Is there any way to clear up the lag while playing as a mystic knight?

  1. Hello. Whenever I try playing the mystic knight class, I end up with tons of lag. I can use shield skills no problem and physical attacks are fine. It is ruinous sigil and great cannon that cause the issue. Just having one of each lags out the game 5 to 10 seconds at a time making it near unplayable. I have tried sorcerer and the only time I lagged is when a pawn and I both cast high maelstrom followed by high gliceil or whatever while the whirlwinds were still going and even then it only lasted 2 seconds... Why does this lag happen and can I fix it? I really want to play as MK but can't.

    User Info: Titan_Undone

    Titan_Undone - 5 years ago

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