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by Drache the Dork

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Drache the Dork

Version: 1.12 | Updated: 01/17/17

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  • Copyright 2016
  • Chloe B. / Drache the Dork

  • Contact
    • Email: drachenmeister13 at gmail dot com
    • GameFAQs PM: Drache_the_Dork (must have underscores)

The reality of email is that I don't respond to it often. I advise against asking me questions, as chances are I'll see them a week later or so and I will assume you either figured it out or moved on by that point.

Feel free to leave a note if you want me to respond no matter how late I get to it. This does not guarantee response, but it makes it MUCH more likely.

Special Thanks

  • afreaknamedpete for very detailed property information
    • http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/709407-atelier-escha-and-logy-alchemists-of-the-dusk-sky/68855405
  • jinhaoyu122 for ultimate equips tutorials.
    • http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/709407-atelier-escha-and-logy-alchemists-of-the-dusk-sky/68839968
  • Illusionbreaker for a great money making trick
    • http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/709407-atelier-escha-and-logy-alchemists-of-the-dusk-sky/66667100
  • Shanaal Z. for pointing out that there is no such thing as Earth Damage S. Whoops.
  • Dion Starfire, for correcting a variety of errors I'd probably never catch.


(Screenshots will be coming eventually. That should help clear up some things.)

Synthesis starts off very tame; you toss items in, and you get a new thing back. You have no further control. Come back when you can put properties on your items.

I guess, as a first point, any property along the lines of Effect Up is garbage. I guess, if you can't max out the effect value without the property it's okay (limited to early game use only!), but after you max the bar, you aren't gaining anything by piling on more. Since you eventually acquire three synthesis skills that directly raise effect (Effect+), and two more that raise it in exchange for a percentage of your elemental attributes (Absorb Attribute), you should NEVER need Effect Up after, say, the third assignment. And that's being generous; you can max out a lot of items very early.

And, to make it perfectly clear, you want your items to have max effect value so they'll be at max power. The elemental attributes, however, are a separate matter.

Each item has one to four elements and a numeric value attached to /all/ elements. As an example, an Apple has Water with 15 points attached. When you toss this in an item, it will assign 15 points to the water attribute of the item you're creating. To unlock effects, you will need certain elemental values; this varies widely item by item. Sometimes, effects are given to you even with a element value of zero. Most of the time, you have get 15, 30, 60, etc. for a new effect. These effects are not to be confused with the effect value (historically, that was called quality, and that's a better way to think of it).

Sometimes, no effect is better than having one. For instance, some items will drain your MP till you get your elemental value high enough; then the effect disappears. Another thing -- higher doesn't mean better. In fact, when you get the Reset Attribute skill (which brings one attribute to 0), you'll find there are lots of great effects with low element requirements. For most items, though, higher is indeed better. Just not the best items.

Battle System

This is, honestly, a straightforward turn based system. So I'm going to go over some of the less obvious stuff.

In battle, you can support allies by attacking or defending. When you attack, this serves to raise the critical/damage rate; that is, the percentage you see on the screen. There are a few things that can raise the gauge:

  • Linca gives an automatic 5% for just being Linca.
  • Attacking from the back or side is worth more than attacking from the front
  • Critical hits have a bonus
  • And, of course, there are items and properties that can influence the rate.

After the gauge passes 200%, you can use a character's special move. I recommend Threia's Catastrophe. It debuffs. (And if you're new to the series, debuffing and buffing actually works.)

There are, furthermore, two additional quirks to the battle system. The first is special moves; any sort of move can raise the special gauge (hitting multiple enemies will raise it even more). If you have 100%, and you use anyone's 200% damage rate skill, you can follow this up with a finishing move. In fact, you can end combos with MULTIPLE finishing moves.

Finally, Escha and Logy get a skill called Double Draw. This attack has two levels, depending on your damage rate. Both levels of Double Draw make your items stronger (and give them different animations), though you should really be aiming for the second skill at all times. Notably, Escha is always the best at finishing. You'll notice, from her skill set and her unique items, that she's set up to do damage, while Logy is more of a debuffer. Either way, they get most of their power from critical damage bonuses.

Certain properties will mention that they boost skill power. This isn't quite true; they boost the power of EVERYTHING up to 100%, including item usage. Only skills themselves can go above the 100% cap. It's really up to you if you want to do a skill heavy set or an item heavy set, but I will emphasize items in my tutorials.


  • PS Vita Differences
    • The PS3's DLC characters, Miche, Katla, and Wilbell are included by default
    • Nio is added as a playable character
    • New boss
    • A new Lucille event
    • New Escha & Logy events
    • Japanese voices are free DLC
    • You get to see friendship values
    • Properties now display which item types they can be equipped to

Who to start with? It doesn't truly matter. However, having access to Escha exclusive items will make uber bosses easier. This either means creating those items and carrying them over to NG+ (you will have to purchase them, however, at a later point in the game), or simply taking Escha's route and demolishing everything in your path.

You get either Logy's Journey or Escha's Journey for just starting the game.

  • To get Platinum:
    • As Escha, get the Girl's Association ending. This means finishing the events of Linca, Lucille, and Threia (and thus getting their endings).
    • As Logy, get the Men's Association ending. This means finishing the events of Reyfer and Awin.
    • Additionally, Escha has two unique trophies, part of Micie's and Clone's events.
    • Likewise, Logy has two unique trophies, part of Solle's and Katla's/Harry's events.
    • After finishing the game once, you will unlock the true end in your next run.
    • The final boss has multiple forms; ranging from level 50 to 99. You have to beat one form that is above level 50, not necessarily the 99 form.
    • There are some easier bosses you need to beat.
    • Grind to level 99. Not fun, but there are some tricks around to make it easier.
    • Otherwise, the trophies should come to you from just playing the game.

  • If you are particularly OCD:
    • Awin's end has two versions and two different pictures. So you'll want to get his end with both protagonists.
    • Lucille's end has two versions, one picture.
    • Some events are Logy exclusive, some are Escha exclusive. For instance, Reyfer will ask you to make a different item during his events depending on your protagonist.
    • The five forms of the final boss? Yeaaaaaahhhhh. I've only seen two forms, but I'm pretty sure there are unique encyclopedia entries for all of them.
    • I have all the properties in the game listed, as well as how to get a lot of them.

So, if you're super OCD, you're going to need to shuffle your party around a lot to get all the events on both runs. It's not difficult, honestly; I did it on my first run.

If not, all you need to do is complete the events of all the dudes or dudettes (that's a technical term), depending on your protagonist. Since friendship is a hidden value, this means shuffling the ladies around or keeping Reyfer/Awin in your party most of the time. You also need to pick up the other unique trophies along the way, but these aren't tied to friendship.


There are mistranslations in this game. I fix them (at least, if I catch them I will fix them). So if my info doesn't match up with what the game says, there's a very strong chance it was a error on acttil's part (that's the localization company). In particular, Properties are poorly done.

One final thing. Hidari is my hero; two hotties right in the strike zone! I am, of course, referring to Logy and Awin. Naturally I feel inclined to share this information with the world.

Assignment 1

Initial Nine AssignmentsSixteen Minor Assignments
Deliver the Parts Gather Wind Flower x3, Rusty Cog x3, Bent Screw x3Novice InvestigatorAdventure Level 8+
Make Windmill PartsPreemptive Attack Use Square to hit enemies and start encounters 5 times
Deliver to CloneAlpha Wolf Slay the Flesh Eater in Twilight Forest (Forest Point).
Nio's Shop Purchase Newlywed at Nio's ShopForest Slicer Bug Slay the Scissor Beast in Twilight Forest (Forest Point).
Synthesis Synth 3 timesAttack Items Use a Craft 5 times in battle.
Basics of SynthesisSynth Neutralizer-RMaximizing Search Equip 5+ adventure equips, go to a field, return to town.
Combat 8 battlesHelp with Requests Complete a request.
Gather 15 timesSynthesize Bombs Synth Bomb, from Let's Make A Bomb.
Highway SubjugationSlay Green Spirit and Poison Squirrel at Old HighwayGather Water Gather water three times from the Town Entrance
Inclined Slope Slay Green Spirit at Old Highway (Northern Road)Search Use Field Events three times.
Gather at the Old Highway (Checkpoint)Support Guard Use Support Guards 7+ times.
Slay Poison Squirrel at Old Highway (Former Market)Bursting Craft Synth a Craft with Bursting. Just use Spiky Fruit x2 from Nio's shop.
Gather at Old Highway (Inclined Slope)Indoor Search Gather Grain Scraps inside the buildings in Twilight Forest.
Highway MaintenanceGather 5 times at Old HighwayHeal Allies Use Healing Salve during combat.
Support Attacks Use Support Attacks 15+ times.
Novice Alchemist Alchemy Level 8+

As a note, not all assignments will be available to you from the beginning, such as those requiring item delivery. But you can start the others as early as you like, even if they're hidden from you. This game is overall very straightforward; you shouldn't have a problem completing most of these. You don't need to do all the minor assignments (you only get trophies for the main goal), but you really should do as many of them as you can. You should totally do the initial nine, whatever you do, as that gets you recipes and other bonuses.

Character Events
Awin Balloon DocksHeizman chews out Awin.Nio Apple OrchardMeeting. After making Windmill Parts.
Balloon DocksAwin gets asked to modify stuff.Apple OrchardNio's helping at the Orchard.
Clone Apple OrchardEscha's butt (Logy)Solle Administration OfficeSnacks, introduce requests.
About work (Escha)WilbellTwilight ForestMeeting.
Duke Dragon's Fist TavernGoing to his bar for the first time.Atelier(Auto) I'm a Magician trophy event.
Katla Urban AreaMeeting, and your first look at her shop.Urban AreaAbout keeping the secret (Logy)
Urban AreaRuin Pendant (two versions, same item)Wilbell's clothing (Escha)
Linca Development OfficeLinca was born a swordswoman.

Escha's Book DefaultHealing Salve, Craft, Apple Tart, Neutralizer-R, Neutralizer-Y, Neutralizer-B, Neutralizer-G
Windmill Parts DefaultWindmill Parts
Cook Book Duke's ShopHoney, Five Grain Flour, Squash Tea, Veggie Soup, Pressed Oil
Newlywed Nio's ShopPurifying Liquid, Dried Herbs, Curing Powder, Fluffy Whip
Let's Make A BombComplete one assignment line (three in a row/column/diagonal)Bomb, Mixed Lubricant, Abrasive, Zettel
Craft Secrets Complete five assignment linesOmega Craft
  • Plus Exclusive
    • (Logy) (Dev Office?) Marion will want to talk to Escha about her report. You'll have two choices. It's not like you have to go for the option with a heart next to it (no trophies or anything), but you're wrong if you don't. ;)
    • Choice - Escha - Admin Office - Solle just smiled.
    • Escha - Atelier - Cauldron synthesis
Plus/DLC Notice

I kind of just threw the new info in. You weren't exactly meant to see everything in this bulleted list style, and I think I'm missing some minor things (like a boss or two, and I certainly haven't updated the appendices for equipment) for the Plus version. It won't affect your trophies or anything, and I don't believe any of this is missable.

However, I think I have the events. I don't make you any promises in that respect because I haven't double checked against Japanese sources, but events tend to be hard to miss in this game.

On top of that, I still haven't updated my equipment tutorials, but I did throw in steps for the new items.

You'll quickly be left to explore town. Go ahead and walk around, trip all the scenes... just keep going till you synth for the first time. Do note that you can use up ALL your items outside town, and you'll get them back when you return to town. So don't be shy about item usage! In fact, I'm going to put this out here right now: Use every single attack and healing item at least once in battle. And keep track of what you've used. This is part of a minor assignment waaaaay later in the game (so you don't have to do this), but you WILL thank me later if you're the super completionist sort.

At the Town Entrance, you can gather Water once a day. At the Apple Orchard, you can gather Apple.

Once you've synthed for the first time, you can press start to quickly travel anywhere. This menu will display icons with ! in them to represent events, so check it every so often to make sure you've tripped all the events you can. You can't do too much synthing yet; make your Healing Salve and Craft, slap 'em on Escha or Logy via Adventure Equip, and go out exploring.

  • Exploration Notes
    • Keep in mind that you can break barrels for items
    • The first area you go to actually does have gatherable items, just not the first time you enter it.
    • You can enter and exit areas infinitely without wasting time... unless you encounter an enemy or gather something. This is very handy once you unlock field events.
    • You can enter the houses in the final area of the forest.

See Twilight Forest. And I do seriously suggest checking these sections out; it'll help you gather rare stuff and find documents (you need all 20 for an assignment). For the time being, explore till you fill your basket, then return to Colseit; you can collect more on a second trip. You have plenty of time to waste, trust me. If time is making you anxious... The final year gives you a single goal: beat the final boss. Aside from that, you can finish any assignments you missed. Seriously. The year is there just so you can prepare for the boss, and you don't even need half the time if you don't want to beat its most powerful (level 99) version.

After you finished the major assignment for the term, enjoy Haruka Shimotsuki's singing. Personally, I love the vocal themes in this game. At some point, you'll get an event with Solle that will open up the request system. Requests get you treats (and rank points, actually) you'll eventually be using to pay the Homonculi with.

Old Highway will open up as well. It wouldn't be a bad idea to make a Bomb first. Once you get there, the game will introduce Field Events to you. You probably noticed that I listed Field Events in my Twilight Forest section; using certain Events can get you powerful monsters (which you will not find otherwise), rare materials, and so on. Some of these events are used once, then disappear (such as "Check relic"), others change the field itself (e.g. "Check rare materials"). As long as you do not leave to the world map, the field changing events will stay in effect. So you can go from place to place with "Check rare materials" on, and as long as you don't override it, you will gather rare materials at each area you go to. I may mention you need the max level for a particularly rare item; you'll make the item required for that later, so don't worry about those items for now.

Once you've unlocked Field Events, be sure to drop back by Twilight Forest to get Documents, and whatever else you like.


One Field Event looks like a sheet of paper. This is called "Check Documents". For an Assignment later, you need all 20 documents, but you might as well grab them as you pass by. So if my area sections (Twilight Forest or Old Highway, as the two you can go to now) say there is a document somewhere, or even multiple documents (in which case you will have to repeat the process till you get 'em all), you should enter and exit the area till you get the check document Field Event.

You can check out what Documents you have by going to your menu -> Journal -> Guide.

After you've done everything (you WILL have free time), be sure to synth everything you can. In the final 14 days of the term (no sooner!), if you're done with that, go to Marion to make your final report. Those days will carry over into your next assignment.


When you make items, you'll notice they have effects with S, M, and L at the end of the name. These DO NOT mean Small, Medium, and Large.

Instead, they stand for Strong, Medium, and Light. In short, S is better than L when you're making items.

Assignment 2

Initial Nine AssignmentsSixteen Minor Assignments
Ruins InvestigationCheck out all areas in the Southern Ruins.Field InvestigationSpend a total of 50 days moving on the world map.
Requests Complete 6 requestsSlowing Ice Bomb Create Ice Bomb with Speed Down M. See Attack Items box below.
Boulder Blocking RoadDestroy boulder (with bomb/craft) at S. Ruins (Sector 3)Collection Sharing Use "Check collection sharing" Field Event twice.
Synthesis 5 timesRare Material ChangeUse "Check rare materials" Field Event twice.
Combat 9 battlesOrnamental DecorationCreate Spirit Garland.
Gather 15 timesThree Types of BombsEnter a field with Bomb, Ice Bomb, and Craft equipped. Then return.
Help the Harvest Gather 20 apples at Colseit's Apple OrchardSearch Use Field Events five times.
Ruins Entrance Slay Fakeruin at S. Ruins (Ruins Entrance)Activity Cost PlansSpend 2000+ Cole. Easily done on recipes.
Gather in Sector One!Clear-Headed Foods Synth Clear Jelly.
Slay Flat Fish at Sector Two.Sell Unneeded ItemsSell items totalling 50+ Cole. You can use water/apples if you want.
Gather at Ruins Courtyard.Wolf and Friends Slay the Flesh Eater at Twilight Forest (Forest Point).
New Recipe Buy A Healthy Home from Katla.Gathering Requests Complete a Gathering request.
Ruins Artifacts All I had to do was gather Phlogiston, Aqua Light, and Earth Stone. It says to "check" them, though.
Highway Slicer Bug Slay Scissor Beast x3 at Old Highway (Lost Road).
Switch Lines When Threia/Reyfer joins, you can switch people out of the front lines. Do so once, and win the battle.
Hard Working Medal Use up any of your items, as long as it totals 10 uses between all of them. It doesn't have to be all in one trip.

Character Events
Clone Apple OrchardMaintenanceNio Apple OrchardNio's sister is in trouble
Duke Dragon's Fist TavernDuke wants Escha/Logy to try his pancakesMarionDevelopment OfficeAbout how much work Escha is doing. (Logy)
Dragon's Fist TavernDuke has a bunch of male customers again. Pile of Sweets is given to you.Solle Administration OfficeSolle catches all your mistakes.
Katla Urban AreaKatla uses a sob story to sell the pendantAdministration OfficeHeizman wants more people.
Linca AtelierDoes Logy/Escha need anything?WilbellPlazaWilbell's looking for powerful spirits

Colseit's HistoryDuke's shopColseit Fiber, Leather, Multi-patch, Allgemein Board, Spirit Garland
A Healthy Home Katla's shopClear Jelly, Heal Bandage, Trad. Medicine, Aroma Pouch, Leather Gloves
Lost Ice 3 assignment linesIce Bomb, Distilled Water, Freezing Gas, Guryun Blitz, Spray
Pile of Sweets From Duke's eventsPancake Stack
Common Weapons Automatic when you get the TrainerTraditional Staff, Phantom Saber, Sledge Head, Ruby Talisman, Scattershot, Explorer's Pack, Great Blade
Common Armor Automatic when you get the TrainerCotton Shirt, Sturdy Shirt, Chest Plate, Alloy Plate, Leather Coat
  • Plus Version
    • You'll get another choice at the balloon docs with Awin (Logy)
    • And another at the Atelier about Escha's tail. (Logy) (No choice with Escha.)
    • Aaaand another with Marion in the Atelier about alchemy. (Logy)
    • Atelier - Escha - Choice. Logy's a clean freak.
    • Atelier - Escha - Choice. About Imbuing.
    • (DLC/Plus) Wilbell - Wilbell joins the party. Urban Area.
    • (DLC/Plus) Katla - Joins the party. Urban Area.

It's okay if you need to wait a paycheck or two to be able to afford recipe books.

Once you enter Sector One of the Southern Ruins, you'll meet Harry, Threia, and Reyfer. Depending on your choice, either Reyfer or Threia will join after you finish the assignment. This guide rolls with the assumption that you picked Threia, but if you didn't, her events more or less switch places with Reyfer's (that is, Reyfer's events happen earlier). Once Reyfer/Threia joins, toss your second alchemist into the rear.

At some point, before even finishing your assignment, Logy will approach Colland about alchemy equipment. You'll also be introduced to Research, which you pay for through Marion. These experiments allow you certain gameplay bonuses. Be. Very. Careful. You want money for recipes. Marion takes your money. Intro to Storage and Search Knowledge are not bad investments, for the moment. You don't really need more synthesis EXP, combat EXP can wait, and the synthesis bonuses can wait as well. Though maybe a little down the line you can consider the EXP options to speed things up a little.

A little while after that (I got it after finishing the assignment, but I don't know if that's required), Marion will pop in and give you a shiny new tool, a Trainer, and the ability to make equipment. Like how I suggest you make every item once, I also suggest you make all your equipment once. It will be better than your default equips, despite the fact that you can't make the next tier of equipment yet. Though, I suggest making equipment after you get to Alchemy Level 20. You'll be able to inherit properties from your materials (this is Very Important) as well as use the Division skill which allows you to put an item in twice, which will boost your attribute/element level, AND you get the Quantity LV1 skill, which either increases the number or uses your item has (Attack/Healing items) or the number of items you produce (everything else).

Pro Tip: Make equipment with Water Resist, Earth Resist, etc. as you see it. Just one per element is fine. It may not be the most "useful", but you will thank me later.

The next thing that happens is that you get access to a blimp, and thus Upland Forest. You don't need to explore it all during the term; you have plenty of time in the next assignment to get through it; I only made it three areas in, myself. Enjoy the song!

Friendship Values are Hidden

Plus Version Players: They aren't hidden for you, but this section is still required reading.

Yep, you read that right. This game has friendship values, but you'll never know what they are.

The way to get friendship up, and thus more character events, is to rotate them into the front line of your party for a while. This basically means booting your second alchemist to the back row (and later, to reserves) so you can focus on everyone else.

Friendship raises at a rate of .11 per day in the front, .08 in the back, and .03 in reserve (you don't have enough characters to put one in reserve yet). It will raise any time a day passes, whether you're in Colseit or not. Just remember to shuffle them from time to time.

  • If you are playing as Escha, you need all the events from all the ladies. I do not suggest ignoring Awin, as his events unlock a new area. This means you should shuffle four people to the front lines.
  • If you are playing as Logy, you need the events from all the dudes. This means keeping Reyfer and Awin in the front most of the time.
  • If you're obsessed with seeing everything, you need pretty much everyone's events. It isn't hard, you just have to shuffle your party a lot.
  • For the Plus version, or for those of you who paid for Wilbell/Katla/Micie, their friendship events don't count toward endings. (They have non-friendship events as well.)

In the event that my character events don't match up with when you get them, don't freak about it. If you're early, it means you put your character up front more. If you're late, it means you need to shuffle your party more often. Just try to stay roughly on track with the events as I list them. It isn't an exact science, and in many cases I don't even know the earliest you can trip an event. My guide is generally written as if you picked Threia, though, so Harry's first event appears in the next section.

Since I imagine a lot of you are now playing the Plus version, you'll have half a million characters to chose from. It is possible to view all their events in a single run. This goes for those of you who bought all the DLC characters in the PS3 version as well. Here's a table of the friendship values you'll need to aim for.

80Awin, Reyfer, Threia
60Linca, Wilbell, Katla, Micie
0Nio, Escha, Logy

If you want a full schedule laid out for you, well, I have you covered. But I'd only advise it if you are extremely paranoid. For the rest of you, just get the general idea and move on with your life.

A1Awin (13.2), Alchemist
A2Awin (26.4), Threia (11)Katla (8), Wilbell (8), Alchemist
A3Reyfer (11), Threia (24.2)Katla (17.6), Wilbell (17.6), Awin (36)Alchemist, Nio
A4Reyfer (24.2), Lucille (13.2)Linca (8), Threia (33.8), Awin (45.6)Alchemist, Nio, Micie (3), Katla (21.2), Wilbell (21.2)
A5Reyfer (37.4), Lucille (26.4)Linca (17.6), Threia (43.4) Awin (55.2)Alchemist, Nio, Micie (6.6), Katla (24.8), Wilbell (24.8)
A6Linca (30.8), Lucille (39.6)Reyfer (47), Threia (53), Awin (64.8)Alchemist, Nio, Micie (10.2), Katla (28.4), Wilbell (28.4)
A7Linca (44), Lucille (52.8)Reyfer (56.6), Threia (62.6), Awin (74.4)Alchemist, Nio, Micie (13.8), Katla (32), Wilbell (32)
A8Linca (57.2), Lucille (66)Reyfer (66.2), Threia (72.2), Awin (80+)Alchemist, Nio, Micie (17.4), Katla (35.6), Wilbell (35.6)
A9Micie (30.6), Reyfer (79.4)Threia (80+), Katla (45.2), Wilbell (45.2)Alchemist, Nio, Awin, Lucille (69.6), Linca (60)
ENDMicie, whateverKatla, Wilbell, whateverwhatever

You WILL need Micie in the front for most of the remaining year (~268 days). Katla and Wilbell should be at least in the rear for a little over half the remaining year (~185 days).

I tried to arrange this schedule so that the events for the 'primary' characters would happen around the same time that they're covered in the guide, but I haven't verified anything for myself (I used a different schedule that balanced the characters a bit differently). This schedule puts off Katla, Wilbell, and Micie (who have fewer events) till the last minute in favor of the characters that actually matter.

Here are the assumptions: when characters don't join you immediately, you still have 100 days left in the assignment for them to gain friendship. This is probably off, but just work with it. There's enough wiggle room that you don't need to be exact (use the last year of the game to fix any issues), so these calculations are more rough estimates than anything. If you are relatively efficient, you'll find that the numbers should be quite close.

And do follow the advice about Awin, whatever you do. A9 is extremely boring if you don't get his friendship to 80 around then.

Let's Make Some Attack Items
  • Required: Level 20 or higher.
  • Result: Ice Bomb with Super Destructive, Fixed Increase, Endow Cold.

Do everything you can to increase the Effect. You can use Conversion to Earth for Effect+ LV2 and LV1, as well as Division, and occasionally Absorb Attribute. Effect Up, the property, will also be helpful, but I do not suggest it in the future. It's actually a pretty worthless property once you can max out Effect without it.

1.) Phantom Saber

    • Create a Phantom Saber using a Garden Stone. Keep PP Expansion. Be sure to unlock the Level 3 property (the bottom right box will tell you what the property level is).
    • This works because you just combined Inherit PP +5 from the Garden Stone and Inherit PP +3, which is native to the Phantom Saber.

2.) Spray

    • Make using Charcoal Pieces and the Phantom Saber you just made.
    • Keep Destruction Up+, PP Expansion, Effect Up (if you need it -- you can assume the same on future synths)

3.) Freezing Gas

    • Use the Spray you just made.
    • Keep Very Destructive (Destruction Up+ x Destruction Up), PP Expansion

4.) Leather

5.) Mixed Lubricant

    • Use the Leather you just made, keep Destruction Up++, Inherit PP +3.

6.) Neutralizer-B

    • Use Spray (Destruction Up+), Mixed Lubricant (Destruction Up++). This is because I personally had trouble getting the last step to work without doing this first.
    • Keep Intense Blast, Inherit PP +3.

7.) Ice Bomb

    • Use Freezing Gas, Mixed Lubricant, and Neutralizer-B.
    • Throw in Mixed Lubricant, use Power+ LV1 on Freezing Gas.
    • Throw in remaining items, then use Conversion LV1 on Wind.
    • Use Division on Freezing Gas.
    • If you need to, use Conversion LV2 on Earth, then Effect+ LV2. Do not use Absorb Attribute; you will lose Endow Cold.
    • Keep Super Destructive, Endow Cold, and whatever you like with the remaining points (I had Very Destructive, somehow... not even I know all the quirks to the system).

For a Guryun Blitz

    • Make a Distilled Water
      • Use Spray (Destruction Up+, PP Expansion), Zettel, Leather, Mixed Lubricant (Destruction Up++, Inherit PP +3).
      • Toss in all items. Use CP Recovery, then Division on Spray. Feel free to use Effect and Absorb Attribute; I did.
      • This should net you Super Destructive, PP Expansion, and Inherit PP +3. My understanding is that tossing in Spray twice also tosses in Destruction Up+ twice, and Destruction Up is the LV1 property to Distilled Water.
    • Make Neutralizer-G using that Distilled Water. This allows you to focus on Earth effects.
    • Use Blue Gemstone (you may have to use Check collection sharing in Southern Ruins...), Shining Crystal, Cloud Financier (from Solle), Neutralizer-G.
      • Toss in everything except the Shining Crystal. Use Crafting Help on it.
    • Use both Conversions on Fire, then Power+ on the Shining Crystal. Toss it in, then use Division on it.
    • Keep Wind Core, Super Destructive, and probably Fixed Increase.

For an Omega Craft

    • If you have a bunch of Spiky Buds, the easiest way would be to toss those in every slot (at least two slots is required -- the third allows you to use Effect+ LV1 and LV2). Combine this with a Mixed Lubricant (Destruction Up++).
    • Toss in everything. Use Power+ on the Lubricant, then use Division on it.
    • Now use Conversion as much as possible to Earth so you can use Effect+ LV2 and hopefully LV1.
    • Keep Super Destructive. If you want to keep more, you'll have to make a Mixed Lubricant with PP Expansion.

This tutorial is mainly to get you thinking about how to use the system. I used some rather sophisticated techniques to create these items but dang it, it's fun to have overpowered items so early. But there will be a follow up one, so keep these materials around.

Also, hang onto the Ice Bomb. You'll want it later.

Assignment 3

Initial Nine AssignmentsSixteen Minor Assignments
Support Materials Visit Withering Plains (Frontier Village)Investigator Adventurer Level 20+
Deliver Purify Bottle to Frontier VillageArmor with Effects Make a Cotton Shirt with Def Power +3. Capacitive Paper helps. You need wind.
Deliver Apple Tart x2 or (Food) x10 to Frontier VillageMaterial Knowledge Gather 35+ types of items
Requests 6 requestsHandmade Pottery Synth Handmade Pottery
Synthesis 5 timesPiercing Electricity Synth Lightning Bomb with Piercing Damage. It's the higher Earth effect.
Subjugation Requests Complete one subjugation requestRuins Slag Slay the Nano-Slag in Southern Ruins (Ruins Courtyard)
Gather 15 timesBack Line Items Use Cup of Life on back row; you need to press L1 to target the back
Combat 9 timesRuins Inspection Go to Sector One, Two, and Three of Southern Ruins. Enter/Exit is fine; you don't have to do anything.
Search Use 5 Field EventsPlains Subjugation Slay Mirage Element, Amethyst Rat, and Steel Skin
Frontier Village Slay Mirage Element at Withering Plains (Plains Brook)Collect Glass Cores Gather a Glass Core at the Old Highway (I only have 30!)
Gather at Muddy Lake.Upland Bear Slay Steel Skin at Upland Forest (Forest Atelier Ruins)
Visit Frontier Village.Ancient Charm Synth Glorious Note
Research Investment Do any experiment with Marion.Quantity Change Use "Check collection change" Field Event
Help the Village Deliver Distilled Water x3 to the guy at the Town Entrance
Glass Materials Deliver Glass Rod or Glass Core x4 to the Plaza
Apprentice Alchemist Alchemy Level 20+

Character Events
CollandAtelier (after synth)Colland sees Escha/Logy slacking.Nio Apple HouseNio wants herbs. (Logy)
Clone Town EntranceDuke is a child in a man's body. (Logy)Nio's making apple stuff. (Escha)
AtelierHow Escha's doing. (Escha)Reyfer Urban AreaReyfer gets the price he wants from Katla.
Harry Town EntranceHarry is quite the traveler.Threia HallThreia doesn't sleep (Logy)
Katla Urban AreaWilbell bought the pendant (ha!).Threia never talks to people (Escha)
Linca Development OfficeLinca sucks at paperwork.HallAbout Threia's job
Development OfficeMarion got mad at her. :D

My events basically assume you chose Threia to be in your party first. So if you see an event early, or not at all, don't worry. Seriously. Wait till the next assignment.

Forged Weapons Complete one line of assignmentsGolden Wing Staff, Glass Sabre, Graviton Gale, Aqua Talisman, Silver Arm, Medical Bag, Cleaver
Life of a Potter Complete three assignment linesLiving Bomb, Handmade Pottery, Iron Clay, Iron Plate, Lightning Bomb, Glorious Note
Brutal Bombs Complete five assignment linesDire Bomb
Anatomy Nio's ShopCup of Life, Preserved Tablet, Reverent Incense, SP Medicine, Medicine Bread
Shiny Zappy Katla's ShopPowdered Glass, Glass Rod, Glass Tiara, Polished Crystal, Capacitive Paper
Drought Supplies Visit Frontier VillagePurify Bottle
  • Plus Version
    • Development Office - Both - Nio joins at the beginning of the assignment. OINK MOOO.
    • Atelier - Escha - Marion's concerned about the work Escha is taking. (Escha)
    • Atelier - Choice - Escha - Wow Escha, lay off the snack breaks. Five? Really?
    • Apple House - Choice - Escha - Nio thinks Escha and Logy get along quite well.
    • Apple Orchard - Choice - Escha - Escha's showing off the orchard.
    • Atelier - Both - Escha takes on too much work, Marion thinks the two work well together. (Both)
    • Administration Office - Choice - Logy - Escha is talking to Solle about Logy.
    • Plaza - Choice - Logy - Escha about runs into a fence.
  • DLC
    • Urban Area - Wilbell: Threia wants to know everything.
    • Urban Area - Katla: About finding rare items.
    • Upland Forest, Atelier Garden Ruins - Katla: Katla found something interesting.

See Withering Plains. And I'd suggest finishing up Upland Forest as well, later in the term. Personally, I bought Search Wisdom during this assignment to help speed things along.

If you haven't already, be sure to buy the bigger basket from Marion. You may even consider upgrading twice, if you can afford it after recipes. Search Wisdom is something you want down the line, but Marching Skills is more or less a luxury you don't seriously need, as air travel is a bigger part of the game than land.

At some point (it only happened after I returned from the village), you'll get Reyfer/Threia in your party. You may put Awin in the rear, now, which is basically where he should be most of the game.

After finishing the assignment, Marion will give you the Dismantler. This allows you to do two important things.

  1. You can break apart relics you find into material items. You cannot get these material items through any other means.
  2. In some cases, you get a recipe for the item you're breaking apart.

My area sections detail what you can get, and what the items dismantle into. I'll be sure to warn you about recipes as well.

In addition to dismantling, you'll get a scene and trophy at the Atelier. Logy will be a clean freak (Scars of the Past, and can I just say YEEESSSS), and Escha will be stuffing her face (Big Eater).

Let's Talk Equipment

You can finally make the second tier of equipment. Check out the Property List of all your weapons; at least one of your two weapons for each character will have both Attack Power 3 and 6. These will combine into Attack Reinforce. You want that.

Another thing. Both Leather and Multi-patch have Defense +3 and Defense +6 for Defense Reinforce. You will need to experiment to see how you can get the appropriate Property Level for both. You can transfer this to a Mixed Lubricant for an Alloy Plate and it's easily placed on a Cotton Shirt to create a Sturdy Shirt.

Finally, when you create armor, keep the Wind/Fire/Water/Earth Resist properties as you see them. You'll thank me later.

Some Fun Items

Honestly, with the items I already told you about, you don't need anything else awesome. But it isn't a huge stretch to make these mediocre things:

  1. To make a Lightning Bomb with Super Destructive, make a Capactive Paper using a Distilled Water.
  2. To make a Living Bomb, probably make Polished Crystal using that Distilled Water.