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does anyone know what the increase for kratos/zelos skill boost ex skill is? Build
does genis and raines magic boost compound ex function as a magical crit with the same dmg formula? Build
How do I return to normal gameplay after accessing a debug room? General
How do I use the save editor application without the bruteforce hack? General
Is it even possible to use falcons Crest twice in battle, using the mystic arte glitch? Build
Please help? Tech Support
Save data help? GameGenie? General
The tower of salvation? Main Quest
What are the Best ways to raise Affection with Zelos? Main Quest
What do you use in the hole in the wall in Chapter 2 troubled hearts area? Main Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Does the Dark/Demon seal work on the whole party? Build 1 2 months ago
Where do I find bowman in Sylverant? Enemy/Boss 1 4 months ago
Costume sets from previous Tales titles? General 1 4 months ago
What about chocolat? Plot 1 4 months ago
i am stucked in izoold. there is a missing npc is it bug? Main Quest 1 1 year ago
Ribbons or Circlets? General 1 1 year ago
I have a question about using game genie for a tech list magic swap? General 1 1 year ago
If I didn't buy Titles in the new game+ grade shop, can I still get them on the 3rd playthrough? Side Quest 1 1 year ago
Getting the swim suit outfits over multiple playthroughs? Build 1 2 years ago
learning new tech in NG+? General 1 2 years ago

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