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by Codebreaker1234

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Codebreaker1234

Version: 1.50 | Updated: 12/24/13

Table of Contents

  1. Version History
  2. Copyright Info
  3. Introduction and Early Info
    1. Game Intro
    2. Basic Controls
    3. Combat Controls
    4. Predator Takedowns
    5. Gadgets
    6. Order of Upgrades
    7. Game Review
  4. Story Mode Walkthrough
    1. Blackgate Prison (Part 1)
    2. Enter the Batcave (Part 1)
    3. Enigma's First Tower
    4. Arms Deal
    5. Enigma's Second and Third Tower and finding the Penguin
    6. Penguin's Hideout, The Final Offer
    7. Anarky, Enigma and the Path to Lacey Towers
    8. Lacey Towers
    9. Obtaining the Concussion Detonator and entering the GCPD
    10. GCPD Building (Part 1)
    11. Sewers under GCPD
    12. Guns, Cash, and Mind Control
    13. Gotham Merchant's Bank
    14. Shiva and the Road to the Steel Mill
    15. The Sionis Steel Mill
    16. Tracking the Electrocutioner
    17. The Gotham Royal Hotel
    18. The Joker's Mind Games
    19. The Hunt for Bane
    20. Bane's Hideout
    21. The Final Enigma Towers, Bird, Deadshot, and the Road of Fire
    23. Gotham Pioneer's Bridge
    24. Return to the Batcave (Part 2)
    25. Blackgate Prison (Part 2)
    26. The Final Boss
    27. After the Story
  5. Cold, Cold Heart Walkthrough
  6. Side-Quests
    1. Enigma Towers
    2. Anarky
    3. The Penguin
    4. The Mad Hatter
    5. Shiva
    6. Deadshot
    7. Bird
    8. Black Mask
    9. Escaped Prisoners
  7. Crime Scenes
    1. Coventry Tower Deathtrap
    2. Jezebel Plaza Fall
    3. Lacey Towers Murders
    4. Helicopter Crash
    5. Dixon Docks Shooting
    6. The Coventry Fire
    7. Burnley Hit and Run
    8. Amusement Mile Mauling
    9. Crime Alley Shootings
  8. A Cold, Cold Heart Walkthrough
    1. A cold, cold introduction
    2. Wayne Mansion
    3. The Batcave
    4. Wayne Manor
    5. Anarky in a Frozen Gotham
    6. The Penguin Strikes Back
    7. GothCorp Headquarters (Part 1)
    8. Drill, Cop and Anarky Hunting
    9. GothCorp Headquarters (Part 2)
  9. Challenge Mode
    1. Ranked Challenge
    2. Combat Maps
    3. Custom Mode
    4. Campaign Mode
    5. Combat Training
  10. Boss Guide
    1. Boss 1- Killer Croc
    2. Boss 2- Deathstroke
    3. Boss 3- Copperhead
    4. Boss 4- Bane
    5. Boss 5- Firefly
    6. Boss 6- Bane
    7. Final Boss- Bane TN-1
    8. Boss EX- Mr. Freeze (DLC)
  11. Contact Information
  12. FAQ
  13. Special Thanks
  14. Conclusion


By: Codebreaker1234

Copyright 2013-2014

Version History

12/18/13- Began guide

12/24/13- Submitted Guide to Gamefaqs [Version 1.0]

1/7/14- Added challenge mode guide [Version 1.10]

1/16/14- Added penguin side quest details (Formatted FAQ Saved file 100, yeah man)  [Version 1.15]

1/18/14- Added penguin side quest to side quest section, also added alternate strategy for Shiva fight (Thank you to my friend Wally for giving me this strategy) [Version 1.16]

 1/19/14- Added crime scnenes section [Version 1.17]

 5/10/14- Added A Cold, Cold Heart Walkthrough [Version 1.50]

Copyright Info

This guide was written by James Alatis and may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you wish to use my guide on any website except www.gamefaqs.com or www.neoseeker.com then please contact me at wetcodebreaker1234@aol.com.

Introduction and Early Info


Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my guide, I will do anything I can to help you complete this game and get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. In this guide I will cover the vast majority of this game as completely as possible. For more info about my guides, follow me on twitter @wetcodebreaker

Game Intro

Batman Arkham Origins is the third installment in the wildly popular Batman Arkham series. This game takes place chronologically before the other two games in the series and is meant to serve as an origin story in order to help players understand how batman's crime fighting journey began and how he grows to become the great hero we all know and love.

Basic Controls

  • L-Stick- Move
  • R-Stick- Look Around/Move Camera
  • D-Pad- Choose/Equip Gadget
  • Square- Strike
  • Circle-Stun
  • Triangle-Counter
  • X- Evade/ Jump/ hold to Run
  • R1-Grapple
  • R2- Crouch/Use Gadget (while holding L2)
  • R3-Zoom In/Out
  • L1- Detective Vision/Hold to Scan
  • L2- Aim Gadget
  • L3- Center Camera
  • Start- Open Game Menu
  • Select- Open Map

Combat Controls

  • Strike- Square
  • Counter- Triangle
  • Cape Stun- Circle
  • Evade- X+X
  • Super Stun-Circle + Circle + Circle
  • Air Attack- Circle + X
  • Beat Down- Circle + Tap Square Repeatedly
  • Ground Takedown- R2 + Triangle
  • Batclaw Strike- R2 + Triangle, then Square
  • Special Combo Takedown (Must Unlock) - Triangle + Circle (At same time)
  • Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown (Must Unlock) - X + Circle (At same time)
  • Special Combo Bat Swarm (Must Unlock) - X + Square (At same time)
  • Special Combo Disarm and Destroy (Must Unlock)- Square + Triangle (At same time)
  • Quickfire Batarang- Double tap L2
  • Quickfire Batclaw- L2 + Triangle
  • Quickfire Concussion Detonator- L2 + Circle
  • Quickfire Explosive Gel/Detonate Explosive Gel- L2 + Square
  • Quickfire Glue Grenade- Double tap R2

Predator Takedowns

Most takedowns that require the triangle will prompt you when it is the proper time to press the button.

  • Inverted Takedown-While hanging upside-down from a vantage point, press triangle as an enemy passes underneath you
  • Grate Takedown- While hiding in a floor grate, press triangle as an enemy passes over you
  • Vent Takedown-While hiding in a vent, press triangle when an enemy approaches the vent
  • Batclaw Takedown-Use the Batclaw to pull an enemy off a ledge
  • Ledge Takedown-While hanging over a ledge, press triangle when an enemy approaches above you
  • Inverted Ledge Takedown- While hanging over a ledge, press triangle when an enemy passes underneath you
  • Zipline Takedown-While ziplining across a remote claw rope, press triangle when an enemy is near you
  • Explosive Gel Takedown- Spray explosive gel on a weak wall, detonate when an enemy approaches wall on opposite side of the gel
  • Glue Smash Takedown-Throw glue grenade at an enemy, press triangle while near an entangled enemy
  • Silent Takedown-Sneak up unnoticed behind an enemy and press triangle
  • Remote Control Batarang Takedown- Use an accelerated remote control Batarang to knock an enemy off a ledge
  • Corner Takedown- When covering a corner, press triangle when an enemy approaches


  • Batarang- the most classic of all batman's gadgets, aim and throw at bad guys to knock them down
  • Batclaw- A claw that can be fired at enemies of hooks or a variety of other things, is capable of pulling them toward batman, or batman toward them
  • Explosive Gel- Gel that can be sprayed up to three times before detonating, can be used to destroy weak walls, stun or even knock out enemies, and to create loud noises
  • Concussion Detonator- A relatively useless item that can be used to temperately stun enemies in combat.
  • Smoke Pellet- A small pellet that can be dropped or thrown in order to create a large cloud of smoke around the Batman, or wherever it is thrown, Can only be used once in a predator map.
  • Cryptographic Sequencer- A minicomputer batman can use to hack passwords or tune into radio frequencies
  • Multi Target Batarang- A set of up to three Batarangs that can target up to three enemies
  • Disrupter- A one-to-three shot weapon that can turn off jammers and jam guns
  • Sonic Batarang- A Batarang that attracts a predator enemy
  • Remote Control Batarang- A Batarang that can be steered, accelerated or decelerated, and can be electrified
  • Glue Grenade- Launches a lob of glue at an enemy and sticks them in place
  • Remote Claw- Fires a rope that can be used to attach two points with a tightrope

Order of Upgrades

In this section I will show you the order that I recommend spending the upgrade tokens that you receive by leveling up

  1. Close Combat- Combat Armor V1.0
  2. Invisible Predator- Increased Batarang Stun Time
  3. Close Combat- Ballistic Armor V1.0
  4. Close Combat- Ballistic Armor V2.0
  5. Close Combat- Ballistic Armor V3.0
  6. Invisible Predator- Rope Takedown
  7. Invisible Predator- Remote Claw: Heavy Reel Ammo
  8. Invisible Predator- Remote Claw: Heavy Reel Ammo Capacity
  9. Close Combat- Special Multi Ground Takedown
  10. Close Combat- Combat Armor V2.0
  11. Close Combat- Combat Armor V3.0
  12. Close Combat- Blade Doge Takedown
  13. Invisible Predator- Glide Boost Attack
  14. Invisible Predator- Frequency Detonator
  15. Invisible Predator- Heat Signature Concealment System
  16. Close Combat- Combat Armor V4.0
  17. Invisible Predator- Increased Smoke Volume
  18. Invisible Predator- Increased Batarang Damage
  19. Invisible Predator- Double Batarang
  20. Close Combat- Ballistic Armor V4.0
  21. Invisible Predator- Triple Batarang
  22. Close Combat- Special Combo Bat Swarm
  23. Invisible Predator- Quick Silent Takedown
  24. Close Combat- Special Combo Boost
  25. Close Combat- Shock Gloves- Battery Efficiency

Game Review

Now, don't get me wrong, Arkham Origins is a great game, but before I tell you how to beat it, I'd like you to know what you're getting yourself into, so here is a review that I wrote about the game...

"A game with great potential that unfortunately left the gamer wanting for more"



In my opinion, overall the "Batman Arkham" series is one of the best video game series that have ever been released for the Play Station or the Xbox, so it goes without saying that I expected great things from this game. I'm sorry to say, I was greatly disappointed.



"Batman Arkham: Origins" probably has the graphically best game world of all the "Arkham" games. The game takes place in Gotham City, and you really can see just what kind of city it is. The player can easily get the "crime-infested" sense from just looking at the sad, run down style that many of the buildings in Gotham have. It is sometimes said that in many cities no two buildings look alike. This is proven true about Gotham City by this game. The buildings, dark and depressing as they may be, are depicted extremely well. There is no major flaw with the graphics that I noticed, no over-blurred portions of the map, and everything appeared to be as realistic as one could expect from a Play Station 3 Game.



I have decided to mix these two key elements of this game together, because in Arkham Origins, these two aspects largely rely on each other to show off the apex of video game technology. The controls of "Batman Arkham Origins" are most likely one of the best aspects of the game. Or at least they would be if they weren't totally ripped off from "Batman Arkham City." Its true, if you have ever played Arkham City, then you would recognize the combat system almost immediately. Aside from switching two buttons, there is almost no difference whatsoever. That being said, the truth is if something isn't broken, why try to fix it, right? Even though the controls are so similar to Arkham City, because Arkham City had such an amazing style so did Arkham Origins. For those who have never played Arkham City, the controls are extremely easy to master. Even though Batman has a large variety of moves and attacks, they all are relatively easy to use and can deal major damage to enemies after a short amount of practice, which is provided in the combat training mode that is unlocked as soon as the story starts. The Predator controls for this game are even more impressive than either Arkham City or Arkham Asylum. There are many new ways to take down enemies even though the controls have barely changed from the previous game. As for Gameplay, there are enemies almost everywhere in the city, so it is extremely easy to find a fight in order to practice your combat or predator skills whenever you please. The enemies are relatively weak throughout the story, unless you are playing on hard, so there isn't much of a challenge. However it can be fun to simply beat the stuffing out of random criminals sometimes so...


The Story-3/10

In my opinion, Batman games should have a strong story because of the strength of the comic book that they are based off of. The story of "Batman Arkham Origins" however, makes the entire game seem like a complete waste of time, and discredits the actual name of the game at the same time. First of all, the story was completely flat and BORING. The basic idea was that there were these assassins who were hired by Black Mask to kill Batman on Christmas, and that is pretty much the backbone of the story. I believe there was one single plot twist in the entire game, and that occurred about halfway through the game. There was also a little foreshadowing to the previous two games because this is, after all, an origins story right? Well my dear readers, I'm sorry to tell you all that is WRONG. The title of this game leads one to believe that maybe we will learn how he became Batman, or maybe show him losing some fights, but NO. Batman is as strong as ever, maybe even stronger than he was in the last two games, and because of this the game totally fails as an origins story. Unless Batman just gets weaker as he gets older, and we all know how true that is right? All in all, you can pretty easily guess what's about to happen next in the story before it actually happens by using a little common sense. Also, I won't tell you how it ends, but let me just say, it leaves A LOT to be desired.


The Boss Fights-2/10

The boss fights were anticipated to be one of the most amazing parts of this game. I mean seriously, what could be more perfect than to pack a game with a bunch of fun, yet challenging bosses? Unfortunately, like many other aspects of the game, this leaves much to be desired. The actual number of possible boss fights in this game is larger than that of the previous games, however, all of the bosses are extremely similar, and it is not all that difficult to identify the one flaw in a boss that makes him easy to defeat. Most of the bosses in this game require a session of button mashing in order to defeat them, and the whole point of the fight is to simply get to the part where you have to slam on the square button, mash the button, and then repeat. The only minor difference is the bosses fighting style. The boss fights are also extremely similar to those of Arkham City; even the final boss is ripped off from a fight from Arkham City. Also, while you CAN fight all of the assassins that were hired to kill you, you don't HAVE to, and when you do fight some of the optional ones, they have almost no impact on the story at all. I suppose you may say that a score of 2 is a little harsh, but this game promised to have a lot of fun boss fights in the commercials, and this game really lets you down.



It was a little bit difficult to decide whether to mark the side-quests as a good or bad feature of the game. While it did not break a 5/10, there are definitely some good features about the side quests in this game. For starters, there are a lot of side quests throughout the story, usually after a major mission or after completing a difficult dungeon. A new side quest becomes available to take your mind off the main story and just relax busting some bad guy heads, or blowing some up some stuff. Unfortunately, there is not much more to most of the side quests than that. The majority of them are either some kind of fetch quest where you have to fight a group of bad guys or then some kind of boss, or both. There is also the "enigma quest", which is pretty much the exact same as the "riddler quest" from the previous two games in the series. While these quests are fun the first time around, they eventually become so horribly repetitive that you don't want to do the next side quest because you feel like you've already done it twice. Basically, the first couple side quests are fun, but after that they become rather drab and redundant.



The gadgets that are present in this game aren't bad per se, but they aren't exactly good either. For the most part they are similar to other parts of the gadgets that are almost all present in the Arkham City, with the exception of about three of them. The gadgets are interesting to use, and some of the new ones open up some new attacks that fall under the Gameplay section. What made this fall into the bad category was the fact that there was nothing new about the majority of the gadgets, some of them are the exact same as ones used in Arkham Asylum. While they can be fun to use, the fact that they are so overused and unchanged took a lot of the appeal away from this part of the game. Also, some of the gadgets are almost useless. For example, the concussion detonator that you are required to randomly pick up really doesn't make any difference in combat and the only way you will even notice you have it is if you intentionally make an effort to incorporate it into your combat, and even then, it doesn't help too much.


Replay Value-4/10

This story can be completed on easy or normal difficulty in probably about 4-5 hours, add 2-3 hours to that if you want to complete all the side quests and challenge maps. Everything can be completed rather easily in one play through, and even at that, the new game plus feature allows you to wrap up any loose ends not finished in the normal story. If you found the game to be fun than I recommend playing the new game plus version, however by the time you have beaten the game and the new game plus, there really is very little reason to play it again.


Overall Score-5/10

In the end, Batman Arkham Origins is a game that does not live up to the standards set by its two predecessors; however it is still a fun game to play. The story is a little slow and many aspects of it are similar to previous games, but it is still a game that can be easily enjoyed. An overall score of 5 out of ten was given because while the game is enjoyable it is not even close to the level of quality shown in the previous two games.

Story Mode Walkthrough

Here marks the beginning of the walkthrough for the story mode of Batman: Arkham Origins. In this section I will to the best of my abilities tell you how to complete the many dungeons, puzzles and battles of Batman Arkham Origins.

Blackgate Prison (Part 1)


The opening cutscenes of this game display Bruce Wayne walking through the Batcave, while watching a TV screen talking about how Julian Day is scheduled to be executed soon, and talks about the possibility of there being a batman, but shows how Gotham does not know about him yet, as the police deny that he even exists.

As soon as you gain control of Batman, run toward the obviously placed hole in the wall by moving using the control stick and holding the X button while you move. When you near the hole, press the R2 button while running to slide through it. Continue down this hallway, take a left at the corner and crouch and walk under the rubble blocking your path. Watch the small cutscenes that play and then press the triangle button to counter the thugs attack when the game prompts it, and then once again when you are attacked a second time. After the talking walk straight through the door that appears directly behind you, press the select button to view the new mission objective if you want to. In this next room walk down the stairs that appear directly in front of you, and then open and proceed through the door by pressing the X button. After walking through the door you will be attacked by four enemies, after defeating these four, one of them will begin to surrender, after they do press triangle button to interrogate this enemy, and then proceed through the door to the north. You will see a small cutscenes with a drone, after that turn the corner and walk down this hallway a short ways, about halfway through a gate will fall and two enemies will attack you.  After beating them, grapple above the gate that fell by pressing the R1 button, climb onto the ledge and fall onto the other side, finally proceed through the door. On the other side of the door you will see a short, mildly disturbing cutscene involving Killer Croc, and then you will be attacked by an armored enemy. To defeat this enemy, stun him with O and then follow by rapidly spamming the square button to perform a beat down. Grapple up onto the ledge and go into the next room. Starting now, you will finally be able to use detective vision, activate it by pressing L1, and you will see four enemies on the other side of the door. Throw a Batarang at the switch on the wall in order to open the door. Run at the door and slide under it, then defeat all the enemies in the room (four of them). After you win, you will unlock Vicki Vale's biography, now go and activate the elevator button. In the shaft, use explosive gel to destroy the floor, then fall into the newly created hole and you will see another cutscene, aww, poor Loeb, they're so mean to him. Open the vent to your right and into the next room, then beat up the six enemies in the room, I guess they shoulda went to get a drink right? Anyway, after they're all out cold shoot your Batclaw at the vent cover on the wall on the side opposite where you entered the room, and climb into the vent. On the other side, spray explosive gel onto the wall and then blow it up to knock out the lone enemy, congratulations, you've accomplished your first gel takedown. After you finish celebrating, walk through the door directly to your right and then look right again. You will see a door with two buttons on either side of it. Quickly tap L2 in order to press both of them and open the door, then go on through. Take off the vent cover on the upper wall in this room and climb into the vent. Crawl through the vent, and you will see the beginning of a cutscene, which will finish when you fall out of the vent on the other side. After the scene jump through the window and take out the one armored and two normal thugs that jump you. Go through the door they come out of and at the end of this new hallway turn right and proceed through the door. Grapple to the top of this room and climb latters when necessary until you exit this large corridor and a cutscene will begin. After it you will face the first boss of this game...

Boss 1- Killer Croc

Well, this is the first major boss battle of the game, and in all honesty it's not that hard. As soon as the fight begins run up to croc and evade his attack so you can get behind him, then stun him and use a beatdown like you would for any old armored enemy. As soon as you finish the beatdown, evade his attack and he will jump to the closest large fire drum on the map. When he raises it above his head, slam on the L2 button and launch as many quickfire Batarangs as you can. If you can through enough before he throws the tank, it will blow up and deal him major damage, and if not then make sure to evade the tank before it hits you or you will take major damage. After he throws it, a helicopter will appear and drop off some minor thugs to help out croc. Beat them quickly if you can, and then launch another beatdown on killer croc. Unfortunately this time he will expect it and after you finish the beatdown croc will grab your leg and try to bite your head off. Slam the X button as quick as you can to escape and deal some damage to the boss, then immediately evade because he will attack as soon as you get control back. Croc will then try once again to throw a big flaming tank of gasoline at you, simply repeat what you did last time he tried this, throw quickfire Batarangs at it until it blows up, taking a big chuck of his HP with it, and if you fail, get out of the way. Beat up the bad guys that show up and then start another beatdown on killer croc. The same thing that happened last time will happen again, he will try to eat you and you have to press X multiple times very fast to escape. Croc will then try to throw the last tank at you, and if you can blow it up, the boss fight will be over. That wasn't too bad now was it?

After the fight, a major plot cutscene will play and you will learn a lot about the main story of the game.  Apparently Black Mask hired eight assassins to kill the Batman, Killer Croc being one of them.

Enter the Batcave (Part 1)

Ah yes, batman's home base, the legendary and a little creepy Batcave. In the Batcave you can participate in training simulations, change you batsuit, talk to Alfred, and sometimes even pick up some new gadgets.

The first thing I will say about the Batcave is that it would do you good to come back here as often as you can, as it will help you to get closer to earning a trophy every time you talk to Alfred (but only once per visit). The first thing you should notice when you enter the cave is that you have leveled up. This means that you will be able to unlock a new move or item from the unlock screen. Press the select button to get your upgrade. I can't advise you on how exactly to upgrade, simply choose the upgrade that looks the best to you. After picking your upgrade, walk to the batcomputer and you will see a cutscene which elaborates a little on the previous cutscene, and give some insight on each of the assassins. After this you will unlock the combat training mode, which is largely just for earning trophies and practicing fighting. If you want to train for a while go ahead, if not, walk up to the Batwing and press X to fast travel. When you do you will be able to select any one of a group of Fast Travel locations, however it doesn't matter which one you pick, because as soon as you fast travel you will end up in...

Enigma's First Tower

It seems that Batman likes to use television towers to control his batwing, and it looks like something is wrong with one of them, so we had better investigate this before we do anything else.

As soon as you gain control of batman, walk straight into the room right in front of you and go through the only door in the room. In here, you will encounter the first of Batman's famous Predator rooms. The point in these rooms is to take out all the enemies as quickly as possible without being seen, as they have superior firepower and can kill you in an instant. As soon as you enter, press the triangle button to drop your first smoke pellet and then grapple up onto the vantage point above you. Activate detective vision and grapple across the next two vantage points until you are directly above one of the bad guys. Press the triangle button to perform an inverted takedown and hang him by his feet. Glide off the vantage point and then craw through the vent on the ground. On the other side of the vent you will be able to press triangle again in order to perform a vent takedown and be rid of another of these armed enemies. Two down, two to go. Take an immediate right and take a running leap into the vent on the wall. On the other side you will see an enemy through a weak wall, preform a weak wall takedown and make him see stars. Climb through the hole you just made and take two immediate lefts and continue until you can grapple up. When you do you will be able to perform a ledge takedown, and be rid of the last of these annoying enemies...for now. Continue through the door near were the last bad guy was standing. Proceed into the room and to the right, where you will encounter your first...

Crime Scene #1

You will encounter a few of these throughout the game, basically what you have to do is use an advanced form of your detective vision in order to find out how a crime was committed and find clues to solve the crime. The first step is to find clues, and the first clue here is the red triangle on the body of the victim. After scanning the triangle, another will appear on the wall immediately behind the dead body, scan that as well. With that you will be able to reconstruct the crime and observe what actually happened to this poor man. Hold L2 to rewind the crime and R2 to fast-forward it. Now turn around and notice another red triangle has appeared on the access panel directly behind you. After scanning that, rewind the crime all the way and then listens to the small conversation between Alfred and Batman. Then, advance the crime to the part where the panel actually explodes and notice that a red triangle will appear out of the man's pocket, father advance the scene and you will see that it will land inside the vent on the wall. Pry open the vent and scan the keycard. Now you will be able to use your cryptographic sequencer to hack any access panel in any radio tower.

Use it to hack the panel right next to you and then advance through the newly unlocked door and climb up the ladder through the trap door. The password will be "unfortunate". After a short talk with Alfred, open the large door directly in front of you by rapidly tapping the X button and hack the panel inside of it, but before you can you will be contacted by the man who broke the tower, his name is Enigma, and he is the Riddler of this game. Then actually hack the panel, the password will be noflyzone. After the scene you will unlock the Enigma most wanted mission. The tower will then allow you to fast travel to this district again, but all the others are still locked, STUPID ENIGMA!!! Well I guess we'll just have to open them up too, but for now, leave the tower through the door to your left and continue to the...

Arms Deal

As soon as you are out of the tower and in Gotham City, the first thing you will notice is the large Bat Signal to the north east of your current position. I know the allure of exploration is in all of you my dear readers, but stick with me, well explore this great city yet don't you worry. However first things first, run off the ledge and hold X to glide into the air, you can grapple while gliding too and if you grapple with enough distance between where you start and where you end, you can double tap X to do a grapnel boost, which will make you go faster. In any case, make your way to the Bat signal you can see on the map, if you need to check the map with select to find your way there. Feel free to beat up any bad guys you see along the way as they will help you build up XP for more upgrades. About halfway there, when you first land on the Gotham Pioneers Bridge, you will notice a red arrow that says crime in progress. These happen randomly when you are walking around the map, and can be beaten for XP. This first one consists of about ten bad guys, and beating them up isn't too hard, so do it if you want to, skip it if you don't. Once you get across the bridge, Batman says the funniest thing I've ever heard him say, I'm sorry batman, but yes, you do patter. Anyway, make your way to Jezebel Plaza, where the Bat Signal is.

When you arrive, a cutscene will begin showing the beginning of the arms deal. After the scene you will be able to take out the nine enemies in any order you choose, although I highly recommend taking out the one with the gun first. If you want you can listen to the conversation as it is rather funny. After beating everyone, the guy in the Santa hat will wake up (even if you beat him first) and surrender. Interrogate him and a rather humorous cutscene will begin, and then you will find a chip that will allow you to find the Penguin. However, it seems like Enigma is messing with your efforts again, so you will soon realize that you will have to visit another Enigma tower before you can find him.

Enigma's Second and Third Tower and finding the Penguin

As soon as the scene is done, proceed to the new Bat Signal, which will be right above the nearest Enigma tower. When you arrive in front of the tower, you will see seven thugs, three of them holding pipes or bats. Beat them up and then you will notice the hole in the fence that is electrified. In order to unlock the door you must use a remote control Batarang, steer it into the electric charge and through the hole. On the other side of the fence, steer the electrified Batarang into the fuse box that is on the other side in order to unlock the door. If you stand still for a few seconds Batman will tell you how to do it. Go into the newly unlocked door and hack the tower, unlocking yet another batwing fast travel point, and you will have another chat with our pal Enigma. The password is keepout. But more importantly you will now be able to locate two sources of the penguins radio signal, and your new job is to find both of them, and then you will FINALLY be able to meet the Penguin.

 The first of these two networks is in the Amusement Mile, in the northeast corner of the city. Work your way there (there will be a Bat signal), and then once you arrive you will see five unarmed bad guys on a roof, take them all out and then approach the laptop conveniently located in the center of the boxes. You will then automatically pull out your cryptographic sequencer and tune into a new frequency. This will allow you to hear the Penguins voice for the first time, and boy does he sound...pleasant. Anyway, you will now have the location of the second Comm port, located due south of your position in the industrial district. Work your way there, but don't actually approach the roof where it is located, as the enemies guarding it are all armed. There are only three enemies, so listen to their conversation for a second until one of them wonders off alone, sneak up behind him and silently take him out. Repeat with the second two bad guys until they're all gone. After you beat everyone, go to the last laptop and you will learn where the penguin is. But before you go to beat him up, there's one thing we have to do first.

Halfway between where the Penguins ship is and your current location is Enigma's Third Tower, it is located in the Industrial district, find it on your map and set a waypoint for it using the Triangle button on the map. When you arrive at the tower you will see seven unarmed enemies by the locked tower door. Beat them all up, but be warned that there is a gun rack on the battlefield, and if you run into the fence during combat you will receive a shock. After they have been beaten go to the large box on the left-hand side of the tower platform, destroy the box, however if you do you will notice the door is still locked. No worries though, the simple answer to this is there is another box you need to break first. Face the exact opposite direction of the box, (face the right edge or far north if looking at compass) and then walk off the tower platform on the side farthest from the box (far right/north) and land on street level. Here you will see about five more enemies and another of those boxes. Beat up the enemies and destroy this second box. Now the tower door will finally be unlocked, grapple back up to the tower, go into the door and open it by rapidly tapping X. Inside, hack the third tower (password is "AREYOUKIDDING") and now you will have access to three Fast Travel points and will be able to have another chat with Enigma. Now that that's done let's get back to the Penguin.

Now that you know where he is, start working your way to his ship, located in the Amusement Mile, and when you get close, grapple onto the large mast of the ship, behind the sniper. This is a makeshift predator map, as there are two snipers and a large number of armed enemies. Silently take out the sniper on the top mast where you are first, and then glide onto the large crate suspended above the second sniper. From here you are in an ideal position to sneak up behind him and preform a silent takedown. Now that both snipers are out cold take out the rest of the armed thugs using any series of silent, ledge or corner takedowns. Or any takedown you want really, but be careful, if you die you will have to start all over again from the point where you got the second radio frequency. After they're all out, enter the door of the ship and enter...

Penguin's Hideout, The Final Offer

As soon as you enter the games second dungeon, you will be faced with two enemies wielding a new type of weapon, a knife. Enemies holding knives are difficult to counter, when they attack the counter symbol will be yellow instead of the usual blue, and they require you not only to counter three times per attack, but also require to pull away from the direction in which they slash. It is far simpler to simply evade when they try to attack, but in large groups knives can be annoying because even if you beat the guy who originally had the knife, another thug can pick it back up. Anyway, after you beat the two knife-men proceed through the barred door directly behind them. Turn the corner and proceed through the hallway and down the stairs until you come to another barred door with a group of seven enemies on the other side, two of them have guns so be careful in the fight. You should be able to perform a combat takedown on the closest enemy because he will not see you when you first enter the room. After the fight you will see a drone similar to the one you saw in the prison in the northwest corner of the room, examine it if you want and then proceed through the door at the north end of the room, turn right at the corner, following the signs to deck 1, and then go through another door.

You will now arrive in deck 1, wow; penguin has really let this place go. Anyway, take two quick lefts and follow the path, jumping over a hole along the way. Next take a right and a left, then you will see a room with five bad guys that are talking about Batman. Jump forward onto the railing and follow it across the large hole until you can jump off onto a platform with another open door. Through the door to the right you will see a ledge that allows you to jump down and start a fight with the five bad guys. Start by glide kicking the closest one, and be careful as one has a bat and one has a makeshift knife. When they're gone run to the ledge by the water, and you will notice a nice raft, just perfect for a giant bat thing to "patter" across. Use your Batclaw to bring the platform closer to you and jump onto it. Then use your Batclaw and the rings on the walls to pull yourself to the other side of the room, the path is rather straightforward, simply latch onto the ring that is closer to the other side of the room. You will make a right and two lefts before seeing another ring on a weak ceiling. You can use the Batclaw to bring this ceiling down and create a pathway to continue. Grapple into the newly created hole, take a right, a left, climb up some stairs and go through the door. In the next room, you will see some of those boiler deck fights you heard so much about, but you can't get there quite yet, so turn right, wait for the steam pipes to stop blowing steam at you (use detective vision, when they light up, they're on)and proceed along the given path. On the other side of the pipes, you will be able to grapple up twice, then run along a catwalk while avoiding three more pipes, then on the other side take a left and grapple up again. On this platform, you will see another of those rings, and if you use detective vision, you will see that it can be pried open, so use the Batclaw to open the hatch and climb through the hole. You will drop into the middle of the fighting ring and a cutscene will begin, leading up to the...

Miniboss- Electrocutioner and horde

The Electrocutioner himself is rather easy to be honest; all you have to do is walk up to him and press the square button. Wow, that's a letdown. Now all you need to worry about are the fifteen other enemies in the room, but if you are a descent fighter, you will be able to take them out rather easily. At the start of the fight nine of the enemies will be in the room. After beating six of them, the others will drop down and all you need to do is finish them all off. But be warned, many of them have knives, which can be rather annoying after a while. Once everyone has been defeated, an enemy will surrender; interrogate him to officially end this Miniboss fight.

After the fight, you can examine the Electrocutioner's body on the floor to hear some commentary from Batman, but after that exit through the door at the north end of the room into the "Medical Ward." In here, take a right and go up the stairs, you will end up on the upper half of that fighting ring you were just in. (Arkham City anyone?). Now take a left and go through the door on the overall right side of the room (looking at map). You will arrive in the deck access chamber, jump off the ledge, under the catwalk and continue through the corridor (jumping over another hole in the ground) then slide under a wall and up into an unobvious hole on the wall. Follow the vent until you reach the end, you will fall a large distance and see a wall of ice on the side of this small room. It is possible to break this ice using explosive gel. Do so then immediately grapple to the ledge that is available as soon as the ice wall is gone. Grapple up once more and then turn and jump onto a ledge. You will not be able to stand on this ledge, only hang from it. While hanging, you can move to the right and around a corner until you have another prompt to grapple.  Jump forward and glide to the next, lower platform and then grapple up once more to the highest walkway in the room. You will be hanging from the ledge as there are two enemies on this top level. Jump up and deal with them, (preform a ledge takedown on one) and then follow the path up a short stairwell and go through the door. You are now in the ship's upper deck, follow this hallway as far as you can until you run into the three enemies (one armed) right around the corner. Deal with them and then you will receive a "message" from Tracy, how pleasant. Batman will give Alfred an order that will help in the future, but as for now continue through the barred door and then look up. You will see s ring and a weak ceiling if you are using detective vision. Take the ceiling down and then grapple up into your newly created hole, and you will see a vent on the ground next to a fuse box. Open the vent and climb through. On your right you will see a kind ol' dead guy just hanging there, and on the left is the pathway you need to take in order to end up in a nice entrance to the casino. Open the big door and let's get to betting. Wow, that's a lot of cash, but before you can take any, you have to take out the one armed, and two unarmed thugs in the room, sounds easy right? Then do it. DARN IT, I knew that was too easy, now you have to deal with ten unarmed enemies, one of which is wearing riot gear, two have knives, and they can still pick up the gun off the floor. Better get to punching. With them all seeing stars, go to the North West corner of the room and look for a vent, open it and crawl through. Here you will see three thugs (1 armed) but they can't see you. Let's fix that by hacking that panel on the wall (Password- CLANDESTINE) which will open a secret wall in the other room, allowing you to engage these enemies and go into a new pert of the casino. Go back through the vent, take the bad guys out, and go into the new part of the room, where you will see an elevator button, press it. While waiting for the elevator, listen to the interesting conversation between Tracey and Candy. Watch as the cutscene plays and when Tracey reaches down, get ready to counter soon after Batman says lip gloss, otherwise you will get hit with a baseball bat. Now hack the computer and open up the door to Penguin's room (Password MAKEADEAL), jump through the window and open the previously locked door leading into the theatre. As you try to enter a thug will knock you back, and you will fight your first enforcer. These guys are like giant muscle men (I wish I could be that big sometimes...:'(  ), but I digress... The best way to beat them is to get close and start spamming the square button, if you can hit those twenty-five times, they go down, but be warned you can't counter their attacks. Take out the enforcer and the three other bad guys, and then you can finally go into the theatre. In here just walk straight down the hallway and through the next door, where you will encounter your second major predator room.

 As soon as you enter, grapple up to a vantage point and get a good look at the room. When you first enter there will be six armed bad guys in the room, one of them will spawn upstairs, one will be standing on the stairs between the two floors and the other four will be in the downstairs area. The enemies move so it is difficult to give exact directions on how to clear the room, but here is how I did it. First, look to the right and you will see enemy on the stairs standing right under a vantage point near you, grapple to it and perform an inverted takedown. Three of the other thugs will rush to his location...idiots. Notice a fire extinguisher right on the floor next to the three. Use a Batarang to make it explode and take out all three bad guys caught in the smoke. I just took the last two guys out using a combination of quickfire Batarang and beatdown. After you take everyone out, talk to the thug that was being held captive to unlock a profile, then go through the door at the south end of the room. When you do a cutscene will play, exposing a little more about just who the penguin is, and then you will forced to defeat four hostiles, unarmed but one has a knife. After you beat them another cutscene will play, and you will be attacked by none other than...

SPOILER! Highlight to View

What happens in this scene is Penguin is interogating Alberto Falcone the son of the leader of the largest weapons dealer in Gotham Carmine Falcone. Penguin wants to make the son convince his father to get out of the weapons bussiness so that he (Penguin) can become the leading arms dealer in gotham. Batman intervenes and takes out all of Penguins henchmen, and frees Alberto, then begins to interogate the Penguin about Black Mask. Penguin mentions the Black Mask was involved in a crime at Lacey Towers, but before he can say more batman is attacked by Deathstroke, beginning the boss fight

Boss 2- Deathstroke

This fight really isn't that hard, if you know what you are doing that is. The first thing you should know is never, for any press the circle button during this fight unless you accidently pause the game or are doing the combo move, because it will do NOTHING for you, except give the boss a free hit. As soon as you gain control of batman, use a quickfire Batclaw, and then the Batclaw strike to deal early damage to the boss, then simply begin hitting him with the square button. A piece of advice, if you have the option to counter or evade his attacks, evade them, as the countering is rather hard. Also, if you simply keep hitting him in this first phase he will have very few opportunities to actually attack, making this part rather easy. Once you have a combo built up, use you special combo move to deal some major damage to the boss (Triangle plus circle). After doing this about twice, a in battle cutscene will play where Deathstroke will begin attacking you with his pole. Rapidly press triangle to counter until he stops hitting you, and then press square rapidly when the game tells you to in order to perform a beatdown to end this first stage of the battle. The first thing you should do when the second phase begins is use you combo takedown, as the cutscene beatdown will give you a high enough combo to use it. In this part of the fight, his attacks will be slightly more elaborate and will usually require two counters if he gets you into one of his counter sequences. Another possibility is he will pull the remote claw on you. This will attach to a propane tank, which will then accelerate toward you. Simply counter it as if it was being thrown at you and then hurry and get closer to the boss, as he has a gun for long range. Other than that, just keep hitting him until you can perform another takedown, or simply deal enough damage to start another in battle cutscene. Counter his strikes again and then do another beatdown, ending the first half of this fight. Once again, as soon as the second part begins use the special combo takedown to take out a good chunk of his health, and then use a combination of quickfire Batclaw strikes and just plain old punches to drop his overall HP to ¼ of its max, which will cause the boss to begin the third in battle cutscene, which is really the same as the first two. In this phase the boss will use a sword instead of a pole and his attacks are a little quicker, and the counter times are different also the counter sequences will usually require three counters, but the overall strategy is the same. After the final scene the battle will end and you will have won, also you will get that cool weapon Deathstroke used on you, the Remote Claw.

Now that you have this cool new toy, try using it on the two hooks on the ceiling (they light up in detective mode) this will launch a rope that batman can grapple to. Then use the Zipline feature to get to the door Penguin escaped through and open it only to find...that it's locked. After a short talk with Alfred go through the door marked Exit, examine  eathstroke's body if you want. Go through another door, and down some stairs and you will be back in that flooded room, only now you can make a shortcut. Use the Remote Claw to make a path across the flooded room and then follow the path up and out of the ship. As soon as you leave the boat you can either do a side quest, or move on with the story, I will tell you how to do both in this next section...

Anarky, Enigma and the Path to Lacey Towers

This section will cover all of the side quests that open up after you clear the Final Offer.



The first and most obvious side-quest that becomes available as soon as you leave the ship is the Anarky quest. As soon as you exit look up and you will see a large screen with Anarky on it and he will be talking. Grapple up onto the mast right above this screen and you will see an Anarky follower. Talk to him. As soon as you do you will see a 3 minuet timer appear on the screen and you will have to get to the location marked on your map and diffuse the bomb located there before time runs out. This first bomb is in the south most part of the Bowery; however you cannot Fast Travel there. Make your way there and once you see the bomb located on though of the Gotham Merchant's Bank. You must first defeat the five unarmed anarchists stationed around the bomb, rush to the box in the corner of the platform and destroy it to stop the bomb. After you do Batman will begin a short conversation with Alfred.

 Now you have to find the next Anarchist crier who will tell you where the second bomb is. If you open your map, you will see that the next anarchy crier is in the North West corner of the diamond district. Fast travel to the Coventry and then make your way to the anarchist, who is on top of a Soder Cola building. After you talk to him a three minuet fifty second timer will begin, the second bomb is located in the Amusement Mile, but once again, you have to walk and can't Fast Travel. When you arrive there will be eight anarchists guarding the bomb box, take them all out quickly and destroy the bomb.

The final crier is located in the North East part of The Coventry; fast travel there and make your way to him; he is on a low ledge of a building with two smokestacks. His bomb is located on top of the GCPD building located in the BURNLEY, at the south most point on the map. The actual bomb is on the ice behind the building, and guarding it will be eight anarchists with no guns. Take them out quickly and disarm the final bomb. Now that all the bombs are destroyed, Batman will receive a call from Anarky himself telling him to go to the courthouse in Park Row, so fast travel to the Bowery and make your way to Park Row. The front door of the courthouse is locked, but there is a back door you can enter through, the bat signal will lead you to the unlocked door in the back. Once you enter make a right, a left and go through the big wooden doors.

Miniboss- Anarky

Here you will see a short cutscene and then will have to face a total of 13 enemies, all unarmed. You will start with only six thugs in the arena, but after you beat them six more jump down for you to beat, and in this part of the fight, Anarky will occasionally launch flares at you, which will cause you damage and break your combo so be careful. Now for the final round, Anarky himself comes down with a Taser and he is flanked by five thugs. In order to damage Anarky, simply jump behind him using evade and then begin a normal combo, but be careful as his attacks cannot be countered. After all of his thugs have been beaten, Anarky can be taken down with a single punch.

 If you want to you can listen to him talk for a while, but after your done just leave the same way you came in and this quest will be over.