• Trophies

    There are 20 Bronze Trophies, 15 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    A Realm RestoredObtain all available FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn trophiesPlatinum
    An Adventurer's DutyComplete your first levequest.Bronze
    An Adventurer's LifeComplete 1,000 levequests.Silver
    Dabbler in AlchemySynthesize an item as an alchemist.Bronze
    Dabbler in ArmorcraftSynthesize an item as an armorer.Bronze
    Dabbler in CarpentrySynthesize an item as a carpenter.Bronze
    Dabbler in ClothcraftSynthesize an item as a weaver.Bronze
    Dabbler in CookingSynthesize an item as a culinarian.Bronze
    Dabbler in GoldsmithingSynthesize an item as a goldsmith.Bronze
    Dabbler in SmithingSynthesize an item as a blacksmith.Bronze
    Dabbler in TanningSynthesize an item as a leatherworker.Bronze
    Destiny'sComplete 1,000 FATEs.Gold
    Destiny's ChildJoin a FATE.Bronze
    For GloryComplete your first guildhest.Bronze
    For the RealmComplete 100 guildhests.Silver
    In and OutClear your first instanced raid.Bronze
    Master of MateriaSuccessfully affix 100 materia.Silver
    Meddler in MateriaSuccessfully affix materia to an item.Bronze
    One with EtherSynthesize 1,000 items as an alchemist.Silver
    One with FoodSynthesize 1,000 items as a culinarian.Silver
    One with GoldSynthesize 1,000 items as a goldsmith.Silver
    One with LeatherSynthesize 1,000 items as a leatherworker.Silver
    One with MailSynthesize 1,000 items as an armorer.Silver
    One with SteelSynthesize 1,000 items as a blacksmith.Silver
    One with WoodSynthesize 1,000 items as a carpenter.Silver
    One with WoolSynthesize 1,000 items as a weaver.Silver
    Page OneComplete your first quest.Bronze
    Repeat OffenderClear 100 instanced raids.Gold
    Seeker of TruthClear the Binding Coil.Bronze
    Slay Thy NeighborParticipate in PvP.Bronze
    Swing of the AxeMine a mineral deposit.Bronze
    Swing of the HatchetLog at a mature tree.Bronze
    Swing of the RodFish with your own rod and bait.Bronze
    To Crush 10,000 EnemiesDefeat 10,000 enemies.Silver
    To Crush Your EnemyDefeat your first enemy.Bronze
    Veteran FisherFish 1,000 times.Silver
    Veteran LoggerLog at 1,000 mature trees.Silver
    Veteran MinerMine 1,000 mineral deposits.Silver
    Warrior of LightComplete the main scenario.Gold

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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