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    Walkthrough by vhayste

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    Table of Contents

    1. Things Betwixt
    2. Majula
    3. Forest of the Fallen Giants
      1. The Crestfallen's Retreat
      2. Cardinal Tower
      3. Boss: The Last Giant
      4. The Soldier Key
      5. Boss: The Pursuer
    4. Heide's Tower of Flame
      1. Boss: Old Dragonrider
      2. Cathedral of Blue
      3. Boss: Old Dragonslayer
      4. Departure to No-Man's Wharf
    5. No-Man's Wharf
      1. Lonesome Gavlan
      2. Summoning the Derelict Ship
      3. Boarding the Ghost Ship
      4. Boss: Flexile Sentry
    6. Lost Bastille
      1. Arrival via air
      2. Ship Arrival
      3. Making Way to the Sentinels
      4. Boss: Sentinels of Ruin: Alessia, Ricce, and Yahim
      5. Accessing Pharros' Treasure Room
      6. Back on track
    7. Sinner's Rise
      1. Boss: Lost Sinner
    8. Belfry Luna
      1. Boss: Belfry Gargoyles
    9. Huntsman Copse
      1. Bridge Bonfire
      2. The Treacherous Path to Purgatory
      3. Valley of Rogues and Skeletons
      4. Boss: Skeleton Lords
    10. Undead Purgatory
      1. Boss: Executioner's Chariot
    11. Harvest Valley
      1. The Toxic Mines
    12. Earthen Peak
      1. Boss: Covetous Demon
      2. Lower Earthen Peak
      3. Central Earthen Peak
      4. Path to the Queen
      5. Boss: Mytha, the Baneful Queen
    13. Iron Keep
      1. Getting the Dull Ember
      2. Boss: Smelter Demon
      3. Trapped Hallways
      4. Boss: Old Iron King
    14. Belfry Sol
    15. Shaded Woods
      1. Crossroads
      2. Deadly Fog
      3. Shaded Ruins
      4. Manscorpion Tark
      5. Boss: Scorpioness Najka
    16. Doors of Pharros
      1. Boss: Royal Rat Authority
    17. Brightstone Cove Tseldora
      1. (Mini-) Boss: Prowling Magus, Congregation
      2. Lower Brightstone Cove Bonfire
      3. Spiders and Treasures
      4. Unlocking the Gate to the Palace
      5. Boss: Duke's Dear Freja
      6. Brightstone Key
    18. Majula Pit
    19. Grave of the Saints
      1. Boss: Royal Rat Vanguard
    20. The Gutter
      1. Off-path Loot
      2. On the way to the second bonfire
      3. Central Gutter
    21. The Black Gulch
      1. Optional: Forgotten Key
      2. Boss: The Rotten
    22. Shrine of Winter
    23. Drangleic Castle
      1. King's Gate Bonfire
      2. Boss: Dragonrider x2
      3. Central Bonfire
    24. King's Passage
      1. Boss: Looking Glass Knight
    25. Shrine of Amana
      1. Rhoy's Resting Place
      2. Boss: Demon of Song
    26. Undead Crypt
      1. Undead Ditch
      2. The Roundabout
      3. Boss: Velstadt, the Royal Aegis
    27. Aldia's Keep
    28. Dragon Aerie
    29. Dragon Shrine
      1. Boss: Ancient Dragon

    AUTHOR: Paul Michael (Vhayste)

    CONTACT: vhayste@gmail.com

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/vhayste/110018722374948




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    Things Betwixt

    When you start the game, walk straight ahead. Don't bother with the creatures here since they won't be hostile. Turn to the right as soon as you get past the two stones and go through the crevice. You should see a corpse near the edge of the cliff. Examine the body to get a Rusted Coin.

    Backtrack to the main path and enter the hut ahead. You'll find some old hags here. This is also the point where you'll customize your character. Enter your name and you'll get a Human Effigy. These are used to  reverse the effects of Hollowing and are really scarce at the early parts of the game. Hold on to it and don't use it unless really necessary.

    Next, you'll have to customize your character, select your class and your gift. Once done, go the second floor and open the chest to get another human effigy. Talk to the Fire Keepers and Millibeth several times if you want then leave the hut. Before  crossing the bridge, go to the small hidden path  beside a rock leading to a ledge right under the waterfall. Loot a Small Smooth and Silky Stone from the corpse there.


    Cross the bridge and turn to the right where you'll find a small opening with some large footprints heading uphill. There's a large beast waiting ahead. It will be hard to take down at the start but characters with ranged weapons should be able to kite it and fall back to the crevice. Melee characters can do some hit and run attacks; just don't be aggressive in swinging your weapons since you won't have enough stamina to dodge. The cyclops is slow but be careful of its long reach. You have to watch out of its grab attack since it can instantly kill your character. Defeating it will earn you 1000 souls and a Stone Ring. Equip it and continue uphill. If you can't seem to defeat it, you can just leave it for now and come back later. There's a corpse in the grass where the monster was standing earlier. Loot it to get a Pine Gold Resin. The path past the wooden walkway will lead you back to the Fire Keepers' hut.

    Open the door beside the fireplace to find the first bonfire. Bonfires are your resting place. They can restore your HP to full (but not 100% if you're Hollowed), restore the durability of your weapons and equipment, restore the use count of spells and miracles and they can used to fast-travel between various bonfires as well. Resting in a bonfire however, resets the enemies in area.

    Destroy the wagon nearby to a Torch and Soul of a Lost Undead (when used this item gives +200 souls). Torches have a duration when they can remain alight. Torches are very helpful in lighting up dark places. Some enemies will also have a different reaction or even shy away from fire. Since they're consumable, you have to make sure that you'll light up sconces you encounter since they stay alight permanently. Light the bonfire and rest. Once done, head through the tunnel to find a winding path will several misted entrances.

    Enter the first misted entrance to the left. You'll find several undead along the way. They're slow so just attack and dodge their attacks. Don't forget to light the other sconces to illuminate the corridors and to give you nearby fire sources where you can light your torch again. Don't forget to read the stone tablets along the way since they contain tutorial tips that may help you.

    Continue along the main path as it goes uphill. You'll find a corpse hanging on the edge of the cliff. Loot a Dagger from it and continue forth. There's an undead archer ahead so roll to evade its slow arrows and take him out. Be careful since there's another undead in the same room with him. Continue forth and you'll find another large room with an undead archer and swordsman. Lure the swordsman back to the tunnel and defeat him there. Take out the archer then loot the Lifegem from the nearby corpse. Go through the misty exit.

    There's a nest here where you can leave Small Smooth and Silky Stones on the nest in exchange for some items. You should have one in your possession right now so leave it there and wait for a few seconds before picking it up. I got a Divine Blessing item in this trade. If you selected a Petrified Something as your gift, you can leave it here as well and wait for a few seconds before picking it up to get a random item. Kick the ladder here but don't go down yet. Drop down the second ledge below to find another corpse. Loot it to get a Soul of a Nameless Soldier (this item gives you +800 souls). Drop down to the main path and you can enter the next misty entrance.

    Be careful since there are two undead enemies inside. You can fall back outside to avoid getting flanked. You can also rest anytime in the bonfire outside the Fire Keepers' place. Once the enemies inside are defeated, head to the next exit where there's a gap that you must jump over. Since the sprint+jump using the L3 is a bit tricky. I suggest changing it to the X button in the game options. Now press and hold the X button and run towards the gap. Press X again to jump. This will allow you to reach the corpse containing an Amber Herb in the ledge across. Return back and climb up the ladder.

    There are unwary enemies below. Read the tutorial stone blocks if you want then use a plunging attack from above to deal heavy damage to the enemy below. Take them out and open the door nearby to loot a Cracked Red Eye Orb from the corpse. Clear the mist and leave the area.

    Jump down to the main path below and enter the next misty entrance. Approach the tree trunk and knock it down to create a bridge. Take out the undead archer and look at the hole below. Position yourself above the undead and do a plunging attack to take him out. Be careful since there's an archer in the upper ledge. When you hear the bowstring being pulled, prepare to dodge. Climb the ladder and take out the archer. Exit through the next mist.

    Take out the undead there. You can also lure the two cyclops then fall back to the tree so you can defeat them safely. One of them is hiding right after you go down the ledge. The best way to deal with them is lure them back to the room where you came from and stay near the entrance just enough to aggro them. For characters with ranged weapons, you can kite them safely from here. For melee characters, you have to evade their attacks and hit them when they're down. They carry 1000 souls each so killing them can be rewarding early on. The coffin at the edge of the water can change your gender if you sleep in there; other than that, it doesn't seem to have anything else of interest. Sleeping in the coffin will reset the undead enemies but not the cyclops.

    When done, follow the path and kick the withered tree ahead to create a pathway for you back to the main path. You can return to the bonfire to rest if you want or kill all enemies again to get more souls. If you managed to defeat all cyclopes, you can talk to Millibeth to receive a Handmaid's Ladle. Once done, head to the end of the main path to reach the next area.




    Follow the trail until you see a lootable corpse sitting under a dead tree near the settlement's entrance. Get a Divine Blessing from it. Enter the settlement and light the bonfire. From there, talk to the Emerald Herald standing near the edge of the cliff. You'll receive an Estus Flask from her. This helpful item restores HP and can be refilled by visiting a bonfire. The Emerald Herald can also help you level up by trading souls you've gathered. Just keep talking to her until she opens up the other options.

    If you head to the top of the hill where a broken statue stands, there's a lone knight there named Saulden. Talk to him several times and he'll offer you to join the Way of Blue covenant. You can also learn the "Welcome" gesture from him. Join this covenant for now since this is really for beginners. You'll also receive a Blue Seal ring which slightly increases your max HP.

    Head down the hill and find a corpse beside a rock near the edge of the cliff. Loot it to get Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Lifegem x3. The smithy beside that corpse is closed because the door is locked. You have to find its key in order for the blacksmith to open his shop.

    Head towards the other buildings and you should see another corpse inside a tent. Loot a Lifegem from it then follow the path uphill along the edge of the cliff. Loot the corpse there to get Homeward Bone x5. Be careful when kneeling in the Victor's Stone; entering this Covenant will make you a member of Company of Champions which increases the difficulty of the game by making enemy attacks more damaging and become more sturdier with increased HP.

    The hole on the ground has some lootable corpses but you can't go down there yet without a ladder.

    The house beside the hole has a talking cat named Shalquoir. You can talk to her to help you abandon your covenants and also buy items and accessories from her. If you have spare souls, it will be good to buy a Ring of the Evil Eye which enables you to absorb HP from each defeated foe. This is vital since the game is quite unforgiving when it comes to enemy damage and survival.

    There are some annoying undead piglets beside the large building so don't get there to avoid startling them and follow you around. They don't give that much soul anyway upon defeat. You'll find Maughlin in the house across Shalquoir's. He sells armors. Be careful with what you purchase; the NPCs here doesn't buy items from you.

    There's also a small well outside the large building in the middle. Knock the stone on the edge of the well to pull up a hanging corpse with an Estus Flask Shard. Bring it to the Emerald Herald to upgrade your Estus Flask capacity.

    Your next destination is the Forest of Fallen Giants. To access this, you have to go through a tunnel which entrance is just a few steps away from the bonfire. Once inside, turn to the right to find a chest. Get a Rusted Coin from the chest then continue forth. Pull the switch on the wall to raise the large gate.

    Cross the wooden bridge and access the chest under it. Loot a Human Effigy from the chest. Sprint and jump to reach the corpse containing a Homeward Bone and Soul of a Lost Undead. From there, follow the stream to reach the Forest of the Fallen Giants.

    The Crestfallen's Retreat

    Be careful of the undead enemies here. They're fast and they unleash a series of quick slashes so make sure to take them out one by one and avoid getting surrounded. There's a corpse across the stream where you can get a Lifegem. Just as the stream turns, you'll find a bonfire up the small alcove to the right. Light the bonfire and continue forth.

    Carefully cross the stream as there are two enemies here and an archer. Lure the enemies behind the rocks to prevent the arrows from reaching you. There's a lurking undead swordsman near the archer that you need to lure as well so be ready not to get flanked. At the end of the stream is a corpse that can be looted. However, be careful of the undead axeman that will stand up and ambush you. Loot it to get a Soul of a Lost Undead.

    Continue uphill through the giant tree roots and climb the ladder. There are three enemies lurking around above so prepare for battle. You can lure them towards the other ladder leading to a tower ruins and dispatch them one by one. Loot the corpses here for a Lifegem and Human Effigy. There's an archer in the ledge above so be careful not to get sniped. The white knight sitting on the tree can be fought and defeated. Just make sure you dispatch the archer on the ledge above. We'll get to that so just ignore him for the meantime. Loot a Broken Straight Sword from the corpse beside him.

    Leave the area for now and head to the other exit where you'll find a ladder attached to a ruined tower. Climb it and take out the two undead soldiers along the stairs. Follow the path and  carefully go through a narrow pathway near the edge. This will take you to a corpse containing a Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Follow the path and you'll reach the ledge where the undead archer is. Take him out and do a sprint-jump across the gap to loot the corpse in the end of the ledge. Obtain a Shortsword and Soul of a Lost Undead. Backtrack to the where the White Knight is sitting and fight him if you want.

    His attacks are slow but has a broad range so make sure you have enough stamina to evade. You can always fall back to the ladder to reset his position and do some annoying hit-and-run on him. Be wary of his charge attack though as it can take you by surprise. Upon defeat, you'll get a huge amount of souls and a Heide Knight Sword.

    Once he is defeated, head to the misty entrance. Be careful of the corpse near it since it will be reanimated and attack you. Go through the tunnel DO NOT enter through the crack on the wall. Carefully turn to the left. There's an undead axeman who will ambush you here so prepare to dodge away. There are two undead in the room to the right so get their attention and lure them. Enter the room they're in and destroy the bookcase to find a corpse behind it. Loot it to get x20 Wood Bolt.

    At the end of the corridor is an undead knight wielding a two-handed sword. Defeat it and continue upstairs. There's an archer at the end of the path so unless you're using a ranged weapon, you don't have any choice but to rush to it. Be careful though since there are enemies waiting outside, including an undead that lobs fire bombs. Don't hesitate to fall back to the hallway as necessary. Once the archer is down, go up and get near the undead swordsman. If you're at a distance, he'll throw fire bombs at you so get near him so you can easily evade his melee attacks instead. Take out the undead axeman and loot a Buckler from the corpse nearby.

    Climb up the ladder near the stairs and head towards the corpse at the end of the balcony. Be careful since there's an undead pikeman that will spring back to life as soon as you get near. Pick up x5 Witching Urn from the corpse and then open the door in the building to find a bonfire inside.

    Cardinal Tower

    Light it up and rest as necessary. There's also Merchant Hag Melentia nearby. Among other things, you can purchase Lenigrast's Key from her which can open up the smithy in Majula. You can fast-travel there after getting the key and loot the chest inside to get a Short Bow. The room above the bonfire is locked so ignore it for now. Aside from the common consumables, Melentia also sells x5 Human Effigies for 1500 souls each and a Pharro's Lockstone.

    Before going down the ladder beside the bonfire, you can jump off from the ledge of the balcony to reach land on the wooden scaffolding below. Continue following the scaffolding along the wall to reach a hanging corpse containing a Human Effigy. Go down and you'll find another lootable corpse hanging on a fallen tree. Get a Torch and a Soul of the Lost Undead. Be careful not to fall down below since there are a lot of enemies waiting there. Lure them one by one and take them out.

    Once clear, enter the smaller tunnel to reach a corpse containing a Hollow Soldier Helm. Next, walk all the way towards the rubble at the end of the courtyard to find a corpse containing Lifegem x3.

    Backrack to the burning tunnel and enter it. Be careful since two undead swordsman will attack you from behind. After taking care of them, loot the Soul of a Proud Knight (Soul +2000) from the corpse along the way. There's a chest right behind the door nearby that contains a Fire Longsword. You must open it quickly enough so that when the salamander lobs a fire ball, your opening animation will render you temporarily invulnerable.

    Return to the bonfire in the Cardinal Tower using a Homeward Bone so you don't have to walk all the way back. This item however, resets enemies so might as well rest in the bonfire to replenish your HP, spells, Estus Flask and repair your equipment. If you have opened  Lenigrast's shop the first time around, you can go back there now and spend some souls in strengthening your equipment.

    Climb down the ladder and immediately attack the sitting undead. There's another undead pikeman that will come your way so evade and take it out as well. Cross the bridge and do not loot the corpse immediately. Hit the undead swordsman that's pretending to be dead then loot a Soul of a Lost Undead from the corpse. Both doors on this side and the side where you came from is locked so backtrack to the bridge and enter the only open doorway here.

    Hit the undead at the base of the stairs and remove the mist to reach another area of the castle. This is an annoying stage but necessary nonetheless. First, be careful of the archers. There are two on the scaffolding in the middle and one along the walls. Start by dropping off the balcony to the right. Take out the axeman and the archer at ground level then climb the ladder. Head to the middle scaffolding and lure the undead pikeman out. Bring him to the rooftop where you came from and finish him there. Next, defeat the undead longbowman.

    Run across the middle platform and make your way to the broken tower to the left. Defeat the undead guard there and loot a torch from the corpse. Drop off the other end of the tower and climb up the roof again to make your way back to the middle platform.

    Now make your way to the rooftop in the middle and drop off from the opening on the roof to the floor below. Drop off once more and find the wooden pathway leading back to ground level. You should find a lootable corpse beside a gate containing a Titanite Shard. Follow the wooden walkway again to reach the ladder you used to climb back up the rooftop.

    Head to the rooftop in the middle and do a sprint-jump to reach the other platform. Jump on the lower ledge near the tunnel. Enter the tunnel and carefully walkt towards the corpse. Don't run as a boulder will roll down from the slope to the left. Loot the corpse nearby to get a Human Effigy.

    Go up the slope and talk to the traveler named Cale. Keep talking to him to retrieve the House Key. This is the very key needed to open the house in Majula. Continue to the end of the tunnel to get an Amber Herb from the corpse. Now leave the tunnel and climb up the ladder to your immediate left. This will take you back to the starting point of the area.

    Since you have the House Key, you can return to the bonfire in the Cardinal Tower and travel back to Majula to loot the contents of the House. The corpse in the first floor has a Pharros' Lockstone while the chest on the second floor contains x3 Torches and x3 Titanite Shards. If you head down to the basement of the house, you'll find a fast, green skeleton. The best way to deal with this is to parry its attacks and do an immediate counterattack. It can also drop a Human Effigy. Reach the bottom of the mansion to get an Estus Flask Shard from the skeleton by the wall and a Soul Vessel from the chest. Soul Vessels can be shown to the Fire Keepers and allow you to re-allocate your level and skills.

    Return to the Cardinal Tower and make your way to the same area where you accessed the tunnel. This time, follow the root until you reach the other side of the wall. There are enemies waiting ahead so take them out. There's an enemy standing on the edge of the next ledge that can throw fire bombs so climb the first ladder along the way and take it out.

    Shortly after, a large knight called The Pursuer will drop from the sky. This is an optional encounter so I suggest don't fight him for now. After escaping him by leaving the platform, he will leave and you're free to continue exploring the area as necessary.

    TIP: You can blow up the stack of gunpowder barrels beside the wall around the corner; this will destroy the wall and give you a very convenient shortcut to the Cardinal Tower bonfire.

    Continue to the corner and climb down the ladder. Check the corpse beside the stairs to find a Green Blossom. There's also an opening on the wall to the right. Don't enter it yet since the ballistas will trigger and fire. Wait for the enemies to chase after you and destroy them outside. Be careful though since these undead guards are quite dangerous with their lunge attack. Once done, loot the corpses in front of the ballista to get a Great Soul Arrow, Blue Wooden Shield and Large Soul of a Lost Undead.

    In the same room, climb down the ladder and defeat the undead inside. Open the chest and immediately roll out to avoid getting caught in the poison gas. Obtain a Titanite Shard from there. There's also a Pharros Contraption here that will require a Pharros Lockstone to activate it. If you have one, you can destroy the wall where the face appears and it will reveal two chests inside containing a Chloranthy Ring and a Titanite Slab.

    Climb back up. There are several smaller areas you can explore here. There's a pikeman sitting near a gate ahead named Pate. If you enter the the gate next to him, it will shut behind you, trapping you inside. Take out the enemies in the small courtyard and more enemies inside the hallway. Before you go to loot the corpse, a couple of undead pikemen will attack you. Take them out and get the Aromatic Ooze x3 from the corpse.

    More enemies are waiting upstairs. The dangerous of them are the shielded undead spearmen. They'll deflect your attacks and counterattack with their long spears. After clearing the hallway, you'll reach another section of the wall. You can now go around the locked gate and continue exploring.

    The heavy, maul-wielding knight guarding the gate can be lured towards you. It's intimidating and can deal heavy damage but it can killed quite easily as well. Just don't fight it on the same area since there are enemies throwing fire-bombs at you.

    After defeating the heavy knight, enter the small area to the right to find a giant's remains (creepy-looking tree). Before going there, make sure to hit and defeat the undead guard sitting on the wall. Behind the tree is a corpse that has a Large Soul of the Lost Undead.

    Climb the ladder nearby and loot the Light Crossbow from the corpse along the way. Enter the room and sprint-jump on the ledge across to loot another corpse containing a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and a Torch.

    Be careful when falling below as there are three undead guards below. If you have a ranged weapon or a thrown projectile you looted from enemies, this is a good time to use them. Kill all enemies below then open the chest to get a Mail Breaker and an Infrantry Helm.

    Get past the heavy guard and take the stairs to the right to loot a Lifegem and a Homeward Bone from the corpse. There are a couple of shielded spearmen ahead so be careful when taking them out. Continue to the end of the corridor to find another corpse. The nearby undead will rise so attack it before it fully stands up. Loot a couple of Amber Herbs from the nearby corpse.

    Carefully climb up the sword statue and lure the spearman there. There is also another undead swordsman that will attack you from behind so be careful. Once they're taken care of, loot the Halberd and a Soul of a Nameless Soldier from the corpse.

    Go back down and enter the misty door. Head to the right first and kill the enemy sitting on the wall along the way. Search the room to find a corpse at the bottom of the stairs. Obtain a Lifegem and Large Leather Shield from it. Head to the left this time and loot the corpse to get Fire Arrow x10. Open the door that leads as a shortcut to the Cardinal Tower bonfire. Use it and do what you need llike reinforcing your equipment, leveling up or restocking healing items.

    When ready, step on the lift. Once done, walk along the corridor and take out the undead guard standing in front of the door to the left. Go through the misty path and fight the boss.


    Boss: The Last Giant

    The Last Giant isn't a hard boss, as long as you know his attacks. His basic attack include swiping the ground using his arm. The best move to counter this is by rolling towards him and delivering at least two strikes on his legs. Make sure you have enough stamina to roll away when he starts to stomp. Sometimes, the boss will fall down. You have to clear out of the way otherwise you'll get instantly killed. If you managed to get out of the way in time, you should get free hits at the boss while it's down. Keep doing this until he goes down to 50% HP.

    At that level, he break off his left arm and use it as a club. His swiping attacks have much longer range now so just rull towards him and avoid his stomp. After the battle, you'll get the Soul of the Last Giant and Soldier Key. Melentia will also move to Maluja after the battle.

    The Soldier Key

    The Soldier Key allows you to open several previously locked doors in this location. The first one is located on the top of the Cardinal Tower bonfire. Loot the chest inside to get a Small Leather Shield and Repair Powder. Defeat the guard sitting on the wall then loot the corpse behind the wagon to get a Hand Axe and a Radiant Lifegem. Open the door to find the lone chest containing an Estus Flask Shard and a Small White Sign Soapstone. From there, peek through the hole to find a hanging corpse on the tree root. Loot it to get a Diving Blessing.

    The locked door across the burning pit with the salamander, right under the bonfire. After opening the door, go straight and loot the chest there to get a Ring of Restoration and Torch x3. Equip this ring immediately since it will gradually recover your HP. If you head outside, there's a massive black door that will tell you to "produce the symbol of the King". Just take note of this place and leave for now.

    Another locked door is found in the next room under the Cardinal Tower bonfire, right before you reach the flooded open area with a tunnel. Go downstairs and take out the undead sitting to your immediate left. This is a long corridor filled with various enemies. In the corridor to the left lies a corpse containing x3 Black Firebomb and a Homeward Bone. At the end of the corridor you'll find another corpse containing a Torch.

    Open the door which leads to an area outside. Enter the next door and take out the mauler there. Climb the ladder to find a couple more maulers. Defeat them then loot the corpse of nearby to get a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and x3 Cracked Red Eye Orb.

    Climb back down using the ladder where you came from and continue along the corridor. Take out the undead there and loot the corpse to get a Bastard Sword. Exit the room and defeat the mauler standing by the gate then loot the corpse behind him a Green Blossom and Amber Herb.

    Continue through the ruins and head to the next building. Enter the large opening and you should be able to light up a new bonfire (Soldier's Rest). Go up the platform in the corner to find a chest containing several items: Large Soul of a Proud Knight, Hunter's Hat, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, and Leather Boots. That's all there is in this area so fast-travel using the bonfire to leave the area.

    The next locked door that can be opened by the Soldier Key is located in the same corridor where a giant stone blade was found. You can access it easily by fast-traveling to the Cardinal Tower bonfire and go to the left past the lift.

    After opening the door, continue upstairs. Beware of the shielded spearman and pikeman. Continue upstairs and you'll find a misty door. Before entering it, take the stairs to the right and loot the corpse for a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Lifegem x3. The enemy behind the misty door is The Pursuer himself. Before fighting him, make sure that you've used your souls already, especially if you stocked quite a bit after defeating the Last Giant. If you killed while fighting The Pursuer, you don't have any way of retrieving your dropped souls permanently until you defeat him.

    Boss: The Pursuer

    He is especially challenging because of his speed and his weapon's wide range so when fighting him, you have to keep on the defensive and attack him whenever there's an opening. This battle will be easier once you have enough stamina to evade several times and land some attacks. Don't bother blocking his attacks if your character is not efficient in handling shields since it will consume a lot of stamina. When you see him readying for a charge, move towards him and evade to his right side (to the left of your character). This will ensure that you'll evade his upward slash and attack him from behind.

    There are ballistas here that can fatally wound him and allow you for a quick kill but lining it up and timing your fire can be challenging, not to mention that the ballistas can be destroyed. Your best hope is to evade and attack as soon as his combos stop. When you have a stronger weapon and higher stats, you should be able to defeat him and survive his attacks.

    If you examine the nest in the area behind the Pursuer, you'll be taken by a bird to Lost Bastille. Fortunately, there's a bonfire from where you'll land that you can use to travel back if you selected it by mistake.

    In the same area, carefully drop down the broken part of the wall to find a corpse. Loot it to find a Drangleic Sword, Drangleic Shield and a Drangleic armor set. The Drangleic Shield provides a 100% damage reduction rate, perfect for some upcoming boss battles. Its low STR requirement makes it a very good shield for almost any melee-based class early on. 



    Heide's Tower of Flame

    Go downstairs through the opening between Shalquoir's shop and the path leading to the Victory Stone. There's a contraption in the middle that you can't operate for now so leave it for the meantime.

    There's a chest along the way. Open it for a Crimson Parma. To open the floodgate, keep walking to the right and you'll find the switch that you can pull there. Continue forth and you'll find a corpse. Loot it for a Soul of a Lost Undead and a Broken Thief Sword. Keep following the path until you reach the next area.

    There are bulky, powerful yet slow Old Knights here that you must fight. They have the same, predictable 3-hit combo attack that can be easily evaded. These knights can also be farmed for their good amount of souls early on. There's also a bonfire (Heide's Ruin) to the right of the first Old Knight.

    Defeat the second Old Knight to get a Sublime Bone Dust. This item permanently upgrades your Estus Flask when burned in the Far Fire in Majula. Behind the second Old Knight lies a corpse hanging by the balcony. Loot it for a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and a Human Effigy. Go upstairs and defeat the third Old Knight. After defeating it, a lever will raise behind him. Pull down the lever to raise the other platform in the tower ahead. This will be very helpful in a boss battle later. Loot the corpse behind the heavy door to get a Lloyd's Talisman.

    Continue to the next tower where three more Old Knights are waiting. You can snipe and agrro them one by one or lure them yourself. The Old Knight in the middle is the most dangerous since his massive weapon can deal massive damage to you. Make sure you lure him away and fight him in an open space, like the area where the first and second Old Knight are located. Once you've defeated the three, a lever near the broken pillars facing the tower will be revealed. Pull it to raise another outer platform in the tower. Like the other lever, this one will help a lot in a boss battle.

    From here you have to two paths; the path to the left leads to the Cathedral of Blue where you can fight the Old Dragonslayer boss while the path to the right leads to a derelict tower beyond a misty door leads to the Old Dragonrider boss. Defeating him will give you access to the Tower of Flame bonfire, the cleric Licia, and the pathway leading to No-Man's Wharf. Both of these bosses drop Boss Souls that can be used to purchase powerful weapons through specific NPCs later on. You can also obtain a large amount of souls after defeating them, making it easier for you to level up a few notches.

    On the way to the Dragonrider tower, you'll find a chest on a precarious platform. Open it to get Green Blossom x3.

    Boss: Old Dragonrider

    He is slow but he has a long range of attack. The best moment to attack him is when he finishes his lunge attack. Be careful when attacking him when he's swinging his halberd. Also, keep circling him to his left. This will allow you to move past his shield and deal heavier damage to his back. Don't be greedy; its always safe to be sure. As long as you land hits and avoid his attacks, you should be able to defeat him.

    Another strategy to defeat him involves NOT operating the levers that will raise the platforms in his area. Wait for him at the edge of the battle area and evade when he uses his thrust attack. When done correctly, he should fall down, instantly killing him.

    After defeating the Dragonrider, go upstairs to find the second bonfire (Tower of Flame) and Licia. You can buy various Faith based miracles from her very helpful if you're playing as a cleric. Talk to her and exhaust her dialogue as well. This will prompt her to move to Majula, beside the contraption you encountered earlier. You must pay 2000 souls for her to move that contraption in Majula and open up the path to Huntsman Copse. You can open up this area if you want; otherwise, skip the paragraph below.

    After clearing that path leading to Huntsman Copse, you can continue for a bit and loot the corpse along the way to get a Rogue Water. Continue following the straightforward path and you'll find an NPC sitting on a chair. He doesn't seem have any significance for now so continue ahead and you'll find a bonfire. This is a new area called Huntsman's Copse. You don't need to explore it for now but lighting up the bonfire will allow you to easily fast-travel there later on.

    Cathedral of Blue

    For now, return to the Tower of Flame bonfire and backtrack to the central hall where there are three Old Knights waiting. Defeat them if you want then continue to the path to the left. Two more Old Knights will be waiting there so take them out then loot the corpse hanging by the broken staircase to the left. Obtain a Divine Blessing from it.

    Continue upstairs and take out the Old Knight there. This will reveal a lever that you can operate to lower the drawbridge. Go up the drawbridge and loot the chest and corpse to the left to find an Old Radiant Lifegem and a Ring of Binding and Human Effigy x5 from the chest. The Ring of Binding is a very important item as it significantly reduces the HP reduction effects of Hollowing. Equip it immediately.  Beyond the misty door is another boss. Make sure to prepare before entering.

    Boss: Old Dragonslayer

    This boss uses a spear and lunge attacks that can quickly close the distance even if you try to stay away from him. One good strategy is to keep close and keep circling around him, evading and counterattacking when he swings his spear. He also has a projectile attack and an AoE (area-of-effect) attack which you should avoid by staying away.

    Timing your evasion can be tricky since the boss is fast as well. However, as long as you learn his stance, you'll  be able to anticipate the following attack and how to react to it.  Running out of stamina to evade is always bad news so don't get cocky and hit more than 3 times in a row, unless your stamina can accommodate it.

    Defeating the Dragonslayer will give you 20,000 souls, Old Dragonslayer Soul and Old Leo Ring. Go through the next door and you'll find two chests. Loot them for Cracked Blue Orb x3 and Heide Knight Iron Mask and Tower Shield in the next schest.

    The NPC here is Targray of the Blue Sentinels. Bring him a Token of Fidelity and he'll allow you to join the covenant. This is obtained by helping another player defeat a boss as a phantom.

    There's also a narrow staircase between the balcony where Targray is standing and the Old Dragonslayer rooms. Go downstairs to find the Cathedral of Blue bonfire. Light it up and use it to fast travel as necessary. Make your preperations to leave for No-man's Wharf.

    Departure to No-Man's Wharf

    Fast-travel to Tower of Flame bonfire, continue ahead and go down the spiral staircase. After reaching the base of the stairs, search the corpse behind it to find a Monastery Charm. Defeat the two Old Knights here and follow the path straight ahead to find three corpses containing Human Effigy, Dark Troches, Soul of a Proud Knight, and Old Knight Halberd.

    Enter the doorway in the middle and go downstairs. Take out the Old Knight hanging right outside the next doorway and another one along the corridor if you turn right. There's nothing of interest in the corridor to the left so ignore it for now. Continue along the path until you find a lift. Ride it down and follow the flooded tunnel.

    Along the way, you'll find a small doorway guarded by an Old Knight. Defeat it and continue upstairs. Turn to the right to find a chest in an alcove at the end. Open it to get a Knight Armor Set. (Helm, Armor, Gauntlets and Leggings)

    Backtrack to the flooded tunnel and continue along the main path until you reach another tunnel leading to a cavern. Follow the path and you'll find a bonfire called No-Man's Wharf. There's also an NPC named Lucatiel. Exhaust her dialogue during this conversation and she'll offer you assistance by allowing you to summon her on specific areas of the game. (Sinner's Rise, Iron Keep, No-man's Wharf, Black Gulch)

    Continue along the path and you'll reach No-man's Wharf. Before going in, make sure you have at least one Pharros Lockstone in your possession.




    No-Man's Wharf

    This area is crawling with undead. Start off by running to the left. Be careful not to fall to the water since the area is poorly lit. Take note of the gunpowder bombers. They won't do damage on their own but once you're hit by a fire arrow, you'll die instantly. If you get hit by gunpowder, make sure to wash it off by rolling in the water. Once you've reached the house, eliminate the undead on the first floor and head to the second floor. You'll find a chest there containing a Titanite Shard and a corpse in the balcony that has a Soul of a Proud Knight.

    Continue to the walkway and beware of the heavy swordsman that will come at you. Defeat it and destroy the archer. Next, go down to the shallow water and loot the Large Soul of a Lost Undead and a Lifegem from the submerged corpse.

    Carefully walk towards the destroyed houses to aggro the enemies and take care of them one by one. Enter the first house to the left to find Dark Pine Resin x3 from the corspe inside. Be careful when walking towards the stone house since there's a lurking beast there that can cause Bleeding damage. This enemy is afraid of the light so lighting up your torch when fighting these things will help a lot.

    Head inside the house where the beast is lurking to find a corpse that has x10 Iron Arrow. Next, climb the stairs and turn to the first right. Get rid of the enemies here including an undead hound. There is a couple of  archers on the top of the building. Don't get inside the building yet since there are a lot of undead skirmishers to deal with. Pick them off one by one. Once clear, head inside the building and open the chest behind the counter to get a Bandit Axe and Brigand armor set (Brigand Hood, Armor, Gauntlets and Trousers)

    Carefully go upstairs and take out the archers and another berserker. Loot the Titanite Shard and Repair Powder from the chest. Leave the building and operate the Pharros Contraption in front of it. This will light up a large chandelier that will illuminate the area. From there, move forward a bit and hop to the roof of the house earlier to find a corpse containing a Large Soul of a Proud Knight and x3 Small Smooth and Silky Stone.

    Return to the stairs and continue to higher ground. Defeat the two enemies here and continue along the path. There's an undead hound and skirmisher inside the house to the left. After dealing with them, follow the path and take the next stairs again.

    Lonesome Gavlan

    Along the path you'll find another large building with several of those pesky mutated primate beasts. The Pharros Contraption you activated earlier will keep them at bay and will allow you to safely snipe them from a distance. Don't forget to loot the Emit Force and Large Soul of a Lost Undead from the corpse hanging by the edge of the cliff.

    Take out the beasts and open the next room of the building. Quickly fall back since there are three more of those beasts inside and they can destroy the whole wall itself. After dealing with those three, enter the house again and you'll find another beast on the second floor. Take it out and open the next door. Here you'll find two chests. One of them is trapped so quickly leave the room to avoid getting killed. Loot the Greatsword from the safe chest and x2 Silver Talismans from the rigged chest.

    The NPC here is named Gavlan and is the only NPC in the game that purchases items from you. Another thing to note is that he will move from this position after talking to him so make sure you have all your unnecessary equipment with you before talking to him. He also sells various poison and anti-poison items.

    Summoning the Derelict Ship

    After dealing with Gavlan, leave the building and continue forth to the next set of wooden houses. There's an enemy waiting in the first and second floors. Go upstairs and pull the lever there to make the ship move and dock. After that jump off the ledge nearby and collect Lifegem x2 and a Homeward Bone from the corpse.

    Drop off another ledge and enter the house. Loot the Fire Arrow x10 from the corpse along the stairs quickly. There are two of those beasts in the lower floor so its up to you if you want to engage them or leave them. Continue to the lower ground and make sure to enter the house beside the tavern and go to the third floor. There's a switch here that you can pull to open the iron gate beside the tarvern. This will serve as a shortcut in case something unfortunate happens.

    Boarding the Ghost Ship

    There's also a house near near the ledge facing the docks that have two undead soldiers inside and lots of poison vials. Destroy them from a distance since poison in this game is a big deal. Open the chest to find an Estus Flask Shard. The corpse behind the large rurns contain a Flame Butterfly and Throwing Knives x7.

    Take the stairs leading to the docks and you'll find a broken building with more of those long-limbed beasts. There's nothing there so you can just run past them. Loot a Human Effigy and Lifegem from the corpse near the shallow water and continue along the walkway.

    The walkway is divided to two paths. One leads to the ship the other leads to an NPC, Carhillion. He is the merchant for sorcerers and he will only talk to those with high enough INT. Next, approach the boat carefully. Archers and swordsmen will appear and the best way to deal with them is lure the swordsmen away and get rid of them before taking care of the archers. Once done, go downstairs and go through the misty door to fight the boss.

    Boss: Flexile Sentry

    This boss as two sides; one side has clubs as weapons while the other has swords. The clubs are slower but can deal bleeding damage while the swords are faster and has wider range. Use the pole in the middle to separate yourself from the boss. Even with this limited space, you should be able to keep a safe distance from them, especially if you're using spells or miracles. Melee fighters can roll out towards the pole and it will stop the bosses combos most of the time. Just anticipate their movement and evade at the right time before their weapons connect.

    You'll get the Flexible Sentry Soul after defeating it. Head to the next room and loot the chest to get a Pyromancy Flame and Fireball. Next, examine the compass to operate the ship and head to the next land.






    Lost Bastille

    There are two ways in reaching this place; one is by using the ship in No-man's Wharf. You can only use the ship after defeating the Flexible Sentry. The other method is by defeating The Pursuer in the Forest of the Fallen Giants which by then you'll have to examine the nest in the area behind where you fought him and you'll be carried by an eagle to this location.

    Arrival via air

    As soon as you land, you can light up the bonfire. Go to the main path and follow the narrow ledge to the left. Before going to the balcony, keep going left while carefully hugging the wall to find a corpse containing a Large Titanite Shard and Radiant Lifegem.

    Enter the next room through the window and take out the crossbowman. There are a lot of hounds in the bottom floor and they do drop various Souls items. You can also drop a gunpowder barrel from the ledge to kill all enemies caught up with the explosion below. Make sure to fall back away from the edge so you won't get caught in the explosion. Open the door and loot the lone chest containing an Antiquated Key and Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. The latter increases the amount of souls you can collect from defeating enemies, enabling you to earn more souls when farming enemies.

    Note:The Hounds drop various Souls and even Human Effigies when farmed.

    Make your way first towards the tower with a black door. Blow up the gunpowder barrel and open it. This can only be opened from this side and will you connect you to the path leading back to the dock which you will access if you rode the ship from No-Man's Wharf. This door will remain open permanently no matter which path you came from.

    Now climb back up and enter the tower from the door you opened. You'll find an NPC here named Lucatiel if you're able to talk to her and exhaust her dialogue in the No-Man's Wharf bonfire. (she's a summon NPC on your way to the boss in Sinner's Rise) You have to cross the broken pillar to the left and enter the door there. This will lead to the sentinels boss area. Refer to the "Making Way to the Sentinels" section below.

    Note:If you have the Antiquated Key and Pharros Lockstone, you can SKIP the annoying and frustratingly hard Sentinel Boss Battle and come back for it later.

    Ship Arrival

    Leave the dock and enter the bastion. Ride the lift up and inspect the prison cell beside the lever to find a corpse containing a Soul of a Proud Knight and Radiant Lifegem. Continue along the stairs and enter the broken prison cell to your right. Loot the skeleton there to get Common Fruit x2. A few steps from that, you'll find the area's bonfire inside a prison cell to your left. Liht it up and continue forth.

    Follow the walkway and you'll encounter a non-hostile white knight. You can defeat him and get his Heide Spear. Be careful when fighting him since the pathway's narrow and his spear has both range and wide reach.

    Take the ladder down and prepare to encounter some hounds in the courtyard. Destroy the scaffolding nearby to make the corpse fall down. Loot an Alluring Skull from it. Break the wooden barricade to the right and destroy the enemy inside. The door inside this room is locked and can only be opened if you acquired the Antiquated Key outside the room near the Towers Apart bonfire. (See above) There is a lootable corpse inside the small room; beware of the two undead inside. Get x2 Flame Butterfly.

    Leave the room and continue to the next path this time. There's a narrow path beside the wall that's blocked by a wooden scaffolding. Destroy it and follow the path to reach a chest containing a Estus Flask Shard and a Large Titanite Shard.

    Backtrack to the main path and you'll encounter a large gate. Open it by pulling the contraption to the right. Kill the two hounds and carefully go to the stairs. There's an enemy waiting above which will kick an explosive barrel. Just go upstairs enough to make him react then fall back to avoid the explosion. Kill off that enemy and continue forth.

    Walk a bit and take out the hounds. There's also a lootable corpse in a deadend to your right. Obtain a Gold Pine Resin from it. Lure the hound towards you then kill the scythe-wielding enemy ahead. Continue to the tower and if you have talked to  Lucatiel in the bonfire leading to No-Man's Wharf, you'll find her inside the tower. Speak to her to get a free Human Effigy. Exhaust her dialogue too.

    Outside the tower where Lucatiel is a broken part of the path which you can walk on and reach the ladder. Go up the ladder to find a corpse containing a Large Titanite Shard.