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by DraikTempest

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Walkthrough by DraikTempest

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/27/2014


Hi, this is my first time writing a guide, so be prepared for it to be a little rough. I will attempt to outline the requirements to complete the game all the way up through Ending D and obtaining the alternate costume for Zero. Before going any further: No, there is not a flowerless Zero costume. This will also not hold your hand. The levels are linear and have very few branching paths.

Also, if you have any information for me such as typos or you think theres something I missed or a different strategy, please feel free to send me a PM on GameFAQs.

Gameplay Basics

Combat in Drakengard games is always pretty basic, but Zero has a few things that makes her unique compared to Nowe and Caim from the previous games. For starters, she can dodge and perform weapon combos by changing in the middle of a combo. She can also Parry incoming blows by pressing the guard button (Circle) right before an attack. Lastly, she can enter Intoner Mode by hitting R3 + L3, turning her invincible and increasing her damage and attack speed.

Levels can also, largely, be ran through with only a few set fights being truly necessary. The only time you are required to fight is when you are sealed into the room, with exceptions being addressed in the guide. At any point in the game, you can check the combo list to see how to perform the weapons moves. Experiment to see what you find comfortable, but I will make recommendations throughout the guide on effective weapons.

Chapter 0 (The Past)

Verse 1

(No Chests)

The first two verses act as a basic tutorial level. I recommend taking your time to feel out the combos for Zero's sword attacks. These are the same basic attacks it will have throughout the game, with only slight variations between different weapon weights. I would also recommend practicing parrying against archers in this level as they do not do a lot of damage at this point. When ready, proceed through the level.

Boss Fight: Titan

Take your time to learn the movements of the first Titan. His tells are really noticeable. Whenever he is about to strike, he'll crouch and raise his sword. The titan can do either 1 strike, or a combo attack. If you block, Zero will be knocked out of range of the attack. The parry window is a little weird for the Titan, so I recommend trying to stun lock it by attacking the titan with the Forward Spinslash combo. If you do it successfully, the titan doesn't even get an attack in.

After the Titan is the long bridge with the Intoner mode tutorial. If you want to, let out your pent up aggression on these hapless fools. Once you get to the end of the bridge, the level is over.

Verse 2

(No Chests)
Boss Fight: Sisters

The games throws you straight into a fight with four of your five sisters. You take very little damage from them, and anyone you aren't locked on to can be lifted with the Rising Spinslash combo. Just relax, enjoy the dialogue and murder them.

But wait! There's more!

Scripted Fight: Gabriel

Just keep attacking it. After a while a cutscene will play. You cannot kill him... yet.

Chapter 1 (The Land of Seas)

Verse 1

(Chests: Eternal Voice Weapon, Copper Base Material, 1500 Gold)

Examine the objects in the room and head out the door.

Turn the corner and straight ahead is the first chest containing a weapon. Go up the path and you'll finally be out of the cinematic sequence. You'll also notice that you're sword has downgraded, so take some time to get used to the new, limited combos before proceeding. Past the shield barricade, there's another chest on your left that contains a base material.

Keep following the path and you'll see the third chest. Jump up and grab the gold from it before continuing.

Sealed Area: Soldier Battle

You have to kill 20 soldiers to proceed. This includes Archers. If you want, you can call Mikhail to explode some of them, though it's random whether he'll take out too many of them.

Examine the stall to learn about the weapon shop and unlock the gate to proceed. I recommend you equip the Eternal Voice before you continue, since it does more damage and seems to attack faster.

Verse 2

(Chests: 600 Gold, Copper Base Material, 1200 Gold)

Talk to Mikhail to proceed.

Proceed along the path and you'll soon run into your first Lancer. These guys will charge and do pretty serious damage, make sure you know where they are at all times in a fight, however thier charges are really easy to parry, which will knock off a large chunk of health and make them easy to finish off.

The beach up ahead doesn't immediately seal off until you jump up and over the wall.

Sealed Area: Soldier

The soldiers here come in waves, first two sets of archer, and then two sets of lancers. Kill them and proceed.

The first chest in the level is on the left after the door, next to the bridge. The second chest is after the bridge, past the spike barricade. Immediately on the right is a set of broken stairs that you can jump up to get to the chest. Following the chest is a giant shield blocking your path. You can get over it by jumping on the cliff to the left and jumping over the crevace. The last chest is in on the right when the path opens up a bit. Kill or run past the soldiers here to the beach for your first Gigas fight.

Boss Fight: Gigas

This guy does a lot of damage, so youwant to find his tells. He has 2 major attacks, which you'll only seeone of if you keep close to him. The first is a charge attack, whichdoesn't track your movement and causes him to fall down afterwards. Thesecond is a club combo, where he does a wide horizontal strike,followed by a vertical strike that makes his club stick into theground. If you have a full Intoner gauge, you can take out about halfof his health without even trying. After he dies, the level is over.

If you've been following the guide, you should have enough for Sinful Scream, which I recommend using. The 2 hit combo is easy to dodge cancel out of, and it is a significant increase in damage.

Verse 3

(Chests: 800 Gold, 1600 Gold, Copper Base Material)

Follow the path through the doors and look in the right corner for some boxes with treasure in them. Keep going and you'll see a small jumping section, fall down for hte first chest on the left.

Sealed Area: Soldiers

Ahahahaha, kill them. Seriously, this one is a joke.

After the checkpoint, you'll be under cannonfire for a while. It can't hit you in the little tunnel up ahead, but you should get used to dodging it in the middle of a fight. Better now than later. Speaking of that tunnel, at the end of it, underneath, is the second treasure chest.

Anyway, you'll head into a small corridor. follow it, but look for the small room on your map as you go through it. Inside is another chest. Keep following the path until you hit a pier where you'll get your first dragon riding section. Use lock on to track the cannons and spam square. When the charge tutorial pops up, ignore it and keep spamming fireballs. The level ends when you sink their battleship.

Verse 4

(No Chests)

Cutscene followed by the first boss fight with one of your sisters... who cops out and summons something to fight you.

Boss Fight: Phanuel

This is the first boss that requires a bit of thought in order to win. First, it moves around quickly underwater, spraying it upwards, avoid it by flying higher. After that, it'll move and pop up to shoot a beam of water at you. Evade the vertical one by dodging to the side and the horizontal one by flying higher. When the beam attack finishes, charge with Triangle, then do that again to expose it's weak spot. Then, proceed to attack it's weak spot with fireballs for massive damage. Repeat until dead.

The reward for beating Phanuel is a Copper Base Material and a new follower who will give you your first Spear. Now is a good time to do some Accord missions if you need money, and the first 4 are easy enough to do as you are right now, as well as giving unique rewards. Sinful Scream is enough to handle all 5 of the missions, though you won't get an amazing payout if you do Payday right now.

Chapter 2 (The Land of Mountains)

Verse 1

(Chests: Ceremonial Blade Weapon, 3700 Gold, Copper Base Material)

This is where we first encounter big shield enemies. The easy way to deal with them is to charge through with the spear's Triangle attack. Once you're behind them, they will ditch the shields and allow you to engage them easier. Spear goes through any shield enemies make sure to remember that. Anyway, continue down the path, jump over the gaps, and you'll come to an open area with Mikhail in the distance. On the right path is a branch that leads to a chest on the left. Go back and then go up to the left, jumping over any gaps. When you get to the top, you'll see an arch on the right that leads to the second chest. Now you remember the battleship from chapter one that was shooting cannons at you? Here comes more cannons, manned by enemies. If you rush them and knock them off the cannon, it stops their bombardment. Now drop down into the pit for a Sealed Area

Sealed Area: Soldiers

This sealed area contains cannoneers as well as normal soldiers, however you only need to kill the soldiers to continue. Mikhail actually cleans up nicely here, so he's worth summoning.

Once you hit the checkpoint, look right. You see that ramp? Go up it to an area above with some shield knights. Behind them is a weapon chest. After that, you'll go through a small barricade section. At the end is a door leading to another sealed area, you'll start to recognize them by that iron door alone.

Sealed Area: Cerberus

This will be your first encounter with the three headed dog enemy. It has three major attacks to watch out for, all are able to be parried. The first you'll notice is the flame breath attack, which has a long charge up time giving you opprutunity to move to the side. The second, it raises onto it's hind legs and jumps forward a bit to bite in front of it. Does a lot of damage, but can be avoided by not being on it's side. This move tracks you a little, so stay at it's side. The final attack is a tail stab in front of it, which has a long charge up time but being on it's left will allow you to dodge it without effort. Just keep spamming attacks and it will run away. Mikhail can stun lock it for you too.

After the dog flees, you'll have enemies to fight before you hit the next sealed area. If you're Intoner gauge isn't full, I'd take some time to clear them out.

Sealed Area: Cerberus Round Two

He has lower health, but seemed to spam his tail swipe more often. Parry it or dodge it, just keep attacking until it's finally dead.

I recommend switching to the Cermonial Blade before moving on to Verse 2 for the longer combo and upgrading Twisted Hunger to Lv. 2. You can buy Thunder Lord if you want, but I would hold off on it until later.

Verse 2

(Chests: 1300 Gold, 2500 Gold, Copper Base Material)

Follow the path straight, the only thing off to the right are two crates with some money in them. Go past the warehouses and up the stairs to a sealed fight.

Sealed Area: Soldiers

There's twenty soldiers here, including a cannon shooting at Mikhail at the top of the stairs. Also at the top of the stairs, immediately in front of you, is a chest.

Follow the path forward, jump up to the archers (kill them if you want) and over to the other archers. Run over to the cliff and jump down for another Sealed Area.

Sealed Area: Ogres

These guys are dangerous, but have a small HP pool compared to the Cerberus and Gigas, but also come in groups. This set of three will apear one at a time, and have 2 main attacks. They'll charge and swing when near (or after a set distance) and they'll also just swing horizontally when near you. They'll also dodge around a bit, so make sure to keep close. The wind up time is enough to block or dodge away from them. The easy way to take them out is to Square > Triangle spam with level 2 spear, which can easily stun lock the Ogres. Mikhail is also useful here, if you want to summon him.

There's a small path leading up to ANOTHER Sealed Area.

Sealed Area: Gigas

This Gigas fight is a bit different from the other one. Along with his previous attacks, you can knock off it's armor and he'll go beserk.

Square into Triangle combo is useful for doing a lot of damage to it, just be sure to dodge the club. When his armor is off, if you activate Intoner mode and keep hacking at him to stun lock him and prevent him from going beserk. At this point in the game, it probably won't kill him, but he'll only take a few more spear stabs before dying.

After a small cutscene, you'll hit the checkpoint. Go inside and go right. Jump up the platforms to get the second treasure chest. After that, blow through the shield soldiers, go up the stairs, and then head outside again. Go over the bridge, you can run past the Ogre if you don't want to fight it, Go inside, jump up to bypass the big shield barricade and go over. Ahead you'll see another chest guarded by shield knights and a cannon soldier, charge through them to get it. Go down the stairs and you'll be in the final Sealed Area of the level.

Sealed Area: Soldiers

It's twenty soldiers. Kill them and then another wave spawns with archers and lancers and you can summon Mikhail to help with these if you want.

Restock on healing items if you need to after the cutscene. Buying strength and defense potions may not be a terrible idea either.

Verse 3

(No Chests)

Welcome to the ground Mikhail mission. You start the level by getting a tutorial on his triangle breath attack, which is a really strong move to use on ground based enemies.

Round 1: Soldiers and Cannons

This first group is twenty soldiers and five mounted cannons. First thing you should do is lift off and fireball all of the cannons down. After that, land in the middle and firebreath a group of soldiers. You should have more targets than you need, mop up with fireballs.

Round 2: Hyper Cannon

This cannon charges up and then shoots three shots that don't home in on you, so they can be dodge by listing lazily to the left or right. After the third shot, it enters a cooldown period where you can blast away at it. Use fireballs to blast it away. It should only last two cycles.

Round 3: Gigas

You get to fight three of these bad boys. On a dragon. That can fly. And they don't have ranged attacks.


Okay to be fair, it's faster to land and breath fire on them than it is to bombard them from above, but one way is safe and the other is not. It's up to you.

Verse 4

(Chests: Copper Base Material, 1700 Gold, 3400 Gold)

Go forward, past the rise with the archers and towards the left where the path splits a little. Go through the shield knights, over the barricade and grab the first chest. Go back and take the path right this time to encounter your first spirit enemies. These things either posses a soldier, buffing it and making it immune to stuns until you knock it out of them, or floats around at throws it's chakram at you. The basic strategy you'll use to deal with them is to either hit the soldiers as their being possessed and try to kill either them or the spirits. Strategy to is to bait them into attacking and then parry them, knocking the spirits out instantly. Avoid fighting possessed soldiers if you can. Past the spirit enemies, you should see the second chest on the ridge to the left. You can go around the small bend to get to it. Continue along the path, past the shield knights, to the first sealed area of the level.

Sealed Area: Soldiers & Spirits

You are not required to kill the spirits to progress, but they will make the soldiers MUCH harder to kill if you let them. Take them out as targets of opprutunity, but focus on clearing the soldiers out. After the first group is gone, lancers will show up but can be killed before possessed if you hurry. Heal using items if you need to, and don't be afraid to blow a continue.

After that, the game ends. Thanks for reading the guide, have a nice day.

So, you really end up in a small valley with the checkpoint. For the final chest go behind you and hop onto the hill. Look to your left and jump up the cliffs until you reach the chest. From there, drop down and go up the scaffolding till you get to the top. Go through/past the barricade and cannoneers to reach the final area.

Sealed Area: Titan

You remember this guy from the start of the game? Same tactics apply here, though sometimes he'll take a new stance and swing the sword upwards. You can also knock him down if you hit him enough, and he isn't as easy to stunlock this time. Be sure to dodge or block as needed and call Mikhail when he is available to blast him. Spear can work if you line up the rapid attack well, but sword is probably the way to go here.

Verse 5

(Chests: 550 Gold, Copper Base Material, Thunder Princess Spear Weapon)

Go up the stairs and immediately on the right is a series of jumps to make to get to the first treasure chest. Go back and then continue until you hit the sealed area.

Sealed Area: Soldiers & Spirits

Rush the soldiers to interrupt the spirits, try to kill the soldiers before too many get possessed. If you need to, use Intoner mode, it won't take long to charge it back up.

Follow the path to the left and you'll find a simple platforming section. After that is some soldiers, an ogre, and another moving platform that doesn't lead anywhere. Past all of that, is another sealed area.

Sealed Area: Cerberus

You remember the last one you fought? This has the exact same pattern, but doesn't run away when low on health. You shouldn't need to use Intoner mode for it if you keep to it's side and spam the spear.

You'll hit a checkpoint after that, continue up the stairs until you see a box floating up and down. Climb on it and ride it up to the second chest. Keep going up until you find the next jumping segment. Make your way accross to a rather familiar looking gate.

Sealed Area: Titan

The Titan comes with some soldiers as back up, but if you summon Mikhail he should take them out as he tries to blast the Titan. His move set is the same as the last one you fought, though this one likes to do a four-hit combo instead of stopping, which can cause problems. I recommend blowing your Intoner mode here.

Once the Titan is dead, go into the hole he came from for the final chest which holds the Thunder Princess spear weapon. Go up the stairs, wait around a bit if you want to hear the dialogue, and you'll reach the top. Once back at the main menu, stock up on healing items, cause this next one could be a problem.

Verse 6

(No Chests)

This is the first 'on-rails' dragon section of the game and it's also the final verse of chapter 2. I'll out line the basic strategy here, and I'll list the order and direction the Wyverns appear from in the 'waves'. For basic strategy, lock on to each group of Wyverns and use the homing fireballs to kill them. The boulder Wyverns you need to aim at and spam non locked on fireballs.

Wave 1: 28 Wyverns
  • 3 from the right screen, 3 from the left screen to the center
  • 4 horizontally in front.
  • 4 vertically in front
  • 6 in front
  • 2 from the center
  • 6 from the left
Wave 2: 27 Wyverns

The Wyerns will start shooting energy at you here. You can evade with R1 if you need to.

  • 3 horizontal from the right
  • 3 vertical from the right
  • 3 from the left moving to the top of the screen.
  • 2; one on either side of the screen.
  • 1 Big wyvern straight ahead
  • 4; 2 from each side
  • 2 Big Wyverns; one in middle, one on the left
  • 4 from the top left
  • 3 from the left
  • 2 big wyverns; 1 center one on the right
Wave 3: 24 Wyverns
  • 4 from behind to the middle
  • 4 from the right to the middle
  • 6 from the bottom to the middle
  • 2 Big Wyverns in the middle
  • 4 from the bottom left to the middle
  • 2 from the right to the middle
  • 2 Big wyverns in the middle.
Wave 4: 29 Wyverns
  • 3 top middle
  • 4 in the middle
  • 6 from the top left to the middle
  • 1 Big Wyvern in the middle
  • 6 from the left to the middle right
  • 6 spiraling in the middle
  • 3 Big Wyverns; 2 right, 1 left
Boss Fight: Armaros

I love this bosses music. Lock onto as many cannons as you can, and dodge the shots they fire. You'll be drawn towards the bosses weakpoints, which you have a time limit to destroy. The first one is stationary, just spam unlocked fireballs at it. The second one moves diagonally up and left and then to the bottom right as well as shooting energy at you. Anticipate it to keep up damage and destroy the blasts it fires to fill your Intoner gauge if you need it. The third one moves to the upper left and then slowly rotates clockwise. You're then flown down to the cannons, destroy as many as you can. After that section, you're flown up to the final core which follows the same pattern as the one before. Destroy it and move on to the second half of hte fight.

Boss Fight: Armaros Phase 2

You can now move a little more. This new phase shoots large vertical and horizontal beams at you. Dodge the horizontal beams by moving to the left or right, the vertical by flying up higher or lower. You want to blast the sphere at the bottom as much and as quickly as you can. Activate Intoner mode if you have it, if not destroy the shots Armaros fires at you to fill it. You have a time limit here, so mash that button as fast as you can. The number of blasts it unleashes increase the lower health it gets, so make dodging a priority the lower health it gets, but also remember Intoner mode makes you invincible.

If you can perfect this Verse, you'll get a trophy. That means kill all wyverns and don't die to Armaros. It's not terribly difficult, but is made easier with healing items and more HP, so you could come back later. You also unlock a new weapon, a new follower, and the Mountain Payday mission, though I wouldn't recommend doing it yet. Switch out your blade with Zero's upgraded sword and then continue

Chapter 3 (The Land of Forests)

Verse 1

(Chests: 5100 Gold, 2500 Gold, Copper Base Material)

You've got a wonderful new airship full of treasure and things. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone. Kill those responsible for the destruction of your airship. Anyway, after the cannon, you'll see some cliffs. Jump up the cliffs, go over the log, jump onto the stump and into the hollow to get the first treasure chest. Hop down and cut your way through the vines. Attempt to go through the next tunnel and the passage will seal, trapping you in here.

Sealed Area: Undead

So, these are your first undead and they'll show up just often enough to be annoying. They block your attacks, so the easiest way is to use the spear to break it or switch to the gauntlets and spam it. They aren't dead when they fall apart, thoug so keep killing them until a larger exp value appears.

Up ahead is the second chest just sitting there. Grab it and keep going. You see those archers that the scene zoomed in on? Go up there and there's the third treasure chest. Past that are some undead, continue along the bend, and you'll reach the next Sealed Area.

Sealed Area: Undead Gigas

First, clear out the soldiers, because this one is trouble. This Gigas has the same two attacks as the other Gigas enemies however he also has a brand new attack in the form of a stomp attack. He'll raise his foot up and stomp down, creating a shock wave, and then he'll do the same with his other foot. You may want to try and bait him into charging before spamming fist or spear attacks.

Verse 2

(Chests: 2700 Gold, 5400 Gold, Silver Base Material)

Start the level by going down the path, murdering as you go. As soon as you come to the ivy blocking the way, spear charge through and hit the first chest. Keep going until you hit the sealed area.

Sealed Area: Trolls

These are your first troll enemies and they're fairly annoying. For starters, they're the only mob (that I've found anyway) that can heal themselves. They do it by eating a fish from their pots, which takes a long time and gives you ample opprutunity to combo them. They also swing their flails at you, but the attack only comes from their left side (your right). They will also jump into the air and come down for a butt smack, which does significant damage and is probaly thier fastest attack. Finally, if you're too far away, they will jump forward for a body slam attack, which will knock you down. They do have a bit of a problem with turning though, so if you can get behind them you can stun lock them with the fist or spear spam.

Before you leave, there's a chest up on the ridge where one of the trolls started. In your way are soldiers and cannoneers as you continue down the path. Break through the vines and undead and you'll be in another sealed area.

Sealed Area: Vines

...cut Mikhail down from there.

Follow the dragon through to the ACTUAL sealed area.

Sealed Area: Spirits and Undead

The spirits will try to possess the undead, but they're really easy to knock out. All you need to do is get behind the skeletons and bop them and the spirits fly out. Kill the spirits, and if you have to the undead.

The game continues, but before you go anywhere, after the second bridge is the third and final chest. Follow Mikhail and you'll eventually hit the end of the level.

Verse 3

(Chests: Silver Base Material, Golden Petals Weapon, 8600 Gold)

The level trolls you right off the bat, with two of them no less. If you want to kill them, try to seperate them first. After that surprised, go past the tree with the face and up the cliffs with the archers and over. Go forward a bit and the area will seal.

Sealed Area: Wolves

The game only requires you to kill the alpha wolf, but you might want to get your sword out and kill the other wolves as well, otherwise they might stun lock you into the ground. The Alpha Wolves themselves aren't that big of a problem though and can easily be stunlocked.

This next tunnel I recommend you run past here because the trolls and undead can gang up on you pretty hard. After, you'll see two familiar sights.

Sealed Area: Cerebuses... Cerebi...

I have no idea how to pluralize that, but other than there being two of them, they're the same animal. If you have an issue, keep one Cerebus inbetween you and the other one and activate Intoner mode to destroy one of them.

On the right side of the arena is a chest, grab it before you leave. Go into the tree, wait a few minutes and then exit out the other side. On the right IMMEDIATELY after you exit is another chest, grab it during the sealed area.

Sealed Area: Soldiers and Trolls

They're pretty spaced out. Kill the soldiers then worry about the trolls. The first troll is alone, but the other two are pretty easy to seperate just be ready to dodge a body slam.

Continue down the path, you'll run into more wolves and the last treasure chest. Go through the root tunnel and you'll hit the last sealed area of the level with two Undead Gigases

Sealed Area: Undead Gigases

Blow Intoner mode on one of them to take down their health a chunk and summon Mikhail. The cannon in this area can actually be your friend if you keep an undead Gigas inbetween you and it. Turn Intoner mode on whenever it's available and use fists to smash them into the ground. Don't be afraid to use potions.

This scene is one of my favorites.

Verse 4

(Chests: Silver Base Material, 3300 Gold, 6500 Gold)

Go forward for a Chakram tutorial. Kill the enemies with the chakram and keep going forward. Immediately behind the shield knights and to the right is a treasure chest. Go forward and you'll see your first Gargoyle Cube.

Sealed Area: Gargoyle Cube

Hit it when it opens and the door opens.

Go through the door and you'll see more. Immediately to the right is a treasure chest.

Sealed Area: Gargoyle Cubes

Wait for them to open and then hit them with the chakram. You can get them all in one go, but I'd just handle them two at a time.

Follow the path until your locked into another room.

Sealed Area: Gargoyle Cubes

DO NOT BREAK ANY OF THEM YET! There is a chest in here that requires a little platforming. It's in the tree right ahead of you and to get it you need to jump on the bottom most platform, then jump on the cube circling behind it. Next jump to the one coming towards you. Finally jump on the one next to the tree. You'll see a platform in the tree with a chest, get it and then go to town on the cubes.

Go next to the door to end the level. You know all that money I told you not to spend? Here is where you should spend it. Buy the Eternal Wail and upgrade it twice. It's now our hardest hitting weapon for a while.

Verse 5

(Chests: 3300 Gold, Silver Base Material, 6700 Gold)

Welcome to the Lost Forest. Go forward and follow the statue across the bridge. After the bridge is a chest on the left. Go right, past the barricades, until the vines seal you in.

Sealed Area: Foggy Forest

I'm going to cover this whole area in just this. It's pretty easy, just kill the undead and follow where the statue is pointing. To follow them easily go in front of them and turn your camera around until you can see the lantern, then walk straight until you hit the next statue. At the second statue look left and follow the light for a treasure chest. Right before the final statue, on the right behind a tree is the last treasure chest.

Once you're out of the foggy forest, you're thrown straight into a mini boss.

Sealed Area: Centaur

Centaurs are a pain, but are bad at tracking Zero. They have three main attacks:

  • It'll charge, which will likely be the first attack it does. dodge to the side.
  • It will swing with it's blades, first it's right, then it's left, finally both blades at the same time. Parry or be far away from it.
  • It'll lift it's legs and then start pounding the ground in front of it.

To beat it, get to it's side and start attacking. If you stagger it, it'll lift it's legs and turn towards you. Move to it's side and keep attacking. If you do enough damage at once you can knock it down, which will keep it on the ground for about 10 seconds, enough time to pound it into the ground. Feel free to use Intoner mode, there's nothing else past this.

Leave the area and you'll hit the exit.

Verse 6

(No Chests)

There's a bunch of enemies in your way, but your goal is to get to cut the vines trapping Mikhail. Get up there and circle around until you find the area that's close to the vine. Walk near and a cutscene will start, leading into...

Sealed Area: Zombie Horde

You're on Mikhail. Firebreath and flying wrecks them.

Followed immediately by...

Boss Battle: Armisael Army

These things will jump on you and explode. Dodge and fly to shake them off. Torch them with fireballs and fire breath. This fight isn't terribly difficult, the NEXT part however.

Boss Battle: Armisael

This can be tricky until you figure out how the fight works. What will happen is that Armisael will charge up and then shoot a laser at you. Dodge the laser and then charge it from the air. Do that twice and it's head will fly off. Spam fireballs at the head until it gets picked up and put back on. Rinse and repeat.

After the battle, you'll unlock Forest Payday and a Silver Base Material. Around now is a good time to start doing some of the Accord missions from earlier levels. You may also want to level the Chakram once.

Chapter 4 (The Land of Sands)

Verse 1

(Chests: 8000 Gold, Silver Base Material, 4000 Gold)

Go down the path, either killing the wolves or running past them, until you hit a sealed area.

Sealed Area: Soldiers

There's archers up on the wall that you'll need to use the chakram to kill them and then take care of the enemies on the ground. More archers will spawn on the walls and the platforms as well.

Go down the path and follow it past the shield soldiers. Stop there and look to your right. Jump onto that platform then look across to see a barricade with a chest behind it. Drop back down and continue into the sealed room.

Sealed Area: Soldiers with Cannoneers

Run around and kill them all. Focus the archers first because you can easily dodge the cannons. Eternal Wail's jump heavy attack is useful here because of it's AoE and damage.

But wait, there's more!

Still Sealed Area: Sand Wolves

The wolves can sometimes burrow into the ground and come out underneath you. That's really the only difference between these and normal wolves.

Go forward and you should see a chest immediately on the right. Keep an eye on your map as you go and take the first left branch you can see for the final chest. Go back to the path, past your first Knight, through the shield guards and into the boss area.

Sealed Area: Golem

The Golem enemies are kind of easy compared to the other minibosses, though he has a few more dangerous attacks.

  • It'll shoot lasers out of his eyes. The move is small and doesn't track.
  • It'll shoot rocket fists into the air which come down and try to hit you. Dodge the circles and punish the golem for the long cooldown time.
  • It'll try to hit you when you're near it. Dodge to it's side and be careful of the second strike.
  • It will jump and butt slam, causing an energy ring.

A few more weapons unlock from the shops. I recommend upgrading the chakram a couple more times and then moving on, though.

Verse 2

(Chests: Silver Base Material, 13000 Gold, Ring of Lament Weapon)

I like the complaints about darkness when the place is really well lit. Go forward and the door will shut behind you (big surprise). Do not follow the arrow, instead go right and you'll find your first treasure chest. Now go down the path and you'll eventually come to the first sealed area of the level.

Sealed Area: Wizard

These guys float, teleport around, and shoot fireballs. Sometimes a lot of fireballs. Stay mobile and take them down one by one. If they're floating too high, get the chakram out and knock them out of the air.

Go towards the door and they will show you where the next chest is. Yes, it's a trap. When you get to it, the room will seal and skeletons will try to attack you. Kill them and then go to through the other passage. Follow the spiral path down till the room finally seals.

Sealed Area: Golems

You remember these guys, right? Well, same strategy, but now there's two of them. I used Eternal Wail's jump > Triangle > Dodge to kill them quickly. Only problem was waiting for the stamina gauge to recharge.

See the platforms. Upper left is a chest. Once past the jumping 'puzzle' you will be in a large room with narrow walkways and a big chasm. Fight your way through, I do not recommend ignoring enemies here. Once at the end, cutscene, and then Ogre fight.

Sealed Area: Sand Ogres

They come in waves of three. Intoner mode works well to kill one set of them and I used the spear to destroy the other three. Just wait for the second set to come out before you start attacking.

Stock up on healing items, cause the next area can be a pain.

Verse 3

(Chests: Silver Base Material, 5000 Gold, 9000 Gold)

I'm going to resort to images here for the chests, because descriptions won't help very much. I will include the map in the images as best I can and apologize in advance for the poor quality of the images.

Anyway, go down the path and you'll hit a cutscene that shows a red mini sun off to the east. Go there, sticking to shadows to recover your health as you go, and you'll encounter some wizards.

Sealed Area: Wizards

There's only three of them, so they shouldn't pose much of a threat.

Another sun spawns on the other side of the desert. On the way, make sure to grab the chest, which is kind of on the western side of the middle area inside a building with some bars on it (terrible description, I know that's why there's an image).

Sealed Area: More Wizards

There's six of them this time. Stay mobile to avoid the fireballs, but they should die relatively easily.

Grab the chest in the back of this area before you go. It seals after the next sun spawns. The final sun is in the northern area. Once you pass the checkpoint the next chest is off to the left. After the chest, go to where the last red sun is.

Sealed Area: Even More Wizards

I recommend you kill the four in the summoning circle first. They won't attack until you disrupt them, and you can easily kill them one at a time. Once the circle is gone, the sun stops sapping your health, which makes the last four a lot easier to kill.

Hey look, my little Flaming Pony.

Sealed Area: Flame Centaur

You take passive damage from just standing by this guy. I hope you saved up Intoner guage, cause you should be able to blow it here and destroy this things health bar. Otherwise, treat it like a normal centuar and if the passive damage is hurting too bad, you can back away to regenerate just like sun damage. Unfortunately, if he hits you, the damage will stick.

First Chest

First Chest

Second Chest

Third Chest

Verse 4

No Chests

Kill all of hte soldiers to unlock the path down to the boss fight. You'll be glad for the Intoner mode soon enough.

Boss Fight: Egregori

There may be two of them, but all they aren't really difficult if you focus them down one at a time. Rip the armor off of one using Mikhail's charge attack. When it's armor is gone, it will shrink and then run around the room. Hit it with fireballs and if you stay close to it you should have enough damage to take it out before it can get big again. If you are having trouble dodge the lasers or the fists you can dodge both by circling to the right of them, you don't even have to use R1.

So, now you have a new disciple, who gives you a new sword, and Mikhail evolved again leveling Zero's Blade once more. You also get a Silver Base Material... but you can buy those. Also Desert Payday unlocks, which is what you'll be using to get a lot of money later in the game.

Chapter 5 (The Cathedral City)

Verse 1

No Chests

It's time for another flying segment. The new enemy type is Spectres, ghosts with big scissors. Spam fireballs to kill.

Wave 1: 10 Spectres
  • One Spectre right and one Spectre left
  • They sort of just start circling into the middle after the first group
Wave 2: Gabriel

And then right into a 'boss fight'. Gabriel is back, and this time flying behind you. His attacks are:

  • He spins in the air and throws swords made of light at you. These can be destroyed for Intoner gauge.
  • He breaths a fireball at you. You can hit him in the mouth when he does this, but the timing is a little hard.
  • He charges up and then fires a laser at you. You can prevent the laser by hitting him in the mouth a bunch of times, which causes him to stumble in the air. The laser hurts so it's recommeneded you try to do just that.

Dodge his attacks while aiming at One or Gabriel's mouth. After enough damage is done, this part is over.

Wave 3: 20 Wyverns

The first three appear as you're flying down and are on the bottom right. After that, use the lock on to hit the rest of them. Most of them come from the bottom left or hover near the center.

Wave 4: 10 Wyverns

They're mostly in the way as you dodge the buildings and come in pairs.

And that's the last wave.

Verse 2

(Chests: 18000 Gold, Gold Base Material, Crimson Impalers Weapon)

The level starts out pretty straight forward. Go straight, take a right, murder soldiers, head into a sealed room.

Sealed Area: Knights

I have not discussed Knight strategy yet, so here's the easiest way to kill one if you don't care about your health. Charge with the spear. He won't be able to knock you down, the knight will be stuck, and you'll constantly be doing damage. Repeat for the second and third knights.

Go down the path and to the right to get the first chest. Go up the stairs and to the right of the next stairs to hit the second chest. Go up the stairs and through the door.

Sealed Area: Titan

This guy just jumps in like he's a boss or something. You need to show him that he's not. Hit and run with Eternal Wail jump attacks or your favorite combo. Parry if you feel like it. Intoner mode if you care.

Go up onto the familiar looking bridge, cross it and RIGHT AFTER the last barricade stop and turn to your left for the last chest with a weapon in. If you hit the cutscene you went too far. Approach the gate to be sealed in.

Sealed Area: Golems

It's two golems. If you can manage to get them close enough to hit both of them at the same time you should be able to stun lock them with fists, or hit in run both of them with the Eternal Wail's jump Triangle.

Go forward and then left. Approach the gate, then go through the gate and the level is over.

Verse 3

(Chests: 20000 Gold, Gold Base Material, Seer's Lure Weapon)

Go forward, around and through the door to hit your first Imp enemies.

Sealed Area: Imps

These guys are annoying. The quickest way to kill them is to parry something back at them and then beat them to death while their grounded. You can knock them down with jump triangle sword attacks as well, and I believe a decent strength Chakram. After the first one dies, two more will spawn.

Go through the checkpoint and do I even need to point out the first chest? Go forward and bust through the barricade. Behind the giant shields and to the right is a second chest. Keep going, busting through barricades until you get to a place you might recognize from the tutorial. Before you step forward, get the last chest on the right.

Miniboss: Dark Cerberus

This one is a little different from the others you've fought. For starters, it's more aggressive and has shorter times between it's attacks. It tailswipes a lot and can also summon undead to help it. That said, it goes down the same as any other Cerberus, just be careful if it spawned any skeleton.

You see that Seer's Lure? Level that up and equip it, that's the new weapon we'll be using for a while.

Verse 4

(Chests: 7000 Gold, Gold Base Material, 13000 Gold)

Go up the stairs. And get locked in a room with 50 soldiers. No, I'm not devoting a section for it, you should know how this will turn out. In fact, this whole spiral staircase section is one sealed room after another with mooks. First Soldiers, then soldiers and cannons, then soldiers and wizards. Finally, right before the boss room, is a checkpoint with 3 chests. Go through the giant doors for the final boss of Branch A.

Boss Fight: Gabriel

You're on Mikhail for this fight, so it's pretty pattern based. He has a few main attacks:

  • He'll jump into the air and shoot blades at you. To dodge, jump.
  • He'll fly towards you. To dodge, just jump out of the way.
  • He'll stay on the ground and try to tail swipe you. Jump to dodge.
  • He'll charge up a fireball to shoot at you. This is your chance to attack.

When he charges the fireball, be on the ground and spam square. When he is stunned, go up to him and breath fire on him. Repeat for every time he makes himself vulnerable, it should take 3 'cycles'

Boss Fight: Wounded Gabriel

Circle Gabriel to the right where he's limping and keep hitting him there with Zero's blade. When he falls over, switch to the Seer's Lure and jump attack his head. It should take 2 or three cycles.

Congratulations, you've unlocked Branch B.

Branch B (The Price)

From here on, all of the enemies steadily get more powerful, so make sure you've got healing items. If you have DLC, now would be an okay time to start in on it which will give you a massive chunk of money to play with, you can also get some accord missions done.

Verse 1

(Chests: Gaia's Flame Weapon, 23000 Gold, Gold Base Material)

In the area you spawn in, go to the right side for your first chest. Follow the branch tunnel to your first sealed area.

Sealed Area: Soldiers and Spirits

This is where the first noticeable spike in enemies is noticeable, first in their normal aggression and possessed aggression. Possessed Soldiers will anihilate you if you don't keep mobile, which is why I suggested the Seer's Lure. You can jump and triangle attack into a dash cancel to keep moving around.

After this area, the next area has a bunch of undead and the second treasure chest. Go through the archway to get locked into another area.

Sealed Area: Necromancers

These are similar to the wizards, though they shoot faster. Just kill them as you go through. Near the end of the area is a chest on the right.

Go forward, hit the checkpoint, and go forward again.

Boss Fight?: Armisael

If you've been following this guide, you're going to be a little under powered for this fight. I recommend sword or chakram. These things aren't hard, there's just a lot of them. Just kill them as fast as you can. Mikhail can wipe out a decent chunk of them if you summon him.

Verse 2

(Chests: 8000 Gold, Gold Base Material, 16000 Gold)

Immediately turn left and grab the first chest. Go through the tunnel of hell (I hate wolves) and into the first sealed area.

Sealed Area: Lancers

There are six of them in pairs. Kill them your favorite way, but make sure to grab the chest past the first bridge. Be wary of the undead that spawn from that.

Follow that path that opened up and you'll run into an area with a chest right in front of you. Smack it.

Sealed Area: Undead

Yea, there was nothing in that chest. However there is another chest off to the left that DOES have something in it. Back attacks and spear charges work well here.

Go straight ahead and then you'll go into a rather gruesome cutscene. I'm kind of jaded on this stuff and it made me wince.

Sealed Area: Arch Titans

Intoner mode into fire breath will make short work of at least one of the titans. You can keep your distance and fireball for an easy fight.

Verse 3

(Chests: 25000 Gold, Gold Base Material, Darklord's Flame Weapon

Go down the tunnel.

Sealed Area: Trolls

This is a fight with five trolls in a small-ish area. You can hit and run with the Conjurer's Staff, or charge attack. Mikhail will take a chunk off their health if you summon him. Try not to get hit, they hurt a lot so I wouldn't recommend trying to parry.

Leave the sealed area then go forward. You can kind of see the treasure chest up high. I recommend killing the soldiers or else they'll follow you and generally pester you until you get to the next sealed area. In the first little opening, there's a chest off to the left before the second half of the tunnel. There's a barricade in the way but you should be able tto see the next fight.

Sealed Area: Arch Titan

Mikhail can stun him, I recommend liberal use of Intoner gauge and maybe hit and run tactics. Unlike the trolls, I recommend playing defensively unless you have the damage to chain stun him.

The next tunnel has two sets of lancers and some archers with vines seperating them. Go through the tunnel and you'll find a familiar stump, but up where a chest was earlier is a crate. There is a chest on other side of the log with three archers, though. Past them is another sealed area.

Sealed Area: Centaur

Standard Centaur tactics apply.

While replaying levels for the FAQ, this is around where I got Decadus and Dito to give me their second weapons. It might take a couple more missions I recommend using them

Verse 4

(Chests: 17000 Gold, Gold Base Material, 9000 Gold)

You should recognize the next area.

Sealed Area: Lady Three Statues

Welcome back to the pit. You have to destroy the statues to proceed, but first, hop up onto the floating cube and into the tree for a new chest. The necros might be a problem, but the goal is to break the statues. There is another one in the pit on the northwest side.

Go forward for some trolls and a very obvious chest on the left.

Sealed Area: Lady Three Statues

More statues. Break them. There are wolves and an Alpha wolf there, but you should be able to ignore them... mostly. After the statues are dead, a Grey Cerebus spawns. You should know how to kill it by now.

Verse 5

(No Chests)

Another familiar area with more enemies. Go forward and you'll soon see why there are no treasure chests.

Boss Fight: Two and Cent

You have a weapon that is effective against Intoners, so make sure you use Zero's Blade during this fight, it makes a difference, trust me. Dodge around and focus on ONE of them. If you can drop ONE of them then the fight is over. Trying to down them both is frustrating and suicide. That being said, Two has a similar moveset to you using the sword and will also go Intoner and match you blow for blow in Intoner mode, use at your own risk. If you can single out Two, the fight shouldn't be too tough.

But wait, we aren't done yet.

Boss Battle: Raphael

A spider? Why did it have to be a spider? Anyway, this boss is very pattern oriented and easy to trick into doing what you want. When it charges at you to swipe with it's legs, dodge over it and fly away. It will then fire a poison mist at you, strafe to the left or right. Charge when the target appears, and then IMMEDIATELY DODGE left or right to avoid the web counter attack. Triangle charge him again and he'll flip over. Spam fireball and then he'll go back to the first attack. Repeat until dead. If he varies his attacks, react accordingly.

And with that, Branch C is unlocked.