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FULL-SCALE STRATEGY RPG with easy control!BATTLE OF TILES EX is a strategy role playing game. You can easily command large armies.You can buy enemy tiles if you have enough money.The kind of tiles are Slime, Skeleton, Goblin, etc. those are typical of classic RPG. Your shopping selections and battle formations decide military gains.- You can play multiple rounds after you clear the game (defeat the Dragon).- You can compete high scores with other players via Game Center.- Ace tiles have an outstanding status.- You can see the magic type of magicians by the line or square mark. Magicians gain LONG ATTACK RANGE or WIDE RANGE ATTACK when they become level 50. This feature extends the strategy.- You can make armies with up to 70 tiles.- The tiles will attack the enemy tiles automatically when the enemies enter their attack range.- Basically, you move all tiles at the same time. You can also move only the selected tiles.- Move your allies to the right. Your party cannot move backward.

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