Audio problems please help?

  1. Bought a brand new copy of watch dogs unfortunately I am having audio issues where when i do a takedown there is no sound of police guy getting beaten. Randomly I will also have a white noise go for a second or two an repeats randomly, I changed hdmi cables and tvs and even changed audio setting. Nothing works and I am getting frustrated to say the least. Some sounds just sound wrong, like my footsteps just sounding like clicking instead of steps. In thecopening scene when i pulled my gun it made no sound which i think was wrong.

    Some sound appear warped or missing brand new disc, game runs fine. Getting pissed please help

    Replaced my first disc thinking it was a disc error, now i am even more unsure whats wrong.

    User Info: Nighteagle64

    Nighteagle64 - 4 years ago

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