How do you sell stuff in this game?

  1. I can't believe how much stuff I get. How do you manage items and equipment in this game? Do you keep all of it or can you sell it somewhere? Thanks in advance. I'm new to the series.

    User Info: normalguycap

    normalguycap - 6 years ago

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  1. The merchant you're looking for is Gavlan. He first appears in No Man's Wharf, in a house very close to the bell you must ring in order to dock the ship. After this encounter, he will move to Harvest Valley, to a location near the first bonfire. After you encounter him in Harvet Valley, he will finally move to Doors of Pharros, where he will take permanent residence. His location in Doors of Pharros is extremely close to the first bonfire. Once he moves to Doors of Pharros, he will sell all his poison expendable (poison arrows, poision throwing knives and poison moss) in infinite quantities.

    User Info: Darkhacker1811

    Darkhacker1811 (Expert) - 6 years ago 7   2


  1. There is a guy in No Man's Warf who will purchase your items for a fair amount of souls. He is located towards the top of the area.

    User Info: Sinisterdrac

    Sinisterdrac - 6 years ago 4   0
  2. He also appears in Harvest Valley in the small cave behind the first Behemoth you encounter (I'm just going to call it that until we know its actual name).

    User Info: blood_red_laos

    blood_red_laos - 6 years ago 2   1
  3. there's this big fat guy first seen in no mans warf, then begins to show up at other places later on in the story. He will only be in each place once, and never return there. So make sure you sell everything you want to before leaving him because you don't know when you will see him again.

    User Info: tacotaco1

    tacotaco1 - 6 years ago 3   2
  4. To manage your inventory, select the "item box" option when resting at a bonfire (: this way you can store unwanted items. And the merchant's name is Gavlan. He's a bearded troll dude that first appears as said above in no-man's warf on the top floor of the building with the creatures that are afraid of light.

    User Info: Agnorok_

    Agnorok_ - 6 years ago 2   1

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