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Move List and Guide by wayne_steed

Updated: 06/28/2007

Sonic the Fighters
FAQ/Move List [Arcade]
By Wayne Steed
Sorry, no ASCII title! (Don't kill me!!!)


1. Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!! (Introduction)
2. The Pugilists
3. The Arenas
4. The Moves
5. The Story
6. Arcade Mode
7. Vs. Mode
8. FAQ
9. Legal Stuff/Contact Me
10. Other Stuff I'm Working On/Signoff

+ 1. Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!! (Introduction)

Mediocre and unhelpful guide-writers beware; it is I, Wayne Steed, here
to ruin your pathetic existences to benefit and improve everyone else's
lives! Everyone else and your lives, you're welcome.

Right, now that we've got my little speech out of the way, let's get down
to business. I am pleased to announce that I am writing an unscheduled
FAQ/Walkthrough for the cult classic fighter Sonic the Fighters! What made
me think of that, you ask? Well, I played Sonic Gems Collection, and I
found this game to be very fun. It is also called Sonic Championship, so
don't be surprised if you find it under that name, as well as the Gems
Collection. But, hey, if you're reading this, you'd have found it already.
Now, then...

Sonic the Fighters is a three-dimensional fighting game. It is a wicked
cross between Sonic Super Smash Bros. and Virtua Fighter (which is fine
by me). The graphics are very primitive, but, then again, so were the
original Virtua Fighter's. It was originally developed for the arcade, but
was put on the Gems Collection.

Please note that this guide uses the controls for the arcade version. They
are listed as Punch, Kick, nd Barrier (P, K, B), as well as all possible
combinations. I will list them like so, but if you play this game as part
of the SGC, the controls will be listed before you play the game, so take

Also, for reasons unknown, this game features eight Chaos Emeralds,
which serve no purpose except, presumably, for motivation to keep on
fighting. Oddly enough, the series had six Chaos Emeralds in the original
game, whereas there are eight in this one. And in every game thereafter,
there are seven. Huh?

Note that, as I shall do with all Sonic guides, Dr. Eggman is Dr. Eggman,
NOT Dr. Robotnik. I find it annoying that people still refer to him by his
old moniker. Actually, if you visit Green Hill Zone (theghz.com), you'll
find that the only reason he was called "Robotnik" (ick!) was because the
name "Eggman" had copyright issues in the West, as opposed to Japan, where
everyone was fine with Eggman. So, he is Eggman, not Robotnik. Are we
clear on that? Yes, no, maybe so? Good.

A final note: I now have a BLOG on HonestGamers.com! Visit it for my daily
notes on Nintendo, or if you just like humor and funny anecdotes.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the main event! Cue Crazy

+ 2. The Pugilists

In case you didn't remember your vocabulary, or are younger than the age
of twelve, "pugilist" is a fancy word for "fighter" or "boxer." Basically,
the pugilists of this game are all the manimals fighting it out in Sonic
the Fighters, or, as other guidesmiths (ooh, I made that up, and I like
it!) call them, the characters. So, in the ring, we have a heavy lineup.
I'll come up with a creative nickname for each of them, in the spirit of
the good name of Rocky "Italian Stallion" Balboa. Here they are! Oh, and
in case you're wondering, no, I did not come up with these names when I
was eating dinner. They are listed in order of which I think are most
important and less obscure. Please note that although you do face Metal
Sonic and Dr. Eggman, you cannot play as them, so they are not featured

"The Blue Blur"
Sonic is the incredibly fast and 'tude-filled hedgehog we've all come to
know and love. His speed is the thing that tends to raise eyebrows, but he
is well-rounded in the ring, too. He is dedicated to saving Earth from
threats like Eggman and Metal Sonic. He's gotta hurry if he wants to do it
in time, though...

"The Two-Tailed Terror"
Tails is Sonic's eternal sidekick, but he's had a few solo outings, such
as Tails Adventure and Tails Skypatrol. He's the mech boy of the two, and
has designed such perfunctory creations as the Tornados I and II, as well
as the Cyclone, the walker form of the TII. His two tails (a birth defect)
allow him to fly. I want a birth defect like that!

"The Punching Prizefighter"
The mysterious echidna Knuckles was Sonic's rival, but is now a friend and
teammate of the hedgehog. His fists are his weapon of choice, and he is
very able with them. He guards the Master Emerald, a very big jewel that
can override even the Chaos Emeralds, and so he is generally off hunting
for whatever pieces have happened to have been taken AGAIN. He is also
something of a treasure hunter, having gotten good at it with all that
Master Emerald-finding.

"The Rosy Rascal"
Yes, that is her nickname in this game, and not one that I made up. She is
desperately in love with Sonic, and willing to go to suicidally insane
heights to win his love. She wields the Pico Pico Hammer, a large mallet
that she uses to pound the stuffing out of anything between her and Sonic.
She may suffer from CDO; it's like obsessive-compulsive disorder, but in
alphabetical order, like it ought to be! ^_^

"The Ninja Nightmare"
Espio is a member of the Chaotix Detective Agency, and a hardcore, tough-
as-nails ninja. He is quick and agile, and his tongue is a force to be
reckoned with. Oddly enough, he does not use any ninja weapons (shuriken,
Kunai blades), despite his allegiance to the art of ninjutsu, or shinobi-
no-mono, or, in English, "the art of being silent." He is easily my fave
fighter in the game.

"The Bombing Bean"
Wait, a dynamite is an animal? Uhh... okay. Bean uses bombs, as you may've
guessed. He's a birdy. I don't know much about him, other than that.

"The Firearm Fox"
I'm assuming that Fang is a fox. I've seen pictures. He shoots corks from
a pistol. That's funny. Nothing else to say. Really. Maybe he's a weasel!
Don't ask me!

"The Chilly Challenger"
Bark is very powerful. 'Nuff said. Fact: Sega spells it "Polerbear" in the
game. Stupid translators!

+ 3. The Arenas

South Island:
This place is where Sonic lives. It's nice and pleasant. You fight the
brawler, Knuckles, here.

Flying Carpet:
As you've guessed, it's a flying carpet. Amy's up here.

Aurora Icefield:
Bark takes up residence in this glowing, glacial land. Oddly enough, you
don't slip on the ice.

Mushroom Hill:
A bunch of 'shrooms on a stretch of hill inside a forest. Espio dwells in
this place; proceed with caution when dealing with the stealthy ninja.

Canyon Cruise:
Tails is on this ship speeding through the ocean. Fact: if you KO him hard
enough, he'll fall into the water. It's funny!

Casino Night:
Fang must love him some slots; he's here. The casino's all flashy and
stuff, which is distracting.

Dynamite Plant:
Bean feels at home around bombs and barbed-wire fences, so you'll find him

Giant Wing:
On the wing of an airplane, things can get dicey, especially with Sonic in
your way.

Death Egg's Eye:
To stop Eggman from taking over the world, you have to defeat his metallic
machine marvel, Metal Sonic. You better use dea ex machina, this one's a

Egg Hangar:
That's what I call it. The Death Egg II is exploding, and you'd best use
Tails' rocket, the Lunar Fox, to escape! But the doctor won't have it.
With 15 seconds to win, you'd better be quick. Don't worry, though, if you
run out of time, you'll still get to the end of the game.

+ 4. The Moves

The following is a comprehensive move list for all playable characters.
Enjoy and use! 


* When I say a direction, that's the direction you push on the Control

* P is Punch, K is Kick, and B is Barrier. 

* Hyper Mode is when you get stars around you and become super-powerful.
Just so you know.

* Two directions connected by a dash represent a diagonal direction. 

* These are the BASIC MOVES; there may be others, so try directions and
pushes, and you may come up with something.

* Forward means whatever direction you're facing in. If forward is left,
simply do the moves to the left for forward, and right for back. Reverse
that if you are facing towards the right (only possible in Vs. Mode).

Have I got everything? I think that's it! Okay, here are your moves:

Up: Jump
Down: Crouch (For everyone except Bark. Haha, he's too fat!)
Twice Forward/Back: Quick Run
Forward and Hold: Run
P+K+B: Dodge
P+K+B Up Close: Behind-the-Back
P+K+B Thrown Upward: Upright Landing
Forward/Back On Ground: Get Up
Up/Down On Ground: Roll and Get Up
Back, P+K (With at Least One Barrier): Activate Hyper Mode
*NOTE: You can also do it by going Up, P+K while in midair.*

Down, P: Spin Attack
Down-Forward, P: Quick Toss
Down, Down, P: Spiral Spin Attack
P While Running: Dash Spin Attack
P+B Up Close: Head Spin Attack
Back, Back-Down, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, P+B (All Up Close): Dizzy
Spin Attack
Up and Hold, P: Spin Dive
P+K+B, P: Dodging Spin Attack

P+K: Propeller Dash
P+K, P: Propeller Dash-L
P+K, K: Propeller Dash-R
Forward, P: Squash Punch
Up and Hold, K: Stamp Dive
P While Running: Push Away
P+B Up Close: Airplane Drop
P+K+B, P: Dodging Punch

P+K: Knuckles Glide
P,P,P: One-Two-Uppercut
Down-Forward, P: Uppercut
Up and Hold, P: Body Dive
P While Running: Push Away
P+B, P, P (All Up Close): Knuckles Special
Down, Down, K+B (All Up Close): Foot Trample
P+K+B, P: Dodging Punch

Down, P: Magical Hammer
Forward, P: Spin Hammer
Forward, Forward, K: Hip Attack
Up and Hold, P: Hammer Dive
P While Running: Slide
P+B Up Close: Vaulting Horse
Back, Back-Down, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, P+B (All Up Close): Hey!
What is That?

Down and Hold, P: Whirling Attack
Forward, P: Tongue Attack
Down-Forward, P: Espio Chop
Back, Back-Down, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, P: Long Range Tongue
P While Running: Dash Tongue
P+B Up Close: Back Toss
Forward, Back, P+B (All Up Close): Tongue Throw
P+K+B, P: Dodging Tongue Attack

Down-Forward, P: Power Uppercut
P, P, P, P, P: Rapid Peck
Forward, Forward, P: Throw Bomb
Forward and Hold, K: Shoot Bomb
P While Running: Dash Peck
P+B Up Close: Super Peck
Back, Forward, Back, P+B (All Up Close): Terrific Peck Attack
P+K+B, P: Dodging Attack

Forward, P, P, P, P, P: Rapid Fire
K+B, K, K: Tail Combination
Forward, Forward, K: Tail Spring Kick
Back, Forward, Forward, P: Great Popgun
K While Running: Horse Kick
Down, K When Opponent is Down: Tail Down Attack
Forward, Back, K+B (All Up Close): Tail Thrown
P+K+B, P: Dodging Fire

Down, P, P: Stamp and Hook
P, P, P: One-Two-Throw
Forward, P, P, P: Triple Squash Punch
P+B Up Close: Knock-Down Throw
Forward, Forward, P+B (All Up Close): Holding Punch
Back, Back-Down, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, P+B (All Up Close): Giant
Forward, Forward, P+K+B: Guard Walk
P+K+B, P: Dodging Punch

+ 5. The Story

Dr. Eggman's hopes to conquer the world were again dashed as Sonic barely
bested the doctor's diabolical creation, the Death Egg. But he isn't done
with world-conquering yet! He immediately sets to work on his new space
station, creatively called the Death Egg II. Eggman's robots are deployed
to the globe, and it seems that worldwide havoc is imminent.

Meanwhile, on South Island, Sonic and Tails get word of this through
Tails' high-powered detection computers. As it turns out, Tails was in the
midst of building a space-flight rocket, the Lunar Fox. But there are two
issues; one, the cockpit can only seat one, and two, it needs all eight
Chaos Emeralds to power it. Geez, Tails! Get a normal rocket engine! Well,
there's no time for that. Someone has to go up there and take out the DEII
and Eggman once and for all!

But who will go up into space? Eventually, Tails comes up with the idea of
a tournament being held to determine who the most powerful among the eight
fighters is: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Espio, Bean, Fang, and Bark. The
Chaos Emeralds will be dished out, one to each fighter. When the best
fighter is determined, they will get all the Emeralds, and fly up to the
station to take out Eggman, as well as his robotic creation, Metal Sonic.

Who will get the chance to save the world? Will they succeed? And will the
fights be comical and interesting to watch? These and other questions will
be answered as you enter the hectic arena that is Sonic the Fighters...

+ 6. Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is the solo version of the game. Here, you will participate
in the tournament to save the world from annihilation. Get ready for the
ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny! (Watch the video; it's excellent!)

Arena: South Island
Opponent: Knuckles the Echidna

This first fight is easy, and should get you warmed up to the basics of
fighting. No matter which character you choose, this fight is easy. I tend
to be quite aggressive on the whole; it works, and it's fun. Do repeated
punches to knock the Knux against the ring boundaries. When he bounces off
the wall and onto the ground, do a stamping attack, such as Sonic's Spin
Dive or Tails' Stamp Dive, to do some damage while he's down. Also, make
effective use of attacks that hit him from afar, be they projectile (Fang
and his popgun) or physical (Espio's Whirling Attack, etc.). You shouldn't
have any trouble with this one.

Arena: Flying Carpet
Opponent: Amy Rose

Amy is rather Barrier-happy; if you enjoy and continue to use my strategy
of hard-down aggressiveness, she'll pull out the shields a lot. The pink
hedgehog will pull lots of attacks that may catch you off guard, i.e.,
hitting you with her hammer just after you break one of her Barriers. Good
thing that there are only five, huh? After her supply is depleted, the
battle will be much easier. Her attacks can still do you some good damage,
so take that into account. Other than that, this fight is not that hard at

Arena: Aurora Icefield
Opponent: Bark the Polarbear

Here's where the difficulty is upped a little: Bark can really dish out
power moves. Going at him aggressively is a waste of time and health. Just
do some far-away attacks to whittle his damage down. Bark also has long
arms, and can hit you from farther away than you'd expect. You can risk an
occasional close-up attack to take out a Barrier, but otherwise, play it
safe. Once his Barriers are gone, you can afford to risk more close-ups.
Punch combos work well; use them to bring an end to the match. Harder than
the first two, but still decently easy.

Arena: Mushroom Hill
Opponent: Espio the Chameleon

Another tricky one! Espio is less powerful than Bark, but a lot faster and
more agile. He's quite good at knocking you down, and his dive attacks are
brutal. Luckily, he is not as heavy on the Barriers as past opponents; you
can afford to make good close-up attacks on the ninja. Dive attacks can do
you good, so use them, too. Dodging is also important. It is integral that
you not get knocked down, or Espio will follow up with a dive, which takes
out a good chunk of your health overall. You might want to activate Hyper
Mode to get special moves and brief invincibility. If you've exhausted his
Barrier supply, feel free to do punch-and-kick combos; those work quite
well. Remember, he can't stop you if you attack perfectly.

Arena: Canyon Cruise
Opponent: Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails' attacks can, like Amy's, catch you off guard. You really shouldn't
go too close to him, since he can pick you up and drop you on the ground
for lots of damage. It's cheap, but live with it. He is not too tough if
you go on the offensive. Punch combos will knock him right down, and a
dive attack can put him in trouble. Tails treads the fine line between
easy and medium difficulty, but it's something of a breath of fresh air.
He's a lot less tricky than Espio, that's for certain!

Arena: Casino Night
Opponent: Fang the Sniper

This one is a little trickier than the last five. Fang has a popgun, which
he uses to attack you from a distance. Gahh!!! I hate it! Try to approach
this fight playing as Espio; his Whirling Attack will deflect the popgun's
bullets. That is a great way to damage him, especially if you follow up
with a good dive attack. When you end up close to him, go on the offensive
and try to get him up against the wall. Kicks are beneficial when used in
this strategy. If you can avoid his popgun, you'll do fine. Espio makes it
all easier, so the difficulty varies depending on what character you are.

Arena: Dynamite Plant
Opponent: Bean the Dynamite

Gahh!!! Another tough one! Bean throws bombs, and is a major pain in the
behind. You can see the targeting reticles of the bombs he throws, though.
My advice is to prepare a long-distance physical attack, such as Sonic's
Spin Attack, then move right for him when he throws the bombs. You can
also dodge them, but I find it tougher to do that. Bean can hurl bombs as
well, so a quick dodge is needed for that attack. After he throws them in
any way, he's a little vulnerable, but don't go too crazy; simply get in
a good close-up attack to hit him well. This is a Hyper Mode fight, almost

Arena: Giant Wing
Opponent: Sonic the Hedgehog

This one is easier than Bean, but harder than Fang. The best player to
challenge Sonic should be Sonic in this case. That way, you will know each
individual weakness of his form, having played as him during this whole
Arcade Mode and gotten knocked around quite a bit. If you aren't Sonic, no
problem; just be very aggressive, and you shouldn't have that much trouble
with the fight. Kicks also work very well, use them.

***Now that you have all eight Chaos Emeralds, off to the Death Egg II you
go! The going gets quite rough; conserve your barriers for this next fight
so you can use Hyper Mode. Good luck, fighter person!***

Arena: Death Egg's Eye
Opponent: Metal Sonic

The toughest of all! Do NOT activate any Barriers; it's best that you not
use them until the second round. Come here as Sonic to play a neat, hidden
trick. For the first round, dodge or use some other evasive move to avoid
his initial attack. Never get to close to him if you can help it; he'll
pick you up and drop you, like Tails, only you lose lots more health. No!
Do your best to attack him when he's off his guard; as an example, when he
shoots a laser from his stomach (eew!), do a Spin Dive or any other dive
to nail him. There is a neat cheat that you can perform, and it works for
the rest of the game. If you won the first round, and you are Sonic, just
activate Hyper Mode at the start of the second round to become... Super
Sonic!!! You will be invincible (HALLELUJAH!!!), and you'll look all cool.
The only issue is that you must defeat all opponents without losing one
measly round, which is quite an impressive feat in itself. If you dislike
cheating, or are not Sonic, you're not done fighting yet. You should be
extra careful of the robot's drop attack; that can put an untimely end to
your fighting career. One attack strategy I find helpful is an end-around
(getting behind the android by using your dodge close to him), then giving
a kick to Metal Sonic's electronic behind. Presevere, and you'll come out
all right.

***Uh-oh! That fight with Metal Sonic must've damaged the DEII's reactor
core, 'cause this place is gonna blow in 30 seconds! Your character takes
the elevator down to the Egg Hangar, where the Lunar Fox is parked. But
guess who's here to stop you?

Yep. You guessed it.***

Arena: Egg Hangar
Opponent: Dr. Eggman

And just when you thought you'd finished the game! Luckily, Eggman doesn't
have that many moves; the only ones I saw were triple punches and a throw.
It's just miserably tough to do it all in 15 seconds or less! To add to it
all, the doc's mech always used Barriers on me, and that made it almost
impossible to finish him. You will not get to see the credits if you don't
beat him, though, so you can afford not to get to watch those. If you do
end up getting Eggman outta your way, you jump into the Lunar Fox and
blast out of the Death Egg II as it blows behind you. You're back at the
blue planet, and the free world is safe once again. The credits show your
past victories and glories, but the end doesn't bode well for the Earth:
Eggman and Metal Sonic are shown in outer space. And they're pretty TO'd.

Congratulations, you've conquered Sonic the Fighters! Great job, fellow
fighter person!

+ 7. Vs. Mode

There's not much to say about Vs. Mode, except you have lots of options,
and you aren't so dead-set on fighting in one particular place. Want to
have Sonic and Knuckles fight it out on Mushroom Hill? You got it! Fang
and Espio tangle at the Dynamite Plant? Sure! Tails and Amy duel on the
Aurora Icefield? Feel free!

The only inconvenience is that all the moves you mastered in Arcade Mode
will make you mad yet again if you are the player on the right; all the
directions are reversed. And then there's the matter of getting too used
to being a rightie... Another wrinkle is that the courses are randomly
selected, so you can only choose your character. But hey, it's fun, it's
fast, and it's really easy.

So, ready to have some hard-down multiplayer action fun with your buddy?

+ 8. FAQ

Q: So, Wayne, why did you decide to suddenly change your work schedule in
order to write a guide for some hashed-out fighting game?
A: What? I don't think it's hashed-out! It's still fun, and you can play
it on Sonic Gems Collection. But anyway, there are two reasons why I up
and wrote a guide for this game: 
1.) My computer broke down, and it has a bad motherboard, so I can't
access all the files on my computer, and to get the data extracted is
somewhat difficult. I bought a new one, but it's tough to get at my files
that aren't online yet, which number, at last count, like, ten.
2.) I genuinely enjoyed playing the game. Plus, it's not that hard to do
a guide for a fighting game. It took me three days to do this. (And I only
worked on it for how much time a day? An hour or two?)

Q: Why was it so much fun to you?
A: Well, I loved the surprisingly deep gameplay, obscure Sega characters,
good story (for a fighter)... it was like Super Smash Bros. in that it was
so random, and yet so poetic, so precise.

Q: The graphics are blah!
A: Ask me if I care. Remember, this was at the age when 3D meant blocky
polygons and more blocky polygons interacting. The graphics may be "blah,"
but all 3D games looked like that! Plus, I don't give an iota about fancy-
schmancy graphics. They're nice to look at, but it's like looking at pics
of food. It looks good, but does it taste or smell good? You don't know.
It's just a picture. Get over it, please!

Q: Is this game faithful to the Sonic series?
A: Well, yes and no. This game does feature all the key players in the
series at the time (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, Metal Sonic), but
at the same time is a deviation from the formula. For example, Bean, Bark
and Fang aren't even Sonic characters. But hey, deviations are good every
once in a while.

Q: And there are eight Chaos Emeralds!
A: Yeah, and I don't know why. I can understand that it's eight for the
eight fighters, but Sega, would it have killed you to release the game
sans Bark? Or Fang? Or Bean? Just one less fighter could've made it more
authentic, with the normal seven Chaos Emeralds.

Q: There's an error in your guide!
A: Don't panic, tell me! Email me at wayne_steed@yahoo.com and let me know
immediately. I'll play the game and test what you've said, and if it does
apply, I'll send you a thank-you and correct the guide on the double. I'll
only be able to make this guide 100% accurate with YOUR help!

Q: I have a hot tip. Should I keep it to myself?
A: Nope! Send that to me, too! I'll test it out, and if the tip works, you
will be fully credited in the guide. YAY!

Q: But how will you credit me?
A: No sweat! If you give me a name or alias, then I'll be more than happy
to credit you as that. If you don't leave a name, I'll use the first part
of your email address. So, if you are abc123@gmail.com, or some email like
that, you'll be "Abc123."

Q: I want your guide on my site!
A: No! This is only on three sites (see the "Legal Stuff" section for more
details), because the only way for me to conveniently update my guides
often is if it is not on four billion different URLs. No bargaining will
be done. So let it be written, so let it be done. (If you didn't get that,
watch the Cecil B. DeMille version of "The Ten Commandments.")

Q: What guides have you already done?
A: I did an FAQ/Walkthrough for Star Fox 64. Go check it out. It's on all
the accepted sites, so don't ask me where to find it.

Q: What other ones are you working on?
A: Look at the "Other Stuff I'm Working On" section for details.

Q: Is this FAQ over yet? I find it dull!
A: Nope, we have lots more to cover!

Q: Konami code time! Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A,
and Start for you! Hahaha!!!
A: This FAQ is now finished. Thanks for playing!

+ 9. Legal Stuff/Contact Me


This guide may not be shown, in part or as a whole, on any webpages
excepting these:


It cannot be reproduced, except for personal, private use. It cannot be
distributed publicly without permission from me. Putting this guide on
your website is a violation of copyright, and prohibited strictly. If you
see this guide anywhere else, contact me and I'll look into it. I do not
take any credit for development, copyrighting, and/or marketing of this
game. I do not own the Sonic the Hedgehog license, or any of its
characters. This guide is copyrighted 2007 by me, Wayne Steed. Sonic the
Fighters is copyrighted 1996 by Sega. All rights reserved. Any questions?
Email me at wayne_steed@yahoo.com. For details on emailing, scroll down.


You may only contact me via email at wayne_steed@yahoo.com. If I change
my email address, I’ll let you know. I will ONLY accept:

* Praise (I like to know how I'm doing.)

* Constructive criticism (See above parenthetical message.)

* Legal info questions (If any are to be had, that is.)

* Tips that work (If it helps, please send it!)

* Error messages (My ultimate vision is a 100% accurate guide.)

* Good questions (If they're not in my guide, and they're legit, I'll
answer them. I'll even include them in the FAQ.)

I will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept this stuff, and will block you if you send
it to me:

* Friendship offers (I have enough friends, and I like to actually know
who I'm talking to. Don't send me emails saying you want to be my buddy.
Stop it.)

* Spam (Contrary to Monty Python's beliefs, spam is not a good thing.
Don't give me any!)

* Chain emails (I already get plenty from my friends. Don't send me any

* "Can I put your guide on my site?" emails (NO, DANG IT, NO!!! I TOLD
Sorry, I wanted to make it absolutely clear. Whew.)

* Scams (This means you, "Bank of Africa!")

* Anything else that is absent from the list above this one (Use your

If you do any of the bad stuff outlined above, I’ll have to block you.
And I don’t want to have to do that. Make the subject heading "Sonic the
Fighters Guide" so that I know what you’re talking about. Oh, and as I’m
fond of saying, write your email in SEAE (Standard Edited American
English), not in AIMG (Automatic Instant Messaging Gibberish). I want to
be able to understand what you have to say. And, please, be nice. I
dislike mean people, especially mean people with an obvious deficiency of
spelling and grammar skills.

If you wish to post a reply to my HonestGamers Blog, please use all the
above manners and clarity of English. If you post a reply that is abusive
or threating, I will notify the sitemaster and he'll have your Internet-
people-abusing head.

Thank you for following these guidelines. (That means you MUST!) And thank
you for not smoking. We don't need that.

+ 10. Other Stuff I'm Working On/Signoff


Currently, my next project is a guide for the Vs. Mode of Star Fox
Assault. I can’t say for sure when it’ll be out, but hopefully in the
next few months or so. I also have an 90%-finished Tails walkthrough for
Sonic Adventure DX, so expect that soon, as well. (I’m contemplating
turning it into a guide for the whole game, but I don’t know.) I also
have a Super Mario 64 guide, a Yoshi’s Story guide, a Sonic Heroes
guide, and a Super Smash Bros. Melee guide waiting in the wings, as well
as a Shadow the Hedgehog script. But don’t expect them for a while now.
Writing a guide is a meticulous process that takes time. But I will
write them. Note that I am not one of those hermits who live in their
parents’ basements and play games/write guides all day and every day; I
actually have a social life. And I enjoy it. So, these guides will not
be up in the next few weeks. Maybe the Tails one, but I don’t know.

Please note that this is the section of the same name from my previous
guide (for Star Fox 64). I am having some issues with my computer that has
all the data for my unfinished guides, so I may have to redo ALL of them.
Whew... okay. Luckily, though, I was able to do this guide over a period
of six hours (two a day, over three days), so that's good. Hopefully, I'll
be able to recover the data, so I can get all the guides I need up up!


My second guide. Man, oh man, I never thought I'd get this far. Heck, my
Star Fox 64 guide was just something I decided to do to help my friends. I
never thought I'd have put it up on GameFAQs almost a year later! Well, I
did, and now I have a Sonic the Fighters guide under my belt. I want to
sincerely thank all who read this guide, are helped, and want more. With
none of you, my guides would be useless. Thanks so much for this! I must
leave you now, ace pilots and fighter people, but I will come back... with
a vengeance. Whoa, that sounded threatening. But I will be back to help
you all more.

Hope to see you soon! Buh-bye!


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