How do I obtain the "Teammates" trophy?

  1. Where/when does the opportunity(ies) present themself in order to obtain the "Teammates" trophy?

    User Info: captfurious1981

    captfurious1981 - 5 years ago


  1. It's in one specific chapter, the one called "My imaginary friend", that's taking place when Jodie is quite young and ends with a snowball fight if I recall correctly. Before going outside, there are several things you can do to get this. I know I used Aiden to somehow rearrange the chairs around the table, and you can also use him to give Jodie a cookie after her mother refuse to get her one.

    User Info: FishOfPain

    FishOfPain - 4 years ago 1   0
  2. Go to the chapter My Imaginary Friend. At the beginning, when you get off the seat, switch to Aiden and interact with the chairs in the kitchen to arrange them. Next use Aiden to interact with the small radio to the right of Jodie's mother to turn it on. Next switch to Jodie and go to the fridge and when prompted hold X to look at the jar of cookies. When prompted, press X and Jodie will ask for a cookie. After her mother answers, switch to Aiden, interact with the jar to knock it open, then again to move a cookie. You can either hold onto the cookie until Jodie outstretches her hands to catch it, or, if you're feeling lazy, just drop it on the floor. Complete or leave the chapter to get the trophy.

    User Info: josephyacomine

    josephyacomine - 4 years ago 1   0

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