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by Seth0708

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Seth0708

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/03/13


Deadpool is an action game released for the Sony Playstation 3, X-Box 360, and PC on Steam on 25 June 2013. The game was developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision. There was some amount of discussion on its release that it was available brand new for $50.00.

The title is about what you would expect. Daniel Way, a former Deadpool writer on the comic series, wrote the story of the game as well. Action is a mix of hack 'n slash and gunplay. Deadpool frequently breaks the fourth wall throughout the story and there are numerous cameos spread throughout.


This guide refers to the controls on the Sony Playstation 3 version. Below you can correlate this to the controls on the X-Box 360 if you are playing on that system. If you are playing on Steam, well, you can make the controls whatever you want.

PS3 Button360 ButtonEffect
R1RSFire gun.
R2RTThrow gadget.
L1LSTarget lock.
L2LTReload. Interact. Momentum Attack.
SelectBackUpgrade Menu and Weapon Select.
StartStartPause Menu.
UpUpLook at objective when prompted.
DownDownSwitch gadget.
LeftLeftSwitch melee weapon.
RightRightSwitch ranged weapon.
Left StickLeft StickMove.
Right StickRight StickLook.
SquareXLight Attack.
TriangleYHeavy Attack.
CircleBCounter Attack. Evade.


Arclight - Arclight is an ex-soldier who went on to join the Marauders under Sinister. Her real name is Philippa Sontag and she first appeared in Uncanny x-Men #210 in October 1986. Arclight is usually paired with Vertigo and this game is no exception to that rule.

Blockbuster - Blockbuster is a hulking member of the Marauders. His real name is Michael Baer and his first appearance was in X-Factor #10 in November 1986. His most prominent appearances would probably be as a participant in the massacre of the Morlocks and as one of three mutants that destroyed Angel's wings.

Cable - Cable is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (who is a clone of Jean Grey). His real name is Nathan Summers and he first appeared in Uncanny x-Men #201 in January 1986. Cable is largely known for being sent far into the future and then coming back in time as a cyborg. Cable teamed up with Deadpool for Cable and Deadpool which ran from May 2004 to April 2008, although it was cancelled at that point and both received solo titles.

Deadpool - Deadpool is the main character of Deadpool and is known as "The Merc with the Mouth." His real name is Wade Wilson and he first appeared in New Mutants #98 in February 1991. Since then he has appeared all over Marvel series. Perhaps his most noteworthy ability is his knowledge that he is in a comic book and his ability to address the readers directly. That talent is carried over in his video game adaption.

Death - Death is the personification of death in the Marvel universe. Her first appearance was in Captain Marvel #26 in May 1973. Death has been a prominent character in stories featuring Deadpool and Thanos. She considers Deadpool to be her true love, although she has also taken Thanos as a consort from time to time.

Domino - Domino is one of Deadpool's love interests. She is a mutant and the result of a secret government program designed to breed super- soldiers. Her real name is Neena Thurman and her first appearance was in X-Force #8 in March 1992. She has the ability to manipulate luck.

Gambit - Gambit is a member of the X-Men form Louisiana. His real name is Remy LeBeau and his first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 in July 1990. Gambit clones appear throughout the game, although the actual Gambit never does. These clones are a bit unstable and will explode when they get near Deadpool.

Marrow - Marrow is a member of Morlocks. Her first appearance was in Cable #15 in September 1994. She has the ability to rapidly grow bone structure, using these outgrowths as bladed weapons. Clones of Marrow appear in the later stages of the game, although the actual Marrow never appears.

Mister Sinister - Mister Sinister is one of the X-Men's most persistent foes. His real name is Nathaniel Essex and his first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men #221 in September 1987. He is a master cloner and mutate who discovered the existence of mutants in the late 1850s. Apocalypse transformed him into his current form. He has been killed numerous times by the X-Men, but always seems to have a back-up clone of himself when a new story arc demands it.

Phaser - Phaser is a student at the Xavier Institute. His real name is Christian Cord and his first appearance was in New X-Men #126 in July 2002. Clones of Phaser appear throughout the game as teleporting enemies, although Phaser himself does not make an appearance.

Psylocke - Psylocke is sister of Captain Britain. Her real name is Elizabeth Braddock and her first appearance was in Captain Britain #8 in December 1976. As Deadpool mentions in the game, she was a British woman who had her mind transfered into a Japanese woman. Said woman, Kwannon, became a member of the X-Men in Psylocke's original body under the name Revanche.

Riptide - Riptide is a member of the Marauders. His real name is Janos Quested and his first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men #211 in November 1986. Various Riptide clones appear throughout the game, although the primary Riptide seemingly never appears.

Rogue - Rogue is mutant who has been a member of both the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Her real name is Anna Marie and her first appearance was in Avengers Annual #10 in August 1981. Rogue has the ability to absorb the powers and life force of anyone she touches. This also means she cannot physically touch anyone for long without causing them to die.

Vertigo - Vertigo is a native of the Savage Land who was recruited to join the Marauders by Mister Sinister. Her first appearance was in Marvel Fanfare #1 in March 1982. Vertigo, like many of the Marauders, has been killed a lot in the comics, but is continually brought back to life as a clone by Mister Sinister.

Wolverine - Wolverine is probably the most well-known X-Men in the world. His real name is James "Logan" Howlett and his first appearance was in Incredible Hulk #180 in July 1974. Wolverine has appeared in just about every Marvel comic imaginable, and some not, and might be the company's most prolific character. Deadpool acquired his healing factor from Wolverine as part of the Weapon X Program.


This walkthrough aims to both guide the reader through the game and also to offer tips on how to get each trophy as the game progresses. Trophies are indicated in the text in bold, while boss strategies are seperated from the main body by text boxes.

I would recommend playing through the game on the easiest mode first. This will allow you to level at a very quick pace, making subsequent playthroughs easier to finish off the other difficulty settings. This will also make the Challenge Mode a lot easier.

If you are going for the Platinum Trophy, Okay, you can sell the game now, there are a few trophies you can acquire anywhere in the game. Taco Savior is awarded for picking up one hundred tacos. Tacos are dropped by enemies randomly along with Deadpool Points and you should get this just through normal progress by the third level.

Another easy one you can get any time is Only when he stops breathing. For this one you want to go into the settings menu from the pause menu and turn the dialogue bar all the way down. Back out of this menu and wait for the trophy to pop, and then go back in and turn it back up.

Unbalanced and Drunk on power are awarded for upgrading all Player Upgrades and Weapons, respectively. You will probably not get both of these on your first playthrough, but on your second they should pop. Speaking of which, the difficulty-based trophies are No DP? No madness and Know DP? Know madness for Veteran and Ultra-Violence, respectively.

Be like Joe is awarded for getting a three hundred hit combo. An easy place to do this is detailed in Road to Victory that involves using a shield enemy and a giant mook. Pull the grenade, throw the pin is awarded for killing fifteen enemies by holding cooked grenades. The best place for this is in Job One right at the beginning with the enemies who don't attack. Simply hold the grenade in your hand and stand next to them until it blows up. Kill fifteen like this and the trophy is yours.

Home Sweet Home

Begin the game and check Deadpool's message machine. After listening to his messages you are free to move around the apartment. Someone is ringing the door bell, but ignore them for now. At this point you will have achieved two trophies, namely The first one's free! and The second one is also free...

Go into the kitchen and approach the stove. Interact with it to cook up some pancakes and earn I'm expecting company. This will also award progress towards Makin a game! for playing with Deadpool's junk. There are a total of fourteen items in the apartment that count for this trophy, so just wander around and interact with all of it to snag the trophy.

When you are done with these tasks, go answer the door. A young woman has a package for you. Take it to find the script proposed for the game. Deadpool won't be that interested though, as he will only bother to read enough to get information on a pending contract.

Job One

Deadpool will land in the sewer and suggest you do whatever High Moon wants you to do. This serves as the tutorial, so do as he says and follow the on-screen instructions. This climaxes with setting up a bounce house. Once you do, the caged door will open and you can move on. Sneak up on the guard just outside and follow the on-screen cues to perform a stealth kill on him.

Jump down the hole in the ground and enter the next room. This room is some basic platforming upwards. Climb your way out, learning how to do wall jumps as you do, until you reach the bottom of the manhole cover. This will begin a short scene where Deadpool will burst into an office building.

You will find yourself in the lobby of the building with enemies pouring in. There is a trophy here, In the lobby comboin' your dudes. To get this you have to get your combo meter up to forty before the elevator doors lock down. You then have to have the combo end naturally, meaning if you get over forty and take a hit you will not get credit.

To progress onward you need to approach the elevators. This will cause them to go on lockdown. Once this happens, move back and shoot the power panel on the right behind the cage to open the way. Return to the main lobby.

Kill the guards that enter and look for the maintenance on the far end of the room. Follow this hallway down until you reach a control panel. Interact with the switch to depower the building, causing it to reboot and reenergize the elevators. Fight your way back to them and ride them up.

The elevator will soon stop. Shoot out the glass and jump outside. Work your way around these ledges and wall jump up. Once you reach the ledge inside, take note that you are beginning a timed run for another trophy. 49 in 5 requires you to get from the studio lobby here to the boardroom in five minutes. This should be done on the easiest mode as the enemies will go down much faster.

Rush to the door in the far left corner as you enter and kill the enemies as they come. Eventually they will drop a smoke bomb and enemies will drop in from above. Kill these and then enemies will blow open the door to come attack you. Finish them off and rush through the next series of rooms. Once you get to the boardroom the trophy will not unlock immediately, but will only happen after Deadpool finishes his dialogue there.

From here climb out the window and jump to the nearby scaffolding. Interact with the switch to move it up to the next scaffolding. Jump across to it and repeat this process. Keep repeating this process until you reach the roof. Sneak up on the first guard here and stealth kill him before moving your way forward.

Shortly after this point the helicopter will get off the ground and start shooting at you. You can shoot at the gunner to cause it to try and dodge your shots and give you some relief from its bombardment. Use this trick to make your way forward through the roof. Using your guns is critical here to take out the various guards in each open area.

Once you pass the second set of guards the path will loop back towards a helipad. You need to fire some shots at the gunner and then make a dash to the bottom of this helipad. Once you are below the helipad, you can walk up the stairs and up to the helicopter to commandeer it.

After the scene Deadpool will have control of the door gun. Blast away at the enemies as they rush out and the helicopter spins around. Eventually a second helicopter will show up and destroy yours, prompting Deadpool to try and fly to the penthouse. This works better than you would think.

Once inside clear out the regular enemies to cause a large mook to spawn. This one has a grenade launcher. You want to position yourself on the corner of one of the triangular halls and blast at his head. When he goes to fire, either dash or teleport around the corner and back up to the opposite end. Wait for him to come around and repeat this process.

Once the large mook goes down you can grab his grenade launcher and splatter the enemies who rush in. After a small wave another big guy will appear. Blast him with the grenade launcher repeatedly to quickly kill him; your shots will stun him long enough each time to prevent him from hitting you.

With this guy down, Deadpool will approach the safe room of the company's chief executive and cover it in C4. After it blows up you will find Deadpool holding him against a window. Repeatedly hit X to bash him through it and ride him down to the bounce house you set up earlier and earn The house that bounces.

Taking a Chance

As Deadpool talks to himself, Arclight and Vertigo will rush in and save his quarry. Deadpool will give chase. You will notice steam rushing out of a broken pipe ahead. Teleport through this and keep going to find yourself in a an old school dungeon.

The camera will shift and Deadpool will be controlled from a top-down perspective. Defeat the skeleton to open the next room. Enter here and defeat the three skeletons present to cause a chest to spawn. Open this to release a bunch of pixelated creatures.

Return to the previous room and enter the previously locked door. In here there are two skeletons and a bunch of fire. Destroy the skeletons and then push the block in your path either up or down to cause the fire to despawn. Approach the door to prompt Deadpool to call the High Moon producer about the sudden drop in gameplay.

After a brief conversation the door will open back to the sewer. Keep going until Arclight brings down the roof. Wall jump above her and keep going to drop into a large circular room. A big mutant will burst in. It is best to simply strafe and fire shots at his head to avoid getting hit by it, but if you run out of ammo just dash in, do a quick combo, and then teleport out.

Once the mutant is down keep going and kill the four guards in the next room. Just past this is another circular room where Arclight will summon guards to attack you. Take them out to cause the villainess to leap in herself.


Arclight is a two phase fight, although she behaves the same in both phases. Arclight has four major attacks. Her first is a ground slam that will slow you unless you were in the air when it hit. This attack also prevents you from teleporting. If you are in her immediate vicinity, the blue circle around her, when it strikes you will also take damage.

Her second attack is an energy slash that goes straight in front of her. This will also have the same stun effect if it hits you. This one is fairly easy to dodge as long as you keep moving. It has a short charge up time that she telegraphs pretty well.

Her most basic attack is a punch. Sometimes she dashes with this strike. This is where you will probably take most of your damage. There is not much telegraphing to this attack and she will break your combos at times to do it. Thankfully it does not do much damage.

Arclight's final attack is a grab, throw, and slam. She can use this any time she is close to you with no charge time. This attack begins a short scene where she grabs Deadpool, throws him in the air, and slams him down to the ground. This cannot really be avoided, but Arclight does not seem to be able to spam it.

Catch me if you can is the trophy for this fight and is awarded if you are never hit by this final attack. The surefire way to get this trophy is to have unlocked all three momentum attacks and to come to the fight with all three ready to go. Use one initially to knock her down to two-thirds health. After the scene use the next one for another third and finally use the last to finish her off before she can use this move.

If you do not have these moves available you probably will not be able to get the trophy, but you can still defeat Arclight. Hang back and shoot at her from a distance until she moves to do a ground slam. Jump right before it hits, dash in and combo her, and then teleport out before she can grab you. If you are really lucky she may even open herself up to a counter move for increased damage.

At two-thirds health Arclight will smash the supports holding the floor. This will cause the platform to free fall. Other than a slight change in scenery, however, the fight will continue the same after the scene. Bring her down to near zero health to prompt Arclight destroy the whole platform.

Deadpool will awaken in the rubble and see Arclight impaled on a steel bar. He will then look at himself and find he is similiarly impaled. Rapidly tap O to pull himself off. Follow the path forward to run into Vertigo.

Vertigo will fill the room with distortion. You need to follow the paths to the right and left to two switches and activate them. Pick either path first and run to the switch. Return to the middle of the room to find two enemies present. Defeat them and go to the other path and flip the switch. Return to the center area and use the switch where you entered to open the path ahead.

The trophy Beer goggles is awarded for flipping these three switches, killing the enemies, and making it to pipe ahead in less than sixty seconds. Unfortunately the trophy will not pop until you reach the checkpoint if you got it, so if you missed it you would need to start the whole level over to try again.

Regardless, keep moving forward to a room with a concrete pipe suspended in the air. Jump on this as it spins and weigh down one end. When the opposite end passes by the ledge above, dash up it and jump across. Make your way up the room until you reach the top. When you do, Vertigo will appear and throw you down a drain pipe.

This waterslide has a trophy called HEEEEY YOOOOO GUYYYYYSSSS! To get this you need to make it to the bottom without taking any damage. Damage is incured by hitting the grating as you slide down. There is always a path open on the way, so you have to move to go through it as you whiz down. This is a lot like the wind tunnel in Battletoads or the mill in Castle Crashers.

The correct path is left, left, right, left, left, right, left, middle, right, left, right, right, right, middle, right, right, left, middle, right, right, left, right, and left. You can restart at the last checkpoint if you mess this up. Whether you take hits or not, you will earn No Chance in heaven at the bottom after the scene.

Deadpool will spy Sinister, Vertigo, Blockbuster, and his quarry at the bottom of the drain. Sinister, however, will decide he has no use for the meddling executive and kill him. Deadpool will burst in and shoot Vertigo in the head, only to be stopped cold by Sinister.

After Deadpool pulls himself together he will find he has the company of Domino, Psylocke, Rogue, and Wolverine. Domino will say they need to chase Sinister to Genosha. Deadpool begs to be allowed to fly the Blackbird, something Wolverine will try unsuccessfully to refuse.


After the crash landing Deadpool will find everyone else out cold. You can interact with Wolverine to slap him a bunch of times and earn Let's try one more time... This will take a minute, but it is somewhat entertaining.

When you are done smacking Wolverine, move forward into a large area filled with enemies. After the first batch of little ones go down, a big rubbery mook will rush in. This one will try to melee you, so keep away and shoot him while strafing.

Kill the next set of enemies after this and go into the next area for another round. There will soon be a big lava mook. Keep your distance from this one and shoot at it while moving to prevent it from honing in on you with a lava strike. It will drop its weapon when it dies, so grab it and light your foes up.

When this set is done go into the large circular area to run into Cable. A prompt will appear to hit X to learn about Cable. Hitting X will start a musical sequence about Cable and give you the trophy Curious about Cable. After this Cable will try to tell Deadpool about Sinister's plan, but Deadpool won't listen to him. Instead he will ask you to hit R1 to end his misery.

You will need to do this to keep going. After Deadpool wakes up he will find a note stuck to his chest promising a large-breasted fan girl should Deadpool go and meet up with Cable further on. There is a trophy for this sequence called Shall I? I Shanti! to get to her using only the hammer and pulse rifle, although odds are on your first playthrough you do not have these yet. When you do you can make it through this level doing that.

However you are making your way ahead, you will need to make your way around this circular area taking out the enemies as you go. Once you clear the ground floor, climb to the next floor and work your way through the center. You should see a green wall here. Wall jump up to the next floor and work your way upward.

At the top a flying enemy will appear and Deadpool will recommend using lock-on to fight him. Do this and shoot him out of the sky with your pistols. With this guy down, you should see a large Sentinel arm. Across a small gap from this is a power cell. Grab this and use it on the arm to activate it. Move the arm out of the way and keep going.

Jump down into the hole it reveals and spot your fan girl dead ahead. Approach her for a short scene. When your fan girl's identity is revealed you can still try to fondle their chest if you like, prompting a funny scene with Cable. After that he will try to tell you about Sinister's plan again, but Deadpool won't listen and instead will leap to a ledge below.

At this point you want to stealth kill the guard ahead of you. If you can do the same to three more enemies after this you will earn the trophy Remarkably quiet. The easiest way to do this is to move further along this upper path and wait for the guard on the other side of the debris to face away from you. When he does, leap over and sneak up him to kill him. Repeat this process with the guard on the bridge and then with the guard circling below. In the latter case, ensure that you jump him on the far side of the tower away from the huge group at the base.

Once you have your trophy, attack the large group to start a huge fight. Cable will leap down to help and will do a ton of damage to enemies around you. When they finally stop coming, Cable will tell you he has to go back to the future, but wants you to wait for him to return.

Deadpool will instead decide to climb the tower and kill Sinister. In the room at the base of the tower is a Wheel of Insanity. Spin this to cause a massive magnetic storm. Take a moment before leaving the room, however, to shoot out all the balloons on the wheel.

Head outside and make your way up the floating platforms to the next floor. There is another Wheel of Insanity here. Use this one to win a cow, which will float by in the magnetic storm. Use your guns to shoot this cow to pieces and then take out the balloons above this wheel to earn This game is rigged!

Keep going up the tower to the top and use the Wheel of Insanity there to reveal Sinister inside. After some dialogue Deadpool will realize that Sinister cannot move and start messing with the panel to the machine. Mash buttons until the machine explodes.

Cable will return and reveal that the Sinister you just killed was a clone. After some discussion Cable will agree to modify a Sentinel foot to serve as a flying gunboat. Head up the path directly in front of the foot to enter a small area with some guards. Clear these and head out into an open area.

Directly above you is a power cell. climb up the side and grab this. Take it to the Sentinel arm across the way and move the arm down. Go through the now open path, kill the enemies, and grab another power cell. Use this on the arm across the way. Bring this down and then halfway back up after it smashes the gate. Now put the first arm back in the up position.

Jump on the second arm and then across the first arm to reach the part you need. Follow the path here back to Cable. He will now send you after the second part to the north, which is in the direction of the heel of the foot. This path leads to a large area with some enemies you can stealth kill.

Grab the power cell on the ground floor and then go back to the upward path at the beginning of the room. Follow this to another Sentinel arm and use the power cell on it. This one can only be fired right now, so fire it to bust open a path. Take this path into another building.

This building is somewhat long and involves looping back and forth, but it is very straightforward. You essentially just run to the end of the hallway, jump up to the next floor, run to the other end and jump up, and repeat to the end. At the top you will find another power cell. Snag this and follow the path forward to come out at the Sentinel arm, only on the other side.

Use the slot here to be able to both move the arm and shoot from it. Enemies will pour in, so start clearing them out. You also want to destroy everything around here. Once everything is destroyed, you can leap over to the where the part is now. Grab this and take it back to Cable. Cable will turn the foot into a gunboat. Hop in and let it fly you around randomly. Gun down all the enemies you can as the foot flies all over the place. Partway through this sequence you will earn Caribous Shoe and the level will end.

Landed in Prison

The stage starts with Deadpool upside down firing at enemies and Rogue hanging on for dear life. Keep firing away as she tries to hang on. Sadly she won't be able to and will plummet from the foot as the whole thing goes haywire. Deadpool will fall shortly after. Blockbuster will catch Rogue, but leave Deadpool to his fate.

The stage proper begins with Deadpool's head on backwards and an arm missing. Try to stagger towards your arm to see a dog run in and grab it. Follow the dog as best you can until you reach it and get your arm back. Deadpool, now with two arms, will straighten his head back on.

This level has a trophy that requires you to play the entire level without using a counterattack. If you are going for this, I recommend just never hitting O the whole time just to be safe. If you make it to the end under this condition, you will earn So you've got some free time?

From here work your way back and start taking out the enemies that pour in. The first part of this level is Magneto's old prison complex. Each room has only one real way to go. Kill the enemies in each room as you work your way through the ruins. Several cells along the way have extra Deadpool Points in them, so feel free to grab those as you go.

After a long journey you will come to a wall that Deadpool will run up to. He will look in a crack and proclaim his disbelief at what is behind it. Walk around this wall and enter the room inside to find a party filled with bikini- clad ladies, Psylocke, Domino, and Rogue. Interact with all eight groups of girls present to earn Social butterfly.

When you are ready to move on, speak to Blockbuster who is acting as the bouncer at this party. He will grab Rogue and flee. Deadpool will be horribly disappointed, but the viewing audience and Wolverine will approve of this development. When you have control again, give chase.

More bad guys will await. Fight through them until you reach a toxic river. There is a trophy here for making it through this without touching the water here called Fish out of water. To get this trophy you have to do this whole sequence in one go as well; if you restart at a checkpoint it will count as having failed the criteria.

Work your way across the blocks and floating debris back and forth in this area until you reach a chest. Open this to cause Deadpool to arbitrarily increase the range of his teleport. This will allow you to teleport to far off spots by pressing L2. Use this to teleport across the top of this area.

Fight the Marrow clones in the next room and note the circular stands in the air throughout this area. Use L2 to reach these and make your way up. When you get to the highest available point, look for an opening in the wall and go there. You will repeat this process through this room.

Eventually you will reach a spot where Deadpool proclaims he has an idea and will run off. You will now have control of the camera and must follow him. He leads you to a platform and puts a bomb down. He then instructs you to plant two more.

Look upwards for a spot to jump and teleport to. Do this and follow this route to an opening. Go in here and follow the path around to another bomb spot. Plant a bomb here and then leap out the opening next to it. Follow this route around to the final bomb spot. Plant it and then go to Sinister's lair.

This sequence requires you to stealth kill all four enemies patroling Sinister's lair. There is a trophy, Silent and deadly, for killing each one with a different weapon. Regardless of if you go with this, if you are seen at all you will have to start this sequence over. The first guard is easy enough; standing directly in front of where you start.

In the lair proper a guard patrols the entryway. If you do a stealth kill where Deadpool leaps into the air he will usually be seen. To avoid this possibility, wait for him to go to an edge and kill him there. The next corner leads to two guards who cross on another's paths. Wait in the far corner on either side for one to come to you and kill him.

The next one will go back and forth to Sinister's throne. Hide in the alcove below the stairs and wait for him to walk up to the throne. Move in behind him and kill him up there. With that done, walk up behind the throne and stealth kill Sinister through the throne to earn Game Over!

After Deadpool declares victory and the credits start, Deadpool will go to his Twitter to lord it over everyone. Cable will post a follow-up, however, that he just killed another clone. Cable also points out he never actually saved Rogue and that Blockbuster has her in some kind of arena. Deadpool will proclaim his intent to rectify this and teleport himself to the arena, earning Game On! in the process.


Blockbuster is a fairly straightforward encounter. He only has three major attacks, all of which are telegraphed. He will start the fight out by charging at you. When he does this, an O will appear meaning you can counter this rush. Doing so will stun him and open him up to attack for a moment.

His second form of attack is to grab either a pillar or a boulder and hurl it at you. When this starts coming towards you, dodge by either teleporting or just running out of the way. Hiding behind pillars does not work as the rock will bust through said pillar and hit you anyway.

His third attack is to grab a rock like the second attack, but instead of throwing it he will try and smash you with it. Running away will not make him change to his second attack sadly, so you have to go near him and kind of daddle around until he tries to smash you. When he does either teleport and run out of the way.

Complicating all of this is a steady flow of weak enemies that don't stop after the first time you stun him. These will continually get in the way and try to attack you. It is best to run away from Blockbuster and kill some of his minions away from him to clear out some space. They move a lot faster than their boss, so you will have some space to avoid his attacks.

Your momentum attacks can be used to do a lot of damage to Blockbuster, but they will not hurt him unless he is stunned. Make sure you stun him before using any of them. Do not bother trying to attack him at all if he is not stunned as it will do no damage and he can still attack you while you are doing it. Just work those counters and open up with combos or momentum attacks when he is stunned and you will make short work of this Juggernaut wannabe.

If you are going for the trophy to finish this level without using a counter then you need to adjust your strategy as counterattacking Blockbuster's charge will fail you on this trophy. Instead your only way to stun him is to use a smoke grenade. This will have the same effect on him as if you countered his charge. The downside is that you will be limited on the number of times you can do this by how many smoke grenades you have.

With Blockbuster dead, Deadpool will tell Rogue the only way to save her is for the two of them to make-out. She will oblige, but in the process will absorb Deadpool's powers and the voices in his head. You will now have control of Rogue. Slay the enemies that pour in as the various voices in Rogue's head discuss the matter.

After some fighting Deadpool proper will try to get in on the fight by tossing a grenade, but his dog will jump in and catch it. He then will run it over to Deadpool as it exlodes. The level will end and you will earn the trophy Lady Deadpool-like.

Death, Baby

Deadpool's body will tumble down into some catacombs in two pieces. His legs will land in a mine cart, while his upper torso will be dangling by his small intestine. When prompted alternate betwen L1 and R1 to climb up his intesines and cut Deadpool free.

Deadpool will land on top of a guard's body. From here you will engage in a brief sequence where you need to gun down enemies as they rush in from atop the guard's body. Shot the level and barrels that come out to make this easier. After a bit the guards will start hurling grenades that will blow up the body and send Deadpool's torso into the mine cart.

The graverobbers will try to send Deadpool down the mine cart track, but the door is closed and will bounce him back. Clear the room of enemies and then go to the lever that the scene makes a huge deal of to open the door. Climb back into the mine cart and start your ride.

After a trip down the line, Deadpool will crash and find himself talking to Death at a party. She will ask him to help her release the souls of the massacred mutants in the catacombs so that they can move on to the afterlife where she can control them. Deadpool will readily agree.

You will come to a large room with Cable. Help him fight all the enemies here and then approach the multi-colored wall at the top of the stairs. If all the enemies are dead Death will be up here to explain what to do next. She will tell you to grab one of the idols on these stands and follow her with it to release the trapped souls.

There is a trophy for clearing this level with a pirate hat on. If you want to earn this trophy, ARRR-Rated, then save the yellow idol for last. This guide is going to go in order of green, purple, and then yellow, so skip down if you are doing this in a different order.

Grab the green idol and follow Death to a green portal. Enter here and start fighting your way into the arena of enemies. Clear these out and a timed sequence will start where grenades rain down on you. Dodge these until the time ends and then clear out the enemies who dive in.

The door will open once they are down. Head into the next room and clear out the enemies here. Once they are dead you can enter a third area and clear it of enemies. There is a chest of Deadpool points up a shaft on the far end of the top floor here that can be reached by teleporting. Grab it if you like.

Once the enemies are down Death will appear and ask you to follow her. She leads you to a doorway and opens it up, but warns you to stay close. There is another trophy in here, Diggin' in the crates, for opening eleven chests in this sequence. If you leave the light around Death you will start to take damage. Rush ahead of her initially and get the three chests near the start. Follow her through the dark and open the chests along the way. They are all along the path after these three, so it should be straightforward.

At the end of the path she will warn you that a fiery mutant soul is ahead. At this point there should be three or four chests left. All of them are in the area just before this stopping point. Run into the dark, look for the red outline, open one, and run back to the light to heal each time until you get them all and the trophy pops.

When you are ready enter the area in front of Death to be teleported to a 2D side-scrolling platforming sequence. Follow this path around, wall jumping as need be, and kill the skeletons as you go. When you reach the end you will come to a boss battle.

Undead Barrel Machine

The barrel machine you destroyed at the beginning of the level is back for revenge. It has a life bar along the bottom of the screen so you can keep track of your progress. This boss is more comedic than difficult, but there is a trick to beating it.

Every few seconds the machine will spit a barrel at you. Jump over this so the barrel is between you and the boss. Smack the barrel quickly with your sword to push it towards the boss. Stand back a bit once the back end lights up and allow the barrel to hit the boss. Alternatively you can bat it to the boss quickly if you got the time.

Each hit will take a heart off the boss bar and spawn some skeletons. Clear skeletons as needed, but mostly you want to focus on batting the barrels back at the boss. Once its life bar is at empty it will explode and allow you to continue onwards.

A treasure chest should be in sight. Open this to release the fiery mutant soul and return to the room with Cable. Help him clear the enemies here and then go grab that purple idol. Follow Death to the door she flies to and go inside.

Kill the enemies in the area you come to and head for the waterside. A boat will come up with Death inside. Hop in the boat and a musical number with Death and Deadpool will begin as they float down river. When you get to the end there will be a three-part test to see if Deadpool is "the chosen one."

There are three Deadpoolio machines spread about. The first is to the left, up the wall jumping sequence. The second is to the right on this upper level you can reach above this. The third is back on the ground floor around the corner to the right.

The first machine, on the left up the wall jumping wall, will ask you a series of questions. These questions are framed as rock-paper-scissors questions. If you get an answer wrong, don't fret, as it will simply ask you the same question again and you can ask once more. Finish this sequence to pass the test.

The second machine, around the righthand corner on this upper level, will ask you to think of a number and it will try to read your mind. You can pick any of the options presented to think about, but I would recommend thinking about who has nicer boobs, Death or Rogue, as it is the option Deadpool himself would most likely be thinking of. Deadpoolio will not be able to tell what number you are thinking of, since Deadpool isn't thinking of one, and you will pass the test.

The third machine, on the ground floor to the right, asks you if big or small is better. Just outside this room are two pads that change your size. Use the right one to become big, open the big chest, and then use the big lever. Next use the left one to become small, opent he small chest, and then run through the small opening. Once you are through this passage, you will pass the test.

With all three tests passed go back to the chest Death is hovering over and open it up to release the mystical mutant soul. You will return to the room with Cable again. Clear the enemies here and snag the yellow idol. Follow Death across the steel beams to the last door.

You will find yourself in a line for a ride at the carnival. If you choose to patiently wait in line all the way to the ticket booth you will earn Patience is not a virtue and some smart ass comments from Deadpool. If you choose to be impatient you will fight everyone in the line, but get no trophy.

Either way when you get to the ticket booth Death will give Deadpool a ticket for the ride. Get in the cart to the right and ride it down the track. You will come to a carnival paper mache show. You have a gun right now, so blast away at the monsters and the purple squares. There is a high score on the right that is not that high. Beating this will net you Officially a Carny.

There are three shooting games you will go through. You don't need to beat any of them, but as mentioned beating a high score will net you a trophy. When all three are done you will reach the end and be able to release the final mutant soul.

You will be back with Cable shortly. Clear out this last batch of enemies and put the idol back where it came from. With all three idols in place the souls of the mutants will be released and Death will send Deadpool back to the surface world to find Sinister. She'll also give you Poulos-Vision for clearing this level while she's at it.

The Road to Victory

Once Deadpool sets up his "surprise" and talks to Wolverine, head for the plaza. It will start collapsing, but there will be a path to the central pillar. Go over there and wall jump up the section with green lights. There are some enemies at the top, so take them out and follow the walkway into the building ahead.

Head down the hall until it collapses. Fight the enemies who show up and then head up the path to the shopping mall entrance. Jump through the window here to the bottom floor and make your way through the ruins. You will soon come to a room where Deadpool says he needs a song. This is the ideal place to get your three hundred hit combo if you are chasing that trophy.

Stealth kill the first two guards here. To the left is a small bathroom with a shield guard inside. The items in that bathroom will grant you Spawn more Deadpool-lords. If you want the three hundred hit trophy, lure the big mook into this bathroom with the shield guy still inside. The mook won't be able to get out, but you can, so jump out and then hide behind one of the pillars. Start shooting the invincible mook until you get your three hundred hits for an easy trophy. Just be sure you combo the enemies outside to about fifty, kill them, and keep the combo going with your bullets on the big mook.

This next sequence you can stealth kill through if you like. If you break stealth you will start fighting, but there really aren't that many enemies either way. To keep going, cross the bridge to the buildings on the far side and then teleport across the gaps against the far wall. There is also a trophy in here for shooting the copy machine at the far end of the room you enter this area from called PC LOAD LEAD-ER.

Head up the stairs and into the building. Kill the Riptide clones and then get ready for a bunch of Gambit clones to swarm you at the end of the hallway. Flip the switch there and fight through them back to the entryway to see a new door into an office.

Head through the offices and jump through the open windo to the lower floor. Drop through the hole here and then head for the green lights on the far wall. Wall jump up and find the Sentinel foot, but don't get your hopes up. Kill the enemies and head up the stairs.

Go down the hall and up the next stairs. Fight the enemies here and then teleport to the other building. Drop down the hole and approach the door ahead for Deadpool to talk about how he is going to rip-off another game. This next sequence is a "bullet time" sequence where you can shoot all the enemies in the next room. There is a trophy here as well, I can open doors!, if you can do this whole sequence in ten seconds. What this entails is killing every enemy in the room and killing the squad that bursts in in that time.

After bullet time is done, keep going through the office and up the stairs. Follow the hallway down and hop on the bike. Hit the buttons Deadpool tells you to and enjoy your "surprise" and a trophy, JRs Big Adventure.

Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!

This is the last level so get ready for some excitement. There are a bunch of trophies here and they're all really annoying. Let's-a-Go! is earned by getting through this first part without ever falling off the floating debris. Restarting from a checkpoint will invalidate this, so you got to make it all the way through in one shot.

Speaking of one shots, Suck it, Wolverine! is earned for finishing this level without dying. Restarting at a checkpoint will also invalidate this one. Another whole level trophy is I am Deadpool which requires you to finish the level using only the DT 19815 and Beauroyre Blades. You can die for this one, you just can never equip or use any of the other weapons.

There are two more trophies through this first part. You've been Cole-slaw-tered! is earned for dying ten times before you reach the citadel. Falling deaths do not count: you have to die to enemies. This is just time-consuming, but can be earned by simply getting to a platform of enemies and letting them slaughter you. Repeat this nine more times to get the trophy.

It's a trap! is the last one and requires you to get a combo of seventy-five hits before reaching the citadel. This is probably the hardest trophy in the game and, on top of that, it is glitched; sometimes it just won't pop up. There's no real easy way to do this. You'll want to use the "Bang Lee" Sais since they do the least damage, but you will have to clear a platform, shoot some enemies on another, and leap over there to keep the combo going because there are not enough baddies on any one platform. Good luck if you are chasing this.

With the trophies out of the way, the level itself is actually the most straightforward. You begin in front of some floating rocks leading up to Magneto's old citadel. Your goal is to jump across these rocks and make your way there. There isn't any trick to this, you just got to head forward.

Every few small rocks you will see some bigger rock platforms. These house enemies as you might suspect. Clear them as you go and make your way to the citadel.

Once at the citadel Sinister will proclaim his intent to stop Deadpool and send three large mooks at you. Kill them to start a very long sequence where Sinister will summon wave after wave of enemies to fight you. We are talking somewhere in the range of seventy to a hundred foes at this point.

Fight through these waves. If you start taking too much damage, hide in one of the lower alcoves until you heal. Enemies will spawn everywhere, from the ground floor to the upper stairs, from the entryways to the high platforms on either side. If no one is around, you probably got a gun enemy up on one of the high platforms. Just keep plugging away at these until Arclight, Blockbuster, and Vertigo show up.

Arclight, Blockbuster, and Vertigo

Now its time for the toughest boss encounter in the game. Arclight, Blockbuster, and Vertigo will all attack Deadpool at once. They all behave as before, just now they are doing it all at once. Here's he breakdown on their attacks again:

Arclight has four major attacks. Her first is a ground slam that will slow you unless you were in the air when it hit. This attack also prevents you from teleporting. If you are in her immediate vicinity, the blue circle around her, when it strikes you will also take damage.

Her second attack is an energy slash that goes straight in front of her. This will also have the same stun effect if it hits you. This one is fairly easy to dodge as long as you keep moving. It has a short charge up time that she telegraphs pretty well.

Her most basic attack is a punch. Sometimes she dashes with this strike. This is where you will probably take most of your damage. There is not much telegraphing to this attack and she will break your combos at times to do it. Thankfully it does not do much damage.

Arclight's final attack is a grab, throw, and slam. She can use this any time she is close to you with no charge time. This attack begins a short scene where she grabs Deadpool, throws him in the air, and slams him down to the ground. This cannot really be avoided, but Arclight does not seem to be able to spam it.

Blockbuster has three major attacks, all of which are telegraphed. He will start the fight out by charging at you. When he does this, an O will appear meaning you can counter this rush. Doing so will stun him and open him up to attack for a moment.

His second form of attack is to grab either a pillar or a boulder and hurl it at you. When this starts coming towards you, dodge by either teleporting or just running out of the way. Hiding behind pillars does not work as the rock will bust through said pillar and hit you anyway.

His third attack is to grab a rock like the second attack, but instead of throwing it he will try and smash you with it. Running away will not make him change to his second attack sadly, so you have to go near him and kind of daddle around until he tries to smash you. When he does either teleport and run out of the way.

Vertigo fills the screen with distortion, ostensibly making it hard to see what is going on. A single bullet to the head will kill her, however, so you might go for that right off the bat if you can. She won't actually do any damage, so if you can handle the distortion you might just wait to kill her until the end.

Your best bet is to make use of the large arena. Run to one end or the other and open up on Arclight with your guns as she runs towards you. She moves a lot faster than Blockbuster, so hit as much as you can until she gets close. If you can hit her with a counter as she approaches, do it, but otherwise run from her before she can get in range to stun you.

Keep running around keeping her and Blockbuster at a distance. When you finally whittle her down and kill her, some enemies will spawn. Take them out and then focus on Blockbuster. Handle him as before; wait for him to charge and use a counter to open him up to combos. He will go down much faster and easier if Arclight is already out of the way.

Once all three Marauders are dead, Sinister will appear. More accurately, a bunch of Sinisters will appear. These really are just basic enemies; clones of the original. Clear them out as they pour in until the next scene starts.

At this point Sinister himself will come out to fight right as Wolverine, Domino, Psylocke, and Rogue arrive. Sinister will make short work of them, but Deadpool has a plan. When Sinister approaches him, hit O when prompted to punch him in the balls and watch the show. A Sinister smush should pop right after and the credits will roll.