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358/2 Days Movie Script by MabinogiFan

Updated: 09/29/13

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Movie Script

Copyright 2013 Ryan Parisen (MabinogiFan)

This guide may not be used on any other web site or source without permission
from me.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Sources Used:

My own copy of the game

Youtube.com (videos by EmiruHD, Everglow8444, and Cyberman65)

A huge thanks to DJ Firewolf for letting me incorporate portions of his
original 358/2 Days Game Script into this script

Secret Reports courtesy of RedPhoenixx's Secret Reports Transcript

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at flipperdedipper@aol.com.
If you find any potential errors in this guide, please inform me.

-An Introduction to the Organization-

No. I - Xemnas, the Superior of the In-Between
Enigmatic Master over Nothingness

No. II - Xigbar, the Freeshooter
Traverses Between Realms
Skilled at Recon

No. III - Xaldin, the Whirlwind Lancer
Warrior and Tactician
Harnesses the Wind

No. IV - Vexen, the Chilly Academic
Domain over the Power of Ice

No. V - Lexaeus, the Taciturn Stalwart
Commands the Earth with Quiet Strength

No. VI - Zexion, the Cloaked Schemer
Wields Shadows and Illusions

No. VII - Saïx, the Luna Diviner
Driven by the Moon to Seek Hearts

No. VIII - Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames
Assassin with Motives of His Own

No. IX - Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne
Sitar Playing
Wields Water

No. X - Luxord, the Gambler of Fate
Controls Time and Wagers to Win Every Game

No. XI - Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin
Ambitions Hidden by Flowers and Scythe

No. XII - Larxene, the Savage Nymph
Armed with Lightning, Knives and a Temper

No. XIII - Roxas, the Key of Destiny
Awakened in the Flickering Light of Dusk




Day 255: Why the Sun Sets Red
Day 7: Number XIV
Day 8: The Icing on the Cake
Day 9: Heartless
Day 10: Incomplete
Day 11: Keyblade
Day 12: A Closed World
Day 13: Deeds to Be Done
Day 14: Friends
Day 15: Missions
Day 22: Left Behind
Day 23: Silent Companion
Day 24: Silence Broken
Day 25: Two Keys
Day 26: Terminated
Day 27: The Dark Margin
Day 49: Sleep
Day 50: Familiar Sound
Day 51: Missing
Day 52: Solitude
Day 71: Reunion
Day 72: Change
Day 73: The Promise
Day 74: Trio
Day 75: Inseparable
Day 94: Hearts
Day 95: Nobodies
Day 96: Xion's Keyblade
Day 97: Transfer
Day 117: Secrets
Day 118: Lazy Day
Day 119: Work to Do
Day 149: Unlike Minds
Day 150: Fear
Day 151: Distress
Day 152: The Wrong Buttons
Day 153: Disjointed Days
Day 171: Love
Day 172: Sound of the Surf
Day 173: Lies
Day 174: Action, Reaction
Day 193: Xion Awakens
Day 194: Like It Should Be
Day 224: Anomaly
Day 225: Quietude
Day 255: The Longest Day
Day 256: News
Day 257: Hollow
Day 276: Disorder
Day 277: Searching
Day 296: Confessions
Day 297: Contact
Day 298: Fracture
Day 299: Sora
Day 300: Shutdown
Day 301: Vacant Place
Day 321: Waning Power
Day 322: The Program
Day 323: Fleeting
Day 352: Sunset
Day 353: Resolve
Day 354: Truth
Day 355: Unsaid, Unheard
Day 356: Place to Belong
Day 357: Tears
Day 358: Believe
Day 359: The First Day


Roxas's Diary

Secret Reports

Character Profiles

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(The Organization is seated in the Round Room)

Saïx (voice): Pitiful Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. The rage of the 
Keyblade releases those hearts. They gather in darkness, masterless and free...
until they weave together to make Kingdom Hearts. And when that time comes, we 
can truly, finally exist.

(Axel and Roxas sit on the ledge of Twilight Town's clock tower)

Axel: Roxas...are you really sure that you don't have a heart?

Roxas: I dunno. I can't...just look inside. But I figure... if there is
something in there...inside us---then we'd feel it, wouldn't we?

Axel: True enough.

(Axel hands Roxas a bar of sea-salt ice cream. Roxas is surprised. He chuckles 
and takes the ice cream. The opening credits begin to play, accompanied by
several scenes depicting each of the Organization members and the song
"Sanctuary" playing in the background. Towards the end of the opening, Roxas is
seen waking up in front of The Old Mansion in Twilight Town. A figure wearing a
black coat emerges from a corridor of darkness and walks toward him)

??????: You seek answers.

(The man waves a cloaked arm between the two of them and the word 'SORA'
appears in the air, the letters shiny, silver, and hovering)

??????: You feel nothing. Nothing is real. I can give you purpose.

(The man waves his arm again and the letters swirl around Roxas, gaining 
momentum until they're barely visible as letters. The man slams his fist into 
them and four points of golden light shoot out, forcing Roxas to flinch. He 
opens his eyes and sees a new golden letter X hovering before him. The silver 
letters rejoin with the X in their center forming a new word, turning fully 

Roxas: Roxas.

Xemnas: That is right---the new you.

(Later, Roxas walks through Twilight Town, seeing a group of kids eating ice 
cream. He stops and starts to turn around, when Axel appears and places a hand
on his shoulder. The two proceed to eat ice cream atop the clock tower, Axel
showing distaste for the treat at first. The scene returns to the duo on the
tower prior to the credits starting)

Axel: Man, I miss the old times. Still got it memorized? The day we met, when 
you got your new name, you and I sat right here, just like this, and watched 
the sun set.

(The Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days logo appears on the screen)

==Day 255: Why the Sun Sets Red==

(Roxas sits alone on the clock tower)

Axel: You're early.

(Roxas looks up to see Axel standing at the corner entrance)

Roxas: No, you're just late.

(Axel sits down next to Roxas and smiles. Some moments pass and they have ice 

Roxas: Today makes 255.

Axel: What's that about?

Roxas: It's been that many days since I first joined the Organization. Man, 
time flies.

Axel: So, you got the number memorized, do you?

Roxas: Yeah. Have to hang onto something, right? It's not like I have memories 
from before the Organization. Don't you remember? I acted like a zombie.

(Axel puts his hand on Roxas's shoulder)

Axel: Right, that first week you could barely form a sentence. But come on, 
you're still kind of a zombie.

(Axel gives him a playful pat on the back)

Roxas: Oh, thanks!

(They laugh)

Axel: Hey, Roxas. Bet you don't know why the sun sets red. You see, light is 
made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors, red is the one that 
travels the farthest.

(Roxas elbows him)

Roxas: Like I asked! Know-it-all.

(They laugh again. More time passes and Roxas finishes his ice cream. Axel 
rests on his back)

Roxas: Seriously, where is she?

(He looks to the corner entrance, which is empty. Axel's face turns serious 
and he sits back up)

Roxas (narrating): The destiny that is about to unfold actually started when we
first met on the seventh day after I came here.

==Day 7: Number XIV==

(The Castle That Never Was looms over the Dark City in the World That Never
Was. The Organization gathers in the Round Room, where Xemnas addresses them)

Xemnas: Good tidings, friends. Today is a momentous day.

(Axel scratches his chin. Luxord sits back in his chair)

Xemnas: I am pleased to announce that a new comrade has been chosen to wear 
the coat.

(Vexen smirks. Demyx adjusts his seat. Xemnas looks down toward the floor. A 
small cloaked figure walks into the room and stands in the center with its 
hood up)

Xemnas: Number XIV. Let us all welcome one of the Keyblade's chosen.

(Roxas blinks, remembering when he was brought before them. Axel walks in 
behind him and Roxas looks up. Xemnas holds his head up with a smirk on his
face. The memory ends and the figure looks toward Roxas, who gasps)

Roxas (narrating): For the seven days since my arrival---the name Roxas, and
the number thirteen were all I had. Who the people around me were, what they
wanted, or what they were trying to do, I had no idea...

==Day 8: The Icing on the Cake==

(Saïx addresses Roxas and Axel in The Grey Area)

Saïx: Teach him well, Axel.

Axel: Don't worry. I'll be sure he makes the grade. Roxas, let's go. Hmm?

(Roxas stares at Number XIV, who's standing in the corner of the room)

Axel: What's wrong? You worried about the new kid? What was that name again...

Saïx: Number XIV, Xion.

Axel: Right. I knew that.

Roxas: Xion...

Axel: Got it memorized, Roxas?

Roxas: Yeah...

Axel: Yeah? How 'bout my name, then?

Roxas: Axel...

Axel: And how about our boss's name, huh?

Roxas: Xemnas...

Axel: No way you're gonna forget his name, right? Let's go.

(Axel opens a corridor of darkness and walks inside, with Roxas following suit)

Roxas completed his first mission.

Axel took Roxas to a special place instead of returning straight to the

(The two get ice cream and sit on the clock tower. Axel hands Roxas a bar)

Axel: The icing on the cake.

Roxas: Huh?

(Roxas takes the bar. Axel takes a bite)

Axel: You remember what this ice cream is called?

Roxas: It's umm...

(Axel slumps)

Axel: Sea-salt ice cream. I already told you before. Get it memorized.

(Roxas takes a bite)

Roxas: It's salty...but sweet.

(Axel laughs)

Axel: Roxas, you said the same exact thing the other day.

Roxas: I did? I don't remember...

Axel: So what has it been, a week since you joined the Organization?

Roxas: I guess it has...

Axel: You guess it has? C'mon, you must remember that much.

(Axel nudges him)

Axel: Well, here you are, finally out in the field, working for the
Organization, right?

Roxas: For the Organization...

Axel: You might even say that today is where it all really begins for you.

Roxas: Where it all begins?

Roxas (narrating): As a member of the Organization, I'll be receiving missions
everyday... But I'm still not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do.

==Day 9: Heartless==

Roxas learned of the Heartless during his mission.

Marluxia, who accompanied Roxas on his mission, explained how hearts appear
when a Heartless is defeated. He also explained that the Organization seeks to
collect released hearts to complete Kingdom Hearts, and that Roxas, as a
Keyblade wielder, is the only one capable of completing this mission.

Roxas (narrating): The Organization defeats the Heartless in order to collect
hearts... And complete Kingdom Hearts. But I don't know what that is, or what
it does. I don't even know what a heart is.

==Day 10: Incomplete==

Organization members seek to become whole by assimilating with Kingdom Hearts.

Zexion explained how Nobodies lack hearts and are therefore incomplete and
desire ones of their own.

Roxas (narrating): Nobodies don't exist... We in the Organization were born
without hearts. So if we don't have hearts, does that mean we don't exist?

==Day 11: Keyblade==

Larxene, who accompanied Roxas on his mission, seemed displeased with him for
being a Keyblade wielder.

She instructed Roxas on how to fight without using the Keyblade.

By training without the Keyblade, Roxas once again realized its efficacy, but
the question of why he alone can wield it deepens.

Roxas (narrating): The Keyblade releases hearts... So why am I the only one who
can wield such a thing? I'm learning all these things, but there's so much more
that I don't get.

==Day 12: A Closed World==

While carrying out a reconnaissance mission together, Vexen informed Roxas that
there are other worlds, and one must be aware of each world's own unique rules
and features.

Roxas (narrating): Back and forth, to and from the same places everyday.
Sometimes we go to other places on real missions, but we can't cross the walls
that divide the worlds. That's why we create our own paths in the darkness, or
so they say.

==Day 13: Deeds to Be Done==

Lexaeus exhorted Roxas to rely only on his own strength during missions.

Roxas had simply followed the Organization's orders up to that point, but he
began to realize that his ability to wield the Keyblade was his strength and
something that only he could do.

Lexaeus informed Roxas that he is vital to the Organization.

Roxas (narrating): There are nice guys and not-so-nice guys in the
Organization, but everyone's working together to complete Kingdom Hearts.
There's lots I don't know, but I do know I have to keep fighting the
darkness...so I can be whole.

==Day 14: Friends==

(Roxas and Axel stand in the Side Street of Twilight Town after having
completed a mission. The trio of kids from the opening credits, two boys and a
girl, runs past them and down the nearby stairs)

Roxas: Who were they?

Axel: Probably...just some kids who live here.

Roxas: Hmmm... So does everybody act that way?

Axel: What do you mean?

Roxas: Like running around chasing each other, making all that noise...

Axel: Well, yeah...if they have hearts, I suppose that's what they do.

Roxas: Hearts...

Axel: C'mon, let's get some ice cream.

Roxas: Why?

Axel: "Why"? Uh, well...'cause... Because we're friends.

Roxas: Friends...

Axel: Friends eat ice cream together, and talk and laugh about the stupidest
things. Like those kids we just saw. C'mon, let's go.

(Later, at the Station Plaza, the three kids chase one another once more. Roxas
and Axel are sitting on the clock tower, biting into their ice cream)

Axel: Hey, Roxas. After your next mission, let's meet up for ice cream again.
No fun just going back and forth between the castle and work, right?

Roxas: Yeah. Right. We're friends, huh...

==Day 15: Missions==

Roxas executed his missions without much thought.

==Day 22: Left Behind==

(Roxas and Axel have ice cream on the clock tower)

Axel: I'm gonna miss this ice cream thing we do.

Roxas: Huh?

Axel: Gonna be away for awhile...starting tomorrow.

Roxas: Really...

Axel: I can fill you in since we're friends. I'm gonna be at Castle Oblivion.

Roxas: Castle Oblivion?

Axel: The Organization's got a second castle in the world between worlds.
It's called Castle Oblivion. Got it memorized?

Roxas: I wish somebody told me these things.

(Axel stands up after a second)

Axel: Well, I gotta head back and get ready. Nothing but fun fun fun...

(Axel leaves. Roxas looks toward the ground and takes a few bites of his ice
cream. When all that's left is the popsicle stick, he sees the word "WINNER"
written on it)

==Day 23: Silent Companion==

(Axel walks through Nothing's Call and meets with Saïx along the way)

Saïx: Axel. I have a message from Lord Xemnas. Among the members assigned to
Castle Oblivion, there are traitors. Find them, and dispose of them.

Axel: I trust, that really came from Lord Xemnas himself.

(Axel walks away. Roxas enters The Grey Area)

Roxas: Hey, Axel?

(He looks around, but only sees Demyx and Xion in the room. Saïx walks in)

Saïx: If you're looking for Axel, he's gone.

(Saïx walks to the window)

Roxas: What do I do with this?

(Roxas stares at the "WINNER" popsicle stick)

Roxas received orders to carry out a mission with Xion.

Xion, hooded and hiding any facial expression, spoke not a word throughout the

==Day 24: Silence Broken==

(Roxas walks into The Grey Area and sees Demyx, Xigbar, and Xion talking)

Demyx: This place is so much nicer without the loudmouths.

Roxas: Loudmouths?

Demyx: Those bossy coworkers sent to Castle Oblivion.

Roxas: Oh...

Xigbar: Well, I suppose it's too bad you and Poppet didn't get to spend a
little more time with them.

Roxas: Poppet?

Xigbar: I'm talking about Xion, kiddo.

Roxas: "Kiddo"...?

Saïx: Roxas, get to work.

(They look up to see Saïx enter. Roxas and Xion finish their mission in
Twilight Town's Side Street)

Roxas: I've got someplace to be again today, so go on ahead without me.

(Roxas starts to walk past Xion)

Xion: R...Roxas...

Roxas: Huh?

(He turns around)

Roxas: Xion...?

(Xion faces him)

Xion: Roxas...is your name.

Roxas: Yeah.

(Xion leaves. Roxas gets a flashback to the moment he was given his name. He
proceeds to sit alone on the clock tower, eating ice cream and thinking)

Roxas: "Roxas," huh.

==Day 25: Two Keys==

(Roxas and Xion arrive in Twilight Town on Side Street)

Xion: Roxas.

(Xion takes her hood off, revealing her black hair and blue eyes)

Xion: Best of luck today.

Roxas: (gasps) Yeah. Let's go.

(Roxas and Xion battle a Darkside in the Station Plaza. The giant Heartless
slams its fist down and Roxas blocks with his Keyblade. The blow knocks the
blade out of Roxas's hands, and it slides over to Xion. It vanishes from the
ground and reappears in her hand. Xion, at first surprised, runs at the
Darkside, jumps into the air, and then slashes the Heartless, causing it to

Roxas: Wow, I... Xion, I didn't know you could use the Keyblade.

Xion: You know...neither did I.

(The weapon vanishes from her hand. She and Roxas laugh)

Roxas: You earned the icing on the cake.

Xion: Huh?

Roxas: C'mon, I'll show you.

(They sit on the clock tower)

Xion: This is such a great spot... How'd you find it?

(Roxas hands Xion an ice cream bar)

Roxas: Here ya go.

(Xion takes it)

Roxas: Sea-salt ice cream. C'mon, try it.

(She nods and takes a bite)

Xion: It's sweet...and salty.

Roxas: It's good, right? Axel and I, we meet here for ice cream after work.

(Roxas takes a bite)

Roxas: This flavor is Axel's favorite.

Xion: Sounds like it's yours, too!

Roxas: Yeah. Axel brought me here to eat ice cream on my first day with the
Organization. And then after my first mission, he got me ice cream again.
Said it was "icing on the cake."

Xion: Like you just did for me?

Roxas: Yeah.

Xion: You guys must be really close.

Roxas: Well, Axel and I are friends.

Xion: Friends... Do you think that I could be a friend?

Roxas: When Axel gets back, we'll all have ice cream together!

Xion: Okay!

(They continue to eat and watch the sunset)

==Day 26: Terminated==

(Roxas is conversing with Saïx and Xigbar in The Grey Area)

Roxas: Is it true then about Castle Oblivion?

Saïx: That's none of your concern.

Roxas: And Axel?

Saïx: Gone. He may have disappeared for good.

Roxas: What...?

(Roxas looks crestfallen. Saïx and Xigbar walk past him. Roxas and Xigbar
proceed with their mission in Agrabah. Roxas defeats a Scarlet Tango Heartless
at the Palace Gates and watches as its released heart floats into the sky)

Roxas: Hey, what happens when Heartless are destroyed?

Xigbar: The hearts remain. And then those hearts gather together to form the
great Kingdom Hearts.

Roxas: Then, can you tell me what remains if a Nobody is destroyed?

Xigbar: What's there to leave behind? We're not even supposed to "be" in the
first place.

Roxas: And the members at Castle Oblivion, where'd they go?

Xigbar: Nothing's left of them.

Roxas: In which case, I'll never see them again?

Xigbar: That's right.

(Roxas lowers his head and sighs. Xigbar summons a dark corridor and prepares
to enter it)

Xigbar: You coming?

Roxas: Huh? Oh, yeah.

(Xigbar walks into the dark corridor. Roxas suddenly feels strange and falls to
his knees, clutching his head in pain)

Roxas: What's...happening...

(He collapses to the ground, seeing images of Axel, Xion, and a mysterious 
girl in white)

==Day 27: The Dark Margin==

(On a dark moonlit beach, a cloaked figure walks up to another figure sitting 
on a rock)

??????: I've been to see him.

(The seated figure turns his head toward the other)

??????: He looks a lot like you.

?????: Who are you?

??????: I'm what's left. Or...maybe I'm all there ever was.

?????: I meant your name.

??????: My name is of no importance. What about you? Do you remember 
your true name?

?????: My true name is...

??????: You have been with us for six days now.

(The seated figure stands and removes his hood)

??????: The time has come...

(He walks past the other and places a hand on his shoulder. Time seems 
to pass slowly and all sound drops. The now unhooded man is revealed to be
Xemnas, who says something inaudible to the hooded figure. The hooded figure
stands and watches Xemnas leave. In his bed, Roxas lays unconscious, watched
over by Xemnas and Saïx)

Xemnas: Will he wake from this?

Saïx: I am told Roxas will return---provided the hero is stripped of all his

Xemnas: Then I suppose much hinges on Castle Oblivion.

Saïx: Xion has gained power over the Keyblade, just as we intended. She can
fill Roxas's shoes for the time being.

(Saïx leaves the room)

==Day 49: Sleep==

(Roxas remains asleep. Xion visits him)

Xion: I went to a new world today, Roxas. I couldn't believe how beautiful it
was. I hope that you can join me next time.

(She places something on his bedside)

Xion: Well, I'll see you tomorrow, Roxas.

(She leaves and we see twenty seashells next to his pillow. Roxas mumbles and
reacts slightly. In his sleep, he sees a boy with spiky hair clutching an item
tight as he's encapsulated in a white pod)

==Day 50: Familiar Sound==

?????: I knew that I'd find you snoozing down here.

(Roxas wakes and sits up. He walks into The Grey Area and sees no one around. 
He walks out and goes to Twilight Town to sit on the clock tower)

Xion: Roxas!?

(He looks over to see Xion)

Roxas: Xion... What happened to me?

(She walks over to him)

Xion: You were sleeping for a long time. Saïx said there was no telling when
you might wake up...

(Xion sits next to him)

Xion: But I'm glad you did.

Roxas: I kinda feel like a zombie, though.

(They laugh. Xion takes a seashell out of her pocket and hands it to Roxas)

Xion: I brought you this.

Roxas: Huh?

(He takes it)

Xion: It's a seashell. I've been picking one up on every mission. Hold it up to
your ear.

(Roxas does. He gets a flash of a girl and a boy on the docks on Destiny

==Day 51: Missing==

The whereabouts of the members who were sent to Castle Oblivion were still

Roxas received a solo mission.

(Roxas enters the clock tower ledge in Twilight Town. He sees it's empty, so he
decides to sit alone and wait)

==Day 52: Solitude==

Roxas carried out his daily missions alone.

==Day 71: Reunion==

(Roxas finishes his mission in the Twilight Town Side Street)

????: Hey, Roxas!

(Roxas turns around and sees Axel)

Axel: It's been a while.

(Roxas's eyes widen and Axel walks closer)

Axel: What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Roxas: Axel... I heard everyone at Castle Oblivion was annihilated...

Axel: Not me. I'm tough.

Roxas: You had me worried.

Axel: Worry? We Nobodies don't have the hearts to worry, you know!

Roxas: I'll go buy us some ice cream!

(Roxas runs off. Later, Axel and Roxas sit on the clock tower eating ice cream)

Axel: I gotta check in with the boss, or he's gonna let me have it.

Roxas: You haven't reported back yet?

Axel: Hm? No.

Roxas: Why'd you come here?

Axel: I guess I just needed a little time to sort out my feelings, you know?

Roxas: I thought you didn't have a heart.

Axel: Hm?

(They laugh)

Axel: Hey, your ice cream's melting. Eat up.

Roxas: Oh.

(He takes a bite)

Roxas: You know, I started inviting Xion up here while you were gone.

Axel: Xion?

Roxas: Yeah. I made her a promise the three of us could have ice cream when you
got back. Xion...she's my friend too.

==Day 72: Change==

(Axel stands in his room, looking out the window. Saïx walks in)

Saïx: Why didn't you report in?

Axel: What, not even one little word of appreciation?

Saïx: The only thing I've heard is that Naminé has gone missing.

Axel: There one minute, gone the next. I don't know how she got out.

Saïx: Did you search every room?

Axel: Are you kidding? You know as well as I do that searching through every
room there is impossible.

Saïx: And the chamber? Did you find it?

Axel: Come on, I would have told you that much. I gotta hand it to you... About
Marluxia being one of the traitors. You knew exactly what was up from the

Saïx: Hm. I merely rounded up and sent off the ones who were getting in the

Axel: Whoa there, was I one of those you wanted to erase?

Saïx: Good to see you made it back safe.

(Saïx starts to leave)

Axel: I disposed of Zexion, by the way.

(Saïx stops for a moment and then continues out of the room. Axel turns to the

Axel: I moved things along just the way you wanted...at least for now.

(After their mission, Axel and Roxas sit on the clock tower and eat ice cream)

Axel: You know, you're more cheerful.

Roxas: You really think so? I was thinking the same about you.

Axel: Yeah, well... I guess... He musta rubbed off on me.

Roxas: Huh?

(Axel takes a bite of his ice cream)

Axel: Nah. It's thanks to you that we get to sit here again and laugh while
having ice cream.

(Roxas laughs and takes a bite. Axel eats his ice cream, and Roxas sighs. He
then looks to the corner entrance)

Roxas: I wonder if Xion's gonna show today...

==Day 73: The Promise==

Roxas worried over having not seen Xion in over ten days.

They had yet to fulfill their promise of having ice cream together with Axel.

==Day 74: Trio==

(During a mission, Roxas and Axel battle a Veil Lizard Heartless in the grounds
of The Old Mansion in Twilight Town. Roxas gasps as he sees Xion appear and run
across the field in the creature's direction)

Roxas: Xion!

Xion (stopping): Roxas!?

(In Xion's distraction, the Veil Lizard's tongue lashes out and knocks her 

Roxas: Xion!

Axel: Roxas! We have to take that thing out first!

(They defeat the large Heartless. Roxas comes to Xion's aid)

Roxas: Xion! Are you okay?

(Xion wakes up)

Xion: Nngh... Roxas?

(Roxas holds out his hand)

Roxas: Easy. Are you hurt?

(He helps her up)

Xion: I'm fine... Thank you. It's just...

Axel: You can tell us all about it---but why don't we head back first?

(The three of them sit on the clock tower. Axel hands them some ice cream)

Axel: There ya go.

Xion: Thank you...

(They sit and eat for a moment. Xion doesn't eat)

Roxas: Eat up. It's gonna melt.

Xion: Yeah...

Axel: What's wrong? I thought you'd wolf it down.

Roxas: Did something happen?

Axel: We're here for you if you want to get it off your chest. Right, Roxas?

(Roxas nods)

Roxas: He's right. That's what friends are for.

Xion: I can't... I can't use the Keyblade anymore. And without the Keyblade, I
can't do my job.

Roxas: What exactly happened?

Xion: I don't know. But if I don't defeat Heartless with the Keyblade...the 
hearts they release will just find their way into other Heartless instead. I
swat them in one place and they just pop up in another. My mission is to go out
and collect hearts. If I'm unable to use the Keyblade...I'll...I'll be useless.

Roxas: Is there anything you can do, Axel?

Axel: I wish there was, but...it's just like she said. Without the Keyblade,
she can't collect hearts.

Xion: And once they find out, they're gonna turn me into a Dusk.

Roxas: We can't do anything?

Axel: I already told you, there's nothing we ca---Hold on...

Roxas: Did you think of something?

Axel: Roxas, you can work double duty?

Roxas: Huh?

Xion: What do you mean?

Axel: Xion, make sure your missions are with Roxas---until you can use the
Keyblade again. That way, he can collect the hearts, and no one will know that
you can't use the Keyblade.

Roxas: That's it...!

Axel: But, that means you have to collect twice as many hearts.

Roxas: Yeah, I can do it.

Xion: Would you?

Roxas: Of course I would!

Xion: But---

Axel: Friends need to lean on each other every now and then. Ain't that right,

Xion: We're friends... Axel...does that mean you and I are friends, too?

(Axel is surprised. He scratches his head)

Axel: Well, if you're friends with Roxas, then yeah, of course you're my
Xion: Thank you... Roxas, Axel!

Axel: Just eat your ice cream.

==Day 75: Inseparable==

Roxas and Xion went on a mission together like Axel suggested.

Roxas met Aladdin's friend Genie during his mission. When Genie attempted to
magically repair the damage from the sandstorm, Roxas informed him that Aladdin
had said he wanted to rebuild the town without relying on magic.

Genie respected his friend's resolve and decided against using his powers.

Roxas reflected on the idea of a friend's resolve.

(Roxas, Axel, and Xion sit on the clock tower, taking bites of their ice cream)

Xion: So best friends are different from plain friends, right?

Axel: They're about the same.

Roxas: Best friends, huh...

Axel: But I'd say best friends are a notch above just plain friends.

Roxas: So how are they different?

Axel: I don't know. I couldn't tell ya because I don't have any best friends.

Roxas: I see...

==Day 94: Hearts==

(The Organization is gathered at the Altar of Naught)

Xemnas: The time has arrived.

(He raises his arms high)

Xemnas: And at long last, we see before us the great collection of hearts.
Hearts full of rage...hate...sadness...and bliss. Shining down upon us is the
crystallization of all hearts---Kingdom Hearts. There, in the sky, hangs the
promise of a new world.

(He lowers his arms and faces the group)

Xemnas: My friends! Let us gain further power, to conquer the human heart, and
claim it as our own. Let us remember why we are here and what we hope to
achieve. Hearts shall be gathered, and be made our own. Hearts shall never
again have power over us.

(They continue to stare at the great moon. Later, Roxas, Axel, and Xion have
ice cream at the clock tower)

Roxas: All this fighting... I wonder what it's for.

Axel: Come on, you know what it's for. We have to complete the great Kingdom
Hearts. You saw it, too, didn't you?

Roxas: But what is Kingdom Hearts?

Xion: It's the gathering place of hearts...isn't it?

Axel: It's where all the hearts wind up after they're released by you. When we
gather enough, we might finally get hearts of our own.

Xion: Hearts shall be made our own...

Roxas: Is Kingdom Hearts really that important?

Axel: Are you crazy?

Roxas: I just don't see why having a heart is that important, you know.

Axel: Come on, you're wondering about that now?

Roxas: Well, I don't understand, since I don't have a heart.

Xion: Roxas...

Axel: We'll understand once we have our own hearts. That's why we fight, to
find out what it's about.

Roxas: Okay... I guess you're right.

==Day 95: Nobodies==

Roxas and Xion went to the usual spot.

They had begun to get used to going on missions together.

(The three friends meet at the clock tower to have ice cream once more)

Roxas: It looks like every Nobody in the Organization is good at different

Axel: That's right. Everybody's unique.

Xion: Even Nobodies without hearts?

Axel: Just because we don't all have hearts doesn't mean that we're all exactly
the same. We each have memories of our pasts.

Xion: Memories?

Roxas: You remember your past?

Axel: Yeah, that's one of the things that makes each member of the Organization
special. We remember who we were as humans.

Roxas: But I don't.

Xion: Me neither.

Axel: Well, maybe that right there is what makes you guys the most unique in
the Organization.

Roxas: What were you like before you were a Nobody?

Axel: Huh? Me? Oh, I dunno. I think I've always been pretty much the same.

Roxas: I wish I could remember stuff like that.

Axel: Really? It's just baggage, you know.

Roxas: But I---I can't remember anything. Not even from when I was born a

Axel: All you did was stare into space!

Roxas: Oh, thanks!

(They laugh)

Xion: You know, I don't remember much, either.

Axel: You two sure do have a lot in common.

(They sit silently for a few seconds. Roxas looks to the sunset)

Roxas: I wonder what kind of guy I was before...

(Meanwhile, a girl in white and a man in red robes stand before The Old

==Day 96: Xion's Keyblade==

Xion, informed by Saïx that she and Roxas would no longer go on missions
together, worried over still being unable to use her Keyblade.

Roxas in turn lent Xion his Keyblade.

(The two finish their mission with Xion defeating a Heartless in Beast's
Castle's Ballroom. Roxas lets out an impressed chuckle)

Xion: Thanks, Roxas. You can have this back.

(She returns the Keyblade to him)

Roxas: Do you remember anything?

Xion: I don't know...but let me try again.

(She concentrates and holds out her arm. The Keyblade flashes into it)

Xion: Huh?

Roxas: (laughs) You did it!

(Roxas and Xion both hold her Keyblade)

Xion: Roxas! It worked!

Roxas: I can't wait to tell Axel this. Let's go!

Xion: Yeah!

(Axel sits on the clock tower on his back)

Axel: Ahh...

(Roxas and Xion arrive. Roxas pops his head into Axel's line of sight)

Roxas: Axel!

(He gets up)

Axel: Whoa! Where'd you come from?

(Roxas and Xion laugh)

Roxas: How was your mission?

Axel: You know, I sure wish the Heartless would hold still once in a while.
I fell right on my butt chasing them around.

Roxas: I thought you said you were tough.

Axel: Yeah, whatever, that's got nothing to do with it. So how did your caper

(Roxas and Xion nod. Xion summons her Keyblade proudly)

Roxas: Ta-daaah!

(Axel gasps. Xion's Keyblade vanishes)

Xion: Roxas, Axel, thank you.

Axel: I didn't do anything.

Xion: You made it possible for us to go on a mission together.

Roxas: If it weren't for you, Xion might never have remembered how to use the

Xion: So thanks, Axel.

(Axel scratches his head and thinks)

Axel: How 'bout a sea salt ice cream, then?

Xion: Huh?

Axel: Buy me one, and we'll call it even.

Xion: You got it. I'll be right back!

(Roxas laughs. Xion runs off and returns with ice cream. They sit down and
watch the sunset)

Roxas: I hope we can always be just like this forever.

Xion: Me too.

Axel: What's that all about?

Roxas: I just...want these days to last forever. Hanging out, the ice cream,
the sunsets...

Axel: Well, nothing lasts forever, you know? Least of all for a bunch of
Nobodies like us. But it's okay if things change and we can't meet up here.

Roxas: Huh?

Axel: As long as we keep each other in our thoughts, none of us will ever have
to be apart. Got it memorized?

Roxas: (laughs) Wow, that was so not you.

(Axel shoves him)

Axel: Hey!

(Roxas and Xion laugh)

==Day 97: Transfer==

As Xion had regained her Keyblade, Roxas returned to carrying out his daily
missions as usual.

==Day 117: Secrets==

(Axel sits alone in his room. The door opens)

Axel: Huh?

(Saïx comes in)

Axel: Ever heard of knocking? What do you want?

Saïx: Tell me what Xion has been doing.

Axel: Well, how should I know? I'm not spying on her.

Saïx: The two of you look pretty close.

Axel: So what, now I've gotta rat on my friends to you? I think you should just

Saïx: Today, you and Xion will be going on the same mission.

Axel: Well, thank you, sir, for personally delivering that message to me.

Saïx: We also need you to go back to Castle Oblivion soon.

Axel: Says Lord Xemnas?

Saïx: That castle hasn't given up all its secrets. One even he doesn't know of
its whereabouts.

Axel: Even he doesn't know... You mean the chamber, right? We turned that place
inside out. If it's there, we're not gonna find it just by looking.

Saïx: Then let me give you another reason. Xion comes from the castle to which
Naminé can be traced.

(Axel gasps)

Saïx: The place where both Naminé and Xion were born... It's practically
calling out for you.

Axel: Hmph... Whatever. As far as the castle goes, you're the one who really
wants to go there. By finding the room that Xemnas is searching for... You
would find out everything about Xemnas's true agenda. Am I right?

Saïx: The Chamber of Repose, as well as the Chamber of Waking...

(Saïx looks out the window and sees Kingdom Hearts in the distance)

Saïx: Xemnas has an agenda that he hasn't told to anybody. And we are bound to
find some clues in the Chamber of Waking. And once we obtain those clues, we'll
have the upper hand for our own objectives.

Axel: I knew the time would come when Vexen and Zexion got in your way. That's
why I took the initiative...

(He stands up)

Axel: and cleared the way to the top for you. I can handle all the dirty work.
You go all the way to the top.

Saïx: You will be going on a solo mission to Castle Oblivion. Expect the orders

(He leaves)

Axel: Castle Oblivion... Naminé...and Xion...

Roxas and Xigbar investigated a new world on a reconnaissance mission.

Roxas asked about the purpose of the mission and Xigbar replied that they were
searching for possible candidates to join the Organization. Only special
Nobodies can join the Organization. Xigbar then informed Roxas that he and Xion
are particularly special Nobodies.

(Axel and Xion sit on the clock tower, eating ice cream. Xion looks toward the
empty corner)

Xion: Roxas is late today.

Axel: Hope Xigbar isn't giving him too hard of a time.

Xion: Yeah, right? You know what, Axel?

Axel: Hm?

Xion: When I sit here and talk with you guys... I get the strangest feeling... 
that a long time ago, I used to watch the sunset with somebody else. It's the
same when I watch the sea.

(She takes out a seashell)

Xion: Someplace by the sea...where I hear the sound of the waves... I get the
feeling that I was talking with someone.

Axel: So you mean that...you have memories of your past?

Xion (shaking her head): No... It's not quite like that. Well, I dunno. 
What do you think? Are these memories?

Axel: Huh... I wouldn't know, either.

Xion: You have memories, don't you?

Axel: Yeah, sorta. Though it's not like they've ever really done me any good.

Xion: Roxas is like me. Neither one of us remembers much. I wonder if he and
I...had this much in common before we were Nobodies.

==Day 118: Lazy Day==

Roxas's first day off. Accustomed to always having a mission to execute, Roxas
aimlessly wandered the castle, unsure of what else to do.

Even asking Axel and Xion how they spent their time off proved unhelpful, so he
eventually went to his usual spot.

(At the Station Plaza, the three Twilight Town kids from earlier are chasing
each other around again. One of the boys and the girl go after the other boy,
who's carrying an ice cream. Roxas is eating ice cream alone atop the clock

Axel: I knew you'd be here.

(Axel arrives)

Roxas: Axel...

(Axel yawns and stretches his arms)

Axel: Slept like a log.

(Axel sits down next to Roxas, who chuckles)

Axel: Are the kids here on summer vacation already? ...Nah, can't be. It's much
too early.

Roxas: Summer vacation? What's that?

Axel: It's a dream come true, that's what---where they get a whole month off.

Roxas: A month off!? I wouldn't know what to do with that much time. I can't
even figure out how to fill a day.

Axel: You'd be surprised. They give you plenty of homework, and of course, you
have to play with your friends everyday. Trust me, it's over before you can

Roxas: Hmm... I could deal with seven days, maybe.

Axel: Most kids spend the time just goofing off with their friends. They save
the homework till the end and then help each other finish it.

Roxas: That sounds fun, I guess.

Axel: Hanging around with friends is fun. I'd forgotten all that since becoming
a Nobody, I guess. So, how did you spend your day?

(Xion arrives)

Xion: Hey, guys. How did I know you'd be here?

(Xion sits down on the other side of Roxas)

Roxas: Where did you go, Xion?

Xion: I didn't go anywhere. What about you two? Did you guys go somewhere
without me?

Roxas: Axel says he was asleep all day.

Xion: What? What's that about? You wasted a day off?

Axel: Unlike you two lazybones, I work hard, so I'm tired, okay?

Xion: Unlike me and Roxas, maybe you're just out of shape!

(They laugh)

Axel: Tomorrow, it's back to work.

Roxas: Yeah...

Xion: Hope we get another vacation soon.

Axel: Oh yeah... I might not see you guys again for a while.

Roxas: Huh?

Axel: They're sending me out on recon for a few days.

Xion: Where?

Axel: Can't tell.

Roxas: What's up with that?

Axel: It's a secret mission.

Xion: But I thought we were friends.

Axel: Hey, I'm not about to tell you ALL my dark secrets. Got it memorized? 

Roxas: Dark secrets?

Axel: Ha ha. I'm kidding. I just gotta keep my mouth shut about it, or else
Saïx will get on my case. You know how he can get.

Roxas: Yeah.

Axel: Try not to bungle everything while I'm gone, huh?

Xion: Now, why would we do that?

Axel: Well, considering your track record, I just can't count on you guys.

Xion: Hey!

(Axel laughs)

Xion: We can handle things just fine!

Roxas: That's right, just you watch!

(The two laugh. Later, Axel is walking through Nothing's Call)

Saïx: What took you so long?

(He turns around with a scoff and sees Saïx)

Axel: It's my vacation. I can take all the time I want. Since when do I have 
to check in with you?

Saïx: You're letting yourself get too attached to them.

Axel: Yeah, yeah, whatever you say.

Saïx: You know, you've changed...

(He leaves)

==Day 119: Work to Do==

Important things can be a weakness. Roxas talked to Xion about what Xaldin said
during his mission, but they were unable to understand the meaning of Xaldin's

Roxas continued his daily missions.

Meanwhile, Axel was on a top secret mission.

==Day 149: Unlike Minds==

(Roxas is eating ice cream on the clock tower)

Axel: Hey, Roxas!

(Roxas looks up)

Roxas: Axel... You're back!

(Axel sits next to him)

Axel: Yup, I just got home. (Sighs) So, are ya holding up?

Roxas: Yeah.

Axel: Where's Xion?

Roxas: She's not here yet.

Axel: Huh.

Roxas: She's usually here by now.

(He takes a bite into his ice cream. Axel looks toward the sunset)

Roxas: This isn't like her....

(Xion sits alone in her room, curled up on her bed)

Xion: How could he...

(She has a flashback of a confrontation on the Bridge of Beast's Castle. 
She takes her Keyblade and runs forward, but is struck down, her Keyblade
disappearing. There is a glimpse of silver hair and a black coat)

Xion: I'm not a sham...

==Day 150: Fear==

(A cloaked figure stands overlooking the Bridge at Beast's Castle. It holds out
its arm as a memory plays. The Keyblade is thrown to the ground. Xion calls out
in silence. The silver-haired man tosses the Keyblade apathetically. The memory
ends. The cloaked figure looks at its hand and proceeds to remove its hood,
revealing itself to be the silver-haired man. He wears a blindfold, concealing
his eyes. Back at the Castle That Never Was, Roxas walks through Twilight's

Xion: Just give me another chance!

(Roxas looks up and sees Xion speaking with Saïx)

Saïx: We can't afford to take any more chances on you. You were a mistake we
never should have made.

(Xion looks down to the floor. Saïx leaves. Roxas walks over)

Roxas: Xion?

(Xion sees him but runs away from Roxas, who gasps. Later, Axel joins Roxas at
the top of the clock tower to eat some ice cream)

Axel: Oh. Where's Xion?

Roxas: Haven't seen her today.

(Axel sits next to him)

Axel: Oh well.

(The two take a bite of their ice cream)

Roxas: Axel...

Axel: Hm?

Roxas: Is there anything you couldn't bear to lose?

Axel: Anything I couldn't bear to lose? What's that about?

Roxas: Well, I met someone today who had something like that. This thing was so
important to him he couldn't bear to lose it...and Xaldin said that was his
weakness. Why don't I have anything like that?

Axel: It's because you don't have a heart.

Roxas: I guess... But Demyx doesn't have a heart, and I bet he'd get upset if
you took his sitar away.

(Roxas pretends to take something from Axel, who laughs)

Axel: Huh... I think you have a point there. So you don't need a heart to have
something that you can't bear to lose then. If that's true, then I guess the
closest thing that we Nobodies have would be memories of our past. It's the
memories that create the things that we don't want to lose.

Roxas: Memories of the past... I don't remember MY past.

Axel: Even though you might not remember the past, I'm sure you have things you
don't wanna lose.

Roxas: Like what?

Axel: You've got memories since you joined us, right?

Roxas: I dunno... I do, don't I? I couldn't bear to lose my memories of you or

Axel: So then you really do have something that you can't bear to lose, right?
Every one of us---including us Nobodies---we all have something that we want to
hang on to.

Roxas: It's scary.

Axel: You can't be scared without a heart!

Roxas: If my friends... If you or Xion were to disappear... It's...scary to
think of what it would be like without you guys.

Axel: "Scared" is not an emotion that can exist inside us.

Roxas: Well... I am scared right now, for sure.

Axel: Maybe it's just that you remember what it's like to be scared, you know?
Somewhere deep inside your memories.

==Day 151: Distress==

Coincidentally, Roxas and Xion were given the same post.

Xion failed in her mission to dispose of an imposter, and became discouraged
after being reprimanded by Saïx.

Xion put up a strong front for Roxas who was at a loss for words. Roxas then
suggested going on missions together to cheer her up.

(After their mission, Roxas and Xion sit on the clock tower, ice cream in hand.
Xion is silent as Roxas looks around)

Roxas: I wonder where Axel is. Guess we got the work done a little TOO fast,

(Roxas bites into his ice cream. Xion's flashback returns. The Keyblade flies
to the ground. Xion is on her knees, panting. She collapses. The silver-haired 
man turns around and dispels his own blade. He kneels over Xion and pulls her
hood back. He lifts one side of his blindfold, showing a blue eye, and gasps,
stepping back from her. She tries to get up, clutching her side)

????: Your face... Who are you really? And why do you have a Keyblade?

(She puts her hood back on)

Xion: Tell me first...why you are dressed as one of us.

(He walks over to her Keyblade, stuck in the ground)

????: To make sure my best friend...sleeps in peace.

(He pulls the Keyblade from the brick)

????: I don't know who you're supposed to be. But...you can't fight 
fire with sparks. This Keyblade, it's a sham---worthless.

(He tosses it aside. Xion gasps)

Xion: My Keyblade is not a sham! What gives you the right to say that?

(She snatches the Keyblade from the ground and runs at him, shouting. He moves
left to dodge her attack, and slams his fist into her bruised side. She falls
to the ground and the Keyblade disappears. He stands up)

????: Find a new crowd. Trust me. Those guys are bad news.

(He walks away. Xion struggles to her knees)

Xion: Why? You're the real sham.

(She clutches her side in pain)

????: Fair enough. You could say I am...the biggest nobody of them all.

(He walks away and Xion screams)

Roxas: Xion? Xion!

(He snaps her out of her flashback)

Roxas: Something wrong?

Xion: Sorry. My mind's on other things. Roxas, do you ever think...about why
we're doing all of this?

Roxas: What do you mean, why? So we can get hearts of our own, right?

Xion: But what do we need hearts for?

Roxas: I don't know. But I think once we have hearts, we probably won't have to
think about why we're doing all this, or if we need hearts.

Xion: I'm not sure. I just wish I knew what I was doing here.

(Xion covers her face in the palm of her hand)

Xion: I started having the strangest dreams.

Roxas: Like nightmares?

Xion: I can never remember what they're about. I just...wake up scared.

(Xion stands up and begins to walk away)

Roxas: Xigbar said you and me were pretty special. "Exceptional," he said.

Xion: Special? Isn't that...just another way of saying that I'm a mistake?

Roxas: You're not a mistake.

Xion: Well, you and I may both be exceptional, Roxas, but...I don't think we're
quite the same.

(She hands Roxas her ice cream and walks off)

Roxas: Xion...

(Roxas sits alone until Axel arrives)

Axel: Heya, Roxas!

Roxas: Axel...

Axel: Xion couldn't make it again today?

Roxas: Actually, you just missed her.

(Axel sighs. Roxas has a flash of Sora on a moonlit road)

==Day 152: The Wrong Buttons==

Roxas reflected on how Xion was acting differently.

Axel asked Roxas what's wrong. According to Axel, girls are complicated and
there are buttons to avoid pressing.

Roxas worried he pressed the wrong buttons with Xion, but Axel assured him that
Xion was fine.

==Day 153: Disjointed Days==

Roxas and Demyx saw Phil putting Hercules through rigorous training.

Phil stated that the higher his expectations, the tougher the training. Roxas
wondered if the Organization had been giving him tough missions because they
had high expectations of him. Roxas, however, did not understand the meaning
of "expectations" very well to begin with.

Ever since parting awkwardly with Xion, Roxas ate his ice cream alone after

==Day 171: Love==

Before returning to the castle, Roxas saw Beast, wounded from protecting what
he cares for, with Belle there to care for him.

Love had grown between the two. Xaldin declared the power of love to be
worthless. Roxas asked what that power was, but Xaldin said that explaining the
concept to a Nobody with no heart would be pointless, and departed.

Left alone, Roxas contemplated what love might be.

At their usual spot, Roxas asked Axel what love is, but got no answers.

Perhaps completing Kingdom Hearts and gaining a heart would offer some answers.
Roxas watched the sunset with these thoughts on his mind.

==Day 172: Sound of the Surf==

Before leaving for a mission with Luxord, Roxas heard that Xion failed another
mission and fell into a deep slumber.

Roxas disregarded Saïx's order to not worry about a failure like Xion and went
to her room.

(Roxas enters Xion's room and stands by her bedside)

Roxas: Xion...

(He sighs and leaves a seashell by her pillow, as she did for him. Later, Axel
speaks with Saïx at Nothing's Call)

Axel: Hey, that was uncalled for!

Saïx: I told you. Keep out of this.

Axel: And I'm telling you that I have to know what's the deal with Xion. If
there's something going on, just be straight with me for once, will ya?

Saïx: Do you mean just like you are always honest with me?

(Axel sighs and scratches his head)

Axel: Well, you've got me there, I guess.

Saïx: Xion has no right to be among our number.

(Axel gasps)

Axel: What do you mean?

Saïx: It's plain to see. I have nothing more to say.

(Saïx walks away. Xion sleeps, two seashells laying by her pillow. She dreams
of the sound of waves)

==Day 173: Lies==

Axel informed Roxas of what he had heard from Saïx about Xion.

He said that Saïx would reconsider claiming Xion to be a failure depending on
how she performed from now on. But this was a lie by Axel to cheer up Roxas.

==Day 174: Action, Reaction==

Lock, Shock, and Barrel got in Roxas's way with their mischief. They claimed
that causing mischief and surprising people is fun, but those feelings were
lost on Roxas.

Roxas continued to carry out his missions while covering for Xion.

==Day 193: Xion Awakens==

(A light appears and a heart flows out of Sora's chest and into the sleeping
Kairi's, giving off a shine. The Keyhole and Sora glow as Sora's eyes start to
close. Sora starts to fall back, splitting into tiny points of light. Kairi
awakes and runs to grab him. As she does, the light scatters and fades away)

Kairi: Sora!

(The memory over, Xion opens her eyes and sits up with a gasp, stunning Roxas,
who has been standing over her bed)

Roxas: Whoa! Uh... Good morning, Xion.

Xion: Oh... Morning...

Roxas: You woke up so suddenly, you just startled me.

Xion: S-sorry...

(She sees something beside her pillow)

Xion: Oh... Did you bring me these seashells?

(She holds one up to her ear)

Roxas: Do you hear it?

Xion: Yeah, the sound of the waves. How long was I asleep?

Roxas: About twenty days.

Xion: That long!?

Roxas: Yeah. You were sleeping so much that me and Axel were getting worried.

Xion: I'm sorry about that. Kind of weird that we can feel anything at all.
Without having hearts to feel with.

Roxas: Oh...

Xion: Hey, Roxas. Don't you have work today?

Roxas: Huh? Oh, I'm about to head out.

Xion: I'd like to tag along.

Roxas: But don't you need some more rest?

Xion: I'll be fine. C'mon, take me with you.

Roxas: All right... Sure.

(Xion giggles. She, Roxas, and Axel make their way to the Station Plaza in
Twilight Town. Xion collapses)

Roxas: Xion!

(A nostalgic wind blows. Kairi is blown toward Sora's outstretched arms. He
glows in resonance with the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion. Kairi gives the
Oathkeeper keychain to Sora)

Kairi: It's my lucky charm. Be sure to bring it back to me!

(Axel holds Xion. The Destroyer Heartless appears behind Roxas and fires a
laser beam that they manage to dodge. Roxas summons his Keyblade and engages
the Heartless)

Axel: Leave Xion to me.

Roxas: Got it!

(They destroy the Heartless and return to the castle. As they walk through
Twilight's View, they are intercepted by Saïx)

Saïx: Well, that didn't take long. Did it break again?

Roxas: She's not an "it"!

(Axel walks past Saïx)

Axel (to Saïx): Keep your mouth shut.

(Roxas follows him)

Saïx: You have changed... What happened at Castle Oblivion? Does the past mean
nothing to you?

(They lay Xion down on her bed in her room)

Roxas: Are you worried about her, Axel?

Axel: Of course I am.

Roxas: It just doesn't seem like you.

Axel: What do you mean?

Roxas: I mean, you don't like things to be complicated.

Axel (thinking): You know, Roxas... Each day the three of us meet up there for
ice cream. Now, why do you think that is?

Roxas: Huh?

Axel: I mean, if you think about it, I don't need to go out of my way to meet
you guys, right?

Roxas: I don't know...

Axel: You want me to tell you why? It's because you guys are my best friends.

Roxas: We are?

Axel: Get it memorized, alright? We are best friends.

Roxas: Oh yeah... Guess we are.

(Xion giggles, much to Roxas and Axel's surprise)

Xion: Thanks, Axel. You're sweet.

(Axel scratches his head and chuckles, embarrassed. Roxas laughs as well)

Roxas: Are you feeling better?

Xion: I just got a little dizzy, that's all. Sorry to worry you guys.

Axel: Don't scare us like that anymore.

Xion: Mm-hmm.

Axel: Just take it easy today.

(Axel and Roxas start to walk out)

Xion: I will. Thanks. Both of you.

(A girl in white sits in a White Room, drawing a picture of Roxas, Xion, and

==Day 194: Like It Should Be==

(Axel searches through books in the castle library. His curiosity is piqued as
he opens one and reads: "The Truth About Naminé - Vexen")

During a mission, Roxas and Axel visited the world where Roxas had once flown.

Roxas again met Tinker Bell and had her sprinkle pixie dust on him so that they
might fly. He began to float, but Axel remained firmly planted on the ground.

Roxas told Axel to trust him, that he too could fly if he believed it. Trusting
in Roxas's words, Axel began to float in the air.

The pair flew off to complete their mission.

Roxas spent his days completing missions.

==Day 224: Anomaly==

(DiZ meets Naminé in the Pod Room)

DiZ: You seem to be struggling.

Naminé: A Nobody is interfering, I think.

DiZ: A Nobody?

Naminé: I keep trying to piece his memory back together, but what if some of
the pieces got lost? There would be no way for me to finish. If that
happened---and they found their way into someone else---he'd never get them

DiZ: Oh, I think he can do without a memory or two.

Naminé: But what---what if he needs those memories in order to wake up? 
What if they're the key?

DiZ: Naminé... You are a witch who has power over Sora's memories and those
connected to him. Are you seeing something I cannot?

Naminé: If his memories become her memories...she will never survive it.

DiZ: She?

(Xion sits alone in her bedroom, curled up on the bed. Later, she, Roxas and
Axel have ice cream on the clock tower)

Xion: Hey, Axel?

Axel: Hm?

Xion: You've been to Castle Oblivion, right?

Axel: Yeah.

Xion: What is it like?

Axel: What's it like? Just an Organization research facility.

Roxas: For research, huh? Seems everyone gets sent there all the time.
Especially you.

Xion: Although...they never send me or Roxas.

Axel: Well...they probably just don't need you there.

Xion: I'm...I'm heading back.

(Xion stands up)

Roxas: Huh?

(Xion has a flash and suddenly feels dizzy. She falls forward off the clock 
tower, but Roxas catches her in time and pulls her back up)

Roxas: Maybe you're not completely well yet.

Xion: No, it's nothing like that.

(No one knows what to say. They're silent for a few moments. Axel leans on his
knee and thinks)

Axel: Got it!

Roxas: Huh? Got what?

Axel: On our next day off, let's all go to the beach, huh?

Xion: The beach? Where did that idea come from?

Axel: We should go someplace different for a change.

Roxas: You're talking about a vacation with friends.

Axel: Exactly.

Xion: I'll join you...if I can.

Roxas: What are you talking about, Xion?

Axel: It'll be a blast, trust me.

Xion: Hmm... Yes, all right. Let's go.

==Day 225: Quietude==

Xion, depressed, left without eating her ice cream.

Roxas asked Axel if she was alright but received a dismissive response.

Roxas wondered if Xion might feel better if the three of them went to the beach
together, like they had promised the other day.

Xion found the information that Saïx had entered regarding Castle Oblivion.

==Day 255: The Longest Day==

(Xemnas, Saïx, and Xigbar sit in the Round Room)

Saïx: I sent Axel to Castle Oblivion last night, to help expedite the matter we
spoke of. I also instructed him to clear out our facilities there. He should
return soon.

Xemnas: And what of Naminé?

Saïx: Still missing, sir.

Xigbar: Ha ha! Where, oh where could she be?

Saïx: Why, Xigbar... It almost sounds as though you know.

(Xigbar smiles and hums, angering Saïx)

Xemnas: Continue.

Saïx: Somebody accessed our main computer without authorization.

Xigbar: And you expect us to believe you really don't know who it was? As if.
Little Poppet is turning into a problem.

Saïx: Nonsense. I see no problem whatsoever.

Xigbar: Ha ha! Well no, apparently you don't!

Saïx: Something you find amusing?

Xigbar: Ah, the things you hear from a guy with no heart.

(Saïx prepares to speak, but Xemnas goes first)

Xemnas: No matter what unfolds, our plans remain unchanged. Axel, Roxas, and
Xion will play the respective roles that Kingdom Hearts has given them.

Saïx: But sir, Xion---

Xemnas: Leave it be. How can you not see how perfect this is? In truth, this is
more than perfect. Xion is marching right into the arms of destiny, but to
destiny's own time. We need not take any more steps. All we must do is watch
with caution and patience.

(Meanwhile, Xion enters Castle Oblivion. She looks around and proceeds to grab
her head in pain)

Xion: My head...hurts...

(A memory comes to her. She is standing in a white hall of Castle Oblivion 
with Saïx)

Saïx: This is the last you'll ever see of these walls, Xion.

(The memory ends and she falls to her knees, clutching her head and groaning.
Axel appears from the end of the hall)

Xion: Axel... What are you doing here...?

Axel: I'm just here on orders, that's all. There's nothing for you to see here.

Xion: Lies! This is the place I come from. I just know it.

Axel: What about your mission?

(She says nothing)

Axel: Don't be selfish.

Xion: Or else they'll turn me into a Dusk?

Axel: They'll do worse than turn you into a Dusk. They'll just destroy you.

(Axel offers his hand to Xion, but she stands up on her own)

Xion: And is that because I'm useless?

Axel: That's not it.

(She tries to walk away, but Axel grabs her wrist)

Axel: Xion, go home.

Xion: I'm remembering things. I have memories of back when I was a human.

Axel: Well, stop remembering. Nothing good will come of it.

Xion: I have dreams every night. And you're in those dreams, Axel!

Axel: Then they sure aren't memories. How could I be a part of your past?
They're just dreams, that's all.

Xion: You can't fool me. We've met before, Axel, right here in this castle!

Axel: No, we have not.

(Axel places his hands on Xion's shoulders)

Axel: Let's go home, Xion. Don't keep Roxas waiting.

Xion: Please, Axel...you've got to help me! I need to know who I am.

(She escapes Axel's grasp and runs)

Axel: Stop! Stay out of there, Xion!

(She enters through the golden doors at the end of the hall. A light is
released as they open. Later, Roxas sits alone on the clock tower)

Axel: You're early.

(Roxas looks up to see Axel standing at the corner entrance)

Roxas: No, you're just late.

(Axel sits down next to Roxas and smiles. Some moments pass and they have ice

Roxas: Today makes 255.

Axel: What's that about?

Roxas: It's been that many days since I first joined the Organization. Man,
time flies.

Axel: So, you got the number memorized, do you?

Roxas: Yeah. Have to hang onto something, right? It's not like I have memories
from before the Organization. Don't you remember? I acted like a zombie.

(Axel puts his hand on Roxas's shoulder)

Axel: Right, that first week you could barely form a sentence. But come on,
you're still kind of a zombie.

(Axel gives him a playful pat on the back)

Roxas: Oh, thanks!

(They laugh)

Axel: Hey, Roxas. Bet you don't know why the sun sets red. You see, light is
made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors, red is the one that 
travels the farthest.

(Roxas elbows him)

Roxas: Like I asked! Know-it-all.

(They laugh again. More time passes and Roxas finishes his ice cream. Axel 
rests on his back)

Roxas: Seriously, where is she?

(He looks to the corner entrance, which is empty. Axel's face turns serious and
he sits back up. Meanwhile, Xion looks into an orb in a room of Castle

Xion: Wh-What... Then I...wasn't who I am...?

==Day 256: News==

In the Round Room, Xemnas informed the assembled Organization members of Xion's
disappearance. He continued by prohibiting anyone from pursuing her.

Unhappy with Xemnas's decision, Roxas argued that they should search for Xion,
but was told that all will become clear when the time came. Xemnas concluded
the meeting with those words.

==Day 257: Hollow==

The days passed without Xion.

Axel no longer came to the usual spot, and Roxas sat alone, eating his ice

==Day 276: Disorder==

(Roxas stands on the beach at Destiny Islands. He remembers Sora and Kairi on
the beach, and picks up a seashell)

Roxas: Xion...

(He looks around and sees a cloaked figure on the bridge to the smaller island.
He gasps and runs to it. The figure walks to the small island and stops)

Roxas: Xion!

(They stand silent for a moment before the cloaked figure turns to face him. It
takes off its hood and Roxas is taken aback. Something snaps in his mind and
the silver hair of Zexion is revealed)

Zexion (lifting an arm): Surely...you must've known that this was going to

(Roxas stands stunned)

Riku (lowering his arm): Why would I know?

(Riku walks in from the bridge. Roxas switches his gaze between the two of

Zexion: Because, in your memory, you've been to a number of worlds before you
came to this one.

(Zexion and Riku start to circle around Roxas)

Zexion/Riku (their voices becoming one): And of course, in those worlds, the
only beings you met were the dark kind.

(The world starts to flash and fade. Roxas clutches his head in agony)

Zexion/Riku: That's all that's left in your heart: the darkest of memories.
Your memories of home are gone---every one.

(Roxas falls to his knees. He thrusts out a hand to catch his fall and the
flashes get more intense)

Zexion/Riku: That's a lie! I remember everyone from the islands!

(Xion continues to clutch her head in pain)

Zexion/Riku: They're my...my...my closest friends...

(She falls to her side)

Zexion/Riku: And who threw away those friends? Maybe it's your own actions 
you've forgotten.

(Riku continues to squirm in pain)

Zexion/Riku: It was you who destroyed your home!

(Sora's eyes are wide in agony, his head throbbing. Later, Xion is held in
someone's arms, disheveled)

Xion: Who am I? What am I...here for?

(The silver haired man brushes her hair aside and recalls a conversation with
Naminé. They sit in a White Room, at opposite ends of the table)

Naminé: So we meet again.

Riku: You made me a promise.

Naminé: I remember. It was to look after Sora. I'm sorry... I'm not sure I've 
kept that promise very well.

Riku: Can you tell me what's happening?

Naminé: Some of Sora's memories are missing.

Riku: How could that be?

Naminé: Sora's memories are escaping through Sora's Nobody into a third
person---and now they're starting to become a part of her.

Riku: Isn't there a way to bring back just Sora's memories?

Naminé: If they're still separate...then I think I can take out fragments of

(She picks up the sketchbook on the table of the picture of Axel, Roxas, and

Naminé: But if her memories and Sora's memory fragments are completely weaved
together... I would need to untangle them from each other and that would take
more time. Which means it would take even longer before Sora can wake up again.
And DiZ wouldn't tolerate that.

Riku: So what can you do?

Naminé: If I just jump in and rearrange her memory...then Sora might wake up
only to find out that nobody remembers him anymore. That's a risk I just can't
take. It's too late either way. Sora's awakening has already been delayed.
Sora's Nobody and the one that's absorbing his memory... None of us imagined
that they would fight so hard to become their own people. Unfortunately, the
only real solution...is for them both to go away. Did you know her face was
blank at first? But now...there is a face that is clearly visible. I think
that's proof that she has entered Sora's memories. Sora's memories, Sora's
Nobody's memories, and her memories... They're all a jumbled mess now. And to
put them back into one... I'm afraid there's no other way.

Riku: All right.

(The blindfolded Riku looks up to see Roxas running into a dark corridor. He 
looks back at her. She has a dream of her, Roxas, and Axel watching the sunset
from Destiny Islands)

Xion: Is it that I'm not supposed to exist?

(Roxas and Axel look over at her)

Axel: Well, what do you want to do, Xion?

Xion: I want...I want to be with you two.

(She folds her hands in her lap and Roxas places his hand on hers)

Roxas: Then come back with us.

Xion: I can't... Not the way I am now. But...what would it take for me to be 
like you?

(Xion glances over at the two of them and then puts her head down. They
continue to watch the sunset. Meanwhile, Axel sits on the clock tower, eating
ice cream, when Roxas walks in)

Roxas: Hey... It's been a while.

Axel: You think so?

Roxas (sitting next to him): So...I went to the beach today. And there was this
girl who looked kind of like Xion...but I couldn't get close enough to tell for
sure. I probably imagined it. To be honest, I'm not even sure today's mission
really happened. Feels like I just woke up from a dream or something. Do you
remember our promise? When we said that the three of us would go to the beach
on our next break? Maybe that's why. Maybe I saw Xion there because I wanted
her to be there.

(Axel stands up, sighs, and thinks)

Axel: Wanna go look for her?

Roxas: Huh?

Axel: Beginning tomorrow, let's use our spare time to find Xion.

Roxas: Mm-hmm. (standing up) Sounds good, let's do that.

(They look toward the sunset. Axel looks down)

===Day 277: Searching==

While visiting a world on a mission, Roxas met the always cryptic Cheshire Cat.

Before disappearing, the Cheshire Cat responded to Roxas's questions by saying
that he must follow his heart and decide what to believe in.

Would having a heart resolve everything, including Xion's predicament?

Roxas was left pondering over what he could believe in when he doesn't possess
a heart.

Roxas and Axel continued their search for Xion.

==Day 296: Confessions==

(Roxas and Axel enter the clock tower ledge)

Roxas: It's no use.

Axel: You sure you're not forgetting some place?

Roxas: I've been everywhere I know how to get to.

Axel: Alright...

(Axel sits down and sighs)

Roxas: The only place I haven't been to is Castle Oblivion.

(Axel gasps)

Roxas: It was just the other day that Xion was asking you what the place was
like. And the day before she disappeared, you said she was put on an important
mission. Remember?

Axel: Yeah... But there's nothing there anymore.

Roxas: Well, Xion might be there.

Axel: Hmm... (sighs) Apparently...Xion comes from Castle Oblivion.

Roxas: What?

Axel: That's probably why she was asking about the place.

Roxas: I had no idea...

Axel: Me neither. I only found out a little while ago.

Roxas: Castle Oblivion... Xion...

==Day 297: Contact==

(Axel and Roxas enter Castle Oblivion)

Roxas: So, this is Castle Oblivion...

(Roxas walks ahead of Axel and starts groaning)

Axel: Roxas!?

(Roxas tries to keep walking forward as he holds his head)

Roxas: Agh! My...my head!

Axel: Easy, man! Let's retreat for now and---

Roxas: I'm fine! We have to...find Xion...

(He falls to his knees and continues clutching his head)

Roxas: Wh...what's happening?

Axel: Roxas!

Roxas: So much...rushing into...my head...

(Axel helps him stand up)

Axel: Let's get out of here for now!

(He summons a dark corridor)

Roxas: No, wait... There's...something...I can...almost...

(Axel walks him into the corridor)

????: Giving up already? I thought you were stronger than that.

Roxas (waking up): Riku!

(He pants. Axel and Roxas are on the Side Street in Twilight Town)

Axel: Are you alright?

Roxas: What...happened to me?

Axel: You collapsed just as you entered the castle doors. Don't you remember?

Roxas: I only remember going inside.

(He stands up)

Axel: Just take it easy for now.

Roxas: I'm fine. Let's go back to Castle Oblivion.

Axel: Don't push yourself, man. (sensing something) Who's there?

(They see two cloaked figures watching them)

Roxas: Xion?

(One lowers their head and opens a corridor, walking inside)

Roxas: Xion, wait!

(Roxas runs over but the other figure steps in the way as the corridor closes)

Roxas: Rrgh... Out of the way!

(The figure says nothing and runs)

Roxas: Hey!

Axel: Roxas, wait!

(They chase the impostor through the Underground Passage. They follow him until
he reaches the grate to Sunset Terrace, where he escapes through a dark
corridor. They arrive just when it closes and catch their breath)

Axel: I thought the impostor was sighted in Castle Oblivion!

Roxas: Xion...

Axel: No way that was Xion!

Roxas: The one who ran away first was Xion. But...why run?

(She hides around the corner, overhearing them. The impostor walks up to her 
and takes his hood off)

Riku: You want to go back?

Xion: Huh...

(Xion looks at Roxas and Axel)

==Day 298: Fracture==

(Roxas chases a cloaked figure into the south alcove in Twilight Town's Tram
Commons. The figure turns around and takes off her hood)

Roxas: Xion.

(He walks up to her)

Roxas: Where have you been? Axel and I have been looking all over for you.

Xion: You have? Sorry.

Roxas: Let's go home. If you come back voluntarily, Saïx will let all this 
drop. He has to.

(Axel stands with his arms folded on a ledge around the corner, listening. Xion
looks down)

Roxas: I don't care what he said to you. I'll be there. Me and Axel will 
make sure---

(She takes a step back as he holds out a hand. Roxas gasps)

Xion: I really can't.

Roxas: Why not? Come on...

(He tries to grab her, she backs further away. She looks down and tries to run)

Roxas (grabbing her arm): Wait!

(She stops...and summons her Keyblade, pointing it straight at the gasping
Roxas. He lets go of her arm. A chakram flies in, but she blocks it and it
shoots into the ground, lighting on fire and disappearing. Axel walks in)

Axel: Well, hello there...Xion.

Roxas: Axel?

(Xion lunges for him)

Roxas: No, wait!

(Xion takes a strike at Axel, who summons his chakrams in a swirl of fire.
Roxas stands helpless as the two exchange blows. Xion blocks an attack and the
chakrams fly back to Axel. Xion runs for him again)

Roxas: Stop!

(Xion hesitates, looking over at Roxas, before getting a smack from behind that
knocks her unconscious. She falls forward, but Axel grabs her, and her Keyblade
falls to the ground with a metal clang, vanishing)

Roxas: Xion...

(Roxas runs to her. Axel carries her over his shoulder and exits through a 
corridor, leaving Roxas by himself, running at nothing)

==Day 299: Sora==

(Axel and Saïx talk on the upper level of the Hall of Empty Melodies)

Axel: You're sure things are better this way?

Saïx: I never expected you to question it. If you could save one of them...
why would you choose the puppet?

(Axel struggles with his thoughts)

Saïx: Or put it this way. Which would you rather suffer the loss of: some 
make-believe friendship, or a real one?

(Axel looks away)

Saïx: Things are finally right again. Of course we're better off this way. 
Xemnas is exasperated from all the "fixing" we've had to do. We have to set 
things right. There is simply too much on the line...Lea.

(Axel walks out. Meanwhile, Xemnas and Roxas sit in the Round Room)

Roxas: I need to know...

Xemnas: About what?

Roxas: Xion. Tell me what happened to her.

Xemnas: Xion is a valued member of the Organization, but she needs her rest. So
worry not.

(Roxas gasps as a flash occurs. He thinks about the conversation at The Dark
Margin. Roxas stands hooded as Xemnas walks past him, placing a hand on his

Xemnas: Sora.

(The memory ends)

Roxas: ...Sora.

(Xemnas snickers)

Roxas: Who is Sora?

Xemnas: The connection.

Roxas: Connection?

Xemnas: He is what makes you and Xion a part of each other's lives. And the
reason I placed Xion among our number. If you want her to stay that way, I must
insist you get your mind off these needless distractions. I will have Xion
return to her duties tomorrow. Today, you must focus on yours.

Roxas: Understood.

(He leaves the Round Room and walks through Twilight's View. He sees Axel and

Axel: Hey, Roxas.

(Roxas turns away in disgust and walks past him. Axel sighs. Saïx meets with
Xemnas in the Round Room)

Saïx: Are you certain we've taken suitable measures with Xion and Roxas?

Xemnas: I will admit, Xion has strayed from our original designs. However, we
are also seeing an interesting side effect.

Saïx: Really?

Xemnas: The Key. Xion was affected by Roxas, just as we had anticipated. This
was indeed what we had hoped to achieve... But then, through Roxas, Sora
himself began to shape "it" into "her," giving Xion a sense of identity. Our
plan seemed like a failure at this point... But then it occurred to me. Xion is
keeping Sora's memories trapped by claiming them as her own. Keeping her close
to Roxas will ultimately prevent Sora from ever waking.

Saïx: I see. And what of the imposter?

Xemnas: See that he stays away from Roxas. He is merely an impurity that would
make Xion's existence incomplete.

Saïx: Then we shall return to our original plan.

(Outside, in the Dark City, Riku stands atop Memory's Skyscraper. He looks over
to the moon. Xion sits curled up in her room)

Xion: What am I supposed to do... ...Riku?

(She looks toward the moon outside her window)

==Day 300: Shutdown==

(Roxas sits on the clock tower. Axel and Xion join him. They sit in silence.
Naminé stands in the Pod Room)

Naminé: Oh no...

(DiZ walks over)

DiZ: What has happened?

Naminé: Sora's memory...I'm afraid has stopped.

DiZ: What does that mean?

Naminé: Unless something is done, he'll never wake from his slumber.

DiZ: The gloves must come off then.

Naminé: But...

DiZ: Nobodies never should have existed---as I'm sure you understand, Naminé.

Naminé: Yes...

==Day 301: Vacant Place==

(Roxas sits on the clock tower alone, eating ice cream)

==Day 321: Waning Power==

(Roxas has a dream about when Sora lost his Keyblade, and his friends, to Riku.
A tear falls from Roxas's cheek and he wakes up. He wipes the tear from his
face and looks at it)

Roxas: What..is this...?

(A memory of Sora sealing the Agrabah Keyhole plays)

After Xion returned to the Organization, Roxas grew weaker by the day. It was
as though Xion continued to gain strength as Roxas lost it.

Using the Keyblade was beginning to wear out Roxas.

(After their mission, Roxas and Xion sit on the clock tower)

Xion: Are you really okay?

Roxas: (laughs) This is getting weird.

Xion: Huh?

Roxas: Since when do you ever worry about me?

Xion: What do you mean "weird"?

Roxas: Usually, I do all the worrying over you. I don't think it's ever been
the other way around before. Just feels strange, that's all.

Xion: Roxas, of course I worry about you.

Roxas: I'm just glad you're back, Xion. Even though it might have been rough on

Xion: Is Axel coming today?

Roxas: Ah... Who knows...

Xion: You didn't fight, did you?

Roxas: How could he? How could that jerk attack you like that?

Xion: ... "That jerk"...? Do you mean Axel?

(Roxas says nothing)

Xion: But...I wouldn't be sitting here with you if Axel hadn't done that.

(Roxas still says nothing)

Xion: He's your best friend.

Roxas: I know, but so are you.

Xion: Heh. It's just not the same without all three of us...

(Later, Axel walks through Naught's Skyway)

Xion: Axel!

Axel: Huh?

(Xion approaches Axel from behind)

Axel: You need something?

Xion: Well, um... Something's wrong with Roxas. You don't know why, do you? He
says the Keyblade wears him out when he goes to use it. And then today, I was
fighting the same way Roxas does.

Axel: You would know more about Roxas than I do by now.

Xion: What do you mean?

Axel: (sighs) Well, what do you think, Xion?

Xion: I'm not sure.

Axel: Not sure, huh? Is that because you're a puppet?

(Xion gasps)

Axel: You do know that. You're a replica whose original purpose was to copy
Roxas's powers. So if you see Roxas's powers getting weaker, while your powers
are getting stronger... It could be that you're robbing Roxas of his powers
more than you oughta be.

Xion: What can I... Then what should I do?

Axel: You gotta think for yourself. Cuz I know you're not just a puppet. We're
best friends. You, me, and Roxas, that is. Got it memorized?

Xion: Sure. Can I ask you just one other thing?

Axel: What's that?

Xion: I saw a boy today who looks just like Roxas.

(Axel gasps and sighs)

Xion: Is he who I think he is?

(Xigbar stands around the corner overhearing the conversation)

==Day 322: The Program==

(Saïx, Xigbar and Xemnas sit in the Round Room)

Xigbar: Sora has a pretty powerful effect on her is all I'm saying.

Xemnas: Yes, it was not supposed to gain a mind of its own---nor become the 
person we see. But in the end, it only proves that the puppet is the more
worthy vessel. The time has come. Saïx, are the devices ready?

Saïx: In a matter of days.

Xemnas: Good.

Saïx: And what of Roxas?

Xemnas: Both of them have connections to Sora, but we only need one of them 
under our thumb. Whether Xion takes from Roxas the rest of what he has to
give...or, whether he destroys her first and takes back what is his, there is
no change to our plans. No matter how, Sora's power will belong to us.

==Day 323: Fleeting==

Roxas, still in a slump, continued to receive missions from the Organization.

He spent his days executing missions.

==Day 352: Sunset==

(In her room, Xion sits curled on her bed)

Xion: The way things are...I'm going to wreck everything...

(She stares at the moon outside her window)

Xion: What should I do, Riku?

(Xion thinks back to when Riku found Xion in Destiny Islands. She wakes up in
his arms)

Xion: Are you...

Riku: Riku. Sora's friend.

Xion: Sora? You know Sora?

Riku: Yeah.

(He stands and offers a hand to help her up)

Xion: Thank you. You saved me, but I don't know why...you did.

Riku: I guess...I just felt like it.

Xion: Riku, please... Tell me more---about Sora and that girl he's always with.

Riku: You mean Kairi.

Xion: Kairi... That's right. She's the one who looks so much like me.

Riku: To Sora, she's someone very special.

Xion: It's just...I remember things about the two of them. But I'm nothing more
than a puppet---something that somebody created. So why would I have...their
memories? Do you know where Sora is now?

Riku: That secret stays with me.

Xion: Why's that?

Riku: Xion...your memories...they really belong to Sora.

Xion: So you mean...I'm like a part of him?

Riku: When his memories were scattered, some of them...found their way inside
you. Now, Sora has been put to sleep so that we can piece together his memory.

Xion: You can't, because part of it is inside of me. That means...he can't wake

Riku: Yeah. You got it. But, if you go with me to Sora right now, we could give
the memories inside you back to him.

Xion: So, do you hate me for taking your friend away from you?

Riku: Nah. I guess...I'm just sad.

Xion: I'm sorry, but...I can't go with you. It's my friends---they need me. And
I need them, too.

(Riku places a hand on her shoulder)

Riku: Maybe...you should take some time and think about it. Figure out who
really needs you more. And where you belong.

Xion: How will I know where I belong, truly? I'm not sure I can promise you
I'll come up with the right answer.

Riku: Well, the answer you come up with can't just be right for you. It has to 
be one that works best for everybody. You and your friends and everyone else.

(Riku leaves)

Xion: I'll try. Thank you, Riku.

(In her bed, Xion holds a seashell and looks at the moon)

Xion: I have to make the most of the time Riku's given me.

(She holds the shell to her chest and leaves the room)

Roxas battled a Heartless during a mission.

His strength spent against a formidable foe, Roxas swung his Keyblade with all
his might in hopes of ending things quickly.

But his strike was interrupted with the sound of clashing metal.

There was Axel, blocking both Roxas's and Xion's Keyblades. They had been
fighting the entire time, each thinking the other was a Heartless.

Axel informed them of the truth surrounding this mission rigged to get them to
fight one another.

(Axel, Roxas, and Xion eat ice cream on the clock tower)

Xion: Brain freeze... (giggles)

Roxas: It's been a while since we all hung out like this, hasn't it?

Axel: Well, we've had our share of drama lately. I just remembered---did you 
guys know you should be checking your ice cream sticks?

Xion: Really?

Axel: Once you finish your ice cream, see if the stick says WINNER.

(Axel takes a bite, but sighs when he doesn't see WINNER written on the stick)

Axel: Not that I've ever seen one myself.

Roxas: Huh. Wait a second...

(Roxas realizes something)

Axel: What is it?

Roxas: Uhh...it's n-nothing. So then, what happens when you win?

Axel: I'll tell ya... That's a good question.

Roxas: What, you don't know?

Axel: Well, it's gotta be something nifty, if you're a WINNER, right?

Roxas: Cool...

Xion: Heh heh heh... Wow. The sun's beautiful. I know we've seen a lot of
sunsets, but today's puts them all to shame. If only things could stay like
this forever...

(Axel sighs)

Roxas: Say... What if we all just took off?

Xion: What?

Roxas: If we ran, I bet we could always be together.

Xion: But we have nowhere to run.

(Axel sighs silently)

Roxas: Yeah. I guess you're right.

Axel: What's important isn't that we hang out with each other every day---

Xion: As long as we keep each other in our thoughts, we'll never be apart,
right? We've got it memorized, Axel.

Axel: Good.

Xion: I'll have these moments memorized for a long time. Forever.

Roxas: Me too. Forever...

(Naminé stands in the Pod Room)

Naminé: Sora...

(DiZ walks over)

DiZ: It appears we've come to a standstill.

Naminé: Yes.

DiZ: This has gone on long enough. Riku...

(He turns around to face Riku)

DiZ: I think you know what needs to be done.

Riku: Right.

==Day 353: Resolve==

(Axel walks through Twilight's View and sees Saïx)

Saïx: Looks like you've meddled again.

Axel: Sorry, did you say something?

Saïx: The Organization doesn't need both of them. Just one will suffice. Stop

(Axel looks away)

Saïx: Think about that.

(He walks away)

Roxas entered the lobby to see Axel, Xion, and Xigbar conversing with Saïx. The
unusual trio were about to head out on a mission.

Roxas asked Saïx if he could take Xigbar's spot, but Saïx chided Roxas, asking
if he was powerless without Axel.

Roxas saw Xion and Axel off with a sense of unease.

(Xigbar, Axel, and Xion are in the Tea Party Garden in Wonderland)

Xigbar (jumping back): Ha ha ha! What a blast from the past.

(Xion is poised and ready to fight, Keyblade out)

Axel: Xion, stop!

(Xigbar summons his arrowguns)

Xigbar: Of all the faces... Why do I look at her and see yours?

(Xion appears similar to Roxas)

Xigbar: Why is it that you always have to glare at me like that?

Xion: Shut up!

(Axel watches. Xion charges toward Xigbar and becomes invisible)

Xigbar: Huh?

(Xigbar looks around furiously but is hit by Xion's swift appearance. Xigbar
falls to the ground, and Xion pants, dispelling her Keyblade)

Xion: I'm sorry, Axel.

Axel: What are you doing?

Xion: Please...let me go. I have to do this, or else--- Just look.

(She removes her hood and Axel gasps. She then puts the hood back on)

Xion: Please, Axel. You have to take care of Roxas.

Axel: But...you'd be...

Xion: Please!

(He thinks for a moment and then nods, signaling her to leave)

Xion: Thank you, Axel.

(She runs into a corridor of darkness. Later, Roxas walks into The Grey Area
and sees Saïx speaking with Axel and Xigbar)

Saïx: Explain yourself, Axel.

Axel: The old man needs to get his eye checked. She just got away.

Xigbar: I'll give him that. Can't toss the blame around.

(Roxas walks in)

Saïx: And now we're left with the one we can't use...

Roxas: Did something happen?

(Saïx leaves. Axel turns around and looks away)

Roxas: Where's Xion?

Xigbar: She flew the coop. Flamesilocks here couldn't trouble himself to clip
her wings.

(Axel says nothing)

Roxas: Huh? What does he mean, Axel?

Xigbar: Your friend sat there sucking his thumb while Xion walked right off.
...I'm going back to my room.

(Xigbar leaves)

Roxas: What happened out there?

Axel: Nothing, really.

Roxas: "Nothing"? Xion's gone! How can that be nothing?

Axel: It's just like Xigbar said. I just sat there sucking my thumb watching
Xion run away.

(Roxas puts himself in front of Axel)

Roxas: I'm asking you WHY you did that, and you know it!

Axel (crossing his arms): Xion is like a mirror that reflects you.

Roxas: You're not making any sense.

Axel: Xion is a puppet, created to duplicate your powers.

Roxas: Are you nuts? Xion's a person, not a puppet.

Axel: She's a mirror that reflects you. And when I looked in the mirror... It
wasn't you I saw.

Roxas: Xion is Xion. You can't expect her to be me.

Axel: That's not what I mean. It was only a matter of time before someone broke
the mirror.

Roxas: You mean...they have to destroy her!?

(Axel looks down)

Roxas: Answer me!

Axel: Roxas, if somebody doesn't---then you won't be you anymore.

Roxas: I'll always be me! I'm still your best friend---just like Xion is my
best friend!

Axel: That's not it. You're missing the whole point, Roxas.

Roxas: Forget this.

(Roxas runs away)

Axel: Roxas! I wish you'd understand, Roxas...

(Xion arrives on the Bridge of Beast's Castle and sees Riku)

Xion: Riku!

Riku: Did you find the answer?

Xion: Yes, I certainly did. I'm on the verge of losing everything I care about. 
So please... Please Riku, tell me what I should do now.

Riku: Go to Twilight Town. You'll find a girl there named Naminé.

Xion: Naminé? What's she like?

Riku: You'll find out. I don't think you'll have trouble finding her.

Xion: All right. Thanks, Riku. Good-bye...

(She leaves)

==Day 354: Truth==

(Xemnas assembles the remaining Organization members in the Round Room)

Xemnas: Xion has disappeared yet again.

Xaldin: Do we know where she has headed?

Xemnas: "It"---not "she"---is a replica, merely a puppet.

Luxord: A puppet? What does that mean exactly?

Saïx: A puppet is a puppet.

Xigbar: Talking about the Replica Program, isn't it obvious?

Demyx: The what-ca?

Xaldin: Perhaps you'd care to enlighten us about this pet project of yours.

Xemnas: Hmm. The purpose was to take a piece of the Keyblade wielder's memory
and copy it, thus making his powers our own. This was one of several projects
of ours being undertaken at Castle Oblivion. However, our efforts were severely
derailed by Vexen's untimely demise. Needless to say, losing Vexen was not part
of our plans. We were also caught off guard when this particular replica we
called Xion formed an identity of its own.

Saïx: No one at Castle Oblivion ever reported any instance where a replica
formed its own identity. Do you concur, Axel?

(Axel remains silent)

Xemnas: Whatever the puppet may decide to do, we can be certain it will no
longer have an impact on our plans. Still, it knows our secrets. We need to
shorten the leash. Perhaps even tighten it.

Roxas: What exactly do you---

Xemnas: Axel. The onus is on you to capture and bring back Xion. The escape was
on your watch. I will overlook any nicks or scratches. Just ensure she still
functions on arrival.

Xaldin: Why would you allow a deserter back? We should simply eradicate her!

Saïx: It is not a "deserter." It is just a flawed specimen that has wandered

Xemnas: Are we clear, Axel? Dismissed.

(Xemnas vacates his chair)

Xaldin: Bring her back alive? It's sheer madness.

(Xaldin leaves)

Demyx: All this time, I've been talking to a puppet...

(Demyx leaves)

Xigbar: So now, we just sweep it up, huh? As if.

(Xigbar leaves)

Luxord: If only the whispers at the top carried to the bottom... Heh.

(Luxord leaves)

Saïx: Axel.

(Axel looks up)

Saïx: Those orders were absolute.

(Axel snickers and leaves)

Saïx: Still here, Roxas? Proceed with your mission.

Roxas: Xion is...she's not a puppet

Saïx: A puppet couldn't be part of the Organization. Just count the seats here.
We have and always will be thirteen.

(Later, in The Grey Area, Axel opens a corridor)

Roxas: Axel!

(Roxas walks over to him)

Roxas: Maybe it's best if Xion never comes back to the Organization. Do you
really have to do what Xemnas says?

Axel: If I don't, they'll eradicate me next.

Roxas: (gasps) In that case...can you at least try not to harm her?

Axel: That's up to her. Roxas... Xion is dangerous.

Roxas: Dangerous?

Axel: Have you got all your strength back?

Roxas: Not yet...

(Axel looks away)

Roxas: How long have you known about her? Could it be... that you've known
about her for a long time, and not told me anything?

(Axel remains silent and enters the corridor. Meanwhile, in The Woods of
Twilight Town, a hooded King meets a tall cloaked figure. The figure takes its
hood off to reveal a man with long white hair and yellow eyes. The King jumps
back and summons his Keyblade. They stare at each other for a few minutes,
anticipating the other's next move. The man puts a blindfold on his eyes and is
covered in a dark aura. His body begins to change form, grow younger, and his
hair turns to silver. He smiles. Surprise appears on the King's face as he
stands before...)

King Mickey: Riku!

(He walks closer)

Riku: Your Majesty.

King Mickey: Gosh, have I been worried about you! Where've you been all this

Riku: I've been...searching for a way to conquer the darkness within me while
we wait for Sora to awaken.

King Mickey: The way you looked---

Riku: You don't have to worry about me. I'm getting the hang of keeping the
darkness under control.

King Mickey: And Sora... Did something go wrong with fixing all his memories?

Riku: There's a reason the Organization's been quiet since our battle at Castle
Oblivion. And now I know it's not because a depletion in members had made them
weak. Taking Sora's memory apart piece by piece was only the first step in what
they were trying to do at Castle Oblivion. And I think they needed more time to
fix his memory.

King Mickey: You know, you and me were both looking into what the Organization
was up to, but what I saw didn't look like much. Almost like they're trying to
buy some time...

Riku: Right. Sora's memories are what they're after. And they needed all this
time until now to absorb every piece of it.

King Mickey: Huh?

Riku: The process of putting his memory back together has gone nowhere... They
have what's most precious to Sora...his memories of Kairi.

King Mickey: Well, then you have to let me help! Maybe I could get the memories

Riku: I've got that covered, Your Maj---I mean, Mickey. Instead, I want to ask
you for a favor.

King Mickey: What would that be?

Riku: I have to face one of the Organization's members soon. I might not
survive the fight. And if I do, it might be because I gave in to the darkness.
That means you're the only one who will be there for Sora, Donald, and Goofy---
the only one who can guide them when they awaken.

King Mickey: Riku...

Riku: Promise me, Mickey. When our friends wake up, you have to be there to
help them out.

King Mickey: I promise, Riku.

==Day 355: Unsaid, Unheard==

(Roxas lays awake in his room)

Roxas: Xion... Replica Program... Xion was a puppet made to replicate my
powers---the Keyblade's powers... When Xion left the Organization, Axel didn't
stop her. Like he wanted her to go. Axel's probably known about Xion for some
time now, but has kept it from me. Xion and I are both special Nobodies. Xion
was a replica. A puppet. What about me? Am I a puppet, too? Xemnas said...Sora
was what connects her and me. But who is Sora? And who am I...supposed to be?

(He sits up)

Roxas: Axel... If he's hiding things from me about Xion, what could he be
hiding about me?

(Roxas gets off his bed and walks into The Grey Area to confront Axel)

Roxas: Axel.

Axel: Hey, Roxas.

(They stand silent for a moment)

Roxas: Did you find Xion yet?

Axel: You know it isn't gonna be that easy.

Roxas: I suppose not... Have you known...about Xion this whole time?

Axel: No, not the whole time.

Roxas: Since when then?

Axel: Uhhh... I can't exactly remember when.

Roxas: Didn't get it memorized, huh?

(He tries to force a smile but sighs)

Roxas: Axel... Who am I, really?

(Axel says nothing)

Roxas: I'm special, like Xion. I know that. But the Organization wanted me out
of the picture. Am I right?

Axel: Yeah... They did.

Roxas: I guess it's 'cause Xion copied my powers, and the Keyblade's powers,
and they didn't need me anymore. And Axel, I guess you felt the same way.

Axel: You're wrong there. You'll always be...my best friend.

Roxas: Best friends are supposed to be honest with each other! Who am I, Axel?
Xemnas says me and Xion are connected to each other through Sora. I don't even
know a Sora! Am I a puppet like Xion?

Axel: You're different from Xion.

Roxas: Then why d---

Axel: Finding out the truth doesn't always work out for the best.

Roxas: What makes you so sure about that? I have the right to know the truth!
How did I even get here? Why am I so special? Where did I learn how to use the
Keyblade? I hardly know who I am! What is so wrong with wanting some answers!?

Axel: Roxas...

Roxas: I need to know, Axel. Please... Who am I?

Axel: You've just gotta trust me, Roxas.

Roxas: I don't. I can't.

(He turns around and starts leaving)

Axel: Roxas...

Roxas: Somebody knows where I came from. If I can't get answers here, I'll get
them somewhere else. That'll be the person...I trust.

(He walks back to his bedroom and looks at the WINNER popsicle stick)

Roxas: I tried... But I have to find out about myself. There's no reason for me
to be here...anymore.

(Roxas leaves the Castle and walks through the neon-lit streets of the Dark
City, passing Axel, who is leaning against a building)

Axel: Your mind's made up?

(He stops)

Roxas: Why did the Keyblade choose me? I have to know.

Axel: You can't turn on the Organization! You get on their bad side, and
they'll destroy you!

Roxas: No one would miss me.

(He walks away)

Axel: That's not true. I would.

==Day 356: Place to Belong==

(The curtains in the White Room gently sway as two young girls sit at opposite
ends of a long white table. The girl in black removes her hood)

Naminé: Nice to meet you...Xion.

Xion: Naminé, are you able...to see my face?

Naminé (nodding): Yes.

Xion: Then what do you think I should do?

Naminé: What do you want to do?

Xion: Hmm...

(Xion looks over at the sketch of her, Roxas, and Axel hanging on the wall)

Xion: At first, I just wanted to be with Roxas and Axel forever. But then I
started to realize that my memories... Well, these aren't really even mine, are

Naminé: You're not Sora, and you're not Roxas. You're Kairi as Sora remembers

Xion: Oh... As I remember more of my past, the more I feel the need to go back
where I came from... What should I do...to go back?

Naminé: So you're going back to Sora?

(Xion nods)

Naminé: If you return your memories to him, then you will disappear. In
exchange for not having your own memory, you're connected through other's
memories. So when you disappear, no one will remember you. There won't be any
"you" to remember. For all the powers I possess, I can't keep even one piece of
the memory called "you" connected.

Xion: I know. I'm ready. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. I also know that Roxas
should be going back with me. But...I don't think he would understand. Not yet.

Naminé: I know. Roxas can't feel Sora just yet...

Xion: Naminé, will you please watch over Roxas once I'm gone? You won't be
alone. I asked someone else, too. There just isn't anything else I can do.

Naminé: All right.

Xion: Thank you...

Naminé: Well, if you're ready, let's go see Sora.

(DiZ enters the room by way of the dark corridor)

DiZ: Naminé, it's them! The Organization has found us! They're almost here!
This blasted puppet led them right to our doorstep! See what you get for
trusting it?

Xion: I can handle this!

(Xion runs out)

Naminé (standing up): Wait! Xion...

(Xion leaves The Old Mansion and searches around for the intruder. Axel enters
through the corridor)

Axel: Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?

(He stops once he sees Xion)

Xion: Axel...

Axel: Xion...what are you gonna do?

Xion: I've decided that I have to go back to where I belong.

Axel: Well, to be honest, I always felt that was best, right from the very 
beginning. But you know, it still really bugs me. Something about this just

(He clenches his fist in anger)

Xion: It's for the good of everyone.

Axel: But how do you know that? Everybody thinks they're right...

Xion: This is right.

Axel: They're gonna destroy you!

(She summons her Keyblade and Axel gasps)

Xion: Please don't hold back, Axel. Promise.

Axel (struggling hard): What's your problem? You both...think you can do 
whatever you want. Well, I'm sick of it. Go on, you just keep running. 
But I'll always be there to bring you back!

(He summons his chakrams and they fight a heavy battle. Later, Axel carries 
her back to the Castle on his last legs)

Axel: Why you gotta cause me so much trouble...

(He struggles to walk and falls to his knees, dropping Xion. They both lay
unconscious at Nothing's Call. Xemnas arrives and picks up Xion as one would
hold a cloth puppet)

==Day 357: Tears==

(Roxas sits atop Twilight Town's clock tower alone, thinking)

Roxas (chuckling weakly): Where did I think I could go? What a joke.

(He buries his head in his arms. A hooded Xion enters and sits next to him)

Roxas: Xion!

(She hands him an ice cream bar and he smiles softly)

Roxas: Thank you.

(They sit quietly and watch the sunset)

Xion: Roxas... I'm out of time.

(She stands up and takes her hood off. Roxas's eyes widen and his jaw drops)

Xion: Even if I'm not ready...I have to make this choice. You have poured so
many memories into me...given me so much...that I feel like I'm about to
overflow. Look at me, Roxas. Who do you see? If you see somebody else's face...
a boy's face...then that means I'm almost ready. This puppet will have to play
her part. Roxas... This is him. It's Sora.

(Roxas is speechless. Xion walks off into the air, remaining suspended. She
puts her hood back on and faces him. He stands)

Xion: You're next, Roxas. I have to make you a part of me, too.

(She holds out her hand and dark tendrils move around her)

Xion: Don't you see? This is why I was created.

(The dark tendrils and smoke envelop her. Roxas engages her. After a painful
and heavy battle, Xion falls to her knees, the darkness wrapped around her
dissipating. Roxas holds his head while walking toward her)

Roxas: Who are you...again? It's weird. I feel like I'm forgetting something 
really important.

Xion: You'll be...better off now...Roxas.

(She falls over, and Roxas catches her in his arms. She starts to splinter,
small shards of memory floating out of her body)

Roxas: Am I...the one who did this to you?

Xion: No... It was my choice...to go away now. Better that, than to do
nothing...and let Xemnas have his way. I belong with Sora. And now, I am going
back...to be with him. Roxas...

(She places her hand on his)

Xion: I need you...to do me a favor. All those hearts that I've captured... 
Kingdom Hearts... Set them free.

Roxas: Kingdom Hearts... Free them?

(Xion's legs start to become crystalline. Roxas gasps)

Xion: It's too late...for me to undo my mistakes. But you can't let Xemnas...
have Kingdom Hearts. You can't. Good-bye, Roxas. See you again. I'm glad...I
got to meet you. Oh...and of course, Axel, too. You're both my best friends.

(She places a hand on Roxas's cheek)

Xion: Never forget. That's the truth.

(Roxas continues to hold her as her eyes close. She drops her hand, but he 
catches it, scattering more memories)

Roxas (pleading): No! Xion... Who else will I have ice cream with?

(The crystal envelops her entire body. She is bathed in warm light until all
that remains is a seashell. Roxas touches it and remembers her smiling face as
they sat on the clock tower together)

Roxas: Xion.

(Tears fall from his eyes. Meanwhile, Axel lays in his bed)

Axel: How did this happen?

(He sits up)

Axel: Hmm?

(He sees an envelope on his windowsill. He opens it and takes out the WINNER
popsicle stick. He stands there, unmoving)

==Day 358: Believe==

(A hooded Roxas walks through the Dark City streets. His destination: The 
Castle That Never Was. He enters Memory's Skyscraper. It begins to rain.
Neoshadows emerge from the ground where he walks. The neon lights of the city
buzz in Roxas's ears, the rain sizzling off their hot cores. Neoshadows
surround him. He takes out the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades, spins them,
and strikes them together as if challenging the Heartless to attack. The
Neoshadows fall to the deadly blades. The Heartless continue to appear. Roxas
stands at the base of the skyscraper and looks up. Riku stands atop the
building, over the large flickering video screen. Roxas jumps to the side of
the building and runs up the length of it, striking down more Neoshadows as
they follow him upward relentlessly. Roxas tosses the Oblivion upward as Riku
dives down to catch it. As he does, he gasps from the flood of memories of Xion
pouring into his mind. Flashes of a wounded Xion on a Bridge, and in his arms
on an Island. Riku and Roxas pass each other over the large video screen. Roxas
reaches the top of the skyscraper and looks down at the ground. More Heartless
emerge around Riku, who clutches his head. A Neoshadow lunges for him, but he
strikes it down. Roxas jumps from the top of the building and the two of them
attack the Heartless without a sound. The darkness is dispelled and Riku's
memories of Xion flicker. The two fighters turn toward each other and jump

Roxas: Who are you?

Riku: What does it matter? I'm here for you.

Roxas: Why are you trying to stop me?

Riku: Because I want back the rest of Sora's memories.

Roxas: Sora!? Enough about Sora!

Riku: Do you have some kind of plan?

Roxas: I'll set Kingdom Hearts free! Then everything will be the way it was!
She'll come back...and the three of us can be together again!

Riku: You mean Xion? It's a struggle just to remember the name now... Either
way, I can't let you go doing anything crazy.

Roxas: I'm freeing Kingdom Hearts and I'm going to find Sora! I want Xion back.
I want my life back!

Riku: If you try and make contact with Kingdom Hearts, the last thing 
you'll get is your life back. The Organization will destroy you.

Roxas: Enough!

(Roxas attacks Riku. After a powerful and emotional battle, Roxas stands over
Riku, who is sitting on the ground)

Riku: Why!? Why do you have the Keyblade?

(Roxas looks at the Oathkeeper, but shakes it off)

Roxas: Shut up!

(Roxas attacks Riku, but Riku knocks him away, the Keyblade tossed from Roxas's
hand. Riku walks up to the body of Roxas, whose head fills with memories of
him, Axel, and Xion having ice cream. Riku slams his Keyblade into the ground.
He stands there for a moment. He gasps as Roxas struggles to get up, using the
Oblivion for support. He stands and pulls it out of the ground, running at
Riku, who shoots a Dark Firaga spell at him. Roxas blasts through the spell and
lunges at Riku, who jumps away)

Roxas: Why don't you quit?

Riku: Come on, Sora. I thought you were stronger than that.

Roxas: Huh? Get real! Look which one of us is winning.

(Roxas is surprised at this outburst)

Riku: So it's true. You really are his Nobody. Guess DiZ was right after all.

Roxas: What are you talking about? I am me! Nobody else!

(Roxas summons both Keyblades and runs to strike him again. Riku dodges the
first attack, but misses to block the second one and gets hit in the arm. He
hears a voice)

Xion: Riku, please! You have to stop him!

Roxas: How many times do I have to beat you?

(Riku struggles to stand, holding his arm weakly)

Riku: All right. You've left me with no other choice.

Roxas: What?

Riku: I have to release the power in my heart---

(He stands and takes off his blindfold, letting it fall to the ground)

Riku: the dark power that I've been holding back. Even...if it changes me

(He lets out a scream as pillars of dark energy surround him. Roxas readies his
Keyblades once again. The energy clears to reveal the body of a white-haired
man and his Guardian counterpart, hovering in the air. Riku teleports in front
of Roxas and the Guardian grabs him by the torso and arms, forcing him to drop
his Keyblades in his anguish. They clatter to the ground and vanish)

Riku: I have accepted it.

(Later, Riku stands over Roxas's body. The memories of Xion begin to fade, as
if in a dream, until only Roxas and Axel sit upon the clock tower. DiZ enters
through a corridor of darkness and Riku puts his hood up)

Riku: DiZ...he could feel Sora.

DiZ: Oh, he told you how he "felt," did he? Ridiculous. A Nobody cannot feel

Riku: If he had met Sora, things might have been different.

(Roxas hears a voice in his head)

Xion: Roxas, don't be sad. I came from you and Sora. I am you...the same way
that I am Sora. You'll forget me, but the memories themselves will never go
away. Memories of you and me will always be together...forever, inside him.

==Day 359: The First Day==

(Roxas awakes in his new bedroom in Twilight Town. He sits up)

Roxas: Another dream about him...

(He hears the bells ring at the Clock Tower and he opens the window to watch
the eternal sunset. Later, he runs through the streets of Twilight Town)

Roxas: Maybe...today we'll finally hit the beach!

(He runs to The Usual Spot)

Roxas (narrating): Only seven days to go, and then my summer vacation's over.




==Roxas's Diary==


Day 7: Entry 1
Day 8: Entry 2
Day 9: Entry 3
Day 14: Entry 4
Day 15: Entry 5
Day 22: Entry 6
Day 23: Entry 7
Day 24: Entry 8
Day 25: Entry 9
Day 26: How Long? 
Day 50: Xion's Seashells
Day 51: Annihilated
Day 52: Ice Cream Alone
Day 71: Axel's Back
Day 72: Ice Cream with Axel
Day 73: Where's Xion?
Day 74: The Three of Us
Day 75: Inseparable
Day 94: Kingdom Hearts
Day 95: My Past
Day 96: Out of Trouble
Day 97: Our Place
Day 117: Special Nobodies
Day 118: Vacation
Day 119: Something to Protect
Day 149: WINNER
Day 150: Too Precious to Lose
Day 151: What Makes Us Different
Day 152: I Don't Get It
Day 153: No Taste for It
Day 171: What's Love?
Day 172: Xion's Collapsed
Day 173: Picking Up the Slack
Day 174: Seashells for Her
Day 193: Best Friends
Day 194: Even Far Apart
Day 224: What's Gotten Into Her?
Day 225: Something Must Be Wrong
Day 255: Now Axel's Acting Weird
Day 256: Xion's Gone Missing
Day 257: He's Avoiding Me
Day 276: By the Sea
Day 277: No Sign of Her
Day 296: Castle Oblivion
Day 297: Who is That Guy?
Day 298: Some Other Way
Day 299: Sora?
Day 300: No Words
Day 301: My Dream
Day 321: No Energy Left
Day 322: Another Dream
Day 352: Us and the Sunset
Day 353: Broken Trust
Day 354: Who Am I?
Day 355: I Am
Day 357: Three Again?

Day 7: Entry 1

It's been a week since I got here. Saïx told me to keep a diary, but he said
nobody would check it. What am I supposed to write about?

Today they told us to go to the Round Room, where we met our new member, No.
XIV. Was I like that when I first got here? I think I was. But I don't remember
too well.

Day 8: Entry 2

Axel and I went to Twilight Town today. He taught me a lot.

Before we RTC'd (Returned To the Castle) we swung by the clock tower and had
some sea-salt ice cream. Axel called it the "icing on the cake" after a
successful mission. Well, except there was no cake---just the ice cream.

I don't know what to write in this thing!

Day 9: Entry 3

The past few days, the other members have been showing me how to fight and do
mission stuff. They also told me more about the Organization, and about myself.

I still don't really get what a "heart" is. But apparently, it's a vital piece
of who I am---so I've decided to cooperate. If I collect enough hearts, I can
complete Kingdom Hearts. Then I'll be whole.

Day 14: Entry 4

Me and Axel went on a mission to Twilight Town. Afterwards, we went and had ice
cream again up on the clock tower.

He said friends do stuff like that. Or they laugh together. So does that mean
me and him are friends?

Day 15: Entry 5

The other members have been teaching me more about how to fight and stuff. It's
going, I guess.

Every day after work, I've been meeting Axel at the clock tower to have
sea-salt ice cream. It really is salty! But still sweet, too. How come it
tastes so familiar?

Day 22: Entry 6

Axel is going to some place called Castle Oblivion. He told me because we're

He had to go home early to get ready, and after he left I noticed the word
WINNER on my ice cream stick. I wonder what I won... I'll ask him when I see
him tomorrow.

Day 23: Entry 7

Axel left before I woke up this morning. I never got to ask him about the ice
cream stick.

I was partnered up with No. XIV for today's mission. Xion wore a hood the whole
time and wouldn't say a word to me. Come to think of it, I didn't have a whole
lot to say, either.

Afterwards I went and had ice cream by myself.

Day 24: Entry 8

I teamed up with No. XIV again today. We finally talked a little---Xion even
said my name for the first time.

Afterwards I had ice cream by myself again. The lady at the shop said you can
trade the WINNER stick for an extra bar. But I can't eat more than one.

Day 25: Entry 9

Today was my third day with Xion. I've gotten to know a little more about her.
That's right---she's a girl, with black hair, and she can use the Keyblade just
like me!

I took her out for ice cream afterwards, but I'm saving the WINNER stick. Axel
deserves a reward when he gets back. Xion wants to have ice cream with us from
now on. Maybe we'll be friends.

Day 26: How Long?

I only remember part of this day. I heard somebody sent to Castle Oblivion was
terminated. Saïx said it may have been Axel.

I tried to ask Xigbar about it on the day's mission, and he said nothing's left
of Nobodies once we're gone, because we have no hearts to leave behind. I don't
remember much after that. They say I collapsed and wouldn't wake up...

Day 50: Xion's Seashells

I must have missed a lot. It's like I had the longest dream. I woke up to find
a bunch of seashells by my pillow. I counted them---one for each day they said
I was asleep.

I was wondering who left them there, but then when I got to the clock tower,
Xion gave me another one. I held it up to my ear, and I could hear the ocean...
Why did it sound so familiar?

The stuff I dreamed about felt strangely familiar, too. I remember being in a
white room with somebody the same age as me wearing red clothes...and then he
sort of disappeared into the white.

And there was a girl's voice---she said she knew I'd be "snoozing." Why would
she know that? The voice was a little like Xion's.

Day 51: Annihilated

It sounds like the worst has come to pass: the whole C.O. team, wiped from
existence. It's hard to come to grips with the idea that Axel is gone. I
feel...choked up? I don't know what you'd call it. I've never had this kind of

I went up to the clock tower to have ice cream, but nobody else showed up.

Day 52: Ice Cream Alone

I sit up on the clock tower, but no one comes. Not Axel, not even Xion. That
weird lump in my throat won't go away.

Something else is bothering me. This is gonna sound crazy (good thing this is a
private diary!), but these pictures keep flashing through my head. Not all the
time, just sometimes... Ever since I collapsed.

It happens when I'm awake, too---on missions---so I don't think it's a dream.
Where are the pictures coming from?

Day 71: Axel's Back

After work, Axel turned up. Just like that, out of nowhere. I didn't know what
to say. I thought we'd lost him for good.

We went up to the clock tower and talked for a while. I told him about Xion.

The choked-up sensation has gone away.

Day 72: Ice Cream with Axel

Me and Axel went to Agrabah. He seems different now that he's back from C.O.
Ice cream was just the two of us today.

I wonder when me and Axel and Xion will all get to have ice cream together.


Day 73: Where's Xion?

After I finished my mission I wanted all three of us to have ice cream, but I
couldn't find Xion. It's been at least ten days since I've seen her.

Axel said he'd ask Saïx what was going on. Speaking of Axel, I didn't see him
at the clock tower today.

Day 74: The Three of Us

My job today was to help Axel find Xion. It turns out she had gone missing, but
we managed to find her.

We finally got to all have ice cream together, which was nice, but Xion can't
use her Keyblade anymore. Axel says friends help each other out, so I'm gonna
go on missions with her until she remembers how to work the Keyblade herself.

Day 75: Inseparable

Me and Xion are working together now. The Genie we met in Agrabah said he and
his friend Al are "inseparable." Axel told us best friends can be inseparable
even if they're not always together, but it sounded like he wasn't too sure
about it himself.

I thought Axel knew everything. Oh well...

That reminds me, those weird pictures flashed through my head again while I was
in Agrabah. The guy in red I wrote about before... Has he been to Agrabah or

Day 94: Kingdom Hearts

Xemnas summoned us. Nothing he says ever makes sense to me. He showed us
Kingdom Hearts, a big heart-shaped moon floating up there in the night sky, and
said the human heart will never have power over us. Great...I guess? So why are
we trying to get hearts again?

Axel said I'll understand better once I have a heart, but I'm not so sure...

Day 95: My Past

I went to Agrabah today with Xion. We make a pretty good team now.

Afterwards me and her and Axel talked about us and the other Nobodies. The ones
who make it into the Organization are powerful enough to keep their memories...
But me and Xion can't remember our pasts. What was I like?

Day 96: Out of Trouble

Today's mission was with Xion, in Beast's Castle. I tried loaning her my
Keyblade, and she had no problem using it. That meant I had to fight without
it, but we got the job done.

Afterwards Xion remembered how to summon her own Keyblade, so I guess we're out
of trouble. When we were done, we all had ice cream together.

Day 97: Our Place

Every day, after work, the three of us have been going to our place on top of
the clock tower to have ice cream. We don't talk about much, but I wouldn't
miss these conversations for the world. I wonder if Axel and Xion feel the same

Do the other Organization members have their own routines? It's hard to

Day 117: Special Nobodies

Today it was me and Xigbar. Axel and Xion went out on their own mission.

Xigbar told me that Xion and me are "exceptional"---you know, like, special
Nobodies. Because we can use the Keyblade?

Work dragged on late, so I didn't make it up to the clock tower. I wonder if
Xion and Axel made it.

Those pictures started flashing through my head again on the mission. The boy
in red... What's it all about? Maybe when Xigbar called me "special" he meant

Seriously, though, is Xion experiencing the same thing? It feels weird to ask.

Day 118: Vacation

Today was my first vacation ever. I didn't know what to do with it. Axel said
to do what I like, but all I like is having ice cream with my friends---so
that's what I ended up doing.

Axel leaves tomorrow for some kind of mission. Which reminds me---I still
haven't given him the WINNER stick yet.

Day 119: Something to Protect

Axel has been gone forever. It's been just me and Xion at the clock tower.

While me and Xaldin explored Beast's Castle, we found something he wants to
protect...  Xaldin says that's a weakness, but I'm not so sure. What does it
mean to care about something that much? I don't, so it's hard to wrap my head
around the whole idea.

Day 149: WINNER

Today's mission took me to a new world. It was a weird place. I was up on the
clock tower afterwards when Axel turned up after being away forever. He said he
finished that long mission. But this time Xion didn't show.

I was gonna give Axel that WINNER stick, but I should wait until I get another
one. It wouldn't be fair to leave Xion out.

Day 150: Too Precious to Lose

Xion didn't come to the clock tower again today. She and Saïx had some kind of

Axel and I talked for a while about the things we can't bear to lose. Axel
thinks that for Nobodies, it's our pasts, because that's all we have to
remember the pain of losing something. I don't remember my past, but the idea
of losing the present---Axel or Xion---scares me.

Day 151: What Makes Us Different

I ran into Xion in Twilight Town. I guess she messed up a mission pretty bad
the other day, and it's been bugging her.

We went up to the clock tower afterwards. She said me and her are different---
which is pretty obvious if you look at us, but I don't think that's what she
meant. A lot seems to be on her mind, and it's not the same as what's on mine.

Day 152: I Don't Get It

I think Xion might be mad at me, but I don't know why. Axel says girls are
complicated. You can't press the wrong buttons. Like I'm supposed to know what
the right ones are.

Day 153: No Taste for It

It's hard spending time with Xion, and Axel seems busy, too. I've been having
ice cream alone, but it's just not the same. All I taste is the salt, and my
hands get all sticky. It's like I'm going through the motions of eating it just
so I can throw the stick out and get on with life. I must've had about a
hundred of these things, and I still haven't found another WINNER.

I never did find a way to ask Xion about the pictures that go through my head.
I don't really know what to do about anything right now.

Day 171: What's Love?

On my mission at Beast's Castle, Xaldin told me about "love" and the special
power it has over people.

I tried to ask Axel about it, but his explanation didn't make any sense to me.
Every time I ask him about this kind of thing, he tells me I need a heart to
understand. It's like he's dodging the questions.

Day 172: Xion's Collapsed

Xion failed her mission and now she's in a deep sleep. I thought they were
lying to me when they told me, but I went to see her, and she really was just
asleep. I left a seashell by her pillow, just like she did for me.

Saïx hates her. I don't know why. Maybe he knows more about her than the rest
of us do.

Those pictures flashed through my mind again on today's mission (the same boy
in red as usual). I guess he's been to Wonderland. I'm still trying to figure
out what it is I'm seeing.

Day 173: Picking Up the Slack

I've decided to work harder while Xion is asleep to pick up some of the slack.
Axel said he asked Saïx about her, but no dice. He did say that Saïx was having
second thoughts about calling her broken, though.

I just hope we get all this drama ironed out soon, so she doesn't have to wake
up to it.

Day 174: Seashells for Her

Xion hasn't woken up, but I'm pulling double duty to make up for it.

Me and Axel talk about the dumbest stuff now. Afterwards we head back to the
castle, and I leave a seashell by Xion's pillow. It would please me to see her
smile when she finds them.

Those pictures flashed through my head again in Never Land. And when I flew, it
felt like I'd done it before. Has the guy in red flown before, is that it?

Day 193: Best Friends

Xion's awake now. The three of us were gonna go get some ice cream after our
mission, but she passed out again, so we had to take her home.

I talked with Axel in her room until she woke up. He said the three of us were
best friends---inseparable.

Day 194: Even Far Apart

We've all started going back to our usual spot after work. Sometimes Axel and
Xion are there waiting for me, other times I get there first.

Things have gotten busier for us, so we can't all make it every day. But even
if they're not there, at least now it seems like we're together again. I wonder
if it seems that way to them, too.

I forgot to ask Xion about the pictures in my head again... It was the same kid
in red. Who is he? What does he have to do with me?

Day 224: What's Gotten Into Her?

I think something's wrong with Xion. Is she not feeling well again?

Axel said we should all go to the beach next time we get a vacation. I think he
senses something is wrong, too. That's why he suggested the beach---to make her
feel better.

Day 225: Something Must Be Wrong

Okay, now I'm really worried about Xion. I told Axel, but all he said was that
she'll get through it.

He knows something is wrong. I bet he's just telling me that to put my mind at
ease. Well, it's not working.

Day 255: Now Axel's Acting Weird

I had ice cream with Axel after work today, but Xion didn't show.

Axel said she got sent on an important mission, but he wouldn't look at me when
he said it. I've been wondering what's wrong with Xion all this time, but now
that I stop and think about it, Axel's not himself either.

Day 256: Xion's Gone Missing

Xion has gone missing, but nobody said anything about her being hurt, so that's
good...I guess.

Did she run off? That doesn't make any sense. Xemnas told us not to go after
her. The way Saïx explained it, it's almost like they don't think she's worth
getting back.

What is going on?

Day 257: He's Avoiding Me

I want to talk to Axel about Xion, but I can't seem to get ten seconds with the

What am I supposed to do? I can't believe he's avoiding me. We're supposed to
be friends.

Day 276: By the Sea

I don't remember much about today's mission---just that it was by the beach. Or
was it? The mission didn't even feel real.

Me and Axel agreed to start looking for Xion tomorrow.

Day 277: No Sign of Her

I've looked everywhere for Xion, in every world, but there's just no sign of

Where is she? Why did she leave the Organization? I don't get it, any of it.

Day 296: Castle Oblivion

There's one place we haven't checked yet to see if Xion's there---Castle
Oblivion. When I brought it up with Axel, he surprised me by saying that C.O.
is where Xion comes from. I guess he just found out himself.

Is that where she is?

Day 297: Who is That Guy?

I went to Castle Oblivion to find Xion, but I don't remember anything about it.
Axel said I collapsed as soon as I got there.

I woke up in Twilight Town, and incredibly enough, Xion was there. But she
wasn't alone---there was this guy with her, and he was wearing the
Organization's coat. I could tell by his build that he wasn't one of us,
though. Who is he?

Day 298: Some Other Way

I don't believe it. Axel attacked Xion. There had to have been some other way.

I know she's acting weird, but I hardly recognize Axel these days either.
What's going through their heads? I feel so left out.

Day 299: Sora?

Xemnas told me that "Sora" is the connection between me and Xion. But just who
exactly is Sora?

Day 300: No Words

For the first time in a while, the three of us met up on the clock tower. None
of us really knew what to say.

We used to talk each other's ears off, but I guess those days are gone.

So much has happened lately that I've been forgetting to write about those
pictures in my head. Now it happens even when I'm not on missions. More often,

They even show up in my dreams. Xion told me she has dreams, too. Is all of
this connected?

Day 301: My Dream

I dream all the time now, but I don't sleep well. I wake up tired every day. I
guess that makes them nightmares, not dreams.

Xion and Axel don't come to the clock tower anymore. I thought maybe if I got
everything off my chest with them, I might stop having the nightmares...but so
much for testing that theory.

Day 321: No Energy Left

I feel so tired---almost disconnected from my body. The dreams have gotten
stranger. Now I wake up with water on my cheeks. I don't know how it got there,
but I think there's something really wrong with me.

Today I was teamed up with Xion. She seems to be in a lot better shape than me.
We had ice cream together, something we hadn't done in a while.

Day 322: Another Dream

I had another dream. My head feels heavy.

I want to have ice cream with Xion and Axel again.

Day 352: Us and the Sunset

Me and Xion and Axel had ice cream. The sunset was beautiful.

I don't have to write anything else down, because I'll never forget this day.

Day 353: Broken Trust

Axel let Xion leave the Organization. Like he wanted her to go.

She's a puppet? A mirror that reflects me? He's talking nonsense. I can't trust
him anymore.

Day 354: Who Am I?

I don't understand the Organization, I don't understand Axel... I understand
myself least of all. Why do I keep coming back to the castle?

Me and Xion are special, connected by "Sora." If she's a puppet, maybe I am,

I don't know what I am.

Day 355: I Am

I have to know who I am...


Day 357: Three Again?

I'm going to set Kingdom Hearts free and find my way to Sora. I'm going to get
Xion back. The three of us will have ice cream together again---I know it.

=Secret Reports==


Day 7: Meaning
Day 8: Roxas
Day 9: On Track
Day 14: This Kid?
Day 15: How Dare They
Day 22: Castle Oblivion
Day 23: Research Entry 326
Day 24: The Upper Floors
Day 25: Hollow Ties
Day 26: Axel's Actions
Day 27: Organization Dog
Day 28: Dealing with the Traitors
Day 50: Strange Feeling
Day 51: Measures Must Be Taken
Day 52: Another Mission
Day 71: The Traitor's End
Day 72: Human
Day 73: What Now?
Day 74: Xion's Face
Day 75: Gotta Do Something
Day 94: All Goes Apace
Day 95: My Past
Day 96: Friends
Day 97: Sooo Bored
Day 117: Him and Roxas
Day 118: You Changed, Not Me
Day 119: Hearts and Emotion
Day 149: He's the Sham
Day 150: Dealing with Xion
Day 151: Those Dreams
Day 152: Like a Real Person
Day 153: This Is Gonna Be a Hit!
Day 171: The No. i Project
Day 172: Meaning Behind the Words
Day 173: The Gamble
Day 174: Just a Replica
Day 193: Dreams, or Memories?
Day 194: The Replica
Day 224: Xion
Day 225: Secrets About Me
Day 255: Final Stages
Day 256: Who We Each See
Day 257: In the Cards
Day 276: Behind the Truth
Day 277: True Agenda
Day 296: Hidden Truths
Day 297: Contact with Riku
Day 298: Change of Plans
Day 299: The Value of a Lie
Day 300: Us and the Sunset
Day 301: Xion or Roxas?
Day 321: My Place
Day 322: The Plan
Day 352: What I Must Do
Day 353: A Future That Never Was
Day 354: Where I Belong
Day 355: Mind
Day 356: Unforeseen Events
Day 357: To My Best Friend
Day 358: Goals

Day 7: Meaning

A name defines an object. Describes the span of it. Gives it purpose.

We embarked upon the Replica Program to ensure our new power stays ours. Now,
our shadow puppet, "No. i," lives. It needs a name. Something to define it.
To give the hollow vessel purpose.

Author: Xemnas

Day 8: Roxas

Seems like we're getting new members every day. No. XIII was a boy, Roxas. 
Now we've got a No. XIV, Xion.

Today's mission was to show Roxas the ropes. I feel like they've had me 
babysitting him since he got here. He's not a bad kid, but he's spacey. Good
fighter, though. At least I won't be bored.

Author: Axel

Day 9: On Track

Xion is being monitored. Roxas, meanwhile, has begun his training exercises.

It is imperative we keep Xion from having undue contact with Roxas until we 
are certain it will perform as expected---which will take another 10 days, if 
Vexen's convictions are to be trusted.

As for the Keyblade master, Marluxia will no doubt be keeping an eye on him.

Author: Saïx

Day 14: This Kid?

Another mission with Roxas today. Is he seriously my responsibility? At least
he's starting to talk like a normal person. Maybe that means his memory's 
coming back.

Still, this kid's supposed to be the Keyblade master's Nobody? I don't see it.

Author: Axel

Day 15: How Dare They

Ugh! How DARE they shut me out of monitoring the Keyblade master! And then to 
send me off to teach that half-baked Nobody basic magic?!

I should've had him light ME on fire.

It won't be long now, though. Once I'm over at C.O., our plan goes into action.
No more playing nanny. Ever.

Author: Larxene

Day 22: Castle Oblivion

They pushed up the C.O. plan. Our little hero with the key must've made a move.

Me and his Nobody have been meeting up for ice cream the last few days. Not the
best conversationalist, but at least he's mastered a few facial expressions 
besides "doom" and "gloom."

I told him about C.O., but he didn't seem to follow. Guess that's

Author: Axel

Day 23: Research Entry 326

The Program is largely on target. No. i, my finest Replica, has proven an even 
greater success than anticipated.

I intend to take the other vessel---judged unfit for number status---to Castle
Oblivion, where I will subject it to further testing.

One thing is clear: could these Replicas not be classified as a special sort
of Nobody?

Author: Vexen

Day 24: The Upper Floors

Marluxia has succeeded in leading the Keyblade master to the castle.

I sense multiple threads at work, but details on each of the projects are 
scarce. I suspect some alleged Organization projects are secretly private 

Marluxia seems especially suspect.

Author: Zexion

Day 25: Hollow Ties

Pressing Zexion for answers would be a waste of time. I know that, but this 
dearth of information is hard to accept. What's happening on the upper levels?
What ought we be doing down here? They hug their truths close and leave the 
rest of us to speculate.

Zexion talks of the bond we share as an Organization, but how could such a 
thing exist? Still, he remains the only one I can trust.

Author: Lexaeus

Day 26: Axel's Actions

Simple deduction suggests Axel's outwardly inscrutable actions are the result
of some directive from Saïx.

Why else eliminate Vexen? He simply wanted to do research. Did we not all 
stand to gain from the fruits of his Program? What is Axel thinking?

Author: Zexion

Day 27: Organization Dog

Axel is in the way, though I don't know if he's aware of our plot.

Vexen had no part in our plans---why eliminate him, assuming Axel's orders 
were to root out traitors to the Organization? Discerning his motives merits 
our full attention.

Author: Marluxia

Day 28: Dealing with the Traitors

I've uncovered most of what I need to know about the Replica Program, but 
where's the other one? I can't find any trace of it.

...Vexen was caught in the middle. Pitiable, but unavoidable. I could not 
risk his Program falling into their hands.

Of greater concern are the traitors. Not the obvious turncoats, but the ones
who will get in his and my way. The Keyblade master is not our enemy.

Author: Axel

Day 50: Strange Feeling

Roxas woke up today. I think he was dreaming this whole time.

Being with him feels strange. Familiar. Like listening to the waves crash up 
against the shore. But why?

Author: Xion

Day 51: Measures Must Be Taken

The Replica Program continues apace, but something has gone wrong at Castle 
Oblivion. The Dusks returned with word that none of those we dispatched 
survived---but the news came in fragments. I still know too little to extract 
the truth.

I doubt Axel would be among those lost, but I must plan for the worst. First, 
I must locate the Keyblade master.

Author: Saïx

Day 52: Another Mission

I've lost track of the Keyblade master and the other intruders. I'm the only
one left in the castle. Everybody else has been destroyed. My orders were to
end the traitors, but I think by this point, I fit that bill better than

There's one last thing I need to look into while I'm here.

Author: Axel

Day 71: The Traitors' End

Saïx had a hand in what went down at Castle Oblivion---well, more like a whole
arm. Which means Axel was in on it as well.

It's a fact that Xemnas ordered Axel to take out the traitors, orders which 
went through Saïx. No specific names were given, but naturally Xemnas knew 
who the turncoats were right from the get-go.

Author: Xigbar

Day 72: Human

The longer you know someone, the less you need to speak in clear terms. 
Everything gets across with a wink and a nudge, a little reading between the 

When it comes to what befell our late comrades at Castle Oblivion, ambiguity
suits me just fine.

But the Keyblade master and Roxas come out and say every little thing that
comes to mind. Maybe that's human, or maybe they're just special.

Author: Axel

Day 73: What Now?

I lost the ability to use the Keyblade, and I have no idea why. I don't know
what to do about it. About anything.

It happened suddenly, after Roxas woke up. If I can't collect hearts anymore,
the Organization has no use for me. This is terrible.

Author: Xion

Day 74: Xion's Face

Honestly, I never got why Roxas was so crazy about Xion. I know they both 
joined up around the same time, and they're both rookies, but how do you get
close to somebody who hides their face all the time?

Well, I saw it today. All of a sudden, No. XIV up and takes off...her hood.
Xion is a girl, and she looks just like Naminé.

Author: Axel

Day 75: Gotta Do Something

Roxas has been coming along on my missions to help out, since I can't use the
Keyblade. Axel is covering for me, so I should be safe for now. But what am I
going to do if I never get the Keyblade back? I can't lie forever.

Author: Xion

Day 94: All Goes Apace

The hearts collected by our two Keyblade wielders, Roxas and Xion, have 
gathered together; and now, almighty Kingdom Hearts waxes large in the night 

Our efforts have come to bear fruit, nearly ripe for the plucking. All plans 
proceed smoothly---alarmingly so, in fact, though this is no time to be 
deterred by paranoia.

Author: Saïx

Day 95: My Past

Neither Roxas or I have any memory of our human lives. I don't even remember 
my first days as a Nobody.

Roxas said he was the same, but I'm not so sure. For me, it's a total blank. 
I can't even remember the day I met Roxas, or Axel. It's all a blur.

Author: Xion

Day 96: Friends

Xion regained her ability to wield the Keyblade. I don't know how or why. 
Maybe there's more to the Keyblade master they're not telling me about.

I feel like I've been spending more time talking to Roxas and Xion lately 
than my old friend, Saïx. This has to have been what it was like, friendship.

Author: Axel

Day 97: Sooo Bored

Every day it's work, work, work. I'm dead bored, and I'd kill for some vacay.

A Nobody needs his rest, am I right? And when I get it, it's gonna be nothing
but me and my sitar. Sigh...

Author: Demyx

Day 117: Him and Roxas

Roxas is maturing at an impressive rate. His face, the way he handles the
Keyblade, it's all exactly the same.

The worlds seem so divided and alone, but there's always that steady thread
there to connect them. And we Nobodies can never escape the things we did as
humans. So it goes.

Author: Xigbar

Day 118: You Changed, Not Me

Talking to Roxas and Xion always brings back memories of my human life, back 
when I was a kid. It's a weird sensation.

I ought to be able to share all this with Saïx, but I just don't feel like it
anymore. It's strange, but I'm content with just missing what's gone.

I'm not the one who changed. You did.

Author: Axel

Day 119: Hearts and Emotion

Watching that foolish beast flail about only deepens my disdain for humans and
their incessant need to be pinned down by feelings.

We became Nobodies precisely to avoid the shackles of emotion. It was only
later that we realized the scale of that loss: that some things simply cannot
be done without a heart.

Nonetheless, I see nary a pleasant thing about it.

Author: Xaldin

Day 149: He's the Sham

That man wearing the Organization's coat---that jerk! He's too powerful. I 
can't beat him unless I get stronger.

And I'm not a sham. I'M NOT. He is. He's the one pretending to be something 
he isn't!

Author: Xion

Day 150: Dealing with Xion

As expected, the Duplicate is starting to show its limits. The Program showed
promise, but a puppet is just a puppet: something to be toyed with until it

I am utterly at a loss as to what Roxas and Axel see in that thing. How best to
dispose of it merits my consideration going forward.

Author: Saïx

Day 151:  Those Dreams

I wasn't ready to see Roxas again. I can't help but compare us. We both use
the Keyblade, but we're so different.

Does he dream? It seems like that's all I do anymore. Last night I dreamt of
the ocean. I was drowning.

Author: Xion

Day 152: Like a Real Person

Roxas and Xion must have had it out over something. Knowing them, it's
something dumb, but still.

Watching them, it's like they're human. It's messing with my head.

I kind of wonder if Roxas understood all that about the wrong buttons.I get the
sense a lot of it went right over his head.

Author: Axel

Day 153: This Is Gonna Be a Hit!

I've got my new hit single!

X-face is always barking at me to work, but what's he expect me to do against
a monster like that? I mean, stop and think about skill sets when you divide
up the labor already!

Author: Demyx

Day 171: The No. i Project

Xion failed to complete its mission. If this continues, destroying it and
using the next Replica as the Duplicate would undoubtedly yield a higher-grade

No. i was among the initial lot, which naturally raises questions about its
capabilities. At present, it is nothing short of broken. I cannot fathom why
Xemnas would want to keep it.

Author: Saïx

Day 172: Meaning Behind the Words

There has to be something to what Saïx said. Why isn't Xion qualified to be
one of us? He said to just look at her, but at what? The fact that she looks
like Naminé?

Xion and Naminé must be connected. Whose Nobody is Xion, anyway? What is Saïx

Author: Axel

Day 173: The Gamble

I find myself envying the children. Perhaps some fundamental difference exists
between those who become Nobodies as adults and otherwise.

The longer you have lived, the more you are positioned to lose with such a
gamble. But a child can look forward, unafraid even in the face of immeasurable
odds. I doubt they even see life as a gamble the way we do.

Author: Luxord

Day 174: Just a Replica

Xion continues to sleep. All analysis on its function suggests no marked
change. The copying appears to be working, but a Replica is a Replica. My
latest report to Xemnas on this netted me no clear answers. He simply stood,
smiling. At times I find his thinking impenetrable.

Author: Saïx

Day 193: Dreams or Memories?

I finally wake up, just to pass out again? Why? Because I'm a failure? I dreamt
the whole while I was out. It was something nostalgic, but what? Why can't I
remember? It could be a key memory from my human life. All I can remember is
the sound of waves, gentle, in the distance.

Author: Xion

Day 194: The Replica

I thought I'd never see the word "replica" again. Any rational man would
realize the Riku Replica was not likely unique, but I'm the only one in the
Organization who knew of his exceptional copying functionality, and that he
ultimately formed a sense of self. The fact that I knew all that and still
never noticed the truth about Xion speaks to how remarkable a replica she
must be.

But my questions remain unanswered. Who is she a replica of? Naminé? Kairi?
Or perhaps someone entirely different? Why did the Organization admit her into
its membership? And why would such a fine replica fall unconscious or
sporadically lose its command of the Keyblade?

Author: Axel

Day 224: Xion

Even if Xion is a replica---a puppet---she's still Xion. I understand that in
my head, but how do I interact with her now? Riku Replica was just a tool, but
I can't just use Xion. No, I was wrong to have just used Riku Replica in the
first place. How is a man-made puppet any less worthy than a Nobody that was
never meant to exist at all?

They're both ambiguous. Tenuous at best. And she's my friend. Even if neither
of us should exist, that doesn't invalidate the bonds we form. Next break we
get, I told her we'd all go to the beach. I hope we get the chance. Our little
summer vacation. I know if we can get together and laugh about stupid stuff,
this nagging doubt will go away.

Author: Axel

Day 225: Secrets About Me

My body feels heavy, and my head aches. I'm too busy dreaming to get any rest
from sleep. Axel knows something. He's hiding some secret. It must be in 
Castle Oblivion. That's where I was born.

Author: Xion

Day 255: Final Stages

Xion's appearance should vary based on the relation of the viewer to her. Saïx
sees her simply as a puppet. The Program approaches completion. Through Roxas,
Xion is assembling a copy of the hero of the Keyblade. As proof, she sometimes
appears to take on his form to my eyes.

Author: Xemnas

Day 256: Who We Each See

Xion's disappearance is fascinating. If she really is breaking from our
control, it's a sign of her approaching the essence of the hero. It seems Saïx
still doesn't truly "see" her. I'm curious to know how she appears to the
others. I see her as...him, though I suspect that Xemnas sees something else
entirely in her.

Author: Xigbar

Day 257: In the Cards

The air is charged. I can feel it. You go out on a big gamble at a time like
this, and you're going to lose big. That said, it's betting against the worst
odds that nets the biggest win. I'm eager to see how this hand plays out.

Author: Luxord

Day 276: Behind the Truth

Xion is gone. Roxas still doesn't know anything, but Xion found out. That's why
I need to find her. We don't have hearts, so we accept the facts we're given as
the truth. But something far more important lies behind that truth. Saïx would
laugh at people with no hearts calling one another friends, but that doesn't
make it not so.

As the Nobody of the hero of the Keyblade and the Replica of that Nobody, these
two are special. Unique in every sense of the word. But that doesn't change the
fact that we're friends. Nothing will. Got it memorized, Xion?

Author: Axel

Day 277: True Agenda

Axel and Roxas are up to something. No plot they concoct will change the fact
that the Organization has cast off Xion, though. Our plans have split,
diverged, and advance now to the next stage. The No. i project and Replica
Program merely paved the way. Our true goals lie elsewhere.

Author: Saïx

Day 296: Hidden Truths

None of us really know everything that's going on in Castle Oblivion. Some
rooms even Xemnas doesn't know about. Not many are even aware that Xion was
born there. I wonder if the truth about that place will ever surface.

Author: Xigbar

Day 297: Contact with Riku

The man they're calling the imposter, that fake Organization member? It's Riku.
Roxas could very well remember that, somewhere deep in his memories. Still,
it's too soon to report this. I need to know why Xion was with him first. If
she's siding with the hero, it could easily mean her erasure. What are you
planning to do, Xion?

Author: Axel

Day 298: Change of Plans

Axel failed to report that the imposter and Xion are working together. Instead,
that news came from Roxas. The boy is far more easily handled than Axel, but
now Axel has captured Xion and returned her to us. His motives are impossible
to read. Our plans can be altered if necessary, but doing so can only delay
their realization.

Author: Saïx

Day 299: The Value of a Lie

Roxas doesn't trust me after the whole Xion incident, but I can't tell him the
truth yet. So I keep lying. It's no big deal when you're a Nobody. There's no
guilt, no feeling at all. So why does it still sting, just a little, when I lie
to him? All my dealings with Roxas give me this bizarre illusion of humanity.

Author: Axel

Day 300: Us and the Sunset

We watched the sun set today. The three of us. I didn't think we'd ever be able
to do that again. It's like that dream I had---the one where I was by the shore
with Roxas and Axel, watching the sun set over the water. I just want to stay
with them. But how? What should I do?

Author: Xion

Day 301: Xion or Roxas?

Xion is burning through missions at full tilt. She seems frantic. Why, I don't
know. And speaking of, I still don't know what to say to Roxas. Even without
my orders from Saïx, I'd do anything to stop Roxas from being erased. I just
don't know if I can stand by and let that happen to Xion, either.

Author: Axel

Day 321: My Place

Axel's always helped me out, so I just assumed he would again. How long has he
known about me? Maybe since long before we met in Castle Oblivion. But he told
me to think for myself. I was so happy. But now, as I get stronger, Roxas
keeps getting weaker.

I shouldn't exist anymore. They say that Nobodies were never meant to exist,
but I'm the real affront. But before I'm gone, I want to help Roxas and Axel.
Even just a little. I think the boy I saw today is the same Sora from my

Author: Xion

Day 322: The Plan

Be they a puppet or the hero's Nobody, we merely need a functional Keyblade
master. The details are unimportant. The puppet has developed to a point where
the hero of the Keyblade may be entirely redundant. Indeed, perhaps we ought
never allow Sora to awaken. He cannot be controlled. He will rise up against
us. We must move our agenda ahead with that firmly in mind.

Author: Xemnas

Day 352: What I Must Do

Riku gave me this time. Axel told me to spend it thinking for myself. The
Organization is determined to erase either me or Roxas. They'll never allow us
to coexist. I love Roxas and Axel. I'm sure Saïx would scoff at that. Call it
a trick of my artificial memories. But the time I spent on that clock tower
was real.

I wish the three of us could stay together, just like this, forever.

But I have to end this. I'll never forget today's sunset. Even if Roxas and
Axel do, I won't forget.

Author: Xion

Day 353: A Future That Never Was

I couldn't tell Xion she was wrong, and I can't bring myself to end her. But
it's either that, or I have to erase Roxas. There's no future where the three
of us can sit around and eat ice cream. I know Roxas will never understand. I
don't want to acknowledge it myself.

Author: Axel

Day 354: Where I Belong

I wanted to see Roxas one more time, but couldn't. What would I say? Did I
ever really exist? Even if not, I just hope that those times we spent watching
the sun set were real. I know Naminé will tell me how to get back where I
belong. I should hurry to see her.

Author: Xion

Day 355: Mind

The gears of Xemnas' plans have begun to spin wild since the loss of half our
membership at Castle Oblivion. The results are there, but can this state of
affairs fairly be called a success? If Kingdom Hearts can be said to possess a
mind of its own, it is surely rejecting Xemnas---no, rejecting Xehanort. Roxas
left the Organization today.

Author: Xigbar

Day 356: Unforeseen Events

Our plans never accounted for the possibility of both Xion and Roxas leaving.
How did this come to pass? When did Roxas grow strong enough to outmuscle me?
What were you really after, Lea? We joined the Organization at the same time,
and formulated our plan. At this point, it's just an idle fantasy. Everything
changed. You, and me.

Author: Saïx

Day 357: To My Best Friend

Roxas left. It's so like him to just leave that WINNER ice cream stick behind.
Come tomorrow, I'll probably get the order to hunt him down, but leaving that
here makes it feel so permanent. I wish the three of us---three? No. That the
two of us could share some ice cream again someday. That's what it is to be

Author: Axel

Day 358: Goals

With luck, we can bring Roxas back into our fold, but even if Sora should
awaken, as the hero of the Keyblade, he is bound to keep unlocking hearts.
If he should come to target us, we need simply subdue him and use his powers
ourselves once more. I must become one with Kingdom Hearts. I will become a
higher existence. All of my true ambitions begin there.

Author: Xemnas

==Character Profiles==


Organization XIII's leader. He has made completing Kingdom Hearts the
Organization's goal, but harbors his own secret agenda.


A senior member of Organization XIII. Second-in-command in deed as well as in
name. He looks at the big picture and acts according to his unique perspective.


A founding member of Organization XIII. He is both a fierce warrior and a
strategist. He seeks a heart, but despises love and the bonds that tie people


A founding member of Organization XIII. A brilliant scientist who carries out
research on various Organization projects. He was in charge of the Replica
Program at Castle Oblivion, but someone disposed of him.


A founding member of Organization XIII. He is a man of brawny physique and few
words. He was sent to Castle Oblivion, but was disposed of by an unknown


A founding member of Organization XIII. A ruthless tactician who would use any
means for his ends. He was sent to Castle Oblivion, but was disposed of by an
unknown assailant.


A member of Organization XIII. As Xemnas's right-hand man, he is charged with
giving orders to other members. He and Axel, an old acquaintance, are plotting


A member of Organization XIII. He prioritizes his own motives over the goals of
the Organization. He eventually becomes friends with Roxas after their initial
meeting. Like Roxas, he comes to worry for Xion after becoming friends with her
as well.


A member of Organization XIII. His easy-go-lucky personality is
uncharacteristic of an Organization member. He can control water by playing his
sitar, but is aware that he is unfit as a fighter.


A member of Organization XIII. A gambler at heart who enjoys treating
everything as a wager. He never lets down his gentlemanly and reserved


A member of Organization XIII. Despite having joined late, he is sent to Castle
Oblivion and named its lord based on his profound abilities. He is intrigued by
the Keyblade wielder and harbors dark desires, but was disposed of by an
unknown assailant.


A member of Organization XIII. She is highly conceited and mocks all those
around her with an abrasive attitude. She was sent to Castle Oblivion, but was
disposed of by an unknown assailant.


The thirteenth member of Organization XIII. He is often assigned to missions to
collect hearts as he wields a Keyblade. A bit of a zombie when he first joined,
Roxas slowly regains himself through interaction with Axel and Xion, becoming
best friends with them.


The fourteenth member of Organization XIII. Like Roxas, she wields a Keyblade.
Through interactions with Roxas, she forms her own identity and develops a
friendship with Roxas and Axel.


A young boy who wields a Keyblade as a hero of light. He currently sleeps
within Castle Oblivion to restore his memories after saving the world from


Childhood friends with Sora and Kairi. He donned the Organization's black coat
pretending to be a member, and investigates their actions while waiting for
Sora's memories to be restored.


Childhood friends with Sora and Riku. She was once targeted by the forces of
darkness for being a Princess of Heart. Back at Destiny Islands, she waits for
Sora and Riku's return.


A mysterious figure who waits with Naminé for Sora's memory to be restored. He
despises Nobodies and pushes Naminé to complete restoring Sora's memories to
achieve a certain goal.


A young girl with the power to rearrange the memories of Sora and everyone
connected to him. She is currently restoring Sora's scattered memories.

[The King]

A Keyblade Master and lord of Disney Castle. He travelled with Riku, but
worries after being separated from him. Wearing a black coat, he pretends to be
a member of the Organization and gathers information on their actions.

(End of the script)


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