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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ouha-chan

Updated: 05/27/14

|                                                                        |
|                                                                        |
|                    Reference-Style  FAQ/Walkthrough                    |
|                            ~ by Ouha-chan ~                            |
|                                                                        |
|                                                                        |

      |  Intro & Tips......................................{INTRO}  |
      |  1st Term..........................................{TERM1}  |
      |  2nd Term..........................................{TERM2}  |
      |  3rd Term..........................................{TERM3}  |
      |  4th Term..........................................{TERM4}  |
      |  5th Term..........................................{TERM5}  |
      |  6th Term..........................................{TERM6}  |
      |  7th Term..........................................{TERM7}  |
      |  8th Term..........................................{TERM8}  |
      |  9th Term..........................................{TERM9}  |
      |  Final Term........................................{TERM0}  |
      |  Frequently Asked Questions........................{F.A.Q}  |
      |  Outro & Credits...................................{OUTRO}  |



 This is a Walkthrough for Atelier Escha & Logy. I decided to do this guide
reference-style because there isn't really a way to do a more traditional
step-by-step walkthrough for such a game (the kind with specific
directions; i.e. walk three steps to the left to collect the treasure). I
noticed that the only other FAQ/Walkthrough was also more-or-less done in
a reference-style, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to contribute mine as
well. :)

 I will be completing all assignments and tasks before moving on to the
subsequent terms; this is perfectly possible to do without spending the
extra 15 days of the report period, but it's fine if you have to use them
(this game gives you plenty of time and requires little time management).
If you fail to complete all of the tasks in the given term, don't panic!
After completing the 9th main assignment, you will be able to use the final
year to go back and finish any that you didn't!

 I will be telling you what you have to do for the main assignment and
providing you with a checklist for the other objectives; if you finish all
tasks for a given term, you're free to look ahead and try to complete what
you can for future terms (a few of them can be done earlier than they are
offered). How you play the game is up to you.

 If you want the True Ending, you will have to play through the game twice;
once with either character (in other words, if you play Escha first, play
Logy second or vice-versa). While I prefer Logy's path to Escha's, I played
Escha's path first because I wanted the True Ending on my Logy run. It's up
to you what you want to do.

 If you want to see all character events and get all of the endings, you'll
have to switch out your party from time to time. I'll provide a checklist
of available character events throughout the guide; check who has events
available in the given term to determine who needs affinity the most. You
can also check ahead and build affinity in preparation for the next
available events. Keep in mind that you may get some character events a
little later or a little earlier than me; you will most likely get them all
if you pay attention to who you're using, though. I got them all with over
300 days to spare.

 If someone in your party does fall short of finishing their events, it's
best for it to be Reyfer on Escha's path and Threia, Lucille, or Linca on
Logy's. This is because Escha needs to view all events with the female
characters for the {Girls' Association} ending and Logy needs to view all
events with male characters for the {Men's Association} ending. If you also
want to unlock all artworks in the Extras menu, you'll have to view Awin's
ending with both Escha & Logy, as the image is different.

 I will only be covering the character events that are required for the
character endings (the final required events are the ones with the still
images). There are a couple of additional events that can be gotten after
these, but they aren't required.

 So let's get started!


~ 1st Term {TERM1} ~

 Follow the tutorials which will guide you through your first main
assignment, which is to deliver Windmill Parts to the Apple Orchard.
Afterwards, you will be free to focus on the remaining tasks for this term.
For simplicity's sake, I'll only be including a checklist for the tasks
around the outer edge (the ones that are hidden until you report the
initial nine tasks in the center).

Assignments/Tasks *
-Reach Adventurer Level 8.
-Perform 5 preemptive attacks.
-Slay Flesh Eater (Twilight Forest/Forest Point).
-Slay Scissor Beast (Twilight Forest/Forest Point).
-Use Craft 5 times in battle.
-Complete a request.
-Gather 30 Water (Town Entrance).
-Use Support Guard 7 times.
-Reach Alchemy Level 8.
-Use Support Attack 15 times.
-Use Healing Salve during battle.
-Gather Grain Scraps (Twilight Forest/Forest Point).
-Synthesize a Craft w/Bursting effect.
-Perform 3 field events.
-Synthesize a Bomb.
-Enter a field with 5 Search Equipment items.

* Note: These requirements are mostly self-explanatory. For requirements
where you have to enter a field with Search Equipment items, it doesn't
matter what they are or even if they're different; all that matters is that
you have the right number equipped. There will be one of these in the 9th
Term where you must have 50 equipped (which means you must have 50 1-slot
items, as each character has exactly 25 slots by the end); therefore, try
to make as many 1-slot items as you can (Frame Compress, Frame Compress+,
Max Compress, and the 'Compress' Wind Element alchemy skill are all handy
for this; use them as they become available, whenever you can).

Character Events
-Awin/Balloon Docks - 1
-Awin/Balloon Docks - 2
-Linca/Development Office


~ 2nd Term {TERM2} ~

 You will have to explore the Southern Ruins, and you will also be tasked
with finding the researcher from Central City. In the Southern Ruins/Sector
One map, you will view a scene; during this event, you will have to choose
between the woman and the man. While the woman is the researcher that
Marion mentioned, the option also effects which of these two will join
the party first.
 It's best to choose "It's the girl." on Escha's path to get Threia sooner
and to choose "It's the man." on Logy's path to get Reyfer sooner. The
character you choose to follow will join the party before long and you can
start building affinity with them a bit sooner. It is, however, perfectly
possible to max them both on either playthrough anyway, as long as you're
careful. If you plan on regularly managing your party, then take whoever
you prefer first.
 Personally, since you have to play through the game twice for the True
Ending anyway, I like to pick Threia on one playthrough and Reyfer on the
other, as you view a different scene when you catch up to them on the
following map (there is a scene where you catch up to Threia and one where
you catch up to Reyfer & Harry). Either way, finish exploring the area,
then report to Marion.

-Spend a total of 50 days moving on World Map.
-Synthesize an Ice Bomb w/Speed Down M effect.
-Perform Collection Sharing field event 2 times.
-Perform Rare Material Change field event 2 times.
-Synthesize a Spirit Garland.
-Perform 5 field events.
-Synthesize a Clear Jelly.
-Slay Flesh Eater (Twilight Forest/Forest Point).
-Receive 10 items from Supply.
-Use the Switch command in battle.
-Slay 3 Scissor Beast (Old Highway/Lost Road)
-Check Phlogiston, Aqua Light, & Earth Stone (Southern Ruins).
-Complete a Gathering request.
-Sell items totaling 50 Cole.
-Spend a total of 2000 Cole.
-Enter a field with Bomb, Ice Bomb, & Craft.

Character Events *
-Threia/Hall - 1
-Threia/Hall - 2
-Reyfer/Urban Area
-Reyfer/Dragon's Fist Tavern

* Note: You will only be able to get the events during this term for the
character you selected during the main assignment. Also note that you may
not get them; I did get both events for Threia during this assignment in my
first playthrough and both events for Reyfer during my second playthrough.
If you do not, don't fret; you should get them during the next term.


~ 3rd Term {TERM3} ~

 You will have to explore the Withering Plains to the north. When you reach
the Frontier Village, you will view a scene and receive a recipe for Purify
Bottle. You will have to return to the Atelier and make this as well as two
Apple Tarts (or 10 (Food) items). Then turn the items in at the Frontier
Village. Report to Marion.

-Reach Adventurer Level 20.
-Imbue a Cotton Shirt w/Defense+3 effect.
-Gather 35 types of items.
-Synthesize Handmade Pottery.
-Synthesize Lightning Bomb w/Piercing Damage effect.
-Use Cup of Life on Back Line.
-Slay Mirage Element, Amethyst Rat, & Steel Skin (Withering Plains).
-Slay Steel Skin (Upland Forest/Forest Atelier Ruins).
-Reach Alchemy Level 20.
-Deliver 1 Glass Rod or 4 Glass Cores (Plaza).
-Deliver 3 Distilled Water (Town Entrance).
-Perform Quantity Change field event (Upland Forest/Garden Promenade).
-Synthesize a Glorious Note.
-Gather a Glass Core (Old Highway).
-Patrol Southern Ruins/Sector One, Two, & Three.
-Slay Nano Slag (Southern Ruins/Ruins Courtyard).

Character Events
-Linca/Development Office - 1
-Linca/Development Office - 2


~ 4th Term {TERM4} ~

 You will have to investigate the water source at the Abandoned River. At
the Forest River Source, you will face the first boss of the game: Rampage
Beast. After defeating it, you will receive the first of the six lithograph
pieces. Continue onwards to the River Waterfall and view the scene to
finish. Report to Marion.

-Disassemble a Lava Cube (Abandoned River).
-Synthesize a Lava Cube w/Meteor effect.
-Slay Carrier (Southern Ruins/Sector One).
-Gather Lethe Grass (Withering Plains).
-Recover 5 Documents.
-Slay Flounder (Abandoned River/River Waterfall).
-Slay Mist Element, Howl Beast, & Azure Spirit (Abandoned River).
-Check Lotus, Lady Whiskers, & Bubbling Water (Abandoned River).
-Create Healing Power Increase property.
-Deliver 1 Traveler's Ration or 5 Five Grain Flour (Town Entrance).
-Synthesize a Tarot of Fate.
-Deliver 1 Dowsing Rod, 5 Abrasive, or 30 (Antique) (Town Entrance).
-Complete a Synthesis request.
-Complete 6 requests.
-Perform a normal attack with Lucille.
-Gather with a Dowsing Rod equipped.

Character Events
-Awin/Administration Office
-Lucille/Development Office

 After completing the main assignment, there will be an event at the
Balloon Docks. Afterwards, you will have to deliver 10 (wood) to Awin.
Another event will appear at the Urban Area. Katla will offer to sell you
the book you need for 100,000 Cole. If you can afford it (if this is your
first playthrough, you probably can't), you will receive the book along
with a rare Dunkelheit and two decent accessories.
 A while later, there is another event at the Urban Area. This time, Katla
will offer you the book for 50,000 Cole (which is still too steep); if you
buy it, you'll receive the book and one of the accessories.
 A short time later, one more event will trigger in the Urban Area.
Finally, Katla will offer you the book for 2,000 Cole. This is reasonable
and you should be able to easily afford it this time; you receive nothing
but the book at this price, but you can make better accessories and
Dunkelheit is farmable a bit later anyway. If you DO, however, turn it down
this time, you will receive the book a bit later for free from Harry in
Assignment 6.
 With the Dog Eared Book, you will learn the recipe for the Flight Gas Jar,
which you can't actually make at this point. The Buoyant Gas x2 can be
gotten in Assignment 6, so we'll get back to this then.


~ 5th Term {TERM5} ~

 You will have to go west to the Slag Graveyard this time. Advance through
and investigate the Large Corridor, Disposal Area, and Graveyard Depths. At
the Graveyard Core, you will have to fight the second boss: Frigate. Upon
defeating it, you will receive the second of the six lithograph pieces.
Report to Marion.

-Reach Adventurer Level 30.
-Disassemble a (Bomb).
-Slay Scorching Drake (Upland Forest/Atelier Garden Ruins).
-Slay all monsters (Abandoned River/Homunculus Village).
-Synthesize Angel Ribbon.
-Deliver 1 Wood Chips, 5 Iron Plate, or 10 (Wood) (Hall).
-Request mass production from Homunculus.
-Deliver 2 Medical Solution, 3 Trad. Medicine, or 4 Curing Powder (Plaza).
-Reach Alchemy Level 25.
-Deliver 5 (Clothing) (Urban Area).
-Create all four element resistances properties (Fire, Water, Air, Earth).
-Deliver 1 Slag Figure or 30 (Slag Parts) (Town Entrance).
-Synthesize Beast Earmuffs.
-Use a Roten Blitz.
-Use a Music Box.
-Perform a normal attack with Linca.

Character Events
-Awin/Balloon Docks - 1 [Deliver 5 Rusty Cogs or 10 (Metal)]
-Awin/Administration Office
-Awin/Balloon Docks - 2
-Linca/Development Office - 1
-Linca/Urban Area (Escha only)
-Linca/Development Office - 2 (Logy only)


~ 6th Term {TERM6} ~

 You will be tasked with saving the Apple Orchard. Go there for a scene,
then return to the Atelier and synthesize the Plant Nutrients and
Fertilizer items. Deliver both of these to satisfy the requirement and
report to Marion.
 There is a task in this assignment for visiting the Withering Plains.
There will be a scene that very astutely points you to the Village Well. Go
there to find that you can now enter the well. Inside is the third of the
six lithograph pieces.

-Slay Bloodstained Saber (Slag Graveyard/Graveyard Center).
-Slay Red Skin (Searing Wastes/Burning River).
-Gather Water, Black Water, & River Water.
-Slay 5 (Wild Beast) monsters.
-Synthesize a Medical Bandage.
-Synthesize a Heart of Flame.
-Enter a field with Divine Jar, Living Bomb, & Lava Cube.
-Complete 2 Gathering requests.
-Complete 5 requests.
-Deliver 4 Explorer's Medical Pack or 2 Medical Bag (Urban Area).
-Deliver 1 Music Box w/Terrible Tone effect (Balloon Dock).
-Deliver 5 Warm Veggie Soup, 1 Rich Potage, or 1 Fruit Pie (Plaza).
-Deliver 20 (Animal Material) or 2(?) Eagle Feather (Plaza).
-Deliver 1 Gunade Ring w/Divine Speed effect (Town Entrance).
-Deliver 5 Bomb, 3 Dire Bomb, or 10 (Explosive) (Southern Ruins).
-Deliver 1 Eis Ice Bomb, 2 Cold Squash Tea, or 10 Freezing Gas
 (Searing Wastes).

Character Events
-Awin/Balloon Docks [After making Flight Gas Jar]
-Threia/Hall - 1
-Threia/Upland Forest/Atelier Garden Ruins
-Threia/Hall - 2
-Reyfer/Dragon's Fist Tavern - 1
-Reyfer/Dragon's Fist Tavern - 2 [Deliver 1 Burning Spice/Flowing Metal]
-Reyfer/Dragon's Fist Tavern - 3

 In the Searing Wastes, you can gather Buoyant Gas. Make sure you get two
of these, and synthesize the Flight Gas Jar back in the Atelier. After
making it, DO NOT leave Colseit until the next event triggers (as it is
missable). This event will unlock the Double Draw ability (which is very
important for future bosses).
 You will have to find an energy source for the engine. There will be an
event at the Urban Area with Wilbell. After watching it, return to the
Searing Wastes and go to the Fountain of Flame area to view a scene. Then
return to Colseit and speak to Wilbell again at the Urban Area to receive
the recipe for the Spirit Gem. Synthesize the Spirit Gem, then return again
to the Fountain of Flame in the Searing Wastes. You will receive Fire
Lord's Bless after a scene. Logy will also make the recipe for the
Automatic Drive and 3rd Gen Engine. You won't have all the parts for these
until the 8th Term, so that's all for now.


~ 7th Term {TERM7} ~

 You will have to return to the Southern Ruins to slay a giant slag. At the
Crumbling Altar,you will face the third boss: Tank. After defeating it, you
can pick up the fourth of six lithograph pieces before returning to Colseit
and reporting to Marion.

-Reach Aventurer Level 35.
-Deliver 15 Dried Herb, 2 Angel Ribbon, or 1 Healing Aroma (Urban Area).
-Deliver 4 (Core) or 1 Airto Blitz (Town Entrance).
-Slay Emerald Ray (Slag Graveyard/Graveyard Center).
-Use Slag Figure 3 times.
-Enter field with 30 Search Equipment items.
-Use a Goddess Shield.
-Deliver 5 Dragon Bone, 5 Dragon Tail, or 15 (Dragon Material) (Plaza).
-Reach Alchemy Level 35.
-Synthesize a Beast King Relief.
-Slay Mini Dragon (Searing Wastes/Smoking Wastes).
-Synthesize a Poly Poison w/Triple Handicap effect.
-Slag 10 (Slag) monsters.
-Slay all monsters (Twilight Forest/Forest Point).
-Deliver 1 Refuel Ointment, 10 Healing Salve, or 5 Magic Fiber
 (Old Highway).
-Deliver 1 Fire Lord Tears, 10 White Powder, or 5 Fire Spirit Breath

Character Events
-Lucille/Balloon Docks

 There will be an event in the Administration Office about a dragon, which
leads to another event at Dragon's Fist Tavern. This event unlocks the
Dragon's Nest area and another event at the Hall that gets the recipe for
Slumber Incense.
 Synthesize the Slumber Incense, then head to the Dragon's Nest. The fifth
of six lithograph pieces can be found at the Dragon's Left Wing area (which
is ironically the last one you have to collect).
 At the Dragon's Head area, you will view a scene and be given a choice.
You can use the Slumber Incense to frighten off the dragon or simply fight
it. I chose to fight it for experience and loot, but it may be too
difficult if you haven't been making good items. Either way, you can search
the gather points afterwards (you'll need a Diamond Gemstone, which you may
have already gotten; if you haven't and don't get it before leaving the
screen, you can save outside then re-enter and if you don't find one, load
and try again until you do).
 Back in Colseit, you should now have the recipe for Einzel Steel. Go ahead
and synthesize it. You'll now have to wait until the 8th Term to finish
this up.


~ 8th Term {TERM8} ~

 You will have to investigate the Underground Research Facility. Explore
the Lab of Eternity until you reach the Herb Garden. View the scene, then
return to Colseit and report to Marion.

-Slay Ground Breaker (Searing Wastes/Burning River).
-Deliver 2 Aroma Materia, 3 Elaborate Screw, or 50 (Antique)
 (Lab of Eternity).
-Synthesize an Elixer w/Recover KO S effect.
-Synthesize a Sun Flower.
-Deliver 1 Treasure Grimoire, 1 Seven Stars Medal, or 5 (Accessory)
 (Urban Area).
-Deliver 2 Dragon Fin, 3 King's Wing, or 4 Dragon Scale (Town Entrance).
-Deliver 3 Fruit Ration, 10 Apple Tart, or 6 Fruit Pie (Apple Orchard).
-Deliver 1 SP Neutralizer, 5 Rainbow Powder, or 3 Rainbow Shirt (Dock).
-Complete 3 Synthesis requests.
-Imbue a Combat Shirt with a property.
-Use Tonic Powder.
-Use Dragon's Secret.
-Slay Rakshasa Dragon, Grand Dragon, & Sura Dragon (Dragon's Nest).
-Slay 10 (Dragon) monsters.
-Enter a field with Heavenly Spirits.
-Deliver 4 Natural Extract or 2 Medical Solution (Upland Forest).

Character Events
-Awin/Balloon Docks [After making 3rd Gen Engine]
-Reyfer/Dragon's Fist Tavern
-Lucille/Hall - 1
-Lucille/Dragon's Fist Tavern (Escha only)
-Lucille/Urban Area (Escha only)
-Lucille/Town Entrance (Escha only)
-Lucille/Hall - 2 (Logy only)
-Lucille/Hall - 3 (Logy only)
-Linca/Dragon's Fist Tavern

 Purchase Golden Fleece from Nio's shop in Apple House to receive the Moon
Tablet recipe. You should have everything you need now, so go ahead and
synthesize the Moon Tablet and Automatic Drive, then the 3rd Gen Engine
using them. Dreadnaught completed at last!


~ 9th Term {TERM9} ~

 You will have to make Canned Food, for which you also receive the
appropriate recipe. Use items in the synthesis with a good amount of Earth
and use the Earth alchemy skills Quantity Lv1 and Quantity Lv2 to get all
the Canned Food you need for this at once. Turn them in then report to

-Visit a total of 68 areas.
-Slay 50 monsters through Strong Foe field effect.
-Enter a field with 50 search equipments.
-Use Double Draw 5 times.
-Research 20 total items.
-Disassemble 20 total items.
-Receive 100 total items from supply.
-Use Finishing Attacks 5 times.
-Disassemble an Elixer Base.
-Reach Adventurer Level 50.
-Have 60 monster types recorded in the Encyclopedia.
-Use 60 item types in battle.
-Slay Child of Disaster (Ends of the Earth).
-Synthesize 200 different item types.
-Deal a total of 99999 damage with Linked damage.
-Check 100 total skills between allies & enemies.
-Defeat Altegevalt (Dragon's Nest).
-Reach Alchemy Level 50.
-Recover 20 Documents.
-Read 300 entries in the Encyclopedia.
-Slay Dreadnaught (Ends of the Earth).
-Give 100 snacks to the Supply Division.
-Complete 200 assignments.
-Record 100 effects in the Encyclopedia.

Character Events
-Awin/Balloon Docks [Unlocks Western Reaches *]
-Awin/Western Reaches/End of the End
-Threia/Lab of Eternity/Cistern
-Threia/Lab of Eternity/Atelier of Eternity
-Threia/Dragon's Fist Tavern
-Reyfer/Slag Graveyard/Graveyard Depths
-Lucille/Hall - 1
-Lucille/Hall - 2 (Logy only)
-Linca/Development Office
-Linca/Dragon's Fist Tavern

* Note: The sixth of the six lithograph pieces is in the
Western Reaches/Structure - Upper. I don't think you can collect it if
you've collected all five of the others, as you have already gotten the
event for completing the lithograph. I'm not sure if this was a mistake on
the developers' part, or just an extra piece in case you missed one. Either
way, there it is.


~ Final Term {TERM0} ~

 There will be no new tasks given, although some of the 9th Term tasks
cannot be completed until this point. You can spend some extra time to
finish up any remaining tasks you failed to finish before; you should have
more than enough time to do everything.

Character Events
-Lucille/Development Office
-Lucille/Apple House
-Lucille/[Synthesize Immune Medicine]

 The Unexplored Ruins will be unlocked at last for exploration. The area,
as all of them are, is straight forward. You will have to fight two bosses
on different screens here: Dragoon first, then Gullveig last. Also, make
sure to use a Dowsing Rod and use Relic Discovery before reaching the final
screen to find an Elixir Base so you can break it down when you get back
for one of the main tasks. You'll also want to make this item as it is the
best healing item in the game (especially with Perpetual Motion and 50%
Automatic, which aren't too difficult to get onto it). This is missable as
the Unexplored Ruins cannot be revisited once completed.
 A while after finishing the Unexplored Ruins, the Fallen Ruins will be
unlocked. This is the final dungeon of the game, and also straight-forward
as usual. There are four honeycombs that you can break throughout the area;
these will remove the final boss's limiter. If all four are broken, she
will be at Level 99 with 99,999 HP. Without exceptional gear and items, you
won't stand a chance. Either way, break them or not and advance to the 
end of the area where you will fight her. After the battle, watch the
scenes (I love Rurutia's song -Pluie- that plays here), and you'll be back
in the Atelier.

 Finish up any outstanding tasks and events, fight battles, make items, or
do whatever you want to prepare for your next playthrough if you wish. When
the days run out, you will watch the ending. After it's over, save Clear
Data on a separate slot. Reload, watch a different ending. Rinse and repeat
to get all of the ones you managed to unlock, then load up your Clear Data
and start New Game+ for the True Ending!

Endings List & Requirements (Spoilers for Ending/Trophy Names)
-Normal Ending: A Smiling Departure
 Finish exploring the Unexplored Ruins.
 In the ending scenes, choose "Return to Central."/"See them off."
-Awin's Ending: Over the Hill
 View all of Awin's events, and choose "Find a New Life.", "Awin."
-Threia's Ending: Deadline Approaching!
 View all of Threia's events, and choose "Find a New Life.", "Threia."
-Reyfer's Ending: The Thrill of the Hunt
 View all of Reyfer's events, and choose "Find a New Life.", "Reyfer."
-Lucille's Ending: Dr. Lucille
 View all of Lucille's events, and choose "Find a New Life.", "Lucille."
-Linca's Ending: Each with Their Own Strengths
 View all of Linca's events, and choose "Find a New Life.", "Linca."
-All The Girls: Girls' Association
 (Escha only) View all girls' events, and choose "So hungry..."
-All The Guys: Men's Association
 (Logy only): View all guys' events, and choose "Aim for a great career."
-True Ending: Welcome Home
 Play through the game a second time as the other character,
 complete the lithograph, & explore the Fallen Ruins.
 In the ending scenes, choose "Return to Central."/"See them off.",
 then in the following scene, choose "Make a promise."


~ Frequently Asked Questions {F.A.Q} ~

 Q: Where is Knowledge Book/Tauzent Blitz?
 A: At the beginning of the final year, you will receive the recipe book
    for Knowledge Book, Demon Crucible, & Apple Story on Escha's path, and
    you will receive the recipe book for Tauzent Blitz & Gold Curse Ring at
    the same time on Logy's path. The only way to have Knowledge Book,
    Demon Crucible, or Apple Story on Logy's path is to equip them and
    purchase the development in Assignment 5 for 100,000 Cole to get back
    Search Equipment from the previous playthrough. Likewise, the same is
    true for the Tauzent Blitz & Gold Curse Ring; you have to make them on
    Logy's path, equip them, and purchase them back in Assignment 5.

 Q: What are the best properties to put on my end-game items?
 A: Generally speaking, in my opinion...
    For Elixir Base 1: Slag Wave, Perpetual Motion, & 50% Automatic.
    For Elixir Base 2: Slag Wave, Perpetual Motion, & Elixir Source.
    For Tauzent Blitz: Light Core, Jumbo Blessing, & Super Properties.
    For Knowledge Book: Heavenly Wave, Jumbo Blessing, & Super Properties.
    The reason I make two Elixir Bases is so I have one for Auto-Use, and
    one that restores more HP/MP that I can manually use.
    I am aware that many people find 'Cost Bonus' better than
    Light Core/Heavenly Wave, but there isn't all that much difference, and
    I like putting on the unique properties for the items. Nevertheless, I
    conquered the game (all bosses and platinum trophy) with these. You'll
    probably hear different opinions from different people anyway, so
    that's mine. :)

 Q: Where can I find these (Super Properties, Traditional Soul, etc.)?
 A: Many of them can be gotten in the Lab of Eternity/Herb Garden, using
    Relic Change & Dowsing Rod. Use the Relic Discovery field event and
    collect Natural Extracts. The rest can be gotten in the Fallen Ruins,
    using Relic Change & Dowsing Rod. Use the Relic Discovery field event
    and collect Green Crystals. Good luck! Generally speaking, it's not
    that hard to get them all in one/two runs to each area, even without
    the Mystery Lantern. ;)



 Atelier Escha & Logy is an amazing and fun game, and I greatly enjoyed it.
For me, it rekindled my interest in the series; I adored the PS2 titles
(the three Atelier Iris games and the two Mana Khemia games), but the magic
was lost for me with the traditional Atelier games and the Arland Trilogy
(the characters and stories didn't particularly appeal to me). This game
was a huge step in the right direction; it does everything well in my
opinion. I enjoyed the battles, alchemy, story, and characters, and for me
this game is as good as it gets in terms of Atelier games. Great work,
Gust! Keep it up!

-Version FINAL: The current, completed version. I will only be updating if
I find something is missing or incorrect. If you know of such a thing or
have questions/comments, you may e-mail me at ouha-chan@hotmail.com. If I
include something you submit in my guide, I will credit you under whatever
name you'd like!

 Thanks for using my guide for Atelier Escha & Logy!


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