Review by piehead678

Reviewed: 02/14/14

The last NCAA Football game?

I love American Football video games as much as I love the sport. I know, it's the same every year. I can't get enough of them.

Dynasty mode is stellar this year. The commentators actually have insight on the game, players, current season, last game, and even last season and offseason events, like a new coach. If you sub out a player after a costly mistake or bad game, or rotate in back ups in a blowout, they will mention it. There is a pregame and halftime show that usually talks about why the game has gone down the way it has, featuring top plays of the game. Every time you score, you get an update of other college games around the nation, and there is an ESPN ticker down on the bottom that shows every score. As well as the returning features in the previous NCAA titles like Coach's Contracts. And, having your draft class uploaded to Madden is back, which is a welcomed return.

Recruiting is finally easy enough, but not to the point where it's too easy. You need to manage it well, and it can be addictive. The college games always bored me with how recruiting went. Too many menus and effort that slowed down the action.

There is the new Infinity Engine that was added in that was introduced in Madden 13 which makes the gameplay feel much more fluid and fast.

However, those are really the only notable features in the game.

Road to Glory returns, but it's the same as last years, with nothing really added on. And unlike Dynasty, you can't take your player to Madden. Which is a really odd missing feature. It's still fun to take a kid from HS all the way to their senior year in College, but once you rise up in ranks, it can feel a bit repetitive. Playing as a QB, I also had a problem with my offensive line. I was constantly getting sacked, and I didn't run into this feature in the others modes either.

Heisman mode also makes it's return, but again it's largely untouched from last year, just adding the DLC only players from last year on this years for free.

Graphics for the players, crowds, coaches, etc are still lacking, with everyone looking mostly the same. As well as notable errors where everything gets blurry. It gets better, but it's very noticeable when it happens.

Sound is fine, but sometimes the music and commenters have a habit of looping audio. It's a minor annoyance at best when it happens.

Being this could the last hurrah for the NCAA Football titles. It's a little disappointing. For hardcore fans, this game is worth it just for the Dynasty Mode alone and it might be worth a pick up to have it in your collection as the last NCAA Football game ever made, but for most, I would suggest a skip.

6/10 Above Average.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: NCAA Football 14 (US, 07/09/13)

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