1. Brent George Additional Animation (Contractor)
  2. Greg Puzniak Additional Animation (Contractor)
  3. Alexandre Roche Additional Animation (Contractor)
  4. Brian Sinasac Additional Animation (Contractor)
  5. Matt Twigg Additional Animation (Contractor)
  6. Blake Piebenga Additional Animation (Contractor) (Waterproof Studios)
  7. Christopher Bretz Additional Art (Contractor)
  8. Goran Bukvic Additional Art (Contractor)
  9. Lui Francisco Additional Art (Contractor)
  10. Valere Grams Additional Art (Contractor)
  11. Ed Hardison Additional Art (Contractor)
  12. Glen Harris Additional Art (Contractor)
  13. Kay Huang Additional Art (Contractor)
  14. WM Michael Irwin Additional Art (Contractor)
  15. Naeim Khavari Additional Art (Contractor)
  16. Gabriel Lopez Additional Art (Contractor)
  17. Colin Sayetta Additional Art (Contractor)
  18. Evan Yovanovich Additional Art (Contractor)
  19. Stuart Wheeler Additional Design (Contractor)
  20. Martin Barrette Additional Programming (Contractor)
  21. Jacob Barrick Additional Programming (Contractor)
  22. Matt Robinson Additional Programming (Contractor)
  23. Sylvia Rack Animation
  24. Jose Aguirre Audio Production (WaveGeneration)
  25. Marc-Andre Beaudet Audio Production (WaveGeneration)
  26. Michael Elman Audio Production (WaveGeneration)
  27. Julie Fainer Audio Production (WaveGeneration)
  28. David Lipes Audio Production (WaveGeneration)
  29. Michel Marchant Audio Production (WaveGeneration)
  30. Guillaume Provost Creative Director
  31. Derek Elliott Executive Producer
  32. Guillaume Provost Executive Producer
  33. Cord Barrett Smith Executive Producer
  34. Richard Wu Executive Producer
  35. Weili Huang FX Art (Contractor)
  36. Nicolas Marquis Lead Composer (WaveGeneration)
  37. Alex Golebiowski Level Art (PixelNauts)
  38. Chris Iacobucci Level Art (PixelNauts)
  39. Trevor Johnson Level Design
  40. Joshua Mills Level Design
  41. Laura Ellis Music Vocals
  42. Derek Elliott Producer
  43. Guillaume Provost Programming
  44. Alex Epstein Story / Voice Director / Music Lyricist
  45. David Martel Translation (French)
  46. Josue Monchan Translation (Spanish)
  47. Whitney Clayton Visual Designer
  48. Martial Leminoux Voice: Carmine (French)
  49. Bruce Dinsmore Voice: Carmine / Salvio (English)
  50. Teale Bishopric Voice: Didi (English)
  51. Gabrielle Shulman Voice: Didi (French)
  52. Elias Toufexis Voice: Johnny (English)
  53. Martial Leminoux Voice: Johnny (French)
  54. Vanessa Matsui Voice: Kat (English)
  55. Nathalie Homs Voice: Kat (French)
  56. Louis-Philippe Dandenault Voice: Salvio (French)
  57. Bruce Dinsmore Voice: Vincenzo (English)
  58. Louis-Philippe Dandenault Voice: Vincenzo (French)


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, Krystal109, and oliist.

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