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  1. Is this quest through the game system or PC? If you have forged the Staff of Herding 3.5 dmg how do you access Whimsyshire with it if your heros are at level 70+? Do you have to have a Staff of higher value and/or can you upgrade it?

    User Info: grammy64

    grammy64 - 2 years ago

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  1. Whimsyshire isnt really a quest, it's sort of like the cow level in D2. to enter you need to gather the ingredients to craft the staff of herding. the staff can be crafted at any level character provding you gathered what is required. it can be upgraded as you reach higher difficulties in act 4 i believe, the highest level being the hell staff. once you have the staff, you only need to have it in your inventory and be in the correct place in act 1 for whimsyshire to open. go out of town in act one through the gate where you initially came into town, then go north. go until you see the cow king and then talk to him.

    User Info: netmar

    netmar - 2 years ago 1   0

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