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by Malduke

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Malduke

Version: 0.10 | Updated: 04/16/14


Welcome and thanks for reading my guide for Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. This game is a direct sequel to Atelier Ayesha; it takes place in the same world and even has a few familiar faces. While there are references to past events and characters, they don't have much of an impact on this game's story, so it's not necessary to have played the previous game.

The past three Atelier games have all followed a similar formula of exploring the world and learning alchemy at your own pace. This game, however, features a few major changes. The biggest change is the ability to choose between two protagonists: Escha Malier and Logix Ficsario. Despite what Gust has said, there is not much of a difference between the pair gameplay-wise. Alchemy and time management are still major game mechanics and are necessary for both characters. Differences are relatively minor, including slight changes to dialogue and perspective during events, and a unique ending for each protagonist.

Another big change involves the flow of the game. Instead of having one major goal to complete before reaching the time limit, this game is divided into chapters. Each chapter has its own assignment and time frame, which is quite similar to the format used in Atelier Rorona. Many other game systems have been altered/updated as well and you can read more about them in the Gameplay section.


"Escha and Logy" is read as "Escha to Logy" in Japanese...

Eschatology: The part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind. (~ Google)

Anything missable? Yes, a couple things. In the final year, the recipe for the Elixir Base item can only be obtained from an area that you will lose access to once you clear it. It's one of the best healing items so missing it would be bad but you can survive without it. Character events and endings can also be missed, but only if you do not include that character in your party of six for the majority of the game. Read the Event System section for more information.

Time System

Like the rest of the Atelier games of this generation, this one also has a time limit. The entire game takes place over four years with twelve months in each year and thirty days in each month. Alchemy, traveling on the world map and battles/gathering all take up time, but how much time is different for each.

Synthesizing items take one or more days to complete, depending on the item. The level 25 alchemy skill, Quick Synthesis, will reduce the number of days required by two, and using the Compression skill during synthesis will reduce it further by another day. Traveling on the world map between major areas also takes multiple days, but traveling between sub-areas inside a zone will not. The Marching Skills and Quick March research topics will reduce the number of days needed when traveling on land by one each and obtaining the final airship will reduce air travel time.

Time while inside an area will pass more slowly. Each day will be divided into ten units and each action will consume a certain number. Gathering will consume half a day at first, but can be reduced to use only one unit with research topics. Battles can take zero or more units depending on how long the battle takes. In order to take no time, the battle must be won before the main character takes his or her turn.


Rather than allowing you to progress as quickly or slowly as you want like the previous three games, this game is divided into nine assignments, each lasting four months. Each assignment has a grid of 25 tasks to complete, with the center task having the highest priority. The tasks around the center item are next in priority and are required to obtain assignment bonuses. Rewards are granted based on the total number of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines completed within this 3x3 grid of tasks. The final 16 outer tasks are optional in the grand scheme of things, but there's no reason not to complete them since there's more than enough time to finish everything.

Task Grid

Once the main task is completed and reported, you are considered to be in the Free Time state. Certain character events and all party member events only occur during Free Time, so it's generally a good idea to complete the main task quickly before focusing on other tasks. The final 15 days of an assignment is considered to be the Report Period. During this time you can give your final report and proceed to the next assignment, giving you a potential 15 day head start. I believe the Report Period is not considered to be Free Time, so new character events will not show up even if you meet their requirements.

Field System

Outside the town of Colseit are many ruins to explore where you'll gather items and fight monsters. Glowing sparkles indicate gathering points where you can collect a single ingredient. Monsters can be seen on the field and striking them before they reach you will give your alchemist the first turn and bonus support gauge at the start of battle.

A new feature to exploring ruins are field events. A meter on the left side of the screen will fill as you perform various actions. Defeating a monster increases the meter by 30%, gathering by 25% and speaking with a comrade on the field by 10%. When the meter reaches 100% or higher (max 200%), you can perform a field event by pressing left, right or down on the d-pad. There are several different kinds of field events, but each field has a predetermined set to choose from.

Event TypeDescription
Collection SharingLeave it up - random?
Numbers - increase number of items gathered
Rare - increase chance to obtain rare items
RelicObtain a relic
Rare MaterialsIncrease gathering level by 2
Collection ChangeIncreases number of items obtained when gathering
Relic ChangeEnhances relic effect and properties
Land ChangeIncrease level of Strong Foes
Battle ChangeIncrease experience and number of items from battle
Strong FoeFight a strong foe
DocumentFind an old document
RecipeFind an alchemy recipe*
*Appears only for missed recipes gained via assignment bonuses

Collection sharing is the most useful field event early in the game since gathering takes up half a day, plus it allows you to collect more than one item per gathering spot without collection change. Finding relics will be important later on in the game since it's the only way to obtain the best properties. Strong foes can be used to find rare materials early, but can be very challenging. Their also the best way to earn experience and reach level 99.

Event System

Character events expand on various characters' personalities, relationships and histories. They also determine which endings are available at the end of the game. Events for non-playable characters often occur at either the start of a new assignment or at the start of Free Time of an assignment. Since events are marked on the shortcut menu and on the world map, they're hard to miss unless you activate Free Time very late. Events for party members, on the other hand, are determined by a hidden friendship value.

Friendship gained for party members is determined by their formation position: members gain 0.11 points per day in the front row, 0.08 points in the back row and 0.03 points in reserve. Since this value is not displayed anywhere in the game, you will have to keep track of how many days each member spends in the front, back and reserve positions should you want to know how far they are from their next event. The best way to avoid missing events is to put your second alchemist in reserve once you gain your seventh party member. See the Characters section for a list of events.

Item Details

Level: Your alchemy level must be equal or greater than an item's level in order to synthesize it.

Effect Power: Formerly known as Quality in previous games, effect power is displayed as a rainbow-colored meter. When synthesizing items, the resulting effect power is calculated as the average of the ingredients' effect power, but there are alchemy skills and item traits that can improve it. Maximizing effect power is important for usable items and equipment as it will increase the item's power.

Categories: Items belong to one or more categories. Alchemy recipes can require either a specific item or an item category.

Elemental Attributes: Every item belongs to one or more elemental types: fire, water, wind, and earth. Each item also has a fixed elemental value that's used when using the item as an ingredient. Elemental attributes will determine which "effects" usable items and equipment will have.

Traits: Each item has up to two fixed traits; they are activated whenever the item they're found on is added as an ingredient. Only three types of traits are available: elemental traits that increase elemental bonuses gained, effect power traits that increase effect power of the synthesized item and, and appearance traits that increase property level.

Effects: Usable items and equipment have up to four effects. Effects are unlocked by maintaining specific elemental ranges at the end of synthesis. Generally, more powerful effects are unlocked at higher elemental levels, which usually require high level synthesis skills and ingredients.

Properties: The most customizable part of an item is its properties. Each alchemy recipe has a set of innate properties that are added to a pool of properties. Ingredient properties are also added to this pool, and at the end of synthesis, up to three properties from the pool can be set on the item. Each property costs a certain number of points, though, and your property points (PP) will be a limiting factor.

Item Synthesis

CP: Every ingredient added during synthesis consumes CP. The amount consumed is equal to the ingredient's level. If you do not have enough CP when adding an ingredient, the synthesis will still proceed but none of the ingredient's attributes or properties will transfer.

Elemental Bonus: During synthesis, a pool of points is stored for each element. A pool accumulates one point each time an ingredient of the corresponding element is added. These points can then be consumed to activate synthesis skills that can alter the final product or the synthesis process itself. Each elemental pool can hold a maximum of five points.

Property Points (PP): At the end of the synthesis process you get to choose up to three properties to place on your item. The properties to choose from include all ingredients' properties plus any recipe properties that were unlocked. Each property will cost a certain amount of points so getting the most powerful ones on the item you want will require some planning.

Alchemy Skills

FireCP Recovery+ LV11LV 8
CP Recovery+ LV22LV 14
CP Recovery+ LV33LV 31
Power+ LV13LV 20
Power+ LV25LV 34
Draw Property2LV 26
WaterConversion LV11LV 8
Conversion LV22LV 16
Conversion LV33LV 28
Crafting Help LV11LV 10
Crafting Help LV22LV 22
Crafting Help LV33LV 32
WindDivision2LV 17
Perfect Division4LV 33
Compression3LV 29
Reset Attribute1LV 37
Absorb Attribute LV11LV 8
Absorb Attribute LV23LV 23
EarthEffect+ LV11LV 8
Effect+ LV22LV 13
Effect+ LV33LV 25
Quantity LV13LV 19
Quantity LV25LV 35
AllFull Power2Research
Strengthen Material1Research
PassiveBonus Generation-LV 8
Freestyle-LV 8
Manifest Property-LV 15
Inherit Apprentice-LV 18
Inherited Synthesis-LV 20
Inherit Journeyman-LV 24
Quick Synthesis-LV 25
Expert Skill-LV 30
Inherit Master-LV 33

Battle System

If you have played the Mana Khemia games then you will probably notice some similarities with the battle system in this game. Party size has been increased to include six characters: three members in the front and three in the back. The three active members will be able to perform attacks/skills/use items but are vulnerable to attacks. Members in the back do not get any turns in battle, but they are able to perform support abilities to attack and guard.

At the top of the screen is a row of time cards that shows turn order for both friends and foes, as well as any additional skills/abilities that have been activated. When selecting a target with a skill or item with a large range, you can use the targets' time cards to see which are in range more easily.

When using support attacks, damage will increase with each subsequent attack within the combo. The damage rate is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen and if it reaches 200%, the next character will be able to perform their Support Special. The combo will end after the special, but if a character has a Finisher Special ready or if Double Draw was used, they can activate it then for major damage.

This walkthrough is currently a work-in-progress.


Once you start a new game, you will have to choose a protagonist. As mentioned earlier, there won't be much of a difference between the two with respect to gameplay, so choose whomever you want. You will earn a trophy depending which character is chosen (Escha's Journey or Logy's Journey). During the intro events you'll meet Colland Grumman, Marion Quinn and Linca of the R&D Division, plus the protagonist you didn't choose.

When you gain control, you will be in the Hall area of Colseit. The many NPCs around town will share their personal stories if you speak with them every now and then, but they can be ignored if you're not interested. Explore the rest of Colseit and you will meet a few different townsfolk, although in a different order depending on your protagonist.

During Escha's story, you'll meet Awin Sidelet at the Apple Orchard first, then Duke Beriel at the Plaza. Clone will eventually be found at the Town Entrance. For Logy's story, you'll meet Duke first, then Clone and Awin at the Apple Orchard. Awin's boss, Mr. Heizman, will also be found at the Balloon Depot. While traveling around town, you can find APPLES from a tree at the Apple Orchard and WATER from a pool at the Town Entrance. Money will be tight during the first few assignments, so collecting and selling these items will provide a small boost in income.

Return to the Administration Office and report the windmill situation to Marion. She will bring you to your Atelier which will unlock the An Atelier For Two trophy. Go through the tutorial for the various functions of the Atelier (a Diary for saving/loading/options, a Cauldron for synthesizing and a Sofa for sleeping), then exit for another scene. Marion will explain your job at the R&D Division and give you your first assignment.

Assignment 1

Major Assignment
Gather MaterialsGather Wind Flower x3, Rusty Cog x3 and Bent Screw x3
Deliver the PartsSynthesize Windmill Parts and deliver to Clone
Minor Assignments (Inner)
Assignment: SynthesisSynthesize 3+ times
Basics of SynthesisSynthesize Neutralizer-R
Assignment: GatherGather 15 times
Highway MaintenanceGather 5 times at the Old Highway
Old HighwayThe Road North - Slay a Green Spirit at Northern Road
Abandoned Barrier - Gather items at the Checkpoint
Old Highway Market - Slay a Poison Squirrel at the Former Market
Inclined Slope - Gather items at the Inclined Slope
Highway SubjugationSlay a Green Spirit and Poison Squirrel at the Old Highway
Assignment: CombatWin 8 battles
Nio's ShopPurchase Newlywed from Nio's Shop
Minor Assignments (Outer)
Novice InvestigatorReach Adventurer LV 8+
Preemptive AttackPerform 5+ preemptive attacks
Alpha WolfSlay the Flesh Eater at Twilight Forest (Forest Point)
Forest Slicer BugSlay the Scissor Beast in Twilight Forest
Attack ItemsUse a Craft 5 times in battle
Help with RequestsComplete a request
Gather WaterGather Water x30 from the Town Entrance in Colseit
Support GuardUse Support Guard 7+ times
Novice AlchemistReach Alchemy LV 8+
Support AttacksUse Support Attack 15+ times
Heal AlliesUse Healing Salve during combat
Indoor SearchGather Grain Scraps at Twilight Forest (Forest Point)
Bursting CraftSynthesize a Craft with the Bursting effect (Wind 20-69)
Assignment: SearchPerform 3 field events
Synthesize BombsSynthesize a Bomb
Maximizing SearchEquip 5+ Search Equipment items, go to a field and return to town
Line 1Let's Make A Bomb book
Line 2Search Equipment frames +5
Line 3500 Cole
Line 4Protagonist HP +5
Line 5Craft Secrets book
Line 81000 Cole

Should you ever forget what you are supposed to be doing, check the Journal from the main menu and a Memo will explain your current task. Leave the Development Office to meet Solle Grumman and the Homunculi. He will explain the Provisions Division and how Adventure Equipment work. Immediately after will be your first go at Alchemy. Synthesize a HEALING SALVE using a Wind Flower for the (Plant) to unlock an additional effect on the item. Awin will join your party afterwards and the shortcut menu will become available.

Travel to the Hall and Awin will explain the World Map. The shortcut menu will have exclamation marks next to areas to indicate available events. Duke's Shop will open at the Dragon's Fist Tavern and you'll meet Katla Larchica at the Urban Area. Duke's and Katla's Shop sell various ingredients as well as Alchemy books. Their inventory updates each assignment, so check their store every now and again. Gather apples and water if you haven't already then exit Colseit to the World Map.

Twilight Forest

Gatherable ItemsMonsters
Forest EntranceBullet SeedBullet SeedOre Rat
Wind FlowerMutated TaunStray Dog
TaunTrio Taun
Mutated TaunBeehive
Village RoadBullet SeedBullet SeedStray Dog
TaunMutated TaunOre Rat
Mutated TaunTrio Taun
Plaza RuinsTaunWind FlowerOre Rat
BeehiveBeehiveStray Dog
Silver HiveSilver Hive
Anti-Bug GrassGolden Hive
Decaying VillageWind FlowerBullet SeedOre Rat
TaunWind FlowerStray Dog
Silver HiveSilver Hive
Anti-Bug GrassGolden Hive
Decaying VillageBent ScrewBent ScrewOre Rat
Rusty CogRusty CogStray Dog
TaunMutataed TaunScissor Beast
Trio Taun
Strong Foes
LV 13Evo Wing Lizard, Flesh Eater
LV 14Blue Sky Monster, Fakeruin
LV 15Ultimate Death Bug, Bad Sickle
LV 19Return Red Fang, Nano-Slag
LV 20Blue Elder Dragon
LV 21Rampage Land Eye, Carrier
LV 25Regen Breaker, Carrier, Nano-Slag
LV 26Regen Evo Rat, Golden Rat, Bitter Squirrel
LV 27Ultimate Gaia, Mist Element
LV 33Bloody Breaker, Watchman
LV 35Dark Sky Monster, Emerald Ray
LV 37Regen Wing Lizard

When you first arrive at the Forest Entrance, Awin will give a short explanation on battles. Barrels in the area can be destroyed by attacking them which will occasionally contain synthesis items. Defeat the Ore Rat and leave the area to unlock Village Road. Read the tutorial on gathering and start collecting items. A group of Stray Dogs is also in the area with whom you can test out your attack items on. You may want to keep track of each item you've used as there is a task in the final year that requires you to use 60 different items. The game doesn't display which items you have or haven't used, so using a checklist will be helpful.

Defeat the monster group in the area and continue to Decaying Village to meet Wilbell Voll-Erslied. Clear the area and then visit the final area, Forest Point. There are two Empty Houses here, one contains a treasure chest with a STURDY SHIRT. The harvest points inside the houses are also needed for a task. Gather from all the harvest points to obtain the necessary ingredients for your task.

Back at Colseit, gather more apples and water (I hope you can remember from now on), then synthesize the WINDMILL PARTS. Head over to the Apple Orchard and you'll meet Nio Altugle. She will open Nio's Shop inside the Apple House that sells more ingredients and alchemy books. Deliver the Windmill Parts to Clone and report back to Marion at the Development Office. The Just Getting Started trophy will unlock and a short opening credits sequence will play.

Assignment 1 Free Time

With your main assignment complete, your goal now is to complete the eight surrounding assignments. First, visit Clone and Katla for a couple events. Purchase the Newlyweds book from Nio (sell some apples/water if you need to) and then synthesize a NEUTRALIZER-R. Continue synthesizing until you reach the next month.

When you reach the first of each month, you will receive a stipend in the Atelier. Money gained from the stipend depends on your rank, tasks completed and activities during the previous month. Speak with Solle at the Administration Office to unlock Requests. Requests are randomly generated but they are the main source of (Snack) items which will become useful later on. New requests are added the 1st, 11th and 21st of every month and there's no penalty for failing requests so undertake any Subjugation requests and complete Gathering requests if you have the required items to spare.

At the Apple Orchard is an event with Nio, and once that is complete, report your current progress to Marion to receive the LET'S MAKE A BOMB book. Craft a ZETTEL and a BOMB. Equip the Bomb on an alchemist and head out to the Old Highway to the north.

Old Highway

Gatherable ItemsMonsters
Northern RoadAntique StoneScrap MetalGreen Spirit
Scrap MetalRich RootPoison Squirrel
Dried RootEarth Root
Rich RootGlass Core
CheckpointScrap MetalScrap MetalGreen Spirit
Dried RootMixed OilPoison Squirrel
Rich RootRich RootHeavy Skin
Glass CoreEarth Root
Former MarketAntique StoneGrain ScrapsPoison Squirrel
Mixed OilRich RootHeavy Skin
Dried RootEarth Root
Rich RootGlass Core
Inclined SlopeGrain ScrapsMixed OilHeavy Skin
TaroHard TaroGreen Spirit
Hard TaroDecade TaroPoison Squirrel
Bitter Tree SeedBitter Tree Seed
Highway CampsiteBent ScrewBent ScrewHeavy Skin
TaroHard TaroGreen Spirit
Hard TaroDecade Taro
Bitter Tree SeedGlass Core
Lost RoadMixed OilRusty CogPoison Squirrel
TaroMixed OilHeavy Skin
Hard TaroHard TaroGreen Spirit
Glass CoreDecade Taro
Strong Foes
LV 16Regen Cube, Bad Treasure
LV 17Hungry Steel Beast, Amethyst Rat
LV 18Hidden Spirit, Blue Spirit
LV 22Ultimate Cube, Bad Treasure
LV 23Head Silver Wolf, Howling Beast
LV 24Bloody Beast King, Steel Skin, Howling Beast
LV 28Manic Beast King, Red Skin
LV 29Evo Cube, Black Box
LV 31Blood Saber
LV 39Hidden Gaia, Deep Woods Spirit
LV 41Ultimate Spirit, Yellow Spirit
LV 43R. Fang Evo Rat, Alchemy Rat

Entering the Northern Road will trigger a tutorial on Field Events. Since gathering items eats up half a day, I recommend using the Collection Sharing field event (small plant icon) to gather items quickly. Defeat enemies in the area first and speak with any party member you see on the field to boost the event gauge. If you don't have enough to trigger an event, start gathering and save your field events for the next area. Documents can also be found via field events and you should give them priority since they're required for a couple tasks later on.

Unlocking more areas require you to complete the task related to the area which is positioned below the main task in the assignment grid. It usually involves either defeating a specific monster or gathering. Save your Bomb charges for Heavy Skins and use your Craft against other groups. Clear out the Northern Road, Checkpoint, Former Market and Inclined Slope to complete the assignment. By this time, the nine center tasks should be complete and your container will be full, so return to Colseit.

Upon your return there will be an event with Wilbell which will unlock the I'm a Magician trophy. Report your progress to Marion and the outer tasks will become visible triggering a target monster to appear at the Twilight Forest. Before heading out though, synthesize a CRAFT with the Bursting effect. This requires the wind attribute to reach 20, so buy a couple Spiky Fruits from Nio to use as ingredients. You should have at least five items to equip now; equip them and head out to the Twilight Forest.

Travel to Forest Point to find your targets: a Flesh Eater and Scissor Beast. Defeat them with your items and clear out the rest of the monsters. There are a couple of Documents to find via field events in the Empty Houses so exit and re-enter the houses until you find them. Return to Colseit once you're done.

A couple more events are available: one with Wilbell at the Urban Area and another with Linca at the Development Office. Report your progress to Marion and all your assignments should be complete. An event with Awin will appear at the Balloon Docks after 7/3 with another event seven days later, but you don't have to complete these before the end of the assignment. Other than that, you can spend your remaining free time investigating the final areas of the Old Highway and synthesizing new items. Purchase the Cook Book from Duke's shop for more alchemy recipes. When you reach the report period, speak with Marion and give your final report to proceed to the next assignment; try to give your final report early to give yourself a headstart.

Assignment 2

Major Assignment
Ruins InvestigationRendezvous with the investigator at the Southern Ruins
Investigate the deep areas of the ruins
Minor Assignments (Inner)
Assignment: RequestsComplete 6 Requests
Boulder Blocking RoadDestroy the boulder at the Southern Ruins (Sector 3)
Assignment: SynthesisPerform Synthesis 5 times
Assignment: GatherGather 15 times
New RecipePurchase A Healthy Home from Katla's Shop
Investigate Southern RuinsRuins Entrance - Slay a Fakeruin at the Ruins Entrance
Sector One - Gather items at Sector One
Sector Two - Slay a Flatfish at Sector Two
Ruins Courtyard - Gather at the Southern Ruins (Ruins Courtyard)
Help the HarvestGather 20 Apples in Colseit (Apple Orchard)
Assignment: CombatEnter combat 9 times
Minor Assignments (Outer)
Field InvestigationSpend a total of 50 days moving on the World Map
Slowing Ice BombSynthesize an Ice Bomb with the Speed Down M effect (Water 45+)
Collection SharingPerform Collection Sharing 2 times
Rare Material ChangeUse Rare Material Change 2 times
Ornamental DecorationSynthesize a Spirit Garland
Assignment: SearchPerform Field Events 5 times
Clear-Headed FoodsSynthesize Clear Jelly
Wolf and FriendsSlay the Flesh Eater in Twilight Forest (Forest Point)
Hard Working MetalReceive 10 items from Supply
Switch LinesUse Swap in combat and win the battle
Highway Slicer BugSlay Scissor Beast x3 on the Old Highway (Lost Road)
Ruins ArtifactsGather a Phlogiston, Aqua Light and Earth Stone
Gathering RequestsComplete a Gathering request
Sell Unneeded ItemsSell items totaling to 50 Cole at shops
Activity Cost PlansSpend 2000+ Cole in shops
Three Types of BombsEnter a field with a Bomb, Ice Bomb and Craft equipped then return
Line 1Lost Ice book
Line 21500 Cole
Line 3Protagonist MP +5
Line 4Protagonist Attack +3
Line 5Protagonist Defense +3
Line 82000 Cole

At the start of the second assignment, visit a few townsfolk for new events: Clone at the Apple Orchard, Duke at the Dragon's Fist Tavern, Wilbell at the Plaza and Solle at the Administration Office. Two additional events will appear after Wilbell's event with Katla at the Urban Area and Nio at the Apple Orchard. While at these areas, gather apples for a task and purchase A Healthy Home from Katla's store. Grab some subjugation requests from Solle and complete any gathering requests that you can. Six requests are needed for one of your tasks. Once you're done, head out to the Southern Ruins.

(Research will be unlocked on 8/1)

Southern Ruins

Gatherable ItemsMonsters
Ruins EntrancePaper ScrapsPaper ScrapsFakeruin
Bird EggSea Bird EggGuard
Sea Bird EggExt. Bird EggMini-Slag
Sector OneGarden StoneGarden StoneGuard
Moss GrassMoss GrassMini-Slag
Mountain FeatherMountain FeatherFakeruin
Eagle FeatherEagle Feather
Sector TwoPhlogistonWhite SalatFakeruin
Aqua LightAqua LightMini-Slag
White FlowerGreen GemstoneFlat Fish
Red FlowerWhite Flower
Ruins CourtyardSalatFresh SalatFakeruin
Fresh SalatWhite SalatMini-Slag
Aqua LightEarth Stone
Earth StoneBlue Gemstone
Sector ThreePendelockPendelockFakeruin
Earth StoneSea Bird EggMini-Slag
White FlowerExt. Bird EggGuard
Red FlowerWhite Flower
Strong Foes
LV 19Return Red Fang, Nano-Slag
LV 20Blue Elder Dragon
LV 21Rampage Land Eye, Carrier
LV 25Regen Breaker, Carrier, Nano-Slag
LV 26Regen Evo Rat, Golden Rat, Bitter Squirrel
LV 27Ultimate Gaia, Mist Element
LV 33Bloody Breaker, Watchman
LV 35Dark Sky Monster, Emerald Ray
LV 37Regen Wing Lizard, Scorching Dragon
LV 45Manic Steel Beast, Diamond Rat
LV 47Ultimate Land Eye, Porter, Officer

At the Ruins Entrance, speak with the party member in the area and defeat the enemies. Once your field event charges up, use Collection Sharing to gather all the items or Rare Materials for rarer items. If neither event appears, gather manually. You will need to find a PHLOGISTON, an AQUA LIGHT and and EARTH STONE for one of your tasks. Make sure you save at least one charge on your Bomb; you will need it to destroy a boulder later on.

When you reach Sector One, you will witness a few people having a conversation: Threia Hazelgrimm, Reyfer Luckberry and Harry Olson. Threia and Reyfer are both future party members, but which one joins first is up to you. Choose "The girl" for Threia and "The man" for Reyfer. Once you've made your decision, clear the area of monsters and use Collection Sharing if available. Continue to Sector Two and you'll meet the character of your choice. Defeat the Flatfish and other monsters and gather more items.

Your second to last destination is the Ruins Courtyard. Gather items to finish a task, and defeat any enemies. Your basket may be full so you'll have to throw away excess items. The final area will now be unlocked but is blocked by a boulder. Destroy it with your Bomb and enter to finish the main assignment, then return to Colseit.

Upon your return, Logy will make a request to Colland for additional equipment and Research will become available through Marion. A short event will also occur with her at the Development Office. There will be several research topics available, but they will be too costly to purchase all of them. I recommend getting Search Knowledge and Intro to Storage, then aim to get Alchemy Research. Report your assignment progress to Marion and you will get the You've got the Hang of it trophy as well as the Lost Ice book.

Assignment 2 Free Time

See Duke at the Dragon's Fist Tavern to see the results of his new menu and you'll receive the A Pile of Sweets book. Head back to the Atelier and synthesize a SPRAY. If you've already reached rank two, Awin will arrive and tell you about the R&D Division's new hot-air balloon. The Journey through the Sky trophy will unlock during the short ride above town. Marion will also visit the Atelier (leave and re-enter if necessary) to deliver new alchemy equipment for Logy to use. He will now be able to use Imbue to create new weapons and armor.

Continue with more alchemy by synthesizing FREEZING GAS and finally an ICE BOMB. Use Clean Water/Aqua Light and Neutralizer-B as ingredients to get the high water effect (Speed Down M) since it is necessary for a task. If you're out of Clean Water and you don't have any Aqua Lights, buy some water from Duke's shop. Threia or Reyfer will now join your group and allow you to change your party's formation.

Formation and Friendship

Unfortunately, friendship values are no longer displayed to the user in this game. They still exist though, and are affected by the character's position in your party. Those in the front row gain the most friendship points per day, while those in the back gain a moderate amount. Characters in reserve will have the lowest friendship growth. Keep that in mind.

An event with Linca will occur at the Atelier where she offers her help. There are a couple monster hunting tasks, so make sure you have a Craft, Bomb and Ice Bomb equipped then exit to the world map. Head over to Forest Point in the Twilight Forest first and defeat the Flesh Eater. One task requires you to use the Swap command in battle, so enter combat and test it out. If you haven't used the Rare Material Change field event yet, I suggest entering/exiting the Ruins Entrance until it appears (you need to perform Rare Material Change twice for a task).

Return to Colseit to restock and report your progress. Speak with Solle for an event then leave Colseit again and head to the Old Highway for your next target. The Scissor Beasts are located at the end of the Lost Road. If you haven't completed the Rare Material Change task, you can find the event at the Checkpoint.

If you've completed all your tasks, feel free to explore Upland Forest west of Colseit, but I suggest synthesizing an OMEGA CRAFT first. You'll need to raise your Alchemy level to 20 if haven't already reached it. Buy Colseit's History from Duke.

Upland Forest

Gatherable ItemsMonsters
Upland EntranceGreen SoilGreen SoilBitter Squirrel
Bitter MelonSpiky BudPoison Squirrel
Old MelonOld MelonBad Sickle
EicheEicheScissor Beast
Garden PromenadeSpiky FruitCrimson SoilBad Sickle
Bitter MelonSpiky BudScissor Beast
Old MelonOld MelonFlesh Eater
Atelier Garden RuinsSoul VineSoul VineFlesh Eater
Spiky FruitSpiky BudBitter Squirrel
Bitter MelonBitter GrassBad Sickle
Old MelonOld Melon
Fruitful GardenEternal LiquidSoul VineBitter Squirrel
Soul VineCrimson SoilBad Sickle
Crimson SoilBitter GrassScissor Beast
Wind CoreWind Core
Deserted ResidenceEternal LiquidEternal LiquidBad Sickle
Green SoilGreen SoilScissor Beast
Crimson SoilBitter GrassFlesh Eater
Wind CoreWind Core
Strong Foes
LV 23Head Silver Wolf, Howling Beast
LV 28Manic Beast King, Red Skin
LV 29Evo Cube, Black Box
LV 39Hidden Gaia, Deep Woods Spirit
LV 41Ultimate Spirit, Yellow Spirit
LV 51Return Underworld, Pico-Slag
LV 53Underworld Titan

Upland Entrance, Atelier Garden Ruins and Deserted Residence are blocked by boulders, so make sure you save some charges on your bombs. In the third area, Atelier Garden Ruins, the Basement sub-area contains a treasure chest with a CRYSTAL RING. Two documents can also be found in the basement. If your basket is full I suggest returning to Colseit to empty it and restock. The Homunculus Shop can be found at the Deserted Residence, but the wares are quite expensive and not very useful.

Assignment 3

Main Assignment
Search the VillageInvestigate the Frontier Village
Support MaterialsSecure Water - Deliver a Purify Bottle
Secure Food Supply - Deliver Apple Tart x2 or (Food) items x10
Minor Assignments (Inner)
Assignment: RequestsComplete 6 Requests
Assignment: SynthesisPerform Synthesis 5 times
Subjugation RequestsComplete a Subjugation request
Assignment: CombatEnter Combat 9 times
Research InvestmentPerform any research
Withering PlainsPlains Brook - Slay a Mirage Element at Plains Brook
Muddy Lake - Gather items at Muddy Lake
Frontier Village - Enter the Frontier Village
Assignment: SearchPerform 5 field events
Assignment: GatherGather 15 times
Minor Assignments (Outer)
InvestigatorReach Adventurer Level 20+
Armor with EffectsImbue a Cotton Shirt with the Defense +3 effect (Wind 30+)
Material KnowledgeGather 35+ types of items
Pottery BookSynthesize a Handmade Pottery
Piercing ElectricitySynthesize a Lightning Bomb with the Piercing Damage effect (Earth 50+)
Back Line ItemsUse a Cup of Life on a party member in the Back Line
Plains SubjugationSlay a Mirage Element, Amethyst Rat and Steel Skin
Upland BearSlay the Steel Skin at Upland Forest (Forest Atelier Ruins)
Apprentice AlchemistReach Alchemy Level 20+
Glass MaterialsDeliver a Glass Rod or Glass Core to the glass worker in Colseit (Plaza)
Help the VillageDeliver Distilled Water x3 to the man in Colseit (Town Entrance)
Quantity ChangePerform a Collection Change field event
Ancient CharmSynthesize a Glorious Note
Collect Glass CoresGather a Glass Core at the Old Highway
Ruins InspectionInspect Sectors One, Two and Three of the Southern Ruins
Ruins SlagSlay the Nano Slag at the Southern Ruins (Ruins Courtyard)
Line 1Forged Weapons book
Line 2Increase Search Equipment frames
Line 3Life of a Potter book
Line 4Protagonist Speed +3
Line 5Brutal Bombs book
Line 82500 Cole

Several new research topics have been added, but I suggest getting Marching Skills to reduce time spent traveling by land on the world map. Grab some requests from Solle, then visit Nio for an event at the Apple House. Another event will become available at the Urban Area with Katla. Afterwards, purchase the Shiny Zappy book from Katla. Synthesize some of the new items: CAPACITIVE PAPER, POWDERED GLASS and GLASS ROD.

Marion will now speak with you and introduce the other character who was at the Southern Ruins who will then join your party. Return to the Atelier (or leave and re-enter) and an event with Colland will occur. When you're ready, leave Colseit and travel north, making a quick stop at the Old Highway. You'll want to gather a Glass Core from one of the areas to complete a minor task. Exit and continue north to the Withering Plains once the task is complete.

Withering Plains

Gatherable ItemsMonsters
Plains BrookAmber SoilRiver WaterMirage Element
River WaterDrying SandFlesh Eater
Drying SandRipe FruitAmethyst Rat
Ripe FruitFully Ripe FruitHeavy Skin
Muddy LakeLethe GrassAmber SoilAmethyst Rat
River WaterRiver WaterHeavy Skin
Thin FruitRipe FruitSteel Skin
Ripe FruitFully Ripe FruitFlesh Eater
Village WarehouseAmber SoilLethe GrassAmethyst Rat
Lethe GrassGlass CoreHeavy Skin
Glass CoreRipe FruitSteel Skin
Ripe FruitFully Ripe FruitFlesh Eater
Village WellBig BoneBlack Bone
Black BoneShining Crystal
Shining CrystalGlass Core
Glass CoreWord Stone-Moon
Strong Foes
LV 25Regen Breaker, Carrier, Nano-Slag
LV 26Regen Evo Rat, Golden Rat, Bitter Squirrel
LV 33Bloody Breaker, Watchman
LV 35Dark Sky Monster, Emerald Ray
LV 37Regen Wing Lizard, Scorching Dragon
LV 45Manic Steel Beast, Diamond Rat
LV 47Ultimate Land Eye, Porter, Officer
LV 49Head Death Bug, Death Scissor
LV 59Bloody Demon Beast
LV 61Dark Elder Dragon

Clear out the first two areas, Plains Brook and Muddy Lake. Make sure to perform field events when available; collection change is needed for a minor task, otherwise use collection sharing to quickly gather items. Save your Omega Craft for the tougher STEEL SKIN enemies. When the path branches, you can visit the Village Warehouse first, but there's no new items to find here.

Upon reaching the Frontier Village, the Village Chief will explain the situation. He will give you the Drought Supplies recipe and have two requests. One of the buildings in the village can be entered where a couple gather points await. Exit the village and walk east to the Village Well. There are two documents to discover here as well as some gather points. Return to Colseit when you're finished.

A short event with Marion will start when you return to the Atelier. Obtain more requests from Solle (you need a Subjugation request for one of your tasks), then craft a PURIFY BOTTLE and a couple APPLE TARTS. Return to the Frontier Village and deliver the items to the Village Chief. Find and defeat any monster that you need for your subjugation request, then return to Colseit and report to Marion. You will obtain the The Charm trophy for completing the main assignment and the books A Potter's Life and Brutal Bombs for completing the surrounding minor tasks.

Assignment 3 Free Time

At the Atelier new equipment will arrive for Logy to use. The Dismantler will allow you to dismantle relics found in the field into a simpler material as well as teach you the recipe for the relic dismantled. There is only a single item that must be learned from dismantling, but that's in the final dungeon; all other recipes can be learned from books.

Two character events are available at the start of free time: one with Linca at the Development Office and one with Reyfer or Threia. Two delivery tasks are also available in Colseit. Deliver a Glass Rod or Glass Core x4 to the Glass Worker at the Plaza and Distilled Water x3 to the the Official at the Town Entrance. Craft the required items if necessary. At the Atelier will be an event with Escha and Logy. The Big Eater trophy will be awarded if you chose Escha as your protagonist and Scars of the Past if you chose Logy.

The remaining minor tasks are pretty straight forward. First, buy the ANATOMY book from Nio and if you have enough, research the Alchemy Research topic to increase alchemy experience gained. Synthesize a LIGHTNING BOMB with the Piercing Damage effect (Earth 50+), then a HANDMADE POTTERY and a CUP OF LIFE. Finally, craft a GLORIOUS NOTE accessory and imbue a COTTON SHIRT with the Def Power +3 effect (Wind 30+). Use a Capacitive Paper as the (Paper) ingredient and use the Division skill to add the paper a second time. The two delivery requests in Colseit don't require anything special, so gather/craft the required items and hand them over.

When you're finished synthesizing, equip the Cup of Life and head over to the Southern Ruins. Enter and exit Sectors One, Two and Three (you don't need to fight/gather) then find and defeat the Nano Slag at the . While you're here, enter a battle and use the Cup of Life on a character in the back row (press L1 to switch which row to target). The final task will be to fight a Steel Skin at the Atelier Garden Ruins at Upland Forest.

The rest of your free time can be spent synthesizing or imbuing. You can get a headstart on tasks that required synthesizing/imbuing for the next assignment or you can start making some money...

Synthesizing For Profit - Part 1

Once you are finished with all your tasks, you can start the process of synthesizing items that will sell for a lot of money. You will need Quality Fur and a Silver Hive which are dropped by Steel Skins and gathered at Twilight Forest, respectively.

  • Synthesize Leather:
    • Use Quality Fur as (Skin), Bullet Seed and Slag Cable
    • Add all ingredients
    • Use Conversion LV2 on Earth
    • Use Absorb Attribute LV1
    • Use Quantity LV1
    • Transfer High Price+

  • Synthesize Distilled Water:
    • Use Leather from previous step as (Cloth), Silver Hive as (Fuel), Water and Paper Scraps
    • Add all ingredients
    • Use Conversion LV1 for an extra Wind Point
    • Use Division on the Silver Hive
    • Use Absorb Attribute LV1
    • Use Quantity LV1
    • Transfer Rare Goods, High Price++, Effect Up+

  • Synthesize Polished Crystal:
    • Use Distilled Water, Leather from previous steps, Shining Crystal, Abrasive
    • Add all ingredients
    • Use Conversion LV2 on Wind
    • Use Division on Distilled Water
    • Use Quantity LV1
    • Use Conversion LV1 on Wind
    • Use Absorb Attribute LV1
    • Transfer Premium Price, Rare Goods, High Price++

Explanation: The Polished Crystal has High Price as its innate LV1 property. It will combine with High Price+ from the Leather to create High Class Item which will then combine with Rare Goods from the Distilled Water to make Premium Price. Using Division on the water will add a second Rare Goods property that can be transferred to the Polished Crystal.

This is as far as you can go for now, so keep your Polished Crystal safe. The process will continue next assignment when you gain more recipes and the ability to duplicate items. Thanks to SieKensou for this early method of making money.

Assignment 4

Main Assignment
Water Source ResearchInvestigate the Water Source
Minor Assignments (Inner)
Synthesis SkillsUse a Synthesis Skill
Assignment: SynthesisPerform Synthesis 5 times
New WeaponsImbue a Medical Bag, Glass Sabre, Golden Wing Staff and Graviton Gale
Assignment: CombatEnter battle 9 times
Assignment: SearchPerform 5 field events
Abandoned RiverUpland Riverbed - Slay a Mist Element at Upland Riverbed
Two Ponds - Gather items at Old Ponds
Still Creek - Slay a Howling Beast at Still Creek
Forest River Source - Gather items at Forest River Source
River Waterfall - Slay a Mist Element at River Waterfall
Synthesis ResearchResearch Alchemy Research
Assignment: GatherGather 15 times
Minor Assignments (Outer)
Disassemble FireballDisassemble a Lava Cube found via Relic Discovery
Falling FireballSynthesize a Lava Cube with the Falling Stars effect (Earth 60+)
Defeat Rampaging SlagSlay the Carrier at Southern Ruins (Sector One)
Plains GrassGather Lethe Grass at Withering Plains
Document RecoveryRecover 5 documents via Search Investigation
Creatures of the DeepSlay the Flounder at the Abandoned River (River Waterfall)
Clear Water SourceSlay a Mist Element, Howling Beast and Azure Spirit at the Abandoned River
3 Water SourcesGather Lotus, Lady Whisker and Bubbling Water at the Abandoned River
Healing PropertiesCreate the Healing Power Increase (Healing Up?) property
Deliver RationsDeliver Traveler's Ration x1 or Five Grain Flour x5 to the official at Colseit (Town Entrance)
Passing CivilizationSynthesize a Tarot of Fate accessory
Antique DeliveryDeliver a Dowsing Rod x1, Abrasive x5 or (Antique) x30 to the Homunculus at Colseit (Town Entrance)
Synthesis RequestsComplete a Synthesis request
Assignment: RequestsComplete 6 Requests
New AllyPerform a normal attack with Lucille
Explorer's KitGather with a Dowsing Rod equipped then return to town
Line 1The Theory of Relics book
Line 2Protagonist's HP +5
Line 3Forged Armor book
Line 4Protagonist's Attack +3
Line 5Protagonist's Defense +3
Line 83000 Cole

Lucille Ernella will join your party as the sixth member at the start of this assignment. Special Support attacks will also be unlocked. To activate a support special, you must raise the damage rate to 200% or more and the next character in the combo will perform his or her special. Also, if a character's special finisher meter is full, they will be able to perform their finisher after the support special if they have yet to participate in the current combo.

Visit Solle at the Administration Office and he will tell you that the Homunculi will be available to duplicate your items. Before making any requests, head outside to the Hall for an event with Lucille, then to the Apple Orchard for another with Clone and Colland. Finally, visit Katla at the Urban Area and Harry at the Town Entrance.

Synthesizing For Profit - Part 2

If you've completed part 1 above, you can continue by first purchasing the Fortune Teller book from Katla.

  • Synthesize Crystal Ball:
    • Use Polished Crystal from previous step, don't use anything with High Price+
    • Add all items
    • Use Absorb Attribute or Effect+ skills to max effect power
    • Transfer Premium Price, Rare Goods, High Price++

  • Synthesize Purple Crystal:
    • Use Crystal Ball from previous step
    • Maximize effect power first, then try to increase quantity
    • Transfer Premium Price, Rare Goods, High Price++

Each Purple Crystal can be sold for 4,672 Cole but before doing that, speak with the Homunculus at the Administration Office to duplicate them. Each crystal will cost one Sweet Stump and 15 days to duplicate. You should have a lot of Sweet Stumps, so you can rush the duplication process by spending more. I suggest making enough money to research important topics such as Praxis of Storage, Search Wisdom, Basic/Ground Combat and 4-Ele Research.

Inspector Micie Sun Mussemberg will introduce himself at the Atelier after synthesizing and Colland will conduct another visit a day after that.

When you're finished with events, synthesize and equip a DOWSING ROD, then leave Colseit and make a quick stop at the Withering Plains. Gather a LETHE GRASS from one of the areas and have Lucille use a normal attack in battle to complete a couple minor tasks.