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by Krystal109

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.15 | Updated: 12/27/2013

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - FAQ/Walkthrough

Version 1.15 - Dec. 27, 2013

  • Completed
    • Collectibles - Art Collection
    • Side-Quests - Mini-Games
    • Side-Quests - The Great Inagua Hideout
    • Side-Quests - Assassination Contracts
    • Achievement/Trophies
  • Updated
    • Side-Quests - Kenway's Fleet (linking issues)


Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

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First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ. This guide is intended to walk you through the gameplay, while finding all secrets and collectibles. It will include all side quests, collectibles, and strategies. If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

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The controls have not changed significantly since Assassin's Creed III, so you shouldn't have too much trouble if you played the previous games. That being said, the game will introduce the use of all controls through gameplay tutorials.

PS3/PS4Xbox 360/Xbox OneWii UStandardBattle
L AnalogL StickL StickCharacter MovementCharacter Movement
Kill Streak Aiming
R AnalogR StickR StickCamera MovementCamera Movement
D-PadD-PadD-PadQuick InventoryQuick Inventory
XABManual JumpsBreak Defense
Fast Walk
SquareXYPrimary AttackPrimary Attack
TriangleYXSecondary AttackSecondary Attack
R1/R2 (PS4)RTZRHigh ProfileExit Combat Mode
L1/L2 (PS4)LTZLManual AimManual Aim
R2/R1 (PS4)RBRCollectibles Button-
L2/L1 (PS4LBLReloadReload
R3R3R3Reset CameraReset Camera
L3L3L3Eagle VisionEagle Vision
SelectBackSelectMap Button-

See the Naval Basics section for controls on the ship.


Game Objectives

As with the previous games in the series, AC IV begins with some linear events that will introduce the player to basic gameplay controls. For seasoned players this should be a refresher course and a low difficulty introduction for new players. After a few linear chapters, the sandbox style gameplay will open up and allow the player multiple options.


Main Memories

Like the previous games, AC IV is split up into sequences made up of memories. In order to progress, the player must complete the main memories (marked with an exclamation point) to progress the story. These memories are the core of the games story, but there is a lot of Side Quests that the player can do to get the full game experience.

Secondary Memories

Secondary Memories are events that are optional and are made up of all the games Side Quests. These will flesh out the gameplay and make the players experience that much more enjoyable.

Full Synch & Memory Replay

All memories have Full Synchronization conditions that the player must fulfill in order to get the "Full Synchronization" and 100% the Progress Tracker. If the player does not complete the optional objectives, or only completes a few of them, they will receive a percent equal to their achievements. No worries! The player can always replay a memory by selecting it from the Progress Tracker to retry the objective.


Health & Desynchronization

Edwards's health is indicated by the gauge in the top left of the screen. When damage is taken, Edward will regenerate the health back fairly quickly as long as he is not in combat. Desynch occurs under certain conditions and will cause the player to have to replay the sequence from the last checkpoint.

  • Death
  • Fail an objective such as losing a target or not following an ally
  • Running out of bounds (indicated with the fractured Animus visual)


Movement & Navigation

Due to the game covering most of the basic movement controls in the tutorial chapters, I am only going to cover advanced information or controls that are not covered in the control section above; this will mostly cover common game features that were introduced in AC III with adjustments for AC IV.


Freerunning Through Trees

Although intimidating at first, once the player learns the visual signs for freerunning through trees they will find that it is easy and quite fluid. Unlike normal freerunning in the previous games or freerunning in town, where paths tend to end abruptly with nowhere to go, tree paths tend to link to each other seamlessly to reach cliff sides, bent trees leading back to the ground, or Leap of Faith destinations. The following are a bullet point set of tips:
      • Bent trees with a stump at its base or rock outcroppings that create a ramp usually signify a freerunning course
      • Some larger trees with v-shaped notches can be used to climb to a higher section
      • Other small v-shaped notches must simply be jumped through
      • Trees with branches on both sides of the trunk can be quickly passed around the trunk
      • Thin branches and vines can be swung across in most cases

Fast Travel Networks

Fast Travel has remained the same since AC III, with you only having to select a viable location from the map:
      • Any visited location will be allowed to fast travel to unless a memory negates this ability. This includes towns, islands, shipwrecks, caves, and Naval Forts
      • Most viewpoint can also be fast traveled to, allowing you to easily travel directly to, or rather close, to anywhere you want on an island or town


Unlike the previous games, AC IV spends much of the time in water, though the controls have not changed. Holding the High Profile Button will allow Edward to swim faster while the Interact button will dive him under water for stealthy approaches. That being said, when you are in shipwrecks of diving through deep areas, Edward has more advanced controls that will be covered in the game.


Social Interactions

- Info Coming Soon


Notoriety & Stealth


Notoriety returns with the game, but only at sea rather than in town. In general, it is always good to keep notoriety low to ease sailing through the Caribbean and prevent excessive amounts of battles and Hunters following you. Unlike the previous games you are either safe or hunted, with Hunter ships only approaching once your status has become too high from pirating too many ships. In order to lower notoriety, you will either need to lower it as an option when boarding and defeating a ship or bribing a local official in towns.


Whenever the player stands in close proximity to two or more civilians they will automatically blend in with the crowd and take on their behavior. While in "blend" the player is immune to being seen by enemy troops or suspicious individuals. As long as the hostiles are not in open conflict with the player, they can hide to prevent detection.

Hiding Places & Stalking Areas

There are many places in the cities to hide from view and previous players will be aware of the many options, such as hay carts, tall brush or grass that when entered will cause the player to crouch and serve as cover, benches, and wells. New to AC IV is outhouses which are generally attached to building and can be hidden in and attacked from like other stalking locations.

Corner Cover

If the player leans against any flat wall they will enter cover behind it. From this position, the play will gain the ability to Whistle and call over a guard and corner assassinate them. This also allows the player to keep a target in view around corners when following them without being detected.

Breaking Line of Sight

If for some reason the player is engaged in combat and wishes to escape, AC IV has kept the ability to run through open windows and doors to cut through a building and lose their pursuers. Like with the previous game, there is no need to navigate the interiors, as the AI will take over until the player reaches the other side.


Assassination & Combat

Depending on the individual, players will find themselves either engaging in combat a lot or a little. The basis for all combat is based on high profile or low profile actions against enemies.

High Profile assassinations have a much larger range of actions then low profile assassinations, but also put the player in a position to be seen and engaged in open conflict. This should only be used if there are no other targets around or the player doesn't mind engaging in combat.

Types of Assassinations:

  • Standard Assassinations - performed on the same level as the target
  • Double Assassinations - performed on the same level as two targets in close proximity
  • Air Assassinations - performed from above the target
  • Ledge Assassination - performed while hanging from a ledge below the target
  • Hiding Assassination - performed while in a hiding place, such as a hay cart
  • Corner Assassination - performed from a cover position on a flat-wall corner
  • Stalking Zone Assassination - performed while hiding in a stalking zone

Aside from assassinations, the player can perform a multitude of non-lethal attacks using the same combination of locations with the fists equipped. In addition, the player can tackle couriers or escaping targets by holding the High Profile Button and pressing the Interact Button while in range.


If the player is engaged in open conflict they can choose to run, by holding the High Profile Button to disable combat mode, or engage in battle. For combat controls, see the Controls section above for all available commands in battle. What the game fails to highlight is Kill Streaks and countering ranged attcks.

Kill Streaks

Kill streaks are a combat technique that result in chaining enemy deaths together from one to another, allowing the player to get instant kills without having to fight every soldier individually. In order to start a kill streak the player must succeed in defeating an enemy via a combo attack or counter kill. During the animation of the soldiers death, hold the L stick in the direction of the next soldier you'd like to kill and press the Primary Attack again. This can be done until there are no targets left or a players chain is broken by an enemy immune to counter kills or they are hit with an attack.

Human Shields

While not formally introduced in the game, the Human Shield will pop up anytime there is a enemy with a ranged weapon aiming at you and a shield available. Much easier than the previous game, enemies can be easily grabbed mid-combat to be used to protect Edward from ranged fire.


Sequence 01

This is the tutorial chapter that will refresh you on the basics of land and naval gameplay, first introduced in Assassin's Creed III, and introduce any new features that have been added for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.


Memory 01: Edward Kenway

Once you gain control, make your way to the ships wheel and take control. After a quick tutorial on how to fire the cannons, use the Left Stick to navigate the ship and target the enemy ships. You can attack from any angle, with the new explosive barrels being dropped from the back of the ship, so navigate around until you defeat all ships for a cutscene.

Do as the game instructs and swim to the shore for a scene. After the scene, freerun across the downed tree on the left side of the path and make your way across the bridge. You should now see white beams that lead up to a path that will eventually lead to your first synchronization. Swan dive off the perch into the thickets below and pop out for a scene. Instead of following the path northwest, head to the tree overlooking the water below to the west and dive into the water far below, allowing you to collect the Treasure to the west. Check the north side of the cover for another Treasure and then head west to the Message in a Bottle, 16. The Observatorie.

To reach the area above again, use the bow of the sunken ship to make your way northeast to a Treasure nearby. Using the nearby trees, climb up and follow the path north to another Treasure before it curves west. You can skin an dead animal nearby, reintroducing the hunting system from AC III, and then get the nearby Treasure. Follow the path north and climb up for another glance at your target.

Instead of following the mysterious man, head northeast for another Treasure and then make your way up the tower for another synchronization. Dive into the water below and then head north for a scene and chase. Instead of following the man directly, look for shortcuts on the right until you catch up to the man and draw your weapons. Do as the game instructs and counter the man and then attack to defeat him.

Head to the downed tree and synchronize before you jump into the water below. Instead of heading straight, turn around and enter the waterfall for a Treasure and then head toward the schooner. After you jump into the brush you will get a tutorial on stalking zones. You can choose to either stalk your way around and lure the guards in for silent assassinations or you can outright attack them. Either way, once all the guard are defeated get the Treasure in the south and then approach the merchant for a scene.

Before following Stede, check the nearby corpse for a Treasure Map. You can now swim to the ships, take the helm, and sail out of the cape.


Present Day

Of course there has to be an Animus subject running these memories, so you'll wake up in a strange room with a strange woman. Do as she asks and follow her through Abstergo Entertainment's building, learning a bit about this new venture that Abstergo seems to be into. Once you get your communicator you can access it to view quests and activities, messages, and files. Continue to follow Melanie and then access the elevator through your communicator and choose Fl. 2 - Sample 17.

Head toward the receptionist for a scene and then grab the Sticky Note 17 off the receptionist's desk. Instead of following Melanie, head to the southwest corner of the area and get the Sticky Note 4. Follow the wall east and grab the Sticky Note 7 by the fruit near the red beanbag and then check the southern most cubicle for the Sticky Note 8. Head to your cubicle for a scene, grab the Sticky Note 2 from your desk and then hop into the Animus.

You will notice that you do not have access to anything above 0, meaning all the doors are locked and are unable to be opened at this time.


Sequence 02


Memory 01: Lively Havana

Optional Objectives:

  • Tackle the pickpocket
  • Use Smoke Bombs to escape combat

I will only be mentioning Treasure locations on small islands that missions take place and that are directly on your way through the area. Large locations, such as cities, and islands that are completely optional are covered in the Island Breakdown.

Additional, although I do not mention Side Quests keep an eye out for new symbols on that map that are not merely collectibles and check them out for things such as Assassination Contracts and Tavern events.

Follow Stede until you reach the weapons vendor and buy any sword. Stede seems to have gotten us lost, so climb the church to synchronize with the viewpoint. Once the tavern is identified Stede will be in trouble and you'll need to chase down and tackle the pickpocket. Once tackled, defeat the man and then loot Stede's money and return to him. Follow him to the tavern for a scene.

The tavern brawl acts as a tutorial for brawling combat and after defeating the drunkards you will be attacked by Spanish soldiers. Do as the game suggests and equip your Smoke Bombs and then use one to run past the guards in the entrance to the tavern. Make your way out of the restricted zone and then lose your enemies to complete the mission.

You can now freely explore Havana, though much of the Side Quests will be locked. That being said, you can still collect items and synch viewpoints.


Memory 02: ...And My Sugar?

Optional Objectives:

  • Hire Dancers to distract guards
  • Stay out of combat

Head for the exclamation marker by the docks in Havana to find out what happened to Stede after your escape. You will need to tail the Spanish soldiers while not being spotted. Stick a decent way away from the soldiers and use groups of civilians, haystacks, etc to carefully follow them. When they head through the restricted areas, follow along on the outside of the buildings and spot them on the other side. This will happen twice and then they will run off.

Follow them at a distance so they do not turn around and they will eventually stop. You need to eavesdrop on the conversation as the men walk, so hire the dancers and Fast Walk to keep up with them. When the objective changes to follow the Captain, use Eagle Vision to tag him and then follow him to a restricted zone. Wait for him to enter and exit the restricted zone and he will patrol the area of empty stalls. Stick close, since he doesn't turn around, and when he stops at a stall Fast Walk up to him and pick the key.

Use the beams in the water by the docks to enter the side of the fort and hug the wall, whistling to bring the guard out for a silent kill. Now enter and take out the other guards and follow the path up a set of stairs.

Barrels can be ignited to draw enemies nearby. This can be used in conjunction with the nearby closet to stealth kill some enemies, but is entirely optional.

Jump out the window on the other side of the barrels and make your way along the side of the fort, getting an Animus Fragment, and then climbing the wall up to the top floor. Wait for the patrol to come to the ledge of the area and ledge assassinate him. Check the roof of your target to the left and make sure that the sentry is not on this side of the roof and then climb up and Fast Walk to the door. After a scene, head to the fort wall and jump into the water to make your way back to Stede.


Memory 03: Mister Walpole, I Presume?

Optional Objectives:

  • Complete Rogers' shooting challenge
  • Pickpocket all Templars

Interact with the exclamation point at the gates of the Governor's Mansion in the southwest of the area you originally arrived in. Follow the path to the terrace for a scene and then take some shots at the marked dummies. Once all the targets have been shot, and the men have stopped chatting, and then talk to Rogers to engage in his shooting challenge. Once you have succeeded, talk to Julien for a scene and then follow your hosts.

As you enter the village area set up with targets you need to listen to Rogers and Julien to tell you what kind of assassination they want to see. Once they do, the potential target(s) will be highlighted and you can perform the correct kind of attack. The first attack is a standard close range ground assassination, the second is an assassination from the haystack, the third is a blended attack from around a corner or from within a crowd, the four is an aerial one, and the final is a high profile assassination done when running. Once you have completed the required assassinations talk to Julien and follow you hosts again.

After another scene, you will gain control of Edward for a short time. To complete the final objective you will need to pickpocket all three men before the meeting ends.


Memory 04: A Man They Call the Sage

Optional Objectives:

  • Tackle the Sage from above
  • Use the Pistol in combat

Talk to Rogers on the docks to start this mission and then follow the group. When the group is ambushed by assassins, stick close to Torres. Assassin's will guard standard attacks unless they are mid swing, so you will need to use counter attacks, grabs, your Pistol (for ground and roof targets), and whatever else to guard Torres. Don't worry about killing every assassin and letting Torres run off, instead just stick close to him and move on when he does.

When the Sage makes a break for it, don't follow him on the rooftops and instead use the street level. You will want to follow the road right until you reach a grassy area with a tree and stairs on both sides, just before the Sage reaches this location, and take position on the back left corner. When the Sage comes running, hold down the High Profile Button and tap the Interact Button to tackle him as he runs below (you do not need to press the Left Stick at all).


Memory 05: Claiming What's Due

Optional Objectives:

  • Stay out of combat
  • Kill three guards from Stalking Zones

Talk to Stede to the east of the Governor's Mansion to start this mission and then hop the fence and use the tall grass to kill both the guards. Continue and another patrolling guard can be lured into the grass with a whistle, giving you three stalking zone kills. Now all we need to do is make it into the prison without engaging in combat. Head for the house on the south end of the field to traverse over some guards and dive into some hay. Use the grass to kill the key holder silently and then loot the key.

Use the boxes by the wall to vault up and over and then use the tall grass to make your way along the wall, making sure to only pass when the guard have their backs to you. When it is clear, use the cart to climb the wall and jump into the bushes on the other side. Fast Walk around the wall to the left, around the wall, and open the gate to the prison for a scene.


Memory 06: The Treasure Fleet

Optional Objectives:

  • Free 23 pirates
  • Kill three guards from behind corners

After breaking free, take position on the right side of the doorway and whistle the first guard over for a corner assassinate. Move into the room and talk position on the left side of the shelves and whistle another guard over for your second corner assassination and then move into the next room and corner assassinate the final guard on the left. Now approach the back of the cabin and interact with the table for a scene.

Make your way up the ladder and to the bow of the ship, using the canvas covered boxes for cover and to lure enemies with whistles, although you can just go all out with your swords if you wish. Free the first group of prisoners and then head up the front of the bow. Turn left and jump from one mast to the other and then use the rigging to get above the two guards by the prisoners and air assassinate them. Free the prisoners and head up the bow to the next ship.

Ledge assassinate both the guards and the back of the ship and then hug the right railing to kill the Brute. Now approach the prisoners, air assassinating the two guards, and release the prisoners. Use the quick ascender to get to the top of the mast and then head out along the rigging to the next ship. Use the rigging again to head to the stern of the ship and wait for the patrolling guard to leave the stern so you can quietly double air assassinate the two guards. Now wait for the patrol to come back and corner assassinate him so you can reach the lower deck. Plow through the enemies, unless you want to do a stealth run, and then free the prisoners at the end. Head back above and follow the prisoners into the water and to the final ship, where you will need to kill the Captain and take control of the helm.

You will need to head for the waypoint while you avoid the fleet, rogue waves, and tornadoes. The fleet will easily be outrun, so just keep heading for the waypoint while looking out for any tornado. When you reach the waypoint you will get the Jackdaw and the game will now open up a great deal.


Sequence 03


Memory 01: This Tyro Captain

Optional Objectives:

  • Shoot an Iguana
  • Air assassinate an Ocelot

As you sail you can find random Naval loot and crew members in the water. Watch out for any of the symbols on the mini-map that indicate their presence and make sure to go to them.

Additionally, you should come across a Royal Convoy, which will trigger your first "discovery sharing". These are social discoveries that appear when playing online and are tagged for friends. There are many other social discoveries, so keep an eye out.

Sail to the green waypoint to the east to reach Abaco Island. You need to kill two Ocelot and two Iguana for the supplies to make Edward's holsters, but if you are going for 100% you will need to do it in a certain way. Killing two Iguana shouldn't be too hard, just make sure to free aim to kill one with the Pistol. Next, head for the downed tree that leads to the waypoint to get a better view of the area.

Grab the Treasure to the north and then hop on the bent tree to climb up the normal tree and eventually reach the Animus Fragment. Now head to the south side of the island and grab the Message in a Bottle, 11. Peter Beckford the Elder. Head east to check the corpse for another Treasure Map and then head up the tree just south of the Animus Fragment for you can get it.

In the northeast, find the fallen tree that indicates the start of a freerun path and make your way up into the trees. From here you should be able to air assassinate an Ocelot. Once you have killed 2 of each enemy the menu will automatically open. Go to Crafting and make the Pistol Holster II and Health Upgrade I. Head back up into the trees to get the final Animus Fragment and complete the island. You can now use the life boat to return to the ship and talk to Adewale.

Most of the northeast section of the ocean is now unlocked to be explored if you would like to before heading to Nassau.


Memory 02: Now Hiring

Optional Objectives:

  • Disarm and kill three guards
  • Shoot the rope to save the pirate

Head to the exclamation point below Abaco Island to enter Nassau. After a scene, make your way to the tavern where you can talk to Adewale to start the mission. You will now have to free pirates from your enemies. You can start by heading north of the tavern to find a man fighting three solider, so help him out. Just west of that is two more men fighting off four guards. Keep making your way across the island until you have freed all the pirates.

Before you return to the Tavern to turn in the mission, make sure that you complete the disarm and kill soldiers optional objective. To do this, select the fists and counter and disarm the weapon. You can then kill the soldier with his own weapon.


Memory 03: Prizes and Plunder

Optional Objectives:

  • Use a swivel gun to kill three sailors
  • Plunder 20 Rum

Head to the north beach of Nassau and talk to Benjamin Hornigold to start this mission. Sail south of Nassau and find a schooner with at least 10 Rum and attack it. Make sure you do not sink the ship, stopping when the ship is low health and stops moving. Once the ship is incapacitated, pull up slowly beside it, or behind it, and board the ship. Instead of jumping on board though, head to the swivel gun on the desk near the helm and use this to destroy the crew for the optional objective. If you need more Rum, or more kills with the swivel gun, continue to hunt the seas before you head to Salt Key Bank.

When you reach Salt Key Bank, head to the waypoint and purchase an the Hull Armour upgrade to complete the mission.


Memory 04: Raise the Black Flag

Optional Objectives:

  • Plunder a Hunter ship
  • Plunder 30 Sugar

You will need to take on 2 brig ships to get the required Metal to complete this mission, but you will also need to look for Sugar. Once you have the 70 Metal, the Jackdaw's notoriety will become wanted and Hunter ships will now pursue you. These ships are recognizable due to their X mark on the mini-map and their red tint to indicate an active enemy ship.

Once you have all the optional objectives complete head back to Salt Key Bank and bribe the local officer for 200 R. Return to the Jackdaw and head to the Captain's Quarters and interact with the ship model to purchase Broadside Cannons to complete the memory.


Memory 05: Sugarcane and its Yields

Optional Objectives:

  • Sabotage two alarm bells
  • Stay out of combat

Set sail for Andreas Island and park on the south side of the island. Start by checking the corpse on the south top of the island for a Treasure Map and then inside the sunken ships broken hull for Treasure x2. Continue along the west beach toward the viewpoint tower and you should get another Treasure in the area nearby before you climb up and synchronize. Now that you have the area uncovered, head east to the Message in a Bottle for 9. A Curiouse Incident at Sea, and then get the Animus Fragment from the cliff. Assassinate the two men guarding the Treasure with the Manuscript, "De Gama Diary Extract", and then head north to the Treasure x2.

With the island collection complete you can now talk to James Kidd to start the memory. Follow Kidd until he stops and then head toward the green zone and use Eagle Vision to find your target. Use the tall grass and the small groups of people to follow the agent to the restricted zone. You don't need to enter the zone, instead follow it along the left side and when indicated you can run north and return to the Jackdaw's helm.

Follow the agent's ship while staying out of the enemies yellow range of vision. You will eventually arrive at Cat Island where you'll need to hurry along the coast, just outside of the Restricted Zone, to eavesdrop on the target. Once the two men start walking, jump the fence and stay within the tall grass to avoid detection. Eventually, the guard will wander off looking for the key to the warehouse.

Technically you have passed the optional objective to avoide combat, so if you do end up in a fight it is not the end of the world. That being said, we need to find the key and sabotage two alarm bells first. Head west a bit and you should find the key holder by the tower. He and a friend will walk your way, so wait for them to pass and then double assassinate them from behind to get the key.

Now make your way back toward the tower and attack the patrol on the ground from the hay cart when the lookout isn't watching. Wait for him to turn again to approach the nearby bell, the one the drunk guard was standing at, and sabotage it. Now head back toward the warehouse and go around the east side of it, jumping into the pile of leaves on the other side when the Captain isn't looking. From here, you should be able to kill the Captain and then kill the guard by the alarm.

With both bells sabotaged, grab the Treasure x2 and Animus Fragment nearby before looking the warehouse.

You can now raid Warehouses all over the Caribbean for supplies and money. These will restock over time, so keep a look out on the map for full warehouses to get some bankroll and items for upgrading the Jackdaw.


Memory 06: Proper Defenses

Optional Objectives:

  • Use one broadside to sink two boats
  • Use heavy shot to sink two ships

If you plan to complete the optional objectives you will need to purchase the first Heavy Shot upgrade.

Sail to Salt Lagoon and land on the east side by the viewpoint, which you should synchronize. This should uncover the Treasure to the south and the Animus Fragment to the north. Continue north to get the other Treasure x2 and then use the trees to the north to get the other Animus Fragment. The corpse on the east beach has another Treasure Map, so get it before you talk to Blackbeard on the beach to start this mission.

Sail to the waypoint and head to the northeast side of the zone, using the spyglass to identify the "El Arca Del Maestro" ship. Stay out of its cone of vision and tail the ship. You will need to avoid the sight of other ships as well, causing you to do some sharp maneuvering, but otherwise the trip should be uneventful.

Once the other pirates, Charles Vane, head for the Galleon and are defeated by Mortar's you will need to avoid the Mortar shots by slowing down and jerking away from the yellow circles. After three rounds of fire you will then be attacked by eight ships. To get the optional objective, broadside ships while they are close together without aiming, this uses Heavy Shot fire instead of standard fire. It is worth noting that the objective for defeating two ships with one broaddside does not need to be a Heavy Shot, so if you have two ships left at low health, take your time and aim a shot that will hit them both.


Memory 07: A Single Madman

Optional Objectives:

  • Stay out of combat
  • Sabotage two alarm bells

Head for the exclamation point on the island of Great Inagua to start this mission. From the ship, head up the steps and the pile of stone to climb the wall and make your way left. You may notice the Animus Fragment above you, to get this go left on the wall rather then right, which continues the path. After the bridge collapses, climb up and use the crack in the wall to reach the Treasure before you drop back down and continue.

In the next large area, head through the ruins and into the jungle and take cover in the grass. A sentry here can be lured and killed, but after that you need to sprint straight through, across the columns, and into the next area (optionally you can take it slow and kill the first guard when the other walks off and then take the second one out). Continue and hide behind the pillar and wait for the next guard to walk up the bank and turn away, quickly walking up and killing him or crossing the branch above for an air assassination.

If you head off to the left, toward the Treasure instead of toward the waypoint, you will come to an area with a White Jaguar and a Shanty - Whiskey Johnny.

Continue back along the path toward the waypoint, kill another guard, and slide under the downed tree. The next area has a guard, which can easily be taken out from the bushes, and an Animus Fragment, accessed by using the trees to the north and swing over to it. Continue, opening the Treasure and hit the first waypoint.

Follow the cliff and head back into the jungle, using the trees and vines to get another Animus Fragment, and carefully approach the village and enter the stalking zone on the left. Although it is possible to head through the heart of the village, look off to the right to find a small path that leads around the right of the men, and also has a Treasure. Take the high road into the next part of the village and enter the stalking zone, watching out for the Gunner above the whole area. Head around the left of the hut directly in front of you and then follow the stalking zones around the left all, another hut, and eventually out of the area.

When you reach the main town, wait for the coast to clear and then head into the bushes directly in front of the guard standing still at the door of the nearest house. Wait for the circling guard to be far enough away and then whistle the door guard over and kill him. Now head to the outhouse on the side of the same building to kill the circling guard. Head out of the outhouse and northeast to the next stalking zone, killing another patrolling guard who passes this area. Continue to the corner of the last building and look toward the waypoint, where a guard patrols around a tree with stalking zones nearby. Wait for it to clear and then head to the bushes and kill the guard when he returns. Now watch the beach and make sure that the guard is walking toward the east and then silently approach the powder keg and ignite it, backing into the bushes and toward the beach. Once the keg goes off the guard on the beach will be checking the nearby bushes, so run for the water and hop in.

Swim toward the bow of Julien's ship and then climb up the far side. There is a guard that stands on the railing that you will need to ledge assassinate when the patrolling guard on the main deck isn't nearby and then crawl along to the back of the ship. Get onto the ropes that lead up to the mast and when the guards are not looking climb your way up to one of the sail posts and run along it to the other side, positioning yourself above Julien for a nice air assassination.


Present Day

Follow Melanie into the elevator and pick Fl. 15 - CCO. Enter Olivier's office for a scene and then grab the Sticky Note 19 by the bookshelves to the left of the door on the way out. Head back down to Subject 17 and head for the waypoint. John will give you infinite access to all Level 1 areas, so head into the workstation and access the computer to come across your first Hacking mini-game. The objective is to reach any spot on the green line and then follow the green line for an infinite loop.

There are three computers in this one room you can hack. The first computer you can hack is the required one for the story to get the Post-Mortem Report: Subject 17 file, and the other two unlock the Great Minds in History, Commission 2 and Subject 17: memo 3. Grab the Sticky Note 12 on the sothwest wall and exit.

This floor also has another Level 1 room with two more computers, both are new Data Stream mini-games. One of the computers has the "Subject Zero" - audio file 4 and the other has the Subject 17: memo 2. Additionally the north wall has the Sticky Note 16 that you should get.

After you have retrieved the file, head to the Lobby and check behind the receptionist's desk on the east side of the area for the Sticky Note 10. Hand the file over to the "courier" (Shaun and Rebecca) and then check the messages before you return to the Animus.


Sequence 04


Memory 01: This Old Cove

Follow Kidd through the forest until you reach the Mayan Stela and climb on to the top of the structure to interact with it. You will need to align the square and circle with the objects on the ground to discover the location where you can dig up a Mayan Stone. You will also get the location of all the other Mayan Stones on the map.

The Shanty - The Wild Goose in the nearby trees that you can get before you run off to follow Kidd.

Grab the Treasure as you follow Kidd and when you reach the underground cavern follow Kidd to a treasure room. You will get the location of the other Templar Keys and can now loot the Treasure here. Exit the house and make your way to the viewpoint and then dive down and meet up with Kidd to finish this memory.

Great Inagua will become your base and you can now upgrade it by purchasing buildings and interacting with people.


Memory 02: Nothing is True...

Optional Objectives:

  • Knock out three Assassins
  • Loot four Treasure Chests

Once you are ready to continue, head to the Jackdaw and listen to what Adewale has to say. After the conversation, head to the Captain's Cabin and interact with the map to access Kenway's Fleet.

This section of the game requires an internet connection and is similar to Mediterranean Defense and Assassin Guild from previous Assassin's Creed games. Additionally, boarded ships can now be added to Kenway's Fleet.

Whether you accessed the fleet or not, take the helm and make your way to Tulum. After landing, open the Treasure nearby and then climb the wall and hide in the stalking zone. There is two assassins here that when split up can be lured to the bushes with an easy whistle, netting you two of the optional 3 knock outs. Climb the mast to synchronize with the viewpoint and then dive off to get the Animus Fragment.

Ignore the land and instead swim around the beach and rocks toward the Treasure on the far side. A guard patrols back and forth here, so make sure to dive under water when he is walking toward the chest and then hop on land and knock him out when he turns around to walk the other way. You should now have no problem reaching the waypoint and then following it to a new area.

Wait for the assassin to head away from you and then use the trees to reach the Animus Fragment. From there you should be able to jump to the stalking zone and wait for the two assassins on the other side to split up. Use the column nearby to enter the trees and make your way to the next waypoint. When you reach the large area with multiple assassins, stick to the left wall and when the patrolling guard is walking away head up the steps and climb the wall.

From the first stalking zone you should be able to knock out the static assassins when his friends aren't looking. You can then move left to the next stalking zone and take out the second one. The third assassin needs to be taken out when he is closest to his original position, otherwise a nearby sentry will come over to investigate his body. Once all three of the assassins are taken care of, open the third Treasure required for the optional objective. Sneak up on the final assassin in the area and incapacitate him. The assassin in the distance can easily spot you, so watch his path and when he is walking right to pause at the cliff use the ruins in the middle of the area to leap across to the other side and hide behind the pillar. When it is clear, move to the back of the stalking zone and whistle to pull the static guard back and take him out, leaving it clear to take out the patrolling guard.

A Gunner far in the distance, by the waypoint, poses a serious issue here and timing will be key. Wait for the Gunner to head to the farthest point of her route and then use the branches to reach the ledge with the waypoint, pull up, run to the right of the broken column, and find some bushes on the right side. If for any reason you are detected after hitting the waypoint, you will luckily be past this part and not need to worry about it again.

Head toward the back of the area, but do not approach Kidd. Instead, head west toward the Mayan Stela, which you can complete for another Mayan Stone and then open the final Treasure required for the optional objective. Now approach Kidd to enter the next memory.


Memory 03: The Sage's Buried Treasure

This memory mostly consists of following Kidd and is of little interest other than story and platforming. Watch out when Kidd enters the bridge, if you follow you will not make it even though you should be able to. Instead, turn left and use the vines on the wall to jump to the red jaguar effigy and pull it down, as Kidd does the same with the blue one.

Follow Kidd again, jumping into the pool and use the on-screen instructions to follow him deeper into the Mayan Temple. When you reach the puzzle you will have to match every effigy with the same color as that of the wheel. This is easily done by using the none colored effigies to raise a effigy off the circle and by jumping on a colored effigy to lower it onto the circle. With that in mind, match up all three effigies with the circle to advance and complete the memory.


Memory 04: Overrun and Outnumbered

Optional Objectives:

  • Use eight Sleep Darts on guards
  • Use two Berserk Darts on guards

Follow Kidd and when you gain control use a Sleep Dart on the nearby guard. Kidd will jump down and kick the man, indicating that you should do the same to permanently knock out enemies. Berserk Darts, on the other hand, are similar to Poison Darts from previous games and will have the enemies attacking the allies until they are incapacitated or the timer on the darts effect wears off.

Start by following Kidd to a tree on the right and then jump up on the ledge and take out the Gunner. With this vantage you should be able to Sleep Dart the guard patrolling the steps and the three men directly below and then finish them off. Free the man in the temple and open the Treasure and then check to the east. It is always fun to use Berserk Darts to distract enemies while you find a nice safe place, like the bushes to the left of the closest guards position and usually ends with you having at least one less guard. Once you are in a safe place, sleep the leftover guards and then free the prisoners.

Take out the guards and prisoners to the north and south, along with a Treasure, and then head northeast along on the upper lever and put to sleep a Gunner on a wooden path. Finish him off, open the Treasure nearby and then backtrack to the viewpoint. Leap of Faith through an Animus Fragment and then look north for another group of guards and prisoners that you can free and then head down the bank into the bushes. There is two guards near the prisoners, one patrolling, and the Gunner in the tower to watch out for. Backtrack up the steps and use the walkway to the right of the hut to reach some ropes that eventually lead to the tower to free the prisoner and finish off the Gunner.

Look below you and a guard should walk toward you and stop just below the tower. Air assassinate him and then quickly hide in the bushes before the men in the distance identify you. Finish off the final three guards and release the prisoners. If you have no casualties from being spotted so far you should get a cutscene.

Kidd will introduce you to Assassination Contracts, if you haven't already been doing them. Talk to Kidd again to follow him into the Temple to place the Mayan Stones you found from Mayan Stelas.


Sequence 05


Memory 01: The Forts

Optional Objectives:

  • Use the Mortar to damage the fort
  • Use a running assassination to kill the officer

If you want to complete the optional objective you will need to purchase the first Mortar upgrade to unlock the weapon.

Fast travel back to Nassau for a scene and then return to the Jackdaw. Sail to the exclamation point to start this memory and then draw out the brig with any attacks. Once you defeat it, use the ship to repair the Jackdaw and take on the fort. You will want to use Mortar shots on the fort for the optional objective and then circle, keep moving, using Heavy Shots and standard broadsides to finish off both towers.

With the towers gone, swim ashore and run straight through the courtyard, into a building with an Animus Fragment and then exit to the right and running assassinate the officer. You can now focus on getting the other Animus Fragment and Treasure x2 as you make your way up the fort to the war room for a scene.


Memory 02: Traveling Salesman

Optional Objectives:

  • Kill four Gunners
  • Kill five guards stunned by Smoke Bombs

Sail to Kingston and then head east along the beach and talk to Adewale to start this memory. Follow the men to the restricted zone and when then enter turn around and take the first right, up a ramp and onto the rooftops. Wait for the men to start heading north and then jump through the trees and kill the first of four Gunners. Head through the trees again to the next roof and hide behind the chimney to assassinate the Gunner that climbs up.

When the men walk through the garden in the backyard of the current building and north again, hop down and run straight west to the next building with a ladder to the roof and climb up. As the men move south, follow them through the roofs, cross the rope, and climb up to the tall building where another Gunner awaits. Follow the men west again and when they head toward the garden, Leap of Faith into the hay and then head through the gap in the fence. As the men walk west, hop into the hay cart with the soldier leaning against it to silently kill him. Now wait for the men to pass the Brute by the stalking zone, run up, and defeat him too.

Back on the street, wait for the men to walk around a building with an open door leading to a set of stairs and wait a few seconds before running inside and landing on a branch outside. Get up and proceed to the rooftop of the nearby building and then use the beam connecting to the house to the north to kill your final Gunner. From here, Leap of Faith into the hay below and kill the soldier and then follow them from bush to bush until they stop.

Equip your Smoke Bombs while they talk and when combat begins run in and drop a bomb and kill as many of the targets as you can (most likely 3-4). Kidd will run off and when you tackle him the memory will end. This means if you want the final optional objective you will need to Smoke Bomb some random redcoats and kill them as you run after Kidds, no worries you shouldn't have a problem killing 1-2 and then catching up to him.


Memory 03: Unmanned

Optional Objectives:

  • Use two Berserk Darts on Brutes
  • Use two Sleep Darts on Gunners

Head to the exclamation point at the top of the windmill in Kingston and synchronize before you talk to Kidd to start this memory. After the scene, Leap of Faith into the hay below and make your way into the grass. You will need to kill the guard that walks up and back from the bell to your west and then cross to the next bit of grass and do the same to the man by the fence. Head toward the bell now and watch the guards, killing the one the one that walks close to it. The tower nearby has a Gunner that you can sleep and then carefully sabotage the first bell.

Eliminate the scout that walks under the tower and then head for the hay. If the guard is nowhere nearby, jump out of the hay and enter the bushes by the wall and follow the wall to a stalking zone near the bell. Wait for the scout that patrols to the man north of the bell to come closer and then whistle him over and kill him. Wait until all the guards are turned and hop the fence across the way and take out the static sentry from the bushes. When the guard that patrols the area returns, take him out as well. Now use a Sleep Dart on the Gunner in the nearby tower and when no one is looking sabotage the bell.

You can now backtrack a bit to the stream in the north and run along the log, into the v-shaped tree, up to the next level and run along the branches to the final tree, where you can go up another level. Berserk Dart the Brute leaning against the cart and watch as chaos ensues. When everything is said and done, Sleep Dart who you need to in order to Leap of Faith out of the tree and sabotage the final bell.

Make your way carefully to the waypoint to meet up with Kidd for a scene and then enter the gates and hide in the bushes to the right. A Brute comes walking down the steps on the left of the mansion, so if you still need Berserk Darts on Brutes this should be the final one. Head to the right side of the steps and climb the wall of the facade to the roof and hide behind the chimney. Approach the Gunner up here carefully and kill him and then use the v-shaped trees nearby to locate and air assassinate Prins.

You will now need to escape from the massive amounts of enemies by using the cart that Edward notices in the cutscene. This should lead you to a straight forward escape route if you stick to the high ground and only jump off when you see hay or have no where else to go. Once you get out of the restricted zone, become anonymous and meet up with Kidd again.