We're do I go after getting all the great souls?

  1. So I have gotten all the great souls and I don't know we're to go now or what to do can somebody help me?

    User Info: UzumakiNaruto_

    UzumakiNaruto_ - 6 years ago

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  1. After you lit the 4 primal bonfires. You can go to to shaded woods, which is located just above Majula. You will need to bring Rosabeth to life with a branch of yar, and then u can get pass. Once you reach the second bonfire in shaded woods go up the stairs and then to your left. That pass leads to a door which can only be open when u light all 4 primal bonfires. You will eventually get to Draingleic Castle.

    User Info: Kvintos

    Kvintos (Expert) - 6 years ago 5   3


  1. Mostly what Kvintos said but you dont need to light the 4 primal bonfires. By mistake, since i couldn't find the little hole to Primal bonfire in Black Gulch, I completed the game by only having lit 3/4 primal bonfires. Also to support that fact is the obtaining of a ring for completing game without resting at a single bonfire. This excludes lighting a bonfire, using homeward bone and lighting a primal bonfire to teleport out.

    User Info: DgtCloud

    DgtCloud - 5 years ago 1   3

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