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by DraikTempest

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Walkthrough by DraikTempest

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/27/2014

Branch C (Emesis)

Verse 1

(Chests: Gold Base Material, 29000 Gold, Moonfire Weapon)

So.... yea... this area again. Same deal as last time. Due to the difficulty of describing the areas, I'll try my best, I'll be including images of where they are.

Sealed Area: Soldiers

This area is a good place to get a 100 hit combo if you're going for the trophy. Just get a bunch of soldiers to be near the walls. Take out the archers first for an easier time.

Head for the first cold globe. Make sure you hit the torches as you go to negate the cold damage.

Sealed Area: Sorcerers

I recommend taking your time and killing the sorcerers one at a time, but make sure you kill them first. They don't take much to kill, and killing all three stops the cold spell. After they're dead, murder the undead. There is a chest in the back of this arena.

You see where this is going, don't you? Before you go towards the next cold sun, head left towards the archway a bit and you'll see an out of the way torch. A chest is in the shadow of the building it's by.

Sealed Area: Sorcerers

Same deal as before, kill the sorcerers first, but this time make sure you knock them all away from the circle, especially if the ogres start crowding you. Once the sorcerers are dead, focus on the ogres. I don't know why, but using Zero's sword they didn't seem to attack me all that often, or I'd stun lock them before they got a hit off.

First Chest

Second Chest

Third Chest

Verse 2

(Chests: 20000 Gold, 10000 Gold, White Base Material)

Once you spawn, turn around and on your right is a chest. Go forth and murder. When you get to the jumping puzzles, there's another chest on the left side of the room, near the exit. Go forward and be careful, there's trolls in this dungeon.

Sealed Area: Trolls

These trolls look different and that's because they have been enhanced by the almighty power of palette swap. They, however, go down just the same, and if you did a bunch of killing on the way here just use intoner gauge on them.

Go up the spiral path, past the checkpoint, into the pit with the undead and use the platforms to jump over the wall.

Sealed Area: Golems

Do I even need to go into detail at this point? Destroy these tin cans.

Jump across the chasm and on the left is another chest. Grab it before you head out.

Verse 3

(Chests: Once a Woman Weapon, White Base Material, 40000 Gold)

The intro scene shows you the first chest, behind you and to the right. Go down the path and head left to get a cutscene which shows you the second chest. Grab it and then hop over the wall to see three knights. Go past them and into a sealed room.

Sealed Area: Undead and Wizards

Standard undead and wizard tactics apply. I suggest taking the wizards out first because the undead aren't super aggressive.

You aren't done yet.

Sealed Area: Ogres, Spirits, and Soldiers

Ogres and spirits come out. INTONER TO KNOCK THE SPIRITS OUT OF THE OGRES! DO NOT LET THEM BE POSSESSED! That out of the way, kill the Ogre's first and then kill the spirits before the soldiers have a chance to be taken over.

Go forward, under all the arches, try not to get shot, and into the next area.

Sealed Area: Flame Doggies

...Don't look at me like that. I don't know what to pluralize them as. Anyway, they come one at a time and you shouldn't have a problem getting to it's side. Kill them and the door opens.

Step outside the door then turn your camera to look to the right for the last chest of the level. Continue to the end of the level. I took the time to level Sins of the Fallen after this stage, if you have been using Dito, you should definitely have it by now.

Verse 4

(Chests: 33000 Gold, White Base Material, Final Knell Weapon)

Jump onto the bridge and go forward. The first chest is in plain sight. Go towards the big doggy.

Sealed Area: Demon Cerebus

The target is the dog, if you kill it the Imps disappear. They're usually pretty passive in this fight.

There's a chest on the left as you exit. Go down the stairs and straight forward to enter another fight.

Sealed Area: Two

This time it's a fight vs a solo Two. She's a LOT more aggressive this time and blocks a bit more. You can use Intoner mode this time if you pop an strength and defense potion. Healing potions will help, but you should be able to kill her without too much of an issue.

Just outside the door, to the right, is the last chest. Be sure to grab it before you go too far forward.

Verse 5

(Chests: 23000 Gold, White Base Material, 11000 Gold)

Go straight. Hit the chests as you go. Don't die.

Boss Battle: Abdiel

At the start of the fight, be ready to dodge left or right quickly. They start off the battle attacking. The one on the left is the one with the core and you need to break it open to unveil it. The only way to break it is to charge attack it three times. Shoot the core with fireballs and then keep an eye on which one it goes into. Attack the new golem and break it open to kill it. Should only take two round. While you're killing the cores, they golems will be shooting you with their rocket fists and trying to slam you.

After the first phase, the second phase is pretty simple. Strafe left and right until it stops shooting metal bits at you. When it shoots laser at you, you should shoot it with fireballs. Shouldn't be too hard to kill.

Boss Fight: One

Use Intoner Mode at your own risk. She is a LOT more aggressive than you in it, I don't care how fast you hit those buttons. To properly do this fight, you need to keep close to her, do not attack when she blocks, and parry when you can. The fight takes a while, no matter how much of a BAMF you are.

And that's the end of Branch C. To unlock the D branch, we're going to need to go do some side missions as well as replay some older missions to unlock the extra weapons from your other two followers.

The Lost Verses (Clean up + Accord Missions)

This is where there's a small grind wall and a few side missions before you can progress any further. To unlock Branch D, you must first finish the 3 Lost Verses and obtain 100% of the weapons in the game (DLC not included). I'll use this section to talk about the Accord missions and describe their rewards. I'll also cover the three Lost Verses.

Lost Verse 1: The Land of Seas

(Chests: White Base Material, Darkseal Order Weapon, 35000 Gold)

Sealed Area: Gigas and Soldiers

The first thing you see in this level is a Gigas and a bunch of soldiers. You might want to kill the archers first before taking out the Gigas. Standard tactics apply, be cautious because the enemies do a lot of damage at this point in the game.

Go down the path, keeping an eye on the right to see the first chest. Keep going along the path, killing enemies as you go. You'll eventually run into a sealed area.

Sealed Area: Cannons

The ship will keep shooting at you, but all you have to kill is the cannoneers. Killing some of the archers might be a good idea.

Go through the opened path and on the left is another chest. Keep going until you see Zero's house. The last chest in behind the shield barrier to the left.

Lost Verse 2: The Land of Mountains

(Chests: Junk, crap, junk)

Go forward and across the bridge to the first sealed room.

Sealed Area: Demon Cerebus

Oh look! A puppy! Stab it until it stops moving. Then hit it a few more times. Seriously, I shouldn't have to go over this at this point.

Go forward and Cent points out the first chest. Keep going and Cent will keep pointing them out. After the second chest, the path doesn't exactly seal, but you'll have to kill three ogres and spirits. Just use the Intoner gauge and rip them apart. The level ends after you hit the last chest.

Lost Verse 3: The Land of Sands

(No Chests)

Ride Mikhail around and blow up the towers. Should take five minutes. Target the wizards to destroy the towers.

After that mission, you'll have the basic requirements unlocked to go to Verse D... except one thing. You have to get ALL of the weapons. For the easy way, scroll to the bottom of the FAQ for the easy list. The first thing to do is buy all of the weapons in the shop. Then you're off to do Accord missions.

The Land of Seas

The Beloved Stones

The first Accord mission and probably the easiest. You have 5 minutes to kill 25 guys and collect 7 items. If you do this following my guide, Sinful Scream will one shot every enemy. Just be careful with the bombs.

First-Time Reward: Can carry more Recovery Potion (S) Unlocks: Horn Hunting

Horn Hunting

The enemies have a bit more health and do more damage. You still have a lot of time to complete the mission, but you have one more item to collect. Same amount of enemies to kill though. The Lancers that join the soldiers aren't terrible, but make sure you know where they are so you aren't charged by surprise.

First-Time Reward: Copper Base Material

Book Club: Hope

You have to collect the items from the monsters. The Gigas has one, the other 8 are being held by soldiers. Standard tactics apply to the Gigas and the soldiers.

First-Time Reward: Gold Base Material

Pinkstone Pilgrimage

This should be the first steel chest request you perform. The easiest way to break the chests with swords is to use straight triangle attack on it. You have plenty of time, so kill enemies if you want, just remember to break the chests.

First-Time Reward: Copper Base Material

Unlocks: Communicorns


This is the same as Pinkstone Pilgrimage, just more powerful soldiers and less time. Focus more on the chests, and if you get Intoner mode, use it to break one of hte chests quickly. First-Time Reward: Copper Base Material

Book Club: Ambition

You are on a short time limit here so you have to act fast to destroy the chests. If you charge with the lance, it will break it most of the way. After that it'll just take a few more strikes. A lance

First-Time Completion: Gold Base Material

Seaside Payday

Wait till you have a spear and you'll wreck this. You're up against a Gigas, so wait for him to provide an opening then destroy him. The goal you want to aim for is killing the Gigas with enough time left to kill at least 2 Gold soldiers, though early in the game you should be able to at least kill one Gold Soldier without much problem. Just try to remember to pick up the money. You should easily make at least 15k a run.

The Land of Mountains

Flint Stint

The goal here is to murder the soldiers as fast as you can. If the spear is being a bit of a problem then kill a few and go into Intoner mode. Also, use Intoner to vacuum up the collectibles so you don't have to run over them.

First-Time Reward: Spear of Empathy

Unlocks: Hawk Whisperer

Hawk Whisperer

Kill everything, suck up items. The timer is shorter and you have an Ogre to deal with, but as we know by now spears are made for bigger enemies. You can use bombs to smash him a lot.

First-Time Reward: Recovery Potion (M) carry limit increased

Book Club: Reticence

Obvious proiblem right off the bat is an Iron Golem who will immediately attack you with rocket fists and then lasers. You'll probably want to take him and the two Ogres out first. You can use the bomb carriers to do so a bit easier since they do a lot of damage to the Golem and instantly stun it and the ogres. Collect the items where you can, just remember you can use Intoner mode to vacuum them up.

First-Time Reward: White Base Material

The Amberstone Zone

The goal is to use the spear to break the chests. A spear like the Seer's Lure works well with it's jump heavy attack. You have plenty of time to destroy the chests, so take it easy.

Eagle Scout

Same strategy as last time, the only difference is more lancers and ogres. Dodge cancel to avoid the jump heavy attack to hit the chests faster.

First-Time Reward: Copper Base Material

Book Club: Stoicism

The chests are in the same position as the last two missions. The time limit is a little rough here, so you have to hurry.

First-Time Reward: Recovery Potion (L) carry limit increased from 1 to 2.

Mountain Payday

I would hold off on Mountain Payday until late game when you have a really good spear, because the Titan can take juuuuust enough punishment to not make this worhthwhile. That being said, it's a Titan, wait for an opening and destroy it and try to get as many gold soldiers as you can. Average payout should be over 20k if you take out at least one Gold soldier.

The Land of Forests

On the Move

You're restricted to fist weapons which are great for opening chests, unfortunately they're also terrible for aoe attacks. You have enough time to clear up on the enemies around the first chest, but you should hurry. The basic combo for fist weapons is enough to break them quickly.

First-Time Completion: Virginal Sin Weapon

Lucky Fangs

This mission is a pain if you don't have a decent weapon. The charged punch works well, as does the multi-hit combos. Be careful getting the chest on the stump, the archers can and will knock you off.

First-Time Completion: Silver Base Material

Book Club: Mystery

This mission is a pain. It starts with an undead Gigas stomping around the chest and ends with a titan standing over the last one. To top it off, you do not have time to kill any of them and complete the mission. Ideally, you want to lance spam the chest, then immediately go to the stump with the second chest, killing the archers and intoner mode for the last chest.

First-Time Completion: White Base Material

Food Festival

You have a bunch of soldiers and some undead. The undead are instantly killed by the bombs and are pretty weak to fist weapons. A high damage fist weapon can clean up in this mission.

First-Time Completion: Recovery Potion (M) carry limit increased

Stinger Meds

I think this mission is actually easier than the last one. There are more bomb carriers and it's pretty easy to land some on the skeletons. You have a shorter timer limit this time, but you should be able to kill them faster.

First-Time Completion: Silver Base Material

Book Club: Sanctity

The Dark Cerebus is actually not that tough thanks to the bomb carriers. Your goal is to drop bombs around him and the undead paladins while killing soldiers. A good spear goes a long way, but you should be able to use any kind of weapon.

First-Time Completion: Imperial Coffin Weapon

Forest Payday

The Centaur here goes down fast to any spear with 300 or more damage. Try to kill as many gold soldiers as you can. Should be an easy 30k.

The Land of Sand

Like a Falling Stone

You're stuck with chakrams this time. It's just wizards and soldiers, though, so it shouldn't be a problem. You can probably take some time to rack up your combo.

First-Time Completion: Silver Base Material

Famous Fossils

Murder them with your best chakram. It's not a hard mission.

First-Time Completion: Silver Base Material

Book Club: Purity

The first thing you're going to want to do is kill that dog before it can summon any wolves. You can use the bombs to do a lot of damage to it. The wizards each have a book and the soldiers will have the remainder.

First-Time Completion: Recovery Potion (L) Carry Capacity increased.

Compass Cash-in

This mission and the next two are fairly difficult. You have to destroy the chests, but you don't have time to kill anyone. You must bee line from chest to chest and avoid hits as much as possible. The first one is going to be the simplest. First-Time Completion: Silver Base Material

Plant Your Claim

This mission is annoying, but doable. If you are having trouble with the last stretch, Intoner mode's heavy attack can be used to lock on and dash to an ogre.

First-Time Completion: Silver Base Material

Book Club: Innocence

This mission will require you to take some damage intentionally to do it effectively. The first thing you want to do is charge through the first group of soldiers, try to kill one or two of them. Take damage from something on your way to the chest, intoner to break the chest. Charge away from the golem, getting hit by the lancers, and intoner again to break the chest. Then use heavy attack to dash to the ogre or cerberus and break the last chest with a spear. A lot can go wrong here, so keep trying.

First-Time Completion: White Base Material

Desert Payday

The go to spot for a lot of people to grind money. The golem goes down easily and the golden soldiers aren't much of a hassle. Easily 100k a go if you do it right.

The Cathedral City

Shooting Stars

This mission isn't hard. Follow the arrows to the chests and break them. You have a bit of time, but not enough to stall.

First-Time Completion: Broken Iron Weapon

Ancient Treasures

The only difference between this mission and the last is there are more enemies, and some of them are bigger.

First-Time Completion: Gold Base Material

Book Club: Discipline

This is probably the hardest mission in the game just because of how much is going on at once. To start off, you need to go straight for the corner with the iron golem and ignore it AND the three lancers to break the chest. Immediately leave and go up the stairs and break down the chest next to the stairs. Finally, go through the iron doors and you'll see two titans. Intoner Gauge and then break the final chest. You have NO time to sidetrack here.

First-Time Completion:

The Comet's Trail

You face a single Titan. You can use bombs to stun him, but standard tactics apply. Shouldn't be too much trouble.

First-Time Completion: Azure Arms Weapon

History Unearthed

It looks like you face one titan, but in reality you'll fight three total. The first one has a lot of health, but the next two are weak by comparision. Effective use of bombs can anhilate the titans.

First-Time Completion: Gold Base Material

Book Club: Doctrine

This mission is easy compared to Book Club Discipline. Attack the Titan and hit bomb carriers as you see them, setting them off to chunk the Titan's health. When the two dogs spawn, hit bomb carriers near them to do massive damage.

First-Time Completion:

Cathedral Payday

You have a small boss gauntlet full of things you should be more than capable of killing quickly. The payment for this one isn't as good as the Desert Payday.


The First Survival

These go in waves, with each wave giving you an opprutunity to back out and get some money and exp, or keep going and risk what you have to gain more. I'll go over the contents of each wave briefly and if I believe a strategy is required, I'll discuss it below the wave.

  1. Four Swordsmen, One Lancer
  2. Ten Archers
  3. Ogre
  4. Cerberus
  5. Spirits &Soldiers - Try to hit the soldiers before the spirits get in them. If you have Intoner mode, use it to knock the Spirits out.
  6. One Gigas - This Gigas is different from the first one you fought. First change is after the vertical swing, it'll occasionally turn that into a circular swipe that is really fast, so make sure his club is stuck before going in for a hit there. It's armor will also fall off after a certain amount of punishment and it'll go into a 'rage'. He takes more damage now, but does more damage and attacks faster, so be careful. You don't have a time limit, so take your time with this one.
  7. One Titan

First-Time Reward:Silver Base Material

Second Survival

  1. Soldiers and Spirits
  2. Undead Gigas
  3. Troll & 2 Undead
  4. Centaur
  5. Alpha Wolf & Sand Alpha Wolf - They spawn right in front of you in a great spot for a spear charge.
  6. Iron Golem
  7. Lancer & 5 Wizards - Can use an upgraded chakram to 1 shot the wizards with a charged attack.
  8. Flame Centaur - Be aware of the passive damage being dealt by being near it.

First-Time Completion: Gold Base Material

Third Survival

  1. Soldiers & Spirits - Focus the archers, use the sword for mobility. Parry Lancers to knock out the spirits.
  2. 2 Gigas - The one on the left enrages
  3. Ogre & Sand Ogre
  4. Lancers & Centaur - The lancers need to go down first.
  5. Necromancers & Undead - Chakram charge kills the Necromancers in two hits.
  6. Titan Lord - When he holds the sword up and charges, he can't be stunned out of the attack and it does a lot of damage.
  7. Imps - They spawn one at a time.
  8. Demon Cerebus - It can summon undead if you let him.
  9. Arch Titan - His combos are more aggressive, but if you can get him to kneel down to try and heal, you can do a lot of damage very quickly to him.

First-Time Completion: White Base Material

Final Survival

Have all of the weapons you are using fully upgraded.

  1. Soldiers & Greater Spirits - They're really aggressive
  2. 2 Gigas & Undead Gigas - The left one goes beserk. Ideally, you want to get two of them to charge and take them out one at a time.
  3. Necromancers, Sorcerers, and Undead Paladins - Kill the undead first then jump and attack the casters with a sword.
  4. Twin Iron Golems
  5. Sand Alphas Wolves & Brute Troll - I like to drag the first Alpha wolf away from the troll with a spear charge and then finish all of them off away from the troll, saving him for last.
  6. Flame Cerebus - The first thing this one will usually do is summon Alpha Sand Wolves into the fight. You don't HAVE to kill them, but they'll make the fight more difficult. A way to avoid this is to run up to it while it's charging for a howl and then hitting Intoner mode. You can then turn it off after you won't get hit.
  7. Shield Knights & Lancers - All I hear is 'Spear me! Spear me!'
  8. Centaur & Flame Centaur - This is where most of my runs die for Final Survival.
  9. Spirits & Ogres - I hope you saved some of your Intoner gauge. All you need to do is pop it to knock the spirits out. You can try to parry, but they are REALLY aggressive while possessed.
  10. Titan, Titan Lord, Arch Titan - They hurt. A lot. They won't let you seperate one of them from the group either so you'll have to use hit and run tactics. If you have Intoner gauge I would save it to try and avoid a hit. Otherwise, dodge, duck in and out of the group, and beware of their distance covering attacks.

Note: A lot of people from the forums recommend waiting to do this till after you upgrade all of your weapons to get the Blood Soaked Garment which will give you unlimited Intoner gauge. This level does give a lot of money, but it is NOT worth farming due to the difficulty, so waiting until after fully upgrading all your

First-Time Completion: Black Base Material

Branch D (The Flower)

Verse 1

(Chests: 13000 Gold, White Base Material, 27000 Gold)

Sealed Area: 30 Soldiers

Welcome to the difficulty spike, the rest of these levels will all have enemies doing increased damage and taking more hits to kill. Now, this first area is pretty simple, just kill them all and you actually have them coming close enough and fast enough that you can easily get 100+ combo if you're looking for that trophy.

Small hall into...

Sealed Area: Golem

Standard tactics, be careful cause he hurts. There's a chest in this room on the right.. You shouldn't need to summon Mikhail, but you can do it if you want.

Go over the bridge and inside the buidling, up the stairs and through the door to your next big fight.

Sealed Area: Titan Lord

This guy starts off by doing an air slash, which you'll have to dodge or parry. Get in close and stab him with the spear until dead. You can stun lock him if using a leveled Final Knell. Also, off to the left is a chest.

Go up the platforms to the left and through the shield guards to get the last chest. Hop back down and into the final room.

Sealed Area: 30 Soldiers

Have you used Intoner gauge? If not, turn it on and go wild. This is the last room of the level.

Verse 2

(No Chests)

Boss Fight: Zophiel

This boss is pretty much just like Gabriella, except Zophiel is a little more aggressive. The halo rings he shoots out might be a little bigger too. When he opens his mouth to breath fire, shoot into his mouth. When he goes down, firebreath works well or activate Intoner mode on top of him. It may take a while to whittle him down, so prioritize evasion.

Boss Fight: Four

And then Four starts attacking you. She does her fist combos and will occasionally charge up to do a massive punch. Use the wind up to damage her and then dodge away from it. If you wind up with a lot more health than her, you can use Intoner mode to do some damage, but it's usually not worth it.

Beating this Verse unlocks Book Club: Innocence and level 4 Zero's sword, which you should equip immediately.

Verse 3

(Chests: 14000 Gold, 29000 Gold, White Base Material)

When Accord said this branch is broken, she wasn't kidding. The troops start to get a bit... crazy. Go down the path and through the tunnel to the first sealed area.

Sealed Area: Centaur

There's a chest on the left with some gold. The Centaur is just a Centaur, though he hits a bit harder than normal.

Go down the path, I recommened killing at least the soldiers before trying to break through the ivy wall otherwise you'll get chain hit to death, literally.

Sealed Area: Undead

The more undead spawn as they're killed, but the problem isn't the undead, it's the spirits. You may want to kill them first to make the undead easier to manage. There's a chest to your left on entering the area as well, be sure to grab it on your way out.

Hit the checkpoint and keep going.

Sealed Area: Enraged Undead Gigantes

You read that right. They stomp harder and faster than before and if you get hit by the first you'll lose over half of your health. Evasion is best here. There's a chest behind the archers next to the second Gigas, which I recommend grabbing BEFORE you kill it, because the level ends after you do.

Verse 4

(Chests: 15000 Gold, Black Base Material, 29000 Gold)

The enemies in this level have some interesting dialogue. Crazy, but interesting, and it's one of the reasons I like the english dub. Anyway, the path opens up as you approach it so keep going. In a small clearing you'll see three chests to the left. Keep going and you'll be in a field of flowers. That should terrify you if you're paying attention to the story.

Boss Fight: Galgaliel

So, in the background a much more interesting fight is going on while you get to fight the army of Galgaliel. They do a decent amount of damage per hit, but go down with one swing the level 4 Zero's Sword.

Once 99 Galgaliel are defeated, Five comes out of stasis and the real fight begins. She uses the same spear moveset you do, but the twist is the Galgaliel are still around and their invincible as long as Five is up. Drop her as fast as you can, watch the cutscene then do it again. When she goes into stasis, you have a limited time to kill all of the Galgaliel on the field. If you have Intoner mode, now would be an okay time to use it and triangle to charge each Galgaliel. When they're dead and the timer hits zero, you can attack Five again and finish her off.

I recommend using the Black Base Material earned here to upgrade Final Knell. You also unlock Book Club: Discipline here.

Verse 5

(Chest: Black Base Material, 15000 Gold, 30000 Gold)

The area starts off with platforming. Off to the left is a chest. Jump down to lock the doors.

Sealed Area: Soldiers and Spirits

There aren't a lot of soldiers or spirits. Kill the spirits, then the archers, then the soldiers. Try to do it before they get into a host.

Go through the door, take the first left then follow the hall into the spiral path into the sealed room.

Sealed Area: Ogres

If you let the necromancers live on your way down this could be a bit of a headache, but it's otherwise the same as any other ogre fight.

Go through the door.. To leave the room, you just have to climb up onto the ledge. To get the chest, you have to kill all of the skeletons and then use the platforms that drop down to get up to it. Follow the path in the next room.

Sealed Area: Iron Golems

It's a bunch of soldiers and two golems. Take out the soldiers first so you have room to breathe and beware rocket fists and butt slams.

Verse 6

(No Chests)

This is a large flying segment and the enemies come pretty fast, but mostly across the center of the screen. Use lock on and it should only take a couple of tries to perfect it. Spam regular fireballs on the cubes.

Boss Fight: Ezrael

Mash fireball and try to follow his pattern. He moves in an hourglass pattern and you can do significant damage before the cutscene. After the cutscene, he's slowed down and will shoot a lot of bullets at you at once, most of which you can shoot down or dodge. Intoner gauge fills up from the destroyed bullets and can be used for free damage on the boss.

Verse 7

(Chests: Black Base Material, 16000 Gold, 33000 Gold

The camp is a little quiet, so it's story time. Let's go beack into the time of greyscale and learn about how Zero got her flower. Start the level by going forward.

Sealed Area: Wizards and Imps

The wizards can appear on the boxes, other than that just use standard tactics.

Go forward and you'll start running through a familiar section. Keep going, none of the doors seal behind you. Once you reach the big shield blocking your way, jump up the cliffs next to it. Behind the big shield is the first chest. Go over the bridge and down the stairs. Next to the stairs is the second chest. Go through the door and jump over the hole in the cliff that the archers are next to. When you approach the next exit, it seals.

Sealed Area: Sand Ogres

Micheal is summonable here and he takes off a lot of their health. Unfortunately he creates a lot of lag here. To offset the lag, go into intoner mode and kill one or two ogres.

Go through the gate and down the path. When see the archers and lancers there will be platforms past a 'gate' as well as Accord's Shop. The third chest is on the platform to the left. Approaching Accord's shop ends the level.

Verse 8

(Chest: 33000 gold, Black Base Material, 17000 gold)

I consider this the final level of the game. The Verse after this is just a really long rhythm section. This level itself is is just a string of sealed off arenas.

Sealed Area: Soldiers, Lancers, and a Titan

Kill all of the soldiers and the lancers. The Titan is pretty standard as well.

There are then three chests right in front of you.

Sealed Area: Wizards, Sand Ogres, and Flame Centaur

I recommend baiting out the centaur and taking it out by itself. After a bit of time, Mikhail will shoot everything on the bridge. After the centaur and the Ogres are dead, hunt down the Wizards and go to the end of the bridge.

Boss Fight: One

This fight is the exact same as the one you had before. If you have Zero's Sword equipped it will deal massive damage to her. I recommend avoiding Intoner mode. Parrying can help mitigate damage and her patterns are pretty easy to predict.

Final Verse

(No Chests, only pain)

This section is evil incarnate. If you've come this far, then here is the brick wall you will have to surmount for 100%

Boss Fight: The Flower

You will likely spend at least an hour attempting this fight. Nothing I can write here will prepare you for it, however there are a few Youtube and Nicodouga videos out there that could help you with the timing. What you have to do is essentially 'parry' the bosses songs. Each song will be represented by a ring expanding from the boss that happens at the same time as a chime. If you have good rhythm you might have an easier time with this than I did. The main thing to keep in mind is each Intoner does different things to make this fight harder.

  • Zero leaves the Camera where it is and is a baseline for the fight
  • Five sends the camera high into the air making the rings harder to see.
  • Four starts sending out closer notes.
  • Three zooms the camera in on her face.
  • Two gives you a close up of Mikhail.
  • One barrages you with notes while causing the camera to go beserk.
  • Finally, the group will combine EVERYTHING into a last section of notes.

--u--Warning:'''It is not over when the screen fades. At the start of Mikhail's second sentence is a final note. If you miss it you start over.

If you want a little help, below is a video timing guide uploaded byChrystofax. To sync up the video, play the video up until the firstnote hits Mikhail in the video. Pause it then play up to the same pointin game. when the note hits Mikhail, hit unpause when you hit thebutton to stop the note.

Weapon Locations

This section are for those who are just stuck trying to unlock ending D. The weapons are listed as they appear in the weapons list in game and will include the name of the weapon and a brief description of how to obtain it.


  • Zero's Blade: Start the game with it
  • Sinful Scream: Shop Chapter 1 shop; 3600g
  • Eternal Voice: First chest in Chapter 1, Verse 1
  • Ceremonial Blade: 'First' chest in Chapter 2, Verse 1. After the first sealed area, go right up the ramp.
  • Thunder Lord: Chapter 2 Verse 2 shop; 7700g
  • Virginal Sin: On the Move Accord Mission
  • Saintly Brimstone: Chapter 4, Verse 1 shop; 21000g
  • Bloodletter: Chapter 5, Verse 3 shop; 37800g
  • False Pact: Given to you by Cent
  • Broken Iron: Shooting Stars Accord Mission
  • Gaia's Flame: Branch B, Verse 1; first chest at the start of the level.
  • Moonfire: Branch C, Verse 1; third chest, by the torch near the archway after the second cold sun.
  • Skyward Thunder: Branch B, Verse 3 shop; 50400g
  • Crise and Whispers: Second Cent weapon; use Cent in missions to unlock.
  • Once a Woman: Branch C, Verse 3 chest; first one right behind you
  • Imperial Fang: Branch C, Verse 2 shop; 60900g
  • Feral King's Wildblade: Lost Verse 2 shop; 73500g
  • Mourning Thorn: Lost Verse 3 shop; 75600g
  • Nier's Blade: DLC (Does not count for Branch D or achievements)
  • Kaine's Swords: DLC (Does not count for Branch D or achievements)


  • Twisted Hunger: First spear, given by Dito
  • Spear of Empathy: Flint Stint Accord Mission
  • Thunder Princess: Chapter 2, Verse 2, in the room the Titan comes out of.
  • Eternal Wail: Chapter 3, Verse 5 shop; 20600g
  • Guardian's Oath: Chapter 3, Verse 1 shop; 12400g
  • Robber King: Chapter 4, Verse 2 shop; 25200g
  • Conjurer's Staff: Chapter 5, Verse 2 shop; 37800g
  • Bloodwyrm's Flame: Branch B, Verse 2 shop; 48300g
  • Sins of the Fallen: Dito's second weapon; use Dito in battle to unlock.
  • Seer's Lure: Chapter 5, Verse 3 Chest
  • Imperial Tears: Branch C, Verse 1 shop; 56700g
  • Final Knell: Branch C, Verse 4: chest at the end of the level

Combat Bracers

  • Masochistic Joy: First bracers, given to you by Decadus
  • Iceborn Slayers: Chapter 3, Verse 2 shop; 15900g
  • Golden Petals: Chapter 3, Verse 3 Chest; Sealed area with soldiers and trolls
  • Imperial Claws: Chapter 4, Verse 2 shop; 25200g
  • Crimson Impalers: Chapter 5, Verse 2 Chest; last chest at the end of the long bridge
  • Azure Arms: The Comet's Trail Accord Mission
  • Darklord's Flame: Branch B, Verse 3 Chest; last chest behind the log with 3 archers.
  • Captain's Guard: Second Decadus Weapon; use Decadus in missions to unlock.
  • Deathly Briars: Lost Verse 1 shop; 71400g
  • Tyrant's Playthings: Branch C, Verse 3 shop; 63000g
  • Darkseal Order: Lost Verse 1 chest; After the cannons on the left.


  • Everlasting Ring: First Chakram, given to you by Octa
  • Electroshocker: Chapter 3, Verse 5 shop; 20600g
  • Ring of Lament Chapter 4, Verse 2 chest; in the last platforming room in the upper left alcove.
  • Azure Cleaver: Chapter 4, Verse 1 shop; 21000g
  • Duchess's Dance: Chapter 5, Verse 3 shop; 37800g
  • Rule of Divine Law: Second Octa weapon: Use Octa in missions to unlock.
  • Vidofnir's Blade: Branch C, Verse 2 shop; 60900g
  • Skyward Wind: Branch B, Verse 1 shop; 44100g
  • Widow's Sin: Lost Verse 1 shop; 71400g
  • Imperial Coffin: Book Club: Sanctity Accord Mission


I'd like to thank everyone who helped in no particular order:

  • Zmuggernaut for his awesome weapons guide and pointing out another efficient way to earn money
  • Chrystofox for getting the video from Nico Douga as well as the original poster of the video from Nico Douga.
  • People on the forums for help during my initial playthrough


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