengthened at an increasing extent.  However with prey
in desperation fleeing would be rather than resisting, it would be
powerless before the beautiful and also the strong ones.  He was always
this type with a trifle superiority complex accompanying with ability
while feeling the gun's trigger.  But with the companion growth, truly
nonresisting prey came out of recollections.  His becoming desire turned
to even more resistant prey.
As for his solution to that, pursuing of directly resistant prey, striving,
previously having trifled with them he trampled upon the fighting moves
he wanted.  And for that, more than hunting satisfied his atrocious
superiority complex.
Taught during childhood days from an Oriental ninjutsu, which ought to be a
light wonder, agility combined with the disbursed fluent sequential moves
from the body was a phenomenal powering up.  With that excess splendor,
among his numerous slaughtered prey, absentmindedly he was fascinated by
those if only they were standing at their limit.  But for such opponents
he never once offered sympathy.  As the strong are always the beautiful,
the defeated are always ugly.  He takes the ugly to exist with no merit
and such with nothing but meaninglessness.
And so nowadays with his self-beauty confirmed, in order to erase those
pigs from this earth, he proceeds with the struggle ready to challenge
at places of competition holding fools.  To strike firsthand at the
filthy prey with a defending claw, for the times of the dirty-looking
prey's returning blood a mask is used to shun it, born is the warrior
Balrog, again spending refined moments trembling in delight.

Prologue 8 (Balrog) from SF4

Taking a glass which champagne flowed into from a tray being carried by a boy
who passed by, the man surveyed the surroundings.  Everyone wrapped up in
formal dress here and there several people piecemeal bundled, in friendly
chatting.  A glance anywhere is similar to an elite party but, normally it
varies slightly, at that meeting place it was such a thing that all characters
were donning a mask.  Of course the man also is donning a mask.  From the
mask's holes he must peek into the outside, the field of vision narrowly fails
to settle.  Burdened by the unaccustomed to wearing a tuxedo's collar's
distastefulness, from when he went to the meeting place he couldn't help but
feel uncomfortable all the way.
"-Found him??"
Abruptly was the voice close to his ears.  From inside the mask a voice
prepared from ultra-small telecommunication units.
"No, not yet."
So that around the misunderstanding the small voice whispers, the man once
more looked around.
"If the folks here are really Shadoloo pawns and intelligence contacts,
they'll steadily be also discovered in good time but.  ...Even so what a
masquerade ball!, what might its meaning be?  Deep-pocket considerations
aren't understood."
"Who knows.  Just continuously partying and, the usual party isn't done
completely in tiresomeness maybe?"
"I'm already tired with one day.  ...And, I found him."
The man casually began to walk weaving his way through the masked people.
The room's opposite side, at a shortly distanced location the appearing-to-be
target to aim at a figure of a person standing still a while came in sight.
"...Height of a little over 6 feet.  Long braided hair.  Snake tattoo even
masked figure......alright, same as the data."
"Somehow or other bingo isn't it, Raven.  That person is Balrog."
From turning towards the speaker he can hear the colleague's voice, getting
a little hot under the collar.  Last month it was good discovering Bison,
after that the investigation concerning Shadoloo remnants had run into
trouble.  On top of having failed with the vehicle's pursuit, the fact is
there was yet another person a staff leader Balrog's traces also undiscovered.
Shadoloo group's one from being a dormant spy unless information was
dispatched, today even this place he'd likely not have understood about.
Glass held in hand making a tuck at the breast, employing a camouflaged
mini-camera in the cuffs, he takes a picture of the target.  Suddenly Balrog
raising his face, turns toward this direction.  The man ceased his breath.  In
an instant a feeling like a white mask's inside's eyes met his eyes, a
shivering coldness to run.  Whatever was not as with Balrog's mask after he
also faced toward a different place, a feeling like a cold hand was closely
clinging to his back was remaining.
"What's wrong?"
"Now..., no, it's nothing.  From the image to send, compare it just to be
"Understood.  Looking forward to doing so at once."
At the bottom of the glass he presses a hidden button raising an eyeball and,
Balrog works his way through a nearby door to a spot.  A little time leaves
behind, the severe suit's man continues after that.
"Somehow or other it appears like an arrival is also meeting.  From this
direction I believe I can follow, what do I do?"
He lowers to ask a question and, the speaker within the mask merely shook.
"Makes no difference.  It's not unreasonable for the rest of the lot to be
prearranged performances.  -From there comparison conclusions got out.  Make
no mistake that's Balrog.  Becoming a tailing satellite to use all over the
country also, this time around absolutely we'll ascertain the hideout.
Quickly come back."
"Got it."
While heading for the meeting place's exit, the man reflected upon the secret
victory.  The terror from some time ago already was vanishing.
-With this the trail is done.  Next I'll surely arrest you, Vega.
-Agent Smart Raven tracks down Balrog after SF2 following up with his discovery
of Bison.  This is the prelude to Balrog's SF4 opening: Smart Raven's one
of the reasons he ends up leaving the party and notes him later on while
admiring himself in the mirror.  2 down 1 to go for Smart Raven, but the
last will be his last as well (see Vega's SF4 account in his section).

    He's known as the "young noble of the mask" in the underground
fighting circuit.  The serpent across his chest may be the crest of
of his noble family.

    His mother was born into a distinguished family. She married Balrog's
father (who was also rich and famous) as an obligation to her family. As a
result, she developed an unusual attachment to beauty, which would eventually
be inherited by Balrog. However, Balrog seemed to develop a greater attachment
to beauty than his mother.

He enjoyed going hunting as a boy. However, he soon lost interest in
hunting because it wasn't much of a challenge. He was eventually
introduced to combative sports. He enjoyed it because the prey fought
back and showed resistance. He soon traded in his hunting rifle for a claw.

For Balrog, occasionally beauty loses to Vega's strength, and at any
time he may accumulate fangs toward Vega.

Balrog finds Bison to be very ugly and ill-mannered, disliking him
because of those.  Vega still has Balrog in his grip due to being superior
in strength.

    Balrog has trained in ninjutsu since childhood.  This is stated in
paragraphs following the one saying he hunted as a boy, so it isn't meant
to conflict with that.  ...wow, that's one young kid with a rifle and then
a claw. This is from the SF2D Gamest Mook, btw.

    Balrog joined Shadaloo after being impressed by Vega’s charisma and

    Balrog wears his mask in order to protect his face in battle.  But... you
probably already know that.

    From HnN regarding his mask and claw:

Balrog doesn't fail to talk about his mask and claw.
To begin with the mask, at first it seemed the mask was for the sake of hiding
his plain face, the fact with his sober face, little by little, it assumes a
beautiful form.
Then speaking of why especially covering a beautiful face, it's for the face
to not breathe the regurgitating blood of ugly head-to-head fighting opponents.
Balrog's beauty, persistently facing the ego, he never flaunts at another
Next up is the claw, happening to have on hand and same rank as the mask.
Filthy street fighters can be attacked by uneventfully immediate striking
of their skin.  Balrog assumes, exceedingly enduring it is for my fist to
be dirty with the blood of ugly human beings. Also, a sharp claw providing
for enemy gouging strategies, his brutal personality's entire face is
protruding out.
This being for the thoroughly fastidious nature, the appearance of Balrog's
mask and hooked claw to be formed.  Seen that how he believes is with no
concern for people, here is the world of the perfect ego fascination.
Incidentally, how does Balrog roll with the hooked claw?  Assumed to be
a part of the rising human doubts, with his excellent agile nature, an
impossibility turns into a possibility at a superhuman pace.

Balrog usually fights with an iron-made claw which he had fashioned for his
own use, but he may have other varieties as well such as gold, diamond, and
silver-made ones.  

    A well-liked rumour is that Geki, the claw-wielding ninja of SF1, was
the one who taught Balrog ninjutsu.  It seems rather plausible (but not too
much since Balrog and Geki have significantly different moves), but so far
there is nothing to prove it.  It is however true that he learned Japan's
ninjutsu from a certain mysterious Oriental.

    Balrog and Geki are stated to be 'claw rivals'.  IE, their skill with
the claw is about equal to each other.  Perhaps this statement is what
makes many people think that Geki trained Balrog.

    Balrog's original design used to be a Crusader knight with a sword, but
Capcom obviously scrapped that idea before the final version of Balrog.  Some
concept art of him in that fashion might still be around on the net
somewhere... I know I've seen some, before, but I forget where.  I believe
that the Balrog we have now though is much better than the sword one. The
knight design was scrapped because it didn't seem to fit with the times.

Other original proto-concepts for Balrog:

1) A ninja, with Balrog's mask and claw, but smooth semi-spiked hair.

2) More of a Blanka-Balrog hybrid- Blanka's hair, Balrog's mask, and dressed in
clothing similar to Sodom's.

His prototype name in SF2's early planning stages was "Spain ninja."

A balrog is a cruel/evil demon, by the way. This was likely meant to be ironic.

    M. Bison's name was switched to Balrog for the US versions
because Capcom didn't want to get sued by Mike Tyson (for Mike Bison).
Vega became M. Bison (now Mister Bison) and Balrog became Vega due to this

    An official art of Balrog depicts him in his luxurious quarters with a
panther and some other hunter cats prowling or sleeping around.  ...Balrog
and Cammy would get along quite well in regards to their like of cats,
except I don't know whether or not Cammy would approve of really big ones
like lions and panthers :P

    Vega is stated by the SF2 Fanbook to "likely be jealous of Chun-Li's
good looks".  He is, from the character relations charts, plus his SF4 ending
shows that he prefers to avoid her altogether.

    Some translated info about Balrog's SF2 stage:

Spain (Balrog) Fighting Barroom

At a street's back alley in Spain, a secret underground continuing down a
descending stairway and a housed barroom.  This barroom having become a
membership system, with gambling of course, buying and selling of narcotics
and so forth seem to take place.  Here the best special attraction, is
the present age pankration, the street fights.  Among the barroom's stars
is Balrog, with a succession of victories, proceeding to a point of
no rivals.
Tonight, for this secret club the excited crucible will transform.
At any rate, the daily main event being the wandered-from-place-to-place
street fighters to therefore turn up so to say.
"Hmhhmhhm......it's only natural for beautiful me to win.  The defeated
are always predestined as the ugly ones......"
-Like Bison's stage in Las Vegas, Balrog's has gambling, but also serves
as a front for drug dealing.

The cage makes for an inescapable death match of course, and the arena is
fashioned like a bullring.  The barrel-dropping bonus stage may be in a
basement storehouse of Balrog's SF2 stage.

One final note on his stage: a blinking sign above the dancers (mostly hidden
by lifebars unless you jump at the right timing) says "Mesón de la Taberna."
It may surely be in Barcelona...probably taking from the names of his moves.

Balrog's SF4 arcade ending comments:

Verifies that Chun Li seized the matter of S.I.N.'s secret data and, Balrog
compresses the establishment's interior's fire extinguishing switch.  Taking
advantage of the confusion Balrog leaves, Shadoloo's collapse, and also was
to assure his own good looks and youth to become eternal.

*** pgVBella.


No bio.

Final Fight Streetwise:  A priest that Vitto confides in, Bella is actually
the mastermind behind the drug GLOW that is spreading through the city.
He forced Dr. Chang to invent the drug and has Blades making people think
Vitto is responsible for it.  He also takes particular interest in Cody,
having his lead henchman, Devin "The Stiff", make a deal with Cody to give
Cody GLOW so that Cody can fight again.  Eventually, when Vitto gets to
be too much trouble, he has Blades kill Vitto in the church.  Soon, the
city erupts in chaos and revolts as people are driven insane by GLOW.
The police along with Kyle finally trace things back to Bella's church,
but all the police besides Sgt. Sims get killed in the assault.  Inside,
Bella sicks his Horsemen of the Apocalypse on Kyle and Sims.  Sims
gets killed by Famine, but Kyle manages to beat him, War, and Pestilence.
Kyle finally confronts Bella on the church rooftop, who calls him Cain,
just like Cain and Abel in the Bible, so Kyle responds that 'Cain' is
going to kick his ass.  He once again demands to see his brother, so
Bella tells him that he feels Kyle's pain, for he used to have a brother
he cared about as well. Bella tells Kyle that long ago, his own brother
came to America seeking happiness, but then Cody savagely killed him.

Kyle is stumped about this, telling Bella that Cody is a hero who did more
good for the city than Bella could ever dream of.  Bella brushes him off,
proclaiming that his suffering led to his inspiration, which in turn would
lead to Kyle's death!  At this, he points to the side, and Kyle turns his
head only to see his own brother, now horribly mutated from GLOW into a
sort of hulk with green glowing eyes and the word "DEATH" cut into his
chest.  Bella proclaims that he's going to have an eye for an eye, brother
for brother, Cain to Abel, and now he was going to kill Cody's brother as
well. Pissed, Kyle tells Bella that he'll be praying for his own death when
Kyle gets through with him. Hearing this, Bella proclaims that his name isn't
actually Bella.  It's Belger! He was the brother of the leader of Mad Gear
that Cody killed years ago.  His prized Horseman of Death, Cody, attacks
Kyle.  Cody Death, completely consumed by the GLOW, is unable to listen to
Kyle's pleas about being his brother, but upon hitting Kyle, struggles with
himself to stop.  Kyle takes advantage of this, and eventually defeats his
own brother, whereupon Father Belger revives him with GLOW and tells him
that he will be fighting at Death's side.  Belger attempts to take Kyle out
with grenades and rocket launchers while Cody Death attacks with burning GLOW
flames and sheer brute force, but eventually Cody Death is taken down again.
Belger then attempts to revive Cody while fighting off Kyle with a machine
gun and his sword, putting him into position for Kyle's own attacks.

Eventually, Cody Death finally got up and tried kill Kyle one last time.
Approaching Kyle slowly, Kyle again tries to get Cody to recognize him, but
at that moment, Cody Death is shot in the back by Belger, who proclaims that
he will not allow his vengeance to be taken away from him and he'll kill
Kyle himself.  He approaches Kyle with his gun pointed at Kyle, but then
Cody Death gets up and launches himself at Belger, sending the two of them
flying off the rooftop, with Kyle shouting after his brother.

On the ground outside, a wounded Belger attempts to crawl to and reach his
gun, but Kyle grabs it just out of his reach.  Father Belger proclaims that
he's Kyle's savior, but Kyle replies that he's actually nothing, and shoots
him in the head.  He then dashes to an unconscious Cody Death and says
that everything will be okay. [from the game]

Where he is now:  A gunshot to the head, and you're probably dead.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

    His name is Belger because Belger is a last name.  His first name
is never stated.

    Assumedly, Bella went by Bella and not Belger because he didn't want
Cody to be suspicious when he offered Cody the GLOW, assuming he was
the one that offered Cody the GLOW.  Stiff indicates that Cody and
Stiff's boss were talking and making deals with each other at the
beginning of the game, after all.

    Bella wanted to kill Kyle, not Cody.  This is because he sees it as
"an eye for an eye" (Cody killed his brother, so he wants to kill
Cody's brother).  This explains why he turned Cody into a monster
to help him kill Kyle as opposed to simply killing Cody instead. It
also explains why he smiles eerily at Kyle when Kyle first sees him
back at Vitto's restaurant as the two walk past each other when there
really isn't much other reason for him to care about Kyle.

    Bella's four horsemen were War (Weasel), Famine (Blades), Pestilence
(unknown/nobody), and Death (first Stiff, then Cody).

    Bella first wanted Stiff to be his Death horseman.  Cody instead,
was likely starting to get out of hand, as Bella tells Blade to kill
Cody because he was starting to become troublesome.  Later however, Stiff
Death was killed by Kyle at the GLOW factory before he could be complete
(you can see the incomplete writing of DEATH on his chest where only the
D and the E are there), and thus a new Death was needed.  It is likely
that this was the time when Bella decided to make Cody into his fourth
Horseman (Death) instead.  Also, Stiff is named "Stiff Death" in the
second fight against him while he's enhanced by GLOW.

    Possibly a throwback to his brother, the fight with Bella also
involves chasing him down while he tries to hide behind his henchman
(Cody in this case).  Like his brother, he fights armed, using grenades,
a rocket launcher, machine gun, and a sword.

    He's Father Belger, not Father Bella, when you fight him.

*** pgVBelger.


Native place: whatever it is, it's not America (from FF:SW)
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Favorite food: none

Final Fight 1:  The rich leader of the Mad Gear gang, Belger fought Haggar
and co (well, I don't know who he fought but from the ending of FF1, I'm
going to assume it was all three) at the top of his skyscraper in the
Uptown area of Metro City.  When he was defeated, he got knocked out of the
window by Cody and went splat [From the game and FF2's intro].

Where he is now:  Dead dead dead.  Lights punched out by Haggar, Cody, and
Guy, knocked out of the window by Cody according to FF2's intro, plummeting
many stories to go splat.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    FF1 Bio: Belger is the head of a corporation which is secretly
manipulating the Mad Gear gang. Often seen in a wheelchair because he hates
walking. Belger is a crackshot with the crossbow.

He's secretly suspected by Haggar to be the mastermind behind Mad Gear's
uprising, even though Damnd kidnaps Jessica and calls the mayor in FF1.

    Although he was a businessman, he was commanding the Mad Gear in
secret.  In public, he was the CEO of a huge corporation.

    Belger believes the people of Metro City need him.  He says to Haggar
before their final battle in FF1 that people and especially the youth
flock to Mad Gear because they're simply fed up with Metro City as it is.
Haggar argues that the people are merely deprived of where they can go,
and swears that he'll change things.

    He's an immigrant, although he probably came to America long ago for
him to have been able to build up such a massive corporation and crime
ring.  This is revealed in Streetwise, where his brother states that he
"came to this country seeking happiness".  Possibly, Belger was extremely
poor before he came to America, since 'seeking happiness' seems to me what
one would describe a poor person coming to America to try to live the
American dream (of getting RICH!).  Also possibly, this may be why Belger
(presumably) sympathizes with the low-life youths of Metro City as per
Mad Gear's idealistic vision, if Belger himself used to be poor as well.

    Him not being born in America isn't too surprising.  Several Mad Gear
members weren't (Andore and El Gado off the top of my head).  Metro City
IS part of NYC (for the most part) which is where many overseas immigrants
enter America, after all.

    It is revealed in Streetwise that Belger is a last name, as his
brother refers to himself as Belger, as well.  Neither of their first
names is ever stated.

    In the battle with Belger's brother, Kyle remarks in his journal
that Belger is a name with ugly roots in the history of Metro City.

*** pgVBirdie.


Height: 216 cm, 201 cm (old SF1 design)
Weight: 111 kg,  114 kg (old SF1 design)
SF1 action: head bat (probable typo for head butt)
BWH sizes: B156, W102, H106
Blood type: O
Native place: England
Special skill: gluttony, criminal practices
Likes: beer, beef jerky, money-making talk
Dislikes: kids, police
SF1-era nickname: "Superhuman Strength Warrior of Tacit Rocky Consent"
SFZ-era nickname: "Unfavorable Ones He Sends Flying"

Street Fighter 1:  Birdie is a thug who got tired of wrestling.  He joined
the Street Fighter 1 tournament in order to find some strong opponents

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Well, Birdie's still bored.  He wants to reach the
big times of crime, now!  Hearing of a recently unveiled organization named
Shadaloo, Birdie decides that he wants in on it.  He finally manages to
catch Shadaloo's attention and succeeds with getting in.  However, eventually
after he does, he manages to sneak into a Shadaloo data room and discover
something.  Unknown to him, however, Vega was watching when he did.
[Official.  Note that his fighting Vega like he does in the game never
happened in the official storyline, though]

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Birdie is a member of Shadaloo. But as a mere
henchman, his daily life became very dull. And so he gathered information
to overthrow Vega. Soon, he found the keyword.... "psycho drive".......
Most likely, he spent SFZ3 looking for the psycho drive.  However, he was
unfortunate to run into Chun-Li and spill out the location of the psycho
drive base to her (specially noted in AAC).
Shadaloo caught onto him, and Bison was sent to terminate him.  Birdie, in
a desperate attempt to buy some time, tells Bison about the psycho drive,
and offers to lead Bison to it.  However, Birdie himself plots in his mind
that once he finds the psycho drive, he'll use its power to become strong
enough to destroy both Bison and Vega.  Unfortunately, Bison kept Birdie
in a stalemate, thus Birdie was never able to find the psycho drive before
it exploded [based on both of their win quotes to each other].

SFZ3 File #08 Birdie

Show prowrestler, by way of being a bar's bodyguard, presently is servicing
as member of Shadoloo the secret organization Vega built up.  Well to say
that there's no reason to be obeying Vega, perhaps he may someday lead the
organization.  Just that even with Vega the present spot stays afloat with
freedom for him.
-Birdie's got perks for now in Shadaloo, but he doesn't necessarily wish to
stay in one spot within the criminal syndicate.

Where he is now:  Probably went back to being a regular thug, again.  Either
that or he's in jail.  Hard to tell.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Birdie from SFZ

Original account from SF2 Himitsu Hyakka

Zubaan!  Birdie's invincible punch caved into the hoodlum's body!  Jarajara!
Boom!  Birdie's arm chain, twined around the hoodlum's body, hurled the
hoodlum out into the night street.
"What!  This weakling is Shadoloo?  That rumored narcotics syndicate?!"
For Birdie, from having knocked down the hoodlum, originally from inside
the bar, with a whiff he thought about it.
"I being this world's strongest, being a bar bodyguard, should be carrying
money with such weaklings and their huge mugs!  Unforgivable!  If I get
serious, I believe money and fame will show for it.  It's settled, farewell
to this living!  From here on, will be the reign of Lord Birdie!"
That night, celebrating his stand, a great party at the bar.  And so the
next morning, Birdie was journeying out alone.  Bilking out on the bar's
party charge.......

Official Story from Gamest SFZ and AASFZ

It is the back alley of the red-light district where, together with the sound
of a thud a piercing voice arose.  "You're, quite insistent!!  Come forth or
From a house pub a man was discharged, after that a man of bear-like physique
appeared.  Combing his prided mohican head, he faced the man calling out.
"Shadoloo?  You mean that rumored narcotics syndicate?  So what of it, I'm in a
bad mood today!  What?  You'll take me on as my opponent you say?"
Within a moment the man went flying, jarajara to say the sound of chains echoed
out into the night street.

"What, with this guy deserting me, I should become more reaching!!"  Returning
to the shop triumphant at having swiped the man's wallet Birdie suddenly
considered.  Living like this as a bar's bodyguard isn't the way.  At one time
proud of my various invincible fighting moves, there isn't much as far as strong
opponents anymore for me.  If I get serious, I believe that money even fame will
come to be right?......  Okay I've decided, farewell to this living.  From here
on I'll make it the reign of Lord Birdie!!

"What Birdie, are you not in an awfully good mood?"  The pub's master spoke and,
unexpectedly Birdie stood up, calling back to him.
"Pops, today a party is celebrated for Lord Birdie's new start!  Everyone, it's
my treat of course.  Rave through the morning!"
From here and there of the shop cheers went up, gushing out Birdie calls as they
That's right, in the town, no in the world their yelling out my name loudly
easily comes!
Assured of glory daily, Birdie gulped down bourbon in anticipation of

And so the next morning, Birdie as 1 person journeyed out.  Leaving behind for
the soundly sleeping master 1 farewell note.......
"I leave to you the successful career bill!  Later, as a farewell gift I'll be
taking the register's money!"
-As a bar bouncer, Birdie's unmatched by any wandering riff-raff.  Even minor
Shadaloo hoodlums are sorry they ever saw his face.  Prior to seeking Shadaloo
on his own, he shows his true colors of appreciating no one but himself as he
runs off with the pub's money on top of not paying a single bit for the
celebration bill he racks up.

Birdie from SFZ2

The Birdie

"Hey hey, don't be joking!  You're not even the least bit sorry!?"
Having received from the shop's master this month's wages, they weren't even
half the settlement amount.
"Now, the beginning contract, did you really write it off?  You broke down the
costs of the shop's articles, subtly from the reward, didn'cha!"
"......Keh!  Damn it you!"
The one who was to say hired as this shop's bodyguard, is not satisfied.
Not thrusting aside his own dull misfortune, his spirit was full of abusive
To move into the shop, having replaced several people as a muscular man, the
pressure that entered in would dislodge Birdie.  Those ones would accost him
"Yo!  Are you, really that punk rascal they call Birdie!?"
That guy, once during the period when Birdie was a show prowrestler, competed
as the baby face (ally of justice) role among wrestlers.  On the basis of being
fixed for a set-up job scenario, everyday he'd play the role of "a punk
influenced from the USA".  Having recalled being put on airs by top stars as
a third-rate wrestler all the while being oppressed in a manner of speaking as
he was laboring for his cash income, his anger arose.
"Had you not noticed this place, would you have stopped doing it completely?
Your gale, was great for sufficient fame wasn't it!"
The men guffawed at him.  Birdie flipped out.
Pulling the man's stomach pit toward himself with a jerk, he informed him close
to the ear.  "Get out right now......!!"
Those guys didn't know.  Why Birdie, had left the world of show prowrestling.
With irrationable scorn and unable to endure the insults, regardless of enemy
or ally no less than 20 people wrestlers and customers were sent off to the
hospital, by the sure-killing consecutive headbutts.
As if taking consecutive beatings from a machine gun, the man's face became
deformed.  The final blow, pulled in from behind his companions and the shop's
master, knocking down even the wall.
"......The cost of repairs, pull it out of your retirement allowance.  You
don't need help, good-bye!"
-Before his ears caught word of Shadaloo, Birdie was bar-bouncer hopping, and
leaving a trail of destruction and mayhem wherever he went.
-"Baby face" Birdie got royally fed up with the competition ridiculing his
punk look.
-His super the Birdie sent both guiltys and innocents to the medical rooms, 20
at a time.

Birdie from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

To swing a thick heavy threaded chain is the emphasis of the rough brawl
fight.  For the sake of not managing more than enough power, motions in
pointlessness and openings are conspicuous.  Having served as the villain
through prowrestling's ring he acquires a personal history, in the present
fight style there's not a wrestler's trace.  For in the natural hard head
stays a possessing of self confidence, sure-killing techniques being as
attacks due to headbutts.
-Birdie's confident, powerful, but he's got plenty of kinks that can be
exposed when he fights.

Fashion Style

Via having started the street fight, it's in order to appeal to the world
far and wide of his own existence.  From those days wearing gaudy attire,
having become Shadoloo's member even now, the decision he has not seemed
to change.  Sometimes he pulls from his pocket a knife-style comb, that's
an object in order to set application of his favorite hairdo.
-It's no wonder unfortunate bar victims are pressed to make fun of Birdie's
look; even CJ calls his clothes gaudy at best.

Train Cemetery [ENGLAND]

"That soldiers are necessary.  Isn't that the story to take you in huh?"
As if gossip seems to be familiar, at the wreck remained in seclusion as
though buried there was a voice talking to the rogues.
The men raise a glare.  Recognizing an all-too distinctive feature-like
hairstyle, in confusion the hoodlums adjust their sitting positions.
"B......Boss Birdie?"
The mohican giant was grinning broadly.  2 years before, this scrap wood
standing area (for people call it "cemetery") Birdie had parted from.  The
undersurface highway's broken roof, the black hammer and the like how many
other nicknames he had, from the scoundrels keeping a glance, a terrifying
Nowadays for his appearance to not be seen at all, the rumor was being
passed for the sake of having joined as management for that Shadoloo.  The
fact that Birdie became a member of Shadoloo, he was leaving from the
"Stop right there."
All of the sudden, a large-barrel handgun is thrusted at the temple of
Birdie's forehead.
A black coated girl.  Still young.
Where in the world was she lurking, they realize and for Birdie & the others
a 10 several black coat group was surrounding them.  The hoodlums swallow
their breaths.
"......Exposed yourselves after all eh.  Preparations were quick weren't
"Obliteration that's the order.  For you have penetrated your head too far."
Drag-iron's finger moves in unison as the chain from Birdie's hand bellowed,
as it warps like a whip the coat girls are sent flying.
For the chain under the scrap wood entangles a buried train's scrap chassis.
Nimbly in a rematched gun posture the coat group fires.  Heavy shots
reverberate sparks are scattered, the hoodlums duck their heads.
An enormous steel chunk intercepts the bullets.  With Birdie's superhuman
strength having dragged up the train it's slapped on top of the coat group.
For nearby gunpowder smoke and earth is become totally beaten the hell out
of it.
"Hey!  Saw that didn'cha back me up!  Snatch the guns from those brats!"
While swinging the chain Birdie exclaims.  For the hoodlums unable to stand
up due to fear or surprise stuck on appalled facial expressions draw back
from the situation.
"D, D, Don't joke like thaat!  We don't, wanna die yet!"
The hoodlums disperse in all directions.  The coat girls some have become
gravel under the train it seems but, still many of them readying guns
including the distance.
"Keh!  They have to be soldiers after all huh......Going for it alone eh."
Once again the chain heaves up the steel frame.  It draws close to the girls
an offhand shield of steel plate.
"Because until thus I wanted to protect it, different from worthy value
physiography isn't it......I mean the psycho drive so to speak!!"
-Birdie vs the Vega Bodyguard Troops!  They were sent to terminate him after
he discovered Shadaloo's dirty secrets as shown in his Z2 ending.  Most likely
it's Fevrier who almost succeeds in blowing his head off, but Birdie shows
his overly impressive strength by using the half-buried train chassis to slow
the girls down and make his escape.  Needless to say Birdie's old gang from 2
years ago is too freaked out to lend him any help he demands.

    Birdie was an English Caucasian punk in SF1, but Capcom Japan redesigned
him in the Zero series, along with Ryu, Ken, Adon, Sagat, Eagle, and Gen in
terms of heights and weights.

    Birdie is acquaintances with Titan the Great of Muscle Bomber.  There's an
official art of the two together.  Both are English and Birdie was into
wrestling, himself.  The description with the art stated that Birdie and Titan
the Great were best friends and rivals.  While they were prowrestling, they
were occasionally a tag team and were called the "500 Trillion Powers."

    Birdie was undefeated/well-versed in pro wrestling, but got tired of
it because of the lack of competition and became a bar bouncer. That would
help explain why his SF1 stage is set in front of a bar.

    Vega didn't actually go up to Birdie and invite him personally as
far as we can tell. SF Eternal just states that he was offered a position
in Shadaloo after drifting around for a bit as a bouncer but didn't even
know who was in charge, as after he joined, he began trying to find out
so that he may overthrow the organization and seize power.

    The secret data he found in his Z2 ending contained at least one
reference to the psycho drive.

    Eagle and Birdie are named after golf terms (an Eagle is -2 points,
a Birdie is -1).  Another reference to this is Eagle's special skill, golf.

It seems plausible that he's from Hampstead, London NW3 (where Ian Dury
used to hang around, and they have half a dozen tube stations on the lines
that use that design of train).  In SF1 we can see the Lonsdale Factory
in W1F (which is under 1 mile from Hampstead).

*** pgVBlack.


FFT boss and the final one, but still there's no bio for him.

Final Fight Tough:  Black is the leader of the Skull Cross Gang.  For some
reason, he's in jail, though a riot staged by Dave caused a distraction
that allowed his gang to break him out of jail.  Things finally come to a
showdown with Haggar and co on top of Metro City's tallest building when
Black greets them by leaping onto the roof from his helicopter to confront
them.  However, he eventually got knocked into a (really randomly placed)
high voltage electrical power generator, promptly resulting in him getting
electrocuted then said generator exploding, taking the entire top area of
the building with it.  Haggar and his friends escaped, most likely by
stealing Black's helicopter. [from the game]

Where he is now:  Well, being electrocuted then blown up usually tends to
make one lose that little thing we like to call "life", so...

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Lots of similarities to Rolento.  Like Rolento, he has a helicopter,
he's an army guy, and also has knives plus a baton as well.  Unlike Rolento,
he gets electrocuted after the fight with him, but like Rolento, he gets blown
up (albeit not by grenades, unlike Rolento).  Rolento, however, is still alive
and kicking, unlike Black.  Sucks (or rather, sucked) to be him.

*** pgVBlackWidow.


Height: 205 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Native place & stage: Hannover, Germany
SMB specialty move: Frankensteiner
MB-era nickname: "Metal Burst"

Super Muscle Bomber:  She um... wrestled?

Where she is now:  Dunno.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Black Widow in the game has a guy's voice and an androgynous sprite
(well, okay, maybe not the hips, but definitely the chest), but it's all
probably an act.  Beating the game with her causes her to take off her
costume for a split second and laugh, revealing her true gender and
not-so-manly voice.

    From a Super Muscle Bomber flyer: A full body costumed wrestler. Her
movements are as flexible as a spider as she brings down foes.
(note:  the flyer uses a gender neutral pronoun when referring to
her, I believe.  I was told her gender was not immediately obvious
from it)

    She's from Hannover, Germany. For those who don't know, Hannover's a
port city in northwestern Germany.

    It's stated that she has a lean but slightly muscular body, and her
opponents are manipulated by her flexibility.

    Sakura's designer stated that Black Widow from SMB was one
inspiration to create Sakura's character.

*** pgVBlades.


No bio.

Final Fight Streetwise:  Blades helps Vitto evict Kyle from his restaurant
when Vitto gets sick of Kyle's disrespect.  He later on betrays and murders
Vitto on Bella's orders before Kyle defeats him in the graveyard.  Surviving
that ordeal, Bella and Dr. Chang would later take him and infuse him with
GLOW, mutating him into a Horseman of the Apocalypse, Famine.  When Kyle
and Sims arrived, War would fight Kyle while Blades Famine took care of Sgt.
Sims. Kyle beat War and arrived just in time to see Blades Famine cut
Sim's head off.  Using his trademark knives and new stretchy arms, Blades
Famine attacks Kyle but is eventually defeated and basically plops to the
ground. [from the game]

Where he is now:  Presumably dead, although he literally DOES just flop
to the ground after spazzing a bit, unlike the more graphic deaths in FF:SW.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    From the official website:  A most efficient assassin, with a penchant
for carrying out assignments with grotesque methodology.  Blades is
unpredictable, cutthroat and as sick as they come. Yet his reputation
also includes a great degree of reliability, and his services are

    He's pretty much your typical knife psycho killer.  Sadistic, likes to
cut things, licks people, long hair, Marilyn Manson, fast and agile, etc.
You know, like Balrog without the mask and narcissist additions.

    Blades can even block bullets with his knives.  After becoming Famine,
he doesn't block anything.  Course, with GLOW making one not feel any pain,
he probably can't be bothered to.

    Blades' tone and facial expression seem to agree with Bella when
Bella mentions their revelation, so presumably he chose to work for Bella
and betray Vitto because he liked Bella's idea of apocalypse more.

    Famine is definitely Blades.  It's in Kyle's journal during the
battle.  And it's likely also why Kyle is so distraught when he first sees
Famine (he's really not in the mood to fight that sicko again).  ...that
and he's named "Blades Famine" in that fight.

*** pgVBlanka.


Birthdate: February 12, 1966
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 98 kg
BWH sizes: B198, W120, H172
Blood type: B
Native place: Brazil (birthplace is most likely Thailand where mom's from)
Special skill: hunting, electric discharges
Likes: tropical fruits, pirarucu (large Amazonian catfish), his mom Samantha
Dislikes: army ants
Fighting style: electricity, wild movements
SF2-era nickname: “Mother Nature's Wild Child”
SFZ-era nickname: “Amazon's Beast Being”
SF4-era nickname: "Jungle Warrior"

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Blanka lived as he pleased, deep within the jungle
of the Amazon. One day, he unwittingly hitched a ride on a traveler's vehicle.
Curious and excited, Blanka now ventures into the outside world.  In the
outside world, he probably met his childhood friend Dan as well as Dan's
'student', Sakura, before he went back to the jungle [Conjecture based off
in-game storyline].  He also likely followed Dan into Shadaloo's territory
and came across a fallen VSS whom he left in Honda's care after the sumo
wrestler showed up [Honda's win quote to Blanka as noted in AASFZ3]. 

SFZ3 File #20 Blanka

Real name- Jimmy.  Raised in Mother Nature's Amazon an isolated wild child.
The time of his youth, together with both parents he was taken in to an
international route passenger plane dragged into a crash through Shadoloo's
explosion terror.  Miraculously the one life saved being his, in lifelong
separation from his parents, alone he was released into the jungle.  For the
sake of a rigorous environment?, the protective coloration's green changed
his skin, repeatedly fighting with electric eels until finally his body
applies electric discharge abilities.  From the accident several years after,
flourishingly curious he has started to possess an interest for the world
beyond the jungle.
-Though you never hear about his father, both of Jimmy's parents got him onto
the plane that would crash into the jungle due to Shadaloo's planted bomb.
-Blanka developed electric abilities through fighting with electric eels, and
his skin's green due to a permanent camouflage.

Street Fighter 2:  Blanka participated in the SF2 tournament, which his
mother saw him at the final stage in Thailand.  She recognized him by the
anklet he wore which she'd given to him as a birthday gift.  There is a
tearful reunion as his mom is finally reunited with her long lost son
[Official from HnN and proven with SF4].

Blanka- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

From the time of youth, he has a past of desertion in the jungle from an
accident.  With instinctive strife he fights like a wild child.

Street Fighter 4:

Gotten aboard an airplane which henceforth crashed into a jungle at the
time he was a child, merely struggling alone, a survived genuine wild
child.  Trifling with opponents, his style is characteristic of captured
movements.  In order to become a son his mother can be proud of, he
journeys out.

Blanka's SF4 involvement has him leaving mom's side so he can make more of
a respectable name for himself despite his appearance.  Apparently he
trades his anklets for shackles (to toughen his already menacing image
maybe?), leaves mama a sloppy letter written in Thai for why he's leaving,
and is last seen riding a whale away from the harbor, from his opening in
SF4.  He goes to hang out with old buddy Dan, is shown to be saved along
with Dan by Ryu and Sakura from a wall of incoming flame as shown in Dan's
ending, and sends Samantha one more letter saying he's in Hong Kong before
she travels there to find her son, from Blanka's ending.

Super Street Fighter 4:

Blanka steps out once again.  He still wants to make himself great enough
to be respected by the populace.  He knows his mom will love and be proud
of him no matter what, but Blanka is nevertheless driven onward by Dan's
challenge to win a world fighting tournament.  So he sails away with Dan
and Sakura to try once more. [Blanka's opening]

In addition to arm-wrestling with Sakura and losing track of Dan at least
once, Blanka does manage to prove himself great as he attained a major role
in taking S.I.N.-sha's latest laboratory stage down to its foundations that
he ended up making the newspaper headlines. [Sakura's opening, his win quote
to Sakura, and Blanka's ending]   

Where he is now:  Happily living with his mother and now many long-desired
understanding neighbors and friends.  

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Blanka from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Having been forged with the Amazon muscle is produced, carefree-like movements
are the distinctive feature.  Body rolled up flight possible of instantaneous
force and, in repeated fighting with electric eels a practical usage of
electric discharge ability learned within, unfolds a fight overflowing of
wildness.  Moving body eyesight is exceedingly for the sake, of his own
movements also agile without the matter of losing sight of opponents.    

Fashion Style

Ferrying through a long period for the sake of having lived with the
uncivilized earth, for his head hair and body hair have lengthened as
they are.  In the surroundings of a natural environment a must to adapt,
for his skin is transitioning into a protective coloration's green.
Having worn semi-trousers, seeing the was-a-human-being remembrance period
is, the matter for him unable to say in words.  As for the anklet
ring-placed around his leg, it's in fact something received from family
as a birthday present.

Madeira River branch - wetland [BRAZIL]

At the Madeira River the captured poacher group leader's testimony:

From the beginning of this business, how many times had I not been without
encountering a careful eye.
But, not coming close that's extraordinary.
Even the thoughts coming out today, truly the matter that happened perhaps
is not cleear.
Certainly......That's right, refusing the local guide, with only ourselves
we'd assembled a team going up the river.  For the local guys though a little
danger to come in such a location and besides that feeling like doing it
iisn't it.  for over here are totally armaments, whatever scary thing there
"isn't", to dispute on going or not going is after all irritating isn't it.
That's right......With that, for us was attacking up until now not having
climbed the north bank's branch.  For at that region huge pirarucu are
acquired.  Not being an amateur, one could value them at a good price.  Yeah,
of course could it not be for the money already huuh!.......
......With the day ended, particularly the lookout above the boat stayed.
In the mere evening unacquired game also is encountered, even one by one
escapes the fundamental game coming back.  Still with no one going out to
the backwoods then, no mistaking that no fish are biting at any cast.
Around 3 hours into the evening was a strange water sound, for at that time
I wasn't paying attention to it.  Considering it from afterwards, that was in
fact a fellow.  He looked at our situation!  The night commences, for us
we've advanced upstream.  A location having ascended as much as 20 km, through
tree leaves and tree branches what looks like a capsized hut is seen.
It has to be clarified, that's a man-made "house."  In such a thing as this
are indigenous people maybe I'd thought, for the house is the only one.
Jutted out of the riverside.  Though believing it to be unexplored, that was
the reason for the unthinkable preceding visitor there was.
There wasn't a presence of a person.  For us weapons in hand, in caution the
boat was anchored to the riverbank.
A risky atmosphere that was there.  Strangely quiet!.......
Suddenly!  From the beginning with a gun even raining down? I had thought.  A
column of water follows swirling, and building up, the boat got overturned.
The extent of two companions fell from the boat.
For those were unbelievably huge pirarucu.  They were beyond 2-fold of
ordinary guys weren't they.  Abruptly from the water surface they sprang up.
Though ya know......After that, that fact is I wasn't a figure filled with
more confidence.
That is, even just at the bellies of those unbelievably giant pirarucu, there
was a biting fellow.
That waaas......What could I seem to say?  The whole body's a green color.
Hair and fur's reddish, wearing jeans below......Haha, what kind of monster
with jeans?
Nah......But that's the truth.  That one's, a fellow which maybe was a human
maybe was a beast, slapped the pirarucu onto the water surface.
As for after that I'm not recalling......The entire body, looking like it's
going numb from having taken an electric shock, I blacked out.  Before my eyes
a spark dispersing, becoming quite white.......
After that I was rightly understanding.  With all of you downstream the time
we were captured, I frankly believed I was rescued.
......In any case for us, we're no longer going to such places.
Yeah, I know!  Which way to not go from being captured right?
That's fine, all kinds of business I had believed were favorable opportunities.
A head cooled down making a distinction!.......
-A poacher group leader doles out his seemingly preposterous story of his
encounter with the deep Brazilian jungle and Blanka, making sure he's not
crazy and all, especially after recalling that the "monster" had jeans on. 

    Blanka from Gamest SF2

The one (wolf boy) raised by wolves exists, in the Brazilian jungle as Blanka
(alias) grown up with nature as his opponent.  But, he doesn't understand if
the jungle had borne him.  At the time he was young when the airplane's at
its point to pull down, that airplane crashes.  He has a sad past of lifelong
separation from his parents.  Why, an infant boy alone in a dropping airplane
is a mystery....
With him growing in the jungle, his ordinary human examples exceeded as
movement speed.  Claws became lengthened as to be able to mix into intense
attacks.  It's a sure thing that for his sake he was native-born in the jungle.
A jipan of filth is what the story tells.  From the time as a child he doesn't
understand how his trousers become so big.  It's theory that in the jungle he
takes in sentences brought about from quite ordinary people.
Having learned from his opponent Mother Nature, the shocks from electric eels
known as "electric thunder" and, the human bullet attack "rolling attack."
However the rolling attack is a self-abandoning attack.  Contrary to receiving
attacks double the damage it's a double-edged sword.  Besides those techniques
are said to be moves not of Mother Nature's power but likely taken from what
can be said to be fighting style wonders.
In conclusion, even now he stiffens at migrating airplanes.  Does he probably
not like the wandering journeys?
-"Blanka" was the boy's assumed name from the beginning.

Blanka from Gamest SF2D

As for that name Jimmy

"Ok?  Once arriving at your uncle's house in Brazil your most proper greetings!
"Right, I get it!  Don't worry, Mom!"

That was a young kid taking on what was expected to become a grand adventurous
combined with entertaining journey.  However with numerous people's dreams taken
in kicked off the solid earth as expected of an airplane, before one's eyes the
destination of a deep jungle crash, the one saved ironically was one person the
youngest male child.  After that this king of beasts named Blanka with a life
full of hardship, at this instant is the reason that the curtain was cut down.

In the midst of Mother Nature science's power still cannot explain the
mysterious numerous existences.  At this moment captured with wide significance,
10 unfilled years of childhood, 1 person also having grown native-born in the
middle of a strictly natural environment, this mystery included here is probably
1 to count.  With this world filled with danger, generally even without what
mood is taken to action from 1 error, it is said to be not at all unusual for
inviting one's own death.

Flesh Beyond Human Limits

Naturally also with Blanka's jungle living, from the beginning was no reason to
have been favorably conditioned.  Rather than compare to a man of virtue, it's
no doubt that suffering would be how many-fold.  But, Blanka's mercy called in
as a heavenly miracle, or else instinctive accomplishing acts is uncertain yet,
due to the state of his own flesh altering to the point of a beast, a wild death
from being left behind since then quickly became a conformity within Mother
Nature.  First of all, in order to get today's native-born provisions 2 long
arms since then became filled out like logs, the tips of the hands reached to
claws became to the extent of weapons cutting apart firm ground.  The torso
changed into a hardness approximately lacking a tiger's fangs, the feet from the
impressions don't seem to possess the conjecture of producing speed.  And so
that returned wild flesh was not to remain unaffected by all the more peculiar
courses of evolution.  Among the first to catch in a list, is of course likely
his physical constitution of electric discharges.  This is for his time being in
the jungle, until the final fatal fear was savored from the electric eels the
physical constitution was experienced.  Fundamentally he but at one time
accepted humiliation  from opponents, surely all the power can be used in
retaliation.  Even so, at the roadside toe kicks would without delay encounter
stones.  A necessary matter although these electric eels also with the range of
vision is contended for flying into a fight.  The first thing also having not
known how to handle these opponents gradually his enemies were disappearing.
And so approximately when he was gaining victories with ease, unawaringly he
also freely became able to electrically discharge himself, at the same time it
was that his enemies from the jungle ceased to be there.

Desiring the Fight...

Everyday no enemies...that is alone in the jungle thrown out from days of youth,
lying ahead always a belief in his heart painting it was a dream.  That is
ten-odd years passed now, finally it became reality.  However Blanka frankly
felt something joyless.  Everyday he took up literally death struggles, too
late for a peaceful living to be able to grant as it's become boring.
In several days, he considered the consequences, he would journey out to search
for more "strong ones."  The jungle is spacious.  And so at this vast jungle's
"end", certainly he considered to himself that no doubt would there be
formidable enemies.  Resolved Blanka having food dangling from both hands and,
proceeding to the airport it was that he stepped out.
First, in order to retaliate from the time of childhood he was slapped into
an airplane....
-Jimmy was to go visit his uncle in Brazil when he was 10.
-Once Blanka was so accustomed to living in the wild jungle that nothing proved
to be a danger or a challenge (once he had developed his electric abilities at
last), he started looking towards traveling throughout the rest of the world.

Prologue 4 (Blanka) from SF4

"Here huh..."
For Blanka looked up at that building.  With recklessly and robustly
handwriting, "Saikyo Ryu Dojo" affirmingly written on the signboard, he opens
the door.
"Anybody here??"
"Hey now, that voice if it isn't Jimmy?!"
With a whomp-whomp sound, from the dark interior of the dojo Dan made an
"How's it going!, been a while hasn't it!  Came by this direction for your
travels eh?"
"Not quite.  I, have discussion with you."
"Discussion?  Certainly I'll join you then.  We're buddies aren't we!  Now
then bring it up."
The floored with boards dojo's inside was in the role of feeling pleasantly
cool.  From the window only a light coming in was illuminating the gloomy
indoors.  Sitting above the padding, Blanka surveyed the vicinity.
"Dan, you don't use electricity??"
"Oh yeah, for now it's stopped for a little while hasn't it.  Saying to pay
for the next month's settlement conclusion, really the townies are with
cold! hearts aren't they.  ...And, that's good for such a story eh.  Well,
Jimmy, what's the discussion?  With the exception of a money matter tell me
With Blanka directly having sat down on the same padding Dan, looks into
"Dan, I want to become mighty.  What's the best thing to do to become mighty?"
"Become remarkable?"
Dan suddenly blinked.
"What for?"
Blanka hung his head in shame.
"I, from my large face being scary, everyone's scared of me.  I'd say it's
even scaring Mama.  Nevertheless Mama is so kind.  Therefore I, want to become
mighty.  If I became mighty, Mama can boast to everybody.  Together with her I
would be happy..."
"Uooh, Jimmy!!"
While considering bit by bit the words being spoken for Blanka, Dan's abrupt
loud voice feeling astonished jumps him backwards, stood his hair on end.
Right before his eyes Dan started up, trembling with excitement.
"Jimmy, I've been deeply moved!  To think for a parent wanting to be proud,
that feeling!"
Even I experience such an isuue don't I, and saying it, Dan with his fist
wiped his eyes.
"If the thing is like that then it's a thought.  Right now, a warmly oriented
story has come to hand!"
"Warmly, orientation?"
"That's right, the fact is that there's a world fighting tournament again.
Thereupon winning, even you are even I am a spoiled celebrity!  Anyone
magnificently facing another is the question to be ready for!"
Blanka pondered.  Mama if I became famous surely would be happy probably
wouldn't she.  If even I have non-special street fights, surely I would win
a lot...
"Okay.  Dan, I'll, do it."
Unnoticed is a distant eye saying "a world fighting tournament, holding a
meeting huh..." and, in leaving Dan behind the memories started flooding in,
for Blanka a peaceful determination was confirmed.
-SF4 has Blanka going to Dan for advice on how to make his mother proud.  This
occurs before they meet in Dan's opening and before Blanka's when he leaves
Samantha (who looks quite good now having lost some weight) the sloppy note.
-Blanka first learns about Dan's "hardships" concerning his dojo in Hong Kong.

    There are two accounts concerning his name's origins.  Both can be, however
coincidentally, possible, since they're from two different perspectives.  He
calls himself Blanka from the sound of a animal's sneeze, and the natives give
him the alias Blanka after the Spanish (and Portuguese) word for the color
white, suggesting that he was lighter-skinned in the past.  Once he heard the
locals say "blanco/branco", he may very well have tied it to the sound the
jungle beast made as it sneezed.

Blanka is considered a sneering talent with the innate ability to adapt.

    From HnN regarding Blanka's green skin:

Living in the jungle will tend to make one become darker colored from the
burning days, so how come Blanka's skin altered to a green color?  That reason
comes from the time of a young child like a soccer ball.  At the time of the
airplane crash and the rearing into human society, it could not be known how
many foreign enemies were living in the jungle.
However, he lived owing to his unique abilities, and adapting to the
surroundings, he learned techniques to deceive the eyes of the enemy. One time
he mimicked the shape of a tree, another time he imitated a moving stone, and
he frequently drowned while doing fish imitations... But just doing it shows
that such are his limits.  The abundant green of the jungle.  Unless one has
a protective colored body the eyes of the foreign enemy would not be deceived.
Here's how he thought.  "If the skin is made green as the plants, (those
filled with chlorophyll) in that case eating them is fine!"  However the child
seemed to be conceived, but actually this was his amazing circumstance.
Simply, true green he became not, after gathering suitable plants and leaves
and softening that fluid to use to paint on his body he got covered.
With months and years rapidly passing the paint necessity became no more.
It is said, that the fluid painted onto his body permeated into the skin of
his body.  Blanka became green colored and adjusted to the jungle. From here
on, survival intellect with talking probably ought to be within reach?
-Blanka's skin is green because he painted himself with plants to the point
where the chlorophyll became the permanent color of his skin.

His long arms and hair turned fur is possibly due to an alteration of his
male hormones.

    Pirarucu is a South American freshwater fish that is normally about ten
feet long.  (Thanks, Juppo!)  It belongs to the catfish family.

    Blanka was the sole survivor of a plane crash that crashed in Brazil.
The plane was sabotaged by Shadaloo due to several world leader figures on

One day Blanka stepped out of the jungle attracted by something shiny he
saw.  As he got closer to it the weather turned ugly and looked like it was
going to start pouring any moment.  He got struck by lightning and got burned
black but survived of course.  The shiny thing was a watch an explorer had
dropped.  This event may have inspired him to grapple with electric eels later

Blanka lived the classic tale of being raised by animals.  He also learned
how to channel electricity through himself from electric eels.  His electric
attacks generate an average of 1200 volts (SF2 Complete File).  Also he
rolling attacks at a speed of 146 kmph, which is faster than the average
speed of a thrown baseball at 130, although a pro player can reach 150. 

    His mother, Samantha later finally reunites with her son in SF2.  She
recognizes her son by the pair of anklets she gave him for his birthday while
he was a kid.  Which... seem to have had the amazing capability to grow along
with their wearer along with his pants...

    From HnN regarding how the plane crash:

Why did the airplane probably crash?
500 sumo wrestlers, and four thighs probably trampled simultaneously?  It's
not likely that it would crash due to overweight.  Besides, the beginning
takeoff was easily done, the weight check was as expected.  The vehicle maximum
carrying capacity was settled.
It was public from incidents and announcements that there was engine and power
system trouble, in addition to other facts nonetheless!
Blanka flew the same flight as did a certain country's cabinet members.  And
so, to wipe out those cabinet members, something on the plane exploded.
Then, who really would do such a thing?  Why, for that matter Vega and the
doings of Shadoloo would be at the top of the list.
But, how was the evidence probably destroyed?  With the explosion as it is,
of course the nation shouldn't be silent.  However, the news from all the
countries of the world don't report only the accident.  People will believe
to not question the report.  Here will be the terrible place for the
organization called Shadoloo.  Using an average army maneuvering member,
airplane engine ingenuity tricks were conducted.  The eyes of the crash's
investigation team duped by the special tricks...
Knowing this as it becomes known, Blanka sees Vega considerably as an enemy.
He begins, having been dragged into that accident, unexpectedly a mourn for
the deceased.  Praying.
-Shadaloo had planted a bomb in Jimmy's flight to take out cabinet members.
-Blanka comes to learn who and what caused the plane crash, and leaves a
mourning prayer for all who were on board before leaving for SF2.

    From HnN regarding the aftermath:

Jimmy's ridden airplane crashed and it was heard that he was alive but lost
his mother, zero survivors and it was heard that it was probably impossible
to be any. Means to live separated the situation of piece of mind, but she
didn't want to fall from hope despite of given information.  Merely
discovering Jimmy within those passengers' remains, moreover finding those
footprints of the person in the jungle it is said. Already Samantha
desperately would lack for giving up on Jimmy being there, that's parental
love after all. Surely the child is living somewhere!  Such was the firm
belief, she went on a journey to search for her son.
She arrived in the Amazon and from the jungle's guide, she was on Jimmy's
trail how many days soon after but, as a street fighter journeying in
various places around the world, already it is said and known that he isn't
in Brazil.
Where did the blockheaded beast man turn to?  Discouraged she returned to
her homeland in Thailand.  After a long time she stepped onto village soil,
her spirit escaping with every step, she hears a rumor about a man in a
military uniform and a beast man fighting, thinking that place was where
he went, an innocent appearance, his form completely changed, the sole clue
being the leg ring (?) that she discovered.  Now Samantha's bitter journey
of ever-changing panoramic running around, believing him to be originally
her son she starts running. "Jimmy." "Mother." Thank goodness. Mmmhmm.
-Samantha's home (thus most likely Jimmy's as well) is stated to be Thailand.
-While in Brazil it was heard that someone did indeed survive the plane crash,
on the other side of the globe Samantha heard there were none, despite her
desperate cling to the hope that Jimmy could still be alive somehow.
-Blanka's mom actually traveled to the Amazon to look for her son once it was
confirmed much later that footprints were leading away from the crash site.
She wouldn't find him until she went back to her home country though.

    A man in a military uniform?  Perhaps Blanka fought Guile in SF2.
Just a rumor though, as stated above.

    Blanka's real name is Jimmy, as shown in his SF2 endings as well as
conversations with Dan in SFZ3.  Officially, Dan learned Blanka's real name
from...well, Blanka.  An unexplainably deep childhood affinity those two
    Blanka saved Dan's life in the jungle when Dan was young (Official.
Also see Blanka's midboss dialogue with Dan when you play as Blanka) and
Dan started calling him "Jimmy" from then on.  Dan was the interpreter
who helped Blanka speak human words decently again, mostly after Z3.
English is one language Dan may have helped Blanka with, but most likely
Thai and Japanese before that.

Though Blanka lost most of his human language knowledge after the plane
crashed, he always remembered his actual name, and he started catching other
bits and pieces from television that he saw from time to time before Dan
came along.  In the beginning he had beast language equivalents for "good
day", "good evening", "thank you", and "you're welcome."

    Like many other things in SFZ3, Blanka and Dan's connections to each
other were inspired by the manga, Sakura Ganbaru!.

    When he became more than a match for any jungle animal, he got bored
and traveled randomly through the jungle until he came upon a village.
Shortly after that he also found more worthy fighting opponents to test
himself against.

    He's scared of the fence in Balrog/Vega's stage, and wary of airplanes
in general. The sentence says that Blanka hates the wire mesh in Balrog's stage.
Wire mesh reminds him of a cage, and he's wary that people will place him in a
cage due to his appearance.

    Blanka's original character design had him looking a lot more human
(caveman-ish), but Capcom decided to have him be more beastly looking by
the time Street Fighter 2 came out.  Another fun character designing fact
for him is that for later versions of Street Fighter 2, they made him look
a lot more ferocious because they thought that he looked too cuddly.  When
Street Fighter Zero 3 came out, it looks like Capcom went back to making
him cuddly, again.  And funny, too.  Strange.

    His prototype name was Hamablanka and even before that, "beast man".

    From HnN regarding the camera man in Blanka's SF2 stage:

In the vicinity of the screen due right, flash-flash of Blanka's fight he
photographs, what's with him really?
Merely where a tourist, one of probably many believing Blanka is human and
taking pictures, actually he is the principal managing person for Blanka.
He is a freelancing cameraman wandering all over the world from place to place.
Having gone all around every area of the world, yet to become famous with the
scenery and people and so on collected on film, that is why the broad man does
And so, one day by chance, encountering Blanka's fight in Brazil, there the
interest he waited for, frantically he continuously pushed the shutter.
Blanka's fight just over, Blanka himself the interest he waited for,
immediately he talked to Blanka, throwing out various questions.  The story
proceeded, the airplane accident when very young, lifelong separation from
both parents, jungle life, the becoming kindred to the street fight and such
that cannot be known.  This story striking the heart, he sympathized for
Blanka, and helped out a little for his kindred, acting as managing finder
for Blanka's appearances, resolved to spread him all over the world.
For solitary Blanka a lone object for protection, an object of support
appeared instantly.
But this is the persistent rumor, the story is said that he's truly an
ordinary tourist.
-Blanka purposefully tried to make himself famous in hopes that his mother
would seek him out from it.
-The cameraman is Blanka's own manager.

    From HnN regarding Blanka's SF2 stage:

Now it's a run-down house but, people nowadays dwell there as normal.
However, with the street fights beginning and the spectators it underwent
a complete change.  According to inquiries of the place, it is said that
a little money was gathered.  A small amount of plaster to care for, it is
not clear if there was any advantage gained from the empty offer on one's
own house.  Yet, what can be thought of this house from its inside to its
But don't worry about the owner, it's not Blanka. Why then, the desire to
live in the heart of the jungle thus, with presumably no house in this
place?  There it would be a waste to journey from all over the world to
the house for street fighting.  Actually, this house is this vicinity's
landlord's house.  This landlord likes the finest of fighting moves, his
own house's part used as a witness to the fights.
Having an interest in Blanka's strength the landlord has Blanka and strong
warriors from all over the world fighting, and is believed to be making
money moreover.  It's the landlord and Blanka together who make a trip all
over the world for the sake of street fighting (travel expenses from the
earned money at Blanka's stage).
Actually for the house, its external look is that of a run-down hut but,
naturally there's heating and air conditioning, a refrigerator among AV
machinery and tools and so on, all manner of perfect modern conveniences...
Of course a source of electricity everyone imagined, it can't be Blanka's
human electric generation.
-The shack actually belongs to the local landlord of that quarter of the
Amazon.  This landlord happens to be a fighting connoiseur who's making a
profit off of Blanka's fighting, and also happens to be Blanka's travel
-The shack itself boasts of all the usual modern conveniences inside, despite
it being a house out in the middle of the jungle nowhere.  Kudos to Blanka
for the supplied power of course.

    A translation of some other info about Blanka's SF2 stage:

Brazil (Blanka) Amazon River Basin

With Blanka usually in the deep jungle dwellings, for the first time in
1 year he descended towards a town.  The talk of the town was rumors.
Anything, from street fighters revealed daily, to street fights spread out
as such.
Now, if only he were previously like the thicket king Onsa (a panther) he'd
also be the same as a cat.  Even with the great Amazon jungle full of danger
as well, his enemies quickly became no more.
"Uoh, uoh, uohruuuu!"
Desiring formidable opponents his blood within rose in an uproar.  Desiring
a newly become struggle he pledged his determination to journey out into the
-Even though his environment eventually proves to be no match for his prowess,
Blanka nonetheless continues to respect the attributes and animals he grew up

Blanka's SF4 arcade ending comments:

The source being a letter from Blanka, his mother Samantha visited her son
in so-called Hong Kong.  Continuing to search for her son before her appears
a pink padded undershirt man, due to his cooperation fulfills for Blanka the
tranquil reunion with Mother.

*** pgVBratken.


Height: 205 cm
Weight: 197 kg
Blood type: AB
Native place: fought in Holland (not conclusive of birthplace)

Final Fight 2:  Bratken is a psychotic overgrown boy who loves to play
with toys.  To have Bratken join the gang, some gang members bribed him by
locking him in a room filled with toys.

Where he is now:  *shrug*

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He's a big psycho lunatic who's too big to control, so he's kept in a
prison when he isn't needed.  A single celled mother complex.  Scary when

*** pgVCaine.


An FFT boss.  FFT bosses don't have bios to my knowledge.

Final Fight Tough:  Caine's a possible third boss that you fight if you take
the bus on the third stage.  He's fought in a scrap dump.  However, to get
what is probably the best ending, you skip right past him and never fight
him at all. [from the game]

Where he is now:  Wondering why Capcom doesn't give him any love like they
did for the Final Fight 1 bosses?  Dunno.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He's a mechanic.  With goggles and a wrench.  A wrench that he pokes
you with.  Which... seems to be the only thing he does.

*** pgVCallman.


Another FFT boss with no bio!

Final Fight Tough:  The second boss you fight.  You either fight him in a park
or in a restaurant (he's probably the bouncer there), depending on which path
you take.  Not much more to say.  [from the game]

Where he is now:  Wondering why Capcom didn't even bother to so much as
give him an official bio when Capcom gave all the FF2 bosses some?  Dunno X 2.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He's a bouncer.  With suit and tie.  And... um, do I have to say that
all the FFT bosses are Skull Cross Gang members?

*** pgVCammy.


Birthdate: January 6, 1974
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 46 kg
BWH sizes: B86, W57, H88
Blood type: B
Native place: England after she joins Delta Red (birthplace is unknown
(as Killer Bee))
Hobby: ?
Special skill: knife throwing
Likes: combat data accumulation (Shadaloo), cats (Delta Red)
Dislikes: sympathetic eyes (Shadaloo), everything noticeable when
sullen (Delta Red)
Fighting style: - (unspecified)
SFZ-era nickname: "Tranced Combat Puppet"
SF2-era nickname: "Innocent Killer Bee"
SF4-era nickname: "Killer Bee's Blow"

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Cammy was in the latest version of Street Fighter
Zero 2, Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash, but she was a hidden character that
you could only play in VS mode so she had no story, until SFZ Fighter's
Generation came out.  Her debut as Killer Bee had her running into Rose and
Vega before he places a limiter on her psycho power abilities because her
destructive potential is so great, much to Vega's glee.

Street Fighter Zero 3:  An assassin of Shadaloo, Cammy began to realize that
Shadaloo was out to kill her for reasons unknown.  Eventually, Balrog, who
was sent to spy on her, found her.  Balrog tells her that she's just an
experiment, and that Vega doesn't need her anymore.  He then attacked!  Balrog
purposefully lost the match.  He revealed that Shadaloo knew Cammy was
becoming too independent and was going to kill her.  Poor Cammy can't
understand why, because she never even betrayed Shadaloo or anything.

Later on, Cammy had to deal with two of her fellow VSS, Juli and Juni, who
were sent to terminate her, but with the help of Dhalsim sabotaging the psycho
drive's hold on the girls, she was able to convince them and the rest of the
VSS that they were all simply being manipulated.  When she finally reached
Vega, Vega demanded to know why she didn't finish off Balrog, and when Cammy
can't answer, he answers for her, telling her that she has gained
self-consciousness.  He then tells her that she was created to be his next
body, but now that she has gained an ego, she's useless to him and he will
terminate her personally [Conjecture based off in-game storyline].

All thirteen of the girls turned on Vega, resulting in them almost being
killed [Official], but they were finally able to force Vega to retreat.  Vega
told Cammy that she was just a copy of him, and that he'll always be within
her.  He then tells the other girls that if he dies, their lives are in vain,
and that they could never even hope to live like human beings.  Cammy can feel
Vega creeping into her mind, but refuses to listen and give in to him, and
they all quickly head for the psycho drive.  On the way, Chun-Li, who is there
to blow up the base, briefly spots Cammy for a split second, and possibly
other Vega SS ladies.

Cammy sacrifices herself by staying behind to operate the psycho drive and
rescue the rest of her fellow VSS companions.  She transports them out of the
room, then finally loses consciousness, herself [Conjecture based off in-game
storyline]. Later on, Balrog would come across her in the psycho drive
room... finally, Chun-Li, Nash, and Guile together destroy Shadaloo's base and
presumably Vega, but thanks to Balrog, Cammy wasn't in it when it blew
up [Official].

SFZ3 File #18 Cammy

Shadoloo combatant, Cammy.  For the sake of the intention to create a
faithfully superior combatant, through unique DNA rearranging skills was born
a single enhanced human being.  Through complete mind control a fake memory was
transplanted, as per Vega's imperial edict concerning combat data accumulation
missions.  However, certainly completely as her mind control unravels, ego has
begun to sprout.  For Vega, taking these circumstances for her existence with
himself and Shadoloo he's concluded as to become a troublesome thing, he orders
assassination detachments for her obliteration.  But she still, isn't realizing
those conspiracies.......
-Cammy was created through a rearrangement of Vega's DNA: the ideal duplicate
of him in the deceptive shell of a young girl.
-Like her masculine genetic prototype, Cammy also developed an ego, which Vega
wouldn't tolerate and ordered her destroyed.

Street Fighter 2:  Cammy woke up, with amnesia and no memory of who she
was.  She was near the British government and practically on the doorstep
of Delta Red (a unit of the British Intelligence Department that specializes
in combat units), which took her in (As for who brought her to Delta Red,
look above and take a guess).  Colonel Wolfman became her leader, and she
stayed with them for three years before SF2 started.  Upon SF2, she
remembered about how Vega was connected to her past somehow, and
participates in the tournament so she may finally confront him and find out
about her past [Official].  When she finds him, Vega tells Cammy that she
is actually a DNA copy of him.  He tells her that she was slipped into the
British Empire, but he didn't think that Cammy would have lost her memory.  He
then says it doesn't really matter, since he doesn't have a use for Cammy
anymore.  Cammy is shocked at what she hears.  However, her Delta Red teammate
(Lita) later tells her that it's her future that counts, not the past.
Realizing this, Cammy lives her future life with Delta Red accepting her now
just as before. [in-game storyline and specially noted in AAC]

Cammy- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

The British Intelligence Department's superior Special Building Unit member
Cammy.  In order to regain her own memory, the struggle continues for her.

Street Fighter 4:

Boasts of high attack power and speed, a member of the British Special
Building Unit Members Delta Red.  Was once a brainwashed enriched soldier
for Shadoloo.  Accepting a cruel past, together with companions she proceeds
to a new mission.

Cammy is now living her new life with Delta Red to the fullest.  She's back in
SF4 still with Delta Red, to track down the connection with BLECE, abducted
dead fighters, and the new corporation S.I.N.-sha headed by its CEO Seth,
even noting eerie resemblances with the attire of Shadaloo agents, from
Cammy's SF4 opening.

Keeping in touch with Chun-Li, Cammy's notified of potentially meddlesome
C.I.A. agent Crimson Viper.  Cammy eventually learns from the lab's files
what BLECE stands for and its horrible potential for creating loyal killers
just like she used to be.  Despite being at gunpoint courtesy of Viper,
Cammy erases the BLECE data which has Viper back off and walk away.  Also
from Cammy's ending, she apologizes to Colonel Wolfman for failing to
retrieve BLECE's data as they watch the lab go up in flames, to which he
congratulates her execution which he still saw from a distance.  Finally
prior to SSF4's timeframe, Cammy meets and fights Sakura.  They either draw
or Sakura wins according to their SSF4 win quotes, but either way the two of
them become good friends from then on.

Prior to SSF4 unraveling, Cammy and Chun-Li encounter a mysteriously
powerful Korean woman named Juri.  She's able to mop the floor with
Cammy as well as Shadaloo's newly repossessed Vega Bodyguard Troops
girls.  Unable to stop Juri from abducting at least some of them if
not all, Cammy fumes with red-hot murderous daggers for the tae kwon do
fighter. [references from Cammy's and Vega's openings as well as Cammy's
rival battle intro with Juri]

Super Street Fighter 4:

Parting farewell to a cat whom she finally succeeded in befriending, Cammy
dives into the struggle against S.I.N.-sha and Shadaloo once again.  Three
words describe Cammy overall: royally pissed off.  She swears the collapse
for both organizations and Juri to be pushing up daisies. [Cammy's opening]

Whether or not she finds Juri again, Cammy manages to recover and care for
Juni if no one else by the end of the crumbling lab's terminal collapse.
[Cammy's ending] 

Final Fight Streetwise:  Cammy's an optional pit fight in Japantown. No
storyline reason for her being here is really given.  Guy's men speak of
her with a respectful tone but don't say why she's there.  Of note is that
the pit fights in Japantown take place in a dojo without an audience and
thus don't seem as seedy, shady, and illegal as other pit fights, but I
dunno.  Don't see why Cammy would travel to Metro City to pit fight for
money or something.  She has her own lager brand in Final Fight Streetwise
judging from the (possibly just Easter egg) marquees above the pool tables.
She starts each match with a respectful salute so I don't think she's there
just to trash talk for her ego. ...maybe someone at Capcom was just a big
Cammy fan or something and thus decided to include her in this game. It
might also be a reference to that Maki + Cammy official artwork, despite how
it was stated by the artist that the art had no storyline significance.

Where she is now:  By Streetwise, dunno, but she's probably still
with Delta Red (It's her Delta Red butt that's on her lager advertisement,
after all, although in-game she wears combat army shorts, possibly to show
that she isn't there on Delta Red business.  ...I don't know. Maybe she
became a super model or something.  A pit-fighting one!).

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Cammy from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Weighing the intervals with mincing-like steps, driving in shrewdly observed
attacks in a style foundational for combat.  Physical strength and reflexes
for the sake of enhancing artificiality, the physique is of short stature
but, the combat ability is high.  For to acquire it, attacks of utilized
legs.  Even for gymnastics contestants to compare with such a flexible body,
with suppleness comes forth acrobatic-like motion.    

Fashion Style

For the clothing being from the organization's provision articles, a design
not of a sense of livelihood.  For the adhere-to type suit while being a
lightweight dress the functional nature is high, to shelter the neck's vitals
also.  Through violent combat in order to safeguard against injury, for in
the forearms a large-sized protector, for in the shoulders an outfitting of
internal-type shoulder guards.  As for the arm band wrapped around the upper
arm, it's signifying the matter of being a member of the Vega Bodyguard
-Though it's not immediately apparent, Cammy's Shadaloo uniform protects her
neck, forearms, and shoulders.     

Mykonos Island [GREECE]

"Well then, to begin with the regular reports meeting."
On the dark room's wall before a furnished 80-inch projector, having put on
spectacles a great-statured man began reading the documents on hand.
For in the room being 10 people the extent of those present on occasion,
complying to the man's voice.
"For this time's investigation was conducted in Greece.  For in here as you
rightly know, is the Muwajik Republic's prime minister Gihad's recuperation
facilities.  For this is Mykonos Island's southeast, through Kyuanoeides Beach
that's the photographed image."
Seeming to be captured the blue sky and the white sandy beach came out copied.
A few days ago Gihad assassinated, unreservedly in broad daylight it was
carried out on this sandy beach.  As is the information a passing heart attack
is, as you see."
The image moves.  For centered within the frame a young girl is seen of the
figure playing in the sand.  It seems to be photographing through a home video
Gihad's wife's daughter.
At a great distance sitting in a beach chair minimally projecting a man.
That's Gihad.
Inside the frame is a repeatedly going in and out.  For especially a peculiar
activity is not being seen.
The image is rewinding.  In the frame's edge, a seemingly instant cloth-like
object is intersecting.  Gihad's seated beach chair after that 1 second slowly
goes collapsing.  For the photographer with this occasion still at a great
distance's abnormality nothing of circumstance is realized.
The child's cheers resound in innocence.
"An unbelievable matter but, during these merely several seconds, for Gihad
in the neck region is injected a immediate-effect fatal natured deadly poison.
From the scene the whole of physical evidence is not being detected."
The photographer realizing at the accident, releasing the camera goes running
towards the husband's side.
With there the images had stopped.
"Similar mysterious-like assassination incidents during this last 1 year is
multiplying.  Furthermore......I want you to help yourself in seeing over
For the next revealed, was a young girl's picture.  The whole body's facade,
side, rear.
Asian lineage, looking to be approximately early to mid-teens.
"That's the girl who had boarded the seized shipwreck in the vicinity, 150 km
south of the Do'ngsha Archipelago.  For on the same boat having included
Chinese 38 people Orientals who were boarded already annihilation for all of
them.  This girl also with the highest degree of malnutrition reclaiming after
55 hours since having died.  For amazing in this girl's body interior a large
quantity of uniform muscle increase and uniform spirit equilibrium, again
unidentified components of a compound hormone is the matter of having been
administered.  Muscle tissue as well as the physique's abnormal-like
development.  The matter of it not to be disease and hereditary things is
above the obvious, to distinguish without exception this girl's identity has
been unable to be detected.  The plural injection marks to both hands both
feet, from memory deficiency and the like, beyond lately was the report
precedent to conform with the distinctive feature of 'enhanced body'."
"......In other words?"  One of those present incites.
"For in these two incidents are as of seriously associated nature, the
investigation records' reconsiderings as well as the investigation
organization's enhancing I want to help ourselves to examining them in
urgency.  That organization......in order to approach 'Shadoloo' is to
decide and to be taking a quantity of momentous paces."
-Among the various cold missions with which Killer Bee was ordered, was
to take out a foreign republic's prime minister while vacationing with his
family in Greece's Aegean Islands.  Of particular note made by the authorities
is that Killer Bee is of Asian lineage, but that's as specific as they
describe her.  Perhaps she and consequently Vega are of true Aryan descent.
Or (Asian) Russian like Decapre maybe.  Let the speculations commence...... 

    Shadaloo Cammy's codename is "Killer Bee."  Of note is that Cammy
has been referenced as the Killer Bee even in Club Capcom notes as old
as 1994 (way before Zero-era Cammy existed).

    Cammy has a birthdate.  Shadaloo created her as a baby and
watched her grow.  Unlike the other VSS, she WAS definitely 'born' within

    Cammy was created to be Vega's next body (this is most likely a good
chunk of what Vega means when he calls her a copy), but when she gained
self-consciousness, that kinda fubarred that plan really badly.  Vega
seeks out Ryu to be his next body instead in SFZ3.

    From Siegfried, because I'm constantly needing to reiterate and
emphasize this for some annoying reason:  Cammy isn't a clone (as in being
male and having black hair), but rather a completely artificially enhanced
human prepared to accept Vega's mind and be in top condition physically,
so that he would have a backup body in case his was destroyed. They
probably did some genetic engineering before her birth, but she's human.
Cammy is 100% female.

    Vega also wants to destroy Cammy because with self-consciousness,
there's a chance Cammy will take control of the psycho drive which could
cause tons of devastation.  In truth, Cammy DOES end up taking
control of the psycho drive, but she uses it for a good reason: to save the
rest of the girls.

    How Cammy got her scar is unknown.  HnN suggests that she got it during a
terror group mission with her team, which would suggest today that it was
a Shadaloo mission since she has her scar as early as Zero 2, but at the time
was assumed to be within Delta Red's regimen.

    Unlike the other VSS, Cammy can physically and mentally survive even after
Vega is dead.  She was created with this in mind so she'd still be alive for
Vega to transport into her body after Vega's current body expires.  This is
why Cammy doesn't need to restore herself with the psycho drive in order to
keep on living, though she was still too wounded by fighting Vega and from
Vega trying to conquer her mind to get out of the base (which is why Balrog
had to rescue her).

    From her Gal's Island #3 Capcom profile, it's stated that Cammy is
indeed 19 during SF2 and her place of birth even then (1994 real time) was
unknown, although her current home is listed as England.

Cammy's moods change on a whim.

    Cammy's ending in SF2 in the Japanese version has Vega telling her
that she was his spy, not that they were lovers.

    Cammy's Delta Red teammates:

Delta Red chief Commander W. Watson
Matthew McCoy- The big cyborg dude.
Colonel Keith Wolfman- Dude with the scarred face.  He's like a father to
1st Lieutenant Lita Luwanda- Girl with the bigass blade. (specially noted via
AAC that she's credited with telling Cammy her past doesn't matter to them)
George Ginzu- the funny-looking kid.

    No canon info seems to exist on the blue goopy thing on Ginzu's head.
You can see it in both Delta Red's official art and in Cammy's SF2 endings,
but the thing isn't mentioned at all in any official source.  Strange.
(FYI, I'm talking about the thing that many people think looks like one of
the ghosts from Pac Man.  It has eyes and such.)

    Judging from her SFZ3 ending, there is a chance that deep down within
Cammy, Vega's soul still exists waiting for a time to come out, that is if
her own ego ever falls prey to him.

    Cammy, like the rest of the VSS, talks like a robot, though she uses
'normal' speech a bit more often than the other girls, too.

    For more on the VSS, see Juli and Juni's bio.

The_Emperor of Living Room Games for the Capcom World Tournament game they
were producing (but was cancelled) referred to her as "Unit Zero (aka Killer
Bee)" while listing the VSS.

    It's possible that Cammy being a pit fighter at Guy's dojo is a really
vague reference to the Cammy + Maki artwork.  Maki herself isn't in Streetwise
(although an angry schoolgirl has the same name) but her sister (Rena) was
apparently meant to be married to Guy (something that seemingly didn't
make it to the final version).

    Cammy has pants (shorts) in Final Fight Streetwise.  Oh the humanity!

    The ad for Cammy Lager in Streetwise reads "Get cannon spiked!" (Lager
is a type of beer).  ...Cammy was quick to commercialize on her popularity
after SF2, I guess.  It's Delta Red Cammy that's depicted in the ad.  Well,
more specifically, the back of Delta Red Cammy's lower half...

    Cammy in FF:SW greets you with a respectful salute before each battle,
so it doesn't seem like she's pit-fighting there just to be badass.
Maybe she was just invited there by Guy or Maki (not that there was ever
an established relationship between any of them).  Guy's ninjas seem
respectful of her as well, so the thing as a whole doesn't feel as shady
as the other pit fight areas in the game.  Arcade Mode doesn't reveal
anything about why she's there (she's a mid-boss so there isn't any
dialogue related to her even.  Not that Arcade Mode's storyline is
anything to be considered, anyways).

    Artwork in the FF:SW promo comic implies that she was originally going
to wear long camo pants, but it got changed to shorts for the game.  Either
way, Cammy has pants for once.  Travesty!

    SF2 stage secrets from the Fanbook:

England (Cammy)

The old fortress is called Fraser Bala Castle.  Nearby is the British
Intelligence Department's base.

The lighted window...
Delta Red's comrades watch over the match's whereabouts!?

An artificially made aurora in order to camouflage the Intelligence Department!?

Mysterious mansion
What the, a character location which has them disappear!!  The Intelligence
Department's base!?
-Pretty cool that a fake aurora is used to hide British Intelligence's

The path to Fraser Bala Castle is a stone bridge 1 meter wide.  On either side
of it is a sheer precipice; particularly dangerous fighting grounds.

Colonel Wolfman named her after discovering the pendant in her hand.  Prior to
that, Vega most likely named her from the "CAMM" inscription as well:  "Cammy"
from "CAMM-ICHI" or "CAMM-1" in Japanese for the first of the CAMM project's

Cammy is curious about her age prior to SF2 beginning, because test results
from one drop of her blood revealed that she should have shockingly different
measurements including height and weight, plus the opposite gender from what
she does have.

Cammy from Gamest SSF2

Story of Cammy

At the site of the old castle the top secret institution was built- British
Intelligence Department: Special Building Unit Members Training Base.  That
being, the higher class division is quite a section of people nothing but

It's a stormy night.
Near the base a landslide occurrence, it paralyzes a part of the generator's
As group members proceeded to repair the actual place, from under the crumbled
earth there was detection of a single young girl.  Sustaining injuries, losing
her consciousness they protected the young girl, bringing her back into the
In time the young girl regained consciousness, with complete loss of memory.
Who was she herself?  How was she at such a place?
A clue to the young girl's identity, a pendant in the young girl's hand had only
these characters engraved.
	CAMM  740106
The military placed the young girl within the institution, in order to not have
indications leak out into the outside world.
The young girl was placed under the supervision of the training commander
Colonel K. Wolfman.

The young girl diligently kept firm, while in her mind not understanding what
she was, she was feeling signs of heavy anxiety.
For Colonel Wolfman, from the military the young girl's surveillance report was
Nonetheless the institution's existence cannot be public, on account of this
young girl also the incident she's involved in, a terrible calamity, the colonel
However in time he came to know unexpectedly of the military's true motives.
The young girl's injury recovery power, was by far surpassing the healing power
speed for typical people.
Complete recovery in 2 some days trivial and the whole body frequently a bone
fracture scene, but in 3 days seeing coming out cured, 1 week later a wholly
healthy body was returning.
"......in any case, common sense is not to be considered.  Her flesh is such
that, as with same aged average girls it doesn't particularly change.  However,
regeneration ability as well as interior blood antibody generation speed,
biological history is but a class to examine......"
While hearing the trained excitement from the doctor in charge, Colonel Wolfman
felt a disgreeable hunch.
"The military is speeding up the investigation, the living body weapons
project....do they plan to utilize that test?"
Although the colonel didn't know that project's details very well, the matter
of treating her as a suitable test model he could easily imagine.
"This girl will probably know each and every thing......even this matter,
sooner or later......"

Her facial expression was gaining brightness daily.
The colonel, from the pendant's characters, decided to call her Cammy (CAMMY).
"Cammy......that's, my name......"
"I still don't know your true name, to be forever nameless would be likely
distressing.  I believed it wouldn't be a bad name no?"
"......Thank you.  Cammy, is it?......"
For the first time one could see in relation to her facial expression, the
colonel began to smile broadly in the face.  However, uneasiness bearing down
from the colonel's heart could not drive away the matter.
And so the uneasiness, would become a real circumstance in an unexpected shape.

From the day that Cammy recuperated 3 weeks passed by.
For the Special Building Unit's commander-in-chief, it would be Supreme
Commander W. Watson's regular inspection day.
For the supreme commander to visit Cammy's room, was inquired of Colonel
"This girl, is illustratively a young girl yes?"
"Hmm......is she not still a kid?  To be confined in such a place, is likely
The supreme commander held out a hand, at that moment Cammy approached.
Cammy's figure, flew out in the manner of a flip.  With superhuman speed, she
thrusted a leeward hand blade at the supreme commander!
Our returned Cammy's left hand, was pinning onto Colonel Wolfman's side.  By a
hair's breadth spot, the colonel parried Cammy.
Lukewarm flowing blood is going along Cammy's arm.  From the colonel's belly a
large quantity of blood is breathing out.
Cammy loses her spirit, to defeat.
"Colonel!!  Hang on, hey, somebody a doctor!!"
"Supreme commander......my greatest apologies, this carelessness, I'll atone
with my life......as for what of this young girl's disposal......guh......I,
honorably entrust......"
The colonel distantly withdrew while enduring consciousness, pleading for Cammy.
This time the colonel was being assured.
She......Cammy, without being released from the evil spell.  To do that, it can
only be me and no others, quote.
The supreme commander, gazing at the colonel's strong determination, laughed.
"Mmm......none other than your appeals would each be a reason to
refuse......very well, regarding that young girl, you are entrusted completely.
Rest assured."
"Th......thank you......very much, Supreme Commander......"
The colonel and Cammy are transported on stretchers.
"Colonel Wolfman......I request of you.  In this young girl, a revelation has
begun interest among the military's supreme management.  To not engage the
matter into a great tragedy, the bad sprout has to be plucked.  Unless the
nation gets going, I cannot cover up for you......"

As a blessing, the colonel's wounds didn't become an emergency.
However, Cammy after that for quite some time - roughly 3 days' time -
occasionally lost consciousness.  And so from her brain waves new facts were to
become clear.
Under the deep psyche's special mind control.  Her own purpose as defined
unrelated, inducing techniques of specified action, she was performing them.
Usually, that would seem to be a shock of memory lost, that effect being mostly
lost.  Probably from here, suddenly people would advance as it was likely no
matter whatsoever.
With this event as a start, the military seemingly would come to a mustering
manner for the high interest in Cammy.  These were the misunderstood unnaturally
performed ones, the military would handle those theories' explanations as
maximum priority items that would supersede any break-through's.
Already having existed was the menacing biocontrol technology.  Making a belated
start in development, defeat would be significant.
For Colonel Wolfman, having thought between such a military intention, usually
like Cammy an age not going to a young girl against being a person assigned a
cruel fate, she would have recalled unspeakable resentment.
"Something with great power, will be set in motion......"

Before her even more increased strict observation would be placed for Cammy.
1 week elapsed since the attacks on the supreme commander- calmness returned to
her, she was solidifying her primary determination.
For Cammy, Colonel Wolfman would volunteer.
"For myself as well, please let me train."
"What?......no, it's unreasonable for you!"
"No, I will do it.  I'll do it on a hunch as such.  ......I, know.  The military
treats me as a "weapon" sample right?  Wanting more accurate data,
so to speak......"
"You......were finding out about that, how......"
"Colonel......you have helped me.  For I trust that, only you are alright.
Unless you say absolutely not, I won't do anything reckless......but, I want to
do your work.  I want to exert as much as will become your ability.  As it is a
caged bird's way will always seem to live......"
Cammy's eyes didn't have a spot to be nervous.  For Colonel Wolfman, his own
worrying spirit at the extent of her weaklessness he forbade not profiting from
a forced smile.
This girl, is a strong child.
"Your human life is your own.  No one can shackle it.  That which continues to
clear away your own destiny, I don't resist.  Instead, I believe in wanting to
do with becoming ability!"
"Cammy!  It seems that today, you can take up an education with my squad's
qualified regular members.  It'll be harsh training......care to follow us?"

- Cammy!, I have decided to not believe that you are a "weapon".
  For you, the struggle will be for the sake of cutting off from your tormenting
evil past.
  From this time forth, therefore you will handle as a true human life -

Thus Cammy's living of training began.
Her motor nerves, surely were beyond imagination.  Very much no more than a
20-year-old woman's movements could be believed.  Her body possessing latent
ability, before long limits were extending.
Dealing with weapons and the like, to the degree of a blink of an eye she
recalled.  As though in order to know for her health.  With her team
(comprised of 4-5 people) in a short time rising to wonderful ratings, more
and more did the military upper layer section having judged without a margin
suspect her concerning her ability.

The military's supreme management plans experimentations.
"Here is one, how much of her ability, as we can get her to show us."
"Indeed......and, that is to say, you don't suppose......"
"That's right......the most troubling existence we handle, the spy for
'Shadoloo' is brought in.  Now whichever missions she has or not, their
assisted leaders'existence investigations......unless she, grasps onto some
hands perhaps, not......"
"If the risk is oversized......?"
"Already our military's test preparations are continuing settlements.  After
that will be data through actual fighting.  An amazing outcome to anticipate
will it not?"

Cammy cleared nearly all of Assessment SA (Special A) in the curriculum.
In her team, as it were a graduation subject of to say announcing actual
fighting missions.

"Restrain the unlawful narcotics smuggling organization LA-66-Codename
'Shadoloo''s real leader's person!"

"!"  Colonel Wolfman is surrounded by an intuitive of distrust.
"Shadoloo......surely only the British interior would've targeted it, a
worthless puny organization......previously an organization such that it's
existence was quite dangerous, says the data but......"

Regarding Shadoloo's truth, there's almost no one who knows that exact detail.
They of the Special Building Unit Members aren't an exception.
However for Colonel Wolfman, he sensed in "Shadoloo"'s name some kind of heavy
ill omen.
"What will the military to say do with Cammy......Will the living body weapons
project be discontinued to say reported......you don't suppose, no."
There wasn't a thing he wasn't suspicious of one way or another.  The mission's
execution being the most priority.
"This mission's success, should become the greatest step for her human
life......such that I couldn't believe."

The eastern sky continues increasing in brightness.
The boarded team takes off in a helicopter.
That, in time to arrive at the destined battle, peacefully passing the play
has opened- .
-A landslide on a stormy night alerts Delta Red to Cammy's hidden presence.
She's rescued with no memory of who she was, and is taken in by Colonel Keith
-Cammy's healing and recovery abilities are noted to be extraordinary in
comparison to an average person's.  Broken bones return to normal in as little
as 3 days and her total well-being recuperates in a mere week.
-Wolfman is determined to take full responsibility for Cammy even though she
suddenly tries to attack Delta Red's Supreme Commander Watson with a knife.
-Shadaloo is viewed by British Intelligence as a previously dangerous existence
but not anymore.

Prologue 11 (Cammy) from SF4

Cammy was lurkingly moving secretly through the grass.  As long as the flicker
doesn't almost, kill the mood.  Whatever small thing it may be, if it's
irregular motion being for one, suddenly the matter finishing of an opponent's
wariness calling to mind, she's arranged a study from here a few weeks' time's
bitter experience.  No more than a number of meters' range she's come close in
progress 1 time, finally in the scope of her reach the target is seen.
Conveniently fast-beat pulsations even if the opponent were to hear them
"oh well" and, she doesn't consider to lower her body.  From the space of the
grass, seemingly light-colored hair was seen.  Softly a hand extends.  After a
little bit more-.
From behind the voice heard she didn't expect it her shoulder to shake, the
voice came forth.  Just, from the bush skipping before her eyes a small cat
being an upstart, purring a "meow" suddenly disappears.  Letting out a sigh
for her fingertips come out for the sake of the furry sense of touch, for
Cammy getting up turns around.
"......Something I can do for you?, Colonel Wolfman."
"D, Don't look with such eyes, Cammy."
So overawed he seems with the bitter bothered look, Cammy's superior
authority Wolfman backspaced.
"I just, request to everyone don't I......"
For Cammy blankly blinked.  A facial expression of completely not happening to
know, Wolfman lets out a sigh.
"Yeah.  Everyone is concerned about you, Cammy.  -For the time being will you
not swap places??"
From the bush a concealed Cammy interposes towards the side of the path to a
park bench, the two of them sat down.
"And with that Colonel, what is the 'concern'??"
"In the long run isn't it, what has likely become of your latest quick
returns?  If until now what of your self-imposed discipline yet to remain."
"Besides having a reputation for lively enjoying the unusual.  At times as far
as laughing while reminiscing maybe."
What's with these, and like writing on a face, at last Wolfman gushed out.
"Therefore you know, Cammy.  It's becoming a rumor in the group, you've
finally gotten a sweetheart haven't you."
"S, Sweetheart!?"
"Extremely furry numerous sweethearts aren't they, Cammy."
While Wolfman laughs, his fingertips lightly poked at Cammy's forehead.
"What would you do if it would be a bad man, especially not strangling a one
time companion, minding everyone else, the so-called reason I've come is as
I'm the wait-and-see delegate.
-Well, I was hoping for such a matter probably wasn't I."
"M, My greatest pardons.  For me it's just, discovering last month's cat, I
wanted to touch it.......  But exceedingly wary being a strong child......how!
I caused everyone to be of such concern......Um, I......"
Shifting his attention to the gradually turning red Cammy head hung in shame,
Wolfman stood up.
"Don't worry about it.  They're free to be concerned for you.  But to consider
causing someone to worry, win over that cat as quickly as possible so everyone
will go ahead talking about it.  Success with First Lieutenant Hannah because
you like animals she'll likely be glad."
In a flash Cammy raised her face, considering the awkward wink.  Cammy's face
smiled broadly in a big way.
"Yessir, Colonel!"
-Cammy's SF2 aftermath.  Taking to heart the words she heard on leaving her
past behind, she turns to focus on what she likes, namely cats, so much and
at such odd times of the night that her team mistakes her having found
a significant-other.
-First Lieutenant Hannah is introduced from Nakahira-sensei's manga Cammy
Gaiden for the first time, with sharing Cammy's interest in animals no less.

Her SF4 console profile originally included the phrase "pursuing Ryu" at the
beginning, but was later dropped off.

One of Cammy's friends is a fan of Dee Jay, and should Cammy and Dee Jay meet
in SSF4, she manages to get an autograph from him.  Cammy has plausibly also
run into Dudley during the SF4 era, as he's notes he's familiar with her in
his win quote to Decapre in Ultra SF4.

*** pgVCarlos.


Age: unknown
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Native place: probably South America, since that's where he grew up
Hobby: collecting katana class swords

Final Fight 2:  When Mad Gear is rising again, Carlos, who just happened to
be staying at Haggar's at the time, decided to help take them down [From
the game].

FF2 Guidebook bio:

A fighting stylist aimlessly turned up from the direction of South America.
Settled in Metro City, originally a freeloader off of Haggar. With outward
appearance harboring a cool nihilistic impression, occasionally an
entertaining fool.

Where he is now:  Still traveling around and training I guess.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Carlos does have a connection to Guy, although I'm not sure what it is. In
Final Fight 2, he specifically says to Haggar, "I owe you and Guy so much"
indicating he knows Guy and more. Of course, this assumes Capcom USA didn't
add that in themselves (although I'm pretty sure Saiki mentioned they were
friends as well which is why I have that written down in the guide)

    Carlos was a boarder at Haggar's whom Haggar let stay there while Carlos
was in the area and training.  He was studying different types of martial
arts, and moved to Metro City to finish his studies.

    He's apparently a friend of Guy (official statement, though he does
refer to this briefly in FF2's intro when he says to Haggar, "I owe you
and Guy so much".

    Even though he knows many martial arts styles, he prefers to use his
sword to slice up enemies.

    Carlos is described as nihilistic. He gives off a cool impression, but he
can be kind of stupid occasionally.

    "His appearance is nothing to embrace, occasionally an idiot."

    His bio also says that his natural sense of justice and his obligation
to Haggar compel him to participate in the fight against Mad Gear.

    He's of Japanese decent (his last name gives off that much, in kanji it
means roughly "princely basis").

*** pgVChang.


No bio.  Of Chinese ancestry at the very least, obviously.

Final Fight Streetwise:  Dr. Chang is working on something underneath
a sheet when Kyle arrives via air vent.  Kyle suspects that she's
the mastermind behind GLOW, but she doesn't seem to fear him at all and
doesn't even bother to answer his questions until Kyle finally grabs her
by the shoulders a bit.  She introduces herself to him as Dr. Chang, but
she doesn't have time to concern herself with just one simple junkie
like Kyle's brother Cody.  This of course pisses Kyle off, so Chang tells
him that a lot of other people besides Cody are suffering too, and explains
that Bella forced her to produce the drug and that she's not happy about it.

However, she does inform him that she could detoxify Cody depending on the
situation, but Kyle is interrupted by a phone call from Guy before she can
finish. Guy tells him that the explosives that he never told Kyle about
earlier were primed and ready, and to get out of the lab immediately.  Kyle
is shocked, but Guy says that such drastic measures are necessary to stop
the drug.  Kyle turns around to get the doctor but then notices her leaving
in an elevator.  Before he could go after her, the being on the table
ripped its sheet off and laughed at Kyle as he recognized it as the
Stiff!  But only barely, as Stiff had been infused with so much GLOW
that he had green spikes glowing out of his back and even had GLOW
glowing through him, particularly through the two letters "D" and "E"
cut into his chest.
Stiff maniacally laughs before grabbing a nearby GLOW rat that was running
by and devouring it, empowering him even more.  In the ensuing battle
consisting of falling cable wires, spiky projectiles, and an enraged Stiff
(now "Stiff Death" for reasons not stated yet but really not related to
resurrection), Kyle managed to stomp out the majority of the GLOW rats hiding
in crates in the lab before Stiff could consume them and regenerate, and
eventually managed to defeat the mutated man.  Stiff Death's GLOW running
out, he fell to the ground before crumbling into dust, and the GLOW lab is
blown up by Guy's explosives.

Afterwards, Chang is there to treat a wounded Kyle as he wakes
up in Haggar's gym.  Guy pulls out a gun, demanding that she tell him
where the mastermind behind GLOW is, but Haggar stops him, saying that
wasn't how they'd do things.  Kyle tells them both to knock it off and
asks Chang how to reverse the effects of GLOW so he can cure Cody. Chang
tells him that like any other drug, GLOW wears off over time, but before
she could fully detail the withdrawal symptoms, Kyle notices a newscast
on the TV showing his hood in complete anarchy as Metro citizens and
gang members, now driven insane by GLOW, were rioting in the streets.
Realizing that Vanessa is in danger, Kyle heads back to his hood.  Chang
decides to leave as well, telling Guy that people were suffering and
needed her help.

It is unknown whether Chang was lying to Guy and Haggar or if she was
sincere about leaving to help others, but she's later back with Bella
again at the church.  Not necessarily of her own free will, as Bella
threatens her at swordpoint when she protests his madness, so she finally
completes the creation of his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse for him.
The first one, War, would immediately attack Kyle who had entered the
church at that point. Later after beating him and Famine, Kyle sees Chang
sitting up in the rafters, with a huge green monsterous skeletal being
underneath, its gigantic spiky back and height reaching almost all the
way up to Chang.  Dr. Chang laments about how she could have created
so many great and wonderful things, but all her talents were wasted by
Bella.  But, despite this, she still has her wonderful creation and
vision, Pestilence.

Chang's ranting reveals that she's actually rather loony herself, and she
doesn't even pay attention to Kyle when he demands that she tell him where
Bella is, at least until he threatens that he'll come up there. The doctor
simply scoffs at this and then orders Pestilence to consume him, whereupon
Pestilence savagely attacks!  And by savagely attacks, I mean slooooowly
walks around the room as his shell's butt drips GLOW onto the ground, every
once in a while stopping to throw easily-dodged pieces of it at Kyle, and
every now and then barfing GLOW bombs in all directions.

After an excitingly slow-paced molasses battle of Kyle tossing said GLOW
bombs back at the creature, his shell was blown off and he became much faster,
swiping at Kyle, throwing GLOW bits at him, and ripping off entire church
benches to try to slam on him.  Kyle eventually managed to overcome the beast
and it melted into its own goo.  But by then, Dr. Chang was gone..  When Kyle
and Cody were recuperating in the hospital after Kyle had finally killed
Belger for good and Cody had overcome GLOW's effects, Kyle is suddenly
distracted by something on the TV. On the television set, a news reporter
states that Dr. Chang was taken in for questioning after the incident but
was released.  Cody asks Kyle what's wrong, but Kyle quickly shakes it off
and responds "Nothing". [from the game]

Where she is now:  With Bella gone, she's now free to follow her dream and
vision.  What this dream and vision is, I don't know, but it's probably
something sick and wrong.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Not including the fluke Harry Hicks, I think Chang is the only
non-fighter character to have her own section in this guide.  I'm still not
sure if she deserves one but she'll likely have more development (and
possibly become more than just a non-fighter storyline NPC) and such if
Capcom somehow decides to make a sequel to Streetwise (which of course is
a long shot in the dark).

    Exactly why Chang was working for Bella in the first place is
questionable.  She tells Kyle that she was forced to make GLOW and seems
sincere enough about that, but later on while she's raving like a mad
scientist (because she is one), she remarks how working with Bella turned
out to be an 'error in judgment'.  It seems that odds are decent that
Bella enticed her into joining him with the promise of something
'idealistic' that was different from GLOW (but likely just as insane
judging by Dr. Chang's mindset).  Maybe he just promised her funding
and resources for various mad scientist experiments that would result
in things like Pestilence but then forced her to make GLOW instead when
she'd rather be doing something else.

    From Kyle's journal regarding Pestilence:

"This is a nightmare WITHIN a nightmare! What the hell is that!?  What
kind of sick mind would make a monstrosity like that?!!!!

A sick but BRILLIANT mind, clearly!"

    Unlike Famine or War, nothing in the game indicates that Pestilence
is anyone the player already knows.  This includes Kyle's journal.
It likely was just some random person (or maybe group of persons, as
some people speculate that Pestilence consists of multiple people
merged together.  Of course, far as I know, there is nothing
to indicate that GLOW goes beyond mutations to the point where it
can do things like merge people.  I think what looks like multiple
limbs are really just an extremely spiky shell.  That shell doesn't
do anything but drip goo after all).

    Chang is very attached to Pestilence, calling him "Sweetie" and
basically babying the thing.  Possibly Pestilence was someone dear
to her before she mutated him, or possibly she just is really attached
to him because it's the ultimate culmination of her scientific achievement.

    Pestilence may have been a special case to GLOW's restrictions, as there
was likely a reason why Chang was so much more proud of him than any other
GLOW horseman of the apocalypse.  Not that the game actually tells you much
about him either way.

    "GLOW is like any other drug."  The effects will wear off with time but
not before the addictee suffers severe withdrawal symptoms.  Getting taken
off GLOW too fast could lead to delirium, according to Dr. Chang (not that
this stopped Cody from getting over it ludicrously quickly).  Of note is
that there is nothing in the game that indicates GLOW has the ability to
bring people back from the dead.  Just because they all look like zombies
doesn't mean they ARE zombies.

    GLOW making people mutate to the point where they look like monsters is
as temporary as the other drug effects of GLOW (as shown by Cody being back
to normal at the end.  ...he still seems to have recovered abnormally fast).

    It is never explained what happened shortly after Chang left Guy and
Haggar to "help those people in need".  She just shows up later in the church
apparently forced to work for Bella again.  Was she lying when she told Guy
and Haggar that she was leaving to help people or did Bella just capture her?

    I wonder if she's named after that guy who maintained the Street Fighter
plot guide that can be found online.  That the normally calm and seemingly
good-natured creator of such a ridicously big fanboy-esque undertaking
would deep down be a crazy psychotic mad scientist woman who revels in the
sick twisted convolutedness of her own creation as a piece of art would not
be too surprising.

    (Nah, in all seriousness, if anything, she's named after FF:SW programmer
Joey Chang)

*** pgVChunLi.

CHUN-LI (CHUN LI the phonetic spelling in translated excerpts).
Originally CHUN-LI CHUNG.

Birthdate: March 1, 1968
Height: 170 cm (SF2), 169 cm (SFZ, SF4)
Weight: unknown (secret)
BWH sizes: B84, W59, H89 (SFZ), B88, W58, H90 (SF2, SF4)
Blood type: A
Native place: China
Special skill: shooting (ranked 6th in an international contest)
Likes: crepes, varieties of fruits, Western confectionery
Dislikes: crime, people who don't make themselves clear, Vega
Fighting style: Chinese kenpo
SF2-era nickname: “Splendor Become Dance Splits the Air”
SFZ-era nickname: “Changed Determination Attacks Great Evil”
SF3-era nickname: "Graceful Long Beautiful Legs Return”
SF4-era nickname: "Divine Leg Excellent Performance"

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Chun-Li's father has gone missing on assignment.
Following a lead from a friend of her father's, Gen, Chun-Li sets out to
investigate the evil organization known as Shadaloo and find out who's
responsible.  She finally came face to face with the leader of Shadaloo, Vega.
Demanding to know what happened to her father, Vega and she
fought, and Vega proceeded to kick the crap out of her then flew off, leaving
behind a clue about her father having amused him.[Official].

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Chun-Li is the I.C.P.O.'s special detective
assigned to Shadaloo. With management corruption, she was powerless as an
official. So, she works in cooperation with Nash to defeat Shadaloo.
Unfortunately, Guile came to intervene.  Chun-Li tried to stop him, telling
him that the army was corrupt and that Nash had to be left alone so
Nash could take care of Vega, but Guile would have none of it.
However, after Guile himself met Nash, he himself had realized what was
going on, and he joined them too.  The bombardment of Shadaloo, however,
was called off due to corruption in Interpol and Vega's manipulation, so
Chun-Li realized that they had to destroy the base themselves.  As Guile and
Nash go to destroy the psycho drive, Chun-Li proceeds to set explosives
around the base.  While doing this, she captured a brief glimpse of a
mysterious young girl, but wasn't able to see much more before that girl
(Cammy, and maybe some of the other girls) ran off [Conjecture based off
in-game storyline and official statements].  Unfortunately, Nash doesn't
make it out of the explosion thanks to Vega.  However, many of Shadaloo's
facilities have been shut down via Interpol, finally... [Official]

SFZ3 File #04 Chun Li

For the sake of clearing away the become unknown whereabouts of her
narcotics investigations division's father's regret pursuing the secret
organization Shadoloo, she herself becomes ICPO's investigations division.
However with the influence of new authorities having dealt with Shadoloo's
breath, the investigation scale is being reduced.  For that reason lately
she cooperates in hand with Nash, unfolding especially on a characteristic
investigation of said ICPO.
-Chun-Li takes her father's place in ICPO (her Z2 ending verified).  Even
Interpol is placing limits on how far actions against Shadaloo can be taken,
so she teams up with Nash to first investigate ICPO before moving on to
Thailand and Shadaloo.

Street Fighter 2:  While reeling, Shadaloo isn't dead, yet.  Worse off,
apparently Vega is somehow still alive.  Chun-Li enters the tournament,
suspecting more than ever that Vega's behind her father's disappearance
years ago [Official].  After the tournament, Chun-Li systematically took
Shadaloo down for good.  After Shadaloo was destroyed, Chun-Li visited
her father's grave, telling him that he can finally rest in peace.  She
tries the lifestyle of an ordinary girl (which Ken knows by the end of SF2)
but soon goes back to being a detective [Chun-Li's SF2 Revival ending and
specially noted in AAC].

Chun Li- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

The woman of the Narcotics Investigations Division searching out the man
who murdered her father.  Clues on the man are her desire for continuing
to struggle.
-By the eve of SF2 Chun-Li knows that her father was actually murdered by
a Shadaloo male.  SF4 and her Z3 win quote to him reveal that she learns
this painful truth from the man who gave her a lead to Shadaloo back in
Z2: Gen.

Street Fighter 4:

Fighting with magnificent leg moves, ICPO's investigator.  In order to
search for her unaccounted for father, she became a detective at 18 years
old.  Having felt that Shadoloo's shadow ought to have been driven to
annihilation, she begins an investigation together with Guile.
-Chun-Li joined ICPO at age 18, 1 year before SF1.
-For SF4, she teams up with Guile to investigate Shadaloo's "destroyed" status.

Along with Guile, Chun-Li also allies with Cammy and newcomer Abel during her
infiltration of Seth's tournament.  She also runs into C. Viper and later warns
Cammy about her (Cammy's rival battle intro).  Once she makes it into the lab,
she hacks into S.I.N.-sha's database to find info on this new enterprise and
its possible relation to Shadaloo.  Balrog however, doing some hacking on his
own, tries to trap Chun-Li in that room with fatal gas seeping through the
vents.  Chun-Li tries to escape but it's no use as the gas proceeds to fill
room.  She weakly begs Guile to escape with the new data and then blacks out.
Next thing she realizes she's in Guile's arms, Abel at his side, and they're
watching the burning lab as Abel hands her the data they acquired (Balrog's
and Chun-Li's SF4 endings).

Later on both Chun-Li and Cammy run headlong into the mysteriously powerful
Korean fighter Juri.  Chun-Li gets outwitted while Cammy takes the brunt of
the abuse before Juri escapes from them. (referenced in Chun-Li's new rival
battle intro with Juri and win quotes to Cammy as well as Cammy's to Chun-Li)

Super Street Fighter 4:

Chun-Li continues collaborating with Guile:  S.I.N.-sha's behind this
upcoming tournament as well, and it must be stopped for good given Juri's
recent actions.  Chun-Li maintains her thoughts about her father.  Even
though he's long gone she wants to know where he'd been as much as possible,
and to see that the same villainous syndicate which he long ago fought against
have its shadow vanish permanently. [Chun-Li's opening]

Chun-Li spent SSF4 possibly apprehending Bison and meeting Juri again, as well
as tracking down Abel most likely fighting Ibuki at the time.  Abel goes into
a dark berserk state before Chun-Li helps him break out of it.  She also might
have met Cody in the vicinity of the crumbling laboratory, appalled at his
having gone convict.  After SSF4 is over she drives Abel back to his home, and
bids farewell to Yun and Yang at the restaurant before turning away and
surprised to see Guile waiting ahead of her.  One way or another S.I.N.-sha
is out of the picture, and a new realization has dawned for Chun-Li: maybe
from her latest episode with Abel getting him back under control she finds
out that her life and capabilities are more than simply following her father's
whereabouts.  Helping out people is another way to emulate his efforts, and
Guile's in a comfortable agreement. [Chun-Li win quotes to Bison, Abel, and
Cody; Abel's and Chun-Li's endings]   

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

The gone far off from the long-continued fight Chun Li.  However an incident
has abruptly arisen.  A student of her kung fu classroom, has in fact
suddenly disappeared.  In order to pursue her whereabouts, she determines on
the matter to return to the stage of battle.  [CJ's 3S profile for Chun-Li]

Chun-Li withdrew from "street fighting" long ago until one day her kung fu
student mysteriously disappears. She is left with no choice but to come back
to the long-continued stage of battle and search for her lost student.

Chun-Li goes out to investigate, and finds out that Gill's organization has
kidnapped her student.  She finally confronts Urien, and fights for the
child's freedom.  Urien promises to release the girl if Chun-Li entertains
him for a while with her fighting ability, for he has heard of her
legendary status.  Impressing Urien in battle, Chun-Li manages to convince
Urien to release the girl.  Rescuing her, Chun-Li rediscovers her purpose
in life, which her father protected originally.  Six months later, Chun-Li
thinks back about what she learned that day.  Now, for her father as well
as all the warm-hearted people they've both met throughout the world, she
shall train the next generation to reflect genuine strength, beauty, and
kindness in their arts [from her 3S ending].

Where she is now:  See above.  It remains to be seen where SF5 will take her.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Chun Li from SFZ

Original account from SF2 Himitsu Hyakka

"Father......where could you be and what could you be up to right now......"
For Chun Li, deep breaths, as she slept in bed.
While tracking down the narcotics organization, in order to search for her
father's become unknown whereabouts, Chun Li, like her father became an
Interpol detective, with very little progress along the way with investigations.
Pururu, pururu.......  As Chun Li was sleeping, suddenly, the telephone began
to ring.
"Yes this is Chun Li......hello......?"
Chun Li gripped the phone still, no one was replying.  A little while later,
she heard an eerie male voice from the phone.
"......Now, you are behind this case, and in turn with the stirrings of a grand
narcotics organization.  Furthermore, this organization has ties with all
authorities.  Naturally even the police's upper strata......for approachers
awaits 'death'.  ......Watch your back......"
"W, wait, you are!?"
No answer to Chun Li's call, from the receiver, a dispatching sound could be
"This, wasn't a prank call......, impossible......it couldn't be......"
Chun Li tightly grasped the receiver as she was standing up.
Now, Chun Li's fierce battle begins!!

Official Story from Gamest SFZ and AASFZ

Chun Li gave a great sigh, and as such she collapsed into bed.
For the sake of searching out her father's become unaccounted-for whereabouts,
bravely Chun Li became an Interpol detective, with investigations having nothing
special being shown with progress, in vain the months and days passed.
Up until just before her father's disappearance it was Interpol's Investigations
Division pursuing a so-called narcotics organization-from that exposure
Interpol's full capacity was expected to pour into it, influential news
originally caused for even exposed military operations, how was it that nothing
but the color of feet continued being trampled on.  Such that within, Chun Li's
heart gathered feelings of only impatience and irritation.  At times her mind
would unavoidably think of the "worst" of circumstances.
"Father......Where could you be and what could you be up to right now......"
With Chun Li grasping her sheets, she murmured.  But, she shut her eyes and,
with her entire body's overflowing sense of fatigue in time a world of sleep
lured her.

Unexpectedly a living telephone noisily rang.  Honestly just about everything
that can release one from a slumber, recalling at last her listless body awakens
and, seemingly dragging along the mouthpiece she faced it.
"Yes this is Chun Li......hello......?"
In that instant, was a male voice.
"......Now, you are the one pursuing behind this case, your imagination is
beyond big......and in turn with the stirrings of a grand narcotics
organization.  Furthermore, this organization has ties to say links with all
authorities.  Naturally even the police's upper strata......for approachers
awaits 'death'.  ......Watch your back......"
"W, wait, you are!?"
Her call went unanswered.  Just from the ear of the phone receiver was a small
echoing back.

With entirely no idea about the man from the sudden phone call......furthermore,
that man spoke with astonishing detail.
"Impossible......it can't be......"  Chun Li tightly grasped the receiver and
nothing more as she continued standing up.  Merely a random prank......?
With the occasion for this mysterious call, a situation began to move.
However, that was one which Chun Li didn't yet know the result for the vortex
of struggles and, even the matters she would be dragged into.
-Chun-Li receives a call from a mysterious stranger warning her to watch out if
she continues the case her father started.  Just the thing she needs to
alleviate the stress she's accumulated from turning up zero on anything about
her father's whereabouts for months on end.

Chun Li from SFZ2

Senretsu Kyaku

Her training in Chinese kenpo began from the time of age 5.  Starting from
when she was young, at Cantonese theatres with her father she saw classical
Chinese opera.
Naturally the subject of talk and such being mostly not understanding it,
at that moment the performers' splendid movements remained as an intense
impression.  Dynamic limb movements, a bounding ability seemingly a midair
dance.  Even from returning to her own home forgetting about the spectacle,
she saw to say attempt learning from watching others.
And so one day, to have perhaps greatly resembled her father's movements
on the mark by striving on those beautiful motions with her martial arts
discipline every morning, such the matters would begin of her own badgering
him wanting him to teach her.
In other words, Chun Li's undertaken master worship was started with her
father.  However enchanted the Chinese opera movements she would only request
him to teach (?) for Chun Li it being opposite the hackneyed route of
tai chi chuan, it wasn't to say very positive.  Accordingly her father perhaps
first taught her a Cantonese system of kenpo being koukaken.  After 3 years,
it would come to be that she would learn as standard credit dantai and chouken.
Havingly had talent likely by nature, for Chun Li in the manner of sand
soaking up water she was absorbing many standard credits as such.
When she was 15, as an extension to standard credit she would perform sanda
in a similar manner, increasing since then in combat character.  Especially
in her case "kicking" being her pride, even with praising words her father
broke into ardently helping her out with still more practice.  Her father
also, just from being known as a "kicking" expert within the Hong Kong
police, gazing at his daughter's manner of progress was said to be his one
pleasure.  It'd be nice if he could see at this present time her standard
style established.  Such that it was done within this, with tae kwon do and
kicks still prevailing in Hong Kong, she even transported to a combat karate
and Capoeira dojo in the same manner, constantly gaining on her characteristic
"kicking" moves.
With that result thought out, the fixation of the pivot leg grounded for the
trembling kick, launching the kicking leg to send out phantasmagoric kicks it
was so-called a preposterous physical labor.
Since then it is the base form of the techniques called "hyakuretsu kyaku" and
"senretsu kyaku".
Now she has become the Narcotics Investigation Division's 'trump card treasured
sword' also called from that move, "senretsu kyaku".  Her thoughts on her father
also was her severe master, there she includes it.
-Chun-Li's interest in her country's fighting arts began with watching
classical Chinese opera (Peking drama plays) and watching the performers'
movements.  She started training when she was 5, with begging her father to
teach her what he was able to do.
-First came tai chi, which she didn't like when looking back at the opera
performances she had seen.  By age 8 she was excelling in four distinct arts
including tai chi.  By the time Chun-Li took her father's place in ICPO, she'd
even soaked up karate and Capoeira to come up with her own distinct style,
which included the basis for her super the senretsu kyaku, following in her
father's footsteps as a master of particularly kicks.

By age 20 Chun-Li was considered skillful enough to teach fighting arts to
students of her own.  She'd end up doing so at most 11 years later if not
earlier than that.

Chun Li from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Made the most of pride's walking ability, she evolves jumping and kicking the
constituents of battle.  For the sake of surpassing balance of the entire
body's muscles, even the continuing manner of emitting kicks doesn't overlap
the center of gravity.  The vicinity to establish her present fighting style,
is an acquirement of a great number of different kenpo, the midair leaping
kick "nikikyaku" in chouken's (northern China's kenpo) influence is seen.

Fashion Style

For the habitual use of easy-to-move sportswear and shoes, the nature of her
profession a so-called detective perhaps.  Attire being a simple functional
part, comfortable long legs are prominently seen.  On occasion with wearing
a splendid China dress, the consciousness opposing her street fight, may
possibly be in the process of signifying a transformation of delicateness.
-Her Zero look may be her detective clothing, and her purely fighting attire
is her trademark China dress.

Zhidan Plaza [CHINA]

Zhidan Plaza- Inside a park is at that plaza every morning numerous people
gathered, tai chi chuan training taking place.  Chun Li lives in a house also
in that vicinity.  Early morning, from finishing her own training she visits
the plaza, to her it was at first a relaxing time.
For Chun Li liked to be gazing at everyone as they calmly did tai chi.
To think of the matter of her whereabouts unknown father and her worry would
return to flowing back at her, at that park she can sense Father's "smell"
only.  That being the nice mood, her heart above all was allowed to be calm.
"Ufufu......When I was little, I hated tai chi chuan, didn't I......"
During such a matter of thoughts unexpectedly it diverts her line of vision
and, for some reason looking around restlessly a male child's appearance from
out her eye.  She quickly understood that he seems to be insecure.
"What's wrong, kiddo?"
Chun Li walks over to the spot the boy is at and, leaning over gently he began
a voice.
The boy expressing with eyes full of tears responded.
"I'm not, Auntie right?  I'm Big Sister, okay?"  Chun Li says while smiling.
"What's wrong?  Your mother and father?"
"Gone and......disappeared......"
While saying it the boy was sobbing more and more.
"Gone and disappeared?  It's alright!  Big Sis will search them out won't she.
We'll find them soon!~"
For Chun Li seemingly was calming the boy down jokingly on purpose she
"Yep, really!"
This time distinctly expressing self-confidence she spoke.
It'd be one point in taking lessons for lost child service.  Nay, even without
being taught for her the child's service was also much more triumphant.
"Alri~ght, then let's go search together!~"
Pulling the boy's hand, at that moment they seemed to have begun walking.
"Li Fei!  Li Feeeii!"
From behind seeming to be voices of both sexes and betting on a couple, they
rushed.  For certain it was Li Fei's parents.
"You're the parents??  Please don't part your eyes from your child at this age
will you."
"Y, yes.......  You are?"
"A tentative police officer......I wonder."
For Chun Li proof of status also is displayed by notebook.
"I see, so that's how it is then?  Thank you very much."
For the parents very deeply bow their heads.
"Ah no, it's not......please don't worry.  He's quite an adorable kid isn't
"Far from it!  He can't help but be so naughty.......  Why today this child,
'Tai chi chuan is so uncool I don't wanna train anymore!' is what he said!"
Saying that the mother laughed.
"That's no good, kiddo!  Properly do your go'ngfu (kung fu)!"
At the boy's forehead with an earnest finger pokes Chun Li.  Bidding farewell
the parents and child, she murmurs.
"I also......will not lose."
-Chun-Li lives close to her Z3 stage, a park where tai chi chuan is practiced.
It reminds her of the days when her father strictly pressed on her to do her
daily drills, and she gets to pass the same kind of encouragement to a boy
named Li Fei whom she finds is separated from his parents.  She ends up
scolding both the child and the parents lol.

    Chun Li from Gamest SF2

The first woman fighting stylist, China's Chun Li.
She's traveling through various places in the world searching for news of her
missing father.   Having come across the Narcotics Investigations Division
becoming a detective herself following as her father's successor she's the
investigations top end, to ascertain that her father's disappearance is
leaning toward the evil enormous organization "Shadoloo."  As for Where's
the organization's wirepuller Vega....
Such is the rather glum story of Chun Li.  However she fights amidst true
intentions boasting wherever "I am the world's best fighting stylist!" to
her knocked out opponents with comfort in remembering the circumstances.
The intentions of searching for her father and fighting cannot be drawn off.
True, with that whim as a young girl, and a warm eye that watches over
that's that!
As for sure killing techniques an infinite beauty of leg lines, the hyakuretsu
kick, also the magnificently becoming dance, the spinning bird kick.
As a result her daily training takes pride in her foot moves.  The spectacular
active rumor is she's the target of Japan's female pro wrestling world scoutmen.
With intentions completed could it become a not too distant day when later
Chun Li will be seen in the ring...?
If it's the case then surely Chun Li would become the beautiful and strong
queen of the ring.  And then truly the world's best fighting stylist she'll
-Prior to Revival, it was known only that Chun-Li's father disappeared and only
assumed that he was deceased.

    At 18 she began aspiring to be a detective.

    From an interview with Eri-pyon, credited to Chun-Li's Zero series look,
she wears Adidas TRX sneakers.

    Chun-Li claims to be the best fighter in the world during SF2.  Her
"strongest woman" claim is only overseas.

She's considered an overachieving romanticist.

    Chun-Li's father (who does not have an official name.  Don't trust the
names given by anime and manga.  It is NOT Dorai but it could be considered
as Detective Chung) was friends with Gen.

Gen passed down to Chun-Li's father the Genden ansatsushuu (her crouching
roundhouse) who in turn taught it to his daughter according to AASFZ3.
The kick's name literally translates to "Gen's legendary assassin kick".

    The old man training a child Chun-Li in an official picture is neither Gen
nor Chun-Li's father. His name is Shao-I-Fei and he taught Chun-Li Chinese
martial arts.  He's Chun-Li's uncle, but the pic is not considered
canon, as it was done for the paperback novel,  "Street Fighter Zero
Chun Li" (ISBN: 4-8470-3180-6). It was released in March of 1996, and had art
drawn by Edayan. Shao is Chun-Li's mother's last name, so he is her
mother's brother. Chun-Li takes her father's last name in her novel
bio Fuang, while Shao is in parentheses.  Of course, a novel isn't a
very canon source most of the time.  The closest to an actual canon
last name for Chun-Li is actually Chung from older sources.

Speaking of Chun-Li's mother, she lost her mom when she was quite young, and
all she had to remember her by was a picture.  This picture showed Chun-Li's
beautiful mother in a China dress exactly like the one Chun-Li wears when
fighting.  She decided on it to be her fighting attire after resolving to
always be graceful like her mother was, above being a fighter or being a girl.
She also modified it to be heavier so it toughens her up along with the

    From Udoneko (of Udon Studios, makers of the SF comic) about
Chun-Li's father:  "And funny thing about Chun-Li's father.... we asked
Capcom how he looks like, and they said they never designed him. And they
just ask us to reference the 2V Anime for him..... so that becomes the
comic "father" too."

    Chun-Li was very close to her father.  He was constantly away doing
investigations, but she always eagerly awaited his return.  Neighbors
and such respected her father and when impressed by Chun-Li's agility,
would say "As one would expect of the Chung family's daughter" with
applause (this is in her Gamest SF2D mook, and where the last name
Chung is mentioned)

    Every Japanese SF-related site as well as many sourcebooks list Chun-Li's
fighting style as Chinese kenpo or Chinese fighting arts.

AASFZ3 emphasizes the "double rising leg attack" in Chun-Li's fighting style
section, the nikikyaku.

    Chun-Li is a very maternal lady who has a motherly side to her.  While
this is better shown in SF3, it is also shown in her SFZ3 storyline.  I
guess Capcom figured that if they were going to give her a plot when you
play as her that doesn't happen in the actual canon in any way, they might
as well use it to show a side of her character some more.  Chun-Li is very
mad at Vega for using 'children' as killers.  This is more in-game
confirmation that all the Vega SS are underage by the way, if you didn't
figure that out already.

    I.C.P.O. stands for International Criminal Police Organization, or
Interpol for short (http://www.interpol.com).  Though.... Capcom's version
of Interpol varies a bit from the real world version (The real interpol
doesn't send officers on combat enforcement missions, I believe, for one
thing, probably doesn't recruit them at 18 years of age either...).

She's got a Bruce Lee poster in her room.  That Fei-Long resembles Bruce Lee
and how that would affect Chun-Li's viewpoint of Fei-Long has never been
mentioned, alas :P  She's admired Bruce Lee since she was little however.

"Peking" is "classical Chinese" interpreted one step further. "Opera's" sort
of a misnomer however; it's considered to be more of a "drama" instead. It's
made much clearer in AAC, that she saw dramas or plays when she was 5.

    Chun-Li’s father was a detective for the Hong Kong police. He’s
the reason Chun-Li became an A-rank detective.  It's rumored that she
keeps a homing transmitter in her hair braids during infiltration missions.

    She's a narcotics investigator during the SF2 series, an Interpol
officer during SFZ 1&2, and an anti-Shadaloo special criminal investigator
during SFZ3 (she was promoted to that position in her SFZ2 ending. SFZ1
isn't canon but it's the position she has come SFZ3). The narcotics division
is a special division within Interpol.

    Her bracelets weigh 7-10 kg each (from HnN).  Heavy! Gamest World
Capcom JOKED that they weighed 20 kg, but that's just nuts.  They're made
of iron and help balance out her center of gravity especially when letting
loose a hyakuretsu kyaku and keep her trajectory reasonable during a spinning
bird kick it seems (guessing that's why it may take collectively 20-kg
bracelets to keep her super combo the senretsu kyaku from overwhelming her
balance possibly), on top of giving her a menacing impression.  Also the
"bird" of her spinning bird kick is a crane; she officially emulates a crane's
legs with that move.

According to the SF2 Complete File her hyakuretsu kyaku (100-burst leg) puts
forth 100% of human power into her kicks.  Whether this can be extrapolated
to mean that her super combo senretsu kyaku (1000-burst leg) multiplies that
same output 10-fold is anyone's guess.

    UPDATE:  Old old sources have been dug up for Street Fighter 2 where
Chun-Li's bio lists her as a member of the Chung family. In addition, that
picture where people say her tag says her last name is Xiang upon closer
inspection supposedly looks like "Chung" as well.  This would mean that
Chun-Li's last name could officially have been Chung, but is likely one
of those many "forgotten facts" that even Capcom doesn't remember, by now.

    Chung would be the best possibility for her last name. Red Cyclone's
webmaster has an analysis for all the last names she's been given in
Capcom related products, from Zang-live movie to Li-XvSF to Fuang-SFZ
novel, and this is the only one from he's noted as being from Capcom's
direct word, Chun-Li's account from the Dash pre-mook. So it would
definitely qualify as a "forgotten" fact. It is mentioned in
SF2 Dash Gamest issue #77 (account below, the daughter of the Chung family
so her father's last name is Chung), and the pic's in several places:
the Wani Books SFZ Chun Li novel, Eternal, a nice big version in the
US SFA2 guide.

Her name in kanji translates to roughly "spring grace."  In Japanese it's
pronounced "Shun-Rei" with the same meaning.

Chun Li from Gamest SF2D

Daughter of the Narcotics Investigations Division

Once her father was, the Narcotics Investigation Division's man of ability
referred to as the going-in-ten-fingers for China.
With him having practiced kenpo, from whatever practice of impossibility
said to be a duty yet surely able to be settled he returned.  But, such was
his inanimate nature of fate that could not be opposed.  He flew to that
taken special appointment of a private investigation overseas, that's all
there is and it was such that the news was severed there.

Young Chun Li loved her father very much.  The extent of days without a home
was numerous, whenever she waited for him to come back he returned with
presents from various countries, the neighborhood was enlivened with humorous
matters.  Because Father certainly wanted to keep close to home whenever
the time existed.
The encounter with fighting moves was also of course passed on through her
loving father.  Since she was naturally carefree her father taking leave as
well as that friend's pursuit of knowledge the matters were without
understanding.  Everyone's tongue even rolled about the carrying of that
agile body of hers, "As one would expect of the Chung family's daughter"
would be the applause.

In time she grew from a little girl to a woman, that flesh growth exceeded
without use, agility was the plus for characteristic technique development.
Especially that charming point from which the beauty of leg lines is called
forth "hyakuretsu kick" with, the agile and reality stretching progressed
legs' utilized centrifugal force "spinning bird kick", she waited for her
father to show him her wonderous might.
But, nevertheless she remained in place unaffected, utilizing the strength
of her opponents to bounce back with the intense throw move "koshuutou",
the thick femur felt enemy face trampling "yousoukyaku", the opponents'
significant strike "sankakugeri" the at-will one-after-the-other move in
progress, certainly exchanging blows on par with her master father,
occasionally overwhelming such that the extent of her skillfulness was seen.

Setting Out as a Fighting Stylist

With her father suddenly unaccounted for, her dawning driven personality
strangely became a complete change, from the might of her natural spirit,
such that attitude was completely unshown.  Far from that, not left behind
with being entrusted the official facility of her father's investigations
and, that being the case she aspired to be a police detective.
"As for Father's circumstances, I will show that they will be found out!"
With Chun Li having become a detective, during continuing investigations
also turned into a failure for continuing the pursuit of knowledge of
fighting techniques.
For the sake of a continued rigorous search and also the case of a stiff
body to consider for a necessity, combined with a diet it would be for her
daily work.  But being reckless, for her that capacity became the matter
of opening her heart.  Why then, in order for her moves to be excessively
mighty, that is from the repression about her father.  However, with her
strong spirit, finishing off challenged opponents with outgoing limb
assaults, taken aback from charmed spirit, for a short while the matter
is believed to return.  But, on the other hand, even if it seemed that
electricity ran from the trailing slope of the framed nape hurriedly
declares agreeable sensation, no matter what she's also a fighting stylist.
After that, coming to know of the existence of the world-famous mysterious
organization "Shadoloo", as for that organization, the source of her
father's unaccounted-for status became an intensified incident desiring
distinguished participation.  And so, the wirepulling rumored man called
"Vega", referred to as far as the fighting king, the arm of the fighting
stylist will rise for this....
"Let's go!"  For Chun Li, she's resolved to set out.  Travel expenses
probably came out of investigation title outlays.  Within reach of gradually
defeating famous fighting stylists of various countries, at any rate she
should be struggling on to Vega!  And also, show with complete means to find
out about Father's whereabouts!  With simply that thought, at the occasion to
the extent of strong opponents defeated, how much feeling is
alright...Chun Li considered.
The journey for Chun Li of the Investigations Division now, has merely begun.
-The "friend" of Chun-Li's father mentioned just before her family's name is
confirmed to be Gen from Gen's SF4 opening, as well as mentions of Gen
training her father who in turn trains Chun-Li.

Prologue 3 (Chun Li) from SF4

Within the crowded establishment, Chun Li strained her voice turning towards
the kitchen.
"2 orders of shouroupou!  Cho Fun, side of fish rice gruel, provision of oil,
and also 1 order of daikon mochi, if you please!"
"As usual a big voice isn't it, for Chun Li."
In some respects a seemingly amazed voice she turns around and, the coworker
young man was laughing.
"In my previous work, I've put out many a loud voice!"
"Ah, when you were a detective right?  ...And, already at a time like this
huh.  I'm going on break but, how about also you Chun Li?"
"Well, I suppose shouldn't I."
At one nod, Chun Li took off her apron.  From behind the young man she
proceeds to run towards it and, the establishment's rooftop had been vacant.
With the restaurant's employees using this location as a space for relaxation,
even benches and tables are in place.  So that today be a refreshing day, even
being a secondary twist to the conjested establishment it suited quite
"Ah- I'm hungry.  Don't you feel it's become so busy nowadays?"
"Really?  I've a feeling that it hasn't changed very much though."
For Chun Li's present time worksite being the restaurant, though very small
the flavor of a reputable establishment, even with the exception of mealtime
there's no subject of a pause with customers.
"Nay they've unmistakably increased, the guests.  Because of Chun Li, recently
it isn't that they don't come often even to not eat lunch."
"From which I'm getting too familiar with."
"Getting too familiar with not including meals you say..., in addition to that
of your previous job?"
"At such a time to arrest criminals, even a reason to place a carefree sitting
meal will not do will it."
At Chun Li's reply, ceasing his hand to eat his lunch's manjuu, the young man
"Whoa, police was immense wasn't it.  By any chance, was that also the fault
that you quit?"
"It isn't that but..."
With a vague smile, Chun Li looked towards the sky.
"For a long time now the organization I'd been pursuing is no more, the work
I ought to do has been finished since then, perhaps.  Besides, the whole time
I yearned after such a living.  Enjoying work with everybody, doing shopping
once in a while, it's similar to going on a journey...of an ordinary girl's
Bowing his head in assent a great deal, the young man inclines his head to the
side in doubt.
"But ya know, this other day the time Chun Li caught the bilker, really! for
me from being raised around here, I've tolerably seen strong ones even until
now however, having seen that sort of kick was also for the first time.
You're suited for work like that aren't you?"
Well from being busy now if she would quit you know he'd be worried, and
smiling the young man stood up.
"I'll probably run out of patience from waiting for my older brother during
shifts, I'm going back to the establishment!  Pardon!"
She sees off with a smile the young man's retreating figure precipitating
downstairs and, from Chun Li finally a very small sigh.  Even with growing
accustomed to the busyness, no joke she's even been growing accustomed to
such a living.  But, she seems to half wish it not to be any more hectic on
purpose.  Not seizing a meal as her operated side, she completes her
non-consideration.  Matters that should be ended- the matter of Father and,
the matter of Shadoloo.
"I need to stay firm."
Having murmured the next breath, she heard from the main street a female's
shriek.  A continuing automobile's harsh braking and, even some kind of
breaking sound resounds.  For Chun Li reflexes build up, immediately her body
dodged.  From that face the "ordinary girl" facial expression wiped out
seemingly vanishing, as the once investigator fought against evil, a severe
look was shining.
-Prior to her SF4 opening, Chun-Li engages in some conversation with Yang.  All
three of them work at the same restaurant, at least before Guile finds her.
-Chun-Li put her police skills to the test to catch at least one eat n' runner.
Yang's amazed at her kicks, noting that he'd never seen that before, despite
having been raised in their area.

    On a random note, that same official art about Chun-Li's youth also has
a very young Chun-Li playing the erhu (a Chinese string instrument similar
to a fiddle).  In spite of this art belonging to the SFZ Chun-Li novel as
well as the art with her and her uncle described above, Chinese talent is
prominent with musical instruments in addition to the martial arts.

    Chun-Li is friends with Ryu.  This is one of the reasons why she appears
in Ryu's SFZ3 ending as Ryu flashbacks about his friends.

    For how Chun-Li teamed up with Nash in SFZ3, see Nash's bio.  See also
Guile's section for one of her kicks that she picked up from seeing the
somersault kick in action.

    I don't think Chun-Li and Ryu will ever hook up, and I think it would
be very out of character for both of them to fall in love with each other.
While Ryu's ending in SFZ3 implies that he did meet Chun-Li once, it's
obvious that it was a brief meeting and mostly just for a fight to test
fighting skills.  Other than that, Ryu has never been portrayed with
Chun-Li in any way beyond that, so it's obvious that Capcom isn't pursuing
a Ryu + Chun-Li relationship.  I don't think Chun-Li will ever be getting a
boyfriend, at least not if her SSF2 ending alternate is any indication.
She adopted a girl in SF3, as well as a whole bunch of other kids, which I
feel might be Capcom's way of giving her a successor/daughter without her
having to actually fall in love with someone.

    Looking back, I'm not sure I remember ever getting an official statement
that she actually adopted anyone so much as just had a bunch of students she
deeply cared about.  Well, regardless, the whole "successor" theme remains.

    From Gal's Island #2 Capcom interviews: Chun Li's daily training regimen
at least during SF2 includes 7,000 squat repetitions and bench-pressing 150

    From Gal's Island #3 Capcom interviews: if Chun Li ever got together
with Ryu, she'd have to get over his sloppy table manners.

    Her earliest prototype's name was Chi-Lei (she looked sorta like
Lucia of Final Fight Tough). Her next one (once Ryu and Ken were decided to
be returned for the SF2 roster) named her simply China Girl.

    Some translated info about Chun-Li's SF2 stage:

China (Chun Li) Shopping District, Peace Road

Hearsay of investigations have fair activity.  Even today in order to search
for narcotics routes, there's hearsay at the shopping district.  At the bustling
street's conjested center, a peddler woman well recognized by face starts her
voice on whatever hasn't changed.
"Dunno, who knows right?  But recently, with street fighters or something other
appearing, 'Are there no strong ones for me here?!' and she appeared to leave.
By all means that one was saying, said Vega or whatnot was a bad guy, in order
to defeat that one she'll even wander from place to place throughout the world.
Perhaps that one with narcotics......, ah well,  she went.  She's been
considering since earlier to take action hasn't she, that girl.
-An older lady's perspective reveals that Chun-Li went after Vega, but not
before she realized that no one else in her neck of the woods was a challenge
anymore, a similar scenario with Blanka leaving his stage.

Some other notes for her SF2 stage:  the ice delivery guy in the far background
who never seems to leave may be a monitor cyborg (yes just like in SF2AM), the
old man riding a bike may be a fellow Chinese kenpo expert since the battles he
passes by don't seem catch his attention, there's a meat shop under the Chinese
sign, and a no-spitting area just next to it with another unseen Chinese sign.

Chun-Li also seems to cameo in the background of Final Fight 2's 1st stage
in China eating some food with a man who looks a little like Lee (but doubtful
that it's him, neither confirmed).

Chun-Li's SF4 arcade ending comments:

Chun Li procured the data to reveal S.I.N.'s full story on Shadoloo's
weapons branch but, the establishment interior has filled up with fire
extinguishing gas, she's losing a means of escape.  She began giving up
when, Guile and Abel appear, they rescue Chun Li.

*** pgVCody.

CODY TRAVERS (last name added with Final Fight Streetwise)

Birthdate: April 18, 1967 (note:  This birthdate was taken from the original
Final Fight, where Cody is also officially stated to be 22. It'd be 1965
if one keeps Cody's age but uses the retconned Final Fight 1 date. Which
is the "likely-intended 2 years older than Jessica" date.)
Height: 182 cm (FF1); 185 cm (SFZ3)
Weight: 85 kg (FF1); 80 kg (SFZ3)
BWH sizes: B139, W86, H97
Blood type: O
Native place: America
Special skill: knife treatment
Likes: matters to pick a fight, milk, spinach
Dislikes: Haggar's preaching and in general
Fighting style: brawling methods of killing
SFZ-era nickname: “Capricious Escaped Prisoner”
SF4-era nickname: "Boredom Become Jail-Breaking Criminal"

Final Fight One:  Cody is told by Haggar that Jessica has been kidnapped by
Mad Gear!  He sets off with Guy to save his friend since childhood and
girlfriend.  He hears about Mad Gear member Damnd being the one who
kidnapped her, and went to the slums of Metro City to find him.  Damnd
tells her that he's too late and that he thought Cody got scared and ran
away.  Cody defeated him, but didn't manage to find Jessica.  Somewhere
along the line, Cody found out that Jessica was being held by Belger in the
Uptown area of Metro City.  He then hit the Westside of Metro City, where
he ran into a cop who was also a member of Mad Gear.

Disgusted by how corrupt Metro City is to the point where even a policeman
would join Mad Gear, Cody ended up defeating him too.  After that, he skipped
past the Industrial Section by taking a shortcut through the Bay area.
Walking along the coast, he stayed in front of a dog for a bit (That was your
pointless in-game fact for the day. :P  SFZ3 Cody reminisces the dog in the
background in FF1.  Standing in front of one of them recovers your health).

He reached the end and ran into Mad Gear member Abigail.  Abigail
made a comment about all the fun Jessica must be having with Belger, and
enraged, Cody defeats him as well.  Finally, Cody has reached Uptown.
Eventually rejoining up with his friend Guy and Haggar, Cody reaches the
top of Belger's skyscraper.  Belger tells Cody that he is glad that Cody
could come, and that Cody is the strongest.  He asks Cody to join Mad
Gear and then he'll free Jessica, but Cody refuses.  Eventually, Belger is
knocked out the window by Cody and sent plummeting to his death.  As
Jessica reunites with her father, Cody and Guy leave.  Jessica eventually
catches up to them and calls out to Cody, but he doesn't turn to face her.
Guy, seeing this, leaps in front of Cody and knocks him down so that
Jessica can catch up, then Jessica asks why he's leaving.  Cody tells her
that he wishes he could be a guy living normally, but nonetheless invites
her to come with him and live as they please with no one to get in their
way.  Jessica kisses him and Final Fight One ends [Conjecture based off
in-game storyline].

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Cody used to be a hero, famous for saving Metro
City. Bored with the peaceful life, he kept fighting, day and night....
Until he was jailed. One day, he managed to break out of prison.  Wandering
outside, he now seeks something that will satisfy him.  He encountered
the ex-Mad Gear member Rolento, who wished to recruit Cody into his new
army, but Rolento then saw what Cody had become.  Rolento was extremely
frustrated that he had searched so hard for a warrior like Cody only to find
someone so corrupted.[Official]

He then decided after seeing him in jail clothes that Cody wasn't really top
material for Rolento's army, and left.  Eventually, Cody finally ran into
his old friend, Guy.  Guy is shocked when he sees what happened to Cody!
He's an escaped convict, jailed for always beating people up!  How could a
hero have fallen so much?  Cody, however, realizes that he never was a
hero at all.  He was just faking it.  The truth was that Cody was fighting
evil just because he enjoyed fighting so much, not because of a sense of
justice.  Guy however, could see that deep down, in the end Cody was
still a good guy because he still sought to beat up bad guys.

Guy wants to reform Cody and get him back on the good path, but he eventually 
accepted that Cody lives his own life, so they go their separate ways.
[Conjecture based off in-game storyline.  Final Fight One dialogue when you
play as SFZ3 Guy shows that Guy and Cody's SFZ3 meeting did occur, too].

SFZ3 File #22 Cody

In order to rescue his taken hostage sweetheart Jessica, allowing Mad Gear
to collapse he brings about peace to a commotioned Metro City.  However
incapable of the native-born peace now, he's been brawling day in and day
out.  Even using up his amiability for Jessica he goes to separate.  Clumsily
with him often breaking out of his cell, even today he amuses himself with
street fights.

Super Street Fighter 4:

Having been once the hero who saved Metro City not becoming familiar with a
peaceful living, kindling violent incidents he was imprisoned.  Being bored
also of a criminal living having broken out of jail, accordingly he
encounters a plot.

Cody's bored (surprise surprise).  The streets of Metro City have become so
quiet that it's not even worth for him to keep breaking out of his cell
because he just won't find anybody to bash heads with.  He's also disgusted
that Haggar didn't think to consider him when the Skull Cross Gang was at
large.  Only a glimpse of his seeing Guy from outside his bars makes Cody
itch to break out yet again and ease his boredom.  [Cody's opening]

Cody probably got approached by Guy at least once during SSF4, if not the
rival battle wherein Guy tries to have Cody join his fight against S.I.N.-sha
since Cody's head's already facing their direction, then at the end when
the crumbling laboratory's fully crumbled and Cody via Guy's words ended
up with a major role in bringing down the house.  Cody's actions convince
Guy that Cody stills wants to battle for the sake of justice, but Cody
insists that he only did it because Seth and company was just in the way.
Additionally if he met Chun-Li in the area, he reassures her that the
"could-be-a-hero" Cody is dead.  Parting the scene Cody returns to his
jail cell for a nap no doubt. [Cody's rival battle intro, ending, and
win quote exchange with Chun-Li]  

Final Fight Streetwise:  Cody's been growing old and slow.  His knees
have failed him and he no longer fights, but he continues to coach his
younger brother Kyle, realizing all the potential his brother has. Still,
Kyle's progress is slow, and he's tired of waiting.  The fight still yearns
inside him, but one day he found something that could help.  And so he
made a deal with Stiff and Bella, who gave him a new drug called GLOW
that would let him get back into the fight again.

Unfortunately he had no idea who Bella really was (and presumably had no
idea about GLOW's side effects).  Stiff comes to him to see Bella again at
the Barfly, but Cody says that he knows the deal and refuses because he's
too busy having a drink with his brother.  After a huge barfight with Stiff's
goons, Cody finally goes along with Stiff (voluntarily or involuntarily)
after Stiff knocked out Kyle.  Later, Cody was free to pit fight in Little
Italy for Vitto.  Finally, he was back in the game. He fought to his hearts'
content and won a lot of money for Vitto in the pit-fights of Little Italy,
but the Metro City police began to take notice and it didn't take long for
Vitto to realize that Cody was hooked on GLOW.  Knowing that Cody was
dirty, Vitto had to let him go.  By now, Cody had become addicted to
GLOW, and its effects on him were readily apparent, with his eyes glowing
green and his mental stability crumbling.

For whatever reason (perhaps to get more GLOW), Cody heads back to Stiff's
headquarters at the Bijou Hotel.  The only person waiting for him there
was Kyle.  Cody demands that Kyle stop following him and go home, but then
is approached by Sgt. Sims of the police, who tells Kyle to step away so he
can arrest Cody.  However, Kyle stops Sims before he can shoot Cody who

More and more addicted to GLOW, Cody was getting more and more
destructive, and even Bella was starting to think he was becoming too
much trouble, deciding to tell his assassin Blades later that he might
need to kill Cody.  Guy, using his genin and his resources, had finally
managed to capture Cody and held him at Lou's basement.  By the time
Kyle had arrived, Cody was completely descended into madness and could
only scream at Kyle random commands that made no sense.  Kyle left to
get revenge on whoever did that to Cody, but Cody had become too
powerful and even Guy couldn't contain him.  He busted out again.
Later, Bella would find him.  By then, Stiff was dead courtesy of Kyle,
and Bella needed a new fighter to take Stiff's place in his grand scheme.
Seeing an opportunity, he took advantage of GLOW's apparent brainwashing
properties and forced GLOW's creator Dr. Chang to proceed with massive GLOW
experiments on Cody at his headquarters at Little Italy's church.

Kyle eventually arrives at the church, and fights through Bella's other
Horsemen of the Apocalypse War, Famine, and Pestilence; and finally
confronts Bella on the church rooftop.  He demands to see his brother, so
Bella tells him that he feels Kyle's pain, for he used to have a brother
he cared about as well.  Bella tells Kyle that long ago, his own brother
came to America seeking happiness, but then Cody savagely killed him.
Kyle is stumped about this, telling Bella that Cody is a hero who did more
good for the city than Bella could ever dream of.  Bella brushes him off,
proclaiming that his suffering led to his inspiration, which in turn would
lead to Kyle's death!  At this, he points to the side, and Kyle turns his
head only to see his own brother, now horribly mutated from GLOW into a
sort of hulk with green glowing eyes and the word "DEATH" cut into his
chest.  Bella proclaims that he's going to have an eye for an eye, brother
for brother, Cain to Abel, and now he was going to kill Cody's brother as

Pissed, Kyle tells Bella that he'll be praying for his own death when
Kyle's through with him.  Hearing this, Bella proclaims that his name isn't
actually Bella.  It's Belger!  He was the brother of the leader of Mad Gear
whom Cody killed years ago.  His prized Horseman of Death, Cody, attacks
Kyle.  Cody Death, completely consumed by the GLOW, is unable to listen to
Kyle's pleas about being his brother, but upon hitting Kyle, struggles with
himself to stop.  Kyle takes advantage of this, and eventually defeats his
own brother, whereupon Father Belger revives him with GLOW and tells him
that he will be fighting at Death's side.  Belger attempts to take Kyle out
with grenades and rocket launchers while Cody Death attacks with burning GLOW
flames and sheer brute force, but eventually Cody Death is taken down again.

Belger then attempts to revive Cody while fighting off Kyle with a machine
gun and his sword, putting him into position for Kyle's own attacks.
Eventually Cody Death finally got up and tried kill Kyle one last time.
Approaching Kyle slowly, Kyle again tries to get Cody to recognize him, but
at that moment, Cody Death is shot in the back by Belger, who proclaims that
he will not allow his vengeance to be taken away from him and he'll kill
Kyle himself.  He approachs Kyle with his gun pointed at Kyle, but then
Cody Death gets up and launches himself at Belger, sending the two of them
flying off the rooftop, with Kyle shouting after his brother.

On the ground outside, a wounded Belger attempts to crawl to and reach his
gun, but Kyle grabs it just out of his reach.  Father Belger proclaims that
he's Kyle's savior, but Kyle replies that he's actually nothing and shoots
him in the head.  He then dashes to an unconscious Cody Death and says
that everything will be okay.

At the hospital, a beat-up Kyle and Cody are in separate hospital beds in
the same room.  The effects of GLOW have mostly worn off and Cody is now
a normal human being again.  He and Kyle joke for a bit as if nothing
happened, but when Cody finally begins to ask why Kyle went through so much
trouble to help him, Kyle interrupts saying that Cody would do the same for
him and that it was for survival, so the two brothers punch their fists
together in agreement. They wonder when their next fight should be, at which
Vanessa enters the room and tells them to knock it off, because neither of
them would be fighting for a while.  Cody responds that at least now, his
knees have never felt better.  He kicks his knees around a bit and realizes
something, and then begins to excitedly tell Kyle something about them before
he notices that Kyle is distracted by the television set.  On the set, a news
reporter states that Dr. Chang was taken in for questioning after the incident
but was released.  Cody asks Kyle what's wrong, but Kyle quickly shakes it off
and responds "Nothing" as the news reporter states that the clean-up after
the devastation was starting.  Vanessa says that the nightmare was finally
over and it was all just a bad memory, but she states this with sadness as
she holds onto her deceased brother's badge.  Kyle, perhaps realizing this,
sarcastically replies, "Yeah, right".

Where he is now:  Probably going around kicking butt as always.  I'm pretty
positive the thing he was about to tell Kyle before he was interrupted was
that his knees were back in top condition again (go go drugs!).  He'll likely
be in fighting shape again if Streetwise ever gets a sequel (somehow).

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    FF1 Bio: A gifted street fighter. Cody is very skilled at knife
fighting. His childhood friend and current girlfriend Jessica was
kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang.

    His name likely comes from Tom Cody, the main character in the gang-
themed movie Streets of Fire. (from which Final Fight took a lot of

    Cody's girlfriend is Jessica, who is the daughter of Mike Haggar.  Of
course, Cody played a part in bringing down Mad Gear but you really should
know that by now.  Cody looks up to Haggar, while Haggar sees him as the
neighborhood brat, recorded in an old FF1 character relations chart in Gamest

    Final Fight 2's intro shows that Cody was the one to personally
uppercut Belger out the window.  I suppose this is also why he's the one
generally considered the hero of Metro City and not Guy or Haggar.
Bella in Streetwise confirms that Cody was the one who killed Belger.

Guy's taught him some moves in exchange for Cody having Guy's back during
rough times, also from the old FF1 character relations chart in Gamest #51.

Cody's Z/A-ism super final destruction is a reference to his original Final
Fight combo, where you could land three hits, turn around, and continue
the combo, thus creating an infinite.  (The X-ism is the complete chain
to his FF1 combo)

    Streetwise implies that his parents are long gone, as Kyle says
"I'm the only family he's got!".  Was Cody an orphan?  I also wonder if
Haggar raised or took care of him (although Cody was likely the one who
took care of Kyle).

    In case you didn't know already, Cody used to spar/train with Guy.

Cody- Prison Breaking

Together with Guy and Haggar, Cody once repelled Mad Gear's party that
assaulted Metro City.  However, getting bored of the afterwards peaceful
living, continuing in brawls gets him imprisoned, and he also comes to be
neglected by his lover Jessica in the midst of a Europe study abroad.
Even with that for him, the mood of circumstances to proceed has him breaking
out of jail, staggering in the streets, not suited for going to send guys
flying, if the opposite feeling is to return to jail, it seems that he's
repeating this so-called living.
-Possibly the last thing that Capcom reveals concerning Jessica: she's left
Cody for his constant brawling and studies abroad in Europe somewhere.

Cody from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

For being known once upon a time as a knife expert, become a convict for now
he cannot be about carrying weapons.  Since the brawling fights learning to
supplement even dirty-like tactics, he uses without even a shy face a
seemingly throwing-things style.  Staggering the streets, the unsuitable guys
around knock them off their feet so to speak, he's spending every day suiting
them to his own convenience.   

Fashion Style

As for the t-shirt + jeans appearance the time he rescued Metro City, changing
suddenly to a convict uniform that covers his body.  Seeming to not be holding
hidden weapons in the thinly made cloth, developed pectorals rise to the
surface.  For the white bandages wrapped in both hands, it's evidence through
having done the fist's forging even within prison.  Without a loosely
long-grown lazy beard is, to indicate a recently depravish living style.

Metro City Police Jail [U.S.A.]

-25th of the Month
With tedious work even after 1 week that's over.  For in retiring age a quick
5 years is, getting at the close of this month half the amount of the quitting
allowance it's about resigning.  My son in the country through having bought a
house, though it's doing a hobby's change it's carefree living is what I
believe.  Waiting for the distant end to the week.     
-26th of the Month
A curious visitor.  With the day before yesterday's drug dealings household
search through the above mentioned coming in is a captured man.  Whatever
through the newspaper it appears to be exciting, I really don't know.  Dried
up like a dead fish, for the so-called bad guy I'm no enforcing eye.  Anyhow
I had said for observing important-consideration-person-like in strictness.
Having said that I'm dreading adding an ordinary key to the 4 cylinder locks.
Seems like the fierce animal treatment.        
-27th of the Month
Trouble has turned up.  For to say a burden happening at an unwanted time
happens.  Well that's because it's probably a burden.  Anyhow the reason for
the 4 locks I've known this morning.  That's of the owner possessing
unthinkably ridiculous power.  Yesterday the man who came in got out.  And
that was as he pleased.  Smashed down the wall.  From the superior authorities
questioned of the responsibility, in the first place what! it's not their
fault.  Beyond that how's to say it in strictness?  Such is explained then
it's kept silent.  Well I likely suppose.  For the police has organized that
search party it seems.  10 people and everywhere it being short-lived I
believe is such.  Calling the wall's repair tradesmen, the matter of it put
back up.      
-28th of the Month
The agitating day continues.  Even I don't know what could happen.  Without
the search party  discovering him, the man came back to jail.  Sleeping with
loud snoring.  As for me I contacted the appalled search party's persons
responsible.  After a long questioning, I talked to the man who had come back.
The fact is I had little interest.  Saying "what, have you come back for" and
the man answered like it was a bother.
"Who knows huh.  To gather back probably."  That's a shocking man.         
-29th of the Month
The man is staying quiet.  Identity understood (although one might say until
today the received documents were just not fully read).  What, having
forcefully driven away that Mad Gear lot is to say heroish.  Even seems
acquainted with the mayor.  That's one who's drawn off the post of humane.      
-30th of the Month
Arranging for a getup.  That in a blink of time being roughly without a choice
exchanging clothing with possessions and the like.  The man......Cody's prison
wall was completely filled up.  For the thick 50 cm of concrete, seems like an
air of overdoing it.  In order to continue the quitting allowance's deposited
transfer previous modification at hand, from the afternoon I proceed to the
management department headquarters.  With catching a cold getting a young guy
to replace me for night duty, I sleep at the apartment.      
-31st of the Month                             
That's good weather.  The cold doesn't seem all that much.  To say the jail's
jailer, I don't know how it wasn't worth doing the work even today thinking
it's over and, in itself was a relentless feeling I had.  For the prison again
was in an uproar.  Naturally I'm not in an honored separate party.  50 cm of
concrete is destroyed, seems that Cody has gotten out again.  Ah if there's
that so-called man even work is more enjoyable isn't it, so I believe, for now
it's enough.  For trouble anybody likely hands it over.  In strangeness that's
a candid mood.  Jail-breaking......eh.  Even again for me, over there it's
possibly getting arrested.
-Why Me?- A Dumbfounded Deputy's Diary.  In a week's time a local Metro City
cop goes from "ho-hum" to "you gotta be kidding me" to "why is he like this?"
and back to "eh, forget about it."

    Cody was thrown in jail because he got into too many fights.  Policemen
do NOT like vigilantes.  Cody was addicted to fighting.  According to Cody,
he participated in Final Fight One not for justice, but just so he could
get lots of fights.  You can see this in Final Fight One for the Gameboy
Advance when you play as Cody then when you play as Zero Cody (who's Cody
after the events of Street Fighter Zero 3 occurred flashbacking the
past).  Zero Cody talks about how he admitted that he was really just
faking being a hero back then, and instead of demanding justice, he's now
just demanding that everyone fight him.  He couldn't even stay with Jessica
because he was addicted to fighting.

    Cody being arrested on multiple occasions seems slightly confirmed
from an interview with Tom Sekine, Final Fight Streetwise's head producer.
He gets thrown in jail again before Streetwise thanks to a crime that Guy
committed.  The exact circumstances are never gone into, although Guy
shows some regret when he says that Cody went to jail so that Guy could
go free.  Guy hasn't "heard a word" from Cody since.  Exactly how long
before Streetwise that happened is unknown, although if the jail uniform
Cody wears in the game comes from that incident, it probably wasn't too
long ago (even 'not too long ago' could still mean a few years, though).

    You can see Edi. E sometimes when Cody wins in SFZ3.  Cody will look
off to the side, scream, then run away while Edi. E runs onto the screen,
screams "Get back here!", shoots his gun into the air, then continues
running after Cody.  One of my more favorite victory animations.  ^_~  An
even funnier one has Cody running back onto the screen to beat Edi. E up,

    He can break through a 50-cm-thick cement wall. He's also stated to be
pretty good at taking hits.

    How did Cody break out of jail for Street Fighter Zero 3?  Well, he
sorta didn't, really.  There was a huge riot at the prison he was in, and
it left a hole in his cell.  Seeing that, Cody basically just walked on out
because he was bored.  :P  This explains the busted jail and the rioting
going on in Cody's SFZ3 stage too.

    It is never directly explored how Haggar reacted to Cody getting thrown
in jail all the time.  Haggar got Lucia cleared of that corruption charge,
so you'd think he'd give Cody a mayor's pardon as well, but... I imagine
Cody probably didn't need one, given that it was stated that he got thrown
into jail and then simply punched his way out on more than one occasion.
Given that Streetwise showed that Haggar continued to hang out with Cody,
Haggar probably didn't bear any ill will to Cody for busting out of jail
so often, but when I think about it, this might be where Cody's dislikes
of "Haggar's lectures" come from (especially that dislike was added for
Cody's SFZ3 bio).

    Cody seems to wear a modern jailbird outfit come Final Fight Streetwise.
This latest one comes from him getting jailed wrongly for a crime that
Guy committed.  However, he's obviously not in jail anymore and one really
has to wonder how long his sentence was, given that Kyle and Cody were
always there for each other and Kyle doesn't seem to be bringing up any
particular point where Cody was gone for a long period of time.  Of course,
going along with how Cody still has his jail uniform even though he's not
in jail anymore, this can easily be explained by Cody simply busting out
of jail for the hundredth time.

    From what I can make out, Cody's modern jail serial numbers are 15388Q
on the left and 8484H on the right (in Final Fight Streetwise). The back
of his uniform says "Metro City Jail".

    Tom Sekine stated in an interview that one thing he liked about Cody
was that it was "also neat that he's so troublesome and ends up beind bars
now and then".  This also applies to his new jail uniform in Streetwise).

    Cody's fighting style is similar to Joe of SF1's fighting style, if
anyone cares.  There is no real storyline reason for this (though both are
literal American street fighters, so it'd be logical that they'd have
similar styles).

    For a little on Cody and Guy, see Guy's bio.

    Cody... is a rather ironic character.  Belger offers to let him join
Mad Gear in Final Fight One, and when you play as SFZ3 Cody, Belger points
out, as he sees jailclothes Cody, that Cody's true calling apparently WAS
Mad Gear.  If he joined Mad Gear, he wouldn't have gotten thrown in
prison.  And the guy who actually finally arrested him and DID throw him in
prison was a member of Mad Gear, too:P  Yet all throughout that and despite
how Mad Gear is supposed to be for fighting youths (and Cody is a fighting
youth), Cody can't join Mad Gear not because it's evil, but because he just
feels that it's not right for him to join Mad Gear.  I believe the reason
for this is because while Cody is a youth who can do nothing but fight, and
Mad Gear caters to that, in the end, Cody is not an idealistic man, and Mad
Gear actually appears to have a freedom ideal.  Rolento realizes this when
he meets Cody again in SFZ3.

    His last name is now Travers from Final Fight Streetwise.  Assuming
Capcom of Japan doesn't decide to spit on the 20+ hours it took Tiamat to
make this Final Fight Streetwise update by saying "Capcom America made
that game and we hate it so we're throwing EVERYTHING remotely related
to it into the trash can!"

    FFStreetwise Website Profile:  Cody, a well-respected hero in the Hood,
is a long way from his glory days of fighting Mad Gear gangbangers years
ago.  His knees have since failed him, and he's resigned himself to
training his younger brother to uphold the family name in the underground
fight clubs of Metro City.  But that hunger for the ring still burns, and
Cody can't put to rest the thought of someday, somehow fighting again.
Even if it comes with a heavy price.

    Cody's serial numbers on his jail uniform in Streetwise are 8484H on
the right and [something] on the left.  The back reads "Metro City Jail".

    Cody almost seems more like a father than a brother to Kyle sometimes.
Most telling is how frustrated Cody is that Kyle isn't living up to his
potential.  Cody (who possibly has the typical "father wants to live his
glory days through his son" complex) is coaching Kyle to improve not as
a rival but as someone who's raising him.  Cody being the older brother who
is constantly taking care of the younger brother was confirmed in an
interview with Tom Sekine as well.  Of course, given that Cody is probably
a LOT older than Kyle (Cody is probably 39 during Streetwise while Kyle is
likely only 22 to 24), this isn't too surprising.

    Cody's apartment is a lot bigger and cleaner than Kyle's.  A considerable
improvement from the trash can he'd sleep in in the SFZ3 VMU mini-games :P

    His knees by FF:SW might be going bad but he's still getting some 'action',
at least.  Madame Celeste (psychic) "mysteriously" has the keys to his
apartment.  It doesn't take long for Kyle to figure out why.

    In FF:SW, the front page headline of the newspaper in Cody's apartment
on his table reads "GLOW hits the streets".

    Guy hasn't "heard word" from Cody ever since Cody took the fall for
his crime.  It was indicated that Cody did spend some time in jail, although
whether he stayed for the full sentence or simply broke out like usual was
not stated.  He still has his modern Metro City Jail uniform, though, so it's
possible he just broke out again when he got bored.  Sgt. Sims however didn't
mention anything about it while talking about Cody to Kyle.  Maybe the police
just gave up on him after he broke out, although Sgt. Sims was trying to
arrest Cody once again after Cody got even more caught up with GLOW, but
that's due to new things that Cody got caught up in (GLOW).

    Guy continues to respect Cody after Cody took the fall for his crime,
immediately adding after telling Kyle about it that from what he knows
of Cody, Cody would give his life for Kyle.  I think this vaguely implies
that Cody took the fall for Guy's crime on purpose (as opposed to Guy
framing him for it) but just like Guy's crime itself, this isn't stated
directly and one can only speculate.  Cody never talks about Guy in
Streetwise, although he kept the half of the photo with Guy in it in
his wallet (that Kyle would later find) and Guy says "We haven't heard
word since" instead of "We haven't spoken to each other since", so I'm
under the impression that Cody wasn't bitter about the thing.  ...it's
not like Cody isn't used to jail by then, anyways.

    I have no idea why Cody ripped that picture of him, Haggar, and Guy
together into two pieces, nor do I know why Cody holds onto the half with
Guy while leaving the half with Haggar at home.  Haggar's phone call on
Cody's answering machine indicated that the two still saw each other and
were friends so it's not like there was a falling out there.  Maybe he
ripped it out of frustration but kept the Guy half because he hadn't talked
to Guy in such a long time and was planning on doing so finally, soon.

    GLOW's steroid-esque properties healed Cody's knees while he used it, but
it is also implied that the healing remains at the end of the game even after
the rest of the GLOW effects wore off, as after Cody makes the joking remark
that his knees never felt better, he then gets excited and wants to tell Kyle
more before he is interrupted.  The moral to this story is that drugs do a body
good!  A similar case with psycho power as well.

    Oddly/interestingly enough, in FF:SW, Cody doesn't normally have the
tornado effect in his uppercut like he does in SFZ3, but Cody Death does.
...maybe it's those knees.

    Where does this guy get so much willpower?  Chang says that GLOW is like
any other drug and that it wears off over time, but like any other addictive
drug, quitting it is hard and there are SEVERE withdrawal symptoms including
insane delusion, etc.  And yet, Cody gets over his ridiculously humongous
overdose of GLOW obscenely quickly.  Chang said she could detoxify him earlier,
but Chang definitely had nothing to do with his recovery at the end of the
game because she wasn't even around.  While it's true that Cody's willpower
is strong (he's able to wrestle with GLOW's control over him during the final
battle against Bella and finally overcomes it in the end), that he can quit
an addictive drug so quickly like that without going through a prolonged
withdrawal period and craving even after Chang said there'd be one is a bit
hard to swallow.  Hmm... maybe it's because there's only room enough in Cody's
system for one addiction at a time (which would be fighting of course!).
And I guess Cody managed to fully heal from GLOW's effects by punching a
trash can and then eating the roast chicken it left behind or something.

*** pgVCViper.


Fighting style: secret spy tool fighting
Birthday: July 18
Native place: America
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 56 kg
BWH sizes: B98, W60, H90
Blood type: AB
Likes: her daughter, money
Dislikes: overtime
Special skill: tricks
SF4-era nickname: "Ms. Perfect"

Street Fighter 4: Tough and smart female agent.  Always moves businesslike,
yet doesn't seem to steer towards duty or humanity.  Having trained her
entire body as a weapon she draws forth attacks from her suit, certainly a
menace.  Secretly maneuvers in various places, her true nature wrapped in

C.I.A. agent Crimson Viper debuts in SF4 pretending to be loyal to Seth and
the enterprise S.I.N.-sha.  Viper learns that Ryu's data is planned to be
at the focal point of the BLECE project, and passes along this info to the
C.I.A., while noting that this opportunity has been a long time coming [Ryu's
SF4 opening].  She utilizes a special suit made by S.I.N.-sha to the fullest
capacity possible, which pleases her contact.  He agrees to see that
arrangements will be made for her to head the BLECE project, if she passes
with flying colors in the tournament with respect to her suit's optimum
performance.  Upon receiving this confirmation, she receives another call,
this time from her true employer the C.I.A.  She's ordered to relay any new
info she's intercepted and proceed with infiltrating the shadowy enterprise's
hosted tournament, cautioned that if things get too hairy for her, to at the
very least verify the identities of all the contestants participating [Viper's
SF4 opening].

Viper runs into Chun-Li during the course of SF4, who in turn warns Cammy
about this annoying agent getting in the way [Cammy's rival battle intro].
Cammy's ending has Viper sneaking up and holding Cammy at gun-point while
Cammy's uncovering files on BLECE in the lab, then once Cammy deletes the
BLECE data, Viper backs off and mutters how many years' worth of investigation
was wasted just like that [Cammy's ending].

Super Street Fighter 4:

Investigators and fellow companion agents are dropping like flies left and
right thanks to S.I.N.-sha and the refusing-to-be-extinguished Shadaloo.
Viper swears that they will be stopped because they forget the worldwide
authorities they're daring to deal with. [Viper's opening]

Viper possibly runs into Hakan during SSF4 to try recruiting him and
replace a companion or two fallen in the battle against the world's
persistent evils.  He's definitely at a disadvantage fighting her suit
and most likely yields, but she remains intrigued by his appearance and
nature as they part. [Viper's rival battle exchanges]

While Shadaloo's stench continues to linger by the end of SSF4, S.I.N.-sha
gets wiped out, and Viper heads back home to meet her daughter Lauren with
an earlier-than-expected welcome. [Viper's ending]

Where she is now:  Still working for the C.I.A., and hopefully spending more
time with her daughter now that S.I.N.-sha's somehow or other out of the

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

C. Viper from SF4

Her Names.

That room's illumination was put out.
Outside the window was only a night view light spread out, at the window blue
and white was shining out on a standing woman.
Suddenly a high-pitched sound reverberates, a cellphone above the bed rang.
In the dark room, the arrival of an acquainted light, as if it be like a single
neon flashing.
The woman stares at that flashing, exactly 3 calls later her hand took the
"Ah, it's me.  The experimental results from the other day are to be placed up
high.  Provided they satisfy even the uppers is likely."
From the speaker, the man's voice was lowered to be audible.
"Well then I appreciate it."
Even without sarcasm, the woman bluntly answered.
"With that, how is the schedule for the final benchmark experiment hmm?"
"It's something that's just right.  Our company's sponsoring a world fighting
tournament, that which I'm participating.  The combat of noted fighting stylists
from around the world......Displaying with this suit's performance, I hope for
the best scene."
The voice on the other side of the phone lightly laughs,
"I see.  You're also an interesting matter to consider, Maya.  Understood, I
shall report as such to the board of directors.  We'll likely be in touch later
"Sure, if you would please."
Even without the reverberation to disconnect them, the woman called Maya tosses
the cellphone above the bed, letting out a light sigh.
"......At last, I've gotten as far as this."
Opening a laptop on top of the desk, she strikes the keys in a seeming flow of
"Do the data request once more, and.  After that, check on the tournament
entrants also call in......"
One by one while being absorbed in the coding for opening confirmation screens,
she inputs the requested matters to the "uppers."
The key strikes are just a dry sound, colliding with the dark room's barrier
and vanishing.

An inorganic matter of time passed as several minutes.
And, different from some time ago, an out-of-place cheerful melody, resounds
in the room.
Her face is taken aback, for Maya her hands are promptly finished, she took
another cellphone she had placed above the sideboards.
Anxious from the opposite direction of the phone a young girl's voice calls
out, her cheek, loosens up as though it's ice melting.
"What's wrong, Lauren?  It's not already time for no sleep is it?"
"Umm you see, today I went to see fireworks with Sally."
Relieved at hearing her mother's never-changing voice, the little girl's voice
-C. Viper: double agent and mother.  She's finally earned S.I.N.-sha's trust
under the identity of "Maya".  Not quite known at this time whom she's speaking
with on the other end of the phone.  Could be a S.I.N. rep like the one in her
SF4 animated opening, could be Seth himself, that is if he were to have still
others within the "board of directors" he conveys to as well.

Her Family

That day, Lauren was grappling with her elementary school writing.
The theme given to her from famed language teacher Ms. Sarah was a strict issue,
"my family."
For Lauren, resting her chin on her hands looking up at the ceiling, she was
thinking about it while her feet not reaching the floor swayed to and fro.

For Lauren, were 3 important people as family.  Mama and, her rabbit Cicero,
and then Aunt Emily.

Cicero, being a stuffed toy Mama gave her for her 5th birthday, fluffy white,
could be some spottish pink satin, is a very fantastic rabbit.  Aunt Emily,
the times when Mama isn't at work, is a person who comes to help out in the
house.  Awfully kind, skillful in song.  Even sewing being her specialty, a
bag but a one-piece dress but, Lauren wants whatever she makes to give her.
In addition, the food Aunt prepares is incredibly delicious.  Having returned
from school Lauren, sees the evening cook's collection of goods,
"So yummy!"
For the slaved-over menu, next day, they'd certainly line up at the dining
table.  Previously, Mama had said that, "If Lauren gets along well with
Ms. Emily, Mama is glad," she said smiling, but that smile seemed a bit lonely.
Lauren peered into Mama's face, "Mama, number one is Mama of course!!" she
said with a serious look.
"Awkward in song but, don't take on appliques also, even burn the food a
little bit, such things have nothing to do with it!  Mama is the best!!
There is no Mama like my strong and cool mother!  You can do tricks, besides
before that when you keri-ed that robber..."
"Oh Lauren."
Mama, quickly touched a finger to Lauren's lips.
"What...!  Where did you recall keri?  Don't be using such words!"
The shape of her mouth was laughing but, Mama with only one eye when made
narrow was when she got angry.
"I'm sorry."
As a genius Lauren apologized.
Be it boys be it girls, there's no using dirty words.  So to say, was
Mama's favorite phrase.  Even having expected Lauren to understand that well,
which ones though were the dirty words, Lauren occasionally couldn't come
to understand.
"Umm..., Mama kicking the robber, when she sent the robber flying into the
counter her form was amazingly great, is all I was saying."
"I see, thank you."
Mama sweetly smiles, gently she stroked Lauren's head.  Lauren, likes very
much when Mama's hand strokes her head.  Warmly, fluffily, as though a sense
of security completely hugs her.
"Hey Mama.  I, want to become like Mama don't I."
Saying that, for Mama her eyebrows rose on one side, she roughishly inclined
her head to the side in doubt.
"Oh my, but Mama is awkward in song, she doesn't take on appliques, she
doesn't prepare any delicious food right!?"
"Aunt Emily is doing those for us it's okay!"
With that, Lauren continued.
"If I become strong like Mama, I'll be able to do them together with work
If Mama was blinking in glittering surprise several times, she would
delightfully smile.
"That's right isn't it.  If Lauren were to prevail on such a grand scale,
work together with those perhaps.  Certainly would be enjoyable."
Thinking to grandly open for Lauren her round eyes, instantly her whole face
expressed a smile.
And, Mama's forehead knocked onto her own forehead with a clunk.  Mama
softly closed her eyes, Lauren also closed her eyes and, there was Mama's
usual scent.  A tender fragrance of flowers.  Unable for patience her eyes
open and, Lauren as it is tightly hugs her mama about, she inhaled that
sweet smell with all her strength.
"Mama, I love you!"
"Mama also loves Lauren!"

...is the extent of what she recalls remembering, spurred on by the
feelings of wanting to have waited at the entranceway for Mama's return,
Lauren firmly beared with it.
"I'll quickly write my composition, and if Mama comes back I'll read it
to her and!"  She says delightfully and, Lauren immediately hurries to
the pen.
-Viper's daughter Lauren and her writing homework.  An assignment about her
family, who consists of her mom who's frequently away due to her work, a
housekeeper going by the name of "Aunt Emily", and Lauren's stuffed toy
rabbit named Cicero.
-Viper wishes to shelter Lauren from fighting circles as much as possible,
labeling fighting lingo as "dirty words."

She has two faces:  cruel beauty agent and loving mother.  Her pride wouldn't
forgive her to not complete her work punctually.  Her special skill is
using her techniques off-duty to amuse Lauren, kind of like giving your kid
a fireworks/flying show demo.  Viper's sense of punctuality motivates her
to always strive on getting her assignments done and getting back home before
her daughter wakes up in the morning.

Revealed from CJ's SF4 blog, Viper's alias under S.I.N.-sha is Maya
(was Leila at first); her name under the C.I.A. is Crimson Viper, her
real name's unknown (even to the developers), and her daughter's named
Lauren.  CJ's artist Ikeno notes that he had originally planned Viper to
be a 20-year-old single mom. 

Viper's SF4 arcade ending comments:

Defeating Seth, Viper finishes up that report to the organization.  She
declared with the issue of Seth being the meaning of felt words "No. 15",
and there are 26 remaining bodies of prime fields to dispose of, she
informs the phone receiver.

*** pgVDamnd.


Height: 218 cm
Weight: 201 kg
Hails from: America
Special move: flying kick
Favorite food: strawberry sundae

Final Fight One:  A member of Mad Gear, Damnd was the one who kidnapped
Jessica and called up Mike Haggar to blackmail him.  He then took Jessica
to the slums which were under his control, and knew that Cody would come
for her, but by the time Cody arrived, Jessica had already been given over
to Belger.  Damnd fought and was defeated by Cody after that. [Conjecture
based off of in-game storyline]

Where he is now:  Hacking into security systems and cackling somewhere; who

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    FF1 Bio: Damnd is one of the leaders of the Mad Gear gang and heads the
Mad Gear's worldwide information network.  He uses informants from many
government agencies including the FBI.  Damnd's information keeps the Mad
Gear gang one step ahead of the authorities.

    Damnd's name was censored to Thrasher for the Super Nintendo version of
Final Fight overseas.

    It's possible, due to his name being spelled in katakana, that his name
was mistranslated and it was meant to be Damned.  Not that there's much
difference there, though:P

    Damnd's whistle returns in FF:SW.  Some Punx use it to summon other
Punx.  Sadly, Damnd however is not in the game.

*** pgVDan.

HIBIKI DAN (last name listed first)

Birthday: November 25
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 74 kg
BWH sizes: B113, W83, H88
Blood type: O
Native place: Hong Kong (belongs to China after SF2)
Special skill: tile breaking, karaoke
Likes: taunting
Dislikes: wakame (edible brown seaweed), snobby guys, little rascals
Fighting style: saikyo ryu (based on the teachings of Gouken)
SFZ-era nickname: "For My Dad Was Strong"
SF4-era nickname: "Rushing Burst!  Strongest Road"

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Dan seeks out Sagat in Street Fighter Zero 2 in
order to avenge his father's death.  He finally finds Sagat, and challenges
him.  Defeating Sagat (though what he didn't realize was that Sagat lost on
purpose... odds are high that Sagat simply let Dan punch him once then
purposefully fell down and didn't get up), Dan believes that he has finally
avenged his father's death and now prepares to start a dojo to teach his
saikyo style to the world! [Official]

Street Fighter Zero 3:  He probably just tried to make Sakura his student
as well as got to have a reunion with his childhood friend, Blanka.  He
already got revenge on Sagat when his tenure starts in SFZ3, as you can
see by his description (for more on that, see Sagat's storyline during SFZ2
and SFZ3) [conjecture based off in-game storyline].  He also stumbles onto
Shadaloo's psycho drive base while searching for a suitable place to start
the Thailand branch of his dojo, and possibly runs into Cammy or one of the
other girls in the process (specially noted in AAC and his SF4 win quote to
Cammy).  Seeing as how he's still alive and well for SF4, he was one of the
many who fled the exploding base, he of course ala Mr. Satan-from-DBZ style.

SFZ3 File #12 Dan

Real name- Hibiki Dan (fire-coated bullet).  The self-styled Hong Kong
dwelling saikyo ryu dojo teacher of Japanese ancestry.  Once his father Gou,
challenged to battle the then young Muay Thai champion Sagat, taking Sagat's
one eye also in taking a counterattack he lost his life.  Piling on his
self-taught training in order to strike back at his father's foe being the
hated Sagat, he became a street fighter but, with using the same system of
techniques as Ryu and Ken even incomplete isn't it earnestly a regretful
circumstance?  Presently, he's in the middle of recruiting disciples.
-Dan has both Thai and Japanese blood in his roots.  His Z3 status reveals
that he has gotten his desired revenge on Sagat (whether Sagat pitied him or
not), and his current goal is gathering fellow fighters for his style.

Street Fighter 4:

A fighting stylist with the distinctive features of colorful provokings and
incomplete moves.  Even with the matter of having studied under Gouken once,
those fighting techniques of "saikyo ryu" are deep with the color of self-

Dan is visited by Sakura who's wondering if Dan's found out anything about
"that person" aka Ryu.  Dan tells her there's a tournament coming up which
both Ryu and Ken might be attending, but he's not totally sure, which doesn't
matter since that's news enough to get Sakura beaming with gusto [Sakura's
SF4 opening].  Afterwards, Dan looks forward to going to the tournament
himself since he missed the opportunity for SF2 apparently because his
phone service was cut off when Blanka tried to call him and inform him
about it.  Nonetheless, Dan's pumped that he'll be going to Seth's tournament
representing saikyo ryu together with Blanka and Sakura, swearing to his
father (while gazing at his own mirror reflection) that he'll show his
self-made "strongest" style to the world [Dan's SF4 opening].

Dan is shown to just barely inch by to reach the participatory levels of
Seth's tournament [Seth's SF4 opening].  His ending has him bump into Blanka
while fleeing from a wall of flame rushing towards them.  Upon being saved
by Ryu and Sakura's efforts, he maintains his arrogant facade leading the
way to the lab's exit, the other three staring back at him with stupefied

Super Street Fighter 4:

Tournament time again hence another journey with Sakura and Blanka, and Dan
launches a TV commercial to bring entrants into his dojo.  He pulls out all
the stops: half-price admission, a T-shirt and a small pruning tree.  No
calls accepted because he still has no phone service, just come to the
dojo in person.  [Dan's and Sakura's openings]

Dan might've fought Sakura per his rival battle with her, and most likely
handed himself his 23rd straight loss between the two of them.  Sakura's
ending shows him calling out to her to board the ship as Sakura's bidding
Ryu a satisfied farewell, and Dan's ending displays the fruits of his
TV commercial efforts:  nothing.  Not one applicant.  After Sakura almost
trips on him once she steps into the dark dojo, she asks if he included
the dojo's address along with his TV offers.  A howl resounds throughout
the neighborhood as poor Dan realizes he never told the TV viewers where
his dojo was!  

Where he is now:  Probably still looking for students to teach saikyo ryu
to, and bailing or getting bailed out of hairy situations as usual.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Zero's World vol. 5- Dan

His name is Dan (Hibiki Dan).
Presently living in Hong Kong.
Once the young Muay Thai champion Sagat was challenged, by a regretted and
torn apart fighting stylist while deprived of that one eye.  That's Dan's
father Gou (Hibiki Gou).  After the battle with Sagat, before long Gou died.
For young Dan, the death of his father forced on him a hatred for Sagat.
For the sake of revenge he migrated to Japan to study fighting techniques,
to continue with Master Gouken's original training, bringing forth a malicious
heart's unrest and unreasonably indicative of it, he becomes excommunicated.
After that, Dan returned to Hong Kong, all the while continuing to train well
his self-taught moves at combat levels.  And so on Dan's basis to acquire
chance for retaliation, "Sagat defeated!!" was the so-called hearsay that
flowed out.  According to news, an unknown Oriental, is said to have held him
down with one blow.
Seriously what was that guy?
Could such a guy become a hindrance......?
Dan hurriedly flew to Thailand, chasing after Sagat's whereabouts.
-Dan makes his debut in the Zero series due to hearing that someone took out
Sagat before he was ready to carry out his revenge.  He heads for Thailand
immediately after hearing this rumor which proved true.

Dan from SFZ

Original account from SF2 Himitsu Hyakka

During the time Sagat's one eye was plundered, his father died in the midst
of the bout.  In order to defeat his father's foe, Dan would walk the fighting
path.  However, with Sagat defeated by a nameless fighting stylist his figure
had disappeared.
For the sake of chasing after vengeance Dan, began as a student before Gouken.
Dan's fighting ability, was steadily becoming stronger.......
"Dan!, for what sake do you struggle!?"  Gouken, asked of Dan.  For Gouken,
in the midst of training within Dan's fist, he saw hatred.  Dan, could not
respond.  As Dan's fist was that Gouken had taught, a righteous fist it had
not become.
"Dan!, depart from before me, ......furthermore, abandon your fist!"
At Gouken's words, Dan shedded tears.  Dan was excommunicated.
However, Dan for the sake of revenge could not throw away his fist.  From
that day Dan's self-taught-style training began.

Official Story from Gamest SFZ and AASFZ

Before Gouken's eye, seemingly with that brow touching the floor, 1 person
a young man was squatting down.
From where had he heard of it, a lonely mountain recess where his own
techniques would thus be polished with the family constitution before Gouken,
as a young man he requested to be taught.  One day Gouken saw through him.
Within this young man, a matter of concealing a rare fighting ability.......
"Ahem Dan, what is it that you desire of your fist?"
At those words of Gouken the young man quietly raising his head, coldly
"Just, only strength!"
Gouken had interest in Dan's talent, from being ushered as a student, how many
months and days had elapsed.  Gouken's suspicion penetrating, while Dan's talent
was blossoming, something, was funny.  Calling forth a fist that which is always
tagging along, especially like a blazing up of malice desires, like something
spurring on impatience.......  The heart of Gouken's aiming fist, Dan's fist
came to be losing it.  "I perhaps was mistaken......"  Gouken determined
something in his eye, such that he would murmur.

Within jet black darkness, only a candle light flickered faintly in the dojo,
beginning to seemingly encounter the day, motionlessly 2 people's figures sat
facing each other.
"Dan!, with what are you being burdened?"  Seeing Dan with his head looking
away from him in silence, Gouken slowly arose.
"Then your fist, don't only close it up."  Having silently approached him,
placing him up on his knee aiming Dan's fist at a released thrust.
His body stiffened Dan slowly opened his eye and, from that thrust Dan's fist
had just stopped.  Ever as a master, having the lessons by his own hand for
the student's fist broken and such, Gouken could not seem to expect any more.
"Dan!, depart from before me......furthermore, abandon your fist!"  Declaring
such that his back would face him, as Gouken shedding tears left Dan behind,
he had gone back into the dojo.
That night Dan left from Gouken's side.  With him seemingly smeared with
hatred and, he could not for reason abandon his fist......that's right, as
long as revenge to carry out on that man!
-Dan failed to stay with Gouken because he only wanted strength to unleash on
Sagat, while Gouken wanted Dan to let martial arts better himself, through
moral development.
-The day Dan was excommunicated, both master and student wept as a result of
their partings.

Dan from SFZ2

Hisshou Buraiken

As an incandescent lamp would shine, 2 men would rise to the surface.
A giant man of more than 2 meters, over such a suffering rough breath.
There he would spring upon the lone man.
"Is that...my, dad?  That's right, that's, the form of my dad challenging
the Muay Thai champion.  And, this happening......!?  No......stop, stop it!!"
Opposite from the giant man's eyes, a brutal red light emitted.
That was fresh blood spurting out.......  "Stooop!!"
As for the man sprung upon, his entire body bathed in blood, conversely was
blown off.  The world, would be dyed in red.......
"!!"  From the bed Dan jumped to his feet.  His whole body trembling,
discomforting sweat was soaking the sheets.
"Again, that dream?......!"
His father was a fighting stylist, losing his life immediately following the
match with Muay Thai champion Sagat ten-odd years ago, this nightmare
continued to torment Dan.
Until the result of revenge this nightmare will not go away.  Believing that,
Dan recklessly, his own fist lodged in murderous intent and hatred, he piled
on training to destroy the demon Sagat.  Dan would slowly stand up.  Flame-like
power swells up throughout his body.
Standing in front of a sand bag swaying before his very eyes, Dan released his
Releasing kicks and thrusts with amazing vigor, like the sand bag wasn't
absorbing even a tenth of the openings.  He would drive all the moves he has
into that instant......At the time Dan's wrath reached critical, he'd invoke
the restraint-impossible transcendant technique "hisshou buraiken".
Not even a trace of the sand bag scattered away.  Now for Dan, in his heart
there's no fear of Sagat.  As for fear of wrath, he would show panic exchange
for hatred......Seemingly making sure it was imposed on himself, the fact was
that Dan alone, would push it up.
-After leaving Gouken's dojo, Dan had recurring nightmares of his father
getting torn limb from bloody limb by Sagat.  His hatred for his father's
killer served as the fuel for developing his super the hisshou buraiken,
which can manage to turn a sand bag into nothing at the very least.

Dan from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Although establishing a characteristic style (saikyo ryu), for flowing in that
basis, the martial arts learned from Gouken.  Beyond the idea of hatred
concealed within having been sentenced to excommunication from his master, in
the present character he's not sensing the shaded portion.  With taunting he
boasts of peculiar tactics for opponents' trembling, through a spirit facade
to stand in superiority for the sake of intellect-like strategy maybe, simply
his personality perhaps.......   

Fashion Style

Once it was also in accordance with the same master, for fundamental attire
the same as with Ryu and Ken.  However, a luck-pusher-like personality is his
ruin, for in the waist's black belt the dignity he's not sensing.  The
uniform's tint diametrically opposite so to speak, for N hairs tied in a
bundle as his back hair is a simple thing.  Perspiration's absorption doing
well with his inside black shirt, it appears to be something imitated of his
late father's attire.
-Dan's black shirt inside his gi is a memento to his dad.  Not only did Gou
wear something similar, the sweat Dan produces amplifies his efforts in his
father's memory.      

Sunrise Park [JAPAN]

Setagaya Sunrise Park.
Sakura goes to visit Dan's tent.
Dan:  "Ohh, if it isn't Sakura ehh.  Been a while hasn't it."
Sakura:  "As usual isn't it-.  Eating proper meals?"
Dan:  "What's with you, that's talk like your mother isn't it."
Sakura:  "Besides that, actually there's iincredible news."
Dan:  "Huh?"
Sakura:  "This time, it's to perform at Ken's birthday party!"
Dan:  "Well I'm noot in the mood to congratulate that pompous rascal."
Sakura:  "That's not it.  At that meeting place, it'll do fine as su-per
fighting tournament.  Some kind of prize would maybe come out."
Dan:  "You, want money perhaps!"
Sakura:  "Thaat I do want although......Beyond that, it's the Pan-American
Fighting Championship's victor Ken's party!?  There'll be awesome fighting
stylists gathering won't there?  That is, what if even that person also
Dan:  "That's the intention?!  Well, what've you come over to my place for?"
Sakura:  "Dan also, contrary to your appearance your strong point is foreign
languages right?  English and Thai perhaps?......"
Dan:  "For appearance that's extraneous.  Well you know, those you said
assuredly Japanese, English, Cantonese in Thai.  French and Russian also I
can do a little maybe."
Sakura:  "Aaamazing!  I'll come to rely on you after all won't I.  Then, with
anticipating that talent, I want us to go to the tournament together!  Getting
to become acquainted with various people, I want to create a chance to meet
fighting stylists all over the world."
Dan:  "It's even about your whims eh, even though a highschooler that's your
enthusiam with the exception of studying isn't it.  ......Well, if I attach
a proviso I'll even accept ya know."
Sakura:  "'Proviso'?"
Dan:  "You know well that now for me, is seeking out saikyo ryu's disciples.
You also must enter somehow shouldn't you......"
Sakura:  "As for that that's......eheheh, it's not allowed in high school
for me a highschooler......okay?"
Dan:  "Well said.  That hooky demon......well, that.  If you come to be
acquainted with your new head-to-head opponent, with that I would enter you
into saikyo ryu.  That's the proviso."
Sakura:  "Huu~uh!?  How can you say such a person wants to enter?  Though I
believe they'd say absolutely not......"
Dan:  "They shall enter!!  If you don't enter then that's the least you'll
Sakura:  "Ye~ah......I'll cooperate as much as possible, for that
Dan:  "Alriight!  Protect that agreement!!  Don't worry about anything.  If
you take a look at my great self's superior techniques, there'll be noo
non-entering!  It'll be ki taken into an ocean liner!!"
Sakura:  "(Whatever maaybe......)  See ya, until the day of departure, later!"
Sakura runs away.
Dan:  "Fufufu......It's boarded the railway hasn't it!  Behold! Dad, the day
for saikyo ryu to dye the world is also approachiing!!"
-Sakura hears about Ken's recent victory of the Pan-American Fighting
Championship, and of Ken's birthday (Valentine's Day) to specially celebrate
the event, and goes to tell Dan about it, hoping to get him to go with her to
the fighting event Ken's helping his uncle host (see Ken's Z3 account in his
-Sakura makes an excuse for not becoming an "official" student of saikyo ryu
using her school's regulation of not allowing highschoolers to get involved
in any martial arts discipline, most likely along with not allowing them to
have a part-time job or other work as well while they're in school.
-Dan impresses Sakura with his multilingual skills.  The man can easily go
to English, Japanese, and Cantonese from Thai first, and boasts of a little
French and Russian to boot.

Prologue 5 (Dan) from SF4

"...At any rate I'm hungry."
He murmurs, for Dan having lain down from the deck has gotten up.
"Hey, Sakura.  Shall we go a single match wagering for lunch??"
At a distance from the location stretching alone was Sakura, at that voice she
raises her face.
"What's with you saying 'yeah'!  In the mood to backtalk at your master?"
"But Mr. Hibiki.  In proportion to lately, you're still not treating for
That was the case wasn't it, and muttering inside his mouth, for Dan feigning
ignorance as such looked up at the sky.  Like that was Dan's manner for a
shocked face, Sakura goes to meet him halfway.
"Moreover Mr. Hibiki, travel expenses.  What have your thoughts been to do for
"Oh, what indeed eh!"
For Dan swiftly bent forward.
"In Hong Kong my acquaintance turns up at the fighting skills facility, then
every week fighting stylists have been doing a battle show.  Of course they're
real earnest battles.  Every bout win has a guarantee come forth, if it's good
then the popularity enjoyed amongst them is also a guarantee up.  Jimmy and I
and you the 3 of us, with wins tucked away on everybody, in two weeks we'll be
able to journey around the globe!"
"It's not a trip!!  ...But, certainly it seems like somewhat of a discussion
doesn't it.  Would the people to get over there be strong??"
"Whaat, that side of lads would probably not be with a space for strong, after
all they're amateurs!"
"Yeah..., they'd be weak huh..."
"Hey, don't suggest disappointment!"
"I'm not disappointed but..."
Even while saying it, Sakura seemed bored as she was pouting.
"Hey now, heading out to the world fighting tournament, things like a battle
show are like hair-sprung to amateurs and with that cannot be compared with
formidable foes and probably as many battles as one likes!  With that being
such an issue, it's the relishes before the main course!  It's the
hors d'oeurve!  It's the hot, moistened hand towel!"
Formerly several times he just turned up as the show's layer per team member
to be honest he wasn't very self-confident, for Dan at any rate would state
definitively puffed up with pride.  With Sakura's facial expression becoming
cloudy he would go clearing it up.
"Really, it's that way isn't it.  Besides, at the world fighting tournament I
might even get to meet that person as an excuse!"
"Oh, that also!"
Dan more and more puffed up with pride.
"If that's settled, to tidy up the disruption there's the subject of organizing
travel expenses, going all out in anticipation of your success today..."
"What are you saying?!  It's for departure immediately!!"
"Yeah, but still for a schedule-like flexibility..."
"Alright, gotta run for just a little bit!  Ah, from afterwards I'll continue
to the dojo, until then please call out for Jimmy will ya!"
Having said it Sakura ran away, for Dan saw her off in a blank amazement.
"...The youth are quite energetic aren't they."
Well whatever.  Were he to take first place at this tournament, the name of
saikyo ryu would upsurge, even flood with primer candidates.  Not late for a
party after that.

However, that is and then-.  Dan looking at the sky, murmured once more.
"Today's lunch, what'll I do about it eh..."
-Dan, Blanka and Sakura are in the midst of collecting expense money to go
travel to the opening of Seth's tournament.  Despite each of them having
different goals in mind, Dan remains convinced that anything any one of the
trio will do shall be to the benefit of Dan's own cause.

    Dan's father Hibiki Gou was a Muay Thai fighter.  This is why he
challenged Sagat.  Gou gouged out Sagat's weak eye during the battle, and
in a rage due to that, Sagat killed him.  Some people have noted that you can
see a touch of Muay Thai in some of Dan's moves if you look carefully (the
dankuukyaku is a good example).  That might be just coincidence but I don't
think it is and it's been officially confirmed that his father practiced
Muay Thai anyway, so I'm pretty sure that his moves seemingly having a
touch of Muay Thai was done on purpose by Capcom.

    Sometime after the battle with Sagat, Gou died.  He didn't die during
the battle, but he died soon after it due to his injuries.  Dan, as a young
child, hated Sagat because he killed his father.  To prepare for his
revenge, he traveled from his home in Hong Kong to Japan to study martial
arts.  He trained under an ansatsuken master named Gouken for a time, but
was kicked out of his dojo because his heart was too filled with hatred for
Sagat.  After that, Dan returned to Hong Kong and trained himself using his
own "style."

    Dan was Gouken's student before Ryu or Ken were.  Ryu and Ken
didn't even know of Dan's existence before SFZ2. Same goes for Dan (though
it's possible that Dan might have spotted Ryu briefly because Gouken raised
Ryu, but that's not a big deal either way because Dan wouldn't recognize
him later on).

The family name Hibiki in kanji is roughly "fire-coated."  Dan's means
"bullet", while his late father Gou's means "might."  Gou, Gouken his son's
one-time master, Gouki and Goutetsu all have a different kanji for "gou" in
their names.  Also saikyo ryu means "strongest school/style."

There's an official artwork of Retsu (first guy you fight in SF) beating up
Dan.  This event DID happen, but it happened long after Dan got kicked out of
Gouken's dojo. The details of why it happened are unknown.  From Saiki.
Captions for the artwork state that the battle occurred in the midst of Dan's
training, so unless Saiki was mistaken, the training mentioned was for saikyo
ryu rather than his training under Gouken.  However, if the training did
refer to Gouken's, it's a smoother implication for how Retsu would be
Gouken's acquaintance.

    Dan's relation to Sakura from Dan's point of view is similar to Mr.
Satan of Dragon Ball Z and his 'students.'  Basically, Dan THINKS he's
Sakura's teacher, but in reality Sakura isn't paying attention to him and
doesn't care about him, and probably never really agreed to be his student
in the first place (Blanka's ending shows that Sakura doesn't even realize
much that Dan took her on as a student).  She's a better fighter than Dan,
anyway.  Why does Sakura follow Dan around?  Read on.

Dan can speak multiple languages as well as is an adult; he's
Sakura's ticket to traveling around the world to find Ryu and such.
Sakura's relationship with Dan in the manga Sakura Ganburu! isn't
necessarily official, but like many other things from that manga, Dan and
Sakura knowing each other was probably inspired by it.

    For Blanka and Dan's relationship, see Blanka's bio.

    Dan himself is a big parody to Capcom's rival game company, SNK, too.
His moves and clothes are very similar to several SNK characters from their
Art of Fighting series, and taunting, of which Dan is the king of, is a lot
more prevalent in SNK fighting games than Capcom fighting games.  And of
course, there's his classic overseas quote, "I hate the art of fighting, but I
want to be the king of fighters", which makes a pun out of two SNK game series
in one sentence.  This is Capcom's tongue-in-cheek revenge for SNK ripping
off Ken and Ryu apparently with their Art of Fighting characters, Ryo and
Robert.  Also, saikyo ryu is a vocal combination of the names Saisyu and Kyo
(two major characters in SNK's King of Fighters series).

    Dan is 1/2 Japanese, and likely 1/2 Thai since his father's a Muay Thai
fighter.  He was born and raised in Hong Kong.

    There is a battle intro between Sagat and Ryu where Sagat throws a
defeated Dan off to the side.  This is based off of an official art that
has Sagat holding a defeated person before Ryu came along.  Capcom took
their inspiration to make Dan from that official poster but then decided to
alter him a bit since then.  The game intros have nothing to do with the
actual storyline and that intro is actually more a tribute to how Dan was
inspired by that official poster.  The story is that originally, that guy
that Sagat was chucking away was just a nameless nobody but Capcom decided
to make a story with him and thus came up with Dan, then they decided they
wanted to alter that story a bit since then.  *shrug*  Strange Capcom.

    A scrapped plotline is that Dan was originally supposed to be Gouki's
angry student (from the caption in an allegedly official artwork) but that idea
was scrapped when they decided to make him more of a joke character and
parody-upped him more to parody SNK.  I suppose his being an ex-student
of Gouken's might be a remnant of that idea.

*** pgVDave.


I don't believe Capcom made official bios for the FFT bosses.

Final Fight Tough:  Dave's like... a twisted riot cop who's leading a riot in
Metro City.  The riot's actually a distraction so that the Skull Cross Gang
can break their leader out of jail during the commotion.  He's the first
boss in the game.  Not much else to say.  [from the game]

Where he is now:  *Shrugs*

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Hey hey!  It's Edi. E without the fat and the gun!  Still has the billy
club and facial hair though.

*** pgVDean.


Height: 197 cm
Weight: 91 kg
Likes: driving (fast)
Favorite food: beef kabobs

Final Fight Tough:  Dean's family was slaughtered by the Skull Cross Gang.  He
joins Mike Haggar in taking them down to get revenge.  Initially Haggar
and company didn't know who he was, but Haggar accepted his offer to lead
them to the Skull Cross Gang due to the urgency at hand.  There are two
different endings to Final Fight Tough.  One where Dean feels his fight is not
over yet and one where it is, but he needs to learn to live again.  I think
the latter is the good ending, so I'm going to assume that's what happened.
At any rate, in both endings he walks off into the sunset to find his own
path, alone.

Where he is now:  Trying to live a normal life again, I guess.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Characteristic: powerful, but a bit slow.
Sure-kill technique: electric shock
Weapon of preference: hammer
Special ability: distance grab
Super move: scrap dunk

    Dean's a former street fighter with thorough knowledge of the Skull
Cross Gang's operation.  He's very mysterious, and rumors say he's not
completely human.  He was asked to join the Skull Cross Gang, but he refused
so they slaughtered his family.  This angers him so he plans to avenge his
family by destroying the Gang.

    He always carries a small picture of his family wherever he goes.

    He wields electricity, so people wonder if he's a cyborg, but that's
not for certain.

*** pgVDeeJay.


Birthdate: October 31, 1965
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 92 kg
BWH sizes: B130, W89, H94
Blood type: AB
Native place: Jamaica
Special skill: musical composition, dance, bamboo dance
Likes: shouting, singing, dancing
Dislikes: stillness
Fighting style: kickboxing
SFZ-era nickname: "Kick & Music"
SF2-era nickname: "He's a Funky Jamaican"
SF4-era nickname: "Cheerful Maracas Fighter"

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Dee Jay is a young kickboxer, known as the
"Southern Comet". In high spirits, he now searches the world for good fights
utilizing combat rhythm.  And he... does nothing.  He became a music star
apparently, since while fighting during Z3 he did catch the eye of a record
company [specially noted by AAC].

SFZ3 File #30 Dee Jay

Admired as the Southern Country Comet, a young kickboxer.  Carrying through
seemingly with dance steps he merits of a nimble battle style, a positive guy.
Yet even with any kind of moment never running out of sharp smiling faces,
through a cheerful fighting style at once he's gotten the arrogance of a
champ.  With Jamaica's unbounded brightness, through Latin a soulful
environment, he it seems was brought up as a singing dancing fighter.  In
the latest, he's beginning to index a unique agreeable sensation in the midst
of combat rhythm.

Street Fighter 2:  Dee Jay participates in the Street Fighter 2 tournament
to find some more rhythm for his songs as he fights.  He realizes a cool
new beat and becomes more popular than ever [Conjecture based off in-game

Dee Jay- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

The man who as a fighting stylist is a pro musician.  In order to search out a
new rhythm, he participates in the battle.

Super Street Fighter 4:

Being an extremely talented kickboxer, yet continuously running million sellers
a top musician.  Consecutive attacks produced from "attack rhythm" are, his
true worth shown.  For that bright personality appraised as far as "cheerful
rather than optimistic", he never lets his smiling face go out.  From
unexpected details it's been arranged so that he participates in the world
fighting tournament.
-Dee Jay's "combat rhythm" from Z3 has apparently graduated to "attack rhythm"
by SF2 and SSF4.  Alrighty then.

Dee Jay continues to find hoodlums to bash heads with in the Lemony.  One day
he finds that one of them has a flyer showcasing Seth's latest tournament, and
his perpetual grin shows interest. [Dee Jay's opening]

Dee Jay most likely ran into Rufus in SSF4, and possibly met with Cammy as
well.  If they did meet, she successfully got an autograph for her friend who
adores Dee Jay, and he more likely than not tried to turn Cammy's frown upside
down. [Dee Jay's rival battle and win quote exchanges with Cammy].  His ending
has him duking out with an empty Seth and later on partying the night away as

Where he is now:  He's still a music star.  According to SF Eternal, he
continues to travel with the dream to master both the arts of fighting and
of music.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

The following were eventually altered/omitted from his profile as shown on
Capcom Japan's SSF4 site:

Name variations: DEEJAY/D.J.
Age:  29
Occupation/pedigree:  musician/kickboxer
Special skill:  - (unspecified)

And his originally posted profile summary (even his nickname changed)

Southern Country Comet

A kickboxer representative of Jamaica and being at the same time, being a
popular musician with all produced CD's so-called million sellers a unique
fighting stylist.  With an exceedingly cheerful personality never letting his
smiling face go out.  Defeating the unexpected hoodlums that come to his
favorite establishment, challengers having heard that rumor and, his defeating
assassins dispatched from the organization happens to finally arrive to Seth.

Dee Jay's manager has a pet bird named Beramacha.  Dee Jay and the bird are
best buddies.

    His manager's name is Rick.

He's always smiling, (even when sleeping).  Dee Jay likes lots of things and
dislikes lots of things, yet has a good sense about him.  He's talkative and
seeks out severe battles.

He does stay strong with swinging iron-made maracas.

    From HnN regarding Dee Jay's rhythm.

Ever since Dee Jay was young, he was absorbed into music and kickboxing.  As
a result, he became a super top-notch musician as a kickboxer.
Can another glance at the two be probably how he practiced?  At first
considering the matter, the destined rhythm from the fact that is said from
both, the time of kickboxing practice, if not then constantly playing high
spirited music?  Besides coming from the nature of the rhythm's feeling and
a polished fighting sense, due to consideration his own personal rhythm is
affixed to his body.
Battling head-to-head with his head constantly flowing with the music,
reckless opponents likely can't wait much longer.  Is that not probably
Dee Jay's secret of strength?
Also, amidst head-to-head battling inspiration grows.  Lately, in the world
as a street fighter beginning to battle as it goes how it all started, with
more opponents' queries of his strength and the degree of strength his
inspiration clears, a fresh composition written from what is said to be
turned-on persuasive power perhaps?
Besides what is done it is believed that Dee Jay is what is said to be a
wholly optimistic man.  You might say his album before long will most
certainly be heard.  Maybe the vocals already came around (by all means

    Dee Jay uses Capoeira in the Street Fighter comic by Udon, but
the writers stated in the RAW that they just did this because it suits
his character and they don't think he uses Capoeira in the games (he

    Fun random fact.  Dee Jay is the only SF2 character (and probably only
SF character ever) designed by Capcom of USA.  When Super Street Fighter 2
with four new characters (Cammy, Dee Jay, Fei-Long, and Thunder Hawk) was
made, Capcom of Japan made three of them and Capcom of USA made one, Dee
Jay.  ...this might explain why Dee Jay is the least developed SFZ3
character (little incentive for CoJ to develop the storyline further for a
character they didn't design).

    A post to the Gamefaqs message board by James Goddard, the man
responsible for designing Dee Jay.

That is true. Capcom had sent us pics of the 4 new challengers. There was 2
Fei Longs (head swaps). I felt this was bad for the players and asked for a
shot at creating a real 4th. They let me try and after watching King of the
Kickboxers with Billy Blanks (yes the tai-bo guy before he wore tights!!) I
got the idea. I sent a real rough/crappy sketch. They sent back a good one.
I did a final kickass one from theirs with the hairstyle and such, and
pitched it in Japan. I cannot remember the artist's name but he made it
happen. I have read stupid threads in the past about how I am not a good
artist; the joke is I never said I was an artist! LOL! I draw cartoony
stuff. I get to co-create characters in this biz because I am able to write
the background and pull out the character's feel/motivation, etc. do a lame
sketch when needed and work with great artists to collaborate the end
result- with them nailing the look! I think Dee Jay is fun, so even though
he is not critical to the SF storyline, he has tons of potential!!

Dee Jay's machine gun upper was born when he tried to knock some punks out to
the beat of machine-gun-like background music playing.  His punching power
totally changed when this rhythm became in demand. 

    Secrets of Dee Jay's SF2 stage from the Fanbook:

Jamaica (Dee Jay)

Sunset at the establishment known as "Lemony" at the pretty Kingston beach.

Flies when the match is decided.  Also Rick's pet, Beramacha?

Dee Jay's tune, is MAXIMUM (also written on his trousers) the center of the
musical performance!?

"Lemony"'s specialty exclusive band with songs treated to salsa.

Before Dee Jay became famous he danced at the Lemony just like those in the
background of his stage.

Dee Jay from Gamest SSF2

Story of Dee Jay

Twilight approaching on Kingston Beach.
For a beautiful sunset, five points can be counted in the world.
The cafe bar & restaurant of the coastland with a turnout of numerous tourists,
at the sandy beach from occupied lovers an exchange of sweet whispers made of
each other's memories.
Reggae's notorious in Jamaica but, connecting with the shore detail, nowadays
it collects every single music style in the world.

At that shop "Lemony"'s stage, a salsa band resounded with a lighthearted
rhythm.  Nearly all the visitors being tourists, among them even the figures of
Orientals could be seen.  Brilliantly colored cocktails amongst the flickering
lights of torches.  Gently time was flowing by.
That man, automatically turned up.
Seated at a counter seat close by the stage, he ordered champagne.
With a baseball cap and sunglasses, a t-shirt hidden by a bolero, while kneeling
the linen pants hid sandals and everything else.
The skin a burly brown, with considerably tough stature, forged arms could come
into sight.
Having taken a sip of champagne, the shades guy looked at the stage.  He was
taking hold of the form's natural rhythm.  As the band performance ended, the
next composition began.

A short time later still alone, a strangely unstable man came about.  That man
wore a pudgy aloha shirt, he surveyed and considered the restless shop interior
and, hanging on a heartbroken shoulder, with a compassionless face he haunched
down onto the edge of the counter seat.
The shop's master with a full-faced smile approached him.
"Hey, Rick!  Been a while hasn't it?!"
Slowly that man's face rose, for Rick, the master being diameterically opposite,
such that now his face burst into tears as he stiffly spoke.
"No matter how hard I try, there's nothing!  Why am I not doing well......"
"Hey hey, what's wrong?"
That's how the master was being, never with behavior for a move of worry.  After
all with having lost on a wager, having seen his wife with Henkley, such would
be the scene.
"Anyway calm down!, have a drink.  After a year again."
"With this, I will calm down?!"
He exclaimed, while the master presented for Rick a double whiskey to pleasantly
drink up, he sobbed convulsively.
"Now what?  With your place, recent partners get sold, that's not how it should
be?  Isn't that likely the reason for being troubled over money?"
"Those partners are difficult cases!"
"Partners....that Dee Jay, he melts it away!!"
Dee Jay.  There's not a person in this Jamaica who knows not his name.  1 year
ago, like a comet he appeared a top musician.  Concerts always packed with
people, with his released CD's being all million sellers he's known as a
superstar.  Rick being a friend from 4 years ago, presently, has come to work as
his manager.  Because also, with Dee Jay himself a considerably sloppy
character, working and playing tending to be his mood of favorite convenience,
having been a strong feeling, Rick in his natural form was opposed to
Enriching what was heard as reasonable, as adequate, indeed celebrities seem
from personalities of happiness or of curses, Dee Jay and Rick's relation ran
across from approximately what became a change of circumstances.
"Melted......you say, you mean like gone?"
"Of course!  Surely you know he does kickboxing?  Nowadays being with that
domestic tournament, that guy also went out for that.  Then, in the midst of
the bout all of the sudden he leaps out, and tears them all up.
Naturally an uproar, fumbling however, already hotel baggage
increases......damn it!"
As Rick was watching over them, he totally didn't suspect the event of the
Now what other problems could turn up......all hands used up over the fumbling,
like taking the last hand, Rick and Dee Jay met at what came to be this shop.
With hope also extinguished he, already was gulping down the liquor.

That was that time.
The resounding guitar's song suddenly, died out.
All at once the customers turn toward the stage and, a lowbred company of 5 to
6 people, step in to brush aside the stage's bandman.
That private person, pulled out the amp's electric cord.
"Again?......" the master muttered.
In a space of 2 months here, 3 days of opening came to be of company.  For
Kingston Beach's sight-seeing guest party restaurants, they became the local
Mafia's suitable income spots.  Being impossible to hire bodyguards, there are
high money robbings.
But still, beyond that matter isn't a warped understanding, for in the vicinity
of the shop reluctant guys are swallowed on requirements.  As such the
settlement is for safety, it is also to avert trouble.  Yet, recently it's
become, a mysterious business for several turned shop interiors.
For "Lemony", it's such that their anti-compulsory demands now carried can be
brushed aside.  With song and laughter and appetizing liquor sold at this shop,
acts of loitering by such unpolished company rightly die in vain.
"My bad, Master!  I'lll be quiet and have my favorite drink!  For a guest
request, naturally let us listen to youu!  Gahahaha!"
Frightened guests surrounding the stage are driven away.  That being the center,
flashy violet charmed bad suited men, take seats with vulgar loud laughter.
The shop inside returns to quiet.
The master, for tonight, has decided in thought, to get the violet suited men to
approach the counter.
"Sorry......take off!  You bother everyone!"
"Hey, did you hear that?!  We're also guests, and still we have to get out!
Let us slowly enjoy our alcohol okayy?  In this shop, money wipes off responses
dooesn't it, everybody!  Gahahaha!"
The huge body built company glared at the master.  The master hid his eyes.
A rapid fist assuming a form of endurance, Rick was seeing trouble.
That's it, the police - he thought as he saw part of the counter's interior
telephone, he would show off with the headphones the party guys while he would
grin and laugh.
"Mister Master!!  This tone, likely makes for poor business!  How about it!?
Every night you agree to be bloodstained!!  Hire us, the shop's safe, business
prospers!  Don't refuse our terms!"
"Hold it right there!"
That voice was heard from the counter.  The sunglasses man.
Seeing that, Rick thought about exclaiming "yeah".  The show-off master was
one and the same.
"What, bastard!"  Having stopped the frivolous laugh since some time ago, the
suited man dreadfully enlivened.  The shades guy took off all his upper garments
and stood up.  Too much splendid muscle.  No more than this agreed to cool his
smile, the suited man pointed.
"You!  I'm astonished!"
"Tonight is a special night.  It's too silent here, boring."
For the sunglasses man, seeing the sides of the master and Rick, thumbs were
"Master!  Music, please!"
Rick aware of everything, the shades guy sent back the so-called signal.  That
thumb signal, was the dance starting sign.  Rick went around the counter
interior, putting in the power to the CD player.  A giant noise shot through the
"Don't joke around!  Hey, do it!!"
At the suited man's signal his accomplices would spring upon the sunglasses man.
Having waited out on declaring a facial expression, the sunglasses guy

That movement, was that of a dance.  Stretching out his legs, his hands, one
after another the men were removed with attacks as such, going to their defeat.
Connected punches settled for the shin drum explosions.
The surrounding guests were totally excited.
One guest suddenly felt it.
"This tune being......'Maximum', he's......Dee Jay!?"
The tune rose, approaching the last phrase.  The hoodlums thoroughly defeated,
the purple suited man became the only one left.  Frightened the suited man
admirably ran away.
"H......help mee!!"
At the last tune, Dee Jay's uppercuts piled on each other.
At the same time the suited formed man took off at full speed, the tune ended.

"Dee Jay!  Dee Jay!"
Already completely the true colors were exposed.  The Dee Jay call would rise.
Rick came running up to Dee Jay.
"You were here, Dee Jay......"
"Yeah, here is my and your, ought-to-be commemorative meeting spot of course!"
Rick began to feel glad.  For Dee Jay, my having gone northward cannot be
After all this guy, is my best pal!
"C'mon......let's go back.  Everyone's waiting.  Even the fans are anxious."
"Nah......sorry but I'm not returning."
"Huh!?  How come!?"
"I've been excited about another new inspiration.  Surely it's a new rhythm."
At hearing that Rick held his head.  Again something fishy with this guy has
"Don't worry, I'll return in time for the next concert tour!  See ya!"
"H, hey!  Wait!  What are you going to do, about the next new tune recording!!"
Dee Jay was surrounded by guests flying over, from out the shop.  Gold Pampul
Open Sports tires squealing became more distant.
Rick slid into heartbreak, reaching to his knees.
The master to gamble on his voice.
"Yeah if it resounds, it'll be one way or the other......I think, that's the
way it is right, Rick!"
To amass for his sake, finally Rick burst into tears.
"Deeeeeeee Jaaaaaaay!!!"
-Dee Jay tries to get his distraught friend and manager Rick cheery again in
the old-fashioned "don't worry be happy have a drink" manner.  The drink
happens to be a double whiskey in an attempt to have Rick get over the facts
that he fell through on some big-time gambling wagers plus his seeing his wife
with another man named Henkley.
-The joint in Kingston, Jamaica known as Lemony is Dee Jay's own place as well
as his SSF2 stage.  It periodically gets visited by the ideal ruffians for Dee
Jay to mop up and treat his screaming fans in doing so.
-Dee Jay met Rick back in 1989 and they've been friends ever since.  Rick
started being Dee Jay's manager more recently (1993), shortly after Dee Jay
really hit the top of the charts with his music the year before.

*** pgVDhalsim.


Birthdate: November 22, 1952
Height: 176 cm (variable)
Weight: 48 kg (variable)
BWH sizes: B107, W46, H65
Blood type: O (possibly variable as well)
Native place: India
Special skill: Buddhist sermons, anatman (Buddhist selflessness)
Likes: curry, meditation
Dislikes: sweets, meats
Fighting style: yoga inner mysteries
SFZ-era nickname: "Yoga's Marvels Infinite Reach"
SF2-era nickname: "Splendid Isolation's Yoga Warrior"
SF4-era nickname: "Deeply Caring Ascetic"

Street Fighter Zero 2:  An illness has hit his village and he is street
fighting in order to afford medicine for his fellow villagers. That’s
why the villagers and Sally are thanking Dhalsim in his ending.
He dislikes the violence he must do for good, but his wife assures him
that he has saved and helped many people.  [Conjecture based off in-game
storyline and specially noted in AAC. Illness is from official SFZ2 bios]

Street Fighter Zero 3:  The yoga master, Dhalsim, fights for his family
and for the poor. The increasingly evil energy forces him to decide....
The source of this evil surge must be severed [SFZ3 Prologue].

He might have met Rose and tried to dissuade her from taking on Vega alone.
He may have also met Cammy and sensed the conscious turmoil within her.
[conjecture based off in-game storyline]  In the end he manages to weaken
the psycho drive's hold on the girls which allows Cammy to later convince
the rest of them whom they really ought to be fighting against.[psycho drive
sabotage verified by Eternal]

SFZ3 File #15 Dhalsim

Yoga's training monk with matters capable of freely elasticizing his limbs.
For the sake of helping out his village suffering of illness and poverty,
reluctantly he's earning money through street fights.  In time he comprehends
an increasingly negative energy, in order to get rid of the calamity he
leaves behind his homeland.  Incidentally for him Sally being his wife so to
speak, presently she's during her pregnancy.
-Although Sally is shown with their newborn son Datta in Dhalsim's Z2 ending,
CJ rewrites the course of events with Z3 such that she's only pregnant with
Dhalsim's son during Z3.  She's still Dhalsim's 17-year-old wife (!) though.

Street Fighter 2:  As shown by his new ending in SF2 Revival, he DID enter the
SF2 tournament to help go after Shadaloo and win money to feed his son.  At
any rate, after the SF2 tournament he went back to his loving family.
[Conjecture based off in-game storyline]

Dhalsim- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

Having thrown himself into the street fight for the sake of his young son, the
kind-hearted yoga master.

Street Fighter 4:

Disciplined Indian monk who's mastered yoga's hidden purposes.  While
hesitant in wounding others due to fighting, for the sake of rescuing
his family's dwelling village, he wields his blazing techniques once

Dhalsim takes up fighting once more in SF4 in order to recover a precious
resource for his people: water.  After hearing from his son Datta via Guile's
daughter Chris that Guile's taken on a new mission, Dhalsim promises the
desperate villagers that he will bring their water back from the agents of
S.I.N.-sha who've built a dam to deprive Dhalsim's village of its H20
[Dhalsim's SF4 opening].  He succeeds, and Datta writes back to Chris after
she does the same saying that her dad's work went well also [Dhalsim's SF4

Super Street Fighter 4:

The village manages once more thanks to Dhalsim's efforts, but he senses that
S.I.N.-sha and Shadaloo still linger in the world.  As a corrupted component
of humankind they must be taught a lesson, and so Dhalsim journeys out yet
again to do just that, wielding his divinely bestowed illusional flames.
[Dhalsim's opening]  Seth and S.I.N.-sha are eventually brought down, and
Dhalsim returns home, feeling that he's not alone in the battle for
righteousness, that he can trust humanity as a whole to prevail against
evil and suffering as he hugs his son Datta. [Dhalsim's ending]

Where he is now:  Still being a revered philanthropist I'm sure.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Dhalsim from SFZ2

Yoga Inferno

As dusk draws near on the bank of the Ganges River, facing the western sky
meditating was the form of a training monk.  His name is Dhalsim.
Now, from tomorrow he prepares for a journey of trial, having calmed his heart.
Up to half a year ago a prevailing disease (hayari yamai) struck his village.
......If the reason was insufficient medical treatment for the poor village,
many villagers would collapse, bedridden by the disease.
With everyone certainly unable to pay their medical bills, Dhalsim unable to
let that present condition pass unnoticed, it is such that he realized the
method for to say earn money would therefore be the means of the so-called
street fight.
At the riverbank he was thoroughly dispirited, continuing to meditate all the
more at Dhalsim's back, a lone woman was stepping up toward him.  It's Sally,
his wife.
Her husband's determination, while she knew not to worry in the end, she
couldn't help but be concerned as his wife.  The so-called struggle, so far
a silent living contrary to gazing at the world itself having become thrown
onto her husband's back, she stood stock still.
It is that time.  Suddenly Dhalsim's body, wrapped into an enormous flame
Sally astonished, called out to her husband.  "Dear!"  However Dhalsim calm,
turned around.  "There's no need for concern.  This is a marvel of yoga, a
fabricated blaze borrowed from the power of the fire god Agni......it's
As he would say it, without a sound the flame went out.  Somehow or other
that is, to sightseers it would seem that the image of the flame was like a
battle spirit type of thing.
"Utilizing this power, opponents won't be injured more than is necessary, I
can likely battle to win......"  Dhalsim would face his smiling wife, having
stiffened those pupils.
A cruel struggle hardening in his place before Dhalsim, Sally kindly addresses
"Your beliefs, are surely the proper ones......"
Hearing those words, even Dhalsim's final hesitation, seemed to ooze out.
Several months from this event, constantly Dhalsim looks back at his own
conduct endowed him with the technique.  That move bluntly named
"yoga inferno", it was to become Dhalsim's powerful weapon.......
-He doesn't want to fight, but he has to.  In Dhalsim's view, evils in the
world such as epidemics and destitution exist so that they be stood against.
-From a passive mindset of using his power for the purpose of minimal injury
to adversaries, Dhalsim's super the yoga inferno is born.
-The disease inflicted on his village is most likely a strand of influenza.

Zero 2's News TOP SECRET: Dhalsim

Top Secret Notification Part Number 8074890
Shadoloo Intelligence Department Investigation Room C-26

His Excellency the Commander's Directly Supervised
New Fighter Acquisition Candidacy Reconnaisance Report

NAME: Dhalsim
(full name unknown, possibly his name as a monk)
AGE: age unidentified
(presumed to be from early 20's to mid-30's)
SEX: male

Herein is the report of the character Dhalsim, who's not strictly a fighting
stylist.  Separated from an ordinary human with body manipulation techniques
through yoga, resistant to agony and adversity brought about by many long
years of penance as a Brahman monk, this investigation room considered him
being a superhuman factor even as foremost a fighting stylist.
At his birthplace being the Indian province of Kerala his training contents
of "ikingyo" and fighting move-like factors are matters taken in as
inseparable. Why then, his grounds therefore in representing almost all the
world becomes the striking thrusting related fighting moves from also the
ancenstral origin grounds of the foundations of "Gandaara martial arts."
Though today exists a succeeding name to "Kalaripayattu", the matter that
his fighting techniques will also at any rate vary is of no space for doubt.
As the world is as wide as each joint unit of desorption, from where would
not the existence of the meeting and parting of the skeletal and muscular
systems' flexibilities going at will for fighting techniques and the like.
Namely, having said that the matter of his skills be learned by other people
by example our Shadoloo assassination-necessary personnel's handpicked isn't
an exaggeration to say a near impossibility, even bringing in consideration
for he himself with only a specially characteristic physical constitution,
he's a greatly profound interest as a subject of study.  As opposed to
becoming a superior Shadoloo science companion, his own self as the target
investigation object, would we receive a willingness to cooperating.
Nevertheless, according to the measurement machine from his brain even at
normal times a great deal of alpha waves is being detected.  In other words
it forecasts trouble for the brainwashing machine in "persuasion".
Furthermore, his fighting motive being from religious morality becomes the
manner of aiding the weak.  Somewhat childish heroism but, as for this
investigation room required character care is concluded for this Dhalsim.
As the situation has also detected a hostile manner with us of Shadoloo and
him, if by any chance preparation is set as a necessity add to the matter
in advance.  His habitual movements, in the speech and conduct of those many
supporters, the concealed man may therefore take one wrong step for the
possibility of even becoming possibly the "Second Gandhi".
-Shadaloo's assessment of Dhalsim in the Zero series.  Fascinated by the
flexibility of his physique, admittance in the struggle to try brainwashing
him if he were to be captured.

Dhalsim from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Through penance manipulating comprehended yoga's miracles, from distant
intervals he attacks opponents.  As far as extremities for flesh cut clean
of fat even while the joints' abnormal-like limbs are materialized, in
battle the essential parts of muscle mostly not in sacrificing.  Also at
any time for a mentality not to forget of compassion's heart, when releasing
kicks even from showing a pressing of palms together (in prayer) one can
feel it.  

Fashion Style

In the ascetic monk's name he wears appropriately simplistic clothing, he's
binding the waist's section with rough straw rope.  For paint applied to the
face and head, believed to be also a relation to his creeded doctrine, as for
the rings affixed to the wrists and ears a suggesting of the soul's
transmigration.  Taking human death as a thing of severity from customs?, for
hanging from his neck are multiple skulls. 

In front of Jaunpur Monument [INDIA]

Letting down a heavy load, for Dhalsim before an elder sat down.
His return home after 4-some months.
The street fight to say, not without infringing on divine instruction (oshi)
with a drastic rumor Dhalsim resolved to rescue the villagers from starvation
and disease.
Thus including with the elder everyone's hearts by means of the appreciation
right in front of him and, also within his aching chest is the curing thought.
For the village the certainty was becoming clear.  For merely each a certain
living's allowance also seems to have come out.  In exactly a year reserving
for tomorrow a 2-fold village festival, for the village's girls at the public
square in front of a monument are said to be attending to those preparations.
As for the village elder in Dhalsim, followed with his eyes that quickly he
must be shown that his wife's figure is safe.
The Jaunpur's monument.  For in a tiny village that's a non-well-matched
imposing monument.
Having protected people from pestilence and war disaster calamities the hero
of ancient times Jaunpur is being revered, through the utmost of relationship
to the village the transmitted oral tradition biography doesn't expire.
Be that as it may for the monument the villagers' prosperity and decline was
For the public square in front of the monument decorations were being attached
with multicolored curtains and streamers.
Within that discovering Sally's figure, Dhalsim talked to her.
The wife delights in meeting again with the husband.
For a brief period giving a relief, both of them raise their eyes to the
monument.  A fine sensation of a breeze goes crossing through the public
"For me to have encountered you, it had to be in front of this stone monument
didn't it."
Curious from his wife that such a topic of conversation had broken the ice.
Having realized whether or not it's her and for presumed Dhalsim, having made
the decision he's transmitting the true meaning.
"For me however much income I've brought, for to the heavily ill ones it has
been about granting purchases for medication.  There is no reason that I
mustn't continue the struggle beyond this.  However......The fact is I have
been perceiving.  In the entirety of this world, a powerful negative energy
seems to be rising.  Unable to avoid it being an unreasonable calamity, to us
while it's known as surrendering for the matter of overlooking this......For
in me, it cannot be."
Shutting her eyes, having quietly heard her husband's words for Sally slowly
answered him.
"From the time I saw your face when you had returned, I had rightly sensed
that it was not to be so."
Just now her eyes face toward her husband.  An always unchanging gentle
facial expression.
"To trust in you is your wife's duty.  And also......In surely coming back
alright, as a father is your duty."
"Father......Ohh, Sally!"
Steadily he gazes at his wife's eyes.  For that was also a mother's eyes
affectionate to a child.
Thoughts of a newly family with a son in the mother's womb to come, indeed
for Dhalsim's decision there wasn't a matter of swaying.
-Dhalsim meets Sally to learn that he's going to be a dad, during a festival
in the district of Jaunpur, the festival honoring a protectorate of the same
name.  Dhalsim had been gone from his wife around 4 months prior to receiving
the joyous news and the further incentive to return safely after placing the
negative energy he's been sensing in check. 

    Dhalsim from Gamest SF2

SFII's strange character and speaking of the foremost to recall is probably
Uncanny paint, a repulsive skull necklace, unusually huge bracelets, and
also flax (?) trunks (?).  Now an exceeding expert of yoga which is said to
hold a good feeling, and performing hallucinations to their limits.
For his sake as a young child, the wounds of people were taken in sparingly
and not separated  from the specially necessary evil within which was to be
admonished from struggling against.  An unreasonable argument.  For the sake
of children why likely struggle that which is necessary?  That boundary of
meaninglessness may possibly be the rationale boundary for Dhalsim.
As for his sure killing moves, scorching the separated opponents, the ashes
left behind "yoga fire," and approached likely by his wife (?) and by his
child, everything wrapped in raging flames is the "yoga flame."
Even not doing these, his limbs can freely extend.  An endlessly unfair guy.
However, with his extended limb assault hits are exceptionally anguishing
facial expressions also.
The rest in midair are the sudden angled-degree direction-changing
"drill attack" a queer becoming move he uses, a circumferencing being
grasping uncanningly what no one else can approach.
That's the opened Buddhist enlightened clown Dhalsim.
-Dhalsim was revealed early on to be capable of inducing hypnotic
hallucinations like he does to Honda in the SF2 Animated Movie.  Moreover it
was foreshadowed since World Warrior that his wife would be somewhat alarmed
while Dhalsim performed more flame-intense moves like the yoga flame.

    Dhalsim was said to breathe fire by channeling his yoga energy as well
as because he eats lots of spicy curry.  At least, that's what my Capcom of
USA SF2 instruction booklet as well as Nintendo Power told me.  As it is,
the actual reason is because he drew powers from the Hindu god of fire,
"Agni".  He does eat plenty of "special dhal curry" though, as well as
meditate after his prayers and meals.

    Dhalsim's Z2 backstory has him deeply meditating somewhere in the
surrounding area of the Ganges River.  The people of his village suffer
from poverty and illness.  He needs money quick in order to save them.

    Dhalsim's wife is Sally and his son is Datta.

Sally's 3 sizes are B82, W57, H86 during the Zero series.  She's also 156 cm
tall and weighs 40 kg (!).

    Guile's daughter Chris and Dhalsim's son Datta are penpals since SF2
was made (which probably was made in part because Guile and Dhalsim were the
only ones with canon families at the time so Capcom decided to connect the

Typical topics that Datta would write about to Chris include meditating with
his dad, practicing limb stretching as well as sending her his father's curry

Dhalsim was born in Kerala, a province in India, as noted by Shadaloo agents.

    Dhalsim's Dash account:

Dhalsim from Gamest SF2D

The Vanity of All Things

My name is Dhalsim.  I am a man known as an extremity expert at Indian yoga.
As for the obstinates of the West, who don't recognize from the head the power
of yoga, my yoga secrets if looked at can be conclusively authorized.  How
about looking at taking from an apple tree if it's 5 meters ahead?  Seen balls
of fire emitted from the mouth?!  No matter What kind of trick it is.
Borrowing the evil-consuming flame from the power of the Indian fire god "Agni",
it is ready to be comprehended by things such as Western science.
For the pursuers of yoga knowledge, money should not be a need.  Food intake
quantities can be regulated at will, the minimum necessary limit of money
agreeable enough among begging priests.  For me, if I go into meditation from
morning until evening, that's 1 day passed by.  My good-natured wife an
understanding person, at last this time on the side of forgetting hunger,
self-taught to say the techniques of yoga during perception, my family with
money for so-called existence value, still more sparse things were to become.
And so, this is the distant prospect, the change that could not make all

Void is This Color

However, it was one small life that was largely overturned.
Between myself and my wife a child was born.  For me, this child was already
granted by god, a pledge at the same time a thanksgiving to protect this
changing life....grind, weep.  It was a leisure openhearted as wanting to cry.
Why was this?  So I love you my darling.
That's what it's called.  This son, unlike myself and my wife was getting
hungry.  Drinking milk thankfully brushed it away but, now it's become that
food is a necessity.  So that I heard from my wife say to buy food.
"Dear, there is no money."
How can this be.  For my family I believed that money wasn't a necessity,
this has become the shape of necessity...!  However, for me there was no work
and the like, really what I can do that'll be enough.

Yoga's Extremity Secrets

The way to make a living in my mind, is to have yoga circle consultations
"If they could this time be continued as fighting techniques for the world
battle championship, a lifetime of idleness in India can be overwhelmed
with a monetary prize to be obtained."
This is it, no other choice.  If I have my yoga, I'll be beneath the notice
for fear of a barbarous fighting stylist and such.  But, I was born until
today, above all to not wield violence and the like.  The so-called wounds
of people, sufficiently opposing god's teachings, are barbarous things left
to chance.  However, to relieve the starving of a beloved son, there's no
other choice for helping this matter.  This is one, to say necessary evil
which I can try to get god to close an eye on.
The following day for me, while the wife in training was sleeping I
discovered a famous fighting stylist wanting to challenge me for a wagering
bout.  I feel it passed through, that as for me I became 1 person as someone
who would stand before my yoga.  And so I decided in conclusion on being a
competitor speaking, with the words "It's unfair...".
What can be said, the Indian vehicle god Skanda surely will not sleep on
unfairness for any reason.  As for my extending limbs, the gifts of strict
pursuit of knowledge.  It's fine if all of you find mortifying my
reaching-out limbs through pursuit of knowledge.
And, with me needing to have traveling expenses sufficiently collected,
I prepare for the journey.  My son, wait for me.  When I will return,
there will be curry to eat to your heart's content.
My name is Dhalsim.  An extremely potent man in the world.
-Dhalsim introduces himself to Westerners who might overlook the extremities
of yoga.  He and his wife Sally commit to a strict ascetic life of poverty
and fasting, but they found that upon their child being born, these extremities
had to be relaxed for Datta's sake.
-Dhalsim would fight in SF2 for monetary purposes, and with the intent of
hurting others as little as possible.

    He is referred to as a monk in AASFZ2, but the context and word used
indicates that it is more as a knowledgeable person about religion
than the definition of monastic monk that most people know (which is why
he has a family, etc).  He prays to both Hinduism's beings of the deva
realm and to Buddha (seen as a reincarnation of the deity Vishnu).

    Yoga gives Dhalsim many innate mental abilities, such as reading minds
and sensing evil.  But you probably already know that.  Through the power
of satori (enlightenment in the Buddhist sense) he can de-materialize into
3-D holograms upon teleporting.  Truly a yoga mystery.  This goes for his
limb extending as well.

The elephant he rides on in his SF2 ending is called Kodal.

    Bison once killed one of Dhalsim's elephants just for the hell of it.
Kodal's parent was the elephant killed by Bison.

    From HnN regarding Dhalsim and elephants:

There's a drawn picture in the center of Dhalsim's stage.  It seems to be an
elephant seated on a rug with both hands holding mysterious weapons.
Ordinarily a picture as such would be overlooked, but this picture is quite
deep within, as deep as the southernmost crevasses of the Mariana Trench,
secret as profound myths and legends.
With this picture, Dhalsim kept his creed alive and belief in the Hindu-taught
deity Ganesh (Kangiden) and perhaps no more than that?
Ganesh is the elephant deity.  Drawn within this picture is an indiscretion
with the elephant there, such that is not considered.
In India, elephants are used as holy messengers and held with immense respect.
Dhalsim honors those elephants, through the heart of his creed they're in the
fighting arena of course.  Dhalsim's elephants in comparison probably believe
they don't measure up to that known level.
In Dhalsim's stage, six elephants cry out PA-O!...PA-O! twenty-four hours a day,
in the center the elephant god Ganesh brings out the like, in Dhalsim's
religious view, it realistically appears.
Wild elephants decrease in numbers these days, for all of them does the great
Dhalsim not follow their example and cry out for the elephants' protection with
a loud voice?
-Dhalsim has six elephants in all to praise and honor the Hindu deity Ganesh.

    Dhalsim's fire isn't real fire.  Apparently, the flames are just an
illusion. That might be why his opponents don't receive any permanent
burns despite being completely engulfed in flames.  The significance of
Dhalsim using flames has to do with the fact that some religions
believe that requests and prayers are carried to the heavens by the smoke
and flames. According to yoga, fire is capable of purification.
Dhalsim's views are reflected in this, seeing as how he attempts to
bring peace by erasing the wicked from this world and/or the evil that
aggravates their souls.

    Kodal often accompanies Dhalsim as he travels the world.  Datta enjoys
playing w/ Kodal.

    Dhalsim's fighting style may have been inspired by Kalaripayit as
noted by Shadaloo agents, an ancient Indian form of combat whose unarmed
moves include punches, strikes, kicks, locks, holds, and throws. This martial
art requires tremendous flexibility.

    Likely caste where Dhalsim and his family come from:

From initial appearances, Sally and Lilly are definitely easier to label
than Dhalsim:

Lilly: probably a Sudra (servant or laborer)

Sally: probably a Sudra at birth, now most likely a Pariah (outcast).

Dhalsim: he's tough because of many varying qualities he has. Due to his
poverty he might be a Sudra, for the fact that he is or was an (unorthodox)
warrior, he could be classified as a Kshatriya (ruler or warrior, or if
he's considered an authority in spirituality as he is often depicted he
could be a Brahman (priest or scholar). Possibly though he is a Pariah
IF he practices Buddhism which totally discourages India's caste system
by promoting universal brotherhood.

    Haggar and Dhalsim are the oldest SF chars in the canon that have
actual specific ages stated for them.

    His prototype name was Naradatta and later on Hindustan.  He got his
current name from a curry shop near Capcom's headquarters called "Dhal,"
after the Indian cooking ingredient.

    In the Japanese version of SF2, Dhalsim says that the photograph is of
him a long time ago.  Overseas, he says it is him "in his past
life".  Since only three years had passed, he obviously didn't actually
mean that he had died and been reincarnated since the photograph had been
taken.  This photo isn't mentioned in his SF2 Revival ending though.  The
SSF2XR ending is more about how Dhalsim fights evil now.

    A translation about Dhalsim's SF2 stage:

India (Dhalsim) Maharajah's Palace

Indian model decision battles took place at the Maharajah's palace.  Now the
ceremony praising the fighting king is just over.
"The king of greatness to become, who besides can it be?"
"Hmm, as for the challengers from foreign nations.  This is agreeable, Dhalsim!,
your power will be a supportive test.  How much you separate will also be the
remainder of what will be watched over."
"I must win only with motive.  Fate cannot be opposed.  Such is fate......"
Dhalsim once confronted the whole of yoga training.  He took himself as the
same as whoever was a challenger.  The greatest enemy therefore being his own
-Battles at Dhalsim's stage are fought with the Maharajah's consent.

HnN pointed out that the skulls of his necklace were probably children he
could not save. Then when the Fanbook came out, it was revealed that each skull
represented three worldly elements: fire, water, and earth. Possibly each child
perished from a wildfire or lightning, etc., a flood or just drowning, etc.,
and an earthquake or mudslide, etc.

Although AASFZ3 mentions nothing about his necklace in his fashion style
section (kind of surprising), his Z3 art does show especially from an angle that
the jaws have larger and fewer teeth than would an adult's jaw, and the eye
sockets are reasonably big.  Going by the jaws, the children wouldn't have been
older than 2 or 3 years.

Dhalsim's SF4 arcade ending comments:

As Dhalsim knocked down the strong one by one, he achieves in regaining the
water in his family's dwelling village.  In the village the children's innocent
smiles overflow, seeing that for Dhalsim is such a happy smiling.

*** pgVDrake.


An FFT boss.  They don't have bios.

Final Fight Tough:  A Skull Cross member, Drake is a possible third boss you
fight (and the one you fight on the way to get the 'best' ending).  He's in
charge of smuggling weapons for some mysterious company called The Sims.
[from the game]

Where he is now:  Hmm.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He's a sailor you fight on his boat.

    ...what the heck are The Sims anyways?  They're just mentioned after
you beat Drake and that's that, but something must have been important
because stopping their weapon shipment lets you get a 'better' ending where
everyone comments that their job is done (as opposed to the alternative of
feeling like their job isn't done).

*** pgVDudley.


Native place: England (hails from London)
Birthday: January 27
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 101 kg
BWH sizes: B160, W90, H100
Blood type: B
Likes: black tea, roses
Dislikes: rude fellows
Special skill: ceramics judgment
Fighting style: boxing
SF4-era nickname: "Glittering Within the Battle Dandyism"
SF3-era nickname: "Boxing Gentleman"

Super Street Fighter 4:

Highly prideful perfection principle Britain's heavy class pro boxer.  By
means of his father's enterprise's failure for a time strengthened a
totally bottom's living, with one long arm he recovered most of the original
assets.  For a powerful rush's impression through close combat to the
contrary, it's balancing also one surface to love black tea and roses.
Responding to an invitation for the world fighting tournament, he decides
to participate.

Pretty much what's said up above.  Dudley's got everything back except for
his father's Jaguar, and suddenly an invitation for a world fighting
tournament arrives.  He needs a mood distraction, he needs to acquire
fresh stocks of roses, perfect timing to journey out.  Despite sensing
a non-gentleman-like air about this tournament, he asks his butler to
respond positively anyway. [Dudley's SSF4 opening]

If no one else Dudley does get to meet and fight Bison during the course
of SSF4, possibly Ryu as well since SF3 maintains that they had met
sometime prior to 2I and 3S, and likely also Cammy with his win quote to
Decapre.  Dudley's ending has him returning back home to find a newly
blossomed wild rose in his garden.  He notes that beauty and refinement can
be found not only where one hopes to see it, but also where one doesn't
easily expect to see it.  His butler agrees. 

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact:  Dudley journeys out in SF3 to recover
his father's car that Gill acquired via the black market. [Official]
Even though he didn't win the "tournament," he impressed Gill enough to get
his car back.  He accidentally breaks off the steering wheel while driving
it though, but quickly puts it back on.  Problem solved! [Conjecture based
off in-game storyline].

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

Reflourishing in a champion title, the having been awarded the impressive
special title of "Sir" Dudley.  By means of an invitation from the royal
family, he's amounted to being announced to a contest held in the presence
of nobility.  "If it won't be a dramatic match to win more than
perfectly......."  Still is the day.  Circling the world, there's plenty of
time to measure an even more level up. [CJ's 3S profile for Dudley]

After winning a championship title, Dudley was knighted.  Shortly afterwards,
the royal family announced that they will holding an upcoming contest and
invited Dudley to participate.  Dudley believes he must fight flawlessly and
give a perfect performance, or everything will be in vain.  There's plenty of
time for him to improve his abilities and skills against fighters from all
over the world [Official].  His ending fast-forwards to Dudley still having
this contest scheduled for that very evening, about 5 hours from then, and he
still thinks about his father and their likeness for roses, that is, until
Dudley's butler politely snaps him out of his rose-addressing and they hurry
their long trek back to the mansion. [Dudley's SF3TS ending and specially
noted in AAC].

Where he is now:  See above.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Dudley from AASF3


One raised in England's affluent-like home, due to his father's enterprise's
failure for him having lost all his assets, the matter of success as a pro
boxer he determines to recover the assets.  After several years, that became
a reality.  Just one, being Father's youth and prided symbol, for at the
present in the world not merely several vehicles remaining is to be saying
except a famous car Jaguar....... 


On the vehicle's front glass London's mist-seeming rain begins to coil about
and, in Dudley's mind a recalling the matter of that day.  From his successful
father his beautiful mother, a grand mansion, the day she parted during his
non-discomforted young boy period.  From his father's trivial-like
enterprise's failure the gullible entire assets were lost that day also, such
rain was falling.
With success through his boxing though now having become restored, as for
that day's humiliation he won't forget it.
"The lost mansion, the corporation, everything I've recovered to my
household.  After that all save that car."
A Jaguar of a mere few vehicles not remaining in the world, that was of
father's youth and pride.
"Whatever it takes, to obtain it one more......"
But, as for that car's whereabouts it seems to be floating in the black
market, sought fair and square incidentally, it's to say that he indeed
hadn't known.    


Family-  Hails from England.  His father through England was successful as
a sports athlete, a character who achieved success even with an enterprise.
For Dudley lived his young boy period without discomfort.  Even his university
period his father's enterprise's failure, this time he through achieving as
a pro boxer recovered.   

Personality-  A freshness in highly prideful dandyism, to aim flawlessly at
anything to other persons is splendidly naive.  

Fighting style-  As a heavyweight class boxer he's quite small but, that
share of destructive power also speed of course, even technique are thing
he has.  Particularly for technique, from outboxing, as far as a feet stopping
infight easily carried, he trifles with opponents.  However a perfect-like
fight, he desires a finish too much, it's about to become packing lightly.

SF3 Q&A from Gamest SF3 Fanbook: Dudley

-Why, in persistence is he fixating on the lost car "Jaguar"?
A.  Through his father's bankruptcy temporarily he had lost everything.  Due
to his success, until the 1 spoon he had recovered everything, only that
vehicle was he not able to discover.  The matter to recover the car is a
symbol of complete comeback and youth.

-As for his family now, how is it doing?  Again, about the family composition?
A.  Even his father also his mother is in good health, his father through
retreating to the London outskirts he's doing the leisurely easy and
comfortable living.  The 1 girl is, married to an American dwelling in the
American west coast.

-To associate the idea of a boxing trunks appearance, the matter to battle
with a trunks figure, is it agreed that it's against Dudley's policy to do
A.  It's because on the road the same as a partially clothed appearance is
against etiquette.

-Even in the midst of a street fight, does he not break a tea time?
A.  For tea time is not broken.

-At the start time the car he's riding in is he driving it himself?
A.  He's driving it himself.  With his gloves put on as they are...

-Consequently is his experience light in having lost a battle?
A.  Without suggesting about light losses, rather becoming the proud result
of an opponent's reckless offensive, the matter of beyond a necessity to
injure an opponent is, as it seems to be.

-Where is Dudley, doing daily training?  Again, is there a master?
A.  Dudley, was once a student champion.  Though particularly with no fame
he accepted guidance with the university's coach.  As for daily he's doing
training in a gym constructed in the basement of his private residence.

-Thinking it seems that there are even boxing digressed techniques, is that
his arranging?
A.  That is what's believed.

-Is he acquainted with Bison?
A.  To the extent that he's seen videoed matches of Bison.

-What does he regard boxing as?
A.  Boxing in regards to him is battle to say the midst of extremity, it's
conduct for the sake of certifying reality's self.

-Is there a sweetheart?
A.  There is a sweetheart.

-His favorable type of woman?
A.  A blonde beauty.

-Please tell about his 1 day's manner of passing likely in elegance.
A.  He's getting up at 6 am for training.  Throughout the morning he's
collected reports from the corporation's executives and the electronic
mail check.  While taking a lunch he directs the corporation through
electronic mail, the document procedures.  Until 8 he's finishing work.
For the evening his meetings with people dining together is abundant.  For
Saturday while directing the landscape gardener he's gardening.  He's
raising rosebushes.

-Please tell about who manages the tea, his butler in detail.
A.  His name, is Orto K. Gotchi.  Having done so in the mansion since the
time Dudley was 5 years old, with his father's bankruptcy also in the middle
of its downfall even in spite of being unpaid he continued his work as a
butler with Dudley under his supervision.  Born in 1940.

Dudley is described as a Black of African descent by sources including AAC
and Eternal.

His stage in 3S looks to be outside Harrods in Knightsbridge SW7, which is
half a mile from Westminster.  Big Ben is seen in Second Impact.

    Dudley's family used to be rich, but through his father's enterprise's
trivial failure, he lost everything he owned, including the car (Gill
acquired it through the black market).  Dudley became rich again by boxing
and managed to buy back everything that was once his dad's.

    Dudley’s father lost his fortunes while Dudley was in college.

    The rose garden in Dudley’s SF3TS ending once belonged to his father.
Below are the kinds of roses in bloom in the garden:

Saint Swithun
Abraham Derby
Uncle Walter
Dainty Bess

    Of course, he likes tea; never breaks a single 4 pm tea time.

    He's a bit small for a heavyweight boxer, but of course he makes up for
it with speed and skill.

    His butler's name literally translates as Orto K. Gotchi.  A rough
translation could be Orlando.  Mr. Gotchi has served Dudley’s family since
Dudley was 5.

*** pgVEagle.


Height: 184 cm, 182 cm (old SF1 design)
Weight: 75 kg, 78 kg (old SF1 design)
SF1 action: rolling attack
BWH sizes: B105, W80, H86
Blood type: AB
Native place: England
Likes: roast beef
Dislikes: boorish fellows, ungentlemanly conduct
SF1-era nickname: "Callous Coldhearted Oni"

Street Fighter 1:  Eagle was an English bodyguard who was hired to beat
Sagat (according to Saiki).  After losing the SF1 tournament, he returned
to being a bouncer.

Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper:  Eagle, a bouncer from Great Britain
who's a bojutsu expert. His desire for the title of Dalyell Baronet has set
his eyes on the world. [prologue]

Besides the fact that Guile prefers to stay on his own to find Nash, that
Eagle needs to hear the name "Sagat" in order to spark his interest toward
cooperating with Guile and head toward the psycho drive base with him, and
that Nash alive at the end of everything, Eagle's goal in Z3 Double Upper is
in no way dependent on him to head for Thailand and Shadaloo specifically,
much like Dee Jay.  Whether he does anything more to aim at the baronet title,
besides being a bouncer throughout Z3 is anyone's guess.

Where he is now:  Still being a bouncer most likely.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    His bio in both the Street Fighter Fanbook and All About Capcom say
he's an inanimate, coldblooded and cruel bodyguard for a noble family,
probably from the castle in his background in SF1.  Neither of the books
mentioned anything about being hired to defeat Sagat. Both sources call
him a coldblooded individual who's been hired as a newly-rich noble
family's bodyguard.

    ...he doesn't seem that coldblooded in SFZ3 though.  Not like
SF1 showed off his supposedly coldblooded personality very much, although
using iron rods like wooden bo staffs can be seen as painfully coldblooded.

    Judging by his pre-fight dialogue, Eagle remembers Sagat, which of course
makes no guarantee that they actually met during Z3, and they most likely

Eagle fights with iron rods, the tools of the trade for his bojutsu style.

    Eagle and Birdie are named after golf terms (an eagle is -2 points,
a birdie is -1).  Another reference to this is Eagle's special skill, golf.

    Although Birdie was also a bouncer, Eagle doesn't seem to show any
indication that the two know each other in his SFZ3 win quote to Birdie.

Another small note from the SF1 interview: SF1's fighters from England indeed
had their names come from golf.  At first they were planned to be named Birdie
and Bogey, but the latter after much laughter was named Eagle.

*** pgVEdiE.


Height: 204 cm
Weight: 145 kg
Hails from: America
Special skill: Shooting
Favorite food: rare steaks (literally blood-dripping ones)

Final Fight One:  A corrupt policeman who was a member of Mad Gear, Edi. E
found Mad Gear to be very good for his career.  Being affiliated with the
gang, he was able to use Mad Gear's resources to jail many other gangs.
When Cody opposed Mad Gear and hit the West Side, Edi. E, who ruled the West
Side with an iron fist, confronted Cody among a watching crowd.  Cody is
disgusted when he sees how corrupt Metro City is that a policeman would
join Mad Gear.  Edi. E fights Cody but is defeated by him. [Conjecture based
off in-game storyline]

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Cody has busted out of jail.  Edi. E appears to be
trying to get him back judging by Cody's win animation... Dunno how much a
win animation should be trusted but mweh, it probably did happen.  He never
caught Cody though.

Where he is now:  Probably still a policeman of Metro City.  And probably
still corrupt too.  By Streetwise, who knows?  He'd be pretty old by then.
Sgt. Sims is just a sergeant, and you never get to see or hear about anyone
who's higher ranked than that.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    FF1 bio: A vicious ex-policeman. Edi E controls the entire west side
of Metro City (note: Apparently rewritten so that he's still a policeman).

He received administrative guidance from Haggar to become a policeman and
later betrayed him, from an old FF1 character relations chart.

    Yes, his name is spelled Edi. E  without a period after the 'E'.  Dunno
what's up with that.  Course, dunno what kind of parents would name their
kid 'Damnd' or 'Sodom', either.  It's possible that Capcom mistranslated
his name and it was supposed to be Eddy E.

    Metro City is so corrupt that Edi. E managed to hang onto his job
despite being a known member of Mad Gear.

Edi. E also is often chewing gum.

    I wonder if the many freudian remarks about Edi. E and his attachment
to his gun in Final Fight One were done on purpose (the funniest one being
SFZ3 Cody's remark about it, hehehe.  "You need a gun when you're about to
die don't you?"  It comes complete with authority figure connotations!).

    Like Edi. E, all cops in Streetwise rely primarily (exclusively, even)
on firearms.  Sadly, Edi. E himself isn't in the game.

*** pgVEHonda.


Birthdate: November 3, 1960 aka Showa 35 in Japan's calendar
Height: 185 cm (including bend-over)
Weight: 137 kg
BWH sizes: B212, W180, H210
Blood type: A
Native place: Japan
Likes: tiramisu, baths, chanko nabe (stew for sumo wrestlers)
Dislikes: indecisiveness
Special skill: hotpot dish cooking and serving
Fighting style: Japanese sumo wrestling
SFZ-era nickname: "Sumo World's One Lucky Adventurer"
SF2-era nickname: "Open Hand Slap Ten Round Battle"
SF4-era nickname: "Zealous Sumo Wrestler to Call On!"

Street Fighter Zero 2:  He wasn't playable in the game, but he did appear
in Sodom's ending briefly.  Sodom visited E. Honda and challenged him to
make E. Honda a member of Mad Gear.  The match was fun, but apparently E.
Honda won [based off SFZ2 and SFZ3 dialogues]

Street Fighter Zero 3:  E. Honda wants to find worthy opponents and show
them the strength of sumo.  In the hopes of finding stronger opponents, he
begins a journey.  He fought Ryu in a fun match, and probably got to meet
Sodom again.  And he told Sakura where to find Ryu [Conjecture based off
in-game storyline].  Oh, it's indicated by Street Fighter Eternal that his
team-up with Zangief to help take down Shadaloo happened in some shape or
form.  His SFZ3 ending where he finds some VSS after Shadaloo went boom
then took them in for a while because they couldn't even remember their own
names happened, too.  E. Honda said they could leave if they wished once they
regained their memory (specially noted via AAC).

SFZ3 File #19 E. Honda

Of merely custom and status in the esteemed world of sumo.  Honda takes it as
wanting to pursue just strength, that not being also nothing tedious.  Thus
for him from limited Japan his eye seems to have come to face toward the world,
wherever it circulates? his power he must test he thrusts out of Japan.

Street Fighter 2:  E. Honda joins the Street Fighter 2 tournament when he
hears that many in the world are clueless to the existing marvel that is sumo
wrestling.  He now wants to prove the power of sumo to the entire world
[Official].  Dunno if he did or not, but I imagine he made quite a good
show and thus proved to most people at least that sumo was a respectable

E. Honda- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

The man who does nothing but practice with effort and spirit.  In order to
actually prove the strongest sumo he continues to street fight.

Street Fighter 4:

A strong man with a collective notice of unprecendented sumo wrestling.
His ranking is below yokozuna but, his true ability is said to be yokozuna
class.  For the sake of "worldwide" sumo, he flies out of the sumo realm
journeying on a provincial world tour.

After his tour which possibly included getting nearly poisoned by El Fuerte's
cuisine (lol) after arguing with old comrade Zangief what's the best food
the strongest fighters should eat [El Fuerte's ending], he steps down onto
Japanese soil only to be berated by the venerable Yokozuna for his crazy
antics.  Honda's unfazed, and proclaims to the media that he's going for the
Olympic Games next [Honda's SF4 ending].

Super Street Fighter 4:

Honda's provincial world tour part 2.  He finds himself in an unknown country
when he thought he boarded a ship to the States (!), but of course it takes a
great deal more than that to dampen his boundless spirits. [Honda's opening]
He ends up meeting old fellow wrestler buddy Hakan and they have a match or
two. [Hakan's rival battle and/or ending]  Finally back in Japan, sumo
wrestlers and the Yokozuna notice that Honda's flown the coop again.  Onboard
a plane with everybody staring at him, Honda's determined to personally enter
the IOC itself to make sumo wrestling an official Olympic sport!  [Honda's

Where he is now:  He's still a sumo wrestler, as always.  And training his
students of course (specially noted via AAC).

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

E. Honda from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

With hand slaps and tosses and other sumo techniques as its core, a reassured
fight is the merit.  From a heavyweight rank's physique is unleashing attacks
with destructive power pre-eminence, massive subcutaneous fat is absorbing
strike techniques' impacts.  Through flying horizontally for the inquired move
of headbutting, in sumo's presence a likely acquired hint?  With the
ceremonial leg raising and stomping being a disciplined perseverance the legs
and loins are, possibly doing a hearty-like kicking move.   

Fashion Style

The usual of a sumo wrestler, to fasten a sumo loincloth as with the wrestling
arena is, as an exception to a national official, pulling up until the knees a
bathrobe's hem, through an appearance of both shoulders undressed he attends
the fight.  For the head's gingko-leaf topknot rightly allowed to set in
stability, isn't about conducting even agitating headbutt attacks.  For the
facial paint applied to the face, for the sake of appealing to his own
existence is considering it an adoption from kabuki.

Higashikomagata - Kabukonyu [JAPAN]

It is assuredly that Honda likes grand bathhouses.
In Higashikomagata there's a public bath (Kabukonyu) a 60-year
long-established shop.  For his attendant's booth father fond of the finest
sumo, to Honda is an acquaintance from before he entered.
After the practice, through a supervising hand with the students assisting
with the bathhouse cleaning, after that helping himself to the best hot bath
here was becoming a several years' custom.
Even today for Honda, he's come with his 4 students to the Kabukonyu.
Every time it seems they're doing a cleaning and, imagining Father's
lonely-like face he came to talk about it to Honda.
"Thank you for always!......But ya knoow, even that it's already a single
month iisn't it.......  Here, I'll have to close up!"
"Wh, what for!?"
"This depression, not even in the least to reeap!......With there being a
building project for upper houses or whatnot, I'm reluctant to part, even
For his father a surfacing smile of giving up crushed it.  Stimulating Honda
a long time, having taken the scolding for such to be a day to not come to
get into his father's bathhouse, even in a dream he hadn't believed it.
For Honda after a mmm to a secret hot spring, he flickered a sharp glance.
Striking his father's shoulder, he loudly laughs.
"Gaaaahaahaahaa!  Leave it, to me!"
Next day.
Expressing the morning's cleaning for his attendant's booth father exited,
all of the sudden a spectacle surfaced.
Before the exterior's shop curtain, a ring is being made.
There Honda and, the students were engaged in practice.
"Dosukoooi!!  Once moooore!!"
Encircling the ring, one after another people come to gather.  In the blink
of an eye, the front of the public bath became a don't shove don't shove
For Honda facing the gathered sightseeing guests he exclaims.
"Nooow then the initial sumo charge.  I shall be your opponent.  If you push
me out half a step, the hot bath fee is just that!  The bathhouse while you're
at it, how about it with an experienced geishaa!?"
Because of his coming off as a popular rikishi and sumo, little by little the
aspirants accumulated.
Everyone with a frantic expression challenges Honda.  For Honda while not
trifling announcing his particular ceremonial leg raising and stomping carry
through he answered the spectators' cheering.
"What's wroong!  C'mon put more hip into it, come with a thud!!"
Even a notice a large barrier's roughness taking a refreshing practice, it
goes to become sweaty for everyone.  Suddenly for the public bath it's become
a turnout packed with people.
For his father out of character is moved to tears.
"Golly that Hondaa, bloody fool!......going and making me weep!"
In the downtown section a newly become place of interest is born.  Honda's
loud laughing reverberates.
"Gaahahahahaa!  This one is a huge success if I do say so myself!  For on
the way I should make a ring inside the bathhouse also shouldn't I!
-Honda saves his dad's public bath house from closing its doors for good.
Going the sex-sells persuasion route eventually convinces him to arrange
for his future SF2 stage layout.

    E. Honda from Gamest SF2

He's a sumotori [sumo wrestler].  Suddenly like that, "In the world, sumo
should be perceived as magnificent," he journeys out there.  That's right,
he's a quite extensive lively personality.  What's the matter with a
Japanese wrestling pavilion!? where doubts are alright?  Wrestling pavilion
intervals have "provincial tours" going on.
However, he kicks and jumps there, he doesn't believe that this would be
perceived together as sumo's glory.  On his face he applies facial paint
as Japan appeal (!?) but likely as a plan, such that wouldn't exist in a
sumotori.  His twin who ran for board chairman learned of this fact and
likely regrets it.  But the underwear is a red sumo loincloth.  The
underwear's width makes spirited use of winning by tossing an opponent
without close body contact.
As for sure killing moves, there are the air-cutting-up "hyakuretsu harite"
and the "super headbutt."  Especially for the super headbutt, the topknot
has a fried chicken bone hidden within.
In the street fight he introduces himself as "Japanese sumo wrestler,"
his principal occupation is a sumotori after all.  Every morning lacking
in figure, meals consist of chanko nabe [traditional sumo stew in a pot].
He strives for aiming at the yokozuna class.  He pursues his own strength
to the end.  He's also become a fighting stylist after all.
-Honda has a twin brother who's some entity's chairman of the board, and his
face paint measures up to somewhat protecting his more serious brother's
-Honda hides a fried chicken bone in the topknot of his hair, which serves as
his headbutt's extra oomph.

    E. Honda never became the Yokozuna even though his abilities are at that
level; he made it to the Oozeki status (one before Yokozuna), then he left
for the world.  Rikishi is a general term for sumo wrestlers, if you didn't
figure that out already.

    Honda's first name is definitely Edmond.  It's stated in his beginning
prologue when you play as him in SFZ3.  His family name in kanji means roughly
"main rice field."

    E. Honda's students shown during his SF2 ending are Hatonoyama,
Marunoumi, Yasuhanada, and Nishinofuji.  (approximately "dove's mountain",
"lake from perfection", "relaxed flower field", and "enriched gentleman of the
west", respectively.  Hatonoyama was originally named Ryuzan (dragon mountain)
but was changed later on for some reason.

Both he and his students do drills for toughening their legs and loins before
moving on to practicing their sure-kill moves each day.  Honda also hops
around and grunts (dosukoi!) several times while he's training.

He'll employ willpower to get out of any pinch he's in.  He's mistakenly
seen as violent but he's only incredibly stubborn at making great efforts
to show sumo to the world.

    Sodom challenged E. Honda to make E. Honda a member of Mad Gear in SFZ2.
"Fujinoyama" is what the ref calls him, but All About SFZ2 confirms that
it was E. Honda.  Perhaps he took an assumed name as a cover, as he has
been known to do this with his face paint as stated by HnN).  E. Honda
in SFZ3 refers to this, so you know it happened.  E. Honda appears to
have won that match, though both he and Sodom continue to respect each
other greatly.

    E. Honda having a different name in Sodom's ending is part of a sumo
tradition. For those actively participating in sumo as a sport, they are
given a shikona, which is a name specifically for wrestling.

    E. Honda likes his fellow countrymen.  Canonwise, he probably met and
fought Ryu during SFZ3 as shown by several dialogues, and he gets along
well with Sodom, too, who's almost Japanese... or at least tries very hard
to be:P  Though... E. Honda in general is a very easygoing guy who likes
everyone, it seems.  Even when Vega's being all evil, E. Honda remarks
"Don't say things like that!  It makes you sound like a bad guy!"  ^_^

    Zangief, according to Street Fighter Eternal, knows E. Honda.  In SFZ3,
Zangief and E. Honda meet in Zangief's ending within the Shadaloo base.  They
most likely had rescue roles once inside:  plausibly Abel and R. Mika for
Zangief, and the Vega Bodyguard Troops for Honda.

    The relationship chart in SF Eternal refers to Zangief and E. Honda as
"kindred souls" or "comrades".

    E. Honda likes tiramisu. It’s a dessert of cake infused with a liquid
such as coffee or rum, layered with a rich cheese filling, and topped
with grated chocolate.

Honda's SF2 planning stage prototype was named E. Sumo or simply Sumo.  At
the final stages, he was almost named E. Suzuki.  "Edmond" is a name Capcom
took from a nearby billboard from its main office.   

    He would disturb and annoy his neighbors by often yelling hrough a
microphone hooked up to huge speakers bragging about his grueling
training schedule and fighting prowess (his Dash account below).

    Here's something from HnN regarding Honda's face paint.  Apparently,
he was into investigating Shadaloo due to sumos taking drugs during SF2
as well even before his 'investigate Shadaloo' storyline was conceived
for SFZ3.

Hidden at the surface with Honda......the petty rumor is secretly said-
recently, in the sumo world incidents of unrest were frequently occurring.
Within the training of Japanese wrestlers, the word is that things like
fatigue result in sudden acts of rage.  That degree in the manner of rage
is rarely a terrible thing.
Investigating the factor's circumstance, sources of narcotics are restrained,
for the sake of drug selling organizations making sure of a single man
dispatched.  That's right, that man is Honda, said to commence with face
From successfully catching drug dealers, Honda heard of the drug selling
organization's name "Shadoloo."  However, Shadoloo's entity a complete
mystery, investigations came to a standstill.  At that time, Shadoloo's
decision to hold a battle against the world was said to be in the ears of
the news.  With that was Honda's turn, his attending hand would gain
from this...
At that time, the true colors fearfully exposed, it is said that Edmond
Honda's name being of a racially mixed lineage, painting the face, the
sober face is hidden.  Then why with the face painting?  That's the case
it is said of the hushed life searching for Shadoloo and for them not to
realize it, and with the higher sumo principles it is said to be a justice
to broaden the world with its magnificent fighting moves, he became a
street fighter.
As it is understood, Honda's facepaint is for his underway top-secret
investigation (one sees what is seen then the true colors are understood
of what is worn...).

    Here's the answer to #19 in HnN, "Why is there a ring in the
bathroom of Honda's stage?"

It is said that Honda so earnestly practiced amongst the sumo world. He
becomes a street fighter looking for new practice locations, so that by
no means any area would weaken him.  This his father would see and not
go unnoticed, "My place is for conditional use."  These two requests he
As for this place, as Honda's training location all desired stipulations
were fulfilled.  The first proviso is that scaffolds are bad.  This
supported feeling of balance and on the other hand, the legs and loins
are hardened as much as possible.  About the second proviso, after practice
is over, sweat immediately pours.  This for human beings, is probably
specially understood from the mental attitude of the Japanese.  Besides
this, rent is cheap, there is a fixed wide floor, the walls are durable
and so on.  That location was where father constructs a bathhouse.
However, the above-mentioned manner, the practice place accomodates
utilization of the provisos.  From morning until noon a rope is laid above
the cheap tiles, which can be used as the ring.  Yet, evening and thereafter
a bathroom for the sake of a guest arriving, the rope is taken away, coming
and going as needed.  For that purpose, Honda and his students after
practice bathe in the single bath, remove the hot water, clean up, and for
the water still spread around, boil it.  Here still it is used on top of
exchanged stipulations, it is believed.
-Honda's SF2 stage is within a bathhouse that belongs to his father, who
rents it out to his son.

    Some other translated info about E. Honda's SF2 stage:

Japan (E. Honda) Edo Hot Baths (Tokyo)

With real ability the one worldly edge, for the largehearted son of Japan
E. Honda, every time after practice comes a bath.
From the time he was little Honda was brought up with a large bath, and
of course he likes a large bath most.
It became a predicament for Honda between his favorite sumo and large bath,
"Might as well, put'em together!" he says, what a bathhouse placed with
a ring.
Curious it was, his strength walked along together with outspokenness, day
after day turned into suspicions. (especially from the manly sumo wrestlers)
Such that rumors were heard, a street fighter could be fighting around at
the Edo Hot Baths.
"Hahhahha, a bath is exceptional after bouts.  Let's quickly apply the
-Honda's SF2 stage reflects two of his joys: the rope ring for sumo wrestling,
and the large tub for baths after fighting and training.

The rope ring in his stage is most likely made of vinyl, and his students
operate the decorative illumination behind the tub.

E. Honda from Gamest SF2D

Town Wrestler

In that town with people of all livings dwelling, people ignorant of reasons
taking an approximately uncanny feeling, there were exceedingly proper
regulations.  Anyhow it was the reason for everyone, to return from duty
and amusement immediately under the bed.  It was mistaken late at night good
heavens!, until late drinking drunk people and such it couldn't be for 1
person.  Why this turned-into situation so to say, the reason which that is
the town's center being the sumo stable was the case.
"Dosukoi, dosukoi."  The rest of that room's morning or else compared to
quickly extraordinary.  Still the days don't add up from the time ears
shatter from seemingly shouting and, the vibrations reminding one of a great
earthquake scattering through the neighborhood surroundings as the training
was to begin.  For the residents dwelling in the neighborhood to take it,
to not bring up this matter of nuisance, everybody equally tacitly wanted
to endure the phrases, than to say from the feeling early on to give up.
Of course the beginning had people flying into protest.  But, that training
hall's master to say wanted to change it is said forcibly, out of breaking
the ice of the story he was catching the rapidly visiting people, "Is it is
it, that I want to do my honored sumo?"  said to be unreasonable to accompany
a training place, to pass up on plenty of grand opponents.  Due to this tune,
at the end everyone thoroughly gave up, it was in order to become something
he wanted to have entrusted to him.
However, that was a mistaken reason.  Because for that training hall's master,
Edmond Honda, to say, "The closest people don't grow to change.  This is to be
undoubtedly never from sumo's distinguished magnificence.  Thus the matter is
for everyone to understand that it is to be my own occupation," rushing to an
assumption of unselfishness, in addition to boisterous training, from it became
the result of still more spurs beginning.

From Japan's Strong Man to World's Sumo Wrestler

But, finally that town's residents were rescued as time came along.  Honda
suddenly went out to journey around the world, and it was the like that was
talked about.  This man's whim an adjustment from everything former, at once
was dancing, this time merely unanimity supported his consideration.  That mere
moment quickly leaving from Japan and it is gone out as far as a farewell gift.
An ambitious undertaking with tears Honda knew would be tears of gratitude to
sob though, "Such is my matter...I reeally want to have everyone's feelings
understood!  In the event that the world accepted the approval of sumo's
magnificence, I will promise to once again come back to this town." and, not
desiring the residents speaking of him as the best, the fear of each person
knocking him down to the very bottom.
The day of Honda's departure from Japan, at the airport due to drawn lots were
selected 2 names of residents who came to see him off.  They somehow helped
Honda into the airplane it is verified and, began to talk with looks of relief.
"Hey, how do you believe this guy being Japanese probably sees everyone in the
world as?"
"Who knows.  But from tomorrow if I'll be thinking about sound sleeping, that
will be on my mind no matter what else!"
"That's correct, that I'll be thinking with anticipation again."
"But from tomorrow that annoying voice won't be heard also, be kind of a lonely

But the feelings of the two people were set just like that.  The following day,
that town's residents always woke up to the same voice.  A speaker connected to
a receiver from a Honda made telephone, it is a streaming out international
telephone to scold students.

That henceforth, for that town's people there were students believing in Honda's
renewed recognition...called thus the yet to be opened story.

Honda's SF4 arcade ending comments:

With the men of valor in the world outdone, having shown sumo's might Edmond
Honda in a manner of satisfaction, returns to Japan.  Such that awaiting him at
the airport were yokozuna and crowds of strong men.  Seeing that Edmond Honda
furthermore gets into the strong spirit.

*** pgVElena.


Native place: Africa (hails from the savanna)
Represented nation: Kenya
Birthdate: September 18, 1981 (she's 17 during 2I)
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 54 kg
BWH sizes: B83 W58, H88
Blood type: unknown (due to perhaps her healing ability capacity?)
Likes: song, dance
Dislikes: things that destroy nature
Special skill: making new friends
Fighting style: Capoeira
SF4-era nickname: "Wind and Earth's Capoerista" 
SF3-era nickname: "Earth's Warrior"

Ultra Street Fighter 4:

Through a livelihood in Africa's savanna, a small tribe's chief's youngest
daughter.  Growing at ease within Mother Nature, brightly serene even in
everything she doesn't forget the excitement and feelings of gratitude.
Having been informed by her honored father from a shaman of an existence
of "producers of death", for Elena wanting to make sure of what's arising
perhaps in the world she journeys out.

While Elena is training and receiving praise from her older brother Marcus
for her improvement, she suddenly senses an unusual stirring among the trees
around them.  Their father and tribal chief Jafari approaches them and confirms
Elena's untimely alarm: nature itself is shuddering at the surfacing of whom
the local shaman described as "producers of death", that is Seth and his
military enterprise S.I.N.-sha with their latest hosted fighting tournament.
Though Marcus insists that the danger is too much for her, Elena agrees to
her father's command of participating in the tournament.  She beams at the
thought of traveling the world.  [Elena's USF4 opening]
Elena during the SF4 era meets up with and fights Sakura, and also possibly
Ryu and Ken.  According to her ending she also runs into Blanka, Dudley, and
El Fuerte, and takes a selfie with Gouki, which most likely does not happen
since even if they did meet there's a translation barrier between them, given
that Elena mistakes Gouki's archaic and demeaning speech usage for a mention
of dogs [Elena's and Gouki's win quotes to each other].  Elena's ending also
cements her knack for making friends and convinces her to continue touring
the globe for the sole purpose of befriending people, starting with going to
Japan where she'll eventually study abroad.    

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact:  Elena journeys out in SF3 to meet new
friends, and might've briefly run into Ibuki.  She writes to her parents
that she especially wants to keep close contact with her Japanese friend
Narumi [Conjecture based off in-game storyline, and AAC specially notes
that Narumi does get to hug a baby lion eventually, as shown in Elena's
ending, hence Narumi at the very least accepts Elena's invitation presented
in her 3S ending described below].

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

Close to 1 year lapses since parting from her Japanese friend.  For Elena from
the new spring she had become about studying abroad in France.  The enjoyable
fights every day also, leaving for a little while possibly.......  Such she
considers and, unable to contain herself "O-kay, let's go discover new
friends!" [CJ's 3S profile for Elena]

Almost one year has passed since Elena parted with Narumi.  She's plans on
studying abroad in France for the New Year.  Every day is pleasant and she
enjoys fighting, but she is restless, so she decides to go find/make some new
friends [Official].  In her in-game storyline, Elena finds Makoto, who thinks
Elena isn't serious enough about fighting.  In her ending, Elena writes to
Narumi about how wonderful their summer in Japan was last year, and she
invites Narumi plus her friends to come over to her country to visit.  She
then gets back to studying for her exams [Elena's 3S ending].

Where she is now:  See above, I guess.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Elena from AASF3


From the African savanna is living a small tribe's chief's youngest daughter.
Seeming to not forget the warrior's blood drawing from the tribal
spirit......to say from her father's teaching, she acquires Capoeira.  Through
that side, like her Ph.D. acquired father at one time studying abroad in a
French university, even as an overseas student herself a dream perhaps of
studying throughout the world.


Looking out over the fighting techniques tournament's panoramic view there's
a chief's seat in the locale.
For the father donning that seat, he finishes looking out over the grounds
and, has spoken to his accompanied youngest daughter.  "Do you dislike
fighting techniques??"
For Elena nodded a little.
"I see, but my tribe is of holders of the warrior's blood.  The matter to
fight is in fact something being an existence of the tribe's culture.  For
the times to elapse no rather forgetting that must not be allowed.  For that
to the surviving animals of the earth is to lose the earth and, in fact the
same matter.
How do you believe the animals become if the earth vanishes?"
"Uum, they fall down I wonder?"  In somewhat of a difficult talk for the
still young Elena while tilting her head she answered.
"That's right.  If the culture to say of earth disappears in the same manner
people will go falling.
And also with no freedom in the fallen midair for the frivolous soul, there
is in fact no true freedom for one who neglects one's own blood and history!"

In the rendered earth transferring a large log a battle through a created
scaffold.  As a coming-of-age warrior the grown up Elena was there.
"It looks like father's tournament is going to escalate every time.  Though
it's a little cruel what on top of the log.  It seems like taking a roundabout
path can't be done can it."
And that moment, the rope supporting the log snapped.
"Kiyaa!"  For Elena makes a brief shriek and preparing for a landing she was
adjusting her stance.
While dropping Elena was recalling her father's words of her young days.
"Truly, with frivolousness in midair there is no freedom!"

Family-  Hails from Africa.  Living in the savanna a small tribe's chief's
youngest daughter.  As for the chief her father, from his days of a young man
he holds from studying abroad in France's university a Ph.D.  

Personality-  Under Africa's severe also kind nature, adorably enumerating as
an only daughter to her father who holds a Ph.D., she was raised
broad-mindedly.  Like her esteemed father her dream is to study throughout
the world as an overseas student.  A girl who doesn't even forget anything of
emotional and appreciative thoughts.   

Fighting style-  Making the best use of innate disposition's springing, she
uses foot moves fighting techniques Capoeira.  For foot moves Capoeira
compensating for a woman's disability, though a bout with a man through power
it doesn't pick up a defeat.  Multiplied in rhythm with movements flowing
like there's no pause, for again in the process of disturbing the dominating
opponent, a chance drives into the speed multiplied legs.

SF3 Q&A from Gamest SF3 Fanbook: Elena

-Please tell about the composition of her family, and the family names.
A.  Her father is Jafari being the family head.  Her mother is Amina.  The
family head to become succeeding after her father is older brother Marcus
the 4 people of the family.

-Who taught fighting moves to Elena?
A.  Fighting moves are regarded as the pride of a tribe's people.  From the
time of a child, all of the tribe becoming as 1 trains fighting moves to the

-What does Elena regard as the fighting moves of "Capoeira"?
A.  For Capoeira through foot moves being able to make up for disability, any
motion is beautified seeming as to dance.  The time she first saw them, it's
believed that it seems immediately taking a liking she mastered them.

-Does she not resist the matter of fighting?
A.  They regard the matter of fighting being the matter of surviving, for the
matter within the battle becomes wholly sacred.

-What age is Elena?  Again, the school which is agreed that she's going to
(course and the like)?
A.  Elena age 17 is a high school student.  At this time, she has enrolled
as a 2nd year student in a Japanese high school.  As for a university,
aspiring for the same French university as her father, she plans to study

-What people are those in the background of the Elena stage?
A.  The Elena stage is the grounds of an armed struggle tournament.  The
surrounding people there are referees and proceeding director persons.

-Is that, what is called her fighting uniform?
A.  Her uniform, for the fight and the hunt, she's using even for festivals.
Usually she's wearing a one-piece and T-shirt also with jeans.

-Isn't it agreed that she gets along very well with many animals?
A.  The tail its weak point, a carefree male lion approaching the village
she's always settling it down.  From the time of a child meeting it she's
attached the name of Largo to it.

-Please tell about her daily living.
A.  For the weekend going into town she's part-timing at a fast-food shop.
She's using the part-time rate to go to movies and concerts.  Once a month,
she goes with friends to armed struggle tournaments' practice matches.  For
the practice matches stretching continued until midnight, it's assuredly hard
to not even break her normal training.

-Why, has she been going to a Japanese high school?
A.  Through battles with Ryu and Ken in the midst of them, it's because she
felt a spirit that resembled that of Elena's tribe.  If she hadn't fought with
them it's believed that she wouldn't have chosen Japan.

-With her being friendly even towards head-to-head opponents, is there an
opponent such that Elena has thought hateful from the bottom of her heart
(with whom she wouldn't become friendly)?
A.  Occasionally on the way to a started battle she abandons it and, the
opponent gets angry with everyone.

-Why, is she aiming for Gill?
A.  Passing through fights through sensing the world's great many strong
people's hearts, she can't help but to make certain of the tribe's history
and pride.  If there's a person desiring a fight, she must go over there.
For the fight with Gill, it's by means of his summons.

-Her favorable type of man?
A.  A person to have a non-losing heart.

-Elena's 3 sizes?
A.  She's B 83 cm, W 58 cm, H 88 cm.

    Elena was born in the African savanna. Her fellow tribesmen and women
are born soldiers/warriors and fighting is a big part of their culture. That's
how and why she learned Capoeira.

    Elena is likely from Kenya. The African savanna covers several countries
in Africa, but Kenya is most likely. Her stage in 2nd Impact is set in Nairobi
(which is the capital of Kenya), while her 3rd strike stage is also set in
Kenya. In 3rd Strike, Elena says different things to her opponent before the
fight starts.  Sometimes Elena will just laugh for joy, but other times Elena
will specifically say "Jambo!". Jambo is Swahili for "hello".  Swahili is the
official African language of Kenya.  Jambo is used when it is assumed that
the person being spoken to is a tourist or visitor that doesn't speak Swahili.
So when Elena is saying Jambo to her opponents, she is saying hello, but Elena
is using Jambo because her opponents don't speak Swahili (special thanks to
Trutenor for this information).

    Elena's schoolgirl friend and penpal is Narumi.

    Elena studied in Japan during SF32I and studied abroad in France during

    Many Capoeira matches aren't focused on actually hurting the other
opponent but instead focused on the art and finesse of the presentation.
Matches are typically done to music as well.  This goes along well with
how Elena 'fights' to make friends.

    She returned to the savanna after SF3:2I/NG (attending high school in
Japan) and kept fighting. Almost a year later she traveled to France and
resumed studying abroad.

    Elena plans to attend the college that her father went to for his Ph.D
in France and study history.

Elena was inspired by battles with Ryu and Ken to study abroad in Japan,
prior to 2I.

*** pgVElFuerte.


Fighting style: Lucha libre
Birthday: October 29
Native place: Mexico
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 70 kg
BWH sizes: B120, W82, H90
Blood type: B
Likes: nopal (inside from the cactus)
Dislikes: annexations
Special skill: 2-hour neck bridge
SF4-era nickname: "Hot Wind Hurricane"

Street Fighter 4:
Said to be a Luchador and cook, he wears two hats.  With that feverous
blood-circulating soul, he's also not inferior to outrivaling the Red
Cyclone.  Journeying out desiring the ultimate cuisine, his skill as a
cook is now first.

El Fuerte's quest for the ultimate fighter cuisine takes him out of the
kitchen and into the battle arenas, where his hunger for lucha libre can
be satisfied as well.  He possibly runs into Blanka, Honda and Zangief along
the way, granted an unanimous impression from each [El Fuerte's opening,
ending and rival battle interactions; well, maybe Blanka suffered the
least despite insulting El Fuerte's mask].

Super Street Fighter 4:

Sigh...El Fuerte...chased out of restaurants at knife-point.  El Fuerte...
forcing barely edibles down opponents' throats.  How can one's passion
turn into such a disaster for everyone else?  It boggles the mind, really.
[El Fuerte's opening]

The Mexican Hurricane continues his quest for ideal cuisine to satisfy the
hunger pangs for the strongest of the strongest.  He meets and gets a
chocolate bar from Abel with his recent exploits, as well as most likely
spars after a good long while with his old friend and neighbor T. Hawk.
El Fuerte's ending has him "assisting" a frustrated cook with his preparing
chili soup.  First green juice from Honda, then a chocolate bar from Abel.
Mix them all together and pinch your noses.  Bon appetit anyone?  

Where he is now:  Where unsuspecting souls wait to be fed his latest
creations.  Will his cooking knack ever turn over a new leaf?  Who can say.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

El Fuerte from SF4

The Super Dynamic Cook!

One early afternoon, a South American harbor.

A solitary sheath knife man, was in the role of boarding a ship.
Those looks overturned by a showy masked cranium, the glances of many
people coming and going were gathering at the harbor.  Naturally, the
ship's crew can't avoid being alert.  Referring to looking up at the
enormous merchant ship's embarking having risen to full height the
crew raised their hands from their hips, overlooking what the sheath
knife man is doing.
"Whaat, are you?"
It was made public that the ship was giving ride to a mood of
non-rustling state but, the sheath knife man cared not that, from a
far-off distance turning towards him to speak answered him with a
large voice.
"Unh, me?  To even care about what I'm called is absurd, for my name is!
El!  Fuerte!"
Besides his looks, reacting to that voice, moreover with the matter of
the many turned around faces, El Fuerte wasn't aware.
"Wh, what a suddenly huge voice you got huh!  You're probably not a
sailor!  Quickly disappear huh!"
For the crew, El Fuerte's state wasn't being like a sheath knife form
with his large voice and strong look, although he drew back a step,
letting him approach to the wrinkle of his forehead he yelled.  El Fuerte
grandly bows his head and, "Certainly I'm not a sailor!  I'm a luchador
and cook!"
"C, Coook?"
The crew, coming near his forehead more and more, stared anew at his
whole body.  Loosening up with a satisfying smile, El Feurte continued.
"I'd heard there was recruiting for a cook here right!  Just with tasks
as crossing the ocean, while laboring to that extent I got called upon
to get a ride!"
While he spoke, being burdened from a large rucksack, feeling as if it
was in use to extract ladles for many years, very high and hanging out
he displayed it.  Seeing the shine from the sun's light reflecting on the
ladle, the crew was perhaps overawed, "Oh, oooh.  If that's how it is,
then it's a different story."
And, opening the path, leading his newly comrades he began to ascend up
the gangway.
"Nah, you saved us.  That rascal cook, because he departs today, all of
the sudden he says his stomach hurts and collapsed.  Anyway because of
that we can't find someone, whom we feel we're in a spot with no choice
but can prepare a substitution of meals.  No no, the thing with crossing
over to the ship..."  The previous situation suddenly changed, as the mood
of chatting endlessly continued from behind the crew for El Feurte hope
was being raised with the filled expressions on the ship.

"At the tournament, what kind of opponents will I likely meet.  Certainly,
from various nations, it wouldn't differ from assembling acknowledgers of
various cuisines and fighting techniques!  If I were to gather much
information from them, again one step from the ultimate recipe, surely
it'd be closer to completion!"

Thus, the enthusiastic cook, El Fuerte ushered into this ship, departed
before long.

After that.
He revealed meals on that ship, not even a little more than a week he'd
become legendary, such that it was handed down to the long-time marine men.
As the "super dynamic cooking tragedy"....
-Can we say 'out of the frying pan and into the fire'?  A ship's cook flies
the coop, only to be replaced by the luchador chef himself.  Needless to say,
El Fuerte didn't stay with the ship's crew very long.

El Fuerte's SF4 arcade ending comments:

Concerning appetizings "chanko!" "borscht!" mutually Honda and Zangief don't
give up.  Opposite this Fuerte combined both things perfecting the "manly red
hot mole".......

*** pgVElGado.


Final Fight 1:  El Gado most likely was in the Industrial area and fought
Guy.  I don't know.  He was a generic enemy in Final Fight 1, for crying
out loud.  Three of them hop down right before Rolento does, though.

Street Fighter Zero 2 and Street Fighter Zero 3:  Appearing in many of
Rolento's victory poses, El Gado is still a member of Rolento's army even
after it broke off from Mad Gear.

Where he is now:  Probably still working for Rolento.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Another one of Rolento's men is Holly Wood (basically an El Gado
pallete swap without the facial hair). Although both can knife-fight,
Holly Wood is the only one that wields molotovs (and typically sets
himself on fire accidentally in Final Fight :P)

    He's typically stronger than Holly Wood.

    And... that's about it.  What do you expect from a guy who was just a
generic enemy?

    The knife MCT enemies in Final Fight Streetwise are likely a
throwback to El Gado.  Some of their names start with "El", and they
also have an infinite supply of knives to draw upon as well as fast jumping
attacks that get enhanced with knives, just like El Gado.  They're a lot
easier to beat than El Gado, though.  Sadly, El Gado himself is not in the

*** pgVElStinger.


Age: 27 (26 during MB, both official conjecture)
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Hails from, native place: Acapulco, Mexico
Favorite/main attack(s): screw diver, atomic dive
Favorite food: tacos
MB specialty move: tope atomico (atomic dive?)
SMB specialty move: flying headbutt
Wrestling federation: MWA (Mexico Wrestling Association?) (from V-Jump book)
MB-era nickname: "Acapulco's Killer Bee"
Stage: Mexico

Muscle Bomber:  He um... wrestled?

Super Muscle Bomber:  He erm... wrestled some more?

Where he is now:  Dunno.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He enjoys performing aerial moves and he's proud of his aerial fighting

    He's a cheerful pure Latin wrestler.

    He has an apparent rivalry with Budo (Oni), who also uses a flashy
wrestling style. This is because their styles are somewhat similar (didn't
look that similar to me, but these things tend to fly over my head).

    From a Muscle Bomber Flyer: Conspicuous in living a useful life, a
midair killing system is splendidly used from his characteristic race horse

*** pgVFeiLong.

FEI-LONG (FEI LONG the phonetic spelling in translated excerpts)

Birthdate: April 23, 1969
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
BWH sizes: B108, W76, H80
Blood type: O
Native place: Hong Kong (belongs to China after SF2)
Special skill: self-directing action scenes
Likes: kung fu, self-assertion
Dislikes: lethargy, indifference, unimpressiveness
Fighting style: Hitenryu kung fu
SFZ-era nickname: “Freely Kung Fu Star”
SF2-era nickname: “Fire Kung Fu Hero”
SF4-era nickname: "Billowing Waves of Gang Strikes"

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Fei Long is a youthful, talented action star from
Hong Kong. He is the master of his own unique style of kung fu. On the
street, he seeks a good fight to sharpen his skills.  His fighting
impresses a Hong Kong movie director, and he becomes a popular movie star.
His movie, Street King, is a hit. [Official and specially noted in AAC]

SFZ3 File #29 Fei Long

Hong Kong's young genius action star.  Through a kind of seldom become
fighting sense, having grasped a characteristic kung fu style, he stirs up
a sensation in the Hong Kong movie world.  Not letting the continually hot
passion go out, for him to have thoroughly tempered flesh, for the sake of
seeking for acting being of reality more dynamic, he faces at the street fight
with the world's champions.

Street Fighter 2:  After fighting in the SF2 tournament, Fei Long realizes
that acting (as opposed to directing) is not his calling, after all.  It is
real fighting that truly matters, not just acting.  He received an invitation
to SF2 where his first battle was at his SSF2 stage, and went on from there.

Fei Long- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

A fighting stylist also possessing the face of a genius action performer.  In
order to start polishing up his acting ability he thrusts himself into the
fighting scene.

Street Fighter 4:

Can be regarded in the Hong Kong movie world as a standing and burdened young
man actor.  Piling on his training from the time he was young, and now is one
kung fu user unequaled in Hong Kong.

SF4 opens for Fei-Long with the sequel to his post-Z3 blockbuster, Street
King 2 (coincidentally the same movie mentioned in Yun & Yang's Z3 storyline)
placed on production hiatus due to attacks being inflicted on the film's crew
[Fei-Long's SF4 opening].  Fei-Long tracks down the attack perpetrators,
learns that they're members of the organization S.I.N.-sha, and met Abel along
the way.

Fei-Long's ending is an interesting one to say the least.  After Seth admits
that he and all under him are responsible for the raids against the film crew,
Seth slumps over with a grin, stabbed in the back with a kunai.  If that's not
strange enough, Fei-Long watches all this happen without a hint of surprise
or alarm in his face, as if he'd known and expected this sequence of events to
occur beforehand.  A pre-planned movie scene perhaps?  More likely than not.

Super Street Fighter 4:

S.I.N.-sha under its CEO Seth has unveiled another world fighting tournament,
and Fei-Long now knows that they were behind it all concerning his latest
movie:  the sponsor changing the script, the attacks on the photography crew,
the eerie development in the film depicting a shift from Shadaloo's apparent
responsibility for the crime-filled craters on the world to instead the blame
placed on a military-weapons caliber-producing enterprise, all to reflect the
"truth" as it ought to be known.  Fei-Long's been advised to lay low and hide
until the movie's photography can resume, but he won't. [Fei-Long's opening]

SSF4 takes Fei-Long into a meeting with heiress of the Rindoukan karate style
Makoto.  They fight and Makoto wins, possibly only narrowly due to Fei-Long
getting distracted towards the end. [Makoto's rival battle and dialogue

By the end of S.I.N.-sha's collapse, Fei-Long meets once more with his fan
Abel, who's got news to share with the kung fu artist, for Fei-Long to hear
at his own risk. [Fei-Long's ending]

Where he is now:  Piecing together what Abel's told him about Shadaloo and
S.I.N.-sha together with all that's happened in regards to Street King 2's
modified elements.  Beyond that and presumably finally completing the movie
(which Abel promises he'd see) in possibly its original form, Fei-Long
probably moves away from the Hong Kong movie scene and into his
future-depicted dojo for hitenryu kung fu boasting a not-too-far-off class
enrollment of three thousand students.  

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He began practicing kung fu when he was around 6.  He was a stunt man
before he became a movie star.  He appeared in his first movie when he was
around 18 (as a stuntman).

    His “hiten-ryu” kung fu style possesses over 3,000 practitioners
and has many schools around the globe training new students, by the year 2013
at least.  Fei-Long coined his style as hitenryu (Feitianliu in straight
Chinese) kung fu after SF2.

His name written in kanji translates to roughly "soaring dragon," and would
be pronounced roughly as "hi-ryu (hee-ryoo)" in Japanese.

He is an expert at wielding nunchaku, even though he brings them out after a
fight and not during one.  Fei-Long most likely fights topless to show off his
confidence in the face of danger.  He's considered passionate and unwavering
in his convictions.  He's so overly confident in himself that he charms
opponents as well as psyches them out. 

    Fei-Long is obviously based after kung fu movie star Bruce Lee, if not
practically directly copied like Bison (Balrog overseas) was to Mike
Tyson.  Though I probably really didn't have to say that.

As of SF2, he's never used his shienkyaku in a movie scene.  He did use a
rekkaken once, but the scene was cut due to the move's intensity unable to
be shown on the big screen.

    Secrets of Fei Long's SF2 stage from the Fanbook:

Hong Kong (Fei Long)

Hong Kong's most famed park.  Used to get Fei Long to show his face!?

Legendary animals
Legendary animals calling out good luck, Seiryuu, Suzaku.

Park name
Tiger Balm Park.  Alias "Tiger Leopard Villa (Fuubaao Bettsuaii)".

Fei Long's SSF2 account reveals that the bouts he was invited to, at his
Tiger Balm Park stage, were in fact preliminary fights for Shadoloo's hosted
World Fighting Championship.  Miscellaneous fighters not seen in the games
included a short guy in a gi and a long-haired dude in T-shirt and jeans.

Fei Long from Gamest SSF2

Story of Fei Long

The weekend.  Cars come and go on the national highway.  8:30 at night.
For Fei Long, within a taxi, he could hear his own pulsing gradually
speeding up.  The trembling wouldn't stop.
He had already wanted to be able for his heart's provision, of course
with his body, before the "struggle" it was stiffening.  However "anxiety"
was what that resolved to not become. In him was a strong determination
and self confidence.  Peaceful eyes closed, gripping fists, he was sparing
an erected prevailing heart.

He just now, was finished shooting the spot of the movie's location.
The last scene.
Raging waves to crumble an evening cliff.  At a deceased friend's tombstone,
a scene of returning victorious.  He decided on a magnificent 1 take.
In him, such things as today's shooting could not have honor even in the
enlarging process.  From morning his power of concentration was tremendous.
Surely the action scenes dreadfully urged on.  Everyone of the staff,
extraordinarily feeling his enthusiasm, advanced his shooting with high
tension circumstances.
Everyone, admired Fei Long's backbone as that of a natural pro, for him,
the true motive was increasing expectations.
After the end of the shooting the staff to finish with a party,
pretending of an errand to return home he hurriedly picked up a taxi.
By 9:00, he couldn't help but go to Hong Kong Island's Tiger Balm Park.
Fei Long saw his watch.  It seemed that somehow or other the time was at an
agreeable interval.  Settled down with a little bit of pleasure, besides his
line of vision was bound for it.
He sees a beautiful night view.  What wasn't there, hitherto he remembered
seeing to his own matters.

He was born in Hong Kong and raised in Hong Kong.  From younger times Fei Long
aspired to be an action star.  From the time of age 6 he began daily attendance
at the town's kung fu dojo.
For a short-statured Fei Long, with his speed and sense he made fun of larger
opponents.  His moves were exhilarating ones.  Slipping through openings of
opponents' moves, yearning to dive in he quickly drove into sequential moves.
That talent was one of granted genius.
At the time of age 18, he entered the film world as a stuntman.  At last he
was rough and ready.  All the while carrying on with miscellaneous business
and supporting roles, surely his heart wanted to jump into a major role someday.
Indeed, within his acting, there was no glitter among the rest of the new stars.
That being his great energy, his self-confidence, having only an innate prodigy,
a person who could supplement a captivating power.

However, his zeal was of fruitless effort.  Intently crediting the ego's talent
as a polisher, without appreciation of doing a plethora of tricks for his
assertion to frankly go beyond, as time bought into animosity, envy- that's
what it became.
He would take it, as a connection to an opportune successful career and such
of what became an interest.  Grind, seizing the top in this world, cannot be
unless every surface is calculated.
Interrupting a conversation on positives in performance coaching, an idea to
see go out was enacting a sword battle.  However the plan for new stars would
be laughing them down.  Unless he held on, the movie's construction character
and also a butting-in unknown stripling would be to yell at.  Unless coerced
into no more practicing, he would've retired.
To not do the thing he wants to do, several years gone to waste.  He would
take it, with restless grinding teeth not the darkness of several years.
But, a naturally talented ability dragged in a chance.  His case would take
in the assistant director he met by chance.
"Your, favorite method give it a go."
A scene to enact with 5 people as opponents.  Cornered, a battle place to
end in defeat.  Originally, multiple cuts separately taken, expected for an
editing hand afterwards.
For Fei Long, that scene a 30-second interval, one shot was taken by the
crane camera.
That talent, beginning with the assistant director, at that spot left all
members of the staff silent.  Words wouldn't come out.
This experience surely seemed to flow by.  At that moment Fei Long's holding
power began to deliver, the environment surrounding him completely changed.
Until then no different class action scene became for a record topic of
conversation as for that great hit movie.  Fei Long who was an anonymous
new star became the movie world's man of the hour.
Next he was taken to various places from which he was invited, the assistant
director granted him a chance and, once more he decided on the matter of work.
That's been performances lately.  Within his story, a momentous star role
that he took hold of raised his status.
And so today, he completely finished that shooting.

"Honored Guest, we have arrived!"
His self was taken aback.  With money as payment, Fei Long came down from
the taxi.
The park's entrance crowded with sight-seeing guests during the day, the
tall gate locked, as if it was deserted.  The enclosure of the garden stone
arrangements following a backwards rotation, a narrow stone step would rise.
That path, was expected to be connected to the side door.
"The World Fighting Championship"....illegal that gathering he had heard
rumors of a week before.
From the beginning of next time's movie location, no doubt a harmonious
feeling for an always continued sensation.  That's the shooting he would
progress to in company with the greatly become going in his heart, with no
cheating impulses as he was brought up.
Truly with seemingly gathered circumstances, what are they?  The fact to
rise in name as a silver screen star?
The directions so far being all those inquiries to throw question marks at,
unnoticed his heart controlled, unable to be set apart from it.
And also that rumor.
Once a year, a mysterious fighting bout takes place at Tiger Balm Park of
Hong Kong Island.  Different kinds of fighting moves battle without all the
prohibiting hands, to grant the winner an enormous monetary reward.  However
thus far, it is to say that the bout due to security hasn't retained someone
to return.
He wanted to be entrusted with the rumor's true meaning.  Seemingly to say,
Fei Long himself set his heart on merely that knowing nothing else.
So far day in and day out it was kung fu on his own.  To present oneself
with the most successful means as a chosen action star's dream of realization.
What does my body crave?  Even for the moment, if asking the body to profit
from the opportunity....
Doubt, how would it be if it was said?  At the time of having irritation to
spare and a scorching heart begun control, that "notice" rapidly came.  That,
made him do the present's actions.

The side entrance's door was open.  The whole park floating on "spirit",
Fei Long distinctly sensed it.  And so he was assured.  The rumors were true
after all.
As for Fei Long, he took out a single-sheet card.  This morning, something
was put into the hiding space of his jacket pocket.

Today, Tiger Leopard Villa from 21:00 No 04

That was written on the card.
Tiger Leopard Villa (Fuubaao Bettsuuai) is here, another name for
Tiger Balm Park.  Intuitively he understood.  Someone entice me.  A guy who
knows my circumstances, forward this to me.  The rumors are true.

Above the stone flooring was exposed the cold wind.  A bluish white moon,
shining on a white stage.  His voice suddenly resounding, for Fei Long his
body spontaneously tightened.
"From here, I go for the bout!"
He sensed the usual line of vision within the dark.  Fighting spirit couldn't
help but swirl.
And I, from the stage's other side the single man revealed.  For the man
hiding in the falling moon's shadow of the park's architecture, a suitable
appearance cannot be seen.
"....already I believe that I've gotten to see the complimentary ticket.
Today's winner is one name just chosen.  That person will be to witness
at the next Asia tournament's participation.  You go by the card's number
order for bouts.  Number 1 and Number 2 come up front!"
In answer to that voice, from both stage ends 2 men rushed out.  One person
a short-statured man clad in a gi suit, one person a long-haired man in jeans
and a t-shirt.  Glaring at each other they matched as it was without a stir.
Fei Long fixated on the 2 people, ears strained.
How heedlessly the fist meets to swing down opponents agreeably dulling them
just by the grating sound.  Difficult to resist the feeling of tension as
your breath stops.
Just like that the match settled.  The long-haired man with his body in agony
lay face-down on the stone flooring.
Attention driven away he finally moved.  Do these guys exist?  These guys and,
my struggle against them?  My moves are what these guys commonly use....?
Taking off his jacket, he takes deep breaths.  His entire body swells
with spirit.
Within his heart was some hesitation yet complications also erased.  To prove
one's own might.  And also why I have lived.  I fear nothing.  For sure the
proof of my might, is the proof of my own human life!

"Next, Number 3 and Number 4, come up front!"
Only the dragonfly, jumped down onto the stage.
For him now, self confidence was such that he would absolutely prevail with
whichever formidable opponent would appear.  Fear or losing his bearings, he
doesn't feel them a bit.
In order to win it all, Fei Long ran towards it.
-The official name of the main Street Fighter tournaments was first revealed
here:  World Fighting Championship.  Also in Fei-Long's account it's seen that
he (and possibly by extrapolation everyone else in SF2) received a personal
invitation to compete.  Fei-Long's fight through SF2 began (surprise!) in his
SSF2 stage, though in the evening starting at 9 pm.

*** pgVFreak.  


Age: 8 (during MB)
Height: 60 cm
Weight: 9 kg
MB-era nickname: "Intelligent Monkey"

    Freak is Missing IQ Gomes' pet monkey. He's listed as a partner, has an
IQ of 200 or more (he's probably smarter than Gomes) and that he almost/mostly
understands human language.
    Freak apparently has a wife and kids in Super Muscle Bomber.  All monkeys,
of course.

*** pgVFreddie.


Height: 195 cm
Weight: 185 kg
Blood type: O

Native place:  He's fought in France, but probably born in America.

Final Fight 2:  While Freddie was in the Navy Seals, he punched out one of
his superiors.  This lead to his discharge by the Navy.  Now as a freelance
mercenary, Freddie was hired by the Mad Gear gang to head their terrorism

Where he is now:  *shrug*

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    He joined the Mad Gear after being discharged from the U.S. Marine
Corps for fighting.

    Although it may be just an Easter egg appearance, Guile is apparently in
the background when you fight Freddie.  ...cheering him on apparently, too.
Maybe he doesn't realize that Freddie's been booted from the force (ditto
for the rest of the troops there).

*** pgVGeki.


Height: 180.6 cm
Weight: 72 kg
SF1 action: jump shuriken
Represents: Japan
SF1-era nickname: "Ninjutsu-Using Assassin from the Dark"

Street Fighter 1:  Geki entered to test his skills.  Not much info
on him.  At all.

Where he is now:  It is said that Geki went back into training.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Geki is not officially stated to be Ibuki's dad, or even a member of
Ibuki's clan. None of the ninjas that appear in Ibuki's stage is Geki.
They all have names, and Geki isn't one of them.

    It is conjectured that Geki trained Balrog (Spaniard), but this is just
conjecture.  Geki's moves really are completely different from Balrog's, too
(Geki has a disappearing teleport and mainly relies on shuriken attacks).

    Balrog and Geki are stated to be 'claw rivals'.  IE, their skill with
the claw is about equal to each other.  Perhaps this statement is what
makes many people think Geki trained Balrog.

    For Geki, the Fanbook says that he uses shurikens as a surprise attack,
and AAC says he's a shuriken expert.

His name in kanji means "incite" or "enraged."

     He continues to fight in order to make known in the world the power
of ninjutsu, being of ninja descent.

*** pgVGen.


Age: Over 70 years old during Zero 2.
Birthdate: March 10
Height: 166 cm, 179 cm (old SF1 design)
Weight: 61 kg, 68 kg (old SF1 design)
SF1 action: arc punch
BWH sizes: B106, W75, H80
Blood type: O
Native place: China
Special skill: Chinese medicine formulas
Likes: meat buns, reading Chinese poetry
Dislikes: human crowds
Fighting style: Chinese kenpo (souryu, kiryu and others; ansatsuken-caliber)
SF1-era nickname: "Ansatsuken's Murder Machine"
SFZ-era nickname nickname: "Blood Fight Hundred Battles Origin of Matchless"
SF4-era nickname: "Silent Becoming Assassin"

Street Fighter 1:  Gen entered the Street Fighter 1 tournament to find worthy
opponents [Official].  Considering how powerful he is, storyline-wise I don't
know how he could have lost, though he was ill at the time.  At any rate, SFZ3
dialogue shows that Gen never met Ryu before SFZ3.

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Gen goes around wandering about the shady alleys
hoping that he'll find a warrior strong enough to kill him in a fight to
the death, because he wants to die gloriously in battle and not while sick
in bed.  Finally, he finds and hears of a powerful warrior named Gouki,
goes to find him and does.

Gouki used the shungokusatsu on Gen, but Gen survives it.  Gen then did
his his zanei on Gouki but Gouki blocks it.  As the battle goes on, Gouki
realized that Gen was sick and the two set apart.  Neither one won the
battle.  Gen survived the shungokusatsu because he emptied his spirit,
heart and mind (which makes him immune to pain from past sins) [Official].

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Gen is insulted that Gouki left.  He wants to
finish that deathmatch.  Gen continued to seek out Gouki for his death
match in SFZ3.  Most likely he finally found Gouki, too [conjecture based
off in-game storyline].

SFZ3 File #17 Gen

The legendary ansatsuken manipulating remarkable assassinist.  His body
continually employed within battles, at times of no assassin's work he amuses
himself with street fights.  Attacked by illness, the situation of his
remaining days before long but, rather than cease by the matter of dying on
his sickbed, having targeted by satsui no hadou the warrior of the fist, he's
fancying going head-to-head with Gouki.
-Gen street fights when hitman-work is slow.  He can feel Gouki's presence by
Gouki's emanated murderous surges (SnH).

Street Fighter 4:

A converted to legend in the undersurface society assassin.  Desiring as a
"deathmeet" opponent an appropriately strong one, he's continuing to fight.
With there being a deep connection with Chun Li's father, he's embracing even
an intricate sentiment opposite Chun Li.
-The term "deathmeet" is one exclusive to Gen and Gouki.  The Japanese 2-kanji
equivalent, "shi-ai" normally means "a match" or "a bout", and the kanji by
themselves are for "test out" and for "meet", in other words "a meet or
encounter to test or verify one's skills."  When Gouki or Gen use the term,
due to their mentalities of fighting to the death, the first kanji "shi" is
replaced by the same-sounding kanji for "death", and when put together with
the same second kanji, the term ends up meaning "an encounter to the death",
or "deathmeet".  In other words, when they meet, they intend to have only one
of them walking away alive afterwards.

Gen in SF4 looks like he's already got one foot in the grave.  CJ artist Ikeno
designed him with some peculiar attributes, and with more than 1 coincidental
similarity to Gouken, whose status in SF4 is quite out of the ordinary (see
Gouken's bio for more).  Gen's SF4 opening has him watching Chun-Li going off
with Guile then he coughs while lingering in the shadows.  Then we're shown
a flashback of an event long time coming that was first hinted back during
Chun-Li's account in SF2 Dash aka Champion Edition:  her detective father
teaming up with his friend (Gen) to investigate the growing drug syndicate
Shadaloo.  Gen fends off the agents in black, but is unable to stop them
from abducting his much younger partner.

Gen's ending has him shielding Chun-Li from fallen ceiling chunks within the
lab, his vacant eyes reflecting a scene of Gouki and Gouken about to unleash at
each other, then Gen himself rises up, apparently crushing the ceiling chunks
that were previously pinning both Chun-Li and himself down (what happens to
Chun-Li during all this?  Moreover where/when does this happen?  It's certainly
not the same room that she gets trapped into for her ending).  Finally Gen
sports an aura and swears that he will not be dying unless it's in a fight to
the death.

Super Street Fighter 4:

Gen continues to roam the world in his threshold state.  He dreams of the dead
stretching their arms out to him, and he sneers.  The universe has dictated
that they are no longer worthy to even challenge him.  He was among them, and
he was plucked out.  If a death-meet with Gouki won't stop him it appears that
seemingly nothing will. [Gen's opening]

Gen walks on, having seen a genuine fight to the death between aura-clad Gouken
and SnH-raging Gouki.  He wants the same thing, desperately.  He coughs, and
sports an unsightly aura of his own as he chuckles, saying it's still not
over. [Gen's ending]

Where he is now:  Gen looks to be still at large by the end of SSF4, but for
how much longer?  Will Gouki ever consent to finally put Gen out of his most
recently-inflicted looping misery of shame? 

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Gen from SFZ2


Furthermore even none other than Hong Kong's dark community, "the most
excelled assassin, is the martial artist who barehandedly severs his
opponent's life," being the case, the kind of status received in view
of it as a thought of honor.
Admired particularly as "Blood-Fighting Hundred-Battles, Gen the Invincible"
as far as an 'assassin' Gen having lived long is known as a character partly
transformed into legendary.
Day and night merely pretentious greenhorn martial artists come to aim for
his life.  From him to snatch a life the martial artist takes a finger
remaining of both arms both legs, comes to challenge younger assassins and
such for the sake of a reputation of foolish fad ambitions, the so-called
chicks naturally.
Even today again one such chick, vigorously encouraged came before Gen.
"......You're the sage Gen known as 'Hong Kong's fist oni'??"
Gen would return no reply.  That would-be calling himself "Hong Kong's
number one assassin" giant getting worked up inside, raised his voice.
"What's wrong, even your mouth can't ask before you'll visit death shortly??"
Finally Gen lightly laughed to respond.  "That's the way isn't it."
"Your mouth will likely ask nothing.  You come to challenge me with just
this mere show do you, don't say you're shocked."
Hearing that the man's face turned darkish.  Without a hue, a strong thirst
for blood would reveal.
Raising a fist overhead, Gen's aimings recklessly sprang upon him.  Besides
that facing him Gen would move in a gliding manner.
'Thud!!'  A flashy sound reverberating, at the same time the man was taken
aback.  Observing Gen's low palm as much as his wrist would cave the man into
a jellyfish.  In the twinkle of an eye, a needle finger (index finger strike)
raising his howling struck with "rapport" "divine gate" "joint valley" and
other such warping pulses.
Just as the man's entire body was swooning into paralysis, still he wouldn't
wholly feel the pain.  The technique handed down from the time-honored
continent, is a variety of the "pressure point strikes".  After this had him
striking the "death points" with Gen's peculiar move "shitenshuu" completed,
Gen would not have visited it.
The man's eye color of death he was pleading for his life.  This man was
probably not an "assassin."  In his eyes was a light not to be found in a
passerby between the point of life and death.
What foolishness, shame be thy friend.  At the time when a warrior is on
the verge of death, however one behaves care for that so-called real worth
in spite of it all.
Gen greatly disappointed, finishing the man with a stab in the neck left
that place.
-Gen despite his Z2 stage being in Shanghai is notorious all the way to Hong
Kong for his reputation as a hitman.
-Gen kills the foolish man with paralysis rolling over into death with his
super the shitenshuu, shutting the guy's arrogant trap for good.

Zero 2's News TOP SECRET: Gen

Top Secret Notification Part Number 8074889
Shadoloo Intelligence Department Investigation Room B-67

His Excellency the Commander's Directly Supervised
New Fighter Acquisition Candidacy Reconnaisance Report

(full name unknown, possibly an assumed name)
AGE: age unidentified
(presumed to be from early 70's to late 80's)
SEX: male

In the heart of Hong Kong, the leading personage of assassination contracted
by the dark community's antagonist organizations and government agencies, this
be the occupation of a dark kenpo artist. His style of work peerless cold sake,
to execute for the sake of swift yet reliable dependence even from those in the
same business he is to be feared, terror is granted to opponents not because of
going to assassinate barehanded even to the last small weapon, but believed that
it comes from the reason of pride as he is the one and only kenpo artist.  In
another report he studied under a school founder a famed warrior, hearsay not
attributable to rumor has it declared in the world that he would have a past
matter of drawing out a barehanded fight with a British army opponent in the
"Boxers Rebellion".
With that side, this Gen becomes a character plural extender studied under a
kenpo artist is the supposition.  If that be the true case, his manipulating
individual kenpo has techniques utilizing every school seen everywhere, it is
that he uses them properly from being practiced with adaptation to
Even during his advanced age still in secret active service in this world, this
manner of plural fighting styles while also conducting as a crafty one is
in analysis.
The above-mentioned is inscribed, for otherwise our Shadoloo necessary
assassination personnel training utilization's discipline and also his own
sheer requisite as an assassin the matter in which already he has on hand,
the subject to again pursue the empty-handed fight to become absolutely with
confidence and pride, and also the topic of devotion for opposing one's own
feeling of mission . . . .
Since, this kenpo artist Gen is as we who are members of the glory that is
"Shadoloo" a suitable character and this investigation room concludes the
reasons.  By all means, higher document reference concerning this example,
is deliberated.
-Shadaloo's assessment of Gen in the Zero series.  They want him, enough said.
-Shadaloo surmises that Gen may have been trained by a famous veteran of the
Boxer Rebellion days.  Goutetsu may have once had a similar type of teacher.

Gen from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

All kinds of Chinese kenpo integrated, as his characteristic assassin
techniques being for utilizing the skill of reorganized dual systems, he
evolves the ever-changing battle.  As for one part of those possessed
techniques to Chun Li, the pattern via having been passed down to her
father (Genden ansatsushuu).  The cause for martial arts having been the
goal of a murderer, he's desiring to seek out opponents able to seriously

Fashion Style
With long sleeves his body clad in a worn China uniform.  As relaxedly as
it would've covered a clothed old body, for the hair style and beard's
whiteness it indicates in diligence old age.  Even while risking it to
disease for he's without a declining fighting spirit, for the glint of an
eye probing of the chance for prevailing it's ultimately penetrating.  For
thin kung fu shoes the matter of easily standing on tiptoes, does the
possibility about appoaching targets even without a sound.

Victoria Harbor [HONG KONG]

A jumbo jet's whirring sweeps overhead.
For the pier was being embraced in the morning haze and plural bloodthirst.
At the wharf an old man is standing.  Firmly not moving.
Arms folded like that, suddenly, and the old man jumps up.  Immediately
after, the wharf gone to pieces dispersed.  The water surface foamed, splashes
slip into the haze.
"Unpolished isn't it.  For with lead bullets that be the principle to not kill
one another."
Abruptly, at the neighboring wharf a boat goes down.
His name is Gen.  Through the Hong Kong dark streets no one knows not that
name, not one person non-fearful of it.
A notorious assassinist boasting a assassination rate of 180% being a Chinese
kenpo expert.
Surpassing the climax of 70 furthermore in a moment's fist to increase
sharpness wily he is.
From within the haze, moss-green suited men having prepared Steyrs (bullpup
submachine guns) approach.  5 persons in number.
Here a 2-years' span, suddenly in Hong Kong's undersurface society arose to
power an Italian lineage's Mafia group.  In time the large business and
several people's family's lives Gen's work consequently is plundering.
As with the Hong Kong society, the matter of requesting assassinations to Gen
a success rate of above 100% is definitely promised so to speak.  If stalked
there is no path of escape.  Therefore resistance is meaningless.  Rather, to
Gen being the value of stalking and, it's said that he feels dignified.
Obliviated to that "common sense" the young villains are, even in complete
recklessness it is that they must clear away grudges in stalking to pursue
after Gen's life.
"Gen......Quite the hard time you've given us haven't you.  To one who
obstructs our dealings, equally we'll make him take death's punishment."
"Strange......You all don't recall your own obstructing."
"Stuff it!"
The Steyrs open fire.  Gen's figure is already unseen.
"For today's friend is tomorrow's enemy.  Reversal again to be so.  As with
our daily's it must be rare."
The storehouse's roof's Gen says.
The man replies.
"In other words......Your existence is such a so-called matter of obstruction.
For hurdles are to thoroughly remove.  Failure in our business will not be
"............To go also to death, even to return to death eh.  In that case
you'll scatter!, the bloody battle's luster......"
Once again a jumbo jet's whirring.  Glimmering light and wind.
The impacting noise paralyzing the eardrum.  For the world filled with
The hour of death even again mixed in the sound of a whir, goes to dissolve.
"......The weak doomed to perish, this be nature's reason......"
At the end for the assassins was just one alone standing.
The sound of waves returns and, for the old man feeling things brought to a
close, and he had vanished to the undersurface alleys.
-Gen versus the Mafia.  Result: Gen at 70+ years of age and a 180%
assassination success rate, 1; Mafia group consisting of 5 guys armed with
submachine guns taking out the wharf but not the old man, 0. 

    Gen's fighting style, like Gouki's, is designed to kill.  Ansatsuken is
a general term for a style intended to assassinate, which is why both Gen
and Gouki can have it despite having significantly different fighting
techniques (what with it being a general term and all).

    Note from Saiki:  Both Gouki and Gen use ansatsuken. Gouki uses
ansatsuken but with more karate, judo, tae kwon do and koppo elements to it.
Gen actually should have more styles but I guess it'd be too hard to put it
all into the game. I can't remember all of them but I think it was mantis,
crane, tiger, bear, err, can't remember the rest.  Ryu and Ken use a toned
down version that Gouken taught them that isn't designed to kill, unlike
Gen's and Gouki's styles.

If one were to consider Gen's zanei as taking out an opponent by targeting
all nine of the human body's vital points at once, only his level 3 zanei
in Z3 could fit to such a description.  As opposed to Gouki's shungokusatsu,
Gen's zanei hasn't been implemented in gameplay with nearly such consistency
(the SGS within seishi titles has always been 15 hits, while the zanei has
gone from 4,5,6 hits in Z2 to 6,7,9 hits in Z3 to most recently 6 in SF4).

    Souryu translates to mourning style, but kiryu depending on some
dictionaries can also read as mourning style because of how the kanji "ki"
is used in other words; it can mean detestable or abhorable along with
mourning. "sou" interestingly means only mourning by itself.  Therefore,
the kiryu more commonly translates to hateful style, which is also what
the SFA2 Strategy Guide lists it as. (yes, kanji can be confusing at times)

In their Z3 pre-battle sequence, Gen does a kiryu guard pose as Gouki pounds
away with the shungokusatsu, then Gen immediately switches to souryu for the
zanei on Gouki.  It's no coincidence that Gen goes for the kiryu pose at
the beginning, as the kanji "ki" in the style's name can also mean
"purification" in addition to "hateful."  Thus their sequence starts out as
SGS versus "purifying" stance.

His name in kanji means "origin" or "source."

Gen is a great assassin. When he learned that he had a incurable sickness, he
set off into the underground world so he would die in battle, before he finally
heard of and ran into Gouki.

    Contrary to popular belief, Gen is not Yun and Yang's (of SF3)
grandfather, or Lee's (of SF1) father (Lee was Yun Lee's and Yang Lee's
uncle).  Additionally Gen has no restaurant; Genhanten exists only within the
context of Pocket Fighter.

    It should be noted that there is a slight mistranslation in the US
version of SF Eternal that states that Gen is Yun and Yang's grandfather.
I've had several people who can read Japanese go over it and they say
that the Kanji 'gen' (which is the same as the kanji for Gen's name)
is used to refer to "origin", which is indeed the context it's used
in the Japanese version of SF Eternal (...and likely one of the reasons why
many misconceptions of Gen being their grandfather are floating around)
and not meant to be a name. ("Originally raised in Shanghai by their
grandfather" ended up being translated as "Raised in Shanghai by their
grandfather Gen", but the former is the intended context).

Gen was a friend of Chun-Li's father.  For more information on that, see
Chun-Li's section and farther down.

    The disease Gen has is leukemia, according to Saiki.  Presently I've been
unable to locate a source specifying it to be in fact leukemia, but it may very
well be his disease as coughing up blood is indeed a symptom of it, as well as
a symptom for other disorders such as consumption (tuberculosis).

    Assassins try to end his life daily, because he ticked them off in some
way, or because he's that legendary and good at what he does that everyone
wants to try bringing him down.

He likely does have more fighting styles (his SF1 crouching kick aka Chun Li's
crouching hard kick the Genden ansatsushuu is only seen in his SF1 arsenal),
and I believe he also uses bits of both mourning (souryu) & hateful (kiryu) in
SF1 from the stances he assumes.

So what's going on with Gen post-Z3?  All evidence revealed thus far points to
him being an imposter similar to Gouken.  Gen notes in his ending that he's
aware that he's actually died before.  As to when he died, it might've been
during his latest fight with Gouki (see Gouki's SF4 beginning account) or more
regrettably in his opinion, to the disease he has.  How does he know he's
died?  Most likely from Rose.  Her win quote to him cryptically mentions that
his grave is dug up and open, because a breeze can flow through the ground his
corpse was.  So who dug his remains up?  Most likely S.I.N.-sha.  Seth's
win quote to Gen notes that very little modification shall be necessary due
to Gen's assassin nature, ideal for housing satsui no hadou.

What similarities does Gen share with Gouken?  Elderly, long hair, round
sphere holding their hair...yes you read right.  Gen's not just wearing a tiny
cap all of the sudden in SF4 for the heck of it.  Plus it'd be odd, if it was
just a cap, that it never moves from that spot on Gen's head, even when he's
collapsed, say during his ending.  Gen's win quote to Gouken reveals that
they're alike, in that they're both at the threshold of creation, on the fine
line of existence (life and death included) and non-existence.  In other words
they're like puppets animated against their will (Gen's win quote to Rose
warns her to not become subservient to anyone but herself if she were to be
captured, and his win quote to himself has him disgracefully calling himself
a string-led zombie more or less) when the natural course of the universe
dictates they shouldn't even be breathing.  And they both emanate an aura
inherently murderous, and yet not one like Gouki's because it's not pure
SnH, but simply dubbed as "ki" due to its hybrid artificiality.

Gen's mentioned in his SF4 profile to care for Chun-Li in a "watching-over-you
-but-want-you-to-hate-me" tough love kind of manner.  The recent surfacing of
this may be due to SF4 Gen's reconstructed memory borrowing heavily from the
time he and Chun-Li's father faced Shadaloo.  He cursed himself for letting
his partner be taken and wants to secretly watch over his partner's child as
a means of atonement, more vividly seen in Gen's SF4 opening, yet still keep
his heartless assassin image at the same time.  And as seen in his SF4 ending,
these two desires of his clash, with his craving for a glorious end with a
fighter like Gouki winning out apparently.

*** pgVGhost.


He's probably Italian since he's a pallete swap of Vitto's other men.

Final Fight Streetwise:  One of Vitto's pit-fighters in Little Italy.
Kyle attempts to make a deal with Vitto to fight in Vitto's pit fights
if Vitto will give him information about Cody's whereabouts, leading to
a pit fight with Ghost in the basement of Vitto's restaurant.  Kyle
manages to win, although Ghost would continue to be a pit fighter
for Vitto. [from the game]

Where he is now:  Still a pit fighter, I guess.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    From Kyle's journal:
I've heard of this guy. "Ghost", they call him.  He's got this Muay Thai
kick-boxing thing going on.  Hmm... I'm always up for a new challenge.

NOTE:  They say you can't block his low kick.  Gonna have to avoid that

    "Ghost" is just a nickname.  In the game, Vitto and his men
call him "Ghost", "The Ghost", and "Da Ghost" at various points.

    It is never even remotely hinted in game why he's called the Ghost.  It
MIGHT be an inside joke or reference to how he looks just like SF1's Joe.

    People mistake him for SF1's Joe, as Ghost is the spitting image of Joe,
(as much as a generic design like Joe's you can be the spitting image of).
He has what looks like the exact same hairstyle, and his pants, belt, and even
shoes look the same as Joe's sprite and art (although his pants has some orange
on the side and around the belt, unlike Joe).  Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if
Capcom named him "Ghost" as a tongue-in-cheek poke at Joe (IE, Joe is 'dead'
in that he has little chance of ever being shown again.  Alternatively, he's
Ghost because he's 'back from the dead' in that Joe is finally being used
again).  I lean more towards tribute myself though, as he doesn't seem to
have Joe's spin kick and Kyle's journal says he uses Muay Thai, while Joe uses
normal kickboxing.  While Muy Thai has a few similarities to kickboxing, SF1
already had TWO Muay Thai fighters with Adon and Sagat so I doubt that Joe was
supposed to be associated with it as well.  Course, maybe Capcom Studio 8 just
decided to say and use Muay Thai for Ghost's style because it looked and
sounded cooler.  He's way too young-looking to be Joe, though, given how much
older all the returning FF characters in the game are and how much older Cammy
looks. For Ghost to be Joe, Joe would like, have had to not aged a single year
despite how Cammy (also from Street Fighter) aged significantly.  So he's
likely a tribute, at best.

    Also, Joe was 24 in SF1.  He'd be like, 43 by Streetwise, and Ghost sure
as heck doesn't look THAT old.

    The hairstyle similarity to Joe is likely a coincidence.  It's the same
style as the rest of Vitto's men as well, except Ghost is blond.  The game
indicates that one of Vitto's generic henchmen is actually Ghost when Vitto
tells Kyle to meet his acquaintance, and then one of Vitto's men stretches as
if he's preparing for a fight before he personally takes Kyle down to the
basement pit fight.

    The generic Vitto henchman used to represent Ghost before the pit fight
has black hair instead of blond.  This might be a bug, as I noticed a blond-
haired one (that of course looked just like Ghost in a suit) in the
background during Kyle's second visit to Vitto before fighting Andore, but
after the camera panned to Vitto and then back, his hair had suddenly changed
from blond to black.  Maybe a glitch makes his hair black when Vitto's
introduced into the scene or something due to a color palette problem.

    The second time Kyle gets escorted down to the basement of Vitto's
restaurant (this time for the pit-fight with Andore), Vitto specifically
calls the blonde-and-then-black-haired guy that's in charge of escorting
Kyle down to the basement "Bruno".  This doesn't necessarily mean that
Ghost's real name is Bruno.  After all, each of Vitto's henchmen (including
Ghost outside of the pits) looks the same besides the chefs ("Bruno" is
also one of the many names that a Vitto henchman can randomly have when
you fight them).

    Ghost's punch attacks are the same lunging punches that the rest of
Vitto's henchmen uses.  The Muay Thai kicks are exclusive to him, though.
He seems to have the same fighting stance as the rest of Vitto's henchmen
though (so like Stiff, his fighting style is apparently an advanced version
of his boss' generic goons' style.  With some added Muay Thai, I guess).

    One of his taunts is "Is my hair messed up?  Of course not." (that's
the only one that really stood out to me).

*** pgVGill.


Age: 22 when he became Leader, which was a good while before SF3.
Native place: unknown
SF3-era nickname:  "Divine Era's Supreme Ruler"

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact:  Gill draws fighters to himself to find the
chosen ones that he would use to create the ideal society when the prophesied
time comes.  Alex manages to take him down, and Gill was very impressed.

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

From the olden days B.C. by management having ruled from behind the entire
world the Secret Society produced, the lord of miraculous power.  Unyielding
even to his actual younger brother Urien's evil designs, with that nature of
overwhelming charisma he's holding onto the organization's full authority.
For the project for the sake of an ideal society materialization accelerating
by an amount of 200 years, now surely for Gill seems to be in the role of
reigning above ground as the divine present emperor. [CJ's 3S profile for

  There is something special about Alex.  Gill is very very interested in him.
It appears that someday in the future, Alex will be one of the key people once
the appointed time for the divine era comes [Official].

For more of what Gill did in the SF3 games to other characters, check out
various other SF3 characters like Yun and Urien and such.

Where he is now:  Continuing to watch the rest of the world, and Alex in
particular.  His 3S ending assumes that Alex wants to seek him out again,
which is unlikely since Alex believes Gill got taken care of the first time
and Tom is well.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Gill from AASF3 & Gamest SF3


From the olden days B.C., controlling from a shadow on the world there's a
secret society.  For them in order that it shall originate the ideal society
in this earth they rightly continue activity, for the Leader who is the
organization's chief, pedigree and genetics, astrology and the like under
various requisites is selected.  Even Gill, from within a multitude's
candidacy through the greeted elite as Leader, himself living in as well
as envisioning to originate the ideal society.     


From the olden days B.C., there's a secret society's leader controlling
from a shadow on the world.  For the secret society in the year A.D. 2200,
in order to originate the ideal society in this earth, with every possible
spectacle they continue activity.
For the Leader being the organization's chief one time in 24 years, in
pedigree and genetic characteristics candidating the research-selected
1,024 groups of paired children, moreover those evaluated as standards as
far as four-pillar astrology, feng shui, astrology and the occult, several
people are intellectually educated.  Within that a single person coming of
age 22 years simultaneously, comes to be in fact welcomed as the new Leader.

Spanning a millenium, among the ideal society materialization's schedule
progressing, for he (Gill) thought.  Even the ideal society's completion
as it is now that's far off ahead of my own dying.......  Within my own
existing, no rather, with this hand I want to complete the ideal society.
But for that, for the agreed year 2200, being a gap of even 200 years that
was being the craving.                


Personality-  The Secret Society, for in that leader a strong will and
composed power, and also the matter of possessing absolute-like charisma
is demanded.  For Gill though within successive generations of Leaders,
he's clearing that through a high level.  For his underlying ruling and
believing it with inanimate nature is, about denying that of everyone
difficult.  Why then, for the organization's intelligence gathering power,
analysis ability and also engineering ability, national boundaries and
races and religions, as long as time is exceedingly supporting him, until
he declaratively acquires the precognition level of his forged judgment
ability he'll be improving after all.

Gill himself is, regarding his deeds as being those of the world's conqueror
and perhaps, being capable for freedom to mankind and the like is not
particularly a matter of consciousness.  Why then imperative to become
Leader for gripping an undertaking of education, for the matter to control
the world that's because it's about extremely natural.  From before being
born it was about deciding, for in regards to him, that was an exceedingly
obvious matter after all.  In accordance with the habitual him being faced
by a person is, even aiming at the matter of feeling in him that presence
and charisma nature, seldom a person to sense the peculiarly abnormal-like
feeling of oppression and physical unease.  Accordingly to a person, if
someone would speak of it, with extensive knowledge the person says that
was an enjoyable person wasn't it, in an argumentive but changed matter the
consideration is abundant.
It's somewhat of a arrogant place, that being the disposition, controlling
the world is to say not something to come from conceit and the like.
Desiring for the ideals of the entire world no rather this earth, allowing
it to descend into neutral to the last his ruling is possibly said to be
the ultimate righteousness.  However, to observe comprehending his aura
from the body's center in both the left and right, the ruling is to be saying
whenever he himself senses for the sake of sublimating various contradictions.
Fighting style-  In regards to him obtaining the world, for personal interest,
there's the world of spiritual nature esteeming arts and martial arts.  For
the sake of forging the body and the spirit, having enrolled in the program
for how to be a good emperor even now with karate and aikido the martial arts
for the private him, that is also limiting the world of fighting techniques.
He acquires research on every nation's martial arts and fighting moves from
the midst of history, the matter of perfecting the ultimate martial arts being
one of his hobbies is, even as the ideal society establishment's constituent
he's even considering it as being a necessity.
For that sake, having donned flawless flesh and imperial fighting techniques
the matter of he himself going out towards the world is also in abundance.

Fact: Gill's catch phrase/nickname is "Supreme Ruler of the Divine Era."
Found mostly in 3S contexts, but also briefly in the NG Gamest mook. Gill's
NG/2I backstory calls his organization a "secret society." I've seen at
least one Japanese forum page list organization names in quotes: Vega's is
"Shadoloo" and Gill's seems to be a cut n' pasted phrase "The Secret Society
Wishing for the Divine Era," aka a likely tag or label for one of the many
real-life groups claiming the title "Illuminati."

    Gill, from the belief of the organization that he comes from, is
prophesied to be a compassionate intercessor for the suffering populace.
Here's the transcribed prophecy from his Second Impact ending:

In the soliton's summit the time the eclipsed sun submerges
For the black moon breaking into seven
Above the head of the Altanian in uncoiled clothing it downpours
Even the high priest's prayer
Also the farmer's wisdom
Is unable to stop this
For a far and wide plaza
Becoming a bird of prey and a wild beast's habitat
Resistance combining to satisfy in agony
After one hundred thirty days of silence
Appears the golden haired child equivalent to have been filled with flames
and water
Being of genuine compassion it will presumably lend an ear to the people's

~from Muraha's Written Prophecy . Ordinal Third Chapter Eleventh Verse~

Note that Alex could also potentially fit the prophecy's description as he's
later depicted in Gill's 3S ending. 

Gill describes to Yun that in the near future, the balance between people's
tendencies for positivity and negativity, normally cancelling each other out,
will shatter.  That is when the Secret Society will act in the name of
benevolence for the rest of the world.

    The year when Gill's organization shall bring about the ideal society,
according to them, is 2200.

Gill's organization determines who the next Leader is by having a batch
(1024 pairs) of genetically enhanced chosen ones train together and fight
together, and the one that rises to the top is determined to be the new
Leader.  Of course, Gill is the one that rose to the top of his generation,
much to his jealous brother Urien's dismay.

    Gill enjoys learning, and is constantly trying to improve himself
both mentally and physically.  He's very knowledgeable of countless
martial arts, especially karate and aikido, and hopes to obtain the
ultimate fighting style.

    There are 66 secret techniques of the mysterious organization,
including resurrection. Urien's Aegis reflector is another.

    The reason Gill was elected Leader over Urien is due to Urien being
considered emotionally unstable.  Urien later on became Leader per Gill's
command after Gill moved up to the position of "Sovereign", the supreme
watcher for the coming of the divine era and little-known true head of
the Secret Society.

    Gill is VERY powerful, storylinewise.  He was transformed by the
Secret Society into a tri-natured being, able to contain and maintain
three distinct auras of ki: a fiery quality from his right side, an icy
quality from his left, and an activation of all his seven chakra points
along his spine to revive him from a loss of stamina during resurrection
(introduced in NG).  He has such a affinity to his conspicuous dual natures
that he can miraculously call forth fiery and icy projectiles from above
during his second super art meteor strike (introduced in 2I), and finally he
exhibits his dual-natured emotional side with his pulverizing third super art
in the name of warmth and love, the seraphic wing (introduced in 3S). 

He's not immortal for he anticipates his eventual death, hence he wishes to
be the one responsible for ushering in the ideal society the moment the
Leader candidacy was his.  In other words, though the prophecies say to wait,
he's not content with waiting once he has the power, since he is mortal and
his office term is also temporary (a Leader rules from age 22 until age 46,
24 years at max).  This is why the scenario of his 3S ending is presented
as a possibility, should he decide to go back on his agreement with Yun and
Yang to hold off as originally planned and see just how people, particularly
fighters, will be able to cope with the coming imbalance of the opposite
powers meant to keep each other in check for the next two centuries or so,
according to his organization.

Though Capcom has kept Gill's and Urien's nationality unknown, the
majority of clues would lead them to be Indian.  They both have a bindi
(forehead jewel) sported in particular by religious Hindu men and married
Hindu women that emphasizes and worships intellect in general.  Akiman's
preliminary design for Gill was described as a "Greek Pankration-like Gandhi",
notes described in the AASF3 Fighting Bible.  Also, the aura that follows
Gill's resurrection super art emanates from the body's line of chakras as
depicted in Kundalini yoga, including the tanden cited for Seth and Ryu.
Again, CJ's said nothing for their nationalities, but these three points of
observation are there for chewing.  

    Gill's secretary's name is Kolin.  Official art indicates that they
might be infatuated with each other.

    Gill is aware of Urien's plot against him. However, Gill isn't too
concerned about it.  He obviously isn't intimidated by Urien.

    While Urien is the one who took it further to produce Twelve and co,
Gill is likely the one that started the crisis management unit and Necro.

    Gill giving Kolin that book is yet another thing inspired by Nakahira
Masahiko's Ryu Final manga. I think it was a book that detailed different
fighting styles or something, I forget. ~Sano

It might be a book on mysteries, but seems to be more about fighting styles.

Erik Ko of Studio Udon said that Capcom mentioned to him that Gill was
based on Kikaider, also confirmed in AASF3.

    For more on Urien and Gill, including their childhood and their parents,
see Urien's section.

Gill's stages have always been scenes from antiquity.  NG's might as well be
Thira (present day Santorini) which is a Greek island, but in 2I like Urien he's
in an ancient Egyptian scene.  If you want Gill to stay in Greece for 3S, his
stage there might very well be Mt. Olympus, as hinted from his stage sound
file caption "GRE".

*** pgVGouken.

GOUKEN (formerly SHENG LONG overseas)

Birthdate: unknown (probably before 1945, older than Gouki)
Native place: Japan
Fighting style: fighting techniques rooted in an ansatsuken (utilizing
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 90 kg
BWH sizes: B125, W95, H90
Blood type: unknown (we don't know what it was prior to his demise to Gouki)
Likes: dumplings
Dislikes: mosquitoes
Special skill: rod fishing
SF4-era nickname: "Fatherly Master Like a Rock"

Street Fighter 4:

Ryu and Ken's master as Gouki's elder brother.  Having refined the techniques
of what was originally an ansatsuken, afterwards perfecting them into
first-class fighting moves, he instructed them to Ryu and Ken.  Defeated by
Gouki, appeared to be dead, his figure appears once again.
-Note: Gouken's "figure appearing once again" makes no indication that he
survived his second fight with Gouki; it just means that he shows up.

Gouken in his animated opening gazes down at Ryu and Ken walking off with
bags at their backs.  His words are more than a little puzzling.  He says
after cursing about his hair, that he can't believe how long it took him to
return conscious and that it's no wonder his pupils believe he's dead.
Then he brushes off that notion with a "oh well, it was time for them to
leave the nest anyway" as we see two birds fly away in the sky, and that
he looks forward to fighting them again.

How many "odd things" can you find with just this info so far?  Read on.

In his ending, Ryu's face to face with his master, or is he?  Ryu drops
forward flashing back to the moments that just occurred:  Gouken's rapid
taps and pats, Ryu unleashing with a hadouken, Gouken unfazed, then finally
charges spinning around Ryu.  Back to Ryu about to fall face-first, muttering
confused that he just felt and witnessed the art known as mu no ken, or
nothing's fist.  After quietly moaning, "Master...", he finally falls, on his
back!  Uuuh?  Wasn't he about to collapse face-first in the beginning?
Finally at the end Gouken senses Gouki's ki behind him, saying that SnH
has been sniffed out.

Super Street Fighter 4:

Gouken's opening:  He watches Ryu and Ken spar, first as they were young, then
as they've grown up.  Gouken's aura kindles as he clenches his fist, somewhat
of a more pure quality for it now than it was in SF4.  He's getting excited
for the upcoming tournament, and he'd enjoy fighting with his pupils as well.

Gouken's ending has him walking away from a wailing Ken.  Ryu and Ken both
hustle up the path to see what's going on with the old man's antics.

Gouken rebukes their shouting out "Master", saying that there shouldn't be
someone like that, or else they ought to be willing to resort to water-drawing
chores again.  If any of this happened in any way, it's not referenced in
either Ryu's or Ken's endings or anywhere else.

The only other instance we see of Gouken in SSF4 is in Gen's ending, showing
Gen flashbacking to what he saw of Gouken and Gouki charging at each other in
a death-meet that Gen so achingly desires. 

Where he is now:  Dead by Gouki's hand or roaming the globe like Gen.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Ryu and Ken's master didn't have a name at first.  Capcom of Japan
finally named him after Gouki was introduced.  Even then, his name was
first heard from Masaomi Kanzaki's manga SFII Ryu: Gouken.  As a side note,
their master who provides the mantra of kikouhou provided below in the SF2AM
was named Goutetsu, and ditto in Itoh Mami's manga SSF2X Gaiden.

Kikouhou or chi kung is what Gouken incorporated into Ryu's and Ken's
teachings of his master Goutetsu's ansatsuken to minimize the tendencies
of satsui no hadou which is rooted in their fighting style (see Ryu's section
for more on Ryu and Ken's training regimen as described in HnN).  Literally
the "principle of spirit cultivation", it has its origins within Taoism as
seen with its references to sei/vitality, ki/spirit, shin/soul, phases and
divination.  The mantra below is what Ken and later on his master recite
as Ken heals from Vega's psycho power-induced brainwashing in the SF2AM,
transcribed from the movie's film manga:

Rensei kaki...renki kashin...renshin edou...kyorei choukei, gankyou batsusei,
shouyou, kyoujitsu bunmei...chinken tsuichuu, youi fuyouryoku, jouge souzui,
naigai sougou, souren fudan, douchuu kyousei...

Inyou kiwamatte shishou o umi, shishou kiwamatte hakke o shouzu.  Gou
kiwamatte juu ni itari.  Juu kiwamatte gou ga shouzu.  Sono shitai wa shin
zenbi o kana sonae, onozu to uchuu no housoku o arawasu.  Korezo!  Shin no

Collect vitality turn it into spirit...collect spirit turn it into
soul...collect soul to acquire the road...guide the emptiness to a
strong peak, contain it in the chest extract the height, loosen the
hips, truth and falsehood made clear...aloe shoulder falling arm, preparation
for useless strength, at the mercy of the phase high and low, combine the
phase inside and out, continuous phase gathering, motion within requesting
for quiet...

Reaching the extreme of positive and negative principles four phases are born,
reaching the extreme of four phases generates eight signs of divination.
Reaching the extreme of strength results in gentleness.  Reaching the extreme
of gentleness generates strength.  That style combines preparation with the
true, the good, and the beautiful; naturally revealing the laws of the
universe.  This it is!  The true hadouken!!

Note that Gouki or Vega would have obvious qualms about the "gentleness"
portion and onward.  Also the positive and negative principles are more
commonly referred to as yin (negative) and yang (positive).   

    Gouken's name overseas was actually originally Sheng Long.  I don't
know the exact details, but for whatever reason, that really was officially
his American name as given by Capcom of America themselves (this was before
Gouken himself had a name at all from Capcom of Japan).  Did Capcom of
America know that it was a mistranslation of rising dragon punch (rising dragon
actually, but whatever)?  At any rate, CoA switched over to Gouken for his
name shortly after the two EGM April Fools incidents out of embarrassment.

However, CJ with SF4 and SSF4 effectively refused to put this faux pas to
rest, twisting around the stake CUSA had driven into itself.  In conjunction
with CJ's Ono-san saying the reason for Gouken ending up on the playable
roster was to resurrect the overseas notion of Sheng Long, this character
followed through the fate printed in the second EGM hoax: Sheng Long,
alias Gouken, born April 1, 1941, blood type O, was spotted by Ryu and Ken
fighting his brother atop a mountain ridge at dawn, then seen falling into
the cold, dark river below, "his body washed out to sea by the raging
Thus, overseas Ryu and Ken's master was never confirmed dead, and so it
confusedly remains to this day when referring to the subtley rewritten
English scripts.      

    Sheng Long is Chinese for "rising dragon, IE, sho-ryu.  The "name" first
shows up in one of Ryu's win quotes in the overseas version of SF2.

The original text was:
"Shôryûken o yaburanu kagiri, omae ni kachime wa nai", i.e. "Unless you defeat
the shôryûken (= dragon punch) you have no chance of winning."

"Shenlong" (Chinese) = "shôryû" (Japanese) = "rising dragon"

So either the English translator was working from a Chinese translation, or
he was just having fun changing the name into Chinese (much more likely since
the original script of WW had no kanji to misread).  Either way, Capcom of
America decided to have Sheng Long be the name of Ryu and Ken's master as well
until EGM embellished players' confusions with those hoaxes and CoJ gave him his
name of Gouken.  Why?  Who knows.

    Gouken had a daughter.  However, she wasn't originally "Gouken's"
daughter; she was Ryu's master's daughter before he was named Gouken.
Gouken's daughter has no official name (though Ryu and Ken called her
'Ojou-san' or 'Young Miss', from Saiki).  There are two official arts of
her, though they differ greatly from each other so it's hard to tell which
one's supposed to be correct.  The fact that Gouken had a daughter seems to
have been forgotten by Capcom and thus will probably never resurface (the
official arts of her come from old official sources and you can't find the
fact that Gouken has a daughter except in really old sources, too.  Capcom
probably didn't even finalize what she is supposed to look like, considering
that the two official arts of her look completely different from each other).

    The 2 Versions of Ojou-san:

Imagine Yuri with hair like Kasumi's (KOF '99-'00 style) and wears a yellow
gi. Give her an elbow pad. Curl the pants up to her knees.

Imagine Vice with black/blue hair. Give her a white gi. Curl her pants to
her knees and give her the same beads Gouki has. She never made it past the
story and sketches.

Ojou-san: Gouken's daughter  ---A planned and ongoing summary

	Two official arts were created for her, neither one made it past the
story and sketches.  Both are quite different from each other, why?  And why
is she so elusive? After 2 years of searching the following has been brought
to my attention, and is subject to change as new info becomes available.
Thank you for reading this, and as always feel free to ask questions and such.


	She appeared in Capcom's own manga story for SF1 called Hadouken:
Prelude to the Struggle, long before Ryu's master became known as Gouken.
This manga is found in Gamest Magazine #13 from October 1987.  This story's
no longer official with the Zero series released, but in it she's shown with
hair in a ponytail almost exactly like Yuri from Ryuko no Ken/Art of
Fighting 1, as opposed to the longer hair Kasumi look from the SF2 Fanbook
that's closer to her official version 1 look, with earrings and a jacket+pants
uniform similar to that for kung fu practitioners.
	I have found one official old source as suggested in Tiamat's SF Plot
Guide that speaks of Ojou-san (text, no pictures).  This book is roughly
called SF2: Mysteries of the Hadouken from Shinseisha/ Gamest released in
June 1994.  Since she has no offical name the text refers to her as the
unnecessary or useless warrior girl.  Before the Zero series, before even the
SF2 Movie came out which inspired the event, Ojou-san gave Ryu his trademark
red headband.  Ojou-san secretly admired Ryu from a distance everyday when he
trained with Ken in their master's dojo. Naive Ryu never once noticed her
feelings until the day he left the dojo to train on his own. The day he was
to leave, Ojou-san gave Ryu her red headband, and that day he realized the
feelings she truly had for him.  Referring to the unofficial manga in the
SF2 Fanbook, the story of course isn't official but the relationship depicted
is, about the only thing still carried on from Hadouken: Prelude to the

	Presently I have found no printed evidence that Ojou-san witnessed the
final battle between Gouken and Gouki other than Saiki's word from his friends
at Capcom he thinks.  Ken's SFZ entry in AAC is a memory recall of both the
battle he and Ryu both saw when they were young and the battle he catches as
his master's last: Gouken fighting Gouki, Gouken wins the former, Gouki wins
the latter.
	SF Eternal briefly and of course vaguely alludes to Ojou-san in Gouki's
storyline section.  One sentence says "Also, Ryu, Ken, and a fellow student,
as may be expected, master the same kind of techniques."  Yes I know it's not
much, but Eternal barely even talks about non-playable characters in the
storyline anyway.
	A pre-development Makoto sketch found in two Gamest publications
strongly resembles Ojou-san's official version 2 look, with short Vice-like hair
and a white gi but no beads.  Ojou-san was also a leading point to Sakura's
design; Gamest World #7 reveals that a design of Ryu's girlfriend (?) had a
hand into finalizing Sakura.


	Why two completely different arts?  My current assumption is that
she tried to enter the SF universe at two different points in time, the
timeframe of SF2 and the timeframe of SFZ, and she just got scrapped due
to continuity problems.  From the story above, I assume that the first
description of Ojou-san in the Plot Guide fits for the original SF2
timeframe, and seeing her in the manga story which fits the first
description nearly exactly.  Why do I think this design got axed? Because
she's believed to have given Ryu the red headband before he leaves Gouken's
dojo.  But wait! He's got a white one in SF1!  Oh well, back in the early
days of SF2 no SFZ yet so he could go back to Gouken after SF1 and then
leave again for SF2 and she gives him the red one then, but of course now
with SFZ we know that can't happen anymore.  So at this point Ojou-san's
only major role in the story is shot.  Another possible reason for axing
the first design is an indecision on whether she could fight or not.  HnN
calls her useless, and in the Fanbook she's not shown to be much of a
fighter, being completely at the mercy of a giant bear springing out of
nowhere and fainting just before Ryu blows the bear and several trees away
with a hadouken.  BTW all three manga stories in the Fanbook are true
within the storyline of the SF2 Animated Movie only, according to
disclaimer statements in the Fanbook.
	Now for the second design of her, which I like to assume was made
for the Zero series.  Seems hopeful.  She has a white gi now which can
easily have a white headband to go with it, so SF1 problem seems fixed.
She's also supposed to have prayer beads like the kind you see on Gouki
and her father Gouken.  I also think she was given her more subtle role
in the story of witnessing Gouken and Gouki's last battle at this point
in time.  What about the beads? Are they possibly her father's?  If Gouki
took Goutetsu's (which currently I haven't found printed evidence for
also BTW) then he wouldn't need Gouken's also.  So why was this design
thrown away from the public's eyes?  Or was it?  After having read some
accounts on Gouki, I think one can assume this design might have been
scrapped simply for the beads.  The beads I believe are worn by one who's
mastered Goutetsu's ansatsuken. That's the significance I've seen behind
them after these readings.  So we can say that with this design Ojou-san
can fight to an extent.  Since she has beads, is she as good as her father?
Perhaps Capcom couldn't decide how strong she should be and/or didn't want
to mess with more beads and thus trashed her second design for that reason.
	Street Fighter Alpha Generations possibly shows Fuka as Gouken's
daughter, my opinion anyway.  At least in the feature they confirm Sayaka
to be Goutetsu's daughter, again from Alpha Generations only.


	A possibly non-canon comic depicted a young Ojou-san witnessing her
father's final battle with Gouki: she sees lights flashing from the dojo,
Gouki walks past her totally ignoring her after everything was over, then
he knocks out Ken who had just arrived soon after.

	Can anyone approve or disprove of this at all?

	Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to appending as more
info becomes available.  As always questions and comments are appreciated,
especially help for the rumor.
/end summary

    Doubt we'll ever see Ojou-san actively resurface anywhere in the
future. HnN said that it was originally hoped that she would have a more
prominent role in the next game planned after SSF2X, back then it was SF3.
Then the Zero series came along with Sakura, and finally 3S brought out
Makoto, and most people would say with those additions to the universe
Ojou-san's chances of prominence are slim to nill.

    Not that it matters much but in the certainly non-canon Street
Fighter Alpha Generations anime, the other girl's name there is Fuka.
Seems like there are different ways to interpret who she is since they
don't flat out say. She's either -
1. Gouken's daughter
2. Gouki's daughter
3. Some random martial artist's daughter whose father got killed.

    Gouki vs. Gouken related info is below in Gouki's section.

Prologue 14 (Gouken)

"Whoa, coold."
Raising a grandiose voice, the boy dipped in the river waved his hand.  Taking
in an early summer sunlight filtering through trees, scattered drops of water
are seen to glisten and shine.
"It'll soon be summer I say, why is it so cold?, this water.  My hand's
completely frozen."
While his mouth's becoming sour scooping water in held buckets the boy's hair
also, bathing in the sun's light is shining in a golden color.  For Gouken
raised his eyebrows on one side.
"There are many caves in this mountain aren't there.  As it becomes deep, in
the interior even through the summer there's ice that doesn't melt.  From that
kind of location therefore cold water probably gushes forth.
-Besides that don't halt your efforts, Ken."
"...I don't mean I hadn't considered the absolutely necessary water service
did I."
Having merely apprenticed a few days ago Ken, for the time being is fussing
about perhaps yet grumbling in a very small voice, he bitterly smiles.
"Your own managing also to provide for yourself.  This is also training.
Don't say nothing but complaints quickly scoop."
"Training...?  It's drawing water??"
Dubiousness, rather than instead of doubt such a facial expression, for Gouken
this time distinctly laughed.
"Don't believe it do you."
"Ah, no!  I believe!  I believe I say!"
Ken flustering waves his hands.
"Good then, Ken.  For in this world there are, while changing into all forms
perpetual motions.  If I would compare it'd be like this water, flowing,
become in the clouds, downpours again to the ground.  Now the fist I'm
teaching you is the same."
"Even with forging only the flesh, it produces power from your own body only
the matter of using it is unable.  But true power to say is not such a thing.
Earth, air, multitudes of living things..., of course you now even including
scooping water, from all in this world to produce power, also to continue to
express the body.  In other words for the user of this fist, that's a reason
to suppose that power's river flows for oneself."
Ken with having the buckets drenched in the river, on the basis of his
eyebrows was coming near to groaning, in time heartbroken he dropped his
"I completely don't understand, Master."
For Gouken gently brushed the boy's jerking head hung in shame.
"In short, instead of laziness listen to Master's words, that's the thing
Even while Ken raises a discontent voice, he returned to the reluctant drawing
water work.
"Ken!  Master!"
From over the way the heard voice, the pair raised their heads at the same
time.  From deep in the forest to come at this direction is seen a white
padded undershirt.
"Observe.  From too much loafing, Ryu has come."
"That's true."
Saying it with a lazied head Ken stretching waved his hand.
"Sorry, Ryu!  I'll go soon!"
The manner until extent's mood not advancing for the aspect disappears, all at
once hanging the buckets on both hands he goes rushing up the slope.  In time
having linked up the two of them separate buckets to go carrying one each, for
Gouken smiling saw them off.
-All things perpetually move, change appearance.  That is small until before
the assassin's that being feared, the same as also this fist.  While coming in
contact with friends and nature for the pupils' figures to grow it seems,
Gouken's training period to be wholly different.
"Again even the fist, is something passed down from person to person....
Within that how to go about changing it perhaps.  Someday through this eye the
day to see it shall be enjoyable."
-Instead of revealing about his SF4 involvement, Gouken's account takes us
back to just a few days after Ken became his disciple.  The water-carrying
would be used later on in Gouken's SSF4 ending to show why he mentions the
chore to Ryu and Ken even though they "shouldn't be having a master anymore."

Gouken's win quotes to Ryu and Ken are the parting words he left them before
they parted from his dojo to travel and fight on their own (Gouken's rival
battle with Ryu is a more detailed enacting of Ryu's farewell battle, and it
does take place in the past due to Gouken never paying any concern for Ryu's
tapping into SnH during his ultra).  On the other hand, their win quotes to
him show nothing short of disbelief.  That goes for Dan as well.  Gouki tries
to SGS him in Gouki's ending, but it's nullified, and Gouki doesn't understand
why until the old man turns to show his face.  Only then does Gouki know what's
going on.  Gen's ending has the legendary assassin seeing a vision of Gouki
and Gouken preparing to fight before he gets up.  Gen's win quote to Gouken
reveals that Gen recognizes that he and Gouken are alike with respect to their
places in creation.  Finally Seth's win quote to Gouken has the CEO of
S.I.N.-sha ushering out the fighting veteran, acknowledging that Gouken is
with just one shortcoming.

What do all these things in SF4 plus previous Gouken episodes say for his
appearance in the game?  He's a well-crafted imposter.  Like Gen, he's one of
the two characters who was seen to be purposefully redesigned by SF4's artist
Ikeno even though there wasn't much of a problem to keep him the way he was
depicted before this game, and it's not just an aging issue.  His long hair
is held by a round sphere towards the end, his look is part Gouken, part Oro,
part Goutetsu and some may even argue part April Fool's creation Sheng Long
(even set up to be Sheng Long by Capcom Japan initially); his win quote to
himself has him detest himself as a figment of fantasy, most of everyone
else's win quotes to him show they can't quite put their fingers on who or
what he is, and he's shown in Gen's ending to have a colored aura just as
Gen's shown to emit shortly after.  Gouken in SF4 believes Ryu and Ken never
said their goodbyes to him before leaving his dojo to go on towards their
respective tournaments, which points to him having an incomplete artificial
memory that stems from the time he fought and lost to Vega because he refused
to show the psycho-powered dictator the shoryuken, in which Vega did thrash
him into unconsciousness but didn't kill him (see Vega's miscellaneous section
for the account of this battle), and yes Gouken had recovered from Vega's
beating, to be killed by Gouki many years later.

Gouki has fought his brother more than once.  He tries to SGS Gouken in Gouki's
SF4 ending, not knowing who's got his back facing Gouki until he turns around.
Gouki's been shown to be able to sense Ryu's SnH even from considerable
distances (Ryu's Z2 ending shows that Gouki had felt when Ryu attacked Sagat),
so it's unlikely he wouldn't have been able to feel his real brother's presence
as he's walking up to him, unless his brother's not quite what he appears to be.
Gouken's SF4 ending has him calling Gouki his "little brother."  Not that it's
incorrect what he's saying or anything, but it is unlike Gouken's character,
especially if Ryu or Ken are in the immediate area.  Gouken had kept secret
from his pair of pupils who Gouki was in relation to him, calling him simply
"that man" when they were younger (see Ken's Miscellaneous Notes for the account
of Gouken and Gouki's first battle after Goutetsu had died).

So who would be responsible for this Gouken and for what reason?  Seth, due to
the BLECE experiments and his dealings into satsui no hadou, Gouken would be a
prime candidate for harnessing such power since he was the heir to Goutetsu's
ansatsuken and was trained to fight using it despite his decision to abstain
from it later.  Also Seth's after Ryu for his necessity with the BLECE project,
as in Ryu's opening.  What better measure to shock and snare him than with a
facsimile of the only parent figure he's ever known?

Like Gouki and Rose, Gouken's blood type is stated as unknown.  It's not as
clear as with his brother and Rose, but Gouken too may have changed on the
spiritual level on the way to the state he is in SF4.  Possibly merged with
cells of Goutetsu (could explain why he uses moves that incorporate SnH like
his super the forbidden shoryuken which is most likely the very technique
Goutetsu originally came up with, or the denjin hadouken), or others whom we
may not know at this time (several fighters perished in BLECE experiments from
Cammy's opening).

SF4-era Gouken existing outside of his own will is a direct statement from
Ikeno, which mirrors what various pieces of the game script say about him.
He was brought back via Seth's designs and to have his spirit be that of the
ki emanated by BLECE, a ki which has SnH be the principal component but also
includes soul power and psycho power blended together in minority amounts.
Soon after Gouken was ushered out, his ego began cleansing his self and he
effectively resisted the ki's effects from Seth and BLECE, except when he
would go all out against fighters such as Gouki, hence his colored aura as
opposed to a pure transparent aura he used to give off before the Zero series.

Seth's SSF4 quote to Gouken is what truly irons out his overall inconsistent
behavior and nuances: he has been repressing the new power within him, how
"regained consciousness" and how the essence of his current spirit is not of
his own doing, but of an "outside one," otherwise there would be no need for
Seth to label a power Gouken previously had as "new."   

For a little more on the states of Gouken and Gen in SF4, see Gen's section.

Gouken in the arcade version of SF4 may have been at one time a being that
came back through having achieved complete enlightenment, though again Gouki's
behavior pointed to something being amiss with this being who appears to be
his late big brother.

With AE Gouken gets to be a rival to both Satsui Ryu and Oni, not that it
matters much since both characters are what-if existences during the SF4
series, although needless to say they both want to mutilate the stuffings
out of him even before he calls them both idiotic later on within their rival
battle exchanges.

*** pgVGouki.

GOUKI (AKUMA overseas)

Age: "around 48" (during SSF2X. From TONS of different official sources)
Birthdate: month and day unknown, 19??.  Around 1945 (going by age during SF2)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 80 kg
BWH sizes: B118, W84, H86
Blood type: unknown (we don't know what it was before his first SGS)
Native place: Japan
Special skill: unknown
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Fighting style: unknown (Goutetsu's ansatsuken maximizing satsui no hadou)
SFZ-era nickname: "Destruction's Fist Even Massacres Oni"
SF2, SF4, SF3-era nickname: "One of the Ultimate Fist"

Street Fighter 1:  He wasn't in the actual game, but shortly after it, he
was doing things.  Gouki challenged, fought, and killed his brother,
Gouken, while Ryu was returning from the first Street Fighter tournament.
By the end of the battle, one of Gouken's students, Ken, had arrived, and
witnessed Gouki pulling off the killing blow.  Gouki, victorious, then
leaves for the island Gokuentou, reminiscing about his brother as he leaves.
[Official and specially noted in AAC]

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Gouken's student, Ryu, has tracked Gouki down, and
challenges Gouki as a fighter.  Gouki, always looking for worthy foes,
tests Ryu's mettle at his island, Gokuentou.  Gouki is very impressed by
Ryu's skill, and tells Ryu about the power satsui no hadou within Ryu.  He
wants that power to awaken within Ryu, and tells Ryu that once it does, Ryu
should seek Gouki out again so they could have a real match [Official].
Gouki then forcefully slams his fist into the ground, and the island of
Gokuentou sinks into the sea, with Ryu escaping just in time [specially noted
in AAC that Gouki destroys the island].

    One day, an old man named Gen found Gouki, and challenged him.  Gouki
used the shungokusatsu on Gen, but Gen somehow managed to safeguard it!
Gen then did his his zanei on Gouki but Gouki blocked it.  As the battle
goes on, Gouki realized that Gen was sick and the two set apart.  Neither
one won the battle.  Gen survived the shungokusatsu because he emptied his
spirit, heart and mind (which makes him immune to pain from past sins).
[Official]  This is seen in Gouki's and Gen's Z3 pre-battle intro.  After
Gouki leaves Gen, he senses the individuals who can provide him a worthy
battle:  Gen, Vega, and Ryu, in that order, and laughs with glee. (Gouki's
Z2 ending)

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Gouki spent SFZ3 looking for a worthy challenger.
He found Gen, once again, by the end of SFZ3.  Gen remains persistent,
certain that only Gouki is capable of a match to the death.  Capcom hasn't
stated who won this battle, though from their Z3 win quotes to each other
Gouki seemed to leave Gen once more, dissatisfied with the effort Gen puts
forth in his still severely ill state.

SFZ3 File #25 Gouki

Calls himself "the one become of the ultimate fist."  Ryu, Ken's master
Gouken's own younger brother but, for the sake of acquiring the extreme power
"satsui no hadou", he murders Goutetsu through the forbidden move
"shungokusatsu."  After that with his whereabouts concealed, he appeared once
again before Ryu.  However the intention of his actions is a riddle.
-Recount and affirmation of Goutetsu's murder plus Ryu's Z2 final battle that
happened, Gouki leaving Ryu cryptic words before appearing to bail out of the

Shin Gouki from SFZ3 Official Guidebook Master's Edition

The oni who's released his become concealed total power.  That power is the
extent of mighty that doesn't let others come near.

Street Fighter 2:  Gouki has heard about the Street Fighter 2 tournament.
However, he doesn't sign up for it.  When the final championship of the
match came with someone against the host of the tournament and leader of
Shadaloo, Vega (Capcom hasn't stated who, however SF4 reveals that both Cammy
and Guile had previously done some damage to him), Gouki decided to randomly
jump in and test just how powerful this Vega was.  Vega was intentionally
caught and his body powderized by the shungokusatsu.  Gouki then leaves the

Gouki (holding back)- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

For the sake of a persistent appetite to face strength, he continues to fight.
That appetite is mighty, even without regard to murdering people.

Shin Gouki (all out)- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

The man who stands up to the summits of all fighting stylists.  His eye
reflects, with the smeared blood of vanquished figures.......

Street Fighter 4:
The fighting stylist declaring himself as the "one of the ultimate fist."
Having overthrown his older brother Gouken with "satsui no hadou", he
continues to walk the path of carnage.  His desire being the ultimate
"death meet", that viewpoint guides him to Ryu as in accordance with
"satsui no hadou."

Dunno at this point what involvement Gouki has in SF4.  His ending depends
on Ryu awakening to satsui no hadou once more, which up until now has only
been a what-if scenario.  His animated opening shows him meditating, sensing
various energies all over the place, sensing Ryu, then seeing that the moon's
red ala Z2 (meaning someone's blood shall be spilled this night).  His ending
also shows him more than capable of taking out a Seth, as it's smoking at the
start of Gouki's ending.

Super Street Fighter 4:

Gouki is still waiting for Ryu in his opening.  And he unleashes a new
technique which emits murderous energy both along the earth and upward into
the heavens in his ending, dubbing it the sekia kuuretsuha.  Hopefully he
also finishes off Gouken and puts Gen out of his misery, but that's not
known for certain, although those would both be an incentive for Gouki to
focus solely on Ryu from now on. [Gen's ending]  

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact:  Gouki develops "the ultimate technique",
kongou kokuretsuzan.  It is so powerful that it splits an entire mountain,
Ayers Rock, in half! [Akuma's SF32I ending specially noted in AAC].
Considering that he's a secret character, I'm pretty sure he didn't register
and sign up for anything, similar to how he just flat-out crashed the SF2
tournament.  There probably wasn't even a sign-up for Gill's "tournament"
anyway, since SF3's fighters don't even know that Gill's guiding them along
every step of the way.

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

"The one of the ultimate fist"  ....Gouki.  The tenacity towards bad fortune
also pure "battle."  At that back burdened with even myriads of the dead,
desiring the next strong person he roams about the underworld and transient
world's (utsushiyo) threshold.  "My fist....no one crushes it!" This evening
even again, the sorrowful oni trembles (wanana). [CJ's 3S profile for Gouki]

  Oro has been sensing some powerful ki for some time.  He finally tracks it
down and finds Gouki!  Out of curiousity to see how powerful each other is,
they fight [Official].  Third Strike win quotes indicate that initial
impressions left them both disappointed, so they both backed off and there
probably was no death matching.

Gouki is still training.  He has developed himself so much that he is now
powerful enough to do inhuman acts, such as stay deep under the ocean.
While training there, he uses the tenshou kairekijin to destroy a sunken
ship.  Observed by a submarine and a nearby ship, the crew members are
shocked.  The move is so powerful that it causes the sunken ship to be
blasted to the surface, causing chaos even for the other ship on the water.
[Gouki's SF3TS ending]

Where he is now:  As shown by SF3 dialogue, Gouki still waits for Ryu to
get better to become a worthy match (even though officially, Ryu has since
then surpassed satsui no hadou, he still is improving and still has
potential) or to find a worthy match out there.  Gouki himself is always
training and seeking new fighters to battle [SF3 CJ interview].

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Gouki from SFZ

Original account from SF2 Himitsu Hyakka

Gouki, around the time when he was a child, together with older brother
Gouken, during balding Goutetsu's training for successor of the greatest
ansatsuken in history. For Gouki, the one to become the strongest would
win.  Like that, Gouki's appearance took that of an "oni."
"As the result of training, strike hard with everything!"  Gouki challenged
Goutetsu, once Gouki and Gouken had learned all of their instructed
With a raging storm inside, Goutetsu and Gouki's fighting spirits clashed.
Hours later the two continued fighting. hadou crashed into hadou!  Fist
struck fist, blood sprayed and ran!
"Gouki!  You're doing very well.  But, this is the end!"  With both hands,
Goutetsu began to amass fighting spirit.  The terrible extent of
willpower....The students saw there for the first time the extreme
"satsui no hadou."
"Uoooh!"  Gouki wholly roared, and charged at Goutetsu!
Sure-killing ansatsuken's clash!
The battle's winner was Gouki.  For Goutetsu, already his breath was
dying out....

Official Story from Gamest SFZ and AASFZ

Amidst the violently blowing storm, 2 male persons were confronting
each other.
They are Goutetsu (thunderous iron) and his student Gouki (powerful oni).

Gouki from the time he was young together with older brother Gouken
(fist of strength), was under Goutetsu for his pursuit of knowledge day
in and day out.  He wanted to become strong.  More than anyone more
than anyone...Such that his appearance was exactly that of an "oni."
They followed for years what came to be increasingly strict Goutetsu's
pursuit of knowledge.  "Defeat in ansatsuken values as death......No
selection of means, only victory is all!"  Catching those words in
sincerity, Gouki was being devoted to the pursuit of knowledge more
and more.
With them having concluded all instruction from Goutetsu, suddenly one
day, it was said that he himself entirely tried to show the pursuit of
knowledge's results.
Without warning he designated Gouki.  Actually Goutetsu was looking
forward to this day.  That was said to be fine for the fighting stylist's
blood to be throbbing.  As far as Gouki's strong inanimate nature, and
also his fighting talent concealed within.  That is what was before his
eye, he personally already could not restrain himself.  Goutetsu also
before his "master", it is 1 person a fighting stylist who would be of

Their fight extended several times.  A collision of hadou and hadou.
Fist crossed fist with blood flying in the manner of sprays, the
relationship of teacher and student exceeded by an object of "killing
one another."
"Gouki!, you're doing very well.  But, this is the end!"
Goutetsu started to sink in ki with both hands.  His tremendous degree
of willpower, the students see for the first time the extreme satsui
no hadou.  A mass of ki transformed into innumerable incandescent blazes.
"Uoooh!"  Raising a war cry, Gouki was charging.  Concentrating genuine
"muderous intent" from his fist.......
In conclusion the one to have risen from the ground, it was Gouki.
For Goutetsu already his breath was dying out......However on that face,
merely a smile was filling it.  Nearby was Gouken's form petrified.......
Gouki was set on plundering the beads from the master's body, having
disappeared to somewhere without a word.  His side profile, was of
seemingly crimson blood tears shed from the carnage.......
-Gouki's first battle with Goutetsu after his training was over.  One of the
things Goutetsu had taught both brothers was that the wages of defeat for
a ansatsuken-caliber fighter is only one: death, which is why, unlike Vega,
Gouki is never given by Capcom Japan the labels of "righteous" nor "evil".
Gouki more than took this teaching to heart, while Gouken shunned it.
-Goutetsu shows both of them satsui no hadou manifested for the first time,
consciously tapping into it like a switch, ala Ryu in Marvel vs Capcom.  Yet
another revelation for Gouki.
-In Gouki's POV, this battle was a draw since he failed to slaughter his
teacher in one fell swoop.  Thus he chose not to take Goutetsu's beads from
his neck, and instead left to further develop SnH on his own.

Gouki from SFZ2


Master Goutetsu spoke of a forbidden technique, "shungokusatsu."  With
that move, it was said that even one's own life would be also cut off in a
moment of unparalleled intensity.  Namely with one to have made use of this
"satsui no hadou" would be impossible to control, to run wildly until that
life's very end, so it was said.
Gouki, pronouncing all ancestors "fools" for sealing this "shungokusatsu,"
selected his path to break that ban on his own.
"To become fighters, true warriors of the fist must possess all power
that can be utilized.  Those who ban techniques cling to life in stinginess,
which this warrior of the fist does not!"
Gouki filled himself with confidence.  Having controlled the ancestors'
"satsui no hadou", the "shungokusatsu" was utilized.  But Gouki's own self
changed.  Usually when collecting "satsui no hadou", to acquire manipulation
of it many years past became a piling heavy burden.  "Who exists that is
stronger" now became the wish, and this request would be answered with the
spraying of blood incited by training.  The forbidden move was done.  He
selected Master Goutetsu as his opponent.  As there was about to be a fight
to the death, the opponent had no deficiencies.
".....Arm yourself now!!"  The spirit kept secretly inside exploded, the
cells of Gouki's entire body rose in sound with a resonating sensation.
......Several hours later, Gouki's entire body in blood returned a scarlet
hue, as he moved and saw the master's corpse.
Hadou's ultimate move "shungokusatsu," armed with "satsui no hadou" that
struck the master, was complete.
From then on, Gouki walked the long "path of carnage's" first walk.
-Goutetsu's second and final battle with Gouki, many years later, 20 years
before SF2.  Gouki's resolved to break the ban on the shungokusatsu that
even Goutetsu chose to stray away from, due to its suicidal effects.
-Gouki left his master a mutilated corpse; Gouken was next (Ken from AASFZ).

Gouki from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Overwhelming power filled to the brim in each technique, inclusive of dropping
the feet to tremble the earth.  If saying from the school of thought a fellow
student as with Ryu and Ken but, in his entire body he carries satsui no
hadou.  In having refined spirit cultivation the capacity's difference is
apparent, from various stances he uses varicolored hadoukens for different
purposes.  Having mastered the fist and precisely because he's self-styled,
for half-heartedly opposing battle not even a particle is seen.
-Gouki includes kikouhou in his style just as Gouken and his disciples do as
well, but the emphasis is constantly shifted towards the harboring of his
master's art's fundamental root, satsui no hadou.

Fashion Style

Regarding as of Buddhism's Four Deva Kings a roughened hairdo and, wrapped
in a loop a braided rope stands out.  For from the uniform's shoulders as
though a rock's scragginess both arms spread out, on his back as an onigami,
brought forth from the aura the "Ten" character surfaces.  As for worn on
his neck a large-sized gem adornment, is it likely an object for the sake
of allowing to rest in peace the souls of those escorted to Hades?
-Gouki's present image is that of a fierce Buddhist Deva.  His trademark kanji
that surfaces on his back is due to the fierce god that resides within him and
provides his glowing red eyes that make others take him for an oni of Shinto

Oni Fang Cave [JAPAN]

As for rainy traces still violent.  The pace's muddy road goes to flow like
a cascade.
A fine spray hanging over is resembling like a mist, in the daytime so to speak
unless with a flashlight you wouldn't know of the several meters ahead.
______ For me as a fire fighting group member I joined this time's search
party.  From 2 days before, a child alone had its whereabouts become unknown.
It appears that in the middle of camping it strayed away from both parents.
For this vicinity's woods are thick.  At a hastened slope the primeval forest
grew luxuriantly, until the shoulder extended suspends and weeds hinder
visibility.  But still if I believed red clay also washed precipitously the
cliff suddenly appeared and danger starveless of this.
For the child wherever it is may possibly be ailing.  To say nothing of it,
from last night with this heavy rainfall there would likely be the foundation's
becoming fragile spots also.  The possibility of it unfolding to an accident is
For a shouting voice dissolving in the mist goes to be absorbed in the
mountain.  Already since the beginning of the search beyond half the day, even
my tiredness came to reach the peak.
That negligence being intolerated maybe, taking foot in the muddy slush, I
slipped off the slope.  The falling became such that as I gripped the electric
light furthermore my balance broke down, even scores of meters I fell down well
I struck my gut.
I'm in the process of rising up tsking, for there like a hollow ground was a
strange room.
A large tree's roots heading from a crumbled dislocation, seeming to be turning
away from overhead it's becoming approximate.
That interior's hollow......In a cave-like space, for me the eyes froze.
That's the child.  The child I'd been searching is, crouching about the den's
A single instant I imagined the worst situation.  Evading the roots I try to
approach.  There's no manner of injury.  I let out a hand and, it seems like
it's trembling with cold.
"Hey, kiddo!  You alright??"
Thank goodness.  Seems to be alright.
"Now then, let's go back.  Father and Mother are worried!  You not hurt
"Yep......I, got saved."
"Huh?  Ah, that's right isn't it.  From this old man having come, you're
already relieved!"
"That's not it!  I, got saved yesterday, by Mister Samurai Man."
"See, here, that's Mister Samurai Man's home."
I look a ways down the den's interior and, a chaamber, and light is seen.
Seems to be quite a deep cave.  It can't be, in such a place someone is to
say dwelling perhaps?
Suddenly, a flash and thunder crushed the air.
The large tree before our eyes was struck by lightning.  The tree split in
two, vertically shaking with a sound of caving in it collapses.  For I
unconsciously with my arm protecting the child, we lay face-down.
......With time seeming to have possibly stopped, from per the noise having
gone out.
Slowly I look toward and, hoisting with one hand the enormous fallen tree a
person's shadow came into visibility.  That silhouette beginning to turn, an
abnormal-like heat embracing it.
Oni.  That was my imagined first impression.
A red-flashing eye.  Bundle-tied hair.
In that overwhelming sense of intimidation, for me just a stiffened face being
exposed to the rain.
The oni spoke.
"Cleared of use eh......Then begone......"
-Gouki rescues and keeps a kid from harm's way until a fire rescue man manages
to stumble into Gouki's secluded cave.  The child calls Gouki a samurai for
his hairstyle, and both rescuer and kid witness firsthand Gouki's scoffing
of any ordinarily perilous danger before he bades them to leave.

    Gouki's fighting style is not Shotokan.  He's an ansatsuken
fighter (ditto for Ken and Ryu, except they use a style of ansatsuken
that's been toned down in terms of lethal killingness due to more of an
emphasis in kikouhou aka chi kung).

    Note from Saiki:  Both Gouki and Gen use ansatsuken. Gouki uses
ansatsuken but with more karate, judo, tae kwon do and koppo elements to it.
Gen has more styles but I guess it'd be too hard to put it all into the game.
I can't remember all of them but I think it was mantis, crane, tiger, bear,
err, can't remember the rest.  Ryu and Ken use a toned down version that
Gouken taught them that isn't designed to kill, unlike Gen's and Gouki's

    Saiki said until SF2 Ryu and Ken's style was Kyokushinkai karate, a
derivative of Shotokan, that I learned is a full-contact style with
considerable focus on strenuous training and philosophy.  After SF1 he said
Capcom changed it to a generic ansatsuken.  It likely wasn't until
SSF2X that this change occurred, since there's no source that breaks down
the style to its building blocks before the SF2 Fanbook, which lists karate,
judo, and training of the heart/mind; and AASFZ3 later on would describe
it even more.  In any case, before Gouki appeared in Capcom's SF universe,
it was the basic moves themselves that defined Ryu and Ken's style, and
after that the emphasis was placed more on their three originally killing
moves as identifying their style, the present toned-down version of
Goutetsu's ansatsuken.

    Gouki's ansatsuken having karate, judo, and tae kwon do is exact
statement from All About Street Fighter Zero 3, though Saiki isn't exactly
sure where he got koppo from (possibly from a misread of Karin's info which
does specify her to have koppo amongst her various fighting arts).

The type of karate in that ansatsuken was not specified.  However, according
to Eric Musashi, several of Ryu and Ken's normal attacks and stances do in
fact resemble Shotokan, so it seems a safe bet to assume that some of that
karate in their ansatsuken is Shotokan, after all.  Or of course that may
simply be due to the similarities that Kyokushinkai has to Shotokan.

    Technically, ansatsuken should probably be considered more a level of
fighting caliber than an actual fighting style.  In addition to all of the
above mentioned facts, it's stated in All About Capcom for Gen that "he has
developed his Chinese kenpo until it has reached the stage of being an
ansatsuken".  All this implies that ansatsuken can consist of any martial
art and is more about the power you've developed your style to.  ...Capcom
sure knows how to be confusing, sometimes.

To make matters worse, in several instances the style is referred to as simply
ansatsuken rather than just the level of achievement.  Gouki, Vega and Gen
all make this reference within game/narrative script.

        Interestingly enough, at the lrgames.com forums, an employee
(The_Emperor) at Living Room Games said that they had initially wanted to
use ansatsuken for Ryu, Ken's, etc. style but had to go by overseas convention
and use Shotokan for the SF RPG as well.

    And yes, I'm 100% sure it's ansatsuken.  The above paragraph wouldn't
have been an issue if it wasn't, obviously.  The same goes for Udon wanting
to use it for SF Eternal but CoA making them use Shotokan there as well.

    Gouki's brother is Gouken.  His master (as well as Gouken's master) was
Goutetsu.  You can see Gouken and Goutetsu in Gouki's SFZ1 ending.  Goutetsu's
the older, more wrinkly looking one.  Gouki fought and killed Gouken while Ryu
was returning from the SF1 tournament.  He fought and killed Goutetsu, too,
over 10 years before.

    This is probably the time Ryu and Ken first met Gouki.  According to a
Japanese gaming mook, Gouki visited Gouken back when Ryu and Ken were still
'younglings' (the SFZ accounts at the start of Ken's Miscellaneous section).
Gouki stated that he was the true heir to ansatsuken, then Gouken stated that
Gouki corrupted his 'hadou no chikara/power of hadou.'  Young Ryu and Ken
watched the fight, believing Gouken would win, and the match ended with
Gouken's final blow, leaving Gouki sprawling on the ground.  Then Gouki said
to Gouken that he will come back to take his brother's life.  Gouken says to
Ryu and Ken "When that man's power goes beyond mine, the great disaster you
both (Ryu and Ken) must face with your own power... the power which I will
pass on to you... "Wa ga ken no Subete o (All that is what my fist is), hadou
no Chikara o! (The power of the hadou!)." This is way before Gouki comes back
to kill Gouken, by the way, around 13 years ago.

    Goutetsu, who invented the arts of hadouken, shoryuken, and tatsumaki
senpuukyaku, spoke about the shungokusatsu (instant hell murder) to both
Gouki and Gouken. (Gouki's Z2 account up above)  The other three described
as the "three hidden secrets" (hadou, shoryu, and tatsumaki) are stated in
All About Capcom.  Goutetsu also is stated to have described it as
'forbidden', but he did teach the first step to it (satsui no hadou).  It was
forbidden because it endangered the user as well.  This also means that
Goutetsu himself learned about it from his own master.

    From Gouki's SFZ account, Goutetsu could consciously tap into and untap
out of it, much like treating SnH as an on/off switch. He was at that level
of discipline.  Gouken, meanwhile, developed a completely different art from
Goutetsu and Gouki's.  While it looks similar, the method used to draw ki is
completely different. Rather than SnH/ hadou(surges) of murderous intent, it's
kikouhou, the principle of spirit cultivation, or meritous intent.

    It is recorded that Gouken and Gouki witnessed their master immersed
in it once, without it even named to them, Gouki wholly embraced it, and
Gouken viewed it as a poisoning of the power of hadou later on after
Goutetsu died.  The key to tapping it is thinking only of fighting and
becoming stronger without regards to anyone or anything else, resulting
in becoming willing to go as far as fight to kill; that what Gouki's been
about most of his life, and that's the barrier Ryu crossed for a brief
moment to scar Sagat.

    The following six are the 6 sure killing techniques of Goutetsu's
ansatsuken, taught to both Gouken & Gouki, as defined in the book
HnN (Hadouken no Nazo).

gou hadouken: powerful surge fist
gou shoryuken: powerful rising dragon fist
tatsumaki zankuukyaku: tornado air slashing leg
zankuu hadouken: air slashing surge fist
shakunetsu hadouken: scorching surge fist
ashurasenkuu: ashura flash void

    Ryu didn't see Gouken battle his brother Gouki.  Ken arrived near
the end of the battle and was able to witness it.  This is confirmed
by AAC.  Gouken's daughter witnessing the battle, however, remains Saiki's
statement from his Capcom contacts.

    Goutetsu was killed by the shungokusatsu (Saiki confirms this from AAC,
and the details are posted up above, Gouki's SFZ2 account).  How Gouken was
killed is unknown, but he most likely was capable of surviving the SGS like
Gen was, and is supported in Gouki's SF4 ending most recently.  Goutetsu was
murdered 20 years before the second SF tournament.

    Gouki's mentioned to be around 48 in SSF2X, so he's around 28 when he
kills Goutetsu, approximately 1973.

    Goutetsu fought Gouki in order to see firsthand what his pupil had
learned. The fight went on for several hours. (Gouki's SFZ account above)

From Roland Kie aka Rokiseph, the SFZ mook also states that Vega once
visited Gouken, looking for the heir of ansatsuken.  In the process, Gouken
was thrashed (but not killed, of course).  Besides mooks being generally
very trustworthy, originally, back during the times of SF2 coming out,
Vega was the one that allegedly killed Gouken.  This later got retroactively
changed to Gouki doing it.  Capcom decided, instead of entirely
retroactively deleting it, to edit it into Vega just beating the heck out
of Gouken instead (From Saiki, again).

    What happens during the shungokusatsu is that the user and victim are
held by the "other side" as AAC labels it, jigoku (literally earth prison)
or Japanese for hell by the following common numbering tradition viewed by
Mahayana Buddhism: 16 hells, 8 cold and 8 hot (before the move was fully
established beginning in the Zero series, a simpler classification of just
the 8 hot), SGS victims taking 15 hits and dying in the final hot
"traditionally seemingly eternal" hell Avici, while SGS survivors jostle to and
fro 16 times as seen with Gen's reactions against Gouki in Zero 3.  In SF4
the shin shungokusatsu does 27 hits, with the witnessed numbering tradition
now being that of the Taoist-influenced Chinese Buddhist cosmology: 18 hells,
10 cold, 8 hot plus 10 preceding courts housing the 10 judges of hell including
Enma/Yama Daioh, again the 28th hit being for Avici the final hot
"longer-lasting than any other" hell; or alternatively the tradition held by
Shin Buddhism of 8 hot hells, 4 preceding gates, and 16 other secondary hells,
again adding up to 28 including Avici among them as with other enumerations.

Contrary to Gen's zanei, Gouki's SGS has been portrayed identically throughout
every canon SF game since it got its name.  Gouki defines it in his Z3 ending:
"Instant hell murder" not because you're killed so quickly that you're
instantly taken to hell, but that each flash is an instant of hell, 16 in all,
or 28 for the SSGS.  Gouki also verifies that it's not any attack of his own
which kills his victim (he's grabbing you after all in order to initiate it),
but that the move itself has your own iniquities kill you.  This all happens
in a few fleeting moments:  you see the slow-motion version with the Gen vs
Gouki pre-battle intro in Z3, and the real-time version with Gouken in Gouki's
SF4 ending.

The SSGS's opening with Gouki saying "Isshun sengeki!" is a tribute from
Nakahira-sensei's SF3 manga Ryu Final.  It means "In an instance a
thousand (myriad of) blows!"  With Gouki's analysis of the SGS it's the
equivalent of saying when the SGS or SSGS connects it doesn't dish out
15 or 27 hits only, but 15,000 or 27,000 hits, with a thousand hits
per instance.

The demons in hell will attack the person even if they're sin free or not.
They're demons, they'll go at anything. But with evil characters, their
past sins will also haunt on top of the demons attacking them for that
split second.  Gen survives this because he empties his spirit, heart and
mind.  "Onore wo mu ni suru".  "Mu" means emptiness, nothingness, or
worthlessness.  One of the reasons why Gouken has the kanji "Mu" on his back,
as being a polar opposite to Gouki.  It's really not about how strong the
person is but how tuned and focused they are with their mind and soul, even
to the point of resisting suffering in all forms.  Gouken is shown to be
able to survive the SGS the same way as Gen in Gouki's SF4 ending.

    Gouki doesn't become Shin Gouki.  Gouki IS Shin Gouki, except that he
holds back punches and uses only a small percent of his power.  He does
this because he doesn't want to unnecessarily kill anyone who he feels
isn't out to kill him in the first place.  He's not out to needlessly
massacre people like say, Vega for instance.

    Gouken had the character "Mu" which means "nothing", "naught" on the
back of his gi.  Gouki has the character "Ten" for "heaven" on his back,
but this can also be interpreted as "beyond human" which is most likely the
correct interpretation.  According to some Japanese myths, the bearer of this
symbol is said to be immortal.  Capcom of America used the literal
translation for it, "Ten", for SFA3.

    The decomposition of the kanji in "shun goku satsu" and their meaning -
at least the "goku" one is emphasized in its "prison" meaning ("hell"/"jigoku"
is actually "earth prison"); with SGS being basically a grab move, it adds
another twist/meaning to the move's name...

    Gouki himself is a human being and NOT possessed by a demon.  Rather,
he possesses the demon instead since breaking the SGS's ban successfully.
Gouki has attained 'beyond human' status because of his sheer training, drive
for power (to the point where he gives into things like satsui no hadou), and
surviving the 'other side' through performing the SGS, resulting in the aura
of an onigami (terrible/fierce god) materializing on his back as the kanji
character "Ten".

    The kanji letter "ki" in Gouki`s name doesn't actually mean "ghost" or
"demon".  it means "Oni."  Oni in Japanese is the imaginary monster that
looks like a horned human.  In Japan it is also believed that a human or a
human’s spirit can turn to an oni when they’re extremely obsessed with hatred,
anger or vengeance.

    Gouki may be evil by our moral standards (he killed his teacher and
brother), but he is not evil by his own ethical code.  His code is the
harsh code of the absolute warrior.  He had no qualms killing his teacher
and brother because he killed them in fair one-on-one combat.  It didn't
matter who they were; the field of battle does not distinguish between
friend or foe.  And he only fights and kills those who call themselves
warriors and train in fighting; he doesn't go around killing defenseless
normal people.

About the Shinkai 3000 in Gouki's 3S ending, the number besides Shinkai refers
to maximum amount of meters of depth it can dive down to, which is 3,000 meters
or 9,842 feet / 2 miles. It is designed to withstand huge amounts of water
pressure.  Shinkai 3000 is referred to as a deep sub /deep submarine.

    Gouki's island in SFZ2 is named Gokuentou.  His destroying it at the end of
SFZ2 in Ryu's ending is official; his cave in SFZ3 is not on Gokuentou, only
Shin Gouki's is.  His cave in SFZ3 is Kiga Doukutsu, or Cave of Kiga (Oni Fang

    The statues in his Z2 stage are four Deva Kings of Buddhism, and we don't
know why or how but Gouki sculpted them. From AASFZ2.

There's an official sketch of him apparently selling/giving some fruit to
a kid as a tribute to his small cameo in the SF2 Animated Movie.

    Gouki seeks to awaken satsui no hadou in Ryu at the end of SFZ2, because
he sees Ryu's potential and realizes that, powered by muderous intent,
Ryu will be a worthy opponent for him.  For more and how this ends, see
SnH Ryu's bio.  Gouki even reveals that he was able to sense when Ryu
awakened to SnH in order to scar Sagat. (Ryu's Z2 ending)

Gouki's design was modeled after a Buddhist image or statue.  It's somewhat
probable yet unconfirmed if inspiration for his creation came from Electronic
Gaming Monthly's Sheng Long hoaxes.

On the plus side for the English version of Revival, both old endings were
translated reasonably well into the new one so US players can finally read
what Gouki said originally because in the overseas versions of the game he was
completely mute.

Also Gouki telling Vega he's weak for not relying solely on his fists is
the pre-battle speech from SFZ3 of Gouki vs Vega which did not happen, and
probably still was never spoken in SF2 if Gouki just jumps in for the kill
with the shungokusatsu.

    For a bit more on Oro and Gouki, see Oro's bio.

Gouki from Gamest SSF2X


Beyond the Fight, the Struggle's Limit Reached by Men

Once, Ryu and Ken's "shoryuken" "hadouken" "tatsumaki senpuukyaku" were taken
up, by a fighting stylist known as Gouken.  Originally, these techniques,
were devised as an ansatsuken with the aim of snatching away life, Gouken
having grasped these moves from Master Goutetsu, moves themselves refined
from enhanced might dwelling in "satsui no hadou", they were completed as
a school of fighting moves.
And so after Gouken passed away, with surely only Ryu and Ken left to impart
the techniques into the world, from 20 years ago, having murdered Master
Goutetsu with "satsui no hadou", there was a disappeared man.
This being Gouken's younger brother, is Gouki.
From the start, Gouken seldom referred to his master's topics of conversation,
having taught that the master's cause of death was a natural one, those to know
of Gouki's existence, previously in the world there wasn't a single person.
Why, now Gouki's form is now presented, that is a truth which nobody
Of course, without Vega knowing of his existence, for Gouki there is no
connection with "Shadoloo" and Vega.
Gouki's moves are roughly, the same as those of Ryu, increased offensive
ability, with ansatsuken as the standard power he largely exceeds.


The strongest final enemy, the "satsui no hadou" wielding mysterious man.  That
name is Gouki.
Ryu and Ken's sure-killing techniques being "shoryuken" "hadouken" "tatsumaki
senpuukyaku", these techniques were originally intended as an ansatsuken, the
master of the two Gouken being in this school, reformed it without "satsui no
hadou" it was completed as a school of fighting moves.
While, Gouken's master Goutetsu murdered 20 years before with "satsui no hadou",
there was a disappeared man.  That being Gouken's younger brother, was Gouki.
From the beginning past Gouken was speaking to the very young ones in regards
to it, Goutetsu's cause of death came to likely be a sickness.
Now Gouken is passed away, Gouki's past is not known by anyone.  Why now, has
Gouki's form presented itself?  Any relation to Shadoloo?
With the original ansatsuken blood relation, the strong pulling Gouki.
His offensive ability wielding "satsui no hadou", an unreasonably ultimate
overwhelming might.  Encouraged ones will all be instantly murdered!
-Gouken had fibbed to Ryu and Ken about how Goutetsu died, whether he told
them it was through natural causes or illness.  He succeeded in transforming
Goutetsu's techniques into ones fitting for present-day martial arts, hiding
away their original intention as assassination-caliber tactics.

Prologue 13 (Gouki) from SF4

A fighting spirit produced within the heat haze, that man was standing up.
Red unkempt hair, from a seemingly rock carved face's eye sockets to gaze at
this side even eyes, again red.
"You've waited impatiently for it, carrier of death's fist!"
Creeping the ground a similar-to voice, vibrates the eardrums.  For Gen
quietly stared at the man before his eyes.  With Gen's existing world, there
was not one who knew not this man's name.  No one wouldn't bend at the great
voice for the summoner, packing fright every time to whisper the name.  When
was the first time it was heard?  More than to possess a person's body it must
be even an inexperienced time but, as for this man been born from an instant
happened to encounter an onigami and through nothing but inconsiderable might,
having buried many fighting stylists, martial artists, and also assassins.
"For I am the oni become of human shape!  That assuredly I shall murder for
his pleasure."
To Gen such was informed for a same-trade's man died.
"It's said that the guy enjoys human's dread.  He may possibly slurp defeated
opponent's blood."
Out of curiosity saying such a thing laughingly the man boasting of his
strength also died.  Idiot, and Gen mutters to himself.  An opponent's death
and dread, much less blood and the like must not be the goal.  Cast aside the
world, to throw away encumbrances.  The battle's hindrance to become
hesitation and compassion if it be human emotion, to cast aside the matter of
being human.  For that be entirely for the sake of power.  In aiming for the
height of might, unnecessary emotion and the like is needless.  Even an
opponent to fight, even also one oneself is needless.  Just if you only have
this fist is fine.  The limit in everything cast aside is nothing but
impossible, the true struggle.  To that extent, being the place that true
power appears, that matter of the death-meet so to speak.  The gloom from the
bottom of the abdomen, seethes into a hot pleasure.  From the time he
remembered above the slaughtered numerous corpses, Gen also again had cast
aside everything.  How much even fighting with strong ones the hunger of a
death-match having not been obtained, he feels it from even this man.
"Gouki, the one of the ultimate fist, eh."
To bend over similar to stress during the battle, for Gen broadly grinning
sneered.  From the opponent before his eyes emitting a massive ki, already
becoming physical power, warping the atmosphere, it's starting to introduce
fissures in the solid earth.  Having felt Gen's fighting spirit?, Gouki's
stance became low.  A fleeting fang like a canine is seen.
"Hmph, you also seem again to be a continuer of carnage's path."
Red eyes shedded out a strong light.  The wavering of fighting spirits
became more and more violent, already even the surroundings' scene isn't in
sight.  In the case of the average human being, just having touched this ki
would likely faint.
"Therefore even at this spot to death-meet, again the act of carnage."
"That kind."
Nodding, for Gen took a stance.
"For I am without a shortage of opponents!  Let's go!"
-Gouki's SF4 account reveals yet another fight-to-the-death episode with Gen.
This one most likely ends with Gen finally dying (specially noted in AAC that
Gouki does finally settle the death match with Gen despite his illness).
The term "death-meet" or "shi-au" which both fighters use is a play on the
kanji for "shiau" meaning to simply encounter each other; their version is
meant to emphasize that for their encounters, only one will walk away alive
afterwards.  Though this scenario may seem redundant, don't get Gouki wrong;
he'd love nothing better than to have this last forever as long as Gen can
deliver; Gen able to nullify the SGS only raises the bar to Gouki's delight.

Gouki's SF4 arcade ending comments:

As his viewpoint regarding satsui no hadou guides him to a deathmeet with Ryu
before Gouki, elder brother Gouken emerges.  He sees Gouken's objective as a
matter to obstruct Gouki's intention.  With Ryu's fate wagered the deathmeet
between the 2 of them now, begins.

*** pgVGuile.


Birthdate: December 23, 1960
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 86 kg
BWH sizes: B125, W83, H89
Blood type: O
Native place: America
Special skill: martial arts, darts
Likes: American coffee
Dislikes: natto (fermented soybeans) Ryu had him eat in Japan, healthy food
Fighting style: blend of prowrestling moves into martial arts
SF2-era nickname: "Silent Become Revenger"
SF4-era nickname: "Vacuumous Blade"

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Guile, an ace air force pilot, received an order
Guile was sent to get Nash back, because Nash had gone after Vega on
his own.  Chun-Li tried to stop him, but Guile would have none of it.  But
shortly after he found Nash, Nash had just found Vega!  There, Guile and
Nash fought Vega, to force him to retreat [Conjecture based off
in-game storyline].  Guile realized the corruption within the military
himself, and decided to join Nash and Chun-Li in bringing down
Shadaloo.  It turned out that Guile's instinct was right, and the
bombardment of Shadaloo was called off due to Vega's tricks.  With
Nash, Guile blows up the psycho drive, but Vega attacked before they
could set the explosives and get out. Vega was about to kill Guile with a
psycho crusher, but then Nash grabbed Vega out of it!  Nash
sacrifices himself to save Guile's life and hold Vega off while Guile
escapes and everything explodes.  Left with Nash's dog tags, Guile tells
Chun-Li that he'll still believe for Nash [Official].

SFZ3 File #31 Guile

American air force first lieutenant.  An unsociable facial expression and a
penetrating insight, a combat expert having stoic thinking.  Such that he
even, has to say one side for being careful above all else of his wife Julia
and his daughter Chris.  One day, arrived before him a copy of a directive
note.  For that, from his trainee period's pal Nash's investigation it was a
command.  That meaning, having been brought near a reliance above family
together with inferring of Nash's crisis, the backing of a wriggling evil
existence he comes to sense.

Street Fighter 2:
Guile participated in the SF2 tournament to finish Nash's noble deed [Official].
He makes his way to Vega and fights him, then Vega remarks how Guile has
become stronger and actually asks Guile to finish him!  However, Guile is
then approached by his wife and daughter, who plea with him to finally go
back to his family, saying that destroying Vega will not bring Nash
back.  Guile realizes his love for his family and agrees.  Back
home, living happily with his family, Guile remarks that he feels like he
has woken up from a long dream [Guile's SF2 Revival ending].  Guile is
the most likely candidate for the one who reached the top and became Street
Fighter champion, due to the fact that his ending and the resolution to his
storyline is the only one which really relies heavily on him being the one
to beat Vega (Guile's family pleads with him to mostly spare Vega more
than actually come back, which makes Guile get over Nash's death and
realize that his family is important to him).  ...ironically, though Guile
spared Vega, Gouki unleashes onto Vega anyways. :P

Guile- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

Naturally to avenge his comrade-in-arms Nash, he alone faces the enormous
organization Shadoloo as a warrior of high pride.

Street Fighter 4:

A soldier belonging to the US air force.  In order to attack Vega for his
killed friend Nash, he swore revenge.  With moves appended by a distinctive
array of martial arts, they're all to say for tearing to pieces.
Suspecting Shadoloo's secret maneuvers amidst multiple incidents, he stands
up together with Chun Li.

Guile's SF4 opening has him appalled on a decision recently made by his
superiors:  Nash's status is now simply "DEAD" (apparently prior to this
it was something like KIA or more likely MIA).  Guile argues that Nash's
death was never confirmed (although he still is dead as of SF4) and threatens
to leave the military for good.  His general pulls him back with one keyword
however: Shadaloo.  Guile's new mission is to find the connection between
the previously-believed-to-have-been-toppled crime syndicate and this new
military arms dealer named S.I.N.-sha presumed to be catering to terrorists.
Guile's on it.  He finds and teams up with Chun-Li who's acquired additional
info on a weapon called BLECE which S.I.N.-sha is responsible for.  The
weapon's fodder is fighters from all over the world, and S.I.N.-sha's also
sponsoring an upcoming fighting tournament [Ryu's and Chun-Li's openings].

Guile happens to have newcomer Abel notice his trademark projectile the
sonic boom, which raises questions for Abel as well as for Guile, about
Nash, but all in vain.  Guile was hoping to get some more information about
Nash from Abel, but Abel unfortunately admits that he knows even less about
Guile's late friend than Guile does, by the end of their rival battle.  Most
likely through their both knowing Chun-Li, Guile and Abel eventually start
to trust each other a little more, especially by the end of SF4.

Guile's ending has him running through the lab telling Chun-Li that he's
got the data (no way is he gonna try to escape and risk losing her the same
way he lost Nash), clashes with a Seth after having acquired crucial
data about S.I.N.-sha and Shadaloo's relationship.  The Seth of course
demands a return of the intercepted data, and all of the sudden Abel rushes
to the tag-team rescue, yelling that Chun-Li's just ahead down the corridor,
and hurry.  Guile, Abel, and Chun-Li all make it out of the burning lab
safely, then back home Guile receives a newspaper with headlines declaring
that S.I.N.-sha has been successfully taken care of.  Needless to say, Guile
doesn't look as relieved as one might think he ought to be, as he turns and
greets his wife and daughter.

Super Street Fighter 4:

Guile rides off on a motorcycle in his SSF4 opening.  The newspaper headlines
surely wore thin sooner than most people expected, but not he.  Shadaloo's
done this to him before, and he's tired of it.  The treachery, the victims,
the sheer number of both.  Now S.I.N.-sha is following suit, and Guile, in
conjunction with Chun-Li, Cammy and others such as Abel and C. Viper, resolves
and heads out to do away with both shady syndicates once and for all.  He was
merciful to Vega at the pleas of his family at the end of SF2; this time he
swears to Nash that he'll maintain a more violent face.

Guile meets an emerging Vega in his new rival battle.  Whether he did or not
isn't clear, but even if he did meet the once and future commander of Shadaloo,
Vega most likely vanishes back into the same shadowy hole he came out of,
disgusted that Guile is a "minnow" as always.

After S.I.N.-sha is somehow or other crumbled, Guile visits Nash's grave with
some semi-comforting news.  But because he can't verify that Shadaloo has
permanently fallen along with S.I.N.-sha, Guile cuts the toast short. [Guile's
ending]  And along with Chun-Li, he starts to see and agree that his life can
accomodate more than it previously has.  [Chun-Li's ending]   

Where he is now:  Hopefully Guile's back with his family and trying to live a
somewhat more normal life amidst his role as an air force major.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    During SFZ3, Guile is a first lieutenant, just like Nash.

    Guile is a major during SF2 and beyond.  He's considered an emotionally
strong guy from thoughts of a friend.  He's an A-class driver whose favorite
car is a black Mustang, and Chun-Li may have gotten her kaenshuu kick by
witnessing Guile's somersault kick (before the Zero series came along then it
was from Nash since she has the kick in Z3 but not in Z1 or Z2). 

    Guile from Gamest SF2

His same-unit comrade, Nash killed by someone, shuddered in anger Major Guile
speaks ill revenge of the enemy as he travels out.  A clue to Nash's last words
is only the name known as "Vega."
Collecting his life on his pal's foe thereupon he's quite stoic but it can't be
helped that abandoning his family is a difficult pardon.  Owing to that his wife
everyday makes artificial flowers inside envelopes and the like as the family
business since the family expenses could not be met otherwise.  What a pitiful
matter (even so, frequently from Thailand comes traveling expenses).
Now then, like that Major Guile recently entirely pierces the family service and
the manner of a good father distinctly so.
As a digression, before the struggle with one eye volleyed over Chun Li's thighs
for Major Guile, his little daughter Chris seemingly that way her thighs once in
a while can begin seeing the woman in her.
He spends a peaceful period of time daily sharpening sure killing techniques so
they won't weaken.  The shock wave sonic boom, the ultra destructive power
summer salt...the somersault kick is well.
Also sometimes, his struggle can perhaps see a clear day.
-Unlike Chun-Li's case, Guile had solid evidence for burning with fury towards
Vega.  It's the name Nash left behind before he breathed his last.
-Julia has a home-based business that involves making and sending fake flowers.

    Guile is the most likely candidate for the SF2 championship, since his
ending is the one which depends the most on him being the one to beat Vega.
All the others, storyline-wise, could have happened whether those characters
beat Vega or not.

In the overseas edition of SF2, Guile asks Bison if he remembers him
(Guile), and Charlie, and Cambodia.  Bison says he remembers, and
that Guile was not the runt he was then.  None of this is said in the
original Japanese.

    During Guile's SF2 ending, Vega says something like, "Are you
Guile? You've become stronger." Therefore Vega and Guile must've fought
before, right? If you're wondering when they first fought (that is, if
you haven't assumed it already), it was during SFZ3, right before Guile
and Nash chased the fleeing Vega into his Shadaloo base and started
planting bombs.

    Before he chose to participate in the SF2 tournament, Guile took
Vega to court and attempted to put him in jail. Unfortunately, the
court was under Vega's influence, Guile lost the case and Vega was
acquitted. I guess Vega bribed the court or something. Both the Dash
account and AAC however attest to Guile at one point putting Vega on
trial for Nash's death (prior to the Zero series for outright murder,
currently for Nash's death and Vega's survival).  Vega most likely used
his special talents (psycho power) to get off scott-free, and that's why
Guile wants his head even more badly than Chun-Li does.  So badly that Guile
abandons everyone and everything close to him, especially his own military
for seeing their incompetence firsthand of what he calls the "justice of
the States" in his Dash account, going off to personally wipe Vega
from existence since that seems to be the only way to stop Vega now,
in the tournament.

Guile from Gamest SF2D

Death of a Comrade

At the time I came running, Nash was already at the state of death's door.
While I lifted Nash's body, perhaps this becoming likely the end his words
descended on my entire body and soul.
"I'm taking note of the man called Vega...he freely uses psycho power
Those were the words left with me and my comrade died.
It doesn't seem even now that Nash's body was with innumerable scars wanting
to remain.  It seemed to be these merciless inflamed burns, central region
wounds so to speak like seeing pictured sharp tools, an impossibility for
confirmation of a dangerous weapon.
But, for me it was able to be realized.  This was caused by a fist, moreover
one that was likely shot out from a sufficiently hatred possessed man.  This
is perhaps what Nash on the verge of death left unsaid of the man called
Vega's psycho power's might probably.  While seeing those scars rage flows
out and seethes for me, to strike now on the existing figure called Vega.
And so avenging Nash, I swear after my comrade's corpse that I will surely
display Vega hang.

A Foe the Emperor of Darkness

The single word called "Vega" having been a clue, it was unexpectedly quick
how that man could arrive at such.  With him being considerably distinctive
in the back of the world searched to the extent of investigation, in that
dark world mighty power is distinguished.  With him to bring together a
secret organization and the US the point of pride in a foolish world within,
also being dominant of its force in the world it continues to wait hesitating
to do something.  Moreover Nash knew to go beyond and thus was extinguished.
I acted on comprehending the mystery of him.  And so to a diligent end, finally
it's the reason for a move to have seized evidence of Nash's murder.  "This is
it at last, my comrade's foe has come out!  I'll send him to hell!"  That's
how I believed that evidence was grasped at the time.  But, I was sentimental.
Justice of the States for me, and so too much power also confided as such.
It should be the hammer of judgment that he will hang, I would replace the
thrasher in an instant.  By Vega carried in court under my arms, the black
to change into white and whatever such troubles were no longer there.  For
me regardless of the crimes, the twofold defeat was more damage accepted
on my spirit.
I now recall, at the time of leaving the court Vega's self-confidence filled
his face.  At that instant, my heart was decided, that he buries firsthand
whoever's hand borrows from his.   His head within and the like is not too
late for me to not realize.  But, sometime surely Guile will thrust the final
blow for repentance.
But Vega has one choice to merely scheme.  That's how he goes out to sponsor
the martial arts tournament, his eye stays there.  If he sees my strength,
he will undoubtedly come out!  However, that tournament's kip in itself is
as I thought the man's necessity.  There is no other way he would fight as
the necessity of the approximate man he is....
Many days later, I put in order my journey preparation and journeyed out alone.
I fastened my things to take, friends, troops, the States, and even also my
loving wife and daughter I sent away.
Probably this journey has no benefit or likely loss.  However already there's
no retrogression.  It is for the reason of wanting my comrade's foe that my
struggle has thus begun.

    A question is, how much of this was rewritten for the Zero series?
In Guile's Alpha 3 ending he says that, following Chun Li's words of
encouragement, he still believes Charlie is alive somewhere. In Zero 3
he doesn't mention the word "alive". He just says he'll always believe
in him. After this development, with Vega announcing himself and SF2 to
the world (see Vega's Gamest SF2 account in his section), a court episode
most likely occurred to get Guile's frustration going with his military
(not only does Vega have them wrapped around his little finger, but they
couldn't care less for Nash anyway as shown and heard even as recently as
SF4), and SF2 proceeds as before.  So how much was rewritten?  Not too much,
which is CJ's preferred style.

Prologue 12 (Guile) from SF4

"No interesting story?"
Looks towards an abrupt voice and, sitting in the passenger's seat Chun Li
disagrees, such that to say "yeah" she's opening her mouth to raise her voice.
"......This, from some time ago is a yawn for the 5th time around.  Not
talking puts me to sleep like that."
Reaching such a state of selling the yawn, for Guile bitterly smiles.  He
looks out the window and, an empty color has become vibrant for the first
time.  Finally all night.
"Certainly.  Although there are indispensable parts in our occupations, just
waiting we'll become drowsy won't we."
"Not anything?  A troops' life's story maybe."
"Who knows.  Handling 3 branches, 3 times the reports to write.  That's the
cycle.  Probably resembled similar to issues even in ICPO."
"Although it seems so..., But nonetheless how many oni for Major Guile, it was
dark for all the foolish things with friends from olden days right?  That's
right, speaking of friends, from where did you get to know Nash?"
"Didn't I tell you??  Jail."
"Jail?  ...That's a change isn't it."
"The time I was still a youngster, on occasions blunder-committing rivals
arrested.  At that time he came to the rescue, that was Nash."
For Chun Li a "really?", and staring in wonder, after that she burst into
"Fufu, I'm sorry.  It's wonderful to hear however, I wouldn't guess it said
of your guys' early days."
For Guile shrugged his shoulders.
"The wonderful wasn't particularly ordinary.  ...That's right isn't it, for
him to read a person's facial expression and behavior was skillful, no-one
outrivaled his edge.  For I regained my darts..."
Speaking and, it was becoming at that time a hang-out a bar's spectacle
becomes lively.  Surroundings of drunkards even with what kind of rumblings
stirred, one eyebrow motionless as the man was dealing cards.  He recalls that
figure from it having been an extremely long time.  Already throughout a long
interval, for recalling the matter of Nash, the matter of the time he became
unaccounted for was merely the fact.  Suddenly, a distant sound was heard.
"It's come."
Murmurs and, Chun Li next to him nods.  Even sleepiness also fatigue, even the
recalled olden days scenery, all of it to disappear in the blink of an eye.
 For Guile strained his ears because of an increasing engine sound.  In time
one vehicle a car made an appearance, soaking up a building before their eyes
they go.  For the fleeting seen profile, that was the man's thing having
continued to wait overnight.
"No mistaking it, that's the guy."
The pair landing on the car, raised their eyes at the building.
"In other words this means that this is S.I.N.'s secret base.  Well
Walking out Chun Li abruptly stops.  For Guile looked over his shoulder.
"What is it, Chun Li."
"Hey, the previous story was interesting.  If we finish this I'll listen to
a continuation won't I.  A foolish's story of your early life."
Teasingly saying it while they run continuing to see the retreating figure
off, for Guile broadly grinning and smiled.
"I suppose wouldn't you."
Murmuring he starts running.  For once in a while even to remember those days
after days isn't bad-.
-Guile and Nash were troublemakers when they were young, but when it came to
getting busted, Guile always was the one caught and Nash always the bailer.
-Come SF4, Guile oversees three branches within the air force, and has to deal
with three-branches' worth of paperwork as a major.

    Storyline wise, Nash is the one who invented the sonic boom and somersault
kick.  He taught it to the other troops, but none of them had mastered them to
Nash's level by SFZ3.  Guile isn't even supposed to know how to do them that
well by SFZ3, yet he has the moves anyway.  According to Capcom, to make up
for this and make it clear that Nash was the superior one, this is why Guile
sucks so much in SFZ3 (his sonic boom does like... a pixel of damage Oo).

Guile DOES tell Nash "I'm not at your level, but I still can not tolerate
injustice" to show how much Guile himself considers Nash to be above him.  Of
course, from Saiki, though Capcom of Japan has officially stated they made him
suck on purpose for storyline reasons, it's probably more likely that those
guys in charge of balancing Guile in SFZ3 just were smoking some strong drugs
while they were doing it or something and Capcom decided to try to cover it
up.  Now if only they can come up with an explanation why Thunder Hawk sucks
so much in SFZ3 compared to SF2... (probably is weaker back then despite him
being the best warrior of his village)

Guile was taught the moves by Nash but only managed to learn to do them
consistently after Nash had died, and with aid from the military's science
skills team as mentioned in the Fanbook and HnN.  Their help, along with
Guile's ki abilities and natural martial arts knack are what provided his
mastery over the moves by SF2.  The sonic energy that Nash and Guile utilize
as a type of ki has allegedly unknown military secret details.

    Guile's daughter is Chris, and his wife is Julia (Amy & Jane overseas).
Guile has a pet dog named Sub (Safu) too. An interesting note is that Julia is
Eliza's sister, her older sister.

    Guile's daughter, Chris, and Dhalsim's son, Datta, are penpals since SF2
was made (which probably was made in part because Guile and Dhalsim are the
only ones with canon families at the time so Capcom decided to connect the
two... for fun or something).  Typical topics that Chris would write about to
Datta include new hairstyles, practicing the somersault kick with her dad, and
her parents' impression of the curry recipe Datta had sent her.

    Guile's dog Sub is pals with the dog Shiro from Final Fight (the dog
in the Bay Area).  This is from the SF2 Complete File.  A really random fact.
I guess this means that Guile has visited Metro City before?  This relationship
is even mentioned in All About Capcom.  Random.

    Guile's bio has his dislikes listed as "natto that Ryu had him eat in
Japan", which is odd.  Though if he knows Ken, he probably knows Ryu, too.
Maybe Ryu sucks at cooking or something, or its just healthy food Guile
doesn't care to eat.

His fighting style is described as a mixture of martial arts and wrestling in
Street Fighter Eternal, as it is in SF4.

    From Vasili10:  His final portrait in SSF2X shows him with his usual
uniform kneeling in front of Nash's grave holding the dog tags. He probably
now visits Nash's grave periodically just like Chun-Li with her father's, and
Ryu with his master Gouken's (all specially noted in AAC)

    Guile was a member of/worked in specialized units of the Wright-Patterson
Air Force Base as was Nash.  Nash was in charge of the martial arts portion
of recruit training, at least before he learned about Shadaloo.

He likely smokes (from older official art).  Prior to his name being finalized
as Major Guile, his prototype design for SF2 was labeled simply "soldier."

    From the old HnN book about Guile's hair. His hairspray is an exclusive
(special-order)!  Anyways, onto the article:

The broomtop, the exposed Guile surprise concerning the exploding hairstyle,
but what really is its significance?
The supposition is that while in the military, as the regulations stood,
one's satisfaction of an independent hairstyle could not be achieved.  To
liberate himself from the strict military living, that reaction was Guile
thought no way he wasn't going to do a wild different hairdo.  As a
hospitalized sick person he left the hospital at once, having gotten tired
of some kind of eats strongly resembling burnt ones. Everyone went through
the experience, who didn't there?
This hairstyle was trouble for Guile, and the main little but disorderly
tendency of the set was the hairbrush not releasing.  With street fights
won, it is said that he excitedly straightens out at least a scarce few of
the set in his eyes.
Generally, to the extent of intense fights the hairdo doesn't collapse.
What spray does he use? Not one on the market, it is said from rumors that
his favorite one to use is a special-order spray.

Small aside, Rose's hair being stiff might have the same case applied to her,
a special hair spray that is.

    From the old HnN book about the plane in Guile's stage.

The upper screen's fuselage is that of the American air force's main
strength fighter plane, the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
Hailing from the US marines, Guile street fought for the sake of curing
his stormy mind, and occasionally it is said that the air force's base
comrades visited.
Perhaps within Guile's post in the military, the crowd of soldiers boasted
of his top-class ability, highly training the body to its limit, certainly
a human weapon.
But, however an excelled soldier he was in modern warfare, the air force's
backing he gradually accepted to seize victories.
In densely covered jungles, seemingly endless scorching heated deserts,
the times he was helplessly surrounded by the enemy, always their overhead
gleaming iron birds were there.
In the middle of Guile's own dangerous missions, how many times have the
air force's hand picks been ordered to help out?
The fuselage's consolidation crew is right on target, for the purpose of
safe successes day and night without fail, precisely on hand in the vacant
spots, watching over the street fights with an odd brightness in their
facial expressions.
Yet, the relaxation brought about for Guile, in conclusion it was the
street-fight- anyway fighting style's nature?  Kind of sad.

    Some more translated info about Guile's SF2 stage:

America (Guile) Certain Air Force Base

In order to search for the guy who killed his comrade-in-arms Nash, today he
parted with his dear subordinates.  Amongst bidding farewell to everyone,
always cool Guile is seen with a smile from all his might.
"However, at this point all at hand is the name known as Vega......"
The scope of things seen, clearly the guy doesn't have the only thing needed.
Such that the time, the challenger would be revealed before his eye.
Speaking of challengers, he learned of a story spoken about a man with a freely
manipulating evil aura. "Getting everyone to listen by force, there cannot be
resentment in you for the reason which I am overcome."

Guile's SF2 stage is open to outsiders who wish to quench tempers and just
catch the sights.

    Guile is supposedly in the background of the France stage in Final Fight
2 when you fight Freddie (Stage 2). Although it's France, Freddie is stated
to come from America so those soldiers in the background are probably
American, but why they'd be cheering on Freddie when he was booted from the
force is beyond me.  Oh, and despite slightly looping background, there
really is only one Guile (although other soldiers there have flattops too,
their hair isn't nearly as pronounced as the alleged Guile soldier).
The fight with Freddie takes place at an airport by the way (which could
also explain why a bunch of American soldiers would be in France.  That
and Guile's a member of the air force).

Guile's SF4 arcade ending comments:

With Seth detering him, Guile has fallen into a pinch that he cannot come to
face the issue of Chun Li's rescue.  However, a suddenly appearing Abel's
tackle is a success for Seth's confinement.  He hurries over to Chun Li's side.

*** pgVGuy.


Birthdate: August 12, 1965 (note:  This birthdate was taken from the original
Final Fight.  According to this birthdate and the fact that Guy back then
was stated to be 24, also from the original Final Fight, before Final
Fight got retconned 2 years. It'd be 1963 going by retcon date)
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 72 kg
BWH sizes: B108, W77, H82
Blood type: O
Native place: America (birthplace is most likely Japan where Zeku found him)
Special skill: sprinting (100 m in 10.2 s), bonsai (miniature tree & plant
growing), triangle leaping using the barrier
Likes: sneakers, chadzuke (tea poured on rice) with salmon powder, cold tofu
Dislikes: horizontal/European-style writing
Fighting style: bushinryu ninpou
SFZ-era nickname: "Shadow Leaps At Scene of Carnage"
SF4-era nickname: "Quiet Crimson Lightning Flash"

Final Fight One:  Guy was Cody's training partner.  However, one day
Cody's childhood friend Jessica was kidnapped by the gang Mad Gear.  Guy
could not let this evil go unpunished.  He hit the Subway area, then
challenged, fought, and defeated the Mad Gear boss of the area there,
Sodom, in an underground ring as many other Mad Gear members watched
[Official].  He then went to the Industrial area, where he found a military
member of Mad Gear, Rolento.  Rolento saw that he was a true warrior and
asked if he wanted to join Mad Gear, but Guy refused, because Mad Gear is
evil and as a bushin fighter, Guy must destroy evil.  Rolento and Guy
fight, and Guy wins [Conjecture based off both SFZ2 and FF1 dialogues.
It's pretty obvious in SFZ2 as Guy tells him, "I'll deal with you
once more."].  After that, Guy joins up with Haggar and Cody at the
Uptown area to take out Mad Gear leader Belger once and for all.  When
Belger is finally defeated, Guy and Cody leave as Jessica reunites with her
father, Haggar.  Jessica runs to catch up with them and Guy turns to face
her, but Cody doesn't, so Guy leaps in front of Cody and punches him to
stop him, then leaps off and leaves him with Jessica [conjecture based off
in-game storyline].

Final Fight 2:  Guy has left to train and discover the power of bushin, but
Mad Gear is trying to revive.  Mad Gear has kidnapped Genryusai, as well as
Guy's fiance and Genryusai's daughter Rena!  However, Guy cannot participate
because he must complete his training [Official].  Rena's sister Maki fights
in his place.  Eventually, Guy recieves a letter from Rena telling him that
she and her father have been rescued and are safe.  Guy writes back, thanking
everyone, and says that he'll be back soon [based off FF2's ending].

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Guy is training to find the true power of bushin
as well as become the next bushinryu master.  Eventually, his master and
the 38th bushinryu master, Zeku, finally comes to him and challenges him
for who gets to be bushin master, for there may only be one in the world at
any time.  Guy and Zeku fight with their lives at stake and with no evil; Guy
finally wins.  Zeku then tells Guy about an evil intending to corrupt the
present world.  It is a bushin fighter's duty to fight evil.  With that,
Zeku dies.  Guy is now the 39th bushinryu master [Official and specially
noted in AAC].

Street Fighter Zero 3:  He is the ninja who lives in the present.  He is
heir to the bushin style, which has endured for centuries.  The shadow of
bushin will surface in the form of a corrupter.  These are the words Master
Zeku left behind.  What do they mean?  Hearing it from his master Zeku, bushin
seems destined to fight against evil like Shadaloo.  Guy went after Shadaloo,
but found a lady named Rose.  He warned Rose not to risk her life against
Shadaloo and its leader.  Despite that, he goes after her and finally
comes across her wounded from a fight with Vega.  Vega's body has been
destroyed at the end of Street Fighter Zero 3, yet as Guy holds Rose, he feels
this unexplainable fear [Official].

    Guy ran into Cody during SFZ3 too.  Guy is shocked when he sees
what happened to Cody!  He's an escaped convict, jailed for always beating
people up!  How could a hero have fallen so much?  Cody however, realizes
that he never was a hero at all.  He was just faking it.  The truth was
that Cody was fighting evil just because he enjoyed fighting so much, not
because of a sense of justice.  Guy, however, could see that deep down, in
the end, Cody was still a good guy, because he still sought to beat up bad
guys, so even if Cody did it for the sake of the fight, he was still a hero
in the end.  Guy wanted to reform Cody and get him back on the good path, but
eventually accepted that Cody had to live his own life, so they went their
separate ways.  Before they part, however, Cody says that their encounter was
enjoyable [Conjecture based off in-game storyline.  Final Fight One dialogue
when you play as SFZ3 Guy shows that Guy and Cody's SFZ3 meeting did occur

Guy may or may have not run into Maki during Z3.  Even if he did, she was
unsatisfied at his performance because he had Vega and Rose to worry about
[Maki's SFZ3 game storyline].

    Guy continued training throughout SFZ3, until he had finally realized
the true power of bushin.  After a revelation from his training, he
saw that its arts burden one so deeply, that questioning the power itself
is irrational, since it is about the choices of killing and letting live.
He accepts the duty to continue training, strengthening, and building a mind
suited to such an anguish. [Guy's SFZ3 Ending and specially noted in AAC]

SFZ3 File #07 Guy

With combat fighting techniques born in the period of warring states,
the 39th order legitimate successor who's inherited "bushinryu".  In
those days at the time of Metro City's riots together with Mayor Haggar
and Cody the 3 of them destroyed Mad Gear.  The previous age's master
Zeku's final testament, "the time when a corrupter appears in this human
age, will be bushin's shadow,"  In order to explore the true meaning of it,
he's wandering the world alone.

Final Fight Tough:  Guy has finally returned to Metro City, his training now
over.  Just in time.  A new gang has arisen in Metro City to take Mad Gear's
place.  Guy is now ready to fight alongside Haggar again to rid Metro City
of the Skull Cross Gang, which they do.  At the end, however, the city is
in ruins from the gang battles, but Guy's task, to rid the city of the
chaotic evil plaguing it, is over, so he leaves the rebuilding to Mayor
Mike Haggar. [from the game]

Guy in FFT
Characteristic: fast, but slightly less powerful
Sure-kill technique: bushinryu senpuukyaku
Weapon of preference: nunchucks.
Special ability: off-the-wall jump
Super move: 1,000-fist barrage

Super Street Fighter 4:

Continues a school of ninjutsu beyond the period of warring states,
bushinryu's 39th order successor.  Feeling the rise of a newly become
evil, imperative to amend the corrupting of the age his figure appears.

Guy whisks like a silhouette through Metro City in his opening.  The streets
have grown quiet, too quiet even during a long-awaited full moon night.  He's
heard of S.I.N.-sha selling weapons, and of Juri the girl with a strange eye
mopping the floor with her opponents.  He'll go into action on a worldwide
scale, not because figures are simply posing as rulers of the globe, but
because he senses an element once again poised to corrupt the present human
age.  Rose surely is feeling it too, as noted in Guy's rival battle intro.

Guy comes across Cody on his way to S.I.N.-sha and tries to convince his old
friend to fight alongside him on behalf of justice, but Cody is unfortunately
deaf and dead to such words.  They fight, and most likely Cody backs off by
end.  Guy also runs into Rose who's in a great hurry herself.  They fight, and
beyond Rose's comprehension, Guy learns as they fight, that she's not with the
same mentality as before.  She aims to keep Ryu safe rather than sacrifice
herself outright.  Rose most likely wins the battle.  [Guy's and Cody's rival
battle exchanges]

Guy in his SSF4 ending hides in wait atop Vega's VTOL, surprising the psycho
dictator who's carrying an unconscious Rose in his arms.  Bushinryu's heir
offers a deal: let Rose go or Guy will demolish the plane, and Vega grimaces.
Next thing shown is Guy trying to shake Rose awake.  Rose's perspective of Guy
working to rouse her is shown in her ending.

Later on with S.I.N.-sha's crumbling laboratory truly crumbled, Guy sees Cody
at the scene.  Again he's helped stop evil.  Won't he return to how he was?
Cody says he'll return alright, to his cell. [Cody's ending]     

Final Fight Streetwise:  Guy's path has taken some dramatic turns since his
hey day as a key protector of Metro City.  After Cody Travers was wrongly
accused of a crime that Guy took part in, Guy fell into a life of organized
crime, and quickly became a powerful underworld figure in Metro City's
Japantown.  Having mellowed a bit in recent years, he still uses his
tremendous power, skill, speed, and influence to protect Japantown from civil
unrest. Guy's secretive and devoted band of "Genin" warriors provides him with
deadly assistance. [From the website] However, the advent of a new drug
sweeping Metro City was causing him concern, and he realized that even he
would not be able to keep it from spreading to his section of the city if he
did not do something.  It was then, one day, where one of his top men, Lou
"The Skin", had a man enter his tattoo parlor in Japantown and ask some
extremely suspicious questions.  Questions which Lou responded to by slamming
a cash register over his head.

Kyle wakes up in Lou's basement surrounded by ninjas, Lou, and the man in
the photo, Guy.  Lou tells Guy that Kyle's wallet says that he's Cody, and
Guy demands to know why Kyle is lying about who he is, but Kyle simply tells
them that only cheap shots could take him down.  At this, Guy tells his men
to show Kyle what happens to those who don't answer his questions, so Guy's
men untie Kyle and attempt to extract the information from Kyle forcefully,
forming a ring around Kyle where they charged in with hit-and-run attacks
while the rest looked for openings.  Lou eagerly jumps in to fight as well
after the men are defeated, but Kyle manages to beat him too.  Frustrated,
Lou encourages Guy to kick Kyle's ass as Guy throws off his business suit
for his bushin gi and approaches Kyle.  A simple demonstration of some
ridiculously fast katas shocks the hell out of Kyle and makes him decide
that it'd probably be a good time to explain that he isn't Cody.  He
explains that he's Cody's brother but that Cody got into a lot of trouble
with GLOW and Vitto, among other things.  Hearing this, Guy decides to
listen and invites Kyle to his dojo.  There, Guy tells Kyle about his past
with Cody, about how Cody went to jail for one of Guy's crimes so that Guy
could go free.  He says that from what he knows about Cody, Cody would give
his life for Kyle.  He regrets that Cody had to go to jail for him but that
some debts could never be repaid.  After this, he decides to 'quiz' Kyle
a bit.  He tests Kyle in his dojo by teaching Kyle how to do the ki-based
charge punch. After the sparring, Kyle's skill proves to Guy that he is
indeed Cody's brother.

Guy takes Kyle to the lounge area of the dojo. Around the table, he tells Kyle
that he's proud about how he's managed to maintain order in Japantown and
fighting against the drug, and trying to keep it from entering the area.
However, it's proving very difficult, and sometimes Guy wonders if the man
behind GLOW is merely giving the people what they want.  He tells Kyle that
from what he knows, the man behind GLOW is a man with no face, but that he has
a strong influence in Little Italy, and Guy has his men investigating it.  At
that point, Blades bursts in and tosses the head of one of Guy's men to Guy
and Kyle, with dynamite strapped to it.

Guy and Kyle get out of the way in time as it explodes, but the dojo they're
in is now on fire and the whole building threatens to collapse on them both.
Worse off, Stiff's men have come in to help finish the job.  Guy quickly leads
Kyle to the exit, but falling debris and flames constantly get in the way.
The flames were good for tossing mobsters and angry schoolgirls into them
though.  ...why a bunch of angry schoolgirls also decided to get in on the
flaming fun is a mystery.  Regardless, thanks to the help of a fire
extinguisher (Oh, and Guy, too), Kyle and Guy escape just as the dojo

Kyle tells Guy that Blades was one of Vitto's men (not that Guy didn't know
that already), and that he was a fool to trust Vitto.  Kyle goes after Vitto,
while Guy stays behind to gather his resources, saying the war has just begun.
 Kyle tells him that he's glad Guy's on his side, and after a call from a
concerned Vanessa warning him that something nasty is going on down throughout
the city, Kyle leaves for Little Italy.  Guy watches with a frown, possibly
wondering if he and Kyle really were on the same side.

Guy then found Kyle's brother Cody who had gone mad from GLOW, and attempted
to restrain him.  He tells Kyle that they must stop GLOW to save the city,
but that isn't Kyle's goal.  Kyle just cares about avenging his brother.
Seeing that their goals were different but the means to reach them was the
same, Guy tells him to start with Weasel, who's delivering GLOW with his
porn business trucks.  Unfortunately, while Kyle was gone, Cody had become
too powerful and managed to bust free and escape.  Knowing he had to stop the
GLOW, Guy teamed up with Kyle to destroy the laboratory at the pier that was
producing it, going as far as blowing up the entire thing with explosives,
despite the danger to Kyle.  They managed to capture the scientist who
invented GLOW, Dr. Chang, after that.  Guy pulls out a gun, demanding that she
tell him where the mastermind behind GLOW is, but Haggar stops him, saying
that wasn't how they'd do things.  Eventually, they had to let her go to try
to help other people suffering from GLOW.  Kyle would later defeat the
mastermind behind GLOW once and for all. [from the game]

Where he is now:  Assumedly Guy is still trying to keep order in Metro
City.  Possibly, he's also raising up the next generation of
bushin ninja to continue to maintain order and balance where needed.
Of course, many of them would end up joining Genocide.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Zero's World vol. 3- Guy

"Bushinryu ninjutsu"......that origin goes back from approximately 550 years
ago (age of A.D. 1440).
A pair of multitudes was as the premise for the super combat style fighting
techniques, during the age of civil war rear detachments of the great battles
swept over and completely subdued, having performed secret maneuvers on a
nationwide scale, and in records was being bequeathed.  However, from the
Meiji period extended into modern times led into the present, ninjutsu becomes
unnecessary in the world.  The once combat ninjutsu's influence was lost
as "bushinryu."  Ninjutsu changed into not too far from a form of "dance
performance", like traditional accomplishments in pieces having become the
sights.  But, with the distressful present situation, a man appeared wishing
for rebirth of the true "bushinryu".  That was the 38th order legitimate
successor Zeku......Guy's master.
Zeku met before Guy, a swordlike discernment and a frankly hostile seemingly
pervaded beast of a boy.  Many people concerned with Guy wanted to stay
away from him, only for Zeku, within his pupil was concealed a fighting
stylist's quality and, he wanted to see through the infinite possibilities.
"In the case for this guy......bushinryu can be restored!"
Thus for Zeku, to the young man was entrusted the future of "bushinryu."
......And so numerous years passed, for Guy continuing Zeku's original
training, he came to have received the name as "bushinryu's" 39th order.
Quite quickly Guy took it, that was none other than his own self's ambition.
When will be the day of "true bushinryu's" completion?
For that answer, it is within the restless struggle!
-CJ's intro to bushinryu ninjutsu: an art whose roots go back to Japan's civil
war age, designed for one to handle multitudes of incoming adversaries at once.
-Zeku sees in Guy what no one else ever could due to Guy's hostile character
as a boy.  He saw a person who could keep the combat aspect of bushinryu alive
in the present day, and not just the flamboyant show that ninjutsu in general
was turning out to be.

Guy from SFZ

Original account from SF2 Himitsu Hyakka

Since the struggle in Final Fight's Metro City, there was a young man burning
his life for the sake of reviving the fighting techniques of true "bushinryu".
That's Guy.  In order to take up genuine combat ninjutsu, he's challenged the
street fighter world!
From a distant some centuries ago, during the period of civil war, introduced
to the darkness of Japan were the super fighting moves of "bushinryu", now,
they are restored!
For the sake of seeking out bushinryu's successor, as Zeku was continuing to
aimlessly journey, in the streets his eye caught a brawling beastly young boy.
Perception of innate disposition.  The mere fighting spirit of a genuine
fighting stylist.
"No mistaking it......"  For Zeku, such was the murmur that the boy was
Zeku dodged all of the boy's attacks.
"Wooah!"  he screamed, as Zeku sprung upon the boy, mysteriously Zeku's move,
conversely brushed him away!  Byubyun!
"Just now, what in the world was that!?"  The boy shocked beyond belief, Zeku
extended out his hand.
"This is bushinryu!  Come with me as your basis, I shall show you your path
of life!"
The boy's name is Guy.  With Zeku as his foundation, Guy's transcendental
training has begun.......

Official Story from Gamest SFZ and AASFZ

The resurrection of true bushinryu- that which needed a new force.
As the ages flowed past, the fighting techniques of bushinryu were becoming
a mere shell.  A man waited to search out for the instrument that could
resurrect it.  When would he be answered he knew not for his purpose to be
completed, aimlessly the man traveled throughout the country.  The man's
name was Zeku.  He was the 38th order legitimate successor of bushinryu.

He happened to encounter that "destined man", from now it has been several
years ago.......
Intently within the journey he stopped over, happening upon a street.
Amidst a rustling, some person was crying out like a wild goose.  "A
hoodlum brawling eh......"  It was as though that moment passed right
through, Zeku opened his eyes wide.  Taking a step at the large man his
opponent while not withdrawing, a seemingly beastly young boy.  Furthermore,
dwelling in that pupil was a genuine fighting stylist of characteristic
fighting spirit and, that innate disposition of quality.  "No doubt about
it......"  Zeku's eye twinkled.

That night, Zeku lay in wait, he wielded a fist at the boy's appearance.
"......This world has many much much stronger ones so to speak, and also,
unless one is taught as such you cannot learn......"  As that man turned up
all of the sudden, the boy treated it lightly.  With a launching strike cut
completely through the air, the opponent couldn't even touch him.
"Kuun!"  Both he and the boy exclaimed as they flew that moment, the boy's
body on the other hand was being blown away.
"Just now what in the world!?"  Wondering what it was himself, the boy
completely didn't understand.
"This is bushinryu!  Come with me as your basis, I shall show you your
path of life."  With the man's face thus declared, his own trust to step
towards the path 1 person as a fighting stylist was filling up with pride.
"Your name?"  Zeku approached him, his waist fell over as though to sit
as he gently held out his hand to the boy.  As the boy meekly took that
hand, he answered.  "My name is......Guy."

Thus now, Guy has appeared having originally piled on the pursuit of
knowledge under Zeku.  With no place of refuge for his power that boy was
possessing too much dazzle, not just with moves, even that soul taking over,
even bearing all of bushinryu was magnificently growing.
For the sake of true bushinryu's revival, The days of Guy's development would
begin already as far as he would be associating with it.......
-Guy was wild as a young boy in the streets, and he was taken aback by Zeku's
swift moves which helped Guy take out some punks harrassing him.

Guy from SFZ2

Bushin Hassouken

The sound of a sobbing foghorn, fades away drawing in the long trail of the
night fog.
After the rain of the harbor's pier, 2 men were confronting each other
face to face.
The lighthouse's light, at fixed intervals would reveal illuminated in the
darkness the 2 profiles.
Bushinryu's 38th order legitimate successor Zeku and, his only disciple,
is Guy.
"Through combat, I will want to more than master bushinryu."
Speaking Guy's wish with eyes of sincerity, alienated from the island country
Japan, he was at a new training ground of the large country America.
And so setting to sea tonight......Out of Guy's proposal, before he'd part
from the master for a short while, he would exchange fists that have progressed
in order to test the disciplining results.
The silence was destroyed.
The 2 of them simultaneously fly into the open sky, starting to reply with
furious fists.  Mutual decisive blows would break with now advancing now
retreating offense and defense continuing every few minutes.
With Guy overlooking his master's momentary attack openings, he was thrown
into precise consecutive blows.  Quickly the intervals parted, Guy would
prepare for counterattacks.  However, the state of his master was strange.
The fighting spirit from his master was disappearing.  Already his stance
had his back facing Guy.
"......?  Has something ailed you?"  Guy did ask.
Hearing that, Master Zeku with eyes of frank disappointment glared at Guy.
"What's wrong. you say......?  Surely as that is a foolish question, in the
least under Zeku, having been able to learn bushinryu there's usefulness
from your mouth!"
Guy was bewildered.  In the battle now, what was to say the conclusive mistake?
The consecutive blows fired at the master in midair, they became moves based
on the foundation within bushinryu, not matching nothing whatever to the extent
of the mark of Zeku's teachings.
Zeku perceived Guy's state, for the sake of softening his facial expression his
face once again facing the darkness, he said.  "......As a farewell present for
your setting off, a single word tradition to you.  'Climb over all!'  ......!"
How often the foghorn would resound within, Zeku's form had vanished from
before Guy.
Since then, until he would come to understand in combat his master's true
meaning, Guy would come to devote numerous years.  The midair consecutive
blows "bushin hassouken"  .....Completing that sure killing technique as a
Guy original, still for quite a time it is the previous story.
-Guy had a parting battle with Zeku before sailing for America and Metro City.
Guy wants to apply his training towards actual combat, and Zeku leaves him
with the challenge to surpass everything he comes across.  At the time they
parted, Guy's incomplete by-the-book midair attacks left Zeku disappointed, and
would prompt Guy to perfect it into the super known today as the bushin

Guy from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

From the impression of a slender body able to rightly imagine, the carrying
of his swift body is his merit.  With lightweight punches restraining
opponents rising, he drives into seeing openings combination attacks.  A high
movement ability is indeed done in possibility of a shrewd conduct, moving
through midair is his ninja-like nature to drift about.  Though within his
possessed techniques especially that being principal position pokes, in the
art name's head the name of "bushin" is designating.

Fashion Style

A comfortable and quality also a non-useless clothing and, chain mail worn in
a jacket's interior is, to present a ninja-likeness.  For originally having
to survive in the darkness to be targeting a shinobi's bright red-colored
uniform, to train personally through an opened world is to say a feeling
toward embodiment?  Unified is the clothing and color even bland for his
sneakers, he is about the actual realization of the present day shinobi.
-Though he doesn't look like a ninja with his bright clothing and sneakers,
Guy unquestionably moves and strikes like one.

Under 22nd Street Overhead [U.S.A.]

A peaceful street.  That is 1 year ago that it hadn't gotten back to such
a degree?
For the street was losing color.  As if its entirety seems like it's immersing
inside a haze.
In any case for Guy, he's advanced the steps toward the city hall.  Being an
old friend there, with having been companions who fought together also it was
in order to meet with Mayor Haggar.
Through receipt of an inspirational purpose for a visit, Guy passes through
the reception room.  Before long the mayor's figure is seen.
"OOh, you don't seem to change do you.  Glad you're able to have come."
"Sincerely, I apologize for the unjust meet.  Even you through whatever are
in good health's signs."
"Hahaha, even that sober address doesn't change eh.  Quit it with the stiff
After a little while of chit-chat, Guy cuts to the main question.
"......About that 'corrupter in this human age'?"
"For to me a coiled gripping matter I not at all understand.  According to
my master Zeku's saying, the non-distant future for me, to have an audience
with that person probably, and."
"To corrupt this human age......huh.  Guy!, coming to this street, didn't you
sense anything??"
"That it is different from 1 year before isn't it.  For the crime organization
being Mad Gear management class is shifted somewhere else, hearing of the
actual destruction is......Still crime's stench isn't extinguishing it seems
to believe."
"So......I'm supposing.  For just lately there aren't opponents to be hurting
For Haggar during the normal year he had drawn near the streets unnoticed to
what was said in regards to an ominous organization.  For already the
deliberative assembly is in the hands of that organization it is said.  For
Haggar's term of office is a remainder of two years.
"If the matter can be said of me, through arbitrary decision I'll allow the
issue of at least an enforcement investigation of the drug dealing scenes.
Even with how many underlings are caught I'll understand it's futile but..."
"Haggar-dono.  How is Cody-dono doing?"
At that question, for the mayor eyes a little clouded he replied.
"Presently, in custody through assault suspicion."
"He was at the scenes of the drug dealings on the occasion of an
investigation.  Of course it was in no relation to the organization but as
many as 4 people through free-for-all fights are being sent off to the
hospital.  He isn't rescued from sentences previous."
"Why such behavior for Cody-dono."
"If even we weren't doing the same thing 1 year ago."
"In conclusion, what is peace so to speak?  Who are ones that must protect?
For I don't see the answer.  Naturally for me I fight my way.  Taking Cody
it's surely the same.  Just......I'm concerned.  For now he, is separated
from my daughter.  Getting stuck on changing how to live until now......No
the opposite, I must say that he hasn't changed huh."
"......is there still someone at that gym?"
"Hm?  Oh......for now I'm closing, leaving it behind!"
Parting with the revelation from Haggar he left the city hall, for Guy faced
toward 22nd Street.  Here 1 year ago, is the sports gym others had shared
with Haggar for bed and food.
Arriving at the spot of the overhead the day also fell, in the vicinity of
the thick evening's presence he's drawn near unnoticed.  A light polluted
city's atmosphere.  Cheap-looking glittering neon tubes steal the stars from
the night air.  Recalling as the time that night had visited this street for
the first time, sensing behind him a mysterious presence, for Guy one eye
closed stands stock still.
"......Though I know not who you are, if it's to battle I'm taking you on.
......Let's go!!"
-Guy visits Haggar after a long year of peace ensuing in Metro City to talk
about the prophecy Master Zeku left behind with Guy.  He learns that Cody's
degraded and constantly hopping from the streets to the slammer and back
again, separated from Jessica, and alarmed to hear Haggar considering that
their actions against Belger and Mad Gear could've driven Cody to such a point.
-Haggar with around two years left as mayor adds to Guy that he's closing
the gym which once housed and fed Cody, Guy and Carlos.

    FF1 Bio: A master of ninjutsu, Guy visited the States to provide his
ability in true street fighting. He is very agile and has developed a
variety of unique moves including a wall jump.

    The bushin style has existed since the Sengoku (Warring States) period.
Being a style of ninjutsu it can and does employ the gestures of the kuji-in
or nine-character seal for enhanced defense, perception and enlightenment; as
shown with one of Guy's appeals/personal actions which was also referenced in
Nakahira-sensei's Street Fighter Zero manga.

Guy was most likely born in Japan.  He was found and raised there by
Zeku, given that his FF1 Bio says he was visiting the states
during FF1 (although it seems that he's moved into Metro City since then,
given that he returns to Metro City in Final Fight Tough.  He certainly has
moved in by SSF4 and Streetwise).

    In Final Fight Streetwise, he has a heavy accent.

    The writing on Guy's outfit means bushin warrior or bushin aka god of war,
depending on how you translate it.

    Come Zero, he wears Nike sneakers.  Not sure if they're still
Nikes in Streetwise, but they look like it to me.  As stated in
Final Fight One, he's changed shoes since FF1.

    Guy's fiance is Rena, and Rena is Maki's older sister.  Both were
introduced in Final Fight 2.

    According to Udon webmaster SFDevotion at New York comikon to Sano,
Guy is married to "Maki's sister" during Streetwise.  I and anyone I've
asked hasn't seen any indication of this in-game however.  Maybe she
was meant to be included but got cut from the final version.  Regardless,
it's hard to imagine Guy not being married to his fiance after so many
years (barring catastrophes, of course).

    Guy's master is Zeku.  Guy defeated him in order to become the 39th
successor, for there can only be one legitimate ninjutsu successor at any
one time.  Zeku's name written in kanji means roughly "correct space."

    He was an arrogant and cocky kid before Zeku picked him up and raised
him and trained him to be what he is now (Guy's Z1 account above).

    For more on Maki and Genryusai, see Maki's bio.  On a random side note,
before FF2 came out, supported by his bio in the FF1 OST, Guy went from
being mentioned as the 57th successor of bushinryu ninpou to the 39th successor
of bushinryu ninjutsu.  Despite the similarities in their suffixes, Maki's
info and more recently Guy's in SSF4 show that the former (ninpou) is separate
from the latter (ninjutsu), thus Guy in SSF4 is the 57th of one through
Genryusai as well as the 39th of the other through Zeku.

    During Final Fight, Guy is the one that defeated Sodom in the ring (the
boss battle with Sodom).  That's official statement.

    The ending to FF1 where Guy beats up Cody so that Jessica can catch up
with Cody was probably done by Guy so that Jessica could catch up with
Cody.  It's definitely not because Guy was jealous of Cody, since it's been
officially stated that Guy never was in love with her.  Cody told him who
Jessica is after they both heard from Haggar via her kidnapper on TV.

Guy not knowing Jessica prior to FF1 isn't too surprising though, given that
he was only visiting the States when Final Fight One started according to
his bio.  Heck, the guy never even met Cody's younger brother Kyle according
to Streetwise (granted, the concept of Kyle didn't EXIST back then but Haggar
recognized him in Streetwise, unlike Guy).

    If you didn't realize it yet, Guy feels a sudden chill during Rose's
ending because he's sensing that Vega isn't really gone for good at all.
What Guy doesn't realize is he's holding Vega in his arms at that very

    Official statement after SFZ3 was that Guy had gone missing, but
presumably this was resolved with Maki's SFZ3 storyline later when
SFZ3 Double Upper came out.  Of course, he's back by Streetwise, and
even earlier during Final Fight Tough.

His name written as a kanji shown in AASFZ and other sources means
"victory song."

    At the end of FFT, Guy comments that the rebuilding of the city is
up to Mike Haggar after Lucia brings it up.  It doesn't seem like Guy
himself is very interested in helping with that particular aspect,
possibly because his own job as a practitioner of bushin (to defeat the
threat to the city, the Skull Cross Gang) was over.  Of course, he may
simply have been joking.  Or perhaps a little of both.

    Final Fight Streetwise website:  Guy's path has taken some dramatic
turns since his hey day as a key protector of Metro City.  After Cody
Travers was wrongly accused of a crime that Guy took part in, Guy fell into
a life in organized crime, and quickly became a powerful underworld
figure in Metro City's Japantown.  Having mellowed a bit in recent years,
he still uses his tremendous power, skill, speed, and influence to protect
Japantown from civil unrest. Guy's secretive and devoted band of "Genin"
warriors provides him with deadly assistance.

    Kyle didn't know who Guy was nor did Guy imply that he had ever met
Kyle before after Kyle introduced himself as Cody's brother (of course,
Guy didn't recognize Kyle at all when he sic'd his men on Kyle earlier,
but Haggar didn't initially recognize Kyle either.  The difference being
that Haggar immediately remembered him when Kyle introduced himself while
Guy did not).  It's kinda odd that the two never met before but not
completely impossible given Guy's FF1 bio indicating that Guy didn't
spend much time in Metro City prior to FF1 since he was just visiting
the States back then.

    Although Guy doesn't seem to have met Kyle, odds are that Cody at
least told him about Kyle, given that Guy isn't surprised at Kyle saying
that he's Cody's brother.

    The exact crime he committed before Streetwise is never stated.  Given
how Guy acts in Streetwise, chances are he committed the crime while he
was in the middle of doing something he thought was more important to
the big picture of keeping balance and order in Metro City.

    Guy hasn't "heard word" from Cody ever since Cody took the fall for
his crime.

    Guy continues to respect Cody after Cody took the fall for his crime,
immediately adding after telling Kyle about it that from what he knows
of Cody, Cody would give his life for Kyle.  He specifically said that
Cody "gave up his freedom" which shows that Cody took the fall for
Guy's crime on purpose so Guy could be free.  Cody never talks about Guy in
Streetwise, although he kept the half of the photo with Guy in it in
his wallet (that Kyle would later find) and Guy says "We haven't heard
word since" instead of "We haven't spoken to each other since", so I'm
under the impression that Cody wasn't bitter about the thing.  ...it's
not like Cody isn't used to jail by then, anyways.  However, this crime
had to have been a while ago since Guy didn't start up his organized crime
spiel with his ninjas until after the crime, so its kinda odd that he
hasn't been able to contact Cody since then.  I suppose they were too
occupied by those damn schoolgirls.

    That thing on his arm in Streetwise is a tattoo, not a burn. The one
who did the tatto for him was Lou "The Skin", who's also a member of Guy's
genin (though he uses a different fighting style).

    In Streetwise, Guy typically wears a white business suit.  However,
he changes into a new version of his red bushin uniform (still with sneakers)
for one-on-ones.  You can see him remove his white suit (apparently he wears
his bushin uniform underneath) before he prepares to fight Kyle (although a
fight doesn't occur because Kyle decides to explain himself after Guy's
demonstration).  He also wears his bushin outfit for sparring and training
in his dojo.  However, even in normal combat against tons of goons, he wears
the white suit.  I guess the bushin uniform is now reserved for special
one-on-one occasions and training.

    "Genin" means rookie.  It represents how Guy's bushin warriors
are all newbies compared to him.

    It is implied by Psychic that while Guy's genin are skilled with swords,
they are vulnerable to swords as well ("He who lives by the sword dies by the
sword.").  They are a lot easier to beat in the game if you pick up one of
their swords.

    From what I can tell from in-game, Guy's genin (besides Lou) all use
bushin as well (though not as good as Guy, of course). Their punch is
the exact same animation as Guy's.  Stance seems a bit less 'disciplined'
and jittery to me though.

    Guy's genin in Streetwise: Akira, Araki, Kei, Keisuke, Koji, Manorito,
Naoki, Ryoji, Shu, Takao, Takehisa, Takiiozzo, Takaji, Takeshi, Tetsuya,
Yoshimasa, Yuichi.

    (Ryubei and Naoki are named after the two voice actors who did their
voices, and several others are named after staff and special thanks).

    Whether or not Guy is willing to resort to guns is unknown.  He pulls
a gun in Streetwise on Chang, but that was for interrogation purposes,
not combat purposes.  Given that right and wrong don't matter to bushin,
the interrogation at least shows he's not above using firearms to
accomplish a greater good despite how wrong it may seem (much to Haggar's
dismay) although I don't see why a skilled bushin master like Guy would
need a gun in actual combat situations (there aren't many cases in any
Street Fighter game where guns are endorsed more than fists).

    Of course, it's possible that he and Haggar were purposefully pulling
an act of good cop bad cop to try to get Chang to answer their questions,
but I personally don't think so because I'd think a storyline writer
would have dragged the scene on longer in that case before Kyle cut them
off so quickly (then again, it's not like lots of other things from
Streetwise weren't cut short).

*** pgVHaggar.


Birthdate: September 3, 1941 (40 years old during MB, which was 1
year before elections, which was in 1982 according to FF:SW, retcon of
FF1's date or not!)
Age: 50 during FF2 prior to retcon; 46-47 with retcon
Height: 202 cm
Weight: 140 kg (MB series); 121 kg (FF series); 122 kg in FFT
Hails from, native place & stage: New York City, Manhattan, America
Likes: curry rice, hamburgers
Dislikes: crime
Hobby: being the mayor
Favorite/main attacks: screw piledriver, double lariat
MB-era wrestling federation:  AWF (American Wrestling Federation?)
MB & SMB specialty move: piledriver
MB-era nickname: "Mayor"

Muscle Bomber:  Mike "Macho" Haggar was a pro-wrestler and in the middle of
elections [Official].  That's about it, really, since the game didn't even
have character specific endings.

Super Muscle Bomber:  See above.

Final Fight One:  Haggar is now the mayor of the crime capital,
Metro City.  He vows to clean up the place, and refuses to accept the
bribes of the controlling gang, Mad Gear.  When Mad Gear hears about his
plans, they take immediate action and kidnap his daughter Jessica.  They
attempt to use Jessica to blackmail Haggar.  With the help of Jessica's
childhood friend Cody, and Cody's friend Guy, Haggar manages to defeat Mad
Gear and send their leader Belger flying out the window of a tall skyscraper
to his death, and Haggar was reunited with his daughter [From the game].

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Rolento, ex-member of Mad Gear, has started up his
own army and laid siege to Metro City with tanks!  Fortunately, it didn't
last too long [Conjecture based off in-game storylines].

Final Fight 2:  Mad Gear is still alive and they're trying to make a
comeback.  Guy is away training to be a bushin master, but Mad Gear
kidnapped his fiance, Rena, and her father, Genryusai.  Haggar, along with
Rena's sister Maki and a boarder staying over at Haggar's, Carlos, must hit
the streets again and defeat Mad Gear, this time around the world.  Eventually
the new leader of Mad Gear Retu is sent flying out the window (Oh Mad Gear.
When will you learn that windows are your downfall?) and Rena and Genryusai
are saved [From the game].  Mad Gear is brought down, and eventually finally
collapses within a year [Official].

FF2 Guidebook bio:
Was at one time a street fighter, presently he works hard as Metro City's mayor.
For previous work, in order to rescue kidnapped daughter Jessica, together with
Guy, and Cody, a struggle unfolded with Mad Gear. Recently in order to rescue
Guy's master and his daughter kidnapped by the remnants of Mad Gear, he's come
to travel the world over.

Final Fight Tough:  Will the crime never end?  A new gang, the Skull Cross
Gang has risen to take Mad Gear's place.  Haggar, along with Metro City
Special Crimes Unit member Lucia and Dean, who hates the Skull Cross Gang,
must again hit the streets and clean up the city.  Unfortunately by the
end, even though the gang was brought down, the city was left in ruins (of
course, the city was in ruins since before Final Fight One anyway,
though...). [From the game]

Characteristic: very powerful, but very slow.
Sure-kill technique: spinning clothesline
Weapon of preference: steel pipe
Special ability: wrestling prowess to execute air throws
Super move: slam fest

Final Fight Streetwise:  It's been a long time since Haggar has been
mayor (Haggar officially stopped being mayor at 1992, presumably because
he was burnt out or it was simply too much work to be mayor and bust heads
at the same time).  Kyle goes to see Haggar after seeing him in one of
Cody's photos, and after Kyle helps him bust up some Punx at Mike's
Maritime Maintenance pier, he teaches Kyle some moves and gives him some
advice.  Haggar later is with Guy attempting to interrogate the scientist
behind the drug GLOW, trying to be a 'good cop' to Guy's 'bad cop' and
keeping Guy from using overly drastic measures.  Chang implicates Bella
as the mastermind behind GLOW, and Haggar eventually has to let her go
to help all of the people addicted to it. [from the game] (yea, Haggar
doesn't appear in the ending.  Maybe it got chopped like many other things

Where he is now:  Probably still running Mike's Maritime Maintenance
as well as his gym, Mike's Mat and Muscle, as well as beating up any
punks who try to take over his pier and helping out where he can.
Kyle does say when he first sees Haggar in the game that he suspects
Haggar will someday rise up again to try to fix Metro City with his

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    FF1 Bio: Formerly a star of the professsional wrestling circuit,
Haggar is currently the mayor of Metro City.  Extremely powerful, Haggar's
specialty is executing wrestling moves like the back drop or the pile

Haggar's wife Nancy has died since before Final Fight 1 (and probably before
Muscle Bomber even), so Jessica is the only close family he has left.  This
is why he is really close to Jessica.

    Haggar was NOT "newly elected" in Final Fight One in the Japanese
verson.  That was added to the overseas version.  Haggar is simply
"The mayor of Metro City" in the Japanese version, which makes more
sense, given that he was elected to mayor 5 years before FF1.

Lucky Colt was picked up by Haggar and trained under him along with Aleksey
Zalazof (Both from Muscle Bomber).

    From a Muscle Bomber Flyer: How much entertainment cannot come out from
before him, a beat-out fight is his distinctive characteristic.

    In addition to wrestler, Haggar was also a street fighter before he
became mayor.  Dunno if that means he was in any Street Fighter tournaments
before SF1 (although it should be noted that the Street Fighter tournaments
aren't actually called "Street Fighter tournaments" in the storyline).

    He’s 40 years old during Muscle Bomber.

    He puts a lot of effort/power into maintaining the town's public order
and keeping the peace.  He has a natural sense of justice and power.

    For more on Haggar and Zangief, see Zangief's bio.

    For Final Fight Tough, Haggar gets an insanely long mullet for some

    Official statement is that he stopped being mayor two years after
Street Fighter Zero 3 (which would be 1992, which is also likely 1 year
after Final Fight Tough).  I don't know if he lost the election or simply
decided to retire from it (possibly because being mayor and busting heads
at the same time was too much work).  I suspect the latter, given that
people still seem to like Haggar in Streetwise (as opposed to hating
him enough to vote him out of office) and Haggar doesn't seem bitter
whatsoever about not being mayor anymore (in fact, he laughs to himself
good-naturedly when he tells Kyle, "You probably don't remember me.  Not
many people do, these days").  Perhaps he simply reached the maximum
legal term one may serve as mayor (he was mayor for exactly 10 years,
going by retconned age/date for elections during Muscle Bomber as well
as his Streetwise Election poster and the All About Capcom statement
of when his mayorship ended).

    Streetwise Website:  Once mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar hates what
crime has done to it.  Yet, the legendary muscleman stays because of his
idealistic love for what the city once was, and hopefully could again be.
Though far from his years of power in City Hall, Haggar does what he can
to keep peace in his own corner of town.  And he keeps himself in solid
shape by training would-be pit fighters at his own gym, "Mike's Mat and

    His name was mispelled as Hagger in most press-releases for Streetwise,
but it was corrected by the time the game came out and is Haggar in both
the game and the manual.

    Haggar lay low after he left the mayorship according to Kyle's journal.
He manages Mike's Maritime Maintenance at the pier and his gym is Mike's
Mat and Muscle.

    In Final Fight Streetwise, a poster in Mike Haggar's gym reads "Haggar
for mayor in '82. Fighting for a safer Metro City."  Haggar was stated to
be in the middle of elections for Muscle and Super Muscle Bomber, and going
by officially stated age dates during Muscle Bomber and Final Fight One, then
taking into account that FF1's date was retconned to be in 1987 instead of
1989, this fits in perfectly with when Super Muscle Bomber likely occurred

    Haggar seems to have kept in touch with both Guy and Cody by Streetwise.
Kyle picks up his message on his answering machine where he asks Cody if
he wants to basically hang out and get some drinks, and Haggar doesn't give
any indications that he hasn't seen Guy in a long time in the brief scene
where he and Guy are interrogating Chang.

    It is never directly stated how Haggar reacted to Cody getting thrown
in jail all the time.  Haggar got Lucia cleared of that corruption charge,
so you'd think he'd give Cody a mayoral pardon as well, but... I imagine
Cody probably didn't need one, given that it was stated that he got thrown
into jail and then simply punched his way out on more than one occasion.
Given that Streetwise showed that Haggar continued to hang out with Cody,
Haggar probably didn't bear any ill will to Cody for busting out of jail
so often, but when I think about it, this might be where Cody's dislikes
of "Haggar's lectures" come from (especially since I'm pretty sure that
dislike was added for Cody's SFZ3 bio).

    Far as I know, it's also never stated why Haggar has to go out to
the streets to bust punks himself instead of leaving it to the police.
Of course, police in general in Final Fight are always either portrayed
as corrupt (Edi. E and Dave) or simply over-tasked (Sgt. Sims and his men.
Other mini-quests in Streetwise show that cops are simply outnumbered
and outmanned in most of the things they try to do as well which is why
Kyle often has to help him out.  ...leading to cash rewards, of course)
so it is likely that Haggar simply couldn't rely on them.  And the one
police person he could rely on for help he had to clear of a corruption
charge (Lucia).

    Haggar probably buried the hatchet with Two.P.  You never see 2-Ill and
Haggar interact, but 2-Ill casually says "Oh, you mean Mike Haggar's place!"
to Kyle as if 2-Ill knows Haggar well and without a tone of "Haggar keeps
kicking my butt!  Eek!" in his voice.  Not that I know if there was a
hatchet in the first place but I imagine Haggar introduced Two.P's head
to the pavement a few times during Final Fight One (not that I can be
sure, what with Two.P just being a normal enemy).

    He mentions to Kyle that he still has some friends in the Metro City
Police in Streetwise that he'll try to get to help in searching for Cody,
but it's never brought up again and doesn't go anywhere.  I wonder if Lucia
was intended to be in the game.

Haggar would be pretty darn old by Streetwise if it's in 2006, around 64.
This is probably why they specifically emphasized in his official bio that
he 'keeps himself in solid shape' in order to excuse how he still manages
to be so strong despite his age.  Kinda funny imagining a muscular Oro
or Gen type, though.

*** pgVHakan.


Name: Hakan
Represented nation: Turkey
Birthday: November 13
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 110 kg
BWH sizes: B172, W160, H165
Blood type: O
Likes: his bride, his daughters, chanko
Dislikes: tobacco, fire
Special skill: enka (traditional-style Japanese popular ballad)
Fighting style: yagli gures
SF4-era nickname: "Oil Trickling Good Father"

Super Street Fighter 4:
Being a world leading cooking oil maker's manager, though also yagli gures's
prominent contestant Turkey's man of valor.  His body lacquered of oil from
performing fighting techniques moves are born through uniqueness, not just
opponents but as far as sightseers occasionally he makes them go into mayhem.
Through heartiness with a friendly personality, but also a family-sentimental
father.  Accent is strong.  For the sake of hobbies and practical use, he goes
around journeying out to the world's oil.

SSF4 opens up for Hakan with a hoodlum snooping around his property.  Certain
beyond the shadow of a doubt that the hoodlum's a spy from his competitors,
Hakan storms out from his extravangant abode to expand his oil-manipulating
territory.  The olive oil his company produces is unsurpassed in the world,
and he aims to make the world realize that as he seeks new cooking oil sources
all across the globe.

During his journey Hakan finds and meets his old friend and fellow wrestler
Edmond Honda, and they pit their individual wrestling styles against each
other.  Hakan may have also met C. Viper and/or an empty Seth prime field
during his travels.  He's heard of S.I.N.-sha doling out peculiar weapons,
and finds Viper's initial impression of him quite rude (he's highly offended
at people with thoughtless manners), but she most likely apologizes by the end
of their probable encounter. [Hakan's, Viper's, and Seth's rival battle

As SSF4 comes to a close, Honda and Hakan are seen together once again,
arm-wrestling just outside Hakan's home.  Honda concedes to a draw for the
time being and bids farewell to his Turkish friend, and Hakan admits that
even Honda's grasping power was enough to give both Hakan and yagli gures a
run for their money.  As he hugs his 7 children, Hakan resolves to tour the
rest of Japan.       

Where he is now:  Continues to travel with his family wherever oil is to be
found, and showing the world that yagli gures is the strongest fighting style
there is.  Beyond that, who knows.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

Olive oil's what's used for Turkish oil wrestling, and he tours the world for
sources of cooking oil rather than petroleum. 

The style's name is more or less pronounced "yah-roo gyu-resh" from the kana.

The meaning of his name is "emperor," and his daughters call him "Hakan"
rather than "Dad" or "Daddy" or "Father."  One of his little girls carries
a Hakan plush toy, and the hair "lumps" from one daughter to the next are
all different; meaning each of their seven hair patterns are different.
Finally they call their looker mother simply "Ma", and they're quite happy
sharing their dad's hair.

Hakan's hair is turquoise colored, as are the eyes of the lion insignia for his
company oil barrels and his belt buckle.  From his rival battle exchanges with
Viper, a type of oil no longer in production may be what keeps him burning
inside and renders his reddish complexion.  It's very probable that he's
been in a oil/fire-type accident in the past, long before he first met Honda
though since the sumo wrestler is able to recognize Hakan from a distance.

Hakan's liking for females extends beyond admiration for his fine wife and
joyous affection for his children.  He'd be protective and encouraging of the
younger ones (Sakura, Ibuki, Makoto, Cammy) while totally smitten and turned
on by the older ones (Rose & Chun-Li) from his win quotes to them.  

*** pgVHandsomeBob.


No Bio.

Final Fight Streetwise:  Handsome Bob got beat by Locksmith the other
night.  He was initially winning his pit fight against Kyle, but Kyle
beats him in the end as well.  Then Kyle beats up his buddies that tried
to avenge him.  Buncha losers! [from the game]

Where he is now:  Probably still pit fighting in Metro City.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes:

    From Kyle's journal:
"Gotta be careful.  Handsome Bob's still pissed from Locksmith kicking his
ass the other night.

He fights dirty.  But then, who doesn't?"

    Kyle jokes in his journal after winning that he should apologize to
Handsome Bob's wife for rearranging his face.  ...it probably doesn't
necessarily mean that Handsome Bob is married.

    Some Metro City Thugs try to get revenge on Kyle for beating Bob after
the first fight, so he's probably affiliated with them.  Or has a posse
(he also leads the thugs in the 1st stage in Arcade Mode, but that doesn't
mean much).

*** pgVHarryHicks.


Age: 31 (during MB)
Height: 170 cm
weight: 70 kg
Hails from: America
Favorite food: sushi
Proud/special skill: accurate unequaled refereeing
Main/favorite attack: counting to 3 with lightning speed
MB-era nickname: "Human Courthouse"

Muscle Bomber:  He refereed?

Super Muscle Bomber:  He refereed some more?

Where he is now:  Refereeing?  Probably but who knows.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Harry Hicks is the referee in the Muscle Bomber Series. He makes the most
accurate judgments (I guess they mean he always makes good calls during a
match) and is very trustworthy/reliable. Because of this, the fans love
him. He's listed as a sub-character in Muscle Bomber.

    He gets his own section/bio here because he's special.  Isn't his
main/favorite attack just the most powerful thing ever?

    ...well, okay, he gets his own section/bio here because I have no clue
where else to put it and devoting an entire miscellaneous question and
answer to it seems silly (...course, in retrospect, so does giving him his
own section.  Ah well, he has a bio for MB just like Jessica so be it).

*** pgVHugo.


Birthdate: May 19, 1964
Height: 240 cm
Weight: 200 kg
BWH sizes: unknown
Blood type: unknown (due to back/spinal complications when a youth or teen?)
Native place: Germany
Likes: Poison, white potatoes
Dislikes: fellows who look down on themselves
Special skill: weightlifting
Fighting style: prowrestling
SF4-era nickname: "Giant Wrestler"
SF3-era nickname: "Military Might's Great Giant"

Final Fight One:  Having arrived in America at age 20, Hugo's enticed by Mad
Gear to join as more brutal muscle, but by 2-3 years down the road, Hugo quits
and starts his own wrestling career.  Poison most likely followed soon after.
[conjecture and official statements from SF 15th Anniversary & SF Eternal]

Ultra Street Fighter 4:

A prowrestler possessing a superhumanly large build.  While that superhuman
strength is valued in silliness, once upon a time it was supported for the
sake of numerous criminal acts as a single member of Mad Gear.  In his
birthplace Germany his mother prepared white potato cuisine as his favorite
food.  In order to personally prove the matter of being the world's strongest,
he participates in the world fighting tournament.

Hugo by the SF4 era is heavily homesick.  Years since his involvement with
Mad Gear, and even more years since he left Germany and his mother's delectable
white potato cuisine, he's caught in the middle of a gang remanants' faction
dispute in Metro City.  The group dubbed Guns Backstreet is reported to be
causing trouble in certain city sectors, and one of their members cajoles
the big guy to come out, but then he's sobbing for missing his mom and his
favorite food from her.  Then the foolish remnant member badmouths potatoes
and makes Hugo angrily lash out on the whole lot of them, even heaving at them
the whole trailer in which he was previously inside!
Hugo swears skywards that he'll definitely become like the potato his mom
encouraged him to be, grown and developed despite amidst harsh, non-ideal
environments, the strongest prowrestler in the world.  [Hugos's USF4 opening]
Hugo eventually learned about and entered S.I.N.-sha's latest world fighting
tournament, and may have also found and subdued a spare Seth, though not
likely in a wrestling tournament setting ala his USF4 ending if at all.  His
non-trival involvement was running into Poison either via his rival battle
scenario or his ending scenario, the latter probably making more sense.  He
insists as he grabs Poison over his head that they will both be "potato"
successes upon teaming together. 

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact:  Hugo along with his manager, Poison, has
decided to travel the world in order to find a good tag team partner for his
wrestling career after mysterious circumstances by his rival lost him his
previous partner with the next CWA tournament only 3 months away.  He was
stated to have put on an 'amazing performance' [Official].

His endings seems to be the just-for-fun types.  Most likely Ryu beat Hugo,
since Capcom has stated that they fought.  And Hugo obviously didn't beat Ryu,
since Ryu would've kept his word to join Hugo if that was the case.  If Hugo's
ending did happen (even though it probably didn't), Ryu would be the most
likely candidate for the partner Hugo picked up (and of course, it'd have to
be only temporary).

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

With the previous tournament's complete victory-like's curse, it became
that everyone seemed to keep Hugo at a distance.  Matches not linked day
after day for Manager Poison unable to put up with it any longer plans a
"New Army Corps' Foundation & Warrior Scouting".  Already the weak attitude
is used up in courtesy.  Warriors! gather, as for weaklings go away.  Their
newly become challenge has begun. [CJ's 3S profile for Hugo]

In-game he fights Ryu as a mid-boss to try to recruit him, per Poison's
recommendation, but Hugo's ending here is once again a ridiculously insane
one.  It seems with Poison, they eventually formed the wrestling group HWA
(Huge Wrestling Army), and are forcing people to join and trying to take over
prowrestling, and in the ending, he has the entire SF3 cast's backing, which
has got to be a joke [Hugo's SF3TS ending].

Where he is now: Most likely still wrestling with Poison as his manager.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Hugo from CJ's 2I page

Family-  Born to a farm family of Germany's remote countryside.  His father
and mother both in  good health, it appears that the year of having separated
from the two of them a younger sister also, the time of age twenty thrusting
out of the house for from going to the USA, even there being the matter to
go back to Germany, he's never going back again.  After going to the USA he
flourishes as a prowrestler, for his manager is Poison of street warrior
origin.  For to say  Poison, there having been also diverging circumstances
2 times 3 times, there is no discrepancy in a best partner.  

Personality-  With that large build and superhuman strength, to say the fight
regarding the fight there's no suffering an utter defeat.  To arrive in
self-confidence from there is a consideration, concerning the so-called
matter of recognizing the neighborhood he's indifferent.  The result, even
becoming about taking a bashing, from the facade having the vitality to go
stopping an opponent's charge and swinging him down, in that heartiness it
seems that's sufficient for even an ally.  A minute spot of splendid moves
him to tears.       

Fighting style-  A surpassingly great giant of height 240 cm weight 200 kg,
for tenacious physical strength is what wields that large build without
effort.  Prowrestling's fortified techniques, as for possessing throwing
moves of megaton-class destructive power, that reach supplements the
remaining large build's starting speed's delay.  Especially by means of
arms like logs for a lively lariat going mad sensing a head-to-head
opponent's speed, he grants pressure to the extent of being petrified.

    Despite looking like Andore, appearing on a billboard in Cody's SFZ3
page (confirmed by AAC that that's him and not Andore), having Poison as a
manager, and also parodying Andre the Giant in SF3 Third Strike against
Alex, there are no official statements whatsoever anywhere that his first
or last name is Andore.  He has his own bio section and his own appearances
separated from that of Andore in All About Capcom, but this doesn't mean much
as AAC separates Shin Gouki from Gouki and Final Vega from Vega as well,
though not by bios but by extra game incarnation entries.  Street Fighter
Eternal states that Hugo is from Final Fight while All About Capcom does not
list any Hugo appearances in Final Fight.

Hugo is at most referred to as Andore by title rather than by family name.
Being a dead ringer for them, he got "adopted" and lumped into the Andore
family after he reached America and joined Mad Gear.  Cody may have crossed
fists with him sometime during the three years before FF1, or else mistook
him for one of the others in the Andore clan during FF1, the latter probably
being more plausible.

    Hugo's measurements are different from Andore's.  However, a lot
of time has passed between Final Fight and Street Fighter 3.  Andore
losing some weight isn't outside the realm of possibility, but growing is.
Also on the subject of growing, Hugo may be abnormally large and tall due
to back and/or spinal accidents or complications when he was a youth or a
a teen.  Both Sakura's and Hakan's Ultra win quotes to him mildly hint at

Hugo was stated to have made an amazing performance during 2I.  He also fought
Ryu there, got hit by a clean shot of Ryu's shin shoryuken and wasn't knocked
out for the count.  Hugo's 3S win quote to Ryu notes that upon having fought
Ryu before (in 2I), he does remember a "something shoryuken" move Ryu used and
was amazed that Hugo endured it (Ryu's 2I win quote to Hugo), as Hugo asks Ryu
to teach him the shin shoryuken.

It states in Hugo's history that he left home at the young age of 20 years,
a home consisting of him and his mother, father and his two sisters.  And he
left home and went straight to pro-wrestling.

From Kao Megura (RIP) who said he got it from a friend who was
very knowledgeable about Street Fighter canon from Japan:

>Also, you may want to note this:
>Here's a little background info on our big buddy:
>He was born in the countryside of Germany.  He also has two little
>sisters. When he was twenty, he aimed for a wrestling career and left the
>After that, he left the country and, even if he returned to Germany, he
>never stopped by his hometown.  Ah, yes, his wrestling manager is a
>street warrior: Poison from the Mad Gear gang of Final Fight.  For all
>those of you who don't know and still are drooling while looking at 'her'
>ass, POISON IS A GUY!!!!  You got that?!  Everyone at my arcade keeps
>staring at 'her' (him) and I have to break their hearts by telling them
>this shocking truth.  He's split up with Poison two or three times, but
>it seems Poison is his best partner.  The story for this game is that he
>is looking for a tag team partner, after he lost his old one.

    20 years old for Hugo was during 1984.  This is 3 years before
Final Fight One.

    On a side note, the four confirmed appearances for Hugo are that
billboard, the two SF3 games he was in, and in Ultra SF4.  He is listed as
separate from Andore himself who also cameos in Guy's Z2/Z3 backgrounds, as
well as more recently in SSF4's construction stage.

    By the way, Munich doesn't have a harbour in reality.  On the left
side of Hugo's 2nd Impact stage it says "Bratwurst" or "Bratwürste"
(grilled sausages) and on the right side "Bier" (for Beer).

*** pgVIbuki.

Native place: Japan (hails from a ninja village presumably in Kyoto)
Birthday: December 6
Height: 162 cm, 157 cm (old SF3 design)
Weight: 46 kg
BWH sizes: B95, W57, H90; B82, W57, H82 (old SF3 design) 
Blood type: A
Likes: Don-chan (pet raccoon dog), roasted sweet potato, toads
Dislikes: supplementary lessons
Special skill: speed-eating
Fighting style: ninjutsu
SF4-era nickname: "Abundant Dreams Kunoichi"
SF3-era nickname: "High School Student Ninja"

Super Street Fighter 4:

Born in a ninja village, since the time of childhood a ninja having piled up
on training but, for the substance quite the ordinary teenager.  On the way
to a journey seeking a "dreamy rendezvous", she gets dragged into unexpected

Ninja schoolgirl Ibuki has finally been given an opportunity to go on a field
trip with her best friend Sarai.  But the choices she's given for where to go
leave her teenage juices seriously deprived.  Not one to waste a chance for
seeing the world and hanging out with more "dreamy" and "awesome" company, she
plays hooky and has Sarai cover her absence in return for a souvenir. [Ibuki's

Ibuki during SSF4 probably runs into Sakura in her usual hurry.  If they
fight, Sakura accepts Ibuki's request to introduce the young ninja to someone
superb if Ibuki wins.  Despite Sakura most likely taking the battle from the
immature, ditzy kunoichi, by the end she probably does let Ibuki know about
Ken. [Ibuki's rival battle exchanges]

Whether or not she fights Ken during SSF4, Ibuki does get to grapple with Abel
before S.I.N.-sha's latest tournament comes to a close.  Abel loses control at
one point and demands that Ibuki stay away from him.  She doesn't quite get
what's happening though, and thinks he's just gotten into a depressive funk.
Chun-Li arrives shortly and successfully snaps Abel out of his wild
phase.  [Abel's ending and win quote to Ibuki as well as hers to him]

Finally Ibuki realizes that time's steadily gotten away from her.  She rushes
back to the site of the ninja lodging and tries to stealthily insert herself
into the morning exercise with no one being the wiser, but no such luck.  The
current instructor blows her camouflaged cover, Sarai facepalms next to Ibuki
being the cause Sarai was almost skewered by the teacher, and Ibuki lets out
a wailing apology. [Ibuki's ending]  

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact:  Sent by her clan, Ibuki journeyed out
to get the G-File from Gill[Official], running into Ken somewhere as well
since he remembers her in his 3S win quote to her, and possibly Elena and
Necro also to find where Gill was.  Ibuki impressed Gill enough for him to
give the file to her, and he even suggests her to take more as homework.
[Conjecture based off in-game storyline and Gill's 3S win quote to Ibuki]

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

The preparing for nearing senior high school graduation Ibuki.  Without a
school recommendation inauguration, she strongly aspires to enter a general
university.  For in that sake she must pass a severe graduation examination.
Awaiting a new encounter with a sweet love, with thinking of just that her
power confines in "kunai" polishing.  "Absolutely, because I'm gonna enjoy
campus life with a dreamy boyfriend!"  [CJ's 3S profile for Ibuki]

For her graduation exam, Ibuki has to "take down a fighting pro within 5
minutes."  She chooses Oro and challenges him to a fight.  Oro is so
disappointed!  He thought Ibuki was going to reverse flirt with him
instead! [Official]  After a refusal to join him as a hermit and likely
some sucking-up to get him to collapse for her as per their win quotes to
each other, Ibuki finally gets into a university!  She can now finally live
like an ordinary girl!  Eventually, another student invites her into his club!
There, she has tons of fun where she engages in all sorts of physical
activities and training!  ...then Ibuki realized that that's not very much
different from her life as a ninja.  Doh!  The university she chose ended up
being ninjutsu-oriented after all! [Ibuki's SF3 Third Strike ending
and specially noted via AAC that her ninjutsu training continues]

Where she is now:  See above.  *shrug*

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Ibuki from AASF3


In a small town of the gorge dwells a normal high school student but, actually
for this town from the period of warring states it continues to serve as a
"Ninja Village."  The townspeople are all, in fact ninja.  Of course she also
is without exception, from the time of kindergarten she's piled up training.
And also lately, imperative to seize the "G File" become data from a
mysterious organization, she proceeds to the mission.    


......Something's with "us", ordinary elementary schoolers and it looks like
it's considerably different!
With today's library the seen "inter-high and national structure's archives",
isn't it something not even a little amazing.......
For Ibuki not a confined townsperson, in the town's north she goes to the
Shinto shrine there and recalls things.
For through this town the time she's promoted to a 3rd-year elementary school
student, assembling in this Shinto shrine's grounds, from the principal teacher
she's in fact being taught about the town's secret.
"Okay?, everyone until this day from having done harsh ninja arms teaching
within Japan this is the only such town.
Why then for us to live in a Ninja Village, is to be real ninja.
For a secret won't do unless it's protected!  For a ninja is a shadow, if
light hits it then is the time which that will vanish."
Having experienced that harsh training day in and day out, as within Japan
only we are with something of an injustice.  But well that also is an easy
After all for now if there are ninja missions there will also be places allowed
to go to in the world.   

Family-  Hails from Japan.  As for Ibuki she's a normal high school student of
a gorge's small town.  Even so this town, from the period of warring states
arriving to the present as far as unbroken and continues service as it's been
a Ninja Village.  Ibuki also enters kindergarten and, together with friends
she was diligent in ninja training.    

Personality-  Even with doing ninja training, for she is quite the ordinary
youthful idol-liking high school student.  Has a bit of a carefree spot, a
do-when-it's-to-be-done core strong girl.

Fighting style-  Uses classical ninja arts having combined them with ancient
Japan's bushido.  Through without pointless sharp movements she slides into
an opponent's bosom and, drives in sure-kill blows aiming at the vitals.

SF3 Q&A from Gamest SF3 Fanbook: Ibuki

-Please tell the full treatment about the people in the Ibuki stage's
A.  Everyone is a Ninja Village's companion.  The rough man, is
"Raiyon Daisuke" ninja head age 38.  His ordinary living is performing
carpentry.  In the circumstance when Ibuki's lost the man to see is
"Sanjou Masayuki" ordinarily an internal medicine doctor age 29.  As
for the plump man it's "Genda Kenichi" working as the town's water
bureau member age 32.

-What's Ibuki's connection, with that tanuki?
A.  It's a shinobi tanuki who's accepted the same as ninja dog schooling
"Don" by name.

-Does Ibuki, feel that she seems a little too conspicuous as a ninja?
A.  Not to confine Ibuki, it seems that with the young people's gap the
so-called image of a ninja as a person of darkness is fading.  It's like
1 of the issues placed on the Ninja Village.

-Her capacity as a ninja, what kind of quality for it is agreed upon?
A.  If combat ability ought to be extracted, frankly her figure to fight
as a ninja's sense seems to be non-suitable.  Naturally, to go functioning
well limiting the missions, it doesn't come to advanced nations' intelligence
board parties' seemingly delicate things.

-As for the kirinkyaku and yoroi dooshi and other techniques, did Ibuki work
them out?
A.  Techniques are generally teaching's option subdivisions.  For Ibuki's
utilized techniques being difficult the person to execute them is considerably
scarce it seems.  Proceeding in the yoroi dooshi, it's 1 person Ibuki since
a little girl.

-What's her number one favorite move?
A.  Indeed the kunai.  Because it's without firsthand thrashing.

-Is it agreed that, her school marks are good?  Again, is Ibuki a "kogal"?
A.  School marks are above average.  In crazes like a kogal, she doesn't seem
to have much interest.

-What kind of route is it agreed that she'll amount to after graduation?
A.  She's aiming for a 4-year system's foreign language university.  With a
ninja pursuit of knowledge subdivision, from Texas accent English to the
king's English, she's got self-confidence in hearing.

-How is she feeling about Ryu, and the other fighting stylists?
A.  From what the mission is it's believed she wants to have lost in good time.

-For Ibuki, how is 1 day spent generally?
A.  Even occupied with club activities despite the outlook of having gone to a
movie, enjoying trekking, enjoying the indoors, and also the outdoors.  

-Her way of spending rest days?
A.  Even though it's Sunday club activities.  Through a track n' field club,
she's in the midst of being active as a sprinter.

-Even when she goes out to play in the streets in private, does she carry
kunai about?
A.  She always carries about, 2-3 kunai.

-Her favorable type of man?
A.  A tall back, blunt sense, continuously enticing kind of person.

-What does Ibuki regard a ninja, and ninpou as?
A.  Through missions being capable of traveling to various places, a wee bit
of the benefitting Ninja Village's high school's required subjects.

-What is Ibuki's dream?
A.  Having capitalized on foreign language becoming a reporter, to go around
the world.

-Ibuki's 3 sizes?
A.  She's a height of 157 cm, B 82 cm, W 57 cm, H 82 cm.

-What is to say the "G File"?
A.  The G File's contents are the world restructuring project's number 1 stage
midway written report.  An ordinary person to look at it with just world
incidents and events, it's agreed that it'd be thought a newspaper scrap.  In
actuality everything is the incidents under the control of Gill and that
organization.  If the warnings are profoundly read, it's agreed that they're
to shock of particular details not known to anyone.  If considered about
inviting the world's chaos, that public presentation is a possibility.
In regards to Ibuki's fighting style being bushido, Ibuki's fighting style
specifically says ancient Japanese budo, which would be more like bushido,
the full-contact art emphasizing combat, no holding back. As a ninja Ibuki
wouldn't tone down her style to the level of a martial art, bettering yourself
and others, practicing it as a sport and only using it for self-defense as a
last resort, shunning violence.

Her name written in kanji means simply "breath."

The G-File consists of over 20,000 volumes following the paper Ibuki took
from Gill, according to Gill's 3S win quote to her.  The "G" stands
for "Gill" or "Genocide" according to the AASF3 Fighting Bible.

    Ibuki has NO officially confirmed relation to Geki.  Geki does not
appear in the background of her stage either.  All of the ninjas in her
background have names, and Geki is not one of them.  The names of those

Enjou - the one that actually looks like a ninja (looks like Geki, name in
kanji is approximately "round castle")
Genda - the small dinky bald guy
Sanjou - the skinny one with the weird cap and glasses
Raiyon - The big guy with beads
Homura Yuuta - the guy (whom some mistake for a girl) that Ibuki spars with
in one of her intros, name in kanji is roughly "blazing permanent hatchet."
Don - The racoon (Don-chan). He has a foulard around his tail. You can see
if he belongs to player one Ibuki or Player Two Ibuki (if both are Ibuki)
by the color of his foulard, usual is red.

    The guy that shows up in Ibuki's SFIII 3rd Strike ending isn't her
boyfriend. For now, he doesn't have a name given to him. He's just referred
to as Ibuki's "senpai". And he's a different guy from any who show up
in Ibuki's win pose.  Heck, he's probably 'senpai' because he's the one that
invited Ibuki into that club.  And of course, that's where Ibuki and he
have just met and all.  Senpai means "upperclassman", her senior if you will.

Raiyon's full name is Raiyon Daisuke.  He's a resident of the ninja village.
He’s 38 years old.  He’s the village’s lead/head ninja.  He’s also a skilled
carpenter.  His name in kanji is roughly "sound of thunder large shellfish."

Sanjou's full name is Sanjou Masayuki.  He’s 29 years old.  He’s the village
doctor.  He's a ninja as well.  His name in kanji is roughly "three articles
of justice."

Genda's full name is Genda Kenichi.  He's 32 years old. He’s a member of
the village’s water bureau.  His name in kanji is roughly "occultish field
and one."

One other burly ninja not seen in-game is named Taiga.  He looks like a cross
between Zangief and Gouken.

    The blue-haired girl is Kurosawa Sarai.  She's Ibuki's friend, and her
name in kanji translates to approximately "black swamp rapid thunder."  Also
a ninja and from Ibuki's home village.  She and Taiga both sport a unique
symbol on their foreheads looking like a sideways crescent moon.

    The ninja tanukis (raccoon dogs) of Ibuki's village:

Half - Canadian born tanuki
Kage - a black tanuki
Majiri - A fox who thinks he's a tanuki
Buchi - the quick-tempered one
Blue - shy towards strangers
Cool - composed at anytime
Nald - is never calm
Kyu - is always looking to the sky
Don-chan - the leader
Ran Ran - has a panda appearance
Senseh - the genius tanuki
Gusu - sleeping throughout the year
Kuma - the enormous tanuki
Kaku and Maru - the brothers who don't look alike
Skah - his face is scary but his mood is kind

only Don-chan can use ninjutsu, and there are 256 ninja tanukis all together.

    Sarai was originally an early design of Ibuki during the game’s
developmental stages.

    Her ninja village has existed since the Sengoku (warring states) period,
same as the age of bushinryu ninjutsu and Suzaku Castle.

    Currently, there is no evidence to show that Makoto's and Ibuki's
special introduction in SF3 Third Strike is there for anything else besides
just the fact that both are teenage fighting girls.

    Ibuki kinda leads a dual lifestyle.  She's a school girl, but she's
also a ninja at the same time.  She secretly wishes to live just a normal
life, though.  And, of course, she gets it in her Third Strike ending.
...well, sorta  ^_~

    Ibuki is stated to have a connection to Oro in Street Fighter
Eternal's relationship flowchart.  Actually, this has to do with her midboss
fight with Oro in Third Strike.  It lists Oro as her 'learning credit', which
is the reason she fights him in 3S.  See Oro's section for more.

    The name of the college Ibuki attends in her 3rd Strike ending would be
Shiritsu Sarusuberi University, or Private Crape Myrtle University.

*** pgVIngrid.


Height: 152 cm
Weight: 39 kg
BWH sizes: B78, W54, H80
Native place: ? (the heavens perhaps)
Blood type: ? (she's a celestial being after all)

Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper:  She does nothing.  Vega never steals one
of her crests to use as the nucleus or core for the psycho drive.  If he had,
not only would she take it back just like that, she'd stop SF2 from occurring
because she'd make Vega self-destruct by making her crest go critical, dispose
of the psycho drive herself, and spare Rose of her unfortunate fate, all in
one fell swoop (yes she's that powerful).  SF4 showing that SF2 happens makes
any shoe-horning attempt in Z3 for Ingrid null and void, except for perhaps
observing all the events happening from above.

Where she is now:  Flying through the heavens somewhere.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    She's officially part of the Street Fighter license now.  Besides
being in SFZ3 Double Upper for the PSP, Jerry of SOTA toys said that the
Street Fighter license that lets them make Street Fighter Action figures
did indeed include Ingrid.

She can do a whole bunch of other supernatural things like levitate giant
Thai statues or knowing peoples' names before they tell her who they are,
so it seems that even in the SF world, her goddess storyline is similar
or the same as in CFJ and the scrapped Capcom All-Stars.

    When Arnold Tsang was drawing Ingrid for an Arcadia cover,
one of Ingrid's character designer Ishizawa's main insistances
over and over again was that she be "cute and sexy". :}

What Vega renames, which in turn peeves Ingrid the most, is "her crest"
becoming "his psycho drive." What makes her entire Double Upper story
including her battles filler is 1) Vega's somehow stolen a supposed goddess'
crest which serves as the nucleus of the psycho drive yet she can manipulate
it at any time to work against his designs, and 2) she's capable of getting
the crest back without even confronting anyone, knowing immediately that when
Vega says "psycho drive" it's the crest renamed which annoys her.  In any
case, SF4 shows that SF2 still occurs so Ingrid never has any role in Z3
except possibly watching everything unfold from above.

*** pgVJessica.


Age: 18 (during Muscle Bomber)
Hails from: America
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 50 kg
BWH sizes: B90, W58, H88
Special attacks: eyeliner attack, nice body
MB-era nickname: "Haggar's Daughter"

    Nope, this isn't a typo. Jessica has her own MB bio. She's listed as a
sub-character in Muscle Bomber. She's described as a pure person with a
gentle character. Many guys hit on her because of her good looks.

    The Japanese version of Final Fight has Jessica show up on Haggar's TV
with a bra.  This scene was changed in the overseas version so that Jessica
was wearing a red dress.

Where she is now: see below.

    FF1 Bio: Haggar's daughter and Cody's girlfriend.  She was kidnapped
by the Mad Gear gang.

    For more on Jessica, see Cody's bio.

    Going by her age in Muscle Bomber, she's probably a year older than

    I don't think I've ever seen her officially referred to as "Jessica
Haggar".  Probably because the last name doesn't suit her very well.
Of course, given that it's her dad's last name, I think it's safe to
assume it's hers, as well.

    Some people say she appears in Final Fight Tough, but I don't know where.

    She isn't mentioned at all in Streetwise.  After FF1-FF2, she left Cody
for a study abroad in Europe, and they drifted apart from there.  Cody sure
seems to have no qualms sleeping with other girls by Streetwise (Madame

*** pgVJoe.


Age: 24 (during SF1)
Height: 185.2 cm
Weight: 81 kg
SF1 action: rolling sobat
Represents: America
SF1-era nickname: "Perfect Fighter"

Street Fighter 1:  He entered Street Fighter 1 to arrogantly test his skills

Where he is now:  Probably became just your average Joe, and maybe
managed to knock Mike out.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Capcom based some of Cody's fighting moves off of Joe's.

    Joe is a master of "back-strike" martial arts, which seems to be using
moves like the backfist which Guile often uses, and the rolling sobat which
is a shorter version of Dee Jay's double rolling sobat (aka the double dread
kick).  He is described as a "Back Champion".

    Mike and Joe are rumored to be the fighters at the intros of SF2, SF2
Dash, and SF2 Dash Turbo, from Cap!#13 and the SF2 Gamest pre-mook.  Rumored
because CJ has stated neither that they are nor that they aren't.

    Like other SF characters, it's unknown where his stage exactly is.  It
looks like a Chicago or New York trainyard (sorta like the trainyard in
Final Fight Streetwise).  It also seems that the Empire State Building and
the Chrysler Building are both in the stage's backdrop, towards the left.

    I find it rather doubtful he's Ghost in Streetwise.  Ghost doesn't
look like he's 43+ years old, and Ghost's fighting style is different.

*** pgvDecapre. pgVJuli. pgVJuni.

DECAPRE, JULI and JUNI (and the other girls; The VEGA BODYGUARD TROOPS or

Juli's Bio
Age: between 10-20
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 49 kg
BWH sizes: B92, W59, H84
Blood type: B
Native place: unknown (Shadaloo name hails from Germany)
Hobby:  unknown
Special skill: unknown
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
SFZ-era nickname: "Heartless Assassin Doll"

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Juli, most likely along with her partner, Juni,
was ordered to eliminate Cammy.  When they finally found her, Cammy told
them that Vega was just using them all as expendable tools.  Cammy had
realized her self-consciousness, and managed to convince Juli and Juni not to
kill her, with the help of Dhalsim weakening the psycho drive's hold on the
VSS.  Juli and Juni didn't believe her at first, and reported back to
Vega, telling him that they terminated Cammy.  Pleased with the completion
of their mission, Vega then tells Juli and Juni that they had done their
purpose, and now they should die at his command!  Shocked, Juli and Juni
immediately entered into defensive mode, and Vega is impressed that their
will to survive overrode their brainwashing.  Although Vega was winning
the battle, eventually Cammy arrived to help [Conjecture based off in-game
storyline.  There's also the chance that Cammy simply convinced Juli and
Juni to go with her against Vega, but evidence from in-game dialogues and
the fact that the other twelve VSS turning against Vega was mentioned
separately from Cammy's fight with him points to the former]

Together with the rest of the VSS, they all turned against Vega, realizing
that to Vega, they are nothing but expendable dolls [Official].  In the
ensuing battle, they all almost get killed, and worse, it's discovered that
with Vega's death, they'll all die too!  Cammy, shocked at what Vega told
them all, declared that they were not dolls!  Sacrificing herself by staying
behind as the Shadaloo base was about to be destroyed, Cammy was able to
save Juli and the rest of the VSS by using the psycho drive to restore them,
even though they were cut off from Vega's psycho power.

Cammy also used the psycho drive to transport the rest of the VSS out of
the drive room.  The last thing Juli heard before all went black was Cammy
telling her and the other VSS that they will be all right. [Conjecture
based off in-game storyline and official statements].

SFZ3 File #27 Juli & Juni


Where she is now:  Upon Vega's apparent death, Juli and the rest of the VSS
completely lost all their memory and were transported via the psycho drive.
Somewhere, out there, most of them possibly even under Honda's care, are
twelve genetically enhanced psycho powered memory-less girls wandering
around... [Conjecture and specially noted in AAC]

Thunder Hawk found Juli after she was transported out of the drive room, and
she's with him now, since SSF4 shows they were together for her to leave him
again.  After that, she's next seen in an elderly couple's home silently
watching out from a rainy window.  Hawk's various SSF4 info confirms that Vega
abducted all of the girls once again prior to this latest tournament by Seth
and S.I.N.-sha, and following their kidnappings Juri wiped the floor with them
and took away many if not all of them.  Was Juli able to escape Juri's hands
or even Shadaloo's prior to Juri's assault?  Rose seemed to be the only one
who knew where she was to be found.  Had she rescued Juli from Shadaloo's
latest girl abduction and brought her to this elderly couple?  Unknown at this
point.  In any case, Juli remains with a longing, even a subconscious one, in
her vacant eyes. [Vega's opening, Hawk's ending, Cammy's opening and rival
battle intro] 

Juni's Bio
Age: between 10-20
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 46 kg
BWH sizes: B84, W56, H83
Blood type: AB
Native place: unknown (Shadaloo name hails from Germany)
Hobby:  unknown
Special skill: unknown
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
SFZ-era nickname: "Cool-headed Silent Killer"

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Most likely, Juni was with Juli searching out
Cammy.  However, prior to joining Juli she spent the beginning part
of SFZ3 seeking out Ryu to help Vega find him.  Because Ryu's part of SFZ3
happens significantly earlier than the rest of SFZ3, it's possible for
both of these events to occur, though she most likely never got to fight
Ryu or Ryu even see her at all if that's the case (probably just pinpointed
his location for Vega or something).  At any rate, for what happened once
Juni found Cammy, see Juli's description [Conjecture based off in-game

SFZ3 File #27 Juli & Juni


Where she is now:  Upon Vega's apparent death, Juni and the rest of the VSS
completely lost all their memory and were transported via the psycho drive.
Somewhere, out there, most of them possibly even under Honda's care, are
twelve genetically enhanced psycho powered memory-less girls wondering
around... [Conjecture and specially noted in AAC]

Prior to SSF4 however, Vega and Shadaloo have renewed interest in them,
kidnapping them once more, and Juri later on wipes the floor with them.
Many if not necessarily all of the reinstated Vega Bodyguard Troops are
captured by S.I.N.-sha for Seth's purposes no doubt.  By the time the
crumbling laboratory thoroughly collapses, most of the girls' whereabouts
are unaccounted for.  Juli is eventually living with an elderly couple, Juni
is hospitalized and cared for by Cammy and her newly befriended cat, Enero
and Yanyu are last seen fallen on the ground in Vega's SSF4 opening, along
with what looks to be Juni with them given the girl's hair length and color.
[Vega's opening, Hawk's and Cammy's endings]

What happened to the VSS minus Juli and Juni by the end of SSF4?  Did they
perish in the lab within the various sinister apparatuses, hence Cammy's
cursing of Shadaloo in her win quote to CPU Seth?  Or were they successfully
rescued and hospitalized and comforted by Cammy like Juni, or even returned to
homes they previously had and/or were accustomed to, like Aprile and her
family in Italy, thanks to Rose's probable efforts?  Nothing is for sure at
this time unfortunately, except for Decapre who although having escaped from
S.I.N.-sha's clutches is sadly back into Vega's and Shadaloo's, along with
possibly also Noembelu and/or Yanyu according to the last scenes of Decapre's
Ultra SF4 ending.

Decapre's Bio

Name: Decapre
Represented nation: Russia
Birthday: December 18
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 46 kg
BwH sizes: B86, W57, H88
Bloodtype: B
Likes: dogs
Dislikes: Cammy, ambiguity
Special skill: precision instrument servicing
Fighting style: Shadoloo fighting techniques + dagger
SF4-era nickname: "Light Ripping Flash Shadow"

Ultra Street Fighter 4:

One member of Shadoloo's Vega Bodyguard Troops (Dolls).  Under Vega's
brainwashing for habitually to have no need to tabulate emotions is,
due to the brainwashing's imperfection, in the utmost excitement and
control becomes non-effective.  A furious hatred for the original of
the Vega Bodyguard Troops being Cammy, pursues her thereafter.  

Decapre like the other VSS girls was steamrolled by Juri and captured for
the purposes of the military enterprise S.I.N.-sha prior to unveiling its
second World Fighting Championship tournament.  Her Ultra opening shows
various flashbacks as she's within a human-sized test tube/tank.  She
eventually comes to, snaps, smashes out of the tank, and uncontrollably
threatens to hunt and erase Killer Bee (Cammy) once and for all.
Decapre gets to encounter Cammy in both her rival battle and her ending,
however it's unknown whether either scenario happens as depicted in
gameplay.  Whether Cammy runs into her or not, Decapre appears to be far
more physically and mentally unstable than either Juni or Juli are
portrayed, and Cammy remains frustrated that unfortunately it seems only
Vega can keep her animated and alive at this point of her existence, which
is suggested in Decapre's ending. 


Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Juli from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Acquiring command of fighting arts trained through Shadoloo for that combat
style, a close resemblance to Cammy.  Provided that, for one among the Vega
Bodyguard Troops, to each individual's combat ability satisfying the
discipline is for the sake of being prevalent, moves to do and pride on are
varying.  Supplementing kick systems' sure-kill techniques, mastering
characteristic flying kicks for her, that seems to be a blossomed leg power's

Fashion Style

Wears a one-form-styled uniform to fit the whole body.  With a color
gathering darkness in its entirety for cohering to it, is it for the sake
of corresponding to the secret undersurface's operational activities?  For
in the attire from the non-personal matters, for individual distinction
encumbrances from hair style and hair color are prevalent patterns.  The
brown arm bands wrapped on both arms are, representing of loyalty towards
the organization.     

Juni from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Having accepted from Vega a situation of special directives, to exterminate
enemies through her combination with Juli.  Even within the picked corps
having especially high ability, an acquirement of numerous sure-kill moves.
For mastering an instant movement technique and a swooping kick, it's believed
to be the result of training under Gouki's fighting data.  Due to a intense
brainwashing, she sees Vega and halts a pose reminiscingly.      

Fashion Style

Wearing a navy blue uniform, she puts on her head a regulation cap.  For a
uniform being of standard design, due to more than a pair at the time of
combination attacks, it creates the result of bewildering opponents.  For
the sweatsuit-type of combat garb is rightly becoming from the back's cut
a clothed set-up, with combat deliberating the violent movements, it's
creating a highly elastic material.    

Secret Point 48106 (assumed not stated)

......Cold.  I open half-closed eyes and, the strange-like shape of an
illuminated device is seen.
I'm reclining on something like a bed.
The head is pounding.  Where could this be.
I'm like looking out over, the neck won't move.  As for the eylids I'm
barely moving them.
I'm like getting up, strength doesn't flow in.
Dark.  An inorganic matter-like white partition.  A device I really don't
Hearing a voice.  The neighboring room, beyond large glass I'm seeing.  To
face it is bright.
A white robed male person is sitting.  Looking at a monitor.
A stranger.......
Gachaa...... "As for the preparations?"
Another white-robed male person has, gone into the neighboring room.  As
for me, only with the eyes I gaze at those two.
"Disillusioned.  For the anesthesia is still effective."
"As for the muscle tension & relaxation alternation doses?"
"That's 20."
"Alright, after 5 minutes we start.  For Lord Vega she will be further
......Lord Vega?
The chaamber, and before my eyes it had become clear.  At the shine the
lamp commenced.
Dazzling......Besides even that, how come I am naked......?
The bed jerks, and leaning, as I have been affixed like this, slanting I
was raised.
Again I'm hearing a voice.
"This is it for today huh?"
"There is one other.  That one's preparations also are complete."
"......As for me, I won't get used to it."
"What's that?  Now even a good heart will maybe ache.  Or else you, a
taste in little girls?"
"Leave out the jokes.  For that's how you are."
"Well, certainly at the beginning my chest hurt!  But this is also a job.
Actually our laboratory is not becoming pointless.  For within the washing
of the flesh-like agony, through a new development's nerve doses it became
almost nothing.  For in them that should be not even anguish."
"But......They're disposable."
Unless they serve their purpose, don't they.  That's the reason that we're
also dependent on them."
Suddenly the door before my eyes opened.
Who......?  A person is coming in.  No......!  Stay away......!!
"We've been awaiting you, Lord Vega......"
Scary.  Scary eyes.  Who is it?
"That's pretty good material."  Ah......what are......somebody......help
"You shall help me.  Serve Vega!  Relax, you will be for my keeping.  For
everything of you is mine.  Mine.  Mi......"
For I......am to help?  This person......I exist for this one person.
Aah, thank goodness......for I'm already....
Something I was anxious about maybe.  Darn it I'm forgetting.  For now is
just, this personal growth, if there's that then it's okay.......
-The lab table, the mind melt, the forced submission.  This is how it all
began for the girls identified from then on with only month names.  Oh
yeah, and all this initiating in the nude to boot.  Let the imaginations run

The Vega SS or VSS are an elite Shadaloo unit under Vega's personal command.
All of them were highly trained in the arts of killing, and developed their
own fighting styles based on the weapons they used.  Due to their weapon
styles, their fighting styles are mostly distinct, though they all heavily
rely on kicks too.  My guess is that if they were all playable in a
fighting game, their kick moves would all be the same though their punch
moves would all be different for the VSS that had weapons.  The girls
have some psycho power ability too, though of course not to the extent of
Vega.  Juni's psycho shield, Juli and Juni's psycho charge abilities,
and Cammy was able to control the psycho drive so she has it within her
somewhere as well (course, her body was specifically designed for it also).
No clue if they channel psycho drive power through their pseudo-shoulder
pads, but it's plausible.

    It is not stated whether or not the canon-existing brainwashing drug
from Shadaloo called 'doll' was officially what Shadaloo used to brainwash
them, but it is interesting that the drug 'doll' existed since SF2, being
stated in old sources like HnN.

    If you want to see the VSS in SFZ3, they all fall down during Juli
and Juni's introduction when you fight those two, with the exception of
Jiuyu and Enero, who can't be found in the game.  Their names all
correspond to the months of the year in the language of the country or area
the VSS girl generally came from.  The VSS don't have their weapons and
accessories in the game either, and much of the info here is garnered from
the one very cartoony official art of them that is known.  The cartoony
artwork comes from a Club Capcom members-only issue.  Club Capcom... didn't
stick around very long. Anyways, for those who want to see the art piece,
www.cammyfan.com has it somewhere on the site albeit slightly edited to
have the names added in (the original art piece has the names elsewhere on the
page).  The paragraphs below indicate their name origins and where those hail
from, not necessarily or automatically their birthplaces.

    Enero is Spanish and the VSS girl of January.  Her trademark accessory is
the microphone.  One can specialize in communication and still be classified
as an assassin.  In fact, no assassin unit is complete without a member who
manages communications.  Enero has really big, curly pink hair and is the only
VSS whom you could say has long hair, not including tails.  It is unknown
whether or not Enero is the first VSS (besides Cammy, who definitely was prior
to any of the girls), but if she was, that does go to show even more Vega's
hidden eccentric side, what with his penchant for young girls, female bodies,
and apparently arming the first of his killer assassin death squad with a
MICROPHONE, let alone her poofy pink hair.

  Février is French and the VSS girl of February.  She specializes in firearms,
and has a gunbelt where she can keep her ammo as well as her gun.  Her gun
appears to be either a pistol, or some sort of small handgun with a barrel
that curves inward then outward again which makes it seem sorta like a ray
gun.  It's hard to tell from her only official art, which is also very
cartoonly drawn.  Février has pink short hair.  She presumably led the squad
to intercept Birdie after he learned too many of Shadaloo's secrets.

    März's name is German, though she really looks Japanese to me.  She's
the VSS girl of March.  Her trademark accessory is a laptop computer with the
Shadaloo logo on its back.  März's right glove also has a red wire that
plugs into her arm brace for some reason.  Like the disclaimer for Enero,
one can specialize in information and still be classified as an assassin.
In fact, no assassin unit is complete without a member that manages
information.  Information and recon is VERY important to pulling off a kill
in places with heavy security. März has neon short hair with straight arrow
twin bangs (straighter than Juli's).  Her hair in her art is blue, but in
the game it's purple.  I suspect she dyes it.  She also is depicted with a
headset communicator.  Phonetically in Japanese her name is given as Mertz.

  Aprile is Italian and is the VSS girl of April.  She carries around a white
first-aid kit bag as well as wears a white backpack.  Unlike the other VSS,
her arm brace is supposed to be a white one with a red cross (first-aid)
instead of the usual brown one (though like most of the other VSS accessories,
this isn't in the game.  Would require too much sprite editing for Capcom to
do I guess).  Every military unit including special forces and assassin ones
always has a medic in it.  As stated by Capcom, Aprile also has a brother
named Maggio that went to see Rose during Zero 3 to ask about her whereabouts,
and I wouldn't be surprised if in actual officialness, Aprile was a VSS that
Vega had fight Rose instead of Juli and Juni (who were most likely hunting
down Cammy at the time).  Add others like Enero and Mertz as well to add onto
Rose's stated insult-to-injury at Vega.

  Satsuki is Japanese and is the VSS girl of May.  Her weapon is a sword that
she keeps in a sheath on her back.  The official art has the sword sheathed
so I can't tell you what kind of sword it is, but obviously it's most
likely a Japanese one such as a katana.  Her name is an older word for the
fifth lunar month of the year, the first half of the word meaning swamp or

    Juni is German and is the VSS girl of June.  She doesn't use a weapon but
seems to have a high amount of psycho power, able to do the mach slide at
will (whereas Juli and most likely the other VSS can only do it as a
Zero counter) as well as sporting a psycho shield. Street Fighter Eternal says
that at least some of this is because of Juni scanning Gouki and implementing
some of his powers (possibly, the hooligan combination and the mach slide
specifically?).  She is described by Capcom of Japan as the "Cool-headed
Silent Killer."  She is extremely close to her partner Juli, though there is
no solid proof that their relationship is a yuri one (if you don't know what
yuri means, you probably don't need to know for this instance).  Juni's ending
just shows closeness, though I suppose that psycho rolling team-up super they
have DOES raise a few eyebrows, as does some design sketches of Juli hoisting
Juni on her shoulder in the secret files... *cue Saturday Night Live's
Ambiguously Gay Duo music*  *Watch Tiamat duck the rabid fanboys now.  Hey!
I'm a Juli+Juni fan, too!*  From Juni's ending, I gather that Juli is the one
she confides in and Juli is the more leaderly of the two.  Oh yeah, Juni and
Juli are not twins (they really don't look that much alike), and there's no
official statement even implying that they're biological sisters.

    Juli is German and is the VSS girl of July.  She is described by Capcom of
Japan as the "Heartless Assassin Doll."  I guess she's coldhearted or
whatever because she's really depressed on the inside.  In SFZ3, there are
a lot of vibes about her always having a sad look in her eyes from various
characters (they comment on Cammy seeming like a machine, but for Juli, a
large number of characters comment in their win quotes to her that she
looks sad, possibly because of her absence from T. Hawk).  Juli's real name
is most likely Julia, as shown in Hawk's storyline.  Juli too, is really close
to her partner, Juni.  All About Capcom says that why Juli is connected to
T. Hawk despite how her name hails from Germany`is "a mystery left behind."

    Santamu's (romanized for Thang Tam, Chris says it's Tháng tám) name is
Vietnamese, though she looks African to me (dark skin tone).  She's the
VSS girl of August.  Santamu has a yellow leg brace over her boot on her right
leg, unlike the other VSS.  Her weapon is the spear, but she also seems
to have a pet golden lion tamarine (a small monkey) which has its own
backpack as well as a collar wire that can connect to Santamu's glove.
Santamu's anklets are African I believe (Elena also wears anklets like them).
Santamu is the name The_Emperor of Living Room Games used for her.

  Jiuyu (Jiuyue) is Chinese and is the VSS girl of September. She has a blue
sash around her waist, and her weapon is the nunchuku.  There is so far
nothing to show that she and Yanyu are partners like Juli and Juni,
besides the similar names and ethnicities.  Due to that, however, I
wouldn't be surprised if they were partners.  Heck, they probably are.
Xiayu is the spelling The_Emperor used when announcing she and the other
VSS would be in Living Room Game's (cancelled) Capcom World Tournament, as
well as within Udon's comic series.  Her name is an older word for the ninth
lunar month of the year, the first half of the word meaning chrysanthemum.

    Yanyu (Yangyue), depending on how you spell it due to romanization
differences, is Chinese and is the VSS girl of October.  Her weapon is a
quarterstaff, I believe.  She looks like... a younger Chun-Li, but not
quite.  For one thing, her two hairbulbs don't seem to be as big.  Also,
she has two braided tails from said bulbs.  Jianyu is the name The_Emperor
used for her in the Capcom World Tournament press release.  Her name is an
older word for the tenth lunar month of the year, the first half of the word
meaning positivity.

    Noembelu's (or November, with the 'v' being pronounced as a 'w') name
is Latin American.  Unlike other VSS girls, she doesn't hail from
[insert country here] but is instead described as "a Latin American".
She wears a brown vest, and has a stereotypical feather bandana which you can
see in the game, which makes her the easiest VSS to spot in Juni and Juli's
battle intro besides possibly März with her neon hair and Decapre with her
black mask.  Noembelu fights using twin hatchets, which have ropes that she
ties around her gloves that allow her to use the hatchets as projectiles then
reel them back in.  Her official art has her throwing one downwards.  There's
a chance that unlike the rest of the VSS, Noembelu wasn't saved by Honda and
was saved by T. Hawk instead (As in T. Hawk's SFZ3 ending. ...well, Juli now,
but it was allegedly Noembelu).  The_Emperor at Living Room Games when
announcing the VSS would be in the Capcom World Tournament RPG they were
producing spelled her name as Noembelu (alas, that table-top RPG was
cancelled).  Funny enough, for Udon's (noncanon) Street Fighter comic, they
just went and decided to have BOTH Juli and Noembelu be from T. Hawk's tribe,
with Juli as the daughter of a German doctor trying to help Hawk's people.
That's one way to go about things.

    Decapre (Dekabr) is Russian, and is the last VSS, the VSS girl of
December.  She's also the most intriguing, because she looks exactly like
Cammy.  Except she has a black mask, so you can't see her face.  She also
Has longer lighter-colored hair braids than Cammy and is equipped with a
psycho power dagger unit that's battery powered and can also accomodate a
memory chip for accumulating fighting data.
The left side of her face is entirely burn-scarred, and she wears multiple
black masks.  The one exposing her mouth she may have made herself, and the
other seen in Z3 covering her mouth likely had been originally issued to her
by Shadaloo, although her bout with Juri during the SF4 era may have broken
it so it also currently resembles the mouth-exposed model first described
above and seen in USF4.

Decapre appears to be the first girl that Shadaloo kidnapped, was used to
fashion Cammy along with Vega's DNA, but did not become an official member
of the Vega Bodyguard Troops until after Cammy as Killer Bee became the
first such member herself.  Unlike Cammy's, Decapre's mental state never
progressed beyond that of a little child's.  Hence when she's not overtaken
by murderous rage for Cammy due to the imperfect brainwashing she's received,
she behaves exactly like she did when she was younger and together with Cammy
as Cammy exhibited fright and pain despite Decapre trying to calm and reassure
her that everything's going to be okay.   

    Juli’s not as powerful or slavishly loyal as Juni.

    Street Fighter Eternal says that Juni's brainwashing was more thorough
than the rest of the VSS, and thus she received the most important missions
from Vega.  This is likely why she got whatever mission that allowed her
to scan Gouki and to later scout for Ryu.

    Aprile's brother's name is Maggio.  He's her younger brother.

    From Rose's SFZ3 backstory: the VSS girl Aprile was kidnapped by Shadaloo
2 years before SFZ3. Her younger brother (Maggio) visited Rose's mansion
of mystery to ask her about the whereabouts of his sister. She
searched/explored his heart and told him that his sister isn't in Italy,
but somewhere in the Southeast on the other side of the earth. She also
told him that that his sister will return.  Btw, Maggio is May in Italian.
So it's April and May.  Oh those wacky parents!  Southeast is likely
referring to Thailand where Shadaloo's base is.

    Manga artist Mami Itoh made a (unofficial of course) compilation called
SSF2X Gaiden, which she tried to include all of SSF2X's characters in
significant and mostly serious plotlines.  For T. Hawk's story, she sketched
a dying Arroyo and a little girl with T. Hawk called Rona, who might've been
a partial inspiration for creating Noembelu.  Rona has the same feather and
same hairstyle as Noembelu as far as I can tell, but Rona's no more than four
or five years old while Noembelu's a teenager so that probably won't say much.

    The official bios for each of the VSS besides Decapre, Juli and Juni (and
Cammy) only list what language their name is in and where they hail
from, really (except for Noembelu, where it calls her a 'Latin American
woman' instead of saying she hails from Latin America).  This includes
Germany for Juli, the "German Native American".  :P

    The 12 VSS can't live without Vega because their bodies, souls, and
minds were so corrupted by Vega's brainwashing that without Vega, they
would collapse.  They were *fixed* with the psycho drive by Cammy because
the psycho drive sent in the remaining psycho power into the 12 VSS so
they could at least briefly maintain physical and mental stability.

    Unlike other Shadaloo members, Vega seems to be a lot more strict with
his SS.  Other Shadaloo members he allows to go off to do their own thing
so long as they remain loyal to him (see:  Sagat's SFZ2 ending.  This aspect
of Vega's personality is referenced in his CFJ quotes with Urien) but
the VSS he turns on for whatever reason.  For them, he expects complete
obedience and not just loyalty it seems.  Perhaps this comes because of
Vega's expectations of their brainwashing, and would explain why he
apparently makes them sleep in boxes (Pocketstation reference) whereas the
general living standard in Shadaloo bases seems to be pretty darn high for
everyone else judging from that Shadaloo base artwork and descriptions (other
Shadaloo members even get to play video games!).

    There's a reasonable chance that the VSS (including SFZ series Cammy) were
inspired by the two-novel series "Cammy History", by Minakawa Yuka.
However, because this is just an inspiration and not a direct port (unlike
Kanzuki Karin, who was taken directly from the manga she first appeared
in), this can't be proven, and Capcom has made no official statements
(again, unlike Karin).  The book itself was made after Super Street Fighter
2 but long before SFZ3 (and even X-Men vs Street Fighter where Shadaloo
Cammy made her debut to the gaming scene) and had the concept of Cammy
being one among a number of Shadaloo girls, as well as a character named
Anne who looks very similar to Juni and had a partner named Bess (probably
Juli) in her past when she was one of the Shadaloo girls.  Anne also
utilized a Balrog-ish mask which might have been the inspiration for Decapre
(her mask was white, unlike Decapre's though).  Again, there is no proof
or official statements that this is the case, though it's plausible.  Even
if it is the case, obviously Capcom changed a significant amount of things
from the novel series (Cammy herself is very different from the rest of the
VSS for example, unlike the novel) and the series itself shouldn't be
taken for canon at all.

    The VSS all talk and act like robots, including Cammy (though Cammy
includes more human speech in her dialogue than the rest of the VSS do).
.....BAH.  This is a canon fact that is popular to ignore in fanfics, and
I'm sure no one minds when it's ignored, too.  I like the VSS a lot, but
sheesh, I hate hate HATE that aspect of theirs.  On a side note, they
don't talk 100% like robots all the time (again, with Cammy being the
most 'human', but she still does the robo thing).  ...wait, yes they do.
Until... well, see the note below.

You can actually see the VSS' own progression away from the robo-speak thing
throughout Street Fighter Zero 3.  While not as gradual as Cammy's, it's
still there.  Juli and Juni in both of their stories when you play as them
talk like robots 100% of the time with no exception whatsoever in all their
mid-boss battles, right up to their pre-fight dialogue with Vega.  In both
of their endings, though, they no longer talk like robots at all.  I
imagine it's supposed to be like, a theme of the VSS about them obtaining
their humanity or so.  Both Juli and Juni stop with the robo speak
practically right after Vega mocks them that if he dies, their lives are in
vain, then says "Don't ever dream that you could live as a human!!"

    Why did Vega want to kill the VSS in Juli and Juni's endings?  I'm
not exactly sure, but a possible reason is because since Cammy was
gaining self-consciousness, he realized that the other VSS might also,
which would be bad if the other VSS could control the psycho drive and
thus potentially devastate everything.

    Continuing with that, according to Cammy's, Juli's, and Juni's
storylines, it was technically Vega that turned against the VSS, not the
VSS that turned against him.  Juni's ending allows you to look into her
mind and shows that the VSS WANTED to continue to care about Vega, but
they sorta can't when he was the one that betrayed them and not vice-versa.
Nowhere did Cammy ever betray Vega in her storylines.  Vega just sent the
hit squads after her (the explanation being that it was done just for
self-preservation and because Vega saw Cammy as useless to him, even though
she was still loyal to him.  See Balrog's and Cammy's SFZ3 storylines).

Assuming that Juni's ending was not OOC, even though it didn't happen, the
VSS were actually very emotionally crushed that Vega betrayed them even after
their brainwashing had gone away (indicated by their losing the robo-speak),
since none of them ever wanted to betray Vega in the first place, brainwashing
or not.  Cammy's reaction to being marked for termination shows this too.

    The piece of perfection known as the VSS uniform (...eh, I really like
it:P) appears to be an actual World War II female uniform (though the real
version isn't as... form-fitting).  Complete with... yes, those dinky
McDonalds caps and funky little ties.  It was seen on a 1954 White
Christmas musical.  There was also a white variant of it in that musical
that was like Cammy's version of the VSS uniform (IE, no pants)  Oo

    For some more random VSS info, see Cammy's bio.

*** pgVJuri.


Represented nation: (South) Korea
Birthday: January 1
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 46 kg
BWH sizes: B83, W56, H85
Blood type: AB
Likes: spicy food, spiders
Dislikes: non-easygoing fellows, rules
Special skill: doesn't forget a one-time passed street
SF4-era nickname: "Unrestrained of Destruction's Agreeable Sensation"

Super Street Fighter 4:
Fighting style: tae kwon do

As Seth's confidant an appeared mysterious woman.  Within S.I.N.
she's designated as "Spider."  Pleasure-seeking yet brutal, she discovers
delight about devoting destruction to fought opponents.  A warped hedonist.
Being included in her left eye a mysterious system, with horrible power she
rushes for the spoils.  By Seth's command she proceeds to bury antagonists
of S.I.N. one by one....

Between S.I.N.-sha's first and second tournaments, tae kwon do fighter Han
Juri is inducted into the enterprise's hierarchy as the CEO's new confidant.
A fiesty female with daggers for pretty much anyone and everyone, armed with
the feng shui engine to replace her plundered left eye she proceeds to wreak
havoc for a recuperating Shadaloo by schooling the newly recovered ladies of
the Vega Bodyguard Troops including abducting many if not all of them, takes
down Cammy leaving her with lingering injuries, and outwits Chun-Li. [Vega's
and Cammy's openings, Cammy's and Chun-Li's rival battle intros]

The curtain is about to lift on Seth's second hosted world fighting
tournament, and he contacts Juri about it.  Hoping that this latest
battle fest will get rid of the boring taste left in her mouth from mopping
the floor with Vega's elite Troops, Juri agrees to enter the tournament in
her SSF4 opening.

Juri's ending has her boss lying at her feet.  Overly amazed at his continuing
charade and bravado, she's all too eager to remind Seth that he is after all,
just a pathetic spare puppet, and drives the message home with a pair of
crushing kicks.  Finally in Vega's ending, she challenges the demon being

Where she is now:  Probably either dead by Vega's hand, or continuing to
cause whatever exciting mayhem floats her boat.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

The following were eventually altered/omitted from her profile as shown on
Capcom Japan's SSF4 site:

Age: 25
BWH sizes: B75
Likes: big breasts (most likely a joke since at the same time her bust size
was stated to be smaller than it currently is, and simultaneously was omitted
together with her bust size changed to the measurement given in her profile)
Occupation/pedigree:  S.I.N.'s covert operative
Fighting style:  attacks with ki utilized by the feng shui engine

And her originally posted profile summary:

Called out by alias "Spider" a covert operative belonging to S.I.N.  Through
her personality being belligerent yet provocative, she revels in turning on
the pain trifling with her opponents.  Honor and money, regulations, the place
for such behavioral ideas is non-existent, to personally believe that behaving
for the sake of incidents and scandals (those mostly dangerous yet antisocial
ones) is interesting.  In her left eye a ki booster called the feng shui engine
is embedded as an artificial eye.

Juri's eye and parents were stolen from her during the height of Shadaloo's
power between Z2 and Z3, after Cammy received her psycho limiter and the Vega
Bodyguard Troops were out in full force, massacring people left and right, such
as the foreign prime minister Killer Bee was ordered to assassinate while he
was on vacation with his family on the Greek island of Mykonos, per Cammy's Z3
stage account.      

*** pgVKarin.

KANZUKI KARIN (last name listed first)

Age: 16 (during SFZ3 according to official website and Gamest)
Birthdate: September 15, 1973 (year from SFZ3 age, rest from Gamest mook/mag)
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg
BWH sizes: B83, W57, H85
Blood type: B
Native place: Japan
Special skill: various inner secrets (succession techniques) of Kanzukiryu
Likes: total victory
Dislikes: considering the common people
SFZ-era nickname: "Super Lady Debutante"

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Karin is the only daughter of a corporate
family. She must honor her family motto.  "Be the winner of everything".  To
do such, she must battle the one girl who has defeated her.... To find
Sakura, she will travel the world...  Erm, well, if her SFZ3 storyline
happened at all, then Karin basically found Sakura and challenged her and
won, but after the match was over, realized that it was just by chance that
time and that overall, Sakura was still the better fighter.  From there,
she told Sakura that she then finally understood that the moment of the
fight was what's important, not winning or losing. [Conjecture based off
in-game storyline].

SFZ3 File #24 Karin

Real name is Kanzuki Karin.  As the Kanzuki financial clique's only daughter,
for the sake of observing worldly living, while setting out with her butler
Shibazaki she's commuting to a downtown section's high school.  "In taking
on everything you must always be a victor" with faithfulness to the so-called
family precepts, clearheadedness moreover with motor nerves of pre-eminence.
That being also affirmative concerning fighting techniques, at age 16 she does
judo, kendo, aikido, karate, koppo, Muay Thai, sambo, tae kwon do, hakkyoku,
tai chi, Shorinji, amateur wrestling, and other martial arts, has a total of
100th degree 8th rank.  For some reason you'd say her quaint rival Sakura gets
her heart burning, at every opportunity she goes rushing.
-With so many accomplishments, it's no stretch to see why Karin would keep
trying to best mimic-prodigy Sakura.

Where she is now:  Whether her SFZ3 storyline happened or not, Karin is
still training to defeat Sakura after SFZ3 [Official].  By the time of SF3,
who knows?  Guess even if winning and losing isn't important, the rivalry
still continues.  In any case, SF4 shows that Sakura tries to stay in touch
with Karin.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Kanzuki Karin- Dosukoi-Tate-Roll

Alias "Lady Karin".  Born 197X Sept. 15.  The Kanzuki financial clique's
chief Kanzuki Daigen Juurou's only daughter of clearheaded form of grace.
"In taking on everything you must always be a victor" and the like originally
the relentless family precepts, at only 16 she's versed in all kinds of
Bushido martial arts fighting moves.  Embracing a rival heart for classmate
"Kasugano Sakura", she takes constant action together with her butler.
-Karin's father is Daigen Juurou from Nakahira-sensei's Ryu Final manga shorts.

Karin from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

Having integrated fighting techniques from inside and outside the country
(judo, sambo, hakkyokuken and others), she masters the fighting techniques
of Kanzukiryu.  For the all-around style responded to opponents and their
distance, the striking moves and throwing moves it bears the width in mind.
Hypothesizing? a showdown between the ones of large physique, an acquirement
also of eluding counterattack moves.  And directing herself constantly
towards the matter of being the winner, she unfolds the battle being of pride.

Fashion Style    

From observing a lady debutante-like self-indulgent role's hairdo and
large-sized ribbon is impressive.  Conscious of her rival being Sakura, she
even again with a uniform appearance she throws herself into the fight.  For
both fists with two-fold gloves staying firm and protecting, for to wear on
her feet thick-based hard boots, at the site of battle in order to crush
femininity to death?

Flower Shopping District [JAPAN]

Bringing down in overhead judo throws 100 glimpsed opponents, for the man
breathing heavily took a quality "osu" stance.  Being somewhat awkward, for
there was no one shown to the extent of having been able to clear this trial
fair and square.
Through the management room (control room) of that situation having observed
it exceeding for Shibazaki - the Kanzuki house's serving steward - even while
surfacing a facial expression of admiration, at the beginning embraced with
anxiety he hadn't acquired assurance.
In the man's facial expression, from the sensed obvious "heart of revenge."
"What is wrong Shibazaki?  Is that man dissatisfying?"
Before he knew it, Karin was standing back up.
"No......For in his true ability I am completely mistakened.  Rather until
here more than even any other candidate I'm holding an outrivaled temperament.
In just that......"
Karin follows in speech.
"Excellent even as a candidate, is he?"
"......Was acknowledged perhaps."
For Shibazaki managing the panel at hand, in another monitor deployed a
Detailed-like data goes into indication.
"Makabe Sunao (Mah-kah-beh Soo-nah-oh) .......
Man of talent bestowed on the corporation 'Edo River Crude Escort' alias
ECE post.
Incidentally from this private enterprise every year it's employing several
people A grade successful applicants.  The strength of the person himself
rightly aspired, as a special measure this kind of '100-person sparring' is
the reason he went......"
For Shibazaki opens a different window.
"1 year before......It was that my Honored Lady setting the contest decision
crushed the opponent in the finals of the Judo World Championship Delegates
Evaluation Tournament.  How many times was desired a rematch to have pushed
down the Kanzuki house, for my Honored Lady rejected this."
"Now matter how many times I'm doing it the result has been the same."
"After that, he vanished......even presently not caring for that position.
And also this true lining to call a man.  The place I saw, for countenance
and physique to become a delicate unusualness, probably......"
For this time's special measure, Karin's world training's journey is one in
order to evaluate intermediaries to travel together.  For Shibazaki himself
as a different essential project's main-brain he's rounding them up.  For the
matter of employing a new person even Karin herself had petitioned it.
Probably, when she saw his profile, she was likely feeling something at last.
"It's dangerous.  For unmistakable that he to my Honored Lady is harboring an
individualistic grudge.  Adding to it, that true ability......An amassed
reasonable practice and allowed to conjecture.  To travel together and the
like, is too reckless......"
"My whole body embracing danger, constantly goes through that strenuous
feeling inside.  If one is a Kanzuki, even if nearby a so-called unconditional
one lets a guard down it's a foolish act.  To say a dagger, with just the
extent of waving it won't be without an edge.  Shibazaki, even you always have
no problem getting my back!"
"Yes......I stand corrected."
Formally for Shibazaki, having admired Karin's heart before.
For Karin pushing the mic's switch, she talked facing the monitor.
"He's passed.  Set him up immediately."
Turning her head from the room disappears Karin.  To Shibazaki she leaves a
"Shibazaki, I've left the rest to you.  Until the day after tomorrow's
departure time, as a servant of the Kanzuki house offer to teach him, the
very fundamentalistic rules."
-With the help of Shibazaki, Karin continues to recruit those deemed to be
the best in an effort to maintain her "best-ness" as heiress of her family's
financial clique.  On a side note, while Sakura sent a karate fighter flying
into the trash cans in this same vicinity, Karin recruits a judo practitioner.

    Karin belongs to a very rich family.  She is well aware of Ken's rich
family, and she doesn't like Shadaloo because they pressure her family a
bit (though her family's rich and powerful enough to at least resist a
pretty good amount).  As stated in her SFZ3 summary (and taken from Sakura
Ganbaru!), the motto of her family is "Be the winner of everything."

Her family name Kanzuki in kanji means roughly "divine moon."  Her mom's
name Nadeshiko in kanji means either "fringed pink" or "lovable girl" and
may be applicable to R. Mika's rival of the same name.  Karin's father's
name Daigen Juurou means roughly "great strictness ten clear", and he most
certainly is strict on his daughter the female heir.

    Karin first appeared in the non-canon manga Sakura Ganbaru!.  Capcom
liked her so much that they decided to make her an official character (note
that this does not mean the manga is official though, but Capcom DID take
a lot from it).

Lady Karin's Secrets ~special chapter~

199X, January 1, Karin grasped the magnificent "scorned eye".  But, with
bundling gaps of daily repose.  From Daigen Juurou "Never mind looking hard
at the earth!" were the riddled words announced.  This from having been
born as a girl to the Kanzuki house, it is to say that if she doesn't charm
at minimum 5,000 people of the world's gentlemen she cannot inherit the
family headship, the true final training Kanzuki house ultimate hidden
mystery "graceful pupil" is the so-called subject she would master.
Incidentally her mother, Nadeshiko is said to have charmed 50,046 gentlemen.
-Karin's expected to master even actions such as glaring and charming.  For
the latter the minimum is 5,000, while her mom boasts a record of 50,046(!).

Lady Karin's Secrets ~that first~nativity chapter~

197X, September 15, a supersized typhoon directly hit the Kantou region,
observing in the open sea that one miniature archipelago a magnitude of
more than 5, with victory for a certain pro baseball team for the first
time in ten some years? she was raised with both arms this day, Kanzuki
Karin.  This existence receives life.  Her father being Kanzuki Daigen
Juurou had wished for a wholesome son, a daughter's birth a discouragement.
But with a word of "Karin is to be reared as a son" uttered, it's serious
so to speak.
-Karin's birth.  Her dad, having wished for a son, would raise her like one.

Lady Karin's Secrets ~that second~childhood chapter~

198X, July 25, Kanzuki Karin (time of age 9).  Passing with only a small
quantity of water and food, she's thrown into Fuji's sea of deep forests.
This being a tradition formerly of the Kanzuki house, if she cannot return
safely, as heir she would disqualify from establishing the fortune.  It is
assuredly that it's one rigorous pursuit of knowledge.  Her father, Daigen
Juurou thinking of suffering more than 2 weeks from his own experience,
chose as the time Karin's summer vacation but, merely 4 days she had come
to safely return.
-Given a survival test at age 9.  Her father struggled two weeks to accomplish
this when he was her age, but Karin polished the trial off in 4 days.

Lady Karin's Secrets ~that third~blossoming chapter~

199X, April 19, even 50 heads of bulls roaring noisily around in the
streets!  At that place Kanzuki Karin (time of age 14) happened to be
present, impressively she stills 50 heads of wild bulls.  A seemingly
unbelievable incident but, the fact was that actually Kanzuki Daigen
Juurou arranged the so-called "wild bull fifty line" training.  To the
fulfiller of this, it is said would be the passing down ritual of the
wealth to inherit in the Kanzuki house.
Being a digression, several tens of years before Daigen Juurou even
contended for this trial, 49 heads it seems were worn out.
-Single-handedly stopping a running of the bulls at age 14.  Karin subdues
fifty bulls in all, beating her father's record by one.

Lady Karin's Secrets ~last part~space chapter~

199X, June 30, Kanzuki Karin (time of age 15), is beyond the scope of
the atmosphere with the Kanzuki house's private use space shuttle
Cerise 8.  This being for the sake of learning the Kanzukiryu public
skill inner mystery "scorned eye", from beyond the scope of the
atmosphere to overlook the earth to say a lie seems to be a truly?
non-understandable training.  Really, from which period had this
training progressed is a spot to be bothered but, consider the
acquirings of also Daigen Juurou and, surprising history is perhaps
possibly profound.
-At 15 years of age, back to the ideal of mastering "glaring."  Karin takes
off into space so she can "scorn" at the entire earth at once.

Sakura Ganbaru! was in the making then made while SFZ3 was in development.
Capcom was actually working closely with Nakahira-sensei on the manga, which
would explain why lots of details in it ended up showing up in SFZ3 later.

    Karin's rotund butler seen in some of her battle intros during SFZ3 as
well as victory poses is Ishizaki.  There is no known name for Karin's pet
dog, yet.  She also has an employee named Shibazaki, who handles the Kanzuki
family laser satellite (!?, yes specially stated in AAC) in her SFZ3 ending
(an ending which obviously didn't happen but the family does have it and
Shibazaki is indeed on standby to fire it at Karin's command if need be).

    Daigen Juurou (pronounced die-gen-ju-row) is the name of
Karin's father.

    Oh, and the Kanzuki financial clique's satellite is called the manjushage
in Karin's SFZ3 ending.

    She’s an only child; her two sisters have thus far stayed only in
Ryu Final's manga shorts.

    Ishizaki was assigned the job of baby-sitting/watching over Karin while
she traveled the world in search of a rematch with Sakura.  His name in kanji
means roughly "stone cape."

    Shibazaki is the Kanzuki family's steward. While steward usually means
butler, it has many other definitions, such as a person who manages another's
affairs and/or finances.  His name in kanji means roughly "brush cape."

    Although they're rivals, Karin and Sakura get along rather well.
Sakura addresses Karin a little more distantly (Kanzuki-san) than Karin does
Sakura (Sakura-san), possibly because Karin is a rich heiress, even though
ironically, Sakura is a few months older than Karin is.

*** pgVKen.


Birthdate: February 14, 1965
Height: 175 cm (SFZ, SF4), 176 cm (SF2), 180.3 cm (old SF1 design)
Weight: 72 kg (SFZ, SF4), 76 kg (SF2), 77 kg (old SF1 design)
SF1 actions: psycho fire, dragon punch, hurricane kick
BWH sizes: B110, W82, H86 (SFZ), B114, W82, H86 (SF2, SF4)
Blood type: B
Native place: America (birthplace is Japan, born and raised)
Hobby: driving
Special skill: cooking (boiling pasta)
Likes: skateboarding, spaghetti, various pastas
Dislikes: umeboshi (pickled plums), soap operas
Fighting style: fighting techniques rooted in an ansatsuken (utilizing
SFZ-era nickname: "Blazing Dragon Fang Rips the Heavens"
SF2-era nickname: "Rival Returned"
SF3-era nickname: "Blazing Rising Dragon"
SF4-era nickname: "Red Lotus Fighting King"

Street Fighter 1:  Ken did NOT participate in the first Street Fighter 1
tournament.  Instead, he went off to fight in US martial arts tournaments
and became a champion there, as well as met his girlfriend, Eliza.  He got
back to his master Gouken's dojo just in time to see Gouken get killed by
Gouki [Official].

Street Fighter Zero 2:  Ken wonders where his rival Ryu, went, and goes
to search for him.  He finally finds Ryu, but sees that something is
wrong.  Ryu seems confused, and when they fight, due to Ryu's mind being
clouded, Ken wins.  Ken gives Ryu his red headband as a reminder should Ryu
lose again, telling Ryu that he realizes that Ryu was distracted and that
Ryu needs to be focused.  Ryu thanks Ken for helping to get him back on
track [Official].

Street Fighter Zero 3:  Wandering the world, Ken decided to seek out Ryu
again.  He is approached by Karin, whom he talks about her rivalry with
Sakura, making him realize the greatness of the challenges of his rivalry
with Ryu himself (and I think he probably learned from Karin where Sakura
was).  Eventually, Ken arrived in Thailand.  He ran into Ryu's number one
fan Sakura, who asked him to spar with her for a bit because she wanted
to gauge her recent strength [Conjecture based on in-game storyline].  After
that, Sakura and Ken left to seek Ryu, but found a brainwashed psycho Ryu
under Vega's control instead!  Luckily, Sagat had arrived at the same
time and saw that Ryu was brainwashed too, and was disgusted by it.
Together with Sakura, Ken held off Vega as Sagat fought psycho Ryu.  Ryu
thanked Ken afterwards, telling Ken that though it's terrible to fight others
it's incredible also.  Ken and Ryu's friendly rivalry continues [Official].

SFZ3 File #02 Ken

Being Ryu's pal, an eternal rival.  From the time of youth, originally with
Master Gouken together with Ryu he strived with training.  Raised with the
great financial clique Masters house's family lineage, is with beautiful
sweetheart Eliza.  The Pan-American Fighting Championship, the World Battle
Tournament Tour and other numerous fighting tournaments victorious with
remained so-called brilliant scores, a notorious existence in America.  As
with Ryu also his raised environment greatly differs his personality, for
thoughts of his fist being insufficient rather than be inferior to also
outrival Ryu, continually he even has a skilled study reform of a
non-neglecting hardworking facet.
-By Z3 Ken's already famous in the US for clinching several championships.
Even so, he keeps striving to keep up with Ryu, until...(see below).

Street Fighter 2:  For the past years, Ken has let his skill deteriorate
and has lived the good life of indulging and with his girlfriend. Only a
challenge from Ryu rekindled his fighting spirit… [Official SF2 bio]
Ken participated in the SF2 tournament, but eventually was approached by
his girlfriend, Eliza, whom he finally ended up marrying and settling
down a little after she tracks him down [Official and specially noted
via AAC].  He also ends up seeing and finding out from Chun-Li what her
prospects are after SF2 according to SF4.

Ken- SSF2XR Character Concealed File

Ken like Ryu studied techniques under the same master.  Having shaken free
from a living of happiness with a lover, he throws himself into a path
of battle.

Street Fighter 4:

Ryu's disciple brother is his pal, and also his greatest rival.
Representative of a syndicate in America, he's the son of the noble
Masters family.  A new life due to his pregnant wife, in order to
respond to re-battle pride from Ryu, he takes Eliza's own encouragement
to set out on a trip.

Yes you read right, Eliza encourages Ken to go meet Ryu when Ken thinks
he should stay because his wife's pregnant.  Ryu sends a letter to Ken
telling him about a new tournament, and Ken tries to hide it from Eliza
at first.  Once he has the green light from his spouse though, Ken writes
back to Ryu, insisting that they'll settle things with this tournament
(looks like they didn't fight each other in SF2) [Ken's and Ryu's SF4

Ken ran into Rufus and beats him along the way to seeing Ryu again.  Eliza
is informed in Ken's ending that although Ken's experience was fun, it wasn't
ideal due to "other fellows having gotten in the way."  In any case, Ken gets
to feel his baby kicking, and he's confident that a great future fighter is
going to be born.  Eliza agrees [Ken's SF4 ending].

Super Street Fighter 4:

Soon to be a dad, Ken's as overly anxious as ever with everything.  Grateful
that Eliza continues to support his fighting in tournaments whenever Ryu's
participating also, he keeps in touch with her by phone in his opening, and
even after he hangs up he still can't believe how quickly his life is changing
with every passing moment.  And he wonders how Ryu would feel about such rapid
steps through life if his long-time friend and rival was in Ken's shoes.

Ryu and Ken do meet and fight with no interruptions by anyone this time
around, as referenced by Ryu's ending.  Ken also possibly meets Sakura
and Ibuki during SSF4, and it's less certain that he fights either of them
following their meeting, but he might've.  One thing that is certain about
Ken during S.I.N.-sha's second tournament, is that many people are
aware that his wife's almost due and that he's going to be a father soon,
whether they know him as a renowned fighter or as the heir of the Masters
financial conglomerate, be it El Fuerte or Hakan from their win quotes to
Ken, who don't know him very personally as well as Ryu and Chun-Li who do. 

By the end of SSF4, Mel is finally born!  Ken's ending has him congratulating
Eliza with bringing such a tiny little squirt into their world, as the child's
beaming dad welcomes Mel personally. 

Street Fighter 3 Second Impact:
Around 3 years have passed since Ken became a dad and held off on any other
fighting until he received word about a "guy that he must face."  Ken meets
up with Ryu, also taking Sean with him, at a secluded hot springs inn of his
native Japan.  They all greet each other, and Ryu & Ken likely spar.  Ken
later participated in Gill's "projected sphere of influence", proceeding to 
beat his own student, Sean, though he wasn't summoned to Gill.  And he also
ran into Ibuki somewhere along the way since his 3S win quote to her notes
that he does recall her as the "little miss" who's in the air all the time.
He's training his young son Mel to be a fighter (though at this point in
Mel's life, it's more like playing than training, though the former can be
considered to be the same as the latter, I suppose...) [Official and AAC
specially notes that Ken does get socked in the family jewels by Mel LOL].

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

He backward glances at Sean enthusiastic about facing toward participation
in a fighting tournament, for Ken breathes a sigh.  For long is there being
no opponent of spirit to be fighting with.  As it is even his skill that
will merely grow dull.  Such a chance, the rumor of a mysterious organization
reaches his ear.  Having started forgetting, to burn with danger's scent.
In Ken's pupil the hot blaze has come back.  [CJ's 3S profile for Ken]

Ken loses an earnest battle to Ryu but wins the Pan-American Fighting
Championship for the third time in a row [Official].  He offers the trophy
to Sean, but Sean declines it, saying he wants to win for himself [Ken's
SF3TS ending].

Where he is now:  Ken has a family life, but he continues to practice and
train, too.  He's still training Sean and his son.  And of course, Ken's
rivalry with Ryu continues.  Can he keep up despite having an actual life
to handle too?

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Ken from SFZ

Original account from SF2 Himitsu Hyakka

"That guy, he made it first!"  For Ken, to say that Ryu defeated the emperor
of Muay Thai Sagat, in loud voices he heard the rumor.
"How far we go to become strong......right, Ryu?"  Ken murmured as he began
the trip.  In order to verify Ryu's merit, a reunion would be carried out.
Ken and Ryu's childhood period.  Gouken's original training during his time
of balding.....
Gasshi!  At the evening training grounds in the quiet mountain recess, the
sound of a furious fist striking echoed out.  "The true inheritor of
ansatsuken, is only me!"  A mysterious man donning a black uniform shouts out,
and attacked Gouken.  A vicious fighting spirit emanated from the mysterious
man, and clashed with Gouken's transparent fighting spirit.  "Your 'power of
hadou' fills with malice......it must be confined, because your fist has
become that of a murderer's!"  Gouken like that, defeated the mysterious man.
The mysterious man disappeared, Ryu and Ken were there with Gouken.  "That
man's power will someday exceed mine, a great disaster will likely befall
the two of you......unless before my power weakens you are taught......all
that is of my fist, the power of hadou!"

Official Story from Gamest SFZ and AASFZ

Muay Thai's emperor Sagat defeated by Ryu- hearing of this rumor, Ken began
a trip by airplane to meet Ryu again.  Immersed in the sheets up to his waist,
through streaming clouds with his eyes he'd see and, suddenly he remembered
that day.  He saw the younger times, the matter of a battle for Master Gouken
and a mysterious man.......

Within a mountain recess' area for pursuits of knowledge which people would
seldom visit, the sound of fist clashing with fist resounded throughout, the
evening stillness was being disturbed.
"The true inheritor of ansatsuken, is only me!  For you it finishes here!"
A black uniform marked the man who called out, and still a wicked crimson
fighting spirit surged.  That vigor striking out words of defeat with every
step, that was when a man with a seemingly altogether different transparent
fighting spirit confronted him.
It was Gouken.  "Your 'power of hadou' fills with malice......it must be
confined, because your fist has become that of a murderer's!"
The battle of these 2 people, nearby the boys without blinking saw.  It was
Ryu and Ken from their younger days.  This magnificent fight, of which the
not yet experienced boys had a chance and such to step into, the 2 of them
wouldn't merely trust in watching over their master's victory.
Suddenly within the starting rain, this fight thought to continue unknowingly
over, it was seen that the conclusion was merely Gouken's surpassing fist
which brought the mysterious man face down onto the ground.  "Your life,
surely, surely I will take and receeive!"  A moaning voice immediately rose
to a call, after the man's form disappeared in an instant, the mountain was
regaining its original stillness.  Gouken came running up brushing down his
students' heads, looking up to the sky as he spoke.
"That man's power will someday exceed mine, a great disaster will befall the
two of you......unless before my power weakens you are taught......all that
is of my fist, the power of hadou!"

"How about a drink?"  The stewardess' voice, brought Ken back to reality.
He went forward to take the cup and, within his mind he murmured.  "How far
we go to become strong......right, Ryu?"
-Ken's amazed, Ryu actually took his challenge seriously and managed to best
Sagat.  Ken flies to Japan to try finding him.
-Gouken's aura is the color of the wind.  Back when Ryu and Ken were little,
he defeated Gouki with ease.  Sparing his younger brother's life, Gouken knows
that Gouki's threat is genuine.

Ken from SFZ2


"Ch......got me didn'cha."
It's the fighting championship's finals.  For Ken Masters, in spite of being
the tournament's newly participating rookie, he won and advanced to the next
round with bamboo breaking vigor, hogging the subjects within the assembly
halls.  Before his sure killing jumping upper "shoryuken", he was sinking the
victory nominated players one by one.
However, circumstances with the finals were different.  Perhaps that blue gi
giant was likely a karate black belt, such that he was predicting the timing
of the ruling move shoryuken that he fortified a guard on it.  And so catching
a defenseless Ken during his fall, he struck him into the ring.  Already he
couldn't apply the shoryuken......At a breath Ken, was driven into a dilemma.
A better opponent, as he was seemingly waiting for the shoryuken.  Having
captured his sure killing techniques, he could see to fight with composure.
"'Don't be taking me lightly......', still not less of a case which has room
for you eh?"
Sink or swim, Ken was realizing a planned clever scheme.
"Failure is an instant pinch, yet, it'll probably be interesting."
Quickly at the interval's end, Ken releases the shoryuken.  His opponent
with a broadly grinning sneer, guarded this.
Did he take victory or defeat?......Everyone had concluded at that instant.
However, immediately following that blown outside of the ring, was the gi
giant's person.
The initial shoryuken slightly attacked, shifted before the predicted drop
point, in the twinkling of an eye he lets out the next shoryuken......even
Ken himself could not believe the consecutive move.
"Here's some sense for you fella......better watch out!"  Even barely for
Ken victory was in his hands.  There's a great uproar at the assembly halls
from the unexpected result.
Since then the name "shoryureppa" was given to the base form of the
combination upper.
-Ken's first unleashing of his super the shoryureppa.  It clenches his first
ever Pan-American Fighting Championship victory.  Two more to go by 3S.

Ken from AASFZ3

Fighting Style

From the fact of loading up on training under the same master (Gouken), Ryu
and Ken's fighting style is with many common features.  However, to turn an
eye towards the moves one-by-one and, you come to realize the impression and
qualities are subtly different.  The flashy tumble jigoku guruma and, from
a shoryuken accompanied by flame, Ken's foundation to a flowing fighting
spectacle surely is to appreciate.
-He likes to put on a show when he fights, and it shows with the flashes and
the flames.

Fashion Style

With him desiring luster within the battle, he doesn't forget for even his
person to become brightness.  The targeted crimson uniform expressed directly
at his passion to fighting, blond long hair drifts about the pan-American
fighting king's dignity.  Seemingly overconspicuous his attire likely appears,
particularly not feeling a non-harmony sense, from only his real ability it's
likely not just that.
-Red is the color of his passion, and he still has long hair during Z3, despite
his red ribbon having become Ryu's headband.

Hotel Masters [U.S.A.]

Not a single cloud on a fine weather's Sunday.
At a certain high class hotel's garden, from seeing a good appearance of gold
all around uniformed gentlemen ladies are gathering.  An out-of-place ring is
being prepared, it seems that some kind of event is to begin.
"Ken Masters Pan-American Fighting Championship Victory Commemoration Social
Gathering" the hanging curtain was describing.
That hotel's interior's one room.
"Hey, Ken!  It's quite a suitable time for you also.  Be moderately ecstatic
for fighting techniques, gradually earnestly how about you study business
management?  It's trying nowadays with my acquaintances gathering by the lots.
I have a bit of a discerning eye for people that is so to speak I want to
receive from everyone!"
"Again with that talk!, Honored Uncle.  I'm telling you for me that's not a
Needless to say, the Masters house in America is a placement of illustrious
family lineage.
Uncle even with a face in political circles as a blooming first-rate manager.
For him to have anticipated there to be a management talent in Ken, something
with Ken and this sort of approach he commences.
"In general, what's with this event today?  In time you open some fighting
tournament for your convenience.  Some exhibition match with the winner and
me, it's as much as I will take lightly on fighting techniques."
"Well now, don't say that.  Since you can't introduce an official place, it
can't be helped but to take on such a method!  It's for the sake of your
"Contemptibly talked as you like didn't you..."  Hoo...Ken sighs.
A flat refusal for kindness even......And to bring out his face well at the
social gathering, it seems that he would accept an unimaginable welcome.
"The Pan-American Fighting Championship king, is Contestant Ken Masters!!"
The moderator via mic calls Ken's name.  But complications it seems don't
have him going.
"Well, I request you to not be too hard on me.  Because of the exhibition
you know."
With Ken taking a speech like that to the head-to-head opponent male, he
started lightly with footwork.
Immediately after the command, a sharp high kick had caught Ken's head side.
"Guu......!!"  Ken instinctively staggers.
(Got me didn't he.  He's, serious?!......)
The man's eye color was different.  Even that was for certain.  One who's
here announced for the exhibition, if he'd win against Ken it would come to
the matter of having Ken the Pan-American Fighting Championship king crushed.
He didn't know to have fathomed the fame he'd acquire.
"A good kick ya have there don'cha.  Then, I'll come seriously aalso!"
That was just 2, 3 shots.
Eating an intense combination, the challenger in addition was blown off the
ring.  Excessively too different between real abilities.
To glance at the loser and, for Ken with a uniform as he likes steps out from
the hotel's gate doors.
"Hey Ken!  Where you going!"  Uncle calls out.
"......Sorry, Honored Uncle.  For me after all, especially for money anymore,
there's noo interest."
Looking back with raising one hand, for Ken miscellaneously winked on purpose.
-Ken's uncle likes to get Ken interested in hotel management; Ken has other
ideas, but still promotes for his uncle with hosting a celebration in honor
of his recent Pan-American victory.

    Ken from Gamest SF2

A fellow student pal, for Ryu a lifelong worthy opponent and approval, and
for the mutual agreement between them to become stronger and tougher with
each successive meeting, he crossed into America for warrior training.
However with him having gotten used to peace away from actual fighting,
unawaringly he's forgotten about the battles.
In time having left the blood offered past for a lover and sweet person on
the basis of Ken skipping the strikes that day, 1 letter arrived.
It was a letter from Ryu.
The fighting style in his blood was once more greatly excited as until then
his fist lately revives with his characteristic berserkness commencing.
Grind, the moment also too late, and the idle bill's remainder too large,
after all this time, Ryu and nothing but the same sure killing techniques
not even using those. Throwing 1 turnover too many will his temper at most
be expressed?
However this turning astray, therefore, southwise, the degree is said.
The sake for lack of discipline now the one trivial move humbly positioned,
by all means with the fixed use of many hadoukens, shoryukens, tatsumaki
senpuukyakus he'd be quite a tasteless person.  For one to say reasonably
splendid yet wholly clumsy the fame is useless to feel.
In general, he handed over training for his person's social standing flirting
with his woman and the similar unmentionables.
But, comparing with the other 7 people is he actually probably the most
ordinary person?
-Ryu's letter to Ken about SF2 was a wake-up call for him.  Too long had he
slacked off on his diligent training from years before.

Ken from Gamest SF2D


From that man having abandoned what is the "struggle", already the days
and months of how many years have likely flowed past?  Once body wrapped
up in a true red uniform, a dashing running riot this man, now indeed only
a trace is felt at most, from the whole body what is the fighter is being
lost out.  What likely in this way made him change as far as that?  Fear
of the fight?  Giving up from pending defeat?  Or else hopelessly having
realized his own limits?  No, his case is not that of those three, perhaps
others will no doubt believe it would have been impossible anyway.  Why
then that man, Ken indeed having anticipated enemies and encounters,
therefore charms were confused.
That formidable enemy by the name of "love", it can't protect the goblins
in the best of them.

To Fight for What Sake?...

Many years before, the remarkably physique man, struggled onto a small
American harbor town.
A red uniform hanging on his shoulders, that was fastened with a black
belt.  At a glance it is to understand that this man is a fighting stylist,
Ken was said to be his name.  To cross over the end of the pursuit of
knowledge he was in Japan for over 10 years, loading the training still
more in the mother country America is in order to have returned.  But,
because of the mother country with life in general was spent together in
Japan with rival Ryu for Ken, there shouldn't be reliance on family or
friends.  Consequently that day's afternoon already, that crimson youth
here and there edges on moves, sharply polished fangs stabbing challenging
comers, having been the case for raising screams.
However, that daily struggle didn't continue for a long time.  It doesn't
mean that Ken's power declined.  Ken from inside his own self was exhibiting
doubts.  It was that day, unexpectedly, surely unexpectedly in Ken's heart
plunged a gap.  Such that with exceeding fighting moves then what to do?
Do you not sense what doubts are with your current living?  These were
occasional shake-offs that insistent Ken dangled after, consequently to
drive away the day which cannot be ignored the extent of how great it has
become.  And so at last with lassitude managed by the dark world, it dragged
Ken in.  If Ken always had that degree of a slump extracted by natural
character, then still the remainder of anything else possibly could become
a struggle.  But at that time of all times for Ken, recently with Eliza he
understood what it is to feel at ease.
With Eliza, it was then that Ken until now recognized the non-occurrences
of wonderous emotions from having embraced his first woman.  Her at the
time wonderous and turned into parallel lethargic feelings, inversely
perfectly clear in his heart, taking her hand so to understand the limit
of the refreshing mood it was to become.
However, at the same time the blood and juice up until now painted on the
world would return believed to be here to stay, possessed by enough to
exceed the limit of power.  For that sake, the former battles all the time
day after day already bursting in Ken's recollection, that consideration
in Ken was able to carry the tranquil and sweet living.
But, with his name having risen as a one time fighter everlasting rest and
the like would not be so.  Ken not going to take the exception, it was
because of one fragile letter that fate crumbles away Eliza and his living.

The Crimson Surge Returns

That letter's owner is the rival from childhood times, from Ryu a written
challenge.  Ken reading briskly the pictures and writings, parting from Ryu
after having mingled he remembers the promise.  "At the time we each get
stronger, we meet to fight once again," was said the promise.
The man's eyes finished reading the letter, already one of weakness he had
become.  As a tiger, as a fighting stylist these were returning.  And so
that man living as up until now feels ashamed, for that reason silently
and particularly regulatory he began to be absorbed in.
"Just you wait Ryu!  I, your rival am the marking man, I'll surely
show you!"
...And so, from the harbor town once again pursuing challenging opponents
is the crimson tiger's appearance.
-Ken the fighter, taken out by Ken the lover.  Life's good (why wouldn't it
be for him?), but he can't just throw away 10 years of excitement he once
had.  Even the clash of a happy lifestyle can't completely extinguish his
old fire.  He wants to keep fighting Ryu.

Prologue 2 (Ken) from SF4

That morning, Ken having slung baggage on his shoulder and ordinary clothed
Eliza, were facing each other before the front hall door.
"Take care on the stairway!"
"Be careful."
"Eat your vegetables."
"Of course."
"Iron also."
"If you feel even the slightest something strange to Sis-in-law..."
"I'll contact her."
"Well um, after that...yeah, that's it.  Don't ride on the bike now!"
"Oh Ken."
At last Eliza burst into laughter, she lightly claps Ken's shoulder.
"I've heard the pregnancy warnings 100 times since yesterday.  I'm alright!
Now then go.  Don't hurry and you won't be in time for the tournament!"
"But Eliza..."
As he even still kept saying a finger stands up to Ken's lips, Eliza lightly
glared at her husband.
"Already how many times have we spoken about it, Ken.  The baby being born is
still first priority, to entirely protect it as the doctor has said of the
matter.  Therefore don't worry, you can enjoy every minute of it."
"If the child is delivered tell Ryu to come and see, don't forget okay?"
She roughly emphasizes it and, Ken's facial expression gradually unrestrained.
"That's right isn't it.  If I meet him it'll be the first and foremost to
remark!  Yeah, and then the letter to Ryu, just in case..."
"I'll send it out.  Because the addressee's name is just by name and post
office, I don't understand it to reach him though."
"Perhaps I might possibly meet him before we face no.  ...Alright, well I'm
"See you."
Giving a peck on Eliza's cheek, at last Ken turns his back from her.  Eliza
for a while stood beside the door seeing Ken off, until he went before the
gate Ken suddenly halted, putting his baggage at that place she sees him
running back to return, his head inclined to one side in doubt.
"What's the matter, forget something?"
"Eliza, I forgot to say it earlier.  Don't have your stomach cool!"
To Ken's eager expression, for Eliza includes a sigh, his hand touched her
"Go quickly!  Golly don't return until you meet Ryu!!"
Raising a dissatisfied voice pushing Ken out she shuts the door and, puffing
she bursts into laughter.
"Honestly already."
Touching her expanded belly, Eliza gently talked to her own child.
"Papa, good to let him have enjoyment isn't it."
-Ken the worrisome father-to-be come SF4.  Eliza just enjoys the show.

His name written in kanji means "fist."

    Ryu and Ken use a toned down version of ansatsuken that Gouken taught
them that isn't designed to kill, unlike Gen's and Gouki's styles.

    Ken's only 1/4 American.  He's 3/4 Japanese. His dad is Japanese and
his mom is half American and half Japanese.  Ken started off as actually
being Japanese.  He was changed to quarter American in SF2.

He isn't blond.  In reality, his hair's dyed.  This is why his hair has been
orange, gold, and blond.  This is also why he has black eyebrows yet
blond-colored hair.  His black hair comes from both of his parents.

His hair's been that way since middle school.  Just before his parents
divorced, he dyed his hair as an act of confusion and rebellion, but since
then he keeps his hair dyed as a habit of standing out from Ryu.

    He wears a red gi because when he trained with Ryu under Gouken, he saw
that Ryu was better so he wanted to stand out more and took on a red gi.

    A little while before leaving Gouken's dojo, Ken suggested that he
and Ryu compete to see which one of them becomes a famous street fighter
first (Ryu's Z1 account in his section).

    Ken's girlfriend during the Zero series is Eliza.  He marries her after SF2
and they have a son named Mel, who's training to be a fighter like his
dad.  Sean Matsuda is his student, though his son (who's only 3 - 4 years
old in Street Fighter 3) wants to be a fighter too.  Ken met her at the Pan-
American Championship during SF1, which was depicted by Capcom in his
Street Fighter Zero 1 ending (specially noted via AAC).

    Mel is 3 years old during NG/SI, and 4 years old during TS.

He met Eliza for the first time after the US tournament's preliminary rounds
had finished.  Even while they were dating, she always tolerated his training
diligence (specially noted in AAC).  Prior to the Zero series he had first met
her one morning during a trip to the supermarket.

    He was a virgin before he met Eliza according to the Gamest SF2D mook.
Seems to be implied that he practiced abstinence too, as they didn't get
Mel until after they married.  In any case, during the Zero series Ken is
depicted as a man who can charm the ladies, whether it's complementing their
appearance or inviting them for a lunch, he knows just how to make them
feel good and happy about themselves.  Ladies first in his book, ala the
SFZ OVA and his treatment of Sakura.

    Steet Fighter Eternal says that Ken goaded Ryu into entering the first
Street Fighter tournament.  Ironically, Ryu would do the same to him for
the second.

    English Street Fighter Eternal says Ken didn't marry Eliza until he
had a decisive victory against Ryu.  This might be a mistranslation
or maybe people are just interpreting it wrong as it is not supposed
to mean Ken beat Ryu in SF2.

From the Japanese version, according to Vasili10:

For Ken with his objective being once a battle victory over his rival Ryu
from old times, that's quite separate from marriage with Eliza.

Ergo, Ken wanted in life to best Ryu until he met Eliza which then started
his desire to be with her forever, he never saw the headband-exchange battle
as a true victory, he wavered from then until the end of SF2 on whether he
should marry her or not, and afterwards he tied the knot, had a kid, gained
a pupil and the rest is history.

He was training in Japan for 10 years with Ryu according to his SF2D account.

Ken's considered an indecisive guy who likes new things.

    I don't think I need to say it, but just in case you didn't know
already somehow, Ken's family is a very wealthy family.

    Ken and Karin know each other because they're both from rich
prestigious families (which probably led to them meeting each other along
the line).  They also fought in the past. That's why Karin tells Ken she's
lost yet again in SFZ3.

    A long time ago, officially Ken used to not have a last name at all.
But when the action figure Ken came out, Mattel (makers of Barbie dolls)
sued Capcom for copyright infringement because Barbie's boyfriend is named
Ken, so Capcom USA made up an extra name for their own Ken in order to
differentiate Ken from Barbie's boyfriend.  :P  Masters was first a nickname
given to Ken for having clinched the champion title in the All- American
Fighting Techniques Tournament four times by SF2.  It was finalized as his
last name during the release of SFZ2.

    Eliza and Julia are sisters, and their husbands did try to duke it out
when they saw each other at Ken and Eliza's wedding, and didn't realize they
would end up being related by marriage.

    Ken did NOT fight in the SF1 tournament.  That's the official statement
now.  Some old sources reference that he did though, so it was a rewrite
around when the Zero series came out that he didn't (which would seem to go
along with him witnessing Gouken's death, since Gouken's death was rewritten
in a way as well with the Zero series).

    When Ken won the Pan-American Championship for the third time at the
end of Third Strike, he set a new record for the most amount of winning the
championship of that tournament.  This also means that at most, Nash
could have only won the thing twice, since Ken winning it three times is a
new record.  Eliza also praises Ken for this accomplishment (specially noted
via AAC).

    From Saiki, Gouken was a friend of Ken's father.  This is why Ken was
sent to train under Gouken.  His father wanted Ken to have some more discipline.
It looks like his father's plan was only partially successful.  ^_~  For more
about Gouken, see his bio.

    Ken has most likely actually fought Gouki before or something.  In SF3
Second Impact when you fight Shin Gouki with Ken, Ken remarks, "You're still
alive!?" then Gouki asks Ken to show him that burning fist "once more".
But... the only time that Ken really could possibly have run into Gouki was
back when he was witnessing Gouki kill his master, since there aren't any
other known storyline times that the two would have fought.  Most likely,
Ken tried to lash at Gouki after seeing his master die, and Gouki just
swats him away though impressed at Ken's flame potential before leaving.

    Ken knowing Gouki at all is definitely confirmed, at least. Ken is
stated to have witnessed Gouki and Gouken battle together twice before
SF2, once when Gouken won, and once when Gouki won. The first is a flashback
Ken has as he's flying to Japan after hearing Ryu beat Sagat in SF1.

    Queston #4 in Hadouken no Nazo (an SF book) regarding Ken's SF2 stage.

A story from scores of years ago dating back to olden days.
One night, two guys exchanged blows in a duel at the harbor. Just then it is
said that at the scene, scores of the next wild horses rushed in, and
merrymaking gatherings ensued.
Since then, this harbor is admitted as a Mecca for the street fight, a
fixation for the local population center to unwind. Moreover in the present,
the natural image of street fighting is greatly spreading nonetheless.
According to evidence, two types of fights rolled out here.  One is the
Beginner Course  (weekly Saturday meeting, occasionally suspended due to
weather) and invites others, the coffee color of extreme sports.  On
weekdays for salarymen and working fathers, those days they foolishly
begin some "street fighter." Overdoing it, numerous entrants pour into
hospitals nowadays.
The other one is the amassing semipro & pro Expert Course (throughout
the year without breaks, decisive action for rainy weather). Different
from the safety consideration of a mat laid out on the ground for the
Beginner Course, this faction fights on the firm tiles spread throughout
the surface, with the option of contacting with wooden boxes and drum
cans it is said.
Ken moved to this territory, with that excellent brawling sense a
record immediately arose, and now with the "harbor man" invited, it's
to be feared (the Expert Course that is).
-People of all kinds fight at the harbor, young and old, devouts and party
people, and yes hospital cases are common as well.  One course is available
with some safety in mind (mats on the ground), while the other is for
daredevils like Ken.

    About Ken's SFZ2 stage (I have NOT actually confirmed this.  It was posted
from someone called Kunai in a thread on a message board and he generally
seemed to know what he was talking about, but...)

> 6. What did Capcom do in SFZ2 to remember one of their own?

I believe I know the answer to this question. It involves Ken's "Happy
Birthday" stage, with Strider making a guest appearance in that background.
This was done to remember a certain programmer, who worked on a port of
Strider for the Japanese NEC SuperGrafx. This system was supposed to be
hyped as one of the most powerful home systems of its era, possessing hardware
that was supposed to be comparable to what the arcades had during that time.
People have said that there was a lot of pressure by the company to make this
specific port of Strider the best home port possible. Capcom wanted it to not
only be as good as the arcade... but even better.

This specific programmer worked long, tireless hours with deadlines fast
approaching. Unfortunately, he got so extremely stressed with the monumental
task, he snapped and committed suicide as a result. The SuperGrafx version
of Strider never did get completed, and the SuperGrafx itself ended up
becoming a dud of a system, due to lack of titles. Only less than 6 games
have been reported to have been created for it altogether.

The guy loved teddy bears, so that is why the Strider cameo holds one in his
honor. An interesting story to say the least.  Shou (written in kanji as
"soar" is among the many cameos appearing in Ken's Z2 stage which is for
Eliza's birthday party BTW.  Also even if the programmer described above
isn't remembered with Ken's Z2 stage, Capcom president and CEO Tsujimoto
Kenzou-san is: he's the butler with glasses towards the right, verified
by AAC.

    A translation about Ken's SF2 stage:

America (Ken) Battle Harbor

With a street fight unrolling here everyday, the popular name is Battle
Harbor.  Travelers from the world's nations and, always brawlings among
the sailors, naturally it has been converted to a street fight spot.
Recently it's come to be an attraction for raging drunk parties.  This
port is the scene for Ken's training.  The battles here, also having
forged the body, has money enter hands.  It's two birds killed with one
stone.  Today newly become strong ones go to cross over the ocean.
"It's fine for whitened up bodies to get warm.  However that Ryu, really
what is he up to about now......"
Taking up a red uniform in the sea breeze, Ken today assures himself
of victory.
-Gambling occurs at the harbor along with drunkenness.  Ken sees it as an
ideal spot to toughen up.

Ken's SF4 arcade ending comments:

Though various interferences, having carried out the long time competition
with Ryu, Ken returned to the side of his wife Eliza.  A good-humored Ken,
embraces the expectation for the child within Eliza's belly "to become a
fighting stylist surpassing myself".

Ken from AASF3


Under the same master he was piled up training as with Ryu, being a friend
for life, a lifetime rival.  As for presently, from the US western sea coast
his wife Eliza and his become 3-year-old first son Mel the 3 people are
living.  Seems that the matter of once upon a time participating frequently
towards fighting technique tournaments disappeared, the red lotus flower's
flames as the heart of combat is not yet being weakened.  


"Oh, here, over here!"
At the high ground before his eyes the earlier designated hot spring hotel
to link up with Ryu has appeared.
"A bit, shabby oh well it's alright huh.  Leave things to that scoundrel and
the school closing in the mountains would come to be designated after all
wouldn't it."
For Ken is turning towards it, behind him the voice of a hiking boy called
out to him.
"What's wrong, the hotel's before our eyes, hurry up come on now!, Sean!"
"Ye~essir, understoo~ood, Great Honored Master."
At Ken's back considerably behind, supplementing his own daypack, comes the
boy appearing to be of Japanese descent having carried in his arms Ken's huge
trunk and Boston bag.
While observing Sean's appearance thickly staggering the hill road, for Ken
"Now then, how to have this one reach out to Ryu maybe.......  Uh-huh, if he
were to become my number-one student, you won't return until you take 1 normal
from Ryu, how about I say that.  That's right, with that let's go!"
For Ken nods alone and, he stepped up to Sean.
"What, doon't be slovenly, from holding them alone lend me one won't ya."
For Ken says such and, he walked over snatching the absolute smallest Sean's


Family-  Hails from Japan.  At the US western sea coast, he's living with his
wife Eliza and also this year to become 3 years old his eldest son Mel.  Even
capable with a child work-pressured he is but, through an agreement with
Eliza, even encountering Ryu to participate at a fighting techniques
tournament is becoming an agreeable matter. 

Personality-  Though capable with a child, the blazing in the man is of no
change.  With a crimson uniform to cover his body a nice guy.  

Fighting style-  Even seen as reckless attacks at first glance, severe
training with Ryu and having fought many formidable opponents is to say the
matter of the endorsing mark.  In that furious offense and red uniform figure,
for a person in the road it's to see the blazes blow upwards so to speak.

SF3 Q&A from Gamest SF3 Fanbook: Ken

-A child also born, Ken living with a family of 3 people in the American
western sea coast, is he launching into fighting techniques tournaments
as usual?
A.  Since Mel's birth, it has become to say that participation towards a
fighting techniques tournament is in vain.  Even with that, he's accepted
as in keeping company with him an agreeable matter of participating in only
the tournaments Ryu participates in.

-For Ken, what's the feeling of bringing up his eldest son Mel on fighting
moves?  If it's perhaps such a case what's Eliza's support of it?
A.  Not a plan to be especially against it, he's considering the circumstances
of Mel's feelings.  However, if he were to do just fighting moves for to
naturally possess an interest in fighting moves, for Eliza is believing he
ought to try out piano, through school clubs she plans to have him do other
kinds of sports also.  In the midst of doing various things, it's agreed that
he'll want to discover his favorites.

-What kind of a papa, does Mel regard Ken as?
A.  A father who's always spirited and seeming like a friend.

-On a rest day what does the family go out to do?
A.  For Sunday, it goes to church.  For brief consecutive holidays together
with Eliza's friend's household, close by the side of a lake they're riding
a camping car, there's plenty of things to do at leisure.

-Is Eliza working?
A.  Circulating patchwork collections, sponsoring parties environmental
protection circle functions and the like, she's quite work-pressured.  Even
with that still now, the time she's at Mel's side within 1 day is amounting
to the absolute longest it seems.

-Such as with Ryu also, why wasn't he using the kuuchuu tatsumaki senpuukyaku?
A.  With Ryu not using it, as 1 way of the pursuit of knowledge, the
differentiated match arrangement's research being just right, the current
place is sealing it.

-Is there a secret story and the like for the shipuu jinraikyaku?
A.  With the tatsumaki senpuukyaku made to float in midair, to float
temporarily and it's not capable of acceleration.  "A skill's interval like
that of a formula machine, if it can grip the ground surface unceasingly even
power also interaction ability should increase," is to say the logic that was
taught to Ken from Ryu.  In reality through Sean's tatsumaki senpuukyaku's
blunder, the follied time of going flying without a take-off, it seems that
in that destructive power he obtained the hint.

-Ken's impression having seen Ryu's shin shoryuken?
A.  That's a Ryu-ish move.  He believed he'd be going on with it.

-How is Ken thinking of his pupil Sean?
A.  Occasionally when looking at Sean, it's about overlapping even until the
younger times of Ryu and his own figures.  Seeming like a sensation of
flashbacking to his youth's memories, Ken enjoys it to that certain
significance.  Except for that foundationally he's thinking of him as a
"guy who's irritatingly following me about."  Even with that lately, having
stirred up sympathy he's considering "if you'll be staying obedient just a
little longer even upon seeing trouble you'll be okay won'cha."

-Sean came to be living in Ken's house?
A.  For the beginning, even backing off also bad things being unpleasant, he
was just lodging in the house.  Within that, why it's becoming as far as the
matter of a school living, for in regards to Sean it's a complete situation.

-Is Ken for the sake of Mel's special training smoothing out difficult topics
to Sean, having entrusted him to Ryu?
A.  For the time being something of a boisterous brat, even being entrusted to
Ryu there's reason to consider him having to be somewhat silent.  "What if
even going into being a student as far as Ryu his mood doesn't change?" is
what he's also thinking.

-Is there in Ken's view, believing that it's Ryu in persistency, a regarding
to him of the last boss Gill's existence?
A.  Ken's rival is Ryu in persistency.  Even a battle with Gill Ryu battles
with him, if he was hidden from Ryu Ken also wouldn't fight as there probably
wouldn't not be other freedoms.

-What does Ken regard as to say Ryu's existence, and also the street fight?
A.  For Ken it's why together with Ryu has he walked the path of a fighting
stylist perhaps.  Fellow students using the same techniques, strength also
on par.  Yet for Ken there exists within Ryu, sensing that "something" lacking
in himself, that's shining.  If approaching it the extent of closeness, if
going the same path it's going to the extent, the shape within Ryu's heart
being that of his own is about difference, and also deciding on 1 heavily
become incorrect matter it's for Ken a perceiving.  From his time as a young
boy even having believed in spite of it all that he had felt their souls
coming that close mutually.  In the ultimate-ness deciding on no matter of
having interviews is to say the feeling of forfeit.  For Ken to walk behind
the scenes together with Ryu is entrusting in anticipation to Ryu that
"something" that can't be helped, and also possessing whatever possibility
of a "something" that he can't help himself, it's that he wants to verify
that he can bring about something.  The street fight, for the matter of
extracting the battle from the fighting techniques with Ryu, and also with
everyone is a bond.

-Finally being married, Ken's favorable type?
A.  It is indeed Eliza.

*** pgVKimalatheBouncer.


Age: 31 (30 during MB)
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 200 kg
Hails from, native place: Chicago, State of Illinois, America
Favorite/main attack: giant swing, pancake poison
Favorite food: anything resembling alcohol
MB specialty move: giant attacks
SMB specialty move: giant swing
Wrestling federation: BWA (Blood Wrestling Association)
MB-era nickname: "Raging Huge Whale"
Stage: Las Vegas, America

Muscle Bomber:  He um... wrestled?

Super Muscle Bomber:  He erm... wrestled some more?

Where he is now:  Dunno.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

    Blood Wrestling Association member.

    From a Super Muscle Bomber flyer: From his fat build he sends out
techniques of super might. He selflessly bullies the weak at the surface
not hating it.

    The probable things that made him a BWA member are his fire breath and
his poison breath.  I guess fire is a lot less 'acceptable' than the chi
projectile attacks Ortega uses.

    He used to be a bar bouncer, but was fired after beating a customer too
severely.  Kimala became a wrestler's bodyguard after that, but KO'ed the
wrestler to debut in Astro's BWA. 

    His weakness (or vice) is "IJIME". This translates to bullying/teasing.
IE, his weakness is he loves to bully others (as opposed to taking his foe
seriously or such, I guess)

    He feels intense joy when he sees blood dripping from his opponents'

    He shows absolute obedience to Astro.

*** pgVKyle.


Age: around Cody's FF1 age? (22-24. The game implies he was just a kid
 during FF1, which took place many years ago, and Kyle's old enough to have
 a girlfriend who's old enough to be a bartender.  Also he seems to have
 graduated college based on a degree in his apartment.  No idea how THAT
 worked out)
Native place: assumedly America
Fighting style: assumedly street fighting

Final Fight Streetwise:  At the fight club after a little pep talk from his
brother Cody, Kyle pulls a comeback and sends Handsome Bob to the mat, much
to the cheers of the audience (especially those that bet on him).  Later
outside, Kyle is drinking some beer when Cody arrives with the pit fight
money, annoyed that Kyle didn't get it himself but commenting that they were
at least making ends meet.  He tells Kyle to meet him at the Barfly in 30
minutes but doesn't explain the 30-minute wait.

After punching some random people for randomly trying to punch him, Kyle
arrives at the Barfly early.  To kill time, he plays some pool with the
Barfly bartender (and his girlfriend) Vanessa Sims, although she wins easily
as expected.  Cody arrives late and aggravated, prompting Kyle to apologize
for the earlier fight with Handsome Bob not going so well at first.  His
brother promptly responds that wasn't the reason he was mad, but that he's
getting tired of waiting for Kyle to live up to his potential and then tells
Kyle that he himself wants to be able to fight again.  Kyle points out that
Cody's knee problem makes that rather unlikely, but Cody responds that he
found something that could help.  The two are interupted when Devin "The
Stiff" arrives and tells Cody that "he" wants to see him.  Cody refuses,
saying "he knows the deal", to which Stiff replies "Deal's changed." Kyle
has absolutely no idea what's going on, but doesn't take long to figure out
that whatever it is, it's trouble.  Especially when a rather annoyed Stiff
decides to slam a chair over Cody's head.  Cody yells at Kyle to back him up,
and the two brothers begin to lay the whoop ass on Stiff's goons, promptly
trashing the entire bar in the process, with Kyle noting with dismay in his
journal that Vanessa was going to kill him for that.  Eventually the bar brawl
ended with Stiff pointing a gun to Kyle, who responded by spitting in his
face.  Stiff, in turn, gave his own response by whacking Kyle in the head with
his pistol, knocking him out as Stiff's men held Cody back.

Kyle wakes up in his apartment with Vanessa at his side who tells him that
the Stiff left with Cody, to which Kyle responds that he's going after him,
much to Vanessa's protests.  A piece of paper that was left behind from the
brawl had "Metro City Diner" scrawled on its back, so with that as his only
clue, Kyle headed there.  The cashier at the desk refused to give him any
information until he helped out with a little cockroach problem, generally
by running around like an idiot trying to stomp them to pieces as onlooking
customers laughed.  Making a note in his journal never to eat there again
because Kyle rather disliked the idea of roaches in his sandwich, Kyle
is told that apparently the local porn theatre manager Weasel was spotted
with the Stiff.

After arm-wrestling an extremely bored porn cashier who apparently finds
arm-wrestling more entertaining than pornography, Kyle enters the manager's
room, where Weasel and a hooker are busy with... stuff.  Weasel denies any
involvement with Stiff, but the Bible on his desk with the words "The Stiff"
on it denies Weasel's denial.  Kyle apologizes to the lady in the room with
the violence she is about to witness, chases Weasel down, and proceeds to
slam the door on his head a few times until Weasel finally tells Kyle that
Stiff is at the warehouse and to bring the Bible there to talk to him.

The Bible convinces the doorman at the warehouse to let Kyle in, although
upon entering, he just barely dodges a crate that fell from above.  Weasel,
behind the warehouse crane's controls, angrily orders his gang of Blue
Ballers to get him while he attempts to crush Kyle with more boxes.  When
his gang is defeated, Weasel realizes that his plan isn't working and
jumps into a forklift to try to run Kyle down.  This plan only results in
severe whiplash from constantly crashing into walls as Kyle got out of the
way, and soon Weasel was in Kyle's clutches once again.  He begs "Not the
face!", but his ugly face is spared thanks to his cell phone ringing.
Kyle makes him answer it, and eavesdrops as Stiff tells Weasel to meet
him at the hotel.  Sparing Weasel's face, Kyle knocks him out by smacking
him in the back of his head and leaves, getting more angry at all the crap
he has to go through to find his brother.

Pondering just how angry, Kyle at the Barfly asks Vanessa if she's ever
killed anyone.  Vanessa replies that she will if he ends up drinking all
her beer without sharing any of it with her, cutting off the rest
of the subject.  Kyle tells her that he has no idea which hotel the Stiff
could be talking about, so she suggests he go see 2-Ill.  Kyle objects
but doesn't have any choice, so he heads down to the train station where
2-Ill was hanging out, only to have 2-Ill tell him that he couldn't help
Kyle because he was in a heap of trouble at the moment.  2-Ill immediately
runs off, a bunch of Metro City thugs hot on his tail, and Kyle on theirs
to try to rescue the guy.  Kyle quickly paid the local tattoo parlor
managor Paco (who just happened to be standing there) 100 dollars to help
out because he looked like he could at least throw a punch (although Paco
generally is more useful due to him simply providing an extra human shield
for 2-Ill's vulnerable self).  The three beat back the attacking gang,
and 2-Ill is impressed at how much Kyle's fighting abilities have grown.
As thanks for Kyle saving him, he gives Kyle information for free,
telling Kyle that Stiff is at the Bijou Hotel at the pier district.

Doing a poor impression of Solid Snake, Kyle makes his way through the
hotel, stealthily avoiding Stiff's goons.  ...or simply just running up
to them and punching out their lights just like everything else, but he
could pretend to be stealthy and sneak up on them if he wants to.  A couple
of guard dogs also felt the wrath of Kyle's cockroach-crushing feet.  Along
the way, Kyle is accosted by some Metro City civilians who ramble about a new
drug they've got.  Their eyes are glowing green and they look more like
zombies than people, but Kyle clobbers them all the same when they attack.
At the top of the hotel, Kyle surprises one of Stiff's men by knocking him
off the building, before tackling the other and breaking through the glass
roof window to the penthouse, falling down right behind the Stiff and ruining
his moment of contemplation from looking at the bridge across the ocean.
Ignoring the fact that the rest of the hotel is a trash dump for some reason,
Stiff laments about how he just had the carpet cleaned.  Kyle demands that
Stiff tell him where Cody is.  Stiff says that Cody was stuck in the glory
days still, so he hooked Cody up with Vitto to pit fight in Little Italy.
Kyle doesn't believe him, and Stiff, annoyed at this, whips out a pistol and
fires at Kyle.  With his own pistol that he took from the guards, Kyle fired
back, and after a brief gunfight, chased Stiff to the roof of the hotel.
Outside on the roof, Kyle tells Stiff that he's not looking to kill him and
just wants to know where Cody is.  Stiff again says that Cody is with Vitto,
after remarking that he didn't think Kyle cared for guns.  Kyle still doesn't
believe him, so they continue the fight with their fists.  It ends with Stiff
getting knocked off the rooftop, but Kyle grabs him by the hand before he
could fall to his death.  Kyle tries to get more info from Stiff, asking about
the Bible, but Stiff replies that it's not for religious purposes and he'll
burn in hell some day, but not tonight.  He mocks Kyle, saying that Kyle isn't
a killer and won't let him fall to his death.  He then shocks Kyle by saying
that not only is Cody with Vitto, but he's also now with them.  Kyle tells him
that he's lying, and Stiff pulls out his pistol again and orders Kyle to let
him up or else he'll shoot Kyle on the count of three.  He counts "one", then
"two", and then Kyle, weary and tired and frustrated, lets go on three,
sending Stiff falling to his doom, futilely shooting in all directions.
Apparently, Stiff wasn't paying attention earlier when Kyle knocked one of his
men off the roof to their generic enemy doom as well.  Nor did he research
into the Travers' penchant for making villains fall off of high places.

Kyle arrives back at the Barfly to see Vanessa's brother Sgt. Sims, waiting
for him because Vanessa asked him for his help.  It's help that Kyle doesn't
care for due to his dislike of cops, but Sims surprises him when he tells Kyle
that Cody is pit fighting in Little Italy.  A complete shock despite Stiff
saying that three times.  He warns about a new drug going around and tells
Kyle not to get involved before leaving.  Afterwards, Kyle shows the Bible to
Vanessa, still not knowing what it's for, but then a flask with a glowing
green substance falls out, as well as a map that leads to Little Italy.

Kyle busts into Vitto's Restaurant at Little Italy, demanding to know where
Cody is.  Vitto tells his men to 'escort' him out, prompting yet another brawl
in a dining establishment that leads to much destruction.  Even Vitto's rather
angered chefs joined in the combat, but Kyle just beat them up too.  Vitto
tells them to stop, realizing it was going nowhere. Kyle offers a deal where
he'll pit fight for Vitto if he tells Kyle where Cody is.  Vitto refuses,
making Kyle state that the last person between him and Cody was sent
plummeting to his death.  At this, Vitto perks up and says Kyle should have
said that he was the one who killed the Stiff sooner because then Kyle'd have
his gratitude, and gratitude earns respect.  Kyle isn't impressed, and Vitto
finally tells one his fighters to escort Kyle to the basement for an
"interview".  The fighter stretches before leading Kyle away, happy to oblige.

The interview went well, with Kyle whomping Ghost in the ensuing pit fight.
Afterwards, he repeats his demand to know where Cody is.  Vitto states that
while Kyle was a good fighter, he despised Kyle's lack of respect.  His other
men are too afraid of Kyle by this point to kick Kyle out, so Vitto's top
assassin Blades quickly leaps in and grabs Kyle at knife-point.  Vitto tells
Blades not to kill him because they've gotten into too much heat from all the
ruckus already, so Blades dumps Kyle off back at Kyle's hood, saying that next
time he'll send a ice pick through Kyle's head.  Kyle wonders why bother
waiting when they could just fight now, but Blades brushes him off and leaves.

Vanessa, always one to suggest random informants that Kyle doesn't like, tells
Kyle to go see Psychic (Madame Celeste) for possible leads.  After a quick
game of concentration disguised as some powerful occult fortune reading card
set-up, Celeste tells Kyle that help will come from Cody's apartment.  Kyle
wonders how he'll get into Cody's apartment but then Celeste hands him the
keys to it.  He then wonders how Celeste managed to get the keys to Cody's
apartment. ...for all of one second.  Cody's answering machine at his
apartment contained much less intrusive looks into Cody's private life,
containing nothing but some calls from Kyle asking where the heck Cody was,
and a call from Haggar asking the same thing and inviting Cody to go have some
drinks at the bar.  Kyle finds half of a photo with Haggar in it along with
Cody, and "Pier 15" on the back, so he decides to go there.  After quick call
to 2-Ill to find out where Pier 15 is, as well as get an offer from 2-Ill to
help out that Kyle doesn't give a crap about because 2-Ill will likely charge
him for such help anyways, Kyle heads to Mike's Maritime Maintenance at Pier

The pier is overrun by the Punx, but their cheap imitation Damnd whistles,
light-pressing password puzzles, and randomly raining cheap imitation Rolento
grenades are no match for Kyle's button mashing skills.  Their massive
numbers on the other hand, were starting to be a problem until Haggar himself
came out of his gym to lend a hand.  After beating all of the thugs, Haggar
tells Kyle that Kyle better not cause trouble in his neighborhood, or else.
Kyle doesn't notice, being too much in awe at being with THE man Mike Haggar
to be afraid.  He introduces himself as Cody's brother Kyle, whereupon Haggar
smiles and says that it's been a long time since he's seen him.  He remarks
that Kyle probably doesn't remember him anymore, but not many people do.
Haggar sadly does not know anything about where Cody is, but hopes that Cody
didn't get caught up in the new GLOW drug hitting the streets.  Contrary to
what Cody might think, GLOW won't make him stronger but will kill him.  Kyle
laments that he hit another dead end, so Haggar teaches him a few moves so the
night won't be an entire waste.  Finally, Kyle is ready to go try Vitto again,
and Haggar gives him some advice to show Vitto some respect, as that might get
him a bit farther.  He also says that he still has some friends in the Metro
City police and will try to get them to help.

At Vitto's restaurant, Vitto is talking to a priest, saying that he needs some
help with something but is interrupted when Kyle walks in.  The priest decides
to make his exit, but takes a moment to look at Kyle and smile at him before
he walks out.  Vitto is mad, but Kyle apologizes for his lack of respect
earlier.  He repeats his deal of fighting for Vitto, so Vitto decides to let
him have another go.  At the pit fight in the basement, Kyle manages to defeat
Andore (likely thanks to the tried and true technique of running around in
lots of circles for most of the time).  Back at the restaurant, Vitto tells
Kyle that Cody fought for him and made him a bundle of money, but he had to
let Cody go because Cody got hooked on GLOW.  He lets Kyle keep his share of
the money, saying that he'd never cheat a stand-up guy like Kyle out of his
fair share, and apologizes that he doesn't know where Cody is anymore, and he
tells Kyle to be careful, as going after GLOW will likely be more than he can
handle.  Outside, Kyle calls Vanessa and says he's going to check out Bijou
Hotel again, having no other leads.

At the Bijou Hotel, Kyle randomly lucks out because for whatever reason, Cody
is there.  Cody jumps three stories to land right in front of Kyle, where he
orders Kyle to go home, his eyes glowing green with the drug of GLOW and his
voice sounding like he got possessed by a demon in some cheesy B-Movie.  Kyle
refuses and tries to persuade Cody to come with him, but is interrupted by
Sgt. Sims, who tells Kyle to back away from his brother as he points a gun at

Kyle tries to stop Sims and Cody gets away. Sims explains to Kyle that Cody
got into a heap of trouble and also tells Kyle to stay out of things before
running after Cody.  Fortunately, he didn't notice that Cody dropped his
wallet.  Kyle picks it up and notices the second half of the photograph, this
time with some guy in it in red with a tattoo.  He heads back to the hood and
calls 2-Ill to ask where the tattoo parlor manager Paco might be.
Predictably, 2-Ill replies that the manager Paco is at the tattoo parlor.

House inspector is coming so Kyle is forced to run around like an idiot once
again stomping cockroaches in his apartment as well as a bunch of rats that
apparently got hooked on GLOW but go squish just as easily as the cockroaches
do.  After Paco is done making Kyle do that (because they live in the same
building), Paco tells Kyle the tattoo in the photo was made by Lou "the Skin"
at Japantown, so Kyle heads over there.

At The Dragon's Skin, after putting up with Lou rambling over which tattoo
to give Kyle, Kyle shows Lou the photo, saying he wants to see the man
in it.  Lou obliges by smashing a cash register over his head.

Kyle wakes up in Lou's basement surrounded by ninjas, Lou, and the man in
the photo, Guy.  Lou tells Guy that Kyle's wallet says that he's Cody, and
Guy demands to know why Kyle is lying about who he is, but Kyle simply tells
them that only cheap shots could take him down.  At this, Guy tells his men
to show Kyle what happens to those who don't answer his questions, so Guy's
men untie Kyle and attempt to extract the information from Kyle forcefully,
forming a ring around Kyle where they'd charge in with hit-and-run attacks
while the rest looked for openings.  Lou eagerly jumps in to fight as well
after the men are defeated, but Kyle manages to beat him too.  Frustrated,
Lou encourages Guy to kick Kyle's ass as Guy throws off his business suit
for his bushin gi and approaches Kyle.  A simple demonstration of some
ridiculously fast katas shocks the hell out of Kyle and makes him decide
that it'd probably be a good time to explain that he isn't Cody.  He
explains that he's Cody's brother but that Cody got into a lot of trouble
with GLOW and Vitto, among other things.  Hearing this, Guy decides to
listen and invites Kyle to his dojo.  There, Guy tells Kyle about his past
with Cody, about how Cody went to jail for one of Guy's crimes so that Guy
could go free.  He says that from what he knows about Cody, Cody would give
his life for Kyle.  He regrets that Cody had to go to jail for him but that
some debts could never be repaid.  After this, he decides to 'quiz' Kyle
a bit.  He tests Kyle in his dojo by teaching Kyle how to do the ki-based
charge punch.  After the sparring, Kyle's skill proves to Guy that he is
indeed Cody's brother.  Guy takes Kyle to the lounge area of the dojo. Around
the table, he tells Kyle that he's proud about how he's managed to maintain
order in Japantown and is fighting against the drug, and trying
to keep it from entering the area.  However, it's proving very difficult,
and sometimes Guy wonders if the man behind GLOW is merely giving the people
what they want.  He tells Kyle that from what he knows, the man behind GLOW
is a man with no face, but that he has a strong influence in Little
Italy, and Guy has his men investigating it.  At that point, Blades bursts
in and tosses the head of one of Guy's men to Guy and Kyle, with dynamite
strapped to it.  Guy and Kyle get out of the way in time as it explodes,
but the dojo they're in is now on fire and the whole building threatens
to collapse on them both.  Worse off, Stiff's men have come in to help finish
the job.  Guy quickly leads Kyle to the exit, but falling debris and flames
constantly get in the way.  The flames were good for tossing mobsters
and angry schoolgirls into them though.  ...why a bunch of angry schoolgirls
also decided to get in on the flaming fun is a mystery.  Regardless, thanks
to the help of a fire extinguisher (oh, and Guy too), Kyle and Guy escape
just as the dojo explodes.  Kyle tells Guy that Blades was one of Vitto's
men (not that Guy didn't know that already), and that he was a fool to
trust Vitto.  Kyle goes after Vitto, while Guy stays behind to gather
his resources, saying the war has just begun.  Kyle tells him that he's
glad Guy's on his side, and after a call from a concerned Vanessa warning
him that something nasty is going on down throughout the city, Kyle
leaves for Little Italy.  Guy watches with a frown, possibly wondering if
he and Kyle really were on the same side.

Vitto isn't at the restaurant.  One of the chefs offers to tell Kyle where
he is if Kyle helps stomp out a little GLOW rat infestation of the place.
After running around like an idiot squishing giant green-eyed glowing rats,
the chef tells Kyle that Vitto is at the church.  The chef remarks that it's
a good thing it's a dark carpet while Kyle makes a note to himself to call the
health inspector on the place as he heads over to the church.

Kyle sneaks into the church to spy on Vitto, who is talking with the priest
that Kyle saw earlier, Father Bella.  Blades is there as well.  Vitto tells
the priest that for all his efforts, GLOW continues to spread throughout
Little Italy and he can't stop it.  Worse off, people are beginning to think
that he's the cause of the drug.  He tells Bella that he isn't an angel, but
that GLOW is not his doing and he was a persecuted man.  Bella tries to calm
him down and suggests a prayer.  Vitto kneels down to try to pray, but this
is put to a quick end when Blades slams an ice pick through his skull.  Bella
tells Blades to take the body out back, and that he might need him to kill
Cody, in case Cody started to become too troublesome as well.  No one must
stop their revelation, to which Blades solemnly nods and agrees.  Kyle is
shocked, wondering why a priest of all people would have someone killed.  He
realizes that first of all, he has to take Blades out of the picture
immediately, and follows Blades out back to the graveyard.  Blades is more
than happy to finally have his chance to stab Kyle, but Kyle's fighting skills
(along with a submachine gun that happened to be lying around) proved too much
for him.

Outside, Kyle receives a call on his cellphone from Guy.  Guy found Kyle's
brother.  Kyle says he's on his way to Japantown, but Guy warns him that
Japantown has changed.  When Kyle shrugs this off, Guy also warns him that
his brother has changed as well.  At Lou's tattoo parlor, Cody is tied to a
chair trying to break out and rambling like a madman, his eyes still glowing
from the drug.  Guy tells Kyle that unless they stop GLOW, there will soon
be nothing left of the city worth saving, to which Kyle responds that if Guy
hasn't noticed, there isn't much worth saving in the city anyways.  All Kyle
cares about now is beating up the jerk who did this to his brother, so a
rather unimpressed Guy tells him that he should start with Nicky Wissell,
who's shipping in GLOW using trucks from his porn business.  Kyle suddenly
realizes why Weasel had that Bible from Stiff, and tells Guy to keep an eye
on his brother while he goes to find out from Weasel where the source of
GLOW is.

At the warehouse, a vengeful Weasel attempts to take out Kyle by throwing
grenades while Kyle takes on his Blue Ballers, some of whom had become hooked
on GLOW themselves.  This plan ultimately fails and Kyle once again is
slamming doors on Weasel's head