Why does the game keep disconnecting?

  1. I play online matches, I usually play Jewellery or Four Stores, I wait in a spot like the AI, and wait for other players, when I shoot anything (Windows, police, swat, glass ect.) it disconnects me from PSN and gives me the following warning:

    You have been disconnected from PlayStation Network. You must be connected to access the online portions of this title.

    I am fully connected, 3 bars on my iPhone, 6 bars on my laptop, and I can play two or three games (Not in a row) of matches...

    User Info: nathan4birds

    nathan4birds - 5 years ago

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  1. Speaking on behalf of many friends of mine, the previous answer is totally false, do not discard or sell your PS3 console because this one game is totally hopeless in staying online w/PSN. I & many friends of mine play many other online games & DO NOT have disconnection issues, but when we play PAYDAY2 its a hard lesson in frustration. I always know when my friends are playing PAYDAY2 because they are constantly restarting their PS3 console & re-logging back into PSN. The game is terrific, if you can stay logged in to PSN. 3 day jobs such as "Framing Frame" (my favorite job)are the worst when your disconnected on the last day, all that work for nothing. Buying Contracts is not worth it online, offline is better. eg: it cost $3.3million to do "Framing Frame", with success you can earn upto $5.5 million & 210K XP, but when your disconnected from PSN you loose everything. This only happens with PAYDAY2. ONLY PURCHASE CONTRACTS WHEN PLAYING OFFLINE or risk loosing you $$$ & mind. In a perfect world this game would be made by ROCKSTAR GAMES & then we would'nt have these problems.

    User Info: DANRAM69

    DANRAM69 - 5 years ago 1   0


  1. If you're being disconnected from PSN overall, I don't think its the game, but rather your PS3. Do you have this problem with other games?

    User Info: superlad101

    superlad101 - 5 years ago 0   0
  2. I have personally had this problem and I can say it could be your internet provider. When I had bad internet or when I was wireless it would always disconnect me when I was solo online . I got better faster internet provider and I also wired my system to the internet , I've never had the problem since.

    User Info: cheesyb420

    cheesyb420 - 3 years ago 0   0

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