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Reviewed: 05/13/16

The Most Anti-Climatic F&F Game Out!

While there's no user review out there... we live in a culture where sometimes the Internet doesn't always believe the reviews out there and decide to play the game at the same time. Maybe you should take their advice and not buy their game. Firebrand Games have make some good games before but this game really taken the cake of being a horrible game based of the movie.

Fast and Furious Showdown is the 2nd console game out based off the Fast and Furious franchise. The first game The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift had a lot of problems with it such as not having the character models and their likeness and simply the game to finish the Fast and Furious movies at the time because Vin Diesel went to make the fourth movie. However many fans accept the first console game has what it is. A racer to make players feel like they're playing a Fast and Furious game. So you would think Fast and Furious would improve on that formula and address those problems and leave space for future Fast and Furious games to work with? Showdown does that and make it worst and went the opposite.

Fast and Furious Showdown takes place between Fast and Furious 5 and 6. While Firebrand Games does everything to welcome the players into the fast and furious universe however the game has too many flaws to list. While the game does a nice job putting character models from the model in with voice acting, it throws together everything else and sometimes takes it a step too far and it really kills the vibe of the game. The game may look decent but other times it looks dull and dated. The level settings try to save it as some of the levels do look good but it doesn't really push the benchmark of the engine.

The game tries to include guns and weapons to help the player during missions. While the fast and Furious movies do contain weapons, the game does it best to include them and put them on the lesser part but then when there's weapons like a Harpoon gun with one of the missions forcing the player to complete the missions by tearing down buildings with it. That's just taking it too far. While the developers and maybe even the publishers wanted to separate the men from the boys with their game mechanics... they've really taken it far with by playing the Harpoon Gun with it. I got it but I know other players wouldn't and I'm not going to talk other players down with the mechanic.

Another moment was changing between both characters in different vehicles during a race. Half way in the game in Rio. By default, the game stuck me in a Dodge Charger which turned out to the most slowest vehicle in the race and the only way to win was to and forced me to quit and look at the mechanics again only to find that I could switch to the fast vehicle but it only had to be done by exiting the race and accessing it from the main menu!

The game features unlockables which are sometimes useful but some of the boosts aren't that good and you'll barely use them. There's a challenge mode to the game too if anyone really loves the movie and want to see it all on screen. Customization features are available for many of the vehicles. The game uses the car classes to really try to squeeze out how great the vehicles are but there's not much of it. Sometimes it works and other times, the game just forces itself to show how great all the vehicles are when they're not, sometimes making it feel unbalanced.

Finally while the first mission forced you to play as the antagonist in the sixth film, Ian Shaw with his notorious caged rigged roadster. It may of been a good introduction to the game, but then most of the games story features Ian Shaw during the game almost making it feel like it's a game just about him and he is the bad guy in the sixth movie. It's clear buyers and players who've bought this game on the first day would duked and went to see the movie after paying full price for this game because it's clear what the developers were trying to do.

Fast and Furious: Showdown is a horrible game not because of the bland graphic but solely because of it's nasty user interface options and anti-climax story before forcing players to rush to the cinema to watch Fast and Furious 6 after playing this. The user interface problems could of been addressed at least and also maybe tone down some of the ideas to separate the guys from the crowd the movie has to make the game more accessible. Firebrand Games couldn't develop anything as charming like the first Fast and Furious game and knew they were going to make history with this game and could of cared a bit more during the games development. By the time you finish the story mode of the game, you wouldn't want to bother playing anything else.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Fast & Furious: Showdown (EU, 05/24/13)

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