• Customize Medals - Outfits

    Outfits can be unlocked for each character in Campaign Mode. Outfit medals can be acquired by depleting a certain boss's HP to 0, though an outfit medal will not always drop. The following medals are drops from the corresponding boss.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Akira AAkira (Campaign 5)
    Avdol AAvdol (Campaign 3)
    Caesar AWamuu (Campaign 1)
    Caesar BCaesar (Campaign 2)
    Diavolo ANarancia (Campaign 4)
    Diavolo BDiavolo (Campaign 5)
    DIO ADIO (Campaign 1)
    Dio ADio (Campaign 2)
    DIO BIggy (Campaign 2)
    Dio BJonathan (Campaign 3)
    DIO CGiorno (Campaign 4)
    DIO DCool Ice (Campaign 4)
    Eiffel AEiffel (Campaign 1)
    Ermes AErmes (Campaign 1)
    Fugo AFugo (Campaign 2)
    Giorno ADIO (Campaign 1)
    Giorno BBucciarati (Campaign 3)
    Giorno CGiorno (Campaign 4)
    Giorno DMista (Campaign 5)
    Gyro ACaesar (Campaign 2)
    Gyro BValentine (Campaign 3)
    Gyro CBucciarati (Campaign 3)
    Gyro DGyro (Campaign 4)
    Iggy AIggy (Campaign 2)
    Ikuro AIkuro (Campaign 5)
    Ikuro BIkuro (Campaign 5)
    Johnny AJolyne (Campaign 1)
    Johnny BJoseph (Campaign 2)
    Johnny CJohnny (Campaign 3)
    Jolyne AJolyne (Campaign 1)
    Jolyne BJotaro (Campaign 1)
    Jolyne CErmes (Campaign 1)
    Jolyne DJohnny (Campaign 3)
    Jolyne EAnastasia (Campaign 4)
    Jolyne FPucchi (Campaign 5)
    Jonathan AZeppeli (Campaign 1)
    Jonathan BDio (Campaign 2)
    Jonathan CJonathan (Campaign 3)
    Jonathan DNarancia (Campaign 4)
    Jonathan EEsidisi (Campaign 5)
    Joseph AEiffel (Campaign 1)
    Joseph BJoseph (Campaign 2)
    Joseph CRohan (Campaign 3)
    Joseph DHol Horse (Campaign 4)
    Joseph EEsidisi (Campaign 5)
    Josuke 4 AShigekiyo (Campaign 1)
    Josuke 4 BJosuke 4 (Campaign 2)
    Josuke 4 COld Joseph (Campaign 3)
    Josuke 4 DOkuyasu (Campaign 4)
    Josuke 4 EJosuke 8 (Campaign 5)
    Josuke 8 AFugo (Campaign 2)
    Josuke 8 BAnastasia (Campaign 4)
    Josuke 8 CJosuke 8 (Campaign 5)
    Jotaro AJotaro (Campaign 1)
    Jotaro BJosuke 4 (Campaign 2)
    Jotaro CAvdol (Campaign 3)
    Jotaro DHol Horse (Campaign 4)
    Kars AKars (Campaign 2)
    Kars BLisa Lisa (Campaign 3)
    Koichi AShigekiyo (Campaign 1)
    Koichi BKoichi (Campaign 2)
    Kosaku AKosaku (Campaign 4)
    Kosaku BAkira (Campaign 5)
    Lisa Lisa ALisa Lisa (Campaign 3)
    Noriaki ANoriaki (Campaign 5)
    Okuyasu AOkuyasu (Campaign 4)
    Old Joseph AOld Joseph (Campaign 3)
    Old Joseph BNoriaki (Campaign 5)
    Pucchi APucchi (Campaign 5)
    Rohan AYoshikage (Campaign 1)
    Rohan BKoichi (Campaign 2)
    Rohan CRohan (Campaign 3)
    Rohan DKosaku (Campaign 4)
    Rohan EMista (Campaign 5)
    Valentine AValentine (Campaign 3)
    Wamuu AWamuu (Campaign 1)
    Wamuu BKars (Campaign 2)
    Yoshikage AYoshikage (Campaign 1)
    Zeppeli AZeppeli (Campaign 1)

    Contributed By: Rellni944.

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  • Unlockable Characters

    These characters are unlocked after you beat them in story mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Akira OtoishiComplete Episode 3 of Part 4's story mode.
    DiavoloComplete Part 5's story mode.
    DIOComplete Part 3's story mode.
    Dio BrandoComplete Part 1's story mode.
    EsidisiComplete Episode 5 of Part 2's story mode.
    Father PucchiComplete Part 6's story mode.
    Funny ValentineComplete Part 7's story mode.
    Guido MistaComplete Episode 2 Part 5's story mode.
    Hol HorseComplete Episode 6 of Part 3's story mode.
    Jean Pierre EiffelComplete Episode 3 of Part 3's story mode.
    JojolionComplete first 7 episodes in story mode.
    Josuke Higashikata 8Complete Part 1-7's story modes.
    KarsComplete Part 2's story mode.
    Koichi HiroseComplete Episode 4 of Part 4's story mode.
    Kosaku KawajiriComplete Part 4's story mode.
    Mohammed AvdolComplete Episode 1 of Part 3's story mode.
    Narancia GhirgaComplete Episode 1 Part 5's story mode.
    Rohan KishibeComplete Episode 6 of Part 4's story mode.
    WamuuComplete Episode 3 of Part 2's story mode.

    Contributed By: KlonoaCat, Rellni944, mariogold, and Samzam2058.

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  • Demo Save Bonus

    If you have save data from the demo when you start the game, you will be granted a 100,000 G bonus.

    Contributed By: Rellni944.

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