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Metal Gear Solid Cheats


  • Different ending/music

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Different ending/musicBeat game while wearing the Tuxedo

    Contributed By: Warhawk.

    8    6

  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CameraComplete the game and submit to Ocelot's torture, then start a new game.
    Demo Theater ModeComplete the game with either ending; complete both endings to completely unlock this option.
    Extreme ModeComplete the game on any mode and start a new one.
    Fight Red NinjaBeat the game with 100 percent two times, then go fight the ninja.
    Gun Shooting ModeEnter the VR training mode and successfully complete training mode time attack mode(look for cheat on list). When your done re-enter VR training mode, you'll find the new option.
    Hear the MGS theme tune play during the end creditsBeat the game 3 times on the same save file. The official Metal Gear Solid themetune will play during the second half of the end credits
    Infinite AmmoDo not submit to Ocelot's toture and at the end you will get Meryl's ending. She will give you a bandanna. Load the game and you will have the bandanna. Equip it and you will have infinite ammo.
    StealthBeat the game and submit to Ocelot's torture. Otocan will give you his stealth camoflauge. Load the game and you will have stealth. Equip it and you will be invisible, although wolves can see you and when an FMV shows the guards will see you.
    Survival ModeComplete Gun Shooting Mode in VR Training
    Technical Demonstration ModeComplete all other VR Training modes
    Time AttackEnter the VR training mode and succesfully complete training mode. When you re-enter VR Training Mode, you'll find the new option.
    TuxedoBeat the game twice, one with Meryl's ending, once with Otacon's ending. Save them on the same slot. Load the new game and when Snake goes up the elevator in the Dock, Snake will change into a tux.
    9    7

Easter Eggs

  • Alternate Save Message from Psycho Mantis

    If you save less than three times before you fight Psycho Mantis, you will get a special message on how reckless you are.

    Contributed By: MrFoxhound.

    15    4

  • Castlevania Message

    If you have a save game of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on your memory card, Psycho Mantis will give you surprising message before you fight him.

    Contributed By: Lock and Chain.

    9    1

  • Get Mei Ling Mad

    Keep calling Mei Ling on the codec. Say do not save about 5 to 8 times. She will get mad eventually and stop talking to you.

    Contributed By: danyates.

    9    2

  • Ghost Picture of Hideo Kojima

    After you beat the Ninja, take your camera and take a picture of the picture of the big orange-like robots in Otacon's lab. When you've done it, reset and load the picture. You'll see a ghost picture of Hideo Kojima!

    Contributed By: Pin_Cheater.

    9    0

  • How to make the Ninja free you

    After you are tortured, thrown in the cell, and called Otacon, the guard goes to the bathroom. Otacon comes, gives you a few things and then when he leaves and the guard comes back, let the guard go to the bathroom 2 more times. When the guard goes to the bathroom the second time, you'll hear something like a FAMAS. The Ninja comes and frees you!

    Contributed By: Pin_Cheater.

    13    2

  • Save message from Psycho Mantis

    If you save enough times before fighting Psycho Mantis he will tell you how wise you are for saving often.

    Contributed By: djmikso.

    11    2

  • Special Message

    If you have a savegame of POLICENAUTS on your memory card when you fight Mantis, you will get a special message from Hideo Kojima.

    Contributed By: rob29.

    9    0

  • Suikoden Message

    If you have a Suikoden Save Game on your Memory Card ,
    Psycho Mantis will give you special message regarding Suikoden when he reads your mind.

    Contributed By: ShinWesker.

    8    1


  • A more useful cardboard box

    When you're in the cave area with Meryl, hit her and quickly equip a cardboard box. She'll order a wolf to attack you, but if you're in a box, a wolf will pee on it instead. Now whenever that box is equipped the wolves will no longer attack you.

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

    16    1

  • Defeat Psycho Mantis with ease

    Make the boss fight with Psycho Mantis much easier by switching your controller to port 2 when the message HIDEO appears on your screen. If you do it correctly, Psycho Mantis will be unable to read your thoughts making the fight much easier.

    Contributed By: xerc.

    10    18

  • Easily cross minefields.

    If you don't have the mine detector, but want to cross a minefield without having to worry about blowing up, just go up to the area where you believe mines are and crawl across the ground. Not only will you be unharmed, but you will also receive any claymore mines that you crawl over!

    Contributed By: Felix Arabia.

    11    1

  • Meryl's Ending

    Resist Ocelet's torture to see a happy ending where everyone lives.

    Contributed By: MrFoxhound.

    12    2

  • Otacon's Ending

    To view Otacon's Ending instead of Meryl's ending after completing the game, submit to Ocelot's torture after being captured.

    Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

    11    1

  • Title Screen Tricks

    When you reach the title screen, push any of the directions on the D-Pad to be able to get different colors for the background graphics.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

    8    1

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition Cheats


  • Unlock All Outfits and Missions

    Enter the "Missions" subscreen from the menu and you will be prompted to enter a name if this is your first time entering. Enter the following code as your name to unlock every mission and several outfits. Be wary though, you can't use any new character in story mode, only in "Missions" mode.

    Unlock All Outfits and MissionsUUDDLRLRBA

    Contributed By: HellishMetal.

    4    2

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Cheats


  • Otacon's extra passwords

    Put these in instead of the code Otacon tells you to at Shadow Moses. You will get the Access Denied scene but afterwards you will get the bonus.

    100,000 DP14893
    iPod song13462
    iPod song78925

    Contributed By: laure8929.

    45    17


  • Extras Screen Passwords

    These passwords are entered at the Extras screen under Password after beating the game once on any difficulty. The items will be made available upon loading your save game or starting a new game (in which case you will gain access to them when you meet up with Metal Gear Mk. II; iPod songs are immediately available.)

    Altair Costumeaottrykmyn
    Drebin Facecamodntkkhktmm
    Type 17 Pistoljmsotsynrn
    Unlock Mk. 23 handgun (SOCOM from MGS1) mekakorkkk
    Unlocks "Desperate Chase" iPod Songthomas
    Unlocks "Gekko" iPod Songgeorge
    Unlocks "Midnight Shadow" iPod Songtheodore
    Unlocks "Mobs Alive" iPod Songabraham
    Unlocks "Mosin Nagant"mnsoymsyhn
    Unlocks "Subsistence Action" iPod Songmgo2play
    Unlocks 1911 Pistol1aytmmymhk
    Unlocks Patriotpkhhnwhsjt
    Unlocks Scanning Plug Sskynytktjp
    Unlocks the Desert Eagle Long Barreldeskyhstyl
    Unlocks Thor .45-70tshsniammr


  • Infinite Drebin Points From Dwarf Gekko

    When you reach the tank hangar in Act 4, equip as many healing items as you can, alert the Dwarf Gekko to your presence, and start running around. The Dwarf Gekko are programmed to shoot at you, but are incapable of reloading. They merely throw their guns away when they run out of ammunition. These discarded guns can be collected and sold to Drebin for extra points. While the most common gun is the GSR, the Dwarf Gekko will occasionally drop an otherwise rare Desert Eagle, which earn 10,000 points each. As long as you don't kill any Dwarf Gekko, you can keep this process going for as long as your patience or Snake's heath allows.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    7    5

  • Infinite Drebin Points In Outer Haven

    Before you reach Outer Haven's Microwave Tunnel, you have to run straight through a series of hallways that are infested with Dwarf Gekko. Instead of going forward, hang back near the door, equip The Patriot, activate auto aim, and start firing. You'll earn Drebin Points for every Dwarf Gekko you destroy, and none of them will be able to get close enough to attack you. Since the Dwarf Gekko infinitely respawn in this area and The Patriot has infinite ammunition, you can keep this going for as long as you want.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    8    7

  • Infinite Drebin Points In South America

    After you've met up with Drebin in South America, spend some time attacking the Confinement Facility nearby. It's surrounded by a watchtower and a perimeter wall lined with barbed wire, and has wood piled in front of it. Every soldier in this area is armed with an XM320, which earns 12,000 Drebin points each. However, it only earns this much if the weapon is dropped without the soldier being killed beforehand. The easiest way to do this is to stand near the entrance or the wood pile, and either hold up the soldiers at gunpoint or shoot them with Cry Ammo when they get close enough. Once you've safely gotten the XM320, kill the soldier and wait for his backup. Since soldiers respawn infinitely in this area, you can earn hundreds of thousands of Drebin points in only a few minutes.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    4    3


  • Bonus Weapons

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BandannaComplete a single-player session without killing anyone (including bosses). You can do this on any difficulty
    Desert Eagle, Long BarrelEarn the Fox emblem on a single-player session
    Digital CameraIn the Nomad vehicle during the mission intermission; you can unlock a special photo by picking up this item in stage 4 instead of earlier
    Mantis and Sorrow DollsShoot them out of Screaming Mantis's hand and pick them up
    Mauser Type 17Earn the Hound emblem on a single-player session
    MGL-140 Grenade LauncerBeat Raging Raven
    Mk. 23 HandgunFound in the first area of Act 4
    Patriot Future Assault WeaponEarn the Big Boss emblem on a single-player session
    Race (Ricochet) GunClear the single-player game once
    Rail GunBeat Crying Wolf
    Scanning Plug SLog more than 10 hours of Metal Gear Online play time on the same profile as your Metal Gear 4 game. You purchase this from Drebin
    Solar GunCollect the five statues (those of the four Battle Beauties and the Frog Soldier/Haven Troopers in stage 1) using non-lethal means on their respective idols
    Stealth ItemComplete a single-player session without instigating a single alert (caution is okay, but not alert). You can do this on any difficulty
    Thor 45-70Earn the Fox Hound emblem on a single-player session

    Contributed By: _mune and HellKnightX.

    15    3

  • Completion Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    New combat vestsClear the single-player game once
    The Boss Extreme difficultyComplete the single-player mode once (and saving the cleared data).

    Contributed By: _mune.

    14    0

  • Costumes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AltairObtain the Assassin emblem
    Civilian DisguiseStart Eastern Europe level
    Corpse CamoGet 51 continues or more in a single playthrough to unlock this octocamo.
    Middle East Militia DisguiseMiddle East in the Militia Safe House
    South American Rebel DisguiseSouth America (Cove Valley Village)
    SuitClear the game once

    Contributed By: defcrap96 and Fuuinashi.

    13    6

  • Dolls/Statues

    You need to unlock 5 dolls before you can adquire the solar gun.
    Defeat the Frog Soldiers, Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, Crying Wolf and Screaming Matis with Non-Lethal weapons. (During their beast form, not beauty). After defeating them grab the doll before killing their beauty form. Except on the frogs because they don't have a beauty form.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Crying Wolf Doll/StatueIn a side of a bulding just where you start after killing her beast form
    Frog Soldier Doll/StatueAt the garage at the end of the battle
    Laughing Beast Doll/StatueOn a bed in a little room
    Raging Raven Doll/StatueOn the upper floor on a corner
    Screaming Mantis Doll/StatueOn the corridor where you started

    Contributed By: game_break.

    15    1

  • Facepaint

    Different face paint unlocked for in game use.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Big Boss'sEarn the Big Boss emblem on a single-player session
    Classic MGS SnakeBeat Act 3
    Crying WolfDefeat the Battle Beauty (human form) Crying Wolf by non-lethal means.
    DrebinPurchase and keep more than 60 different weapons.
    FaceCamoDefeat the Battle Beauty Laughing Octopus (the overall battle, no specifics involved).
    Laughing OctopusDefeat the Battle Beauty (human form) Laughing Octopus by non-lethal means.
    OtaconRam Dr. Emmerich using the Metal Gear II during the intermission scene.
    Raging RavenDefeat the Battle Beauty (human form) Raging Raven by non-lethal means.
    Raiden Mask ARam Sunny using the Metal Gear II during the intermission scene.
    Raiden Mask BRam Dr. Naomi Hunter using the Metal Gear II during the intermission scene.
    Roy CampbellRam Colonel Campbell using the Metal Gear II during the intermission scene.
    Screaming MantisDefeat the Battle Beauty (human form) Screaming Mantis by non-lethal means.
    Young SnakeBeat Act 2
    Young Snake with BandanaBeat Act 2

    Contributed By: _mune and HellKnightX.

    11    2

  • iPod Tunes

    Snake's iPod can download specific tunes throughout the course of the game. Some songs have an additional "secret" effect when it is played in the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Beyond the Bounds (increases stun damage done by Snake from non-lethal weapons)Stage 4 Shadow Moses, Tank Hangar. After power is restored, backtrack to the upper catwalk and explore all rooms
    Big Boss (increase stun damage and increases Snake's accuracy when played)Earn the Big Boss emblem
    Bio-hazard (cause soldiers held by Snake to scream in terror)Stage 3 Europe, Midtown
    Boktai 2 ThemeAct 2, Mission Briefing, upstairs in the Nomad
    Bon DanceAct 2, Marketplace
    Destiny's Call (cause soldiers held by Snake to go enraged)A random gift from a militia or rebel soldier if Snake gives them a healing item
    Flowing Destiny (cause soldiers held by Snake to weep like a little girl)Stage 4 Shadow Moses, Canyon. Before leaving the canyon area, examine the rocky walls for a hole hiding this item
    Fury, The (cause soldiers held by Snake to go enraged)Stage 2 South America, Cove Valley Village. Inside the fire ravaged house
    Inorino UtaAct 1, Mission Briefing
    Level 3 WarningAct 1, Advent Palace
    Lunar Knights Main ThemeAct 4, Mission Briefing, upstairs in the Nomad
    Metal Gear 20 Years History: Part 2Act 4, Warhead Storage Building B2
    Metal Gear 20 Years History: Part 3Act 2, South America Confinement Facility. In room with beds inside the house
    Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (The Document Remix)Act 5, Under hatch to the left at the beginning of area
    MGS 4 Love Theme / Action (cause soldiers held by Snake to weep like a little girl)A random gift from a militia or rebel soldier if Snake gives them a healing item
    On AlertAct 3, Midtown N Sector
    One Night in Neo Kobe City (Causes soldiers held by Snake to laugh)Act 3, Midtown, hold-up PMC.
    Opening - Old L.A. 2040 (increase Snake's accuracy)Stage 4 Shadow Moses, Nuclear Warhead Storage B2. Input 78925 into Otacon's lab computer
    Policenaughts Ending (cause soldiers held by Snake to fall asleep on touch)Stage 4 Shadow Moses, Nuclear Warhead Storage B2. Input 13462 into Otacon's lab computer
    Rock Me (increases Snake's amount of life recovered from items and other means)Stage 2 South America, Confinement Facility. Island in the south-eastern quadrant
    Sailor (increases Snake's amount of life recovered from items and other means)Stage 2 South America, Vista Mansion. Between the east wall and a cargo container
    Shin Bokura no Taiyou ThemeAct 3, Mission Briefing, upstairs in the Nomad
    Show Time (cause soldiers held by Snake to scream in terror)A random gift from a militia or rebel soldier if Snake gives them a healing item
    Snake Eater (increase the life recovery rate of Snake through items and other actions)Unlocked by earning all 40 game clear emblems
    Subsistence (increase Snake's accuracy)Play at least one game of Metal Gear Online. You must start the match with at least two players
    Test Subject's DualityAct 3, Midtown S Sector
    The Best Is Yet To ComeAct 4, Snow Field. Just before the "Disc Change" Codec scene.
    The Essence of VinceAct 3, Echo's Beacon
    The FuryAct 2, in the Cave Valley Village in badly burned building
    Theme of Solid SnakeAct 1, Millennium Park
    Theme Of TaraAct 1, Militia Safehouse. Just before seeing the unmanned flying-bomber on the table
    Warhead StorageAct 4, Tank Hanger. Upper floor ventilation shaft.
    Yell (Dead Cell)Act 4, Casting Facility North
    Zanzibarland BreezeAct 1, Urban Ruins before cutscene

    Contributed By: _mune and Tanookii.

    12    1

  • New Ammo

    After finishing the game once, and getting back to drebin you can buy:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Emotive ammo (cry)Finish game once
    Emotive ammo (laughter)Finish game once
    Emotive ammo (rage)Finish game once
    Emotive ammo (scream)Finish game once
    Smoke Grenade (blue)Finish game once
    Smoke Grenade (green)Finish game once
    Smoke Grenade (red)Finish game once
    Smoke Grenade (yellow)Finish game once

    Contributed By: Mort_pas.

    12    0

  • Unlockable Emblems

    Unlocking emblems gives you various bonus content.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ant EmblemShake 50 enemies for items
    Assassin's EmblemBeat the game with 50+ knife kills, 50+ CQC holds, and 25 or less alerts.
    Bear EmblemChoke 100 enemies to death
    Bee EmblemUse the Scanning Plug S or Syringe on 50 enemies
    Big Boss EmblemBeat the game on the highest difficulty with no deaths, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandanna items, in under 5 hours.
    Blue Bird EmblemGive friendly soldiers 50 items
    CentipedeGet less than 75 alert phases, less than 250 kills, and over 25 continues.
    ChickenGet over 150 alert phases, over 500 kills, over 50 continues, use over 50 recovery items and finish the game in over 35 hours.
    CowActivate over 100 alerts
    CrocodileHave over 400 kills
    Eagle EmblemGet 150 headshots
    Fox EmblemBeat the game on normal or higher w/ no deaths, 5 or less alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandanna items, in under 6 hours.
    Fox Hound EmblemBeat the game on hard or higher w/ no deaths, 3 or less alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandanna items, in under 5.5 hours.
    Frog EmblemRoll forward 200 times
    Gecko EmblemPress against walls for a total of 1 hour
    Giant Panda EmblemComplete the game after 30 cumulative hours of play
    Gibbon EmblemHold up 50 enemies
    Hawk EmblemBe admired by 25 friendly soldiers
    Hog EmblemGet 10 combat highs
    Hound EmblemBeat the game on hard or higher w/ no deaths, 3 or less alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandanna items, in under 6.5 hours.
    Hyena EmblemPick up 400 dropped weapons
    Inch Worm EmblemCrawl on the ground for a total of 1 hour
    JaguarGet over 75 alert phases, less than 250 kills, and less than 25 continues.
    LeopardGet over 75 alert phases, less than 250 kills, and over 25 continues.
    Little Gray EmblemCollect all 69 weapons
    Lobster EmblemSpend a total of 2.5 hours crouching
    MantisFinish the game with no alerts activated, no continues, no rations, noodles or regains used and in under 5 hours
    OctopusBeat the game without activating any alert phases.
    PantherGet over 75 alert phases, over 250 kills, and less than 25 coninues.
    PigUse more than 50 recovery items
    PigeonBeat the game without killing asingle person (Gekkos and Dwarf Gekkos dont count).
    PumaGet over 75 alert phases, over 250 kills, and over 25 continues.
    RabbitFlick through 100 Playboy pages
    RavenBeat the game in under 5 hours
    ScarabPerform over 200 prone side rolls
    ScorpionGet less than 75 alert Phases, less than 250 kills, and less than 25 continues.
    SpiderGet less than 75 alert phases, over 250 kills, and over 25 continues.
    TarantulaGet less than 75 alert phases, over 250 kills, and less than 25 continues.
    TortoiseSpend more than 60 minutes inside the drum can or card board box (this can be done throughout the game, not all at once)
    WolfBeat the game with no continues and no rations, regains, or noodles used
    14    0

Easter Eggs

  • Beauty and the Beast Photoshoot

    While fighting the second form of any B&B unit stall for 3 minutes. After that the whole area around Snake and the beast will go white. If you have obtained the camera already once you pull it out the Beast will pose for you.

    Contributed By: avataraang1.

    14    1

  • Dancing Beauties

    When you have the Beauty and the Beast Photoshoot active, equip your iPod and play "Oishii Two-han Seikatsu." Instead of attacking, your opponent will start dancing along to the music. If you happen to check on Sunny while this is happening, you'll see that she's dancing as well.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    9    0


  • Cheaper Prices In Drebin's Store

    Set the PS3 system date to a Wednesday or Sunday, and Drebin will have cheaper prices. Also, in Act 5 all prices are halfed.

    Contributed By: jordo141.

    14    2

  • Inheritence

    You carry over your Drebin points, weapons, ammunition, items, and special items from a previous game upon game clear. However, Snake will need to encounter Metal Gear II in the first stage to get his stuff back.

    Be sure to save your cleared data upon game completion to track your items. Load the cleared data to reap your benefits.

    Contributed By: _mune.

    16    1

  • No More Camo

    Shake the Sixaxis controller to return Snake's Octocamo to its neutral (black and blue) pigmentation.

    Contributed By: _mune.

    20    2

  • Refill Psyche During Cut-scenes

    If during a cut-scene something causes Snakes psyche gauge to decrease just press X rapidly to replenish it.

    Contributed By: MangledMailMan.

    15    5

  • Show Me Your Motions

    When a character is introduced for the first time, press R2 to view that characters motion capture person instead of that person's voice actor.

    Contributed By: AXBHikaru.

    13    3

Enemy/Boss Tips

  • Vamp's Light Weakness

    When fighting Vamp, immediately equip the Solar Gun. A fully-charged blast from it can take Vamp out in a single hit. This leaves him wide open to be grabbed and injected with the syringe. This method can end the fight in a matter of seconds.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    8    1

Area/Level Hints

  • Easily Sneak Through The City

    The Third Sun chapter involves following a NPC through a city, while avoiding enemy soldiers. They already know what Snake looks like, which makes getting through tricky. However, you can counter this by simply equipping any other characters' FaceCamo that you've unlocked. The soldiers will see you, but won't attack. They're only looking for Snake, after all.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    6    2

Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions Cheats


  • Alternate Title Screen

    Complete 85% of the game to unlock Ninja Mode and the title screen will change to show the face of the Ninja.

    Contributed By: windycornertv.

    5    0

  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mei Ling Photo ShootBeat all the sneaking modes with a best time (30 in all).
    Mystery ModeComplete 70% of the total missions.
    NG Selection ModeComplete at least 80% of the VR missions
    Ninja ModeComplete 85% of the total missions.
    Picture of Metal Gear RAYComplete Game 100%
    Puzzle ModeComplete at least 50% of the VR missions.
    Secret PicturesBeat every mission in the entire game.
    6    0

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