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David Cage was inspired to write the story of Beyond: Two Souls after a member of his family passed away. He wanted to write a story about death, but not from the usual perspective, and treat it like a physical event that can be explained.

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The game was embroiled in controversy early on after debuggers learned Jodie had a fully rendered nude model during shower scenes. When salacious pics shot from unintended angles began leaking, Sony started issuing takedown notices, saying they were "very damaging for Ellen Page" (the actress Jodie was modelled after).

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Connection to Other Media

During the chapter "Homeless", a man can be found sitting on a bench reading a newspaper. Through the use of Aiden, it's possible to see a headline which reads, "Origami Killer: Seven victims and still no lead". This is a reference to the game Heavy Rain.

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Taking a closer look at various newspapers throughout the game will reveal a headline stating that the "Origami Killer is still at large". This is an obvious reference to Quantic Dream's previous PS3 title Heavy Rain.

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