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by Malduke

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Malduke

Version: 0.10 | Updated: 04/16/14

Recipe: Weapons and Armors
Weapon PropertiesAlt. Properties
Persisting AttackBrave Soul
Skillful AttackWarlord Soul
4-God Attack4-God Attack

Synthesize Comet Crest Stones, Medical Solutions, Iron Clay, Strong Yarn and Dried Herbs with PP boosting properties and Moon Tablets with the properties you want on your weapons.

  • Synthesize Holy Talisman x2
    • Use Moon Tablet as (Ancient Power)
  • Synthesize Humming Quasar
    • Use Comet Crest Stone as Jewel, Moon Tablet as (Ancient Power)
  • Synthesize Traveling Doctor x3
    • Use Moon Tablet as (Antique), Purifying Liquid as (Medicine)
  • Synthesize Brave Bunker
    • Use Holy Talisman as (Jewel), Iron Clay as (Metal)
  • Synthesize Lifetree Staff x2
    • Use Traveling Doctor as (Elixir), Dried Herbs as (Plant)
  • Synthesize Proto Phantom
    • Use Traveling Doctor as (Elixir), Iron Clay as (Metal)
  • Synthesize White Feather 9
    • Use Lifetree Staff as (Lumber), Strong Yarn as (String)

The Combat Shirt is probably the most useful armor because of its Avoid KO M effect. The difference in stats with higher level armors isn't a big deal.

Recipe: Royal Crest
Quick ActionLight God Soul
See VitalsSunlight Soul
Will of HeroesMoonlight Soul
Champ Possession

Synthesize a Beast King Relief with your desired properties and use a Ziegel Nugget with PP boosting properties, or vice versa.

Beast King ReliefDragon TailGolden AppleZiegel Nugget
  • Add Golden Apple
  • Add Dragon Tail
  • Add Beast King Relief
  • Skill Power+ LV2 on Golden Apple
  • Skill Crafting Help LV3 on Golden Apple
  • Skill Conversion LV1 on Earth
  • Skill Quantity LV2
  • Add Ziegel Nugget
  • Skill Quantity LV1
  • Skill Perfect Division on Golden Apple
  • Skill Power+ LV1 on Golden Apple
  • Skill Reset Attribute on Wind
  • Skill Division on Golden Apple
  • Skill Absorb Attribute LV1
  • Skill Compression
  • Skill Effect+ LV3
Recipe: Treasure Grimoire

I've heard some people suggest this accessory, but based on some tests, it has no effect on Double Draw or Double Draw II. If you use Finishing Specials of other characters more often than I do, then maybe this could be more beneficial to you.

EffectsAlt. EffectsProperties
Special AttacksSpecial AttacksLight God Soul
Sage's FocusSage's FocusSunlight Soul
Skill Up SSkill Up MMoonlight Soul
Overflow WitsOverflow Wits

There is only a 5% difference between Skill Up S and Skill Up M, and your weapon properties should already hit the skill power cap, so the effect doesn't really matter. Nevertheless, if you really want the "best" effects, you will need to farm for an Ancient Water with Traditional Soul on it.

Traditional Soul will boost PP of the grimoire to 77 and the suggested properties only cost 62, but if you want more expensive properties, you will need to find an Ancient Water with both Traditional Soul and PP Maximization. Head to Dragon's Nest and perform Relic Change but don't use a Dowsing Rod, then find and disassemble a Healing Cloud to get the water.

Soul VineZettelBlack FangAncient Water
  • Add all items
  • Skill Power+ LV2 on Ancient Water
  • Skill Conversion LV3 on Wind
  • Skill Reset Attribute on Earth
  • Skill Absorb Attribute LV2
  • Skill Conversion LV2 on Wind
  • Skill Division on Ancient Water
  • Skill Conversion LV1 on Earth
  • Skill Effect+ LV3 or Quantity LV1
Recipe: Brother Call
Coop SecretsWind Soul
AlignmentSunlight Soul
Harmonic BellMoonlight Soul
Movement Bonus

I'd say Brother Call is the best accessory to equip since it makes it so easy to boost the support gauge. Along with the Loving Soul property on armor, this will make it easier to reach the 200% damage rate necessary to activate Support Specials and Double Draw II. Use Ziegel Nugget and Iron Clay for transfering properties and boosting PP.

Jet Black CubeZiegel NuggetScorching OreIron Clay
  • Add Scorching Ore
  • Add Ziegel Nugget
  • Skill Power+ LV2 on Jet Black Cube
  • Add Jet Black Cube
  • Skill Quantity LV2
  • Add Iron Clay
  • Skill Quantity LV1
  • Skill Perfect Division on Jet Black Cube
  • Skill Compression
  • Skill Division on Ziegel Nugget
  • Skill Effect+ LV3

Escha Malier

Age: 15 Height: 158cm Blood Type: O

Escha's Skills

Ether Shoot715
Super Energetic10-
Ancient Alchemy20-
Ether Spear25

Logix Ficsario

Age: 18 Height: 173cm Blood Type: A

Logy's Skills

High Strike712
Flash Cut15
Dual Blast25

Awin Sidelet

Age: 20 Height: 175cm Blood Type: B

Awin's Skills

Double Impact712
Mech Knowledge10-
Master Crusher20-
Break Impact25
Infinity Spiral30

Awin's Events

Friend LVLocationEventNotes
?Balloon DocksRepairing ChimneysYear 1, 7/3
Balloon DocksSolving Problems7 Days Later
?Administration OfficeRenovating the DepotAssignment 4 Free Time
?Balloon DocksConvincing SolleAssignment 5 Free Time
Balloon DocksPulley MaterialsDeliver (Metal) x10
Administration OfficeGetting Approval3 Days Later
Balloon DocksProject Cancelled7 Days Later
?Balloon DocksHelping ReyferAfter Crafting Flight Gas Jar
65HallTalking with Threia
80Balloon DocksExpedition Corps
Balloon DocksLegendary LandAssignment 9 Free Time
Western ReachesTo the World's EndEnter Ends of the World
Balloon DocksCheering Up

Threia Hazelgrimm

Age: 26 Height: 167cm Blood Type: B

Threia's Skills

Rose SpikeInitial
Ironclad Body20-
Ancient Gem

Threia's Events

Friend LVLocationEventNotes
0HallThreia's ImpatientAfter Joining
10HallCompliments (Escha)
Time Management (Logy)
HallObsessed with Ruins7 Days Later
30AtelierWorking vs Cooking (Escha)
Messy Office (Logy)
AtelierLosing Books30 Days Later
50HallInvestigating Ruins
Upland ForestTheories with HarryAtelier Garden Ruins
HallPassion for History
65HallMarion's Weakness
80HallHazeldines and Hazelgrimms
Lab of EternityWeapons ResearchCistern
Lab of EternityUncle's NotebookAtelier of Eternity
AtelierThreia's Thesis
Dragon's Fist TavernSad Girls' Association7 Days Later

Reyfer Luckberry

Age: 32 Height: 178cm Blood Type: AB

Reyfer's Skills

Wild Shot
Dragon Breath
Treasure Sense-
Buster Cannon25
Gun Carnival

Reyfer's Events

Friend LVLocationEventNotes
0HallReady to Head Out?After Joining
10Urban AreaBartering with Katla
Dragon's Fist TavernA Proper Meal7 Days Later
50Dragon's Fist TavernCompetition with Harry
Dragon's Fist TavernSecret Spice Memo (Escha)7 Days Later
Impromptu Recipe (Logy)
Dragon's Fist TavernDeliver Item for Treasure Contest
Dragon's Fist TavernTreasure Contest15 Days Later
65Dragon's Fist TavernArguing with Threia
80HallA Secret Passage
Slag GraveyardPromise at the RuinsGraveyard Depths
HallSharing TreasureReceive Precious Stone
Dragon's Fist Tavern (Escha)Reyfer's Future Plans3 Days Later
Town Entrance (Logy)

Lucille Ernella

Age: 14 Height: 145cm Blood Type: A

Lucille's Skills

Vital Check
Hard Worker
Prey Instinct
Medical Shower25

Lucille's Events

Friend LVLocationEventNotes
0HallLucille's LateAfter Lucille Joins
10HallTalking with Homunculi
Development OfficeHelping Lucille1 Day Later
AtelierDelivering Documents1 Day Later
30HallModel Collector
40Balloon DocksSingle Child
50HallLost DocumentsEscha route
Urban AreaKatla's Item Finder
Dragon's Fist TavernDuke's Lost and Found
Town EntranceWilbell's Magic Finder
HallGrowing Like Threia90? Days Later
50HallLucille's ParentsLogy route
HallWriting Back15 Days Later
HallProblem Solved30 Days Later
HallHeartless15 Days Later
HallGrowing Like Threia30 Days Later
70Development OfficeThe Ernella Company
Apple HouseHelp from Nio
AtelierA Dropout's Struggle
AtelierSynthesize Immune Medicine
HallVaccine Results30 Days Later


Age: 24 Height: 160cm Blood Type: A

Linca's Skills

Ground Line
War Smash
Arc Break
Fissure Blow
Muscle Up
Gravity Cross

Linca's Events

Friend LVLocationEventNotes
-Development OfficeLinca's WorkYear 1, 6/2
-AtelierHelping Escha and LogyYear 1, 8/10
-Development OfficeStrengths and WeaknessesAssignment 3 Free Time
Development OfficeDifficult Assignments1 Day Later
10Development OfficeMaking FriendsEscha route
Developement OfficeFriends with Katla1? Day Later
10Development OfficeCooking MissionLogy route
Development OfficeAdded Seasoning1 Day Later
40HallTraining with Lucille
50AtelierLinca Doesn't Drink
Dragon's Fist TavernLinca Drinking?1 Day Later
60Development OfficeUnpaid Tab
Dragon's Fist TavernLet's Get Along1 Day Later
Town EntranceGoodbye to Linca30 Days Later
Development OfficeLinca's Progress1 Day Later
HallLinca's PastLogy route, Final Assignment

Wilbell Voll-Erslied

Age: 18 Height: 152cm Blood Type: B

Wilbell's Events

Twilight Forest - Decaying VillageFirst Meeting
Urban AreaReturning from Old HighwayI'm a Magician
Urban AreaYear 1, 6/2Wilbell's Clothes
PlazaStart of Assignment 2Searching for Powerful Spirits
Dragon's Fist TavernStart of Assignment 5Magic Show
Dragon's Fist TavernStart of Assignment 6New Tricks
Urban AreaStart of Assignment 8Magic Sweets
Urban AreaStart of Assignment 9Sweets Spell
Urban AreaStart of Final AssignmentBecoming a Grand Magician

Micie Sun Mussemberg

Age: 14 Height: 157cm Blood Type: A

Micie's Events

AtelierStart of Assignment 4Meeting Micie
Administration Office7 Days After MeetingInspecting Administration
AtelierAssignment 4 Free TimeCentral City Conspiracy
PlazaStart of Assignment 5Wanted Criminals
Development OfficeWorkaholic Marion
Urban AreaStart of Assignment 8Micie and Katla
PlazaStart of Assignment 9Writing a Love Letter (Logy)
Urban Area7 Days LaterDelivering the Letter (Logy)
Urban AreaStart of Final AssignmentMagic Charm
PlazaStart of Final AssignmentIdea for a Gift (Escha)
Urban AreaMicie Interrupted (Escha)
PlazaPlease Act Like An Adult (Escha)

Katla Larchica

Age: 12 Height: 145cm Blood Type: O

Katla's Events

Urban AreaYear 1, 4/11First Meeting
Urban AreaYear 1, 4/24Ruin Pendant
Urban AreaStart of Assignment 2Other Customers
Urban AreaStart of Assignment 3Wilbell Shops
Urban AreaStart of Assignment 4Nio Shops
Urban AreaStart of Assignment 6Exciting Treasure Alliance (Logy)
Urban Area7 Days LaterBusiness with Harry
Urban AreaStart of Assignment 8Saving Money (Escha)
Flying (Logy)

Solle Grumman

Age: 20 Height: 172cm Blood Type: A

Solle's Events

Administration OfficeStart of Assignment 2R&D Costs
Administration OfficeYear 1, 8/21Solle's Strict
Administration OfficeAssignment 4 Free TimeSpeaking with Homunculi
Administration OfficeAssignment 5 Free TimeMissing Homunculi
Administration OfficeAssignment 7 Free TimeEating Snacks (Escha)
Envy (Logy)
Administration OfficeAssignment 9 Free TimeSolle and Colland
Administration Office7 Days LaterRaising Solle
Administration OfficeFinal AssignmentLike Father (Logy)
Administration OfficeLunch Invitation

Marion Quinn

Age: 26 Height: 150cm Blood Type: A

Marion's Events

Development OfficeYear 1, 8/1Declining Extra Work
AtelierYear 1, 12/4Escha's Own Tasks

Colland Grumman

Age: 47 Height: 184cm Blood Type: A

Colland's Events

AtelierYear 1, 11/18Colland Visits
Atelier1 Day After Meeting MicieColland Visits Again
Dragon's Fist TavernStart of Assignment 5Great Monster War
Dragon's Fist TavernDrinking with the Branch Manager
AtelierFear and Respect

Duke Beriel

Age: 47 Height: 181cm Blood Type: B

Duke's Events

Dragon's Fist TavernYear 1, 4/11Duke's Bar
Dragon's Fist TavernStart of Assignment 2New Menu
Dragon's Fist Tavern7 Days LaterCrowded Tavern (Receive A Pile of Sweets)
Dragon's Fist TavernStart of Assignment 9Chowdown Showdown
Dragon's Fist TavernStart of Final AssignmentEating Contest
Dragon's Fist Tavern3 Days LaterTournament Costs

Nio Altugle

Age: 15 Height: 154cm Blood Type: A

Nio's Events

Apple HouseYear 1, 4/24Nio's Shop
Apple OrchardYear 1, 5/1Helping with the Apple Orchard
Apple OrchardStart of Assignment 2Nio's Sister
Apple HouseStart of Assignment 3Cooking with Apples (Escha)
Finding Herbs (Logy)
Apple HouseStart of Assignment 5How to Make Jam
Apple OrchardStart of Assignment 6Agriculture
Apple HouseStart of Assignment 7Researching the Unexplored Ruins
Apple HouseStart of Assignment 8More on the Unexplored Ruins
Apple OrchardStart of Assignment 9Mysterious Voice
Apple OrchardYear 4, 3/1Nio's Farewell (Logy)

Harry Olson

Age: 40 Height: 175cm Blood Type: O

Harry's Events

Town EntranceAfter Reyfer JoinsHarry the Explorer
PlazaAfter A Proper Meal event with ReyferPreparing for an Adventure
Town EntranceStart of Assignment 4Ideas for a Chapter
AtelierStart of Assignment 6From the Wild Complete
Administration OfficeStart of Assignment 7Food Supplies
Dragon's NestAfter Metal-Eating Dragon EventExploring the Scenery
HallStart of Assignment 9Remembering a Simple Herbalist


Age: ??? (~930 Years) Height: 164cm

Clone's Events

Apple OrchardYear 1, 4/24How's Your Work? (Escha)
Clone is an Automaton (Logy)
Apple OrchardStart of Assignment 2Clone's Regular Maintenance
Town EntranceAssignment 3 Free TimeScolding Duke (Logy)
Apple OrchardStart of Assignment 4Advising Colland
Apple OrchardStart of Assignment 5Harvest Festival (Escha)
Apple HouseStart of Assignment 6Bumblebee Princess - Part 1
Apple OrchardStart of Assignment 7Bumblebee Princess - Part 2
Apple OrchardStart of Assignment 8Bumblebee Princess - Part 9
Apple OrchardStart of Assignment 9Clone's Friend
Apple OrchardYear 4, 1/1?Alchemist of the Sky (Escha)

Nio's Shop

Spiky Fruit530 Cole
Taun530 Cole
Dried Root530 Cole
Anti-Bug Grass530 Cole
Earth Flower570 ColeAvailable Assignment 3
White Flower570 ColeAvailable Assignment 3
Soul Vine5100 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Green Soil570 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Crimson Soil5100 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Amber Soil5170 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Lethe Grass5170 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Water Flower5170 ColeAvailable Assignment 5
Ultramarine Soil5170 ColeAvailable Assignment 5
Spiky Bud5100 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Fire Flower5310 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Dunkelheit110000 ColeAvailable Assignment 8
NewlywedLimited250 Cole
AnatomyLimited2300 ColeAvailable Assignment 3
Recycling ManualLimited3000 ColeAvailable Assignment 5
Panacea of GodsLimited7000 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Golden FleeceLimited8000 ColeAvailable Assignment 8
A Forgotten TaleLimited9000 ColeAvailable Assignment 9

Katla's Shop

Mixed Oil5100 Cole
Paper Scraps550 Cole
Big Bone570 Cole
Garden Stone5100 ColeAvailable Assignment 3
Pendelock5170 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Lady's Whiskers5100 ColeAvailable Assignment 5
Wood Chips5190 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Ifrit Breath5210 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Black Water510 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Drying Sand5210 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Shining Crystal5130 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Charcoal Pieces5160 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Purify Block5170 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Aurora Stone5360 ColeAvailable Assignment 9
Grain Scraps550 Cole
Antique Stone570 Cole
A Healthy HomeLimited1700 ColeAvailable Assignment 2
Shiny ZappyLimited2000 ColeAvailable Assignment 3
Fortune TellerLimited2400 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Style MagazineLimited4000 ColeAvailable Assignment 5
Great GardenerLimited2000 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Emblem CatalogLimited4000 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
The BillionaireLimited6000 ColeAvailable Assignment 9

Duke's Shop

Beast Meat5100 Cole
Bird Egg530 Cole
Clean Water5130 Cole
Milch Bean5130 Cole
Bee Hive530 ColeAvailable Assignment 2
Bitter Tree Seed570 ColeAvailable Assignment 3
Eiche570 ColeAvailable Assignment 3
Liquid Crystal5100 ColeAvailable Assignment 5
Water Crystal5100 ColeAvailable Assignment 5
Red Devil5130 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Blue Devil5170 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Fresh Meat1170 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Fully Ripe Fruit1210 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Honey Melon1250 ColeAvailable Assignment 8
Epicure Nut1310 ColeAvailable Assignment 8
Gold Meat1250 ColeAvailable Final Assignment
Cook BookLimited350 Cole
Colseit's HistoryLimited1300 ColeAvailable Assignment 2
Walking TwilightLimited3200 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Legendary ArmorLimited5000 ColeAvailable Assignment 8

Homunculus Shop

Alloy Plate5340 Cole
Sturdy Shirt5340 Cole
Leather Coat5290 Cole
Magic Plate5560 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Knitted Shirt5390 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Leather Shirt5560 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Crystal Plate5620 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Assassin's Coat5730 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Fur Shirt5620 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Rainbow Shirt51000 ColeAvailable Assignment 8
Ebony Plate51200 ColeAvailable Assignment 8
Heroic Cape51200 ColeAvailable Assignment 8
Distilled Water5210 Cole
Pressed Oil5210 Cole
Iron Plate5450 ColeAvailable Assignment 4
Metal Chips5880 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Silver Hive5210 Cole
Mutated Taun590 Cole
Bitter Grass5130 Cole
Hard Taro5100 Cole
Melting Jewels9500 ColeAvailable Assignment 5
Dried Taro Chips9500 ColeAvailable Assignment 6
Cloud Financier9500 ColeAvailable Assignment 7
Preserved Biscuit9500 ColeAvailable Assignment 8
Sweet Stump9500 ColeAvailable Assignment 9
Heavenly SpiritsLimited15000 ColeAvailable Assignment 9


There seems to be a bug with the Linked Specials research topic. It causes characters other than Threia and Reyfer to no longer trigger extra damage from weapon properties on support specials. I haven't done enough testing so I'm not sure if the benefits outweigh the potential loss of damage.

Intro to Storage1000 ColeRank 1Increase Basket capacity to 80
Praxis of Storage5000 ColeRank 2Increase Basket capacity to 100
Legends of Storage15000 ColeRank 5Increase Basket capacity to 120
Search Knowledge1000 ColeRank 1Reduce Gathering time
Search Wisdom5000 ColeRank 2Reduce Gathering time
Search Expertise10000 ColeRank 5Reduce Gathering time
Marching Skills2000 ColeRank 1Reduce land travel time
Quick March5000 ColeRank 2Reduce land travel time
Adv Study10000 ColeRank 1Increase maximum Adventurer Level to 60
Adv Research20000 ColeRank 4Increase maximum Adventurer Level to 75
Adv Analysis30000 ColeRank 5Increase maximum Adventurer Level to 99
Imaginary World100000 ColeRank 1Summon Adventure Equipment from previous playthrough
Basic Combat3000 ColeRank 1Increase Combat experience
Ground Combat5000 ColeRank 2Increase Combat experience
Aerial Combat10000 ColeRank 4Increase Combat experience
Alchemy Research3000 ColeRank 1Increase Synthesis experience
4-Ele Research5000 ColeRank 3Increase Synthesis experience
5th-Ele Research10000 ColeRank 5Increase Synthesis experience
Linked Attacks5000 ColeRank 3Strengthen Support Attacks
Linked Guards5000 ColeRank 3Strengthen Support Guards
Linked Specials10000 ColeRank 4Strengthen Support Specials
Syn. Study1000 ColeRank 1Increase maximum CP for Synthesis/Imbue
Syn. Research2500 ColeRank 2Increase maximum CP for Synthesis/Imbue
Adv. Synth5000 ColeRank 5Increase maximum CP for Synthesis/Imbue
Property Study2500 ColeRank 1Increase maximum PP for Synthesis/Imbue by 3
Prop. Research5000 ColeRank 2Increase maximum PP for Synthesis/Imbue by 6
Hidden Power10000 ColeRank 5Increase maximum PP for Synthesis/Imbue
Bomb Study3000 ColeRank 1Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Bombs
Bomb Research5000 ColeRank 2Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Bombs
Pursuit of Bombs10000 ColeRank 5Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Bombs
Medical Study3000 ColeRank 1Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Medicine
Medical Research5000 ColeRank 2Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Medicine
Med. Pursuit10000 ColeRank 5Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Medicine
M. Item Study3000 ColeRank 1Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Magic items
M. Item Research5000 ColeRank 2Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Magic items
M. Item Pursuit10000 ColeRank 5Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Magic items
Food Study1000 ColeRank 1Increase count, effect and PP when Synthesizing Food
Food Research2500 ColeRank 2Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Food
Pursuit of Food5000 ColeRank 5Increase count, power and PP when Synthesizing Food
Material Study1000 ColeRank 1Increase effect when Synthesizing Synth, Liquid, Jewel, Sundry and Neutralizer items
Material Research2000 ColeRank 2Increase effect when Synthesizing Liquid, Jewel, Sundry and Neutralizer items
Material Pursuit3000 ColeRank 5Increase effect when Synthesizing Liquid, Jewel, Sundry and Neutralizer items
Ornament Study3000 ColeRank 1Increase effect and PP when Synthesizing Accessories
Ornament Research5000 ColeRank 2Increase effect and PP when Synthesizing Accessories
Pursuit Ornaments10000 ColeRank 5Increase effect and PP when Synthesizing Accessories
Homunculus Logic3000 ColeRank 1Increase number of requests Homunculi can handle to 5
Homunculus Allies7000 ColeRank 3Increase number of requests Homunculi can take
Homunculus Friend15000 ColeRank 4Increase number of requests Homunculi can take
Logical Moves2500 ColeRank 4Learn Strong Swing (Instantly defeat weak enemies on field)
Materials2500 ColeRank 4Learn Material Reinforce Synthesis skill
World System5000 ColeRank 5Learn Full Power

Usable Items Checklist

Attack ItemsHealing and Support Items
[_] Craft[_] Healing Salve[_] Fruit Ration
[_] Bomb[_] Healing Cloud[_] Apple Story*
[_] Ice Bomb[_] Clear Jelly[_] Squash Tea
[_] Lightning Bomb[_] Music Box[_] Curing Powder
[_] Living Bomb[_] SP Medicine[_] Veggie Soup
[_] Lava Cube[_] Healing Aroma[_] Refuel Ointment
[_] Divine Jar[_] Heal Bandage[_] Medical Bandage
[_] Demon Eye[_] Cup of Life[_] Holy Chalice
[_] Titan Hammer[_] Elixir[_] Elixir Base
[_] Poly. Poison[_] Dragon's Secret[_] Slag Essence
[_] Slag Figure[_] Immune Medicine[_] Angel Powder
[_] Dimension Bomb[_] Magical Paint[_] Traveler's Ration
[_] Dream Book[_] Time Watch[_] Fruit Pie
[_] Knowledge Book*[_] Slag Statue[_] Healthy Ration
[_] Roten Blitz[_] Goddess Shield[_] Trad. Medicine
[_] Flava Blitz[_] Eye-Opener[_] Tonic Powder
[_] Guryun Blitz[_] Gold Curse Ring**[_] Rich Potage
[_] Airto Blitz[_] Demon Crucible*
[_] Tauzent Blitz**[_] Command Chime
[_] Omega Craft[_] Medicine Bread
[_] Dire Bomb[_] Apple Tart
[_] Eis Ice Bomb[_] Forbidden Candy
[_] Blitz Stone[_] Pancake Stack
*Escha route exclusive
**Logy route exclusive


ColseitTwilight Forest - Forest Point (Empty House)
Frontier ResearchTwilight Forest - Forest Point (Empty House)
BalloonOld Highway - Lost Road
Classical AlchemyLab of Eternity - Blooming Path
Official AlchemyOld Highway - Lost Road
Imbuing DeviceUpland Forest - Atelier Garden Ruins (Basement)
Disassembly DeviceUpland Forest - Atelier Garden Ruins (Basement)
AirshipOld Highway - Former Market
HomunculusAbandoned River - Homunculus Village
MonsterOld Highway - Lost Road
SpiritWestern Reaches - Second Rise
SlagSlag Graveyard - Graveyard Center
Wellspring BeastWithering Plains - Village Well
Graveyard GiantSlag Graveyard - Graveyard Center
DragonWithering Plains - Village Well (Inside Dry Well)
New LifeformLab of Eternity - Blooming Path
RuinsWithering Plains - Village Well
Dragon's NestSlag Graveyard - Graveyard Core
Ends of the EarthAbandoned River - Homunculus Village
Unexplored RuinsLab of Eternity - Herb Garden
RelicsLab of Eternity - Herb Garden

Escha's Book

Start with this book.

Healing SalveCraft
Apple TartNeutralizer-R

Let's Make A Bomb

One-line bonus item of Assignment 1.

BombMixed Lubricant

Cook Book

Purchased from Duke's Shop.

HoneyFive Grain Flour
Squash TeaVeggie Soup
Pressed Oil


Purchased from Nio's Shop.

Purifying LiquidDried Herbs
Curing PowderFluffy Whip

Lost Ice

One-line bonus item of Assignment 2.

Ice BombDistilled Water
Freezing GasGuryun Blitz

Colseit's History

Purchased from Duke's Shop.

Colseit FiberLeather
Multi-patchAllgemein Board
Spirit Garland

A Healthy Home

Purchased from Katla's Shop.

Clear JellyHeal Bandage
Trad. MedicineAroma Pouch
Leather Gloves

Shiny Zappy

Purchased from Katla's Shop.

Powdered GlassGlass Rod
Glass TiaraPolished Crystal
Capacitive Paper

A Potter's Life

Three-line bonus item of Assignment 3.

Living BombHandmade Pottery
Iron ClayIron Plate
Lightning BombGlorious Note


Purchased from Nio's Shop.

Cup of LifePreserved Tablet
Reverent IncenseSP Medicine
Medicine Bread

Fortune Teller

Purchased from Katla's Shop.

Crystal BallCrystal Ring
Tarot of FateDowsing Rod
Purple Crystal

Walking Twilight

Purchased from Duke's Shop.

Dark Night CapeAcrobatic Armor
Exceed BeltTraveler's Ration

Theory of Relics

One-line bonus item of Assignment 4.

Lava CubeDivine Jar
Flava BlitzBlack Neutralizer
White NeutralizerPolarized Gem

Style Magazine

Purchased from Katla's Shop.

Strong YarnBeast Earmuffs
Feather OrnamentConcealing Skin
Angel RibbonBi-color Corundum

Recycling Manual

Purchased from Nio's Shop.

Wood ChipsMetal Chips
Various ScrapsMagic Fiber

Lost Kingdom

Found in a treasure chest at the Disposal Area of Slag Graveyard.

Slag FigureDream Book
Magical PaintMusic Box
Slag EssenceRoten Blitz

Great Gardener

Purchased from Katla's Shop.

Medical BandageHealthy Ration
Fruit PieRich Potage
Plant NutrientsGreen Crystal

Searing Men

Found in a treasure chest in Smoking Wastes at Searing Wastes.

Black PowderBurning Gas
Heart of FlameMelty Metal

Tales of Lucard

Four-line bonus item of Assignment 6.

Titan HammerDemon Eye
Ziegel NuggetGunade Ring
Heavenly Spirits

Panacea of Gods

Purchased from Nio's Shop.

Eye-OpenerRefuel Ointment
Healing CloudAngel Powder
White Powder

Lady Mauselle

Found in a treasure chest at Dragon's Left Wing in Dragon's Nest.

Poly. PoisonAirto Blitz
Magic StoneHealing Aroma
Yellow Crystal

Emblem Catalog

Purchased from Katla's Shop.

Dusk TalismanBeast King Relief
Royal CrestGoddess Shield

Golden Fleece

Purchased from Nio's Shop.

Moon TabletTreasure Grimoire
Seven Star MedalSun Flower

The Land of Dawn

Found in a treasure chest at Lab Ruins-Central at the Lab of Eternity.

Fruit RationNatural Extract
Tonic PowderRainbow Powder
Comet Crest Stone

Time & Life

Two-line bonus item of Assignment 8.

Time WatchDragon's Secret
Medical SolutionHoly Chalice

The Billionaire

Purchased from Katla's Shop.

Blessed RingGold Dust
Precious StoneSP Neutralizer

A Forgotten Tale

Purchased from Nio's Shop.

Forbidden CandyBrother Call
Phoenix BraceletCommand Chime

Third Twilight

Found in a treasure chest at Structure-Upper in Western Reaches.

Dimension BombGold Board
Soul Binder

From the Wild

Obtained during one of Harry's Events.

Ancient ScrollSlag Statue
Mystery Lantern

Dog-Eared Book

Purchased from Katla or received from Harry for an Airship Event.

Flight Gas Jar

Engine Blueprints

Obtained after helping the Fire Lord for an Airship Event.

Automatic Drive3rd Gen Engine

Common Weapons

Obtained after unlocking Imbue.

Traditional StaffPhantom Saber
Sledge HeadRuby Talisman
ScattershotExplorer's Pack
Great Blade

Forged Weapons

One-line bonus item of Assignment 3.

Golden Wing StaffGlass Sabre
Graviton GaleAqua Taliman
Silver ArmMedical Bag

Rare Weapons

One-line bonus item of Assignment 5.

Feather StaffBlack Wing Veil
MjolnirMagic Talisman
Red StarterTeak Basket

Legendary Weapons

One-line bonus item of Assignment 7.

Sky Alchemy StaffCrystal Fang
Soul BreakerWind Talisman
GoltriatDark Angel Bag
Slaying Blade

Mythical Weapons

Dropped by Dragoon in the Unexplored Ruins.

Lifetree StaffProto Phantom
Brave BunkerHoly Talisman
White Feather 9Traveling Doctor
Humming Quasar

Common Armor

Obtained after unlocking Imbue.

Cotton ShirtSturdy Shirt
Chest PlateAlloy Plate
Leather Coat

Forged Armor

Three-line bonus item of Assignment 4.

Knitted ShirtStylish Shirt
Leather ShirtBone Plate
Magic Plate

Rare Armor

One-line bonus item of Assignment 6.

Fur ShirtChain Shirt
Crystal PlateJewel Plate
Assassin's Coat

Legendary Armor

Purchased from Duke's Shop.

Rainbow ShirtCombat Shirt
Ebony PlateScale Plate
Heroic Cape

Mythical Armor

Dropped by Gullveig in the Unexplored Ruins.

Gold Thread ShirtCelestial Shirt
Meteor PlateDragon Scale
Dragoon Cape

Craft Secrets

Five-line bonus item of Assignment 1.

Omega Craft

Brutal Bombs

Five-line bonus item of Assignment 3.

Dire Bomb

Freezing Ammo

Five-line bonus item of Assignment 5.

Eis Ice Bomb

Electrical Stones

Five-line bonus item of Assignment 7.

Blitz Stone

Windmill Parts (Book)

Obtained at the start of Assignment 1.

Windmill Parts

Prevent Medicine

Obtained from one of Lucille's Events.

Immune Medicine

Oath of Eden

Obtained at the start of the Final Assignment (Escha route only).

Knowledge BookDemon Crucible
Apple Story

New Century

Obtained at the start of the Final Assignment (Logy route only).

Tauzent BlitzGold Curse Ring

Element Core

Obtained from Wilbell for an Airship Event.

Spirit Gem

Dragon Repellant

Obtained during the Metal-eating Dragon event during Assignment 7.

Slumber Incense

Hard Metal

Obtained after the Metal-eating Dragon event during Assignment 7.

Einzel Steel

Drought Supplies

Obtained from the Village Chief at the Frontier Village in Withering Plains during Assignment 3.

Purify Bottle

SP Fertilizer

Obtained from Faul at the start of Assignment 6.


Emergency Rations

Obtained at the start of Assignment 9.

Canned Food

Secret Spice Memo

Obtained from one of Reyfer's Events (Escha route only).

Burning Spice

Impromptu Recipe

Obtained from one of Reyfer's Events (Logy route only).

Flowing Metal

How to Make Jam

Obtained from one of Nio's Events.

Apple Jam

A Pile of Sweets

Obtained from one of Duke's Events.

Pancake Stack


If you wish to obtain the platinum trophy for this game, you will have to play through the game at least twice, once with each protagonist. Since many things carry over in new game+, the second cycle can be much easier if preparations are made. There is a trophy for each game ending, but you will be able to choose which end to view if requirements for more than one are fulfilled; just remember not to save over your file after completing the game.

There are a total of 53 trophies: 42 bronze, 8 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

Platinum Trophy

Trophy Completionist - Platinum - All trophies acquired.

Protagonists Trophies

Escha's Journey - Bronze - Started Escha's Story.

Logy's Journey - Bronze - Started Logy's story.

Escha's Rest - Silver - Completed Escha's story.

Logy's Rest - Silver - Complted Logy's story.

Assignment Trophies

These trophies are obtained when you complete each assignment's main task and report to Marion.

Just Getting Started - Bronze - Cleared and reported 1st term assignment.

You've Got the Hang of It - Bronze - Cleared and reported 2nd term assignment.

The Charm - Bronze - Cleared and reported 3rd term assignment.

Going Forth - Bronze - Cleared and reported 4th term assignment.

Oh - Bronze - You're Halfway There

Moving Right Along - Bronze - Cleared and reported 6th term assignment.

Making Progress - Bronze - Cleared and reported 7th term assignment.

So Close - Bronze - Cleared and reported 8th term assignment.

Terminal Term - Bronze - Cleared and reported 9th term assignment.

Character Event Trophies

Big Eater - Bronze - Witnessed the twilight survival instinct of Escha.

Scars of the Past - Bronze - Learned Logy was greatly injured in a past accident.

To the World's End - Bronze - Saw the "Ends of the Earth" with Awin.

Sad Girls' Association - Bronze - Saw an unexpected side of Threia and Marion.

Promise at the Ruins - Bronze - Fell victem to a classic ruins trap with Reyfer.

A Dropout's Struggle - Bronze - Read a difficult reference book with Lucille

Let's Get Along - Bronze - Watched Linca's reunion.

I'm a Magician - Bronze - Found out that Wilbell is a real magician.

Please Act like an Adult - Bronze - Witnessed Micie's elegant shopping.

Exciting Treasure Alliance - Bronze - Encountered Katla and Harry's fateful meeting.

Harvest Festival - Bronze - Harvested apples with Nio and Clone

Like Father - Bronze - Like Son

Great Monster War - Bronze - Watched Duke and Colland's manly struggle

Eating Contest - Bronze - Participated in Duke's eating contest.

Story Trophies

An Atelier for Two - Bronze - Escha and Logy's new life begins.

Powerup Meeting - Bronze - Planned for the future with the development team.

Future Dreams - Bronze - Logy retook his dreams with Escha's support.

Storyteller of Dusk - Silver - Destroyed the giant device used by a girl.

Endings Trophies

A Smiling Departure - Bronze - Escha saw Logy off with a smile.

Welcome Home - Gold - Fulfilled an important promise.

Over the Hill - Bronze - Journeyed to the Ends of the Earth with Awin.

Deadline Approaching! - Bronze - Helped Threia with her research.

The Thrill of the Hunt - Bronze - Went on a search for treasure with Reyfer and Harry.

Dr. Lucille - Bronze - Medicine Woman

Each with Their Own Strengths - Bronze - Decided to work with Linca and Marion in the development team.

Girls' Association - Silver - Saw the complete girl's association.

Men's Association - Silver - Saw the complete men's association.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Journey through the Sky - Bronze - Acquired a worn down air balloon. You becam an alchemist of the sky... maybe.

Flying Further - Bronze - Built a basic airship.

Into the Dusk Sky - Bronze - Completed a true airship.

Set in Stone - Bronze - Gathered lithograph fragments.

Leave the Battles to Me - Bronze - Reached combat level 99. Are there any worthy foes left?

I'm an Expert! - Bronze - Reached alchemy level 50. You're now an expert!

Boss Trophies

A Behemoth Falls - Bronze - Eliminated the behemoth living at the water spring.

Fortress Destroyed - Bronze - Destroyed the Slag guarding the ruins interior.

Sleep - Silver - Dragon King

Guardian of Unexplored Ruins - Silver - Defeated the giant alchemic creature in the Unexplored Ruins

Salvation - Silver - Saved the girl's soul bound to Geosis.

A Grand Triumph - Gold - Stopped Flameu after she released her true power.

Version History

  • 0.10 - April 17, 2014
Initial version, many sections incomplete


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  • SieKensou and Illusionbreaker for early money making strategies
  • afreaknamedpete for testing and providing numbers on various properties
  • jinhaoyu122, iceaco and many others for ultimate items/equipment information
  • holynoob85 for friendship growth rates


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