Review by HecTiC_WorLD

Reviewed: 03/26/13

Mostly Ups, with a major down

So to start off, the campaign. I found the campaign more entertaining than what you might think, seeing as Storm 2 is known to have a bad one. Storm 3 also adds free roam, but there isn't as much liberty until you beat the game, in which you can do what you want. They make sure to add in different types of battles, such as the 1st nine tails fight, regular fighting, the 2nd nine tails fight, mob battles, and the final fight. Plus they made sure to keep the fun going when you finish by adding different objectives, such as fighting friends, doing side quests, and filling friendship bars. Also as an extra challenge with no reward, you can go through your timeline to get S rank on all of your missions. The campaign was great, so 10/10.

Next, is the 1v1 battles. 1v1 battles are nice, they add in different combos, ninjutsus, and an awakening. Not much different from any other typical storm game. But this time, they came through with the characters. I'd say what impressed me most, was the 7 jinchuuriki becoming playable. Their awakening is host transformation, which is fun, and in practice mode and can create Tailed Beast v Tailed Beast battles by making awakening lamps permanent. They have other characters such as the first, second and third hokages, young Obito and young Kakashi, Kimimaro. I'm not too sure if those were in storm 2 or generations because this is my first storm game, but I'm pretty impressed. I'd give that 10/10 as well.

So if I gave two 10/10s, why is it 9/10? Well it's the major downfall, the fact that after a while it can get pretty boring once you beat the campaign, and can't find anything to do (like me). So, be careful, even if you are excited about it, play it slowly and steadily. Sure there's online, but then you have to deal with transmitting, and lag. The game can get boring so be careful. This is why I docked it a mark. A suggestion would be a four player free for all, or a 2v2. I mean, just two players isn't all the best, and some of you may suggest tournaments, but it just isn't the same. Remember this, it may not look like it, but survival mode can be unlocked, even if it doesn’t look to be that way.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (US, 03/05/13)

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