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by ExtremePhobia

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/23/13

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Getting Started

After loading up the DLC, visit Whiterun and as you walk in the front gate, you'll be approached by a couple of strange people wearing masks and robes. If they don't appear, level up a little or progress further in the main quest. When they appear, they'll first talk to you but no matter what option you choose, they will attack. Kill them both and check the leader's body to find orders. Read the orders which will direct you to go to Windhelm's docks.

Fast travel to the stables outside of Windhelm and cross the river to the docks below. Find Captain Gjolund Salt-Sage on the center boat (called the Northern Maiden) and after either paying him quite a bit of money or persuading him, he'll take you to Solstheim.


When you get to Solstheim and get off the boat, you'll be greeted by the Dark Elf Adril Arano. Question him a couple of times about Miraak and he'll direct you to the Earth Stone nearby. Walk around the port and up on a large hill will be a large stone sending a green beam of light into the sky.

As you approach the Earth Stone, you'll bump into Neloth. After talking to him some, you'll find out the Miraak has been dead for quite some time. He will give you your next lead however and send you up to Miraak's temple.

Make your way out of the town and up to the top of the mountain in the center of the island. When you get closer, you'll start to hear people working on the stone around here. You'll find Miraak's huge temple nearby. Climb up and at the top, go down into the round area in the middle. You'll see another large stone that looks like the Earth Stone. When you investigate, you'll find that it's called the Tree Stone. If you activate it, something interesting will happen.

Near this stone, you'll find a woman named Frea who is wearing a whole lot of armor. She'll be the only other person here who isn't working on the temple. Talk to her and then a path down into the temple will open.

The Temple of Miraak

Start down the ramp but be careful as a couple of Cultists similar to those from Whiterun will be on their way up. Kill them and go through the door at the bottom.

Miraak's Temple

You'll find yourself inside of Miraak's temple. There are several doors off of this main hallway with loot if you'd like but when you are done, go up this hallway. The hall will open to a room with a large face on the opposite wall. Just in front of the doorway as you're exiting will be a pressure plate. Jump over it to avoid the darts and continue on into the next hallway.

Kill the next couple of Cultists here. The next room will wrap around in a semi-circle and then open to another hallway. There are two more pressure plates in this room but if you pay attention and walk between the pillars, you can go right around them. At the end, turn left and pull the chain at the right of the gate to open it.

This will put you in a square room with a pit in the middle. Jump into the pit and make your way to the bottom. There are a few more cultists at the bottom and behind them will be a gate. Just to the left of the gate will be the lever to open it. In the hallway just after will be a path with a bunch of blue carpeting. The carpeting will lead the way through the hall but be careful because it will also lead you directly to a trap.

When you run out of carpeting, you'll see a spike door to the left and there will be a pressure plate not far in front of it. Hug the right wall to get past the pressure plates and then take either path ahead but move quickly because there are other traps that will trigger behind you. Both of them will lead to a double door.

Beyond the double door will be a long, wide hallway with lots of swinging blades. The goal is to walk past two blades and then stop in the archway. Each of these is a safe spot and there are always two blades between each one. Wait for them to swing by and sprint to the next one. You may be tempted to use your Whirlwind Sprint but it won't quite make it to the end so you're going to have to luck out on one end or the other if you do this.

On the far side of the trap, pull the lever on the right side to open the gate. The next section is a little bit confusing so try to follow along. Go through the double doors ahead and on the other side veer right just a bit. This will lead you between two walls and through a small doorway. Through the doorway, turn left and hug the left wall. This will lead you to a lever that will open the door directly across from it. Go through that door.

This will lead you to a wooden walkway with dangling tripwires ahead. You have to hit the tripwires to lower the drawbridge and get through the next room. When you go down the wooden draw bridge, you'll find a stone bottom and then three other draw bridges will open ahead of you. On the stone ground in between will be several pressure plates. If you step on one, it will activate the dart traps in this room, making combat a little bit tougher.

Several Draugr will come down the draw bridges on the far side of the room. Kill them and walk past them to find another set of double doors. Go through those to enter another section of the Temple.

Temple of Miraak Sanctum

Walk down the stairs and through the caged bridge. You'll come across a small army of skeletons but they should be of much lower level. Just beyond them will be a hallway with a couple of standing coffins and two Draugr. You'll also notice a couple of logs hanging from the ceiling waiting to swing down at you. There is a pressure plate on the ground between the coffins. The Draugr may get hit by the trap themselves if you're lucky.

Pass by the trap and go up the ramp beyond this hallway. Turn left and the cave will lead you to a large room that looks like it is in the middle of being excavated. If you have a higher level Whirlwind Sprint then you can hug the wall on the left, go down the stairs and then dash across the gap to the next platform. If not, hang to the right and go down the other set of stairs. When you proceed down the stairs, sprint because there is a pressure plate that will trigger another swinging log trap.

When you get to the next platform, turn left because a couple of Cultists will be coming up the long set of stairs. Kill them and make your way to the bottom of the stairs that they just came up. At the bottom, go left and you'll find a Word Wall where you learn the first word of a new shout called Dragon Aspect. When you do, the coffins in the room will open and start to deposit Draugr into the room. If you feel confident, deal with them now. If not, back up to the long stairs and this will give you some room to back track if you need it. Kill all of the Draugr and find the Gatekeeper. You'll find a key on him that will open the door hidden in one of the coffins (the one in the center of the room).

Go through that door and you'll enter a dining area. Go through this area and into the next. You'll find yourself in a small hallway but if you go left, you'll find yourself in an even larger dining room. Go to the opposite corner of the room to find a doorway leading out. In this hallway, hug the right wall. You'll pass a nook on the right and then come to another. In this second nook will be a lever. Flip the lever and you will open a door in the large dining area.

The next hallway will be pretty long and at the end, you'll enter into a room with a large metal cover in the middle of the floor. This room is otherwise empty but in the next room, you'll find a similar pit in the middle of the room. However, this time there will be a lever on a pedestal off to one side. If you hit the lever, the gate will open in the floor and you can drop down. Go down this stairwell and then down the next as well. You'll cross a couple of rooms with fire pits in the middle and enter another cave.

When you reach the end of this cave, look for another switch to the left of the flat cave wall. Hit the switch and the wall will move revealing another passage. Take the stairs down and go through the doors at the bottom. You'll enter a huge room with a large dragon skeleton statue in the middle. Walk up the stairs and along the room but be careful because there are Draugr all over this room. When you reach the top, you'll find a Boss Chest behind a large sarcophagus. Open the chest and then go past it to find a doorway hidden behind the wall. The doors will leave you in another small cave and when you come out on the other side, you'll enter a round room with a book in the middle. Pick it up and read it. It's time to meet your predecessor.

The Fate of the Skaal

After talking the Frea, she will lead you out of the temple. Let her lead you out rather than running out ahead of her because this can mess with her AI a little bit. Outside, she will lead you to the Skaal village. If she doesn't seem to be doing this particularly well, start travelling to the east and across the bridge. Eventually, you will go far enough that she will start try to get ahead of you. When she does this, continue to follow her.

The Word Wall

When you get to the village, she'll talk to her father Storn for a moment and then you'll be free to talk to him. During the talk, he will tell you of Miraak and that you need to learn what he has learned if you ever hope to defeat him. He will send you far to the north where there is a Dragon's Nest and a word wall.

Follow the mountains to the north and try to keep to the high ground. If you can manage to come over the top of the mountains to this waypoint, it is possible to drop right down on top of the Word Wall and avoid most of the climb up to it. The only downside to this method is that you will then have your back to the wall and if you get into trouble then you may have trouble getting out of it. If you aren't sure that you can fight your way out, it may be safer to fight your way in and climb the stairs to the top.

Scattered around this area, you'll find a variety of Draugr and skeletons. There will also likely be a Dragon around but if you kill it, you won't be able to collect the soul. Still, it is dangerous so kill it if you get the chance. Learn the word of power from the Word Wall and then leave this place.

The Wind Stone

Start travelling back towards the Skaal village. Along the way there is a stone called the Wind Stone that looks similar to the Earth and Tree stones that you saw earlier. It will be marked on your map. Try to keep the higher ground because it's always easier to go down when you get there than trying to find a way up.

You'll find the stone encased in another structure that a bunch of Skaal are building. Equip your new shout (make sure you unlock it with a Dragon Soul) and shout at the Wind Stone. It'll take a moment but soon the structure around you will start to glow a reddish color and then explode. In its place will be a creature called a Lurker.

The Lurker has some pretty good range and can project tentacles at you from a distance so don't think you are safe if you're just far away. Keep moving around while you fight and you shouldn't have too much of a problem because he's a little on the slow side. He is pretty powerful at close range, however, so be careful not to get too close to him unless you have to.

When he is dead, you'll need to return to the Skaal village and talk to Storn. For some reason, every time I've done this, Storn and Frea attacked me. I don't know if I happened to enter their home at night by accident (it wasn't locked either time) or if perhaps there's some strange effect where destroying the structure at the Wind Stone causes some kind of harm to the Skaal people there. Either way, if you have this problem, just fast travel elsewhere and wait for four days. Doing this should put them back at ease and you can talk to Storn again who will tell you about the Black Books and a Mage to the south named Neloth that may be able to help you

Cleansing the Stones

Scattered around the island are six stones similar to those that you've seen. Of those stones, you've cleansed one, seen at least the one in Raven Rock and found the Tree Stone at the temple of Miraak. The Tree Stone seems to be a hopeless case but Storn thinks that if you can cleanse the remaining four stones then you might weaken Miraak's hold over the people of Solstheim.

The four remaining stones will be marked on your map. Clearly the easiest one is in Raven Rock but there are a few more scattered around the island. There is one NW Skaal village, another north of Raven Rock and the last is between the Skaal village and Noleth's home.

Cleansing these stones will be the same as what you did at the Wind Stone. Go to the stone, shout at it and a Lurker will appear. As you cleanse the stones, you'll end up fighting more Lurkers as well as Cultists. Over the course of the four stones, however, they should ramp up in difficulty slowly. Take your time and gauge how you do at each stone before moving to the next. When you've taken care of all four, you can return to talk to Storn or just continue on with the quest, The Path of Knowledge. When you complete that quest, you will return to Storn anyway.

The Path of Knowledge

Starting this quest doesn't require you to complete the Cleansing the Stones quest. If you are doing that quest, however, then save the Sun Stone for last because it is likely going to be right on the way to Noleth's home. From the Skaal village, start travelling to the SE. When you get to Tel Mithryn, you'll find Noleth's apprentice practicing outside. You don't have to talk to him but feel free to talk to him and Noleth's Steward if you'd like. When you are done, head into Noleth's house.

As soon as you step inside, you'll find that there's a blue stream of energy traveling up at the spot where you are standing. Simply activate the stream to float upwards. At the top, you'll be in the house proper and find Noleth nearby. Talk to him and he'll tell you more about the Black Books. He'll tell you that the book he has isn't useful to you but he knows where there is one that will likely help. Follow him out of his house (be sure to "float down" rather than fall to your death).

You'll need to travel to a Dwemer ruin just NE of the Sun Stone. When you get there, you'll have to fight off a medium size group of Reavers. There could be as many as 12-15 of them around this area with a variety of attack styles from magic, to ranged, to melee. Work your way slowly through the outdoor area and use the buildings themselves for cover when you need to. You can also always jump into the water and swim down a little bit to protect yourself but you have to be careful when resurfacing.

Get to the other side of the ruin and you'll meet up with Noleth outside. To open most of the doors or activate the levers in this ruin, you'll have to use a special cube like the one he uses to open the doors here. When they are open, head inside.


You'll immediately enter the room with the Black Book but it's under lockdown right now and you need to activate the steam engines in the ruins to open it up. You'll have to be patient with Noleth. There are a few spots where you'll have to wait for him to stop talking before you can proceed. Eventually, he'll open a nearby door that leads to an elevator. Take the elevator down to the lower levels.

When you get there, you can walk ahead to a spot with a few machines and a couple of pedestals. Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait for Noleth to finish his little stroll before you can continue on. He'll eventually put the cube onto one of the pedestals and the water in the room will lower. When that has happened, you can grab the cube and follow Noleth. He will head back to the long terminals and then announce that he's found other cubes in the building. Follow him to the next door and open it with the cube.

You'll notice that this pedestal is red instead of blue. Red indicates that it's a toggle so once you put the cube in, it will unlock the door and you can remove the cube. It will stay unlocked until you place the cube in there again to lock it. Blue pedestals require the cube to stay in place for the pedestal to function. Go through the door.

Nchardak Workshop

Inside the workshop, walk ahead and turn left to find a pedestal at an intersection. Grab the pedestal and go down the ramp just beyond it. As you go down, a couple of Dwemer spiders will come up at you. Take these out from a distance if you can because they explode when they die. Continue past them and you'll come to a large room where you stand on a bridge. Cross the bridge to the far side and place one of the cubes into one of the blue pedestals. Keep the other in hand.

Below, you'll see that the water has lowered. There will be a red pedestal in the middle of the floor which is still partially submerged. Not far from that will be a bridge on the next level up. Off to one side of this bridge will be a red pedestal as well. Activating this red pedestal will raise the bridge. After it is raised, take that same cube and place it in the red pedestal in the middle of the floor. This will create a staircase leading from the bottom, up through where the bridge was and leading to another doorway.

Go through the doorway at the top and this will bring you to a T-shaped room. If you go right, you'll come to a room with a chest but if you go left, you'll find a room with a single blue pedestal and another cube. Grab the cube and head back into the large room. Take the cube from the pedestal above. This will raise the water level higher than it was when you entered the room.

On the fourth side of this long room will be a doorway with no door. If you go inside, you should now be able to swim across the broken walkway to the far side. Continue along the hallway and it will lead you out of the water. You'll enter a new large room with a really tall ceiling. Follow the only path available and watch on the right side for a little nook with another blue pedestal. Grab the cube and continue along the path. The water level will begin to rise again and a Dwemer Centurion will spawn behind you. Kill the Centurion and watch for the Ballistas at the top of the stairs.

This will bring you up to the highest point in the room. In the middle will be a red switch. Activate it to lower a bridge. The bridge will lead you back to the beginning of the workshop. From here, take the door back to the main room of Nchardak.

Back in the Great Chamber, place two of the cubes in the pedestals at the top of the room. This will lower the water level enough that you can access a couple of doors below. Follow Neloth to the doorway on the right side and use a cube to open it.

Nchardak Aqueduct

The Aqueduct is a rather large room with a cross shape lower level submerged in water. Walk towards the center of the room and then turn around to see two ramps that lead back up over the doorway that you came through originally. When you get up to the platform, you'll see three red pedestals. You need to use these to lower all of the bridges at once so that you can cross to the door on the right side. To do this, activate the left most pedestal and then the right most pedestal.

This should lower all of the bridges. Hop down to the lower level and walk across the left bridge. Take the stairs up to cross the high bridge and then come back down stairs to cross another lower bridge. When you do this, be careful of the Dwarven Spheres Spiders that appear. When you get to the far side, climb the stairs and at the top will be a blue pedestal. Place a cube and the water level will lower in the middle.

Jump down to the lowest level and open the far door with the red pedestal. Go up the ramp and follow the hallway beyond but when you see a room, stop because there's a trap. Flanking the doorway will be two blade doors that can close and hit you coupled with spinning blades in the middle of the room. Wait for the opportune time to cross (or Whirlwind Sprint across) into the room beyond.

Inside the room will be a blue cube. Be ready to get back into the main room quickly because once you take this cube, the water level is going to rise and submerge this entire wing. With the cube in hand, head back to the main room and Neloth will grab the first cube you used in this area to lower the water. This will raise the water once again and submerge the path to the exit. You'll have to swim under the platform with the three red pedestals to find the door back.

This will take you back into the Great Hall once more. When you get here, go up the ramp once. You won't go all the way to the top but instead will find yourself in an area with four large pump structures. At the base of each of these will be blue pedestals. Put a Cube on each of these. To do this, you'll have to remove one of the pedestals from the upper level. When all four cubes are in place, a Centurion will appear across from the four pumps and will come across a bridge that just lowered.

Kill the Centurion and investigate the room he came from for a chest. When you are ready, take the elevator up to the first level of Nchardak and hit the button that is now marked. Some lights will move around in the room and the book will rise up out of the center of the room. Read the book to continue.

The Gardener of Men

Unlike your last visit to this realm, you'll actually have to do some work here. When you gain control of your character, move forward to the small structure in front of you called a Scrye and activate it. This will lower a bridge in front of you that you can use to jump into the hallway that is swinging around in front of you. Be careful to time your jump correctly because if you land in the goo, you'll start to lose a lot of health.

Get into the hallway and go to the other end. When you get there, wait for the hallway to swing all the way to the right side and hop off. On this platform will be another Scrye. Activate that and wait for the hallway to come back. You should now be able to reach the platform when the hallway reaches the center position. Hop onto the bridge and move onto the platform proper where another book is sitting. Read this book to go to Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

You'll be dropped in a long tube. Walk to the end and activate the Scrye there. This will unfold the bridges that make up this hall and you'll be confronted by three Seekers. Keep moving around so that their projectiles don't hit you and then take them out. When they are dead, look for a Scrye under a blue orb on the wall. Activate that and another doorway will open. Go through this doorway and start reading Chapter 3

Chapter 3

This area consists of a bunch of platforms connected by bridges. Go forward two platforms and when you do, you'll be attacked by Seekers again. The first one will be on a platform to your left and the second one will appear at the top of the stairs ahead of you. When you've killed them, head up the stairs to the very top.

You'll come to another area with platforms over more of that goo that you saw previously. There will be another large swinging hallway here. Just wait for it to come back to you and hop on. Follow the hallway to the end and activate the Scrye to open the door along the way. Inside, you'll bump into a Seeker or two so be on your guard.

At the end, you'll see the hallway swinging around again. Wait for it to swing around to a spot where a bridge is lowering for you. You'll find a lurker waiting for you on this platform. Kill him and you'll be in another moving hallway. This will bring you to a platform with a Scrye on it and a gate. The Scrye will open the gate for you and then you can enter a set of book-caves filled with Seekers. You can likely run right past them if you like or kill them if you want. At the end will be Chapter 4.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 will start you well above the previous area. You will see a bridge folded down in front of you. If you activate the Scrye just to the right of this bridge it will open up and allow you to cross. The large orb in front of you will unfold and you will find a large book on a pedestal in the center. Open the book to read it and you meet Hermaeus Mora. Talk to him and he will grant you the second word of power that you need. When you are down talking, the book in front of you will start to glow.

Above the book will be three orbs. Each orb has the potential to modify one of your shouts. You can return here by reading this book again to change which one you've selected but you can only select one at a time. Decide which modification you would like and then read the book again to return to Nchardak.

The Secrets of the Skaal

Leave Nchardak but be ready for the dragon that may attack you as you exit. When you are free to do so, return to the Skaal village and talk to Storn. When you talk to him, he'll seem pretty convinced that giving in to Herma Mora is the correct thing to do. You MAY have to finish the quest "Cleansing the Stones" before he feels safe in proceeding however.

After your talk, you'll hand him the book that you were using and he will contact Herma Mora. After he does so, you'll be able to learn the final word of power for the Bend Will shout.

The Summit of Apocrypha

After you've learned the complete Bend Will shout, you can read the Black Book: Waking Dreams. Once you are inside Apocrypha, walk straight ahead and up the platform to find the book for Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

You will be indoors now. Go up the stairs to your right and at the top, you'll be on a ring around the outside of the room. You'll bump into a Seeker on this ring so be ready for him to materialize. Keep going around the ring until you find a bridge to your left that crosses the gap. Go across and up the stairs at the end. At the top of the stairs will be a book. Pick up the book "Boneless Limbs" and head back across the bridge.

On the far side, go up the stairs to the left. You won't see the door now but there was originally a door here that was opened when you picked up the book. This will happen in each of the Chapters here. Go through the now open doors and start Chapter 3

Chapter 3

You're in a hallway. Go down the end and go left. Be careful, however, because there will be many small goo pits around here where tentacles will come out and attack you. There are also a couple of Seekers in this area as well. This room consists of three horizontal hallways that you can move between.

First go left and at the end turn right twice to go down the middle hallway, at the end, turn left twice and go up the stairs. At the top, you'll see a book to your left looking over the hallways towards your entrance. Pick up the book "Delving Pincers" and then head back towards where you entered this area. Don't read the book at the end of the hall as this will bring you back to the previous chapter. However, if you watch to the left as you approach the book for Chapter 2, you'll see a hallway.

Go into the hallway and activate the Scrye beyond. This will cause the hallway to stretch until it hits a ramp leading up. Take this ramp up and you'll be left at an intersection. Head right and you'll enter a large round room with a few parts around the outside connected by a large central bridge network.

On the left will be a Scrye so use that and then go out to the bridges in the middle. There are many paths out from the center but you are looking for one that leads to another book, Prying Orbs. When you get to the center from the Scrye area, take the first left and you should find the book. Come back to the center and take another left to be lead to the next chapter.

Chapter 4

Standing on a platform, if you go to the edge and look down, you will see a bunch of stairs leading down. There will be a few Seekers here so be on your guard as you descend. At the bottom right side of the area will be a long hallway. Walk through the hallway but don't be surprised when it shrinks in on you. When it does this, try to take the other path. This will fail as well. When both have failed, try to head back to where you entered the hallway to find that you are somewhere else now.

Almost as soon as you exit, watch for a couple of Seekers to your left. Kill them and then take the stairs that lead up directly across from the hallway you just came out of. At the top of the stairs, take this next book, "Gnashing Blades". Go back down the stairs and hug the right wall as you do so. This should leave you in a new hallway that is just across from the original hallway.

Inside, walk through it and straight past the large lamp post. This time, the hallway will stretch. When it has, take a left at the end to come out in a new area. There are a couple more Seekers out here. Kill them and climb up the stairs by where they are. This path will take you across a bridge and ultimately up to a platform with a Scrye at the top. Hit the Scrye and head back down.

At the ground floor, you'll find a new doorway across from Scrye. In this next hallway, go to the end and turn left. You'll find yourself in a large room with a pool of goo in the middle. Cross this room diagonally and you'll find another open doorway into another small hall section. A Lurker will come out of the goo. Kill him and then find the large door not far from the goo. Looking at this door, turn left and you'll find a Scrye near the lattice wall. Activate that and you'll see the door open in the small hall beyond. Go into this hall but watch against the right lattice wall for another Scrye just before the room you opened. Use this to open the large door in the previous room. Loot the chest ahead if you like and then head back to the large door.

This large door will lead you to Chapter 5

Chapter 5

You'll start off in a book cave. Go to the end of the cave and you'll come to a large room with a central pillar and four spokes. Between the spokes on the outer rings will be platforms with pedestals on them. Each of these pedestals will have a picture on it that tells you which of the books you picked up should be placed on it. Watch out for the Seekers in here.

The first Pedestal that you see will be a mouth with large teeth. This is Gnashing Blades. To your left will be a pedestal to your left will be Prying Orbs. The pedestal left of that (opposite where you entered), is Boneless Limbs, and the last one will be Delving Pincers. When you've placed all four books, a fifth book will appear on a pedestal in the middle of the room. This book will lead you to the final chapter.

Chapter 6

When you land, go around the books blocking your path and head outside. In the distance will be a couple of Seekers and an odd looking Word Wall. Rather than being carved into stone, it's written a wall made of moving paper. Learn the next level of the "Dragon Aspect" shout. A dragon will appear behind you and hover for a moment. Use your full Bend Will shout to tame him.

When he lands, climb on board and he will take you to Miraak. You don't actually have control of the dragon's flight will riding but you can use him to help you fight. The game will instruct you on how to lock on to enemies and how to use his breathe attack. If you need more information, check the help section of the menu.

He will first take you to a platform with enemies on it and let you practice the dragon controls on them. When you've taken them out, he will fly on and you'll be prompted to land. When you do, he'll drop you off at the summit of a Apocrypha.


The fight with Miraak isn't anything of note at first. He has the abilities you would expect him to like several offensive shouts and various ranged magic attacks. Close in he also has a sword that he can use. It is important to be careful however because he can deal some serious damage and this fight will take longer than you expect.

When you lower his health to about 1/4, a Dragon will come down from the sky and land. He will then kill it and absorb the soul to heal himself. He will do this three times and if you aren't careful, the dragons may also attack you. As long as you are vigilant about your own health and keep moving, you should be able to survive. If you need a moment to collect yourself, it may be best to go down the stairs the he came up for a moment. You won't get a whole lot of protection but the few seconds may save your life.

After the cutscene plays out, loot his body and those of the Dragons if you like. A structure will rise out of the center of the ground. Inside will be another reward book. If you open it up, you'll find that you can reassign the perk points of any skill. Do so if you like or use the book to leave. You can always return later to use this book again.

Congratulations on once again being the only Dragonborn in Tamriel. You'll left in the Skaal village and the only thing left to do is to talk to Frea.

Retrieve the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe

If you talk to the Blacksmith in town (Glover Mallory) you can start a small quest to get the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe. This Pickaxe is pretty useful for mining an incredibly rare ore that you can find only on Solstheim called Stalhrim. It's very useful, especially against cold, and crafting something out of it will net you an achievement.

Talk to Glover and he'll almost instantly tell you about how his pickaxe was stolen. He'll send you to talk to the man in town to retrieve the pickaxe. From the Blacksmith's, turn around and go through the town square. Climb up the hill and enter what looks like a mine. Inside, you'll find people living at the mouth of the mine. Talk to the man there and insist that it isn't his. When you return it to Glover, he'll let you keep it. Put it to good use!

Recover Bonemold Formula

Talk to the Blacksmith, Glover Mallory, in town and mention that you saw the shadow mark by his door. After a short conversation, he'll ask you to track down a man in the Mountains who stole a formula from him.

Clear the Temple of Ash Spawn

Talk to Elder Othreloth in the Temple and he will tell you about how the Ash Spawn are disturbing the sacred burial site of their dead. You can offer to take care of the problem for him. When you do this, you will be given a key to enter the burial area below the temple. Go down and in the very first area, Ash Spawn will start to appear. You don't have to go anywhere else aside from this room. Kill the Ash Spawn as they turn up. They may not appear rapidly enough so just wait until either more appear or you get a message saying that you can return to the Elder. When you are done, he will reward you.

Retrieve Netch Jelly

In Raven Rock, you can find a woman, Milore Lenth, who is the alchemist in town. She will tell you that she grows almost everything she needs but that Netch Jelly is still hard to come by. She will ask you to track some down for her. Netches are giant jelly fish looking creatures, not entirely different from the Hanar of Mass Effect except with a blue color and what look like rock shells.

You can find them wandering around the island, particularly on the southern end. They are still rather rare but if you can find just one group, that should get you most of the way there (maybe 4/5). Then you'd just need one more group or a single piece in a dungeon. Return to her for your reward when you've got them all.

Convince Geldis Sadri to admit Bralsa Drel to the Inn

If you talk to Brasla Drel in the town square, she will tell you her story of riches to rags. She'll then ask you to talk to the bar keeper at the nearby inn. Talk to Geldis Sadri and convince him to let Brasla back in to have her drink. When you do so, Bralsa will reward you. Before leaving the inn, make sure to pick up the quest from Geldis about his new brew.

A Taste for It

Head into the Inn in town and talk to Geldis Sadri. He will tell you that he's developed a new brew that he's very excited about. He'll give you ten samples to spread around town. You don't have to give out all 10 samples but if you do, he'll give you some extra cash as a reward. It'll take a little effort to find all 10 people in the village that will take the sample however. Anybody is a potential target, including the mayor of the city and possibly the Elders in the temple. When you've given out all 10 samples, head back to the inn and talk to Geldis again for your reward.

First Edition

If you talk to Cindiri Arano, the councilman's wife, she will tell you the story of how she sent a book to the Imperial City to have it rebound. The book store finished and sent it back but it was lost aboard a ship called the "Strident Squall". She will ask you to get it back.

If you travel almost straight south of Raven Rock and down to the coast, you'll eventually come across the ruin of the ship. It will be covered in Reavers and Bandits. The first few will be just inside the fort walls that they've erected next to the ship. There will be a couple more on the deck of the ship. When you've cleared them all out, head down into the hold of the ship and turn around so that you're looking at the stairs that lead upward. On the right side, you should see a large pile of debris and on that pile will be a large boss chest that might be a little hard to see because of the color of the rubble. Unlock the chest to grab the "folio".

Not far from this chest will be a book shelf with a tiny chest on the bottom shelf. Unlock that and take the pendent while you are here. This is for another quest.

Take the pendent back to Cindiri for your reward.


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